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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Rose and Robsten

Major shit being stirred.
Big paddle being used.
Take it...
Or leave it.

Random Thoughts.

1. The Pap thing has gotten out of control...
As things usually do in this fandom.
The above picture is a Pap pic.
It's not an official release from WFE.
So if you are refusing to use Pap pics
You shouldn't be posting this picture on your site.
It doesn't matter if he is working...
or if he is just walking down the street.
If you are going to preach RESPECT ROB...
Then you shouldn't use ANY Pap pics.
You rant and rave about people 
using Paparazzi pics on their sites...
But then turn around and say these are OK...
You want to be PAPARAZZI FREE?
Awesome. Go for it.
But if you are going to do it
Then do it all the way.
You either are...
or you aren't.
No picking and choosing.

2.There have been a lot of pictures of Robert walking lately.
I guess they are just there to 'tease' me.

3.One more paparazzi thought.
When Rob was being harassed...
He sat in his car for 45 minutes
so the paps wouldn't follow him.
He even said something like...
they’d never find out where he lives.
Think about it.
Rob was VERY protective of his HOME.
Their Home.
Where he LIVES.
The same house...
with a loquat tree in the backyard?

4. I miss Kristen.

She is so good at staying out of the public eye.
Too good?
I like that she can move around...
make a movie...
and wait on Robert's arrival 
without being seen.
Good for her.

5. Yes. The necklace.
She is never without it anymore.
If someone had something like that...
specially made just for you?
You would wear it all the time, too.
Especially if it was from a 
deliciously handsome guy.
And the gold ring?
What does that symbolize?
Does it really say R-O-B?
Is it a promise?
Does it represent a commitment?
Fascinating... yes?

6. Montreal.
I know we didn't get it last weekend like we all hoped.
But like I said before...
It's not IF... It's WHEN.
Matter of time.
Rob will be done with WFE early next week.
He has the TCA's that weekend.
Then what?
Let's speculate, shall we?
*Sticking the paddle in deeper*

A. There has been talk about Kristen showing up
for the TCA's now.
It hasn't been made official.
But they are always adding people to the list...
So you never know.

B. Rob's schedule appears to be free after WFE.
Until Breaking Dawn in October.
That seems like a long time for Rob, doesn't it?
But the boy has been working non-stop for the last 2 years...
He should have a well deserved vacation.
Is Montreal his first stop?

C. Lots of talk about Robert going to London for a bit.
That would be great for him.
He seems to be able to live a more normal life there.
Kristen feels the same way...
After Kristen is done with OTR...
(and her part isn't that big... how long will it take?)
Does she in fact go On the Road with Robert?
Extended time in London...
Sounds kinda nice, doesn't it?

Admit it...
THAT is an interesting thought.

 7. Final thought.
(I think)

Everytime Robert and Kristen are separated
people start up with the whole
"Are they broken up?" bullshit.
It's what happens when you are both actors.
They went through this last summer...
for a much longer period of time
and they managed to handle it just fine.

It won't be long.

(and that is MY opinion)

I can't wait for Robert to go to Montreal.
I think it's only a matter of time.
And if he shows up?
What will be the rationalization then?
Summit is still promoting Eclispe?
Summit is beginning to promote BD?
What kind of strange voodoo PR will emerge?
We shall see.
Oh yes...
We. Shall. See.

This post was brought to you by the letter *S*
*Shit Stirring*

Because remember people...
It's all speculation...
with a bit of common sense thrown in.

Bye for now


Julie said...

Great post! I loved this one and think you are right on the money. This was a good pot stir in my opinion because I happen to agree with you 1oo percent.

jen said...

Awesome post! Robert - dude, he needs a break. He seems like he's reaching the end of his rope right now. He needs a break from being Robert Pattinson and that seems possible outside of LA.

Montreal seems to be working out for Kristen as Kristen Stewart- tweets place her in several places, but people are leaving her a lone for the most part.

You hear that Rob? lol

Anonymous said...

Very touching and true. Best way to say it.

LK said...

Rob looks really pissed in some pics.Who can blame him?He looks hot and sexy,as always.
I think it's time for the pap talk to stop.I don't think it leads anywhere.People will always love the gossip and the pap pics.Unforunately celebrities can't do nothing about it.

I wish Rob goes to Montreal.It will be nice.I'm not sure if he will,but a girl can dream,right?

As for Kristen,i'm glad that she's MIA.That means she's having fun without the intrusive paps.It seems that Montreal is a pap quiet place.

*waving to Rose and all the girls here*

Gigi said...

Rose ..the most uncommon of all senses is common sense : it is not the same Rob walking down the street where he is obviously been followed & harassed , to the point of him sitting in his car so long waiting for this parasites to get a clue , that Rob working on a set where a long lens gets few pictures from a distance of him walking in or out .. With that said and off my chest , I can't wait for Rob to have some time for himself with his family and friends and most importantly with his love ...I don't care where just some time off...
As always great Post ....Chao

Duarte said...

I really like your post. I'd never seen this blog before.

I will looking around.


Kate said...

Thanks, Rose! Great post as always.
Video from Russian fans in support Rob.


From Russia with love, Kate

Kate said...
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Kate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patricia said...

Rose: I agree with everything you said. 'Spot on again'

I'm hoping Kristen gets to come to TCA and they go back together to Montreal. The (Mother) in me thinks that Rob needs a vaca from all the madness that is Hollywood and Montreal and London would do that for him. I notice that when his Brit friends and Kristen are out of town he does things with Stephanie (his agent). I think these are the only people he can trust right now in LA.

He sure looks sad lately. Naturally those last pictures are him at the morgue for WFE and he would be very upset with the news of the accident with his parents.
I guess the next photos will be of Rob leaving LAX for Tennessee today .

Rose I enjoy your post so much and you have so many people here that feel the same way about you. Rock on Rose !

Anonymous said...

I'm in a particularly good mood today. I love the pics of Rob looking at Kris. They are so lovely. They always make me smile. :-D (even they are older pics, thats okay)

Rob does look irritated by the papz... who can blame him.

I do hope once he's off, he goes to see his girl. She does seem to keep him smiling. :-D Then they get to head to London. Good deal. They are going to be cooped up quite a bit once the six months of filming begins.

This post made me smile. I love the thought of Kris and Rob getting to spend time together. They seem to make each other happy. :-D


Trish said...

The same house...
with a loquat tree in the backyard?

hahaha love that Rose love it!!! hell yeah it is!

Great post as always!

I really hope that Kristen will come to the TCA's i mean what's the TCA"S without her (and Rob) nothing! i know i sure wont be watching it if those two werent coming (why would i want to see Miley Cyrus and a bunch of tweenies scream their lungs out lol..exactly!!)

OMG..those pics of ROb..so yummy..he looks freshly cut and shaved, and that white shirt *sighs*...need a minute.....

So glad that Kristen is able to keep out of the public eye...ninjastew!! LOL.

here is to a great day and wishing that Rob and Kristen will be reunited very soon (oh and also that Kristen comes to the TCA's) cheers!!!

Caroline said...

Oh Rose...i have the same feeling...i think he is going to home and Montreal too...i hope, cause he deserves ...and she deserves too...I think Kristen is really enjoying Montreal..paps free...But i miss her face...



Trish said...

oh and I also agree we should stop the pap stalk from yesterday and a few days agao...we should move on.

I do hope that Rob was able to talk to K and that he feels better, unfortunately there is nothing that can really be done, he just needs to get his sexy ass to Montreal ASAP ;-)

Melinda said...

I didn't post a comment yesterday as I was traveling back home from being out of town.

So I just want to apologize for my "soap box sermon" on the post "Rob is bothered" if anyone's feelings were hurt. That was never my intention. My only point was that if you don't like seeing pap pics/video of Rob or Kristen then stay off the gossip sites that profit from those things. Okay that's off my chest.

Rose- I think when you post pap pics you are extremely selective of what you post, you don't hunt them down for a pic, and you don't profit monetarily from it. We know that pap pics are out there. Either you want to see them or you don't. With pap pics you have to take the good (Paris hand holding, KOL concert,etc) with the bad (anytime the are given the finger, the weekend with Rob).

If I am going to see pap pics I much rather see them on a site like this where Rose is respectful of both Rob and Kristen then a site that write BS and profits from it.

The haters will always find something to hate. It is just how they are. It is sad that they are so unhappy with their own lives that they spread hateful things just to make themselves look better (which it doesn't of course).

I would rather surround myself with positivity. That's why I come here and not the AT boards and other gossip sites.

Thanks for giving us a place of positivity Rose! Love coming here and seeing the "pretty". :)

Trish said...

one more thing...epic Rose quotes!

"Summit is still promoting Eclispe?"

"Summit is beginning to promote BD?"

and my all time favorite:

"What kind of strange voodoo PR will

LMAO...love you Rose ;-)

deb said...

A great post Rose I agree with ya would be nice to see that big smile on his face again Like you have said not IF but WHEN.Im sure they both know what they well be doing next lets just hope it well be him going to be with her in Montreal if not alls good they well be together soon then she can take care of her baby boy.I dont think I would want to piss her off not that I dont think he can do it But didnt he say once that Kristen is so much better at this (dilling with the Paps)Still I think he did a DAMN good job Thanks for the pic Rose I dont like seeing the sad,mad face but its ROB DEB.

LK said...


this is so funny!

Anonymous said...

We live in a world of such extreme opposites. We've got these factions who are pro Kristen, and hate on Rob.. and then there's the Pro Rob people who hate Kristen. No rational thought as to why. But somewhere in the middle, you've got places like this blog, and the majority of posters here. It's respectful to both, only wanting the good and positive to come out of what goes on.

It's sad that Rose has to listen to people criticize her for what she says and for things like posting pictures. It all comes down to extremes again. No pap pics at all, or those who want to see EVERYTHING. Who says there can't be a happy medium? These pics are out there, some are using them for the sole purpose of making money. We shouldn't encourage that. Eventually they're posted on sites that don't have any ulterior motive. They just want to enjoy the view of the pretty. They don't get paid, they don't gain anything from it other than a simple joy.

Keep posting Rose! Ignore the negatives. You know what you're doing isn't hurting anyone, or disrespecting anybody.. WE here know that what you're doing isn't a disservice to our faves. :)

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking. ~Buddhist Saying

Bex said...

I agree with Rose 100% as well as you Melinda.

Amazing post once again Rose.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. Not posting ANY pap pics at all are just encouraging people to go to the sources website (X17, TMZ etc) to view the pics, therefore giving them the tens-of-thousands of hits that they want.

I would feel much better going to a third party site, such as yours Rose, to view the pics. The original source is only getting 1 hit (from you Rose, or whoever runs their particular site and posts the pics), meanwhile the third party site is getting the tens-of-thousands of hits. ... it makes sense to me...

Carly said...

1. it may sound hypocritical but to me its not a question of by whom but how a picture was taken. and maybe where

2. its all about the eyelashes for me ;)

3. there seems to be a home he is protecting indeed. has it a loquat tree in the backyard? who knows :)

4. she was so excited about the role Im really glad she can fully concentrate and enjoy the experiance

5. I so would wear it all the time. I have this one ring that I never take off. and I used to have a necklace as well, some time ago. as for teh ring, she just seems like a ring kinda girl. apart fromt eh b-day necklace and the occasional bracelet, its the only type of jewelery she wears

6. well, he can go to Montreal and then they can fly to London :)

7. just because we dont see something it doesnt mean its not there. and as you said, they are working. it just so happens that their line of work includes travel. they seem to be farring pretty well so far, though, some people just cant live withut drama, apparently

awesome post is awesome, Rose

Robin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin said...

Another great post, Rose.

I saw the vid of Rob with the paps a few days back. It was disgusting. It looked like a pack of hyenas (you should excuse the expression!) stalking its prey.

Rob appeared painfully overwhelmed and incapacitated. I kept thinking that what he really needed was an exit strategy.

Let's face it. Rob is never going to be able to just be out in public unmolested. I think he needs to contract with a body guard service that he can call in instances like this and have some big, strapping guy with a mean face and great driving skills whisk him away.

With an evasive strategy in place and the right kind of help, he can find ways to avoid the snarling pack.

Then again, his car sounded like a bucket of bolts. I doubt if he could have escaped from a kid on a bike. Perhaps an Edward Volvo. . .

I love Rob. I want him to be safe and happy, and I don't want him to have negative feelings about the U.S.

kristine.hills said...

Great post!

MHO! I thinks R is not going to London, i think he is going to stay in the US with K.My opinion!

Mônica thanks for you lovely words yesterday! ;) Glad you share the same feelings and opinion!

Lets remember




I said yesterday on twitter Rob looked VERY SAD on those pics.I think he is stressed out and he needs LOVE! Go to Montreal BB, your love is there waiting for YOU!

If i were working nonstop for almost 2 years and i was alone without my boy i'd get sad and upset for being bothering all the f.time for these losers paps!

katy said...

great post...I'm sure Rob will go to Montreal to be with Kristen when Water for Elephants wraps...after TCA...I can feel it...I have to admit that a part of me would love a pic as prove to the nonbelivers...but on the other hand I would love people would live them alone and not bother them. I don't think Rob will stay for a very long time in Montreal...think Rob will go to London for some time...maybe Kristen will join him after she done with OTR...her work in OTR isn't big...so it's possible, to her to go to london with Rob and then come back when they start shooting BD.

beaculen said...

Rose, I don't have a problem with you useing pap pictures. I mean there are some good ones, but they totally crossed the line on this one. And ulitimately they need to be more responsible about how they take pictures and not cross the stalker line. I loved all the stirin your doin today, thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact there are certain paps allowed on movie shoots! So the pics you used and everyone else on their site used are safe paps, they belong on the set... you know like invited. Not like the intrusive paps that randomly take pics of you walking to your car on your day off!!!! Just sayin... not all paps are bad, some are down right evil!

Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone should have to apologize for their soap box talk either! Its how we all felt. Thats what a comment board is for right?

Rose said...

Safe Paps?

Look... a Pap is a Pap is a Pap is a PAP.

If you are "PAPARAZZI FREE" then you don't use Pap pics. ANY PAP PICS.
Or don't claim to be "PAPARAZZI FREE"

It's simple.

And my soapbox post wasn't regarding anyone's comments here....
I would address anything that bothered me here... HERE.
Like I am now :)

deb said...

Just another though I would love to see Rob do a piano concert i love to listen to him I think it is sexy. DEB.

Rb said...

I have to agree with you about the paparazzi, Rose. I LOVE seeing pictures of both Kristen and Rob. On set, at a concert, wherever. BUT I hate the papz interfering with their private lives and livelihood. So even though I love seeing pictures of them, I'd have to say that I'd rather the papz not take any pictures at all. I never read the tabloids, they're trash. What they put Rob through this weekend was awful. Smarmy bastards. They were just trying to provoke him into a fit - which they didn't get - Rob is an English gentleman and knows how NOT to give the papz what they want.

And you're right again, he isn't leading them to his home, the one with the loquat tree :> That's HIS special place, unknown to anyone but his love.

I hope he can join Kristen soon, even if it's only for a few days to recharge. He needs some special time with his baby :>

June said...

Woww Deb, you had a great idea! I'd love a piano concert by Rob. I got really impressed seeing him in Twilight playing the lullaby for Bella .. so romantic!! I was drooling all over.

Meanwhile there's no law to protect celebrities from paparazzi, there will be harassment. No matter how much we complain. By the way, Rob shouldn't drive in such a car through Malibu or LA streets, if he wants to go unnoticed. Just a thought!

SueBee said...

Sure would be nice to see Rob smile again.

SueBee said...

Let me rephrase---sure would be nice to see Rob smile with Kristen again.

Jane said...

Loved this. Everything you said was the same think I was thinking. Rob has to see his lady love before going to London.

olivia said...

Thank you Rose for the wonderful and thoughtful post today .

I agree, pics are inevitable. It is the how and where of them being photographed that draws the line between offensive/ intrusive versus a legitimate photo opportunity that regretfully still most often resembles a personal assault.

Rob has plenty of moral support and professional advice available. I have faith that this unfortunate episode will be another live and learn life adventure which will strengthen him against the negative side of his chosen career. Also, I wish to believe that he is grounded enough thanks to his wonderful family, Kristen, and friends to grow through this without losing his values, beliefs, and goals.

Enough said by me about last weekend.
I too would like to see Rob OTR to a calm, private, and restful place with Kristen and friends.

Believer as always,

deb said...

OK can you help a girl out i just read that Kristen well be at the TCW they say that FOX said Robert,kristen,Taylor well be there I don.t know who to believe any more It would be nice if true And is it on the 9th of next month? THANK YOU DEB.

June said...

Deb, I found this in Fox News related to TCA.


It mentions that Rob, Taylor and Ashley are attending, but nothing on Kristen.. maybe she hasn't confirmed yet. I'm afraid Kristen won't attend though.

deb said...

Thanks June I though the same as you shes working but who knows would be nice thank you again DEB.

Kj said...

YESSSS, Rose. EXACTLY. Your thoughts and my thoughts are in sync. Rob is very PROTECTIVE. PROTECTIVE OF WHAT? WHOM? uh huh. He will NEVER lead the vultures to the place he and Kristen call home. NEVER. I think he was prepared to sit his lovely lovely arse down on the ground and outwait ALL the vultures. He wasn't letting them near his sacred space with his love. And so what if he didn't get to Montreal? There are a bazillion other places he and Kristen COULD have met...and while all eyes are on Montreal or LA...? hmmm. Just reminds me again how brilliant our Mr Pattinson truly is. And how stealth our lovely Stewie is. Carry on, friend.

Aeden27 said...

Really great post!! I agree with you. AS i said before, i wold rather NOT see pics of Rob Nad Kris if it means giving them their privacy. PLease dont post pics taken by paps because it disrespects Rob abd Kristen. I think it would be best if these 2 just go on vacay..Montreal perhaps or maybe London? What about it Robsten??!!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you Rose for your blog. Your words always clear my head and help me see reason. The pap incident really upset me, I couldn't sleep for two nights because every time I closed my eyes, I kept seeing Rob's face. I really miss Kristen and the way Rob's face lights up when she is near. I hope they will be reunited soon. Please don't ever stop blogging...we need your wisdom and common sense. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good Mornan to ya Rose....well today is a horrible, overcast and a miserable day in Old Sydney town....one of my sons goes for his drivers Lic today...I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not?????
That super sexy Mr. Wonderful pic of HIM strutting…cleanly shaved, white shirt…..YUMMMMMMMMOOOOOO...And that’s all I have to about that!!!!!!! LMAO
Soapbox...Rose did I get lost in translation AGAIN?????
Or did 'I hit it on the head' yesterday? What means Soapbox there...doesn’t necessary here...JS
I too think Rob needs a break.....It catches up with you sooner or later....Being busy is great...earning $$$ is fabulous …BUT the ol body and mind let you know when a break is needed and what better way…. Than for him to Whiz up to Montreal...Pick up his WOMAN and Jet over to Mother England....Where they BOTH seem to chill and live a normal life as possible.....Just my opinion....
Melinda @11.53....I know how you feel...Sometimes my fingers get the better of me....and I start typing SHIT I shouldn’t...but by all means Not to offend You lot ...just my thought get the better of me....You don’t need to apologize IMO....We know us regulars have good intentions..Not like the ...well.....I'd rather not say.....the ones who don’t…hehehe
I can’t let a day go by and do this LADIES…..SO HERE YOU GO…..


mujhiko_mujhiko said...

arigato Rose!

..their home with a loquat tree in the bakyard.. sprouting:))) I love it! May I add something? What about a back porch with a rocking chair on it?.....

You know what, after reading about her loquat tree, her backyard, and her pie making, I went into rant and spouted a lot of shits (literally shouting) about the injustice of it all.___The unjust treatment given to her by the media and the nonstop speculation about her personality by the various blogsites purported by the haters___"YOU MORONS! LOOK AT HER HEART!" A simple girl with a simple wish in life.__ I think that's what Robert saw in her. Her big heart.

SueBee said...

Okay, I'll admit it. I have no idea what a loquat is!

olivia said...

Thank you for that lovely fan vid. Just perfect.
It was needed after a long day and well appreciated.

Kristen's words, where she describes Rob in the audition for T. and says....
"he sees and he listens".......transfer that to today and we can all appreciate what wonderful skills those are to have as a loving partner in a serious relationship.

Also, she describes Rob, when having a moment of clarity, full of truth, honesty and a gentle person... very soft spoken.

And lastly, I'm sure, Rob and Kristen are like her description of B&E, after time apart, needing only 30 seconds to be back together in their own bubble.


Bren said...

@Sue Bee,

This is ironic, I just now finished watching "Hollywood & Dine". It was the episode with Rob and Kristen where she talks about baking the loquat crumbles.

I have it taped on my DVR, but I know you can watch it on you tube.
It's so cute....

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

please, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/loquat

__I've tasted it and its sweet and juicy if they are truly ripe. Its a little bit sour when its not..

Trish said...

@ Louisa...girl, you do so well with the videos..thank you for that one...

I love the song that plays in the beginning..sometimes i do feel that for them its them (and us fans) against the world...hope that made sense...anyway thanks for the video we all needed it after all this hoopla the past few days.

Anonymous said...

This is a cute vid too...i've seen ages ago...i love the song too....
Enjoy for those who are interested

Its still miserable here [rainy weather].... BTW

deb said...

Hey do we know if rob is going to Tennessee or not ? just asking DEB.

Sandra said...

ROSE! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE reading your blog! I read every day...I love and agree with EVERYTHING you say! Just thinking about Rob being protective of HIS home (Kristens home) makes me all giddy! :)))

Anonymous said...

I'm going to ask a Stupid question...don't say I did'nt warn YOu...
But ok if thats what Rob is trying to protect.....
HIS and Kristen home.....
Why havent of the neighbors come out with it?????? Do you think coz they are loyal fans???And respect R & K privacy......or what????
I dont't see them [R & K ]inviting the neighbors over for a BBQ...but someone in the vicinty of there sleeping arrangements would have witnesses them departing every now and then by now?????

Patricia said...


If you remember while they were filming 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse' they were at times living together and not one person from the film said anything. That goes for the actors and crew) now that's a lot of people) to keep quiet. I think they're very secretive and stay to themselves ( in their bubble)

Bren said...

@ Louisa,

This is my version, I can only tell you what I have heard about their house..take it with a grain of salt, no one knows for sure.

I heard Rob told Kristen in Budapest that he promised to love her forever, and gave her the ring and necklace for her birthday.

He also asked her to look for a house in LA so they could move in together. Had to be private.

There were several pics of Kristen with a real estate agent looking for a home, when she came back from London.

I heard its a guest house in a canyon near a lake. So in my opinion its probably very secluded.

deb said...

Louisa thank you for the video DEB.

Monica said...

You're really good at "shit stirring", aren't you Rose? Ha ha, love your post.

Monica from Asia

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. First time I have been online all day!
Rob, as usual, looks so so good in the pics from the WFE set. He is always lovely to look at!

And I miss Kristen.
I miss her. A lot.
But I am happy she is having some peace while prepping for OTR. I know this project means so much to her.

I would love to see Kristen at the TCAs and I'm hoping she shows up. I love seeing what she wears and I just love seeing her beautiful face.

I am hoping that Rob goes to Montreal. I think he and Kristen could enjoy some quiet time there.
And I can see Rob maybe hanging on-set. I think he has already met Garrett, not sure about Sam, but I can see all of them getting along very well.
I also hope Rob is able to get to London for a little bit and maybe Kristen can join him when she's done with OTR. I don't think Kristen will be filming at the other locations so maybe she will be done in September.

Guess we'll see. But Rob deserves a BIG ASS break and I hope he takes it!

Bex said...


I'm guessing the reason the neighbors haven't said anything is because they don't want the paps invading their neighborhood just as much as Rob and Kristen don't.

If I remember correctly there have been a few celebs (Paris, Lindsey, Britney) who were forced out of their neighborhood by their neighbors due to the paps constantly being around, taking up all the parking, blocking road ways etc.

These people are very wealthy to afford nice homes in LA. I'm sure they don't want their neighborhood and privacy ruined by swarming papparazzi.

deb said...

Hey has any one seen the new pic of Rob on h2oforelephants hes drinking a coke and boy oh boy what a sweet look hes giving I hope these pic are ok to look at Please let me know if not ok DEB.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies for your POV...

@ Deb..hi honey...how you goin...I missed earlier....sorry.....
Rob Drinking from a can
Rob Drinking from a glass
Rob Drinking from a bowl
Rob Drinking from a......
Rob..walking, talking,standing staring,eating,laughing,acting.....
Is this OK you ask?? [I know your talking about Papped Pics] But I thought i would add to this??
Yes to all the above....Am I clear enufffff...or will I give ya some more...hehehehe

dowlingnana said...

Great Post Again Rose!! Love the pics esp. whenever Rob looks at Kristen, it just melts my heart and brings out the romantic in me.
@Melinda: totally agree hun!!
@Robin: His car was a bit loud wasn't it? lol, I think it's the same one he was in w/TomStu not long ago.
@KJ: You are soooo right about that, I was thinking the same thing. Good idea if they're watching those places to "hang" somewhere else!!
I also am hoping for TCA and Kris being there as well as Rob going to Montreal. If he doesn't then I am so afraid of the hyena's and their nonsense speculations once again. Rob defenitely needs a break. He said once it was better being on a set to keeping the papz away, so this is probably why he's been working so much. He has also stated before that there will be times he is on one set while Kris is on another, geesh hyena's get it together will ya'!! Donna

deb said...

Thanks Louisa im having one of those days and I needed to go to my happy place so thank you for the video I miss Rob and kristen but will be glade to know that they'll soon be together mite not get any pic of them but as long as I think they are Im a happy camper YES ROB does need a rest its been a long 2 years. DEB.

Fann said...

You write: "Look... a Pap is a Pap is a Pap is a PAP. If you are 'PAPARAZZI FREE' then you don't use Pap pics. ANY PAP PICS."

I still don't get how you are reconciling your devotion to Rob with the fact that you're contributing to his misery by continuing to run photos that are clearly from paparazzi. I ask again: what would you say to Rob if you happened to run into him and he asked you why you run pap photos? Why doesn't it bother you that you ran these photos of him from the other day? He'd very likely despise your website for doing this; wouldn't you like to run a website you could proudly show him?

deb said...

Fann I understand what you are saying BUT how do you know how Rose got the pic. I'm not saying this to be mean but did you see the pic. of the other day? IF so it took you as long as it would of for Rose to see them. Some one told me long ago 2 wrongs don't make it right And if would go back and READ what Rose had to say about them then you wouldn't have to ask her WHY She don't PAY for them like others do.I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has the right to take photographs of people who are out in public. Celebrities know this, and accept it as part of their jobs.

The problem is this.. paparazzi who think it's okay to follow someone to their home, just to get a photograph. Who cross over that line between what is tolerable and what's invasive. Then selling those photos to the highest bidder. All in an attempt to make money.

Rose (and others) not posting these pictures won't stop the paparazzi from going after celebrities to take their pictures. It's the gossip sites and magazines that actually PAY for these pictures that are creating the frenzy. Their bottom line is money.

By using these pictures, Rose is not doing anything wrong. Photographers know that their works are subject to "Fair Use". Which means that people can use the images for their own personal use, teaching, parody, criticism, news reporting and editorial use. The questions asked are:
How commercial was the use? Here, it's not commercial at all.. she doesn't post to make money.
Has the market for the original work been affected? Nope.. paps are still taking pictures, and mags and sites are still buying 'em.
How different is the derivative work? This blog isn't like any of the gossip sites.
And has a significant amount of work been copied? That'd be a nope.

Given that both Rob and Kristen have said that they love their fans, I would think they would also love to see a website that was done tastefully, and with a bit of humor. Nothing here is offensive to them. Nothing insinuating the worst of them. She's not trying to invade their privacy. I dare say it'd be a breath of fresh air.

Fann said...

Again, I love this blog. It has a gentleness to it that is unlike other fansites. But seeing these pap photos in the midst of it is like seeing an open wound on a beautiful child. Really discordant and upsetting. You don't need to run them, so I encourage you not to.

Deb, you write: "Some one told me long ago 2 wrongs don't make it right And if would go back and READ what Rose had to say about them then you wouldn't have to ask her WHY She don't PAY for them like others do."

She didn't pay for them, which makes it even worse: she stole them! Images on the Internet are not free; we're all stealing, whenever we put an image up that we ourselves did not commission and pay for. That's just a fact.

I love this blog, but this is all sort of hard to take. You all love Rob, you wail about the wicked paparazzi, but you continue to intrude on his privacy by perpetuating images that he totally despises. It makes no difference at all whether Rose is paying for the images or not.

All I'm trying to do here is simply to encourage you all to think about what beloved Rob would think if he discovered that this blog is doing exactly what all the lowlife blogs are doing--even if the images are run here in the name of "sympathy" for Rob and his plight. Even if Rose doesn't make money from them. He would HATE this, you know he would. But you all continue to justify the photos by claiming that Rose's tone and sympathy somehow make it OK to run these photos. It really, truly isn't.

One other point: I haven't watched the video of whatever it was that happened to Rob with the paps the other day. I don't want to see that. But I learned about it from you. I guarantee you, Rose, that your blogging about that video sent people to watch it. Think about that. Is that something that you would be proud to tell Rob? It would have been better for you not to have written about it--if you really love Rob the way you say you do.

Rob's friends are famously protective of him--they never give interviews, they never tweet. I think you'll do best if you think of yourself as a friend of Rob. Even fans can be loyal, you know. That's the way to go, I think. Stop letting the devil side of your fandom get the upper hand. Be strong about it. Seriously!

June said...


I don't get you. Rob Pattinson is an actor. An actor needs public or fans, as you like. An actor needs photoshoots, interviews and promotion.

The harassment of paparazzi is part of the price an actor pays for being in the spotlight, as well as the loss of certain privacity. It's the negative part, but it's inevitable, especially when you're the young star of a blockbuster. When the time goes by, things will calm down, I hope!

I've just seen an interview of Rob and he said that after Harry Potter, he thought that his career had no future, but then he came across Twilight and right now, he felt so lucky, so lucky.. he repeated it 3 times.

I honestly think you're making too much drama. Rose loves Rob, you can feel it through her blog. That's why she's got so many followers. At least, for me, as a Rob (and Kristen) fan, it's a great pleasure to read Rose's blog every day.

Anonymous said...


These guys know there are pictures of them out there. They know there are paparazzi pictures of them out there. People use these pictures for personal use all the time.. home made signs with their favorite pictures glued on.. They are presented to Rob and Kristen all the time by fans who are at premieres and other events where they sign autographs.

They don't look at these fans and go "How dare you use a picture of me! You're making my life miserable! Don't you know that's the reason the paparazzi hunt me down?!"

I agree with June.. they need their fans in order to make it in Hollywood. They're not going to hate fans who promote them in a positive light.

And I really wish you'd read my previous post, but it appears you didn't. She's not "stealing" these images. I explained as much before. Go back and read it. It's called "Fair Use".

Others have to pay for them because they are going to use them in an attempt to make money. They are being used for commercial purposes.

It's the ones making money off of these picture that are creating the frenzy. Once the Twilight franchise is over, and interest in these two starts to die down, they won't be nearly as popular with the gossip sites and magazines. They'll turn their attention to the next big star.

Trish said...

"Others have to pay for them because they are going to use them in an attempt to make money. They are being used for commercial purposes."

June is right! they are using to make money..for their business to get hits and to get more ppl to come to their site...it is obvious to see that Rose doesnt give a crap who wants to come here or who doesnt and frankly from what i have observed she doenst give a crap about getting hits unlike some...lets take Ted Casablanca for and example. He has been reporting on Robsten from day one (and loves Rob) but he also wants hits because that is how he makes the money...so when i used to go there i always saw that half of the time he raised questions and wrote articles just to get the fans all riled (sp?) so that he can get hits..he is a supporter of Robsten, yes. However he wants money and thats his business..

Rose is doing this as a hobby, as her own passion and love for Rob which makes it a different situation compared to the other gossip sites out there such as E!, Popsugar, X17, OK and the rest!