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Friday, July 16, 2010

Robert Pattinson- Every Little Thing He Does...

I honestly don't know what to do with these pictures.
Looking at them doesn't seem like Enough...
I mean...
I don't know.
I really do think it's a ROBsession plot.
I start feeling all good about controlling my addiction.
I start thinking that I'm getting a bit less intoxicated...
And what happens?
And this isn't the first time this has happened, either.
But Shit.
And yeah... I know he's smoking...
I find that beyond sexy hot.
And I HATE cigarettes...
But there isn't anything normal about how seeing Robert smoke
affects me.
It's not right.
It's not.
Smoking. Walking.
Smiling. Laughing.
Let's just admit the truth.
EVERYTHING about the man does me in.
Every fucking thing.

It's the suspenders.
It's the sunglasses.
It's the hair.
It's the tux.
It's the adorkable way he walks.
Every fucking thing.

I love and adore Robert Pattinson.
I'm completely intoxicated by him.

And that's all I have to say about that.

No More Words.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

♥ ♥ ♥
Love it!

"Smiling. Laughing." it's what most affects me.

♥ ♥ ♥

Melinda said...

Those pics that came out....smokin HOT!

He has a lot of great things that are attractive about him.

Top two for me is his smile and the way he looks at the girl he loves.

Happy Friday!!!

Anonymous said...

HOT....really hot rob..

i don't like smoking people too rose...but seen Rob smoking really HOT...LOL

honestly i had bunch friends smoking like chimneys, but i respect them cause i know the smoking people is addict to nicotin, so it's took huge guts to try quit smoking...

so i don't judge rob or other people who had habit to smoke, but not approve either, but support whenever they are wanna to quit....

Ann said...

Seriously- i almost fell out of my chair when i saw these pics. Are you kidding me with the tux, suspenders, sunglasses, the hair, the smile - god- JUST EVERYTHING- even the dirty cigarette!!! I know how you feel Rose, just when i thinking the obsession is claming a bit- he goes and does something like this!!!

Patricia said...

Just when I think there is hope for me , he pulls me back in. Exactly. I know the feeling. 'Spot on' again Rose.

LK said...

Rob is SMOKING hot!lol

LK said...

Is amyone else happy that Kristen isn't papped in Montreal for almost a week?I'm thinking she must be very happy about it.She has peace and quiet.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely.

Smoking Rob... is well... smoking (forgive the horrible pun) and smoking is disgusting. But on Rob. Well... he is the only exception....

NORMALLY. When you see shots this HOT... their someone's Vogue shots. All photoshopped by special fashion photographers.

Not Rob though. Rob is that HOT naturally. He is THAT FUCKING HOT taking a smoke break at work.

DAMN. Total intoxication.

The man gets HOTTER with each passing day. Each photo that comes out... you think he can't get any hotter than he already is and then... then.... before you know it your staring at your computer... and people in your house are wondering what your going "DAMN" to you computer.

Sidenote: Is it just me or does his hair look lighter? Did he get into Kris's hair dye or something??


Gigi said...

Rose I don't like smokers ..generally speaking I really never have , but I have come to the conclusion that nothing about this guy goes normal for me ..in my case I think it is the way he holds that cigaret and the way he sucks it ..darn it is so hot ! I find my self fluster about a simple, ordinary thing he does every day ...goodness !
Happy Friday every one !

Anonymous said...

Rob in tux and smoking leaves you speechless..

Today I missed Kristen in the blog. We've known nothing about her for a while. I'm glad she hasn't been papped, but.. I confess that I love to get news of the lovebirds.

Thanks for the gorgeous pics Rose!

Rootsie said...

Hi Rose! Those are some great pictures of Rob. When I opened the link to view them last night-- I was like "wow, he looks so good!"
I made the mistake of opening them when I was busy doing other things so I couldn't view them all.
Whenever there are new pics of Rob and Kristen, I can stare at their pretty for a while!

I HATE cigarettes. A lot.
Before my Grandpa passed away, I used to break his cigs so he couldn't smoke.
It's the one thing about Rob and Kristen that doesn't thrill me. I wish they would quit before it ruins their gorgeous skin! Not to mention it's bad for their health.

Rob and Kristen look sexy regardless of what they're doing because they are just two very gorgeous people. Very natural. They look good doing just about anything!

I do miss Kristen. But I am glad she is having some peace. I know OTR is very important to her and I know she is going to kick ass!

Anonymous said...

Rose I have never posted before but love your blog. You are spot on every day. I'm 45 and in lust with a man 22 years my junior. I don't know what it is about this man that makes me say DAMN when I see pics like these. I do smoke and it is very hard to try to quit, but seeing him with that cig, or without, I don't care! He has touched me in a way no other actor has, and I love him even more for his devotion to his woman. A man who is committed to his lady is a man to be admired!

Keep up the good work Rose.

Caroline said...

Oh my..Rob looks so beautiful...so perfect...I miss K too, and i hope we get some pictures when start the shootings...

And @claxtoncullen..you're young and Rob has 24..and i think, when it comes to Rob, there's no age...

Love, Carol.

deb said...

Thank You Rose Took the words out of my mouth MY HO MY and WHAT A LUCKY GIRL KRISTEN IS ya see the smile the walk ho my GOD I can go on but you have said it all ROBERT PATTINSON INTOXICTION YEP thats it Thank you Rose DEB.

Anonymous said...

is it me or has rob bulked up? maybe for BD or UC? LOL

SueBee said...

To hop on the bandwagon, I really don't like smoking either. Usually can't even stand the smell of cigarette smoke.

Buuuut, there is an exception to every rule. Hell, I'd be happy just to hold this man's ash tray for him.


Anonymous said...

QUESTION: Does anyone know what is going on with Unbound Captives? I haven't heard anything for a while.... and I was wondering if they are going to attempt to shoot before Breaking Dawn or if they are going to shoot after Breaking Dawn or is it just shelved indefinitely???


Patricia said...

Suzy Q:
I was also wondering about that. But Hugh Jackman is doing X-10( I saw a snip of him bulking up for it right now) or That movie he was apart of..Wolferine??? so I don't think Rob could fit it in before Oct. (that's when training starts for B.D.) I also think that Disney voice-over thing( another rumor) might fit in. If any of this is true. They may all be rumors though.

This probably confused you more.

Sydney said...

Jesus, he is seriously so motherfucking hot. No other way to say it.

I used to smoke in college and in my early twenties. I loved it, it was my favorite thing to do. Smoke smells different on yourself though. It took me awhile to realize that godawful smell you smell on other people who smoke is actually what I smelled like. Repulsive. I quit cold turkey and now can hardly stand the sight of it.

That said, it can still look hot and even erotic when the right person does it. And Rob looks hot.

Bex said...

Via Twitter:

WFEfilm Looks like #WFE filming will continue until almost the end of July. A few key scenes left to be filmed...

**SIGH** i can't WAIT until Rob's done filming WFE. I can't wait to see where he goes next!

thought we are already half way through July so maybe another week at most??..

LK said...

Unfortunately Lee McDougall confirmed via e-mail to a fan that "Falling in love for the last time" isn't written by Rob.It's a pity!

Bex said...


anybody can post something saying so-and-so emailed saying this was true or false. we will not know ANYTHING until R or K say it themselves. it's all speculation right now however you'd have to be blind not to see the light.

as far as the song goes.. its sweet if he DID in fact have a part in writing it... if not, its still a sweet song that can easily be related to them just like all the other songs playing in the bg of all those Robsten videos on youtube.

its not the end of the world if he didn't actually write the song.. until Lee McDougall writes on twitter himself stating that he had no help or that Rob was not a person that helped him write it, we will never know.. even the denial is pure speculation.

LK said...


maybe you're right,girl!I still like the song!

Kelly said...

No words... just ... *SIGH*

Anonymous said...

My Gawd those pics do things to me..... That man could smoke a piece a shit and make it look good, he's not human... :) I have to keep telling myself that!!! great post Rose!

Rainpuddle said...

Kristen is such a lucky girl.

S'all I have to say on that!

oldcoach said...

I certainly love the pictures but the thing I notice is how comfortable he looks with the crew. But in a weird way he looks satisfied, like the work he is doing is good. I know that is reading a lot into a look but that is how I see it

jen said...

hand one of those ciggies my way Rob, I think I need one after looking at those photos...

Melinda said...

Just a comment on the Lee/Robert debate that I want to point out:

I saw the tweet that was sent to Lee about it. I thought the person who sent it was rude about it. She insulated that if Lee was taking writing credit for a song he didn't write it was "deplorable (her words)" of him. Also lots of people were able to read it as her twitter acct is public.

Now if you were Lee would you even want to respond to someone who is pretty much calling you out on twitter and give them a truthful answer?

Furthermore he is a friend to Rob. IF Rob wrote it and doesn't want it to be known then Lee as his friend wouldn't sell him out.

I think she could of handled it better. Maybe asked Lee to follow her so she could DM in private. He seems to be very willing to follow others.

Also IF Rob wrote it back then well maybe he doesn't care about taking writing credit. He got the girl in the end so maybe he is okay with a friend profiting off something he wrote. WE DON"T KNOW.

What bothers me most is not the speculation but the "pestering" of people who may or may not be connected to Rob and/or Kristen. Quite frankly it is rude to ask people questions that aren't anyone's business. It is annoying and embarrassing to those of us that have our heads on straight.

Side note: I will say it is funny that Lee is following a lot of R/K supporters.

I wonder what he thinks of all the twitter names people have, their avi's of R/K together, and their backgrounds that are total R/K love.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Rose
...I said all I needed to say about those pictures yesterday..........and still today well let’s just say........FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFabulously, Intoxicating , SSSSSSSSSSSSexiest MAN on the planet...HE MAKES LEANING ON A BAR AND SUCKING UP THAT CIGGERETTE THE MOST SEXIEST THING IN MY OPINION...enough said...

katy said...

Ohh...Rob why so Hot? I'm still intoxicated by Rob and I think I will be for a long time.

I have the same habbit...I smoke...I try to quit but it's hard...but I don't make smoking look HOT has Rob do.

deb said...

HEY Louisa and Melinda I'v been down loading all my new pic THANKS to you guys And boy ho boy I got some I never seen before THANK YOU Now I'll set back and wait for some new ones CANT wait I would love to get some of Kristen (new Ones) But until then I got these To drool over.hehehe DEB.

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday morning to you Rose, I have since raised from my mouth drop yesterday…the mere sight of Rob in that attire….kills me …..So much so…. I went to the liberty of going to see Eclipse for the 2nd time last night. It’s taken me a fortnight to get my sorry ass back into the cinema to get a better understanding of the movie in general.

The “Bella speech at the end”….I know, I know Not for everyone….allot of pissed off opinions about the content…..here is what I thought immediately after absorbing those sentimental words of Bella’s…..
I can’t remember word for word…But I do remember exactly what I as a person..Took away from what she said…..
We all can see “parallels” in our life and relate them to this movie….
More so if you are:
Aware, Sensitive and Annalistic and seem to dwell over thoughts…check, check and check

This is the way I see it…..Bella Post–Edward….since he came into her life. For that 2 or 3 years she has associated with him. She’s experienced many EMOTIONS….Love, lust, separation, depression, ,anxiety, missing, a place in a family situation [ Cullen’s], acceptance, an input, patience, confusion and GROWTH many more….This only at the moment for came with the association to Edward. She has been able to feel her purpose in life and for many of us including myself…..really DON’T KNOW WHAT OUR PURPOSE IN LIFE REALY IS….You may see others qualities and ‘purpose’…but not your own….Although whilst speaking with my best GF after Eclipse last night….she so eloquently acknowledged my “purpose and or strengths’ and was easily able to point hers out also…..But WE as individuals sometimes don’t see OUR OWN…
BTMP….Bella feels her reasons for being here with Edward….and she liked the Bella in herself that she saw….She really wasn’t impressed with the Pre-Edward life she possessed….It didn’t serve a purpose in her eyes….
Kristen says in interviews thAT in that short amount of time she, Bella grows enormously as an individual, mentally and experience a wide range of situations to entice GROWTH[not in those words]…. Cause and since being involved with a vampire [use this fact metaphorically] Edward has showed her Purpose in life and made Bella aware of herself. So as to Love herself internally not only that but who she is as an individual. IN THAT SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME....hence that speech at the end.....She is doing it for herself not Edward....Is this rambling? Or is this making sense?

Ok without getting to personal on my “self journey”…I too was a 17yo who hated me as an individual. But really couldn’t see how I was perceived to strangers. Who really just saw this teenage girl who always looked resentful, cranky, self hating individual...who kept her feelings to myself...and didn’t allow ppl to see her inner beauty...I would always place a wall between making new friendships and acquaintances...But most importantly didn’t see and still doesn’t see her purpose in life….[although my GF pointed it out last night…it’s not and never is obvious to me personally]
I met my husband…..a person with charisma, charm, looks, faults, confidence and many, many other qualities…..He and I clicked instantaneously…and in that when you spend over 24 years with a person….He AND I start to pick up things, habits ,there way of thinking from there prospective and vice versa…you start to understand yourself through your partners eyes. The positive and the negative…You grow as a person through experience and self awareness
Well that’s in a way I see the Bella and Edward lesson
I’m not trying to act like I’m Bella Swan or anything] I’m just trying to show you how the story is an example of how WE GROW….well the speech sums it up of how Bella sees her purpose in life…Because of WHAT SHE EXPERIENCED KNOWING Edward……..
if you see this as rambling ...just ignore it...

deb said...

Louisa I can see where your going and I mite even see it myself I kinda though she was tell him shes ready to join him that there (his life ) is where she wants and needs to be ITS not about Edward but in a way it is thats how I see it and I have seen the movie 4 times now each time I do get something new out of it to me it gets better If you have seen TW and NM then you can see what shes trying to say at the end of Eclipse Thank You Louisa for your input of the movie. deb

Anonymous said...

Rose you are truely "intoxicated by Robert Pattinson".lol and with veryyyy good reason. lmao love it Rose!

sollee said...

what can i say!..as kristen stewart says he is so extremely handsome:)

deb said...

OK you guys help me out here IS WFE over with? i just read that Rob and Reeds just wrap up WFE was that for the day or for the whole movie? IM lost . BUT it would be nice if it was true but who knows Thanks you guys. DEB

Lisa said...


Lisa said...

Deb... A lot of the lower actors are wrapping up as they've been tweeting. One just posted there are still some big scenes to film yet and "it looks like filming will continue to the end of the month" so while it is wrapping up, it will continue for a little bit.

Patricia said...

It sounds like Rob has the university scene to do, the girl that plays his love interest in the beginning of the film says she starts work Monday. That is probably a couple days work. It's in the beginning when he finds out his parents both were killed. So that's all I think. He should be done the end of the week and then maybe go up to Montreal. (WISHFUL THINKING) I can dream can't I ??
I hope that's it.

deb said...

Thank you Patty and Lisa thats what I though.But I just wanted to make sure Thank you WE still have a few more days And I hope we get some more pic. of him.Who knows when we well get to see him again after hes done with WFE.and if(when) he gos to see Kristen.Thank You ladies. DEb.

deb said...

I thought sorry its getting late hehehe DEB

Anonymous said...

Great post, as always Rose! Rob is just so unbelievably yummy.

I must add to the 'fallinginloveforthelasttime' song debate. I actually tweeted Lee saying that rumors had been floating around about Rob writing the song and asked if it was true or false. My twitter bg is just your basic background and my tweets are probably only 50% Rob or Kris related, so I don't think people would identify me as a 'fangirl' as such. Anyway, I know I wasn't the only one to inquire with him about the songwriter status of the song, and about an hour or two after my tweet Lee tweeted a simple 'Believe X'.


BELIEVE. What a beautiful sentiment. I choose to take this as a confirmation...will others take it the same way? Probably not. But it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's basically been our mantra as RK'ers. It's gone beyond shipping...to BELIEVING <3

Carly said...

first things first, even though Im not sure you wil get to read this

Deb, I would like to wish you happy birtday (I so hope I do remember the day right)

for me, there is only one man who makes smoking sexy and its not Rob. but he and Kris are probably the only 2 people whom I forgive it

he looks awesome. the hair, the lashes, the tux ... is it hot here or what? whatever the case I guess it just got hotter :)

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday Deb:
We were a little early the other day, but since there were pictures of OUR GORGEOUS ROB IN A TUX, WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE.

deb said...

TO Carly and Patty THANK YOU very much I mite be getting older BUT MY HART IS STILL YOUNG.My kids are doing a BBQ for me today witch is good I dont have to cook .And I'll have my new grandbaby here so Im happy NOW on to better things LIKE ROB.THIS MAN IS LIKE A FINE WINE HE just keeps getting better and better. MY GOD can you see him in about 5 to 10 years from now?And by the way I MISS ROSE cant wait for next post Im sure shes fine just taken a few days off. THANK YOU AGAIN GIRLS. DEB

olivia said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Deb!
Enjoy the day with your family, lovely grand baby and the yummy BBQ!

Anonymous said...


deb said...

Thank you Olivia and Louisa Going to go to my moms for the BBQ BUT I'll be back on later to see what you all have to say I LOVE THIS POST YOU ALL ARE LIKE FAMILY TO ME THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH.And Louisa THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR VIDEOS They really make my day and when I miss Rob and Kristen I just go there and get my FIX so thank you again an to all the OTHERS who post videos thank you. DEB.

Anonymous said...






there you go Deb ....Not sure if you have seen them before....but that doesnet matter for me and Im sure you feel the same...lol

Anonymous said...

Deb I gave you part2 but this is part 1....

deb said...

Well Louisa You did it again Thank You. I did see a few of them but there was a few new ones. It was nice to come home and get to watch the videos. IT just put a very nice ending to my B-Day SO thank you very much.P.S. KEEP THEM COMING ...PLEASE...DEB.

Anonymous said...




Deb these are fairly recent made ones and an older one

mandy said...

♥ ♥ ♥
Love your posts Rose and have missed them this last weekend....everything you say is spot on, and your pics well wow what can I say.
Keep it up Rose ignore those that give you crap you know they say the truth hurts!!!
♥ ♥ ♥