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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Robsten Logic

Happy 4th of July!
*waves flag*

It's hot as hell outside right now...
and I'm mentally preparing myself for the heat
that I will have to endure in a few hours.
So what better way to cool off?
Looking at Robert Pattinson?
That's not working.

So let's talk about Robert.
And Kristen.

There is always so much chatter about the legitimacy
of Robert and Kristen being together.
I get that some people don't believe.
You don't have to believe...
You have every right to your opinion.
So why not just leave it at that?
Why must some people go on foaming tirades
of bitter anger and hatred?
I'm not even going to get into the nasty insults
that are hurled daily at both Robert and Kristen.
Just because people BELIEVE they are together.

Since this is my blog...
I will give you my opinion.
You don't have to agree with me.
I'm totally cool with that.
But here goes anyway...

1. I make up my own mind.
I take interviews, comments and things
into consideration...
But the reasons I believe Rob and Kris are together
have nothing to do with what anyone has TOLD me.
It's what I have logically deduced from what I have seen
with my own eyes.
Yes. I said logic.
I've believed that there was something going on
between them since before Twilight came out
(Go back and read my earliest blog entries)
I saw how they interacted together...
I saw how they looked at each other...

2. Logic.
The interaction between Rob and Kristen
never let up...
It became more intimate... more intense.
And once Oregano was relegated back to the spice rack...
It was even more obvious than ever.

3. Logic.
Let's look at this logically.
Take Kristen out of Rob's picture.
(Hard to imagine... isn't it?)
But let's say...
It was someone else entirely who kept showing up
with Robert all over the world.
Rob being photographed in countless airports with the same girl.
Rob and this girl who turned up in IOW...
NYC... Budapest...
London... again and again.
Rob and this girl snuggling at concerts...
Holding hands at a Paris airport tarmac...
Being captured on hotel balconies...
This girl showing up at the Remember Me premiere...

What would you think?
You would think...
WOW... Robert is dating this girl!
Look how they always end up in the same place.
Look at how he looks at her!
Look at how much time they spend together!
That is what you would think if it was 
ANY OTHER GIRL in Kristen's place.
Because that's what makes sense.

But some people refuse to accept what is 
right in front of them.
Because it's Kristen.
They don't want Robert WITH Kristen.
They will accept any other reason
as to why Rob is always with Kristen.


4. There haven't been any real pictures of
Robert or Kristen outside of work related event's lately.
Does that mean they aren't together?
Does that mean if you don't see them ...
They don't exist?
Where does Robert go at night to sleep?
Do you see him?
Does anyone know?
Rob and Kristen have become very good at getting around
without being seen.
They talked about it in interviews...
Sometimes they even get in and out of airports
without being spotted.
Is it so hard to believe that they can be together
without us seeing what they are doing?
Do we have to see their every move?
Do we need to see it?
Logic tells us that Rob and Kristen continue to exist...
Even if there isn't a picture proving it to us every minute.

5. And lastly...
If there comes a day...
when it does become someone else with Robert
in the airports...
snuggling in concerts...
If I see Robert looking completely smitten
and infatuated with someone else?
Then I will believe that, too...
And I will still love Robert.
And I will still adore Kristen.

But right now.
It's Robert and Kristen

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

totally agree!!

"And once Oregano was relegated back to the spice rack..." - you killed me with that one!!

Anonymous said...

"And once Oregano was relegated back to the spice rack..."


Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you Rose. I read last night that Rob had cheated on Kris, and I can't begin to tell you how bad it made me feel, almost hurt, like someone had done something really bad to me. When I thought about it logically I decided it was not/could not be true. Rob and Kris were friends long before they were a couple, and I refuse to believe Rob would hurt Kris like that. Sometimes I worry about myself, getting so involved with these two wonderful people, but I can't help myself. I look forward to your blog every day, please keep it up. Thank you and happy July 4th.

Cougar71 said...

Great post as usual! Love the line about Oregano being relegated back to the spice rack. lol Good one!

Lisa said...

Exactly right again Rose.. It's just beyond me that people don't see it. I really can't believe they don't.. They just REFUSE!

Happy Independence Day to those of us in the USA!

Cougar71 said...

To Barbara Fenwick: Oh people don't believe the words of gossip mags and blogs. It's a well known fact that about 97% of what is printed in those is fabricated.

kristine.hills said...

"I take interviews, comments and things
into consideration...
But the reasons I believe Rob and Kris are together
have nothing to do with what anyone has TOLD me.
It's what I have logically deduced from what I have seen
with my own eyes.
Yes. I said logic."

I agree 100% with you LOGIC and i do BELIEVE what i see too and if i'm so in love with RK it is because i see/saw how in love they are. I just loved you LOGIC post!

Tonight RK will look at the sky and into each other eyes and they will see fireworks. Isn's that what they say'you see fireworks when you love someone!'?

Eclipse was epic and i want to watch it as many times as possible.

God bless RK!

Anonymous said...

You nailed it!! It's NOT about us wanting to see "Edward and Bella" as a real life couple...or wanting to see only what we want to see...it's the LOGICAL conclusion. Right now they are together and happy. If there ever comes a time when they are not together, my heart might break a little, but I will continue to adore and support them individually no matter what happens with their personal lives. :)

Melinda said...

Great post as always! I will say once again I am so glad the BS has pretty much left your blog!

I find it disrespectful that people would "ship" Rob or Kristen with other people and spread BS all over the internet because they can. I am convinced they don't care about any of the people they are spreading BS about b/c they don't see them as people only puppets. They just do it to rile other people. I really wish gossip sites/blogs had no way for people to leave comments at all. It they just got rid of the comment sections this could all be solved.

I am sorry for such a long post. Let me move onto happy thoughts.

In Eclipse first meadow scene when Kristen was walking away...that girl was working it!!! Loved it! Of course her brit was watching you can be sure of that!

I love that they really seem happy together and that it isn't manufactured. Hopefully they have a good chance of making it since they are doing everything to protect it. If not, my life will go on and I will still love them.

Happy 4th everyone who celebrates this holiday!

Patricia said...


"Spot on" Every word says exactly how I feel....... "Seeing is believing". Robert loves Kristen loves Robert....AND THEY ARE A COUPLE.

Happy 4th. of July to all of their followers who come to Rose's Blog because they are 'INTOXICATED BY ROBERT PATTINSON'


I'm going to watch 'Eclipse' for the fourth time either Monday or Tuesday. The more I watch it the better I like it, because I'm used to the disappointment and I'm just am enjoying the film.

Anonymous said...

Rose I totally agree with you. Nobody had to convince me that there was something going on between Rob and Kristen. I saw it with my eyes, and it was so evident that only blind people could deny it.

Happy 4th of july!! Shall we have any Robsten sighting?

soadram said...

Your post is illogical, indeed with any post from the beginning that you were writing, but because I already read them all and I agree with you tuddo.
I do not need anyone to confirm anything and started to see from the very beginning before reading whatever it was.
Believed, and I believe I will believe, and who does not like bad luck .....
Now for those who do not believe, has all this right .... But do not Enough.
Rose a good day for you and all who are celebrating the July 4

jen said...

Amen, Rose!

Loved your blog rose.

YES, this is what it comes down to: logic.

Occam's Razor--the simplest answer if most often the simplest answer.

Does the fact that they are public figures/celebrities factor into logic?

Of course.

But in the end, these two aren't seen together with anyone else on the off timre romantically. For over a year now.

Rob used to party hearty, remember the fall and winter of 08/09' when he was single? Dude parttttiiiied. Clubbed. Seen and being seen around, the little animal! lol

But no more. Drinks at pubs with friends and not much more.

Kristen's been seen in Europe off the clock. And in places Rob was.

They won't talk about private lives anymore. They hide out at the same time for long periods-when we know they are in the same city.

I'm just saying, instead of thinking it's a pr conspiracy that nets more and more people by the week(really, DS is part of it now??LOL0, isn't it easier to realize the simplest answer here is the best one?

Carly said...

I said it once and I will say it again. if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, swims like a duck and looks like a duck, calling it chicken doesnt make it a chicken. it makes you crazy

well, we got that one video of them going to a lunch before the premiere :)

Robin said...

Rose, I love the way you think. Logic is always the byword of your blog. I so agree that with two years of painful are-they-or-aren't-they hysteria, all we ever really had to do was apply logic.

And Jen, I always look for your responses. You and Rose are both level-headed, intelligent gals with discerning eyes. And you both write so well.

Hope everyone who celebrates July 4th has a fun and safe day.iE49

olivia said...

Happy 4th Rose and to everyone else who celebrates this day.

Dear Rose, this was one of your very best posts. Yes, LOGIC says it all. From the first interview with young Kristen and Rob, fur edged parkas on, where she picks at his teeth, they admit to having watched Last Tango in Paris, and they are all giggles with each other, to the out take from Twilight where they fall down on the ground and Robert bites down on Kristen's finger, through every imaginable fact and logical assumption, to the wonderful pictures on the black carpet and the after party for Eclipse..............because of what has been shown, and sensed, I also have always believed in and still do believe in Rob and Kristen as a couple.

Respectfully, even as I completely love them together and individually I also am mature and logical enough to continue loving them in the future, whatever path they choose to follow.

Right now however, whenever they allow, it is so very lovely seeing them together. They are such beautiful young people, and I cheer for them.

One more comment about Eclipse. I enjoyed the explanation that I remember Rob gave during an interview or two where he says in the third film, Edward grows as a character to become more human, experiencing more emotions, such as jealousy, and growing to trust Jacob and the wolf pack in order to protect Bella. In the very last scene of the movie, in the meadow, I liked how Edward didn't look pale and sparkly, ........he looked like a living, warm blooded young man, his skin tone matching that of Bella. It just visually and symbolically moved Edward along for me in his growth ( and remembering what it was like to be alive ), toward the fourth book.

Love to all,

deb said...

Happy 4th Rose I totally agree with you and yes you can see that they have grown closer to each other. Like they both have said THEY LEAN ON EACH OTHER AND like what Rob has said they don't even have to say anything THEY know what each other is thinking and to say that is saying a lot in my book I do hope they have a loving 4th of JULY together and it would be nice if Kristen could BBQ for him and family,friends.Yes I miss them but am happy to see that they get to have there privacy to.LOVE YA ROSE have a good day with family,friends AND heres to ROB.and Kristen CHEERS!! HAPPY 4th YOU ALL DEB.

SueBee said...

Oregano back in the spice rack---still smirking about that one Rose!

Poor guy--he didn't really have a fighting chance against Rob.

Here's a cute clip I love. It's during th first Twilight promotion when Rob was still trying to woo Kris-boyfriend or no boyfriend.


If he looks that sexy playing Edward at the beginning of Eclipse trying to get Bella to marry him, can you imagine how that went in real life? (NOT the marrying part--the be my gf part!)

Ohhhh if walls could talk!!! LOL

Anywayyyy--Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. GREAT post. Perfectly stated. And I feel exactly like you do. LOGIC.

I believe Rob and Kristen are dating not because I had to force them together or pair them up just because they're co-stars in a movie or there is pics of them on-set. I believe they're together because of ALL (too numerous to name) the things that have pointed me in that direction from none other than Rob and Kristen themselves. Things I have seen with my own two eyes, NOT from what people have told me. And my beliefs can change based on what they show me, not anyone else.

I have become more and more impervious to the bullshit. Some people just can't handle what's right in front of them. There are some really crazy and hateful people out there. Mind boggling what some of Rob's own fans or Kristen's own fans post about them (especially with the rumors they try to start). How can they say that they're legit fans of either of them with the way they act? They are the worst kind of fans and Rob and Kristen would be disgusted.

Happy 4th of July, Rose. And to all my fellow American posters. Hope you're all enjoying the holiday!

Anonymous said...

Woot woot... Yay ROSE! You go you good thing... go!

What an awesomely logical post... you say it all so eloquently! I agree with every single point. Of course they are together.... Of course it is LOGICAL.

I love that they are together and I love that you are such a champion of them both ROSE. You are fair minded about them both and that is how it should be.

There will always be others trying to change us 'believers' to their point of view... but I guess that's life... we all want others to agree with us eh?


My own point of view is the same as Rose' - I too believe in logic and I TOO SEE WITH MY OWN EYES!

Whenever one of you doubters gets to me a little, I remind myself that one does not go willingly to spend holidays with someone on important days like "your own actual birthday" (when you would normally spend it with your family) or your "New Years holiday" as a PR show... NO!


GO ROBSTEN... Be together... be happy with each other... LONG MAY IT LAST.

LOVE YOUR BLOG ROSE... It is always a safe harbour for me!

Caroline said...

Oh Rose...thank you!I remember, when i start to read your blog i read the old blogs, and you always believe that something was going on...and me too.And i think people see what's going on but they don't accept...cause it's to beautiful, and real...and genuine...
Of course i miss then, photos of the two together...but i still believe they are together...


And "Barbara"i'm like you...lol...

sdb said...

Appeared on some websites and blogs, a matter doing it again the same question,
ROBSTEN truth or lie, love or publicity stunt, or together and happy frame of hollywood? Many remain in doubt concerning the civil status of the darlings of the world.
They were new and almost beginning of a great career, will they allow themselves to be so influenced by Hollywood? I have my doubts, but I sincerely hope that this is not another scam. What to think of them legions of fans and twilight? I doubt their reaction would be positive, surely the brilliant career of the two would be gone, would they rather risk to their careers?
All this for publicity and money?
they keep saying Robsten is not and will not be the first and the last couple of armed holluwood!
but I doubt it, I really believe they are working together.

Anonymous said...

I think Sybill finally went of her rocker... could this be her caught on tape?


Just Kidding :-D But seriously.. the video had me cracking up. And she's in heels!!

*Suzy Q*

Melinda said...

Hey Suzy- have you ever seen Sybil? Do you know her twitter name? She went to the beach a couple of days ago and posted the pic. You can always take a look if you want. You should go on her twitter page b/c she is pretty funny. In a mental way of course.

Ironically enough she is blonde which cracks me up since the nonstens are all about Rob's real gf being blonde.

Want to know what's really scary? She and some "friends" supposedly have a trip planned for London. If I were Rob I would be staying in the US for a long time!

Anonymous said...

Bwaaahhhaa! Thank you so much Rose! Anyone who has been in love can recognize that look...the look they give each other. It's painfully obvious they are in love with each other. And I agree if he was ever photographed with any other girl they would be hateing on her too, it is his choice who he's with after all. And his choice and hers too is to be with each other. I thought something seemed to change with them right after he finished Remember Me. They just seemed to look at each other like they had a secret that no one else knew. Ahh ain't love grand. Thanks Rose.

Patricia said...


I went today for the fourth time to see 'Eclipse'..I think that Edward is so GORGEOUS in this film ( it is hard to pay attention to anything else) I love 75% of it. I think M. Rosenberg needs to read Breaking Dawn before she does the screen-play, because she thinks that EVERYTHING is ABOUT Jacob, Bella and Edward. But it's Bella and Edward and some Jacob. This is really bugging me. I understood Edward was mostly missing in 'New Moon' but HE was in Bella's room every night except when he hunted in 'Eclipse' This movie was half Jacob.

Does anyone else agree with what I'm seeing ????


team necklace said...

I am new to this blog. Rose, I took your advice and started reading your old blogs from the very beginning.It was spooky how you saw their budding relationship so early on. I took note after New Moon and I was NOT looking for it or even cared. However, like so many of you...the handwriting was on the wall....so plain to see and so refreshing too. I am Team Necklace. Started out loving Rob but have become protective of Kristen since she is the STAR of Twilight in my opinion. Without her...would Twilight be what it is today?? I think not. She brought out the best in Rob...and still does.

deb said...

Hey Patty I to have seen the movie 4 times and going again on my B-DAY I have to agree with you Patty I think that M.R. needs to get her HEAD out of her ASS and START making the movies about what the books say they are. And that is Bella and Edward. Jacob is nice but that part is OVER NOW. I read and bought the books besouse I LOVE Bella and Edward and the love story they have.M.R. had a interview about the movie and said she would keep it very close to the book BUT I HEARD that before well anyway I hope that ROB and Kristen had a nice 4th and got some down time together I just love those two and I miss Rose today to .And SuzyQ I LOVE YOUR video hahaha DEB.

Patricia said...


I love (the love story) so much that I think M.R. is fucking it up. More Edward and Bella please !!!!!!

I hope she gets enough mail that she gives us what we want and that's (THE BOOK) It's PG 13 so she can give it to us. Enough with the Jacob
Bullshit !!

SueBee said...

Just got back from seeing the movie again. I'll try not to go on my Jacob rant again but ugh, enough already. Anymore whining "Pick me! Pick me!" and I was going to go nuts!!!!

Really, did anyone ever think he actually had a fighting chance against EDWARD? I have trouble thinking of it as a love triangle. Bella's choice was made.

I also loved about 75% of the movie. Kind of wish the leg hitch scene would have happened after the J/B kiss because I needed a pallete cleanser!

To be honest, immature me closed my eyes during the J/B kiss this time around. It's just so---wrong!

Yes, in the book, Edward stayed in Bella's room every night. I was happy to see that they showed that at least once or twice.

Hell, I'm surprised they didn't have Jacob curled up at the end of the bed! LOL

Oops, looks like I ranted anyway.

Anonymous said...


deb said...

Right On girl where do I go to let her know what the real FANS of Rob and Kristen( Edward-Bella )Im like you just PRAY its the last 2 books PLEASE do it RIGHT PLEASE do us PROUD I want to see that movie SOooooo bad but if she fu-ks it up IM going to be mad. Patty do you know when Kristen leaves for camp?And they say that Rob well be done with WFE on the 9th. DEB

Anonymous said...

@ Patty

I am so with you on Eclipse!!! There were many things I was pleased about.... but... there were alot of things that pissed me off----> TOP TEN things that pissed me off in Eclipse (or as I like to think of them my Eclipse WTF list):
1. The speech Bella made at the end because it was total BS and NOT something Bella would say. Definitely a WTF moment?
2. Edward's presence was definitely lacking in this film. I felt in the other films, even in New Moon, that Edward was clearly the focus in scenes. Which is right because he is the FOCUS of Bella and the books. It was NOT filmed that way in Eclipse. Edward was never the focus in the scenes. But Jacob on the other hand... Jacob got a whole lot of focus.... WTF?
3. The way Jacob was portrayed. Not how Taylor acted (which was stellar) but how much screen time was devoted to developing the Jacob/Bella relationship. Every scene was like Bella and Jacob's love fest. Where in the book most the time when Bella and Jacob are together it is very friendly and easy. But every single scene was deep staring and tension filled. WTF?
4. Bella would not get on Jake's motocycle in front of Edward and Edward would not have ALLOWED it at the point. He would have ran out of the parking lot and plucked her off of it. WTF?
5. The wig. They could have dyed her hair and gave her extensions. It would have looked so much more natural. WTF?
6. Ummm.. when he put the heart on her bracelet... your telling me I had to watch Riley running around Seattle for like five minutes and they couldn't add THIRTY seconds for Edward to deliver his AWESOME line about it being a good representation of him because it is hard and cold. And his heart is just as silent and it is also hers.
7. Promenades.... WTF?
8. Is there any reason they couldn't lift the proposal scene from the book properly and throw in most of the same lines. Why mess with a good thing. WTF?
9. The jealousy scene. The dialogue. And the way it was written in the book was just so much better. Him so cool and cold but quietly seething - freakin' great. I love the "I'm not going to kill you now because that would upset Bella" and ALSO Bella doesn't even seem mad at Jacob in that scene in the movie - Book 100X better. Movie - WTF?
10. The song that played when Bella first tries to go see Jacob and Edward breaks her truck. Sounds like lovers tryst song. Which is NOT what Bella is doing or even THINKING at that point. The mood... totally WRONG. WTF???

I suppose if I could sum up the feeling I got in one sentence it would be simply that I felt that the Edward/Bella relationship was not portrayed properly in the movie. Not that it wasn't acted properly, but more that it wasn't written and literally shown properly. Edward is Bella's world. Bella is Edward's world. While we did get the prerequisite meadow scenes and proposal scenes, I felt that this connection just wasn't SHOWN properly. I don't know if it is the director or the script writer... but I know it wasn't there. The little touches and looks that should have been cut into scenes... just weren't?

Am I making any sense?

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

hey Rose I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July! love your posts as always. Ive been wondering what our favorite duo have been up too....ehem


I found this :D heehee ***sigh**
so good to see them together. not sure where they are though. Cast members were going all over to surprise people during the Eclipse movie. Lucky people!!!!

Anonymous said...

oo they are in LA....how awesome is that. you go to see Eclipse and Here come Rob and Kristen! AWESOME!!

deb said...

OK i'v been reading some other blogs and this one was asking who you would vote for Edward or Jacob well you know how that went anyway this is what 1 person said (about Jacob) Why would you want to kiss some one who licks his own ass.and another person said did Jacob lift his leg pee on Bella to mark his territory WHO thinks of these thing ? DEB.

Anonymous said...

hey Rose I posted a pic on here earlier and its not on here anymore. I dont know what happened to it or if it was deleted. Im sorry if I wasnt supposed to put that on here. kinda new to the blog thing. Love your posts :D Keep keepin it real!