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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Rose and Robsten.

This is a post dedicated to all the wonderful email/comments that I receive on a
daily basis. Some of them are just too good NOT to share. You know what I mean?
So here's hoping you find these as entertaining as I did :)
Oh and I corrected all spelling errors.. Believe me, there were a lot of them ;)

Dear Rose,
 Why do you continue to use paparazzi pictures in your posts? Don't you realize that 
you are contributing to what they do? It is because of people like YOU that Rob is treated like that on a daily basis. What do you think Rob would think of you if he read your blog?
-High Horse

Dear Horse,
I continue to use pap pics in my posts... because I want to. At least I don't claim to be "Paparazzi Free" and then proceed to post the Paparazzi pictures. It's not fans like me that are responsible for the way Robert and other celebrities are treated by the Paps. If you want to get angry with someone, how about starting with the gossip sites that send out photographers to harass and stalk Rob? Or the other gossip sites that pay money for them? Unfortunately, as long as Robert is so famous, there will always be people willing to stalk for money. I love and adore Robert. I wish I could shield him... but I can't.
-Protective Rose

What do you think of the attached picture (the one above)? Rob looks like he knows this beautiful blonde lady. Rob looks like he is really attracted to her! So much for ugly bitchface! GO ROB!
- Satisfied

Dear Satisfied (with delusions),
What do I think of the picture? It looks like a lucky fan got to meet Robert! Attractive? Well, that's hard to see from this angle, but Rob is smiling, so I'm sure she was being very nice to him. Keep up the good detective work!
- Wishes That Blonde Was Rose

Ridiculous Rose,
You really think your shit doesn't stink, don't you? I'm here to tell you it DOES! You are so pathetic with your attempts to prove that PRsten exists! The tarmac picture is NOT them holding hands! Give it up, already! At best she is holding his wrist! Besides, it was all for PR! They knew someone was going to be there to take pictures! You are such a loser. 
I wish you would just shut the fuck up already!

Dear FU,
I love this picture for so many reasons. Let me show the ways...
1. It's not just the handholding that is so intimate here... it's their body language... the smiles on their faces (in Rob's case a HUGE smile) that make this picture so incredible.
2. Haters HATE this picture! And that makes it all the more entertaining! I love to post this picture every few days... just to get this kind of reaction!
3. Let me get this straight, they AREN'T holding hands... yet it's for PR? *cuckoo cuckoo*
4. Am I a pathetic loser? I don't think I am... and one thing is certain... My shit doesn't stink... it smells like ROSES! DUH!
-Everything's coming up Rose(s)

Dear Rose,
I love love love your blog! It's like a little island of sanity in this crazy fandom! I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to say what is in my head. Can you read minds? lol.
I don't understand how the hyenas can't manage to see how in love Rob and Kristen are with each other, but it's their loss! Thanks for all you do.
- A grateful fan

Dear Grateful,
Thank you! It's always nice to hear such kind words about my blog. I come here everyday and just try to get my thoughts down... and it's always wonderful that so many people agree with what I have to say! So Thank You!
-Grateful Rose

I don't get how you can possibly believe Rob and Stewpid are together. He looks like he can't wait to get away from her, and she looks miserable every time they are next to each other. Why are there never any pictures of them together if this is the most epic romance in the history of the earth? Don't try to pass off the PR pictures as proof, either. Are you telling me there is NEVER a camera around to record their epic love? Right. You are a complete idiot and when PRsten comes crashing down, I hope it lands on your head.
-No Pics, No Proof

Dear Chicken Little,
Wow. So... let me get this straight... you want me to 'prove' that Rob and Kristen are in a relationship, but I can't use the pictures that are out there... because its only PR?
Did the insane asylum have a massive escape today? There are plenty of pictures of Rob and Kristen together, on their own time. I can't help that you refuse to see them for what they are... and have to scream PR every time another picture of them hanging out shows up. You see things your way... I see the truth.
- Wearing a helmet Rose

Kristen is NOT Bella. She is an ignorant, self-centered bitch who only hangs around Rob for publicity. She hates that Rob gets more attention than she does, so she attaches herself to him any way that she can. She barely has a career outside of Twilight, so she acts like a pathetic puppy and follows Rob around hoping that people notice her, too. I don't know why Rob puts up with her other than he probably just feels sorry that she doesn't have any friends. Even TomStu hates her guts. I hate her and I hope she disappears back under the rock she came from after the Twilight movie are over. You suck.
-Kristen is a bitch

Dear Bitch,
So much anger. So much venom. So much foam. So many loonies.
I'm pretty sure you aren't talking about Kristen Stewart. No way. Not the Kristen that goes out of her way NOT to be in the public eye. The Kristen who goes out of her way not to discuss a relationship that would garner her endless publicity if she so desired it.
Not the Kristen who goes where Rob goes... because that's where she wants to be (and that's what people in relationships do... BE TOGETHER). Kristen doesn't need ANYone to get noticed... she's beautiful, talented and stands out from a crowd of common drones who all look and behave the same way. And get over the TomStu bullshit. It's pretty obvious he enjoys Kristen's company, no matter how much that eats you up inside (I bet you taste... bitter)
-Sucks To Be You And Not Rose

That's enough for now (more than enough, I suppose). I'm sorry that I shared more Foam filled emails than the nice ones... because I do receive way more nice ones. But I just like to put out there what some people really believe. It's fascinating to me.
Oh and another thing that bugs the haters?

* I wonder who he is talking to?*

I don't wonder at all.
This post is brought to you by the letters *P*
For *PUSH*
And the letter *T* for the TCA's...
I hope Kristen shows up so we 
can get more of this...

And this...

Life is good.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

:) I love your blog Rose. I love your replies to the people who send you horrible messages.

DirtyD said...

Loved it!!!

lilli said...

I love your blog. I can't believe that you get mails like these. When the people don't like your thoughts - just stay away.

I hope we see r/k together at the TCA's. And when not, it's ok too.

sisca icha said...

hello rose...

standing ovation to you rose, you go girl!!!...this is best posting ever rose, the hyena getting nerve cause scare Kristen show up in TCA, i hope she does so i could see the gorgeus, hot couple, and i miss Kristen a lot, but if kristen couldn't make it in TCA nevermind i fully understand cause she barely begin shoot OTR, 'but the girl can dream she could attent with Rob WOOT....and beside that the hyena begin sweaty to wait when Rob show up in Montreal...Bhawhahah...keep PUSH...PUSH...

Wildhart007 said...

Rose Beautiful I loved this post! You really have to to deal with imbeciles!
All of us in TN are on pins and needles waiting for Rob to show up today!
Chattanooga is for lovers! Wish Kristen would show up with him!lol

deb said...

HO rose you just made me cry Im SOoooo sorry that you get all that FUCKEN BULLSHIT you are a BEAUTIFUL and sweet LADY I believe all that you do its those FUCK UP HATERS out there in this world that CANT and wont take the TRUTH I THANK YOU FOR your blog It beings me HAPPINESS in a world of so much HATE You never said you was GOD you only say what you see and how you feel and it is like that with alot of us KEEP your head up HIGHT ROSE WE LOVE you AND YES WE do BELIEVE that ROB LOVES KRISTEN SEEING IS BELIEVING Again THANK YOU ROSE DEB.

LJ said...

Hey Rose!!!

Just wanted to say I bloody love your blog....keep up the good work! I don't comment very often but I'm here every day for the latest installment and to read all the comments (and check out Louises links!). As for the haters...the rubbish they come out with about the reasons why Rob and Kristen aren't together just makes me chuckle!

Love to all those who love Rob and Kristen!


deb said...

LJ I to love Louisas links she put a BIG smile on my face every day just like Rose does DEB.

Patricia said...

You have such a wonderful following with the usual people that comment on this board. Grazie for BLOCKING the anon. with all their nasty shit.
I'm sorry that you have to put up with so many STUPID, IGNORANT, HATEFUL ASS HOLES. WE LOVE YOU AND ROBERT AND KRISTEN.

That picture of Rob talking on his cell. Do you notice that YOU NEVER SEE ROB ON HIS CELL UNLESS KRISTEN IS NOT AROUND? hmmnnnn

I'm hoping that Kristen is at TCA. I really miss seeing our favorite couple together.



Anonymous said...

That rocks. Fantastic.I admire your compassion you listen to it all

LJ said...

Oops yes Deb sorry I mean 'Louisas' links...not Louises.

Still chuckling about '- Wearing a helmet Rose' ha ha.....

Ooh I'm getting quite into this commenting lark :-)))


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

All I have to say is BRAVO!! Awesome answers!

Verucs said...

Rose Rose! I truly admire you for the way you stand up and believe in them! I totally love your blog, I visit it everytime there's an out-date! You do read minds, I know it! haha or at least you read mine! I don't believe that everything is for PR, because their love is just too big, too nice and too real to be PR. I've known love before, and if is not the way theirs is, well my concept it's totally wrong and I'm in trouble! haha! And about haters, they are just jealous! Hate is giving too much importance to someone you know? Keep posting because you're great! Love u! :D <3 xoxo from Costa Rica ;D

Bex said...

bahahaha i love this post!

the hyenas are so stupid. they contradict themselves every other sentence.

the i can't believe the jealous losers hating kristen like that. just get over the fact that rob will NEVER be with you and learn to appreciate what rob appreciates and loves.

its so peaceful on this side of the fandom. it must be really tiring hating somebody so much.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Dam Rose the fuck nuts love to stalk you Hugh? You must PUSH there buttons! poor poor sad hyenas! :( there imaginary boyfriend is cheating on them with KS in there minds. I think medication is needed STAT for these fuck nuts!

I swear, it actually entertaining to read! Its like they live in there own fantasy world. Keep them coming Rose!

Oh and I love your blog, the way you go after them.. its SO needed.

SueBee said...

Team Rose!!!!!

I'm sorry there are so many delusional people out there who feel the need to drag you into their dementia.

What planet do they live on?

Loved the pic with Rob on the phone. He looks happy,so of course it's Kristen!

Sure wish Kristen would be at the TCA's!

Imagining the conversation--

Rob: So, what are you wearing now?

Kristen: Come to Montreal and find out!

LOL-all in fun

twilightbabez said...

Hi Rose, I love your blog keep it up mwah . I bet these hyenas are just 1 or 2 delusional fans using multi email addresses. I love Rob , we all do but we are not STUPID enough as to think he can be ours LMAO.

Hyenas are using the pic with a blonde lady? Oh come on, ROB's SMILE TALKING TO THE PHONE IS EVEN SWEETER THAN HIS SEEMINGLY POLITE SMILE TO THE BLONDE FAN. Blind hyenas groping in the dark with their delusions.

@Patricia, I agree with you. I seldom see photos of Rob on his cellphone whenever Kristen is around. And what do we have lately, Rob texting, Rob talking on the phone - SMILING SWEETLY

June said...

Jesus Christ Rose! You have to put up with such a lot hate and nonsense. These people don't have a sense of ridiculous, do they?

They must be teens, it's not normal that a grow up person can write so much stupidity.

Rose, I admire you, indeed. Thanks for the pics and for sharing your nice thoughts with us.

Karen said...

Rose, your blog made me laugh a lot! It's hard to believe what some people will write to you.

I love the pictures you posted today...wish I was that blonde too. How one man can be that handsome,talented,and a class act to boot is beyond me.

Kristen has become a real beauty. She's a very talented actress.I just don't get the hate people have for her.

I hope Rob and Kristen are able to be together soon. Hopefully, they can have some quiet time together. It must be difficult for them to be apart.

Patty, where did you find out about MamaPatz's birthday?


olivia said...

Yeah! Go Team Rose!

Loved it today, as always!
Yes, life is good!

Love you Rose,
love Rob and Kristen,
love their movies,
and love the sweet group here at Rose's blog!

And, thank you Rose for putting up with all the garbage that creeps in. It is unfortunate but you have the best attitude and deal with it in such a healthy, mature, and realistic manner.


Anonymous said...

That was fun to read! Rose, you drive them crazy - that's for sure :)

They NEED (Edward-Bella-scent-syndrom?) to come to your blog to get their daily "push".

deb said...

SueBee-Rob what are you wearing Kristen-Why dont you come to Montreal and see How funny you know she wont have that on for long heheheh LUCK GIRL Soon is the key word Like Rose said Not IF but WHEN and that well be SOON Hopefully at the TCAS DEB.

Sydney said...

Holy shit...that's hilarious. I can't believe you get that much hate. How funny that people take time out of their day to email you all that hate. Desperate much? Like yelling at you will make it any less true. What a riot. I'd say sorry you have to deal with that, but I imagine it just amuses the hell out of you.

My favorite part is that all the nonstens yell for pictures. Pics or it didn't happen. You give them pics...dozens upon dozens of pics and they're like "but, but, but, it has to be PR." No, no it doesn't. It so clearly ISN'T.

I loved this post Rose. Feel free to share more of the hilarity from your inbox!!!

Melinda said...

Gosh this post was pretty fantastic!!!! Very entertaining! Thanks for sharing!

We all know that the haters know Rob and Kristen are not in a PR relationship and it is eating them alive to see their "idol" so happy with someone they hate.

As I said before it must suck to be so miserable. Thank God I am one happy duck!

JUNE- sadly I believe the majority of these Kristen haters are grown woman who want to save Rob from Kristen. Little do they realize they are the ones he needs to be "saved" from b/c they are crazy scary people. I can't even call them fans b/c they aren't.

Brenda said...

GREAT blog, Rose. What is wrong with people? How can they not see it? And why are they so angry?!?

kharma1 said...

Happy Thursday..
Hi Rose, Love your post today because those letters had me rolling on the ground. It really shows how STUPID some people are.
I would love to see a picture and a resume of some of these people that write you these pathetic letters. Reading these letters you realize there are alot of cuckoo cuckoo people out there and they are amongst us..lol. Kinda' scary.

I hand it to you and give you alot of credit for what you do and believe in and get this s hit from these "Losers" everyday.
So THANK YOU, most of us appreciate and love your blogs, they make our day and puts smiles on our faces.
In this crazy world we live in that's so full of hate and jealousy, it's nice to catch a glimpse of love and happiness we see with these two gorgeous and deeply in love with "EACH OTHER" people name, Rob and Kristen.
So Thank You Rose and please, post some of these letter once in awhile, they are good for a laugh.

Patricia said...

I read it somewhere on some Rob/Kristen site, a couple of days ago when everyone was talking about Rob going to Montreal or London after TCA show. I just tried to find it again, but it's like( a needle in a hay stack) I can't remember. But someone said it's his Mom's Birthday in Mid August and they're planning a party for her 56th. Birthday.
Sorry that's all I can remember.

Anonymous said...

So, I am literally in the library of my college laughing my ass off. You always amaze me, Rose, but this post was EPIC! I love it and I love your unfailing ROBSTEN advocating :)

soadram said...

Rosa )
This post is wonderful, I admire it because it really is always the right word at the right time.
And having to read up and deal with these people so stupid and blind, oh God 
One thing I have not noticed because there is so much hatred against Kris or Rob, I will understand n,,, but whatever
I believe, you believe many who read your post and especially believes Rob and Kris.
A very good day for you

June said...


It's hard to believe that grow up women can be so inmature as to write so much stupidity, it's awful!

Patricia, Karen,

Recently, I read in Awful Truth boards, Tema Re: Robsten Angels- Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Part VII , that Clare Pattison's birthday is on august, 16th.

Trish said...

Good Lord have mercy, who knew there were so many PATHETIC people in this world!?!?

Still am in shock reading those letters...especially this one about Kristen "She barely has a career outside of Twilight"...um, hello???...how many movies has she done before twilight?? maybe..and hmmm..i am preety sure the new movie she is filming right now is no where in hell related to twilight.

By writing these STUPID emails to you they just exposed how STUPID they are and how much hate they have in their hearts..i want to thank you Rose for exposing it all, and also coming up with the RIGHT answers for these psychotic patients!!!

Sorry you have to put up with this crap Rose...but what i like about you is that it doesnt get to you and you know just how to handle them..Brava!

Any news on Kristen attending the TCA's? i hope we hear it soon...will love to see them there sitting TOGETHER..so some MORE GREAT Robsten moments can be captured...

Love your blog, keep it coming, i look forward to it everyday!!

Trish said...

oh and loved your post Melinda....

"sadly I believe the majority of these Kristen haters are grown woman who want to save Rob from Kristen. Little do they realize they are the ones he needs to be "saved" from b/c they are crazy scary people. I can't even call them fans b/c they aren't."

hear hear!!!...you are so right! and it so unbelivable...are there really that many DELUSIONAL people in our world?? scary thing!

June said...


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Given his touring schedule, Justin Bieber is unable to attend the Teen Choice Awards in person this year. The Teen Choice producers took the opportunity to pre-tape an acceptance speech covering all four of his nomination categories ....

They haven't said anything on Kristen yet, so maybe there's still a small chance that she can attend TCA's.

Caroline said...

Rose...i love your blog...and your replies...the best.But i feel sad that some call you names, just because you believe and like Kristen...I can't understand why people hate her so much...She is so sweet...
And @Patricia, i had the thought...


Anonymous said...

You've excelled today and made the start of my day a happy mood....
In THIS a very broad, foggy morning for me....The fog is so ghastly, visibility is like only a couple of meters...

THANK YOU.....But Sorry you have to read others POV with ridiculous content Just to justify what us "SANE ONES" logically KNOW.....
It sounds as if the fog reaches in others opinions also???

* I wonder who he is talking to?*
You know what I usually say....Can't let a day go by...without You know WHAT????
For those who can't download from these links...I'm not sure why...as others seem to be able to....HAve a good day LADIES!!!




Karen said...

Patty,June, thank you. I knew she was somewhat near my age.

I met and spoke with both Clare and Lizzy while I was in London (at a club where Lizzy was performing). They are very sweet, gracious women. I see from whence Rob gets his charisma.

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee Answer to Robs Question?????
would'nt that be ENUFFFF to entice him to get his Sexy little ARSE up there ASAP...hehehehe

BoilerGrl26 said...

I look forward to reading your blog every day Rose! You rock! I love your honesty. I also admire you because you aren't one of those girls who is so jealous of Kristen that you hate on her all the time! You are intelligent and kind enough to be happy for Robert AND for Kristen because you realize that THEY make each other happy! Keep on posting! I will keep on looking forward to hearing what YOU have to say!....and of course...the HATERS will keep on HATING!...but no one cares what they have to say :-)

LJ said...

Yay! thanks Louisa...some treats to feast my eyes on before I go to bed :-D


Trish said...

June, to think about it..you are right...I think there is a bigger chance of Kristen coming mainly because she is up for some awards and twilight is up for sooo many awards and usually when Rob is at an award so far...she has always been there...there only time she wasnt at an award show was at the people's choice awards...because Rob wasnt there either...hopefully we will all find out by next week.

Patricia said...

That's where I saw it "Robsten Angels' ...Grazie, that was driving me crazy..

I think Kristen will go to TCA it's on a week end and she can fly back in time for work. Listen to me ( LIKE I KNOW SHE HAS WEEK ENDS OFF) I need serious therapy, I"m WAY TOO INVOLVED with Rob and Kristen. HELP ????

Patricia said...

BTW They announced 1 hour ago that Rob was in the air jetting to GA. No pictures yet.

Patricia said...

Sorry I was so anxious I forgot to say who ...WFE Film on twitter

Anonymous said...

Rose, I am always amazed at the crap that people feel the need to share with others...whether we want to hear it or not lol. Thank you so much for having the nerve to call these assholes out on their crap, and posting your thoughts on R and K ...which happen to be how most of us feel who come to your wonderful blog. Keep up the good work Thanks

Trish said...

LOL..Patricia...who wouldnt be? they are too awesome for words..and at times i really dont see them as hollywood people or celebs..i see them as normal ppl..hope im not the only one who feels this way..its because they are SO real...the realest (yeh i know its not a word) couple to enter HW up to date:-)

OhMyRPattz said...

WOW! I can't believe how naive . . . and rude some people are. They are so blind!!! And how can they judge Kristen as a "B" when they don't even know her????

All I know is that my first impression of KStew was she's a bit of stand-offish. BUT . . . the minute I saw how she & Rob interact when they're around each other, I deeply fell in love with BOTH of them. I can only wish to have what they have.

Oh it's so GOOD to be young & in love!

By the way, you're doing an excellent job Rose! I don't know you personally, but i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. Dunno how you're able to stand those mean, ignorant folks . . . but thank you. Thanks for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

@ LJ I'm guesseing your're from the UK/Europe....your finishing your day and I'm starting....Is'nt that odd..when you think about it.....
@ Patricia help me out here girlfirend! GA? sorry if i sound like a moron???

Barbara Fenwick said...

First of all Rose I want to say I am sorry you have to put up with all the garbage you receive. You handle it very well, you put them in their place wonderfully.I should feel sorry for them for refusing to see what is right in front of their faces, but I can't because they are so mean and vindictive. I believe in Robsten with all my heart, they are meant to be together and I hope it lasts forever. Don't let the hyenas get you down. I love your blog and look forward to it every day.

kaylafryer said...

Rose Love Your Blogg!!!
It Always Puts A Smile On My Face :)
Cant Wait For TCA's!!!


Aeden27 said...

i wish i had your attitude...so calm and happy...well, its actually robbing off on me. For those haters, well what can i say, it seems like they're bitter, doesnt it??? Go Robsten. LOve those 2.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,

Thank you for doing this. The haters...they're so delusional. I don't how they have the audacity to call themselves fans. I don't know how they can be so vile and filled with venom for a young woman they've never even met or did them any harm. Sick.

Thanks for always being a bright spot in the Robsten world. And thanks for having a real thick skin too!

endmellries said...

LOL!U were right Rose!This is so much ENTERTAINING!

We should thx to Hyena coz they always entertain us with their studipity n delusional *wink*

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I was just thinkin....You missed a couple of positive emails
I sent you....You know the ones with pictures of course...saying things like:
Would you take a look at those lips...
Would you take a look at that strut
Would you take a look at.......
Gawd those ones you made an example of.... make mine look like ....A walk in the park!!!!...lol

shoegal2547 said...


iena amoi said...

OMG!! I just love your blog and this post especially. Haters are just haters! They must be jealous coz they can't have Rob. Any fan of Rob should be able to accept his choice.

I love Robsten!! Thanz Rose for your brilliant post :)

Jane said...

I really like your site, except for the hate mail. I would never give the person an opportunity to show their words. I love talking about Rob and Kristen and find the things going in their lives facinating without stopping and reading what the haters want us to read. Please throw they away and let's get back to loving Rob and Kristen, so much better than reading people that love to hate.

SueBee said...

These people are just making so much effort to sound retarded!

Atticus said...

Rose, like so many of the posters here, am truly sorry you have to put up with all this bullshit from delusional hyenas. Most of your emails are disturbingly hateful towards the beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart who has an equally beautiful and talented BF. Do you get any nice emails in regard to Kristen? Sadly, I, too, think some of the hyenas are older women who know nothing about sisterhood. Fucking makes me ashamed for my gender. BTW Rose, that banner of yours is truly mind jizzing.

Patricia...agree with you about the cell.

Embarrassed to ask, but can someone tell me what UNF stands for.

dowlingnana said...

JEALOUS: 1. very watchful, or careful in guarding or keeping (jealous of one's rights) 2.a) resentfully suspicious of a rival or a rival's influence (as a husband w/other men, or in this case K with R.) b) resentfully envious c) resulting from such feelings (as a jealous rage) 3. (rare) requiring exclusive loyalty (such as God is a jealous God).
Love you all ladies and Rose for knowing the truth and seeing it as it truly is and not some jealous tantrum that children throw!! Donna
p.s. Louisa, did you see my note on FB about my middle name?

scubabelvoir said...

In the past, I just didn't believe people would say awful things about Kristen Stewart. How could they?! She's amazing, honest, talented. Seriously, how could you not love someone who is uncomfortable with attention, loves dogs and cats, loves to cook, loves music, makes incredible movies, has been working since the age of 8 and didn't really have a day off until a few months ago? Those terrible, terrible comments and words in the emails you receive must be from some people who are seriously messed up. I hope that Kristen realizes that so many more of her fans love and admire her. My only hope is that both Kristen and Robert enjoy happiness and a full life, free of hatred.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I love you blog. I am sorry you get sent such garbage.

The haters are nothing if not consistant with their hate, anger, craziness, delusions and bullshit.
I just laugh at them....

I adore Kristen.
I think she is an amazing young woman. And I'm enjoying following her career and seeing her blossom.
I try my best to ignore the hateful comments from jealous, bitter women. Kristen has what they desire and will NEVER have (in more ways than one). Too bad for them.

Deanae said...

Keep them coming!! So hilarious!! Why are people so passionate about hate! Wow there are some Kristen haters!! Poor thing she is just a girl that loves to act and does a damn good job. Time will tell and her movies will prove them wrong. Get over yourselves people!! Don't come on here if you don't want to read happy love about Rob and Kristen. Rose's blog always makes my day! Get a life you haters and go spew that shit somewhere else.

Tarra said...

Love it and love your blog!

Anonymous said...

@ Atticus
I dont know but I gave it a stab....lol

Wildhart007 said...


been keeping an eye on site /a few said seen Rob at Sheraton read hotel earlier no pics so might be a bunch of BS

Wildhart007 said...

sounds like the circus is in town in more ways than one lol

Anonymous said...

@ wilhart007...thanks for the message...I plan on being on the net later this evening and will most def keep both my eyes on that link...

rpblc30 said...

haha gotta love all ur post..maybe u should make a day for this such post..like saturday for hyenas..haha..just thinkin

Wildhart007 said...

heathernelson and robstenangel at the website seem to have some info

deb said...

Hey ladies just got home been out with the kids all day so whats new ?does any one know whats happing with Rob do we know yet if kristen going to TCA? I know I could go read every thing but when i left there where only 16 post and now theres 71 Thank you guys Louisa I guess i'll be on late to night READING the post Deb

Monica said...

Rose, I'm fine with nonstens. I understand typical HW is full of PR and pretense. So some people may be just over-skeptical (and simultaneously much less observant than us) to believe R/K is a real deal. This is okay, no harm.

What I can't stand is those haters who make up facts and attack Kristen (or Rob). Kristen is beautiful inside and out. Some of her fans describe her as "the realest thing in Hollywood". It's a shame that some women are incapable to appreciate true beauty and honesty. It's okay for someone to dislike a celebrity. But it's morbid if they waste so much time to email bloggers and pose gatful comments on every little gossip site. What empty and sad lives they live!~

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

@ DEb if your on I'm online on FB

deb said...

Monica I think and I think alot of others think these HATERS (young OR old) are just JEALOUS of kristen because SHE has what THEY want(ROBERT)I think THEY think If they keep saying MEAN and NASTY things about her that its going to make Rob leave her HOW FUNNY LIKE he didnt WAIT HOW LONG for her to just give her up because some dumbass dont like her. More like HES going to stay with her even more make him love her even deeper than he dose now. SO go on keep pushing YOU hatter ALl your doing is making him WANT HER MORE And for HER to want HIM more Sorry so long Thank you for being a TRUE fan of Kristen and Rob. DEB

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Roooossseee, I loooove it! Its sooo funny!
_Dear Horse...
_Dear FU...
_Dear Bitch...

_Can you see that blond??..( the most stupid Q that I've ever read):))))))))!! Harharhar!..
Oh yah! I can definitely see her LOGS! A weight lifter or something?..:))))))!!!

Rose, once again, you floored me(literally) with your smart answers! I'm a drooling Jella right now:)

Carly said...

wow, really, just wow

love thepics you posted

Im really glad you receive more nice mails then that crazy shit you shared with us. I cant even ...

so much hate and denial

I cant even say which of these mails is more laughable. I guess the ones claiming Kris has no career outside Twilight and that they look misserable next to each other. I really wish I had someone to make me as misserable as Rob obviously makes Kris. and vice versa *insert eyeroll* I wont even aknowledge the career thing

love your responses. and this place really is an island of sanity in a see of madness

mujhiko_mujhiko said...
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mujhiko_mujhiko said...
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Wildhart007 said...

channel 3 news in Chattannoga posting a pic of guy in hoodie, very nondescript, could be anyone but looks alot like Rob. They are saying he may be there for only one day or leave early Saturday.
Wonder where he will be going?
To see Kristen in Montreal?

Wildhart007 said...

Here is link

prajitha said...

hi rose
i like your blog
love from india

Patricia said...

I'm sorry, I forget some people are not from America. GA( Georgia) But he flew into Tennessee. They made a mistake. Where he's shooting is on the Tennessee/Georgia border. The picture of him at the airport shows he's wearing his black shoelace bracelet.
Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier but I was out late last night.

deb said...

Het Patty they say he mite only be there for 1 day Did you see his bag a lot of cloths for 1 day Maybe hes going to see kris after DEB.

SueBee said...

What airport picture?

SueBee said...

Anyone have a link?