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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Falling In Love For The Last Time?

OK. Here's the deal. There is a song going around...
Lee McDougall (a friend of Lizzy Pattinson and the Britpack?) has been performing it.

"Falling in Love"

Allegedly it was written by Robert... about Kristen.
It was written during the filming of "Twilight"
There has supposedly been some verification of these facts... (??)
But listen to the song... read the words.
I can't think of a more romantic gesture than someone writing a song about you.
What do you think?

If you’re sitting comfortably then let me begin.
I want to tell you a tale about the mess that I’m in.
And it all starts with a girl.
And shes breaking up my whole world.
Shes got this big green eyes, and there as wide as the moon.
They can take you to bed without you leavin’ the room.
I would kill just to be her man,
but she’s too cool to give a damn.
I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain’t mine
I’m falling in love for the last time.
She makes me feel like a king,
she makes me feel like a freak

She plays on me because she knows that I’m weak
And she knows just what to say, just to brighten up my day.

So now I’m feeling sick,
and shes still having fun
I guess she thinks that I’m thick, or maybe a little dumb

But it makes no use to me,
I’m a fool for misery.

I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.

Falling in love with a girl that ain’t mine
I’m falling in love for the last time.

I’m falling in love with a girl…

I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.

Falling in love with a girl that ain’t mine
I’m falling in love for the last time….. 

I guess the girl is his now...
Is he in love for the last time?


Bye for now
*Thanks to D for showing the way to @Cullenizme*


Lollyblogster said...

to be in love so totally and completely... I'd love to be that girl =)

Thanks Rose!

deejon67 said...

Cute He Waited And He Got His Girl They Are Happy They Are Together!!!!

Caroline said...

Ohhhh love this song...so beautiful and cute...tx Rose.

Patricia said...

Rose when I first heard about the song and went on the sight to hear it. I was blown away.

It is so obvious to me that it's Rob writing about Kristen. We all know she was involved with Michael during the time they were making "Twilight'. And we all saw how they looked at each other and interacted doing the interviews and promos. I believe they they got together at her Birthday time while filming 'New Moon" And have been a couple in love ever since.


Honey said...
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TIKisokA said...

OMG! You only just heard of this song now Rose?! haha
Incidentally I heard abt this during the Eclipse premiere so I was all too giddy abt this and seeing Robsten the next day during the LA premiere! I was in robsten heaven!
i really do hope the backstory to this song is true but come on! green eyes? girl who aint mine? it all fits! haha but now he has the girl! wohoo!

deb said...

SO TRUE Rose I can even see him sing it Im so glad he took the time and waited for her THEY ARE so beautiful together and LOOK SEE how Happy they are GOOD THINGS DO COME WHEN YOU WAIT ASK ROB IM HAPPY FOR HIM THANKS Rose for the song and the video. DEB.

Bex said...


i don't get that impression at all. IF the song is even written about her (its all speculation until he confirms it himself) i see it as him falling for her, knowing he shouldn't and thats its stupid for him to as she was in a serious long term relationship, and he had a huge potential to get hurt.

i'm sure she flirted with him and led him on a bit (probably not on purpose but who knows)... but he got her in the end <3

Sydney said...

I love the idea that he wrote this for her. Do we know for sure? Of course not, but it does seem to fit. Looking back, I kind of think that they both had feelings for each other, but his were stronger and she was in a relationship. I also think that she didn't want to jump in, wasn't sure of his feelings, didn't want to risk her relationship in case he wasn't sincere.

But he stuck around and she realized he wasn't going anywhere and that his feelings were real. And he seems to have won her over. She obviously decided to take that risk.

Even if he didn't write that song, it still seems to fit. It would be sad if he hadn't gotten the girl in the end. But clearly, he did.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. One thing for sure, I love them both so much.

Honey said...
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May said...
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May said...

Love,love,love <3

Its definitely Rob and we all know that aint the only song out there,that he penned for her. ;D

Rose,just so you know,your posts always make my day. <333

@Honey OMG You are sooo clueless,its not even funny.Stop while you`re ahead,bb. LMAO

LK said...

The lyrics are great.Very sweet and romantic.Rob or whoever wrote it is a very sensitive person.And the girl that this song is about is a very lucky girl.

Honey said...
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Bex said...


i think we all already got that impression that you don't believe he got her from your first post. no need to reiterate it...

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Rob wrote that song, I do truly love it.

And it fits positively perfectly. I listened to it a while ago when it first came out that he may have written it. Anyone know where I can download a version?

He most certainly has the girl now. :-)

What I like to consider is the songs that he likely wrote about her when he was making Eclipse. He has said since he was trapped in his hotel room he rented a piano and wrote a lot of music so he wouldn't go crazy. It stands to reason that at least some of the music during that time would have been about Kris. I wonder what it sounds like? What the lyrics are?? :-D

I wonder what Kris things/feels when she hears the songs he has written about her. How could she not melt??

He is a wonderful musician. And I love his voice. I wish he would do more with music. But I realize that he only has so much time in the day and I can't expect him to do it all.... all the time. Hopefully at some point he will take a small break from movies and record some music.


deb said...

Honey all Im going to say is I wish that some one would look at me and hold on to me the way KRISTEN looks at Rob. and the way she holds on to him SHE KNOWS hes her lover and Best friend SHE HAS SAID SO THIS is JUST the beginning of a LONG and BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP THANK GOD . DEB.

Patricia said...

Suzy Q
In the Harpers Bazaar interview Kristen was asked who is the best singer (her or Rob) She said Rob "Heartbreaking"

You were correct about his writing lots of songs during 'Eclipse' he mentioned that also.

Grazie Rose for those beautiful pictures. They really go with the words. Don't we LOVE THIS COUPLE???


deb said...

SuzyQ I was reading some where that he said that he and Lizzy well be doing a album by the end of the year WHO KNOWS I hope so I miss HIS songs and would love to hear new ones If he does make new ones i cant wait.BEING IT ON ROB WE ARE ALL WAITING TO HEAR AND BYE IT DEB.

Lisa said...

I love this song.. It would be great if R wrote it for K, makes sense but... I know on the first site I saw it on, Lee put "This song came about through a close friend of mine..."
You can listen to it here http://www.amazingtunes.com/users/leemacdougall/tunes

I have a version someone sent me that has Rob's voice talking about falling in love very fast in the beginning and then at the end, it has him saying what he said about her at the MTVMA's Very cool.. But as of the day before yesterday, you can buy it at itunes for .99 :)

deb said...


Anonymous said...

@ Lisa

My MP3 player does not support iTunes.

Would you be willing to share your version with me?


Sydney said...

I agree Deb. Let's not engage the crazy today. Besides, there isn't anything to respond to. That post was pretty much written in gibberish.

Opytaylor said...

Please don't enable mental illness. Don't feed her. The only thing she has is drawing people into arguments.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose seems the delusional are now making accounts to post here... you must really PUSH them into the abyss Hugh? LMAO Keep it going girl! Though I would advise a moderator at some point or your beautiful blog will turn in the AT boards.

That above comment over KS is comical.. Really Hater get a fucken grip! You look so desperate.. sad.. foaming. Pathetic.

I started out as a Rob fan, Love that man, then KS won me over also. I support them together or a part.. but there so luscious together arent they? :) and I have to say I find myself sticking up for KS on a daily basis from these loony fucks. Not that she needs us or me to have her back. She has the most beautiful man in the world.. in HER bed and the world at HER feet, she and RP both do and no matter how these sick fucks contact the media and try to ruin her and Rob, and believe there delusions, what they say mean NOTHING in the end. As Rob would say Just keep being a NERD behind a computer fuck nuts. You are nothing to these two, as we who support them have no effect. Sure there are some obsessive shippers,I personally don't agree with there obsession with these two at times but the sickos are scary! at least the shippers are supportive, respectful for the most part and not an embarrassment as real fans SHOULD be. IMO haters all you are doing is pushing Rob and KS CLOSER. :)

Seriously they need mental help..I fear for KS safety at points with these sickos.

Beautiful song.. for Kristen or not, I would love to be that girl with the big green eyes :) Have a love filled day Rose and all the awesome R & K supporters here. Keep up the love and ignore the fuck nuts!

Bex said...


hahahaha fuck nut. LOVE IT!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

The words of that song fit Rob and Kris perfectly, and they are so beautiful. I would love to have someone feel that way about me. I definitely think they are in love totally and for the last time. Just my opinion

katy said...

Please ladies ignore the haters...enganging in arguments with them its not worth it.

Rose, don't no if Rob Wrote this song but its true that it looks like someting Rob would write...Love it.

Opytaylor said...

I downloaded the RunAways last night, going to watch it on the iPad today. Already some Oscar buzz for Kristen on Welcome To The Rileys

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Lovely post. That song is beautiful and it does fit with what Rob must have been feeling during Twilight. He has always been so crazy about Kristen. And, yes, the girl is his now.

PS- That Allure photo of Kristen --- SO gorgeous.

PSS- I agree with ignoring the bullshit. It's beyond laughable. Someone gets so angry over what Rose has to say. And if this someone is obsessed with trying to convince people here that Rob and Kristen aren't dating ...or..wait...it's a PR relationship (they can't make up their minds and contradict themselves at every turn)--- So be it. I just wish they would really GET IT that they are wasting their time....

PSPS- Rob and Kristen are a gorgeous and adorable couple. And I am having a great summer!

LK said...

Hey,Rose,i see that some of Rob's disgusting part of fans are here.And they use Kristen's name to create an account!

You know what i can't understand with these "people"? They say that they hate Kristen,can't stand her,but they know everything about her and they stalk her to no end.When i don't like someone or i hate them,i ignore them,not stalk them.I guess this proves that those people have serious issues.

Barbara Fenwick said...

That is wonderful news. Kris deserves an Oscar because she puts her heart and soul into every role she takes. I am waiting to buy the DVD next week when it comes out and I can hardly wait...I have wanted to see that movie since I first heard about it.

Anonymous said...


I would be on cloud NINE if Rob won a little golden statue for WFE and Kristen won a little gold statue for WTTR.


I would float off my cloud nine and just BURST with happiness if they thanked each other in their acceptance speeches.

That would be both AMAZING and ADORABLE!


I've added new words to my pissed off vocab list "a*shat" and "f*ck nut"

I'm ignoring the haters but if I wasn't I would utilize both of my newly learned pissed off words to describe them.

olivia said...

Lovely song and pictures today Rose.
Kristen certainly has the big green eyes as wide as the moon.
I hadn't seen the pic before where they both have the "MUCH" microphones in hand and are laughing. I love how they crack up with each other and have so much fun within their own little bubble even when they are among a crowd.
Thank you for the link to the song and also the fan vid. Enjoyed them both!
I will keep my hopes up for a clear, sunny afternoon.
Respect Rob and Kristen,

Anonymous said...


Yes, he is !
Love it!
This song is = ♥

Rose, <3 you!

LK said...


OMG,girls!You have to watch this!Rapper Rob in full force!

Anonymous said...

The lyrics fit perfectly the Rob and Kristen of Twilight. I can imagine Rob composing this song, I can imagine his feelings.

Rob told us, not just that he'd fallen in love, but he had fallen in love for the last time. Can you imagine how deep and strong his feelings were as to write such a title for a song?

Thanks for today's blog Rose!


Sunny said...

Listen for Rob's laugh at the end of the ITunes version. It's after the song ends and soft but definitely sounds like him.

deb said...

Hey guys I to think that Rob and Kristen deserves AN Oscar .They both have work hard in there movies and are getting so much better THEY HAVE CAME A LONG WAY THEY have my vote and just think we well get more movies of them. I love Kristen yes I am a Robert Pattinson Intoxication But she is a part of him so I do worry for safety. And his to.THIS is going to be a good year I think.So much More Good to come cant wait to see,hear it.Lets have Fun Today ok DEB.

Bren said...

Love the lyrics, it sure does sound like something he might have written at that time. Rob had already fallen for Kristen after watching "Into The Wild", the one thing he didn't count on was her having a boyfriend, and one that had been with her for a while, to boot.
I just recently came across an old interview where Kristen said "people are always afraid to make changes in their lives." At that point I think Kristen knew she was going to leave MA for Rob.

Twigirl said...

Dear Robsten fandom;

Please defend Rob against Kristen fans who ship her with others on her boards.
They are such hypocrites, they are NO BETTER than rob fans. JS

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Rose...Ii will promise to be a good girl today.....I let my rambling overcome me yesterday....Usually I couldn’t be bothered with all the defensive stuff....But my new friend "T" yesterday hit one, two or more nerves...
THAT FRIGGIN SONG......you know I’ve heard it so much in last past weeks.....I was actually reading that slow..Because I was singing it in my head.....I know how the melody goes instinctively......Isn’t that the most romantic gesture anyone could do for you’re.....SIGNIFICANT OTHER.....BEST FRIEND......
LETS FACE IT LADIES AND OPYTALOR [we can’t forget about him]....how many of us have had that quite unique gesture bestowed on one......
I remember reading earlier this year that Rob supposedly wrote another song for Kristen....whilst he was missing her. When he was in NYC filming RM and she was still filming RW on the West Coast....
”London Calling” for memory it was called....The words in that song where equally touching and personal.

BTW Do you believe here in OZ you can’t even purchase “The Summer House” on iTunes yet!!!!!!!ARRGHHHHHHHH the States, Ireland etc and others can purchase it …..But good old OZ cant…..I reckon places like Lithuania could get it before us!!!!!!!.

Jam said...

You should stay away from those sites, you'll feel much better. Recently, it's become very pleasant and comforting here on Rose's blog. Rose has always been great and comforting, but without the Anon commenters, it's been so much saner. On occasion, there are some trolls, but there are great defenders here. Robstenation and Robsten Love forum is a good place to go for news about them without the crap. They have a zero tolerance for drama policy.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

London Calling" where definetly in the lyrics....Now that i think of it I think it may have been called 'Fucking Lights'.......

deb said...

Loutsa if you come across it well you post it so i can see Thanks grilfriend DEB.

sollee said...

awww rob definitely loves his girl..lucky kristen!!!a beautiful song and a beautiful post as well..

Anonymous said...

here I found the link Sam bradley singing that SUPPOSED song that Rob was suppose to write...about K....Im not sure so please dont quote me here....Although there is another version of a video circulating and it dated Feb 09....so i think that was before RM filmimg in NYC...so how could he have written it ...as the story goes...while he was missing K and filming RM in NYC...he was filming that in the US Summer 09..right....I dont know....but its worth listening to ....not a bad song at all...


Patricia said...

are you talking about Sam Bradley (Rob's friend ) singing "Fucking Lights" It talks about LA, New York and says "London's calling me home."

How's your new little grandbaby doing ?


Anonymous said...

heres another link....go down a little till you see the video linf of Lights sam bradley..it has the lyrics there too....


Anonymous said...

@ Patricia...YES

Anonymous said...

Rose posted about it too.
Here's the link:http://pattinsonintoxication.blogspot.com/2009/11/missing-rob-and-kristen.html

Anonymous said...

Ponder over these lines ladies....JS

What doesn't matter, still holds its truth. . . That nothing matters, when I'm with you!

Pretty lies and secret love. . . Nothing gets me what I want from you, from you
What I want, what I want from you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rose if I took that thought from YOU......I have read so much stuff I sometime forget where i read it from......Please except my apology....I wasnt trying to take your thunder....so to speak....
thanks Anna for pointing that out...I feel like a douche bag!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, that is the sweetest thing ever! I dont' care what the haters say cause I know they're gonna be all over this trying to piss on it and mark their territory, and spout the usual bs that they do everyday. But with the pics and the words that just really is a sweet post. Thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
deb said...

Patty my baby girl is doing good she wants to turn over to her side on to her stomach she is very strong Thank you for asking And Louisa i like the video and the song is is good thank you for for link I can set and listen to Sam sing all day AND you know how i feel about Rob I can go to bed and never stop hearing his voice hummmm Thanks you guys DEB.

ElizabethMC said...

I guess I was caught in the R & K bubble that this song was not caught on my radar earlier. The lyrics seem so obvious. If it is written by R for K, it is heartbreakingly beautiful. If it was written by someone else, then it is still beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it....I didnt visit Roses Blog around Nov 2009...So I was truley unaware that she posted it....No offense Rose or anyone...So it may have been some other Blog I remember it from ...most likley Robstenation....

SueBee said...

What a sweet song! I downloaded it from iTunes today.

My opinion---I think it is very plausible that he wrote it. He writes songs, the situation fits and he is linked to the singer.

I mean, hey why not?

If he didn't write it, it's still a cute song! I give it a 10--its got a good beat and you can dance to it. (American Bandstand reference LOL)

And you know what? I have green eyes so it's nice to hear a song that isn't about brown eyes or blue eyes for a change. AND PLEASE DO NOT FOAM ME HATERS-NOT BEING WEIRD THINKING IT'S ABOUT ME!!!

Just liking that I have something in common with it.

Makes me smile when I think of Rob pining after Kristen, wearing her down, and getting his girl.

But seriously (for the ladies here)
how hard could it have been to resist him? No contest if you ask me!

Honey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Honey said...

Falling in Love For The Last Time is a song about unrequited love.

SueBee said...

Oh how funny!

Can you see it guys? No arguments so another lure has been cast!

Good luck with that.

Melinda said...

Sweet song, sweet couple...

Did he write it? Only the people in the inner circle really know the truth. I really hope people don't pester Lee about it. He is a person who isn't going to sell out private information so they won't get anywhere with him. Plus it is just really annoying and shows immaturity.


I am not going to debate with you about whether or not Kristen loves Rob. I do thank you for stating your opinion without being nasty about it. I get that you don't like Kristen. That's your choice. Rob seems to enjoy being in her company, whatever their relationship is (we all have differing theories about that).

I will say this...Rob and Kristen are fully aware of the hate that is out there regarding their relationship status.

I recall when the Remember Me NY premiere came there was a lot of hateful things that Kristen haters said about wanting to show up at the premiere and do things to Kristen if she showed up.

I feel it was a pretty bold statement for Kristen to show up at his first big post-Twilight movie premiere regardless of the haters backlash or the chaos the paparazzi caused trying to get pics. She stopped for pics on the red carpet but did not talk to the press therefore it wasn't for PR. She was there to show love and support to someone that means a lot to her.

If you really would like me to point out other ways she shows that he is loved I can.

Tarra said...

Granted there is no proof (yet) that Rob had written falling in love for the last time but I truly believe that he did write that song. Just my opinion now, I believe that Rob's crush on Kristen started out with no expectation of a real romantic relationship developing just a harmless, fun, kind of thing. Mature people know that this is possible. The problem for Rob was that he and Kristen have some serious chemistry. I believe that his feelings changed to love as they worked closely and he had begun to really get to know her. Therefore it must have thrown him for a loop to realize that his crush was turning into something more yet it could not be acted on because she had MA. So what is a man to do but write a song. The lyrics so pertain to them and to know how hard it must have been for Rob to watch Kristen with MA makes this song even more touching. Thanks to those that posted the link to Sam Bradley's song. I never heard him sing before and he is a treat.Again no proof that Rob helped write the song but damn Kristen is a lucky woman to have a man write not one but (if rumors have any truth to them) several songs for her. BTW not to stir the pot or anything but if Rob did write the F*cking Lights song because he missed Kristen than that so shoots down any rumors of a EDR hook up as his only interest was in seeing his girl Kristen again. JS

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee I too have Big Green Eyes....so those few words pulled my heart strings....its true us green eyed ppl rarely get a mention...lol

Anonymous said...

Again @ Suebee...that Kristen has some serious self control....HITF could she have resisted his charm of all things......

Anonymous said...


Sign the petition for an R-Rated Breaking Dawn. You need it. I need it. Well all need it. So just sign the petition already. :-)


Anonymous said...

Observation: I'm sure this has been said. But this song has a somewhat similar feel as Van Morrison's music which we know both Kris and Rob were totally listening to a lot of during the filming of Twilight.

I'm still unconvinced as to whether or not Rob wrote it but I can say this

1. It fits positively spot on perfectly.
2. It mirrors the feel of the music that he was listening at the time.
3. The connection to the person who sang it is concrete enough to make it viable that he wrote the song.


I've posted alot today but its been an especially boring day

Honey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Honey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melinda said...

Okay people-

I am not crazy. I deleted my post b/c I was responding to Honey but for whatever reason she has deleted her comments while I was typing my response.

Therefore I am not going to bother anymore. It really doesn't matter one way or the other what I believe or what she believes. The world will continue spinning regardless.

SueBee said...


She was just casting out lures to see who would bite. Sometimes its best not to bother.

Opytaylor said...

Regarding BD: I care more about part II - their first night as equals. I think it's important to help emphasize that Bella is not overcome with thirst for blood. Everyone tells her it will be a year before human desires return, yet she seems to want Edward more than anything else. Rob & Kris will pull this off very well.

Anonymous said...

@Optytaylor I personally think it will be effortlessly....

deb said...

Opytaylor i agree with you and i think Rob and kristen well have more fun with the last 2 movie I bet they can be more them selfs in them NO HOLDING BACK I cant wait to see Kristen become a vampire SHES going to be a bad ass one and the LOVE scene when shes one NO HOLDING BACK ON THAT IT well be there FIRST in love making remember what the book said? they dont ever have to stop (for anything)ALL NIGHT AND DAY YEP thats going to be a good movie.1 and 2 DEB.

LK said...

DO NOT BUY Rob's Iphone tracker! That's invading his privacy and as fans we should NOT support it!

I found this rweet from Robsten world.I don't believe that there are people who would buy stuff like that.It's crazy and psychotic.

Anonymous said...

To all who think places for Kristen fans, that the fans ship her with other men. You're wrong. Most think she's with Rob. Some think she's single and then others report back on Michael, which is hilarious to me as a Kristen fan. But yeh. If you see people getting all cute about her and Taylor, they just like the friendship. Same as the TomStu friendship with Kristen. We know they aren't together. She's either with Rob or single. Rob fans are the worst. He should either be with Paris Hilton, Emilie De Ravin, Nikki Reed, his ex. Anyone but Kristen. Or he should be gay.

Anyway my comment on the song. I believe he did write that song about Kristen. There is no confirmation though. But I linger on the side of believing. I think it's one of those things we aren't going to find out about. It sounds quite sad really. In a way. And imagine if Kristen didn't give Rob a chance. Even if she was single, imagine if she didn't give him the chance for a lot of reasons - her own feelings/the hate she'd receive etc. I almost feel sorry for Rob through this song. To feel such deep feelings for someone and to draw out any other relationship he could have in the future. Woah. And at his age. He was just set on Kristen. I do wonder too if Kristen would be impressed or not. I mean it's like you look more towards Rob's side than Kristen's on this. We know she had a boyfriend, she couldn't just give him up for Rob, just because he came into her life. Let's just hope they're happy together and that he did win her over in the end.

SueBee said...

@ Opy, Louisa, and Deb

Yep, BD pt. 2 is SUPPOSED to be a no holds barred love fest. I did think it was funny that Bella was more turned on by Edward than thristy.

I think I would fall over in my theatre chair if they actually showed the clothes ripping, sexy second honeymoon.

It would be great to see Edward just go for it instead of holding back! LOL

Barbara Fenwick said...

I too am looking forward to BD, and I'll bet Rob and Kris are also. I am also looking forward to the 6 months or so of filming when Robsten can be together, not apart. That must sound like heaven to them. GO ROBSTEN!!!

arkascha said...

I downloaded the song yesterday from itunes. The song stops at 2:38 and then somebody says something and you hear a laugh... it totally sounds like Rob and I have no idea why there should be any reason for someone to laugh about this song. And why it is on a itunes version. Turn the volume on...

Carly said...

I effing love the song and his voice as well. no matter who wrote it. or for whom.

apparently his myspace says he got that song via a friend. now whether that friend was Lizzy/Rob that is left to each opinion. I do believe it very possible that Rob wrote it about Kris

in a way it very well fits the situation of 2008. he seemed to have a major crush. she wasnt his. and then there are the green eyes. and the self-depriciation. and a bit of desperation. and a lot of love

did he fall in love for the last time? I hope so. if not, well, I guess we all will cross that bridge when we come to it, wont we?

Kaylee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaylee said...

Rose!! if you bought the song on iTunes then go and listen to the end of it, after the music has stopped and you think its over you can hear a very faint laugh and I swear it is Rob! Please listen and let me know what ya think! my twitter is @imkaylee

Barbara Fenwick said...

Kaylee, I think it sounds like Rob also. Rose I would like to hear your opinion.