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Monday, July 19, 2010

Robert and Kristen- It Won't Be Long

Random Thoughts.

1. I get a lot of shit about the name of this blog.
I guess I'm not intoxicated enough for some people.
Or maybe I just talk about Kristen too much.
I think the people who complain don't like that I talk about her.
Haters can't accept that if you talk about Robert...
Kristen naturally is included in the conversation.
I know that upsets a lot of people.
So sad. Too bad.

2. You may or may not have been wondering where the hell
I was the last couple of days.
I was out of town... at our lake house.
There is no computer access there.
I had limited cell phone use.
And that's OK.
It's good to step back from all the madness...
Take a deep breath.
And while I would like to say I completely stepped away
from Robert Pattinson...
That wouldn't be true.
How can you escape someone who is all over your phone?
Or when you open up emails...
75% of them are about Rob?
Or when you are just chilling on the boat with friends...
And suddenly one of them pulls out "Breaking Dawn"
and says "I need to see what happens... I'm almost done"
Good Grief.
All roads lead to Robert.
And that is a GOOD thing.

3. Let's get to it, shall we?
My oh my  such a clamor over a simple picture.
"Kristen's ON A DATE with Garrett!"
"Kristen's cheating on Rob!"

Kristen and castmates from "On the Road" were seen bowling.
Woe is me.
(It COULDN'T have anything to do with the movie they are working on)
Yeah, I get the Hyenas are all into pushing Kristen with anyone
of the male persuasion except Robert
(But I do have to wonder what happened to the lesbian rumors?
They don't work anymore?)
It's so damn DESPERATE.
This always happens whenever Rob and Kristen are working
in different cities...
Hatesten comes out in full force...
Key word? W O R K I N G.
That's why they are separated.
Not because of some rabies filled delusion about them
"breaking up" (so you admit they are together?)
or dating other people.
So... let's get this straight...
Kristen is dating Oregano.
Taylor Lautner.
Sam Bradley.
Tom Sturridge.
And now her new costar Garrett Hedlund.

How about this?
If Kristen starts showing up all over the world to be with Garrett?
If she is seen going out to dinner, concerts, airports... etc with him
Again and again and again AND AGAIN over the course of the next year?
Then yes.
I will believe she is dating Mr. Hedlund. 
Or anyone else for that matter.

It's ROBERT that she is always seen with.
It's Kristen that he is always seen with.
 No mysterious blonde.
No hidden Spice.
Robert and Kristen have been seen sneaking in and out
of places for well over a year now.
Not to even MENTION the obvious chemistry they have whenever
they are together in interviews or pictures.

 Kristen bowling with fellow castmates?
Robert smiles at his co-star?
Kristen and Robert showing up together for months?

How come PR doesn't hold true for other sightings?
Only Robert and Kristen?
How nice that it works out like that!

Robert and Kristen don't HAVE to be together.
No one NEEDS them to be in a relationship.
(well, maybe Rob and Kristen do... nudge nudge)
But the fact remains that they always show up together...
Some way... some how.
Time after time.

At the very least...
You have to admit that Robert likes being with Kristen.
That Kristen likes being with Robert.
Otherwise I'm sure they would have found someone else to hang 
around with after a while... ya know?

Hyenas are all kinds of happy that Rob and Kristen are separated
at the moment.
ENJOY the quiet while you can...

It won't be long now.

Oh. And.
I see Kristen is STILL wearing her favorite necklace...
Even on a bowling 'date'.

 Keep trying to catch that tail, Hyenas.
You almost have it!!!
So Close!!!

(You have to admit they are entertaining!)

This post was brought to you by the following:

The Letters P and U
(because let's face it, Hyenas kinda stink)
and a 
and a

Life is GOOD!

Bye for now


Caroline said...

HI Rose..miss you...great post!
I'm so happy that Kristen is happy and enjoying her time..why people can't see others happy?Why they can't see Her happy?And i'm glad that Rob is happy too, with his friend...and i hope, he can enjoy some time with K too...
Well, about you Rose, we love you...some people are always complaining cause you write the truth, and some don't accept it...
Oh she looks so cute...


Lisa said...

LOL welcome back Rose! I woke up to pretty pics Rob & Tom looking cute in an old Nova! Makes it a great Monday IMO! ;)

RPaddict said...

Again thanks for the rant and expressing so elequently what some of us feel and can't put into words ourselves.
I'm not the best at putting my feelings and thoughts into coherant sentences.
So again thanks Rose for giving me the vioce of reason where R/K are concerned.

I do know I hold them in high regard and hope that they are able to stay away from the foaming and spewing that goes on about thier lives.

Sending warm thoughts to you and to R/K.=)

Eve said...

Rose!!Welcome back!!!We missed you.Hope you had a wonderful time there.You made my day with this..as always:)The Hyneas were expecting their time to say some bullshit like this.Kristen and Garret?same old story.The Hyneas are having their Victory time ,but in a while we will gonna be the one laughing and screaming 'cause of joy right?:D

Anonymous said...

Kristen is in Montreal about to do "On the Road"
Robert's film is almost done
Robert shows up in a vintage car
= Rob going "On the Road"
Makes perfect sense to me. I rest my case.

May said...

Hyenas are all kinds of happy that Rob and Kristen are separated
at the moment.
ENJOY the quiet while you can...

It won't be long now.

Oh. And.
I see Kristen is STILL wearing her favorite necklace...
Even on a bowling 'date'.

Oh dear Rose, we missed you SFM.Although I hope you had lots of fun,welcome back,bb. :D This fandom is so damn amusing,but you already know that very well. LOL

kharma1 said...

Happy Monday
Hi Rose... I'm glad you got away this weekend, sounds like a beautiful spot.

Just saw the picture of Rob and Tom in that classic car. Love it, love the car, it fits him and Kristen.
Interesting... hmmmm... I can see he and Tom "On the Road" to Montreal, what a great roadtrip. Oh forgot, can't be a roadtrip without Jella.

Thanks Rose.. Another great post.

Patricia said...

Well I have to say Rose I was having Rob and Kristen and (Rose) withdrawals...I'm glad you enjoyed your week end. We all missed you.

As soon as that picture of Kristen came out, I wanted to say "5-4-3-2-1 START WITH THE BULL SHIT AND GET IT OVER WITH" You're sooo right every time they're filming apart this starts. Get ready for the mag. rags. also.
People from Montreal are saying that the paps aren't up there and the locals will leave HER alone. ( Kinda like when K. and T. were in Sweden).

Rob is still filming and probably won't be done until the end of the week. We don't know if he has anything (work related) till October when they start training for 'Breaking Dawn' then 7 months together ..Sigh
We really don't know if he has anything going between now and then. So maybe he'll go back to London for a bit , (with Tom) Wasn't Rob and Tom driving in that old Nova priceless ??? To see family and friends, then fly to Montreal to be with Kristen during her filming of OTR.

I hope they're together soon for my 'ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART INTOXICATION' I miss seeing their happy, smiling faces.


oldcoach said...

Loved your post. Missed you. I am becoming a regular visitor. All I could think of when I saw the photos of the duo in the Chevy was, they'll have to change cars because all the paps will be on the lookout for it now. So much for being inconspicuous. As for the pics of K, the gossip will begin yet again.

Sydney said...

If this were ANY other couple on earth, no one would doubt they are together. I don't know what it is about certain Rob and Kristen "fans" that they refuse to accept the obvious. If any other two people in the world were to spend this much time together, offscreen, everyone would naturally assume they were together.

Both Rob and Kristen just have "it." How can anyone compete? I'm guessing that's where the jealousy stems from. Some people have it, some people don't.

Can't wait to see them together again.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! AWESOME post. As usual.
I missed ya over the weekend but I hope you had a nice, relaxing time with your family and friends.

Don't you just love the stupid logic from stupid people? It's highly amusing. Kristen can be seen everywhere with Rob for over a year and it means they are just friends or it's always for PR. BUT Rob smiles at a co-star or Kristen goes bowling with a co-star and it means they're dating those people. LOL. Hilarious. Stupid. Desperate.

Yeah, get back to me when Kristen starts flying around the world to spend time with Garrett. And I have to say to the some of the ridiculous people-- Kristen, Garrett and Sam Riley DO have to get to know each other, at least on level so it's comfortable enough for them to work together and make it believable.

NGL when I saw the pics of Rob and Tom, I pictured them taking that car on a road trip. How awesome would that be? I think it would be a great experience for them to see more of America on their way to see Kristen. Don't know if that's what their plans are but that would be so much fun.
And poor Rob and Tom -- back to eating fast food now that Kristen left home.

Anonymous said...

Rose we missed you in the week-end, but I'm glad you could disconnect from hyenas and stuff like that.

So, it won't be long... I hope so! I'm really longing to see Rob and Kristen together, or at least, to know from a reliable source that they're enjoying some time together in Montreal... with Jella.

Anonymous said...

I definitely missed your posts over the weekend. :-)

Great post. As always. I wouldn't expect any less. I especially loved the choice of pictures. That was great. Rob and Kristen's faces.... perfect. LOL.

And yes when I saw the pic of Kris out in Montreal the FIRST thing that noticed was the necklace. :-D

I was HAPPY to see Kristen and yet disappointed "ninjastew" had been pic'd. At least it was by fans and not the papz.

*It won't be long?? :-D YAY* (beginning to mentally hummm the Beatles)


katy said...

Rose...miss you...Love your post.

I'm on Paris on vacation...but everyday I Have to come and see if there are news about Rob and Kristen every day...I even brougth my computer with me.

I missed Rob so much...so happy to see this pics of Rob and I'm so happy that Tom is still in LA with him to keep him company.
Rob is almost fisnishing Water for Elephants...I'm sure he will go to Montreal to be with Kristen.

I don't pay attention to the bulshit about garret and Kristen she will be seen with Him and Sam Reley...heynas have nothing...so they will say she dating one of them. Wen Rob goes to Montreal...they will say...it's PR or 'friends can visit each other' or some other shit like that.

Gigi said...

Rose I'm Glad you had time off equally glad that you are back we missed you ..

SueBee said...

Wow, I missed you, Rose! I started feeing like a stalker looking for a new post!

Hidden Spice--sounds like a cologne! LOL

Secret bowling date??? Yeah, nothing says sexy like bowling shoes. Bowling alleys are just ripe for being dens of seduction. (Anyone catching the sarcasm?)

Soooo, is Kristen not allowed to go outside until/if Rob gets there? Puhlease.

I'm not sure what there is to do in Montreal but bowling seems pretty safe!

Was she lured into naughtiness by beer and nachos? Sorry couldn't resist that last one.

Thanks for being the voice of reason, Rose!

deb said...

Hey there Rose I miss you but am very glade to hear you got away from it all and had a good time.I think we all need to get away some time.Just to enjoy life.Yes you are right about people talking they are always going to say SHIT why because it makes them happy (THE HATERS)There lives must really suck.Like you said TO BAD SO SAD. I miss Rob and Kristen BUT am happy to see Kristen out and about with FRIENDS I do believe that her man (ROB) well see her soon. YOU know they talk to each other ALL DAY which is the next best thing.Well Rose Im glad your back have a good day my FRIEND. DEB.

kaylafryer said...

Rose! I've Missed You!!!
So Gotta Say Im Very Happy Your Back, And Hope You Had A Great Break With Family && Friends :)
You Made For A Happy Monday!
I Always Love Your Hyena Bit, It Continues To Make Me Smile And Giggle :)
Dont Have To Say Much About This Post, Its Very Obvious People Will Go To Any Lengths To Say That These Two People Aren't Together, To The Point Were Any One Of The Opposite Sex Are In The Same Room As Rob Or Kristen, They Are Automatically Together, And Rob & Kristen Has Broken Up Or Cheated,.. So Sad :(
Those People Need To Open Their Eyes And See What Everyone Else Already Knows.

Great Post Rose Can't Wait To See More

LJ said...

Hi Rose!

I'm from Manchester in England, I'm not into twitter or blogs in general but stumbled on to yours a while ago and have been reading daily ever since.

I start my day off every morning when I get in the office with a cup of tea and a read of your latest update!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and greetings from England. Keep up the good work :-)

Opytaylor said...

Welcome back Rose. I think back to a couple of weeks ago when Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey commented about Rob and Kristen's relationship. He ask the Time writer "is it still being reported?" as if he is suprised this "are they or aren't they" is still a topic for discussion. He was assuming that reasonable people already knew they were a couple, and furthermore, they are stable and should be a boring topic. He was absolutely correct to make those assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh guys did you see how cute Rob looks in his black chevy? check out the pics!!!


I'm not gonna comment on Rose's blog today because its their personal life and no one knows the real truth!!! I'd like to believe they are together.... and hope. :) I will say Kristen looks hot in that bowling pic. I like it when she doesnt smile.... Kinda makes you wonder what she's thinking!!!!

olivia said...

Happy you got to escape to the lake house Rose.
So wonderful that you have such a lovely haven.
When I was a Midwesterner many years ago, it wasn't summer until we made the trip "up north" to the cottage to swim, ski, and fish at the lake.

The pictures of Rob and Tom in the classic Chevy Nova are awesome. So glad that they have some guy time together with such a fun and classy set of wheels. Could have guessed that a swing thru IN-N-Out would be part of the the adventure! : )
Now they just need to load Dean into the back seat ( to fend off the razzi ) and pack the trunk, then head out on a Brit Pack Blues Brothers road trip.

Yeah for Kristen getting in some relax time with cast mates in Montreal. I wish her so well on this new film, OTR. She will be brilliant in it.
The newest trailer out for WTTR is so very powerful and intense. I can already tell that I will cry during this movie.

Love to all and especially Rose.
Love to Rob and Kristen.
Always a believer,

Melinda said...

Welcome back Rose. Glad you had a few days without the crazy. Missed you though.

Pics of Rob and Tom = priceless! I would love to see Kristen's face when she was sent a pic! I bet she was laughing!!! The things that went through my head at those pics.

Of course the haters come out screaming. They always do. That's why I wear earplugs. :)

It pisses me off that they are so disrespectful of Rob, Kristen and any other person they "ship" them with to spread cheating BS all over the internet.

I am also pissed that they won't leave R/K "friends" alone on titter asking personal questions. It is so annoying and embarrassing. I would love to send their friends a tweet letting them know that most of us are not like this and respect R/K wishes for privacy. I won't but sometimes the idea intrigues me.

Oh well, today has been wonderful. Not going to let stupid, immature people ruin it for me.

Anonymous said...

"At the very least...
You have to admit that Robert likes being with Kristen.
That Kristen likes being with Robert.
Otherwise I'm sure they would have found someone else to hang
around with after a while... ya know?" Rose, I'm sorry. You missed that out with these hyenas or nonstens. They come up with that, Rob doesn't like Kristen. He just puts up with her for what, I don't know. Sick really, why would you spend time with someone New Years, if you hate them?...No sense there.
These hyenas/nonstens come up with all these stuff but none of it makes sense.

And it is strange. If this was Reese and Rob together, there would be no PR comment made. They'd be like "awww look how adorable they look" but if it's Rob and Kris "PR"...It's so tiring and sickening to see these hyenas or nonstens, whatever you wanna call them. They must be mental inside surely. There's no way a normal person could go on the internet, go on the nonsten site, to invest all their time denying an obvious relationship, or hating a relationship. These people too say even if Rob and Kristen confirmed in speech or were kissing one another, they would still stay nonstens...Why continue hating a relationship which you obviously have no connection with? But Rose they can't be saved. I read a comment where a nonsten said they'd still be one even if Rob and Kris confirmed. Mental and lame. These can't be Rob fans or Kristen fans. And really I only see these hyenas and nonstens as Rob fans. There's about two fans of Kristen maybe, then the rest are Rob fans. But they'd rather Rob and Kristen broke up - whether it was down to Rob or down to Kristen. He'd still be heartbroken at losing her, and letting things go to waste.

And it amazes me he still has her. Not because he isn't appealing, but just because, if Kristen wasn't strong as she is (she has to be strong to put up with the hate she has and will receive if ever it does become public knowledge they're a couple), he'd have lost her by now. He'd have a lost his chance at love with her.

I don't know whether any of you have heard of kstew411, I don't go in it really. But I saw an article written in the pov of Kristen, breaking up with Rob. How she couldn't deal with all the hate from these fans of Rob. How it made her feel insecure even though he'd whisper sweet nothings into her ear. I read it, and it made me feel heartbroken. Imagine that as a strong possibility for why they break up. It's got to have negative impact, to feel all hate if you dared held Rob's hand in the streets. And I don't think it would fair with every girlfriend he could have (let's hope him and Kristen last like his parents), I just think they really hate Kristen.

And this, makes me sad: look at his facial expression!


So why do his "Fans" continue to disrespect his relationship and Kristen? He can't be happy with it at all. :( I think that's why he stuck up for Kristen regarding that abuse comment she made. When he mentioned nerds on blogs and so on.

Anonymous said...

I hope too he goes to Montreal instead of London to see his family. It won't put an end to the whole hyenas, but it'd be sweet if Rob did the same as what Kristen has for him. Kristen visited him when he was filming. So I hope Rob visits her with his free time. :)

Anonymous said...

Top of the morning to ya Rose.....Missed your input in my day over the last couple of days....I hope you had a great time chillin out and not having the "mod cons" take up time in your day...we all need to get away every now and then....it’s great for the mind and soul.....Rob and Tom driving around in LA in that NOVA[ don’t know what one is but Nova...OK}He looks happy and at ease with his buddy....doesn’t he?....and Kristen she looks great also.....Your POV spot on today as it is always Rose.....These small windows of looking into these two are enough to keep me/us happy....Just a picture of them together or apart seeing their beautiful faces....makes me very contented indeed....

This is a new vid of a person I subscribe to...I thought it was well done....I just wanted to share with you Lovely ladies...enjoy


Anonymous said...

Anyway, those images of Rob and Tom today in that car, amazing :D
I was amused. Made me think of that song: Riding Dirty by that Chamillionaire :D

Anonymous said...

It wont be long now...i have this song in my bloody head....cant get it out of my head yet....the Beatles...classic....

Melinda said...

Maybe it's all the twitter talk about songs that are playing while Rob and Tom were riding around in the Nova but it got me thinking of something else.

Saw Eclipse again. Yes still irritated about some things. BUT what really ingratiates me is the fact that they have some fantastic songs for the soundtrack and didn't place them properly in the movie. In NM the song "Possibility" was perfect for the depression scene. You will always remember that scene.

They really screwed up with song placement/lack of placement in Eclipse. Examples:

The Muse song should have been playing in the background for the Edward/Victoria fight. The words in the song state "if we die, we die together, our love is forever".

"Heavy in your arms" should have been playing while Jacob is carrying Bella taking her to the tent site.

"Let's get lost" -hello leg hitch scene...perfect placement b/c of the lyrics. Putting that song in when she is going to see Jacob was a major fail.

Anyway sorry for the rant. I love music and this was a major fail for me in Eclipse. Just felt like sharing.

sollee said...

hey glad you're back...yeah i know kristen and rob handle themselves well when it comes to rumors...but i still hope people would write only what's true about them...yeah they do love each other and so let's be happy for them:)

deb said...

OK Louisa You did it again GIRLFRIEND love the video And Melinda I feel the same way you do about the music in the movie Dose any one KNOW where Van Moorison is going to be playing I heard that he is And If Rob.and Tom well go see him We all know much rob loves Van, it would be nice for him to see him And even better if Kristen could go to SHE loves Van as much as Rob.All I got to say is THIS IS A HAPPY SUMMER for me so far Thanks to ALL OF YOU guys. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I was hopeing you were having a weekend off! Good for you. Love your post, I wonder if the people that post this crap ever think about it afterward and regret any of it hmmmmm probably not lol. Oh well we know what we see in the so many pictures of R and K together...they are in looovvee! lol. Thanks Rose. Looking forward to a great reunion for these two.

dowlingnana said...

So glad to have found another site to which we are in "like minds" about. If not for my granddaughter I wouldn't have known a thing about Twilight. I admit after seeing the first one and then New Moon I still wasn't into it too badly until I read her books and then boom!!! Then, I myself started to see how Rob was looking at Kristen and became a believer. Nice to be able to share with my granddaughter too! Love coming here everyday and hope you'll all accept me as a "friend" as well. Love your comments Rose, right on as always girl!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Deb I only have one word to descibe this one......BREATHTAKING.......


Rainpuddle said...

I love your posts so much, Rose! You're amazing!

I've seen you mentioned over at the nonsten blog. I like to go read their delusions for a good laugh and you really get their knickers in a twist. *giggles*

Keep up the most excellent work!!!!

Deandrea Dawson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SweetDee85 said...


Ha ha ha I thought the same thing w/ Ridin' Dirty! I put it on twitter!

ROB: The Papz see me rollin'. They hatin'. Patrollin' they tryin to catch me ridin' dirty. Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty! http://bit.ly/cuIeuM

And you know the haters would love nothing more than to catch Robert or Kristen "ridin dirty"!! lol

Jhand said...

First time on this blog. Found it after seeing The Runaways and researched Miss Stewart. Amazing what is happening in this fandom. I'm a little puzzled about the agitation but won't bore you all with questions. Off to search some more!

Great blog by the way.

deb said...

Welcome to our little/big family dowlingnana We always love those WHO BELIEVE so set back and enjoy.AS for YOU Louisa THANK YOU NOW I'll just look at that video before I go to bed and well sleep like a........OR maybe not sleep hehehe THAT MAN his eyes,lips,ho hell the hole face,body LIKE I have said before Kristen Stewart IS One LUCK LADY.YA I can see Kristen riding right next to her man and MR.Tom right next to her.THANKS again Louisa THAT WAS BREATHTAKING. DEB.

therealmrspattinson said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! Accidentally stumbled across it and found my soulmate, as I am also totally infatuated with Rob! I have also been a Robsten believer from the minute Oregano (love it!) was no longer pictured with K! Who in their right mind could resist that accent, the humor, the talent? And ohhh...his looks are alright too! Keep up the writing! Love the style!

Anonymous said...

@ In thru the nose and Out thru the mouth.....that's what you do??????? isnt it Deb???......heheheh.....

deb said...

Therealmrspattinson like I said to dowlingnana WELCOME to the INTOXICATION pack.The more Believers the better. DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ Deb 'INTOXICATION pack' Like that one....sounds better than "The REGULARS" or THE "USUALS"...ok GIRLS AND OPy THAT'S WHAT WE SHOULD CALL OURSLEVES.......'THE INTOXICATION PACK......LOVE IT......LOL...HOW ABOUT THAT ROSE?.....what do ya think of that one?
I ditto that on too
@ Therealmrspattinson ....

SueBee said...


Well, it's interesting

Patricia said...

Welcome...and to the rest of our followers of 'LOVING ROBERT PATTINSON INTOXICATION AND ROSE'

We have a few grandmothers here and what's so cool about being in love with Rob, THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT

Anonymous said...

Im a man???????

He sure is DA MAN......


SueBee said...

Age limit??? If there is an age limit,I'm totally prepared to lie about how old (young!!!) I am. :o)

Atticus said...

Hey Rose, missed you this weekend! Good to hear you had some good down time. So glad you pointed out that Kristen is still wearing her fave necklace, you know, the one that was a gift, the one that was custom made for her.

Anonymous said...

it got nothing to do with age......but now that you mentioned it at least I'm not a nana.....so that might put me in the middle somewhere.......hehehe

Trish said...

well its been awhile but great to see everyone again..missing Roba and Kristen together hope they will be united soon...the songs playing in the car thing on twitter cracked me up!! i literally fell from my chair!

Good job Rose as always..i am so glad you took out the anonymous..no more crazies! cant wait for your post tommorrow..good night everyone :-)

SueBee said...


I'm probably somewhere in the middle too

Trish said...

one of my fav Robsten videos so far:


So cute!!

Anonymous said...

@ trish the pics i got up didnt have music behind them.....Is that what you are saying your link had?.....if so can you plz share the link......thx in advance

Trish said...

No sorry Louisa this is another vidoe...a different one.

Anonymous said...

@ trish im taliking about The Rob pics of him drivn around in LA in the vintage car...

olivia said...

Hi all, one more peek before I settle down to read for the evening.

Louisa, thank you for all the wonderful vid links that you give us. They are a treat and you are so kind to share.

Welcome to the new posters. This is such a lovely blog. Rose is so dedicated and keeps out doing herself with the beautiful, thoughtful, and entertaining yet honest posts. Thank you sweet Rose.

Melinda, I agree with you about the placement of several of the songs in Eclipse. I was extremely saddened to discover that the Florence + the Machine song "Heavy in your Arms" appears in the closing credits. Yes, the entire song is there, but you have to stay to hear it. It is my favorite along with the Sia "My Love" during the bedroom and proposal scene. The Unkle "With you in my Head" during the Cullen family training session with the wolves observing is an excellent selection just as
in Twilight, the Muse "Supermassive Black Hole" was perfect for the Cullen baseball game. Sadly, in Eclipse, again I agree with you that "Love is Forever" would have made more sense in the final battle scene. To me the music in the series has been such an important part of the entire film package. All in all, I have been quite happy with almost all of it.

As always - respect Rob and Kristen,

Anonymous said...

@ Olivia its my pleasure...here is another you can watch before you sleep.....goodnight BTW......its still lunchtime tuesday for me....

Anonymous said...


shit sorry

Monica said...

Rose, I was out of town for a couple of days and thus unable to comment. Miss you and your blog~

Kristen has just been out of sight for a few days and I miss her so much!~ I bet Rob is missing her like crazy~

kstewrocks@4:00, yeah, I kinda have the same worry sometimes. It also makes me heartbroken whenever I imagine the hate and pressure Kristen gets only because she's with Rob. Luckily, our Kristen is "the smartest, strongest and sweetest girl" (in Rob's word) and so I stay positive that Rob and Kristen will overcome all the crap.

Jhand@7:12, welcome!~ Visit more often and you'll find some really nice thing about this fandom. Also, I'm sure that the more you read, the more you'll love Kristen. Just sayin'. Regarding the "agitation", yeah, true, it's weird. You'll probably cannot find any similar level of hate and BS thrown to any other actor comparable to that Kristen gets, especially all the hate is so illogical and comes from nowehere (Oh, of course we know where it's from). Haters deny they're jealous. They said they hate Kristen 'cause she's ungrateful but Kristen said so many times that she's glad that she has done Twilight and thankful for what she gains. They said they hate Kristen 'cause she never smiles but in fact she smiles a lot (see her photos at events). They said they hate Kristen 'cause she's a bad actress but so many people who worked with her praise her professionally. They said they hate Kristen 'cause she doesn't have a good personality (like they know her) but her co-stars and fans said sweet things about her (see interviews of her co-stars and fan encounter experiences). Haters are so desperate, aren't they? I read from a fan site, some fans of Kristen described that being part of the fandom just feeling like being in an army of some sort. They kinda need to defend Kristen all day cuz "little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs" (in Rob's word) constantly bash Kristen. As a fan, I feel tired and heartbreaking sometimes. Can't imagine how Kristen feels about all the shits… :( sad

Monica from Asia

deb said...

Monica I to love Kristen Rob is my first love and I have seen alot of other movies that Kristen has done and I really think she can act. But knowing how much Rob loves her just makes me love her more SHE IS THE ONE WHO MAKES HIM SMILE AND HAPPY and if Rob is happy so am I. I do worry about her safety And Im sure Rob does to.I also think that kristen knows she has a lot of fan who do like her and care for her and not cause of Rob but because of her.I miss seeing her so when we get a pic. of her SMILING that makes me happy.THANK YOU FOR BEING A TRUE FAN.OF Kristen and Rob. DEB

Monica said...

Thanks, Deb~ I love Rob too. I really feel thankful to Rob 'cause he makes our BB girl Kristen THAT happy. You can see Kristen's sweetest smile while Rob is around. (sigh) Love is in the air~

Monica from Asia

Carly said...

I missed you, Rose but you are right, its nice to step back from the craziness that is this fandom every once in a while. both the good crazy and the bad crazy

Im still trying to find out which of the dudes on teh foto is Garrett. well, whatever

I think I just mostly got to the point where I laugh at all their BS. because its really not worth getting woked up over. or to try and make them see that their arguments are about as waterproof as a sifter

and of course Waldo is where he always is :D around her neck

so as always, Rose, you said it and you said it good

Melinda said...


about the "fan" pic with Kristen. Garrett is not in the picture. Neither is Sam who was also there. Oops there goes the "date" theory people were trying to push.

The guy on the end (gray shirt) is the guy who asked her for a photo. I read his encounter with her. Have to say he was kind of a tool about the whole thing. Of course she was nice about it.

Carly said...

thanks Melinda, I read that too. I find his sarcasm kinda hilarious. though if he meant it then - yeah, real douche

about teh "date" theory. I dont know much about dating, but if there is more then 2 isnt it kind of a group outting? wasnt there a bit too many people for it to be considered a date? well, who cares, all I care is that she had fun

and I cant wait what Rose will say about the car pics :D

JohnHawk1989 said...

Well, about you Rose, we love you...some people are always complaining cause you write the truth, and some don't accept it...
Oh she looks so cute...

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Eric Smith said...

loved the pics!
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