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Friday, July 23, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge


Going through a bit of a dry spell here...
Which is really good.
Good for Robert and Kristen.
Actually, it's kinda good for everyone.
A nice breather between Robert overloads.

But of course...
Whenever Rob and Kristen are apart
Even though it is WORK related...
The bullshit drama is never far behind.

So there have been a few interviews out the last couple of days...
Extras on movies...
Foreign publications.
I always find it interesting what people like to focus on.
You can immediately tell if someone likes Kristen
by what they post... and by what they omit.

And lets just get this straight... OK?
I don't care if someone likes Kristen or not.
I'm not a Kristen (or Robert) Nazi, chasing people down
who don't feel the same way about her that I do.
You don't have to like her.
It's your choice.
It's the HATE that gets ridiculous.
Making blogs and boards for the sole purpose of hating her?
Post after post calling her names
Ripping her to shreds...
People who get personal and start howling
"Fuck you, bitch!"
At a girl they don't even know?

Those people are the Hyenas.
The Haters.
And yeah... you might say that I hate on Hyenas...
But do I really?
I say they are delusional, flea-bitten scavengers... yes.
But just WHO is a Hyena?
I've never actually called anyone a hyena personally.
I don't have to name names 
People come to their own conclusions
The funny thing is people THINK I'm talking about them...
They assume that they are in fact... a hyena.
Am I the only one who finds that HILARIOUS?
I don't have to point a finger at anyone...
They point their own fingers at themselves!

You know who you are.

OK... Here's an interview from an extra from Eclipse, Sabrina Frank.
She was playing the part of Rosalie's friend Vera...
The part was cut.
In an interview with GLAMOUR (Germany) she had very nice things to say
about Rob & Kristen & her experience on the 'Eclipse' set.


Glamour: Did you meet Robert personally?
Sabrina: Yes, I sat with two times with him in the mask. That was altogether a very calm and really pleasant situation. I also met Kristen. I respect Robert and Kristen and the job they do and am very grateful that I got to know them.

Glamour: Did you feel Robert & Kristen were arrogant?
Sabrina: It is surprising that the actors who had more minor roles in "Eclipse", I met with a much greater arrogance, as Robert and Kristen. Some people did not even shake my hand or looked at me in the eyes. That was all very superficial. Kristen and Robert on the other hand looked at me very interested, shook my hand and listened as I spoke. I found them very enjoyable and authentic, very different than you expected.

Glamour: At that time so the rumor bubbled to an affair of the two, you see something like this?
Sabrina: No. I only saw them once together on set and I love that they were very professional. as they cuddle on set or would kiss or something.

What do we gleam from this interview?
I don't know.
That Rob and Kristen were very kind and friendly to her...
And she saw them cuddle or kiss...
On set.
The translation is a bit to be desired.
If you don't want Kristen and Rob together...
You jump on 'professional' and 'on set'
If you are a believer?
You just smile at "cuddle" and "kiss"

There was another interview where Rob was talking about eating healthy.

In Los Angeles I started using a delivery service which only delivers fresh and healthy food, Pattinson, 24, tells German newspaper Sachsische ZeitungEven in the morning I have a bag with healthy food delivered to me. I’ve never in my life lived as healthy as I do now.”


Robert, who lives a vagabond lifestyle because of his hectic work schedule, says there's no place he can call home right now.
"My home consists of three suitcases which I live out of," he says. "Everything is in there.
Unlike fitness fanatic Taylor Lautner, who works out nonstop and eats every two hours to stay buff, Pattinson is less concerned about weight and more about convenience.
“Of course I miss homemade food, but I’m on my own or on the go most of the time," Rob admits. "And I can’t cook myself. I only just manage to make some toast. I don’t seem to have the genetic endowments for it. I’m incapable to tell what tastes good and what doesn’t.”

See... that's all well and good.
We've all seen the Toast comment and the suitcase references...
Makes it look like Rob is completely on his own
But a few sites omitted the following part of the interview...
Hmmm. Wonder why?

Fortunately, Robert's girlfriend, Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, is a great cook whose hobby is baking pies and watching the Food Network.
"I like making pies," Stewart, 20, has said. "I have a bunch of fruit trees in my backyard. My loquat tree sprouted, and I like making loquat pie. They're really hard to peel and everything, and it took me forever, but they make the best pies. They're amazing."

It all becomes a bit clearer now... yes?
'Robert's girlfriend, Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart'
I get it.
I can see why you wouldn't include that tidbit.
 *wink wink nudge nudge*

Robert is SMITTEN with Kristen.
Smitten: Very much in LOVE

When you look up the word in the dictionary...
There should be any number of pictures of Robert
looking at Kristen JUST this way...




This post was brought to you by the letters P and T
That would be for a
and a

There was a pic of Reese Witherspoon with her 
beautiful daughter taken yesterday...
it said "while on a break from filming Water for Elephants on Thursday (July 22)"
Made me wonder where Robert is...
And Kristen.
Do they both have a nice long weekend off?

Let's add a 


Bye for now


LK said...

I;m one of those who are happy with the lack of news.That means that both Rob and Kristen have peace.And that makes me happy for them.It's summer,everyone is on vacation,so i think it's good to slow down a bit with our R/K obsession.

About those interviews.I don't care about them at all.I didn't read that girl's interview and i think that Rob,sometimes says things that he doesn't mean to.And then he forgets about them and says something else.He has said many times that he doesn't want to give the same answers to the journalists and he comes up with new.

twilightbabez said...

Rob has no schedule since in WFE since Wednesday . It was Hal on the set as old Jacob. I wonder where is Robert now *wink* *wink*

prajitha said...

Making blogs and boards for the sole purpose of hating her? are you kidding me....i know some people hate her..but this is extreme ....i am literally having a heart attack

Anonymous said...

With that rough translation things get easily lost.

Sabrina: No. I only saw them once together on set and I love that they were very professional. as they cuddle on set or would kiss or something.

The original German quote:
Nein. Ich habe sie nur einmal zusammen gesehen und schätze sie als viel zu professionell ein, als dass sie am Set schmusen oder sich küssen würden oder so.

--> Better translation: No, I only saw them together on set once and I think they're way too professional to start cuddling and kissing on set.

Thought I'd share. Love your blog, Rose! :)

LK said...

I was lurking at Kristen's IMDb 2 days ago and you can't imagine how many lunatics were posting hateful threads about her.It's disgusting.One of them was wishing her die like a dog!!!!It's mind-blowing how many psychos are out there.No wonder she's everywhere with security.

deb said...

Rose how do you do it.I to read the interviews and know people well think what they want.I hate YES I said hate it when I hear how people say mean and hateful things about Kristen I want to take her and just hold her I know that Kristen is a STRONG WOMEN but it is still scary to think that someone out there would want to hurt you and I know that they say its only people talking saying mean things BUT MEAN THINGS HURT.IM just glad that she dose have Rob to hold her and kiss her to help her feel better They are very good actors and I can see them having a long job in making movies for WHO -US- thats who and Rob looks better Im glad he is eating health food THANK ROSE Like you said WHERE IS ROB and Kristen WINK WINK,NUDGE NUDGE. DEB.

Patricia said...

Grazie for the true translation. Talk about 'Lost in translation' that would be an understatement. That's why I take these interviews and translations ( with a grain of salt)....

Rose: I've said this many times to you. "You are AWESOME" ! 'Spot on again'...I think these boards that hate on Kristen should be reported and taken down. Freedom of speech is one thing, but these are threats and sick ass holes writing these things. Shame on them. Karma people, KARMA.

I miss Rob and Kristen. For all we know they're together right now. They both have a few days off. I hope so. ROBERT LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROBERT...

Grazie for another insightful post Rose.

Carly said...

Im trying to stay as far away as possible from teh hate. sometimes is kinda easy, other times its really really hard

about the "hyenas" I guess in this case if the shoe fits ... I wish hyenas were a hypotetical group of people we (or better said you) invented. unfortunately they are very very real. and very very loud :(

I really love the first foto you posted, the picture of melancholy

no news means peace for RK and that makes me happy. but I still miss them

oh, and I so agree about teh dictionary thing. if someone wanted me to expain what love, adoration, smitten looks like, what it means, I guess I just showed them a pic of Rob looking at Kris. or of Kris looking at Rob. or of them looking at each ohter

*twirl you later*

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a breath of fresh air!!! I have been to the other websites/blogs and I honestly do not believe I have ever seen so much hate in my life...it just doesn't make any sense how people can dislike someone so intensely, when they don't personally even know the person. Thank you so much for your positive and fun updates on all things Robsten...Keep up the awesome work!

May said...

*PUSH* indeed. Something tells me reunion is in the works as we speak. ;D ♥

Bex said...

Once again, great post Rose.

Do you know something we don't about where R/K currently are?? ;-)
Please do tell if so...

SueBee said...

I've had the phrase "or is she?" rattling around my head since yesterday.

Rose, do you know a little extra something something or are you taking a deserved poke at the hyenas?

So not my business if they snuck away somewhere but then again, I wouldn't be here if I didn't care. :o)

As for the interview with Rob about food--if he answered-- "No, I don't cook at all but Kris feeds me very well." He would be admitting to something he said he didn't want to sell.

Imagine the hysteria if he said "I eat her pie all the time! Yummy!"

Anywayyy, it really is all about perception. If you edit out a few choice lines, the tone of the article completely changes.

As for the German article, even with the translation, I took it that "Vera" only saw Rob and Kris while working and that they were cordial to her but very professional while on set. Not seeing the big deal there.

The problem with droughts like these is that speculation concerning their relationship starts to get a little more creative.

Many negative "fans" subscribe to the Out Of Sight Out of Mind theory. If they aren't directly breathing the same air then there must be trouble in paradise.

There is also the How Could They theory. I attach this one to the "fans" who think How could Rob go out to a concert without Kristen? How could Kris go out bowling without Rob? How could they go out without each other if they are dating????

Ridiculous. Seriously ridiculous.

I could go on and on with theories but you all get my meaning.

I've rambled so much that I can't remember my original point! LOL

Carly said...

oh, and Isabella, thanks for the original quote

in a away its even better

Lisa said...

Great post Rose.. You see it so clearly, correctly.. I just don't get how others don't!!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

First let me say, I love your blog, and I look forward to them every day. I miss Rob and Kris like crazy and my mind starts playing tricks on my when they are out of touch for so long---doubts start setting in, even though I know in my heard they are together. That is why I look forward to your blog to keep my head on straight. I don't understand how people could hate Kris the way they do, and the horrible things they say about me really make me sick. They do not know her. I don't know her, but when I look at her I see the most beautiful, sweetest girl I have ever seen. Is the hate all because she loves Rob and Rob loves he? I wonder if they have ever thought how Rob would feel if something bad happened to Kris? It makes me cry just thinking about it, and I wish there was something we could do. Please don't ever stop your blog -- I wish I could talk to you. Thank you.

Kat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kat said...

Wake up and smell the coffee. Kristen doesn't love Rob. She never looks at him the same way he looks at her. The sooner you see it the better.

Trish said...

OMG Rose i love your post today!

Love the pics and everything..and the words that go along with them.

I was kinda suprised to hear some of the other twilight stars treated that girl that way...once again R and K give us a more reason to love them!

Hopeful for a reunion soon and Rose, "Made me wonder where Robert is...
And Kristen.
Do they both have a nice long weekend off?"
Hmmm. you know somethinh Rose,SPILL!

Anyway cant wait to see a huge reunion the question is when?..we'll have to wait and see.

@ Kat...where is your proof??? have you seen the pics..especially the eclipse premiere..and the way Kristen was smiling...none of us knows what goes on behind the scenes so it is advised not to say anything as such.

P.S. Rose, delete as you see them!!! LOL *ahem, ahem*

Have a great one folks!

katy said...

kat...same goes to you...wake up and smell the coffe...are you blind, at what pictures have you been looking, Kristen looks at Rob the same way.

Lack of news about means Rob and Kristen are at peace...and that makes me absolutely happy.

Love your post

Melinda said...

Having a moment of quietness at my cabin and decided to "drop" in.

Another great post as always. Hopefully if they aren't together right now somewhere then it will happen soon.

I stopped going to any site that is pure BS gossip for the main reason that I was getting so tired of all the BS that people spread. I am much happier now that I am not surrounded by so much foam. Plus since R/K hate the paps and gossip sites as a fan I don't want to give any of those sites "hits".

As for "Kat" that posted a comment, I have no patience for stupidity and BS so I am choosing to ignore it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day. Maybe we will get lucky soon with a little R/K tidbit.

Melinda said...

@ Isabella

Forgot to add thank you for that translation.

Actors even when they are a couple should act professional when filming together. Respect as an actor should be earned and I really think Rob and Kristen take it seriously.

Tiziana said...

Hi, read the post today and have to say this:

you quoted a sentence that was wrong translated, I have that mag here, it's german.....

The actress (Sabrina Frank, a casting show winner) said this:
"I saw them only one time together and R+K seemed too professional to kiss or cuddle on set"
original quote:
("Ich habe sie nur einmal zusammen gesehen und schätze sie als viel zu professionell ein, als dass sie am Set schmusen oder sich küssen würden")

she saw Robert twice, said HI and that was it....(and she did say that some actors in minor parts were quite arrogant, ok, not important here...)
here is the original quote for those who speak german here:
("Ja, ich saß mit zwei Mal mit ihm in der Maske.
Erstaunlich ist, dass die Schauspieler, die eher kleinere Rollen in "Eclipse" hatten, mir mit einer viel größeren Arroganz begegnet sind, als Robert und Kristen. Manche haben mir nicht einmal die Hand gegeben oder in die Augen gesehen. Das war alles sehr oberflächlich.)

then you quote the "Sächsische Zeitung" (this is a very very tiny newspaper and obviously they quoted the german INSTYLE mag , out today)
where Rob said :
1) that he lives in 5 hotels in LA changing them every time the paps discover him (this interview found place at the 4seaons)
2)that that is the reason to NOT buy any house,(paps would find him instantly)
3)that he orders a "dell-service", bringing him 5 healthy meals each day in the hotel, so that he can avoid the room service cause he would eat every evening fried chicken(like he did in the past)

the part in the post:

"Kristen is a foodie"
is NOT in any interview at all, it's surely made up from the cooking show......some writer needed to fill the lines

Make out of it what you want...

LK said...

Please,girls,do not respond to those who are bashing Kristen(or Rob).It's what they want,some serious attention.Just skip their comments,they're just bored and want to stir the pot and fight.

MCarmen said...


I think you need glasses urgently!


Thanks for your daily input. It's a pleasure to read your blog.

There are so many things we don't know about Rob and Kristen.. and I don't want to know them either, I just need to know that they're in love and they're together.

I wouldn't mind either that they'd share some of their moments with us. Some PDA. Those delicious moments that put a big smile on our faces. Just this moments from time to time make my day.

FoamyRansom said...

@ Tiziana,

Thank you for clearing that up! Sometimes things get lost in translation here in the states and people can get easily confused with the misinterpretations.

Good to know that you are out there to help set the record straight on these stories and their true, original sources!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could make it a Drama Free Friday!! :(

Hi room.... Got bored last night and went to see Eclipse.... Again for the 10th time!!! I am really, really liking this movie. My husband likes it too.

Does anyone know who's going to be at the teen choice awards?? I heard Rob and Ashley? Also... I read on Spunk Ransom that Bel Ami is'nt going to be shown in Australia????? Whats up with that??

Sydney said...


I love the pictures you chose for this post. So pretty. Can't wait to see these two together again.

I wonder what the excuses will be when that happens? Well, we know the ineffectual PR angle. But there have recently been some folks here (whom I can see are clearly lurking here every day and post at the slightest hint one of their kind may be here to back them up), who also try to say that Kristen doesn't love Rob enough. As if they could possibly know that.

When they're spotted together again in Montreal, or wherever their reunion takes place, what will they say then? Rob visiting Kristen would certainly indicate she wants him there. Oh wait, there I go using logic again when the nonstens don't have any. Kristen flying across the world to see him several times certainly didn't seem to indicate to the learning impaired that she actually likes him and wants to be with him, so why would this be any different?

Rose, you seem to have a little insider information that is making the animals sweat. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot... I found this article kinda cute. Wonder if Rob knows about it!!


deb said...

SO ROSE they both have a LONG WEEKEND HUMMMMMMMMMM I dont think we well be seeing them for at lest the first 2or3 days/nights.making up for LOST TIME.But it would be nice if they would peek there heads out so WE(me) can just see how happy they are Because soon its off to work for both of them.You can tell people are bored Cant they just go bug someone else. DEB.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. No, you're not the only one that finds it hilarious. I do too!
I am a bad fan because I didn't see either of these "interviews" posted. To be honest, I don't pay much attention to foreign interviews. Too much confusion and non-accurate information can come out of them.
As far as Rob and Kristen being professional on-set. Never thought they were anything but. David Slade said they are very professional people. And much props to them that they take their jobs seriously and are there to work. Personal time is when they can really relax and be together.
And about where Rob is/was living. I don't see him changing hotels a plethora of times. Rob sometimes has his little anecdotes that he tells and I think this is one of them. (And I laughed at the thought of him having healthy food delivered to him all the time. He and Tom looked to be on a fast food run last weekend. LOL.)

If he is seeking privacy a house in a gated community is MUCH more private than staying in hotels and having to change them constantly. IMHO Rob has a home, whether he purchased or rented, where he stays the majority of the time. Hence, why there hasn't been many pap pics or sightings of Rob off-set in the months he has been filming WFE. He might stay in hotels at some point for convenience due to filming. But anyway, regardless of where he rests his head...it doesn't change that he's with Kristen.

And all the bullshit --- I Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. It is so much more enjoyable being ignorant to the stupidity, the immaturity, and the hate from certain people. These people need to create all this chaos because their lives are lacking something. I think what I think and they will not be changing what I see with my two own eyes.

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

How odd is must be to get picked apart for being happy. If the paparazzi were following me around, they would see that my hubby is at work. If we were celebrities, would they think we were on the outs?

When we were out the other night I talked to a male friend we've known for years. Would he be thought to be my new man candy?

Hubby and I forgot to hold hands on the way to the car too! *Gasp* Does that mean we are trying to distance ourselves from each other?

My point is this--I've been married for--well, a long time--quite happily too. Some people would say disgustingly so. We aren't famous, so we don't get picked apart.

What's important to remember is that only the people in a relationship can honestly say what is going on in said relationship.

We can speculate (and trust me, I'm guilty, I do!) but when it comes down to it, only R and K know the details.

Just because we don't see him grab her, throw her up against a wall, press himself into her and kiss his way--sorry, imagination got away from me-- doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

If I weren't in a relationship, I would deny it. If R and K were in a relationship (they are) don't you think they would keep their cards closer to their chests? Rob has been waiting for her and Kris gave up a long term relationship to "hang out" with him.

Even without giving us anything, they have managed to give away so much. Trust me, a healthy 20 year old girl doesn't fly acrossed the world just to play a game of Parcheezi with her buddy.

It's not in the touching but in the trying not to touch where anyone can see it.

I can present my case until your eyeballs roll back in your head but it is what it is.

Let's enjoy the happy, hmmmm?

Trish said...

"These people need to create all this chaos because their lives are lacking something. I think what I think and they will not be changing what I see with my two own eyes."

Amen! Rootsie! Amen!..the keyword here ladies is to Ignore!!!

Carly said...

ignorance is a bliss *happy sigh*

SueBee: I so love you comments. and this one was super good. you nailed it with every single word

and Rootie? I very much agree with you on the house situation. Im sure he has a permanent place somewhere, big, small, rented, bought, whatever, but a place to hang his hat (or beanie) nevertheless

deb said...

SueBee YOU are so right girfriend And i think that Rob is to much of a GENTLEMAN to display his love for kristen on the streets To me they are both very down to earth people who dose NOT want to cheapen there relationship not like alot of other HW couples do now days. To me thay want to keep WHATS THERES (THERES.S0 They do show us what they want us to see and not any more This is one reason why I do love these 2 so much. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Top of the morning to ya ROSSSSSSSEEE...Its da weekend for me FOLKS......Come on Rose 'spill'...you have sorta been dangling bait by a string the last couple of days, NOW.....Give us a taste or an inkling of what you have come across......I think you owe us that......heheh

@ sane4once "WHAT" you're kidding me NO WAY!!!....I’m already dreaming about those scenes...Please tell me "you’re joking" please pass on the link....

‘No news is Good news’....I'm not sure if this applies...But if it does...I suppose it means...This is another example of "them being better at hiding"!!! And if that’s the case......I'm happy for them....

Today’s viewing....I found this one last night ladies...I wanted to post it then...BUT..Held back for today’s viewing.....'I can’t flood the market'...
[A Quote from Mr. Robert Pattinson]
I love that quote from him...hehehe






This is one of my “Favs…..


BTW..this is only for "entertainment Purposes...
Not to mislead you..In any way..shape or form....That there Is or Is'nt such a thing as ROBSTEN....
I thought I'd clarify this ...as in the past...Someone [no names mentioned] think that this is the sole evidence or beleiving in them so!!!...."Its laughable"!!!! ..yes I know...but what ever rocks ya boat....

deb said...

Thank you Louisa i'v been waiting for my FIX hehehe Now to go watch them . DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee...I have the same occurrence as yourself...My Hubby and i have been together for quite some time....”Hel”! l I could count on my last 2 fingers the amount of time he displayed Public Affection, over the years....That means JACK...If you're shy that is one of the most logical actions to do...Not SHOW....Hey But when the doors are closed.....Well let’s just say POW!!!!Hehehe...’Oh that Kristen’...I reckon she has it mighty fine......w/o showing all those who want to have a PERV!!!!!Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Ya know I should pay more attention I before E.......

Anonymous said...

I came across this link that has posted great wallpapers..for those who are interested.....


Karen said...

Wow, Rose! I just returned from two weeks in London. So much to catch up on.

I agree with SueBee's comments, and
what Rootie said about Rob's living arrangements. That would make sense as to why the paps haven't been getting many pictures.
Good Lord, the man needs SOME privacy.

I absolutely love the banner, Rose. It's my absolute favorite picture of him. If I were 30 years younger....

beaculen said...

I hope they are getting to have some good quiet time together without the paps trying to get a picture. I love the pictures as much as anyone, but it must get old having to look over your shoulder all the time. I also have noticed that some websites try to slant the way an interview is presented to make it look they way they believe it to be...theyre together or theyre not. I mean look at US they're one of the worst. I wonder if Rob is aware of how much people hate on Kristen, I can't see how he wouldn't be. I bet he really hates that, he seems like a really nice guy and I can't imagine him being okay with some of the crap that's out there. Thanks Rose.

Rose said...

@Tiziana Thanks for the translation. I was pretty sure what I quoted was badly translated anyway. I think I said so in my post. It was all tongue and cheek... just showing how people who don't want to believe will grasp onto 'professional' and 'on set' and how believers will SMILE at 'cuddle' and 'kiss'. Nothing sinister.

To all the NONsense people who read my blog... and from what people have been telling me... it's quite a few. Heh.
I keep seeing that I said "NON***n said this and NON***n said that.
I make a point of NEVER writing the NON word.
So why do you assume I am talking about you? Do you think you are the only Kristen bashing site out there?

You come here and read my blog... and then go and say I was talking about YOU. Was I? Are you sure?

As for the 'Friend' thing with Rob and Kristen. Yes, they describe each other has good friends. But for some reason HATESTEN keep adding the word 'JUST' in front of it.
Quite a different take when you add JUST to friends... yes?
They haven't said they were 'JUST' friends in over a year, if ever.
Besides... you can be in love with your best friend. I am.

Final thought? I never said that Rob and Kristen were going on a 'magical' vacation. I just wondered where they were...

Anonymous said...

Rose...not sure if this applies to me..But I wasn’t insulating that 'they' where on a "Magical Vaca"...myself..."Just together perhaps"...hangin out... while K was working or is'nt at work???......I realize I don’t come across clear enough some times...But I can only defend myself....that was not the impression I got from your posts...

Another thing…..It seems someone has changed her tune????? Funny how we change the way we think??? 360 degrees I believe????

Rose said...

Louisa, I wasn't talking about you. I believe it was "KAT" who mentioned the magical vacation.

Who has changed their tune? You lost me.

Anonymous said...

lets just say
cheesy videos.....ring any bells???

Bex said...

ummm Louisa?? WTF are you talking about.. don't be cryptic just flat out say it.

Anonymous said...

Bex I just emailed Rose what I was talking about....and from which comment I base my cryptic conclusions.....I dont want to make others unwanted or uncomfortable....here on this site....So I have chosen to prove what my point is this way...hence the "crypticness"

Bren said...

There was something different about R/K when they came back from Budapest,(JMO) It seems as if everything got more serious between them...engagement, marriage, I can't put my finger on it, but suddenly Kristen comes back to LA and starts looking for a house. I knew it was for Rob because every new house she was shown (according to witnesses) she would call someone and tell them about it. Rob was still in London finishing BA.
Some mag ran a picture of the house they were living in, and said the house had cherrywood floors and a gourmet kitchen (who cooks?) In the pic it had a black suv parked outside, like the one Rob is always in. That same week b4 the article, Ted and another blog said R/K were shacking up. Now Gossip Cop who debunks all lies against Robsten never mentioned it.(as far as I know, anyway)
One last thing, the night of Jimmy Kimmel, Eclipse of the Heart special when Rob pulled out the Val-Pak coupons, as a joke and gave them to Peter. I remember thinking Rob must of picked up his mail on his way to the studio, and put it in his jacket. Then it hit me, he has to have a residence to receive a val-pak...I called my sister who works at the post office and asked her....she said val-paks go only to dwellings..(houses and apts)never to hotel or motel rooms....ok I have babbled enough....I guess the bottom line is I really believe they are totally committed and living together...

SueBee said...

Hmmm...I believe that I wrote that it wasn't my business if they snuck away together but I meant that IN GENERAL not as a confirmed fact.

Hope I'm not responsible for the hullabaloo.

Anonymous said...

Refer back to July 13th Tuesday comments
..Look at who was causing all the hoopla there.......There ya go I'm letting you know in a not-so-cryptic way...As soon as i saw the persons name in question...I thought of this post...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your quick response..IT JUST SHITS ME when those who are negative.... voice thier comments on a Pro Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart site and who have the gawl to say otherwise...not to mention "shoot the messanger"...That's all ...and ....That's it...

Patricia said...


I think your on to something. I think the necklace and the ring were a gift from Rob on her Birthday, and they went to the next level of their relationship. Because she didn't really care what people were saying and when he got back to LA everything changed and they were starting to be 'SEEN' together as a couple without admitting anything. The MTV Awards were another validation to everyone also. Then the producer of 'Twilight Saga' and David Slade came out with (THEM BEING A COUPLE). They probably DO live together when they are both in LA. And his friends treat her VERY SPECIAL, NOT JUST A GIRLFRIEND, BUT MORE.

What does everyone else think ??? Am I crazy???

dowlingnana said...

Hi All,
Well we made it thru all the tornado warnings last night, thanx Deb for the concern.
Now, as for today,
Thanx for the correct translations!
I had read the same on Robsten's FB page and knew they were being professional on set coz' like DS said from Eclipse, they always are.
SueBee: you're awesome gal!! What an insight, loved everything you posted.
Melinda: I agree!!
Rootsie: ur right on the fast food bit, lol.
I have to add too, that some people's opinions on relationships differ I know that, but, from past experience with my teens, you DO NOT stand/wait around for your bf or gf!! What I mean to say is you have to have your own life. My daughter with her first serious bf always waited around for him to call and it was WRONG. She gave up herself, even w/our warnings, and it ended up being destructive. I think too many young people today think that's the way it's suppose to be and that's one, only one mind you, of the reasons all this talk goes on w/R & K. And, just like some of the blogs I've read here from old and new mos. they sound like my 14 yr. old neice. Just today my neice was looking at my new People mag and commented "oh no" Jude Law has a gf and I asked her why she said that. A fan of someone does dream about the fact that her "star" is single so they can fantasize!! Too much of the problem today w/teens and older woman I am afraid. An older woman must have some problems in her life to obsess so badly. WEll, I'm done ranting for now. Good post as always Rose, thanx for each and every day!! Donna

dowlingnana said...

Patty and others that feel the same: I just got back on and read your "thoughts" and I can't explain it but I have felt strange in a while now myself that something is "going on" as well. Like R/K are more, hmmmmm. Interesting!! I have always got "feelings" as my kids were growing up and they can't believe how 99% of the time I am right!!

dowlingnana said...

Sry, another thought just came to me. At the Eclipse after party I had to admire Kris to take her "stand" and go to Rob's table. The same thing happened at NM and they placed her way away from his and I believe this time she took that stand and said she didn't care and was going to be with him, which she has the right, being they're truly together!! What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

Here is the thing...I personally base my opinions and conclusions on what I personally have experienced in what you would call "Half lifetime span". An expert by no means....So I maybe should desire to take back my above notions...Or might not....You see if you don’t know certain PPL [ R&K]…. personally. But Instinctively have a FEEL of what they are about...That in fact draws you to them....You don't BTW get draw to allot of PPL ..But the ones you draw with perhaps show you s/thing you have experienced in your lifetime....and you can relate to those on one level or another....I’m 'prob rambling...Oh well take it...as you will....
Bottom line....
You can see and I can see the "closeness" and "admiration" R & K have for one another....Not everyone can see this....even if you are an adamant fan [ Not Fanatic ...FAN]....It will come naturally to most...But Buggered if I'm going to try to make the ones who don't Believe...believe?????What makes sense to one.....doesn’t always make sense to others....
In Roses words...and I quote...
"Just showing how people who don't want to believe will grasp onto 'professional' and 'on set' and
"How believers will SMILE at 'cuddle' and 'kiss'. Nothing sinister
You are either one way or another…..Adamantly!!!

Patricia said...


THEY'RE POSTING ON TWITTER THAT ROB FLEW INTO MONTREAL YESTERDAY. Some radio station announced it. Yeeeeeaaahhh! If it's true. I'm going on a bunch of sights to check.


Bren said...


Thanks for the bulletin--I have to leave for a couple of hours....Plz post any info you can find......

Patricia said...

Okay it was announce on a radio station called Virgin96 that Rob flew in yesterday. I'm just being the 'messenger', but you guys know me. I don't usually say things for the hell of it. But it was on 5
different sight two from Montreal.

dowlingnana said...

Oh heck YES, I hope that's true!! Thanx Patty, will be alert for any new info!! Take that hatesters with a Push & Shove & Twirl.... I also wonder what else this could mean, hmmmmmm???? ;o)

Anonymous said...


This site claims that Rob has been seen in M...but also posts a really great pic of E & B....that mistakenly be taken as R & K...JS

Tarra said...

Rose, I always love reading your blog because you write from a place of sanity and deep appreciation no hate nothing but pure love. I browse through the AT boards and all you get for the most part is lies and hate. I've said this before it's so nice to come to a board/blog where the majority of people are R/K fans and supporters. I don't know if its true that Rob has made his way to Montreal but if he did I truly hope that he and Kristen can find a way to remain under the radar. If he isn't than I'm pretty sure they'll reunite at some point. I just hope that they're left alone. Ted can't go a day w/o finding a way to insert them into his column because he knows it will generate hits. The gossip mags know that throwing R/K on the cover will create an interest. I'm tired of seeing other people pimping them out for a mighty dollar.

Patricia said...

Everyone on twitter is saying the same thing. "They heard that Rob is in Montreal and got there yesterday".
The radio Station 'Virgin96' (Montreal radio station) reported it about 5 0'clock Montreal time. I guess we just have to wait and see. I hope it's true. I don't like spreading Bullshit. I'm just telling you guys what I read. I was so excited I kinda screwed up the message, on my first post about it, and my grammar was 8th. grade (DUE TO EXCITEMENT)...

I guess we'll know better tomorrow. Some people on Twitter asked not to report the location, so who knows????


deb said...

OK I left to go to my new grandbabys baby shower And I thought that was a good thing I come HOME and THIS IS what I see ROB is with Kristen WELL people Im cant get any happyer HO HELL YES What a good day for me today has been I love you girls.AND A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU DEB.

deb said...

OK Louisa dont know if you'll see this but I just saw this you mite have it already Its Robert Pattinson addicted and devoted I found this on Robsessed biog.Hope you can fine it if you dont have ITS a good ... BUT THEY ALL ARE GOOD. DEB.

deb said...

CALL me a ass the name of the video is Darts of Pleasure SORRY about that With all this good news I cant think more less type DEB.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room!!

Wow, I just read all the comments today... geesh! I just wanna say something and get it off my chest. I adore the majority of Rose's blogs, she's funny, witty, smart, finds damn good pics of our man and is a great writer. I truly enjoy coming here to see what she's gonna say... except for days like these. There is so much drama and tit for tat, hyenas said this and that... it makes my head spin. I cant help but wonder if the drama gets spilled over to the comments as well!! I believe in Robsten....am I good friends with the couple who told me? NO... and neither is Rose or anyone else, just our observation of them... The non believers just want more proof then us, so be it... who cares!! Do you think Rob and Kristen are worried who believes and who doesnt? Why should we.... They are probably laughing there asses off at all this drama created around their personal life! Talk about hyenas chasing their tails(tales)... we are too!!

Here's something that will make everyone smile alittle....


enjoy and happy weekend!!

wig4usc said...

I don't care if people agree with me...us...on this topic or not. As long as they treat people with respect, I'm OK. No reason to say hateful, ugly things, but I don't need people to see things as I do. I do enjoy coming here, though, I'm like-minded and enjoy my theory that these two interesting people are together. I'll say this much, I would be thrilled to have someone like Rob with picture after picture looking at me as you see him look at Kristen! ;)

olivia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Good morning, missed you all yesterday.
Only just now read the few words here on comments about a possible Rob sighting at the M. airport. Oh my, I hope, hope, hope that is true. It would be lovely if Rob and Kristen could have some private time together in Montreal. No pictures needed, just hope it happens.

I like how this fan vid uses the comment by Rob about "absence in a relay is a good thing". Enjoy with your morning coffee or tea.


(Hope this link works; I was having trouble getting it right.) If anything appears after the letters ZM, such as feature,embedded, just delete before you go to the site.

Believer in Rob and Kristen,

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

rose, I love the way you put everything in words. Hoooo-Yaa Rose! Keep it up! Drill some more sense to those coconuts who have made hatin' as their core of existence.

This morning I got into quite a fix, fighting with morons about an article of Rob in HL. I robbed them with a pound of salt by providing them the link on Slade's revelation on Robsten. Its quite a fun, actually hahaha!! What can I say.. I have more loads of ammunition. Peppering those haters with robsten's links would be quite an adventure!

oh!..just drop the crap. Will you? Bet you're frothing right now in the mouth! Hooha? Just get over it!...or would you like to be peppered with links as well? Have you seen that meadow scene? Bet you did! Now, jealous much? Llllooollll:)))))))!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

hooo-ya... Rob's in Montreal? A double hoo-ya! A sea of salt! Might as well enjoy the rubbing or.. Robbing!

Anticipated haters' response?
Not true! Not true! Its a double! Its a double! They are friends!! Looooolll:)))))))!!