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Monday, July 12, 2010

You Might Be a Hyena...

 *From @CalliopeBlabs *

...IF you actually think there was a picture of Rob and Sam at a pool party.
And you spend time going over every pixel in hopes of proving that Rob was with another girl. And fail to realize that even IF (and that's a monstrous IF) Rob was in fact at a pool party, hanging out with friends... there is NOTHING wrong with that!

... IF pictures where Kristen and Robert are touching...

Or Robert and Kristen are  K-I-S-S-I-N-G make you so ANGRY! ;)

... IF you whimper that this picture was staged, or that somehow Kristen isn't holding onto Rob's hand.. and ignore how gloriously happy Rob looks.

...IF you can't admit that Rob and Kristen are doing more than trying to 'hear each other' at a concert. Unless of course they were lip reading... with each others lips.

...IF you don't think Kristen is playing footsie with Rob under the table... and IF you say "so what they are just having a meal with FRIENDS" completely ignoring the fact that they were together the NIGHT BEFORE.

... IF you can't admit that Kristen spent New Years Eve with Robert... and then when she turns up with him you act like Kristen had nowhere else to go. You whine that Kristen has no friends, or that she is clinging to Rob... just because Robert and Kristen want to be together.

...  IF the only 2 letters of the alphabet you seem to know are P and R. With obviously NO knowledge what they stand for or what they mean. You throw out PR for everything in hopes of trying to explain why Robert and Kristen are together so much.
Oh... and it makes you angry.

... IF you saw all the pictures of Rob and Kristen during the Eclipse junket and got upset...

And IF... you completely ignored how close they seem to be with each other ALL the time... And the way Robert only has eyes for Kristen...

... And IF you kept trying to rationalize why Robert hung around Kristen at the after party... or at a concert, or out to dinner... or all the time...
 And you keep screaming PR! PR! While foaming at the mouth...

...IF you think Rob and Kristen look miserable around each other... (Really????)

...IF you think there is no intimacy and closeness in this picture...

...IF you scoff at the significance of this necklace, yet you over analyze it to death, and always hope she isn't wearing it anymore.

...IF you don't think Kristen is naturally beautiful and go out of your way to call her ugly... constantly hate on her and her clothes, her hair, her face, the way she stands, the way she smiles, the way she talks... well the fact that she exists. Period.

 ...IF you think Kristen has been somehow carrying on a secret relationship with Oregano, all this time... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

... IF you honestly believe that Robert or Kristen would let Summit control their relationship, or forgo any type of relationship, for over 4 years... for a movie... or a paycheck.

...IF you constantly cling to Robert's attempts to deflect questions about his relationship with Kristen as DENIALS. Saying you are 'good friends' with someone isn't a denial.  
Why would they choose not to discuss something... that didn't exist? 

...IF you think just because Robert and Kristen aren't in the same city... they aren't together. Or for some reason they aren't able to get together in the future.
And just because they are working on a movie, they are automatically hooking up with everyone of the opposite sex.

...IF you actually believe Kristen spent 14 hours on a plane to Budapest for PR. And that she only went over there to get her picture taken with Rob in an airport. And that she immediately got on a plane back to L.A. as soon as possible.

You might be a HYENA if you look like this everytime a new picture of Rob and Kristen together comes out. And you have fleas and an advanced case of Rabies. And you hate on a 20 year old girl because you are JEALOUS of her relationship with Robert. And you hate on Rob because he doesn't do and say what you think he should. And you make a board for the soul purpose of hating Kristen. And you smell like a dog. And you act like you don't care what anyone else thinks, but your bitter foam is all over other forums and blogs. And you make shit personal because you don't like what someone has to say. And you lie about people, you make shit up and you delude yourself into thinking that people actually CARE about what you have to say... when the only reason anyone knows you exist is because they want to see how CRAZY works.

"Does it feel weird to do sexual scenes with such a close friend?"


It is what it fucking is.

This post was brought to you by the letters P and R 
and a *skip* and a *twirl*

Bye for now


Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson - Robsten - RK_Team said...

this is for all haters :

P_attinson R_obert
now i know what do u mean ROTFL

rldestef said...

Wow. This might be my favorite thing you have ever written. I laughed through the entire post, well except when my mouth was hanging open. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Best blog post ever :)

cutiestar said...

Thanks for this post. I think that you said it all. Like I have said many times, these hyenas are in heat because they know that Rob and Kristen are not a mindless fling, but the real deal in a serious relationship. And to just comment on the actual picture that they are using to cause drama with this time, if it is Rob in that photo, so what. It's not like he is doing anything in it. These people really need to get a life and leave Rob and Kristen's alone.

Sihm said...

I LOVE you Rose! You effin' NAILED it! Always do! :D

Anonymous said...

This is your best post Rose. Wonderful.

May said...

Its official,bb. You are a fucking goddess.I totally approve. :DDDD

soadram said...

I always come to read your blog (every day) against a post rather than the day before, but today it is a wonder. I really laughed a lot.
And who really thinks this way is someone who does not know or realize what love is.
But we know that both Rob and Kris know what is love and friendship and brings another, always go together.
Thanks for this post
Have a nice day

Trisha said...

THANK YOU ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X a million :)

You have made my day and made me even shed a tear lol of pure happiness that these two exude. There's a special place for people like you :)

Thank you sooooooo much for your words and feelings. WE FANS OF ROB & KRISTEN love it and share those same sentiments with you.

Don't forget Rose that hyenas can't read when it pertains to them, soooo they're going to be stupid and act like this does not exist. But we know.

Hyenas, hooked on phonics might work for you. Try it! Find a program for blindness too because you obviously can't see what's been in front of you for the past 2years. Don't look for a program for stupidity though because your stuck with that disease :)

Thank you Rose.

In your words:
*PUSH*, a *SHOVE*, and a *Give it the F*ck up already!*

Have a great day Rose!!! :)

Bex said...

You might be amazing if...

Your name is rose
You write rational hilarious blog posts

Awesome post today. If Rob really is in that pic at the pool, he's fully clothed sitting in the shade. That's pretty hilarious to me. I somehow don't see him going to some crowded pool party with a bunch of random people he doesn't know but if it is really him, how does that in any way change the fact that him and Kristen are together?? For all we know Kristen could be the girl sitting next to him talking to him, even if it's not, it's not illegal to talk to other girls when in a relationship with someone else. If doesn't mean you're effing them...

Anonymous said...

You forgot one. If you are a bleached blond loser who hasn't ever gotten close to Rob, yet obsess over he and Kristen's relationship instead of your own.
Hyenas are nasty and should be kept in special reserves.

Kristen definitely doesn't care what they say. She gets to kiss some serious hotties: Garrett, Taylor, Rob, and make multi millions this year. She also gets a ton of free clothes, BBM time with her BFF Dakota, and WTTR is getting some early Oscar Contender buzz. The hyenas summer is full of foam and magnifying glasses.

Some random Twitter losers won't affect Kristen's or Rob's life. The beach party picture was funny because I seriously doubt Rob can swim or wants to tan. I'm going to keep that picture and say I saw Jesus in it. It's so blurry and out of focus that maybe I did.

jen said...

lol, people are so freaking out about a stupid pool picture.

There's the problem of the source of all this-it's that freak who is obsessed with bringign Robert "down." Yikes-don't have a lot of trust there.

But even if it is him in the picture-good effing grief. The kid is 24. His boys are in town. These boys go out when they are together, that's their mo.

Does he usually frequent places like the sky bar? HELLO NO. He sticks to more exclusive or low profile places. the skybar pool is a place to be seen as a celebrity, so it's not his scene.

But his boys are here, he's going out. Good for him, god, I hate when people act like Kristen and Robert are 50 year old married people who can't talk or look at the opposite sex.

And this is the same guy who had to film really explicit sex scenes for his last movie-do people understand a pic of robert at a pool hanging out is like a walk in the park in contrast? lol

Silly people, they don't understand the fact these two aren't middle school kids. They both have professions that demand a level of understanding and openess that many people(especially those who are trying to stir the pot) don't understand.

Rob's fine - he's with his boys. The same boys who showed great affection for Kristen during their stay in LA, and who have respect for her(and her mad cooking skills!). Kristen's fine-she's at beatnik camp with cool costars like Garrett. The same dude who sounds just as committed to the movie as Kristen is.

Now if only their fans could have so much faith....

great post rose yet again!

Carly said...

I so absolutly adore you, Rose, Works fail me. you said it all, you said it perfectly and you even put the cutest pictures to go with your words

PR stands for Precious Relationship. and it obviously is :)

*twirl you later*

LK said...

WTF was all that drama with the pool pic?Are people crazy?*sarcasm*The girl who tweeted this pic NEVER mentioned that Rob was there.The drama actually started from a crazy Rob stalker,who wants to peove that Rob is a cheater and Kristen is naive???And some people gave that psycho so much attention.For what?ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Isn't it strange that THIS happened today,one day after Kristen left?And what if Rob was in the pic with his friends?Where's the bad thing?Some people say that he was with another woman,a brunette.I thought his super secret gf was BLONDE!

Wow!The summer is gonna be totally crazy.Rob will be a pool party cheater guy,with blondes,brunettes,red haired,balds and Kristen will hook up AFTER the *mysterious* guy(lol)with Garrett and all the cast from OTR.

Anonymous said...

foaming whinning snarling yapping growling snarling groaning belching blubbering wailing and thats just the hyenas getting their fat asses out of bed...

BEST post Rose of course *rollseyes* it's all PR and i prefer the pool party you posted totally see that one was way more fun!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always amazing, and I am sure someday you will post something that will make me say again "The Best Post Ever"

But for now...


Love You! <3

Anonymous said...

"Hyenas mark and patrol their territories by depositing a strong-smelling substance produced by the anal glands on stalks of grass along the boundaries. "Latrines," places where members of a clan deposit their droppings, also mark territories. The high mineral content of the bones hyenas consume make their droppings a highly visible, chalky white. Hyenas are social animals that communicate with one other through specific calls, postures and signals. They quickly make their various intentions known to other members of the clan, or to outsiders. When a hyena's tail is carried straight, for example, it signals attack. When it is held up and forward over the back, the hyena is extremely excited. In contrast, it hangs down when the hyena is standing or walking leisurely. If frightened, the hyena tucks its tail between the legs and flat against the belly and usually skulks away."

This sounds like them to me. Hyenas is a great name for them.

samdaisydog said...

Perfection Rose. As usual.

LK said...

The funniest thing is that this person who posted the pic is so crazy that can't think that when you want to cheat and you're the numero 1 celebrity in the planet,you don't go in a public pool party to do that.By the way i laughed my ass out with the people who were saying that a bald guy next to "Rob"was Tom Stu(lol).

papagáj said...

Kudos to You Rose:)))


Tarra said...

This truly has been your best blog. I too had my mouth wide open and when I finally closed it sealed my thoughts about how awesome you are with a big smile, giddiness that you went there. I am so happy that you did. I'm so sick of all the ridiculousness that is occurring at this time. I've seen the pic and its hard to tell if it is Rob or not but regardless the man can't hang out with friends and have downtime WTF? These freaking obsessed and delusional women look for the tiniest thing to latch onto to build a case against Robsten. I can't wait for some of these little and big girls to grow the hell up and get in a real relationship and lets see how long it would last because no man who is having innocent fun with friends want to be on lockdown.

Caroline said...

Oh Rose...i came every day just to read your blog, your thoughts... and i really love everything you write...but today...oh my...the best blog ever!!!so funny, so emotional, so everything...thanks again...
Love, Carol.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Guess the NY BULLSHIT didn't work out, so now the delusional are trying this "pool party" shit. REALLY??? I mean REALLY??? That was suppose to be ROB??? REALLY?

You can learn A LOT about people from just reading twitter/following and not making things personal and to friendly. I watch. I read. Let me say this. There are some fucked up scary as shit people in this fandom!

The things that were re tweeted and talked about today just make me shake my head, then others that follow the Sybil's and hyenas?? DRAMA DRAMA! Come on already! Get your own common sense and brains! hyenas! enough ALREADY!Some live in there own fan fic world! written up in there heads! AND others follow. They need medication.. Seriously and in all honesty. Scary shit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose, now I'm 100% sure that I'm not a hyena. Best post ever. You are the best, love you, love Kristen and love Rob.

Patricia said...


You're like fine wine you just keep getting better......

The fuckery is out of this world. I hope this summer isn't going to be like the one when Kristen was doing 'The Runaways' and Rob 'Remember Me'


Rock on Rose.......
We got Rob and Kristen and your back.....WE ARE TRUE FANS .


Anonymous said...

Good Morning to ya Rose.....
IN MY EYES YOU PUT UP A GREAT CASE.....EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE.....WHAT MORE DO THEY NEED......DENIAL IS A STUBBORN THING AINT IT!....I GOTTA FEEL SORRY FOR YA ROSE ....GOD KNOWS WHAT THOSE IDIOTS SEND YOU AND COMMENT TO YOU ABOUT!.....YOU KNOW THAT PIC YOU POSTED OF THE HYENA...well it face looked kinda cute....in an abnormal way.....I’m the time of person who loves animals......all types.....so I sorta felt sorry for the example pic you put up....
That Hyena is sorta cute....Definitely the others are not.....KARMAS A 'BIATCH'!!!!SO ARE BLINDNESS, ARROGANCE AND IDIODICNESS...

Anonymous said...

Rose, that was the funniest ever! I was at the zoo today and apparently the hyena's only come out at night, which didn't really surprise me lmao. I can see them huddled over their pc's searching for more shit to hurl. omg I wish that first pic was a poster I would totally hang it up, and my husband would hate it hahahahah! Didn't see the pic but seriously so what. Thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...

OMGGG this post is a fuckin win!
you nailed this,and it was jut awesome.
made me laugh a bunch

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I could not have said it better myself. As Forest Gump said " That's all I have to say about that".

LIZ said...

Hi Rose,

I LOVE your blogs. I am 100% Robsten believer but I'm new to all this, only been a Twihard for about 4 months. QUESTION? How long ago did Kstew and Michael break up? I saw some photos yesterday of them together in April of 2009, it said they were the last photos of them taken together in public. Also, can someone send me a link to this "pool party" photo of Rob? I haven't seen it or heard of it until now.

Thanks, Liz

kaylafryer said...

Have no words as always when it comes to your blog,
Just BIG smiles && SLY giggles,
Of how true your words really are


Anonymous said...

LK thanks for the explanation!

This just seems another desesperate try of the nonstens to stir the pot. how can they be so naive?

Rose I loved the first pool party pic hehhehe so cute!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I have said this before but after todays post I have to say it again... I heart you!!!!

The excuses people will come up with to deny a relationship between Rob and Kristen is just... no words most of the time.
And OMG to the drama. It's so ridiculous and I find myself laughing more than anything else because it's so absurd--the lenghts people will go to--mind boggling.

I follow some of the best people in the fandom who handle all this crap with logic and humor.
And that pic being passed around? Honest to God I cannot see much of anything to even tell who those people are. If it is Rob-- what is he doing wrong? What is that pic suppose to prove? It's friends at a pool. And the blob could be a server getting drink orders for all we know! Don't see any scandal regardless of what that blob is.
(Also, if it is Rob, I am shocked he was at a popular poolside bar and there was no sightings/ reportings or other pics).

I hate that Rob and Kristen cannot go out with friends seperately without there being some bullshit drama. It's not a crime for Rob to go out with friends, same goes for Kristen.
And as we know-- Rob's friends are Kristen's friends! And if people are so desperate to not have Rob and Kristen together that they would rather spread such lies about them or make either of them out to be something they're not---well, you have serious issues. And I believe saying you're a hateful mental case is an accurate statement.

Sorry to the crazies that they will never have what Kristen has (and I am talking the whole package). And Rob couldn't look more in love with her if he tried. And we have seen how much his friends like her and enjoy her company (still smile at how protective Tom was of her).
Kristen is an amazing girl!

Again, Rose-- AWESOME post. Just all of it was so perfectly stated.

snoopy-23 said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog but i have been reading it for awhile and i just wanted to say this post was an EPIC WIN n YOU ARE AN EPIC WIN!! i never realized how bad the hyenas had it till i started following you on twitter and the things that the hyenas would say were crazy! I agree with everything you said in this blog! i love it and i love you keep doing your thing rose :)

KatKat said...

but, but, but I feel the need to say something in defense of the 4-footed furry hyenas of the world, that are 'do not give a crapsten'

-from a die-hard 'Robsten'

Anonymous said...

fuckin awesome post!!!!!
YEAH, drive it HOME, rose!!!!
you rawk!!!!!!!!:DDD

Anonymous said...

Rose, I fucking love this post. And "And you smell like a dog." might just be my favorite sentence in this post. Well that, and the reference to Rob saying that he & Kristen "do it all the time," because that will never get old. Anyway, thanks for another great post!


deb said...

YOU GO GIRL TELL THEM LIKE IT IS. I LOVE THE POOL PARTY PIC and you know some Ass hole OUT THERE IS GOING TO BELIEVE THAT THAT IS Rob AND KRISTEN HOW FUNNY I just love how you put it out there Rose you really know the nuts dont you WELL SO do we by now they can cry kick there feet get mad all they want its NOT GOING THE STOP ROB FROM LOVING and WANTING KRISTEN.They are going to be with each other NO MATTER what and THAT my FRIEND MAKES ME HAPPY IF PR is all they have then what FOOLS there are They are only taking to them self NO ONE HEARS them any more same HO same HO SHIT how funny Love the pic of our 2 YOU can see fell and know the LOVE they have for each other THANK YOU ROSE AS ALWAYS YOU SHOW THE TRUTH. DEB .

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. No other words needed.:)

Cougar71 said...

You might be a hyena.... Bwhahahaha

Freakin' brilliant post Rose!!!!

froggie59 said...


Avril said...

Am new to this blog and I love love love it. I stumbled unto it and I was hook. I look forward everyday.

Can some one give me the link to this pic these haters are foaming about. I mean talk about not accepting the obvious and grasping at straws. The PR logic gets more laughable by the second.

bahji said...
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Opytaylor said...

Every day sees a new level of desperation. Pool party. Oh, you say it was last night. Who is in it? Oh so you say that tall guy in the red shirt is Rob? Is it?

Wow you have absolute proof that Rob is single. Congrats. Maybe he will get lonely and look you up tonight.


evangeline said...
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evangeline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
evangeline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
evangeline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jen said...


I just saw how the Bobby photographer is stirring up shizz.

Too funny-he calls it straight out a social experiment. He's playing BOTH sides right now, and letting the drama unfurl.

Weird thing to do, since like...his career I would imagine would depend on coming off candid and professional. lol But whatever, he's effing with everyone right now and letting the whole fandom self - implode.

I can't believe people would listen to him either way-he's calling it a social experiment folks. He's not a "shipper" or a "nonsten." He's a "let's watch these freaks kill eachother on twitter."


Anonymous said...

No one buys into the crap that idiot posts except for nonstens. Plus I think they just post to themselves under different names all day trying to give their crap "credibility."

And silly nonstens, you should probably take what that Rod said as a confirmation instead of a denial. He's just messing with everyone.

Avril said...

Ok I searched and saw the infamous pool party. I don't think I can make out my mother in that pic.

Just sheer desperation if you ask me. For them Rob and Kris are not together but they're itching for him to be really there so they can say he's cheating. They just want to use that to try and bring KS down. You can't cheat on someone you're not with so if they're using this word then I guess that an admission right there.

Rob has said once a relationship is honest it'll survive and that in real life he's never been in Jacob's shoes. Kristen has said in a recent interview she has not had to choose between two people. I say this because I heard some talk from the hyenas about there being an overlap with Oregano.

They'll say anything and I just laugh at there wild theories.

Melinda said...

Rose, I am bowing down to you right now!!! EPIC post!

Oh how I wish these stupid silly people would read this and get a clue for once about how they look to the fandom and people outside the fandom.

That's all.

Melinda said...

Liz it's nice to meet a new R/K supporter!

Last public pic of Kristen/Mike was in April 2009.

Rob/Kristen went to a Sam Bradley concert in May 09 and that's when many people started really taking notice b/c of the pics that came from that concert.
I think most of us thought something would develop b/w them as soon as Twilight hit b/c you could just see the chemistry/magnetism they had/still have. It just wasn't "confirmed without words" until May 09.

R/K have been seen together and only together since May 09 which you probably know as a supporter.

It's sad that people don't want to see it and would rather TRY to destroy a HAPPY relationship (not that these people can control a break up) out of jealousy.

Opytaylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

more chnace for it to be him in your creative pic Rose......LOL

Anonymous said...

So, this is my first time posting, although I am a frequent consumer of all the awesomeness that comes from your posts, Rose. Seriously, not only do they make me laugh with your wit and sarcasm towards the haters, but you bring up such valid points that you always strengthen my faith in Robsten :) I am wondering if anyone can either provide the link for this supposed pool party pic or give me search advice because I haven't been able to find it, and I kinda just want to see what all the hyenas have created a fuss over. Thanks!

MelenaS said...

Rose this was an epic post, I bow down to you and your genuis.
I must go back and read it again it was that great.LOLOLOL

Rapper said...

Oh, my god! Rose, I too am fed up with all the BS that's been floating around. This is not PR. You know it. We know it. Why can't people just be happy for these two?

Rainpuddle said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Melinda said...

For those of you asking about the pool pic in question here it is:


Again grasping for straws...

also the woman who tweeted the pic appears to have some connection to Sam Bradley's band mate with the funky hair.

He(the band mate), this woman, and another friend have all tweeted harsh tweets about people minding their own business, that's it not anyone's business, assuming things you know nothing about, etc.

Sad that these people are somehow connected to R/K and are constantly harassed by cyber stalkers. Thank goodness they don't hold it against Rob and Kristen.

People make a mountain out a molehill because they have sad lives.

Anonymous said...

WOW! So after seeing the picture, I am even more convinced of how truly DESPERATE people are! Seriously, that pic + robsten debunking = rabbies-induced CRAZE! LOL! Thanks Louisa for providing the link!

Melinda said...

Does anyone know who typed Rob and Sam's name to the pic b/c the original doesn't have it on there.

The one I posted wasn't the original.

aledeuruguay said...

thaks for this post....it was amazing...sorry for my bad english...i love your blog...from uruguay with love...hahaha....

Anonymous said...

nice post again rose, they are just so funny, whenever rob and kristen are apart they automatically broken up, rob is hooking up with another girl or kristen with her co star. i annoys me because they have little or no respect at all for these two, judging them. it's so nice to hear that as much as they have so many haters they also have a lot of defenders, followers who really back them up and they have each other for love and support. the haters made another issue becasue they can not accept the picture taken with tom and kristen being friends also. it was a slapped to their faces. they were proven wrong because kristen is well loved and accepted by rob's. now they does'nt have anything to cling to that's why they're making so many issues. it is much a better place and feeling if they will just accept reality. love, love, love. all negativity is not good for our health. love robsten nad once again rose thank you for keeping us always updated, entertains us with your blog. godbless you and your family.

aledeuruguay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Well I hope whomever posted that pic is found out and sued for defamation of character.

Anonymous said...

I mean the one with the names on it because that was the person causing the problems. Not the original pic.

evangeline said...

i have been trying to removed the comments for about an hour please tell me how to remove it

SueBee said...

Okay, I wasn't even going to look at the damned picture but I did.


It could be Rob but so what? Looks like the guy is taking a nap.

I'm not getting it. What's the scandal?

When was this pic taken???????

SueBee said...

Seriously, someone explain what the heck this is supposed to represent.

Anonymous said...

SueBee....it could be Rob and could not...like Rose said about enlarging the pixels?????
I gather while the cats away the mice will play????
I dont really know what all the fuss is about also....
....Big Fucken deal if he is with his buddies ...by the pool.....that if it is him ????

SueBee said...

So, this is all about the fact that Rob went OUTSIDE?????


Is he supposed to curl up in the fetal position in a closet somewhere?

Oh wow, this is so stupid that I feel my own IQ points dropping.

Anonymous said...

That's not Rob. Rob is thinner and doesn't tuck his shirt in or wear a belt. lol.

Anonymous said...

@ Rose. You ROCKED it today!

@ Sue Bee
"Is he supposed to curl up in the fetal position in a closet somewhere?" LMFAO.... you killed me.

No... but he will if the hyenas ever get hold of him. LOL LOL LOL LOL.

Remember last time his baby girl was out of town.... and he went to a party in broad daylight and had a glass of milk... and then went to the gym... and the hyenas were trying to make something out of that!?!?!!!? They are all mad.... whackadoodles!

Now... what... his NOT-SO-MYSTERIOUS BLONDE GIRLFRIEND went to Montreal and they are showing a picture of his hand? To what end? What does this prove now? That Rob has a hand and that it was somewhere near a pool? WTF? I have a foot and it was near grass. There were people around. This must mean my man and me are splitting up. *SERIOUS EYE ROLLING*

NEXT UP ON HYENAS GONE MAD: Rob's Foot Near Asphalt and What It Means For Robsten!

*Suzy Q*

Rob & Kris =
Passionate Relationship.

Anonymous said...

@ Rose

"Does it feel weird to do sexual scenes with such a close friend?"


It is what it fucking is.

I posted this yesterday...but it bears repeating. The BEST part about that end quote....is when he paused and felt the need to add EVERYDAY No back pedaling. No oppps shouldn't have said that. Nope, he felt the need to clarify that ALL THE TIME meant EVERYDAY (and yes everyday they do it)

Now I realize the everyday leaves all sorts of room for haters to jump in but at the time he said they were seeing each other everyday and they will definitely be seeing each other everyday ALL of Breaking Dawn.

And when they are not filming, what will they be doing?

They will do IT all the time !


*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

HEY "SuzyQ" have ya changed your comment name????? A little more simplier now!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

Yeah. I figured that would keep everything easier. :-D

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

All the TIME , EVERYDAY......LOL
Is'nt stamina GRAND!!!!!!lol

olivia said...

A home run Rose!
Just got in pretty late and finally took a moment to read your wonderful words of wisdom for the day. As others have already stated.....EPIC!
So sad to see that there are such hurtful people in the world who must gnaw away at a relationship that causes them such jealousy. How petty and mindless of those people who cannot leave Rob and Kristen's private life alone. Shoo hyenas, begone forever and leave Rob and Kristen alone!
Believer Olivia

Anonymous said...

like I said a couple of weeks ago

SueBee said...

Yeah, I had to do this.

Dear Diary,

Rob went outside today. That means he doesn't love Kristen! I'm proud of him! She was mean and left him but he doesn't care!

Hold on, the voices are talking to me...Yeah, well so what if she left to work? I didn't see him at the airport so I know it's over! Over, I tell you!

I still don't have a picture of them sleeping together either so I know they were just friends anyway. Really. I know it. I just know it!

Bye for now, Diary. My mom is calling me--something about another restraining order...

Patricia said...

@Suzy Q

When I watched that interview with Rob and his friend from England and she asked him about sex scenes with his friend, I died and played it over 10 times (AT LEAST) and when he laughed and said 'EVERYDAY'. I was like 'YES' (PR).... SHIT !!!!!

I remember when you commented on it here, I really enjoyed it.




Anonymous said...

@ SueBee...them voices of your are a holleren!!!!!they sound like Lilly and all her voices/personalities...
Its starting to sound a little to friggin dangerous to me.....lol....
I must admit you write it well....and if this your therapy GF you just keep writting lol....
Got to love all you regulars....we come from all sorts of logic and background...together.....and enjoy reading each others therapy....that is hilarious and entertaining....you all keep me coming back for more.....love ya...

imloco2 said...

I'm not even going to read the comments first. I just want to say...

*clap* *clap* *clap*

I think this is by far my favorite post of yours. I just wanted to jump to my feet at the end and say "Can I get a Hell Yeah!!" LOL You are awesome!

msmixalot said...

just need to say... best f'ing post! I love your brain!

deb said...

how funny I just look at that pic of the pool party and I dont think thats Rob look at the hair Robs is SHORT not LONG how funny Maybe it is but I dont think so WHO CARES ALL IS GOOD WE know it and so does ROB and Kristen Thanks Louise for the link BUT I have to say I LOVE ROSES POOL PARTY PIC BETTER.hahahah DEB.

Melinda said...


The scandal is that they are trying to make less out of Rob and Kristen's relationship.

Claiming that their relationship isn't that serious and they are probably not exclusive.

Basically they pretty much know they are together and the PR theory isn't holding up so they are trying to make the relationship less significant than it is.

Sybil went "on the record" saying she actually likes Kristen and would make out with her if she had the chance.

Fat chance of THAT EVER happening!! Same goes for Rob.

deb said...

Melinda You are right I to think that they KNOW that Rob and kristen are together BUT they just like to start SHIT to see who well bite And I to think they are not getting that much out of the PR any more.LIKE some one has said they wont be that much HATE at the end of July what do you think? DEB.

SueBee said...


They aren't my voices per se. I was just channeling a hyena to demonstrate how ridiculous and crazy they are. I think I need to throw delusional in there too.

deb said...

Sorry louise it was Melinda who post the link sorry But I hear ya in what your saying. I to feel like we are a big ROB and Kristen family.We stick together in the name of (THERE LOVE). DEB.

SueBee said...


Sybil sounds like one loopy b*tch.

Anonymous said...

@ sueBee i get where you are coming from I just take those diary notation of yours 'tougue in cheek'......i was only joking with my comment....you crack me up though...I know your not mental.....you have proved time and time again with all the other comments you have entertained us with in the past....sorry if it came across I didnt get you...cause I did...
@Deb I did post that link just above Melinda...mine is the deleted one.....Loris got me thinking about her comment and I got a bit 'chicken' and deleted it.....I know what your probably thinkin.....GROW SOME BALLS!!!!BUT I JUST DELETED IN THE SPEAR OF THE MOMENT...YOU HAVE MELINDAS LINK TO PONDER OVER ANYWAY....

SueBee said...


It's all good!

I can't deny being a little mental though! LOL

Anonymous said...

@ sueBee We neeed just a little to get us through our day....I totally agree.....

LK said...

Ok,i see the drama is still on.Let me share some thoughts with you.

1)If Rob is a cheater,a manwhore,a Casanova and nobody has papped him,saw him EVER,-except some gossip mags(rolls eyes)and some psycho stalkers(like the one who started the whole stupidity yesterday),then i think CIA must hire him,because he's the invisible man.The guy has serious skills in hiding.

2)Rob is "going out "with random girls and "cheating" only when Kristen is NOT in town!(coincidence much?).Because he thinks that since he's not famous at all and nobody cares about his personal life and nobody tweets about him and posts about him and his whereabouts all over the internet,she'll NEVER know *sarcasm*.
3)IF R/K are a "fake" couple,who hate each other,but Summit makes them do it,then the Academy must give them Oscar right NOW,because they're acting that they're crazy in love too real.They're the greatest actors!
4)At the end of the day,people will always believe what they want.A part believes that they're super-duper in love,others that they're FWB and others that they're just PR.And i don't think it's about R/K anymore.All these parts,especially the last one(nutstens)have started a war against the first one. No matter what,they want to peove each other wrong.It's like a soap opera.A very weird and lame one.

LK said...

And something else.I've read all over internet that some people say that the brunette girl next to "Rob" is Nikki(!)and others that she's Miquita(!).Where's TR or EDRor SM,for God's shake?I thought Rob had a secret blonde gf!Maybe it was a wig!

As for this guy,the photographer,i don't know what BS he said,but from some comments i got the picture.There are people who want the attention.Twitter helps them get that.If you have like 20 followers and suddenly you mention Rob's or Kristen's name and you have like 2000 people,then you feel like you have some power.Do you know why?Jen said it right.He laughs and enjoys the crazies fighting.

We all know what's NEXT.We've seen it before.Last summer.Rob will hook up with every girl in USA and then in UK and Kristen will hook up with Garrett,Sam Riley,the director or the whole cast.Ans people will always have "insiders" to prove that on twitter.And others who like stirring the pot,because they want to have fun.

wig4usc said...

Its a scary to me how demented some people are. Are the R/K haters like those people who try out for American Idol, completely unaware of their own lack of talent? Do some of these women think they have a shot with Rob if they torpedo Kristen?

Common sense isn't all that common, is it??? That's why the simple truth stands out - well said!!

deb said...

Louisa If your still on I think your a ok girl and I think that you do care about Rob and kristen. And to LK and Wig I see what you are saying PEOPLE are going to think and say what ever they want I myself dont give a FUCK what they say all I know is what I feel and see. People like the haters only feed off each other and try get others to believe what they do.Yes they HATE KRISTEN only because they want to be her and they HATE ROB only because they WANT HIM and KNOW THAT WELL NEVER HAPPEN. HES in LOVE AND WANTS KRISTEN bottom line end of story. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Why thank you Deb ...your not so bad yourself :-) ...I was only commenting on you to Lisa{who writes on this blog}But is busy with her book that she is reading and wont get out of it until its finished.....hense you havent read from her latley......[return my messages cough cough Lisa}I was comenting on you and the others who come on Rose's blog daily and there writing abilities.....there are some quite interesting POV shared everyday...ar'nt there just...
You must sleep late Deb....as i would expect to hear from nobdy in the States this time of day or should I say early, early morning for you....why its the evening for me at this time..Hope your new granddaughter is doing well...

Anonymous said...

The nonstens are sick. And I'm pretty sure those are the haters you're talking about right? They love Rob but hate Kristen. And if Rob doesn't do as he's told and keeps being seen with Kristen at concerts, press things, he's a "bitch".

It makes me sick. They need to keep to one thing and quit confusing everyone. Either they don't believe but support Rob and Kristen seperately. I'd understand then why they'd be nonstens. They support them both but not as a couple, because they don't believe Rob and Kristen are a couple. But they really love Rob except when seeing Rob's hanging out with Kristen gets too much for them, then they'll call him a bitch and make him out to be some guy who just sits on the floor and gets walked all over. If they listen to a word he says, they'd realise he makes his own choices and won't be controlled. So that's lame right there, Kristen isn't in control. Rob makes his own choices and seems very much in control of his own life. So you're offending being a fan if you can't trust anything he says. But them loving Rob and hating Kristen from the word go, you find it very difficult to even believe they have anything worthy to say. Obviously if they hate Kristen they're just going to be a hater and will never believe Rob and Kristen are together.

Anonymous said...

They say Rob and Kristen do everything for PR nowadays. Budapest, PR. Isle of Wight, New Years, when nothing needed promoting, PR. Have they got nothing else to say? They take a shit, omg it's for PR! They go to see a friend performing, OMG PR! Really? No. They have to realise none of us are going to buy it. They use the excuse, it's pr, for every single thing. Probably in every single post on their site.

Basically, nonstens will stay nonstens. And whatever a nonsten is, I would love to be filled in on what one is exactly, because right now, I just come up with people who love Rob and hate Kristen. People who ship Rob with Betty White or Emilie De Ravin or Reese or Nikki Reed or Paris Hilton. They go overboard with shipping Rob with all the females he knows. But with Kristen, it's just Taylor or her ex. That right there is a bit confusing too. They accept Rob with everyone else, but Kristen only with her ex and someone who she's spent a lot of time with, promoting New Moon and Eclipse - Taylor. I talked to a nonsten, and they say they aren't who I suspect them to be. Then another nonsten refused that they hated Rob or Kristen, and just didn't believe they were together. So really nonstens need to make it clear. They don't want the wrong people in their camp.

I do believe even if Rob and Kristen confirmed anything, or they got married and had kids together. Nonstens would still be around commenting on the relationship. Investing themselves into it, saying loud and clear they are a nonsten.
That's another thing I don't understand. They complain shippers are invested in Rob and Kristen's relationship. I don't think so. But ok if they think that, then what are they? Not invested? Right they follow around every post which is based on Rob and Kristen, and analyse it to in the end saying what they always say PR. Commenting even still whatever is said, is being invested into Rob and Kristen's relationship. And saying they'll still be a nonsten even if Rob and Kristen confirmed, well being invested again.
At least shippers can accept and feel happy that Rob and Kristen are together. They and I wish them the best. But nonstens, geez, you feel sorry for them almost! They just want to continue to hate.

Anonymous said...

Anyway: topic on the photo. God knows if it was Rob. All this shit on him cheating, well he doesn't believe in being unfaithful. So cheating, well nonstens. First he has to be dating Kristen, to be cheating on her. Second you've missed out that he said he doesn't approve of being unfaithful. So ignorance is bliss for nonstens yet again. Doesn't surprise me.

I hope he goes to Montreal fast. And gives those nonstens something to cry over. Something to shout that it's PR. I would seriously too love to know his thoughts on this, regardless of asking him if him and Kristen are together. What are his thoughts on people saying he's a cheater? And what are his thoughts on people hating Kristen who he's supposedly linked with?


Does that man's face look happy? And, that was taken in Vancouver, Bobby Long concert (after concert) in a taxi. Where a fat bitch called Kristen a bitch. Does he approve? No. But of course nonstens would say, he couldn't stand being sat next to Kristen. Right. No, just take it for the truth, he didn't like that kristen was being called a bitch. He doesn't like his friends/girlfriend/family hated on.

So if you're a fan, understand that. And try and accept it. You don't have to believe, you don't have to support, but you do not have to hate Kristen. Pretend she isn't there.

LK said...

Let's be honest here for a minute.There are crazies from both sides,nonstens and shippers.I remember last year posts all over internet about how MA was Kristen's beard and he was never her bf,that's why Rob was her first,because Kristen was a virgin(lol).Or how R/K are married in Vegas or in Italy,Kristen's pregnant,death threats to Rob,because he was having fun with KP and SW WITHOUT Kristen and many more.I've lost account of how many stupid things i've read over the last 2 years.Oh,and the last!That on July 11th,when's full eclipse Rob and Kristen will come out as a couple!(rolls eyes).Or e-mailing GC for every single tiny thing that comes out about R/K.That's not healthy at all.

Nonstens are psychos and crazy from hate,but there is a part of hardcore shippers who are psychos as well.Both parts make the majority of the sane fans look bad.And these parts make the most noise all over internet and twitter.

Anonymous said...

First of all to Rose- This is a slamdunk of a post! Just brilliant!

Whenever there is ample evidence that Rob and Kristen are way, way more than just friends the Hyenas go into heated, hateful desperation.
The ........It's a blonde, no many blondes, no wait, it isn't a blonde at all, Rob's friends can't stand KS but she's dating ALL of them from one day to the next.
The BS of it all! It's PR! Does anyone, anywhere take these people seriously?
A supposed pic of a man ( who may or may not be Rob) lounging poolside with friends can cause this much drama. Whatever will they do when RP visits Montreal.
I can hear it now..........Wait for it..........He will be there for work! LOL. :)

LK said...


Nonstens know MORE information about Kristen than her own fans.And they say they hate her( lol(.Usually when you hate someone you don't care where he goes or what he does.They know every single move she makes.That's weird!

Melinda said...

LK thank you for commenting about the crazy from BOTH sides.

I don't think the hard core shippers are ever addressed. They are just as loopy but nowhere near as nasty or vengeful.

What is strange are the people on twitter who "pounce" on R/K info as soon as it comes out and run amok with it. I can't imagine peppering people I don't even know with questions to try to get inside info on R/K. Then usually twist that info for their own agenda.

While I support R/K and their lives I really could care less about all the little things they do. I (and most sane fans I believe) are content with what they show us.

I find the goings on of the people surrounded by the R/K debate more interesting than R/K themselves sometimes actually.

LK said...


I don't know if i should laugh or bang my head on the table.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!
Thanks Rose... You just proved again I am not insane and why I really should keep on believing in Robsten so much :) Awesome.

30yearoldtwifan said...


That my dear is the TRUTH. There are crazies on both ends in this fandom. It's so sad actually, the depths they ALL will go to. I am a R & K fan that's it, together or apart, I respect them both, but when "fans" start to make up there own fan fic's as reality, its some scary shit. Nothing will change.Unfortunately a lot of Twilight fans are from the age of 13 to 17, so the maturity levels are the same. The immaturity is evident.Its like HS cafeteria BS all over again.

IMO I say ignore/don't follow on twitter the crazies on both ends. They want attention and that's that. Like a 2 year old put them in a corner and they calm down eventually LOL

dee said...

hi every day i look at your page its great, i just love them both kristen is so pretty and looks good with him.

deb said...

You know Ladies I think that Rob has once said that he has read some of what people has said about him and so has Kristen .SO you know they know whats being said about them How sad it is that Robert knows how some feel about Kristen You would think he's thinking HOW CAN THEY SAY THEY LOVE ME AND DO THIS TO SOME ONE I LOVE AND call them selves FANS. Like I have said before IF you are a FAN of Rob then be happy hes happy and same gos for Kristen JUST BE A GOOD FAN AND BE HAPPY THEY ARE HAPPY.Don't give the HATERS what they want forget about them dont
go looking for what they have to say thats what they want anyway dont give them what they want . DEB

Anonymous said...

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream–and not make dreams your master,
If you can think–and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings–nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And–which is more–you’ll be a Man, my son!

–Rudyard Kipling

olivia said...

@Deb (10:43)
Hear! Hear!
I so agree.
Respect for Rob and Kristen, and also for family and friends.
@Annie (11:19)
Thank you for the Kipling. His words are so eloquent and appropriate. Rob certainly is growing into a man of distinction, honor, and virtue all the while keeping that common touch. I <3 you for giving us this beautiful message this late morning.
A true believer,

Brenda said...

I LOVE your blogs, Rose. Love what you say, love reading your thoughts. The picture of Rob and Kristen laughing at the MTV awards where Kristen is looking at Rob, doesn't that look a lot like Oregano sitting on the other side of her, except with a beard and glasses? LOL Seriously, it looks like Oregano in disguise. LMAO

KJH said...

I don't follow things as closely as most fans, but what's the deal with the necklace Kristen was wearing? Is it a gift? I'm confused. Thanks in advance for enlightening me!

KJH said...
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maris said...

okay i believe but there is an interview of rob when they were still shooting twilight and i noticed him say that he was in a whole different world (after the interviewer asked about him proposing to kristen)..

so i was thinking about that song that rob supposedly wrote about kristen. he wrote it during twilight so what if the song he wrote was like him in a whole different world?!

i dont think it was because he had to have thought it out enough to give to his sister right?

i still strongly believe but what do think about this?

robsten forever and forever

lots of love