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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Robert and Kristen- UNnecessary Drama

I'm starting with this picture because it's one of my favorites.
And sometimes it helps to just look at Robert...
Because then maybe...
Just maybe...
You can ignore the fuckery that is inherent in this
Twilight Fandom.

I love Robert Pattinson.
Just wanted to get that out there.

So let's begin.

Last night on Twitter...
tweeted the following...

"Hanging with Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart tonight. Dinner."
Lo and behold. 
Mentioning Rob and Kristen brings immediate reaction.
 Someone asked him if they were good dinner company...
he said...
"Nope. Too fixed on themselves."
Are we surprised? No.
Rob and Kristen hanging out (again)
Rob and Kristen into each other (again)

Oh if it would have ended there.
But it didn't.
Of course it didn't.

Then Mr. Blackhurst made the mistake of posting
a picture of Kristen backstage at the Troubadour
for Bobby Long's concert.
(He quickly removed it)
People went nuts. (of course)
Yelling at him...
Cursing him.
Insulting him.
How dare he talk about Kristen!
And while I think it's pretty lame to tweet locations...
I'm pretty sure the Paps were already staked out at 
Bobby Longs concert.
It wasn't a surprise.
Unfortunately I'm thinking that a lot of people
at the concert were there just in the hopes
of catching a glimpse of Robert/Kristen.
Poor Mr. B.
He learned a very real lesson dealing with

He then said...

"Everyone needs to chill about the Twilight.
Been shooting Bobby Long all day. They're friends."

Yes. Bobby Long is friends with Rob/Kristen.
Of course...
Haters immediately said he was talking about Rob/Kristen
'only being friends'
Um. That is too desperate to really discuss.

He says...

"I've learned in the past 3 hours that Twilight fans love seeing 
and knowing about their false idols but hate the means by which they get ..."
I'm sorry Mr. B.
I really am.
People want PROOF of Rob/Kristen all the time.
They scream for it.
They howl for it.
And then when they get it?
They whine about that, too...
It's a no win situation.
People just like to screech and complain.
People just like to put drama into the ordinary.
No one is ever happy.
Lesson learned.

1. Please.
That is the same necklace.

2. Rob gave an interview with Miquita Oliver.
Obviously someone he was comfy with.
Friends with.
She asked if it was 'weird to do sexual scenes with such a close friend'?
What did Rob say?
"No, we do it all the time"
Of course when Rob says stuff like that...
he's just joking around.
When he talks about wanting to go on a date...
THAT is serious stuff.
*insert lame rolling eyes smiley here*
I think they do it all the time.
*Who do you think he's on the phone with? Wink Wink*

3. Rob and Kristen went out to dinner.
Rob went back to WFE to work...
Kristen went on to Bobby's concert
WITH TomStu.
Tom looked protective over her.
And it's good to know...
That even though the Hyenas would like to think
that Tom hates Kristen (wishful foaming)
It's pretty obvious he likes her enough to hang out with her...
Without Robert.

Too cute... right?

Anyway... this is what I felt like doing after last night.
The overreaction...
The unnecessary drama.
The embarrassing lunatic fringe behavior.

Rob and Kristen went out together.
Happens all the time.
Yes, the Hyenas foamed and frothed at the mouth over it...
They screamed "PR!!!!"
(really... they did! bahahahaha)
But seriously...
Rob likes being with Kristen. A lot.
It's kinda been like this for well over a year.
No need to get all worked up about something
that we all know is truth.
This post is brought to you by a

and a 

Gnaw on that Foamers.

Bye for now


Kstew Fashion said...

My comments always consist of 'great post' it must get old to hear but again it is. Your a great blogger, i really enjoy reading your posts and i look forward to seeing them in my dashboard everyday.....keep up the fantastic blog Rose xxxx

Caroline said...

oh Rose...i just back up all the information and i feel happy that they are together, and Robert have friends who love and care about Kristen...and this is so sweet...why people don't see this?But i feel sad that some lunatics try to put something wrong about the fact that she hang with his bf to see another bf show...What is wrong people?
And i fell piss cause some sites are telling the story in a different way..mean way...But i hope K didn't care for this ridiculous drama.

Thanks Rose ,

LK said...

First of all,i'd like to say that i don't feel any sympathy for Mr asshat,who put those intrusive pics on twitter.He was asking for this.He's a douche,in my book.

We know very well that in this fandom there are 3 categories of fans.1)the hardcore shippers,who want to learn every single move Rob and Kristen take,because it's confirmation to them,2)the crazy nutstens,who want to learn their whereabouts,just to foam and hate and insult Kristen more and 3)sane fans,like us who come in this blog,who love R/K together,seeing them together,but hate seeing intrusive photos.

Last night was one of those ridiculous nights who all were seeing last fall,when Eclipse was filming back in Van city.You remember all those stupid pap photos with R/K/T?
I'm glad Tom was there and was so protective of her.The haters started the "she's hooking up with Tom,he's her real bf,not Rob"or "she's slut,she's hooking up with the whole Brit pack",or"Tom is touching her more than Rob in public"(that was the best one)"so they're together".

I feel so sorry about R/K,i really do.Unfortunately the stupidity isn't gonna end soon.

RPaddict said...

It was pretty crazy watching the frenzy last night on twitter. It got 2 be a bit much just watching. I can't imagine what it must feel like to be the object of the frenzy.
My heart goes out to R/K for having to deal with it.

It's also great to see that they have good friends and a lot of support when it's needed.(The Brit pack)

Love your voice of reason Rose.

sarah said...

been waiting for your post all day rose to see your take on all the drama last night once again I couldnt say it better myself love your words your blog and oh my god candykisses just cracked me up last night that bitch is crazy !! and she calls us crazy ha ha *Twirling* xx

jen said...

omg, so spot on Rose.

the twihard fandom is highly hypocritical and self righteous. The worst possible combination EVER! lol

How can you get mad at some random guy for tweeting or twitpicing Robert--when you obviously searched twitter for r/k news in the first place? If everyone was minding their own business, his pics and tweets would have only been seen by his twitter friends, lameos.

And don't even get me started on the "they're friends" remark. Duh, people were obviously asking how he could possibly be with r/k, so he explains the connection- he's been with bobby all day- they're(bobby and r/k) are friends. Like some dude is talking about r/k relationship status. please.

And tomstew - love it. The nons insist he hates her with no proof, and even when they get the proof they still spin it as he hates her. Hilarious, bitter women that Kristen is rich and young and beautiful, bagging rpattz-and even baking pies for the britpack.


Patty said...

Love it... you always have the right words :) im feeling sad for KS, sometimes ppl are really crazy, and i bet she doesn´t want fans like this...

PS: Love your blog Rose, i read everyday but i post here for teh first time. Thanks for your amazing words. *Hugs*

Carol said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. I believe I've said this many times. I can only hope that someday in the future Rob and Kristen and their friends can live their personal lives in peace. For today, there's always going to be the haters and paps, so unfortunately we have to live with all the nonsense. As long as they keep their sense of humor and focus on what is good in this life, all should be okay. Keep up the excellent blog!

Anonymous said...

R/K out and about together - Nonstens in heat. Grasping at any and everything to say it just can't be.

Britpack in protective mode over KS - Nonstens like chickens with their heads cut off!

At this point their misery will continue!

Happiness to Rob and Kristen.

Patricia said...

Rose: it's a double edge sword. We love seeing Rob and Kristen but we hate what the paps do and say to get the pictures.

I knew when I read Bobby Long was in town (like Sam) that Rob and Kristen would try to be there to support their friend. When Rob had to work on WFE, Tom ( his BEST FRIEND) went with her. And the BULL SHIT STARTS. But we knew (THAT WOULD HAPPEN) And that guy that posted was NUTS for doing that when ( their privacy is so important to them ...)

Awesome post again, I agree with everything you said (AS USUAL)



Lisa said...

OMG, it's just too much! Even reporters can't get it right so how could 13 year olds? LOL One site said "Kristen was on a date with Rob's best friend SAM BRADLEY" showing the pic of her & TomStu.. Then another site said TomStu was "part of the security detail" goodness, I want a job I can just say or write anything and not know any facts or be held responsible! Really! I thought the director guy had every right to tweet. However, I WISH he wouldn't have told the location until LATER! However, yes, you knew the papz were camped out waiting for them. But, they didn't get them going in so... I also thought it uncool the video said and showed what hotel they were going to.. I imagine they wont stay there very long.. Oh well.. Robsten is alive and doing VERY WELL by the looks of things.. Brings a smile to my heart and face! HAPPY Saturday!

BTW, LOVED Robs answer about if it was weird making out with someone you're so close to.. LMAO!

FJ_SA said...

Thank you Lord for friends like the Britpack ...to protect and hang out with Kristen whilst Rob is at work.

I hope that Robsten's relationship will pass this craziness. God Bless them, their families, friends, real fans and you Rose. I hope Rob and Kristen will or are visiting your page to see how much we love them.

deb said...

Rose once again you put it out there THE TRUTH I am SO HAPPY to see that TOM was with Kristen you know they are friends and that Rob feels good about him being around her having fun and keeping her SAFE I myself dont know how much more of this BULLSHIT Rob well take from his SO CALL FANS, NOT US THE TRUE LOVING FANS the ones who KNOW the TRUTH and ARE HAPPY FOR HIM but the ones who say and do HATEFUL things to his LADY(Kristen) you know the one HE LOVES I do hope they fine more time to go out before Kristen has to leave ROB WE LOVE YOU AND ARE HAPPY FOR YOU AND KRISTEN And Thank You Tom for being a GOOD FRIEND TO ROB AND KRISTEN and for KEEPING HER SAFE. Once again Rose Thank you for keeping it real we love ya. DEB.

SueBee said...

So..one sighting of Kristen getting in a car with a man means she's cheating on Rob and repeated sightings of Kristen with Rob means they're just friends?

Which is it? How can she "Cheat" on Rob but not be his girlfriend too??

*rolls eyes*

Rob's friend was just being Kristen's friend too. Did everyone (not you guys) want Kristen to go by herself?

Yikes, then she would be linked with the singer!

I can't imagine the grief KS is getting from "fans" today.

Didn't see her body guard there so I'm sure TomStu was protecting her like a buddy to her and a best buddy to her boyfriend!

puC_2_theWood said...

Rose I don’t think I’ve commented before, but I stop by almost daily.

I love the thought of you twirling...truly makes me smile!

One thought on the pushing...It does seem like many are pushing back at the hate these days R/K included. How about timing it out so that it cumulates into one big SHOVE right off the proverbial cliff that the haters cling to...ahh maybe someday. One can dream can't they?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You my dear are a treasure...twirl on :)

katy said...

Love your Post Rose.

Just one thing I'm not english so I don't know the meaning of this
'no, to fixed on themselfs'...can someone tell me what it means....Please

Atticus said...

Some portion of this fandom is fucking embarrassing. I honestly feel that Rod, whatev his name is, really was ignorant of the fanaticism. Not everyone knows about the extremism of this fandom.

Heartwarming to see Kristen out with the britpack. It's cool to see that she can hang with Rob's buddies in his absence. Clearly, Tom & Kristen get along.

BTW, Rose, I have never mentioned this, but I love your blog.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Another excellent post.

I hate the drama that follows anytime Rob and Kristen go out together. I am glad they were able to enjoy a dinner with friends before Rob had to go to work.

Glad that Kristen continued on with Tom to go to Bobby's concert. I think it's awesome that Kristen has such great friendships with the BritPack. Tom was protective of Kristen and that was such a sweet thing to see. He was taking care of his best friend's girl. Tom knows very well how Rob feels about Kristen and how special she is.

Also, love yet another 'crazy' theory being debunked because it's obvious that Tom doesn't hate Kristen. Seems they actually get along great. And how happy that must make Rob-- your girlfriend and your best mates getting along and liking each other.
It's a shame there has to be drama about Kristen hanging with the BritPack without Rob there--- people then having to hook her up with Rob's best friend--so ridiculous! Shannon Woodward has hung out with BritPack members without her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, being around so why can't Kristen? Why does there have to be drama?

Again, I think it's awesome Kristen is so accepted and liked by Rob's closest friends. It's awesome Kristen and Tom get along and hang out. It's awesome that Rob's best mate was taking care of Kristen last night.

Carly said...

first thing first before I forget: congratulations, Deb, on having a grand daughter. hope both mom and baby girl are doing well <3

Im really glad I only get the aftershocks of all the drama surounding this fandom and especially RK. they are usually bad enough as it is. I dont think I would be able to handle the real shit :(

I like to know about them, I can admit it. as much as I wish them privacy I would be lying if I didnt admit to my heart skipping a beat every time there is a legit sighting. and I always feel so sorry for those poor people that just share their experiance and get swarmed by the more extreme franctions of the fandom.

so Kris went out with Rob & Tom and after Rob had to go back to work she went to a concert with Tom? thats so sweet

and while the pics make me pretty angry (do they have to show their camers into their faces? havent they ever heard of personal space?) the fact Tom took care of Kris, that they spend a nice evening togehter, yeah, that makes me smile. and makes my crush on TomStu a little bigger ;)

I would really like to know what excuse do the hyeans have for this one. or do they rutinely hang out with peole they hate as well? but to be completly honest, I couldnt care less about teh haters. Im just smiling about the fact that Rob & Kris are spending time togehter. with friends. and on their own. Im smiling because they are happy. and that makes me happy. I like being happy. dont you?

Anonymous said...

OMG they're like rats on a sinking ship, looking for any piece of debris to cling to. lmao, that poor tweeter. Guess he knows the bad side of the twilight fandom now. Thanks for no anon posts again Rose. thanks

Patricia said...


I left a message on last nights board about your new granddaughter I hope you read it.

I'm enjoying Rose all the new people that love Rob with Kristen commenting on your board. I sure don't miss the crazies. Grazie for making that happen.

deb said...

Carly Thank you And Patty I did see your post Thank you guy so much Im going to go see them in a hour cant wait All is fine with them both mom said baby was up all night wanting to eat how funny I'll go over there so she can sleep she has a 3 year old to Thanks again. I'll be back on later to see whats up with my other 2 fav. DEB.

just_nelda said...

Rose...I was waiting for your post. Like you I am very happy Rob has great friends he can rely on to look out for his girl. The pictures of Kristen are terrifying. She is so tiny, and these lunatics won't leave her alone. People always tweet.."if you see Rob and Kristen please don't give out location. Give them their space and privacy. But to snap a photo and give out the location...He should have known better. It's sad to think that they are trying to spend as much time as they possibly can together before she leaves town, and they have to put up with crap like this. I love Rob and Kristen, and I'm happy they're together.

Thank you Rose..for all you do.

Anonymous said...

I think it is super sweet that even his friends look out for her. Since she was raised around so many brothers... I would imagine she is comfortable being around a bunch of guys.

I LOVED that T-4 interview.
Interviewer: "Is it weird to do sexual scenes with such a close friend?"
Rob: "No. We do it all the time……..Everyday."

Funny. And yet true.

I love that after he paused. Instead of backpedaling on the answer... he felt the need to add EVERY DAY. LOL.

*Suzy Q*

My fifth Eclipse screening tonight. I'm just going to focus on the good. Meadow scene. Proposal scene. Alice/Jasper cuteness. And I'll try to block out the dog.

Links, if anyone can't find them, for T-4 interview and Kris getting pap'd at the Bobby Long gig:



Kelley said...

Oh and Rose, don't forget the idiots that said "Kristen and Tom are the one's that are dating- not Rob and Kristen!!" What the fuck planet are these dumbasses living on!? I mean, really. Tom is Rob's BEST friend.

Twitter was insane last night. So what the guy posted a picture- we all look at pics of them out all the time. My issue was the location- which as you stated- paps were ALREADY there. Someone that was at the concert as well tweeted that paps had been there already so his tweet wasn't a big revelation or anything.

This fandom needs to chill the hell out already and get over it. What I've yet to understand is WHY the haters care if R/K are together in the first place? Oh right- b/c some of these delusional bitches think they actually have a shot with Rob.....BAHAHAHAHA

Tarra said...

Rose as always a great blog. Why must there be so much drama involved when a group of friends hang out for a meal and than go to see another friend in concert. Oh yeah I know why the drama exist because it involves Kristen and Robert. It's wonderful that Kristen can hang out with the Brit pack whether Rob is present or not. Rob probably breathes a sigh of relief knowing that his trusted friend(s) are there to look out for her in his absence. It was epic to see Tom being so protective of Kstew. Its a true testament to his friendship with Rob. Tom remains by Rob's side and always has his back. Tom is viewed as an extension of Rob and this has led to him being targeted by haters. It is unfortunate that there are people out there that can't be happy that Rob has such good friends that know and love him famous or not; that are willing to travel across the pond to support him and his girl. They don't sell him out for all the money in the world. They accept and respect his relationship with Kristen and will bend over backwards to be as protective of her as Rob. Good friends are hard to find and its a damn shame that haters hate the very things that Rob loves. How can you call yourself a fan of his and without hesitation openly despise what he loves. These are the same people Kristen included that keeps Rob grounded and humbled so that he doesn't get sucked into the trappings of Hollywood. You would think that his friends would be appreciated. I started out with thoughts on the craziness surrounding R/K but ended it with a shout out to his friends. Thank God for real friends because they keep it real.

Patricia said...

Rose: I'm hogging the board but I forgot to mention I went yesterday and saw 'eclipse' 4th. time. I wanted to watch the beginning meadow scene after the director mentioned the obvious love between Rob and Kristen. Yes pretty, (OBVIOUS) but WE already figured that out.




Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning to ya Rose......God its saddens me to see the fanaticism behind these two...One couldn’t start to imagine how you do the basic things in life that make one happy......just going to see a band is such a large bother.....If they weren’t of strong character you could so easily see them Rob and Kris resorting to becoming recluse.......That was so sweet of Tom to take the reigns...for his mate....How closely packed do they appear....Tom seems to avoid the limelight but put himself out there in respect of his close buddies[ what comes to mind is the RM opening night in NYC and Tom got out of the car with Kris but bypassed the red carpet altogether and tried to get in, the back way] avoiding the commotion in front. Hope that was a lesson learnt by that idiot Mr. B who did indeed betrayed our glorious two!!!It sounded like there was a little regret as he spoke with the coin sort of flipped...and sort of turned it around like it was the fans fault.....false idolizing I believe are the words used...Why in the F..k did open his mouth in the first place and braggg about who he was in company with in the first place?????

Anonymous said...


I have subscibed to this vid maker[not sure what you would call them]
he always makes great videos of
R & K.......
and I just thought i'd share the love...hehehe

Carly said...

I really love the friendship the Brit Pack has. the love, respect, support. and I lvoe the fact Kris is obviously considered a part of the family

the interview ... she so didnt expect that answer. and he just kept on going ... gotta love that man. and I doubt he was joking. much ;)

I dont really mind people tweeting about seeing them that much, except when they spill the location

and I love teh firts picture of Rob, so so beautiful

olivia said...

Great post Rose!
How pathetic and revolting that Rob and Kristen and their friends have to put up with....

"The overreaction...
The unnecessary drama.
The embarrassing lunatic fringe behavior."

Hooray for true friends... the Brit Pack that surround and support Rob and Kristen. You all are so spot on with your sincere comments. And Rose, the "GET OVER IT" message definitely needs to be hammered into many more brains. You are certainly doing as much as possible through your wonderful blog.

Respect for Rob and Kristen and the Brit Pack,
Rose, you rock! We appreciate you so much!

Opytaylor said...

With all this info scattered about, I can count on Rose to cut out the BS and just tell us what happened. Thats three "dates" this week. Guess they got cabin fever after spending most of their free time in the sack this summer. HA! It's cool how Rob's buddies take care of his girl when he has to work.

Anonymous said...

@Opytalor about your 'summer in the Sack"...... comment

Apparently "Daily and all day long"....
lol lo lol

30yearoldtwifan said...

All Im going to say is THANK GOD Rob and Kristen have each other. Some of these crazy Twi fans need to take there medication. Its an embarrassment to us normal sane fans.

I just hope what happened last night doesn't have consequences and KS will never go out with friends, or to a show like a NORMAL 20 year old again. She looks like shes about to cry in those pics. I feel for her.

Yanu said...

Hi rose, i love your blog, i really like a lot your post.
greetings from venezuela god bless you and your family

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

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listen all of you!!!!!!

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Melinda said...


Great Van Morrison song that Rob covered once apparently.

HOWEVER this is NOT the song that some people believe Rob wrote about Kristen.

You should do some research first before coming on here trying to disprove that Rob and Kristen aren't together.

Rob and Kristen are together. Pretty much the entire media are now calling them boyfriend/girlfriend. The media is beyond asking them if they are b/c they believe it is true. No "verbal" confirmation needed. Same way Jay-Z and Beyonce have never "verbally" confirmed they are married. Everyone knows they are.

Either get over it or get used to it.

Lolita De Fuego said...

Applause to Diadema for getting it WRONG. ::smh::

---- Another great post Rose...as ALWAYS =)

sollee said...

that's why kristen was right when she said sometimes people would make up stories with the photos they get from stars..well but people are smarter now and they know which are the real ones or the fake ones...thank you rose for being a true fan of rob and kristen..love your blog rose!!!!

Monica said...

My God!~ Sometimes the fandom is really embarrassing. I hate generalization suggesting Rob and Kristen's fans are just a bunch of stupid and crazy teens who want every piece of their so called idols' lives. Though there are many sane fans out there, it's easy for people to get such impression, especially seeing craziness like last night happens all the time.

I hope Rob & Kristen stay with the positiveness of the fandom, recognize that a large portion of their fans are sensible people with appreciation of their works and personal qualities. Just ignore all BS 'cause it's not important nor worth mentioning.

It's GREAT that Kristen are loved by so many significant others, Rob, Rob's families and friends~~ Life is good, right? :)

Monica from Asia

Monica said...

To Katy@1:16, I'm also not sure what "fixed on themselves" means but I guess it implies that Rob and Kristen are so into each other and they are kinda in their own world even there are with their friends.

Anonymous said...

@ Patty 3:11

I just saw Eclipse for the fifth time tonight. I always like it a little bit more than the previous time I saw it. But not as much as I should like it... I should love it. And the speech. (and then I come home, and come to the board and complain. LOL)I wasn't going to this time but since you mentioned her speech. I just wanted to point out-

Movie (Final Scene):
Bella makes weird ass speech about being vampire. Edward responds "So, it not all about me?" and Bella says "No, sorry."

Book (Eclipse, final meadow scene, p.619):
Edward decides to agree with her and have try to have sex with her and then change her with no marriage requirement. Since that is what she has requested. She stops him.
"Tell me why not, Bella," he demanded. "This had better not be about me."
Everything in my world was about him. What a silly thing to expect.


Just an observation.

And couldn't they have added like 15 to 20 seconds of dialogue to deliver the heart properly.

Edward "I thought I should have some representation too."
Bella "Its so pretty."

Book: (Eclipse, p.439)
"But I thought it was a good representation," he continued. "It's hard and cold." He laughed. "And it throws rainbows in the sunlight."
"You forgot the most important similarity," I murmured. "It's beautiful."
"My heart is just as silent," he mused. "And it, too, is yours."

Just saying.

*Suzy Q*

Opytaylor said...

Hey Suzy Q - that ending speech did bite. Who's to blame? Slade or Rosenberg? I can't see Kristen doing a complete ablib on that. Someone here suggested David Slade just wouldn't tolerate the type mush from the book, which I thought was necessary to reassure Edward after the whole Jacob debacle. I have NOT been pleased with any of MR on the Saga and had high hopes, briefly, that Bill Condon would write and direct as he has done so in the past on films that won Oscars

deb said...

Opytaylor I though the same way you do WHO'S to blame? DS or MR? they both did a bad job of the book left out TOOOOO much B/E and put TOOOO much JACOB in it I read the books all 4 so many times and she MR. keeps leaving out the best parts in the book SO what the hell is she going to do with BD 1and2 I do hope this new director WELL DO HIS JOB AND DO IT RIGHT I can dream cant I. DEB.

Carly said...

I usually blame it all on MR. because while I believe there are some changes from the script made on spot, I can hardly believe they would come up with such a speech on the spot. and while I can agree with the overall sentiment of the speech - with him she found her place in the world, the wording was poor and total oppossite of everything EB are

after second time, the scenes I liked, I like even more and the scenes that annoyed me, annoy me even more. like the Quilete legends, that was such a waste of film material and my time. I almost weeped. the only good thing about it was Seth. and Jacob, OME, I really just cringed in my seat and wished him away

they gloss over important stuff and keep the best parts out. if I didnt know better I would think Melissa is doing it to piss me off. she kept my favortie scene out of both Twilight (the morning after) and NM (epiphany, anyone?). here she coulndt really keep it out, or the fans would have burned her on a stake, but she still managed to butcher my favorite line of the Saga. and I was so looking forward to Robward saying: Isabella Swan, I promise to love you forever, every single day of forever. Will you marry me?

well, at least there was a lot of kissing ;)

SueBee said...

Here's my BD nightmare--

a 2 minute B/E wedding scene and a 10 minute dance at the reception with Jacob

a 30 second honeymoon (probably a fading image of a feather floating in the air)--oops I'm pregnant and a 15 minute diatribe on how Jacob feels about it--not to mention playing up Edward's pain and letting Jacob rail at him for the previously mentioned knocking up.

Then, while Bella is hugely pregnant and having important nonverbal conversations with Edward-
switching scenes quickly to a heart to heart between Jacob and Leah about her painful love for Sam.

Oh, I could go on but I'm attempting not to be negative! LOL

As for Eclipse, no I was not pleased with what I call the over Jacob-ication.

I didn't like the important dialogue being left out and rewritten at the end.

I've talked myself into thinking Edward's "So, it's not all about me?" instead of "This better not be about me" was some quirky, tongue and cheek attempt at humor between Edward and Bella. As in she really meant "Of course it's all about you." when she said "No, sorry." Failed attempt at sarcasm, maybe?

One of Book Edward's major concerns was that Bella wanted to be a vampire for the coolness of it instead of than be a vampire to be with him.

Would have liked to see frisky Edward at the end too. Edward accepting her back (in the movie) without so much as a "SORRY!" from Bella irked me too.

She just made out with another dude and all she can say is "I don't know what happened! I love you more!"

So with that flimsy explanation, Edward saves the day and kills Victoria for her. She was all about Edward when she was hiding behind him!

Okay--not Movie Bella's fault--MR or DS's fault probably. I know there is a sense of flow a film needs to have but I would have erred on the side of dialogue here!

At least, as Carly said, there was a lot of kissing! We got the leg hitch and the opening meadow scene rocked.

All I ask from MR and the next director is please, please, please don't make Bella conflicted anymore concerning her romantic feelings! That chick BETTER be back to TEAM EDWARD!

Man, I can ramble, huh?

Patricia said...

Suzy Q, Opytaylor, deb,Carly, Sue Bee:

I watched "Eclipse" four times as I said.
I feel exactly the same way. You all were 'SPOT ON' I love the books so much and they keep adding what they think will get butts in the seats and they're wrong. Breaking Dawn needs love,love love .....Bella and Edward's love.
I kept on saying to myself after the fuck ups, Bella would never say that or do that to Edward.

We can all hope for a better 'Breaking Dawn'
I was hoping I wasn't the only one feeling like this.

deb said...

SueBee I hear ya girl friend Im Almost afraid of seeing the movies.Eclipse was a good movie but didnt do as good as NM so you can just think how BD is going to be .And you know the only reason people went for was because of E/B. And that the reason people go back to see it 1-2-3 times.i think if they keep to the book more it would of done better It wasn't Rob or kristens fault they only had so much to do And some of the good things we got was rush or not in the book SO YES SueBee I DO SEE YOUR POINT and I to hope that MR dont fuck these to last books up Sorry so long but im pissed I want my Eward and Bella BACK THE TRUE LOVE STORY you know the one SM wrote.NOT THE ONE MR is writing. DEB.

SueBee said...


Nope, join the club--I'm thinking of making T-shirts! LOL

At least with DVD's we can skip to the good parts!

mris♥ said...

what is this necklace your talking about rose?
i have never heard of the meaning behind it...


mris♥ said...

what is this necklace your talking about rose?
i have never heard of the meaning behind it...