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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will Rob RUNAWAY to Kristen?

It's finally here.
Now I can watch it all the damn time.
I LOVED this movie.
And while you might think that I only say that
because I am a fan of Kristen's...
The truth is Kristen KILLS in this.
She IS Joan Jett.

In fact...
I adore Joan Jett, too.
But look at Kristen.
Or Joan.
Because in the movie there is no difference.
Kristen is underrated.
Big time.

You don't have to like Kristen to like this movie.
But you can't help but admire her talent after seeing it.

Buy it.

Only Robert (and TomStu) can make driving a car look so damn cute.
Is it just me or is he just plain GOOFY?
He looks all kinds of awkward here...
But still like he is having a great time.

You gotta love this.
You gotta love Robert.
Damn it.
Driving a car makes me want to just hug him.
What the HELL is up with that?
Yeah... I know.

And the car?
1963 Chevy Nova?
Not that he needed any help to stand out...
But how can you not notice him in that?

Robert Pattinson?
You own me.
In case you were wondering.
Don't. Ever. Doubt. It.

I just had to throw this picture in...

1. Rob + Tux = GORGEOUS

2. Rob doing the cell phone thing...
To who?
Someone about 5 ft 5...
Recently lightened hair...
Big green eyes as wide as the moon...
They can take you to bed without leaving the room.

I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.


This post was brought to you by the letter Zz
Because I'm kinda tired today...
But still have the energy to

Bye for now


Carly said...

I already ordered my copy of the DVD and I cant wait to watch it. just from the trailer I got chills

I love the fotos of Rob and Tom in that Chevy. but to be honest I think I would be a bit scared to sit in a car with him :D or maybe not

I never realized there was a foto of him on the phone in that batch. and I bet he is indeed texting to his girl. to make sure she is OK and that the work is going well

love teh last picture you chose

such a beautiful post, it made my evening

Patricia said...

Rose, you are awesome. I think Kristen was FABULOUS IN 'THE RUNAWAYS'...SHE WAS JOAN JETT !

Rob in the Nova (what can I say) we love him to death don't we???? We love this adorkable, gorgeous, sweet, thoughtful, loving, talented, funny,irresistible young man. WE ARE INTOXICATED BY HIM AND KRISTEN.

Embrace love not hate ! ROB LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROB.

Grazie Rose

Anonymous said...

hi rose nice to see you again after vaycay...

i'm already see the Runaway wow love it so much the music fully rock and roll, the acting our baby girl impresive i forgot, kristen in twilight movie after seen her become joan..she is fully embodied..and dakota, micheal shanon are shines as well hands down to all of them...i wanna see again the runaway...

and ooh rob u are adorable with tom in that antick car...do you guys notice rob cars is just like same car when kristen papz pic,she come home in parking lot infront her house after touring promo new moon in europe..and in that pic too spot the yellow volkswagen when kristen and tom take up from bobby long concert, some one say in the twitter the driver in that car is sam bradley manager...well i don't had the link to that pic maybe u guys had link...so my assumption is rob, kristen, family, brit pack, theire friends become family bonding...he..he..

deb said...

Yep getting mine soon I love this movie Kristen really rocks in it.I love all of her movies I think the girl can act.And the pic of our MAN and MR.Tom HO to be in that car with them hummmmm And even better if Kristen was there to.I bet that Rob was on that phone all the time. YOU see you don't have to be together TO BE TOGETHER .Thank you Rose now get some rest and have a good day. DEB.

Fernanda said...
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Anonymous said...

I confess that I haven't watched The runaways, I'm not actually a a fan of rock and roll movies but I'm reading so many good reviews of this one that I'll get the dvd when it comes out here.

Will Rob runaway to Kristen? I thought I'd read the answer in the blog Rose, but no answer, no clues. I guess we'll just have to wait. I think Rob should pay a visit to Kristen in Montreal, as she did in Budapest or with WFE. I'm so looking forward seeing them together again. They're like a drug!

Thanks Rose!

Lisa said...

Perfect yet again Rose.. :)

broniliz1 said...

Can you guys believe that I haven't seen "The Runaways" yet?
It is an actual crime!! But it hasn't been released over here (Ireland) yet and I don't believe in piracy so.. this is where I'm at :(
You Americanos are getting to watch it IN YOUR OWN HOMES. lol but c'est la vie

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post.

Kristen is an amazing talent. I admire her passion and dedication to the roles she chooses. I know it's one of many things Rob admires about her too!
Like the fact she cut her hair off even after she was offered a lot of money not to. She wanted to encompass all that is Joan Jett and do her justice and get it right. She's all heart and hard work. That is admirable.
I adore Kristen! And Rob too! Love those pics of him. And no doubt his and Kristen's phones are blowing up with calls and texts when they are apart.

Anonymous said...

I so so so agree with Rose, Kristen was born to play Joan Jett!! She nailed it.... Made me wanna nail her too!! Am I the only one??? :)

Okay got a question. Whats up with Bel Ami? I heard it doesnt have american distributing? Does anyone know whats going on?? I want to see that movie so bad i cant see straight!!!!

deb said...

Sane4once I was thinking the same. WHAT THE HELL they cant do this to me I want to see that movie so much I read the book so I cant wait to see Rob do his thing I bet some one well get it so we can see it (I HOPE SO) DEB.

kaylafryer said...

I Didnt Get Get To See 'The Runaways' They Didnt Play It In The Theaters Were I Live. But I Do Want To Get The DVD,.. Hopefully Very Soon :)


Anonymous said...


Girl we need to do some investigating! I decided to play hookey today ( I can, I own my own business) so I'm gonna try and find out whats up!!! I'll let ya know what I find out.

deb said...

Sane4once ok I'll see what I can find then let you know. Any one else out there that can help us find out about whats going on with BEL-AMI please let us know THANK YOU.Sane4once don't you think that SOME ONE IN AMERICAN well pick it up?Rob is one of the#1 man going on now every one (I heard) wants him so you would think that they would want this movie (just thinking). DEB.

kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday...
Hi Rose,
Loved The Runaways,
Kristen kills it, she is mesmerizing in this movie and as you are watching it, you will want to see more of her in it. Dakota was also fantastic, they were both great.
I truly believe Kristen should be nominated for this role, she turns into Joan. A recent interview with JJ, she said her family thought parts of the movie was actual clips of her when she was younger.

Love the picture of Rob looking at his phone. When they do catch him on the phone or texting, it's usually when Kristen is away.. coincidence.. I don't think so.

Thanks Rose, another great Post.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, thank you for your blog...I look forward to it every day and really missed you while you were gone. I have been waiting to see this movie for 4 months and plan to watch it over and over..I know Kris did a fantastic job even without watching the movie. I loved the picture of Rob driving. He looked like he was having fun. I did notice a ring on his pinkie, and I don't think I have ever noticed him wearing a ring before. Any idea what the ring looks like? Please never stop blogging, because you always brighten my day.

SueBee said...

@Barbara Fenwick

I didn't notice the ring on Rob's finger but wouldn't it be interesting if Kris was missing one of hers?

Just speculating of course! :o)
It would be cute.

Anonymous said...

The pic of Robert attempting to drive out of that intersection.....MAN.....'all type of awkward' is certainly a way to describe this.....notice how his hand is holding the steering wheel...the way his pinky finger is bent....reminds me when he is running his fingers thru that adorable hair of his...."awkward and dorky".......comes to mind....BUT ONLT ROB COULD PULL THIS OF AND LOOK IRROVACABLY IRRESISTABLE DOING SO.......

I saw that pic of Rob checking out his mobile phone....and thought the FRIGGIN SAME THING....

We didn’t get TR here at the cinema....RIPPED OFF...but i am able to get it as it went straight to DVD....and was released only recently here....hope to get a copy soon....
Rob + Tux = GORGEOUS……… check

Big green eyes as wide as the moon...
They can take you to bed without leaving the room.
BELIEVE X……..INDEED!!!!......check

Melinda said...

It's a glorious day today here where I am at! Tad hot but not too bad.

Another great post! Can't wait to see Kristen in The Runaways. Lots of great things coming out of HW about our favorite actress! I think people are finally taking note of her talent.

Only good things will come for both she and Rob! Happy they are happy!

Anonymous said...

INNTOXICATED PACK......forgot have we????ha.....well i noticed Rob wearing a silver ring on his pinky in this vid....so i thought id share the love......I'm sure you don't mind.......hehehehe


Anonymous said...

this is a longer version to one I posted yesterday...


30yearoldtwifan said...

I saw The Runways at the movies. It was luckily out by me. I rocked it out during that film! KS has always been a great actress and in The Runaways that just proved it more IMO. The colors and imagery was also well done. The passion KS has for every character she plays is obvious :) Makes me want to watch more. So of course I will be buying the DVD.

Rob in that car pic. Just wow. It fits him well doesn't it? He really looked like James Dean to me there! Theirs no words to describe how Delicious he is. I hope he heads down to see KS. As she went to see him during BA and if he doesn't that's ok to.. Shes WORKING but I'm sure the haters will jump on it. Find more of an excuse to hate, and that IMO goes on people hating on ROBERT also. I hear that's also an issue with certain KS fans. Its sad the abuse at time these two have said about them, especially when both are the most sincere people in Holly Wood.

I personally love them both! :) and will never understand how anyone can say a bad word against them.

sollee said...

been hearing lots of good reviews for TR and Kristen and Dakota were really good in it..wanna buy the DVD too hope it's already available in our place:)...and yeah it would be nice if Rob will runaway to Kristen:)

olivia said...

Good afternoon Rose ,

Once again, love the boys in the car! What fun for them. Well deserved.

Was one of the fortunate ones to see Kristen and Dakota in TR when it was making the rounds at the indie cinema several hours away from here. An amazing performance from both along with the rest of the cast. Kristen becomes Joan Jett, and Dakota is a fantastic Cherie. Definitely will pick up my own copy this week and of course...support the film and Kristen.

The last photo, of Rob and Kristen is so beautiful. It is strong yet ethereal, earthy but also otherworldly.
Two exquisite young people with stunning talent
that sure are lovely together. They make me smile and I just <3 them.

A believer who wishes them well.

dowlingnana said...

Going to see TR tonight on dvd, thanx for letting us know it's out. A big thanx as well to Louisa, Deb & Patricia for your kind welcome, yes, even tho' I AM a nana, lol!! To Barb Fenwick, I thought I saw a pinkie ring on RP as well.......but, unsure! I hope Rob makes it to VC as well altho' we may not know since they seem to make it thru many times incognito. Loving the posts/blogs, have been doing a lot of reading from all the way back Rose so it's taking me some time, but loving it just the same. I throw in some work in between, lol. Can't wait for tomorrow, been coming here lately but nvr posted til' yesterday. Take care ladies!!

dowlingnana said...

Going to see TR tonight on dvd, thanx for letting us know it's out. A big thanx as well to Louisa, Deb & Patricia for your kind welcome, yes, even tho' I AM a nana, lol!! To Barb Fenwick, I thought I saw a pinkie ring on RP as well.......but, unsure! I hope Rob makes it to VC as well altho' we may not know since they seem to make it thru many times incognito. Loving the posts/blogs, have been doing a lot of reading from all the way back Rose so it's taking me some time, but loving it just the same. I throw in some work in between, lol. Can't wait for tomorrow, been coming here lately but nvr posted til' yesterday. Take care ladies!!

deb said...

Hey there Louisa YOU know I haven't forgot our INTOXICATION PACE hehe Love the videos I seen a new (TO ME ITS NEW) one (YOUR Heavy Arms) I don't know how to down load them sorry so I just keep coming back to yours AND I THANK YOU FOR THAT.My daughter said you don't need a set belt in CALIF. IF the car is a older one and doesn't have a shoulder strap.SO lets hope its ok JUST HOPE HE'LL be ok driving in LA I hate driving in it when I go down there.ITS as bad as Portland. Thanks again girlfriend. DEB.

deb said...

Dowlingnana HI nice to read you again I to am a nana of 2 Just had a new baby girl born the 9th of July.You know I look at the pic of Rob in the car BUT I didnt see a rinf it looks like his pinkie knuckle But like you I dont know .would be nice to see him with one and even better if it was one of Kristen Or if she got him one WE CAN DREAM CANT WE. I seen the RUN aways and YES Kristen was a badass I LOVED IT and well be buying it soon.Along with ALL THE OTHERS THEY COME OUT WITH.Well my new friend I hope you have a good day. DEB

Anonymous said...

@ Deb when you go to the video on say Youtube for inStance....BUT if its on a particular website actually... x2 [L] click on it and it sends you to the same video but on youtube...automatically

then go up to the address bar[VERY TOP OF SCREEN] and Right click

then press copy with a [L]click.

then come back to comments on Rose's Blog {here] and [R] click PASTE
done....then you can share your videos ......like me....easy peasy....there is your lesson for today....hehe

deb said...

Thank you Louisa I'll go try now thanks WISH ME LUCK hehehe By the way I have over 900 Pic of Rob and Kristen some of Rob only and some of Kristen only ITS like a big ass candy store yummmmm cant gat enough my kids thunk im NUTS.I'll go see if I can find that video ok . DEB.

Opytaylor said...

I am glad the Runaways is out. Kristen's rare ability is on display. I spent $15 on iTunes because I support Kristen. But did I like the movie? No. It's because I didn't like Joan Jett in the 80s. Or now. I thought her music was too three cord, hair band metal, which I rebelled from. Kristen completely nails Joan, but I can of think of several musicians I would rather see her portray.

dowlingnana said...

Hey Deb,
Getting ready to watch TR!! My daughter asked what I wanted to be called with her first born and I chose nana, lol. She had a premie at 18 yrs. so it happened rather yound to both of us!! ;o) Yeah, it's difficult to tell if ring or not in the pic, could be as you said. haha, love all the comments about Rob's driving, after all, what he stated on Leno guess I don't blame you all!! Luv!!

Monica said...

The visual & music effect of The Runaways is amazing. It's an enjoyable experience to see it in theatre. Of course, actors' performance is stunning. Recommend the movie to everyone. Oh, I'm just waiting anxiously for my ordered DVD copy. Actually, I ordered a DVD of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts too. I definitely fall for rock n roll after seeing the movie.

Rootsie@12:32, yeah, a dedicated person like Kristen is really charming. Acting to her is an art, not a job. Respectable, huh?~ My favourite Hollywood actress used to be Sandra Bullock. But when Kristen comes, there's just NO competition. (sigh)

Monica from Asia

deb said...

Dowlingnana My youngest had her first at a young age and she is small and tiny like Kristen.She didn't have a bad time being it was her first.It was funny to me when Kristen said that Rob would be the one having the baby because she cant see something coming out of her(SHES SMALL)I'm glad they are thinking on waiting on kids BUT I know SHE would be able to have kids when the time is right.Louisa I cant find the DAMN video makes me mad I hope I can find it I really liked it so when and "IF" I find it I'll try and post it ok DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ Deb,

Hey miss lady,
Well, all I could find on Bel Ami was "not to worry that they would have north western distributing" Whatever that means!!! :)

I'm sure we are gonna get it here. I cant wait for the previews!!!

Anonymous said...


@deb is that it?

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I got to watch The Runaways in the theater. I'll admit, at first my daughter didn't like Kristen's acting, but I kept telling her to watch something else other than Twilight. Now she loves watching Kristen's other movies and when she sees a picture of her (like the one on Entertainment Weekly recently) she comments on what a beautiful person Kristen is.

Makes me happy that she changed her opinion :)

Now if only others could do the same. It's not that I don't like Kristen in Twilight, but the dialogue wasn't the best, and the directing wasn't the greatest. You can only do so much with what you're given.

Also have to admit that I'm hoping he goes up to Montreal to visit her. She seems to be able to stay under the radar there relatively well. It might be nice to have some quiet time for both of them. Goodness knows once Breaking Dawn starts filming, they're going to be stalked like mad.

deb said...

Hey Sane4once Thanks so much I think we well have it to BUT WHEN? I would really love to see it.It would be nice if IT DID come out around Christmas along with WFE Thats what I'll tell my kids i want AND any new ones of Kristen. My daughter told me when all 5 of the movie(Twilight,NM,Eclipse,BD1-2) are out she well burn them all onto a CD DVD for me and leave me to myself for the day I can not wait. DEB.

Patricia said...

Hey you guys:
That looks like Rob's knuckle, not a pinkie ring. I only saw him wear rings in photo shoots ( like Vanity Fair)

Here's something I came up with and let me get all of my buddies opinions. Kristen's oldest brother Cameron restores and sales old cool cars. There are only two of these Nova's Robs driving in LA. I wonder if that was Kristen's Birthday Present on May 13 to Rob. We made such a big deal about Rob's presents ( gold Ring, Necklace and guitar for Kristen) but WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT HER BUYING HIM THE CAR??/

Deb: we'll get Beli Ami. It's just a matter of time. Rob is way too hot not to get a distributor in USA...

deb said...

LOUISA THANK YOU THANK YOU now I'll see if I can down load it for myself. Theres another one out there that has him compare with some lions and tigress I don't know I well try and find it don't know the name But I really like it( the way he licks his lips and the way he looks with his eyes) this video has a lot of that in it. HO shit I'll go find it. Thanks again Louisa. DEB

deb said...

Patty I LOVE THAT IDEAL a car for his B-DAY why not I can see her doing that. AT first I though of a house WHO knows maybe that to would be nice Or maybe they both went in on it(house)GOOD thinking girl I think the same as you and sane4once about Bel-Ami Rob is hot right now so you know (well hope) that some one well pick it up. ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT look at ROB how he waited for his girl Kristen So I well wait. DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ Patricia good thinkin 99......maybe.....HITH did find out there are only 2 of these type of cars in LA??????

Patricia said...


After the pictures came out yesterday of Rob and Tom in the Nova. Someone posted on one of the twitter accounts that there are only two Novas in LA and Rob has one of them (for all we know it's a rental car) but doesn't it sound possible?

I can't believe how you guys can get the pictures and videos !! I'm technology challenged..

Patty aka agent 99

deb said...

OK GIRLS this is what I just read THAT WFE is going to CHOO-CHOO Tennessee for 4 days July30/august2nd Dont know how true it is but thats what there saying SOOOOOOo what do you think? bullshit or truth? DEB. PS if true do you think thats why rob has the car?You think he and Tom well drive there if true? DEB.

deb said...

Sorry forgot this http://wp.me/pNjgw_Zu I found this at MYROBPATTINSON . DEB.

Opytaylor said...

It makes sense that car would be a gift from Kristen. Rob shuns fancy new cars. Nor does he care for vintage Italian sports cars. I think he would be happy in a gremlin. If Kristens brother deals in 70/s vintage American cars, then that makes a good theory. Who knows about the love shack. Robert told the NY Times he changes hotels allot, but that is probably to throw people of his trail. When K wraps OTR, it would make sense for both of them to hang in London until BD. Or maybe they just do that around the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Of All That Is Holy.... Good Gawed, did you guys see this viseo on youtube? Porn I tell ya...Patt-Porn!!!


You guys are always ahead of me so if ya already seen it.... watch it again!!! :)

Patricia said...

I read that too. Is this movie ever going to be done??? Our man needs to be in Montreal with his Baby Girl Pronto.

It might be some scenes with Jacob (Rob) and Marlena ( Reese) kids and Rob ( Hal Hollbrook) when Jacob's older. There's a lot of story we don't know if and when it was filmed.

They won't need Kristen all through the filming, so that would be a good time for Rob to go see her. This is all a guessing game. I know nothing for sure, just trying to put 2+2 together.

I miss seeing them together. I need my Rob/Kristen fix.


Anonymous said...

@ Patricia aka 99 hehe....I was on Twitter alot yesterday but didn't come across this piece of info ... But I did read someone say they have seen that car parked outside a very nice home ?????? I find new videos and pics thru my FB I'm friends with Robsten and they post Info on my wall. That and Twitter. Come and find me my Twitter is. louisav69r. If you wish.... Post your names too and I will follow you to...... If you want.....
@ opytalor ...... The loveshack Im sure there is such a thing.... But I respect there privacy not to question it....

Patricia said...

Deb: On the WFE sight it says that there is no casting or filming in Tennesee. So what the hell do we know ???


I wish I could remember where I read that yesterday. I also read about the car parked at Stewart house. If Cameron (her brother) restores classic cars, I'm sure there are sightings of them from time to time at their home.


deb said...

Patty I hope that they wont go. YOU know he needs to see his baby girl boy who knows mite be the older Jacob who is going if they do go I'm like you what the hell is going on If he dose have to go it well only be for 2 weeks then he can go see his girl. I DON'T KNOW I HATE NOT KNOWING I'm worse then my grandkids when it comes to waiting Maybe Rose Well know something tomorrow lets hope so. DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ sane4once ...i posted that video here yesterday.....and yes i will see it again....it is a good one ..aint it....

Carly said...

wow, Twilight/Rob/Kris fans are better then all teh agencies put togehter LOL

I like the idea that she gave him the car for his b-day. and since her brother deals with them it wouldnt be that expensive either I guess. or maybe it was a gift from teh whole family

as for the house, I actually like the idea that Ellen helped him found one. that he indeed has a house somewhere very few people know of and he can have his peace there. and of course his girl would have the keys :)

I hope he has time to visit. and it would be nice if they went to London togehter afterwards before BD starts

Patricia said...

To all the followers from last night when we spoke about WFE filming in Tenn. July 30-Aug. 2 There is a call for roust-abouts and kids, and Rob will probably go. That's the latest Weds. morning.
I never like to post anything I'm not sure of, so I hope this time it's the truth.

deb said...

Thanks Patty I read that to last night so I guess well have to see what happens next.They said that they well start at the end of July so who knows if he mite have time to jump on a plain and go see Kristen before he haves to go. Thanks Patty for the up date. DEB.