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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Robert is in Loquat with Kristen

Let's talk pie.
Loquat pie.
Kristen's Loquat pie.

Truly... it was a cute story.
But HATEsten had to get all bent out of shape...
as usual.

Kristen and Rob were interviewed by "Hollywood and Dine"
Kristen talked about making Loquat pies/crumbles
She said she brought them in TODAY for the press junket.
Then Robert...
Being all adorable and cute...
Talked about Kristen YESTERDAY
making a loquat crumble...
And it was
"One of the best things I've ever tasted"
Adorable... yes?
Cute as hell?
Do you think Robert helped her pick the loquats?
I like that they both called them 'crumbles'
Too cute.

Don't forget that Kristen baked those pies for PR!
PR PIE was the official name.
"Go see Eclipse... Get a PIE!"
Robert eats lots of people's pies!
I eat my friends pies... ALL THE TIME!


Thanks to dreamer4ever01 (@jenniferklobus) for this great picture!

Rob and Kristen showed up at a screening of Eclipse.
Hatesten would have you believe that Eclipse
is sucking at the box office...
So Summit is pushing Rob and Kristen out the door
to promote the movie.
I guess The 5 minutes they spent at the theater was actual PR.
But the 23 hours and 55 minutes of the rest of the day?
It was all theirs.

Don't they look adorable?
As always...
Robert can't take his eyes off of Kristen.
And the smile that is always on his face.
LOVE that he looks so happy.

I watched a video of the appearance...
Stick with the pictures.
Too much screaming and people rudely yelling at Rob
as he was trying to talk.
Does Robert really need to hear
'You're still hot!' when he's trying to speak?
Does anyone need to hear that?
I don't get the screaming.

So sweet.

I'm going to mention the fact that Kristen had
a red plaid shirt in her back pocket...
And the fact that so many people tweeted that it was Rob's.
And you can tell that by a glimpse of flannel in her pocket?
Kristen owns red flannel.
Every time she has something similar to Rob...
doesn't mean she's wearing his clothes...
(Although... can you imagine having his scent...
next to you... ON you... all day?)

I have no doubt that Kristen has worn some of Rob's shirts.
There have been times that she has some big ol' t-shirt on...
That looked exactly like Roberts
For the most part...
I don't think Kristen and Rob make it a habit
to share clothes...
Ya know?
Robert is over 6 feet tall...
Kristen is maybe... 5'4"
His shirts would overwhelm her...
(again... a nice thought...)

If *I* were Kristen...
I would fucking wear his stuff ALL the damn time.
But see...
She's is WITH Robert all the damn time...
She doesn't NEED to be wearing his clothes.
She can just wear...

That would be a 
and a 

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

The 2nd photo is mine, can you please credit me.

Lollyblogster said...

love it!

jen said...

great post, Rose!

I take tweets with a grain of salt, but there was also a tweet that placed R/K at the Soho West H. last night too, don't know when exactly. Robert frequents it often, so i wouldn't be surprised.

And as for the hyenas swearing eclipse tanked-they are ridiculous. Eclipse is short of New moon's 6 day take by 4 million. lol New Moon opened huge, but dropped off very quickly. Eclipse opened big too, but has maintained a more steady box office. That's why people need to look at overall numbers for a 5-6 day run, since NM opened to no competition in Thanksgiving on a Friday, while Eclipse opened to competition on a Wednesday.

Patricia said...

Rose, Rose, Rose: I love you ! You had me laughing my ass off with your post ... She can wear him ( I LOVE THAT) !!!!!


I also noticed at the appearance he had a black shoelace bracelet on his right wrist. Kristen had her necklace, ring and black shoelace bracelet on also. Okay I'm obsessed with them ( I know it ) so that's half the battle.

I also notice that Rob folds his arms when (he is in public around Kristen ) so he doesn't accidentally grab her and hug her. But he can't keep his eyes off of her and he never quits
smiling. Why am I always so happy when I see the two of them together ?????

I missed you posting yesterday, but I hope you enjoyed your holiday week-end.

Grazie Rose for your intoxication with our favorite couple.


jen said...

ps: THANK YOU too Rose for the clothes comment. People need to not overanalyze their every shirt and flannel shirt,etc. I'm sure she throws on something of his sometimes, but for the most part I think the girl is just wearing her clothes and they just have similar styles.

kristine.hills said...

HELLmet this post was fanFUCKINGtastic as always!


This is so sweet.When a man loves a woman...They are f.adorable! JEEEZZZZ!

And the gossip mags and the blindstens can write whatever they want and it doesn't change a sh!t.RK are TOGETHER in TOGETHER!

And what amazes me is WE loyal fans know better than them that RK are only one item, they have to get over, bc off screen if you see R you can bet your going to see K and vice versa.

Rose, beautiful post!

"K's pie is one of the best things i've ever eaten" ROB

Huge smile on my face!

XOXO from Brazil

Caroline said...

Oh Rose, i'm so happy today...i just wake up and saw this two together...So happy...and the eyes...i never get tired with this look that they give to each other!
And "dreamer4ever01...great photos...tx..

Oh love...So cute!




aurea said...

me too, made me laugh with the she can wear him. just can't get enough of these two lovers. always put a smile on my face. love you blog always. hope you had a wonderful time.

Rocio said...

i really love your blog its amazing and i like that you write about reality and facts.. I love, really LOVE their arrival to the cinema i didnt think it was PR.. they looked so relax and comfortable with each other and even it was less than 2 min, to me they looked happy and humble, and about the pie i also think robert was w kristen when she was baking the pies.. they are so cute and amazing together, you can tell when someone is in love i guess they are no matter what other people think.. YOU ARE GREAT ROSE..

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose.....love this whole post! She can just wear HIM....and something tells me..SHE DOES!

deejon67 said...

They Are Happy They Are Together And Looking Very Good Together!!! Love Your Blog Rose.

olivia said...

Dear Rose,
Beautiful post! Thank you.

"Robert is in Loquat with Kristen" - warmth, homey, down to earth, and delicious

"smitten" - adoring gaze, unspoken connection, that magnetic force, a team together

"She can just wear...HIM" - No words Rose, you said it all. Brilliant! : )

Love to all,
a happy believer-

Anonymous said...

Luky her...luky him. I love Rob and Kris, they are both talented actors and good guys. All the best!!! :)

deb said...

There you go girl say it like it is I to would wear Rob to But how LUCKY is Kristen to get to wear Him 24/7 Im glade that they got out and did the movie thing it just tells me how much they do love there fans and how much they want to do good in them for us Rose I miss ya yesterday I love the pic. of them TOGETHER and that BIG SMILE I'm so happy that she puts it on him and lets not forget the looks he gives her ONLY HER WHAT a LUCK,LUCKY girl SHE LOOKS HAPPY to THEY ARE HAPPY Thanks Rose for the post love them .3 more days then hes done with WFE When dose she leave for camp? DEB.

SueBee said...

I think I had something intelligent to post but it keeps getting sidelined with "she can wear him!"

Picturing the leg hitch scene come to fruition...

I'm a perv! Yeah,so? LOL

Love the way Rob is smiling at Kristen in the pics.

Wasn't expecting the pics today so it was a wonderful surprise. And wonder of all wonders, it's just the 2 of them! No Taylor buffer!

Must have been easier not having to pick someone else up on the way! LOL

He does have his arms crossed...hmmmm. Yeah, he is trying to keep his hands to himself!

Lovin' the cuteness. Kris baking and Rob loving it. Reminds me of when my hubby and I first started out. *sigh* :o)

May said...

OMG "PR PIE"? ROTFLMAO Yep,its official.Haters have lost it. (Not that they had it in the first place. ;p)

NGL,I would LOVE to have a taste of Kristen`s loquat pie.JS :D

katy said...

God...Do people still think Robert and Kristen are a PR stunt...Realy???
I thought that with wyck and Slade confirming that Rob and Kristen are a couple people would stop Screaming PR.
It's obvious, its not because of Rob and Kristen Relantionship that the Twilight Saga always do GREAT in the Box office....these movies would do GREAT even if they weren't dating.Eclipse opened Big and I'm prety sure that it will do even better that New Moon.

PR pie very funny...I never tasted a loquat pie...but I do love loquat, its called 'Nespras' in Portugal. Rob saying Kristen pie was "One of the best things I've ever tasted" Adorable because Rob doesn't really like desserts...cakes...those kind of thing, Kristen pie must taste Realy Realy good.

Rob...the way he looks at Kristen...it says everything it's writen all over his face...He loves her and Kristen loves him too I hate when people say she doesn't love him the same way...the fact that Kristen wears that necklace all the time says a LOT to me.

PS: Love your Post Rose

Carly said...

I havent watched the pie video yet but it just sounds so sweet that he would compliment something so ... personal. something she is obviously proud of

well, its obvious that them appearing at the screening was a PR. but they are not the only ones doing it, as far as I know. and it would have been as much of a PR even if they appeared each on their own. but they have appeared together. hm, wonder why? LOL

I think she wears his clothes a lot. at home. I think she wears his clothes sometimes. in public. as for this particular shirt - I have seen hr wear it before. never seen him in one outside a fotoshoot.

I watched 2 videos. sans sound. because fans screaming irritate me. I like to beleive I would be better behaved. maybe its a good thing I will likely never find out ;)

beautiful post, Rose. just beautiful

katy said...

ohh...about Kristen wearing Rob close...that flanel shirt kristen had on her back pocket is hers...but I've seen Kristen wearing one shirt of Rob and this one I'm prety sure it's his...its a white shirt with a little tear(rip)...can't find the photo now...but does it matter if she wears his closes sometimes...No..because Rose is absolutly right 'wear him' all the time

Anonymous said...

Great post as always Rose you really know how to choose your words and make us all laugh.

She can wear him. Very true. Shes so lucky . They both are.

I just wnat to mention and I think I talk for alot of us here it really upsets me that this gossip mag would just write about anything just to have a story.

I personaly dont belive none of there crap. What upsetd me is the lies written in this mags.

We that love Robsten know that this awful things said about them are not true but for someone that dose nt know them it just makes them look bad.

First i read something about Rob cheating on Kris . REALLY?

Obviously this peolpe are blind and cant see how much Rob loves Kris.

Just the way Rob looks at Kris says alot, if eyes could talk Rob eyes would be screaming I love you Kris.

Second some stupid brit mag reports that Rob told a friend taht he has not met his soul mate and he is no where near in getting married.

That scince they moved in together Rob has become distance and that he has broken Kris heart because she fells that to Rob moving in with her just meant having some where to stay while in LA. instead of one step forward in their relationship...and some other crap that I dont remember.

Like I said I dont belive this. It makes me mad because shit like this is exactly what feeds the hyenas.

And yes I hate when there making Rob look bad especially when there trying to mke him look like some unsensitive asshole. Which his not.

Stupid mags.

ok now that I got that out off my chest. I wish you all a great day.

Anonymous said...

She's is WITH Robert all the damn time...
She doesn't NEED to be wearing his clothes.
She can just wear...

DUUUDE, loved it!
Rose, you are sooo awesome!
I really admire you, what you write is so ... I don't even know the word, is wonderful to read your words. You should see my reaction to the things you write .. or not. HAHA, you would laugh.


Lisa said...

haha very cute post Rose! LOL They are just SO cute! I can't believe Hatestens can really believe the shit they spew! At least I don't read any of it! LOL

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post (I say this all the time but I sincerely mean it!).

Rob loves Kristen's pies! I bet he loves everything she cooks. Seems very likely that that's the case. And I can totally see him puttering around the kitchen while she bakes/cooks waiting to get a bite.

Last night they were only in front of the fans for around a minute or so but it was a very cute minute. Rob was sweet looking after Kristen. And Kristen was so cute in catching glances at Rob between looking down at the floor. They are adorable together. Nice to see their smiling faces.

The whole PR thing-- I don't even pay attention to it. It's the go-to excuse.
And Eclipse in no way tanked. It had competiton in TLA and Toy Story 3 but it still made what those two movies made combined. I think it did great and by the time it's out of the theatres, it will make an enormous bundle.

Blondebabe_237 said...

Hmmm.. Iv hated not being able to comment on your blog for ages, so i finally made a google account thingy, arghhh and i keep forgetting my username and having to make anther oneee :L

But anyway, just a thought..
Someone asked me today, wouldn't you want him to not be with her because you want to be with him..
because they kind of thought that way..

and i said.. no, actually, i'd rather him be with her, because i know i will never be with him..

It just made me realise that the only reason there are haters is pure JEALOUSY..

Also, I made the decision from the beginning not to read gossip mags about R + K or any newspapers, and iv stuck to it :) I dont think iv ever read any of them at all. And boy i'm glad i dont..
I simply come online and look at the pictures of them and thier interviews, valid information that comes out of their mouths and tbh pictures dont lie.. I also always check this blog to make sure i havent missed anything, because I know Rose comments on most things that goes on with them and she always chooses the best quality pics of them to put with her blog :)

Ahh I loved the interviews on Hollywood and Dine..
Can i just say, im from the UK and im not sure about in America or whateva, but we do actually call them crumbles, and crumbles are a bit different to pies..I dunno..
But anyway, it just made me think that maybe she's cooking up a few more british things for Rob.. Only a thought.. or maybe we just use that term, and she's caught on to using the term through Rob and his Family.. :/ Its not important anyway, but thought i'd say :) Because it might mean she spends alot more time with him ;) Well not might, we know she spends as much time as she can with him :/

Also, does anyone think that the reason she says all the time that she lives at home is just a decoy? I mean her parents will always back her up :/ .. I dont think she does live at home personally.. and maybe 'my backyard' is Rob AND Kristin's backyard, and thats why he tried the pies YESTERDAY.. not TODAY with everyone else :/ hmmm

Anyway, sorry about the longgg comment, i havent been able to write ANYTHING for agessss :(
Fab blogs Sarxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, great post I cracked up. About Eclipse tanking? omg we went twice last week and both times it was packed. I don't get how you can call yourself a fan then spread hate. Thank goodness for people like you Rose, nothing but the good. Thanks again.

Melinda said...

Spot on Rose!!! Truly a great post!!

The whole "she wears him" man oh man do things pop into my head!!

Don't understand the stupidity of the haters. Why can't we bind them up and send them to a deserted island where they can't come back. I wonder how long they would last before they would turn on each other??

I saw the tweet/article about R/K grabbing a bite to eat last night. Glad they were able to have a nice night out without the hoopla. Of course some "no pics so it didn't happen" crap. If it were any other celeb couple out to dinner without pics they (the haters) wouldn't even comment on it. Boggles the mind. Oh well at least R/K don't seem to be affected by it.

Have a great one everybody!

deb said...

To Twixtream I am glade that you like Rob and kristen And Im glade that you dont believe all the bullshit thats been said but can I as you to not say or tell what all the HATERS are saying I love to come here so I dont have to hear ALL THAT SHIT ONLY LOVE OK keep the shit at the door Thank you .....DEB. ps dont get me wrong you can say what ever you want Im just saying i hate ALL the hate that Rob and Kristen get every day. :)

Chloe said...

Rose! First, thank you so much for modifying the comments section. It's pleasant to come to your blog and read nothing but positive remarks about Rob and Kristen.

As always, your post is full of WIN! Now I'm off to make my own loquat pie (for PR of course because that is the only reason to bake and enjoy pies nowadays).

Anonymous said...

Rose!! LOVE IT!!! The haters are really pulling strings now to sell THEIR story. PR pie! PSH give me a break.
I also read they went to SOHO's after, if they did manage to go out to dinner, they were able to do it in peace at least. We who believe in Robsten don't need pictures to SEE whats really going on between them ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I loved the title. And I LOVE the way they look at each other. I can't UNDERSTAND how people could not see it. Its all in the eyes. And you have to realize that he is staring at her like that in a room full of women screaming out their adoration of him. That man is a keeper :-D

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing. I think it would be totally hilarious... if their bodyguards wore shirts that said "I may look pissed. But if it weren't for you psychotic TwiHards, I'd be out of a job." OR "I collect workman's comp due to deafness caused by TwiHard Screaming. Please STFU." LMAO.

Okay, I know people would get offended. But it would be so freakin' funny! (and yet unprofessional... so you know they couldn't)

Check out the BG in the back... http://www.imagebam.com/image/28e51587368435
couldn't you so picture him in a shirt that said something like that. (you have to look beyond Rob beaming at Kristen to notice the body guard... which I know is hard to do :-D )

Or another idea. Have Rob's BGs wear TEAM EDWARD shirts and Kristen's wear TEAM BELLA shirts. But to really make it hilarious they would have to be like two sizes too small and pink. LOL.

Okay. I'm done rambling.

*Suzy Q*

deb said...

HA HA HA to funny Suzy Q .I can see them now PINK hahahah I love the way you think. DEB.

deb said...

HO ya I forgot Kristens BG have his tied up on one side hahaha DEB.

candy12 said...

I went to see Eclipse and I am was disappointed. Where in the hell was my pie sample? I went to the concession stand looking for pie and they looked at me like I was …… crazy! I am so pissed off. What kind of PIE PR is that?

sollee said...

i love seeing them sooo happy...love them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again... you are so on the mark Rose.
Just loved the Pie PR reference and the "she can wear him" quote. LOL.
You really do make my day.
I come here each day to get my 'fix' and happily go off to do the rest of my day, sure in the knowledge that Rose tells it as she sees it and does not make up rubbish (which is the case with gossip sites and muck-rakers all over the internet.
Please keep keeping on Rose, your blog mean so much to so many of us.
God bless hon, may all your troubles be little ones and your joys incredibly good. Cos God knows you give many of us plenty of joy with your blog.
Cheers Chrissie

Thaís said...

Oh,Rose...such a nice post!!!
These too will drive me crazy,lol
They're so in love I just love the way Rob loves her.Kris is a very lucky girl and deserves this man

Kisses from Brasil

Jam said...

”She can just wear...HIM.”
Rose, you come up with the best quotes!
The more tidbits we got from them during this promotion, the more impressed I am of the pair. They’re both so well-rounded. Who would have thought Chef Stew was a juggling, golf-playing, domestic-goddess? Rob was witty as usual, but he also came up with the most eloquent, insightful and touching comments. I know they didn’t ask to be role-models, but IMHO, they’re fabulous at it.

Tarra said...

Robert and Kristen are a stunning couple indeed. I'm glad they are trying to have some semblance of normalcy. I'm sure Robert owes Kristen many "dates" and not the kind surrounded by bodyguards, screaming fans and photogs.

Tarra said...

Needed to post again after reading the foolishness on the AT boards. I really don't know why I bother going there as it has become a haven for haters and the delusional to join forces. I needed to return to a board where people have an appreciation for Robsten, where we wish them the best and are excited to see two people in love that truly adore each other. It's real obvious how easy it is for jealousy to turn into hate. Pretty scary and sad at the same time.

Monica said...

Dear Rose, love your cute and funny post today~

Kristen is overwhelmed by Rob's clothes...oh~~~ Execuse me, sometimes my imagination goes too far...

Giggling... :)

Monica from Asia

portoheli said...

i like the way you express your thoughts, Rose. I am a big fan of you and the most cute couple of Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Loved the post Rose! Thanks!

Robsten had a date last night in LA. They were seen in a Sam Bradley concert..


FJ_SA said...

AMEN. Well said Rose.
I just hope that "their relationship" survive all these negativity and hate. God blessed.

Opytaylor said...

I take it back. I would not harm the mentally handicapped.

gossip_bangkok said...

Love the thing about loquat! :)