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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Robsten Rumors and Rubbish

It's been pretty quiet today...
Unless  you want to count the 'rumors' that are out there.

It's funny to see what people come up with, isn't it?
What's funnier is what people latch onto as TRUTH.

Let's see what is out there... shall we?

1. Kristen is going to show up at the TCA's.
I guess E! had something about this on their news.
I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere except Twitter
(and we all know how dependable THAT is)
Of course I would LOVE for her to show up with Robert.
Of course I would!
It's been a few weeks since we have seen them together...
It would be nice to see this...

Or this...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see them smiling like that?

But alas...
All I have heard is that Kristen's appearance is
"Up in the air"
Unless it's confirmed on more than a few hopeful tweets...
I would just keep your fingers crossed.

Remember this scene at the beginning of the movie...
Robward is so sweet... so tender...
"Marry Me"

On to Rumor #2

Rob is in Georgia wrapping up filming for WFE.
(April 15th, 2011!!)
So of course... they have to 'tease' me with pictures 
like this...


With Robert Walking.
If I could even convey what watching him move...
How it...
I mean...

Something in the way he moves.

But I digress...
which I'm pretty fucking good at lately.
The other rumor out there is that Kristen
is in Georgia WITH Robert.

Supposedly this was reported on the local news.
Supposedly someone saw this and said someone who 'looked' 
like Kristen was in the video.
Supposedly someone on Facebook was talking about
her hair, and how she knotted her t-shirt...
But lo and behold...
The facebook comment has been removed.
And it all goes back to being Rumor.
Unsubstantiated innuendo.
Now obviously I would LOVE for Kristen to be there with him.
Does it make sense?
Not really.
He's only there for a couple of days...
I see him going to Montreal
before I see her in Georgia.

BUT you never know.
People didn't believe she was in Budapest either
until pics came out of her LEAVING the country...
With Robert by her side.
So Kristen does have a habit of getting places 
and not being seen.
I'm thinking that until something a bit more
substantial shows up as proof?
I will just keep thinking that Robert's next stop is...

Rumor #3

THIS picture has been photoshopped...

You know the drill.
It's FAKE!


THIS picture CLEARLY shows Oregano and Kristen.
There is NO DOUBT
That the blurry plaid blob is Oregano
and that little black blob is Kristen's head.

And this picture...

There's NO WAY this was Rob and Kristen
(until it was proven that it indeed WAS Rob and Kristen)
No... it doesn't look like Kristen at all...
Or Robert.
Not at all...


That blurry... distant person in sunglasses...
The one in the shadows...
Is MOST definitely Robert.
There can be NO DOUBT!
It's him!
And look at what he's doing!!!
And not with Kristen!!

I hope you read that with *SARCASM*

I mean...
A picture that is Robert and Kristen...
being touted as fake just because they don't like
what the picture shows...
And yet... those same people cling to 
Blurry, grainy pictures that could be anyone...
and claim it to be Rob or Kristen
just because they can make up any story they want 
to go along with them.

That's enough bullshit for now... yes?
Truth always wins out in the end...
And we shall see...
Oh yes...
We shall see.

Every little thing she does is magic
Everything she does just turns me on
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on 

This post is brought to you by the letters *S* and *R*

(and if you don't get it... I feel sorry for you)


Because let's face it...
99% of what you see is bullshit.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

While I was waiting on today's post, I posted the comment below on yesterday's blog comments. Anyway, I enjoy this interview so much I am reposting it to today's
Great blog today...as usual.....

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day. As I have been waiting on my daily blog fix today, I thought of the interview below, I know we have all seen it a million times, but....well...it makes me happy, so I thought I would share it and hopefully bring some joy to you all as well today!!
This is by far my favorite interview w/ Rob..he is so comfortable and FORTHCOMING with information!!


Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, another great one. I am always amazed that people can look at a grainy picture and just assume they know who it is and what they are doing. I love how you basically broke it all down. too funny! Especially the pic at the pool party, seriously it could be anyone. But I guess if your desperate for proof that what you think if your delusional mind is true than you can make it look as you think it does. lol thanks again Rose. Hopefully we see the dynamic duo together again soon.

Patricia said...

Rose: I almost got whiplash checking your board today. Grazie for the post (that as usual is spot on)...

Reading Twitter was driving me crazy yesterday, all the bullshit rumors and that girl in the video was some sort of assistant by Rob's trailer and was too TALL and not as slightly built as Kristen. Some of those people in Tennessee were scary. And giving out the name of his hotel was JUST WRONG. That poor guy, I thought LA was bad, Jesus.

I didn't think Kristen would visit him when her film starts Tuesday, but I've been wrong before. I still think she'll go to TCA and he'll go back to Montreal with her, or if her filming is too busy maybe to London and then to Montreal on his way back to USA. They usually don't go more than a month without seeing each other (in the past at least) I MISS THEM AND YOU CAN SEE IT ON ROB'S FACE HE MISSES HIS BABY GIRL (FOR SURE) Where's his smile????

These people will never accept their relationship, because they are still hoping for Rob to be with them and it isn't going to happen.


deb said...

Thanks rose Im just going to set back and wait WE well see them before long I just hope they have a good little vac. before BD I do miss them.Like you said once. GOOD thinks DO happen To those WHO WAIT .SO im waiting LOOK At Rob he waited and look what he got Beautiful, loving, caring Kristen. DEB.

jen said...

Who needs gossip cop, when I can find out what's being said and what's real right here? You're the best!

And Robert in those pictures....UNF....he is so gorgeous and lovely. He's like a work of art almost, I'm not even being a perv when I just stare at his images for minutes at a time! He's just beautiful and looks so at home in period dress. Not everyone does.

Lavínia said...

I'm from Brazil.I saw the comercial for TCA in E!Television. It says Kristen will be there, as Robert and Katy Perry. I saw the comercial many times. I don't know if it's true, or if she will be there. But, they are saying she will... Thanks for your attention.

June said...

Hey Rose, I do love your sarcasm!!

Reading today's blog, when you said that the kiss on the neck pic was fake, I was like... What??? But when I read on, I got you!! or should I say, I got your sarcasm! hehe

I always thought that Rob could go to Montreal if he finished his shooting today. Besides I think he carried to much package for a two days trip. I never figured that Kristen could make it to Chanattoga, so I got surprised when I read that possible sighting yesterday.... You never know with these two, though.

I hope the next rumor or sighting become true, for my mental sanity.

keset said...


Look at 3:35... :)
It was not in the movie!?!

June said...


Thanks for the info! I twitted TCA a couple of days ago, asking if Kristen was attending. I asked today again and I've got no answer..

In fact, no one has oficially confirmed her attendance.

rockchic said...

great job rose!!! its amazing how hyenas say that some pic with a guy who is *clearly* not rob is him and someone who clearly is (with kristen) isnt.
keep the great blogs coming!!!! the truth definately comes out :)

SueBee said...

Photoshopped or not it's a pic with so many possibilities....

Hey Kris (kiss on the neck) you've been talking to that guy long enough. Let's get out of here.


Kristen, are you going to drink all that?


*Rob thinking* "not liking the way that man is looking at her. A kiss on the neck should let him no he has no chance in hell..." Muah "There that should do it!"


*Rob thinking* Damn! I love the way she smells!


"Kristen, come on, before the wings are all gone!"

Hey, who knows right? LOL

SueBee said...

Damn, that was supposed to be "know" not "no." The first "no" that is.

SayNoBSplease said...

im confused, where did that picture of oregano and kristen come from? what's the story? When did it come out? ANSWERS ANSWERS, PLEASE! lol, Great post by the way! I always love your posts! good job Rose!

kristine.hills said...

According to a post on net there was no kiss on her neck , but whispers and then the love birds disappeared and never returned!!! LOL

Read here(it was on ROB's fan blog
"To those who are claiming the most recent Rob/Kristen picture from the Eclipse after-party is photoshopped: it's (cont) http://tl.gd/2rqa6q "

Very interesting:
"On Saturday 31st July 2010, @scarletmaxie said:

To those who are claiming the most recent Rob/Kristen picture from the Eclipse after-party is photoshopped: it's not. The person who took the photo commented about it at a *Rob* blog (you know, a blog dedicated to that guy you obsess about 24/7, yet still, to make yourselves feel better, believe he is such a phony as to be involved in a PR relationship. But I digress.). First off, calm yourselves: he wasn't kissing Kristen's neck. But he was leaning over to whisper something to her. And, a few minutes later? They both left out the same side door (him first, she a couple minutes after) and didn't return.

But, by all means, pretend it's part of the worldwide conspiracy perpetuated by the media, Summit, "crazy" fans, the Pope, the White House, the Queen, and, of course, Kristen, to convince you two celebrities are dating. That's so much more logical--in that totally non-logical way. #OccamsRazor "

XO from Brazil

Rose thanks again you always make my days/night(deppend on when i can read your amazing post)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you Rose. I went to the movies today to see Eclipse again for the 6th time...I just can't stay away. There are so many rumors floating around, and I am trying very HARD not to listen. The worst one I've heard is that Kris is very sick, and I have heard it twice in the last two weekends, from not eating and sleeping. I do not believe this because the movie was to important to her to jeopardize it. Anyway, I am trying not to freak until I hear it from a reliable source. I too hope Kris will be at the TCA, I just miss Robsten so much, but I know they will be together soon. Please keep up the blogs---you are keeping me sane.

kristine.hills said...

To SaynoBSplease

That ridiculous rumor/pic was after KS arrived from Budapest and she went to a musical festival in LA WITH HER BROTHER and her BG/agent/friend the teddy bear.

Melinda said...

Oh the crazies will always be crazy. No hope for them. I still find it amusing that they are the ones who always have to "prove" something. For them they know Rob and Kristen are together, so now it is their mission to prove it is just PR. Assuming (which I believe will happen) that Rob and Kristen are still together after BD2 comes out in theaters then they will be forced to give up the PR BS.

Hopefully we sane ones can hold out that long!! :)

As for the WFE pics- he is hot man with a soft side we see with Kristen which makes him that much more delish!

About K being in GA- since we don't know her day to day schedule anything is possible. I wrote what the woman said not to be taken as fact but as hearsay. As I said yesterday about twitter/fb postings...take everything with a grain of salt and a large glass of tequila!

Hoping K will make it to the TCA's b/c I miss seeing them all smiley and happy.

SayNoBSplease said...

Thank-you kristine.hills!

Okay, I'm relieved. No oregano, just her brother. Phew! Thanks again for the info!

Melinda said...

Barbara- where are you hearing this stuff?

I will say if anyone goes on the AT Boards then 99% of what you read in the comments are BS. There are a few sane people who post there still and refute the BS. That place is a cesspool of hate, silliness(the teens that post there), and stupidity.

My advice for anything you read is this:

If it sounds fishy it most likely is.

If you decide to read any gossip article, skip the comments b/c they are usually not very nice.

I come to Rose's blog b/c she speaks the truth and I get a kick out her snark!

I also follow people on twitter who feel the same as I and will call out the people that make up BS about Rob and/or Kristen.

I won't go anywhere else b/c I just got tired of reading BS from people who just want attention. For them it isn't about R/K anymore. It's who can I get to argue with me and make me feel better about myself by tearing someone else down who I don't know.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post!
I have been so busy lately. I don't have much free time these days! But I just wanted to say, that the place I make sure to stop in and read -- is your blog. I love reading here and I love the positive, supportive comments from fellow posters in regards to Rob and Kristen.
Thanks, Rose!

dowlingnana said...

Hey there Patty: I agree with you whole heartedly, until/when I see that special smile on Rob's face, then I'll know she's around for sure!!
That pic thinking it was MA, geesh, unless he grew his hair that long, coz' we knew it wasn't KS, then someone is a fool!!
I also knew that blurry one was Rob and Kris right away. Slim bodies, her skinny legs, his head bowed down, carry on's they had and the surroundings alone were just like other photo's that weren't blurry! As Mr. T always says.............FOOL(S). Have a great weekend all. Donna

su said...
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su said...

congratulations, Rose, your posts are really beautiful!

Carly said...

Im not sure I will survive the movei when it hits the cine

as much as I would like to believe them being togehter, I will believe him in Montreal before I believe her in Georgia as well

as frot eh blurry, grainy pics - well, I heard of selective hearing. selective seeing and selective believing are pretty new