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Friday, July 30, 2010

Kristen Stewart Intoxication

Well... it's finally come to this.
I want to talk about Kristen Stewart.
Because I miss her.
I like her.
A lot.
And you may find this hard to believe...
But that wasn't always the case.

I didn't know who Kristen was before Twilight.
My first glimpses of her were the MTV interviews.

There she was... this young girl...
This wispy little thing...
Brazenly flirting with Robert Pattinson.
Interview after interview
They seemed to get more intimate.
I wasn't all that thrilled with it.
I can admit it... I was kinda jealous.
She was always next to him.
Touching him in some way...
Showing the world with every word...
Every move...
Every touch...
That something was happening between them.

But it wasn't just Kristen.
Oh no.
Robert responded the same way.
He obviously admired Kristen.
He obviously adored her.
He obviously fell hard and fast for her.
He may have joked about having a crush on her...
Or asking her to marry him...
But there was a real spark there
And where there's smoke...
There's fire.

I saw how happy Kristen made Robert.
I mean...
He was always smiling and laughing whenever she was around.
And even though I was completely addicted
and thoroughly intoxicated with Robert Pattinson...
Seeing him happy made me happy.

And so I wanted to know more about Kristen Stewart.

My first impression of her is her incredible beauty.
It's natural.
It's effortless.
It's powerful.

It doesn't matter how she wears her hair...
or if she is wearing make up...
Her face is flawless.

The next thing that comes to mind...
She's not your average young woman.
She's serious about her craft.
She chooses parts that mean something to her...
She doesn't care if she has to chop off her hair...
or if she isn't playing the pretty ingenue 
It's the part that matters.
She loses herself in her roles...
and when its time to move on
she has a hard time letting go.

Kristen is awkward.
Kristen is shy.
Kristen doesn't always say the right thing at the right time.

Kristen stays true to herself.
And Kristen is misunderstood.

Shyness makes people think she is aloof... distant.
Being awkward makes people think she is unpolished... coarse.

But some people don't want to see beyond the misconceptions.

While I don't believe Kristen worries about whether some
people like her or not...
She's made it clear that she loves her fans...
She appreciates them.
She wants you to understand that she loves Bella
and Twilight the same way we do.
Oh... and she can smile.
Especially when she is with Rob.

Kristen is just a girl.
Trying to figure out life... just like everyone else.
She never claimed to be special...
She never felt entitled to her fame.
She just wants to work...
and she wants to live her life.

"I can relate to Bella in that I think that I would not necessarily choose the easy road. I would definitely, if it felt right, and I was in love. It wouldn’t matter what obstacle. I’d face it." -Kristen

 I know it's silly...
But I can't help but feel protective about Kristen.
I feel the need to defend this girl...
Who comes under such brutal attacks on a daily basis...
 is shown such hatred and venom from people...
who are petty and jealous.

Why do some people seem to hate Kristen Stewart?
All the reasons are shallow and irrelevant.
No matter how much blathering and foaming
about the 'real' reason haters hate...
It all comes down to one thing.
Robert Pattinson.

If the Haters didn't think Kristen Stewart 
was with Robert Pattinson...
They wouldn't care one way or another about her.
She wouldn't matter.
But she does...
To Robert.
And to the millions of people like me...
who appreciate Kristen for who she is...
what she says...
And what she does.

Remember when this picture was released?
The uproar?
The yelling?

Do you remember how angry people got?
This picture was released quite some time after the actual photoshoot.
Why was it delayed?
Probably because in terms of picture quality... its not that good
In terms of controversy and drama?
It sure did get analyzed.
Every damn pixel.
Which leads us to this picture released today...
The howls of agony!
The whining.
The foam.

So what are we looking at?
Rob trying to listen to what Kristen is saying?
Rob nuzzling Kristen's neck?
Rob most definitely pushing up against Kristen...
with his hand on the small of her back...
Is he just leaning over her?
Is he going in for the kiss?
Do we see lips to neck contact?
Does he just see chicken wings on the other side of her?

All I have to say?

Just another "ROBSTEN" pic.
Get it?
Got it?

I love and adore Kristen Stewart.
Thank you for making Robert so happy.
I love and adore Robert Pattinson
Thank you for making Kristen so happy.

This post is brought to you by the letter T
because I'm all about the 


Bye for now


jen said...

great post, rose!

i wasn't a big kristen fan at first either. I liked her early mtv interviews with robert(while a/j and k/n laughed and joked, r/k acted equal parts flirtatious and shy...lol), I was put off by her itnerviews during the twilight promotions.

Fast forward mtv movie awards and italy shoots. And it was pretty clear her and robert had something going on. And the more I paid attention to her from then on(because I didn't before), the more I liked this girl who was scrappy and beautiful and sardonic.

She's a good match for him.

And that photo today-priceless and hilarious. He's hovering and touching her while she's in deep conversation with that man in the back. He's being nosey and inserting himself into it...lol

Anonymous said...

Very good post, I'm not entirely sure they're actually together or not. I mean several things say they are but then several things also say they aren't. But the pictures do seem real enough. Def not the work of a brilliant photoshopper with a little too much time on their hands. Well I gotta say whether they are or they aren't together I wish them both the best of luck with whatever it is they do with their lives :)

Tyler said...


Global said...

Best. Post. Ever! I hope people really consider what it is you're saying here, Rose. At the end of the day, Rob and Kristen are happiest when together. That's all that matters. Really. Its. All. That. Matters.

Gaga said...

I'm sorry. Where exactly is your proof that she always looks happier with Rob cause in my opinion I've always thought she looks happier with Taylor. It was pretty obvious throughout Eclipse promo. She kissed his neck and everything during Twicon. Look, shes not even responding to Rob's "kiss" in that pic.. the guys clearly desperate. My opinion.

Anonymous said...

i just love how comfortable they are in each other's personal space:) such a beautiful couple!!!!!:D

Kj said...

Perfect, Rose. Really, a beautiful, aching and quiet tribute to a beautiful woman who is happy and makes a beautiful man happy. I went back to the beginnings of Twilight and discovering Kristen and Rob yesterday too, with @Musings...It's a wonderful journey, remembering why we're drawn to these two spirits in the first place.
*Tip Toe Twirling* may be my favorite thing yet. Much love. Thank you! xo

deb said...

Rose I saw this pis and thought hoe cute a little kiss on the neck him just saying love ya I to wanted to know more about Kristen why did this girl make Rob so happy So I looked into her moives and saw what he did SHE is such good actor she becomes that person shes playing And this girl is BEAUTIFUL Yes the HATERS dont like Kristen WHY because she is every thing they want to be and HAS the MAN they want I am very proud Of Kristen she WELL go fan in her acting And she well be with Robert Pattinson Wht because they belong together they are in love with each other And I thank GOD they are Thank you Rose for being a Kristen FAN I know that Rob himself would Thank you for that also . DEB.

lilli said...

Aaawww. Great post Rose. I saw the interviews first in May 2009 und fell in love with these two. You could really feel the attraction and the sparkles. Hope to see them together reunited soon.

rldestef said...

Love Kristen. Loved her before I even paid attention to Rob. I honestly just shake my head at people who say "well there could be another explination." B/c if it wasn't Rob, there really couldn't be. I'm not naive in anyway. I have no idea if they will be together next week let alone in 6 yrs, but they are happy.

And to people who say "well she looks happier with x,y, or z" We see less then 1% of their lives. It really doesn't take much to figure out that if they didn't like being around each other they wouldn't be. The only Twi cast members either is seen with at non work events are each other. Not Taylor. Not even Nikki anymore.

Clear and rational thought. Sometimes things are really not as complicated as people try to make them.

Sydney said...

YAY Rose!!! Some Kristen love! I love this post. I love her. She's funny, she's real, she's interesting. My best friend had mentioned that she didn't like her. When I asked why, it was obvious she just didn't know about her and only based her opinion on soundbites the media has chosen. Now? My best friend loves her, I've shown her the light. She's just a great, down to earth girl.

GAGA: For the most part, Taysten shippers drive my bonkers. There is nothing more clear on this earth (besides the fact that Rob and Kristen are together) than the fact that Kristen and Taylor are NOT together. You know we could all provide you with hundreds of pictures of Kristen smiling adoringly at Rob (including the Eclipse premiere when it seemed to escape her attention that Taylor was even there).

We could also point out the dozens of times they're seen out and about together during their downtime, or the times they've flown all over the world in order to be together. Has Kristen been seen once with Taylor? Anywhere, ever, when it wasn't about work? Has she flown across the country, or the world to be with him? NO.

These things are all true...but Taysten shippers, I've decided I'm going to like you. And that is for the simple reason that you all love Kristen. You like her, you respect her and you are respectful to her. And this post should be in praise of Kristen and not anything else!!!

Patricia said...

You know Rose I didn't like Kristen in the beginning at all. I thought she was teasing Rob with all her flirtations and touchy feelie moves towards him. But I think she was not aware in the beginning OF her feelings for him. She thought"he was handsome and witty and he looked like he was always thinking of something and that was pretty sexy." She had a boyfriend already and I think that's what bothered me. Because I could see how Rob was (GONE) on her.

When they did the 'Twilight promos I saw a difference in her towards him and the looks and touches and bubble of THEM. I think that's when she started to have deeper feelings for him , and when they filmed 'New Moon' that's when I think she knew she was falling for him. We know he already adored her.

I started to really pay attention to her interviews and starting watching some of her other films and that's when I saw she was shy and not a bitch. There was a fine line there. But as time went by and I saw how happy Rob was and how in love with her he was; the mother in me gave her a chance and I grew to really like her also. Not like Robert but a genuine caring for her. Now I love them as a couple. I have believed in them as a couple since 'New Moon' filming. Especially Italy.

I also feel very protective of her and am so disturbed by all the bitter hatred she gets from ladies that are jealous of her relationship with Rob and can't admit that he is madly in love with her.


Rob at the Tennessee airport had his black shoelace bracelet on.
When is he going to see Kristen? Soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

Can I marry this blog post, cause I totally will.
I don' care if they are together or not as long as they are happy, but yes flying to another country for your bday to just pend it with a friend, hmmmm. LOL
I have been a fan of Kristen since Speak, and she has never let herself be anything than what she wants to be and for being so young I commend her fro that.

Trish said...

Hell yes! Rose you are awesome!

Thank you so much for dedicating this post to such an awesome and sweet girl, she deserves it!

I too, did not know Kristen before twilight, but I am very happy i got the chance to know her thanks to twilight.

The way i began to like her was hearing all the hate that ppl had...i felt like i wanted to protect her because i KNEW and KNOW how it feels to be MISUNDERSTOOD..

I felt like I had a LOT in common with her...due to the fact that she was quite and awkward and nervous she was always getting blows from the haters..dissing her left and right with that i always felt the need to stand up for her.

Then, while watchin all the twilight interviews that did it for me...specifically watching that first twilight GMA interview when Rob said she had a crush on her..i could tell by the way he looked at her that he ADORED her completely, and that made me like her even more, long story short I am glad she and Rob have found each other and i belive twilight brought them together..they are great match and have a lot in common not to mention they are going through the same things.

Wish them best of luck and thank you Rose for dedicating this post to her..such an awesome girl! cant wait to support her and Rob in the rest of their movies xxx.

Looking forward to an Oscar win from her soon:-)

deb said...

Patty I to see the black shoelace bracelet Its funny they have it on right after there done with there jobs and keep it on until there back with each other. DEB.

Trish said...

oh and love the picture! priceless! and so the RObsten love fest goes on!

For me, i have eyes so i see exactly what it is but the haters you know they will always keep HATING..at least i am glad i have PERFECT vision and a BRAIN that WORKS :-)

Anonymous said...

i miss her too i hope any news soon love your blog keep going xoxox

Anonymous said...

Great post! It's amazing how many vile things people say about her on other blogs, especially the AT board.Thank you so much for posting such wonderful things about her, showing that you can love him and love her as well! Awesome job!

kharma1 said...

Happy Friday and Hi Rose.
You brought tears to my eyes today..love what you said about Kristen, that's exactly how I feel about her. As a mother I feel very protective of her and on a daily basis get very angry at all the hate she gets because her relationship with Rob.
What I saw from the very beginning is this look Rob had when he was looking at Kristen, I know that look very well...lol.
I felt for Rob, I saw his want for her and I was hoping they would get together.
So yeah, I was on cloud 9 when they finally did, I was thrilled for Rob, his patience paid off.
I wish these women can look beyond their jealousy and see what a, as Rob says, Unique girl she is. Here this tomboy got the hottest guy on the planet, only in fairytales.. it's awesome.
We've all been there at that age, awkward, unsure of ourselves, but she has a heart of gold and what strong values and work ethic this young woman has. I can see why Rob fell hard for her. I would be proud to have her as my daughter and if she ever broke up with Rob, I would love to set her up with one of my sons.

As women we should be supporting each other, but some of these women let their jealousy get in the way and what do they do, they have the need to cut that person down to make themselves feel better. They are so self absorbed, so selfish, that's all they can think about is themselves.
To those haters, start setting some higher standards in your life and try to make this world a better place for our kids and grandkids to live in.

Thank you Rose. Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

sisca icha said...

thanks so much Rose for dedicated "Kristen Stewart Intoxicattion" it's trully genuine you give opinion right to kristen, i almost cry when read your post...i love Rob and Kristen, but i love her since she act in Panic Room....so i embarassing and feel protective to her when she had hatred in daily basis...and to the pic in after party, i dunno if that's rob nuzzle, kiss Kristen, or rob just turn around, or just an angle...i think the pic is so cute Rob and Kristen together...

Taty said...


a perfect post, Rose. I agree with all you said. Together or separate (I believe they are together), their happiness is everything that really matters =D

Anonymous said...

I let out a big ol' "aww" when I saw the title of this latest blog post. I adore Kristen, I really do. Rob could not have picked a better girl to fall for. Nobody could be better for him than her.

She's beautiful, smart, talented, and every bit as complex as he is. I foresee immense success for both of them, and no two people deserve it more. I have so much respect for the way they separate their own relationship from the public eye, and it benefits them far more than it hinders.

Great post, Rose. I always look forward to reading your blog, and I'm so glad you love Kris as much as the rest of us.



SueBee said...

First things first



Secondly, Holy Spit--I was not expecting that pic of Kris and Rob. My jaw almost hit my lap.

My interpretation--Kris was in a conversation with a person and Rob wanted to get her attention for something.

A kiss on the neck sure as hell would get me to stop talking!

In all honesty, I didn't like Kristen at first for what I thought were unkind mannerisms. BUT I started paying more attention to her interviews and now I like her. She's one of a kind.

I'm happy that she makes Rob so happy. Haters are just jealous of her.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I have to adimit at first I didin't really care for Kristen, she was so twitchy and seemed to always be pissed. But like you I started to notice how happy Rob is around her, then he had nothing but praise for her. And if she makes Rob happy that makes me happy, I love the guy and he deserves to be with someone who can bring out that gorgeous smile. I LOVE the new picture. I totally think he's goin in for the kiss..although could just be talking to her quietly. lol I don't know, but I love it that the haters are now screaming like the banshees they are. lmao again...suck it haters. Thanks again Rose!

LJ said...

Here you go SueBee:



deb said...

OK does any one know how long Rob well be in GA and do you think he well go see Kristen after he has a week before the TCA do you think he well go there and then Both well fly to LA for the TCA just asking DEB.

SueBee said...


Thanks, hon!

Yep, he sure is wearing the bracelet!

Anonymous said...

I agree with every single word. That's exactly how I feel about her. Both are very special, intelligent, talented, very good looking and far away from the stereotype Hollywoodstyle.

Don't be ashamed about the feeling you want to protect them. I feel the same. We don't want that something bad happend to them, because we adore them. It's not silly, it's normal, even if they don't need us to protect them.

I only wish the best for them. I'm so happy for them they've found each other. They deserve each other.

ElizabethMC said...

Rob is only suppose to shoot for one day but I have also heard that Saturday may now be included. If he is done with WFE, he could realistically pop-up to Montreal and then head back for the TCAs. Love him. Love her. Love them together.

Melinda said...

It's a win for today's post! Thanks Rose for giving Rob's girl such high praise!

At the beginning I really didn't "get her" to be honest. But when I saw her and Rob together it was so genuine. All it took for me to like her was her picking something from his teeth. That may be weird to some but my first thought was here is a real girl not some silly young actress. That made me take more notice of her.

Now I think she is just as wonderful as he is. I do think they are a great match. I think as protective as they are about their relationship they have a better chance of making it as a couple. Kudos to them for keeping what is special theirs and not for the public.

One of my favorite things she does to him is trip him up when he is talking. I crack up every time I see her do it. The girl can give as much as she gets!

I also love how she has been embraced by the britpack. I've liken the Volturi to the paps and the britpack the Cullen's protecting their own.

This new Eclipse pic just shows me again how comfortable they are in each others space. Same with the "leg nudge" at JK. If she wasn't so used to him being in her space she would have simply moved her leg. She didn't. Totally enjoyed the contact. I thought it was cute that she immediately "scratched" her leg in an attempt to touch him without drawing a lot of attention. Sneaky Stew!

She is one of a kind and so is he. As a fan I hope for great things for the both of them.

LJ said...

No worries SueBee!

Yep he sure is....love it. I'm definitely 'team shoelace bracelet'!!

Gorgeous post Rose (as usual).....and hardly any negativity so far..yay!

Why do those people who think that everything we say and think is total rubbish read this blog anyway?!! It's beyond me :-)))


Anonymous said...

I only knew who Kristen was when I found out she was in Twilight. I did research on her. She seemed to be awkward, lack in confidence? One of the two. She didn't seem bubbly as all these others who take part in interviewers. I'd found out movies she'd been in. And became a real big fan. Becoming a fan of her, lead for me to become a fan of Rob. Because he obv took a shine to her.

So it was the opposite to probably people here. I was a fan first of Kristen, then Rob.

June said...

Rose today you've been really inspired and wrote a wonderful post! Kristen deserves our love and devotion, as much as Rob. They both are as beautiful outside as inside.

By the way, don't you think that Rob's bag in the airport is too big? I mean, if he's only staying till tomorrow, what the hell is he carrying in there? unless he stays longer.. but a local tv and newspaper said he was only shooting today and maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the hate she gets. If it's because she's with Rob...Then it's fans of Rob's. And I don't think he'd want those kind of fans. It's like, imagine if those fans went up to him and said "I hate Kristen"...What would his reaction be?

:) or O_O or =| ?
I don't think he'd be pleased. She obviously means something to him. Otherwise she wouldn't have been invited to the Isle of Wight for New Years. So to imagine a fan who would never have the guts to say it to his face what they say here or other places over the internet, to say they hate Kristen to his face. Well he won't be impressed.

All you have to do is go on this link :
and figure his expression is one of sadness.

But nutters even still may say, he just doesn't want to be in her presence. Any genius, good person, who has a friend who gets hated and called a ***** in public, will feel for that friend. They won't jump for joy.

Patricia said...

I've gone on a lot of sights today. Half of the people say Kristen will be at the TCA and half say no, she is filming in Montreal.

Also I read Rob will be only in Tennessee for a day and others say until Wednesday. It sounds to me like everyone is just guessing about everything.

As soon as I hear something more accurate I'll just cross my fingers. I MISS THEM

deb said...

Thank You Patty I miss them to But I'll be a good little girl and wait :( I heard the same HO well SOON yep SOON DEB.

Edmett said...


Ellie said...

I just wanted to complement you on your web blog. I also wanted to tell you that I agree on everything you said about Kristen. She is a beatiful girl and I can see by the way they look at each other, they make each other HAPPY. I hope to see them at the awards together. I know she is working in Montreal and he is in GA. I really hope he can flight to see her ad they both come back together for that weekend. I love the picture you posted of them at the after party. I also saw that he was wearing the shoelace on his wrist. I think they are so in love. I have never seen a couple like them, not even Bratt/Jolie can compare. They have that special connection that shows as soon as they are together. I think it was God's will for them to meet and do these movies and I hope more like to get an Oscar before they hit 30. Their Chemistry is undeniable!!!. Good luck to them

Anonymous said...

“Good mornan to ya Rose!!!!”…Brilliant post as always….although Mr. Stud Muffin got little mention…He is the reason Kristen was….so for that we forgive you hehehe
The tenderness in his stance…not to mention in his puckered lips….I wonder if Kristen just stands there absorbing it in or skirmishly moves away a little…..I know what I would do…hehehe
You’re little Miss Surprises this dreary Saturday morning….although for me I won’t be sitting in this bleakness [and I’m only talking about Sydney weather ATM] for much longer…You may notice my absence for about a week or so…Let’s just say that we are going to visit “One of the Wonders of the World” and it’s sort of at my door step…’sort of’….
So Ladies you may miss my video links whilst I’m gone. I have posted a link to my YouTube Channel page to view my videos…Kind of like giving you the keys of my place, whilst I’m gone….There are over 100 videos to watch there…the ones that I saved cause they caught my eye….Please clean the mess before I get back……hehehe

My YT Channel link:




Something of interest????


Jenny said...

This is my first time commenting here, but I've been reading your blog posts everyday and when there isn't a new one posted, I'm always bummed! You do a great synopsis of Rob and Kristen and their relationship. Thank you for supporting, loving and protecting both of them! I'm totally obsessed with both Rob and Kristen. So much so that I'm now reading books that their films are based on (already read the Twilight Saga 4 times each--so I'm branching out) and I'm also watching previous films. I cannot get through the day without my "fix." Keep up the great work Rose!!! Thanks for the awesome blog :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha @ Suebee are you sure akiss on the back of the neck from a Mr R pattinson would stop you talking.....I would think?????????????it sure as HELL would..heheheheyou made me laugh
@ patricia, sydney & Karma1 totally agreeded...

Bren said...

Thanks for the post--love Kristen. I give her a lot of credit, not easy having a boyfriend that all females want.

I think that picture is just Rob being nosey, and wanted to hear what was being said. Although, didn't an eyewitness at the Sam Bradley concert say that Rob was standing behind Kristen,and kept putting his chin on her head. In between him singing along, he would also give her little kisses on the back of her head?

Deb, I was thinking the same thing, I hope he goes straight to Montreal from TN and then they both come back together for TCA's.

Whenever I see Rob wearing his shoelace bracelet and his "Love Bella" cap---I know all is good in Robsten land.LOL

Barbara Fenwick said...

I came to Twilight late and missed all those early interviews. Twilight had been out months before I was ever aware of it. I have to admit, after seeing the movie I noticed Kristen first. Without knowing anything about her, I felt protective about her and felt the need to defend her. This is when I noticed Robert and how they reacted to each other. That was all it took. From that moment on I have loved Rob and Kris, I defend them, and hope with all my heart their relationship lasts forever...they just seem to belong together. Thank you Rose for loving and defending Kris, and I think there are lots of us out here who feel the same way. I am always amazed at the people who criticize her, call her names, and wish her dead, when they don't know her, and they seem to fail to realize she is only 20 years old and has done nothing to warrant all these insults. I love your blog, you seem to be able to read my mind and know exactly what I am thinking.

LJ said...

Hey good morning Louisa!

He he...Mr.Stud Muffin...love it!

Yep I'm from Manchester in England. It is kind of strange that when it's morning for you I'm here logging on to check out your links before I go to bed!!

Bon voyage :-D


Anonymous said...

Thanks LJ...I got the suspicion you where form the UK with the use of the word "BLOODY"....cause we use the term here too....It's not an offensive term for us here...not sure if its the same for you....JS
BTW have a goodnight.zzzzzzzzzzzzz

30yearoldtwifan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30yearoldtwifan said...

Quick story, I wrote a post during Eclipse promo on another site saying how KS is someone I would be proud and want my daughter to look up to. (She loves to act.. and perform.) So I stated how REAL KS is and passionate. Unlike The Miley Cyrus who are fake and scanky and so just Holly Wood. Well let me say, I got bashed by a few people for my statement. I couldn't understand why such hate and foam is thrown at this beautiful,passionate girl (and people who like her)with a passion. Because she smokes? naaa so does RP.. because she curses? naaa so does RP.. Is it because she LOVES ROB and its obvious HE LOVES HER? ding ding WINNER! It all comes down to that! I figured that out real quick.. 2 words Robert Pattinson. It all comes down to the petty jealous fuck nuts who think KS stole there imaginary boyfriend. Its sad and sick and delusional IMO... I was a fan of RP at first, and wasn't sure about KS, but she won me over her realness as a person is different in this industry and as a older person in this fandom, I have a bit more life exp maybe? but I see 2 VERY special people who deserve all the love in the world from this fan base and EACH OTHER and we def know they have it when there together. I just wish the hate and bashing would stop. I really do and that goes on both ends, Some KS fans I hear bash RP to. Its immature and not classy.

Caroline said...

oh I miss her so much...
Wonderful post Rose...They are perfect for each other...and Kristen, her way, that's why i love her...she is genuine, lovely and stay true to herself!


Karen said...

A beautiful post about a very special lady. And the picture...oh, my!

I didn't know of Kristen until Twilight. I have since watched all of her movies, and I've been impressed with her talent as well as her beauty. It's been fun to watch her movies in order and see how she has changed. I also love that she is sassy,sarcastic, and outspoken.

The fact that she and Rob make each other happy is enough for me.I want nothing more than for them to be able to nurture their relationship in private. I applaud the fact that they want to keep what is theirs, theirs. Look at how many public relationships have failed. IMHO they have what it takes to make this love of theirs work.

As Jen said, they are a good match.I love to watch the way they play off each other, tease each other, touch each other, protect each other, and smile at each other as if no one else exists. They make me

Trish said...

Here's an interview with Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) talking about Kristen, Rob and twilight:


and a Kristen interview:


Taylor confirmed for TCA's (are we suprised..he comes to every award damn show..)

Still no word on Kristen though:-(

30yearoldtwifan said...

Did I ever mention here I saw Robert Pattinon at Jimmy Fallon during RM promo? I live an hour or so from NY. Yup me and a friend were in the audience :) He IS gorgas Rose! and TALL and that smile.. just wow. I sat there with my mouth hanging opened and my Detials mag on my lap LOL He waved at me and my friend to :) I blew him a kiss when he was leaving, he looked so nervous, he and KS share that, they are both nervous people. Shy some to, but I could feel his energy and he doesnt like the craziness, so I am SURE he hates the bashing of KS. A close person to him.

Also the same day I was in NY I also saw him walk the red carpet at the theater. Just G O R G A S. :) :)

LJ said...

Ooh no Louisa, it's not an offensive term here either.....hope I didn't offend anyone else though!

Hope you find some sunshine, it's the peak of summer here and it's been raining all day...typical England!


Opytaylor said...

I am all about Kristen. I usually don't post here if it's drool on Robert day, but if she were dating just about any other actor in HW besides Rob, I would have difficulty accepting that. They are two of a kind and it's diffucult to imagine them with anyone else. Since Kristen left LA there are lots of pictures of Rob frowning. I thought he might not visit her in Montreal but it pretty clear he needs to be with her.

Trish said...


here is another video about Robsten and the mtv movie awards..

ignore the blonde lady.

deb said...

Thanks louisa Im going to miss ya girlfriend But i hope you and DH have fun I'll be waiting for ya to get back So Im wondering IS there any more sneaky pic of them 2 out there hunnnnn And like some one said he has a BIG bag for just 1 and a half days hum again Thanks again louisa DEB.

deb said...

Opytaylor I was going to ask about you havent seen you around Yes he needs to go see Kristen She needs to see her man ASAP good to see ya again Dont stay gone to long ok DEB.

Melinda said...


Enjoy your trip and time away! Come back refreshed and with more videos! Ha, ha.

PS. Twitter/FB talk about Kristen being in GA right now. A woman claims that K was seen in b/w two trailers with a body guard. Woman said she has blond hair (looks like a rat's nest, her words), black shirt and the shirt was knotted at the side (classic Stew). Who knows she may have the weekend off before filming starts and if Rob was only filming today and maybe a little tomorrow they would have a couple of days to themselves. We shall see. They are ninja's after all!

It could be someone just messing with fans.

As with everything take it with a grain of salt and a large glass of tequila.

deb said...

OK louisa you really did it the song HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE by CELINE DION well you got me there. YES I have been in LOVE.I do reamember Thank you SWEETIE DEB.

Wildhart007 said...

Rose lovely post on Kristen!
apparently I lived under a rock till this year. I had never heard of her or Rob till watching Twilight on cable.
After that I had to find out more!
The way they both look at each other just gives me so much hope!
Louisa I will miss your comments have fun!
Melinda I heard about the Kristen siting also, but there is so much being said and posted you can;t believe anything.
I thought about driving down there but I decided i will admire from afar. too much bedlam and I would rather they have peace and quiet (not likely)

30yearoldtwifan said...

MR IS at it again! shes agreeing with her big 5 fans that there should be NO sex scenes for BD? Please stop this fuckery of are Saga!


Tarra said...


Your comments were beautiful & spot on.I feel protective of Kristen because she is just a young lady who hasn't harmed anyone but faces so much hate from people that don't know her and will never meet her. She gets such a bad rap, criticized and ridiculed because she is misunderstood but most importantly because the man so many teenage girls,grown women and that troll Perez Hilton are drooling over is truly smitten with her. It is jealousy at it most rawest form and its ugly. I get excited for her and them because how nice must it be to have someone look at you the way Robert looks at her. Not the celeb Robert Pattinson but just a man whose made a soul connection with a beautiful(inside and out) young woman. I just read an article where I found out that she was home schooled because her classmates were cruel because she was an actress. That made me sad to read that she has been dealing with this crap of hate for a while. I truly wish R/K the best.

olivia said...

Good evening Rose,
I loved the "Kristen Stewart Intoxication" post today!

From the first time I became familiar with Rob and Kristen through Twilight, I felt that they were meant to be together as a couple. I watched several of the movies that the two of them acted in prior to Twilight to understand them better as actors. I was especially blown away by Kristen's performance in Speak and Rob's part in the Haunted Airman. I quickly realized that she was a phenomenal young woman with a stellar acting career in her future. Rob, just like Kristen, also impressed me with the same commitment, desire to participate in quality independent film projects, and hunger to learn and grow as a serious actor.

I think they make an amazing young couple. Unique, talented, independent and serious. They compliment each other so well, each having certain strengths and understanding the other completely. Also, they support each other mentally, and know the other deeply emotionally. I admire their hard work at protecting their privacy, guarding their relationship, and being true and honest to themselves. I wish them great success and happiness. What a beautiful and well matched couple they make! Life is good!

Always been a believer,

Have a lovely and restful vacation. We will miss you.

Anonymous said...

i love you rose, you made me laugh with your chicken wings! rob definitely loves chicken wings, especially if it's cooked by kristen. just love kristen and robert, they always put a smile on my face, always keeps me entertain and they make me happy whenever i hear news or see a picture of them together. i don't read anymore the comments of the haters, it's negative and it's not good for us. i like kristen for a hundred reasons, she's natural, great actress, loving sister, loving dAUGHTER, thoughtful, loyal friend, beautiful, and most of all she truly loves robert. the list goes on and on. and i pity those people who hate on this girl. keep up your blog rose and thank you also for you never ceases to entertain us.

Aeden27 said...

dear rose,

thanks so much for posting this pic. such a sweet end to a very messy week. I must say say, i really miss robsten. even if i dont see a picture of them, i know they're together..

Kristen is a brilliant actress.she deserves to be happy.

i totally agree with this post..

Go Robsten

mujhiko_mujhiko said...
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mujhiko_mujhiko said...


Rose, may I?

Please go to http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies for your kind messages and wishes...They are very heartfelt and mean alot so thank you......You are all lovely ppl and I enjoy coming on here and puting in my peice on a daily bases....I will have withdrawls beleive you me....
@ LJ No one was offened... I thought the English use that term in another manner....cause us Aussie's use it frequently and for no particular reason....that's why I mentionhed it....ok......Gawd I hope I get a little reception....I reckon I would be getting the shakes by the end of the week heheh....how desperate do I sound....I'm only joking!!!

kristine.hills said...

I'm intoxicated today!

What is better that 'KS Intoxication'?

Your comments ladies, everyone with a beautiful thing to say about Kristen and Rob and Kris.
You made my day!

XOXO from Brazil

What can i say?
I think this post is a mix of these two words + LOVEa lot of LOVE!

Atticus said...

Thanks a mil for your beautiful Kristen intoxification blog. My sentiments exactly and loved the chicken wing tidbit. Without a doubt, Rob is very close to Kristen in that new Eclipse after party pic, hmmm...was going thru withdrawals so I very much needed a Rob/Kris bubble injection.

I'm surprised that most of you didn't like Kristen initially but glad that you saw the light. I've seen most of her movies and she is absolutely brilliant and mesmerizing in each role. I'm like a mama bear with Kristen and Rob now too. Anyone that has worked with her has nothing but praise for her. Noel Clarke at the Baftas felt the need to defend Kristen only having met her for a short period, (fist pump, Noel).

Remember, at the behest of Kristen, Catherine Hardwicke picked Rob to be Edward Cullen. So instead of hating her, you haters should be thankful.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Perfectly said. I agree with everything you wrote.

I adore Kristen. Very much so.

And I agree with all the other lovely comments about Kristen. She has many wonderful qualities (and on top of that--she loves to cook and she bakes the best pies!)
I admire how dedicated she is to her craft. She takes it seriously and her projects always mean so much to her.

Rob said you don't meet many people like Kristen and even though I don't know her like he does -- I agree with him. Rob is one lucky man to have her in his life.
I hope Kristen always remains true to herself! She's awesome.

I miss her!

Monica said...

OMG, Rose, I cann't believe you've made this post!!~ Thank you so much!!~ This is definitely my favotite post of you!! I have repeated a zillion times on different webblogs and FB pages the reasons I am intoxicated by Kristen Stewart. SHe's beautiful inside and out. Honest to herself and to others. Smart and talented but humble. 100% devotion & passion about acting.

I can go on and on but I stop here today. Just want to share some TOUCHING vids and articles about Kristen with you all and you'll begin to sense why I head over heels fell for Kristen in one short afternoon time by just looking her interviews on Youtube.

1. A Youtube vid:


2. An article "Why are you a fan of Kristen? The fans give back":


3. Noel Clarke Blogs About Kristen Stewart:


4. A TREMENDOUS thread on IMDB about Kristen, "Directors, Co-stars, Movie Critics Say About Her":


Rose, it's not silly to feel protective of her cuz there're so many haters out there waiting to use every little excuse to attack Kristen. Kristen's fans joke that they are like some sort of army. I know it's a bit wired but I'm really thankful to whoever say nice thing about Kristen.

I guess nobody here will disagree that Kristen is BRAVE. She knows what she has to face after choosing to be together with Rob. Pressure from Summit, media scrutiny, hatred from a bunch of crazy women who claim to be Rob's fans...I know some fans of Kristen don't like Rob and they think Rob is the cause Kristen gets so much hate. However, I respect Kristen that she doesn't bend her knees. She knows the consequences and bears them. Therefore, I RESPECT her choice and am HAPPY for her.

More importantly, I support their love as I can see Rob's love to Kristen is real and deep. It screams happiness in the way that Kristen glows and beams when she's with him. No one knows what will happen in the future. For the moment, it's PERFECT.

Love to Kristen never stops,
Monica from Asia

dowlingnana said...

Ok ladies this will probably be a long one but here goes:
1.)Tip toe thru the "tulips" or roses in this case, lol. Tiny Tim flashback I guess!!
2.) Rose the chicken wings comment was awesome and I was lmbo on the floor.
3.) Just got done watching the Yellow Hankerchief, awesome, got it from the new Blockbuster box up by our grocery store for $1.00. Very good movie and I thought it was interesting, even w/a southern accent, how KS said this line: "I'm not afraid of you". Yep, she surely did.....;o)
4.) Melinda: hope twitter is true. Unless there's other twitters we just need to watch for the smile on Rob's face!!
5.)Olivia: I agree how they compliment each other as well. They not only do that and being intune with one another, but they have same taste in clothes, music, movies, ethics, etc.
6.)Patricia: Once again, hear hear!
7.)Trish: I understand the misunderstoon part too. When I first met my husband I was extremly shy and got a lot of "flack" from his family.
8.)Karmal: Well said!!
9.)Ellie: agree also about God's will. I have thought this for a long time. The way it all happened back then was not just by accident.
10.)Opytaylor: I see his frown too and have wondered if he needs her very much right now as well.
11.)Jen: Wow, just Wow!! Well said, esp. your last part.
12.)30yroldtwifan: Must be nice!! Good God almighty woman to see such things! WOW for you as well!!
Can't wait for news again, but, as that old saying goes....NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!! Love ya' all and thanx for another good one Rose. Donna

Monica said...

I finished reading all the comments and I have teary eyes now. Feel a need to shout out.

Trish@1:27, I can relate to Kristen in many ways, esp. the misunderstood part. I am too a self-assuring person with no fear to voice my true feeling and opinion. And believe me, I got pretty much hate for that during my middle school years. Though I feel good about myself, I'm eager about what others think of me. So I can understand why Kristen googles herself. A mix of being strong and vunlerable. Totally make sense.

Kharmal@2:10, we really should be ashamed of our gender, shoudn't we? There're are so many famous, successful and good-looking people around. How could you hate someone you don't know? Has Kristen done any harm to the world? She's just in the acting industry (cuz she loves to share good stories with people) and dates a man who is dreamed by many women. I won't blame the young teens as they're immature but I can't stand those grown women. The only explanation for thier awful behavior is that their brains don't grow with their age.

Bren@4:51, don't know if it is true for the sighting at Sam Bradley concert. I can totally picture it btw~ ^^

Karen@5:29, yes, it's enjoyable to watch Kristen's movies and she looked a bit different in each one, ha ha, interesting~

Opytaylor@6:04, oh, I'm all about Kristen too. Same for me. I'd need time to adjust if Kristen was no longer with Rob (hope it never happens).

Atticus@10:37, wise words!~ No Kristen, no Rob. It's a fact. Face it and be thankful, haters!!~

Rootise@10:55, I think a serious person is charming. Not just to her work, Kristen is serious to her relationship, and above all, serious to herself and her life. Kristen siad once, "I would hate myself if I tried to satisfy the people who have a problem with the way I speak about myself". Her words are inspiring!~ At the end of the day, it's not your look or anything outside which makes you unique, but how you hold yourself in the world, supported with strong values, beliefs, sense and wisdom. It's what matters.

Monica from Asia

cutiestar said...

Wow, your post today made me tear up. I am truly a Rob and Kristen fan and supporter. I actually knew of Kris from Speak, that movie makes me cry everytime. I knew she was a great actor and was honestly the only reason why I paid attention to the Twilight hype 'initially'. That led me to Mr. Robert Pattinson. In him I saw a slighty shy, hardworking, funny, and of course beautiful person inside and out that was completely smitten with Kristen. I always thought back then that they would make a great couple because all the attributes that fit him also fit her. In your post today, you perfectly laid out all the wonderful qualities of Kristen that many overlook because of their hatred and jealously towards a young girl that dared to follow her heart and love a man.

"I can relate to Bella in that I think that I would not necessarily choose the easy road. I would definitely, if it felt right, and I was in love. It wouldn’t matter what obstacle. I’d face it." -Kristen

Her own words could not say it any better. These hags can continue to try to tear her down, but she has made it clear that she is up to the challenge and I guess it does not hurt that she has so many like us that are willing to stand up for her and support her professional choices as well as her personal choices. Thanks again Rose for the great post!

Lisa said...

Hello all! I've not been here all week. I've had a house full since early Sunday. Sure is nice to have some peace and quiet!

I went back and read a few blogs. Great as always Rose! As for today's blog.... I felt exactly like you about K. However I did know who she was. I think she's great. But the best thing about her is..... The way Rob feels about her. And you're exactly right. That's the reason she's hated... :(

Btw, I see we've got new posters... Or at least new names. I'm often asked if other posters are me. I will always use me name when I post. Now of course there seems to be several "Lisas" at times. Can't help that, but I try to put down my Twitter name.. I easily forget it though! Lol

Have a great weekend all...

Lisa, who doesn't read the hate... :) @meee611

Anonymous said...

oh how i love posts like this Rose and i agree appreciation for Kristen needs to be said. She is a force of nature that came into Rob's life at the right time and between TPTB making sure they stayed away from each other to soothe the worrying frowns of his obsessive fans it only made matters worse. Did it break them up? nope. Did it stop them being with each other? nope.

They stood together and both grew from the experience. If anything she glows now in a way she never did before, he's more assertive now than he has ever been and has more inner confidence. Yes being with each other has allowed them to grow and when they grow they glow xx

sarah said...

i don´t comment many times here but i love this blog and i read it every day you right Rose kristen intoxicated us too.Angelsslave what you said was beautiful and so true

Erika said...

I fell in love with Kristen right away when I saw the first interviews for Twilight - took a bit longer to start liking Rob :) I never thought Kristen to be awkward, and whenever people say that about her it really annoys me. There is nothing awkward about her, she is articulate and open, honest and smart. Maybe American people see her differently because of cultural differences, but where I come from Kristen's behavior is normal and nothing but shy.
When you meet her in real life she is even more straightforward, and it to be honest scared the shit out of me (after seeing her being "nice and sweet" in all the interviews, lol). She is not afraid to say what she thinks.

Anonymous said...


For all his fans who like Kristen and for all who don't.

shoegal2547 said...

Fabulous post Rose!

Rob's every move is photographed, talked about and catalogued, but I think Kristen is up for the task. She seems to be a very thoughtful person and would not have involved herself in this relationship without considering the massive undertaking of dating a man like Pattinson. She makes Rob happy, therefore I am happy for Rob! :-)

BTW: Love the idea that Rob is checking out the chicken wings over Kristen's shoulder...priceless! :-)

Lu said...

I agree completely. I think Kristen is unique, bright and true to herself. I didn't like her at first either but after seeing her in so many interviews I have only gained more appreciation for her as a person and how she chooses to live her life. People see her as shy and awkward...so what? Is there a rule that you can't be in show business if you are shy. I am shy and I cant imagine having hundreds of cameras shoved in my face, everyone waiting with bated breath to rip apart what I say. She says what she wants, does what she wants and shouldn't have to apologize for it. She is a breath of fresh air as far as young hollywood goes these days.

I do think she and Rob are together. I LOVE that they don't admit to it. I think it is awesome. It is nobody's business but theirs. Some photos catch private moments but I give them credit for trying to make it as normal as possible for their very hectic lives. They have a lot in common and are very much alike. i wish them well!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day. As I have been waiting on my daily blog fix today, I thought of the interview below, I know we have all seen it a million times, but....well...it makes me happy, so I thought I would share it and hopefully bring some joy to you all as well today!!
This is by far my favorite interview w/ Rob..he is so comfortable and FORTHCOMING with information!!


Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!!

Verucs said...

What a post Rose! D:

I've to admit, at first, I remember that when I saw twilight, I said: Dude, common, he is 2 handsome 4 that bella! and then I met her, as Kristen, and said ok ok she is not that bad! then start watching more of her work,and bang! almost a girl crush! haha! I was bit jealous coz hey! he is around all the time of the sexiest man alive! the man of my dreams! but then I understand, get that they are so meant to be together! This connection they made in such a short time is remarkable! The way they move around each other is priceless! I always say that she is the only girl who is allowed to be with him! They are just perfect! Love em both so much! I think i'm in love with that couple! :D And love u 4 thinking like this and defend em! :D Bye 4 now! Thanks again! xoxo from Costa Rica <3

keset said...

Love them both!

BoilerGrl26 said...

I have loved Kristen Stewart since I first saw Twlight! They are perfect for each other. I'm SO glad that you adore Kristen as much as I do! I get really mad when people hate on her just because they are jealous that Robert loves her! Sorry people...you can't compete with Kristen Stewart! Robert belongs to HER! :-)

Haripriya said...

Thank u Rose,for this amazing post..
All I can find in the internet is HATE post abt Kristen(People who love her are very few in number)....I dont know why people hate her!!!
But I know I love her...so much that I feel like she is my sister...
I have been a Kristen Fan way before Twilight released and am still a die-hard fan of hers.She is so smart and beautiful and Real.
I am happy that I came here and read the comments of other Kris fans...

Twilight made me a Robert fan(I love Rob) too and strengthened my love for Kris.
I am so upset that people post hate comments abt her-Why Haters??Why??? Plz dont be petty!!And learn to accept facts-facts like " Kristen Stewart is Amazing!"-that I too felt the need to defend her.

I dont know if Kris and Rob are together or not,but I know this much..they r perfect for each other..Kris makes Rob happy with her mere presence around him and vice versa .
*Robert Kristen Forever*

Carly said...

beautiful post, Rose. and to be honest I liked RK before I liked Rob & Kris

her interviews were not exactly perfect but in a way I could see myslef in her. Im an overthinker and words come so hard to me. I either say too much or not enough. and sometimes I have so much to say it all just comes out wrong. thats why I prefer writing

thank you, Rose for liking her. for liking him. and thanbk you for the beautiful pictures. as for teh kissing pic, there is an ultra HQ version out there, very good quality ;)