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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Robert Belongs To Kristen

So I just got back from seeing Eclipse.
Robert is absolutely
gorgeous in this movie.
And although I have always felt that
Kristen and Rob always looked completely natural 
when it came to the intimate/kissing scenes...
After what Slade said about the meadow scenes
I looked a bit closer this time around...
What did I see?
I saw Edward look at Bella...
Smile at Bella...
Much like we always see Robert look at Kristen.
Smile at Kristen.
Imagine that.
So since Slade also mentions how it was obvious
that Rob and Kristen were a couple based
on 'chemistry' in the meadow scenes...
I guess it's apparent to everyone...
(who isn't afflicted with rabies) 
That there is something going on with these two...
Not just people who believe they are together.

What a job.
Making out with your girlfriend
and getting paid for it.
Harper Bazaar released some outtakes today.
I love Rob's face in these pictures...
And Kristen?

You can almost hear her saying...

"He IS Mine!"

That's definitely the message I hear.

Robert belongs to Kristen.
And he likes it.
A lot.

*keep pushing*

Bye for now


andii cullen pattinson said...

Oh yeah
like always SO great
u always have the truth to tell

nita said...

I like R&K together or apart but...You could at least write sometimes about Kstew`s fans hating on Rob,right? or those who think he`s not good for her,she should hook up with Garett oget back with the spice.. Ya know Rob belongs to Kstew,IA but Kstew belongs to Rob too..Rob crazy fans aren`t the only crazies in the fandom,ytou should write about kstew`s ones too..Thanks:)

deejon67 said...

Cute Very Cute Happy Together!

Anonymous said...

Pretty pics :) Best HP Outtakes yet. Hoping theres a BTS vid. Did you like the new WFE pics Rose? Rob and the little puppy were so cute.

Melinda said...

He sure does!!! And it eats the obsessive haters alive b/c they don't get what he sees in her. But we see it and adore her b/c of it. I also think that it is really pissing them off that all the "gossip sites" are no longer speculating that R/K are a couple. Those sites are stating it as a fact and neither R/K or their reps are disputing it.

I see the walls are closing in on them...me thinks the walls are padded and you get a pretty white jacket as a complimentary gift!

Only 8 days into July and we have already been "gifted" with many things. Love Christmas in July.

Good things are coming....and Rob on the set of WFE WALKING...swoon!

shopgirl525 said...

I try to read you on a daily basis...you are always right on with whatever is going with these two...thanks for showing the love!!

jen said...

Great post Rose!

David's comments were hilarious, weren't they? Because let's face it, he's not exactly a chatty Cathy or a pupper for Summit. His comments were very telling, that obviously they were very comfortable together, didn't need direction in this sense, and probably gave off other cues they were together, because a noncouple would react and behave differently in between shots,during shots.

It reminds me of Chris Weitz making a more subtle but similar comment. Where he said he didn't feel any need to direct kristen and robert in their kissing. That they had a handle on that and he didn't need to get involved.


Melinda said...

Nita- I see where you are coming from. Kristen has some crazy fans for sure. Yet I don't believe that they have created a website specifically to hate and tear him apart as Rob's "repulsive" obsessed fans have for Kristen. Furthermore I believe that these women are jealous of Kristen b/c she has what they don't. For some reason they believe their purpose on earth is to "save Rob" from that woman. Ironically enough the more they hate, the more he defends her and they become stronger as a couple. If they do end up not together I believe it won't be because of these people (we are just a speck of dust to R/K truthfully) but something entirely different.

Lisa said...

Yeah baby! ;)

KJ said...

Hi Rose! These HB outtakes only grow more epic and revealing. They belong to each other, no doubt. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Rob most definitely BELONGS to Kristen. And Kristen Most definitely BELONGS to Rob.

OMFG! Have you seen this one --->

Just. Breathe. LOL.

*Suzy Q*

Going for my fifth Eclipse screening this weekend.

May said...

As usual,you nailed it,bb. LOL

Robert belongs to Kristen.
And he likes it.
A lot.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Patricia said...

I'm going tomorrow for the fourth time to see 'Eclipse'. I will (TRY) and see what David's saying and what YOU agreed with..... I have to admit that I have been so affected with the way Edward looks (SO GORGEOUS) that it is very hard to concentrate on anything else but him. THIS MAN IS DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL ..Jesus!!!! !!!!!

lucky Kristen, lucky Rob. They have each other. The media is referring to them as a couple. Boyfriend and girlfriend.

It doesn't matter Rose what the haters will say. ROB LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROB.

It's just the beginning of July... Are there more gifts from them to come????? I hope so. I never get enough of them.

Grazie for another 'SPOT ON' post. YOU ARE AWESOME ROSE. ROCK ON !!!!

Patricia said...

Oh and Rose can you leave that Banner of Rob up ? That makes everyday 'THE BEST DAY SEEING HIM IN GIANT COLOR' THERE ARE NO WORDS....THUD...


deb said...

HO Rose your so beautiful I just love you .You really make my day .and you know just what to say to make me happy I love your post today You are so right on Rob dose BELONG to Kristen theres know denying it any more is there? I to seen the look that Rob(Eward) gave Kristen(Bella) like there was know one but them there I am so happy for our 2 Thank you Rose for sticking up for Kristen We who know you know you love and care for her after all you love Rob AND HE LOVES KRISTEN. You know all the nuts out there are going crazy BECAUSE they know the TRUTH and dont like it.I love the NEW pic of them Thanks again Rose KEEP doing what your doing we love ya for it have a good day DEB

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I thought the meadow scenes in Eclipse were so beautiful--Rob and Kristen are amazing together. So natural and real. I liked what Slade said about filming it. Rob and Kristen interacted in such a way, when filming and not filming, that made Slade really take notice and he knew they were a couple. That does say something coming from him.

Melinda--the people who want to "save" Rob make me LOL. They are ridiculous. Rob is a grown man who makes his own choices. From day 1, he wanted to be with Kristen. I personally think she's an amazing girl and I can see why Rob fell so hard for her.
There are just some C.r.a.z.y. people out there.

Oh, I love the HB outtakes. The one where Kristen has her hand on Rob's upper thigh and he's touching her hand is probably my favorite of the new bunch. They make one gorgeous pair!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose, you always tell it like you see it...which happens to be how I see it ALOT! lol thanks aggain...great pics as always.

kristine.hills said...

"he gets paid to make out with his gf and what a job!"

Rose you said EVERYTHING!


The HB pics are beautiful, but what else could we see? RK are gorgeous so everything they are in it's just adorable!

So HB did it huh? Here in Brazil when you hide something GOOD/AMAZING you say that you were hiding the gold! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG WTTR Trailer. Amazing! So excited.

Just wanted to share!

Watch the second version the youtube is pretty blurry but the yahoo video is pretty clear. YAY!


November 5th!! Anyone else excited??

*Suzy Q*

Rapper said...

Oh, Man! Rose, you're awesome. LOVE IT!! Kudos to you.

olivia said...

Dear Rose,
Thank you as always.
The banner takes my breath away. What a beautiful man.

Just saw the WTTR trailer - Another fantastic film for Kristen, cast, and crew. November is so far away for the opening.

Also, waiting for WFE will be so very hard. The pics with Rob running in his tall boots and Queenie tucked under his arm are great. This movie is going to be deliciously fantastic. (Please read the book if you haven't gotten to do so yet. It's a great read.) Rob is so perfect for Jacob!

Bel Ami, and the soon to be On the Road. PATIENCE!

We Rob and Kristen fans are going to hit the jackpot next year. Of course, not to mention BD 1 .

Good, no, AWESOME things will come to those who wait. : )
But it is so damn hard waiting.
Off to see Eclipse one more time. Oh that proposal scene in Rob's bedroom is the best! I have melted each time and it keeps getting better.

Love to all,
A true believer,

Anonymous said...

A look can tell more than a thousand words. Amazing post and pics Rose!

I've learnt Rob is coming back to London when WFE is done. Does anyone know? Rose?

deb said...

HEY I just want to ask you-Rose,Lisa,SueBee,Melinda,patty or Suzy Q and Opytaylor HAVE any one of you seen or heard from Louisafromdownunder?I'v havent seen or read any thing of hers in a while I hope she is fine I was just wondering She is one of us A believer Thanks DEB.

SueBee said...

So, I was talking to my sister today and she thought it was crazy that I saw Eclipse twice already. Her words were "Um, okay, not going to say anything but I could so make fun of you!"

I told her to go ahead and get it out of her system. I don't think liking (loving) a movie should be a dirty secret for crying out loud!

Hubby went with me both times. He won't go anymore than that so I have to find another enabler! LOL He did like the movie though!

Anyone else with similar experiences?

SueBee said...

Oh, I did see New Moon 3 times and Twilight twice. Just thought I'd get that out there! LOL :o)

Tarra said...

Just walking down the street on my lunch break with mobile in hand on twitter when I'm hit with tweets about these HB picks. So of course I rush back to office an lo and behold there is R/K looking hot and in love sizzling NYC weather has nothing on these two. They are such a stunning couple. You are so right Rose they belong to each other Robert belongs to Kristen and Kristen belongs to Rob and they both like it just the way it is

Patricia said...

SHE HASN'T BEEN ON IN A COUPLE OF DAYS. There are a few regulars that are here everyday and when I don't see them comment I worry about them also. We have become a little family of fans for ROB AND KRISTEN with Rose as our leader.

Sue Bee:
Are you kidding I have to sneak out now (this tomorrow will be my fourth time for 'Eclipse') My friends think I have lost my mind. But guess what? I don't really "GIVE A SHIT" WHAT PEOPLE THINK. I'VE BEEN INTOXICATED BY ROB SINCE HIS FIRST INTERVIEW FOR 'TWILIGHT" I saw 'New Moon' ten times and hated it because of Edward and Bella being apart. I went just to see 30 minutes of Rob and those kisses. So as you can see I need therapy.

Anonymous said...

LOL!I have seen Eclipse 4 times already. I may go again this weekend. I don't think I can wait until the DVD comes out. :)

Anonymous said...

The comment about Rob going back to London after WFE is done, I read it in a spanish robsten board.


I find it hard to beleive as Rob's family has been in LA for Eclipse premiere, so I thought he'd stay in LA resting or just would go to Montreal along with Kristen.

Carly said...

the fact that their bond goes way beyond friendship is so obvious. but as they say, none is as blind as the one who doesnt want to see

and it really is an awesome job, to get paid for making out with your girl. or your man :D

and the HB outtakes? Holy heart attack, Batman! serioulsy, and you didnt even posted the bestest ones. that fotoshoot is a gift that keeps on giving. and just when I think that maybe there cant be anything more, anything cuter, or hotter or more beautiful, there is

and I will go to see Eclipse again tomorrow :)

prajitha said...

hi everyone...
i am posting a link here..
people say that the song "i am falling in love for the last time" is written by rob for kristen and sung by a friend of lizzy pattinson..i dont know is this true or not...but if he had written the song,its amazing...if you have take look at the lyrics in the description it just perfect goes with kristen...

LK said...

We want a photoshoot like this for BD.No more co^kblocking from Taylor,please!We had enough!She made her choice,they got married,we deserve an E/B photoshoot,together and alone!Let Tay get photographed with the baby!!!
I really would like a photoshoot for W or Interview.It would be awesome for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb and Patricia...thanks for thinking of me I was taken back that you realized I haven’t been on...Your such sweeties....I’ve been away for a week as one of my children was playing in a tournament and I had No Internet access......when I was able to find some access. I just read but not commented....I’m still apart of you lot....I’m not going anywhere...and YES I missed you too.....
hey Rose I’m not going anywhere you've kept me informed with limited access.....Christmas In July on my oh my......those HP Pics soooooo beautiful my fav is this one :

If this isn’t showing you possession...I don’t know what does....

formerly: louisafrmdwnundr

Monica said...

Well done Rose, you just keep on pushing~~~ ^^

Rootsie@6:11 & Melinda@4:24, well said~~ Everyone makes his/her own choice and be responsible with that. No one has right to dictate the life of others, even you're the so called "fans". To "save" Rob? Seriously? No way. Kristen is amazing as an actress and a person. What Rob should do is just HOLD ON TIGHT. ;)

Monica from Asia

R-lynne said...

Rose, everybody loves you and loves your blog.

For a change, I hate you.

I hate you because you know exactly to put everything in words what is in my mind.

I hate you that I keep clicking the refresh icon especially if your post is late.

I hate you that I become addicted to your blog not only because of the photos but the way you put them in words that captivates all your readers.

I hate you that I love you, your blog and to those who strongly believe of Rob & Kristen.

Hey, it is difficult to hate somebody if you meant the opposite.

SueBee said...


Yeah, I think I'm sneaking in one more viewing. I'm watching my sister's 3 kids all weekend while she goes on another vacation. I have 2 of my own. That makes 5 kids 12 and under running around the house.

After this is all said and done, I'm SURE my hubby will have some sympathy and go with me again.

Then again, I might just run out of the house and go by myself. Lord knows I'll need to find my happy place!!! LOL

As for New Moon, I watch the Edward only scenes on the DVD special features. Wish I could have done that at the theatre!!!

I've been reading Breaking Dawn again. That whole book of Jacob leaves a lot of room for more Jacobication.
(Depending on how they want to show it)

Like I said before, Taylor Lautner is a good kid but I want to see the love story of Edward and Bella.
Flying feathers sure would be a nice bonus!

Still swooning over the whole leg hitch proposal. Yowza!!!!

vivian said...

Hi Rose, I´ve reading your blog for a while and I love it!!!

And you almost take my breath away every time I see the picture of Rob on your banner; he is SO gorgeous!!!!

The quote you posted today from Kristen saying he's her best friend where is that from?

Love your blog, everyday I'm looking forward to read your post!!!