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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Somewhere Out There...

Screen shot?
Obviously a pic from the proposal scene of Eclipse.
One word.

Would it be wrong if I said I hope this kinda hugging
is playing out somewhere... out there?

Lots of rumors floating around.
Kristen is spotted here...
Robert is spotted there...
Rob and Kristen are EVERYWHERE!

Is there any truth to the rumors?
By definition a rumor is heresay... gossip.
Without confirmation...

So a radio station has said Rob was spotted in Montreal.
But then Kristen was seen in Los Angeles?
Which is it?
It remains to be seen...
We all know that Rob and Kristen are capable of
getting in and out of airports without being papped.
They've done it again and again.

Have they done it again?
There is an angel on my shoulder telling me
that it's good that no one has seen either of them...
This angel is blathering on and on about how 
Rob and Kristen just want to live their lives without intrusion
How they just want to spend time together 
and not have it be a national headline.


There is a devil on my other shoulder...
Screaming for "JUST ONE PIC"
The devil just wants to taunt the Haters...
(That is what devils do, after all)
The ones who are already whining about "PR"
I can kinda see where this devil is coming from...


Only time will tell.
Or maybe we will never know the truth.
It's hard to say.

You do have to admit to the entertainment value
everytime there 'might' be a Rob/Kristen sighting.
Major foam.
And the excuses?
Gotta love them.
All over a 'supposed' sighting.

What happens if a picture does turn up
of Robert and Kristen together?

Oh my.
Epic Disaster!
Epic Drama!
The end of the world as we know it!

Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
Mayor: What do you mean, "biblical"?
Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes...
Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!
Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

All because 2 people want to be together.

It doesn't really matter WHERE they are...
As long as they are together.
Wherever that might be.

This post was brought to you by the letter G
Because I'm all kinds of 
and full of 
And oh yeah...

Bye for now


deb said...

Good morning Rose Im with you I just want them to be happy and if that means being together so be it Yes we well have to wait to see.Tell then I well set back and enjoy the ride. DEB.

I've chosen my life said...

Dear Rose,

Again, another great great post.
I think that every fan, or person that calls her/himself fan, of Kristen or Robert, or anyother person for that matter, they should want their happiness. Even if that means that they are with each other.
And, I just know they are. I'm a believer, who can blame me?! :)

- Rita

team necklace said...

well you told us it would be soon, and NOT IF, but WHEN...(2 days ago) so I trust they are together...
You are the best....cannot wait for a last minute update...even today sometime...fingers crossed.
By the way, LOVED what Garrett said about Kristen. How nice to get a fresh take on her talents...so happy she is in such a positive working situation.

Patricia said...

Rose: I've had so many mixed feelings ever since I posted on your blog yesterday about the (ROB IS IN MONTREAL NEWS)...I was so excited that there were NO PAPS PICTURES and just a shout out from Montreal's Radio Station "that he's been here since Thursday" I couldn't wait to share it with the people that love Rob and Kristen and comment on your blog. I hope it was true because I would never want to spread bullshit and start another problem for them. I HOPE they ARE TOGETHER there.


Robert loves Kristen loves Robert


Carly said...

*Would it be wrong if I said I hope this kinda hugging is playing out somewhere... out there?* NO :D

Im with the angel. and with the devil. I can so see both points. I would love to see a picture. just one tiny picture. but I think I would be equally content with a legit sighting. but Im also glad that they can just be, undisturbed

and I agree, the drama surroundning their whereabouts is borderline ridicilous. but sometimes its fun. mostly not but sometimes

wherever they are I hope they are having good time

*twirl you later*

kaylafryer said...

Still Smiling From The Great Letter G,,,
Great Post Rose, Where Ever They May Be, I Hope Their Smiling Their Little Secret Smiles

SueBee said...

Oh for the love of a nonintrusive confirmation pic!

Remember when the rumors flew about Kristen in Budapest and no one believed it until there was picture/video proof?

I would so love it if this were true and Rob really is in Montreal. Think its his turn to show the traveling love!

Just the boost in the possibility/probability makes me smile!

I might even do a Snoopy dance!

kristine.hills said...

"All because 2 people want to be together.
It doesn't really matter WHERE they are...
As long as they are together.
Wherever that might be.

"All because 2 people want to be together"

This really makes me sad, i mean, they want to be together and have something especial and the f.haters make all this drama, i can't understand and i don't mind, what really matters now is that they are TOGETHER and they have SANE fans like us, and Thank GOD!

G is for(too)

GOD bless RK and you Rose!

Do u know what is f.ridiculous? all the time they are apart and we hear that or R or K is spend time with each other(or R is going to where K is or vice versa) the blindenas get so crazy that they start to spread rumors that they saw or R or K at the opposite side of the world but in the end our God and angels give us proof they are/were together, it happened when K went to London and Budapest(and blindenas were saying she was in LA going shopping w/her mom and she was in a party on her birthday) and there we have those magic photos!

There is a God blindenas and HE is blessing RK!

XO from BR

Angels are RK team! ;)

olivia said...

Great post Rose. Thank you for supporting both of them with such love.
So understand the angel/devil on the shoulder conflict. It is a hard call sometimes but
I'm always on the side of no intrusive pics so as to give them complete privacy and respect. I will however hope, hope, hope that they are together and getting some lovely alone as a serious couple time.

We can only - " keep calm and carry on" until they decide to allow us a peek.

Love Rob and Kristen together and apart,

MCarmen said...

Rose I really love your blogs, but today I'm feeling a bit sick.

If Rob is in Montreal... If Kristen is in LA... A Radio Station saw Rob in Montreal on thursday... someone has stated that Rob's been working till yesterday...If they're together...If they're hugging..

Jesus, I'm sick sick!

I don't even want to see a pic of them, I'd just love that a honest person could just confirm that they're enjoying this week-end together, nothing else. That would be enough to make my week-end too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Gawd...... Has anyone seen these yet? Pick me up off the floor please!!!


you've been warned!!!

deb said...

Oliva I totally agree with you I to want to support there privacy and do what they ask to Respect them But Im a fan to and would really love just one little pic of them. I know how can I say one thing and want the other I know I have said this before BUT GOOD THINGS TO DO HAPPEN FOR THOSE WHO WAIT So i'll be a good girl and wait mite not like it but I'll do it.FOR THEM. I hope they'll get this time to enjoy there time Because its back to work for them both. DEB.

Bren said...

I'm sure whoever said they saw Kristen in LA, is just saying that so no one will believe Rob is in Montreal.
I've been following the WFE website, and the last time the director posted was Wednesday, and he said Marlena, Camel and Rosie were all wrapped up with the film, and it was sad to say good by to them....that was the same day Jacob was beaten up. He also said they had started filming Hal Holbrook as old Jacob. Now some blogs are saying everything moves to Chattanooga next week, and that they are auditioning boys and girls...everyone is speculating they are suppose to be the early years with Jacob, Marlena and the kids, but Reese is gone..Does anyone know if Rob is going to Tennessee?
Does anyone know what supposedly the radio station said about Rob being in Montreal since Thursday?....makes sense with the time line the director gave about filming old Jacob on Thursday, Rob could of left on Wed. night to Montreal.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Very nice post. I am hoping Rob and Kristen were/are able to spend some quiet time together because I think that's when they are the happiest. I don't know what their plans are or what is going on with their schedules for their current projects but if this weekend was a moment where they had some free time and one of them was able to travel to the other and they were/are spending time together -- Great! If not, I think they will be seeing each other pretty soon anyway!

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday mornan to ya ROSSSEEEE.....I too have the devil/angel situation happening....a non intrusive pic....to see them happy and together would make my whole week....The thought of Rob going to see Kristen as she's done to him would be the icing on the cake IMO....

But then that "bloody Devil" comes into play....and I love the thought of them to be happy and at ease w/out the intrusion....

Well we'll just have to sit and wait I suppose....if we see it ...we see it...Its not going to change all we feel...Is it??

For todays viewing I have chosen this clip.....Enjoy for those who are interested....


@ DEB is that you on twitter....Im pretty sure it is...and if so I have sent you a direct message...Go take a look when you have the chance..

@ san4once....I know i saw those earlier...those EYES....just make you look inside of them...dnot they??

Kat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MCarmen said...

Hi Bren, it was Virgin Radio 96 Montreal who reported that Rob had arrived to Montreal. I've been lurking several Robsten boards and no one knows exactly what the Radio said.

Also I've tried to find out if Rob is going to Tennesse and no one seems to know either.

So much mistery about Robsten is crazy.

deb said...

Louisa Thank You for my daily fix THIS is what I think you know how THEY say they dont do to much ,Stay in doors read books watch tv,(make love) well I said that heheheh well any way they mite not go out until night time If they go out at all remember who knows how long they have before they go back to work.WE well get to see them WHEN they let us.soon I hope. and Louisa i did get your message THANK YOU DEB.

Kat said...

And GarrettStew has begun. Notice how KStewAngel and all the other kstew fans are tweeting stuff about Garrett and no longer anything about Rob? Yeah Robsten is no longer the main couple to them.

Melinda said...

Lovely post today. Somewhere out there either two people are enjoying time together in peace or they are missing each other I'm thinking.

My hope as a fan is that the media/public that like to harass them or spread BS about them will get bored and soon move onto celebs that thrive on garbage.

People who just want to stir up BS (she who starts with a K, ends with a T and company)need to get a life. Continually stirring up BS only shows their immaturity and desperation.

Also let the record show that Kstewangel HAS NOT been shipping Garrett and Kristen together at all. She is a Robsten believer. The only thing she has been tweeting about Garrett is his comic con appearance for Tron.

Sadly Ted at the AT boards wants to get hits so he did a little blurb about K and Garrett bowling together not mentioning that Sam was there as well. He loves to keep people coming to his board. So you know the haters are eating it up.

Still doesn't change what is...that Rob and Kristen are together.

Trish said...

I agree that the person who said Kristen in LA is probably trying to debunk the news that Rob is in Montreal..it will make no sense for Kris to be in LA.

i think we need to relax a bit..if we are meant to get a photo we will get one..this time around i doubt it but i am still being hopeful..It will be awesome however to hear something or confirmation of the two together in montreal...wishing and hoping!!

Trish said...

"People who just want to stir up BS (she who starts with a K, ends with a T and company)need to get a life. Continually stirring up BS only shows their immaturity and desperation."

haha Melinda love that girl!

Same person trying to say the same thing...making the person the odd one out on this blog...i though we got rid of THEM but i guess not...

Dani said...

Kat, you are an idiot. So we kristen fans can't LIKE the guy??? He's a likable person and him and Sam Riley will be WORKING closely with Kristen this summer. WORK and PERSONAL life are 2 different things. Stop trying to start shit where there is none. I love R/K together and think they're an adorable couple but i also really like Garrett as a COSTAR and FRIEND towards Kristen. This isn't middle school. Girls and guys can be friends. Grow up.

And i follow a lot of kristen fans on twitter. MAYBE the reason why nothing rob-related isn't being said is cuz there's really been no news on him. While garrett has been at comic con and doing all these interviews for tron. Just cause we like Kristen's costars (Garrett, Jesse, Eddie, etc) doesn't mean we're "shipping" them. Hyenas are so annoying.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, loved the blog, but then I always do. I started today freaking out because the first thing I saw on my iPod was Kristen had collapsed and was in bad shape. I finally decided it was a bad joke because nobody else had heard anything about it. Must be some of those haters. I hope Rob and Kris are together, having a wonderful time, and I don't even care if we ever see a photo (well actually I would like to see one, but not if it upsets Robsten). Love you, and please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I'm not use if I've linked this to you but....take a look anyways...


mujhiko_mujhiko said...

hoo-ya Rose! (kiss the floor salute) You floored me, again!

@Bren, yeah, you got it right! I went to other sites, and I've read so much anger, heard so much wailing...heard a couple of head bashing against a wall or something..,on my way out. Lolz:)))!! Not to mention being wet from their froth.. Yes they frothing, wailing and killing themselves upon hearing that Rob is in Montreal. I hope that this is true..then I'll be a volunteer pal bearer for its first casualty. Yes, they are killing themselves for this news! Its ridiculously hilarious!

@kat, you go hang yourself. Its Kismet for Robert and Kristen. Spare your teeth! Hating is not good for your breath!

Trish said...

OMG hahaha...Okay so i havent been on the AT in about maybe 5 months now (I feel great..the best 5 months of my life LOL) but i just did a quick stopby (which i regret right now) to see how Ted and his cronies are doing...TERRIBLE! the people on there are filled with HATE, WASTING I repeat WASTING their time talking about R and K saying bs about them on and on post after post...will this drama ever end idk...for a quick laugh i think ladies you should go see for yourselves..their all idiots!! and Ted is definetly getting his hits.

Thank you Rose for a place like this...i am so glad you also actually care about R and K and dont just want hits...bravo and kudos to you madaam.. :)

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

...why the hating and not believing about the existence of robsten? Actually, my lawyer friend pointed that out. She said that haters believe as much as we do about The relationship of Kristen and Robert,.. but because of the reason that they don't like the idea.. or rather they hate the idea of Robsten being together percé, so they come with a solution of "offense make the best defense" to shield their crumbling emotions and hopelessness. The more you show the truth, the more they hate the idea. That's what they do. If you ask if you gonna see converts soon, well, good luck with that..... But if you ask me if they believe in Robert and Kristen, well, where do you think these hatings stemmed from? Of course they do. In fact, they believe more than you do!

deb said...

Louisa you did it again YES Kristen is ROBS HEAVEN that video is soooo ROB /Kristen Did you hear what he said and what she said They TRULY love each other.Mujhiko hows it going?All I can say is ALL IS GOOD WITH ROB AND KRISTEN And yes the haters are going MAD You know some people CANT STAND the TRUTH even if its right in front of there face. DEB.

deb said...

Sorry mujhiko I didnt see your other post I see you feel the same way THEY DO BELIEVE And thats why there CRYING am I right??? I said That they cant take the truth I GUESS THEY SEE it BUT dont want to except it DEB.

Bren said...

@ MCarmen,

Thanks for your info...I just want him to finish filming and have a well deserved rest(in Montreal, Louisiana, and Mexico). Before starting BD.

@ Trish,

I have to share this with you. Last night while looking for news about the comments from the radio, someone said "don't worry if he's there, we'll get a picture of him leaving. Because now he is a marked man."
This is so true, but poor Rob, he always has to be hiding.


You are sooo funny, I totally agree with you....I read on a blog a few days ago where Rob's (so-called) fans were actually saying if he shows up in Montreal, that's it..they would no longer be fans of his.

deb said...

OK ITS me AGAIN I know I know But i do want to ask something ---When you go to TEDS board the AT when you go in to see what they are saying DOSE IT GIVE HIM HITS?WHY DO I ask Well if hes going to say SHIT about Rob and Kristen Then I dont want to give him mine and doesnt he get payed for all the hits he gets ? just asking I really dont know . DEB.

dowlingnana said...

Hi again all,
@mujhiko_mujhiko: I love the pall bearer comment, lmbo, that was a good one!!
I also would love to see an unobtrusive photo.
I learned many "moons" ago about the white dog (good,angel) and the black dog (bad,sin)and how we need to be careful not to FEED that black dog too much or the white dog will die. This is why I refuse to go on those idiot other sites. As I told Rose when I first found her blog how I loved the peace it brought me as well!! I also follow on FB with a good site only dedicated to R & K. Much peace to them if they are together, and I also agree that I'd be estatic if it was Rob that had done the traveling this time!! Still waiting and watching for hopefully more info.......take care all.

Deanae said...

Love love love this blog!! It is so entertaining and revealing. I love to come on and read the daily update! I too am a believer that they are together! OMG I love our daily outlooks!! You have inspired me!

Deanae said...

Love love love this blog!! It is so entertaining and revealing. I love to come on and read the daily update! I too am a believer that they are together! OMG I love our daily outlooks!! You have inspired me!

Trish said...

@ deb

Hun, just to clarify..Ted does not get hits by just when we visit his site...he gets hits with the comments..on the comment board...and HE is not the one who is bashing ROb and Kristen..it is the hyenas on there..

and when i say hyenas i mean in full force (remember Lily?...well, she has nothing on the hyenas over there..they are terrible)

I USED to go on Ted's site when i dint know any better trying to convince the doubters that R and K were together and trying to stop the hate but that didnt work and i am so glad i found Rose's blog..a breath of fresh air...

I just thought that it was funny that the ppl on there are just arguing about where Rob is and such and some are saying they hope he IS NOT in Montreal..i just thought it was funny that there are people wasting time saying they dont want Rob to go there...meanwhile, the only person who can control that is Rob himself (or Ms. Stewart)

"fans were actually saying if he shows up in Montreal, that's it..they would no longer be fans of his." ...These so called fans dont know that it will do him a good favor if they deciede to not become fans of his because they are PSYCHOS...He does not need fans like these so he they will be doing him a favor by not being a fans of his (hope that made sense :-)...Rob has enough ppl who love him he doesnt need those mental patients..:P

deb said...

Tish thank you so much I really didnt know how that work AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT WHO need FANS like that i feel the same way you do ROB and Kristen have SO MANY TRUE FANS. Who gives a rats ass about Those who say they wont be his fans any more YOUR RIGHT ROB and KRISTEN dont. Thank you so much for telling me this . DEB.

Patricia said...

deb, Sue Bee, Olivia, Sane4once, Rootsie, Louisa, Melinda, Mujhiko Mujhiko, dolingnana and anyone else here that loves Rob and Kristen :

I went on so many twitter sites and blogs and no confirmation about Rob being in Montreal. I believe that no matter where he is that they are a couple and in love with each other and have been for a very long time. No one will change my mind unless Rob and Kristen come out and say something different. I hope they get to spend some time together, if not this week end it will be soon, they never go long without one of them flying to where the other one is. Their relationship has changed since they came back from Budapest, and I don't think they give a shit what anyone thinks or knows anymore.
Love conquers all right.? We love them and hope they are happy. That's what TRUE FANS WANT FOR THEM... Garret who? Why do they always think they are so shallow that they will hook up with anyone who has a heartbeat. Jesus. Give me a break !!!

I'm babysitting for my grandchildren so I'm having a hard time posting this. But I think it works. I'm using my grandson's computer. Nothing stops me from my obsession with Rob. Hee Hee

dowlingnana said...

WHAT????? Won't be his fans anymore???? WTH??? Hmmmmp, I don't think he'll lose any sleep over that thought, rofl. You're right.........no such fans needed then. That seems to tell us exactly the way those "fans' are thinking, whateva'!!!!!!

dowlingnana said...

To Patty: HEAR HEAR!!!

Anonymous said...

@ patty that's hilarious...you are using G/sons computer....
Does he know what Nana is up too?????
Does he know Nana has the hots for someone half her age ...no doubt....
No and No i would suspect.....Hell my sons dont like me using their PC to look up Mr.Beautiful....hehehe

deb said...

HOW funny you girls are And I to am using my daughters computer how funny They are buying me my own for Christmas. Patty,dowlingnana You are so right who needs them Rob/Kristen sure in the hell dont Im sure they well be happy to know that ALL the hate they get from them well be gone.Louisa did you ask please or pretty please to your son hehehehe And if I didnt Thank You for video then Thank you They keep getting better,better And I do look forward to seeing them .I wish Rob and Kristen would do another photo shoot I just love them.Can you just see it now with ALL the LOVE for each other. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Patricia...come and find me on twitter......

Anonymous said...

@ Patricia...I was only mucking about with you above...ok

@ Deb come and find me on facebook...I have been checking..but have had no requests from ya....I gave you the names to search for......if you want that is??
As for asking please...pretty please..Are you kidding? Whenever I'm on here all 3 of them say to me…."get over it mum" are you on that "shit" again.....
They have No Taste...Obviously!! Hehehe....
I’m in a house full of males....I'm so outnumbered...it’s a bloody joke....I have to hide to get my fix sometime....just to avoid there criticism....Sometime I fell like a 14 yo hiding from my parents.....Now isn’t that a joke and a half......hey but it don’t stop me …as you are aware…b/c you keep seeing my name pop up daily …don’t ya???Hehehe

Anonymous said...

this is funny....comando!!!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@deb which post? The one in HL? Lol! I was caught off guard there. I went in full blast with some pretty strong words. The rubbing of salt style. Warding off evils with magic youtube links of Robsten. I gave them David Slade's! __and you know what,.. one of them went off to discuss the national dept crisis and so on and so fort just to ward off Slade's magic charisma and what he's saying about Robert and Kristen! I said, gotcha! LOL :)))))!!!
Deb, I think they deleted it.

Another article @EW is actually admitting that Kristen Stewar's name is bigger than The girl with the dragon tattoo. Expectedly, the haters jumped into the wagon mouthing their famous rants, without understanding first what the article is really conveying. Bunch of coconuts! LOL!

Good PM everyone! From HK!

Anonymous said...

one and the same!!!


Anonymous said...

You want proof ...I'll give you proof...lol


Need More Twilight! said...

I absolutly adore your blog and read it everyday!! Keep it up, your amazing!! I looove it! (:
Go Robsten!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

...oh sorry, btw, that article is on Pop Eater.

deb said...

HO MY GOD HOW FUNNY Louisa I live with 3 girls and all they do is laugh at me they say come on mom what is it with you and Robert Pattinson I try and tell them but they just dont understand like you girls do ho well what can i say Im INTOXICATION with the man.mujhiko your to much how funny you go girl hehehe And louisa go getum get them where it hurts and thats would be the TRUTH they cant stand it you dont want to fu*k with the believers.Watch out here we came! DEB.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...



Patricia said...

Okay, I put them to bed .The boy is 8 the girl is 9.They tease me because they can't believe I love a man that's 24. I said "I'm not going to date or marry him. I care about him like I do you kids and they say OH! My oldest is 15, he
thinks "I've lost my mind" But guess what? I've never cared what anyone thinks. This is my life and this is how how I feel. It's harmless. Nothings ever going to come of it. It's good for Rob to have so much love showered on him. How could that be bad ????

You guys I can barely post, I can't figure out how to start up a twitter and open an account. But Louisa I did go on your site. You did a great job. We'll have to use Rose's board.

Patricia said...

Hey Guys: Patty again. Rose is going to think I've lost my mind posting so much. I just checked twitter (littlewing1975) some man from Montreal posted that yesterday he saw that 'Twilight couple' walking in Old Montreal. He said lots of people saw them and someone called the radio station. So it sounds like our
couple is together and enjoying his stay. Yeepee.

deb said...

Patty if I wasnt a happy" STRAIGHT" Married Women I would Kiss ya.NOW just a little peek at our 2 PLEASE I'v been a good girl :0)And Patty do you have a Tweeter?im(MRSDebbiedont)ok DEB

Anonymous said...

I just received this link ...enjoy....you ladies are NUTS>>>>i tell ya!!!


deb said...

louisa, I couldn't find you on facebook. I did leave you a message on tweeter on how to find me if you want.. DEB.

deb said...

Louisa ok I think I got It I send you a message ok DEB.

Patricia said...

Well I guess I'm done playing detective. x17 (Paps) just papped Rob in Malibu on Saturday seeing a screening of 'Salt'..So there goes all the joy of Rob and Kristen being together in Montreal. I guess everyone got carried away with the 'thought' of it. Sorry. I thought I was informing you guys. I guess I won't jump the gun again. It's too disappointing for everyone. Me included.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Rob and steph goes to the movies WTF?

MCarmen said...

You're right Patricia.


So there has been no reunion. Sometimes I think that our need for seeing Rob and Kristen together is stronger than their need for being together.

I still remember when they were apart for more than a month while Rob was shooting Bel Ami in Europe and their relation survived anyway, so I think they must be used to separations.

Who did start these rumors about Rob being in Montreal? This is so evil. I will never believe any tweet or rumor unless there's a pic or a solid proof.

So many expectations for nothing. I have to learn from this.

MCarmen said...

Rob and steph goes to the movies WTF?

Louisa, what are you hinting?...

Is that really Steph? so what if she is. Rob doesn't like going somewhere on his own, I've never seen him alone..he's always surrounded by friends, his team, family, Kristen, anyone..

dowlingnana said...

Louisa: I opened up the Spunkransom site and saw all the pics of Rob walking. Couldn't open up your second one where you ask about him going with Stephanie? If so, isn't that his friends gf? I am surprised even that TomStu is not w/him since just spotted in the old car not long ago. But, maybe he does have to go to TN. And, if he does make it to VC I'm sure it'll be under the radar as much as possible. Think about it!! Kristen has as far as Budapest, nvr went to his sets coz' of the papz, just saying. We'll see what the next days bring us....I guess!

dowlingnana said...

Also, if the blonde you think is Stephanie, I don't think so, I thought Stephanie had dark hair or is Steph his agent?? And anyways, the pics don't show him being that interested anyway. Looks as if he passes her up at times, IDK like I said, just trying to help!! Myself inc. lol

Laura said...

I'm new on this site, but I'm definetly a Robsten believer!!!
I'm sad though because of this Montreal non story...
But maybe Kristen will come back to LA untill August 2, when she begins filming for On the Road...
And Rob will attend TCA without her...that's another sad part too :(

Anonymous said...

he is with Steph his manager

Anonymous said...

and i read on twitter about an hour ago a sighting of Kris in Montreal. some woman tweeted she was in front of K as she tweeted. didnt mention if she was with anyone.

Anonymous said...

My apoligize Rob is in malibu not LA. here is the link i posted earlier and ppl couldnt pull up>


Anonymous said...


heres another Rob in Malibu

Anonymous said...

@ Mccarmen im not insinuating anything. dont shoot the messanger....Im just passing on the info I found of interest. I know he is with Kristen. you should know thats what i think by now.
In my excitment of finding s/thing I originally wrote R was in LA. But later realised from the sites I posted here. he is in Malibu.ok

Anonymous said...

Or maybe not. Just noticed one site said LA...thats where i got it from....Spunkransom said LA

robstenation said Malibu?????
Fucked if I know. Im not from the US....so please disregard.my geographics.....Please dont get offended ppl im just the messanger

Anonymous said...


There you go def Malibu. check out the sign...I shoulda been a PI..hehe
Unles is there a place in LA that has that sign?????

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@ steph It Always was speculation until we find a pic to show otherwise.....You must be misinterpreting the comments.JS

Anonymous said...
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LK said...

Ok,let's see the facts here.Some crazy(shipper or someone who wanted to play with the fans)made up some tweets about Rob been in Montreal.A radio station with the ridiculous name(virgin radio)said that he was there.(lol)All this stuff proved wrong with the Malibu pics.Rob went with his agent Stephanie to see Salt with Angelina Jolie.Paps followed him to the cinema and after he left,because they wanted to see where he lives.Maybe they thought he lives with Stephanie(some blindsten believe that).Rob got pissed and had an intense confrotation with a pap(there are pics).

Some people(the crazy ones)got really pissed,because Rob din't go to Montreal!!!and calling him bad names and others are dancing with joy,because in their agenta this proves that Rob isn't with Kristen,but with Stephanie?????

IMO,out there are many people with plenty free time in their hands,with no life,who are making up fake tweets and stories about R/K.Don't believe anything you hear or read on twitter.At some occasions the motto"pics or it didn;t happen"is necessary.Everybody got excited with Rob been in Montreal.How do we know that he has finished shooting?And if he has,maybe he has meetings for work.He also has TCA'S.Maybe he'll go to Montreal after he finishes with all his stuff.Or maybe he'll go to London firsr(some say that 0n August 16th is his mother's birthday)and then he'll go to Montreal.

I really don't understand why some people get so upset with Rob NOT been at Montreal or why he went to the cinema with another woman(rolls eyes).Can't they have friends?Nutstens can say any crap they want,if it makes them sleep at night.

MCarmen said...

@Louisa don't worry, I don't want to kill the messenger hehe. I know you're a Robsten believer! a bit disappointed by all this mess I guess... like myself.

@LK, like I said, I'm not going to believe any twitter nor any supposed insider unless there's a solid proof.

Anonymous said...
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Tarra said...

I was up to the wee hours when there was word that Rob was in Montreal. Supposedly this man tweeted a question about whether Twilight was filming in Montreal because he believed that he had seen R/K. Someone must have asked him for more details &he admitted he wasn't 100% sure if it was them. He reported that the encounter happened yesterday which may've been Fri. I was up at 1am EST so it's hard to pinpoint if it was his Fri or Sat. I read tweets that he closed his twitter account poor guy was probably being harassed. It doesn't matter if Rob went to Montreal b/c it doesn't negate them being a couple. Time apart is healthy and they're working. They will have six months together filming BD.

lalainepburog said...

Hi Rose. I had been folowing you since late 2009 but this is the first time I will make a comment. I believe that you have very good insight about robsten. Carry on.