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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, March 19, 2010

Politics, Religion and Robsten...

Lots of Random Thoughts.
I really do think too much.


Robert Fucking Pattinson...
You will be the death of me.
Maybe I'm already dead and just don't know it...
And I'm like fucking haunting the internet
having to stare at endless pictures of you walking...

Oh. It never ends.
It's a little bit like heaven on earth.
Or hell.
Not sure which.
Right now it kinda feels hot in here...
and I feel like I'm on fire...
I'm in hell.

Kristen and Dakota in Austin.
Kristen looks badass rock and roll.
Love it.
And that brings me to my random thoughts.

1. Someone commented on my blog yesterday, telling me
that my blog had changed... that *I* had changed...
and not for the better.
It was thought-provoking.
Is it true?
Yes. No.
When I started this blog I would ramble endlessly about
Robert Pattinson.
How he made me feel.
How I loved looking at him.
How I didn't understand why I felt the way I did.
I don't do that as much anymore.
Oh, I still love looking at him.
And I still don't understand why he makes me feel
the way that I feel...
But how many different ways can I say the same thing?
And most importantly...
My feelings for Robert seem to have changed.
Although he still makes me weak at the knees...
Still makes my heart ache...
My stomach clench...
I find myself not being as obsessed as I once was.
That is a good thing... yes?

2. One of the main things that has changed since I 
started this blog is my adoration of Kristen Stewart.
I was indifferent at first... 
but the more I saw...
The more I got to 'know'...
The more I liked.
That seems to rub people the wrong way.
Liking Kristen Stewart.
I'm not sure why that is.
I don't understand why my being a fan of Kristen
(and of Robert/Kristen being together)
should piss anyone off...
It doesn't make any sense.
People take it to a personal level.
They attack you...
Call you names
Become so angry and upset with you
What difference does it make to you
if I believe Robert and Kristen are together?

So now...
Instead of over-analyzing my feelings for Robert
I find myself analyzing the intense fury that 
surrounds him and Kristen.
The storm of emotions that follow two people
over whether or not they are dating.
Sounds ridiculous, right?
But fascinating.
Because it's not only the incredible swirl of consuming feelings
that are brought to a boil at just the mention of "Robsten"
It's the ever present NEED to be RIGHT about it.

It's a lot like discussing Politics or Religion.
People become overheated.
And although I believe there is a place for 
everyone's opinion...
There are some who just see it in Black and White.
You either are on their side...
Or you're the enemy.
No ifs, ands or buts.
Can't win for losing...
3. Do I have a tendancy to stick my big ol' paddle
into that big pot of bullshit...
and just stir the hell out of it?
You betcha.
I like to see what floats to the top...
But I don't start the drama.
I don't seek it out.
I don't cause it.

I react to it.

Does that make me a bad person?
I don't think so.
A little crazy... yeah.
A little addicted... sure.
But I'm not mean.
And I don't get personal.
And most importantly?
I really don't give a fuck if you like Kristen.
Or if you believe Rob and Kristen are together.
I do.

And you probably do, too...
Or you wouldn't get so damn upset with me
or anyone else who is a believer.

But it's all right now...
In fact, its a gas!

Bye for now.


Debbie said...

I don't understand people who read blogs just to attack the writer. I first became a fan of R/K after watching Twilight, which was on DVD a year after its release, so not a Twihard. I thought their chemistry was amazing, saw some youtube interviews and was hooked. I like and am fans of both, but find K much more interesting. It says a lot about our society that people attack her so much, it's such an obvious double standard, every day, every time.

Lisa said...

I'm new to your blog, and I love it.. Especially today's! I feel exactly the way you do about Rob. And even about Kristen! I didn't like her at ALL at first, but she's grown on me. I don't understand WHY people read your blog to attack you?!?! WHY do they not want RP & KS together? Do they think if he's not with her, he'd be with them? Give me a break.. Anyway, I am a believer.. There is just too much evidence.. However, we'll probably never know how deep the relationship goes. And that's OK. Everyone believe what they want.. What is wrong with that?? Keep up the great blogs and forget the jerks!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Rose. I never have understood why R/K lovers just love to talk about their devotion. Those on the other side (haters, nonstens, et al.) seem to have a need to proselytize. There's lots of room for everyone.

I'm also with you on the changing nature of Rob obsession. For more than a year I found my obsession extremely painful. Kristen has tempered my obsession a bit, made it more comfortable. She's with Rob, so I can have him vicariously through her. At the same time, I'm genuinely happy for both of them, separately and together.

I also share your lack of understanding about just why we are so obsessed with Rob. I like to explore the reasons behind my feelings, and I've never been able to come up with just why this guy haunts my dreams when no other celebrity ever has. I can't come up with anything, so I guess it's "just there to tease me."


Chechu said...

Hola,es la primera vez que leo tu blog y la verdad que es verdad en todo lo que dices,amo a rob ,pero kristen tiene esa cosa que llama tu atenion,debe ser por que ella tanto como rob son muy diferentes a las demas estrellas de cine...


Lizzie said...

Another spot on Rose!!
It's a little scary how you can write what I feel.

I never understood spending the energy to criticize and bad mouth someone else. Like my momma always said - if you can't say anything nice, no need to say anything at all.

I think that picture of Rob and Kris is one of my favorites. Love seeing them and I actually miss them being apart.

Sara said...

As usual, I totally agree with you. I just don't understand the Kristen-hate people have going on! I don't know about you, but I live in England and here you're lucky to pick up a magazine that doesn't have a little dig at her, whether it's her hair or her clothes or the fact she 'never smiles' (which she clearly does). It's ridiculous how people hate her because there's all this about how her and Rob are together - which I hope they are cos they would have THE prettiest children (I realise I'm fastforwarding a fair bit there). Why can't people just see her for what she is - a super talented, interesting, beautiful girl who just happens to be a bit of a non conformist? It seriously angers me. Anyhoo, rant over, keep up the good work Rose! :D

Patricia said...

Rose" Spot on again ! I think you're like (Edward) and can read my mind!! hee hee
I didn't like Kristen in the beginning and I always knew he was in love with her! In those early interviews you couldn't deny it! Then I read how so many fans said how sweet she was and I changed my feelings and thought she's SHY not Cold ! I want him to be happy and he seems to me he's happy loving her. So I want them to work. I guess like someone in the comments said "I'm living through them" I never felt this way about a star before. I just love him and hope they get to see each other soon!
Rose do what you always do, write what YOU FEEL AND WHAT'S IN YOUR HEART! It works, that's why so many lovers of Rob and Kristen come here to comment. grazie for you and Rock on Rose

Deborah said...

Ahh...the haters. I love this blog. Just started reading it not too long ago. It cracks me up to the point of tears sometimes. I, too, really believe that Robsten does in fact exist. But if I didn't, I really don't think I would show the hatred that others do. I think Kristen is fabulous and, if I'm being honest, my girlcrush on her just might top my lusting for Rob...well, maybe not. Anyway, I cannot fathom why people hate her so much. She's 19. She's just a girl trying live up to everyone's expectations of "hollywood women" without partying every night or throwing men around like yesterday's trash. Just because she's a tad awkward and shy, which I think is adorable, people bash her beyond reason. If she acted like Lindsay Lohan, I could see it, but she doesn't. She's quiet, reserved and just trying to maintain some shred of dignity. Jealousy is an ugly, ugly trait. Sorry for the rant. Thank you for your blog!

Anonymous said...

HEY Rose I really like what you had to say today( Well I like what you say every day) But today it made me think alot of what you said about Our Rob..I can see that your feelings for him are the same just got better with his lady Kristen.I'v always love them together Because SHE makes Him HAPPY and I DO WANT ROB HAPPY.I like coming in here to feel the love you have for BOTH of them.Rose I dont like any one coming in here and saying bad shit about you NO i dont know you I have never meet you But I see you as a friend and a beautiful person that I feel who loves and feels alot like we do when it comes down to Robert and Kristen. It is nice to have a place you can go to to read and feel the love for them .SO my DEAR ROSE I for ONE want to THANK you for just being YOU PLEASE DONT EVER STOP. I hope you have a good day today. Deb.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, here's wishing you a happy New Moon weekend, with plenty of stopping, starting, slow-mo'ing, and pausing on Mr. Pattinson, as well as listening to this British liquid sex voice of his on the commentary...yeee-haaa! Can't wait to get a Rose take on the DVD's yummy goodness.
That said, I wanted to bring up a hater oddity. Have you ever noticed that they LOVE to ridicule and even show in a bad light, what supposedly is their object of affection; Rob Patz. What's up with that? I went to a hater site early today (that shall remain nameless...cough - Robsessed - cough!), and saw a thread with a good 3 huge pics of a tired, caught-off-guard Rob being ushered thru a mob of papz and fans - the verbage from the thread's author read: 'We LOVE Drunk Rob! 'Drunk Rob is Fun!' Go Rob Go! -- and they just yuk'd it up at their unflattering pics and fantasies about him stumbling out of the afterparty (Rob supposedly left at 8:51pm - how that translates to him being drunk off his ass, only they can tell you).
I wondered at the sheer GLEE they expressed, and what was behind it.
I came to the conclusion that on some pathological level, they want to punish Rob and humiliate him - and yes, sadly enough, it all comes back to his having a girlfriend, and a LIFE.
Sad, twisted, sick and pathetic.
Anyhoo - take it easy, have a great weekend - looking forward to your NM DVD take!

Anonymous said...

Maybe what's rubbing people the wrong way is not that you like Kristen, but the way you've seem to crossed to the obsessed Krisbian territory. People came here for Rob, not to have Kristen constantly shoved down their throats. I've stopped reading your twitter. There was some great stuff that come from the UK premier of RM..did you even tweet anything from that? Other than to make a comment about an afterparty photo & about him being drunk? If you took the time to see the video of him leaving you may have seen the paps in his face with flashbulbs & the security guy literally pushing him into the car. Not to mention the fact that he said he'd been working since 6 that morning. Gee, instead of being drunk, maybe the guy was tired and having cameras inches from your face would make anybody look "off". Did you retreet any of the interviews he did or the fan pics or stories? Or what about some of the recent reviews for RM? They are very good by the way. But you certainly have no problems putting the NYC or TX stuff out there.

Another thing that has been brought to your attention before is they way you & many of the posters here make it seem that it's the Rob fans & the "nonstens" who always hate on Kristen. You seem to barely even recognize the hate that Rob gets at the hands of the Kristen fans and other sources. It's that double standard as well that is a turn off.

Maybe you really should change the name of your blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how some people think they have the right to tell Rose what to write about. Sorry, Kristen is apart of Rob's life, not Rose's fault and as Rose explained she has become a fan of her too. Personally, Rose I think you are the BEST type of Rob fan. You Robsess over Rob but you're respectful and support someone he's very close to, too. That's great!

debbi said...

Another great post. All I can say is, write what you want. If it resonates with people, cool. If not, oh well.

I'm a Rob fan, first and foremost. I think Kristen is also great. Is there nastiness coming from both fan bases? Sure. But no one can convince me that Kristen doesn't get 100x the hate Rob does. It's practically a movement.

Anonymous said...

So Rose likes Kristen more and she has changed. I guess I have to. I liked Robert and Kristen equally. But now I find myself liking Kristen more than I ever have. You see it’s downright disturbing to me to see all the hateful things that are said about Kristen Stewart. Example - Slut, bitch, ugly (some of you wish she was ugly) – what’s up with that!!! What did she do to you? Do you know her? NO. She is good friends or lovers with someone you think she does not deserve. Robert can make a choice without you, and did. Me, I’m for the underdog. Kristen is clearly the underdog in this situation. And for the Kristen fans that hate on Robert grow-up.

Rose has the right to change her mind. If you don’t like what she says, go someplace else where you feel comfortable.

Jenn Ski said...

Perez Hilton has made poor kristen look like the devil, i blame him!

REliza said...

Rose, I love your blog. Keep writing whatever you feel like writing!! I agree with you so much on many things!

I'm not as much of an obsessed Rob fan as I once was. Still very much a Rob fan!...but I think it's definitely healthy and a good thing that the "intensity" has lessened over time.

Also, I was lukewarm to Kristen in the beginning of Twilight. I knew who she was but didn't know much about her. Since last year, in getting to "know" her, she seeped her way into my heart and now I absolutely adore her! She's so beautiful and talented. And on top of that--She's unique. She's real. She's AUTHENTIC. She's just trying to be herself in this crazy world (and her world is much crazier than most people's). And she's only 19, soon to be 20! People need to give her room to grow and learn.

Rob knows her much, much better than I do and I can definitely see why he adores and admires her. And why she's one very important person in his life.

Tired of Both Sides said...

Touche Rose, Touche,

I am still just as fascinated by Rob as ever... maybe that makes me crazy, because nothing has changed. Maybe if I met him I would feel differently. Maybe I'm just a sad excuse for a person.

Perhaps the Anon at 2:27 touched on it a bit. Your Blog paints a pretty picture as an ode to Rob, .. see it's walking like a duck, it's quacking like a duck, it's even swimming like a duck.. but this my friends is, frankly, NOT A DUCK.

No one has any right to tell you how to set up your blog. No one ever said blogging had to be done with integrity, if it did A LOT of blogs wouldn't exist.

But if I approach the pond and I see something that walks, talks, and swims like a duck.. I really hate it when it turns out to be one of those wooden pretend ducks they use for hunting. You know the kind that lure unsuspecting ducks in and then BAM! The hunter gets the real duck right between the eyes.

Touche Rose Touche

Amanda said...

If somebody doesn't like what Rose writes about, I have an idea, make your own blog! This is Rose's space, and she shouldn't have to cater to the Rob fans who don't like seeing Kristen's name. I used to not like Kristen. I didn't get her, thought she seemed like a cold person. The more I saw of her, and the more I heard Rob talk about her, the more I saw the appeal. Now I'm definitely a fan and I look forward to her projects almost as much as Rob's. Keep writing whatever YOU want to write about Rose! That's why I personally come here, you hold nothing back.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. So it seems that if you don't write enough about Rob in your Rob blog or tweet enough good things about him, you get your Rob Fan Membership card revoked.

Some people need to get over themselves.

Anonymous said...

Tired Of Both Sides

You feel like Rose talking about Kristen is like being shot between both eyes? Sorry, I can't agree with you there. Kristen is in Robs life nomatter what their relationship status is, they are very close. That's Rob's decision. Say, Tom was getting massive amounts of hate and Rose wrote about it, would you be upset? I think not. Would you say, why are you defending Tom when your supposed to be talking about Rob! No. It's just because it's Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Come on, if you're honestly getting put off because you come expecting a Rob blog and get some Kristen as well, then you take all this sh!t way too seriously.

Anonymous said...

2:27 Anonymous...

Amen to that!

I have to say, I'm almost embarrassed to be a shipper lately... some shippers who are actually kristen fans are really sick..
I mean yeah we get it, Rob fans out there, but you can NOT deny, that there are Obsessed Kristen fans also, who attack him relentlessly.

kristine.hills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristine.hills said...

ROSE my dear, if people are pizzed off with you so what???
Your blog is the most peaceful place i've ever been on the NET.In this world where people hate so much you show a lot of people that 'change our minds' is possible. If you love RK and respect them, it's GREAT and i admire people like you.When i first saw twilight i thought E/B were incredible played by RK, but i didn't have that thing for K, but i took time to 'know' her and read about her, and i LOVE her as much as i love R(or more maybe).
I'm really proud of her, she is 19 and she is praised for as much people as possible for people who really KNOW KRISTEN.And i ask if they know her so SHE IS AN AMAZING person/actress.She is a woman and she is representing us.The female director who won the oscar, i got surprised and happy and i was like 'WOW' a woman making our history come true.
You are on the right path ROSE, if you are bothering people it's because they can see it, that's why they are P.off.
And nobody has the right to come here and tell what you should or shouldn't do, IT'S YOUR PLACE, AND IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT move on.
I really don't go to sites/blogs/twitters that i don't feel like reading waht they write there, it's simple.
Kristen is different from every girl/woman in HW, that's why i admire her so much and she give a f.for her haters.

Kisses from BRAZIL, we love you!

Spread your love my darling!!!
(forgive my writing mistakes)

Tired of Both Sides said...

@Anon @ 3:54

Hmmm I see what Rose means about being completely misunderstood.

I never said reading about Kristen was like being shot between the eyes.

I compared the APPEARANCE of the blog to the CONTENT of the blog like being shot between the eyes. BIG SURPRISE. get it?

Yeah maybe it is just me.. huh?

I have never once complained, I began all of this by stating that I missed her former blog content. Period.

Oh and by the way, I used the caps not because I'm shouting but I thought, perhaps, if I used the big letters there would be no confusion where to put the emphasis and my meaning wouldn't be attacked.

Anonymous said...

To Ann 2:27, I agree about the double standards. If anyone thinks Rob doesn't get hate they should a trip to the AT boards right now. The comments about him there are disgusting. I do hope these aren't actually Kristen's fans and just trolls. I really do.

Anonymous said...

To 4:09, I'm now more a Robert fan. The hate on AT boards is sick.
from now on i’m ok whoever he ends up with as long as this person will take care of him and make him happy.

Anonymous said...

Tired of Both Sides

Sorry if I misunderstood. See, I thought the content you were referring to were posts that had Kristen in them. I'm not sure what content you are talking about then. Again sorry if I misunderstood. It just seemed to me like you were saying the name of the blog and the content didn't match up and so I automatically thought Kristen.

As for the Rob hate at the AT boards, I suggest not reading the AT boards. Full of crazies. I think hate against both sides is not okay. Can't everybody just get along? And if you don't like what Rose writes about or wish it was more like her old blog, Rose shouldn't change for you. Blogs evolve. I think Rose makes it clear everyones opinions are welcome here, but if it makes you uncomfortable maybe you should move on.

Anonymous said...

Yes AT board, just go there and witness a trainwreck, there's been nothing but Rob bashing there for the last few months, he's been bashed for every little thing, even for things that were untrue or haven't even happened yet, it's disgusting, wishing him death, making up all kinds of lies about him, calling him names etc etc

And many of such hateful comments come from Kristen fans...They are just as bad as the worst Rob fans who hate on KStew...both fanbases deserve each other...Neither is better than the other one..

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose its me again I just read some of your Post that others are saying I CAN NOT BELIEVE what I'v read WHY HO WHY cant they just let you be you YOU never said you didnt like OR love Rob any more You just said that you like OR love Kristen more now that you know her better AND YES why not talk about her more now. Dont you think that Rob would want you to? AFTER ALL SHE is HIS GIRL FRIEND AND dont you think HE would LOVE for people to say NICE things about her AND?Dont you think that he DOSE WORRY about her with all this HATE people have for her. SO Rose you go on doing your thing I know that Rob would want you to And that dose not make you not LOVE ROB any Less. Just more In my eyes YOU GO GIRL. DEB.

Amanda said...

Why are people going to the AT boards if there are those kinds of things going on there? Let the weirdos dwell together. See, when I don't like a site or a board I no longer go there. I find somewhere I feel I have like opinions with. Maybe Rob hate isn't as noticed (I haven't seen it) because it sticks to the AT boards. But Kristen hate is everywhere. So in your face all the time. That's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Just to give my two cents worth ~ I agree, the Rob bashing at the AT boards is unbelievable. I have sworn off. I advise all to do that. The crazies there make the non-stens look tame. Rose, love you, but the Rob hate is real too. Don't know where it is coming from, but it does seem there is a Kristen Fan backlash or something. Underserved for both. Just let them be. They are both great. I am first and foremost a Rob fan. I believe Kristen makes him happy, but the hate is unbelievable. It must stop. If anyone claims to be a Rob "fan" and has him getting some skank model pregnant or dating her secretly, you are not a fan. As for the other crazies saying he is a manwhore, etc. - give the proof. And as for the drunk thing, he was obviously tired and left the party early. Those spreading the drunk stuff should stop. Give him some peace ~ he works hard and most certainly has felt the pain of the past week and the reviews. Back off.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 3:50. Seriously. I am saying this as a Rob fan but it seems some Rob fans get really angry at fellow Rob fans if they don't meet a quota of Rob love and if they *gasp* adore Kristen, especially those that adore Kristen equally.


And I DON'T know why anyone who truly cares about Rob and Kristen read the AT boards. That board is nothing but vile hate and BS rumors regarding both of them. Who gets more hate on there changes day to day but the MO on that board is just consistently hate. So why read there?!?!?! Why let those people dictate anything? It's the same handful of crazy people, regardless of whose fans they are. Stop going there! You COULDN'T pay me to read there!

Anonymous said...

First, love the blog. You are great! How nice to see your positive thoughts for both Rob and Kristen, regardless of which one you admired first. I, too, think they are together and make each other happy. Good for them. I also agree about the AT boards. I tried to hang in there and post positive items, but it is impossible. I gave up today. Thanks for having a site that rational people can go to - it's like a refuge!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love how you keep your head high! Good for you! I havent been to your blogs lately but I caught up and read the last one. The one right undenrneath. How dare ppl spread so much hate even towards you. You are just a fan of these to and believe they are together..so what. Why are ppl so difficult? And for the millionth time they ARE together. I agree, I have told you guys NOT to go to the AT boards it is pURE hatred on there. I stay far far away and I advise the real R/k fans to stay away from there. And the thing is that Ted doesnt care...he wants hits. period. Rose, you care and I love you for that. Your blog is sooo peaceful I agree. please dont stop. And go right ahead and moniter and delete the ones that are full of hate. I love that you actually care and dont want bashing and hate on your board. Bravo! Thank you so much!

@ Anon 4:47 PM I agree, you can never
pay me to read there either. It is pure insanity!

Anonymous said...

Hola Rose! Es la primera vez que visito su blog. Me encanto!!!

Soy fanática de Kristen pero me tambien gusta de Rob. Ellos van a ser los mejores de HW! NO TENGO DUDAS!

Adoro a Kristen, ademas de ser maravillosa, talentosa, humilde, y tiene ese algo que te llama la atencion. carisma? si, me parece que es eso.

Fui un par de semanas de vacaciones a Brasil y justo coincidio con la gira promocional de NM. Pude verla de lejos, muy de lejos pero fue suficiente para quedar satisfecha. ELLA AMA A SUS FANS. ELLA ES MARAVILLOSA.

Yo no entiendo el odio, lo que si te puedo decir es que la mayoria de los fans de Kristen apoyamos sus decisiones, no nos importa si este o aquel es su novio. Queremos que ella triunfe,queremos que ella sea feliz tanto en el plano laboral como en el afectivo. Quizas esa es la diferencia entre los fans de Kris y Rob? Puede ser.

Sean novios o solo amigos siempre tendran mi respeto, admiración y cariño, sobre todo Kristen de la que soy fan n°1.

Por ultimo quiero decirte que sigas adelante con este espectacular blog, ignora los comentarios de odio, esos viene de gente que no merece que ni siquiera se la tenga en cuenta. Besos y muchos exitos.


Anonymous said...

This is one of your best posts ever. I think it's a very good thing that you've naturally moved on from the initial fascination phase of Rob (totally understandable) to a meaningful interest in him as a person which includes his love for Kristen. It's normal for us as fans of Rob to not only admire his personal qualities (gorgeous, sweet, funny, humble, etc.) but to also learn to care about what he cares about - Kristen. And when others attack what he cares about, it's natural to react and try to defend when you can see that Kristen is a good person too and needs defending. I feel the exact same way. Great post!!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy what you have to say. I, like you, really like Kristen and am also fascinated by what follows the speculation surrounding her and Rob. Like some others wrote here, I LOVE Kristen so much, maybe even more (well, at least as much) as I love Rob. So it sure doesn't bother me that you include her here; rather, I really love that you do. They are SO cute together and their chemistry is undeniable to me, so... Why not write about her in a blog about him? Makes sense to me. Anyway, please keep doing just what you're doing because I love it!! Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

1. This is Rose's blog/twitter. Do you know what the quota is for Rob or Kristen mentions? Whatever she wants. So the blog is called Pattinson Intoxication, so what? As she said, she's evolved she likes both. Something tells me if she did articles on Rob & the Brit pack it wouldn't bother some quite as much. Kris is a part of his life by his choice.

2. The competition is crazy. Well her fans are just as bad. Her movie vs. his movie. His personality vs. her personality. Two wrongs don't make a right. Do you know who probably doesn't compete? Rob & Kris. Everything I've seen through both of their promotional tours is that they are very proud and supportive of each other.

3. Lastly, the opinions about who he should and shouldn't date. Seriously? He's a grown man. Almost 24. He takes care of himself and that means he gets to decide what is best for him. Being a fan of someone does not mean you have a right to own every aspect of their lives.

Mary said...

Dear Rose,
If they don't like what you write, it's their problem not yours. i really admire your continued belief in these two. I like Kristen but I love Robert more. I saw him in his Remember Me premier in London and I think, he is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. In fact, he is more beautiful in person. Pictures and the screen don't actually do him justice. He is simply beautiful. Gee, how many times have I used the word beautiful now LOL. The skin. the eyes and that jaw. Perfectly assembled.Such humility. I have been to several pf these premiers, but I have never seen anybody spend more than an hour on the red carpet. Never wanting to miss anyone and actually talking to his fans. I have liked him before but I admire and adore him now. The boy is actually still amaze of how many people like him.