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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Is the Sun Turning Black?

Cute picture.
I like that Taylor/Kristen/Robert get along
and seem really close and like each other.
I don't understand the hate that Taylor gets...
But then...
I don't understand hating on strangers... period.

Speaking of hate...
I'm sure you have all heard this interview 
with David Slade by now.

David Slade tells us at the London Eclipse premiere that he knew Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were a couple based on their chemistry while filming the scenes in the meadow.

http://rush.popsugar.tv/Video-David-Sla ... ip-8989710

He says: :"First couple of days shooting we did out meadow scenes and we were like, 'Oh, we know already.' It was before the news had broke and we were like, 'There's no way you can get like that without, you know...'''

And as Wyck before him...
He was slammed, insulted...
Attacked and trashed.
That's what happens when you say something
that Haters don't want to hear.
When people state the OBVIOUS.

Is it another confirmation of something
we already knew?
Of course it is.
But does anyone really NEED confirmation at this point?
Of course not.

All this does is make the Hyenas ANGRY...
Frothing. Foaming. Furious.
They turn their anger not only at Wyck/Slade
or anyone else who buries their delusions...
But the HATESTEN comes out stronger
for Robert and Kristen, too.
Sad but true.
People who call themselves 'FANS'.

Rob and Reese Witherspoon on the set of WFE.
I love Reese Witherspoon...
This movie looks like it's going to be all kinds of good.

But that being said?
There was a lot of comments, DMs, emails
sent to me about some 'mysterious' blonde that
Rob was dating...
Hatesten couldn't make up their mind WHICH blonde
he was supposed to be with.

First I heard that Rob has been with "Teresa Palmer" (who??)
for a while now...
Secretly dating her...
But that he was going to out their relationship at her premiere.
But then...
When Emilie de Ravin was on the guest list for the
Eclipse premiere?
Well... then there was so a lot of foaming about her
being in Rob's life since RM was filmed.
A lot of random frothing about Rob's ex
Nina (something) being at the premiere too..
Rob and Reese have gotten REALLY close too.
So four blondes.
Which one is Rob secretly with?
Or is he with all of them?
Rob supposedly has a THING for blondes...

Tell me who looks extraordinarily beautiful as a blonde?
And ...
Who just might be becoming blonde for her new movie?

In Montreal.
Will Jella have his escort?

When exactly does the sun turn black?
July 11th?

It's gonna be a scorching HOT summer.
Can't you feel it already?

Why yes I can...
It's most definitely hot.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

This post WINS. Epic win is epic. Very very very true. I love everything `bout this. ahaha!

Anonymous said...

This post WINS. I love everything `bout this. Epic win post wins epically

Anonymous said...

Rose those pics of Rob with Reese take my breath away... Jesus! I can't help thinking...Kristen what a lucky girl you are!!

Will the sun turn black on july,11? I wish, I want it so badly!

If just Jella could speak...

Melinda said...

Thank you Rose- I thought I was going to go out of town (although I might be able to check in while gone) for a couple of days and wouldn't get to read another fantastic post beforehand.

Let's not forget that Charlie (plays Dimitri) outed them as well in an article that just came out. I guess the "gag" order has been lifted. Ha, Ha.

It appears that R/K aren't concerned that people know. It not like they haven't been obvious. It looks like they are moving in a direction of just wanting to have normalcy without all the hoopla surrounding it.

Yes the crazies will still be out in full force. I don't think that will ever change unfortunately.

They are still trying to ship Kristen with Taylor or Michael. Now they are trying to ship Rob with Reese. And they call us delusional. LOL!

Also read CK and minions saying that the David Slade video was dubbed/spliced, the relationship is PR and that he was talking about E/B. They are off their rockers!!! One of her little friends was on a "We need to save Rob" tangent last night on Twitter as well. Sadly they don't see that he needs to be "saved" from them. You can only laugh at the stupidity.

Hope everyone on here from the U.S. enjoys the holiday.

jen said...

Love it Rose!

Love DS. He was so casual in his remarks, and they were hardly dishy-he simply mentioned their relationship was always left at the door, and on set they were totally professional.

Funny thing I've noticed about Robert? He's been so appreciative of his parents and their relationship. He mentions often now how they met - her being very young the dad older.

Remember him during Twilight? He was so apathetic and confused about the very notion of relationships-they just weren't on his radar. I always found that so charming about him-relationships seemed to terrify and puzzle him!

But ever since Remember Me and Eclipse promos, he's been more sentimental and insightful about the notion of relationships. What a good one can look like, like his parents. What qualities help to keep a relationship afloat(honesty).

NO, I'm not making a case for marriage AT ALL. lol I'm just saying, Robert's 180 turn regarding relationships is hilarious and sweet. He's much more thoughtful and sincere in his remarks.

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Beautiful post, as always!
Rob in a tux with his short hair is gorgeous, and blond Kristen, breathtakingly beautiful. Of course Kristen is Rob's summer strawberry "blond".
Montreal has a romantic, old world city center and affords many quaint cafes, restaurants, and clubs. The streets are amazing, many places to explore and quaint, hip small second hand boutiques to meander through as a couple. Just dreaming! : )
Love and respect for Rob and Kristen, and Rose.

LK said...

Some people out there must have serious mental issues.Trashing DS,now Charlie Dewley and i don't know how many more people.

I'm one of those who believe in free speech and i think everybody should express his own opinion,but some people are beyond hideous.They even shipping Rob with Reese!!!!!!!!

kristine.hills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristine.hills said...

Do you know what is so FUNNY? Rob is in a 'very secretive relaysh with a misterious blonde'...right???

Now Kristen is strawberry-gorgeous-blonde and you know what???

NOw he is dating a brunnete!!!


that will be the blindenas excuse, right now he hates blonde and he is in love with a brunnete!

YEAH THE SUN IS GOING DARK... and RK are TOGETHER and happy!!!

"Globo's reporter from Brazil:
when you and KS are going to officially become a couple, in real life? RP: when the SUN GOES DARK!!!"

KRIS is the death of Rob, geessss, look that gorgeous blonde-kris-girl!!!!She is exquisite/stunning!

Lucky Rob, lucky Kris. You are soulmates!

Rose dear, amazing post!

God bless my gorgeous couple RK!

XOXO from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Love the post. Rob + Kris = Adorable.

Ahhh yes the stories that Jella/Max could tell. But I think even if Jella/Max could talk Jella/Max would have Kris's back and respect her privacy :-D

Saw Eclipse again. Still waiting for the super sigh to kick in. Liked it better this time though. The end where Edward says "so its not all about me" and Bella says "no sorry." SO not E/B. But it still feels very natural, like something Kris would say to Rob. They would very naturally quip back and forth. It lessened my annoyance to look at it from this perspective. One *small* thing that did bother me... when the werewolf background third wife story was being told about 'the cold one'. The man 'cold one' should have had *red* eyes not golden. He had just fed on like three humans. Some minor details like that irritated me. Also. Rosalie back story. Rosalie's eyes were RED... but they should have still be golden because she did not drink their blood (she is very proud that she has never tasted human blood). But I don't know how much of a newborn she was when she took her vengeance so its possible she could have had red eyes.

That's all my rambles for the day.
Another fab Rose post. :-D I love the daily Rose. :-)

*Suzy Q*

Kathy Cullen said...

Yes, it's confirming what we already know. Especially since we picked up on their amazing chemistry long ago. I just hope that Rob and Kristen are ok with what Wyke and David said. They must be, or I doubt it would have been said in the first place.Great post as always Rose!

Anonymous said...

Great Rose, you nailed it. It's always a pleasure to read your posts. It's a great summer, indeed...not for all, but for us :) Yeah!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Excellent post yet again.

I like Taylor too. He seems like a nice kid and is a good friend to both Rob and Kristen. He speaks highly of them and isn't trying to gossip about them.

I like Reese Witherspoon too. She has been around forever. Not my favorite actress but she is talented. Her and Josh Lucas were BEYOND adorable in Sweet Home Alabama.
I have no idea if her and Rob have become good friends. Just because people work together does not make them automatically close friends. I do think they get along and work great together but I don't see Rob ever having major problems with a co-star. Reese is 10 years older, has 2 children (who her life revolves around) and a boyfriend. She has her own life and seems to love where she's at personally. People should leave her alone and let her and Rob work.
I definitely have realized that there will be some people who hook Rob and Kristen up with anyone BUT each other. Whatever with that....

Saw Eclipse. I enjoyed it. My favorite scenes were anything Edward and Bella, Charlie and Jasper. Haven't really wrapped my mind around things to give how I truly feel about the movie. I do need to watch it again, I think. But Rob and Kristen were fantastic. What natural and amazing chemistry those two have!

SueBee said...

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone!

Here's my theory, Kris said she wouldn't talk about her personal life. Let's say she finally wanted her relationship with Rob to become public but didn't want to go back on what she said...

So, Wyck, David, etc. have been "outing" them left and right and neither Rob nor Kris are denying it. It's not like these aren't reliable sources. The producer AND the director--pretty reliable if you ask me.

I do believe they would know! It does appear as if the gag order has been lifted. The "Eclipse" happened. The movie is out. How many times do we need to see the sun turn black on the screen?

One more silly thought--how do you suppose Rob feels about the Fourth of July holiday since he's British? LOL :o)

Opytaylor said...

Nice lazy Saturday. How goes it, Rose? I am sure all is well. This "outing" IMO was with Rob & Kristen's blessing. For one thing, it happens after press tour for the couple. Kristen will not go back on her words "I would never cheapen my relationship by discussing it publicly" They will not be interviewed any time soon so there will be no need to respond to comments by their professional colleagues. Brilliant. This had the dual benefit of eliminating the curiosity while maintaining the couples desire to not discuss it with the press. It will be sometime in the fall at earliest before we see new interviews from Rob or Kristen and by then their confirmed relationship will be old news. Since they are a stable couple this drama should dry up a bit. The crazies just need to be ignored. Everything works out for the best in the end.

Atticus said...

Finally saw Eclipse last night. There's too much Jacob in the movie as well as in the book. I remember it took me forever to get thru the Jacob chapters. I do like Taylor Lautner as a person, not sure about his acting. Told my friend I didn't think I could watch the B/J kiss. Makes me wanna puke and spin my head a few times. Slade made this whole big production of the E/J kiss and I was cringing thru the whole scene. Taylor is just not my idea of a romantic lead. Sorry Taylor fans. Now I can watch B/E or Kristen/Robert forever. They could have been the whole film and I would have been satisfied. Bella and Charlie scenes were good too. Oh, and I agree with another post that said there was too much Riley...way too much. Will more than likely see this again.

I agree with one critic that said Kristen Stewart can take a close-up shot with the best of them. She was totally mesmerizing.

Can someone please tell me how Charlie Bewley outed our lovely couple.

LIZ said...

I suppose the next public event they might attend together will be the Teen Choice Awards in August ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll be there together AND win best kiss, ha ha, wonder what'll they do next? I'm already in Robsten withdrawals because they're probably at home relaxing over the weekend and no pics or interviews, boo hoo

jen said...

ps: wanted to say I agree that r/k are not only aware of people's statements and okay with it, but were probably participants on how to out it.

I also agree about the timing-the timing is anti-climatic. To make it work for promotional reasons, such confirmations would have been included with the junket or premiere where they themselves could have confirmed. But they didn't.

My guess is they will never define their relationship, but they are not going to hide it. And I have a feeling Robert or Kristen will be popping up in places they would normally not be seen now that there's a break in the franchise with filming and promotion.

Wyck's a producer, he's not an idiot. He wouldn't run his mouth off about his biggest cash cows, I mean costars lol, flippantly. This was an exclusive interview to Time magazine and to be honest it seemed to be mainly about confirming.

Anonymous said...

Rose, Rob's ex's name is Nina Schubert just case you wanted to know. She was a model and went out with Rob during HP. She was very pretty and obviously was an important part of Rob's life. But then they broke up after a few years and well - The End. Its silly for the hygenas to bring her up now, even more sillier than the MA theory lol. But I guess they need new material to work with.

Anonymous said...

If Nontens want to cling to Nina now, it's their problem. We shouldn't make fuss about Rob's ex. Should we? I don't see the need.

I'm interested in facts or evidence, not in what nontens make up just to stir the pot.

Anonymous said...

Rose, your so on it! I love that Slade and Godfrey pretty much said the same thing, and they aren't 13 yr old girls with a major Rob obsession. So I think we can believe them.lol. Thanks for the WFE pics they are so pretty, I love Reese Witherspoon too and can't wait to see them in a movie together. Team Sprockley one, I saw Eclipse again today, the coldone's eyes were red, and Rosealie's are red because she was still a newborn, it was great again! Thanks again Rose.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Another EPIC post from Rose! My favorite part is the pic of the Eclipse LMAO Oh Rose you must drive these hyenas crazy!

Im not even going to say my opinion on this "Nina" NONSENSE its just more crap spewed from desperate nasty haters looking to grasp at anything! So desperate. So sad. they need to get laid and there own life ans stop obsessing over 2 actors.

deb said...

Well here I am With one BIG SMILE on my face THANK YOU Rose I Love ya you are tru'ly becoming one of my best friends I love what you had to say today you are spot on with all you say As I was reading some of the other post I was thinking YOU KNOW THE NUTS OUT THERE with ALL there HATE Im sure Rob well now be even more aware of her safety DON'T these NUTS out there that call them self FANS of Rob Know if you heart Kristen you heart him Don't they understand that he REALLY LOVE this WOMAN don't they know if you are a true Fan THAT YOU WANT HIM HAPPY AND HE IS WITH KRISTEN Rose I don't think it is all young girls out there doing all the hating and that makes me sad to think it So Rob should be done with WFE on the 9th and you say there well be a ECLIPSE of the sun the 11th hummm .I to love the pic of ROB and Reese and yes they do look happy you know this is going to be a good movie cant wait to see it well my friend have a good 4th. DEB.

JBO said...

Rose your website is awesome. It always make my day. I wanted to ask can you or someone take look at a picture of the eclipse after party where Rob is standing next to a blonde girl with a hat on. That does look like Nina his ex, not that is matters they can just be friends but this is what the hyenas are looking at and wanted to confirm if that is her or not. I am pretty sure it is her but wanted another eye.

deb said...

Sorry Rose I forgot to ask Did Kristen have blonde hair in the movie (Into then wild)?And didn't Rob say he seen into the wild and new Kristen play in it?and that is why he went to the audition? just asking ok DEB.

katie said...

The girl in in the picture next to him at the afterparty is not Nina. She is too young and with a completely different body than Nina. Nina is not bigger, she modeled and even now maintains a smaller frame. The girl's cute in the picture but it is in no way Nina.

And Robert had seen kristen in Into the wild before he headed out for his auditions in Los Angeles. So he knew of his work. He has mentioned a couple times it was the only reason he wanted to do the audition, but the time he said it he was almost teasing Kristen on the Today show. So I don't know if he was being serious or just teasing her.

sollee said...

nice post! we love robsten and we're happy for them!!!!

Melinda said...

I am watching RM finally on DVD. I love Rob in this movie. I had forgotten how much!

Saw Eclipse finally. Of course it had it's problems as does every movie. I didn't like how it moved from scene to scene. Way to fast for me. No resolution.

Other big issue was that they left out so many little details that would explain things.

Oh and they took out the line "I'll protect you no matter what" that was in the trailers. Great line from Edward that should have stayed.

The things I liked were that you could really tell Rob and Kristen were at ease with one another. Love both meadow scenes b/c it just felt like Rob and Kristen.

Also loved the "virgin" talk. Too funny. Kristen was really cute with Billy there.

The proposal scene-did anyone else notice that Edward had tears in his eyes when she says yes??? Um vamps can't cry! So me thinks Rob was just a tad bit emotional during that scene.

Tent scene was really good. That had to be hard for Kristen to lay there pretending to sleep and not make facial gestures while they are talking. Also glad Kristen was able to get Rob back on track to may it work.

Couple of other things-

no heat in the J/B kiss regardless of the length.

Edward was HOT!! I think he looked best in this one!

I am totally happy they took out Bella crying over Jacob. I kind of hated that she did that to Edward in the book actually. The only redeeming thing that she said from the book version was "I know who I can't live without." She should have said that in the second meadow scene.

I think that's all right now. I plan on seeing it again so I am sure that I will find other little things.

Overall I think it was really good actually.

Lisa said...

Great post as always Rose..

Melinda, do you know what article/interview it was that Charley spoke of R & K?

JBO, that was not Nina, do an internet search.

Went to see Eclipse for 3rd time today.. Hubby went this time. He didn't care for it at all. He liked the fight scene, but hated how close up everything was shot. Said he'll wait for the DVD to see it again. (saw NM 3 times) I wanted to see it in IMAX but gotta find someone to go with me! LOL To close is my biggest issue too. Would have really loved a farther back shot of the leg hitch scene! LOL It's still my least favorite of the three but hey, it's twilight so I'll love it no matter what.. But as I said before and others have said.. There was NO heat in the J/B kiss at all. Oh well, K & E looked beautiful and I think Tay did a really good job in the acting this time!

I'm really hoping Rob takes a trip to Montreal. There would NO reason for him to be there but her.. However, I seriously doubt he will. She's at camp, what will he do? Sit at a hotel all by himself waiting on her? No friends or family to keep him company? My guess is he'll stay in LA or most likely, head to London.. I hope I'm wrong though.. :)

deb said...

OK girls I'm going again tonight to watch Eclipse I want to see if bella and Jacob hold each other tight in the kissing scene I don't think they do Didn't Kristen say she felt weird kissing him because he is like a little brother to her so i think you can see that.I though that in the proposal scene that Rob(Eward) looked like it was the real thing that smile WAS REAL you cant hide that kind of smile When she said YES you cant tell me that that man wasn't HAPPY .I'v seen that look before. well off I go see ya all later after the movies . DEB

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee

There is a fabulous Twilight interview of Rob saying that on the fourth of July in Britian they sacrifice an American. But he was mixed up about Thanksgiving and Fourth of July.

Rob on Fourth of July, this is how he feels LMAO:


*Suzy Q*

soadram said...

Great post as already become a habit.
And finally went to see the movie Eclipse today. I liked it. The scene of Bella go with Jacob motorcycle in front of Edward I found not no joke. But ok.
As for the kiss between Bella and Jacob honestly not found anything special, it was very mecanico.Mas really enjoyed the film and the chemistry between Bella and Edward is visible is very large.
which makes the visible reality.

Melinda said...


Here is the Charlie thing.


Also, I am not familiar with Canada and what cities are where but if Rob does go up there some while K is there he has friends up in Vancouver that I would think he would most likely see while there as he has done this in the past during New Moon and Eclipse filming.

I wouldn't be surprised if he goes back to London for a short visit. I can only imagine that the nons will be all over that saying they aren't together anymore b/c of it.

No matter what they always find time to be together like normal couples do. They have been doing it for a long time now.

Lisa said...

Melinda, Sam is in LA until the end Of July I think. I'd have to look again to be sure.. He's his friend from 'couve. I don't recall any others there?? I looked this up: The distance between Vancouver and Montreal is 2295 miles (3694 km) that's a long way!!

As far as I know, he doesn't have anything lined up as far as work goes until BD.. At least nothing official. A recent interview he said regarding UC "I hope it'll get made" so it doesn't look like anything is firm yet. He could be doing something with dream works (his meeting with JK), but as I said, nothing confirmed that I've seen. So who knows what he'll be up to. You're right, if he goes to London, the nuts will scream bs. But that's OK, I don't care what they say.. We all know what we know.. And they are so stealthy these days, he could get in and out of Montreal without us even know.. :)

Monica said...

Great post Rose~ "Rob supposedly has a THING for blondes..." and then two pics of Kristen with blonde hair popped up, I bursted into laughter!~

I remember when I saw the 1st meadow scene in theatre, I just melted in my seat. The only thought came to my mind was that there is no way Rob & Kristen not in a romantic relationship. It would be impossible for the scene to go so natural and intimate if they weren't an item in real life. So DS just spoke what we already saw.

I think anyone who has seen the meadow scene could feel the same. The nonstens are just not willing to accept the fact.

Monica from Asia

deb said...

OK I'M back from the movies and YES I think I'm liking it more I got to hear it better tonight and I did watch the whole movie not just ROB and Kristen It was hard but I did IT I like the fight scene I though it was good its funny how much you miss when your only watching 2 people And I LOVE JUST watching them they are so in love on and off screen. And if know one can see that then who cares I do and SO many others do to so who needs them any way I dont think ROB or Kristen cares if they like them or not they know they have BILLIONS that do. I think I read that ROB said that he and Kristen inseparable now because they have gone though alot together well im glade I went and seen it again now I can go to bed even happier.Have a good 4th you all . DEB.

LK said...

I think Rob is gonna stay in LA for the next weeks,because maybe there're will be some reshoots.Then i think he's going to London for some quiet time with his family,until BD's shooting starts.I wish he'd go at Montreal,but i find it hard to believe.I don't think he'd like be there while Kristen's working.Besides,they're gonna be together shooting for the next 6 months in a row.

PS.I know that the NUTSten are gonna spew their venom if he doesn't go at Montreal,but they do it anyway all the time.Even they'd see Rob and Kristen kissing passionately they would scream "PR"!They're just disturbed people.

katy said...

Enough...that girl with a hat next to Rob in the after party isn't NINA...go and see pic of Nina.

LK said...

So,according to all those NUTStens.Nina flew from New Zealand,where she lives the last 3 years,to London just to fly to LA with Rob's parents?Okay!!!!!!

1.Wouldn't be easier for her to fly from NZ directly to LA if she wanted to go to the premiere?It's more convenient.

2.Isn't it strange that she DIDN'T attend all his previous premieres(no pics,no tweets,no reports,even the nutcases didn't say that she was at any premiere back then)and now all of the sudden she wanted to attend Eclipse's premiere?That's strange!

3.I haven't seen Rob in ANY photo with her,NOWHERE,and suddenly she's at his premiere?I have seen Rob with Shannon,Katy,the Brit pack,but NOT with Nina.So,why don't you idiots leave the poor girl alone?

4.Nina has said that she was engaged with a French guy right away after Rob and she has said that she was very much in love with.Rob has said that he NEVER has broken up with a girl,they 're always breaking up with him.Do the math.Probably she met this guy,fell in love with him and decided break up with Rob.He was 3 years younger anyway.And immature,he has said that like a zillion times.

The bottom line is,that all those crazies at that disgusting blog,try to link Rob with everyone but Kristen.I know that deep inside they know the truth,that's why they foam so much.If they thought that Rob and Kristen was just friends,they wouldn'
t care so much.

And the PR thing that they keep talking about is offensive for Rob and them as fans.What kind of people love and admire an actor,if they think of him so low?

imloco2 said...

Whoa! I missed something major! No more anon? LMAO That's great. I always hated anon. Well, the nasty ones anyway. Maybe this will keep some of the nut jobs away.

Great post as usual Rose. I almost always agree with you, one reason why this is my favorite place to come to every afternoon. ;) And I agree once again. I've seen Eclipse 4 times now and and truthfully say it's gotten better the more I watch it. Although I confess that after that many times seeing it in as many days, the Quiluete scenes and the Victoria/Riley/newborns scenes are starting to get a bit boring. I'm sorry, I just don't care about Riley. I know that they are trying to make Xavier the next big thing, but the thing with that is they never learn that when you try and market someone as the next IT guy or gal it almost never works.

But I was playing the 'which scene is your favorite and worst' game with the hubs (I love that he loves Twilight *g*) and really there are a lot more scenes we love than hate. (spoilers ahead) I wish we could have seen more E/B love, less newborns, less extremem closeups, an apology for the J kiss, and the 'I'm not changing for you it's cause I want to live the vamp life' was so different from the books and how Bella really felt that it was jarring, but once you get over the initial shock in some ways the movie is better than the book. I'll take the B/J 30 sec kiss if I don't have to sit through the night of tears.

Loved the meadows scenes, the chase, Charlie and Bella have 'the talk' LOL, the tent scene, graduation,training, and the proposal/leg hitch scene will be one of my all time favorites for some time to come. All in all it follows the usual pattern of not sure if I liked it at first, liked it better the 2nd time, even better the third. Oh, and at first I thought that Kristen was a bit lacking in the emotion part towards Edward. I kept waiting for some of that chest heaving emotion she was giving Jacob and it never came. But the more I've watched it the more I think that she is indeed a naturalistic actress and does not overplay to the point that you have to watch every carefully to see she does feel it. She might be a little too subtle for Twilight though. LOL

Anyway, liked the movie even if I'm not in love with it. Just say it's the Jacob of movies. I'm hoping BD will be my Edward. ;)

SueBee said...

Let's just say I've been watching parts of it. Can I say how I'm loving Edward and Bella being so touchy feely now? They aren't afraid to touch, nuzzle, cuddle, kiss, etc.

Now, this is NOTHING against Taylor Lautner, but Jacob seems (to me) to come off as desperate and petulant. The whole part at the graduation party where he is all "you should be happy Bella, we're working together" was so condescending I had to roll my eyes.

As for the ending meadow scene, I had to watch it a few times and give it a good think. She says it's not a choice between Ed and Jacob but who she is and who she is supposed to be.

Broken down--she is "supposed" to be normal and happily skip along with Jacob.

She knows that she isn't "normal" because she feels like herself in Edward's world. His world makes her feel stronger and yes it really is all about him.

She knows she should be with Jacob because she won't have to die (yadda, yadda, yadda) but she BELONGS with Edward. She isn't going to sign up to be a vampire without him! She NEEDS him to be herself.

AND---because I overanalyze everything--here are some expressions I love from Edward this go around.

Partial lip bite when he say "Marry Me" (again) in the beginning.

Angry Edward with anything involving J.

Intense/frustrated look when he said "Believe me I WANT to!"

Him trying to build up courage to propose as he gets up from the bed.

Nervous way he gets through said proposal with love in his eyes.

Shiny eyed smile when she said yes.

Sexy I killed Victoria face.

Smile when he says "So, it's not about me?"

Anytime he looks at Bella the whole movie! :o)

Okay, done now!

Oh, I could go on and on and on--but I'm done now.

Happy 4th!

Melinda said...

Sue Bee-

Your right about the ending. At least that's how I took it. I personally thought that MR (the screen writer)wrote that Bella speech to allude to BD. Remember in BD the chapter titled "Shiny" Bella describes how she was meant to be a vampire b/c it is where she shines, etc.

I also at first didn't like that in the V/E/R fight scene that they were able to overtake Edward. Since he reads minds he should have been able to not get into that situation.

But re-thinking it I actually liked it b/c Bella "saves" him. Edward and Bella throughout the whole "saga" take turns saving each other so to speak.

I kinda think that MR in writing the screenplay for Eclipse made Bella and Edwards relationship more mature actually.

Imloco- I am glad you said that about Kristen's acting. There are a lot of people that say she can't act. In truth she doesn't "overact" her scenes like many of her counterparts in HW. I think we can all say that when we are watching a movie we can tell that the actor is acting b/c they actually overact it. Kristen on the other hand when you watch her you forget she is actually acting b/c she just becomes the character. Both Rob and many of her old directors have said this about her. It is sad that the public don't take the time to see this about her b/c she is a great actress.

Carly said...

as much as I dont like people talking about RKs personal lifes, in a way I think its good that its threated as such a non issue. like the question if they are together is not up for debate anymore. its a fact, so lets move on and talk about the movie, the following movies, some other movie, something else altogether

Rob on set of WfE - YUMMY. I love Reese and I like that they obviously enjoy working together. cant wait to see the final product. but these pictures are kinda bringing out a wish of mine to surface again

since summer 2008 I have been wishing for a fotoshoot of Rob & Kris with a piano and her in a red dress a la Fabulous Baker Boys. so far nothing (though we got Rob with a piano and Kris in a red dress) but Im not loosing hope yet :D

there are quite a few blondes in Robs life he cares about a lot - his mom, his sisters, his newly blonde girlfriend ;)

well, who knows what happens when the sun turns black. probably nothing. because Rob & Kris have a tendency to surprise us. so maybe something will happen on the 13th. or nothing big will happen in July. but it will change nothing about the status of their relationship

also wanted to say YAY to a comment from yesterday post by SueBee about the Eclipse movie, I pretty much agree with everything you said. thank you

Carly said...


here is a really sweet and funny Eclipse review. I may not agree with all of it but the RK bits are definitely spot on

May said...

Bb,you are epic,your post is epic,R/K/T are epic.:D

So...4 blondes,you say? :p That kinda reminds me of 4 Non-blondes.Remember Linda Perry? ;p

After all,haters/***stens will hate.ESPECIALLY since everyone and their grandma already know whats what,when it comes to R/K.
Delusionals excluded,of course. ;D

Truth hurts. :p