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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Runaways Remember Me

I love you Robert Pattinson.
Well? I do.
A couple of years ago when this whole obsession
started for me...
I used to talk to my other addicted friends
about Robert all the time.
We would go on and on about how 
adorable, honest, modest and witty he was.
How he was so open and innocent.
And how we would cry over the day that
that all changed.
That day has come.
It has actually been here a while...
I just didn't want to admit it.
No, Rob didn't change overnight
It was a gradual change.
An expected change.
But that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

Yes... Robert is still charming and adorkable.
He's still witty and wonderful.
We are still treated to his delicious personality
and his overwhelming charm.
But you have noticed that he is more reserved.
More wary.
More practiced in how he answers questions.
Robert is an intelligent guy.
He lives... he learns.
No more bluntly honest statements
No more innocent thoughts blurted out
for all the world to hear.
He still jokes...
But I think he is realizing that so many
people don't have a sense of humor.
How many times did he have to explain 
the 'allergic to vagina' thing?
You could tell it frustrated him...
and the next time...
Robert might just shut down that part of himself
in the next interview.
Another part of him closed off to us.
And that's so so sad.
Yeah, I know the 'private' Rob is probably
pretty much the same...
But I miss that shy, lovely boy
who was amazed at all the attention he was getting...
Who couldn't believe the screams were for him.
Who would honestly answer every question asked
without having to think of the consequences.

I love you Robert Pattinson.

A Runaways trailer was released last night.
God, I want to see this movie.
The music.
The story.
I can admit that I wasn't all that familiar with 
The Runaways music...
I might have heard a couple of songs.
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
is what I know.
Joan Jett is fascinating.
I can see why Kristen wanted to do this role
I can see why she immersed herself so deeply.
Hanging out with Joan.
Playing her music.
Looking and acting like her.
And oh man... she became Joan.
No doubt about it.
And did you hear the movie version
of "Cherry Bomb"?
Dakota Fanning nailed that bitch.
I kept listening to it.
Amazed at how she sang it so much
like the original.

Can't fucking wait.

Bye for now.

Remember Me~ March 12th
The Runaways~ March 19th


Anonymous said...

Rose, I absolutely agree with you. Rob was magical when we first saw him in those initial Twilight promos. That's when we all fell in love with him. I remember grieving even then because I knew that there was no way he could continue being so amazingly open; in time, he'd become jaded, self-protective, guarded, and uber-managed by his team. Well, it has come to pass. I will always love him, but I deeply miss that amazing man-child with the full-out laugh and the naughty-boy slip-ups. He's gone for good I'm afraid.


KinTheFlo said...

I agree. I knew it was coming too. I'm so happy we got to see it though. I feel sorry for the ones who get on the Rob train too late. But at least that smile that reaches his eyes happens when he's with Kristen ( think Kimmel's couch) or with his pals. I didn't see it at all when he was doing press with Emilie. But yes our boy is growing up. and he'll be losing that magical innocent curiousity that we so adore. I love your blog. Love the set up. Just long enough. xo,Karen

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rob changed. I think hes just showing his true colours now. How do you know what hes really like behind closed doors? I think the Details interview was a real eye-opener for many people. Sorry, but no ones perfect and as far as I'm concerned Rob is not the nice guy that you think he is. I think whats happened is that hes become a sellout just like most Hollywood actors. Thats just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think Rob didn't change that much...but it's true that his more careful of what he says...and I tottally understand why...you saw how people took his vagina comments and start calling him gay or how some women were offended or saying that he was scared of women, and now Rob realized that he has to be careful of what he says...it's sad but I understand.
Just don't forget that inside Rob is still the same, even if his got to be more careful how he show him self in public and what he says.
Remember...he can't give the tabloides what they want...'a reazon to talk about him'
(sorry for bad english)

Jackie W said...

Hey Rose!! I love your blog!! I think you say everithing we like to speak. Rob is a very good actor and an excellent boy!! I love him too, and i think people talks too much about things there no makes sence, like Robert been gay...oh my God!! Then, i'd like to thank you for your words!!!

Kisses Jackie

Patricia said...

Rose: I feel the same way! The MTV interview with Rob and Kristen in 2008 was my favorite. They were both so OPEN and HONEST! The whole time they were on the press junket (their looks at each other )OMG. That's when I first seen their feelings but she was with Michael then! But it's always been there. All the interviews he did were wonderful (just like you said.) I've been sad to see that all go (but like when he fooled around with Jimmy Fallon in the tree (Old Rob's )still underneath it all. I was afraid "New Moon" premiere was going to be different also and it was! Rob and Kristen were never even together!( except at after party)! HERE"S hoping that OLD Rob can find a happy medium and give us some more of his honest cute ways, but guess what, WE LOVE HIM AND WILL TAKE HIM ANYWAY HE IS, RIGHT! GRAZIE AGAIN FOR ANOTHER spot on post!

Anonymous said...

Could you blame him for being wary? The guy has to deal with people like Anon 10:57 above. But his sense of humor still comes out & I adore him for it. The media & other groups have painted a giant bullseye on his back. Build them up & then pull them down. It's a sad fact of Hollywood.

Anonymous said...


Don't understand what you mean when you say
'I think the Details interview was a real eye-opener for many people.'...what eys-opener, I did't see anything wrong in that interview...only the morrons did.

And when you say:
'Sorry, but no ones perfect and as far as I'm concerned Rob is not the nice guy that you think he is. I think whats happened is that hes become a sellout just like most Hollywood actors'
Don't understand also...do you know Rob to say is not a nice...and his nothing like most Hollywood actors...don't talk about people as if you know them

Anonymous said...

What I mean is that Hollywood can change people or it can show them as they really are. I'd choose the latter for Rob. Thats my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I absolutely agree with you about the change in our Rob.Im just sorry it had to happen .Oh yes we all new it would .And I even think Rob new it would. Poor kid cant even be himself any more with out people making up shit and making it BAD for him.Seems to me all he wanted to do is act,make movies AND try his best to make his FANS happy. YES I still love Rob and believe in him .he is growing up and cant say things the way he did before cauce people well wright or say BAD things about him SO our boy cant be like he was before. I just want the best for Rob and well take him any way I can. Thanks a gain Rose blog you again made my day.Have a good day my friend. Deb.

Nicki Finn said...

After reaing another amazing post, I am off to YouTube to watch some of those old interviews that I miss so much. I just hope the Eclipse junkets are so much better than New Moon but I am sure I will be happy with them, I have been happy with the press he has been doing for RM...He is still a cutie !!

Anonymous said...

OMG I was thinking exactly the same thing. I remember when I first saw him in an MTV interview he and Kristen was so open and relax and kind of innocent. All his other interviews for Twilight he had me be laughing so hard. I kept thingking he needs to do a comedy. Now you can see the reserve, but I guess he has no choice. You live and learn.

Anonymous said...

I'm in LOVE with your blog! Yes, I really do :D Love your ideas, thoughts abour Rob/Kristen (I don't like Robsten either :D), your realistic personality.. Thank you so much..

I guess you need to see them because I want to read your ideas :D



Anonymous said...

I think some people (anon above, for example) purposefully misinterpret what you are saying Rose. You did not say he is a sellout - far from it. You said he has become more guarded. I totally agree with you and share your sadness. Last year, as I started following Rob, getting to "know" him as we all did, I too knew this day would come. It's sad, but inevitable. Look at how he was attacked physically in NY last summer. Look at how his words are misconstrued. I too still love him, love him more, but mourn losing the free Rob. I'm sure he's still that guy with his friends. The more we all push, the more he will retreat. I did see a glimpse of fun Rob on the Red Carpet with Emilie, when he was teasing her, telling her to tell them something fascinating about him! Hilarious....there were other moments too, of course. But you are exactly right as always Rose, there are fewer of them.

Deborah said...

I think Rob is still very open but he seems to be able to sense when a person has an agenda. I've noticed we still get some great gems when the interviewer is laid back. However, in some you can tell the person is wanting a particular response. Rob seems more guarded in these and rightfully so.