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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Rose and Robsten

What the HELL am I supposed to do with this?
What? Tell me.
Motherbitches really need to rethink the term
They are always far superior to the ones kept for publication.


Rob looks good in brown.
What a shocker.
Rob. Looks. Good.

Moving on.
Maybe linger just a BIT longer...


Random Thoughts.

1. Isn't it amazing that Robert and Kristen can be
seen all over the place together...
For well over a year...
They are just 'friends' 
But Rob's good buddies show up at a screening for Kristen...
Or hang out with her at a concert...
And of course...
 Anyone but Robert... yes?

2. It kills the Hyenas that Kristen hangs out with Rob's friends.
KILLS them.
I mean... this brings serious foaming.
"Doesn't Kristen have her OWN friends?"
"They just let her tag along because they feel sorry for her."

Face it...
Rob's friends ARE Kristen's friends now.
That's what happens when you are in a relationship.
TomStu obviously likes Kristen enough to hang out with her
without Rob.
Tom likes Kristen.
I know that makes your foam GREEN...
(Eww... Jealous Green Foam)
But then... what doesn't?

3. I so love the look on Kristen's face here.

Remember when Foamers would go on and on
about how 'miserable' Rob and Kristen were together?
How Summit forced them to hang out?
But since Robert and Kristen STILL keep turning up together...
They have now changed to the 'just friends' bit.
But hang on ...
Only friends until the movies are over.
Cuz... well...
Rob and Kristen have NOTHING in common.
(Except everything)
And well... we all know that will never last.
(Except it's been almost 2 years now)

4. Do we even need to discuss the complete
and absolute absurdity that is the constant chant of "PR!!!" ?
Do we?
 It's such an obvious EXCUSE to explain away how much
time Robert and Kristen are spending with each other.
It would be different if there were any rational thought behind it.
If it made any kind of sense.
But alas... it's totally ludicrous.
Robert and Kristen spend time together...
because they like it.
Isn't that obvious?
It would be different if we saw Robert hanging out
with other girls once in a while
You know... concerts, dinner, vacations...
stuff like that.
Or if Kristen spent time with some other guy...
you know... concerts, dinner, vacations...
Stuff like that.
But it is always Robert and Kristen.

5. Robert and Kristen are so incredibly lucky.
Both are gorgeous.
Both are talented.
Both are rich.
And they have each other.

Do you wonder what their house looks like?
Do you wonder what Kristen's necklace really means?
Do you see just how 'in love' Robert is with Kristen?
Do you see how Kristen smiles at Robert?
Does it make you happy when you see how happy
Robert and Kristen are together?
Will Robert turn up in Montreal?

Today is July 11th...
Will the sun turn black?

July has been a helluva month, hasn't it?
And it's not even 1/2 way over.


Bye for now


RissaRukus said...

I always love reading your blog. This is the first time I'm actually commenting on it though. I'll never understand why "people" can't leave well enough alone. Ok, if you don't think they're together.. can't you just drop it? Better yet.. why can't you be happy that they OBVIOUSLY make eachother happy? Why isn't that enough for you?

Thankfully there are plenty of people who find it enough.
*twirls with RoseSee*

norway_twilight said...

wait, Rob and Kristen share a house??
This I did not know :)

LK said...

Has anyone visited the "whodatedwho"site?It's totally absurd!I have no idea who the hell posts there,but they have Taylor Lautner dating Rob from 2008-2010!!!Bahahahahaha!Those people are idiots!

Anonymous said...

Please Rose tell. Do you know if Rob and Kristen have their own house? Because my friend is convinced they don't. I'd like to think they are living together like a normal couple and not living in hotels.

RissaRukus said...

@LK Roblor for the win! hehe

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose, I so agree, Thank God they have each other, to add to that. The hyenas are making Rob and KS CLOSER. There constant foaming and disrespect all over the internet make these two lean on each other even more,they are each others rock, and that's just my observation from pics and they way Rob adores her.JUST FROM A PIC! Imagine what there alone time is like? :) I wonder what he would think of these "fans" who do nothing but put KS down and harass any one and every one who supports them. Really I do wonder. I'm sure he would be disgusted as we are on a daily basis. Just once I wish he would put them in there place, its hard for Rob to be mean but just once I would love to have these crazies put down a notch from there obsession, what would happen then? Would they turn on him? I say good riddance if they did!

Cata said...

Hi Rose!
I simple will never understand why these people spend so much time and energy trying to negate something that: one, doesn't really make any difference in anyone's personal life other than Rob and Kristen's; two, is right in front of them; and three... well, it's none of their damn business! Do you really get emails from haters? I find that incredibly disturbing. But I guess envy is the ugliest monster of them all.
But the truth of the matter is, while all these haters foam and stump their feet, Rob and Kristen are out there living their happy, successful lives!
These haters are a joke. And I am so annoyed that it's been 2 years of seeing these two wonderful people together, and they can't let it go and accept the truth.
Thanks for writing your blog! I always enjoy what you have to say. Keep this little spot of the fandom grounded!

30yearoldtwifan said...

By the way Rose the pic with Robs legs WIDE open should be illegal Dam it!!!

Just to freak en HOT for words! I am all out of words for this man. My mind went right to the gutter! Lucky Kristen indeed. :)

soadram said...

Grand post
I agree with his every sentence, and only those who never loved or love someone does not realize how much these two love each other a long time.
On the subject of hyenas, I already do not care, because people must be very frustrated and do not know see the good in life, only know about the hate and evil.
A good day to you Rosa
There is God for a blog like this about Rob and Kris:)))

Anonymous said...

First of all, I LOVE your blog! Not just because you are always spot on, but because it's HONEST. There are some "people" who don't want to face the TRUTH even when it's staring right in front of them. Rob is happy, Kristen is happy and they are TOGETHER. That my friends, that make me HAPPY!

Thank you Rose and keep them coming:)

Patricia said...

This man !!! Jesus Christ....Is sooo GORGEOUS, HE JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER DOESN'T HE? And Kristen also.
Are those the pants he wore at MTV Awards?

"Spot on" with every word you wrote. SOME PEOPLE MUST HAVE 'DRAMA' ALWAYS.

I have watched these two since promos for 'Twilight' and I could see the connection, the bubble, the closeness, the love that is so obvious to anyone that is sane and has two eyes.

PR my ass. Grow a brain. I can show you PR and anyone (with eyes and a brain) know all the stars I'm talking about.

I'm anxious to see what happens next with them. Kristen (I think) leaves today for Montreal. I don't think Rob's done with WFE and loose ends for the movie for another week.



Patricia said...

Suzy Q, Opytaylor, deb, Carly, and Sue Bee :

I left a message about your comments about 'Eclipse' on yesterdays board. (at the very end) I hope you read it.


deb said...

Rose Can our guy get any better?YES he dose every time they take a pic. of him I am sure that kristen knows how LUCKY she is to have that mans LOVE,mine,body and soul.And I think that the haters are running out of things to say Because THEY can see and KNOW the truth BUT are only saying shit so that others well talk to them so bad so sad sucks to be them You know they CAN be HAPPY and have a good life if they just keep on looking at whats there LOVE people pure OLD FASHION LOVE.Thank you Rose and YEP today is the 11th ECLIPSE of the SUN and I do hope that Rob and Kristen keep finding time for each other out side of there house-BED ROOM.GO FOR IT YOU TO WE got your BACKS . DEB.

katy said...

As always I LOVE to read your blog....you just know how to say things.
Rob in those pics...incredibly Gorgeous...His perfection....love him to pieces.

I can't understand why people keep saying Rob and Kristen are a PR stunt and make up BS stories...Last week Kristen was dating Sam and this week she dating Tom, the heynas were saying Rob was dating that red hair girl that we saw in those papaz pics of Sam concert (she works at the 'hotel café'... but when kristen is seen with Rob is PR. What a bunch of nut cases, someone should lock them and trow away the kee...the constant disrespect makes me sick.
Why can't they be happy for Rob and Kristen beeing together I will never understand.

jen said...

lol, the hyena excuses get funnier by the day.

They are only friends like how chemistry partners are friends-because they are forced into the situation together!

God, just give it up, they seem pretty happy together, regardless of how serious it is. Leave well enough alone.

great blog rose!

bia said...

I'm really pround of you Rose.Your posts are always honest and classy.
Good job,always the light in the dark.

jen said...

ps: ggelle: I have no idea what the living arrangments are for anyone in this situation.

But someone in Rob's position on such a production would have several places to stay at at one time. Hotels are used usually for convenience and location. Sometimes more private residences will also be secured for off days,etc.

breeannron said...

I love your blog!

Always such great pictures of Rob and of Kristen. You somehow manage to say just what I'm also thinking.

Rob and Kristen look so happy together...we should all be so lucky and in love!

Anonymous said...

love your post again and again...

you are incredible so true rose...
the hyena are crumbling down now..they are insecure, desperate now, actually i had no problem if people don't believe R and K not together so they are can leave with that, and keep they mind but they are not they intesianally attack blog, fans who believe R and K together,try to convince with ridicolous story even the built Nonsense site every day, every hour intentially harrash K even said nasty thing cugh'death threath'cough...it's mentally sickness they keep til become physcophat...and the believer never intentianally come to they're site..what for???

remembering when holy hayse took R and K pic in IOW, the hyena said it's photoshop, K paid by summit to hang on with R ...LOL
and now when K go out to hang out with britpack to appreciate bobby long jams, they made story like rose told...OMG eager so much hyena..
and i've just read in GC eclipse reach half billion dollar in only 12 days...what was that hyena??? you call eclipse drop in box office so summit push R and K to do PR thing...LOL

ok that's i'm gonna said, i'm gonna peace out to see closing ceemony, the final world cup..bye every body 'smooch"...

MelenaS said...

Do you wonder what their house looks like?
Do you wonder what Kristen's necklace really means?
Do you see just how 'in love' Robert is with Kristen?
Do you see how Kristen smiles at Robert?
Does it make you happy when you see how happy
Robert and Kristen are together?
Will Robert turn up in Montreal?

A BIG FAT YES to all those questions. Great post today on your blog as always. Love you Rose and your thoughts.

Rootsie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@ Rose

omFg. Those pictures. Had to turn the fan on.... WOW! How is it that he gets MORE beautiful with every month that goes by?? My. Oh. My. *super sigh*

I love, love, love your posts. They are the highlight of my day :-D

@ Patty 11:36



*Suzy Q*

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I heart you! Perfectly stated. All of it.
It's so laughable that Rob and Kristen can spend so much time together for well OVER a year and yet that means they're just 'friends' BUT Kristen hanging out with Rob's best mates--of course--means she's dating them. Also, Rob's secret girlfriend changes from day to day--heck-- hour to hour. LMFAO.

And, yes, the always go-to excuse of it being PR. Everything they do--this excuse it thrown out. I, too, find it absurd as it just doesn't make sense to me. Nor do I see Rob and Kristen ever doing this and letting their personal lives be dictated. I agree with you Rose, they spend time together because they like to, because they want to. They want to be together. So simple.

So, do these people not see how truly laughable they are? The things they come up with are mind boggling. Do they ever stop with their bullshit? Looks like no. I mean, if people don't want to think Rob and Kristen are dating--okay--but to continue to assault Rob and Kristen and their relationship with spreading such bullshit theories and rumors and everything else--these people truly look crazy.

As I said yesterday-- it's awesome that Kristen has great friendships with Rob's best mates. All of these people who are so important to Rob getting along and supporting each other-- so great!

Anonymous said...

*twirls with you*

Melinda said...

Hot, hot, hot that man is! Lucky Kristen...she gets to see that all the time! It must be nice to have a guy his size wrapping his arms around you when you are so tiny.

Rock on Rose! Well stated as always!

So Sybil is saying via twitter that Rod (the guy that tweeted about R/K at the Troubador) has confirmed to her via direct message, her theory that R/K are "just friends". BAAAHAAAA!
Funny enough she is too stupid to realize that the only way you can DM a person on twitter is if the person is following you. ROD isn't following her so he can't DM her!!! If you know her twitter name you should stop by and read her BS. Pretty funny!
I don't know how they buy into her BS everyday...oh wait...they are just as stupid.

Rob and Kristen...it's easy as A,B,C,1,2,3,do,re,mi....

deejon67 said...

They Are Happy They Are Together!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to add to my post. Because I was just thinking about this. Remember how everyone used to go on and on about Rob's hair. How sexy and perfect it was. And then he cuts it off. And lo and behold..... he is even sexier. It just amazes me. He amazes me.

I've never, ever been the type to be a "FAN" of someone but oddly enough... Rob is just so something... he captivates me.

And Kristen... just commands so much respect from me. I love her, too.

Oddly enough, I would be SO embarrassed to meet them. I don't know why. I just would.

*Suzy Q*

Carly said...

I do wonder about a lot of things. Im curious. its genetic. hard to overcome. but if I never find out? I will be OK with it. because seeing Rob & Kris happy makes me happy. and I like being happy.

anyone but Kris is right. anyone but Rob is right as well. but the point is that he doesnt hang out with anyone but Kris :) and she doesnt hang out with anyone but Rob :) so it really is anyone but them :D

its so obvious Kris have been welcomed into the friend circle also known as Brit Pack. and apparently with open arms. and that says a lot. about her. about them. at least it does to me. am I hearing voices? LOL

the HB outtakes are getting better and better. and I thought thats impossible. one would guess that by now I would realize that when it comes to RK nothing is impossible :D

those pictures of Rob? yeah, there are no words. those pics are just so Rob. and that one with the smile? that one killed me good

will the sun go black? maybe. would it change anything if it remains shining? not really. do I hope for it going black? always do ;)

*twirl you later*

Anonymous said...

Rose; I don't normally post long eloguent posts (without sarcasm) but i will give it a go lol.

I see the interest i really do, Rob is a very attractive man to those who see him as the second coming, although in the UK he looks like any guy his age who goes around wearing hoodies and baseball caps and about 4 days worth of growth on their faces (trust me they are a £1 a dozen) but in the US he is a force of nature...

That being said, there is nothing more meaningful, nothing more enjoyable and nothing more heart felt than seeing a man (this man) in love. How do we know that? You only have to look at his eyes when he is looking at the object of his affection, the smile that spreads across his face to know that he is in love. Of course, there are those out there who will make claim that he does not look that way, that there is nothing going on in his love life worth talking about and that is simply their opinion and not his. They are projecting their empty theories on him because they simply can't stand to see him happy. Happy with the one person they loathe with all their black hearts because in order to accept their 'teen idol' has a gf is to acknowledge that he is in love (and not FWB) and that he is happy (something they just can't handle because that means all is lost) and so on and so on.

With each blog entry you place up, they will as quickly try and shoot it down, it's like sitting around with their fingers in their ears (la la la la la) they are not listening to your attempts on setting them straight. See adults can understand and look with their own eyes and recognise right away the signs of being in love. We have experienced it and lived through it still do and know how it feels to be the most important person in the world to the one we love - but those who have yet to grow and understand or are so imbittered with anything relating to the word 'love' will ignore it in favour of undeniable hatred. I am glad your blog offers so much more than just the random musings of a fan girl - as a grown woman you can understand and appreciate the person you hold favour with in having a happy personal life and a successful public life.

as you keep saying, those in favour of the wonderful romance of Rob and Kristen are;
adding to the call sign

Eclipse is when the sun goes black....

Carly said...

Patricia, I read you comment, and thank you. its always nice to know Im not the only one one thinking/feeling that way. I always felt Rob & Kris did the best with the material they were given and with this movie they both were such EB fans it really warmed my heart.

and I too fear about BD. because that book is a roller coaster ride. it has a lot of ups but a lot of downs as well. and the movies could be either weay as well

SueBee - I love your rambles, dont ever stop :) and you basically said everything Im thinking

there is always a lot of talk about RK not being a typical Hollywood couple, and TBH, sometimes it annoys me. I mean, not any 2 couples are the same. and it goes for HW as well. but I so agree wth the sentiment that they are the last people on this planet to agree to fake a relationship for PR. and lets face it, if it really was PR, then whoever is behind that strategy should reconsider because they are doing a shit job of it

I remember when I got into HSM (I know you are not asking but Im 29) and thought Zac & Nessa were super cute and looked kinda smitten with each other. and then some fotos from their vacation turned up and those werent exactly pictures of friends. and apparently some people screamed PR back then. well, 2 years later, HSM is done with and they are still togehter and still beaming at each other

I wonder if it will really take another 3 years for teh PR BS to be shot down. and I sincerely hope not. but knowing the hyenas (and trust me even without trying I know much more then I wanted to) they will come up with new and improved excuses for every single step RK make, togehter or apart. sometimes I feel kinda sorry for them. and then I read the vile things they spit out and I dont anymore

Im just really happy I found this place filled with sanity and sarcasm and love. nothing better to fight the hatred with then that

Kelby said...

omg. i want to send u fan mail. i love the way u write. u rox da box ! haha. I am truly rob's #1 fan, and i do NOT want to marry him. he is like a brother to me, but anyway, i absolutely love robsten, they are amazingly awesome together, and they better get married. it makes me so happy that i cry because they are so happy.

Thesabstar1 said...

"Does it make you happy when you see how happy Robert and Kristen are together?" IN.DEED.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics and post Rose!

You always ask what I would like to know, but even though we don't get answers, it doesn't matter, just looking the Rob and Kristen faces, you know they're absolutely happy.

Answers will come with time, we need just pacience.

Rapper said...

LOVE your post!! HMMM..Very interesting. I hope one day you will be able to share what you do know about these two.

Anonymous said...

@ Patty @ 11:44

I did read your last comment from yesterdays thread.

I, too, dearly hope for a better Breaking Dawn. I truly hope they keep some signature lines.

I suppose that is what pierces about the book to movie with Eclipse. There are these lines that are "signature lines." Without them... something is missing.

What would Casablanca be without, "Here's looking at you, kid."
Gone With The Wind,
"Frankly My Dear, I don't give a damn."
"Hasta la vista, baby."
Star Wars
"May the force be with you"
Romeo and Juliet
"Romeo, romeo... where fore art thou Romeo?

Eclipse, the book, had these lines. And without those Edward lines.... something was just not there. "I promise to love you everyday of forever." "My heart is just as silent and it too is yours" Perhaps they were cheesy to DS or MR. But because Edward was old fashioned and sincere, they were beautiful and the lack of them in the movie was sincerely felt.

Here's looking at you kid,
*Suzy Q*

Tent scene
Jacob says what if she chooses me?
Edward: "I would let her go."

Edward: "I would let her go."
Jacob: "Just like that?"
Edward: "In the sense that I'd never show her how hard it was for me, yes. But I would keep watch. You see, Jacob, you might leave her someday. Like Sam and Emily, you wouldn't have a choice. I would always be waiting in the wings, hoping for that to happen."

Big difference.

Carly said...

@ Suzy Q: spot on. somelines are just too big to significant to be left out. or to be altered

plus, the way they transfer them, the meaning is so often lost and puts the character in a light that is untrue to who they are

I really hope they keep teh Forever and forever and forever in BD. but to be honest my favorite line from that book goes to Jacob. after Edward hears the spawn for the first time and Jacob thinks: "Edward could never hate anything that adored Bella." its basically 4 worth of books in one sentence. it was also probably the only moment where I felt Jacob got anything right

Anonymous said...

Yes July has been a great month, those two look so happy. They defiantely have a charmed life, I would love to see the inside of their house...probably music everywhere. lol thanks again Rose, that first pic was awesome.

Elly Ak said...

this is not a Robsten related. but just wanna ask, do u guys read Emancipation Proclamation by Kharizzmatik? how I want to register as invited reader? please help me thank u


Anonymous said...

Good Monday morning to ya RRRROOOOOSSSEEE....
He looks good in Brown, black, blue, grey, white, tan,
Burgundy, red, mustard, yellow, beige,
Green even.... nude.......hehehe

BTW.... I too think brown is his colour.......NM 2009 Japan promo
......one of his best in that BROWN SUIT...

kharma1 said...

Happy Sunday Everyone and Hi Rose.
I think most of us on here are pretty rational, intelligent people and we all pretty much lead a normal life and have normal relationships.
So when you do hear about these irrational, nutty hyenas...we are just stunned by it.
I don't get why their relationship would affect them in anyway that they have to spew hate or PR about the two of them, It just blows me away. You have to wonder what kind of lives they are leading. Have they been locked up in a basement somewhere, alone, not loved and being abused.. I mean you really have to wonder about them, they are what you call koo koo.
All I can do is just shake my head with disbelief.
I guess they don't affect my life or Rob and Kristen's life in anyway,
I'm a happy camper and so are they.
I think it's great that they have each other and are so in love, it's wonderful to see. It's tough finding someone and when you do, you treasure it, and that's exactly what they are doing.. it's beautiful.

Hey, have a great Sunday.
And thanks Rose, you always put a smile on my face.

deb said...

Suzy Q I see and I totally with you THEY really need to keep the TRUE words that the books say and NOT what MR wants them to say IT makes them LOOK CHEAP And didn't Rob. and Kristen say they want to keep this (movie ) real? Close to the books? And Patty I did read what you said yesterday And I agree with you I to HOPE that MR DOES NOT fuck the next 2 movies up I pray that SM. well tell her that these are her books and not MR To me that is what it looks like .Like shes writing her own book-movie and not SM.And that makes SM look bad HO well who am I to say any thing JUST A FAN of THE books.AS long as Rob and kristen is ok Im ok . DEB

Melinda said...

Sybil update:

She called out Rose and Delaney on her twitter earlier accusing them (R/D) of setting up fake twitter accounts to tweet her (S).

Now we all know she is crazy! Like Rose or Delaney would ever do that. She is one of the head nonstens.

Another funny thing she did. That Rod guy tweeted to some other guy Andy and said "hey were you with K last night at that thing?" Andy responded back "yeah, me and K were on the lower east side, NYC roof top style".

So what does Sybil do? Takes that tweet as the gospel truth (to stupid to realize they are being sarcastic with each other and aggravating the crazy twi-fans that are tweeting them questions).

Sybil thinks that Kristen is in NYC now. WTH, would Kristen be in NY?

She also sent tweets to both Rod and Andy apologizing for the DUCKS (us Robstens) bothering them with questions.

Hopefully these two guys have seen the light and have blocked her.

Please someone get this girl a straight jacket!

kaylafryer said...

This is my first time writting on your Blog, but certainly not the first time reading it. I LOVE what you write, I come on your Blog everyday waiting IMPATIENTLY every afternoon. I've been reading it for months, and Im hooked. Everything you write,... leaves me SPEACHLESS, I laugh, I smile, because its so REAL, you put it out their and tell it like it is, but some people just cant see it for themselves.

I believed in Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (Robsten) realationship for a while,... dont remember when exactly but its been a VERY long time. I see why they dont want their personal life on display, i wouldnt want that for myself.

Im happy that they are happy, all laughs and smiles :)

This will not be the last time you see me post on your Blog, encouraging you to keep posting!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Here another video maker i suscribe to and has made another new one.....view & enjoy..


Oh stuff it...here is my YOUTUBE USER CHANNEL LINK....

olivia said...

Happy Sunday, Solar Eclipse day Rose!

Rob in a gray hoodie is my favorite, then Rob in a tux, Rob in a black v-tee, Rob in flannel, Rob in his Stoli shirt, and to be honest, Rob in anything. Long hair, short hair, clean face, dirty face, especially smiling, laughing, and of course, when looking adoringly at Kristen.

"Do you see just how 'in love' Robert is with Kristen?
Do you see how Kristen smiles at Robert?
Does it make you happy when you see how happy
Robert and Kristen are together?
Will Robert turn up in Montreal? ; ) "

My answers to all of the above?

Love to all,

SueBee said...

Rose, you twirl while I give you a standing ovation!

As for the pics, you need to warn a woman before posting things like that! Hubby was asking why my mouth
was hanging open! LOL Brown always has been my favorite color!

Still trying to get my brain to work right.

Speaking of Sybil--don't know if it was her or not but a nonsten was complaining about the awful treatment she gets on other boards.

The tweeter wrote that she was glad someone else shared her opinion about nonsten because she is sick of people being mean to her.


When you write offensive crap, you will get a reaction. The "poor me" routine was crazy!

Anywayyyy, I'm sure I'll ramble about something else later!

Once I jumpstart my brain again!!!

SueBee said...

Oh! I don't do twitter and I was wondering if I should? For those who do, do you like it?

Melinda said...


I like twitter b/c Rose and other R/K supporters are fun to read their tweets. And you get links to clips, photos, and articles through other people.

I am mostly a lurker truthfully but sometimes I tweet. There is one girl who does imaginary R/K conversations and she is brilliant at it.

As of now I only have one person following me. I find it weird to ask people to follow me. If they want to great, if not oh well.

Anonymous said...

@ suuBee .....Lisa was patient ennuff and taught me online on Fb how to use twitter....it really good to get latest goss, pics and videos out there...
come and find me... www.twitter.com/louisav69r

Tarra said...

I wish that all the nonsten and haters would go far far away and as they leave acquire some common sense because they can't even lie without it being obvious that they are FOS. For us Robsten fans July has been turning into a very good month and I hope that ODO is right when saying that the nonstens will leave. I feel bad for Rob and Kristen and all the foolishness that they have to endure from crazed fans and paps. On the other hand I have to thank the nonstens because as someone posted they have helped Rob and Kristen become even closer. The more they hate on Kristen the more Rob becomes smitten with her if that is even possible.

Gigi said...

Hi Rose ....I have to let you know , you and your blog were really missed by me ...I was out of the country and in a country where Internet is non existed ( yes they still have countries like that , in truth they do have inter net but not on peoples homes and the cafes are super expensive ) The first thing I did when I got home was to see all the stuff I missed ...In truth it has been a great month so far so I can't wait for the rest of the month and see what happens ..as always Rose thanks your blogs are the best ..have a great week ...for now Chao

SueBee said...

Thanks, ladies. I'll see if I'm brave enough! I'm on FB but I feel like an idiot because I don't know how to use twitter!

I'd like to get the latest scoop with Robsten, etc.

SueBee said...

So, I'm watching the original Twilight and I came to a realization.

I'm so glad Rob got to keep his original eyebrows in New Moon and Eclipse.

Do you think he had an anti waxing clause put into his contract? LOL

Also, I pose a question for you.

In the big reveal scene Bella tells Edward that he speaks like he is from another time. I know he does in the book but where did he do it in the movie? Do you think it was when he called those frat boys "low lifes?"

Apparently I hav way too much time on my hands!

deb said...

SueBee or Louisa Do any of you know when Kristen is going to camp?or has she gone already?I though she had to be there by the 15 am Im wrong? thank you and Rob well be done by the 18 or 19th? thanks and SueBee I to dont know what to do in FB so dont feel like a Idiot if you find out how to use it lit me know hahahaha DEB.

katy said...

Rose...what do you think...is Rob going to Montreal to spend some time with Kristen?

My instintic tell me that he will...But I heard after WFE, Rob is working in another project...maybe UC...don't know...so I think he will go but his not going to stay there very long.

Rick said...

Hey Rose! My wife sent me over here, telling me that I had to read your blog. Yes, I'm a middle-aged man who is Team Edward and a Robstener (courtesy of my wife). There, I said it. Now the man-police can come and drag me off for re-education.

It took me a while, stopping and starting (it was a busy day), but your writing kept a smile on my face all day long...and when I hit the drooling hyena I laughed so hard that I cried.

Keep it coming.