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Friday, July 2, 2010

Rob and Kristen- On the Road (Again)?

I know, I KNOW!
Rob + Tux = Dreamy
Oh hell... I'm not fooling anyone.
And the hair.
The motherbitching hair.
Did he cut it again?
Or is it just combed down... looking shorter?
And why does his hair... his HAIR
affect me so strongly?
Good Grief.
No, I'm not obsessive at all.
Not me.


It seems that filming for WFE ends July 9th.
Next Friday.
(Not including reshoots)
I was on Twitter at the time this was announced...
and I casually tweeted...
"Maybe Kristen won't be the only one 'On the Road'..."
That's all I said.
And I got immediate reaction.
It was really quite hilarious.

1. Why do people who obviously don't like
what I have to say...
Follow me on Twitter?

2. Why do some people give a shit
what I have to say?

Well, needless to say
(but I'm going to say it anyway)
I received a few tweets from people I don't know...

The best one was this...

@RoseSee Yes with reshoots till 7/22;))) So I do not think he will be "on the road"
@RoseSee Since it is FACT Nina was at the premiere do you think he will take her "on the road" too. You know out with the old in with the new

I know this isn't very nice of me...
But it's just too damn easy to *PUSH* people's buttons.
It is FACT that "Nina" was at the premiere?
Since when?
Why wasn't this picked up on Twitter?
(Or anywhere else for that matter)
Oh Right...
I don't follow Haters/Hyenas.

But I have to admit...
I find Robert being done in a week with WFE
Excellent timing.

And my comment... about Rob being 'on the road'
Maybe he wants to go to Montreal...
And hang out
And stuff.
Who knows.

I really want to see Eclipse again...
But I will have to wait until next week.
It's a busy weekend..
and I doubt I will get a chance before then.
I need to see it a few more times.
I saw Twilight 5x in theaters.
I saw New Moon 3x
Not sure where Eclipse will fit in with that.
Or am I?

Robert Quote of the day.

Talk about the dynamics between the three of you now that Jacob gets to kiss Bella in this movie.
"It’s weird. Not only do they do the kissing scenes—they never do it when I am even on the set. I have the day off. You genuinely feel like someone’s cheating on you. Then you come back to the set. And almost always, it’s after one of their scenes where I suspect them of doing something. It just so happened every single time—I would come into work being like, “So how was it?”

Bye for now


BuBBLeS said...

ily BIG TIME! Just keep *giggling and pushing* ...it will definitely help pass the time during the drought that is to come.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I think everyone follows you because they're intoxicated by your words. You sure have a way of expressing your thoughts and I love it. You get reactions good and bad ones. Forget about the bad ones, my mom would say, "no hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver," which means "there's no worse blind people that those who do not want to see." True, no matter what it's in front of them, they just don't want to face reality. Reality, Rob and Kristen are together, so deal with it. My keyword is "PUSH." Have a great day and keep up writing....

Anonymous said...

sorry *than those* too early..need coffee!

SueBee said...

Great post, Rose.

I want to see Eclipse again. Hubby said he would go with me one more time.

Still trying to figure out why I'm so pissed off about the over Jacob-ication in the movie.

It's just that I was reading Eclipse last night and all of the love and adoration Bella was describing for Edward in the book seems to get overshadowed by her protecting Jacob in the movie.

She gets angry at Edward twice (that I remember in the movie) and reacts in ways that Bella wouldn't do in the book.

After the Jacob at school confrontation she only has an industrious note passing session with Edward that ends with her asking him to be honest with her in the book.

How that gets changed into "You lied to me!" stomping off with Jacob is beyond me.

Also, when Edward spills the beans intentionally about the engagement she isn't angry with him, she just feels guilty about hurting Jacob with the info.

Movie Bella yanks away from him and runs after Jacob. I don't think there is enough dialogue after the J/B kiss between Edward and Bella. She needed to grovel like in the book if you ask me.

Also, and I'm just sayin', the kiss between Jacob and Bella was a whole lot longer but I didn't see any heat or chemistry. It looked like they were going through the motions.

It sounded like at the end of New Moon that Bella had made her choice. "It'll be him. It's always been him."

In the movie, Bella seemed to be a bit standoffish with Edward. Didn't like it. In the book, she was still dazzled by him.

I did love the proposal scene---I could watch that over and over.

Thank God they ended with Bella and Edward together. After some of the changes, I was getting a bit uncertain.

So, now Bella has made her choice. BD is supposed to be all Bella and Edward getting married and having a honeymoon. Please let's not add Jacob in there howling at the moon while B/E are getting busy!

I know that in Edward's concern about Bella's pregnancy, he offers to let Jacob father puppies with her. (In his crazy concern for her health) Please, Lord, don't let them run with that!!!!!!

The movie people need to remember that the story is mainly about Edward and Bella's love story. THEM!!! Hopefully we'll see that.

Sorry for the rant. You guys are the only ones I know who would understand what I'm saying!

I'll shut up now. :o)

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Rose very funny how could the hyena very thritened of your tweet??? just easy for you, rose to 'Push' the button...LOL..the hyena very ROSESESSED...

and when i read rob shoot end in 9 july...i just grining ear to ear...and what summer loving to be "ON THE ROAD"...

JAROB in Tux well, well ehm ("clear Throath")so HOT!!!...and he trimmed his hair, and he still unbelievable beautiful..oh and i see Reese too in Red dress so stunning!...i couldn't wait to see the movie must be very exciting to see Rob, Reese and Christoher waltz..

and i'm already missed to see Eclipse again, i'm planning to watch again in monday or this sunday..ooh can't wait to see Edward and Bella, but seems to be like cough'Robsten'cough...haa..haa..

Patricia said...


I'm hoping for a trip to Montreal also. I think they need some time together even though she'll be busy. She was with him a couple of days for 'Bel Ami' so I'm sure they can handle it. Plus I think Rob needs some time just to relax. He's been working none stop for quite awhile now.

I'm seeing 'Eclipse" today (third time) I need to digest it...I need to see more of them, and forget about Jacob and M.R.'s obsession with him always in it.





Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Rob just happened to be "on the road" with Kristen. Ever since the Runaways/Remember Me filming, those two haven't filmed a movie at the same time. He did Bel Ami, and WFE and she took a break from filming. Now he's done, and she's going to be the one filming. Coincidence? Who knows, maybe, could be... His role in Unbound Captives isn't supposed to be really huge is it? Shouldn't take long to film it.

As to why people follow you, it's just haters doing their job. They hate. It's their purpose in life. If you've got a string of haters following you around, you must be doing something good enough to piss 'em off. Well done :)

Anonymous said...

@SueBee. Thank You. I AGREE COMPLETELY!! Perfect word "jacob-ication" and they also had WAY TOO MUCH Riley. He was a good actor. BUT sacrifice some of that Riley screen time and give us some more E/B. MAJORITY of fans are not VAMPIRE fanatics so much as E/B fanatics. If it was just about vampires... trust me a lot more movies would have been box office smashes. :-D

Random thoughts: Maybe I'm just fan girling... but is there really anything at all WRONG with Rob? I mean even his hands are perfect. I have been noticing his hands a lot. They are so... perfect. Its just crazy. Their long and smooth. Perfection. (yes, I know I've gone a lil crazy)

While admiring his hands while watching Eclipse I did happen to notice he totally cops an ass feel in the proposal scene at the end.. I guess even Edward is an ass man. LOL.

I love that even random speculation PUSHes buttons. LOL

*Suzy Q*

Deborah said...

Robowski in a tux?! *Swooon* And who the hell is Nina? And why do we care if she was at the premiere? Is this a "supposed" girlfriend? If so, I wonder how she felt about the gripping of the jacket? Heh. Anyhoo, great post as always, Rose. xoxoxo

Melinda said...

Oh Rose- stir the pot, why not! It isn't like we haven't heard all their nonsense before.

Is he going to go "on the road"? Perhaps. Nothing (except for re-shoots)would be keeping him in LA while she is gone. No one knows how long re-shoots will take or who will have to do re-shoots b/c the movie hasn't wrapped yet.

Rob on a road trip with Jella. Wouldn't that be funny if there were pics of that!

I hope that when she wraps OTR they can go somewhere that the paps can't find them and just get a little R&R. They both need it badly. Even if it means not seeing them out and about on occasion.

SueBee said...

Okay, I got away with seeing New Moon 3 times at the theatre. I think I'm only going to get another viewing before hubby has me put away in Twilight rehab.

Wish I could go to the theatre and watch it with a remote control where I can fast forward the Jacob scenes. Sounds petty I know, but I'm all about Edward.

Maybe when the DVD comes out they'll have the Edward only scenes section like in New Moon. One can hope.

SueBee said...

Since I'm blabbing away today--one more thought--

The Jacob scenes didn't bother me so much in New Moon because Edward was gone. It just feels weird for Bella to go back to Jacob in Eclipse!

I want to yell "What are you doing? Edward is back!!!"

I've said this before, nothing against Jacob--he is just no Edward. Can't even compete if you ask me. Cute kid/Beautiful man.

Like in the book when Jacob says "May the best man win" and Edward says something like "That's right, pup."

Missed the whole "She is mine!" line from E too! *sigh*

Wow, I need therapy!

deb said...

OK Rose all I can say about the pic is HO MY GOD yummmy and ya it looks like they cut his hair again But boy oh but I DO LOVE A MAN IN A SUIT and if it's Robert even better Rose I follow you because of what YOU STAND for and that is YOUR's and mini others intoxication with Robert and Kristen I love what you have to say every day and I love seeing the new or old pic. you put up. We all know that the HATERS out there are never going to stop there hating SO Rose I think that ROB and Kristen NEED US the ones who really care about them the True FANS I think they need to know that we have there backs and well fight for them that is how I feel Rose and I see you bat for them every day YOU MY FRIEND are a TRUE FAN of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart And I thank you for that Keep your head up high Rose we love ya And i hope you have a good 4th ........DEB

deb said...

Sorry dont know why it came up twice DEB

Lisa said...

Lost your post as always Rose..

I know I follow you because I agree with 99 + % of everything you say. Most times you say exactly what I am thinking! Now, I wouldn't follow you or read your blog if I didn't.. I would go find a blog that I did agree with.. I can only believe they follow because they LIKE to hate, like to fight, love the drama.. UGH

Rob saying he felt like he was being cheated on REALLY pulled at my heart strings.. Silly I know..

The hair.. Gosh, I never thought hair could make such a big deal! LOL

Happy 4th weekend all..

SueBee, I don't know if it's just me but I see your post 3 times.. :)

Opytaylor said...

Rose now you are the filter. I don't see any BS comments from the jilted nonstens unless you tell me about them. Well, actually I peeked on Ted's boards once. They seem so much bolder and they are making up lies. Before the past few weeks, a nonsten could be viewed as skeptical and have a tad bit of legitimacy. The evidence was against them, but their existence was still justified. Now you are quiet stupid to be a nonsten so they have resorted to complete fabrications: "Rob's GF Nina was at Eclipse premiere" "my friend grew up with Kristen and I know for a fact that Summit is paying them to keep up this charade, they used to be FWB" They have to make wild statements to remain in the conversation.

SueBee said...

Sorry if my posts are coming out in triplicate! It says the extra 2 were deleted when I took them off.
No idea why that's happening!


kharma1 said...

Happy Friday Everyone
And Hi Rose.. another wonderful post.
Who the heck is Nina.. they don't mean his ex gf, they couldn't be that stupid.. or yeah, they are... lol.. wow, they are INSANE.

Love the Rob quote you put in, he is such a funny guy but I'm sure there was a tiny bit of truth in that statement too. Jealous Rob, I love it.. just adorkable.

Rose, have a Safe and Happy 4th.

Lisa said...



Olivia said...

Wow I am so proud I made your blog. Well if you would have stepped out of your robsten fairy bubble for all of two seconds you would have seen it was CONFIRMED she was there. Well I know my word is not good enough but a picture never lies right? So here ya go oh and Rose I do not follow you because I like you i follow you to see the next tale you will spin hehehehhehehe Pull... Excuses 3,2,1 Number 1 She flew 3000 miles to see her FRIEND hahahahhaha...


Lisa said...

Opy, you're right as always.

Funny, if someone said Summit is paying Kristen to act like she's with Rob. She wouldn't take the "ridiculous amount of.. stuff" not to cut her hair (via Lopez) but she'll let them waste what, 2 years (so far) pretending?!?!? Give me a break.. LOL

SueBee, I saw now where you deleted them.

froggie59 said...

SueBee, thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel about Eclipse for the most part. Add to that the fact that I can't understand David Slade's fascination with the character of Riley, and that pretty much sums it up for me. These books are about Edward & Bella's love story, plain & simple. I am sick of them twisting things around and taking precious time from the critical Edward & Bella moments.

Rose, again, love, love, love your blog. You also put into words and pictures exactly how I feel. And that hoodie pic of Rob just about gave me a coronary yesterday. Yes, of course, I've seen it before, but when I went to your site and BAM, there he was, oh my!

Sydney said...

Olivia...you said she flew 3000 miles to see her "friend." Isn't that the excuse you guys used when Kristen flew overseas to Budapest and London???

Why can't you guys get together and decide how best to proceed? Literally no one believes your NONSENSE.

team necklace said...

Rose...please address Olivia's comment on the pic again...thanks

Rb said...

Rob will need the time off while Kristen does OTR - for his nervous breakdown :x Kristen. Nude. With two hot Hollywood hunks. mmm pretty sure Rob will be nutterz :>

Melinda said...


This is a pic of Nina with Rob when they were together. The picture of that woman in the blue at the after party looks NOTHING like her. The woman doesn't even look like she is enjoying herself.


Quit trying to stir up crap and get over the fact that Rob and Kristen are dating and HAPPY (unlike you and all your miserable little friends). Go back to where people want to listen to your nonsense.

I have enjoyed the peacefulness that has happened since the haters have gone away. Let's hope it continues. I would hate for them to come back on here and start spreading BS again.

Rb said...

Olivia's either young and stupid or just stupid. Her comments aren't worth the time it takes to read them.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! I can't say it enough how much I love your posts and blog. You do say things that are very much along the same lines that I am thinking!

The reactions are always funny, huh? Reshoots may or may not happen. Every movie schedules reshoots but they are not always needed nor do they do reshoots for the entire time scheduled. Sometimes it's just for a few days and it doesn't involve every actor in the movie.
And Nina? My only response is LAUGHTER. Was she mad that Rob was with Kristen before the premiere? LMAO. How Kristen is always in Rob's orbit and he in her's? Honestly, Nina could have shown up at the premiere and Rob probably wouldn't have even cared or paid much attention. He moved on long ago and they are friendly now.

And not trying to be too bitchy here BUT have these people seen Kristen? Have they seen the way Rob looks and acts around her? And the way he talks about her? Kristen's DROP-DEAD gorgeous and has all these great qualities for days.
Bringing up crap about an old girlfriend from long ago is ridiculous and reeks of smelly desperation. PS-- is she the new MA? LOL. PSS-- Didn't Nina dye her hair dark? That picture people are passing around does not look like her at all and I have seen no confirmation of someone being there by her name.

Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

all of you need therpy!!!!

Sydney said...

Oh God, for some Godforsaken reason I clicked on the AT link and went and read the Domestic Kristen post and the comments. Why oh why does anyone go there? It is so poisonous. I wonder if it's actually nonstens or just random people trying to fuck with the Robstens. They are now shipping Kristen with her bodyguard and Rob is back with Nikki. A few have already moved onto Kristen/Garrett.

So. Ridiculous.

Rose, I'm so glad you closed this blog off to the anonymous posters so we do not have to be subjected to the idiocy of the AT. It is so much more pleasant. And, to steal one of your favorite quotes, I so wish stupidity was painful. That would solve a lot of this.

I just looked at the links to the pictures of Nina that Olivia posted...seriously? That girl is not Nina. Not even close. Why is it not embarrassing to you people that you're always contradicing the hell out of yourselves and always getting caught in your lies?

Olivia said...

It was confirmed 100 percent that it was her so I don't care what you sheep believe. She flew in with Rob's family. I also believe a certain Anon poster told you this was coming and you ignored his comments. Well believe what you want and there are more pictures you just have to FIND them happy hunting SHEEP!!! Bet Delaney and ODO won't deny and if they do they are completely lying...Until the next tale SHEEP!!!

Monica said...

Opytaylor, there is a new post on Ted's board about domestic Kristen. I scanned through the comments and some are...really disgusting...Haters are such... lowlives.

Monica from Asia

katy said...

@Olivia that's NOT Nina.

Rose...I hope Rob goes 'On the Road' (montreal) with Kristen

Saw Eclipse today...amazing.
Rob...absolutely Gorgeous
The medow Scenes...LOVE LOVE
The leghich...HOT

Can't wait to see Eclipse again.

I adore your banner...Rob grey blue eyes kills me...his just drop died gorgeous.

And Kristen looks gorgeous on Eclipse too.

katy said...

@Olivia...I think you need glasses...that NOT Nina...sorry to disapoint you

R-lynne said...

To Olivia, Nina-gate is PR created by Nonstens.

Rootsie said...

The whole Nina stuff is hilarious. And, LOL, someone sounds angry!
They should know I don't care what they believe and post....
I believe what I believe, and I know what I know.
And my comments about the Eclipse premiere is that Rob and Kristen = very much together and happy!

Sydney, I NEVER go to the AT boards. People there are insane. Just a bunch of BS and lies because they cannot handle anything else. Your summary just shows that it's as crazy as ever over there. There are some seriously disgusting individuals out there. Don't know how they look at themselves in the mirror. Don't need their hate clogging up my brain.

Lisa said...

OH NO Olivia got a weekend pass! LMAO Might as well leave her out as treatment is doing no good! :(

Bex said...

could that be Nina at the premier? Sure. they do have the same weird facial structure.

does that mean her and Rob are dating? NO. we all KNOW who Rob is dating and her name is Kristen.

is it outrageous that 2 people who were friends before they dated could be friends again long after it has finished? No.

the stupid post about Nina being there is no threat to us. we don't know how close Rob or any of his family and friends are to her. if they used to be neighbors she could very well be a guest of his sisters, dating one of his close friends from back home, or simply just trying to get her name out there again since she is an artist.

the only thing we know for SURE is that there is something going on between Rob and Kristen.

if there is proof otherwise, as in a recent picture of Rob and Nina holding hands or even being seen together outside of a public event then I'll be the first to admit to the possiblity that there is still something going on between them.

Sydney said...


Someone seems to have sold you some bad information. It's pretty easy to find pics of the actual Nina. If you do, you would realize that the girl in the picture you posted a link to is NOT Nina. This isn't rocket science. Someone even posted a link for you, to make it as simple as possible for you.

You can post over and over about her being there and how it is confirmed. But that doesn't make it true. She was not confirmed there. Clearly. Regardless, Nina, MA, EDR, whomever you keep trying to throw against the wall, keep on going...they never stick. Perhaps it's time to face reality. It's Kristen with Rob. Every one seems to know this but you and your handful of crazies. You're a joke on the internet and to Rob and Kristen.

SueBee said...

A few more thoughts...

Did I mention that I had trouble enjoying the steamy leg hitch scene because some woman brought her 4 kids, all under the age of 7? They sat in front of me. All I heard was "yuck" and Ewwwww!" Made me uncomfortable that they were there!

As for the AT boards, I went over there the other day out of curiosity. Those people are just nuts!!!! What is really scary are the people who say that they know Kris or have inside information. That's just delusional. Trying to ship her with her bodyguard is plain creepy too.

It was soooo peaceful here too!

Anonymous said...

Some people are drowning and at this point embarrassingly so in their own desperation.

First it was Rob and EDR,then it was Rob with any of the women starring with him in Bel Ami, then Rob and RW,then Roob with every blonde possible, day after day, now it's Rob with an ex, who was not even at Eclipse's premiere, then it was Rob wasn't anywhere near KS at the afterparty (pics prove otherwise).
It's gotten so desperate for some that they're posting lies to backup their own lies.
Desperate much?

Kristen travelled to Budapest for work (laughable BS!)
Tell me did she also travel to the IOW for Christmas and NYE, leaving family and friends behind for work as well?
Again laughable BS!

In all of this, since Mr. Wycke's comments in Time Magazine and Eclipse's smashing and creating new box office records, neither Rob or Kristen publicists have seen fit to deny Wycke's comments. That is the norm when comments are untrue and published in a stellar and highly respected magazine such as Time Magazine.
Lastly, they didn't deny Catherine Hardwicke's comments either!

The director David Slade on Eclipse's love scenes with Kristen and Rob:

And funnily enough, Rob and Kristen didn't have any trouble with the steamy kissing scene.

'They didn't seem to be nervous, they were to be fine with each other,' David revealed.

'We shot that on the very last night and it just seemed to go wonderfully. It just flowed beautifully.'

Anonymous said...


Who did confirme it was Nina? You? cause there is not a single report confirming that girl. No one recognized "Nina" except you.

Olivia, you're ---pathetic--- and this is confirmed 100%-

Anonymous said...

SueBee I am glad you feel the same way I do .

The movie felt like it was all about Jacob. God they even gave him the drum roll. Big NO NO ! We all know that Edward is the stronger link here.

I really wanted to see the kidnapping bella by Alice part and waking Bella in the middle of the night by Edward.

Anyways I want to watch it in IMAX

Opytaylor said...

Thought that girl in moron's linked picture wad Rob's sister.
I am staying away from that negative vibe. No more comments sections for Opy. On foray was enough, Did I ever tell y'all that I use Opy online because i looked kinda like Ron Howard as a boy. My brother still calls me Opy.

Anonymous said...

I felt New moon was all about Jacob, but not Eclipse. Jacob actually didn't annoy me as much as I thought, I even felt pity for him at the end...

Jacob Bella's kiss was long, the camera even turned to the landscape and return to them to make it even longer, but it wasn't passionate at all, it wasn't hot, there was 0 chemistry! or did you get any kind of feeling from that kiss? I didn't.

On the other hand, when Edward and Bella kissed, Jesusssss! it was total hotness, tenderness, it was the same chemistry of Twilight, it was love...

SueBee said...

Watch it before it gets taken down!


SueBee said...

Try this too!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4oDtMe8n9I&feature=channel

katy said...

OHH...YES...my dear Rob and Kristen lovers...David Slade has confirmed...Rob and Kristen are a Couple.
He said since days one...he saw Rob and Kristen were a Couple.

katy said...

here the link of David Confirming


Not that we need confirmation...but its always Amazing hearing other people saying it's true

Lisa said...

SueBee.. And there's the whole movie for me! hehe That is why they'll win the MTV best kiss next year as well.. Makes me want to go see it again tonight! But it'll have to wait until morning!

BTW, that theater was QUIET! Both times I went, it went nuts when she said yes! Several gasps leading up to that! LOL

Melinda said...

THANK YOU DAVID SLADE!!! So that's two directors, one producer, and two co-stars (Anna K. and Kristen P.)that have all said it. Yes we don't need confirmation but it is just one more nail in the coffin.

I am sure that the haters are going to be spewing that it is PR or they won't believe it till R/K verbally confirm it.

I do feel sorry for Rob and Kristen b/c they do want their privacy but maybe if this is all out in the "open" so to speak then maybe they won't be hounded so much.

katy said...

@Melinda I also hope Rob and Kristen can keep their personal life private...but I'm sure all this people confirming it, it's with Rob and Kristen approval.
It's their ways of confirming it...they wont talk about it...but they don't care enymore if other do.

I'm think about what ODO said ' I wonder if the Non***ten will be here after july'....I wonder that to???

(sorry bad english)

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
I just got on to read today's post and to my utter dismay see that someone has taken my name beginning at the 12:17 comment using "Olivia" and writing ugly, ugly things. Please understand that my last post was on yesterday's comments about David Slade. It is quite insulting to have someone take my name and write garbage.
I don't know what to do because I do wish to continue my comments that have always been respectful and I am a true believer.

Rose, you can tell by my account that I am not the false Olivia.
Love to all,

katy said...

@olivia I thought it wasn't the same Olivia...because I've read some comments by an Olivia weren't nasty...so I thought it had to be another Olivia.

Sydney said...

Where, oh where, is Olivia (bad Olivia) now??

For the first time in my life I just went over to Nonsten to see what they were saying about the death of their dream. They were saying:

1) Slade was talking about the weather during that quote. No lie.

2) That may have been together during filming, but that was 8 months ago so, now, no.

3) Kristen is dating Taylor because during the love scenes she looks in Jacob's eyes, but it always looking down during her scenes with Edward.

4) Their chemistry is acting, and therefore Rob is still with Emilie because their chemistry was "HOT."

5) Of course, PR. Slade is doing this now, to get butts in the seats. Because the, what is it now, $120 million isn't enough in the first two days and Summit is desperate.

Those are the highlights, and no, I'm not kidding. I thought that once it was official, there may be SOME graciousness. I don't know what I was thinking. How can such ugly, awful, hateful, delusional people be gracious. Looks like they will never let go of the dead rotting carcass (of nonsten), like the hyenas they are. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

Top of the morning to ya ROSSSSE....Is there anything so beautiful than Rob In A Tux......ooohhh yer...and my fav too black tux/suit and white shirt.....This man pulls my heartstrings over and over....I hope looking at those pics of Rob walking to the car in the TUX helped fill that void .....dear...lol

Is that going to be the IDIOTS outlet to give you negative grief now....via emails and tweets.....they just cant keep away....What A/holes...and the need to make you think otherwise....is such a waste.....they will never learn...will they not?

@ SueBee dont worry love ...we understand...you can anaylse all you want...we are always there for that spear EAR to listen...lol just joking...although you made me chuckle this morning..
@ Suzy Q well it seems you cant stop the ASS perving/feeling outta the man even if he is wearing contacts/white makeup...i wonder what else still reamains similar between E and R
@ Lisa 12.13 YUMMO INDEED DID YA NOTICE THE 'NECK FEEL/GRAB' between E & B....iv seen that before.....lol
@ suubee 3.01 & 3.12 to late and to late for me Im afraid.....what did i mis???

Anonymous said...

Olivia... GOOD Olivia i too was a little confused cause the 'Good Olivia' we usually read is on our side of the fence....and this one...well thats just say Not so Much.....

deb said...

SO we All should know by now what we already new AND THAT IS that MR.ROBERT T.PATTINSON and MISS KRISTEN J.STEWART are a COUPLE WE know it THEY know it NOW THE HOLE WORLD KNOWS it Thank God NOW lets go on with our lives and LEAVE THEM ALONE to LIVE theres Like I said yesterday THE HATERS are going to HATE no matter WHAT. WHY BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE LIVES. AND that is WHY they come in here and other blogs and say SHIT. LET THEM CRY all the want.All I know is that IM one HAPPY LADY and I want the BEST for both Rob and Kristen OK let the party begin. HERES TO YA GIRLS and MAN (Opytorlor)ITS going to be a SWEET loving SUMMER. DEB

Melinda said...


They are indeed delusional!

I mean how in the world do they get that he was talking about the weather??? That is beyond reaching!

The other theories are laughable. Her and Taylor dating....please excuse me while I choke on my laughter.

Of all the hate out there I really wish something could be done to close that site. They are as Rob has said "repulsive".

Well I am headed to see Eclipse finally. I am going in with an open mind-knowing some stuff. I believe I will be closing my eyes for the J/B kiss. Ha, ha.

deb said...

OK you know what I just LOVE in the movie IS when Bella said yes and ROBS(Edward) face lite up like if she was saying YES to a real(WOULD YOU MERRY ME) Didn't HE just look SO happy And IF you look at her THE BIG smile did it for me If I just keep looking at only Edward and bella and there love THEN I'm ok with the movie .you all have a good and safe 4th DEB

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, just saw Eclipse this morning it was even better than I expected. Except the flippin Jacob parts gaa can't stand how Bella is with him. Great pics today, that man is sooo hansome! Nina? omg it's so desperate. And if you compare the pics it's not her, she's like 5 11 over 6ft with heels, and the girl in the photo isn't that tall. Plus they don't look alike...at all. Even if she was ther, so what? Where are the pics of him sitting with her eating chicken wings and throwing back a beer? mmhmm though so. haters, it's been so nice to not hear from them. thanks again Rose.

Lisa said...

@Olivia 4:33

I know exactly how you feel. One day when I wasn't here some one came in and used "Lisa" and was really hateful.. I told Rose to make sure she checked it wasn't me! LOL Don't worry about it, we'll know if it's you (Good Olivia) by what you post! LOL

jen said...

Great post, Rose! The timing is great about filming like that. FUnny how last year they filmed at the same time and most likely did not see eachother much if at all, and what happened the minute one of them were done?

Robert was hauling ass to Cali and they spent all week together then.

Maybe they learned their lesson from last summer? Stranger things have happened, where actors stagger their filming schedules like this for a SO(not a spouse either, just a bf or gf often) so that there is not such a loss of contact.

Clever Rose...lol

sollee said...

hey i guess there's so much love between robert and kristen so probably they will find ways to communicate or be with each other even when they'll be apart working on other films...hope they will be given some quality time together...love love them always:)

Anonymous said...







olivia said...

Dear Katy, Louisa, and Lisa,
Thank you for your kind words.
It has always been a joy visiting this beautiful blog and participating in the comments section about Rob and his world.
I love Rob and Kristen and the Twi franchise.
I will try to see Eclipse one more time this weekend to show love and support for Rob, Kristen, the cast, and crew. OK, to also melt in my seat every time that Rob is on screen, and to see that awesome proposal scene.
Always have been a believer and a respectful fan.
Again, Rose does have access to account info.

SueBee said...


First of all, is English your second language? If so, I won't say anything about your awful spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Secondly, why do you even care why we are "obsessed?" There are so many "proofs" that it is pointless to enumerate them to you.

Have you not been paying attention for the last two months?

Finally, we are respectful to those who are respectful to us. Some troll calling the rest of us sheep is offensive, not to mention ridiculous. Nevermind, that was too ridiculous to be offensive.

They are dating. Get with the program. If you don't like our opinions, go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why we make a big deal out of confirmations is because of the non-believers. They insist we are idiots and sheep because we believe they are together. So any time some proof comes out, we say "look, here's proof." And then we hope they finally go away and leave everyone alone.

If ODO is an insider, they have made it very clear that Rob and Kristen do not mind us at all. They know we are happy they are happy. It is the hyenas that are the issue. They are making up lies and stories about Rob and Kristen. They spread rumors that they hate each other, that they are gay and covering for each other. Rob and kristen find tehse peopel downnright SCARY and want them to stop.

This is why we celebrate confirmations because we want the hate to stop. Once you all finally accept that R&K are together, we can all move on and just enjoy their careers and them being happy.

Lisa said...

Here here SueBee! Well, done! So to diadema, I'll just say DITTO to what SueBee said..

I can't see how anyone can't believe at this point but to each his own. But why not go to nonsten or someplace like that? Someplace that believes as you do..

deb said...

Right On GIRLS. WE do only what we feel and know that is true. And yes we dont like all the bullshit that gos on. And yes its true what SueBee,Loris,Lisa are saying we have ROB and Kristens Back. Yes I'm sure that they do know about ALL the HATE out there BUT I'm also sure they KNOW about the LOVE and support that they have THANK You Girls it makes me very proud TO BE A FAN. DEB

Melinda said...

I would like to point out that I as well as others on here are NOT obsessed and trying to prove that Rob and Kristen are dating. We don't have to, all the evidence is there.

We are fans who love and support what they do. We are also fans who love that they are HAPPY together. You can see it if you just LOOK with your eyes and minds open.

I do believe that Rob and Kristen know that they have true fans that are happy for them finding something special that they want to protect. We are happy for them! It's rare in HW to meet someone and it actually be real and not manufactured. They should do everything to keep it protected.

So Diadema, I think the ones who are OBSESSED are the haters who continually spread BS all over the internet. They are also the ones who come onto blogs like this and try to taunt us (which doesn't work by the way).

You will never see us going onto hate sites trying to prove our point. We don't want to drown in the foam that is all over. Plus we like to keep our sanity in tack.

Patricia said...







deb said...

Thank You Patty WE DO BELIEVE dont WE AND that my friend sass it all THEY are happy which makes us happy Have a good and safe 4th Patty And I hope that our 2 lovers do the same. DEB.

Anonymous said...

hey Ladies it means nothing to me But Happy 4th July ...if it means something to you....
@ Patricia....right on girlfriend....you are correct.....

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love you, you speak for so many of us who admire and truly appreciate Robert AND his love, and we all know who she is...never stop telling it like it is...Robsten will be here for a very long time...Thank you Rose and don't let any negative energies penetrate your beautiful soul

LK said...

I just saw eclipse and i loved it.Way better than NM.

Anonymous said...

of course i'm not eanglish is very clear so maybe tha's the main reason that you misunderstanding my words
I only want to say if from some fans not HYENA there are some doubt about ROBSTEN it doesn't mean that they are not their fans!!!!!!!
Probably i don't care if there are or not together i only support ROb for his professional/privite life.
what i think of them is only in my mind and is not so important to be a FAN of HIM

thanks sue x your words!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Carly said...

Rob in a tux should be considered a health thread - both for the menthal and the physical :)

LOL, such an innocent comment and I dont even want to think about the response

who is Nina? and why the hell would Rob want to take her anywhere?

love teh new Eclipse stills. Robs hands are getting lower and lower. BD part 2 I expect a full but grab :D

and I want to see Eclipse again as well. because RK were awesome and beautiful. and because Jackson is too hard to resist. and because I love Emmett. because they all may the rest bearable

well, hopefully they will have fun On the Road ;)