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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Honest Relationship

Kristen on George Lopez last night.
She did great.
She looked lovely...
Maybe it helped that her Dad works on the show...
Maybe it helps that George was a decent human being to her.
But Kristen did good.
Did you all notice how she reacted when her Dad
said she 'looked beautiful'?
It was pretty much the same face that she made
after Robert personally thanked her at the MTV awards.
2 compliments from 2 men in her life...
same reaction.

And I loved her jewelery...
Didn't you?


You all know how I feel about that.

I felt ROBBED in Eclipse.
No strut.


Just a little something to fill the void.

I need to see Eclipse again.
Unfortunately it will have to wait until after the weekend.
I need to look at the whole screen...
and not just focus on ...
"The Pretty"

I'm still processing my thoughts on the movie.
I think seeing it again...
and maybe a few more times after that...
Will help me focus.

Robert quote of the day.

" I learned that if a relationship is honest,
it can last through anything despite all the challenges
we have to face and everything that happens around us."

Looks AND Brains...
The man has it ALL.

Bye for now


deejon67 said...

Love Your Blog They Are Happy And They Are Together!!

Caroline said...

Oh Rose...always right...
I'm already missing K and R...i hope they manage to see each other during the On The Road shoots...

Kristen looks so beautiful, happy and confident...an more relax...Oh love!!!


daylyne said...


Almost die when the page opened. These gray-blue eyes... so beautiful.
Rose, I love your blog. Spent the company your posts a little while, and now I read the older ones too. Just because they seem to be very honest, his feelings about Rob and Kristen so true... so beautiful!
Congratulations. The text moved me today as usual. Or maybe a little more.
Kisses ;)

deb said...

LOVE the Pic Rose I to feel the same way you do I need to see the movie again and this time watch the movie not just Rob I didnt get to see Kristen last night i was at the movies Well my friend I hope you have a great 4th have fun and be safe . DEB.

Karen said...

Rose, your banner...OMG! I could get lost in those eyes!

I,too, missed his strut. Thanks for posting all the walking photos.

I have to see Eclipse again. I was too distracted from that handsome face and know I missed some things.

Caroline is absolutely correct. Kristen does look beautiful, happy, and confident. They bring out the best in each other. The LA premiere was most definitely a turning point for them publicly. It's almost as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. I've never seen them so happy and, dare I say, giddy with each other.

Caroline, you have to find the Bread CD. Their songs are so beautiful.

Peggy said...

I agree with you Rose but first I must say....sending me into a slight heart attack with that picture. just beautiful!

1. We were robbed of the walking intro. I will however take the tenderness of the their opening scene any day. The way he moved her hair, gently kissed her, etc. Genuine love right there. of course, I'm not just talking E/B either ;-)

2. YES, seeing Eclipse MANY times is needed to see all of the beauty, the little extras, extra lingering touches, the wonderful filmwork of David Slade and just ALL of it!! The whole cast did such an awesome job!

I saw it yesterday again. Paid attention to how Bella touched Edward in the meadow opening scene and on the bed (oh heck, anytime they touched!). Her hand just lingers in his hair, slight tugging at his shirt in the back, fingers under the shirt. He does the same.
Life on film me thinks ;-)

as usual...thank you! LOVE IT!

nita said...

I learned that if a relationship is honest,
it can last through anything despite all the challenges
we have to face and everything that happens around us."

LOl...trouble in paradise!

jen said...

And THANK YOU Rose, for pointing out that Kristen acts just as embarrassed with her dad as she did with Robert's shoutout.

The girl gets embarrassed with public demonstrations, it's pretty evident. People forget how young she is still. It's one of the things I like best about her-she seems to not take compliments well because she doesn't buy into her own hype yet.

And for all of those hyenas who have been so mean about Kristen's family and her dad and saying petty things about their appearance and how Robert's family would hate them. Last night showed a very proud and loving father who spends a lot of time with his daughter. A daughter who still comes home often to be with family with her "friends from the movie"(Robert,lol)to eat and spend time with them.

Ridiculous, how people judge by appearance's sake like that.

Monica said...

Jen, I love PapaStew and his look rocks!!~

PapaStew's shout out is very sweet. The father and daughter moment is just touching~

I think staying humble when you get compliments is very important. It makes you see things more clearly. You realize you're far away from perfection and this drives you to pursue betterment. Sidetracking a bit, I just want to say I love humble persons, like Rob and Kristen.

Monica from Asia

Tracy said...

I always get a kick out of seeing Kristen with her family. The Stewarts seem like an incredibly grounded family, let alone a family in the midst of all that is Hollyweird.

I loved Eclipse and am seeing it again tonight. I do think MR has a thing for Jacob as he gets more time and dialogue than I felt he got in the book but I am not going to focus on that. Overall the movie was an improvement on the first two. I anticipate the Breaking Dawns being even better.

Melinda said...

This man is killing me softly! Those eyes. Have mercy! Even better is that he doesn't see himself that way!

Now that Eclipse promo is over I have to say that my favorite pic was from Jimmy Kimmel backstage of Kristen looking at Rob. The expression on her face spoke volumes. We all know he wears his heart on his sleeve. It was beautiful to see it reciprocated on hers.

Saw pics from the WFE set and Rob was in a tux. OMG! I can't wait for the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn. I think that he and Kristen will kill us (emotionally) in that scene.

Kristen was great on Lopez. She really shines when she is relaxed. Loved the father/daughter moment. Also loved the fact that when the Jacob pillow came out she made a face at it. Too funny!

An honest, mature, stable relationship-can't get any better than that!!

Fireworks are coming! I can't wait to see how spectacular they are!

Anonymous said...


Looks AND Brains...
The man has it ALL....


Rose, since deleting the ANOM option haven’t the comments seemed a little more personal and so positive to read. It certainly has changed the mood of most who contribute here, their daily thoughts...kudos to you Rose..

Anonymous said...

Kristen did a great job. It's been a pleasure to see her so relaxed, beautiful and happy. I love that girl! It makes me so happy that Rob and Kristen have found each other.

May said...

Dear Rose,thank you for killing me with all the fuckhawt Rob walking pix.
Love, me :p

P.S. Kris juggling on George Lopez made my life.Now we need to get Rob to break out that hula hoop and make that juggling/hula hooping MMA2010 Best kiss thingy come true. JS :D

Anonymous said...

First, Loooove the new banner...WOW those eyes. Thanks again for another great post, I didn't see Kristen on Lopez, but I'm glad she did so well. Thanks Rose.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Those are some really great pics of Rob!
I commented yesterday at how much I enjoyed Kristen's appearance on Lopez Tonight. She's just too adorable! And so beautiful. Like Rob, she has all these amazing qualities. It's no wonder why Rob and Kristen fell for each other!
And great thing to point out about Kristen's reaction to her Dad. She just isn't comfortable taking compliments. Nothing wrong with it. I hope no one would try to say she hates her Dad. You can tell that her and her Dad love each other very much. The Stewarts seem like such good people! I am sure Rob loves spending time with them. And is well taken care of whenever he's in their home.
I saw that Kristen has mentioned having a BBQ a few times in interviews. I am thinking it was a get together thrown by Rob and Kristen for their family and friends. That seems to be the case. Poor Taylor wasn't invited. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Rose I totally agree with you. I miss it to. I 'll see Eclipse on the 10th July. GER is back as ever. But I can't wait to go to the Triple Feature. Best places. And on the 14th I'll go with my boyfriend. So lay a eye on the handsome too. I love the scenes between E/B respectively K/R. They show a deep understanding and love.
It was a pleasure as every time I visit your page.
Thank you for entertaining me soooooooooo well.
I'm feeling home here. ;-))

Patricia said...


See "Eclipse again Rose. I did again today and loved it more. I overlooked all the extra Jacob that's not according to the book and just enjoyed the movie. Rob is sooo GORGEOUS in it.

Rob (in a tux in WFE..) I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH I CAN TAKE...THIS MAN !!!!!!!

Kristen did great on Lopez.. Necklace (check) gold ring (check) Black shoelace bracelet (check)... She looked gorgeous.. Her Dad seems like a real sweetheart also, and LOVES HIS LITTLE GIRL...

I hope the two of them get to spend some time together before Kristen goes up to Montreal..It sounds like Rob has this week end off.

Oh and Rose grazie for the walking pictures. They gave the walk this time to Jacob (I TRIED TO OVERLOOK IT, BUT IT DID HAPPEN) M.R. better make up for it in the next two BREAKING DAWNS.


deb said...

Louisa I love what you said today YES his eyes he has us all under a spell But just think Kristen gets to look into those eyes every night WHAT A LUCKY girl and I to agree with the no anon IT is a lot peaceful isnt it Thanks for you nice post today Louisa and to all you fans who come in here and say beautiful things about Robert and Kristen. And ho ya doesn't Kristen look a little more relaxed? Im glade to see her so happy and in love. and the new pic of our ROB in the tux i cant eats till BD what color do you think it will be? DEB

deb said...

Oppps wait not eats hahaha how funny DEB

Anonymous said...

@ Deb Color of the tux you ask??? For Rob to wear?.....Honestly he really looks to ALL color suits he wears ......
Maroon …….striking.....
Browns....handsome [just think how he looked in JAPAN PROMO NM 2009]

My all time FAV I loooooove him in BLACK tux’s/suits with a white shirt....but in saying that he looked simply irresistible with black suit and black shirt {think of how he looked in LA TWILIGHT PREIMER}]...sorry for rambling ladies...he just makes me do it....lol!!!

Hey even in his 'birthday suit'.....now there’s a thought...hehehehehheheh

Anonymous said...

You guys really need to see this pic of Rob if you still have nt seen it.



olivia said...

Thank you Rose for Rob walking through the blog today. And thank you for the most beautiful banner, Rob in his hoodie! Wow - what a sight to enjoy!
I could not help myself....I went again this morning and tried to absorb the bigger picture. Again, Rob just mesmerized me as Edward. He nailed the character and made me melt again especially during the proposal scene in his bedroom.
Honestly, this time I also gave the Jacob scenes a positive pass and watched the whole picture without worrying so much about what was left out and what was changed. I loved it even more. David Slade, cast and crew have given us a big winner. What a joy this movie is and the future looks bright with such a fascinating story yet to tell in the next two films.
One more little comment about George Lopez last night.....he was such a sweetheart and thoughtful person giving Kristen the set of clubs and in doing so giving both Kristen and her Papa Stew a symbolic hug of affection.
Love this blog site and you Rose,

deb said...

Louisa I think you and i are in the same mine frame I LOVE BLACK and you are right ANY color would do and I did see the one of him in todays WFE and yummm and one more thing he has said he would like to keep his hair short in BD why not didnt they let Jaspers hair jet lone in Eclipse and didnt they change the color in Elizabeth hair it was darker I KNOW I KNOW i love Edwards hair but who knows Now I cant wait to see that movie after I go see Eclipse about 1000000 times haha DEB.

SueBee said...

I just realized that Esme's hair was a different color! Guess you know what I was focused on!

I need a 12 step program to get a grip on this Twilight addiction! I can't believe how emotionally involved I was when I went to see it. I was nervous!

I kept thinking about it when I got home too. I think my husband thinks I'm weird! LOL

Anonymous said...

Edward walking…. That moment in New Moon. I could put on repeat and watch that for two hours straight. Jacob got an entrance in Eclipse. Edward should have had an entrance!!

I tried to watch Eclipse again. I was determined to love it. I even sprang to go see it in IMAX for the second viewing. Convinced that THIS was it. I would LOVE it.

Nope. I liked it. It was okay. But with New Moon and Twilight. I mean I saw them REPEATIVELY in the theater. I was compelled to watch them again and again. I mean even with the meadow scenes and the proposal scene…. I just didn’t get that OMG feeling. It was totally missing. I thought the meadow and proposal scenes were the best scenes. And the opening meadow scene is so natural. But still Giant Smile… no… OMG feeling…no. I don’t know what it is. If it’s the dialogue or the directing but I just wasn’t INTO it. Maybe it was too much Jacob for me. (bleck!) But even when Rob came on… I wasn’t mesmerized. In New Moon and Twilight. I loved it. This one, not so much. And Bella saying that she wasn’t changing for Edward… was SO weird. I know its like one sentence of dialogue but it so WRONG…

I genuinely enjoyed all the press and interview stuff and Robsten confirmations 20X more than the Eclipse movie. Maybe I’m starting to love Rob and Kris more than I love E and B? IDK. Okay. Not starting to. I genuinely adore Rob and Kris more than E and B.

Speaking of interviews….. the one that was recently released today about Rob talking about the Bella & Jacob kiss. I think that even though its *acting* since Kris and Rob fell in love while playing these characters… its hard not to take it to heart. His words are so sweet and revealing:

“It’s weird. Not only do they do the kissing scenes—they never do it when I am even on the set. I have the day off. You genuinely feel like someone’s cheating on you. Then you come back to the set. And almost always, it’s after one of their scenes where I suspect them of doing something. It just so happened every single time—I would come into work being like, “So how was it?””

I also loved all the golf, dinner, and cat talk on the George Lopez interview. I could not help picturing Kris as like a fifties housewife with pearls and the Ralph Lauren look planning her next dinner party. Which is so NOT Kristen that its just funny. Imaging Kris and Rob like this --- http://cache.stylemepretty.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/golf-2.jpg

And she would visit websites like this one: http://www.askthehelpfulhousewife.com/
It just makes me laugh!! :-D The irony of the situation of course is that she is soon to play Mary Lou, who in the beginning of On the Road is just that. A Midwestern housewife. But of course as the story progresses… that image dissipates rapidly.

Ok. I’ve rambled quite enough for tonight.

*Suzy Q*


New WFE pics. Tux. Are they trying to give me heart failure?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi ladies just thought i'd pass on what i just watched....I like to call it DESSERT...HEHEHE



olivia said...

Hi again,
I ran across these lovely words about Rob from David Slade and would like to share:


Look at the "read more" section under the Slade article at around 4:53pm.

olivia said...

Oops! Sorry, I gave the wrong time- It is around the 12:53 time article further down on the page for July 1, with the title "David Slade gives intimate details about the intimate scenes" in Eclipse. Again, read the more comments section.

Here is the site again



Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

that "dessert"

Kristen Stewart... luckiest girl FUCKING ever.

that is all I have to say. FUCK.

*Suzy Q*


Excuse my FUCKING language. LOL. But it seemed FUCKING appropriate. LOL.

olivia said...

The very last part is my favorite.

"Letting on he thinks the key to the Saga's success is love, the Eclipse director added: 'To find something which is so unapologetically a true love story is so rare. The film wears its heart on its sleeve. I think it's culturally quite healthy to see true love as a nice thing, and not to get all angsty."

Aw, David!
Edward's explanation of how he would have courted Bella was so beautiful. I like how DS uses the "heart on the sleeve" phrase, and how it seems that Rob has done that so much in real life. : ) Just <3 that so much.
Night all.

Melinda said...

Okay you all have given me a HAPPY heart today!!!!!

Just wanted you to know that!

Opytaylor said...

I am thinking about seeing Eclipse tonight.  I don't like crowds so I never hit the theater until a couple weeks into a new release.    But it's Eclipse so I may go in a little while.  But some comments have been less than stellar.    Is the ending like the book?    I am not wanting to go watch the Jacob show, if that's what this movie is like.   I already know Summit overplayed Jacob, but this is matters most:   Go ahead give me details.   Is the ending like the book?   Does she stop crying for Jacob  and give Edward the last 15 minutes (at least)?     Does she make Edward happy in the end?    If not, then I would rather wait a week or two.    

Anonymous said...

@ Opytaylor 9:35

spoiler alert

Yes. Movie definitely ends on a happy note with E/B. B does not cry at all on Edward.

There is a lot of Jacob. But E/B definitely have their moments :-)

Much more newborn crap then I liked.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzy Q...here go see link for the cherry on top of the dessert i gave ya before....I hope you F..ken enjoy it.....hehehe

p.s How privileged was Emily De R she too is a lucky bitch...lol

Opytaylor said...

Thanks. But I can't go. Just remembered I am on call staring today until next Thursday. It's a guarantee I will get paged if I am in a movie.

Patricia said...

hey you guys:

I didn't like the ending at all. I was like WTF is she saying......

Gigi said...

Rose as always love the post and of course the pictures too ...
Ok guys I will be out for a little while off to a place with no pc at all ( yes there are still places like that ) so I don't know how I'm going to have my fix ..in the famous words of the Terminator ...I'll be back ..in a week or so ...I will miss you all ...chao
Ohh I liked the movie but I love the book ( sorry it is just the way it is for me )

Opytaylor said...

Taking a chance that I won't get paged. 10:55 pm showing, Theater 3/4 th empty. Happy but surprised.

Anonymous said...

Opytaylor...sit back, relax and enjoy the show...make your own judgment...we all watch the same But see thing oh so differently...

deb said...

Patty I didnt like the ending ether but some one said yesterday (Ithink) that she was trying to tell him that it was about giving up her family and those she loves I didnt hear her say yes when he said ITS NOT ABOUT ME I dont know. What I didnt like is when Bella pulled her arm away and said DONT to Edward when she was going after Jacob and the way Melissa made Jacob look like the good guy and all this time he was just playing her In the book even Edward said that he(Jacob ) was good at getting what he wanted and I just hope that NOW we have had 3 books that had MORE Jacob and Bella That maybe we well have ALL ABOUT EDWARD and BELLA in BD. Please Melissa GET BACK TO WHAT THE BOOKS ARE ABOUT and that is Edward and Bella the TRUE LOVE STORY that is why I bought the books and wanted to see the movies ok I got that all out I feel a little batter :-) DEB

Patricia said...

I said this the other day. When Bella got on Jacob's motorcycle and left Edward standing there. Bella never would have done that either.

All through the movie (I felt ) she kept on sticking up and going more towards Jacob. She kept hurting Edward.

deb said...

Patty I hear ya whats a mother to do haha All I know is i really want them to be safe Im like you I do worry about them and for them to do good in other movies DEB

Opytaylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Opytaylor said...

NOT IMPRESSED. Why is Rosenberg still doing the scripts?  Bill Condon usually writes the movies he directs but there will be two more screenplays botched by MR.   There was so much about the film that was high quality.   But certain lines were just nonsensical, especially Bella's reason at the end.   I don't think Kristen had so much freedom that she made that shit up.

Lisa said...

Well, I saw it for a second time and liked it better.. Too much new born shit for me but hey.. I have to say the big three did great acting jobs. I actually thought Taylor was outstanding in almost all of his scenes! I didn't even mind that he was in so much of it.. I mean, after all, we KNOW how it ends. What I liked the least is TOO MANY CLOSE UPS! If it had backed up a bit, we could have seen so much more. Like the leg hitch, E on his knee, etc... hehe Anyway, you could see no love in the J & B kiss.. Even though Kris has been saying "with that kiss Bella realizes she loves him too" I didn't feel it. And although I wish she would have been a bit more into Edward in the last scene, I understand why they went in that direction..

David said nice things about Rob which I didn't think would happen. Rob hasn't said anything bad about David, but he hasn't said anything good either. In fact, I saw a interview today that was done during press junket but just saw today (didn't think that was possible lol) where Rob said that he butted heads with David almost daily because he wanted to take Edward in another direction and he, Kris & Taylor were worried about keeping them the way the fans wanted them. He said they learned to change some on both sides... Anyway, I am not going to fret about it. David wasn't going to give us all the goo we wanted. BUT, Bill will. BD 1 in the beginning should give us plenty and then BD 2.

Rose, LOVED all the pics of him strutting! Missed it much in Eclipse.. Too fufu for David I'm sure. And the banner! Makes me just sigh..

ADORED Rob in the old time tux! SHEESH!

WFE will wrap primary shooting the 9th. Gosh time flies.. I'm wondering if he'll go to Montreal straight away, then London while she's off shooting or if he'll go to London first.. Oh well, either way I am sad because at least while he was in LA we got to see pics every now and then.. He'll be off hiding now. :(

I will be going Saturday morning with hubby to see Eclipse for the third time (his first). :) I don't know how many times I'll go..

Enjoy your weekend all!

Lisa said...

Cute interview lots of OLD news.. But Kris says "love the KID" talking about Taylor.. The interviewer was clearing not the brightest bulb on the tree but..


deb said...

Lisa what I dont understand is in NM Bella tells Jacob that she loves him SO why did they have to bring that out when she already told him she did You know at the end of NM when Edward and Jacob was going to fight and Bella tell them they well only hurt her then she tells Jacob I love you but its him its always been him. you see I dont know why just saying.Looks like MR is getting away with all this :-( And Opytaylor I do see what you mean Lets PRAY that she stays more to the books in the next 2 movies all we can do is wait and PRAY DEB.

Lisa said...

deb, yes I remember. But when she said "Jake, I love you" in NM, she doesn't mean she's IN love with him. She means, she loves him as a friend. And if you think about the books, it could have been a lot worse! When she goes to see Jake and he's hurt, that's fairly short in the movie. In the book, she tells him that he's right, she IS IN LOVE with him, blah blah. Then she cries all evening and night while Edward holds her and his heart breaks! So just be glad we didn't get that! LMAO! I really didn't mind all the J stuff except for the two things. Her riding off on the bike with him, wasn't in book. And her yelling and jerking away from him when she goes and kisses Jacob. Again, NOT IN THE BOOK. But she redeemed herself in the end when she says "I WILL tie myself to you in every human way" and then kisses him. I was happy! :) Can't wait for the funny stuff in BD too! :)

sollee said...

hey rose thanks again for a nice post ..i want to watch "eclipse"the second time around as well...love seeing edward and bella together or rob and kristen together...yeah they have wonderful chemistry, their chemistry is unbeatable...and i'm happy for them being in love in real life as well...love love them always:)

Carly said...

love teh new header :D

Kris was really awesome on George Lopez. just like was her dad. and I indeed loved her jewelery ;) also the fact she mentioned Rob so casually

I saw Eclipse and overall I liked it but I too need a few more viewings to really be able to say more. just one thing Im certain of - Rob & Kris nailed it and I think they can start polish the place on the shelve for teh next popcorn for Best Kiss :D

I kinda missed Rob walking too. but his entrance this time was more to my liking

beauty and brains indeed <3

R-lynne said...

Rose, great post as always.

I have seen Eclipse & unlike others I only have seen it once and that is enough. I will just wait when it comes out in DVD.

Just like the other two movies, I am not happy and satisfied with Eclipse too. Somebody has commented before that the movie seems made for 7th grader. But then again the merely reason I watch the movie because of Kristen & Robert.

The bottom line is, it doesn't really matter whether the movie is bad or not, it will break the box office record.

In case nobody has posted the article in Daily Mail about Kristen & Robert yet, here it is;


prajitha said...

sorry this is totally irrelevant of this post...but i cannot help it...i went to twitter and typed for kristen stewart real time results...a tons of
trash about her in a 15 min..OMG i feel so sorry for kristen...

deb said...

Lias I have to agree with you I'm going to go see the movie again tomorrow maybe I'll get more out of it the next time. I did LOVE all the kissing and holding It feels like its Rob and Kris not Edward and Bella and that makes me happy I was reading what some say about our girl being afraid for her life don't know how true that is but I do hope she'll be ok there are so mean NUT's out there and I'm sure Rob well do as much as he can He has only 1 more week of WFE then what?Thanks again Lisa for your input on the movie I love the part when Bella tells him she'll tie herself in every human way and kisses him yep that made me happy I hope you have a nice 4th have fun be safe. DEB

Kathy Cullen said...

Need to see Eclipse again in IMAX, I can only imagine how the leg hitch looks in IMAX, wow! I missed Lopez, because of DVR fail. So I will have to find it on UTube. But, the stills look amazing, and I can see more confidence than ever in her face. She is only like that with Rob or her parents around.