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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rob and Kristen- It's Not IF... It's WHEN

Things have been S L O W here in Twilight land.
Rob is still working on WFE...
Possibly until the beginning of August.
Kristen is still in Montreal...
(or IS she?)
So outside of a couple of pics of Rob on set...

Looking all deliciously handsome...
(Why is it that Rob looking all beat up and bloodied is all kinds of sexy?
Brings back memories of Remember Me!)
There hasn't been a lot of new info.

Lets just dig around my emails and see what we have...

It was announced that Robert and Ashley will be presenting 
at the Teen Choice awards (Aug 9th)
No mention of Kristen
(who is out of the country at the moment working...
or IS she?)
Of course...
Hatesten is ALL over that.

"I hope Rob and Ashley make out on stage!"
"Rob and Ashley are probably secretly dating!"

Yes... I'm so SURE Rob and Ashley will make out on stage.
We have seen so many pictures of Rob and Ashley all over the place
Ashley flew to Budapest to see Robert.
And London. More than once.
And Ashley went to the RM premiere.
And Ashley is always the girl that Rob is seen with in public.
Oh wait.
That would be KRISTEN.

Desperation smells like Hyena.

I get a lot of emails talking about how Rob and Kristen
keep DENYING their relationship...
But that people like me (you know, the sane logical ones)
Just aren't listening.

Apparently the following is Rob and/or Kristen denying their relationship.
(I'm not making these up, either)

1. Rob read emails from his dad on Leno.
His dad said he should kiss a lady's hand.
Somehow that is his father's way of saying
he doesn't approve of Kristen...
Thus... a denial.

2. Rob says he would "like to go on a date"
That is his way of saying I'M SINGLE!!!
Of course...
If he really wanted to say that...
I'm pretty sure I'M SINGLE would have 
been much more effective at getting the point across.
Could it be that he just wanted to go on A DATE?

3. When asked about the other...
Robert and Kristen will say 
"Rob is a good friend...
Kristen and I are very close..."
Because they use the term FRIEND when asked
about each other...
That is a denial.
What do you expect them to say?
Both Rob and Kristen said they won't discuss
their relationship
(Hint #1)
So how do you think they are going to refer 
to each other?
Rob is my boyfriend...
Kristen is my lover...
Rob and Kristen are obviously GREAT friends...
And if you don't want to discuss personal details with the world...
Good Friend is at least a honest way to describe the other...
Without getting too personal.

4. There are so many more...
The sun turning black.
Kristen supposedly 'shocked' when asked about 
having a boyfriend.
Not a real denial in the bunch.
Yada Yada Yada.
The thing is...
It's been well over a YEAR since
Robert or Kristen have come out and said
any kind of REAL denial.
You know...
Back when they really weren't together...
When Kristen was still with Oregano...
And since that time...
All they will say now is that they don't want
to discuss their relationship.
That they want to keep it private.
Meaning... of course...
That there IS something to keep private.

5. I miss Rob and Kristen.
We haven't seen but one picture of Kristen 
since she got to Montreal.
And it looks like she won't be at the TCA this year...
But stuff like that happens when you are working
and you are out of the country...
(or IS she?)

My thoughts?
It's only a matter of time before we see
Robert and Kristen 
Their work schedules might complicate the timing...
but like someone told me yesterday...
It's not IF 
It's WHEN.

Remember last summer...
When Rob and Kristen were separated by work?
He was doing Remember Me...
She was working on The Runaways...
Remember what happened when they finally got back together?
They were all over the place together.
Absence does make the heart grow fonder...
Robert said it himself.
And although they have gotten better at hiding from the public...
We shall see.

Wait for it.

This post was brought to you by the letter H
because it stands for Hatesten and Hyena.
And a major
and a dozen

Bye for now.


LK said...

I love the pics,Rose.

As for the R/K reunion,i hope Rob will visit her at Montreal.Soon.

The people who are shipping Rob with Asley,must be totally morons.I don't think she's his type.She likes playing the field a lot.

SueBee said...

*Sigh* I sure wish we could see them together--meaning in the same place--again. I love watching the cuteness.

How in the Hell are they (hyenas) shipping Rob with Ashley? Because they are presenting on stage together? Why would they kiss on stage or anywhere else? It's not the MTVMA and they weren't nominated for any smooching (together)! Give me a break.

Anyway, yep, there sure has been a drought in Twilight land. I want R and K back together (geographically) so we can bring on the rain!!!!!!!!!

Bex said...

awesome post rose :-D

"The thing is...It's been well over a YEAR since Robert or Kristen have come out and said any kind of REAL denial.You know...Back when they really weren't together...YET. When Kristen was still with Oregano...And since that time...All they will say now is that they don't want to discuss their relationship"
-this is the one truth that the hyenas/haters/nonstens can't seem to grasp (well besides everything else)...and it tells SOO MUCH!

they stopped denying it a LONG time ago.

Caroline said...

Hi Rose...i was wonder...what if
is She come back to LA before beginning OTR shoots?Since now it's only rehearsal ...well, i wish...
And people are lunatics...crazy..Robert and Ashley?!Please...No comments...
And yes, Rob look sexy all the time..

Great Post,

Sydney said...

God, thank you Rose. Thank you for saying that when they say they refuse to talk about "it," that means there IS AN "IT." Why would they refuse to talk about something that doesn't exist? They used to say all the time "NO, we are just friends." Now they say they don't want to talk about their relationship because they want to keep something for themselves, and they don't want to cheapen it. Why would they need to keep a friendship to themselves???

For an entire year we have not had one denial. Add that to the hundreds of times they've been spotted out together; plus all the times they've flown cross country and cross WORLD to be together and what do you get?

Of course, logic doesn't work on the nonstens. They ask for proof and they get nothing but. You can lead a horse/hyena to water, but you can't make it drink.

Patricia said...

"You can lead a horse to water" BUT YOU CAN'T MAKE IT DRINK. That's how I feel about these people that (DON'T WANT TO SEE WHATS IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES) Jesus..GIVE IT UP!!

Ashley now, what a joke, it never ends with the bullshit.

There's no changing these non believers. That's fine let them think what they want. Rob will NEVER BE WITH THEM. We know who Rob is with and has been since filming 'New Moon'


I think there's a chance that Kristen will attend the 'Teen Choice Awards' I believe Rob will go see her in Montreal when TCA are over. Maybe they're fly back together. I WOULD LOVE THAT WOULDN'T YOU ?????

Grazie Rose for you beautiful pictures of our favorite couple and great snark. You never fail to amaze me ? Rock on Rose

Loisada said...

Despite the fact.... that I hate the term Robsten almost as much as Rob and Kristen do, and wish it was banished from this site.

Despite the fact that Michael Angarano has shown nothing but pure class in not talking about his ex or her current love life, and doesn't deserve to be reduced to a spice.

Still.... Rose does see, very clearly, and tells it like it is, and for this, I ♥ her courage and spunk. She's an oasis of sanity in the madhouse that is Robfanland, where a girl who's won this man's heart is being flayed alive by the jealous hordes. Thank the heavens there are still sane women in the world, even when there's a lust-inducing man inadvertently driving them mad. Hold on Rose, hold on!

Carly said...

he looks awesome no matter what. the beat up look just makes you want to kiss it better ;)

OK, I havent heard them deny a relationship between them since late 2008. or maybe early 2009. very early. they dont talk about the status of their relationship anymore. and the fact that they say they are friends? where is a denial in that?

really? Rob & Ashley? really? wow, this is desperate. I mean, with Puppy at least Kristen talks about liking the guy. I never heard Rob talk about Ashely. ever. but hey, whatever helps them sleep at night, right? LOL

Im sad she wont be at the TCAs. not that I expected anything else its just that this "just one" deal is getting a bit old. I mean, we got MMAs and the premiere of all premieres but I miss them *pouts*

I think some outtakes ar in order. do you hear me, EW? :) or HB. or VF. Im not picky ;)

I love the twirls Rose. and I love your sarcasm. and I love this place. and the awesome pictures you always choose. and that you always find something lovely to share. or less lovely but entertaining nevertheless.

I hope Rob finishes WfE soon so he can fnally rest. and I hope Kris is having a great time in Montreal (or IS she? LOL). but most of all I hope they will be together soon

twilightbabez said...

rob and ashley going to tca are just like kristen and taylor going to some places, all part of the job nothing personal

absence makes the heart grow fonder

hey peter f and jennie g, tomkat and other celeb couples are also apart from each other now due to their jobs, these nonstens should stop these BS

Trish said...

Rose awesome post!!

All the ppl trying to put Ashely and Rob together are so DESPERATE..they REALLY are because they will do anything to deny the existence of Robsten...what a pity!

Sue Bee is right there has been a drought! its almost like famine lol...we need some rain hopefully we will see it soon missing my all time favorite couple.

Here is to a great summer and hoping for a new sighting of our fav couple in the meanwhile idk if any of you have seen this video but its one of my fav Robsten videos:


lib is so awesome!!! enjoy.

P.S. Ashley doesnt seem like ROb's type and also she is good friends with Kristen so is Nicky they know by now he is off limits but whatever makes the hyenas sleep at night right? lol...have a good one folks!

SweetDee85 said...

This is my second time posting! I love this blog! Anywho I DEF agree w/ you all. I think haters are grasping at any straws at this point. Which is ridiculous! This reminds me of Beyonce and JayZ. People always speculated if they were dating or not. They would never discuss it when people asked them. Then what happened? They got married and been married ever since!!! Same fate w/ R/K? We shall see!


LK said...

"Despite the fact.... that I hate the term Robsten almost as much as Rob and Kristen do, and wish it was banished from this site. "

I totally agree,Loisada.I hate the term Robsten,too.I think is offending.I blame idiot Ted.

Trish said...

and just watching that video...after all this time it just baffles me that there are still ppl going back and doubting unbelievable!!!

Trish said...

oh!! sorry you guys dont like Robsten..but i actually like it..its kinda cute..unlike zanessa and brangelina and speidi ( the worst one up to date!! LOL)..but thats just my opinion girls dont mind me

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid Rob gets seen with someone's grandmother or someone similar. Can't you just see the crazies.. Oy..

I just find it amusing that any time he's photographed or seen with ANYONE other than Kristen, then he's automatically dating them, or sleeping with them, or trying to hook up with them. But almost two years of him being photographed and seen with Kristen? Doesn't mean anything to the crazies.. they're just friends, it's PR, yada yada yada.
I dare say that if pictures came out with Rob & Kristen in a scandalous lip lock, those who refuse to believe the possibility that they're together would scream that it's just PR, or photoshopped, or *something* other than the obvious.

deb said...

Great Post today Rose I love the way you think (OR IS SHE) WE well see wont we. I to hope that Rob and Kristen get there well deserve reunion. AND yes Rob did say absence is good it makes you want to be with your other half more.They know they well be together Soon.You know they talk to each other as much as they can (SOON) is the key word And when that day comes LOOK OUT.Why do they have to say anything?Its all been said for them you want to believe(AND I DO) then believe if not who cares I know THEY DONT give a rats ass who dose or dosent THEY know.Dont know what to think of the PIC of Rob I want to kiss his booboos and make it all better They did a good job with the make up.I miss Rob and Kristen.Thanks Rose you did it again put a smile on my face . DEB.

beaculen said...

Rose, that is the best yet! I love the part about keeping their private life private, because there is something to keep private! LOVE IT!! Thanks Rose!

deb said...

I forgot this Didnt Rob once say in one of his interviews that he is a ONE WOMEN MAN that he dosent go sleeping around when he with that one girl its her and only her (something like that)?Just saying Dont they(nonbelievers)Believe Rob when HE is the one who said it? DEB.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...


Caroline said...

Oh Trish tx so much for that video...so cute..so much love!!

katy said...

Love the pics Rose...loved your words.

I'm sure Rob and Kristen will be reunited soon...he will go and visite

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

I'm still new in this forum, but I've been reading a lot about the hoopla (I'm calling it that way) surrounding Robsten (i like the sound of it too). Its really surprising how people are still speculating about it. Well, you know, you can see them dating and flirting around. They've been dished by number of people who have seen them playing the field wether in London or in a movie set ,kissing, holding hands...biting pillows;)... It just keeps on popping all over the world. They are all over the place, actually. Ask Oprah. She knew. Ask Lopez. He knew. Ask Catherine. She knew. Ask Hannah Hanrah (ELLE(UK) writer) She knew. Ask Taylor....(he was having a blast in Oprah at the expense of the blushing Robstens)...of course, he knew! Ask Nicholas Clarke. He knew! (he actually tweeted about it. Have high hopes for re-election hehe..) Everybody knew about it except the nonstens... So why is that? Maybe, they have so much indulgent to hatred and jealousy....lately :))))!!

Pushing Robert to Ashley....WHAT?? Its really a lame, and a cheap act of desperation in their part. What else would you want to describe that latest stunt to derail robsten?

I hope you can understand me. English is not my first language. Thanks for the space.

olivia said...

Gorgeous pics Rose, against that red background.
Also, battered Rob/Jacob from WFE.....my how the anticipation mounts for this movie. It will be fun to see what kind of set pics if any are released from the Tenn. location shoot coming up.

Loved the comments:
"All they will say now is that they don't want
to discuss their relationship.
That they want to keep it private.
Meaning... of course...
That there IS something to keep private"

"It's not IF
It's WHEN"

Right on Rose. And hopefully we will only hear about it after the fact so as to allow them plenty of privacy.

Question: Will The Twilight Saga have any representation at Comicon in San Diego? Isn't that going on this weekend?

Thank you for the vid link. Beautifully put together with great songs by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz.
I was mesmerized by Rob and Kristen "showing the love", as Alice would say : D. Also really liked the love/best friend emphasis.

Take care,
Respect Rob and Kristen,

Trish said...

You are most certainly welcome Ladies!!!

Lib is very talented you all should check out the rest of her videos....i have another link of her interview about how she came about making Robsten videos and her top fav Robsten moments:


candy12 said...

Ashley Green? Really? OH MY GOD! Wow, these folks are coming full circle. Did they not start some sort of Ashley rumor months ago? Now it’s back again. I guess it will be back to Emilie de Ravin and the blondes next month. And his secret Baby Momma after that.

Opytaylor said...

Correct: no denials in the longest time. But we have had Freudian slips and "we do it all the time, everyday" and Kristen making comments about small details in Rob's life (telling Taylor during EW interview that Rob has been working out, or "he was up all night") The people that point out these "denials" give such weak examples. None have any weight. Rob's Nighline interview was pretty damn close to confirming. And let's not forget the producer of Twilight who acted as if the book is closed on this question ( it is )

The deniers should be ignored. Only someone desperate to believe they are not together would question it and that reveals mental illness IMO

team necklace said...

"like someone told me yesterday..it is not IF but when..." oh how I love to read those words. Do share more...maybe tomorrow??!! This is better than my soap opera and they have professional writers!! Your blog is the best.

deb said...

Hey there mujhiko glad to see ya I agree with you with all of evidence showing the truth you would think they would give up.But like I tell my kids its like talking to the WALL they dont want to listen.Whats it that my kids say TALK TO THE HAND CAUSE THE HAND ANT LISTENING.Yep thats kids and some adults now days. DEB.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Always love to read here. You're logical and rational. Something not everyone is, unfortunately.
I try to stay away from the bullshit so I had no idea people were still clinging to those things that you posted. I feel so sorry for their desperation.
And talking of desperate, people aren't really trying to link Rob up with Ashley? LOL. First, what award show does she not attend? I just saw her not too long ago with Zac Efron at some show they were at (Oh, wait. Zac is going to the TCAs too. Maybe he and Ashley are secretly dating! I kid. I kid).
So, second, since when does attending the same award show as someone else mean you're dating? Because by their own logic Rob and Kristen must be very seriously dating given all the events they have gone to-- together. As in, Kristen was Rob's date. Of course they overlook all these times that Kristen was with Rob.
And I won't even begin to go into how much personal time Rob and Kristen have spent together for over a year now. That Kristen is consistantly the woman by Rob's side.
For some reason certain crazy people don't find this relevant. Imagine that. They just want to bathe themselves in bullshit and blah blah blah.

I don't know what's going on with OTR. I haven't read any new information. I do know that Garrett Hedlund is not in Montreal as I was just looking at pics of him at ComicCon!

I agree, Rose. While Rob and Kristen's jobs sometimes have them apart, they always make time to see each other and spend time together when their schedules allow. They have been apart before, they are apart now, and they will be apart in the future due to their work but there are always plans for them to spend time together at some point.

Lisa said...

All the H stuff is just BS.. You know I get (well, not really but you know what I mean) the delusionals. They think if R & K aren't together, they still somehow (?) have a shot with them. However, I cannot understand those that want them with ANYONE, as long as it's not each other.. Very strange..

Can't wait for a reunion! :)

30yearoldtwifan said...

OK Rose Spill it! Were is Kristen? LOL I think you know something your not sharing with us hmmmmm? \(:

Ok so the word "Robsten" "gulp" ekkk I hate that name to ladies.

LMAO I like R & K fans better :) most of us arent as obsessed or fanatical! about, well every little thing that comes to these two, Then again, the Robstens are way more intelligent than the HATESTENS or NONSTENS ! or the HYENAS! Dam so many names for the crazies Hugh all? I never realized that! I guess there a lot of different levels of crazy. I think Sybil is the worst though.

Patricia said...

Hey Guys;
I was just thinking or maybe (DREAMING) Since Rob has four days off (I saw that on twitter) and Garret is in San Diego for comic com could Kristen fly down for a few days???? Today... Rob has to be in Tenn. next week for four days, and Kristen starts filming Aug. 2..Am I dreaming again? What do you think ?


Anonymous said...

It’s Not If It's WHEN....Exactly Rose because we all know it will eventually happen...because they can’t stay away for too long from each other....so I suppose it’s just a Great Big Waiting game...as it is always.....for us who are most certainly INTERESTED....and we are interested!!!! BTW

I have a reputation to up hold…. so I won’t let you down....my fellow padded cell mates......ENJOY!!!!





Anonymous said...

Oh BTW Bloody Rob.......
.......I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deb said...

I dont know Patty BUT IM having the SAME DREAM THEY say DREAMS do come true SO lets keep on dreaming girlfriend.OK Louisa as of now you are the MOVIE man hehehe Thanks for my FIX as Edward would say your like a drug to me when it comes to videos. DEB.

SueBee said...


Thanks for the links! I already had the last 2 on my favorites because they so rock!

Anonymous said...

Since Rose mention Mr.O...I thought I would just throw this one in....It has a little to do with him at the start....Oh YES....Proof!!!!!coz we need it....yeh right!!!!


soadram said...

great post:)
I really like more the way he writes.
And I laughed at me a lot to read this post
And I laughed even more stupidity, that if you are reading on the net who still do not want to believe what is more than obvious.
Rob and Kris together, close together, always:)
A good day for you

Anonymous said...

@ Deb
you are my "DRUG"...'REHABS'...see it all blends in VERY NICLEY.....doesnt it???hehe

deb said...

YEP you said it and I believe it.Im going out well be back later SO have fun you all. DEB.

Trish said...

@ Louisa thanks for the link...its sooooo obvious!!! from now on we should do what OPYTaylor said which i loved what he said:

"The deniers should be ignored. Only someone desperate to believe they are not together would question it and that reveals mental illness IMO"

Mental illness indeed!!

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee, Deb, Trish..I'm glad to be of service...Its a great feeling to put a smile on others faces.....it's a bonus if you're on the other side on the world......
"Aint Technology GRAND"!!!!!

Bren said...

This is the only thing I've seen coming out of Montreal. It's a pic of Kristen with fans at a bowling alley last Saturday night. The article says she was bowling with her co-stars.
One thing I did hear recently, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Sam Riley, who is her co-stars (OTR) is also very good friend of Rob's. Just an FYI for those who didn't know this.


Anonymous said...

Hey Room,,,,,

I was wondering if anyone knew about Kristen getting the role in the girl with the dragon tattoo? Has anyone read the book? Is it good? thinkin about going to Target... or as I like to call it, Tarjaaa and getting the book. I hear its really good. Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

hey, good morning from HK!

Sane4once, I got this good dive @EW last night and fortunately I came out alive:)))) Yes, I jumped into the fray and suggested outright that it should be played by Kristen Stewart. Later I went over the comments, I found that I'm not the only one thinking that Kristen is perfect for that role.

deb said...

Louisa Hey there its funny how you seem so close but yet soooo far away.Sene4once the gossip cop said something as to Kristen not getting that part(dragon tattoo)Thats what I read don't really know. DEB.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

hello Deb.. I totally agree with Rose with the HYENA thing:)))))!!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

...another thing.. is gossip cop should be jailed for Kristen's Budapest stint. All his projections were wrong! He totally messed exact science with his time calculation:)))

As far as I know no final casting for The girl....,yet.. I hope they won't go too far with what they will say about the absence of Kris' name in the list... They should be smart enough not to provoke the wrath of the twilighters...

Opytaylor said...

Sane4once: Girl with the Dragon Tatoo is one the best books I have consumed in the last few years. There is a second and third book as well, and those are almost as good as the first. I say "consumed" because I do the Audible dot com thing. The guy that reads these books does an amazing job of many different voices. I am sure you will enjoy it on paper back and you will quickly see why some of us want Kristen to play that role. Probably the reason she won't is scheduling conflicts. Despite the hate-Kristen morons, the movie industry people know that Kristen is a rare talent.

deb said...

Mujhiko I don't believe the shit that the rag magazine say they don't know anything just what we tell them thats how I see it And Opytarlor I think that kristen would kick ass in that movie I hope she can read the script and she likes it remember that she said she had to feel the movie to be able to do it so I hope if she gets to read it that she well like it. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

Hi Ladies,
This will be kind of long coz' I have some things I need to get off of "my chest". When I first noticed the obvious "something-something" going on with R&K I also saw how much they really were/are a lot alike. They both love indie music & movies as well as dressing almost like twins!! Their taste in clothes is almost exactly the same!! They, you know who you are, constantly criticize KS for her mouth but I've heard Rob cuss as well as put up his middle finger, watch Twilight and the baseball scene where Edward & Emmett collide in the sky and come back down, you'll see Rob/Edward give Emmett the finger, lol, but nobody says he's disgusting. Also, in a clip of the muddy scene while they're practicing the "growl" scene w/the nomad vampires and Rob about slips he again gives the finger to "Laurent". I again only bring this up to defend KS. On the red carpet for Eclipse Rob cussed when talking about papzz and getting quotes wrong!! What? What's good for the "goose" is not good for the "gander"? hmmmm I also say these things to show how much I believe that R&K make such a great couple if not indeed soul mates. I don't think you could ever in a long time see such a "match made from heaven"!! As for KS in the girl with the dragon tattoo ABSOLUTLEY!!!!!!!! Oh boy, w/ saying KS has a costar in OTR with her you know what comes next if Rob does show up in VC dontcha? "He only went there to see his friend"!! GREAT!! not!!
I just wish like all of you ladies that "some" would open up not just their eyes, but their ears, hearts and minds as well to what is and has been going on with this adorable couple. And, YES, it does make us smile to see their glow!!
@twilightbabez-good point on other stars having to be away from each other as well, it just goes with the territory of being a star!!
@mujhiko-mujhiko- don't forget Holly's pics from the IOW either! You had really good points there dear!!
@Deb-believe ur right!!
@SweetDee85- ur right about Beyonce & JayZ and I know Edward Norton will not discuss anything about his private life either, so it is not just R&K!! Thank you for listening gotta go seems to be some tornado warnings around us. Later!!

dowlingnana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TwilightFann1969 said...

Haven't both Rob and Kristen stated that the are BEST friends. I for one wish my BEST guy friend was my other half. I mean don't Best friends, when the friendship is male/female, make the best lovers/relationship. I would think so. I miss my best male friend. And yes he is British too.

deb said...

Dowlingnana BE SAFE. DEB.

deb said...

Twilightfann I feel the same way I think its best to start off being best friends because I think IT give you both time to know each other so that your relationship can grow AND THAT is what ROB and Kristen did. TO me THEY ARE SOUL MATES THEY care for each other. IF you have ever been in love you can see and feel there love. I think THEY BOTH are VERY LUCK to have FOUND each other. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break your bubble folks..But I just read that an Aussie actress might be playing 'Girl with the Dragon Tatoo'.... there's the link


kristine.hills said...

BC you are Honey, Honest,Hilarious and you are my HERO!

"RK it's not IF it's WHEN!"

Love YOU!

XO from Brazil!

And i heard Reese has already finished with her role! So R soon will be flying to Montreal!

Monica said...

Rose, it's gonna to be a long drought summer. Can't wait for R/K reunion.

Trish, yes, the interview with Ronsten vid maker Lib is just awesome! I'm really glad that many others love R/K together as we do.

I do like the term "Robsten". It's kinda cute and warming. I guess people like this term cuz R/K are just so adorable together. I mean, you like "Ronsten" doesn't automatically make you a "shipper". We don't ship them. R/K are together as they chose to be. We just see the magic happened and are happy for them.

mujhiko_mujhiko, so you're from Hong Kong too?~ Twilight/Rob & Kristen aren't big hit in our remote city. It'a pity~

Monica from Asia

deb said...

Louisa Hey there girl I read that to It would of been nice if kristen did it But thats ok she has other movies to think about now like BD DEB.

Tiffany said...

Love this lol, haterz gon' hate, but they sure as heck make me laugh

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Monica, what a small world!

I think its a hit, btw. Its a rare reception for an English film in a Chinese speaking community. I can say that Eclipse is stronger than NM. I watched it 3x already;))! Once in Pacific place and twice in ocean terminal. The latest we got the midnight screening, and to my surprise 60% of the MG are male with no GF in tow! I want to really guffaw just to make my point at that moment:)))

Eclipse is now running to make its 600 million mark worldwide after jut 22 days of showing. Could it make 1 billion? Let's just wait and see. I atribute 80% of Eclipse's revenue from Robsten romance in the field!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Deb, that's what I said to those morons @EW. Sony should be smart enough to cast Kristen on the lead. She's the core of all interests right now. She and Robert. In fact, they could turn around those hatings and use them as a marketing strategy for the movie. Everything has its selling point. If they want a grand entrance, Kristen Stewart is the perfect choice for the lead role! As I've said she's very good on what she does!

Monica said...

mujhiko_mujhiko, I saw Eclipse twice. I saw Twilight and New Mood on rented VCDS. I'm rather new to this fandom, ha ha~ ;)

Well, I think HK people sort of like Twilight books but most of them won't really interested in the actors who played the roles. At least they won't check out foreign fan sites. People like us are very rare~ And this may be the reason why R/K don't come HK/Taiwan/Chinese Mainland to promote their movies. We don't even have Eclipse IMAX version here!~ I hear Tailand does. It sucks!~

And, you know I went to see the Runawys the 1st day it was on (in Festival Walk & it was a Thursday evening). Wow~ there were less than 10 people in the house. Never thought it would be so empty... :(

Monica from Asia

Saphire1231 said...

I am a Robsten believer... I love your blog Rose.. It is always such a pleasure to come here and enjoy your literary prose, sarcasm, pictures and other little gems!

I guess it is our individuality which makes the world such an interesting place - but there are times when I personally find it quite difficult to allow others their individuality when they are being negative and hateful (which is often the way with the Hyena.

I guess the following sums up some of the reason for our frustrations...

People will only ever see what they are prepared to see. Because the truth is, we can only ever see as far as we think.

(Perhaps we Robsten's are forward thinkers - LOL)

Love to you hon... keep on keeping on - so many of us find your blog such a comfort and I for one, am grateful for your input in my life.

Twirling, twirling, twirling
& a big PUSH.

olivia said...


: ) Totally agree!

Perception occurs when what is seen and heard is then filtered through a mind filled with individual and unique experiences. Makes one wonder and be sad about the haters.


May said...

Desperation smells like Hyena.

As always,your posts make my day,dear Rose.Its definitely a case of not IF but WHEN. <3

P.S. I simply refuse to discuss Roshley.NGL,delusional ppl amuse me SFM. ;p