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Monday, July 26, 2010

Robert Pattinson- NO LIMITS!

We are the crowd
We're c-coming out
Got my flash on it's true
Need that picture of you
It's so magical
We'd be so fantastic 

I told myself that I wasn't going to watch the video.
The pictures were heartbreaking enough...
I broke down and watched.
I'm sorry I did.
Really sorry.

Everyone seems to feel the same way about
watching Robert...
standing there...
Pleading with them to just leave him alone.
"You've taken millions of pictures, how many do you need?"

I have to feel that a lot of the anger was misdirected.

Fans were turning on each other...

The anger should be squarely on the paparazzi.
pleading with them to just STOP.
And they just keep shooting...
and shooting...
He was standing in the middle of the street...
And it never stopped.
When is it enough?
Why aren't there some sort of laws that prohibits
people with cameras from getting into someones face like that?

Robert went up to some policemen...
Looking for a little help...
He got nothing.
"He's famous. He's rich. This is all part of the job"

If *I* had been harassed and stalked by men with cameras...
They were following my every move...
And I went up to some policemen and asked for help?
They would have helped me... right?
(Please tell me they would have helped me)
They would have made the men stop harassing me.
Isn't that against the law?

I don't get it.

Yeah. I posted a couple of the earlier pics...
Was I wrong?
Will my not posting the pics stop this from happening?

It's not just Robert.
These animals stalk a lot of celebrities...
So they will always be out there.
There will always be someone willing to pay for those pictures.
It's not a silly little blog like mine that keeps them in business.
I don't get the pics from Gossip sites.
I don't pay for them.

California needs to put a stop to this...
I know there was some sort of law passed earlier
but it didn't help Robert.
There needs to be LIMITS.
They shouldn't be allowed to be so close.
They shouldn't be allowed to chase someone in a car.
They shouldn't be allowed... to exist.
Oh I guess that's too much, huh?
But you know what I mean.

No Limits.

Robert was so kind.
So civil.
The paps even commented on how nice he was.
"such a nice guy"
Did that stop them from taking pictures?
Did that make them realize that Rob is not only a nice guy...
That he is a human being?
Did it make them step back... for one second...
and let them see how they were treating him?
They don't care.

I care.
I watched the video...
and all I wanted to do is protect Robert.
I wanted to shield him.
I wanted to save him.

I couldn't.
And it breaks my heart.

I couldn't leave this post on such a bummer.
This isn't the first bad pap experience Rob has had.
It won't be the last.
So let's just think of Robert and Kristen.
I would tell you to close your eyes...
but then you couldn't read this...

But just think of Robert when he is looking at Kristen.
The look in his eyes.
The adoration.
It's all right there on his face.

It's like...
He can't get close enough.
It's like...
He wants to devour her.

"He looks at you like you're something to eat"


I feel better now...
Don't you?

Think happy thoughts.
Happy Rob.
Happy Kristen.

This post was brought to you by the letters P and S.

P for *pathetic paparazzi*
S for all the people who climbed on their *soapbox*
and never fucking got off.

And by a 

and a 

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Very nice post, those paps were disgusting, and so was x17 for acting like they did nothing wrong in exaggerating everything to the extreme. Is there a way to contact you? I tried emailing your hotmail account but I wasn't sure if that is still active.

Kate said...

Hello, Rose!

The letter from the Russian fans for X17

We are the fans of Robert Pattinson from Russia and ex Russian republics. We are deeply indignanted by actions of your journalists, which demonstrated the natural animal hunt after this actor. It looked like provocation on their hand, meanwhile the actor himself wasn’t aggressive at all! The limit must be in everything. And the hunt after him looked really animallike, as if he was a booty, not a man.
We don’t want Rob’s photos and video by this price!!

These actions of your colleagues low down them and your company!

As fans of Robert Pattinson we request to stop these mocking pursuits, we request your public excuses to him. He is a man as you, he has feelings as you. He wants to live calmly and not to be afraid for being photographed any second! You can say that this is the cost for fame, but cost mustn’t be like this when put the camera to face!

We ask you to stop this humiliation and to punish colleagues guilty in this incident.
The publishing of this material is a direct breach of human rights for personal life!

If the public excuses won’t follow, you will loose the audience represented by fans of creation of Robert Pattinson from Russia and ex-Russian republics.

If the public excuses won’t follow in the nearest time, we will send letters to other companies collaborating with you!!!

From Russia with love, Kate

Anonymous said...

Ummm... was'nt on here yesterday so didnt see all the soap box presentations but I will say this... Alot of your pics you post are from the paps! Evryday pics of him that all us fans hunger for! And after Saturdays incident, I no longer want to know his every move at his expense. He was violated, defeated and stranded.... That to me is reason enough to take down pap pics on my site and alot of reputable sites are doing the same. I agree we cant stop them but its a nice gesture for our love of Rob! Have a happy Monday Rose

Kat said...

Dear Rose and fandom, have you read what Lainey has said about Rob? She has made fun of him and laughed in his face when hes down. What I want to know is why so many Rob and Kristen fans are still friends with her when they attack Perez of doing the same thing to Kristen?

cherbies said...

Oh Rose. I just want to cry every time I think about it. Rob just needs to get himself to Montreal for some TLC pronto! A break from LA would do him a world of good IMO.

Keep up the good work. Your blogs keep us focused on what is real.

Rob adores Kristen & Kristen adores Rob.

OhMyRPattz said...

Those paps were nasty!

Like you . . . all I wanted to do was jump in & help Rob out. Can't believe the cops didn't do anything. Unbelievable!

I agree with you . . . I think Rob really needs Kristen by his side. I like the way Rob lights up when Kristen's around. (Vice Versa). They need each other's company. I hope they get to see each other soon . . . for their sanity . . .

Anonymous said...

Thats a great letter Kate!!! Here, here!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with your post. They only want to know where they both live together. And than they could take the Kissing Money Shot. I hope they failed. And those two get always smarter and trick the paparazzi.
But I think Rob would not be reversed because it led him to Kristen and their Love.

Global said...

Kat-- I think you're so right about Lainey. I think the only reason why she is tolerated is because she loves Kristen. But if she really loved Kristen, she'd show more respect towards Rob. But I've come not to expect much from Lainey.

Rose-- I think you are spot on about if any one else had gone to the police and asked for help, they probably would have gotten it. If a random woman approached them and said these men with cameras wouldn't stop following her then they would have certainly stepped in. The LAPD are just as responsible for this weekend as the paps. Even more so since they are hired to protect and to serve. In this case, being a celebrity worked against Rob and that's not fair.

Anonymous said...

Gossip cop commented on this. They're calling X17 out for sensationalizing the whole thing. There was no hitting and running, no yelling, no hissy fit. They're saying the video even shows him being polite and completely civil. I guess since X17 can't use the "he's a celebrity, he shouldn't complain about it" excuse (since he DIDN'T overreact), then they're going to manipulate the situation to their advantage. (But we already knew that, huh?)
Shameful really. I haven't watched the video, and I won't. It'll just make me want to cry, then go throat punch someone!

So WFE wraps next week.. yay! (I'm REALLY looking forward to that movie) And as far as anyone knows, Mr. Sexy Man doesn't have anything big to do til BD, right? Let's hope he's able to get away from all this madness and spend some quiet time with someone who'll put that smile back on his face. (And we ALL know who that would be *wink wink* )

imloco2 said...

That ‘was’ a nice letter to x17, however, I read a letter x17 was sending out to people who complained about the Rob hunt and their part in it and they basically said, if you don’t like what we do go away. We’re going to keep doing it and there’s nothing you can do about so scram. I guess you can’t raise up bottom feeders. They are what they are and aren’t going to change.

I haven’t seen the vid and I haven’t seen most of the pics, just a few, but I’d venture to guess that this is a big seller and there are millions clicking away out there that aren’t thinking about it at all. They are the ones the gossips sites count on. The curious who are not necessarily Rob fans. I think the only thing that will stop it is stricter laws like they have in France. And I don’t think the hollywood fame machine will allow it. Not until there is real public outcry and that will only come with something too horrific to think about.

As for the cops. You know, I’ve thought a lot about that. I understand that maybe the law isn’t strict enough and maybe he couldn’t arrest anyone. But I KNOW that cops quite often do things that aren’t strictly on the books. He could have walked over and talked to them. He could have radioed for help or got him and escort or just told him the best way to get out of there. He did nothing. I wonder, really wonder, though if it had been ‘me’ there with people stalking me and trying to follow me home, would he have done anything? Is the law so weak in CA that in fact the police are impotent and can’t do anything until someone gets hurt? If I go to CA am I on my own? If that’s true than Ca is a scary place to be. If it’s not then they have a double standard for celebs. I knew they had one that allowed them a get out of jail free card, but I didn’t know it worked against them too. Interesting.

I just want Rob to be happy. I think he’s happy in England. I think he’s happy with Kristen. Rob with Kristen in England seems like the best of all possible worlds. I have to say though that Mama and Papa Pattz did a wonderful job with their kids.

SueBee said...

Karma is a bitch. Hope the paps know this.

deb said...

Rose I did the same DAMN thing told my self NO dont do it but I did.The worst thing is I did it before i went to bed last night SO do you think i got any sleep HELL NO I was so upset i couldnt I would close my eyes and see his face Ya thats what I get I well not do that again (I HOPE)But like I said yesterday Rob has gone through this before(NY)They wanted to piss him off so they could get that MONEY PIC. did they get one HELL NO Rob was,is a sweet man and to much of an GENTLEMAN YES he was upset WHO can blame him Im sure when HE DID GET HOME he called Kristen to tell her all about it and to let her know he was fine After all there saying he got into a car accident (ASSHOLES) Thank you Rose For reminding me about what I do want to see that would be ROBS SMILING face and HOW much HE LOVE KRISTEN That right there PUTS A smile on mine THIS TO WELL PASS.All is good with Rob and Kristen (Amen) DEB.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Oh Rose, I haven't watched the video, but I still could cry just from watching the pics yesterday. There has to be something the fans can do to help this situation. I feel so sorry for Rob, and for Kris, who has to put up with this also, it is not fair, they deserve some privacy in their free time. Thank you for the blog, I look forward to it every day..you always make me feel better. I just want to stop crying.

SueBee said...

I'm taking your word for it and not watching the video. No sense putting myself in a bad mood!

Patricia said...

I made a lot of comments yesterday on your board about this, the nasty 'buzzing insects' which is the meaning of paparazzo.. They need to make new laws to stop this before another Princess Diane incident happens. God forbid.....

When I spoke to the policeman yesterday, he said "Because of the First Amendment they can't stop them from snapping pictures, but if they see harm or reckless driving they ( WILL STOP THEM ) !!!! Big deal the law that was passed here in CA only stops paps from taking pictures of celebrities while entering or leaving their private homes.

I can not say enough about how Rob was a gentleman and showed patience beyond belief towards them. He tried to reason with them, but they wanted to see where he lived and also to provoke him so they could get the money shot. HOW DO YOU THINK THEY GET TO DRIVE NEW BMW'S AND AUDI'S???? I WATCHED THE VIDEO ROSE ALSO AND AM GLAD I DID BECAUSE OF REALLY SEEING WITH MY OWN EYES WHAT A CLASS ACT THIS GENTLEMAN WE LOVE IS. I WAS PROUD OF HIM. HE NEVER LOST IT. WHICH SAYS A LOT ABOUT HIS CHARACTER AND I LOVED HIM MORE.

I see that the director of WFE announced filming will wrap next week. Rob will be at the Teen Choice Awards filming Aug. 7 to be on Aug. 8. They haven't announced Kristen attending. She starts filming Aug. 3 ...So who knows. I hope after TCA Rob will get together with her but I also think he will go to London to get away from this bullshit and his hunted life in LA. WHAT A SHAME INCIDENTS LIKE THIS HAPPEN. IT'S SUCH A TURN OFF.

LK said...

First of all,let me say that i think Lainey is a b*tch.She doesn't like Rob and she's never hidden it.It's her opinion,nobody can change her mind and nobody should care.She's just a gossip queen.Sometimes,i think that the 3 idiots(Ted,lainey and scum Perez)have decided,the one to hate on Rob,the other to hate on Kristen and Ted to play the "nice" Robsten leader.IMO,all three of them are douchbags and they only care for hits and money.

I hate to admit,but i watched the video with Rob and it made me angry at first and then sad.Rob was a true gentleman and i'm proud of him.He knew that if he was harsh with paps,they would be much more persistent and stalkish.

The only thing that bothered me was that EVERYBODY got mad with paps,wrote letters to pap sites,to Stephanie,to Gossip Cop.Have you all thought that we are responsible too for this situation?We don't take pics of R/K,but we see them,click on gossip sites to see them,because we want to see "Robsten".So,paps haunt them more to give to the fans what they want.Has anyone wrote letters when R/K got papped at Paris tarmac in an intimate moment?Or when they got pictured at KOL been intimate?NO!You know why?Because we all think that it is sweet and proves that they're together and everything that is proof ,we don't want to complain about it.Did anyone complain last week when he was papped with Tom in his car?NO.When Kristen's been harrassed by those dogs,how many out there wrote complaining letters.None?A few?A part of Rob's fans are bashing Kristen when she gets mad with paps,but now that Rob is bothered and he reacted,the same people are bashing paps.Double standard?Oh,yeah!

The bottom line is that paps aren't gonna leave Rob or Kristen alone.You know why?Because they know that fans want to learn about them as much information as they can.I'm sure that if paps could find Rob's house,the majority of the fans(including me,i admit it)would go to their site and watched it.

Bren said...

I promised myself the exact same thing, I would not watch the video. The first thing I did this morning was watch, then I felt worse. I felt soooo sorry for him, and then that fan--I wanted to smack her.

There was one good thing in the video (don't get mad) was the fact that Rob in no uncertain terms wanted to lead the paps back to his house. If in reality he lives in a hotel he could of just driven back there parked and disappeared, or pretended to do so, but he wasn't in the right frame of mind to do this,so he proceeded to plead with them not to follow him home.

It's actually pretty funny that all the haters deny their dating, and worry about these two going out to concerts and dinners.....when in reality it is quite possible they are living as husband and wife. Not only was Kristen waiting for him to come home to her everyday, cooking for him, hanging together every evening. Let alone they sleep together and wake together..This my friends is married life. This is quite a bond they have. Of course we don't have proof, but all the signs are there...

Fann said...

You write: "Yeah. I posted a couple of the earlier pics... Was I wrong? Will my not posting the pics stop this from happening? No."

Rose, I love your blog but this is a complete cop out on your part. Your posting of those paparazzi photos absolutely feeds the beast. Your blog is widely read, and the paps know that their stuff has a chance of finding its way to websites like yours. That's why they do it.

If you love Rob the way you say you do, you'll stop running paparazzi photos. What would you say to Rob if you ran into him, and he asked you why you were running those photos? Wouldn't you be horrified and embarrassed?

LK said...

"Hi Thank you for you communication, how interesting is it that you don’t mind reading intruding gossip on celebrities when it suits you but when it doesn’t it is all the paparazzi fault. Perhaps you would like to find a new interest that doesn’t involve reading about other peoples lives and go and do something more constructive with your own. We would be more than happy not to have you read our web site if you feel so strongly after all you have to access it we don’t email direct. direct. Please feel free to go else where, we wish you all the best for your next venture. all the best for your next venture. Please do not communicate with us again as we are obviously not catering for your needs. "

This is what X17 answered at the emails that were sent by people complaining about Rob's video.You must admit that they have a point.There's only one solution,IMO.DON'T SEE THE PHOTOS AND THE VIDEOS.As long as we're all interested,they won't stop.

Patricia said...

Rose: I disagree, stopping posting paps pictures of Rob and Kristen won't change anything. They make most of their money off of the big gossip sites and the rag. mags. that's who buys them.

I can't stand Lainey Gossip. She IS A TOTAL BITCH AND DOESN'T LIKE ROB. I think she would like Kristen for herself (That's what she always sounds like with her (of color) remarks) about her. Those sites are TOXIC.

Grazie for your blog Rose. We love you and what you post and say.I think you always use your head at what pictures you post and I back you on your choices. That's why I'm here everyday.


deb said...

LK would you please explain to me .Are you saying they well go to other suits to find out what people are saying?I do agree with you about feeding them giving them what they want (money) but what if i go to a suit and just look. NOT A GOSSIP suit but a plan old one (GOOD ONE)do they still go in there to look on what people are saying? I love Rose and well keep on coming in here Do you understand me. DEB

Patricia said...


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the video, I don't read crab from Lainey or Ted or all the other silly gossip-BS-sites. That's all I can do - less enough - I know.

This is why I love your Blog Rose. You don't make money out of it, you only share your thoughts, passion and love for two special people with us. I know, you don't do it for us - you need to do it to get the things straight for yourself, but it helps me often to handle my own...um, whatever it is...and the some comments on this site do it sometimes as well.

Thank you.

LK said...

Sorry,Deb,i don't understand what you're saying about suits.English isn't my first language,so......

The only thing i'm saying is that paps don't give a s*it about Rob or his privacy or complaints.As long as there is so must interest they're gonna haunt him to no end.I don't blame bloggers who put those pics on their blogs,hell,i admitted first that i see them.And i know that if there was a pap pic of R/K kissing somewhere i would go and see it.For sure.And i'd be happy,guilty but happy.

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented in a while. I suppose sometimes life has a funny way of getting in between me and the world of Rob&Kris that exists online.

I have not seen the video. I did catch just a glimpse of info in my twitter feed.

While, yes, I am MAD at the paparazzi. I think I am much more upset at a LEGAL SYSTEM that allows for such behavior The intent of freedom of speech, press, and the "public figure" argument were originally INTENDED so that public officials (IE politicians) were to be held accountable for the things they say and do. It was meant so that information would not be distorted in its presentation to the public. A democracy must allow for the free exchange of ideas. Thus, a law that protects the free exchange of ideas and the right to question our public figures (not that we do so anymore any ways *insert eye roll* - this is a non-biased opinion as apathy affects both sides of the political fence). HOWEVER I believe that in our legal systems effort to stick to past precedent and uphold the simple words written in our constitution we have allowed for a vehicle in which people may be stalked and harassed simply due to career choice. The law is VERY flawed and yet difficult to change. BUT the law needs to be changed . There needs to be a distinction between harassment and journalism. There is a need for a better set of rules. You do NOT sign away your rights when you sign a movie contract: THE LAW NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.

It is difficult to fight the paparazzi. There will ALWAYS be someone willing to take invasive pictures of Rob (and Kris and other celebrities) and to do so AT ANY COST. And there will always be someone willing to pay for the pictures. Its hard to fight. The fans starting a respect Rob campaign is a beautiful idea, but its not really effective. The only way to be effective and not expect Rob (and others) to give up the careers would be to campaign for a change of the laws.

It would be amazing (although not very likely) if FANS everywhere would advocate for their favorite celebrity but attacking the system that allows for it. The police should have been able to help him. Rob should be able to prosecute those who are harassing him. THAT IS FAIR. THAT IS JUST. It would be tough to do… but something should be done. Not just for Rob. But for all the celebrities that are viciously harassed. And especially those that are parents who have their kids harassed. Why do we live in a country that allows for this? And why if we have the power to change it, don’t we?

Just some thoughts.

Rose. As always. I love your blog. I would never get a twitter account to yell you. You rock. Your repost of these pictures makes us aware of them, but in no way profits the people who take them. No harm, no foul.


I finally have a twitter? Do you? If you do twitter me, and I will follow you :-D SuzyQSparkles

Rootsie said...

Hi Rose. As I said yesterday -- I have no words to describe about what happened to Rob. I haven't watched the video but from the descriptions, I got the picture. How terrible.

I feel bad for any celebrity that has had to deal with that, when all they wanted was be left alone.
It's stalking and harassment. It should have legal consequences!

Thankfully, Rob wasn't injured. Thankfully, Rob and Kristen were able to live rather peacefully in LA, for the most part, while Rob was filming-- their private time is their private time and they try their best to protect it.

I do just try to go to a happy place with Rob and Kristen in times like these. You know Kristen had to have been furious over what happened and as much as the fans get upset, I can't imagine how Kristen must feel because she actually knows and deeply cares about Rob. He's a big part of her life. And to see someone you care so much about being stalked and harrassed-- that's awful.

Well, back to that happy place! Also, I am going to rewatch last night's episode of True Blood.
Not enough Alcide but there was plenty of Eric Northman! I love Eric and I love Alexander Skarsgard in this role).

Bex said...

Dear Rose,

I understand the concept of not posting pap pics, however people that really want to see them are going to go directly to the source to view them (x17, tmz etc.); therefore giving them hits instead of viewing them through a third party site such as yours. Instead of 1 person looking at the direct site and giving 1 hit, then posting to a third party site where thousands can view on there, the direct site will then get the thousands of hits.

I get not posting the video as that is a total violation but the movie pics before the video started where the paps aren't up in his grill didn't seem so bad.
Just my opinion...

I love your blog Rose and I read it every day to get my fix on the obsession I have. Keep up the good work :-)

Trish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trish said...

X17 is horrible...i will make sure i tell everyone i know no to go to the sites and take part in what they do!

Yes, Rose i do also admit that i saw the video..but however i have to say that what my best friend always tells me..."for every bad event or negative event there has to be something good that comes out or a lesson learned" with this i have taken her advice and seen that even in this situation i believe that there was something positive that came out of it..this allowed us the Rpatz fans to know what kind of a man he his...his character, how respectful and polite he is to prove that we are not just kidding around when we say he is diff. than the other stars in HW and a breath of fresh air indeed! (and Kristen too).

I think on the old post Melinda was suggesting to you guys about the sites that are not good but benefit from the hits..another one i should suggest is E! Online.

From now on, i am picking the sites i go on very wisely..i stop going on Ted's blog i have only been on Lainey's blog once and have vowed to myself NEVER to go on there anymore.

The truth is that it is a sacrifice we the fans of R and K have to make...its best that we only get or view the pics that are off public events and such because it is in those pics that they look happy..it is a sacrifice but if it will slow down this madness i am willing to make it and i think you all should also.

X17 and all the ppl behind it can go to hell for all i care...kharma is a bitch and one day they will pay for this.

I also dont understand why they are making things up about the accident when everything was shown clearly on the video.

imloco2: you are right, the UK is the best for him at this point (and they love KRisten too!! thats a plus)

Bren: what you are saying about married life is so true...it seems like that just what it is ..ppl sometimes seem to forget that once you live with someone and have that bond it seems those two have it is preety much marriage but without the papers! I just wish Kris was with him but hopefully they will be reunited soon and i pray she will be at those awards with him...*missing them*

P.S. I also agree that lainey is a bitch and should be put down immediately! (and perez)

Suzy Q, been awhile nice to see you on here again..

okay thats it for me sorry for the rambling!

And Rose, I always say this..thank you for this blog! Its such a breath of fresh air I think all true fans of R &K should abandon the other trashy sites and come here and also to stop buying those magazines at the grocery store..they are full of shit!

Trish said...

another positive i forgot to put was the fact that...the whole world can see how horrible those paps are...to even continue bugging him even when he asked them politely to leave him in peace..

and you are right Rose if they said "such a nice guy" why exactly did they keep following him..but at least they have seen how he truly is and that he is respectful..that is another positive thing that came out of this bad situation

Karen said...

Rose,I agree with your post. I watched the video and my heart was broken. Our Rob was ever the gentleman,but how he managed is beyond me. He looked so lost. I just wanted to reach out,wrap my arms around him,and protect him.

Celebrity or not, NO ONE deserves to be hounded 24/7. It's stalking, pure and simple. Everyone has the right to a private life. I shudder to think what it will take before laws are passed here in the U.S. to prevent this kind of madness from continueing.

I hope after WFE is through filming that Rob goes to Montreal for a bit,and then to London where he can actually breathe without some idiot flashing a camera in his face.


Anonymous said...

Still think you should of USED 'A' & 'H'.....
Hi Rose.....That POOR BASTARD!!!! [And I mean that in the most heartfelt way]
I only just had the ballz to watch the video of those 'inhumane wankers'
Right this moment....
Mate if that where me...I would of shoved that friggin camera down his almighty throat....in the first 20 minutes.....You can blame the full moon for my aggresivness..hehe
How patient, kind and calm is Rob....
All the more reason why he doesn’t deserve that...anyway nobody does...
Those SMILEY ROB PICS did take my mind of things…funny how they have their own way of lighting up ones mood!
Look what I found...I've been waiting for the update....and here it is....you remember the R/K Timeline...well here the next chapter...Enjoy


And for todays viewing folks..we have this....hehehe....enjoy [Deb]


Carol said...

I just want to add my two cents on Lainey. I'm used to her being snarky when it comes to Rob but I think she really crossed the line today. I will not support her anymore. I only tolerated her because she defended Kristen but the way she attacked Rob today was awful. Another thing, I don't want to cause trouble but I have to say I hate how some fans are still supporting her even after her heartless article on Rob. As a R/K fan I think we shouldn't support people who hate on either Rob and Kristen like Lainey and Perez. I want to name these people but I won't. But I do hope no one here is still supporting Lainey or even Perez. I don't Kristen and Rob would want that.

Trish said...

thanks Louisa for the links...something to brighten up the mood a little :D

Anonymous said...

No probs Trish...
The Timeline ......let me warn you ....have alot of time on your hands to watch it all.....


deb said...

Right ON Karen They didnt get what they wanted out of ROB being( mad saying and doing bad things) HE was a gentleman all the way Didnt give them that money shot GOOD FOR HIM AND YES it did show us what kind of a MAN he truly is. So if you look at it this way something good did come out of this Im just sorry that Rob had to suffer for others to see that He well soon be done with WFE and we well have to wait to see where he well go I to hope it well be with kristen They need each other when shit like this happens I read this the other day dont know who wrote it but I really like it Two souls and one thought-Two hearts and one pulse That to me is Robert pattinson and kristen Stewart. DEB

Trish said...

Trust me. i will. love it!! and the person who made it.

I saw this quote: "It's nicer here because there's a sense that I'm a real person."-KStew on London.

if it is true it left me in tears..truly, this is where Kristen belongs..and they accept her too! Rob must love that!

how can anyone see all this and still say they are not together? every pic on her is full blown evidence...

beaculen said...

Rose, I have to admit I looked at the video too, on youtube. I gotta say it was painful to watch, Rob looked at a loss for what to do. And I'm really disappointed that the police did absolutely nothing to help, if nothing else the paps were harassing him, that was easy to see on the video. I'm like you I would like to believe that they would help me if I needed it, but apparently Rob doesn't have a right to a life. And to the people that say that's what you get when you sign up to be a celebrity...bullshit! No one deserves to be treated like that, it was like watching a bunch of bullies harass a kid in school. I hope he's having a better day today, and he shoots off to Canada or somewhere out of LA soon. Poor guy that had to totally suck!

deb said...

Thanks girlfriend You know me gota have my FIX hhehehehe And yes louisa I did see the big beautiful moon last night. Tish I read that to and isnt it SOOOO true. Thank you you guys for LOVING Rob and Kristen and supporting them And THANK YOU ROSE for giving US a place to come and feel and see the LOVE for rob and kristen DEB.

Opytaylor said...
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mris♥ said...
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mris♥ said...

:( awwww rob! when did this even happen?! what video is this?

it should be illegal!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if anyone answered your earlier questions, but I'll try :)

It's a slippery slope we tread on when it comes to pictures and videos of our favorite celebrities. Yes, we as fans ask for them, which in turn, causes the paparazzi to take their pictures. To a certain point, I'll agree that yes, it comes with the territory of being a celebrity. It's when the paparazzi are intentionally creating situations to exploit these celebrities that it becomes a problem. They sensationalize it to promote their own websites so that more people will check it out. It becomes more about their goal of making money instead of providing harmless, non intrusive pictures of our faves. ANY time you're on one of the gossip site's pages, you're giving them what they want.

But you're questioning third party sites, like this blog, or youtube, where those pap pictures are eventually put up for viewing. Sites like this one, blogger.com, aren't in the business of making money off of celebrities. Youtube doesn't make money off of celebrities. Neither will go out and hunt down and stalk a person to obtain a photo. Do I think it's right to repost some of the more upsetting videos and pictures? Not entirely. Is Rose wrong for posting pictures here? I don't think so. She hasn't posted any of the more disturbing images, or videos. I'd rather come here to see pictures where the poster is going to be respectful of the person's rights and privacy.

So a good rule of thumb, so to speak, is to ask yourself "Is this site I'm going to trying to make money from this? Did they intentionally go out and hunt down these people? Is this magazine trying to make money? (that one's always a yes ;) ) If the answer's yes, then don't go there and don't buy it. The good pictures always find their way to sites that are respectful, just wait for it.

The public's want and need for celebrity news is what starts the chain of events, yes. But some places take things TOO far, and it's those sites that need to learn that even fans have a limit to what they want to see.

Anonymous said...

ROSE...I forgot to mention....

...MEANING what!!!! All the drama, opinions and different VIEWS...
No romances, hook-ups or murders though!!!! hehe
We are like one big stew....[alot of different things get thrown in] and at the end it's all good

kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...

seriously no harm intended!And it's not for you ladies!Maybe bc you can understand MPOV!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Instead of emailing the paps and wasting energy on pl who dont give a shit. Email the congress and help change the laws !


kristine.hills said...


"Did anyone complain last week when he was papped with Tom in his car?NO.When Kristen's been harrassed by those dogs,how many out there wrote complaining letters.None?A few?A part of Rob's fans are bashing Kristen when she gets mad with paps,but now that Rob is bothered and he reacted,the same people are bashing paps.Double standard?Oh,yeah"

You said everything my dear
(especially this part)
"When Kristen's been harrassed by those dogs,how many out there wrote complaining letters.None?A few?A part of Rob's fans are bashing Kristen when she gets mad with paps,but now that Rob is bothered and he reacted,the same people are bashing paps.Double standard?Oh,yeah"

Rose you said it thousand times and you are right K is bashed worse than R, you can see clearly especially after yesterday. It broke my heart bc K is a HUGE part of R's life and when it happens to her it's just normal and she is not mature enough to deal with it. Really? NOBODY deserves it.

Sorry this comment is not for people here, it's bc i made the enormous mistake and read comments those b!tches leave on the net, and they p.me off.


Rose thanks for your words!

From BR

When K said she feels like she is being raped(paps pics) a lot of crazienas laughed a lot and she was criticized about her comment.Was she wrong?
I had my house robbed a few years ago and i felt the same way. It's awful when people you don't even know intrude your privacy.It was just an analogy but she was bashed a lot.RandK deserve been RESPECTED.

Do you know why i'm talking about it? I follow K's fans on twitter and i can see how nice an lovely they are towards R and i can't see the other way around!It's so sad!

Sorry Rose, no harm intended! I'm so sad, women don't respect women especially if it has a man involved.

And my first love was R(i fell in love with him first), R brought K to my life too, bc of him i'm her huge fan right now.Bc the way he looks at her i can see LOVE is alive!

And thanks Rose bc i follow your list on twitter!

Anonymous said...



Thaís said...

Dear Rose, that video was too much for me.Poor Rob...poor Kris..poor celebrities.What kind of job is that?And the cops?Oh...the cops...
I was really angry 'cause there was a Brazilian guy there (I'm Brazilian) I could listen to him saying something but couldn't see his face and I hope he was not one of those men with cameras in front of Rob's face
Can you imagine Kris watching that and so far from her man?If we are so sad with that i can image how much she is.
Loved your post today ( as always)
Kisses from Brazil

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

....good morn everyone!

Rose thank you for the article. Like you, I was tempted to watch the video, thus fueling yet again my anger with the shutterbugs... But what can we do? If we stopped catering on Rob, then what will happen to his career? There's quite a dilemma here.. As you pointed out its unavoidable because its just one of the parts of show business. Rob is big, so he's a big target as well.____BUT there should be limit to what those fucking animals can do or can't do. If those papps would have disturbed traffic, the police would have intervened. I don't know about your laws there, but would it be here in HK, if you have run without any shoes on the police would have stopped you and ask if you have any police matters to report on.

:);)) I think he's missing Kristen quite a lot. He's been going out a lot lately...hmmm.. Bothered and restless??;))No one is keeping him home lately.. of course.. Hey Rob! Just dump everything and fly to Montreal!

olivia said...

No smiles today. Still disgusted.
Changes in state legislation are difficult and time consuming, however seem to be the only way to truly offer more protection from razzi money grubbers.
Respect Rob and Kristen and all others who are targets of razzi intrusions and harassment.

deb said...

Tracy yes some one did answer my question Thank You I just didnt want to sine in on something thats doing to give them money.I like coming in here I like the people who come in here.IT makes my bad day better and puts a smile on my face. Louisa you call it a soap box true it is at times but I call it school for me I learn something new almost every day And I thank you ALL for that.What kind of week do you think we well have?A damn good one I hope I heard this well be the last week for WFE .When does Kristen start her new movie OTR is it on the 2nd of next month? DEB.

sollee said...

love love this post..may some paps read this post so that somehow this would knock their hardened hearts!be good paparazis!..robert pattinson and kristen stewart are good people and they always wanted to please their fans and the public yet we should give them even at least some privacy and respect!

SueBee said...

Unfortunately, paps don't think of actors as people. To them, they are just targets with dollar signs painted on them.

There is no guilt when they are making so much money. Sad but true. Its disgusting, really.

Patricia said...

Kristen start Aug. 2. The Teen Choice Awards film Aug. 7 to be shown Aug. 8. We still don't know if she'll go. It's a week end so maybe.

Rob looks lost without her and Tom. He always does things with his agent (Stephanie) when he's alone. I bet he'll go back to London when he's done doing TCA show. WFE wraps this week. I was hoping they would have time together. I don't know of any new work except Breaking Dawn that starts in October.


Wildhart007 said...

Yes, I saw the beautiful moon! It's so wonderous and feels so magical!

Yes, my heart broke for Rob!

Yes, I want him to get out of LA and be with Kristen!

Yes, I would like to kick some papparazzi a..!

Yes, I,m proud of the way he handled the entire episode! Rob showed a lot of character!

deb said...

Thank you Patty I want him to be happy and if home is where hes happy then so be it I mite not like it cause we wont get to see him that much but after yesterday at lest he'll be safe Do you know how long Kristen well be doing her movie? maybe she'll go there to him after shes done I dont know about you but this is what i think AS long as we talk about what happen yesterday I think the paps get what they want SO I'm going to just stop talking about it I cant do any thing any way just get up set all over again And i want to have peace in my hart not sadness. Thank you again for the INFO. Louisa you keep me Happy with all the beautiful Videos THANK YOU hun. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

I have been wondering the same as not only contacting congress but how about Arnie up there in the governor's mansion of CA. He himself being a celebrity, in more ways than one, maybe could do something. I DK what, but is it worth a try?
I adore this site/blog as well and agree with you ladies of how Rose uses her pics.
I am learning what sites to never venture to again, altho' I had given up on some anyway upon finding Rose. I can't take the negativity w/Rob & Kristen or seperately. I only pray this did not do so much harm that Rob just gives up on the USA, making films, etc. I know he went thru the same filming RM and everytime I see the one pic of him sitting down w/his head down too I want to cry, it really upsets me. I only too, want whats best for the two of them and pray they can make it thru all of this nonsense.
Seeing those papz just keep clicking away was sickening and still Rob was the "quiet gentleman". As someone said here, he certainly was raised right and that is a "thumbs up" for his parents. I love these two, R&K, and only want the best for them. Rose, your blog IS good to them and I thank you for that. Donna

Atticus said...

So Kristen haters, Rob lovers...aren't you glad now that Kristen gave the ol' much deserved flipping the bird to the papz. For the record, I'm a fan of both.

Anonymous said...

@ Deb & @ wildhart007...At least some of us are aware of the Simplist things in life... are free...

Trish said...

okay so, i know its late and some of you might not see this comment but i found a petition site for Rob..i dont know how effective this will be but its doing SOMETHING

google: robert pattinson at petitiononline

they have like 3000 signatures so far.

it will also help to as we said earlier, not but the magazines and to not go to those hw gossip sites...i cant go without doing anything about this..i like taking action before..Godforbid, its too late.

Trish said...

oops... i meant

google: Respect Robert Pattinson at petition online.

(the other is for something else, use the above one)

Silvia said...

I saw the photos and the video... Poor Rob!
But what Lainey wrote about Rob today was worse (or equal) than being chase by paps.
It´s terrible when you write something with the intention to despise someone. And this kind of behavior should be thought.
Thank you Rose for your blog! You always have the right words for the right moments.

deb said...

Ok this is what I think about this Laineys chick she has a gossip suit so she is going to say SHIT about Rob because she knows that there are people like me who are going to say shit about her SHE LOVES it as far as I know she just sets back and laugh at me she don't give a shit what i think or say SO if i don't say any thing about her maybe she'll DRY UP and BLOW AWAY.SEEM like a good thing to me. DEB.

Monica said...

Those repulsive paparazzi...

Rob requested help from police officer but got rejected...and Kristen made a comment regarding paparazzi pictures but was forced to apologize...These really make me sick.

Yup, Rose, feel better after seeing the last 3 pics. Thanks.

Monica from Asia

Patricia said...

I read Kristen would be up in Montreal (2 weeks) beatnik camp and 4 weeks filming. She's already been there two weeks. She starts filming Aug. 4.

There's some new pictures of Rob filming the mourgue scene for WFE at Robstenation and Rob Pattinson life. Check it out.

SueBee said...

Makes you sort of wish that Kristen could have been there to give EVERYONE the finger!

dowlingnana said...

3,386 is the number thus far, I just signed the petition. May not work, but, atleast I know I have tried to do something!!
I want to say too that when Kristen first told her comment about feeling raped that I understood perfectly what she meant and now I hope many more will so the same. I say the same thing so why don't those "groups" come attack me now!!! As someone noted on here today, being home invaded feels the same and I know that feeling too!! Later, Donna

deb said...

Thanks Patty and YES I seen the pic of our man But he doesnt look that happy a little tired .Dont know it mite be me. It seem to me all I see is his sad face I wish he could just see Kristen to get back that smile. Thank you Patty I do hope that the rest of this week well get better DEB.

deb said...

OK now look what there saying or i should say looking AT http://bit.ly/bCLRCZ I think thats where its at There talking about his pants (or whats in them) See if you can see what they see i think i know but I hope Im WRONG.(right) DEB

Monica said...

kristine.hills@6:28, share the same feeling with you. I have been hesitated for two days if it is appropriate to put down my thoughts here. I know all the laies in this blog are very nice and truly love Rob. I'm sorry for Rob being hounded too. However, I'm a bit uncomfortable to see the big difference of reaction from people (not the readers here but on other sites) when the same situation comes to Rob and Kristen. I don't want to compare but it really upset me while Kristen was harrassed (especially the awful week before MTVMA), not much sympathy was shown. Instead of blaming the papz, people teased Kristen, asked her to quit acting, etc. Sure, it's responsibility of Kristen's fans to defend their beloved girl. But I did hope all those who claim themselves as R/K supporters to be more vocal. Yes, I agree Kristen is less skillful in handling with papz. But as kristine.hills said, nobody deserve that.

It's great people are aware of the intrusion of papz and start a signature campaign. But at the end of the day, is it really about offense of papz? Or just about Rob being bothered? I mean, if it the former, people should have already made similar campaigns.

No hateful intention and sorry for a bit unorganized. If you are unhappy about my post, please just skip it.

Monica from Asia

iena amoi said...

I love your blog :D

And i can't stop grinning each time I read anything robsten. Just love them!!

Yes..pity Rob being hounded by the paps...when he said...pls...u take like milion pic..I too felt like hugging him and protecting him. Maybe he misses Kstew too. uhuhu

iena amoi said...

excellent letter kate.

yes, all the pics comes from the paps..but they don;t need to harrass him when he already politely ask them to stop. That is where it went wrong. We are fans...yes we want pics...just to see him from far..but we never want him to be harrassed like that. It's just disrespectful. hmmm.....

June said...

FYI Robert is going to London soon, probably after TCA.

Carly said...

*Why aren't there some sort of laws that prohibits people with cameras from getting into someones face like that?*

I have been asking myself that for months now. I mean, if you hit a paparazzi he can take you to a court for assault. but when a flock of voltures follows you the whole day there is nothing you can do about it. Im not naive enough to think there is a way to stop it, but there surely is some way to establish boundaries that shouldnt be crossed just by common courtessy and respect. but sicne these people (and lets face it, some fans as well) dont seem to posses such qualities, there need to be laws

and the argument about quitting acting? or that this is the price for fame? really?! REALLY?! yeah, that doesnt fly with me.

its a very truthful and very sad post, Rose, but I will do as you said, I will think of Rob looking at Kris and of Kris looking at Rob and beleive that thy are strong enough of a couple and as individuals to go through this

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

:))) Peace and Kisses!

signs if you have Eclipse overdose:

..every guy you meet in the lift looks like Robert Pattinson.

..kissing couple in the lift seems tolerable, lately. They look like Kristen and Robert in that meadow scene!

..holding hands couple in their 8thies inside the lift seems swoon worthy, lately. They look like Rob and Kristen, holding hands in that Paris tarmac, in Laguna...inside their house...

...and lastly, every cute bald guy you meet looks like David Slade!:))))

I did watch Eclipse 4x, already! I'm head over heels intoxicated with Robsten!!

Trish said...

Monica...i see where you are trying to get at...With Kristen, i personally felt bad for her and did not want her to apologize because i fully agreed with what she said and this incident with Rob just proved what she said to be right

I love Rob and Kristen equally but the thing is that others out there are just there to get this girl, she was voicing what she went through and i dont even know why she was criticized.

For me its about Rob and Kristen being bothered because i am a fan of both of them, and i do agree with you that more R/K fans should have been more vocal about the situation, i felt like they should have defended her a bit more like they did with Rob (not you all on this blog of course on the other sites).

It seems Rob loves Kristen and Kristen loves him in return therefore, therefore those that claim they are a fan of Rob should be rather to also support Kristen...because most likely when she is not happy he is not. jmo.

Monica said...

Trish, thanks for understanding!!~

Monica from Asia