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Friday, March 12, 2010

Remember Me Rob. Kristen is Pretty in Pink.

Remember Me.
It comes out today.
Am I going to see it?
What do you think?
I was debating whether or not to post
before or after seeing the movie.
I decided on before.
I have a feeling...
That I'm gonna be kinda emotional after.
And that's not really a spoiler or anything...
It's just that I am ALWAYS emotional
after seeing Robert large and beautiful
on a huge theater screen.
I mean...
90 minutes of Robert heaven.
The face.
The voice.
Oh... He walks.

I could go see the movie
for the walking alone.
But he also runs in this movie.
Adorkable Tybert.
I already like this movie.
Robert is in it.
But I hope to be honest about what
I think about it...
Not let my Robert Addiction speak for me.
I think I can do that.
I will let you know tomorrow.
(My stomach is kinda in knots right now
just thinking about going to see this movie)

Last night was The Runaways premiere
What an incredible job of casting younger versions
of Joan and Cherie.
And Kristen.
So Pretty in Pink!
I love to see her with color.

She looked lovely. Again.
Academy Awards.
Tonight Show.
Runaways Red Carpet.
She's on a fucking roll!

I love all this excitement surrounding
Robert and Kristen.
And for the right reasons!
I'm not even going to get into 
the Clingers today.
I won't.
Maybe just a little?
I'm sure there is plenty of bitterness
to comment on tomorrow.

Today is about Remember Me.
 Go see it.

Stay tuned.
Same Rob time.
Same Rob channel.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

How lucky you are, RM is released in April in my country :( I can't wait. I'm avoiding all spoilers but it'll be harder now that the movie is in the theathers in the usa.
And Kristen did look stunning once again. She looked lovely in pink. I don't like her hairdo though, too high on top of her head.
Have a nice Remember Me day, Rose :)

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be bitchy but I'm annoyed that you forgot to mention that Taylor was at the premiere too. Or is he not that important? It was nice of him to show up and support Kristen which is more than I can say for Rob. Nice post though.

Anonymous said...

Jazz, you are an idiot. Rob is in London ~ working. Who cares about Taylor? Nice that he showed up, but really. Go see Remember Me and stop your bitching and stupid remarks.

Anonymous said...


I think, Summit sends him (Taylor) to support Kristen and her movie (because of that Kristen was at the Remember Me premiere)

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but I don't think Kristen and Rob are together anymore. But I do think she has strong feelings for Taylor. Laugh at me if you want but after seeing the afterparty pics and reading Kristen's reaction to the trailer and many other things I think she now prefers Taylor to Rob. Also Ted makes it clear in his new TLT that theres something between them. I do support Rob and Kristen even if they're not together so if Kristen is with Taylor then thats ok with me. Peace out.

Patricia said...

Rose: I'm also going to see "Remember Me" today! I didn't sleep well last night! SOOOO excited! Please DON'T go to Ted's site today! Haters telling the end of the movie! How MATURE IS THAT???? TRUE HATERS! ENOUGH ALREADY PEOPLE!!!! KRISTEN "HIT IT OUT OF THE BALL PARK AGAIN" SHE LOOKED HOT. HOT, HOT! and IT WAS NICE TO SEE TAYLOR SUPPORTING HER, BUT I THINK HE IS OUT THERE (WAY TOO MUCH) AND I'M THINKING HIS HANDLERS NEED TO "GET A GRIP" WE'VE SEEN HIM ENOUGH LATELY!

debbi said...

I'm so excited to see Remember Me today (sneaking it in at lunch). Honestly, I'm excited to see all the movies Rob and Kristen have coming out. May do a Kristen double feature next weekend of the Runaways and The Yellow Handkerchief. They're both rating very well on Rotten Tomatoes, so I'm psyched. Wish Remember Me was rating better, but I know it will do well regardless. It's all beginning for Rob.

On another note, you have to love how whenever Rob and Kristen are apart for more than a week everyone starts saying they're no longer together. "He didn't go to her premiere, she's hanging on Taylor." Wow. Believe whatever makes you feel better folks.

Anonymous said...

to sara

you're so funny, how old are you?
FYI Ted C also said Taylor is like a little brother or sister (!) for kristen LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I love how as soon as Rob & Kristen are not in the same place anymore (for work related reasons, go figure) people come and say they're not together anymore *rolleyes*

@Jazz: Sure, how awful of Rob for not asking for a few days off from set to attend his gf's premiere! Actually that is called being professional and reasonable. I'm sure he IS supportive whether he can make it to her premiere or not.

I tend to agree with Anon10:17 (the 1st one). Summit probably sent Taylor at the premiere because of Kristen attending the RM premiere. And well, it's also obvious to they're already starting the indirect Eclipse promotion and Taylor hype.

@Sara: Kristen and Taylor. Sure, sure... I actually believe that there's nothing between them BECAUSE of these pics of them. I know Taylor love publicity but I doubt Kristen would go with that and be public in a new relationship (if new relationship there was). And of course, we all know that they never hang out outside of work related events. I don't doubt they get along very well and like/support each other, but a couple, nothing points to that imo.

@Patricia: thanks for your advice and I hope it'll help some people but... too late for me. :( I went to Ted's board and I got spoiled for the end of RM. Those stupid people! I was avoiding every review and spoiler and here I am, totally spoiled. Idiots!

Anonymous said...

Jazz, I hardly even know how to respond to your post. This isn't "Twilight Intoxication," and all things are not legislated to be equal on this blog. It was nice of Taylor to be at Kristen's premier. End of interest.

And Sara, get real. Taylor's a nice kid, but I don't think anyone has strong feelings for him except his dad (OK, I exaggerate here). I believe that R&K are 100% together, but even if they weren't hell might freeze over before Kristen would ever be with Taylor.
At best he's like a little brother.
He and Rob are so not interchangeable.

Enjoy the movie, Rose. I'm seeing it Sunday.


Anonymous said...

@Jazz First of all, Rob has already seen the movie. Second, he is working. If he decided to take a few days off it effects everybody on the shoot. The director has a set schedule.

@Sara Are you being serious about the Kristen Taylor thing? I mean really? Kristen goes on trips with Rob, dinners, concerts, and when she flew to his premier in New York she quietly sat with his family and didn't leave until the day he left. She has her arm around Taylor in a picture and she has strong feelings for him? Kristen has said over and over it's harder to talk about people the closer they are to you. I think Kristen herself has called Taylor brotherly. Rob and Kristen have only been apart for a week and you really think she's with Taylor of all people? Having that picture of Taylor and Kristen is a good indication they aren't together since she says she's extremely private when it comes to her relationships.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see all the movies Rob and Kristen have coming out BUT not remember me.sorry


Anonymous said...

Well I'm sorry that you disagree with what I say but are plenty of fans who do feel the same way as I do. I love robsten but sometimes being a robsten fan isn't easy. What am I supposed to think when I see a pic of Kristen with her knee propped up against Taylor's leg? Is that something that costars do to each other? Not just that but many other things. And these things make me think that theres something more than friendship between them. If she isn't with Taylor, then I do think that its disrespectful to Rob. Cause when she gets close to Taylor its like its on purpose, its for show. And its as if shes saying to the world "I'm with Taylor, I have the hots for him" in an attempt to try to convince the public that she isn't with Rob. Its as if she is ashamed of Rob. I wish I didn't think like this but thats what I think when I see Kristen and Taylor together.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose Im like you .My stomach is all in knots to Im going to go see RM today at 4:00 only 3 more hours left I asked the lady if there was alot of tickets sold yet and she said YES Im sooo happy to hear that.I cant wait until tomorrow to see what you have to say about it.I just LOVE Kristen in PINK that girl looks good in anything.And I cant wait to see the Runaways.Well my friend you have a GOOD TIME WITH ROB AT THE MOVIES TODAY I'll see ya tomorrow Deb.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't mind Kristen being comfortable around Taylor cause I know her and Rob are private people and sees Taylor as a brother but it does upset me that Rob can't have the same freedom with other people. What I mean is, it truly bugs me that if Rob was anyway near as comfortable or touchy feely with any of his female costars or friends as Kristen is with Taylor he would be crucified by shippers. I think he learned that after the Katy Perry incident. At the RM premiere I thought he was terribly awkward with Emile. It was as if he was afraid to touch her. And I think the whole Details interview just made him even more self-aware. JMO.

Anonymous said...

To Annoy 3.27, Yes! I agree there is a double standard. Why? Because Kristen can hang all over Taylor (who cares if hes gay!) and be seen with other guys even just talking..posing for pictures. But when Rob does it.. all hell breaks lose and suddenly hes a horrible cheater. The guy cant win! He is always under the microscope its not fair! I feel like crying here. Rose, ROB should be treated with the same respect kristen is. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sara, the picture totally wasn't what you're making it out to be lol. Dakota was in the picture too with her arm around Taylor aswell. But I do agree on one thing that Kristen tries to take away the spotlight from her relationship with Rob. But absolutely nothing is going on with her and Taylor. And no, I really don't think it's disrespectful to Rob to take pictures with Taylor. She flew 6000miles to spend New Years with Rob, she went out of her way to his premiere and stayed until he had to go back. I'm sure he's fine. lol. Kristen and Taylor have a very brother, sister type relationship. The difference between the two is you see candid pics of Rob and Kristen holding hands and at concerts and on the Isle of Wight and when you see Kristen and Taylor at her premiere a camera was there and they were posing for a picture. That's the difference. If it were reversed and she was going on vacations with Taylor, and telling interviewers they are not allowed to ask about Taylor and I saw her and Rob posing for a picture at a premiere, I'd think she was with Taylor. But she isn't she's with Rob, that's why it's that way with him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose its me again TO Sara if you look back at some of the interviews and videos you well see that Taylor was with some other girl YA he was there for his FRIEND Kristen WHY NOT they are in the same movie.Its ok Rob well be with her for her B-DAY im hopping or she just mite go see him She always dose IM happy for Her,Rob and Taylor. have a good day Deb.

Anonymous said...

@Sara. No criticism intended, just informational. . . Kristen grew up as the only girl in her family (and the youngest child at that), and she's very close to her three older brothers and her parents.

You often see pics of her with her arms around her male co-stars or leaning against them. It's not necessarily a flirtatious thing. It's just that she feels very comfortable around men and boys -- maybe more so since she had problems with girls at school before she was home-schooled by her mom.

Actually, Rob is similarly comfortable with women and girls (at least he used to be before his stratospheric popularity over the last few years!). He's the youngest child in his family with two older sisters and is very close to his parents and siblings.


kristine.hills said...

As someone said yesterday 'it will be a HELLmet tomorrow' and YEAH everybody is talking about a pic of Kris and Tay.OMG.I think AMAZING a lot of people pay too much attention at K and T pic but they pretend they NEVER see/saw plenty of things RK do together(they hold hands,go to concerts, stay in London for holidays, go to premiere, dinners and so on) but it is just a miserable pic of costars that calls their attention. She never said R is like her brother,i know she said R was a good friend in the past, and there is a huge difference.And she says she is protecting what is important for her, and ROB is very important in her life, that's why she is so protective about it, and it amazes me, it so cute she loves him so much.
When they are TOGETHER(at the same place/state/city - whatever) there is NO gossip/rumor but it's nice(sarcastic) when they aren't there are a lot of bullsh1t about them.
They can NEVER win.
And i think R was awkward with EdR not bc he can't take pics w//women but when they were filming RM there were lots of rumors(ridiculous) about R 'n' E. That's why i think he was very aware this time, not bc he can't be w/nobody but K.
True fans support their idols, they don't bash them.
RK show us what they want us to know and i'm fine w/that,besides they owe us nothing but they still want to share something w/us. Can u image your relaysh being analysed 24/7??? I can't, it must be terrible.

Rose i hope u enjoy your RM w/Rob. Thanks again for this wonderful post.

(English is not my 1st language)

RnK i wish you ALL THE BEST!

Anonymous said...


Exactly! It's like people have selective memory or something. There are all the things you mentioned with R/K, but people focus on a posed picture with Kristen and Taylor that looked innocent!

I think if you see someone as a brother at one time there is no way to get over that into something romantic. I'm sure Kristen and Taylor are very close and are good friends but it isn't the same as it is with Rob. She travels to see Rob, they cuddle, hold hands and she refuses to talk about him because she wants to "keep something" for herself. To think something is between Taylor and Kristen is just a really out there idea for me. I don't even see how people would come to that conclusion. You don't even see them together apart from public work events.
I don't think Rob looked uncomfortable with EdR, just normal. He just wasn't incredibly touchy with her, he just looked like any costar would with his costar.

Patricia said...

Rose: I couldn't wait till your post tomorrow. I just got back from seeing "Remember Me" !!!!!OMG I didn't think I could love Rob anymore than I already do. BUT GUESS WHAT ? "I DO." HE WAS FABULOUS IN IT. HE HAD TYLER (DOWN PAT) I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW THIS MOVIE REALLY SHOWS WHAT A GOOD ACTOR HE REALLY IS! JAMES DEAN ALL OVER AGAIN! Watching him on the big screen is almost more than I can handle! What this man does to me!!!Fuck I just had to let you know my feelings. I know you enjoyed it as much as I did! grazie Everyone "Go see this movie" You will love it!

Anonymous said...


For people who are saying that K's leg was touching T's, look at this link and see it again, there is a pic of K as Dakota ans she has the same position, oh i ALMOST forget, K's body is touching D's, and the one She is w T, K is NOT touching his body w/hers.So please, don't bring this sh!t again.Kris and T are great friends.END OF STORY.

Anonymous said...

^^ not saying that there are romantic vibes between rob/emilie coz there are none either but with Emilie even without romantic vibes, people don't know her so some people still are a little wary of her... You generally are less trustful when you don't know someone.

Oh well, whatever... there's no K/T, no R/E, but there is R/K... And I'm still jealous of people who'll get or got to see RM!

Anonymous said...

I too have just seen RM. Bravo, bravo, bravo to you, Rob for such a real, powerful, and heartfelt performance. You were Tyler. You shared Tyler with us. You made us feel what Tyler was feeling. The loss of your brother, the pain of living life without him , the rage you directed at your father, the tenderness you had for your precious sister, the sense of responsibility and need for justice, the healing you were discovering as you connected and fell in love with Ally. The range of emotions you showed us was superb. The future has great things in store for you Rob. I can hardly wait for Bel Ami, and WFE, let alone E. and BD.
Kudos to Emilie de Ravin, Pearce Brosnin, Chris Cooper, and Ruby, and all the other cast members. ( Sorry if I misspelled some names.) Excellent, excellent, excellent work by all them. Even though I cried at the end, I was left with a very positive, life affirming message. It will stay with me for a very long time. ( I will hug my son extra tight, and much longer the next time I get to see him. He lives across country and those visits are too short and not often enough.)
Kristen, how beautiful you were at the Oscars, and now so beautiful in pink. You are rocking the premiere red carpets! I can hardly wait for The Runaways, it will be awesome. I am trying to find the YH somewhere within a days drive.
Take as many friends as you can to these movies, so our two lovelies, Rob and Kristen will keep making movies for us forever!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose its me AGAIN I am just like Patricia I just got back seeing RM. And i want to tell Patricia YOU MUST OF BEEN ME SITTING IN THAT CHAIR.And i am SOOOO happy to know that someone else feels the same way i do. I LOVED ROB IN THIS MOVIE.OH MY GOD.IF YOU ARE ANY KIND OF A FAN OF ROBERT PATTINSON YOU GOT TO GO SEE THIS MOVIE.Im going again this week with my friend.THANK YOU ROBERT for this movie I LOVE YOU........DEB.

mara said...

Warning...this is kind of long. lol Just got back from seeing RM w/hubby. Holy crap. What a ride. 4 words...GO. SEE. IT. NOW. EXCELLENT, excellent film and Rob? Shit. That man can ACT. I mean REALLY fucking ACT. Even my hubby said he is "a guy with a serious acting future ahead of him."He shows a range of depression, rage, violence, tenderness, love and does it all with perfection. There are some intense,powerful scenes where I didn't think he had it in him and I was completely blown away from what he showed. And the camera LOVES him, I can't think of another actor that is so photogenic and charismatic, his handsome face just sucks you right in and you can't stop watching him.His accent was spot on, hubby knew he was English but said he would never have guessed that he wasn't American if he didn't know. And what a nice deep voice he had in this!

I have no idea why many critics didn't like the script or ending, the ending was very tastefully done(no spoilers)All the actors were fantastic, EDR was great and she and R had very believable chemistry, Ruby was wonderful(and Rob's tender scenes with her will melt even the coldest of hearts) Pierce, Chris, Lena and Tate were all great-Tate was hilarious and drew much laughter from the audience.

I live in a large city where this was playing at 12 theatres and our 7:30 show was about 80-90 % full, mostly females of course,lol, many teens/college aged girls but also some middle aged females/couples and some younger couples on dates.

<<>>I can honestly say I have NEVER heard an audience talking in the theatre after a film like they did with this. People did not get up right away, we were all still very much affected by it and you could hear"Whoa!" "OMG!" "That was intense!" etc etc. And yes,bring Kleenex.

They don't make films like this anymore. Rob was right, this will remind you of Ordinary People.Yet another reason to get out there and support Rob and this excellent film. Going back Sun. w/teen daughter and friends, and will try to see it again tom. if my schedule allows. I could see this over and over and hubby said the same.It's THAT good.

I am so proud of Rob and it's obvious that he worked very hard on this and it shows. Really looking forward to seeing what this young man can do in years to come. Somehow I don't think we will be disappointed.