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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Robert Pattinson - It's ALWAYS Kristen

Robert and Kristen at another concert...
Rob's still not hanging out with his mysterious blonde girlfriend...
You know...
The one he has been secretly dating for a long time.
Rob's not with any other cast member of Eclispe...
He's not with "Nina"...
(Yeah, that lasted all of 5 seconds)
He's with KRISTEN.
It's always Kristen.
Does that tell you ANYTHING at all?

Let's wade through the foam...

1. "Oh they look SO miserable together!
What a fun date!"

Well... You see a split second of their time together
And what you see are asshole Paps harassing them.
Do you expect them to smile and jump for joy?

2. "It must be true love! Rob gets into the car
in front of bitchface again!"

Is this all you got? Really?
Rob is walking in front of her to block her
from the cameras in their faces.

3. "It is just friends going to a concert.
What's the big deal?"

Yeah. But the thing is...
Rob and Kristen keep doing stuff together
It's always Rob and Kristen.
Not Rob and someone else.
Not Kristen and someone else.
It's always Rob and Kristen.

4. "Such a romantic date!
They are with so many people as always!"

Of course they went to the concert with other people...
They are all friends.
Does that mean they were with other people
All Night Long?
I'm guessing it was just 
Robert and Kristen 
when their heads hit the pillows.

5. "SUMMIT is making them hang out together!!
Eclipse is tanking!
They need to go to concerts for PR!!!"

Whoever made this comment is obviously
too overcome with Rabies at this point.
Poor thing.

6. "Kristen is dating Sam!
He went to her WTTR screening!
This is all about Kristen and Sam!"

Another victim of advanced Rabies.

7. "If they want to keep it 'private'
why are they playing these games?
I have no respect for Robert anymore"

Like he gives a flying fuck if you approve of
his dating choices or how he lives his life.
Get a grip.
Rob is with who he wants to be with.
It's Kristen.
You think you would be used to it by now.

8. "Kristen looks like she hates Rob.
I can't even believe they are friends!"

Yeah. Makes sense.
Yet, she is ALWAYS hanging out with Robert.
She must really hate the guy. 
A lot.
Makes sense.
*yes, I'm being sarcastic*

9. "Stew just CLINGS to Rob.
And Rob is too nice to tell her no.
She has no friends of her own.
Rob feels sorry for her!"

Hell... If I were always that close to Robert...
I would sure as hell CLING to him.
But needless to say...
Pity dating. PR dating.
You guys need a new excuse.
PR is worn out.
It never worked.
It never will.

10. "TomStu HATES Kristen!
I just KNOW he does!
You can just tell by the way he looks at her!

I'm not sure why the foamers are so bent
on Tom hating Kristen.
Or where they seem to get this impression.
Is it because Rob and Tom are obviously great friends
and they can't stand the fact that Tom likes her, too?
Seems like Tom and Kristen have spent quite a bit
of time together in the past year or so...
And seriously...
If Tom hated her SO much...
Why would he continue to hang out with her?
I'm sure Tom could hang out with Robert
without Kristen if he wanted to...
So I guess...
He is only there for PR??
Yeah... that's it.
Why didn't I see this before??
Oh right.
I'm sane.


10. "There is NO way Rob will show up in Montreal!
NO WAY! *whimper*
Every move they make together is PR!

Watching Hyenas become infected with Rabies
isn't pretty.
They become paranoid, delusional...
and of course they foam at the mouth.
Did anyone see "CUJO"?
"Old Yeller"?
Someone reminded me what happened
at the end of "Old Yeller"
(Thanks Laura ♥)
 How sad.

Final thought?
Rob and Kristen obviously don't care what
any of us think about their lives.
They are too busy living it.
You can deny they are in a relationship
and when they keep showing up together...
You can whine and whimper about PR...
But the truth of the matter is this...
Rob doesn't do this with anyone but Kristen.

This post has been brought to you by a



and a 

*Give it the Fuck up already*

Bye for now


Peggy said...

'this post brought to you by...'


Just have huge smiles!
I'm twirling, spinning & dancing with you too!

May said...

Final thought?
Rob and Kristen obviously don't care what
any of us think about their lives.
They are too busy living it.
You can deny they are in a relationship
and when they keep showing up together...
You can whine and whimper about PR...
But the truth of the matter is this...
Rob doesn't do this with anyone but Kristen.

Dear Rose,I fucking love you to pieces.Love,me ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Kstew Fashion said...

The people that scream PR are only seeing what they want to see. I just ignore them now, no personal contact means you can't contract the rabies. Love your post as always.

daylyne said...

Simply ... sensible and correct. I love it all. ;)

katy said...

Great Post...LOVE IT

Jane said...

I love your blogs you say what I think it is ace keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


You had me laughing so hard.... the people at my work think I'm deranged. They're like what's so funny? And I'm like you wouldn't understand.

Hyenas - Nature's A-Hole. LMFAO!!

I do love, love, love the line:

It's always Kristen
It's always been Kristen

Because it is so beautiful and so true. And it is my sincere hope that it will always be Kristen. They are so sweet together. I love seeing them together but it sucks the papz were harassing them... again :-/

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

you write nothing but the truth. and reality.

and really, have people STILL not figureed out why Rob walks in front of Kristen and gets in the cars before her? like you said, he hides her behind him, and 9 out of 10 times they're in the back seat with a 3rd person, Rob gets in before Kristen not bc he's an asshole who doesn't know how to treat a girl, but... to sit in the middle, the most exposed place for the paps and to let them snap photos of him while Kristen can hide behind the front seat. one caring bf in my book ♥ it's really a simple math.

much love, me.

Bex said...

amazing post rose!

one thing i remember from before the anons got blocked was some idiots coming on here saying that Rob's secret blond GF was that girl staring in the Sorcerer's Apprentice movie and that Rob was going to "come out" with her by showing up at the New York premiere...

well guess what happened over the weekend? the NY premiere... and guess where Rob was?? WITH KRISTEN, AT A CONCERT, IN LA!

Xavier Samuel showed up with his GF to the premiere.. thats PR.

i wish the anons weren't blocked so i could see what lame-ass excuse they come up with this time...

soadram said...

Great post really love
I cannot understand some people's anger against Rob and Kris, but they are blind boys or are morons?
Why not just see the truth that Rob and Kris are together and happy, who does not want to .... Anyway people sad
I love your posts, wonder
A good day for you

Sydney said...

So, I usually don't believe in the shirt gates...but someone kept saying those pictures from the supposed Kstew BBQ that Sam's bandmate posted, that one of the guys looked like Rob...just from the hand holding the beer. At the time I thought...no way. He wouldn't wear a shirt like that. The hand, yes, it did look familiar, but not the clothes.

HOWEVER, looking at pics from their date night last night, well, The shirt Rob is wearing looks kinda like the shirt the guy everyone thought was Rob in those pictures was wearing. Thoughts?

Anyway, what I would love is to actually nail down one of the hyenas and force them to answer to all the questions they avoid answering. They cannot answer them or else they contradict themselves. Can we have one on here Rose, as like a guest speaker so we can have a question and answer period? That would be hilarious. They just ignore the questions that prove them wrong. I just do not get it. But I love how well you paint them into corners Rose! Keep it up.

LK said...

Rose,you're so right!Rob is always with Kristen ALL the time.As for nutstens,i think they're so desperate now and breathing their last breaths with this stupid PR game.There were people on twitter that were saying that Kristen called the paps!!!

IMO,if we ignore theose b^tches,they'll disappear.All this attention keeps them loud.They're not more than 50.

mesweetgirl said...

Dear Rose.....I Love You...That's all

Dear R/K we can see/feel the love (at least people with normal working brains can see/feel it)....u dont have to confirm anything..:D

Lots of Love from India *hugs*

*waves* hii everybody..:D

Ankita ;D

Cata said...

Ok. There is no way people are being serious about the PR thing... they MUST be doing this only to rile people up, because... come on! You have to be delusional, stupid or incredibly naive to not see what's in front of you. I would get it if it was a year ago, when Rob and Kristen worked hard to keep this under wraps. But now? It is so obvious, even my dad, who has absolutely no idea what Twilight is, came to me the other day and gushed about how in love this couple looked.
I guess these haters can say whatever they want, but the truth of the matter is, Rob and Kristen don't give a shit (just like you said, Rose), and they will continue to do whatever they f*cking want.
Besides, why do these people care so much whether or not they are together? it's like it fills their entire existence to prove they aren't! It's really pathetic.
I, for one, love seeing such a real couple, in such a widely-known fake environment. They are real, they are humble, they are beautiful, and they are smart. What else is there to say?
Please just be happy for a couple who's young and happy. That is all!
And Rose? Thanks for your posts. They are the one blog I visit every day while working! You're wonderful.

CullenLover_DazzledbyRob said...

Awesome post as always Rose, and so very true.

And for those silly people who say Rob isn't a "gentleman", you are dense. He blocks her from the cameras. He gets in the car first so he is in the middle and she is blocked from the cameras. Sounds pretty much like a gentleman to me.

Hope they have many more date nights, just without the rats w/ cameras.

I <3 Rob & Kristen!

Patricia said...

I have never in my life heard of such BULLSHIT being said about any movie star couple. These people are crazy scary...
They have Kristen a lesbian, Robert with Tom and being gay and it goes on and on. Every day Rob is with another blond (when he's not gay and is a man whore) and Kristen will fall in love with her next co star in OTR...Such bullshit is beyond insane.





Latina2_ said...

OMG !!!! I totally LOVE IT. You are a genius. I was laughing so hard while reading it. In fact I read it twice.

anna said...

LOVE YOU! You're honesty and common sense and sadly missing in today's world. Thanks for keeping it real :)

FCUKRob said...

Just come across your site today, Its fcuking brilliant, luv it.

Anonymous said...

Lurve it... as usual!

Blondebabe_237 said...

Fab blog once again :D

Ahah.. all i could think looking at one of those photos was, matching shoes.. matchy matchy..

Dont they say that when 2 people are so connected with each other without realising they move at the same time as each other etc.. and if you look at interviews, they always wave at the same time, and at the L.A Twi convention, when Rob says ' you all love harry potter right' or whateva he says, they both raise thier arms at the exact same time.. just an example :D

This isn't me trying to prove what i already know, its just an observation, and i think its really cute :D

Anyway, im just going to keep beliving what i see with my own eyes :D Who's with me?!!! :D

Love it ROSE, Love it.. Keep doing what your doing, just like R and K.. Keeping it real :D Thankyouuu x x x x

deb said...

HO my God Rose THANK YOU SOooooo much for making my day. Your to much Bwahahahahahaah to funny to funny. BUT so true thats all they have PR. And I do think we well get to see them out more TOGETHER they dont give a SHIT what we think they love each other. YOU'LL always be my KRISTEN. Im so happy for them I wish them nothing but the best of luck THANK YOU ROB and Kristen for making your true fans happy And Thank you Rose for your post . DEB.

Екатерина said...

Rose, this is my first comment. I read your blog every day and you are amazing. Great Post as always!
From Russia with love, Kate

SueBee said...

It is obvious to me that Rob is protecting Kristen--clearing a path-so to speak. Look at her next to him--she's tiny!

Is he supposed to shove her in front of himself so she can go first? He's bigger so he is shielding her.

Damn, if it were reversed, the hyenas would be saying that he made her go first so the paps could get to her instead of him.

As for looking miserable--cameras are being shoved in their faces as they are trying to leave from having a good time. It's annoying to say the least.

The point is--they are together. Replace any other female in Kris's place and it's a date. He is with his friends and SO IS SHE.

Personally, I think it is awesome that they were out on a date. A little Robsten action always makes my day.

PR??? Give me a freaking break.
She is his girlfriend, his woman, his lover, you name the term--but they are a couple.

I watched the 1 minute clip of them making an appearance at the theatre. Anyone else catch how he put his hand on her arm to help guide her, smiled at her as she spoke, etc.? He's a protector. How many times have we seen him go first, look back for her, and keep looking at her when they are out?

It's simple. He loves her. Oh, and, psssst? She loves him too!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Awesome post! I heart you. You answered each comment with a great logical response. I mean, some of the comments, I just have no words that people would even post some of the crap they do!

Those people foam and yell because it distracts them from what they don't want to acknowledge-- what's staring them in the face and has been staring them in the face for months now, heck, it's been over a year now.....

And last night was yet ANOTHER moment where Rob and Kristen were together.

People demand pics and then when we get them they tear Rob and Kristen apart. They aren't smiling...uh, like they should be all smiles at the paps? LOL. Of course they are stonefaced. You would be too in their situation.
And as others pointed out--I am sure Rob and Kristen had a inkling that the paps knew they were there and coming out the backdoor. So Rob comes out first, blocking Kristen. There are pics of the paps in his face, not Kristen's. And then Rob's the one in the uncomfortable middle seat taking even more pap flashes. Kristen is covered and protected. That seems to be Rob and Kristen's best way of dealing with the paps in their faces when they leave venunes like last night.

Glad they were able to enjoy Sam's concert without being bothered too much, it seems. They just had to deal with the paps when they left. Rob out with his girl and one of his best mates listening to the music of one of his other best mates-- so sweet.

heathers said...

K's Going Out List:
Deliciously handsome young man... check.
Necklace from said deliciously handsome young man... check.
Matching shoes... check.
Matching papparazzi stone faces... check.

Rose, love your blog and your perspective (which I share). Awesome post today.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose you are a fuck nut (in a good way) but I really love you LOL I AGREE with EVERYTHING you said! My daily dose of Rose lol nothing more to be said, you got it 100%

I wish Rob and KS new what a dedicated fan you are and how you stick up for them threw thick and thin, you ROCK Rose!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose I don't know where my other comment went!

I just had to re post to make sure you new how fucken awesome you are!!!

MelenaS said...

Hi Rose, first time posting since you cleaned out the rif-raf that kept comming on your blog to contaminate it.
I love your thoughts, they are as true and real as Robert and Kristen. I don't get it, how can anyone hate on their sweetness. No denying what I see.
Thanks again Rose for keeping it real. MelenaS

LK said...

Summit: "Hey, Rob, since eclipse is making only $175 mil the first weekend instead of $180, why don't you and Kristen go together to see your buddy Sam? That will give the movie great PR!" Rob: "Oh, ok. I mean, Kris and I know that avoiding paps, and not talking about our private live is perfect PR. besides, this movie does need some extra talk, since it hasn't reached Antartica yet. As soon as they hear about a romance between K and I, they will surely buy more tickets!" Summit: "Yes. and while you're at it, please keep hiding with her, and taking vacays together for 2 more years. Since, you know, BD #2 will come out Summer 2012. Thanks Rob! You're such a great sport!" Rob: "You're welcome. I love being the studio's puppet, even though promos are over, and I'm filming a very important movie for Fox now, and don't respond to Summit anymore." *** Cue in mad laughter ***

This is from a poster from AT board.Thank God there are still few sane people with humor out there.She makes fun of the PR thing,that nutstens keep spewing around.

30yearoldtwifan said...

LK this is eve better LOL


Opytaylor said...

If these were men saying this crap, then I would like to meet them outside. But it's just stupid bitches who are jealous of Kristen. But I just assume not know this. Should have stopped reading the post.

Jam said...

Rose, you never fail to make me laugh.
When I have to setup job interview questions, there’s a section for behavioral questions. I so want to put in a question where the facts and pics are presented of R/K. If the candidate says it’s PR, then no way in hell would I hire that person. It’s mindboggling that there are so many idiots out there.

Anonymous said...

HA! Rose that is sooo frikkin funny! There is nothing else to be said. Except Kristen looks so tiny walking behind him...they are too cute! thanks Rose for a good laugh at the hyena's expense, even if theyre too filled with hate to see it. lol thanks

candy12 said...

The haters have been at this for a while now. They should be more……. (Searching my mind for the word)……. CREATIVE. I mean pie pr, 5 blondes in Robert's back pocket, secret baby Mama. These folks elevator does not go to the top floor.

Melinda said...

This post is another WIN!!! I mean it is so simple but haters just need something to foam about. As I have always said, it must suck to be that miserable!

I love the "game" angle R/K are playing now with the public. So not talking about your personal life equates to never stepping out together in public. Please that is the most asinine thing I've heard in awhile from them.

Let's see I guess J/Beyonce, Ryan/Scarlett, Harrison/Calista, Jen/Ben, and other private celeb couples are all playing games with the public as well because they don't talk about their private life but yet we see them having dates nights just like Rob and Kristen.

We sane fans love to see them when we do and love spreading around good vibes which I believe R/K have no problem with it. They would probably be amused actually since they are pretty sarcastic people.

I really do think overall that the haters are few in number compared to the rest of the online world. It is sad that they think it is entertaining to spread BS about people they don't even know. Glad I am not batting for that team!!

PS. For those of you who know about Sybil and her antics. I read a tweet recently where the person was wondering how she has so many followers. My take on it...since she has so many personalities I think her "followers" are some of her personalities. Anyone with me on that? Ha, Ha.

Melinda said...

Forgot to add in my other post...

Love, love, love Rob more for "taking the heat" from the paps when he and Kristen are together. I wonder how different the Sydney airport spectacle would have been if he had been there.

She is so tiny and they get right in their faces. If you look at other pap pics of celebs they are never that close. They keep their distance but with R/K all bets are off. I hate that for them.

Him taking the heat makes me think of one of my favorite quotes he has said about when you love someone and you take them to bed you want to give them more than just sex. These kinds of things are why I am "intoxicated" with him. It is more than his looks for me. It all the little things he reveals. I am not an obsessed fan just one who loves that he is so real (as is Kristen which is why I adore her).

He has shown that he is "protective" of what's his. He has obviously been taught well.

kristine.hills said...


You make me feel in peace! It's so good to read your blog, you have no idea!

You are SO RIGHT,RK give a f. what we think about them, but thank God we are just happy to see how HAPPY they are TOGETHER!

God bless RK!

XOXO from Brazil!

Hate heads you to nowhere!
Love gives you peace and hope!

I may not have this healthy and beautiful relationship RK have, but HELLmet it makes me so HAPPY bc there is real love nowadays!!!

kristine.hills said...

I have another point besides R wants to protect K(and i agree 100%) but if you remember in VC when they went to his friend's concert, one daughter of the b!tch called Kris names and Rob was p.
That's why he's always in front of her or beside her.Can you imagine people wanting to hurt the person you love?It doesn't matter if the insane are going to hurt her with actions or words, in the end every move they do hurts!

Rob is protective of K, and she deserves it.She deserves someone like Rob.They are just perfect for each other!

If we could hear what the paps are saying in those pics i bet we would make stone face too.HELLmet these paps are disgusting!


Sorry my poor English!

BRAZIL love RK and you Rose!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Rose!

I love it that Kristen has been embraced by the Britpack. She must be some kind of wonderful!

Happiness to Rob and Kristen!

jen said...

Great post rose!

Robert and kristen spend a HELL of a lot of time together.

And when you're that young and that beautiful and that hormonally fueled, you don't hang out to play gin rummy together.

Bitches, please!

They hang out cause they LIKE eachother and have feeling for eachother. Cause the WANT to spend time together. Cause they are attracted to eachother.

This isn't rocket science, people.

Hot girl + Hot guy + mad chemistry = non-gin-rummy playing

deb said...

Melinda I totally agree with you about Rob being very PROTECTIVE of Kristen didn't she say that she was scared of the fans look what happen to her on the red carpet SO you know that Rob is going to be a lot more protective now. I'M glade that he is. It only shows me that he is truly a good and loving boyfriend And she is ONE LUCKY GIRL to have HIM.And one more thing I LOVE THE ROBS QUOTE SO true so true. Thanks again DEB.

Tarra said...

I so love reading your blog as well. It is refreshing, funny, lyrical and full of common sense and logic. We just entered the month of July and already we Robsten fans are being treated to a surprise movie theater visit and now to a concert. Are we witnessing Rob's wish to date come true? I hope so, he and Kristen deserve to live and act like a normal, in love dating couple. I have a sense that we maybe seeing more of these two out and about. I like the fact that they know how to do under the radar really well but that should not be the norm. They are young and should be able to have fun.

Ann said...

I have to just say this- I fucking love you!!!! I love your posts and most times i am laughing so hard- i am in danger of pissing myself!
The PR nonsense is so old already- are people really that dumb/blind?
And you are so right- Rob & Kris don;t give a shit about what anyone thinks- so get over it! If you are a fan or either one of them or both of them- be happy for them!

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being repetitive to everyone else, I F**king LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you too! Another awesome post!

SueBee said...

It is damned scary at the AT boards. So happy to be here instead!

Feelin' the loooooove.

Lisa said...

Rose, you've outdone yourself! I don't read any of that hate.. It really has become beyond ridiculous! I mean, R & K cannot show anymore unless they came out and said "yes we're together" or let pops take pics of them making out.. Which is NOT going to happen.. WHY do ppl hate them being together so much? I just don't get it! :(

deb said...

Lisa I hear ya I don't know why they want to hate on some one they don't know what has Rob or Kristen ever done to them to make them HATE them so much?I really don't get it.All I see is two actors making movies for US to enjoy They get up early go to work and work for who know how long to make a movie WE all would like to see GO through all kinds off HELL FOR US and this is what they get HATERS out there hating them WHY I ask If you are a fan of either one of them then why do you want to hate them are you not a fan?If you are a fan of Kristen then be happy for her and if you are a fan of Rob be happy for him IS THAT SO HARD? Sorry so long I just cant stand all the hate on two people who i love and im happy for . DEB

Carly said...


really awesome article about RK and them being "just friends" funniest thing I read in a long time (beside your posts, Rose ;)

and you are right. its Kristen. its always been Kristen

the PR and JF excuse are laughable, have been for a long time. just like all the other excuses. but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, right? and teh TomStu hating Kris? really? she hangs up with Rob and his friends so much. why would any of them subject to the company of something they dislike? well, my guess would be, because they dont. they like her. maybe they like her simply because she makes Rob happy. maybe they like her because she is awesome. whatever the reason, she seems to be a honorary mamber fo teh Brit Pack. and its just cute IMHO

spot on as always. beautiful words as always. pretty pictures as always. Rob & kris together. as always :D

LK said...

Ok,girls!Do you want a new laught?The crazies have a new blonde wannabe Rob's gf,actress.Sophie Monk!!!She supposably gave a radio interview and said that she met Rob in a party and he went to her and said"hi,i'm Rob".Maybe he did it,just to be polite,but the crazies yelling that he wanted a date!!!lol

After TR,we have SM.What's next?Nutstens are out of control.They need therapy!

PS.That SM looks like a blonde Megan Fox.Kinda slutty.

Anonymous said...

Another minute, another hour, another day.........Another blonde!
I really am embarrassed for the people who spew this nonsense. They come off as so pathetically desperate.


Rob said RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING ....."KRISTEN WAS THE ONLY REASON HE AUDITIONED FOR TWILIGHT"..There is video of it somewhere.... xoxo Jamie

p.s. Rose I LOVE reading your blog, because it's like what you're saying is coming right outta my own thoughts....

Anonymous said...

They can keep churning out as much rubbish as they want.
Robert Pattinson will still be with Kristen Stewart!

Anonymity, unfortunately gives some people the ability to display their asininity in abundance.

Vanessa said...

LOL...what is PR...I really don't get it!!! TeamRobsten

Anonymous said...

The whole Tom hates Kristen thing. They honestly wish he did, so they'd have someone on their side to hate and disapprove of Kristen. It's like if Rob's Mom came out today and said she hated Kristen and didn't think Rob's dating choice was right, haters would jump for joy. They would have someone finally on their side.