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Friday, July 9, 2010

Robert and Kristen- He Moves... She Moves.

The trailer for "Welcome to the Riley's" was released.
It looks SO good.
I love Kristen.
And I truly love James Gandolfini.
I mean... who doesn't love Tony Soprano?
He's a brilliant actor.
I can't wait to see them together in this movie.
I've read the script...
It's going to be great.

And look at what they did to our gorgeous girl.
Her flawless skin... her beautiful eyes.
They made her look like a stripper.
One of the things I adore about Kristen...
is she's not all caught up in her own beauty.
She's not afraid to cut her hair...
Or look less than glamorous for a movie role.

I. Can't. Wait.

That movie BETTER be shown somewhere near me.

One more thing...
In a recent interview
(I think it was on Lopez)
Kristen commented that Summit offered her
a lot of money to NOT cut her hair for The Runaways.
She turned it down.
She cut it anyway.
She did what she wanted to do.
Does Kristen seem like the kind of girl who would
let a studio DICTATE her personal life?
She doesn't let them tell her what to do
with her hair...
But is willing to let Summit (PR!)
control her personal relationships for years?

Do you see that thing over there 
It's a fucking clue.
Get one.

*All HB pics are from Robstenation*
So many Harpers Bazaar outtakes.
So much anger.
Haters cannot STAND to see pictures of Robert and Kristen.
Where he's staring at her...
Touching her...

She's holding him...
Leaning into him...
Owning him.

Rob seems to like to touch Kristen's face...
He does this before he kisses her in New Moon and Eclipse...
Something that comes naturally?
It definitely looks like something he's done before.
Many times before.

 I close this post with a picture of Robert.
And my day is complete.

There has been a lot of bullshit about
Robert and Kristen.
As usual.
But it's pretty obvious what is going on here.
Everywhere Kristen goes... Robert is there too.
Simple really.
I would love to see a little PDA...
But its not going to happen.
(Or... is it?)
They hate the Paps.
They are not going to give them ANYTHING.
So you will continue to see snippets of their lives...
Walking to cars.
Walking through airports...
But always together.
"Like magnets... He moves... she moves"

"He’s intelligent, he’s modest, and - 
whatever anything else people say about our relationship -
he’s my best friend."
Kristen Stewart on her relationship with Robert Pattinson.

Isn't it cute how people always refer to their partner...
as their BEST friend?

That would be a double *PUSH*

Bye for now


Caroline said...

Oh Rose...what can i say? You are always right...and i wait for your blog every day; i don't know, relax me...
I can't wait to see WTTR....can't wait...
I heard some rumors that Rob go to a country show, and the lady who was singing dedicated a song for Kristen...i wonder she was there with him, if he really went there... But i like to think then together, out and about...in love!
And anyone know when Kristen is going to Montreal?

Love, Carol.

Bex said...

awesome post today.

i honesly don't know what the haters have to cling to now.

if they happened to get caught by the paps, its for PR and somebody called them. YA RIGHT. everytime one of the brit pack has a show in LA the paps hang out there with hopes that Rob and Kristen will show up. I'm pretty sure they were swarming the back door and the front door so where else could they exit from without getting caught?

i don't understand why the psychos hate on kristen so much (and why some hate on Rob too).. it must take a lot of energy to be so angry all the time.

jen said...

That was such a good point rose about her not even listening about cutting hair, yet she lets them control her entire personal life.

I never thought of it that way.

But yes, she's hardly one to be told what to do. Both her and Robert actually.Robert's cut his hair in the past too when he wasn't supposed to...lol

WWTTR looks so good. I"m a huge melissa leo fan, what a great experience for Kristen to be able to work with two great actors like them.

Anonymous said...

hi rose....
as usual your post always so true, so spot on, and love it!...i rarely comment on your blog cause i thought your post always had represent my mind..and i'm person who couldn't describe a word to word like you rose, beside my difficulity a grammer in english... so i rather not comment in your blog if 'i had nothing to say' if you had describe a lot rose...and i've see WTTR trailer it's so sad drama film all the 3 cast broken people...and i hope WTTR not limited release, i want had a chance to appreciate kristen film outside twilight, since The Runaway not release in my country...and the pic rob in WFE set with the puppy so cute!!!, HB pic swoon, melt my heart as always...just ignore the hyena rose...the hyena are noisy as usual...keep 'PUSH"..LOL

Patricia said...

Well WFE is coming to an end and Kristen's leaving for Montreal any day now. I hope we get to see them together in the next few days. I know Bobby Long is playing this evening . So maybe.

Your right as usual about the way they move together Rose. LIKE MAGNETS ...VERY TRUE
Grazie for another awesome post. Those HB pictures are SO GORGEOUS... ...

I'm going to see 'Eclipse' for a fourth time. Looking forward to the meadow scene.


SueBee said...

Thanks, for making me smile, Rose. Do you think the haters are looking for the clue you were pointing at? LOL

LK said...

Haters will always believe what they want.There's no way they'll think different.They're crazy.Or stubborn.Or both.But who cares about them?They're not more than 50 people,who are making big noise.

Monica said...

Look forwrad to WTTR. The Runaways has been released in my city (thought in 4 theatres only), so I guess WTTR will be on big screen someday in my place.

I am not getting bored to repeat a million times that I LOVE KRISTEN STEWART, a true professional who is totally committed to her craft and a passionate person who lives her life to the fullest (the type of girl that Rob likes). ;)

Kristen always gives me some inspirations. Think about our lives. How many of us have been stucked in a boring job and on every working day you just look forward to the off duty time? It's really a blessing that one gets what you love to do and totally devote youself to it. Everytime I see how Kristen describes her excitement about her projects, I feel she ignites my passion for life. I'm still in my twenties but I sometimes feel life as an endless repetition. It's Kristen who keeps on delivering the message that we could follow our hearts, chase our dreams and ignore other things 'cause that are not important. I'm always kinda motivated by Kristen.

Sorry for a long entry. I'm a bit overwhelmed tonight and have become much more comfortable after getting this out of my chest.

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Rose. Lovely post. Spot on.... as always. :-D

I'm so stoked for WTTR. And I will drive to find it. I was fortunate enough to find The Yellow Handkerchief only forty minutes from my house. I had given up all hope of ever seeing it. And then like three months after I stopped trying to find it. I found this little theater within a theater and was browsing listings..... and lo and behold. The Yellow Handkerchief. It was amazing. If you didn't get a chance to see it.... when it comes out on DVD you must watch it. I LOVED it. Kristen was amazing. The movie was great.

Welcome to the Riley's looks even better than that. I can't wait. And I will find it. No matter how long I have to wait. :-D

*Suzy Q*

katy said...

Great poat as always.

Does anybody knows if Kristen alraedy left for Montreal?...I hope Rob goes with her...I think he finish filming Water for Elephants on July 19 as per Patrick Donaheu (he works at WFE)

His Tweet: stand corrected, looks like potential #WFE filming up thru the 19th? Not sure if that includes rousties or not.
11:03 PM Jul 6th via web

I also hope WTTR comes out here in Portugal.

As for the concert last night people are saying Rob went...I don't believe...he went

May said...

"He’s intelligent, he’s modest, and - whatever anything else people say about our relationship -
he’s my best friend."
Kristen Stewart on her relationship with Robert Pattinson.

Isn't it cute how people always refer to their partner...
as their BEST friend?

"Like magnets...He moves,you move."

Wiser words haven`t been spoken,bb. ;D <3333

Melinda said...

Read the title of your post today and immediately the song "Mysterious Ways" by U2 popped into my head. I think Kristen provides a little bit of mystery about herself. TMI is not always a good thing, imo.

Hope they enjoy as much time together as they can before she goes on the road if she hasn't already left. I am sure they will somehow work it out to not be apart for too long if history repeats itself.

Can't wait to see WTTR and WFE. Two great films with two great actors.

Rob in that outfit on set...good grief. He has definitely filled out and looks like a man should.

So the haters are called hyenas fittingly and they in turn call us cute and cuddly animals (sheep's and ducks). Goes to show they don't make a lick of sense.

On that note...quack, quack!

Anonymous said...

Aww Rose, that last quote was great! I was so freaked out that she cut her hair and dyed it black for the Runaways. I do hair, and that shit is hard to fix, especially when Joan Jett is such a strong, hard look and Bella is so soft. I cannot believe they are still screaming PR, I guess they got nothin else left. lol thanks Rose

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I love it!
Great point about Kristen. She was advised strongly to not cut her hair and was offered a lot of money to not do so BUT she went ahead and cut it. Definitely does not sound like someone who would let a studio dictate her personal life for several years. Just no way.

I got very teary eyed watching the WTTR trailer. I think I will be a bucket of tears when I watch it. But I wouldn't miss this movie. Rob said it was an amazing film and I am thinking I will feel the same.

Certain people will never stop with the bullshit. Don't know how they function with so much crap in their head! But, yes, it is obvious what's going on. And, I agree, we will continue to only get snippets of their life together. Their detest of the paps and not wanting to give them anything added to the fact that Rob and Kristen do not want to sell it. They want the privacy to enjoy their relationship in peace. I can see why they are so protective---as I said yesterday, there are a lot of crazy people out there.

olivia said...

Hi Rose,

"Like magnets... He moves... she moves"
<333 this quote!
Rob and Kristen are so meant to be together. There are so many lines in the book and movie that fit them in RL. When Bella's mom speaks these I have always taken it to be not only B & E, but also Rob and Kristen.

And in their own words, they both seem so "honest" with each other, and what they want in life, plus it appears that they truly are growing to "know each other" on the inside mentally and emotionally (as Rob says when commenting on the relationship in RM - but here I'm applying it to Rob and Kristen).

"He’s intelligent, he’s modest, and -
whatever anything else people say about our relationship -
he’s my best friend."

What a wonderful foundation to base a strong, loving relationship upon.

Suzy Q, I'm so glad you liked TYH. Kristen rocked that film along with Eddie, Maria, and William. It is such a quiet, beautiful film. I too was able to see it several hours away; that's where I will probably have to go to see WTTR. It is was well worth the trip.

Thank you Rose for the lovely moments each day.
Take care,

sarah said...

"He’s intelligent, he’s modest, and -
whatever anything else people say about our relationship -
he’s my best friend."

This was for some interview of kristen????

olivia said...

Sorry, one more bit,
AW.....just read this and had to share:

Rosie the Elephant on her twitter from WFE set just tweeted that Rob is "dumbstruck" with Kristen. So darn cute! Even Rosie sees and wishes to spread the love!

Believer Olivia

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning Rose......Well said girlfriend....I see your tuning in on our minds again.......do you have ‘special’ powers and can read our thoughts or something.....You pluck our imagination and read our minds....Kristen on Lopez...EXACTLY what I thought.....Aint No $$$$$ going to make Ms Stewart do what she doesn’t want......that sums it up in a nut shell don’t it!!!!!
That pic of Rob holding Kristen’s jaw line......Those hands of his always seem to grasp my attention ...well usually his face does first ...but those hands come in second for sure....you can just see the delicacy of his touch and those EYES just melting at the sight of his "BEST FRIEND".....a picture tells a thousand words....and this is'nt any different.....

formerly: louisafrmdwnunder

sollee said...

rob and kristen have this mutual respect of each other as evident from the interviews they've had..that's what makes any relationship solid..having love and mutual respect and considering your partner as your bestfriend..

and i also love the WTTR trailer!!!

deb said...

LOVE your post Rose its so true you said it all I cant wait to see WTTR and Im glade that kristen is doing some good movies As for our man Rob i'll go see him do anything because hes good at doing anything Rose Im so bad I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT you have to say every day and today I was at the hosp.my daughter had Her baby (a girl) and I wanted to come home and see what you had to say Im glad I got to do both Love ya Rose thank you And Louisa havent seen you in a while glad to see ya DEB.

olivia said...

Happy grandbaby Deb.
Best wishes of joy and happiness to you and your daughter. Life is good and beautiful!

Melinda said...

Congrats Deb- what's her name?

Louisa- glad to see you back in the fold. We have been wondering where you were lately.

SueBee said...

Congratulations, Deb!!!!

Kathy said...

What interview is that from where Kristen says Rob is her best friend? OMG, I LOVE that. It's SO honest and SO sweet. Nothing like being IN LOVE with your best friend. SO SWEET !!!!

deb said...

THANK YOU you guys her name is KADENCE 7lbs 1oz 19in T.O.B.12:40pm lots of black hair She has long fingers like Rob maybe she'll play the piano would be nice Thanks again love you guys your like family DEB.

Rapper said...

LOVE it, Rose!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Deb you are a NUNA [that what we call grandparents] hehehe.
I wrote late last night, explaining my absence but I will tell again...one of my children had a tournament 5 hours drive by car from home and there was hardly no reception....so I rarely tried to come on with you lot because it was to No avail.....Thanks Deb for missing me ....I was taken back with yours and Patty’s comments.....I am not going anywhere and if I do decide to leave you Lovely Ladies…. I will certainly give the respect and let you lovely ppl know.....that’s unless I get hit by a bus and didn’t get the chance to...That is......

Anonymous said...

You to Melinda I just saw your little comment....you are very thoughtful and Im realy lucky to have Blog friends who give a think of others...

Anonymous said...

WTF 'give a think'.....should be ...give some thought....lol
...to others!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Louisa - Happy to see you back on the block... glad things are going great.

@Deb CONGRATS!! A lovely granddaughter to welcome into this world. That is so special! Isn't it always amazing how seeing a new tiny life brought into this world can you leave you in awe and make everything else seem insignificant in comparison. One of the true wonders in this world. Congratulations!!!

@ Olivia. TYH - it was amazing. I can't find any information on the DVD release date.... do you happen to know or where I could find out? I tried IMDB... there was nothing listed.

*Suzy Q*

SueBee said...


Think nothing of it---One time my mother-in-law couldn't think of the word "thoughtful" so she called me "thinky!"

We all have our days! LOL

As a matter of fact, I keep having more and more of them!

Glad all is well with you!

SueBee said...

Suzy Q,

I searched for a dvd release date too from Amazon and it said a release date wasn't available yet.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to you Suzy Q &
SueBee.......for your

Lisa said...

You've done it again Rose.. Although you always do! LOL I love it's so peaceful here now.. I read no hate whatsoever! There is just no reason to argue with them. In my mind, there had been no doubt for a very long time. However, in the last month or so they've (or other ppl) have done everything but said 'yes we're a couple' or kissed for the camera (unless you could MTVMA's! LOL) Which they're not going to do.. So, the only reason the non's, haters, hyena's can go on is being delousional! Thinking that somehow, someway if R & K aren't together, they have a chance.. So whatever, dream on! LOL

Happy week all!

Lisa said...

Forgot to say, CONGRATS DEB! It's the greatest thing in the whole world! :)

deb said...

Thanks lisa I think Im going to go to bed been up 17 hours have to go see baby tomorrow. Night ya all and Thank you all again :) DEB.

Patricia said...

Congratulations on your granddaughter.
God Bless her. I love her name. I have three grandchildren, but only one granddaughter. Little girls are so special. Enjoy. Love to you and your family and especially your daughter (WHO DID ALL THE WORK)

I'm glad your back. We missed you.

Anonymous said...

A few of you lovely ladies are already grandmothers....have you noticed....oh my... I think I have a few yeares yet as my eldest is 18 almost 19 yo.....there you go...thats something i didnt realise before...that you are a touch older than myself....I always thought I was one of the older ones contributing 'A daily dribble' lol.....

olivia said...

Dear Suzy Q,
I also have not been able to find the DVD release date info for TYH. It will be one that I will add to my library and share with others. I am passing around RM to friends at work right now.

( I also am pushing the top end of the demographics but with style and grace I will add - 39 for the 21st time : ), my beautiful young one is 31. I so enjoy watching Rob and Kristen, cheering their successes and happiness as if they were sweet ones of my own or one of the thousands of teens that I have worked with over my many, many years.
I want to believe that there is an enormous community of us that derive a selfless sense of happiness and pride in seeing Rob and Kristen live their lives with maturity, dedication, and staying true to themselves. And of course, seeing them happy together. How much better can it get!
Oops, I went on too much. Sorry.
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get the Runaways on DVD. :) And I really can't wait to see WTTR.

Carly said...

WTTR is that kind of movie I wouldnt look at twice if it wasnt for Kris. Im still not 100% sure I want to see it. but I probably will. because its Kris. and I kinda love Melissa Leo.

oh, the HB outtakes. in a way I can understand why they didnt release them earlier. because those are the kinda pics that could cure impotency and restore world peace. and they just look so incredibly intimate. especially the batch with him caressing her face <3 and the motorbike one? yeah, I think smug doesnt even begin to cover it :D not that I blame her

I love the title and I so agree with it too

I just saw Eclipse for the second time and I have to say that my favorite scene from the movie is the You'll always be my Bella moment. its flawless. and I love it almost as much as I love your blog. and I love your blog almost as much as I love Rob & Kris. and I love them a lot ;)

TIKisokA said...

"He’s intelligent, he’s modest, and -
whatever anything else people say about our relationship -
he’s my best friend."
Kristen Stewart on her relationship with Robert Pattinson.

awwww! she said this? what interview/article? can someone send me the link? twitter.com/tikisoka
appreciate it!

lovely post as always
robsten = like magnets =P