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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Social Experiment?

We haven't seen much of Robert lately...
Unless you want to count a blurry, distant picture of some guy in sunglasses...
Who may or may not be Robert...
Even though the people who took the picture
NEVER said it was Rob.
That was done by people...
Who pounce immediately on anything to supposedly show
Robert with anyone other than Kristen.
The way that picture was analyzed and picked apart...
was beyond ridiculous...
And shows nothing but desperation.

The power of Kristen Stewart.
She has incredible powers.
She has made the most 'deliciously handsome' man
on the face of this planet
fall in LOVE with her.
And because of that she also has the power
to make Haters screech in agony at her every move.
Kristen Stewart has incredible power.

The Runaways will be released on DVD soon.
It's available on iTunes today!
I highly recommend it.
Kristen becomes Joan Jett.
The music is great...
I Loved It!
Buy it.
Well. Guess what?
Foam has finally frozen over.
There really was some PR in connection to Rob and Kristen.
It all goes back to 
Yes. Him again.
I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt before...
When he was hit by the Twilight Tidal Wave...
But it seems that the man enjoyed the attention.
A lot.

This is what he said...

50% of you want to know this. 50% thinks its upsetting. I, personally, don't think Rob and Kristen are a couple. That's my observation.

 Why is anyone taking my opinion for fact? Just to test the waters I'm going to say that the moon is made of blue cheese. Make you mad?

social experiment.

Social experiment.
My first reaction was this guy was a major ASShat
for deliberately using private info on Rob and Kristen to get Twitter
hits and attention.
A part of me understands exactly what he did...
You say something to get a reaction.
I do that all the time.
*push push*
Now, I don't do it on such a grand scale
and in such a public way...
But I have made no secret that I find REACTIONS
to all the bullshit drama
one of the most fascinating parts of this Twilight world.
Because let's face it, people...
The man did a major

Of course the Haters glommed onto his comment.
They were more than happy to believe this man.
And hey...
If the guy actually thinks that?
He's allowed.
But forgive me if I don't take a man seriously
who admittedly plays with the Twilight fandom
by calling it a 'social experiment'.

Funny how the Haters bashed Directors Catherine Hardwicke
and David Slade...
And producer Wyck Godfrey...
People who know and worked with Robert and Kristen
for months and months...
People who have claimed that Rob and Kristen are indeed a couple...
They were attacked for saying it for "PR!"
But this guy comes along...
A guy who is a friend... of a friend...
A guy who no one knew existed until a couple of days ago...
A guy who realized the power of Robert and Kristen 
and decided to see what kind of reaction he could provoke...
and how much he could promote himself..
THAT isn't PR?


"I trust that guy's opinion more than a Twilight producer who is trying to sell a film based on a couple of people being in love. At least he doesn't have a motive."

He doesn't have a motive at all.
Motive? What motive?
Do you see how delusional that truly is?
Good Grief.
THAT is why this bullshit drama will NEVER end.

I miss Rob's smile.
There is nothing quite like it...
It's brilliant.
It lights up his whole face.
I'm guessing he's smiling a bit less these days...
With Kristen being in Montreal
doing her 'Beatnik Camp' for "On the Road".
But I wonder how BIG the smile will be if he shows up in Montreal?
Not only Rob's smile...
MY smile.
I love HAPPY Rob.
And it is 'my observation' that Kristen makes him happy.

*Twists and Twirls*

Bye for now

P.S. Someone reminded me that I didn't mention
that Rob's movie "Summer House" is coming out on iTunes today.
I knew that.
I guess I was so busy observing that I forgot to include that tidbit.
I do know that iTunes was having issues with it...
So Good Luck!
Support Robert!

He does look spectacularly gorgeous in this movie.


Anonymous said...

It is also my observation that KS makes that deliciously handsome young man beyond happy. :)

Thesabstar1 said...

you are truely sensible. that is all.

Trisha said...

You strike again with a win Rose.

Can you smell that in the air? I sense a reunion in Montreal soon yay.

Have a great day Rose & again I'm sorry that you have to get bombarded by bull$h*t on a daily basis.

In your words:
*PUSH*, a *SHOVE*, and a *Give it the F*ck up already!*


twatty said...

The photo @rodblackhurst took showed NO ROB just Kristen and Tom . There was a Rob photo that night with a fan at WFE set and looking at the clothes he wore , he could not be the one partially blocked by Tom in Blackhurst' stolen shot

Rod mistook Tom for Rob LMAO ^^

Anonymous said...

@ Rose.

I agree with your first instinct here: "asshat."

On the flipside. I have a pretty perverse sense of humor and have to say if a bunch of people were harrassing me over people I barely knew. I would probably say random sh*t to piss them off too. BUT on the other hand he had to know the kind of flood gate he was opening if he mentioned their name so I don't feel so bad for the guy. And if you follow one statement by the statement the moon is made of bleu cheese me thinks it is likely both statements were chopped full of sarcasm. Soooo I take what is said with a grain of salt.

However....what I see with my own eyes. What has been proven time and time again. That I believe.

*Suzy Q*

I love happy Rob, too! ***TWIRLING WITH YOU***

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't even mention that Rob's movie The Summer House was out today for the first time on iTunes Rose. I'm disappointed that you didn't even know.

LK said...

% of you want to know this. 50% thinks its upsetting. I, personally, don't think Rob and Kristen are a couple. That's my observation.

Why is anyone taking my opinion for fact? Just to test the waters I'm going to say that the moon is made of blue cheese. Make you mad?

social experiment.

What shall i think about this?And this guy?I really don't know.He can play with twitter and crazies as much as he wants.He got more than his 15 minutes of fame.And he definately gave at nonstens an excuse to cling with the PR thing.If a random guy says they're not a couple,then their co workers do it only for PR,just to sell the movie.All this situation is crazy.And sad.And lame.I'll say it once again.IF R/K are only friends or just act the couple in love,then somebody give them an Oscar now!And i don't understand how those people admire and follow a celebrity who think so low about him,that he's a famewhore who plays PR just for money and fame.*sarcasm*

Hey,nutstens,wake up and smell the coffee!

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Social experiment, promote oneself, minuscule blip, never was on my radar, and never will be.

Lucky Kristen, beatnik camp will rock and be an amazing experience.
Yes, my observation also confirms a deliciously handsome young Rob is beyond happy with his Kristen.
Montreal would make a most logical stopover on the way to and from London. : )

Lastly, this is actually about comments from earlier this morning connected to yesterday's post::
@Deb (10:43)
Hear! Hear!
I so agree.
Respect for Rob and Kristen, and also for family and friends.
@Annie (11:19)
Thank you for the Kipling. His words are so eloquent and appropriate. Rob certainly is growing into a man of distinction, honor, and virtue all the while keeping that common touch. I <3 you for giving us this beautiful message.
A true believer,

Ckristen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jen said...

nice blog rose! Your blogs are a nice mid-morning break!

I feel the same way about rodwhoever. I think he's funny and likes the attention.

Here's my stab at his social experiment:

I think he doesn't know jack crap about R/K, nor does he care.

But so many of us do. Many even contacted him one way or the other.

When he first put up his tweets, he mentioned r/k as a package deal. He said he didn't interact with them because they were too "into themselves."

Shippers saw him on "their" side, nonstens saw him as an enemy.

Next day or two, he switches the game, flips his impressions. Suddenly nonstens see him as the second coming, while some shippers see him as an enemy.

It's a pretty funny social experiement to be honest, if this is what he's doing...lol

Sam's band member/roadie guy has experienced the same reaction. He tweets one thing, he's the great white hope for some shippers and is reviled by nonstens. He tweets another thing, the sides switch.

People want confirmations, but not about the truth, about what they believe specifically. Sometimes this whole game has nothing to do with Robert or Kristen at all but everyone's egos.

Tracy said...

I don't think this guy mistook Tom for Rob. I think he took the pic hoping the FANS would mistake Tom for Rob. Why else would he so noticeably make sure that only Tom's back was showing?

But yes, I agree. I honestly don't think Rob was ever there that night. He was working.

About the pool pic...that was not put out there by crazy Rob fans. That was a Rob-hater who constantly wants to "prove" to the world that he's a manwhore cheater phony. She's an obsessive Kristen fan who wants to "save" her from Rob. Yes, there are haters on the K side of the fence as well.

Untamed said...

"Funny how the Haters bashed Directors Catherine Hardwicke
and David Slade...
And producer Wyck Godfrey..."
Funny how shippers call Rod Blackhurst unprofessional but thought it was perfectly fine for the above mentioned to discuss robsten.
Both sides are hypocritical, Rose, it's time you admit that, you'd be more credible then.
FTR - I don't give a crap what blackhurst, hardwick, slade, godfrey or anyone but Rob says.

olivia said...

Oh my, one more thing:
I love the rumor, and so hope that it is true, about WFE receiving a possible limited Christmas 2010 release date. If true, that would be huge for the film, cast, and crew. WFE would be eligible for Oscar consideration in early 2011.
Help me hope!

Cata said...

Wow. I didn't even know about this guy saying this on twitter... Good grief! Just what this fandom needed... more fuel to the fire for the crazies. Whatever. Just... whatever. It's so tiring! Ted's board is insane, twitter is insane, blogs are insane. What is wrong with people? All this drama over the private lives of two actors whom none of us know, or will EVER know!

See, I like blogs like yours, Rose, because you have your feet on the ground, and show true support and respect for each of them. It also helps that the first thing I'm met when I open your blog is that picture of Rob, that will forever be my favorite... those eyes simply MELT me. So gorgeous! But really, that you have to deal with the amount of stupidity surrounding the Twilight fans is just so upsetting.

I don't get it. Why are people not getting outraged at the chopping of the books for the movies instead? At the way Edward was robbed of scenes, and Summit has lost sight of the real essence of Twilight: Edward and Bella? Why they hired Melissa again for Breaking Dawn, when we all know she has NOT done the books half the justice they deserve? THAT is something the fandom should be making themselves heard for. Ask - no, demand - that the studio making millions off of the loyal and passionate fans, be delivered an outstanding movie. Harry Potter can, those movies are polished. Eclipse came close, and David did his best as well as the actors, but the faults are still there.

Anyway, my rant over, I just want to say that I honestly hope Rob and Kristen are now masters at ignoring so much idiocy and focus on their careers and happy lives. That is all I want for them, and I know many do too. Tired of so much hate toward people who don't deserve it.

Patricia said...

I guess there WILL (ALWAYS be drama with this couple that we love. I don't think I've ever seen such a fan base for any Hollywood couple. Both good and bad. it bothers me that they can't go anywhere without the Bull Shit that follows.

Rodblackhurst completely upset me from the get go. Here was this guy (seemingly) doing business with Rob and Kristen and tweeting it (the worst thing he could do with the problems they have with paps following their every move.) I thought he was a douchebag. And his remark about them (NOT BEING A COUPLE).... PLEASE !!!

I miss Rob. I hope he joins Kristen soon in Montreal. The good thing is he has some of his friends here from London. That keeps him sane, I'm sure.

Great post as usual Rose. You have many followers who feel the same as you do. Especially me.

BTW I'm going to see 'Eclipse' today number 5....My obsession with ROBERT PATTINSON....

Lisa said...

Spot on post Rose..

This is my take on "Ron" He first posted he was having diner with them. Later posted the pic. Which didn't appear to have a diner setting. I knew from first sight that was Tom in the forefront. You could tell because he's much thinner then Rob. However, the guy never said the picture was K & R. Other people tweeted that, R & K (and others) had diner with Bobby before the show. They also said Rob had a night shoot and had to leave before the concert. Which of course K was at. Now if Rob was there or wasn't, I don't know. Because of course, no pic, didn't happen. BLAH

What I do know is I believe ppl who see them out have the right to tweet. BUT, I don't think they should tweet their location until they're gone. Lots of ppl defended that saying the popz had to already figure they might be there. Of course I would think that as well. HOWEVER, fact remains that there were no pics of them going IN (Kris, Tom, Sam, or Rob IF he was indeed there) No pics of Rob coming out (again, if there) but after this guy tweets, the popz are there to get Kristen.. Makes me think maybe he DID give it away.. Anyway, I wish ppl would just keep the locals to themselves!

As for the pool pic. Even if it IS him, do we know when exactly it was taken? How do we know Kris isn't there too? I don't think that's Sam, seems a little tall and thin to me. But the hair matches... One of the WFE actors tweeted about a cast party, how do we know it wasn't there? I mean really, it's all so silly..

I hope he gets to go to Montreal.. Although maybe we wont know as I never saw pics of K arriving there, did anyone else? I did see some tweets that said "the eagle has landed in Montreal" LOL but that's it.. Oh well, it really doesn't matter.. For now, they're together and the nons or whatever you want to call them just have to deal.. LOL

I'm off to see Eclipse at IMAX. I saw it Cine Capri twice.. (reg sceen once) Which is supposed to be comparable. Especially since it wasn't shot in 3D. I had several film critics tell me not to waste my money at IMAX if CC was available. But everyone keeps talking about it so I gotta go! Enjoy your day people.. I know I will seeing R & K create the E & B magic HUGE & UP CLOSE! ;)

Lisa said...

Oops, sorry "Rod" I guess it is.. My hubby is Ron, I talk about Rob all the time and now this is Rod? Guess I'm bound to stay confused all the time! LMAO

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose for remembering. You're the best. Love your blog :)

30yearoldtwifan said...

I really would love to know if Rob and KS know what this asshole Rod.. or who ever was up to. Hes making him self known that's for sure. I'm sure Rob and KS arent "ok" with his twitter crap. He is messing with BOTH ends of this phantom, and both play in to it. Why do Robstens insist on tweeting every person that mention RP and KS.. why do the crazies have to threaten every person who doesn't agree with them? I will never understand it. Again when your dealing with the maturity levels of some... this is what you get.

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiziana said...

Rose, it's your blog and obviously you can write and think what you like, but I always wonder what do you love MORE...the IDEA of Robsten (if exists..who knows ?), Kristen... or Rob, or the LOVE to defend your ideas aka convintions aka wishfulthinking or if in the end you love nothing of that but you just love to hate?
and I'm with @untamed
since Rob doesn't say that Kristen is his gf, it's all theory here...
and ...do you know that Rob does NOT love when people gets into his "business" at all?
He said that multiple times and as you always say that you respect "them", why are you talking every day about this "love"?
Or ,it's more about your ideas at all?
I dunno, I just noticed that 99% of the pics you use with them together are or photoshoots or stills from films they made and got paid for it or red carpet pics where they are supposed to be close at all!
The only "private" pics are the one in Paris (not private, cause still business with paps around and such) and the ones from the Isle of Whight, where both stayed with many friends, soo what?
Why all this effort,Rose?

drooling hyena said...

Tiziana and Untamed make valid points.

Rose, if there is a relationship...and I have serious doubts, you've cheapened it.

p.s. BTW what do you have against hyenas?

deb said...

Rose spot on once again I hear ya girl friend People just want they'er name out there so others well say I told you so even if its NOT THE TRUTH And to Olivia I was reading some were that Bel-Ami mite not get to come to USA Something about it being a small movie I need to go back and read it again I hope Im wrong I really want to see that movie And YES Im happy to hear about WFE it well be a nice Christmas present to my self.I to cant wait to see our 2 together SOON.Thank you Rose Keep on TRUCKEN I love what you have to say and that my friend is the TRUTH. DEB.

SueBee said...

This reminds me of Chicken Little. It only takes one person to say the sky is falling and people believe it.

Mass hysteria ensues--online anyway--and Mr. Chicken (Rod) gets to sit back and enjoy the show.

People go to his page--see he has a site for his photography business and he is loving the free publicity.

As for the social experiment bit, he is having fun manipulating the rabid fans.

Is my day ruined because he thinks R/K aren't a couple? That's simple. No. Why? That's easy. WTF does this guy know?

Seeing is believing. I see the happiness and I see the love. I can use my eyes and my deductive reasoning skills to draw my own conclusions. All on my own.

Sure, this relationship has been confirmed by some Twilight Heavy Hitters so I do take that into account too. Their opinions have a bit more weight.

At any rate, who are you going to believe? As for the people on this board, I know we aren't so easily swayed. Why? We know how to think for ourselves.

This guy is preying on the weak and fanatical fans.

Let's not get sucked into the CRAZY. It's sticky and hard to scrub off.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure. :)

IF by Rudyard Kipling is one of my very favorite poems.

Untamed said...

Who are you, drooling hyena? Your name died me! LOL!!!
I think if I'm to be termed a hyena, I reserve the right to call people cheshire cats because there is a lot of self satisfied grinning and back patting 'round these parts.

SueBee said...

Rose cheapened their relationship? Are you mad?

This is Rose's blog, therefore she can post any damned thing she wants.

I believe R/K's relationship can withstand just about anyone's opinion.

You know why? It's THEIR relationship.

drooling hyena said...

Untamed,come over and pet me....I don't bite.

Avril said...

Why oh why are people still doubting this relationship. The MOST blantant thing done in the last year that says their a couple is the Budapest trip. You just can't deny that. It was not some random time it was her BIRTHDAY for crying out loud.

There's not much any of us can say to get the hyenas to see it's not PR. Anyway I'm just eagerly awaiting their excuses for WHEN he goes to Montreal.

Anonymous said...

Rose... a question:

If you saw that same photo of Rob and Kristen by the pool at The Mondrian (yes, that was the hotel he was at when this photo was taken) would you be all over it talking about their love and happiness and relaxation while pool side? I think so. But, because she is not in the pic you suddenly doubt it's validity. You see what you want to see. We all do. Some see the truth and some see the fairytale. I'll let you guess which one I see.

Another question:

Why is it that anyone who questions you is automatically against you and spitting "foam"?

I understand this is your blog and you are free to feel as you do, but your very public hatred for those who don't feel as you do is quite unbecoming. I don't think Rob would appreciate your, ah, "support" of him in this manner.

On that note... do you think, Rose, that either of them would appreciate your stalkerish promotion of them? I think not. If you were to come near them in person, I think they'd speak to their lawyers immediately and file the appropriate paperwork.

The way I see it Rose, you have two options: 1) finally stop believing in the fairytale of Edward and Bella and see this "relationship" for what it is... although, NOBODY knows WHAT it is (except for them) Or 2) change the name of your blog to Edward Cullen Intoxication.

Anonymous said...

It'll be the same as always.......PR! LOL

I thought Budapest would seal it too because us ladies just decide that major birthdays should be spent with a good friend no matter that it requires us to endure a 14 hour flight!

It's a case of what ever gets you through having to face the truth!

drooling hyena said...


*slow clap and standing O

drooly hyena

Tiziana said...

Excuses, when Rob will go to Montreal? What? Excuses for what? That's unreal, really!

She was in Budapest, ok, let's say they were together or whatssoever and with that? What if they are NOT anymore? Is that our business?
The people that are speculating in public every day have to get used to the idea, that they won't NEVER know, cause both had learned to play along with the Media at all, so whatever they may do or not do, since they won't make 10 babies or get married or such , nobody will know!

Rob is too smart for any kind of shipper or how the hell they are called!

@drooling hyena, you have the best name ever...lol

Tiziana said...


OMG, you said, what I'm not able to put in proper english words, cause not my first language!!!

I'm all with you about what Rob would think about these kind of daily "soap opera"!


Sure, I should not read, but it's difficult to ignore , cause as Rob said, blogs like this, may affect even his career...and that Rose, is NOT nice, you should consider that a bit more, I don't get the idea, that you are a very young woman here!

I read this blog months ago and I can't remember all this RobstenHallelujah, andf I always appreciated your nice Rob pics!
Go back to that if possible, surely Rob would love that more!

Anonymous said...

One more thing. Rob and Kristen are free to deny the reports of them being a couple. Confirmation has come from two of the three directors from the Twilight series. The other confirmation has come from a producer of the movies and done so in a highly respected magazine- TIME.

Rob and Kristen both very eligible are not seen with any other people aside from friends they've known before the Twilight success.

At this point, you don't have to buy a clue, those clue are being given away for free!

Anonymous said...

@Untamed - (and later Tiziana)This Rod dude is an ass because both Rob & Kristen have both said that they hate having their located tweeted. For some no known to tweet that, it sure got him a LOT of attention. And as far as the other people.. the directors/producers of the movies... they should keep their mouths shut as well. The truth of their relationship is *private*, and it should stay between the two of them. That being said.. I don't see that what Rose does is a bad thing per se. She's supporting who she believes to be a couple in love. She rarely makes it personal. The people who hate indiscriminately are the ones she calls to the carpet. They make it personal, they've brought her own family into the argument, and hate solely based on the fact that someone is so well loved. Does she love the idea that is Robsten, I'm sure she does. A lot of us do.. and a lot of us have opinions and theories and our own take on how things are. Is she wrong to blog about it? No.. we're living in an era of electronic advancement that allows us to share our thoughts and opinions with a simple click of a button.. it's part of our reality these days. The day Rose starts to bash people without reason, without cause, and without any concern,(as is the habit of what's been termed 'haters' and 'hyenas') then I'll stop reading this blog.
And my name shows up as Tracy, but I'm not the Tracy that posted earlier. If it'll help distinguish, let's just call me Tigerlily_31.. that's my twitter name.

SueBee said...

Yeah, it's that time again forrr

The Hyena Chronicles

Dear Diary,

Why can't Rose see things the way that I do? She gushes over clear, up close, and perfectly legitimate photos. My far away inconclusive picture means something too! I'm not sure what it means but I know it means something.

Why does Rose have to bash the haters? It makes me feel all unhappy and stuff. She isn't supposed to react to personal attacks. Haters need love too!

Hold on, it's the voices again--what do you mean misery loves company? I do not! I mean it does not!

Yeah, well so what if I follow everything Rose says. I just do it to see what is getting made up. I am not a stalker! (shut up voices!) Everything has been photo shopped or staged. I know it. I bet Hungary isn't even a real place! Hah!

That'll show her.

I need to go now Diary. My mom still isn't convinced I'm taking my meds. She called me out on the Flinstones Vitamins switch again. *sigh*

Untamed said...

Tiziana - From your name, I'm guessing you're European? You make good points.
Anyway, I'm not going to get all tweed serious about this shit, because in the end, it does not matter.
On both sides people see what they want and call each other crazy.
It's a fact that Rob does not want his relationship discussed; whatever the relationship, positive discussion, negative discussion or anywhere in between. It baffles him that total strangers want to discuss and debate this. Yet it happens over and over. Yet people think he will appreciate it if they are not 'haters'. What?!?!?!
@drooling hyena, I don't trust you, you WILL bite, then I'll catch your rabies (and nits too).THEN, where will I be with all that foam?

Tiziana said...

@ Tracy

Let's face it, Rob knows that every place he goes in LA people will tweet his location, that is LA, he may hide in some hotel, but even on the roof top of an 5 star hotel he is not "safe", he get's papped everywhere and he knows that, same for London,everybody knows when Rob is there and where he is, trust!
As you said, this is the media reality today and he has to deal with that and it does not help at all, that blogs like this stirr up every day the same pot, are they or are they not?
That is sooo yesterday and lame at all...it's like a huge kindergarten to me here

I do think that Rose has the right to say on her blog what she wants, and I do think as well, that I can express my poor little opinion about what she says, and I am not offending anybody at all...

I understand that she loves Rob and wants to support him, so
dear Rose, DO THAT please and let his private life to him!

Untamed said...

@Tracy, exactly what do you mean by this "@Untamed - (and later Tiziana)"

Are you implying that I am the same person as Tiziana? That's just ridic if you are. I'm pretty sure Rose or whomever can check IP addresses, hun. I don't play that game.

As for the rest of what you wrote, I wouldn't know about that as I'm not a regular visitor to this blog. Folks email me excerpts from time to time, today is my first day posting.
Rose can post whatever she likes, it's her fu(king blog, but the fact that she keeps it public means that I and anyone else can respond to her opinion. No?

deb said...

HO Rose did you step on some ones BALLS? Must have I see them CRYING,KICKING there feet pulling there hair out and saying no no no this cant be right.You can ONLY SEE that you say the RIGHT things (THE TRUTH) AND THEY CAN-NOT-STAND IT TO all you ASSANINES out there Rose post what she feels and ONLY WHAT SHE SEE DOES SHE tell you to BELIEVE what she does? THAT WOULD BE A BIG HELL NO.By you coming in here saying what you say only tells me that YOU YOUR selfs BELIEVE And THANK GOD FOR THAT you open up your eyes and saw WHAT so many of us see THE TRUTH ROB LOVE KRISTEN AND she LOVES HIM and I dont think Rob would mine seeing what Rose and Others who come in here say about HIM and Kristen BECAUSE we all love them and see that they are happy WITH EACH OTHER SO my LITTLE SAD HYENAS go play some where else And leave Rose and those who love her and Rob/Kristen alone . sorry Rose But enough is enough. DEB.

Anonymous said...


Agreed. There are blog spots out there that are stirring up stuff just for the sake of doing it. They speculate on things that are so very private and personal, and you're right.. they should leave Rob's private life alone. Nobody should have to sad luck of being able to go on the internet and read about yourself being gay, or having sex with everybody that walks in front of you, or how you like it, or if you showered today or not. It's when it gets THAT personal that it's a problem, and I assume nobody would want that part of their lives talked about.
I don't know if I'd quantify what Rose does here as a personal invasion though. She takes what is made public, thru pictures or their own actions, and blogs her thoughts about it. She doesn't speculate about who sleeps on which side of the bed, or sexual positions, or anything personal beyond the fact that the two of them seem to be crazy in love with each other.
And yes! Express your opinion. It's healthy to debate. It's nice to be able to talk calmly and rationally with people. Not all people who visit and post on these blog sites are so nearsighted that we can't be open to the thoughts of others, even if they're not exactly the same. I for one don't need everyone to agree with me.. it'd be a boring life if that happened!
And @Untamed, no, I'm not implying that you're the same person. I had a two part answer and it addressed two separate people. Taziana got which part was for them, the first part was in response to you.

Tiziana said...


yes, I'm italian, that's why my english is so poor here, sorry for that.
As you said Rob doesn't like all the discussions of his private life, I mean who would love that?
As for Kristen , I dunno, she neither seems a friend of uncool behaving, like seeing her face plastered with Rob's all over blogs (always the same pics...gahh)

So all this here makes not much sense, who cares if he's with K or M or N or S or whoever, I hope at least that he finds the time to be sexually really active whoever that lucky girl might be!

untamed and me are def. not the same person, you should READ that, my english is really bad here today, it's the heat...you know...

Patricia said...

This is Rose's blog and guess what "She can say and post pictures of whoever she pleases" If you disagree she respects you for your opinion. But please don't tell her what to post. Get your own blog for that.

BTW We agree with her and I wish she would tell us more about our favorite couple.

Anonymous said...

When Rob is papped, he is papped with his long time friends,fans his agent, bodyguard or KRISTEN!
The very eligible Robert Pattinson is seen consistently with one woman!
Again, clues are being given away for free!

Anonymous said...

Allrighty.. just to clear up any confusion before it becomes a point of contention..
I know that Untamed and Taziana are different people, and have posted separately and apart from each other. If I caused confusion in my response, my apologies.
It was not my intention to imply otherwise.

FoamyRansom said...

Hi Rose!

Thanks so much for creating this great blog!

I love to read fanfic, especially when it's accompanied by movie stills, old photos and pics of KSpew spreading her legs like a hardcore lady lover. It adds to the overall enjoyment.

Hey, do you think that you could do this everyday? Oh, wait... you do? Awesome. I'll make sure to bookmark you under my labels marked "DELUSION".

FoamyRansom said...

@drooling hyena

Hi there... I am also of the hyena persuasion. We have been portrayed in a bad light around here. Maybe we can change some of their minds with things like truth and realism.

Wanna be friends?

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer the reality - Robert Pattinson looking lovingly/adoringly/lustily at Kristen Stewart! :)

Sydney said...

Taziana, Untamed, other non-believers:

You guys are actually really respectful in adding your opinions here and that's great, because it's rare with those who disagree. But what I truly do not understand, and not one who disbelieves has EVER answered the question, is: if you don't believe they're dating and have no interest in their private lives then why are you here?

I know there are blogs about Ashley and Jackson dating and I'm sure there are some sites about Taylor and Taylor or whomever. I don't believe any of those couples are dating, but I really don't give a shit if others do. I don't go there to give my opinion or refute their claims. I just don't care. I want to know why you do with these two. Why does it bother you so much?

Why do you go out of your way to find blogs and come on here and comment MULTIPLE times? Please, explain it to me. For once it would be nice if we actually had an answer.

I don't even need you to tell me why you don't think they're dating. Your answers regarding that are inconsistent at best and you just end up contradicting yourselves and embarrassing yourselves so I won't make you do that here. Just tell me why you come on to a blogsite to lecture people on thinking Rob and Kristen are dating while you profess to not care and be above it all.

Anonymous said...

Truth and Realism?
Like the non existent blondes? :)

Anonymous said...

And that.. your post.. that's what we defend against. You post in a way that is vulgar, and meant to demean and degrade.
Do you want to be taken seriously? Then post seriously. I don't expect EVERYBODY to agree with everything that's posted here. If you have something to say, be mature about it, I'll respect you more for it. Nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree..

Tiziana said...


I like discussing as well, so we are fine :-)
This "they are so crazy in love"-thing, that inspires obviously all blogs like this one, where the hell does that convintion come from?

I mean , based on Rob's words he is surely close or whatever, she's a friend or more, I dunno,
(sorry for the capital letters, it was stronger than me)

THIS..is all speculation from people who wants to believe or whatever , crappy cheesy videos with sappy music and such and whatever that is what girls like Rose here think to see in them, it's just the IDEA of the IDEA of a relationsship!

I can hear Rob laughing about that, just saying, he's for sure the first to make jokes to Tom (or Kristen) about this cheesy kind of fairytale! It's not all black or white in life and his life isn't a Hollywood-Love-Blockbuster, he's european, just like me, we laugh at that, trust, not cool at all!

Anonymous said...

To all this interesting people criticizing Rose,

You forget something. The media. All the media are stating that Rob and Kristen are a couple and I don't think they read Rose's blog. It's because they have "ears and eyes" and they, positively know that Robsten, so as to call them, exists.

The media keep on asking Robsten if they are an item? Of course. But it isn't due to possible doubts, it's for the prized exclusive.

Rob and Kristen are celebrities and they know that their private lives will be always publicy discused and they accept it. They would never get upset at Rose because she's totally devoted and respectful with them, so you're quite wrong on this point.

Rose doesn't hate the so-called Hyenas. She reports the Hyenas's hate onto her or Rob and Kristen. That's different.

Rose, so many people enjoy your blog. Keep on the the good work!

Tiziana said...


As I said before, I read this blog months ago with much more pleasure, Rose posted nice pics and made sweet comments about Rob.
Lately I figured out that this Love idea was on the blog every day and I do care, I care for Rob and that's not fair to speculate each day about his private life. The end!
and now I'll go away cause I have to work, bye...

Sydney said...


Better Rob laugh at people romanticizing his relationship with Kristen than what the people you've aligned yourself with do.

Who do you think troubles him more? A group of harmless people who think the world of both he and Kristen and who respect their relationship? Or a group of people who believe he is a fame whore of the highest persuasion and that he has willingly sold his soul to Summit for at least 5 years to perpetuate a fake relationship with his costar that he supposedly cannot stand. Do you think he respects this group who think so little of him and who continually threated Kristen's life?

Can you see the difference here??? I am sure he thinks we're funny. Better that then deranged and dangerous.

Tiziana said...

really , my last comment now, The media you are talking about is "gossip" (and they don't care at all about the person behind the scoop) and I don't think that Rose wants to stand in one line with them, at all!

FoamyRansom said...

Isn't this a site called 'Robert Pattinson Intoxication'? Doesn't she love them "together or apart"? Does that not mean that someone who prefers them apart is still free to comment on this blog?

If this blog was titled, "Robert and Kristen Intoxication" then I could understand, I suppose. But it isn't. Maybe she should do like another poster mentioned and change the name of her blog to something like, "Rob & Bella Go Out Sometimes and Attend Premieres and Photo Shoots" or something else that has a grain of truth to it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone watch The Summer House yet??

I haven't gotten home yet to download it....

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

No matter how many times we ask for an explanation as to why they come here, it seems we will never get an answer.

Sydney said...

And once again, Foamy Ransom, you didn't answer the question. Why are you here if you think so little of Rob and Kristen and don't think they're together? If you think Rob would fake a relationship for 5 years to promote a couple movies that will smash B.O. records no matter what, you can't have much respect for him, and therefore have no business being on a fansite of his.

Untamed said...

Sydney - Please point to ONE comment I made today which indicates that I'm a "non-believer"?
Are you basing your truth on the fact that I interacted with others, whose opinions you disagree with? Is that what counts for proof in your world?
I've said in more than one comment that there is crap on both sides and have pointed out valid points as I see them.
I don't need to point out the "believers'" valid points because Rose has already made them.

I need to ask though, is robsten a religion? Believers/non-believers? WTF?

To answer your questions about why I'm here, again, read my posts and you can add this as well: R/k are constantly in the media, it's current events, I'm in the fandom, I'm curious, I'm a little bored sitting here at the office today, it's like watching a train wreck, it's entertaining, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I see someone left the gate open. Lol what is with these people reading a blog they obviously don't agree with? I don't have a problem with them having a different opinion so much as they are just mean in the way they go about putting in their 2cents. Rose can write whatever she wants, she is pretty respectful of R and K and everything she writes is her opinion. I happen to agree with most of what she says...that's why I read this blog, I still am at a loss of why you would take the time to read stuff you obviously hate. Anyway great post Rose. Close that gate!lmao

Anonymous said...

I'm not real big on the videos that have been put to the lovey music, but I know they're out there and have the ability to make things seem like they're more than they are. They don't influence my opinion though, because I get that they're manufactured. What *I* see, is when the two of them are together and what their bodies and eyes show when they don't realize it. Even my husband (who, let me tell you, doesn't pay attention to any of this AT all) saw a picture of them one day and commented on how much of a love sick puppy Rob looked like, and vice versa. Can't say for 100% positive that they're indeed in a relationship with each other because I don't know either one of them personally. Do I like the idea of them together? Sure! They're two beautiful people who look beautiful together who seem to enjoy being together. Where does this intensity about the two of them come from? I have no clue. They're not the first two in Hollywood history to have a relationship, but what makes people elevate this to such extreme highs? Hard to say.. It's nice to see what on the surface appears to be a pretty genuine love story unfold before our eyes.. especially in a time where the majority of things out there are unpleasant things that no one likes to talk about.
I like Rob's sense of humor. I get it (some people don't). I get the jokes and making fun of things. I like that he can laugh about this.

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sydney said...


It's pretty clear what you believe. I, at least, got that from your posts. I agree that there are super crazies on both sides. And I said believers and non-believers because I didn't want to use to term nonsten or hyena in regards to you.

Rob and Kristen are in the media, so is Taylor. I wonder if you go on his blogs and comment on what you do or do not believe. If you have pure motives, my sincerest apologies. There are many who come on here acting the respectful devil's advocate, but are really in the end, vicious nonstens. I truly do not understand the motivation to come to sites like this for no reason. So, forgive me my skepticism.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed our talk!
We should continue :)
I've gotta get going too.. real life calls!

deb said...

Thank You Sydney Im sure Rob would rather laugh then see that there are people out there wanting to hurt Kristen If he ever came in here and seen that there are A LOT OF US WHO really want the BEST for him and Kristen and that he does make us happy they both do He would also see that WE Hate All the Hate that he and Kristen get WE believe because of what each one of us feel and see NOT because some one tells us to. THANK you again DEB.

imloco2 said...

Yes, anyone should be allowed their own opinion. I just have to say that if you can't see what's happening with R&K before your eyes for the past year I don't have a lot of faith in your powers of observation and will most likely not believe anything you say. However, if you say it in a calm and lucid way that does not attack anyone I, at least, will not laugh at you or think evil thoughts.

Good post Rose. I think this Ron guy is having a huge laugh. And honestly, I can hardly blame him. The temptation to f**k with the Twi fandom would be almost more than some could bear I imagine. It's so damn easy...

Tiziana said...

@ Sidney

oh my, I feel sadly the need to come back reading your comment.
Why and why do people like you always think that this Robsten/not Robsten-thing is like a political forum, where you have to decide which party you would vote? This is not an election, who has the better arguments and will be the "winner" in the end!
I'm speaking only for myself and I really don't feel the need to be "aligned" with anybody!

This isn't a competition, who wins will win at least one night with Rob or so or did I miss something?
If yes, I might be IN, cause he is really really HOT! :-)

Take a breath and go on with what YOU might believe, I'm just saying that his private life is HIS private life!

Untamed said...

@Sydney - Well congratulations on your mind reading skills.

I am not a fan of Taylor so I don't go to his blog. I don't go to Robsten blogs nor do I go to nonsten blogs. I don't troll the internet looking for places to vent.
As I said earlier, I am not a regular reader of this blog but I do get emails about it from time to time, today being one of those times. I followed the link and here I am.
I am a fan of Rob. Have been for a while. If he is in a relationship with Kristen and he is happy, how can I not be happy for him? I don't need to be a fan of Kristen's to feel that way.
Why do you think it has to be black or white with no shades of gray? My world doesn't work that way.

Anonymous said...

To those of you who do not think they are together, and think that Summit is paying them to stage this PR relationship, how can you be a fan of someone you believe is doing this? Someone who would sell themselves like that? Do you only like Rob's looks and that's it?

FoamyRansom said...

Hi Sydney,

On the contrary, I have a ton of respect for him.

Please allow me a moment of your time to clarify my feelings here.

I do not think, from what *I* have seen and read (just like the rest of us) that he is treated well by Kristen. I just don't. He is a genuine, thoughtful, loving, kind and considerate man. I feel that she doesn't possess any of those attributes and her treatment of him reflects that. She insults him, is rather rude to him and rarely has a kind word to say about him. She treats Taylor a thousand times better than she treats Rob.

Of course he has/had feelings for her, no one is blind to that. I've never denied that there are/were feelings there. But is it the Greatest Love Story of All Time? No way. Is it still going on? Doubtful. I've also never denied that they may have been together at one time, but now? Again, doubtful.

He clearly cares for her in some capacity; but I believe that he cares for her much more than she cares for him, and that is what I dislike. He deserves to be treated the way he treats others and not an iota less.

To say that I am not a fan of Rob's couldn't be more false. I am a huge fan of Rob's and because of that, I care about how his heart is handled and when I see her berate him or make fun of him, it bothers me. I'd never disrespect a friend, let alone my MAN like that. And that's why I have my doubts that there are romantic feelings there, at least anymore.

I'm a Nonsten. Yes. But it's not because I'm jealous... even though we ALL are... but it's because I want to see him truly LOVED by someone the way he deserves to be.

That is all. I've said my peace.

Tiziana said...

well, happily I do have eyes and I can see two guys that are close cause they said that several times and they are working together since 2 years.
I can see as well, that both are people who loves their privacy and have zero intention to sell it out.
Friends or lovers, who knows?

Like Rob said, it's not our business though he's a celeb now, it's called respect, nothing else!

I read here some epic stories about jewelry and shirts and beanies, and blablabla...

Rob said that people scream at him cause they are from the village where never something happens and obviously they like to meet people that loves as well to scream at him, so this here is the same, silly stuff!
And again, I really liked the nice things Rose said in the past about Rob and she posts nice pics of him!

drooling hyena said...

Your source for truth is the media? It's their job to sell stories....they have no souls....


drooling hyena said...

I like your idea of the competition and whomever wins gets a night with Rob.

He is kinda hot.

I vote for his privacy, do I win?

Sydney said...


Okay whatever. I'm not sure exactly anymore what your point is here anymore. Both sides have crazies? That's what you seem to keep getting back to. Okay, got it. Agreed.

Foamy Ransom:

Thank you for explaining your point. You could teach your fellow friends how to do so without being incredibly insulting. I disagree with you, of course, about the way Kristen treats him since I actually have no earthly idea how she treats him since I've never been with the two of them in private. I also have enough respect for Rob to believe that he has respect for himself and would not have subjected himself to someone who does not love him or care for him deeply.

I just...don't get it. She flies to London and to Budapest, separately, to be with him, but she doesn't like him? They may have been together, but aren't anymore even though they've been spotted out like three times in the past two weeks? See, this is where you guys lose me. How do you justify all the time they spend together then? If Kristen doesn't like Rob, why does she stay with him? And he, her? I just don't get that.

But I really appreciate you actually having a conversation!

Untamed said...

Drooling Hyena, too funny.
Are you saying they have no souls, like a (*gasp) vampire?

drooling hyena said...

Media = vampire

I'm with you...she should be nicer to HIM.

Untamed said...

Awww, Syd- Sorry I couldn't created more drama and controversy for you.
Evidently, that is what you wanted.

No, I'm not coming back to "both sides have crazies", I'm saying that I don't have to be one or the other, but that is not good enough for you. You were hoping for some irrational nonsten crap, sorry to disappoint.


Anonymous said...

Drooling hyena,

No, no way. My best sources are my eyes and my intuition.

The media cannot be a source, you can't trust them, but you know? First it was only Ted Casablanca, now everybody believe that Rob and Kristen are a couple and when there's so much buzzing for so long, there's truth.

If you all want to be team Switzerland like Bella, it's up to you, but indeed Bella... had already chosen.

Sydney said...


The last thing I want is irrational nonsten crap. Sometimes, it finds me. Unlucky I guess.

Tiziana said...


you wrote

"now everybody believe that Rob and Kristen are a couple and when there's so much buzzing for so long, there's truth."

ahemmm....do you know Galileo Galilei? He would NOT agree, just saying...:-)

Anonymous said...


Galileo Galilei died so many years ago... let him rest in peace.

LK said...

Wow!Some people are really bored today!At least i'm on vacation!

Rose,today your blog became a step to a "save Rob's carrier" crusade from the cheesy fairytales and bad delusions. You must be proud.Since when Rob needs that?Last time i checked Rob's getting tons of scripts,BECAUSE people out there are talking about him.And his personal life is part of this.And he knows it.He's a big boy and a clever guy,don't underestimate him,he can deal with it,he does it for 2 years now.So does Kristen.

@to the foam person,who says that she/he is jealous because she/he wants Rob to be loved in the way she/he thinks,i'm sorry but don't you think Rob is old enough to know what's good or bad for him?Do YOU know better?And please get off your cloud,Rob is not a GOD.He's just a guy who tries to live his life.Do you know how HE love the others?NO!

The "Rob is perfect we want a girl to love him as much as he deserves,because his prince charming"is as boring as the "fairytale stories"that you hate so much.

Rose never said that R/K have the greatest love story of the century r that they'll stay together forever.Nobody knows that.She writes her opinion,she loves R/K together,but she has said repeatedly that if someday they will be apart,she;ll love them the same.What's your problem?If you don't like what she posts,don't come here.

And Tisiana girl,Italy is such a great country,it's summer,the weather in Meditteranean is hot,go for a swim and leave Rob's carrier at his hands.He has many advisors.He doesn't need another one,a stranger.

Wildhart007 said...

If Robsten is a religion, Rob needs to get a tax credit!

drooling hyena said...


Bella is not real...she is fictional...or am I missing out on something really important in life?

Tiziana said...


Know what is irrational? To think that 2 people are mad in love by looking at pics, blogs, videos,mags or whatever and not only to think about that, but to write epic post about what THEY(R/K) might think about each other!
On a sarcastic note I might ask Rob the next time I'll see him in London (or not), I think I wouldn't bother him with such an idiot question!

drooling hyena said...


are you referring to the earth being flat or something?

Wildhart007 said...


Are you blind?
Open your eyes and your heart?

Sydney said...


Huh, so in the end, it's not about a violation of privacy for you. It's about people believing Rob and Kristen are dating. You always reveal yourselves in the end.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart is embraced by the Britpack. They're almost as protective of her as Rob Is.
It takes a really special woman to get that amount of respect from such a tight group.

Again, Rob and Kristen are given every opportunity to deny that they are in a romantic relationship. They have issued no such denial!

Rose said...

Wow. I guess I should be flattered that once again... people who don't like what I have to say, feel the need to read my blog and leave comments.

I've tried to get through most of the comments and a lot of what I see are people who are defensive about what I have to say.

Couple of points.

Point 1: I don't know HOW many times I have said this... but here goes again. Not agreeing with me about Rob/Kristen doesn't automatically make you a 'Hyena'.
Nope. Not at all. You are free to believe whatever you wish. I'm totally cool if you have opposing opinions. What makes someone a Hyena is the HATE. Hating Kristen... Hating Robert... Hating people you don't know and making it personal with insults and attacks. THATS my definition of a Hyena.
Now, that being said... I can't help it if you feel I'm talking about you. I guess maybe because you feel deep down you are in fact a 'drooling hyena'? But that's all on you...has nothing to do with me.

Point 2: I don't hate anyone. Not even the Haters/Hyenas. I don't agree with them. I don't like how they try to shred and rip apart Rob/Kristen... but I don't wish any ill will on anyone. I don't go to their blogs/boards/twitters and attack them. I don't chase them around the internet trying to get them to see my point of view.
Nope. Not at all. I just sit here... on my little blog... giving my 'observations' about what I see going on in Robert Pattinsons life and career... and Kristen Stewarts life and career...
And well... of course that leads us to Robert and Kristen together.
That's all I do.
I observe. I give my opinion.
And I put it on this blog with some pretty pictures.

Point 3: Maybe Rob and Kristen don't like people discussing their relationship. But at least when I talk about them... it is in a positive and loving way. I adore both Robert and Kristen. I support their careers... I want them to be happy, healthy and successful.
Is that a bad thing? I don't have post after post attacking someone who Robert obviously is very close to... Tell me which you think he would prefer? Someone being happy that she thinks Rob/Kristen are happy... or someone who continually insults and trashes someone he cares about?

Point 4: Once again... I want to thank all the 'regulars' on my blog... who come here and say nice things about Robert and Kristen... who come here and say nice things about my blog. You make me smile every day... Thank You.

Point 5: It just goes to show you how fucking easy it really is to *PUSH* some people's buttons.
Too easy.
In fact... I don't even really have to push them anymore...
They do it to themselves.

Oh and Point 6: I can be very tolerant of opposing opinions as long as they aren't hateful and insulting. And so far it has been an interesting discussion.
But play nice... and don't make me start deleting bullshit... OK?

Bye for now

Anonymous said...

Drooling hyena,

Is it important that Bella is fictional? She could be a real human being and also be Team Switzerland... like any of you.

Tiziana said...

@ LK

wow, just wow, now things are getting interesting here, Rob doesn't need a stranger to say something about his career? No?
What do you mean by stranger? Somebody that is not in his "team" or are you implying that I'm italian and as you said, I have to go to swim instead of commenting here?

Great, really, I should not even reply to you, BUT I'm a grown up girl, just like Rob is a grown up boy!
You're obviously pissed a lot, so it might be better for you to take some camomilla!
And yes, Italy is a beautiful country, but I don't live there at all, so NO swimming today!
But perhaps you might need some WOOTAHH, like ..a cold shower?

See? I didn't offend like you!
I'm a lady and Rob is a gentleman, you ...dunno...a Robsten? Congrats!

Tiziana said...

@ Sidney

Or they are dating or they are not, they won't ask either you, neither me and I'm revealing here a big nothing!

drooling hyena said...

I think I might throw up.

Tiziana said...

@ Rose

I got your points and you got mine as you said that you read the comments.
I'm a respectful person and I guess LK is one of your regular commenters.
I think that the way how she used "stranger" is NOT ok at all, and I'm avoiding OTHER words here to not create more storm in a waterglass!
Thank you for reading THIS!

LK said...

@Tiziana,dear.When i said a stranger,i meant someone who IS NOT part of his team or his friends or his family.That has nothing to do with you being an Italian.

2)I'm not a robsten(?).In fact i hate the name and i think the person who came eith it is an idiot.It's Rob and Kristen.

3)As for the swimming stuff,you said that it's a slow day in the office,so you came here and post your comments.You obviously bored.That's why i told you make an excuse and go for a walk to the sea.
4)IF you had read my previous comments at other threads,you would see that i think there are crazies and delusionals from both sides.I have not invested my life in Rob and Kristen and i've not invest it in hating them.I like them,i love seeing their movies,pictures of them and reading stuff about them.I don't have a twitter or facebook,i don't stalk them,i don't watch pap videos.I just enjoy them.That's it and nothing more.
As i said at Rose's last thread,at the end of the day people will believe what they want.And you can believe what you want.It's your right.

Anonymous said...

Question to Kristen Stewart in an interview with La Stampa:
Are you saying that you and Robert Pattinson are just friends?

No, that is not what I'm saying!
Question to Robert: ( Sorry, but I can't recall where the interview is from. I can source it later.

Are you single?

Laughs and smiles. Gives no answer.

drooling hyena said...

I've only heard Tiziana say that he wants privacy and that it's not possible to tell if 2 people are really a couple based on what the media says and videos.

She has a right to be here. I like what she says.

deb said...

Sydney what I dont understand is I dont know you I dont know Rose or Lisa or Melinda or Louisa and a hole lot of others who come in here BUT AS YOU AND OTHERS can see WE ALL have the same thing to say WE BELIEVE WHY? because WE SEE with OUR OWN 2 EYES and if you know what LOVE is and if you ever have been in love THEN YOU can say YES THEY ARE IN LOVE.NO one needs to tell any of us what we see OUR selfs Thank you for being so understanding. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying things Rose.

I'm afraid it would be useless anyway.

It was too calm these last days over here.

I actually have nothing interesting to add to what it's been said, so I guess it's a complete waste of time staying here replying to people who's got nothing better to do than making controversy, so... bye!

Tiziana said...


well, the way you used the word "stranger" was def. NOT clear, so you go for the first version!

I can accept that and thanks for your permission to post my opinion!

And..LK, think of this (if you want, if not, it'll be the same for you), you will never KNOW on a blog WHO actually is talking to you! Never :-)
Have a nice day, I'm out for now.

Anonymous said...

Sydney you are spot on, when you posted a comment to some Tanz person. And the foamy person who admitted they were a nonsten. I also believe if Rob was being treated badly and like he was unloved by Kristen, whether you believe they're together or not, look at it like this: would Rob seriously be a weak pathetic man and subject himself to the kind of treatment foamy was talking BS about. I do believe it's BS. She has said wonderful things about him, it's just this person or most would rather not go and search for these interviews. And look at the fact, if she was treating him like shit, she wouldn't be invited to Budapest or Isle of Wight for New Years. Unless everyone here believes Rob is actually some guy who sits on the floor and is walked all over. But from interviews he has done, he makes it seem like he is very much in control of his own life. He has his own control, and won't be treated like a fool. But that's what a nonsten believes of Rob. Which is weird considering they're supposed to be fans of Rob. They believe that Rob sits on the floor and is walked all over by everyone and anyone. If they don't, why is there BS that Kristen's mistreating him. Would nonstens/his fans would rather believe themselves over something Rob clues us in on? People if you're intersted in proving foamy wrong, send out some links. I'm not intersted in doing that though.

And 30yearoldtwifan I also wonder how Rob fans who are hating on Kristen are even fans of Rob. What's their opinion if they knew well full Rob wasn't impressed or liking/loving these fans who hate on Kristen? I mean if someone who wants to hate on Kristen and still be a fan of Rob in blogs like these...If someone wants to clarify their own thoughts on hating either Rob's girlfriend or best friend, feel free too. I don't see how any of those "fans" could feel proud.

Anonymous said...

And Rose well done to this blog. If you're the owner of this blog. I've only been on here recently. And you know what, I like your views. I like how you don't like the haters. And I like how you can keep this a place for Robert Pattinson. Pretty much everything Robert Pattinson, but the difference with this blog. To me, I'm hoping anyway, it seems more people who are in support for him being happy which to most look like he's happy with Kristen.

So well...
I'll be coming back here more often. :) It's a nice place, and I think, I'd fit in here.

And what you said in your comment about how you talk about Rob and Kristen in the positive way. That yes is better than the negative way, like hyenas/nonstens. It's like, you see them on the straight, you see a happy couple on the street and wish them well. It's better than investing hours, days, weeks, months, years into a couple you see, which you wish bad luck and heartbreak for. That's just cruel. And that's what nonstens, hyenas, are. Cruel. They would rather Rob had a broken heart than be with Kristen. You either believe and support them, or don't believe and don't bother to invest yourself in one or more comments.

Anonymous said...

I really do think tanz whatever you are, foamy whatever too should leave.

I'm not the owner of this site, so I'm not the person who can say who is welcome here or not. But a lot of the time, I'm sure you're going to find posts like this, where Rose (I think is her name) comments on the relationship she sees between Rob and Kristen. And to see those posts as well as others who believe is going to be difficult to be inside this blog. So why bother coming onto here? I'm sure this blog won't change asap, unless Rob changes his girlfriend, and Rose sees him as what she thinks is a relationship with a female. So really, you're asking to see R/K posts.

And if you don't like them. I'd find another blog is better suited. One possibly: robsessed.

FoamyRansom said...


Out of everything said here today, I found your rude comment to Tiziana the most unnecessary. Everyone has a right to state their opinion. And just because someone is Italian doesn't mean they're sitting outside staring at the Mediterranean (yes that is how it is spelled). If I told you I was British would you tell me to go and sit by the Thames? If I was French to go sit by the Eiffel Tower? That was just insulting.

This is all for fun. Remember that.

At the end of the day... NONE OF THIS MATTERS and neither of them give a rats ass about ANY OF US.

Sydney said...

Deb and kstewrocks:

I guess it's just too much to ask the nonstens to refrain from their hypocrisy for one minute. You notice they all fled the moment Rose came in. Or when you ask them questions they have no answer to. This is typical.

"Kristen hates Rob." Then why did she fly across the world, several times just to be with him? Why is she is still with him...just last week they were out together twice. Crickets.

"Rob deserves to be loved and she doesn't love him." This is the one that kills me because it's like they don't realize they just turned their idol into the most pathetic, ridiculous, weak fool on earth. How is that admirable? How could you put someone that pathetically weak on the pedestal that you do? Silence.

Why don't they have answers to these questions. When they get asked, they leave the blog. Shocking.

The only way they can fling their foam at Rose is if they put words in her mouth or twist everything around. She is only ever stating her observations and opinions. Why does it rankle some so much that they have to come here and comment all day long? That question will likely go unanswered, along with all the other rational questions nonstens cannot seem to answer.

Bex said...

This has been an interesting show. ** I ran out of popcorn** :-(

Both sides have valid points.

I personally believe they are together. Just the fact that they hang out so much outside of work is enough for me to see that they are definately close. The fact that they both stopped talking about/denying their relationship in interviews is enough for me to believe there is something more than friendship going on. And the fact that Kristen has flown all over the world on her down time to see him is enough for me to believe that they are a couple. I don't need to see the Paris airport pics or the robsten fan vids as proof.

Do I believe that there may be some PR being done to promote the relationship? Possibly but it's certainly not being done by Rob or Kris themselves.

Do I believe they are madly in love? No. I don't know them personally so I won't assume that. You can tell by how they look at each other, even at promo events, that they adore each other however I can't tell if it's love or not.

Do I believe they will stay together forever and get married and have babies? Bahahaha no. But if they did I'm all for the people magazine spread that couples like brad ad Angie put out.

All I can say is that I enjoy seeing these 2 beautiful people together. It makes me happy to see other people happy. That includes Rob and Kristen as well as all the fans of them as a couple.

If they are spotted with other people (possible significant others) as much as they are spotted together, I'll be happy for them both and will enjoy reading updates about them both as long as they continue to look happy.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Good morning to ya Rose…go and fetch me that key, love while have sit here and have my Rant for today…..;-)
@ Tiziana...I am of European background, a small country not far from your own in fact. But English is my spoken and first language…that’s if you consider both my parent came here as immigrants and couldn’t speak a word in English and nor could I. Till I started school. Back to my point so what if we share 'the European " background as you alluded does that mean your opinion ability is the same as All from this region.....What’s your point??????We all have different options.....
Another thing I personally DON’T base my opinion and I quote……..On “crappy cheesy videos with sappy music “…this is just entertainment as far as I’m concerned….The videos are just expressing the obvious…..The things I can see already without them place conveniently on film [as in videos] ..Because the natural actions of the ppl in them are REAL…Robert and Kristen’s magnetism, devotion and there attraction to one another, just to name a few…..And I’m not talking whist they are making their movies together….although I’m sure some personal element comes into play….But I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt otherwise you will start calling me Delusional…No doubt
Rose hand me the key.....Honey....because we have to take the f...ken handcuffs of this trouble making so and so! Who has argued with practically anyone who has replied to her troubled opinions...I usually respects all POV...but seriously go find a blog who you can consider having the same notions about Rob & Kristen as yourself FFS……
You knew the backlash you where to receive, before you started this Rant today……..
You are the lamb thrown to the lions….cause you know how we all feel here and you just ignited something that will be put out as quick as you start it……. We or shall I say most of us here , who contribute mostly daily…All know WHAT we feel……It starts for me at least before I knew Who or What Rose was about…..her blog isn’t Brain washing me….It is comforting me in fact….cause here where I am from, there isn’t much media about these two glorious people. Unless there is a new movie they’re promoting...And I need to find out more about them…my curiosity is overwhelming…and I mean that In the most healthy and positive way….
So just to wrap up here….nobodies asking you to change our minds…for better or for worse….Rose is certainly not got you in handcuffs to read her Daily Rants [all due respect Rose,… Honey]
The only difference here is you now can’t hide behind ANOM and we can put an identity behind you …..A trouble maker….who seems to like to stir up trouble….. And this is from one European to another…..funny that we are not thinking the same now? Are we????
To the rest of you GOOD DAY....

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

sorry I have appeared x3 ..I tried to delete the other but have'nt got the option...so you just have to bypass the duplicate rant....

Sydney said...


I agree with you wholeheartedly. It bothers me when people call me a "shipper." I never actively wished for Rob and Kristen to date. I never thought about it actually. Kristen was with Michael and seemed happy and he seemed cute, so wtf did I care.

But all of a sudden, around the time the IOW pictures came out, I started to think something was up. Hindsight...things probably started happening around July-ish going by certain events. But I didn't think anything was too out of the ordinary until IOW. And then came London and Budapest and New York and what have you.

Point is: I didn't hope they would get together. I never really considered it. But at some point I just had to start wondering if they were dating or not. And since then, I haven't had reason to doubt that. And every time I see them together they look happy and cute. That is why I like them.

If/when they break up (cause I'm with Bex...they're young, not too too likely this will go the long haul, it would be cute if it did though), I'll still support and like the both of them. No matter who they date, and I will not disrespect either of them if I don't happen to like their chosen significant other. It wouldn't even occur to me to do that.

Anonymous said...

Hi girls!! (louisa, lisa, patty, deb, olivia, sue bee, and everyone else.... you know...the normalladies) I've made a twitter (I never thought I would) but I want to have an easy stream of all the Twi/Rob/Kris info.

If you are a normal poster here... (and sane) please post your twitter so I can follow you. :-D

OR if you don't want EVERYONE to have it... shoot me an email at teamsprocklyone@gmail.com


My twitter is SuzyQSparkles
which is really cutesy almost nauseously so... but I couldn't help it.

Lots of spew today..... hasn't been like that in awhile. Foam, foam every where. Pull their tale... if you dare!

I'm ignoring it... because I'm about to watch the pretty on The Summer House... just bought it on I-tunes.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

@ SuzyQ
I mentioned my twitter the other day...although I dont have it for followers....I am the followerer..if you know what I mean....I dont give out, I just use it to receive......more or less.....I have nothing to hide...
{{{{{{69...... only means birth year...lol nothing else BTW}}}}}lol

Anonymous said...

I am not basing my opinion of Rob and Kristen being a couple on the media or videos. I base that opinion on how I see them behave with each other.

Two eligible people do not spend the better part of a year and a half being consistently with each other especially taking into account that Rob had a healthy dating history before and Kristen had a long term relationship before.

Anonymous said...

@ SuzyQ

sparkles??????ok then....hehehe

SueBee said...

Looking in to see if it's all clear yet...okay, I'll jump in for a bit...

@Suzy Q

Thanks for calling me normal!!! LOL


Keep doing what you're doing. Your blog always puts a smile on my face. Thank you.

It is what it is.

Bex said...

just out of curiosity...

Did Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams get a bunch of hate when they got together after filming the notebook?

because Rob and Kristen are totally McGosling 2.0... its cute to watch 2 gorgeous people find happiness with each other and watch it all unfold.

ajr said...

Rose, I have been reading your blog forever. I just opened an account so I could tell you that you are the best. I look forward to what you write everyday. My smile is on my face. I could not believe what was happening yesterday on the AT. This place is so calm. Thank you for what you write, you are amazing.

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee We had this 'convo yesterday.....Normal with a nip of Mental....right!!!!!!;-)

Anonymous said...

No, Gosling/McAdams didn't get the hate Their relationship was applauded! Cute, adorable etc, etc, etc!

Lisa said...

Ahhh I haven't been reading all the comments here as I've been caught up in real life. But I see the hyena's have decided to just put in phony, stupid names and spew their shit. I will NOT be reading comments here again in that case.. I'll just read Rose's blog, comment myself on that and that's it.. For those regulars, plz don't think I'm ignoring anyone! I just can't do the hate.. I'm pro Robsten and until THEY show me different, I don't care to read anything from 'the other side'..


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SueBee said...


A little mental is like the spice of life! (but not oregano)

Glad we can all come to our happy place!

Bex said...

thanks Annie!

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee
Not oregano......INDEED...
Christ.... the even mentioning of his name could start a new rant on this fine day.....;-)

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

I do love the cheesy. Its true. SuzyQSparkles

Just about as cheesy as you can get!



Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa....Good to see you put in your 5 cents worth...How are you going???

Anonymous said...

For those who enjoy this shit[sarcasm].....her you go ....lol


Anonymous said...

Now I dedicate this to my friend T.....[another example of sarcasm ladies]

deb said...

HO Louisa my dear,dear FRIEND THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the video After whats been going on in here YOU BROUGHT me back to mt HAPPY PLACE and that my dear I THANK YOU.NOW can we all put our guns away and do like Rose ask PLAY NICE.OK girls Im going to go see if I got twitter if not I'll ask my kids to help me get one I know I have face book and e-mail but dont know about twitter .And Louisa my baby girl is doing just fine.Shes so strong she wants to turn on her side all ready and shes only 4 days old Thank you for asking. DEB

Tarra said...

Wow Rose you must have struck a nerve to get some nonstens so riled up that they posted like crazy today. Personally, I think it was the pic of the hyena that caused this many posts by those with differing opinions. I love your blog because you don't spew hate, no nothing but love and appreciation for two young people (whom most of us believe are in love with each other) just trying to live their lives. I still frequent the AT boards and post on occasion but I come here and try to post regularly because I like reading posts from like minded individuals that don't feel better about themselves for hating and tearing down a 20 y.o. young woman because she was the fortunate one to receive the affection, adoration and yes love of Robert Pattinson. Robert was crushing on Kristen before they even met and auditioned for Twilight somebody want to say DESTINY. The AT boards are full of venomous,angry,delusional, mean spirited people that I feel sorry for because they'll never be able to appreciate what R/K have therefore its hard to imagine them being able to embrace something that special in their own lives. Hate only breeds hate. Love attracts love.

Melinda said...

Wow I finally get online and THIS is what I get to read???

Rose-another win in my book despite the CRAZY that showed up today. I had high hopes that the peacefulness we have been experiencing would have lasted longer but of course we all know they just can't stay away.

It is pretty sad that Rob's "fans" (and I use that term with a lot of caution) want to diminish his choices in life b/c of course they know what is best for him!

I believe that R/K are a couple because they want to be not b/c they are forced by anyone. I use my eyes, ears and logic to come to that conclusion (as do many of you all).

I don't believe that Kristen is "mean" to him. If she were he would be out of there in a heartbeat. People say the same thing about Angelina and Brad.

I believe that Kristen has been embraced by the britpack because of her relationship with Rob. They are protective of her. That shows me what kind of person she is.

I believe that Rod person did what he did for s and g. However Catherine, Wyck, and David have not talked about R/K for the same reason. I believe they have stated things as fact b/c of what they have seen. R/K know things will be said. I think at this point they aren't too concerned about it.

I believe when I look at Ruth, Stephanie, and Dean's faces when they see R/K together, that tells me a lot about R/K's relationship. They all have had looks of happiness for both of them lately. If R/K were just friends I don't think we would see those expressions from them.

I believe two healthy people of the opposite sex don't just hang with each other non romantically for more than a year foregoing any other romantic relationship. That's just not normal.

I believe that R/K have this wonderful bubble that, no matter what BS is said about their relationship, hasn't been "popped". One day maybe but for now it is still intact.

I believe that R/K had a connection from day one (they have both said it)and it has blossomed into this great relationship. If they ever cease to be a couple I do think they will remain friends.

I believe people that cyber-stalk people who may have connections to R/K are really sad and pathetic. Those people they stalk think so too.

I believe that the haters will also hate no matter what. They have sad and miserable lives. Why would you waste so much time and energy hating on someone you don't know?

I believe that R/K know people have a fascination with them. It's part of being a celeb. I truly believe that they would rather have fans who say positive things about them who jokingly talk about their life than nasty vile hatred. You can take that to the bank.

I believe that I am a happy and secure person who doesn't need Rob or Kristen to verbally confirm what I already believe.

I believe that's all....no hater will change that...only Rob or Kristen can.

** Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to put it out there. Sometimes I get so tired of all the nastiness in this fandom that I want to just support R/K from afar. There are some really wonderful sane happy people here and on twitter and that's why I stay.**

SueBee said...

Something tells me the haters are going to get worse. The hyenas are backed into a corner and they're snarling.

I'm trying really hard not to feed the animals. Sometimes you just gets sucked in, you know?

So, I'm trying to be good. Really. Seriously. I mesn it this time! LOL

Opytaylor said...

I see these chicks decided to get IDs and attack you today, Rose. The whole Twitter deal revealed nothing. Just look at the mountain of evidence over the past six months. Only those wishing Rob to be single can not see what is completely obvious. Kristen has said she gets why people want to know but the business side of it ruins it. This is the closest thing to gaining ground the Nonstens have had in a long time but it's no gain at all. BTW: his 50% comment is absurd: some self promoter on Twitter who clearly likes to start shit. There is no argument. Those two are a couple. It only takes common sense & the couple has begun to behave more openly. They just want freedom. And they do not want to discuss it with the media. Their actions speak louder than words. They know that. They are not hiding. IMO, they wanted us to know by their actions so less questions would come their way. Just don't ask about it. And stop attacking Kristen because she has what you want.

olivia said...

Oh my! That was interesting. Didn't see that coming today. Neither did I realize the forecast called for blustery and stormy with periods of spittle. Looks like things are clearing up at least for a while. I will keep an umbrella handy as Rose has suggested in the past. : )

Rose, love you and your blog.
Devoted regs, love you too!

Thanks Suzy Q - I always try to maintain a semblance of normal, logical, and respectful.

I too am first generation of European descent - here in the USA, as elsewhere, we all live in a great melting pot.

Deb, happy to hear sweet grand baby girl is doing well. I also heard that Bel Ami has yet to obtain a distributor for the USA. I sure hope that happens even though I am sure it may only end up in smaller art house theaters. I travel in to Austin when that happens. Friends and I make a day of it with shopping and lunch or dinner plus the film.
It just limits the number of viewings.

Not a twitter, nor facebook account owner. I do visit a few twitter postings available on the web - from time to time. ie: Rosie the elephant from WFE
Till tomorrow,
A true believer,

Melinda said...


I totally get what you are saying. I personally like to laugh at the crazy with lots of humor and sarcasm (which they clearly don't have). I love the "dear diary" snark.

I get that people might not like/approve someone but I really don't get the hate that accompanies it. They have no control of the outcome anyway so why get so worked up.

As you can see they simply gave up (it's been quieter this evening) when they finally realized they weren't getting anywhere. Wonder what they are cooking up now?

Anonymous said...

@ Melinda 8.52pm
true and well put....

deb said...

Spot on Opytaylor,Melinda,Suebee and Tarra what a mess its been And yes its going to get worse now that Rob and Kristen are no longer hiding I just need to not let the hate get to me so much I did let it get out of hand today and Im sorry for that i let myself fall in to there trap I dont like them coming in here saying shit about Rose and I know there going to think what they want about Rob and kristen I dont want to be one of them and have all this hate SO Rose I am sorry and to my friends I am sorry.That being said I hope Rob well go see Kristen not because of me but it would be nice to know he"ll be happy to see her and be with her when he can. DEB.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wow, I leave to go watch some soccer games, and come back to read some of the comments and I'm speechless. Truly.
I have nothing against those who don't believe that Rob & Kristen are dating. They're entitled to believe what they want. And they're more within their rights to voice that opinion. It would be hypocritical if I said they can't voice their opinions, yet support a web blog that puts out an opinion daily about how they're together.
What I *don't* like, however, are the people who come on websites just to incite responses.
I'm all for discussing different opinions, if it can be done without it becoming personal. I don't call any specific person a hyenas. I do however, recognize raw hate when I read it. And it's those people that I have a problem with. Those are the ones that fall into the category that some like to refer to as hyenas. It's more about motives. How can someone put that much time and energy into hating someone (who has done nothing to that person, and they'll never actually meet). Why come on web sites, and blogs, and leave vulgar, rude, and crass comments?

I don't categorize myself as a "shipper" nor am I a "nonsten". I am simply a fan of both. I believe they are happy together, but I can't say that as a definite, unequivocal truth.

Are there fanatics on both sides of this debate?? Oh heck yeah. Do I think Rose is one of those? Uhm, no.. have you SEEN what some of the other places are posting and blogging about?! Do a bit of research.. they're not hard to find. But as with most everything else, there is a broad range of people that fall somewhere along the spectrum..

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness.. my computer is being a pain tonight.. trying to correct the double post!

jen said...

You know how Rose could cheapen Rob and Kristen's relationship? IF she was a big ass psycho who actually tried to MAKE NEWS by contacting Perez or other blogs or uh...RAINN to get them to cover Kristen in a negative light.

That's creepy. That's stalkery.

Rose has good boundaries--she talks all she wants on her blog, but she keeps it on her blog. She knows she's just an observer.


Rose confines herself. Too bad the fandom couldn't learn a lesson or two from her. And if you have a problem with what she's saying, that MEANS YOU AREN'T CONFINING YOURSELF EITHER, BECAUSE YOU'RE VENTURING TO BLOGS YOU EXPRESSLY DISAGREE WITH.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I love your blog. I don't think Rob and Kristen concern themselves/care about blogs like yours. You are positive, supportive (you see both of their movies) and you never hate or say a bad word about them. I think they appreciate fans like you. They are fully aware that people speculate about them and if the people are not nasty and hateful, I really don't think they would care.

I am with many of you here.
I believe they are a couple.
I believe this because of what I've seen with my own two eyes in how they act/behave with each other. And from what I have deduced from a good-looking guy and a gorgeous girl, with a strong mutual attraction and who have so much in common-- that for the better part of the last 15 months or so-- have consistenty spent time together, all while having no other romantic interests. 1+1=2.

So, for example, thinking that a girl that traveled thousands of miles and spent numerous hours on a plane went to spend her birthday with her boyfriend-- isn't a fairytale. It is a fact that Kristen went to Budapest. My conclusion is not far-fetched. Who would fly all that way to spend their birthday with a friend? Who would fly all that way for someone they didn't love and that didn't love them back? I know Kristen loves her family very much (Her Dad was so cute on Lopez Tonight). I don't think she'd leave her family to celebrate her big day with a good buddy. And definitely not for some fake relationship.
Again, my conclusion isn't far-fetched. It's pretty logical and rational.

And since Rob and Kristen have continued to spend time together, uh, yeah, I continue to think they're dating. Them being in separate cities doesn't change that. Them hanging with friends doesn't change that. Them every speaking to the opposite sex or working with the opposite sex doesn't change that.
And until the time that I think differently, this is my opinion.

SueBee said...

I just keep imagining people with big picket signs trying to smack us over the head with their ideas.

How did a blog and comments on the blog become a place for a staged protest?

I mean, really?

A discussion is one thing but these people aren't here to discuss anything.

Snarkines and snide comments aren't the way to get your point acrossed.

I'm a fan, but I'm not fanatical.

I just don't get it.

jen said...

ps: to the nons who are here obviously:

Robert and Kristen WANT you to believe that there's a possibility that they aren't a couple. That makes their lives easier, did you know that? lol If they don't confirm or deny, they don't decisively alienate one side or the other.

They used to deny outright. They don't deny anymore. If you show me a denial, I'll show you a deflection. Or a foreign interview that ALWAYS swears to get the exclusive - and yet it makes you wonder why some newspaper in Latvia got the exclusive instead of Oprah, huh?


So, please, continue to believe it's all for PR. That's what Robert and Kristen WANT YOU TO DO. It helps their private and professional lives if EVERYONE is allowed to simply reflect their hopes onto them.

No need to throw cold water on you with reality. And people say Kristen isn't saavy with the press! lol

Anonymous said...

Do I come across as a fanatical????
God I hope I don't....I too am just a FAN....I hope I'm only perceived that way?????

Patricia said...

Louisa, Lisa, Oliva, SueBee, Carly, Deb, Opytaylor, SusyQ and of course Rose:

Jesus Christ there for awhile I thought I was at Ted's Board. What in Hell is going on. Oh Freedom of speech.
I just came back from seeing 'Eclipse" 5th. time. I took a friend of mine. She's not into the books but I took her to see 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' so she was ready for 'Eclipse'. She thinks Rob is the most GORGEOUS MAN SHE HAS EVER SEEN. But she's not obsessed with him like me. After the movie was over. She remarked she really liked it, but why is Jacob with Bella almost as much as Edward?

So no matter how many times I go I'm still disappointed with the screenplay. But watching that BEAUTIFUL MAN FOR TWO HOURS MAKES UP FOR ANY DISAPPOINTMENTS WITH THE FILM.

I have always believed that Rob and Kristen were together or would get together since the 'Twilight Promo interviews' and finally they did. Yeah !!!

He waited for her, I loved that.
Rob loves Kristen loves Rob
Good night all

Anonymous said...

hi Patricia 'he waited for he' I too love that about him...and nobody else was good enough for him till she did a 360 or may I say 180 deg turn around.....the looks he gives her [in RL] show how appreciative he is of there relaysh...we the regulars + Rose ALL see this.....we are FANS and we love them both for all and these little reasons...one if which I gave above......FANS NOT FANATICS......we LOVE ROB & KRISTEN FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS...AND THAT IS SUCH A GREAT THING....CAUSE IT BROUGHT US TO ROSE AND HER INTOXICATING BLOG....

Anonymous said...

sorry "He waited for HER" i am typed out from my earlier epic lol

deb said...

AMEN LOUISA Patty I get to go see it again the18th on my b-day my best friend is taking me it well be my5th time to Im like you CANT never get enough of Rob and even better when you add Kristen I cant wait tell the video so I can pause it on the Edward/Bella and fast forward To the Edward /Bella again I know I know Im a kid at hart hahahaWel they make me feel like a kid when they kiss in the movie it makes me want to turn my head and blush I just love Rob and kristen . DEB.

SueBee said...


No sweetie, you're fine. :o)

Opytaylor said...

Just imagine how much worse this board would have been today with anons.    Today Nonstens refrained from some of their wilder comments.   I suspect it's the same group that stopped posting after Rose took away Anon.   They are still not welcome IMO.   Regardless what Rose named  the blog way back when no longer matters.   This board is for people who get the most satisfaction seeing both happy.  And that happens when Kristen and Rob are with each other.    It inspires hope in many us: including a straight guy who has never followed romance outside of himself.   Sorry for using third person.    I adore Kristen first, but I know she happiest when he is around.   I'll never meet her.   I wish for her happiness.   Rob and Kristen emanate happiness, especially on nights like the premiere,  and it's infectious.   Even though they were working at beginning of the night, if you did not see absolute adoration and love in all those photos, then  you haven't been in love.   No fan of either would wish to deny them that happiness they revealed.   

Anonymous said...

totally Opytaylor...why would you desire the denial of happiness...
everyone one deserves it ....even the most attractive couple in HW...

LK said...

@opy,amen to that!

LK said...

Rob was at Sam's concert last night.Poor baby was papped.Those people don't let him in peace.I hope Kristen has a great time in Montreal.I'm sure she's thrilled.ONR eas one of her dream-roles.

Anonymous said...

1. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Am I going to have to fly to a foreign country to see Bel Ami?? How can it not find a US distributor?? I'm floored!!!! I hope that they are just taking their time in negotiations rather than there truly being no interest.

2. The possibility WFE for Christmas and the likelihood that Eclipse will be on DVD around Christmas time makes for the possibility of a very Merry Christmas.

3. The Summer House AND The Runaways last night. I loved them both. I saw The Runaways in theaters like three times. And I bought and watched it on iTunes. They were the number one and number two movie being sold on iTunes last night. AWESOME!! Rob was so HOT in The Summer House. In some scenes his hair almost looked golden-ish. I really like Talulah too. She was lovely. I have been watching Pride and Prejudice lately and she plays the sister Mary so it was nice to see her in a different role. The Runaways. Kristen nailed that roll. She was beyond amazing. I'm surprised she hasn't won an award for it.

4. QUESTION: I'm slightly confused... Rob waited for Kristen?? Does this mean in the broad sense of she was with Oregano and then her and Rob got together so he "waited" for her. Or was there an instance where he watied for her recently that was sweet that I missed???

5. I'm so jealous. I wish I could go to Beatnik camp. I CAN NOT wait for this movie to come out. Both Kris and Rob have such good taste in scripts lately. The Runaways, Remember Me, Bel Ami, WFE, OTR - every one of this TRULY AWESOME scripts. Perfection!!

6. Old news but Isle Esme being filmed in Baton Rogue… am I the only one going WTF?

7. I only have one thing left to say since I watched The Runaways last night… and wanna get home so I can watch it again and that is……Ch ch ch ch CHERRY BOMB!

*Suzy Q*

Patricia said...

Suzy Q:
In regards to your question about Rob waiting for Kristen.
When Rob first met her they spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other and figuring out how they wanted to play Bella and Edward.( By themselves) Getting ready for "Twilight' She was with Michael during that time. Michael was at the 'twilight' Premier and after party also. Rob ( I believe was falling for her during that time) I think during the promos is when she started to realize she had feelings for him. Seeing their interviews and pictures of them lent me to believe that. Her and Michael broke up before her Birthday while filming 'New Moon' I think Rob was in love with her from day one, but it took awhile for her. That's why I said he waited for her to make up her mind and get over the break up with Michael. I'm guessing all of this from all the things that happened.

Anonymous said...

@ Patty

That is what I thought... but I wanted to be sure I didn't miss something. Thanks :-D


Carly said...

I go away for the week and I miss all the "fun" lucky me *insert sarcasm sign*

I have to say, I lvoe you ladies. and I love you, Rose. I missed you. the sanity, the little crazy, the sarcasm, the love, the appriciation

I have nothing to say, really, it have all been siad so much better then I ever could already