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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kristen and Robert... On The Wings of Love.

The MTV Movie Awards.
Fucking really?
I swear...
People will fucking bicker about anything.


Fucking MTV.
The only good thing about these awards
is that Robert and Kristen show up to them.
And Robert on TV is always good.

The Hateful Hyenas are just as bad
as the Rabid Robstens.

You know both sides are frantically voting.
I haven't voted.
I might not vote.
I'm not sure I care enough to vote.
But I must admit...
That if having Robert and Kristen
win a 'kiss' award...
and then proceeding to come onstage 
and maybe kiss (or maybe not)
Irritates the Hyenas?

I'm kinda on that side.
Can't help it.
And I do like that both
Remember Me and The Runaways
are nominated for stuff.
That's kinda cool.
I will.
Hateful Hyena.
Not a pretty picture, is it?
Big mouth.
Snarling and drooling...
I never knew that Hyenas were so damn clingy.
You learn something every day.

There is 'talk' about whether or not
Kristen will show up in Budapest.
(You already know what I think)
I admit that its just speculation.
No one has seen Kristen's airplane ticket...
and as far as I know
She hasn't been spotted...
Well... anywhere for the last couple of days.
Who knows?
The HH's are already foaming about this...

"If she shows up there,  it really is pathetic.
He's WORKING. Something she should be doing!
If she is there it's only for PR!!!
They are messing with the fans and the media
to keep people talking about Eclipse!"

Cling cling cling went the Hater...
IF you were young, rich and in love...
And your fucking hot guy was making
a movie in a fucking hot city...
And you had a chance to BE with him
after you were separated for awhile...
You KNOW you would be there.
So don't give me bullshit about PR.
Kristen traveling across the world
to hang out with Robert 
is a bit above and beyond
fucking media hype.
Don't you think?
(Do you think?)
It's all just speculation.
We all know that Rob and Kristen
are both capable of getting into and out of
major cities without being papped...
Right now...
It's all up in the air.
(Kinda like Kristen in the airplane?)

I'm really not a morning person.
And for some obscene reason
I post in the mornings.
And that could go a long way
to explaining why I'm so damn bitchy
so much of the time.
Like I need an excuse?

Truth is Truth.
And I'm adding this cuz...
I love Rob in profile.
And I love DuRob...
and I just love Rob.
The End.

Bye for now.

*Yes, you are the hyena I
was writing about.


Angelica said...

Let's not vote for Rob/Emilie or Rob/Kristen. VOTE FOR DAKOTASTEW! That is once in a lifetime chance to see them kiss, then there's always eclipse and breaking dawn for R/K. LOL

LuvsMeSumEdward said...

I just love your posts! And I'm all for a repeat of last year's movie awards :)

Anonymous said...

well, i'm voting for DakotaStew)))
and you were great!
and i do hope that Kris went to Rob))
i'm pathetic, i know, but i love them both!!!

Lisa said...

Anon 11:44, REALLY? Already? WHY do you read here? Just to stir the pot.. SAD..

Great blog Rose as always..

PS. Lets not forget Dakota is ONLY 16!

Anonymous said...

All of you who want Dakotastew to win the best kiss just to piss off robtards are pathetic as the haters.Personally,i don't want them to win.I want another couple to win.Maybe the guys from avatar.And you know why i don't want to win?Because i want them away from all this shit.From the crazies who are gonna hate Kristen big time if they win,or hardcore shippers who are gonna squee or hate Rob if he wins with Emilie(which i doubt).R/K are too good and too cool for awards like that.

Anonymous said...

woohooo vote for dakotaStew

Anonymous said...

To Angelica
Right so if you vote for Rob to kiss someone other than Kristen then you're a nonsten, you can't just be a Rob and Robsten fan... but its ok for vote for Kristen and someone else to kiss? Oh give me a break. I love Robsten but these double standards piss me off. So I guess its fine for Rob to watch his girl kiss someone else but if Rob even gave Emile a peck on the cheek in front of Kristen, shippers and Kristen fans would want to kill him.

May said...

Yep,haters` delusion has no limits.LOL

Truth is,I love Rob&Kris,individually and together.I love the fact that TR and RM has been nominated on MTV, cuz I believe that they are so much more than their Twilight Saga roles&I support them completely,independent of whether Kris is kissing Dakota or Rob is kissing Emilie.;) It might be all just for good fun,but good support is good. :) Oh and other than that mclovin`, haters can bite me. :p

Anonymous said...

anon at 11.44 you are the nastiest homophobe why don't you go onto a hater site for your kind, either that or you are an angry hater for either r or k not sure but just go away anyway btw most men get turned on when they see two women kissing

Anonymous said...

i truly believe that those votes are rigged, it will depend on who is available and the overwhelming popularlity and film promotion at that time. i would like to see r and k win again if only to see how they get out of a kiss second year in a row LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't expect Kristen to show up in Budapest.

Don't vote for R/K best kiss.Don't vote them at all for best kiss.Vote them only for their performances.Let someone else win best kiss.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Emilie will win best kiss,bitches.Their kissing was THE HOTTEST.You know why?Because he kissed a hot blooded girl,not a frozen lesbo.


Anonymous said...

For those voting DakotaStew just to rub in the nonstens faces, do you guys have any idea how Rob will feel if Kristen wins and kisses Dakota up on the stage.... in front of millions of people, on live television.. in front of her boyfriend? Yeah, I say it'll hurt like Rob like hell, particullary cause we know hes so possessive of her. And also since Kristen wouldn't kiss him last year. Seriously I can't believe some of you. All you can think about is how hurt Kristen will be if Rob kissed Emile but no.. forget about Rob. He doesn't have a heart so I'm sure he'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:05
I bet you're 12 years old.
to queenie
go and kiss your Rob pillow,please!And don't forget your meds,bitch!

Patricia said...

Rose: Jesus these comments ARE SCARY ! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE, AND WHERE DID ALL THESE people come from?

WE'RE HERE BECAUSE we love Rob! Grazie Rose for the pictures! He is Gorgeous George in "Bel Ami" I have really been enjoying all these pictures from the shoot!

Now about Kristen in Budapest! I would love to see her there with Rob. I hope it happens! I LOVE ROB AND KRISTEN LOVES ROB AND I LOVE YOU ROSE FOR YOUR POST!

Embrace the love not hate! Grazie Patty

Anonymous said...

lol 12:05 seriously? rob/emilie in front of kristen is weird (but im sure kristen wouldnt be upset) dakota/kristen in front of rob is funny. but you seriously think they care about the mtv movie awards? seriously??!! I'm pretty sure they know who they go home with at the end of the day.

Kristen might show up in budapest, might not! who knows, we sure dont! we all thought tomstu was there with him but he's in london (he wsa seen at marcus' concert last night in london).

good post rose. love the clings excuses!


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:10,i guess you're a lame teen then,right?Or a pathetic lesbo?Or a crazy Krisbian?Or just a loser?

Anonymous said...

yes queenie because kristen became a lesbian after she dated michael for 5 years and is now with rob ... yep deal with it. Let's be honest here, I think emilie/rob will be nominated but bella/edward will win. twihards are relentless and there are many twilight fans who dont give two shits about rob/kristen and are all about edward/bella.

I'm just sayin .. dont listen to the haters rose! continue to blog your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Kate,Kristen was with Michael for 3 years not 5.
MTV awards suck.They're only for losers.


Anonymous said...

sorry beth 3 years, they'd known each other for a couple years before they'd gotten together. still the point ... mtv movie awards are not the highest prestige and they're suppossed to be fun. but leave it to this fandom to make it a battle.


Anonymous said...

Some people are just nasty, they are voting for Kristen/Dakota to see the look on Robs face or vote for Emily/Rob to embarrass Kristen.
Do you think you would do any of them a favour to pitch them against each other and create a drama during the MTV show, that you can read all over the tabs the next day?. And I don't think about their feelings, they are porfessionals and can handle it. But most of you forget, the award will take place in the midden of Eclipse promo. It will not help RM or TR movies anymore and jealousy dramas is the last thing they would want.
So in my perfect world only Rob/Kristen would be nominated for best kiss, not Rob/Emily or Kristen/Dakota. But someone else should win, because I know Rob and Kris will not be happy standing on stage watched by everyone when they try to avoid kissing each other.
If you want to pay tribute to Emily, RM, TR than vote in other categories, like breakthrough actress for Emily and not for the crappy best kiss. And there are other entertainers who would like the publicity of winning best kiss.

But sigh - I know the world is not a perfect place.


Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen won't win this year cause they already won last year you idiots! hahahaha Don't you know how award shows work? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

LOL. All this arguing seriously makes me laugh as if I am watching an episode of my favorite comedy, Community or Parks and Recs. I mean, seriously? Arguing over MTV awards? LMAO.

The Twilight fans are a much bigger group than the TR or RM fans. And there are plenty of fans who don't give a flying fuck about the personal BS. They are fans of the books and movies. They will vote for "Edward and Bella" time and time again. Would be shocked if they didn't.

And don't forget there are plenty of other kisses nominated with fans behind those movies. So, why argue over this bullshit?

I highly doubt Rob and Kristen care! They may or may not kiss if they win. Kristen and Dakota might do something cute if they win but not so sure they would kiss and I doubt Rob would go there if he won with Emilie. And picking who I think the majority of the MTV crowd would want to see up there the most, to see if they kiss--my guess is Rob and Kristen.

In the best movie category, NM should slip in there but TR and RM? I would be surprised. That category is stacked with big, popular movies--Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, The Hangover, Star Trek, Transformers, etc... So, people should just calm the fuck down with all this nonsense.

I voted. And I voted how I wanted to vote. Rob and Kristen got my vote. And in their individual categories for their non-twilight movies. Oh, and Anna Kendrick got my vote for breakout female--she deserves it and I really like her. Also, adore Carey Mulligan too. Both girls deserved those Oscar noms. So there. Too bad if people don't like my voting. Done.

Amanda said...

It doesn't matter who wins at the MTV awards. Emilie/Rob win? Sorry nonstens Rob and Kristen will still be a couple. I really don't think Rob will be hurt at all if Dakota and Kristen win. You know what they'd probably both feel if that happens? Relief. There are going to be so many split votes it's hard to tell who will win, but Twilight fans are voting machines. I'm betting R/K do win. How are they going to get out of it again? lol

Trolls that come here and hate on Rob/Kristen/Rose you are pathetic. Truly. Get some serious professional help.

I don't know if Kristen is in Budapest or not, but we may not know! If it wasn't for fan pictures and sightings we wouldn't have known they were on IoW. They can be very sneaky, lol.

suse said...

Oh boy. another day, another competion. Right Rose, F* MTV. I miss the catagory for the best underware. Man, I'm so tired of that media shit.

I hope for good news about them.

Thanx for your post, Rose

Anonymous said...

Yea I'm sure Rob will be laughing his ass off when he sees his girl kissing someone else. It probably will be funny for some but I think when its your girlfriend its kinda a different matter. Seriously please shut about saying Rob will find it funny. No boyfriend in their right mind would be like that, particullary when your girlfriend is doing it on live telly in front of millions.

Anonymous said...

To May
Wrong. Remember Me didn't even make it to the list for Best Movie. Thats how bad a movie it was.

Anonymous said...

I wish R/K won't go at this crappy show.Taylor on the other hand can always go and do some PR.

Anonymous said...

Rob loves Emilie.Period.And Kristen loves girls.

Rose said...

I'm not much for censoring, but fucking hating on Robert/Kristen is pushing the hyena hate too far. DELETE. Buh-Bye.
No one else finds it RIDICULOUS that there is so much debate about a stupid kiss award? Really?

And please don't fucking go there that Rob watching Kristen kiss Dakota, or Kristen watching Rob kiss Emilie will fucking matter to any of them. PLEASE.
Get upset or hurt over that? They have both seen the movies... why would they get upset over something that trivial now?

Jesus. People are strange.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm going to vote on merits. If you've watched all 3 kisses, IMO, DakotaStew kiss was freaking hot. Like Twilight, it did not involve tongue, but it was very sensual. New Moon kiss was too damn short and RM kiss was kinda awkward and no heat to it. So yeah, I'm going to go with sensual.... DakotaStew wins it for me.

Anonymous said...

12:45 yeah thats why kristen was with him in london twice this year, thats why kristen was with his family at the remember me premiere ... yep because he loves emilie makes perfect sense. LMAO.


Anonymous said...

HEY there Rose I see all the nuts are out.You made me laugh The up in the air(Kristen)I dont know what to say about the voting I havent seen the RA yet but seen the RM So to vote on something I havent seen yet I dont know.Dont get me wrong I want Kristen to do well.And as for the kissing What can I say I love Rob kissing any co-star and cant wait to see them ALL As for Kristen going to go see our boy Rob HELL YA you know I cant wait for that to happen even if we DONT know shes there or ever see that shes there I dont care as long as shes there with HER MAN and happy Just think one week from this Fri. is her B-DAY.(20)And who knows she mite of bought her a home and is waiting for her man to come home and break it in hehehe who knows (I DONT) well my friend you have a good day THANK YOU ROSE for the laugh ........DEB.

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:02
Actually the Twilight kiss involved tongue,thank you very much,but SM found it too hot and sexy and CH cut it in editing.Go and watch the twilight DVD again.

s-firth said...

I started thinking about what Rose has been saying about the “hyenas” and inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks…so this is my own definition/acronym on Hyenas. Ready? Here we go:


It feels liberating to get this off my chest…you should try it! Come up with acronyms of your own! And thanks, Rose for offering us a sane and safe place to stand up for truth!

PS to the hyenas lurking around in here: Don’t waste your time in here…Go find another place to spread your hate and venom--because we WILL NEVER falter in standing up for what is right and sane--and that is our biggest weapon against you....so...off you go...bah-bye now!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it makes a difference who wins either but I'm voting for R/K. I wouldn't mind if Dakota and Kristen win, but I feel like splitting the vote like that is just giving Emilie and Rob more of a chance to win. Do I think it matters if Emilie and Rob win? Of course not. But I do think that would be extra awkward though and I feel like people are voting for that only as a thing against Kristen and I don't like that. So my vote goes for R/K.

MeTweeder said...

Rose...WTF is goin on?? Oh my god...Seriously I am sooo fucking ashamed to even be a fan right now cause in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM do I ever EVER want Rob or Kristen to catagorize me with the rest of these crazy people!! It makes me fuckin cringe just reading some of these comments...I mean really...What makes people become super psyco behind a keyboard?? Its disturbing and pathetic!! I love Rob and Kristen together OR apart...I only want them to be happy n successful and pray to the Lord above they never run into people like some of these on here that have commented!!

Anonymous said...

I think we should all vote for the only husband and wife nominated team to win best kiss and leave it at that. ;) But you know, either way, they're Mr. & Mrs. so how can they really lose.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen weirder comments here than I have today. I'm choosing to believe it's one or two people posting multiple times..because this is just crazy.

anonymous 1:59 Are you alluding to Rob and Kristen being married? Because I love them together, but saying that..just no.

Anonymous said...

If voting Rob/Kris means at least an awkward will we/ won't we kiss then I am so voting for them. They didn't kiss all last year but it was still a one of the most memorable R/K moments for me. The URST between them was electric.

Anonymous said...

Damn Rose lol Your comments section is starting to look like Ted's!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm all about the Rob & Stew. But I would be totes fine if Rob wins best kiss with Emilie, or Stew were to win with someone else. I will of course be voting for Rob & Stew, however. <3

P.S. ILY for coining a new term for nonstens.

Anonymous said...

i don't know what happened on this board, i can't figure out if the angry lesbians or rob or kristen hater that infiltrated whoever it is they are as mad as heck, won't change anything though

Anonymous said...

by the way guys do find it kinda hot when 2 girls kiss and rob for sure would also find it funny if dakota and kristen do win, however this is tv, they won't win it will be a male/female as usual and it will be who is available to appear

Amanda said...

Can I just say I love Rose's blog for many reasons but one of them being Rob's music playlist? It keeps me calm while reading some of the comments, lol.

Anonymous said...

Rose, many visiting posters the last few days have left me with a very sad impression of fandom. I join the rest of you that wish and ask that they respect Rose's blog, full of believers and wishers of RESPECT ROBandKRISTEN. I don't think that the people who usually visit here care to be anything other than positive and supporting of Rob, his career and his friends. Again, RESPECT ROBandKRISTEN. And, love to you Rose.

debbi said...

It seems like the crazy bus stopped here and everyone got off.

Thankfully, there's a few sane thoughts, such as Olivia's...

"I don't think that the people who usually visit here care to be anything other than positive and supporting of Rob, his career and his friends."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like we've got members of the high school wrestling team on board today. The rampant immaturity is beyond irritating.

This business of calling either or both of them gay whenever it suits the imagined occasion is just silly. It's too dumb to spend time on.

Kristen and Rob will do what they want. And that's what I want for them. A little love, a little privacy, a little peace. . .

Kristen is edgy, smart, attitudinal, and sometimes irreverent. But one thing she's not is immature. I just love that girl. . . and she loves the guy we all love.


Bibli said...

I GET IT. All the rage in today's comments are from unhappy nonsenstens (aka the "kstew derangement syndrome support network" (KSTEW-DSSN) aka "the bitters," etc.,)that don't like being called hyenas. Which is funny since they LOVE to call people SHEEP.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting R/K for best kiss to see what they do this year.

I do find it interesting the double standard going on, it's fine to vote for the TR kiss but voting RM kiss is an act of Robsten treason. Same song, different day...

Ana Paula said...

Hi Rose. I write to you to apologize for insulting you. And don't know if you remember, but a I called you "a bit..." and other horrible things. I jugde you and the way you act with you family. I never had the right to do it, I don't even know you. I think it's funny this thing you wrote:"The Hateful Hyenas are just as bad
as the Rabid Robstens."
Yes, there are a LOT o people like that. And I was acting as one and I feel ashamed for myself. I can say about the nonstens I know. All of them are like that. But not all robstens are evil persons. I have a GREAT friend, and she's a robsten. And a discover a "nonsten friend of mine" saying bad things about me. But, a I discovered. I don't want to read anything else about this robsten X nonsten shit. I want Rob and Kristen to be happy. Toghether or not. I have nothing to do with their lives. I'm not a fan os Kristen as an actress, but I believe EVERYBODY can be better, and she's a human being and don't deserve all the shit and hate about her. I love Rob, I'm one of his biggest fans, and he really would not be happy with all this shit. He and Kristen, AT LEAST, are FRIENDS!
So, go to hell, crazy robstens, bul also CRAZY AND EVIL NONSTENS, they are worse, much worse.

Thank you, and sorry for any mistakes in my english.

Be happy.

Anonymous said...

Rose, it's spring break, so I think some youngin's have come here. Don't have another explanation. It 's crazy and weird. Love you, love your blog, hate the comments that have been made lately. Know you don't police them, but I do think some AT trolls have made it here. Sad. I'll stay!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how Kristen can resist being away from Rob (and she's been for a month already). I hope she has working interests keeping her down in LA, otherwise I swear to God that if I was her, nothing would stop me from being in Budapest with him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:30.Maybe she can resist,because simply she doesn't care being in Budapest.IF she was a girl in love then she'd go as fast as she could.She doesn't work now.She's all free.Maybe they're just friends,anyway.I'm sure Rob's happy with the Hungarian women.I've heard they're really attractive and Rob's so young.Now it's his time to live his life and have some fun.Kristen,too.

Anonymous said...

How does anybody KNOW she isn't in Budapest? I heard she is or will be soon. I don't think it's fair to make assumptions about their relationship even if she doesn't go. She's already visited him twice, and he's almost done filming anyway. I can understand it she goes, and I can understand if she doesn't go. I'm sure she wants to spend time with him but at the same time he is WORKING. To say, "I would do this if I was her" -Well you aren't. And you don't know what she's doing and if she's working out details right now for her upcoming movies.

Anonymous said...

Whatever reasons Kristen's got for staying in LA, I wonder how good is for a relationship these long separations. I mean after a long separation, it comes the reunion and that's always wonderfoul, but there's also the risk to get so used to separations that one day you realize you don't miss your love as much as you did..

Don't get me wrong, I'm a total Robsten fan, but I know what separations can do in a couple. I just want the best for them and I wish they can be together in a short time or I'll begin to worry.

Anonymous said...

oh shut up crazy people!!!
anon 4.23 "I'm sure Rob's happy with the Hungarian women."
robert is working.
actions speak louder than words.when they have leisure pass it togheter .

(robert and) kristen should not prove anything

Anonymous said...

Kristen will be in Washington on April 5th for a view for TR.So,no Budapest for her.She'll be pretty busy.And i absolutely agree with anon7:43 about separations.Not good at all for young couples.Maybe they have already split or they have a very open and free relationship like Ted always hints.

Anonymous said...

9.28 AM

You're right. There will be a screening party in Washington to celebrate TR release, but it says NOTHING about Kristen or any other actress attending this party.