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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rob to Kristen- "I'll Be Your Man"

I'll be your man
I'll understand 

I'll do my best to take
good care of you 

You'll be my queen
I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too
Yeah yeah

Yes I will

Derry down green
Color of my dream
A dream that's daily coming true. 

And ohhh when the day is through
I will come to you and take you on
Your many charms


And you'll look at me
With eyes that see
And we'll melt into each others arms. 

You'll be my queen no no

I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too


I could listen to Robert sing that all damn day.
And sometimes I do.

Couple of things...

1. Waiting on the TCA's.
Will Kristen show up even if she's NOT on the list?

2. Which comes first...
London or Montreal?

3. If you could only see...
What I see.
You would

4. Sorry that I don't have much to say today.
Guess we have to wait until next weekend?
Oh and I had to add this...


2 things are obvious here...
1. These pictures are taken by Paparazzi
2. Rob looks annoyed.
 And 3. Rob is fucking gorgeous...

This post is brought to you by the letter B

And a 

Bye for now


Carly said...

beautiful song sang by a beautiful man accompanied by beautiful pictures of said beautiful man and his beautiful girl

what a beautiful post :)

SueBee said...

I just listened to that song earlier. Soooo sexy.


Anonymous said...

He's totally giving them a bitchface in the last picture there. Love it.

I have a full day ahead, so I leave you with the words of Evelyn Waugh:

I put the words down and push them a bit.


daylyne said...

My favorite song of Rob.

"Could I listen to Robert sing That all damn day. And sometimes I do. "

↑ I couldn't agree more with that.

Beautiful post. =)

RPaddict said...

This is my favorite cover song that Rob has done. I listen to it daily and yes I picture him singing it to his girl.

It was playing as i was reading this post. perfect timing. swoons.

June said...

Yes, I do believe. I started to believe the first time I watched Twilight, almost 2 years ago.

I bet Rob goes to London after TCA and I'm afraid Kristen will not attend TCA, but.. from october they will be inseparable! you know, BD..

Trish said...

Nice post today! short and sweet!

Things are quite today...but i guess that is a good thing, it just means our fav. couple is having some peace of mind although they are apart..

Really looking forward to seeing them again...miss them lots...wish them good luck and all the happiness they deserve:-)

This is to hoping Kristen attends the TCA's although she is working..i hope she can get that weekend off...who knows?..that will make it an awesome weekend!

beautiful song from a great blogger! thanks again hun.

deb said...

Rose I just LOVE that song not just because Rob sings it but because I see him singing it to Kristen Is that one of Sams songs?did he help him write it? And one more thing I read some where that he wanted to have a record out my next year I think with his sister Lizz IF so that would be great dont know of its true Love the pic DEB.

Carly said...

@ Deb

its a Van Morrison song

and I heard that too. or read, Im not sure. would be interesting to hear them sing togehter. but I would still prefer if he sang with Kris :) a girl can dream, right?

olivia said...

Thank you Rose,

A very beautiful post today. Perfect words.
Happy sigh of contentment.....
They are so very lovely together and such a perfect match IMO.

I return to your comment,
"it's not if, but when". We need not worry where it will be, nor look for pics; be patient and remember it will happen.

Just let them be,
be together,
and be happy.


deb said...

Carly thank you I thought I heard Van sing that before And YES I would LOVE for Rob and kristen to make a album together that would be so sweet He can play the piano and sing and she can play the guitar I would buy the album. DEB.

Rosa María said...

Realmente me encanta este blog.

olivia said...

Oh, a little bit extra:

For those who enjoy reading along with Rob, this site is about the book My Friend the Mercenary.
It is the book in the WFE on set photos. ( Rob was at work, so I am comfortable with those pics.)


There is also a great clip on youtube you can reach from the above site.

@Rosa Mari'a
Bienvenida a uno de los lugares ma's amistosos y sanos de la red. !Que' vivan Rob y Kristen!
(Welcome to one of the friendliest and sanest places on the internet. Long live Rob and Kristen! )


deb said...

OK just looked at some beautiful pic of Rob him slipping a coke. Is he there to just tease me. ho my God what a MAN you know he knows Im watching.with that look he can TEASE me all day long. Once again WHAT a Lucky girl Kristen is to have ALL that to her self.I would be missing him to. One more thing Just read AGAIN that Kristen WELL be at the TCW I guess we well have to wait and see I hope so DEB.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog...I love that there is little if any bashing. I also definately believe they are together. They always color coordinate, only couples do that. At the MTV movie awards, then one of the pics on this blog where they are wearing brown and black (her shirt is see through on the sides), then at the twilight convention, his pants were the color of her jacket and her pants were the color of his jacket. The way they look at each other. Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Rose ...it seems a slow day today...where the blog is concerned...Just thought I'd put in my 5 cents worth before I start this busy day......But before I do I've gor s/thing for you Ladies....






deb said...

YEP Louisa you got the Pic can you see what I mean THAT LOOK O MY DEB. ps Thanks for my fix for the day love the videos

soadram said...

Rosa )
Post beautiful, beautiful pictures, letter perfect, Blog One who always read brings me a smile on his face.
I also believe ..:)
Her blog is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of so much crap q goes looking for this world net
Thanks for letting me share space
A good day to you

Patricia said...

Rose, you did it again and made all of us happy with your post and pictures. I LOVE that song....

I think Kristen will go to the Teen Choice Awards, she's up for a bunch. So, HOPEFULLY SOME ROBERT AND KRISTEN 'BUBBLE' Fingers crossed.

I think also he will go to London and Montreal. We just don't know which will be first. But His MOTHER'S Birthday is in a couple of weeks, so that may make his decision.



Patricia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patricia said...

I forgot to say: Rob's Bitch Face is not as good as Kristen's. She is the Queen of Bitch Face....But he's learning.

Anonymous said...

Yer but Patricia .....Robert bitchface has also got sexyness built into it...kristen has'nt acheived that as of yet......hehehe

Melinda said...

What a fantastic post today so light and happy! This is what I love about this little group of people who come on here. We just love seeing Rob and Kristen happy and content with where the road is taking them together.

IMO, he will be going to both Montreal and London. As you said just not sure which one first.

Family is important so you need to see them when you can (especially when you are close as he is with his).
At the same time, when you are in a happy and committed relationship you want to be with that person as much as possible. They come first in a normal healthy relationship. We will see. My guess is he probably misses her more than his family as it is quite normal.

Beautiful things come to those who wait!!!

kristine.hills said...

There is a quote (Brazilian author/writer) very beautiful

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

Lets dream, wish, desire, want...

Rob is not going to London, he is going to Montreal...

I can dream...

You may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one...;)

It's NOT if, it's WHEN...

I think R goes to TCA(maybe K yoo) and he/they goes/go to Canada.

"At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream, and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as time passes a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their destiny. "

"There is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the universe.... The soul of the world is nourished by people's happiness. "

XOXO from Brazil

Sorry it's the RK drought so i get nostalgic!

Great post as always!

beaculen said...

Hey Rose, anyday that you feel like posting all the pretty pictures with great lyrics is ok with me. Thanks again!

Patricia said...

Rose: I tried to delete my comment and I was stuck for an hour in Blog Hell. I don't know what I did, but I wanted to make sure I could post again, so that's why I'm commenting.

Sorry about that people.

Jane said...

I think Rob is ready to go home. Maybe via Canada. Love the pictures and the steely stare for the paps. Still, he is a classy guy and on his way to being an incredible actor. My first thought of Rob over two years ago when I saw a video of intervewing Rob for the Twilight movie. God, I said, I didn't know he was British and I was hooked with his accent from that day forward.

Saphire1231 said...

Ahhhhhh Rose... just the kind of post I needed today!

You say it (or sing it) so well. I have warm fuzzies tingling up and down my spine!

I love how they love each other! I love coming to your blog for confirmation of all that I hope and dream for Rob and Kristen.

Thank you Rose and also thank you to all the other Robsten supporters I read on these comments, you too make my day brighter!

Love to all... Chrissie

shoegal2547 said...

I'm new to this blog, but not to the Robsten world!

Absolutely fabulous pics...always enjoy seeing R/K together. Can't wait for WFE and Bel Ami...

BTW: Your banner is positively gorgeous, sublime, stunning, sexy and desirable! Bravo!

deb said...

Melinda You are right GOOD and BEAUTIFUL things do happen for those who wait. look at our boy he DID WAIT for Kristen and look at him now SO MUCH IN LOVE AND VERY HAPPY THEY both are meant for each other Isn't LOVE beautiful? NOT to much LONGER. DEB.

Patricia said...

Hey you guys:
What do you think about this, I've been thinking. What if Rob already went to see Kristen in Montreal. Garret was at Comic Con. Maybe Rob flew up there Wednesday night and that's why the radio station and man mentioned it. Maybe he brought Max/Jello to her. Maybe Tom helped him and then flew to London. Maybe that's why Rob was so tired Saturday because he flew back and Stephanie picked him up at the airport. They went to a movie to kill time before they had a business meeting at the Malibu house. Rob had his lap top and Kindle and guitar with him. Just wondering if our couple already had time together. You know last summer when he did 'Remember Me' he came to LA twice for the week end and wasn't spotted. Am I crazy ???

shoegal2547 said...

@Louisa, thanks...and wanted to add this one as well:


team necklace said...

Patricia....I like the way you think. A trip last week is possible. There is no way he is going to wait much longer...don't believe it.
Plus, just because Kristen is not on the Teen Awards list may be because she is NOT a presenter. So she could just show up because she is up for several awards.
Still hoping you have some inside scoop that will become a reality soon. Afterall...I am hoping for Christmas in July!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I enjoyed the blog as usual. You seem to know exactly what to say to ease my mind and make me feel better. I also love the song and can picture Rob singing this song to Kris, and they both laughing and so happy together. I don't know when, or if, he is going to Montreal, but I trust they have a plan, and everything will work out wonderfully, the way it should. I believe in them with all my heart, nobody has to confirm it, and they can even deny it, I would still believe they are in love, deeply in love with each other. Their life has been blessed and always will be.

SueBee said...

Is it retarded that I'm happy Rob is drinking my favorite pop?

Yeah, slow news day.

deb said...

HEY girls I just read this is the last day in LA for WFE does thin mean Rob well be going to TEN or is he done?And if he dose go its over the 2nd of Aug.I DONT KNOW JUST ASKING Thank you DEB.

Bren said...

@ Deb,

Rob will film in Georgia and Tennessee next.

You can read all about it on the "Water For Elephants" movie website.

dowlingnana said...

"THAT WHICH DOES NOT KILL US, ONLY STRENGTHENS US" a fave quote I first heard in Steel Magnolias.

@Manjen:LOL, I have been thinking the same exact way on the color coordinating........interesting.

@Pat: Yeah, I like that thinking too gf. And none of us really know do we? Coz' I was thinking what happened to Tom after seeing them thru the drive-thru not long ago. I can't imagine Rob going too long to see her either, esp. w/the way he wears that heart on his sleeve. And, like with what you said Garrett being at CC, and, I thought Kris only had a short time for that "schooling" preps for the movie............hmmmmmm!!If only the hyena's could put it together how he went unnoticed doing RM it explains a lot as you once again said. Liking it!! Hoping it!! Time in London I am sure he needs too, he does look a bit weary doesn't he? Still, long time for BD and hopefully Rob will do more press for that unlike he did for Eclipse. Prayfully KS will be @TCA, coz' as posted, maybe her not being a presenter is why we're not hearing her name. If not, wonder who'll pick up her awards......coz' you know she's gonna win some! ;o) Donna

deb said...

Donna I was thinking the same about TCA when do they start the movie OTR and do you know how long she'll be there?maybe Rob can go home for moms b-day then go with Kristen then both go back to London maybe that is why he went to see her this last week IF HE DID who knows ---THEY DO----im just talking out of my ass or maybe just dreaming Cant wait for next month to come.Bren Thank you for the INFO HE should be back around the 3rd or4th OR well he just fly to kristen? DEB.

Monica said...

Rose, tahnks for your post today, simple and beautiful~

Monica from Asia

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: I know she starts at beginning of Augusat and it's suppose to film in VC as well as Mexico, now if she's needed at the latter IDK and she is only labled as a supporting role so she shouldn't be needed as much.
And, hey, I'm dreaming right along with ya' lady!! smiles, Donna

Melinda said...

For those who have been talking about the TCA....take it with a grain of salt.

1. Read on twitter that it is believed that it is taped not live.

2. Some ppl were saying that if it is taped then Aug 2nd will probably be the date of the taping.

3. That being said Kristen may not be able to be there as filming starts on Aug 2 or 3rd. On the other hand she may not be needed for the first days scenes.

4. I have a feeling that R/K will win the best chemistry award so it would be cool if she was there to accept with him.

If she isn't able to attend I wonder if he will accept on her behalf or if she will do a taped "thank you" message to the fans.

I will be taping the TCA's b/c I really don't care about them at all. Just want to get a glimpse of Rob and hopefully Kristen.

On another note...saw something on twitter from someone who said they live in GA and had heard that Rob is renting a house while he is there filming instead of staying at a hotel. Just passing it on...not sure how much truth it is.

Patricia said...

Teen Choice Awards:
They tape Saturday Aug.8 and it airs Sunday Aug. 9'''so being the week end she might be able to go.

Rootsie said...

Hi Rose. Lovely, lovely post.

dowlingnana said...

Melinda: Guess you can rent anything for how long you want to, but, I thought filming wouldn't take that long? I heard TN was only 4 days and didn't know about GA. Don't blame him I guess I'd be tired of motel/hotels myself for as long as he's had to stay in them. thanx, donna

deb said...

All i want to know is where is His house I'll go be a maid (LIVE IN ) so he wont have to worry about cleaning WHOS WITH ME heheheh Thank Ladies for the up date oh ya I'll cook for him Do his bath water what else girls can we do to help hehe hummm WELL THAT TO deb.

Anonymous said...


Voting for Teen Choice awards is open until August 6th, that much info is on their web site. Tickets to the event list it as being on the 8th of August, so it's taped.. and then it airs on tv on the 9th. So it's over the weekend.. so it's possible for her to be there I would imagine.

And there's a house in Chickamauga that they're going to be filming scenes for WFE, and they're filming at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

Don't know that he'd be renting a house for just a few days, but who knows. There are LOTS of hotels in the area. Interstate 65 and 24 both run thru there, and it's right on the TN/GA border.. I've had to go there a few times for soccer tournaments.

As for me.. I've been going around today singing "I feel pretty" cause I'm all kinds of lighthearted and giddy at the though of them together again...

I feel dizzy,
I feel sunny,
I feel fizzy and funny and fine

Anonymous said...

@ dowlingnana can I ask you are your intials DDD

deb said...

HEY louisa hoe you doing tonight DEB.

deb said...

SORRY that was how not hoe DEB.

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: I see you found me, lol. DDD has my "maiden" name for middle so school friends can find me. Thought or more so hoped that was you coz' I don't normally add friends IDK.........thanx for looking me up!! Later, Donna

babbles said...

Ahh my favorite VF pic of them...

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Rob's glisteningly HOT! Thank you Rose!

--another HOT news.. Eclipse passes 608 million worlwide!