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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Robert Pattinson is BOTHERED!


So there we have it.
All the sightings of Robert in Montreal...
Wishful dreaming.

And then what do we see this morning?
Robert being hounded by paparazzi.

I take back everytime I have ever said that I 
want just ONE picture of Rob and Kristen together.
All of it.
It's not worth my moment of giddy
to see Rob looking so angry...
So frustrated
A little bit... broken?

And although I am posting a couple of these pictures...
It's mostly just because he is walking...
And well...
You know how I am about Robert walking
It makes me crazy.
Even angry Rob walking.

I guess Rob and his agent Stephanie...

They were out and about yesterday in Malibu
You know...
Doing Rob things.
Being all Rob.
Tall. Adorable. Beautiful. 

And then...

"Robert spent the day in Malibu, going to theaters and to a house party. When leaving the house Robert got really upset that photographers were waiting outside for his picture to follow him home. Robert went to Venice after leaving Malibu where he stopped twice asking the photographers to leave him alone, Robert came out of the car confronted the photographers and talked to them explaining they wouldn't find out where he lives. Robert asked the cops for help but they wouldn't help making Robert even more upset, both times Robert stopped his car he spent at least 45 minutes waiting at the local to see if the photographers would leave."

I've discussed paparazzi before.
They are disgusting.
They are professional stalkers.
And it's never enough to just get a picture...
Oh no...
They have to harass and attack
Kinda like HYENAS!
They circle...
They taunt...
They try to wear down their prey.
Because let's face it...
That's exactly what Robert was to these animals.
They don't care if they upset him.
They want him to react.


I would rather look at pictures like this one...
Smiley and Smitten.

And while it's a bit disappointing that
Robert and Kristen didn't find time to get together this weekend...
It's not the end of the world.
It doesn't change anything.
It's only a matter of time.
Like I said before...
It's not IF
It's WHEN.

Love always finds a way.

This post was brought to you by the letter B

And here's hoping we see a Non-Paparazzi picture
of Robert smiling again...

We all know who makes him smile the biggest...

Bye for now


koolerdrumm said...

I think rob should walk around with like 5 fans because that way they can take care of the paps like they did for WFE. They can kick their ass's so Rob doesn't have to.

twilightbabez said...

He went home to a house not to four seasons hotel that maybe the reason why he does not want to be followed

He does not want the house to be known to the public

imloco2 said...

It's makes me cry a little to know how frustrated and ticked off he is and that there's nothing he can do about it. That's the pisser. That they (the paps) have all the rights and the celebs (people) have none. Not right. Goes against everything I grew up believing. Just Wrong. And nothing will change until someone gets hurt or worse. We never learn from our past mistakes (Di). The world disgusts me sometimes. I should step away for a while till things (me) calm down.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you can basically be stalked and nobody does anything to stop it.

So he didn't go to Montreal.. I for one am staying away from the AT boards today.. they'll have a field day with that one.. He's almost done with WFE for good though, yeah? I'll just sit back and wait then. :)

And ya know people are going to argue semantics about the "finding out where I live" statement. Personally, I "live" in my house. I "stay" at hotels...

LK said...

The majority of the blogs have posted these pics.So,paps succeed what they wanted.They got tons of money.

P.S I've read the most ridiculous thing at some blogs.That Rob wanted to be papped,so everybody knew that he wasnt's in Montreal.Wow!People out there are so sick!And bothered!

deb said...

I Know Rose when I saw those pic last night I though I would be happy just to see Rob BUT not after i seen how upset he look Yes I did want to see Rob with Kristen and I well.But look at our boy HOW SAD SO MAD I though they had a law in calif.What ass hole the paps are Thank You Rose for the HAPPY pis of Rob.Now you can see why he doesnt get more IM sorry Rob. DEB.

Monica said...

Yes, Rose, agree. They're not together this weekend isn't going to be the end of the world. A couple need not stick to each other 24/7 when they're in a mature relationship. I hope fans just do not over react.

Monica from Asia

Diane said...

The only benefit I can see to having Rob's locale tweeted is if the nearest fans could race there, totally ignore Rob, which is what he WANTS, & harass the shit out of the pappz ruining every potential photo.

Anonymous said...

How can the police refuse to help someone who is being harrassed and stalked?

I feel really bad for him and Kristen and those associated with them. It seems to me that this harrassment will only get worse.

There's truth in Kristen's words about the paparazzi.

About Montreal......So he didn't go this weekend. There are some people who expect that Rob and Kristen should be together every moment but they both have jobs that take them away to different locations and recent history shows that they do make time for each other. Let them be!

Khristine said...

one thing i'm happy about, he is wearing the black bracelet again :) maybe he is just missimg her so much.. This is my first comment..can't stand rob looking like that :(

olivia said...

Good morning Rose.
Sad day.
Not only is Rob "bothered" but so should his true fans be "bothered" as all hell. I would hope they, as I, would want to see Rob and Kristen have privacy and respect a thousand times over instead of some intrusive and repulsive razzi pictures. Keep your head up Rob and stay calm and in control. Depressingly, there doesn't seem to be a solution until the legal system creates restrictions on the razzi and protects against such harassment, offensiveness, and ugliness.

I'm sending positive thoughts to Rob and Kristen. May they have the strength and maturity to let go of unfortunate and ugly moments, like yesterday with the razzi, and remember that this too shall pass. May they know that their true fans love them and wish them success and happiness, and never would want them to be humiliated, offended, nor harassed.

Yes Rose, love does find a way. Well, it really is not our business where and when. I am hoping ( sorry, it is just the mom in me ), that it will be even better than they have hoped for when and where their reunion does happen. : )

Love to all,
Believer as always,

Gigi said...

Rose ...we all wanted to see him but not like this ..it is so sad ...I know that if I see something like this going on I will came to his help I don't know how but something needs done ...this is staking goodness ..now I don't want to see picts of him so sad again ...well back to my regularly Sunday life ...have a good one Rose chao

deb said...

So I just read that Rob was out with his Mom not his agent. they (ROB and MOM ) went to see salt the movie they say his mom is here with his sister Liz so who knows BUT YOU CAN really see how upset Rob is And Im proud of him I would of just hit the asshole in the face But not our Rob he is a gentleman Thanks to his mom I felt like crying looking at some of those pic. DEB.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Rob's situation reminds me of Princess Diana. Yes, the papps eventually killed her. Poor Rob...hunted like an animal.
He can't go out without being photographed. Where's his bodyguard? I feel guilty about all of these...we are the end-user, the consumer. With so much demand for his picture.... a trickling supply has pushed the price to the roof___thus motivating the papps to go and chase the ultimate picture. We demand, they supply... Sorry.... I just feel like beating myself for the moment... Guys, ignore my rumblings... I'm just sad to see him like this.. Fucking animals!

Rose, thanks soo much..

kristine.hills said...

Those pics broke my heart, he was so frustrated and upset.Imagine you have to stop and ask almost beg for privacy, it must be so humiliating/mortifying to be chased like an animal. HE DOESN'T DESERVE IT.

What really kills me is the haters prefer 10thousands pics like those than pics where and when he is WITH KRIS all happy, smitten and that wonderful smile on his face, bc he can't help himself when he is with Kris, he is THE PURE HAPPINESS.

Why do they prefer this kind of situation? I know the answer, bc they are mean people.

God bless RK!

B for me today is

Be safe RK!

XO from Brazil

Rose your words touch my heart!

Yeah, it was sad R was in the US and not with his girl, but it makes sense, since he is finishing filming this week, he can wait and go and spend more time with Kris.Better than one weekend!
and we need no pics, just if the pic is from fans! ;)

Caroline said...

Oh my...so sad...


RobandKrisChick said...

Its a good thing I wasnt there I could give the paps a peace of my mine. I love the name you give them. Hyenarazzi it so fits.

deb said...

Rose please tell me what can we as fans do to help.is there any thing we can do? just asking this is so sad and im SO pissed how can we help Rob. DEB.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@twilightbabez, I think so too. He planted his feet! He stood his ground this time. I think Kristen went into tizzy upon hearing the confrontation, personally from her sweety. BTW, I know someone from Chinatown who can teach Rob Kung Fu!

deb, LOL! I think Rob's mom is a lot younger and more beautiful than that blond.. I'm just kidding! But I'm not kidding about Rob's mom being beautiful.

Bren said...

I had to step back, and take a deep breath b4 posting...I am disappointed he's not in Montreal, but he'll get there. I noticed the bracelet too..Yeah!
I just can't see him out and about by himself, why put yourself in a dangerous situation. I don't see Stephanie with him when he's walking out of the theatre...my theory is he called her and then she advised to call the cops...where are all his friends? (britpack) I wonder if they've all gone back to the UK.
I read a couple of comments on another board, and they were saying that area where the theatre is located is infested with paps, and the only reason anyone goes there is to get snapped.
What about this house party? Has anyone gotten any details on this?
I felt sorry for him, he doesn't deserve this (no one does).
Does anyone know if he was actually followed all the way to his house? (that's the last thing he needed). What a nightmare.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@deb, we can't do anything right, but to pray for his safety.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@deb, we can't do anything right now, but to pray for his safety.

MCarmen said...

When I woke up this morning I didn't feel disappointed because Rob and Kristen didn't have a reunion. I felt upset because of the people, the tweets and the radio station who made me believe there was a reunion! I felt like a sheep...

As of the papazz issue, it's always the same and it will be like this while Rob and Kristen remain in the spotlight.

If nothing was done when Princess Diana died, why should things change now? It's all a matter of money, Rob and Kristen are the jewels of the crone, they generate lots of money, people love or hate them, but everyone want to know about them, so papazzz hound them and try to find the exclusive that nobody has been able to get yet. Their home, some PDA, the confirmation, anything.

I'm not justifying papazz, not at all, but unfortunately money is what makes the world go round.

Anonymous said...

Everybody's upset by the paparazzi (and rightfully so), but I'm taking issue with the police officers who did NOTHING to help. Had it been you or I, normal every day citizens, and we went up to uniformed officers and said "I'm being followed, and they're trying to follow me to my home", they probably would have done something about it. But just because you're a celebrity, and the persons following you have cameras, that makes it okay?!? The threat is still there, it's still REAL. Shame on those police officers for not protecting someone who asked for help.

Tarra said...

It's disgusting at how relentless the paps are to get the "money shot".It appears that despite Rob's plea to leave him alone they continued their vulture like behaviors. I was saddened to read what happened; this man was just trying to spend some time with his agent, watch a movie and just be allowed some downtime and privacy. I think that the paps are sleazy vultures. Britney Spears popped into my head and how the paps took shots of her meltdown. I have to wonder if there were any photogs that said this is serious and I'm going to take the moral high ground and not take pics of someone clearly in need of help. Where is the line that you professionally don't cross where is the humanity? If someone is asking nicely to just leave them alone why can't their request be honored. I wish that members of this fandom could help because no one deserves this type of treatment.

Patricia said...

Rose: I feel terrible. Seeing how upset Rob is during those pictures. But getting those many pictures of him wasn't enough.
That's what those ass holes were doing, trying to find out where he lived. Following him after he left the party. I'm disappointed the police didn't help. They're weird sometimes with actors (figure they CAN buy protection) no excuse they need to help.

I'm Italian American and Paparazzo means "buzzing insect". The Italians named them that, when they were filming Cleopatra in Italy with Elizabeth T. and Richard B. and the paps wouldn't leave them alone.
So the 'buzzing insects' were upsetting our 'DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME YOUNG MAN'

BTW I noticed his shoelace bracelet.

I commented on your board last night how sorry I was for posting information that ended up (not being true). I was so excited about him being in Montreal. I wanted to share with all of you on Rose's board. I won't make that mistake again. We were all so disappointed. Me included.

He will go. It's only a matter of time. Just like Rose has said before.

That lady isn't Rob's Mom.It's Stephanie, his agent. More wrong information out there like I read about Montreal.

Grazie for the last beautiful picture of our favorite couple smiling. That's what I want to see soon.

Tarra said...

I was not disappointed that Rob wasn't in Montreal because Kristen is working. They are no different than any other couple would you want your boyfriend or husband coming to your workplace when you have a major project ahead, I think not. Gone are the days when your word was your bond and if you said that you saw someone you were believed. I do understand the no pic didn't happen thinking.This type of thinking is what contributes and supports the need for pics on both side of the R/K divide. Those of us that are supporters have to really step back and say at what price. Why do some of us in the fandom have this constant need to want R/K to be together all the time, why do we need to see every photo of every event that they do individually and together. Tell me R/K was at White Castle fine they were at White Castle I don't need to see pics of them ordering food. I just think that we have to be honest with ourselves and ask how much do we contribute to the insanity. Unintended consequence of wanting to keep up with your favorite celeb is that we buy mags, retweet, send links of photos to other fans from paps whose means of acquiring those photos were less than admirable. I don't know the solution to this honestly but I don't like feeling like part of the problem. I don't like seeing Rob or Kristen looking miserable. I don't buy gossip rags and follow certain bloggers. I feel like I need to do more.... ok got that off my chest.

rubysun said...

I think that there should be some laws on harrassing people, even if there are famous. On another note, I hope Rob and Kristen are not having any problems, I read a story about how the girl on the show "Gossip" Leaton L, I'm not sure how to spell her name, really likes Robert Pattenson and now I see that she is appearing with him at the Teen Awards, I wonder if that girl is causing Rob and Kristin problems.
I hope not.

imloco2 said...

I'm a little calmer now. Just a little. There's no easy solution to the problem of course or some other celeb or fan would have thought of it. I know that I have sort of come to terms with paps snapping shots of celebs when they're out and about, even if they are trying to sneak around. It's not that harmful, the celebs know it's gonna happen and the fans eat it up because they LOVE their respective star. It works. Don't love the yelling obscenities and the disrespect of course, but that's the down side.

It's when they cross the line that it gets to be too much. In this case tho as much as I HATE the paps I'm just as furious with the LAPD. I'm sure the officer who refused to aid Rob didn't know he wasn't a typical celeb, didn't know or care that he's a sweet Brit who wouldn't hurt a fly, treats everyone with respect and has a sense of honor. No, this guy saw someone famous who he thought was pouting because the paps were after him and he probably felt a sense of satisfaction in giving the star the heave ho and making him face the paps on his own. Probably went and told all his friends how cool he was because he didn't toady to celebrities.

He also didn't do his job. He didn't stop someone from being harassed. He didn't protect a person from stalkers trying to find his home. I know a lot of people get jealous that actors make so much money and I understand that there are more important things out there than celebs and their problems. However, when it could involve actual injury to someone (and I think being chased in a car could do that) it crosses the line to public safety not to mention the celebs safety and something needs to be done.

I really want to contact the police, mayor, someone and let them know it's not good to piss off a millions of women who are watching them closely.

Anonymous said...

@ imloco2 I agree. Those officers failed to do their duty "to protect and serve". Someone came up to them and said they needed help. They did nothing. What if those paps HAD followed him, and caused an accident?

I want to yell at who ever is responsible for those officers, be it the mayor, police department, or whatever.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

does Arnie has a tweeter account? Pester the governor with tweets..

@Patricia, we are all excited on everything about Robsten. Your gesture is soo sweet. The excitement and the fun you had shipping all the news around.... Its priceless! We appreciate your effort quite a lot. (Nagging thoughts)For all we know they already done the "deed".....I mean the reunion;)))!! What with all the "sleeping overs" with friends...

Anonymous said...

Good morning to ya ROSSEEEE...As soon as I saw “The Mr. Beautiful shots of him strutting that sexy walk of his….I automatically thought of YOU ROSE….see what you’ve instilled in my tiny brain…..lol
Sorry for all the uncertainly last night Ladies…..
This is Little Mrs. Confusion on again this fine {well I don’t know yet...As its still dark outside...its 5.35 am} Sydney morning...I couldn’t sleep.....Was excited of what transpired whilst I was sleeping...My hubby thinks I'm nuts....But Whatever!!!!
I totally agree with you Rose…on the Picture taking of him debate…..If Rob is going to be put in this dangerous situation…then I’d rather keep dreaming he is with K w/o confirmation…Rather than have him face the SHIT he has just to go and see a Bloody movie….
Rose why didn’t you use ‘A’ & ‘ H’ today...ASS HOLES......YOU KNOW I WOULD SUSPECT ALLOT OF FANS COMPLAINING TO THE POLICE DEPT TODAY....There you go there's s/thing you can do...lucky for me I'm not up there to have the vicinity to even contemplate doing so....If the law can’t help you .....Then WHO IN THE FUCK CAN!!!!!!Sorry I was so angry to see…. and now hear that the law just ignored Rob.....They can also be put in under the A H banner IMO....

Here's something to calm us all down Ladies...hehehe...Happy Rob...just the way we like it...hehe




deb said...

Put me in I want to HELP tell me where to go what to do to LET WHO ever KNOW they didnt do there JOB Thank you Tarra,Patty and mujhiko I didnt think that was his mom How sad it would of been if it was Im a mother and if I saw that that was happing to my son I would be scared for his life and if that was her son WHO ASK for HELP and didnt get it WHAT DO you think she would think of the US.I read LAST year that the GOVERN of CALIF. was suppose to past a law about the paparazzi.Im just saying Yes theres not much we can do BUT I would love to if I could Sorry so long But thats what happens when you get a MOTHER MAD. DEB.

Fann said...

You should not publish paparazzi photos, ever. Just saying. You're contributing to the harassment of Rob by featuring them on your blog. Period. That's just a fact, and I love your blog. But you gotta stop doing it, because you are feeding the very parasites that we all despise.

SueBee said...

I'm sorry but the only thought buzzing around my head is WTF??? Police wouldn't help him??? He's still a real person being stalked!

He couldn't even go home for crying out loud!!!!!

They got their effin' picture why try to get to where he lives!?

No wonder he thinks he won't live to see 30. These people would drive him into a car accident (ala Lady Di) and take pictures of the aftermath!

I hope, for his benefit, he can slip off to Montreal or anywhere else, and have some peace. Kris can comfort him!

Anonymous said...

@ fann… I totally understand your POV...But I’m afraid it just like Roses example yesterday...you have the devil on one side and the angel on the other.....seeing him is so gratifying but watching his despair is so DAMN DISHEARTENING...and we all love seeing him but...the PRICE OF FAME IS WHAT IT IS...HOW IMORRALLY INCORRECT IT MAY SEEM I'M AFRAID… I DON’T PURCHASE GLOSSY BS [MAGAZINES] THAT HOW I COMBATE THESE A/HOLES……IMO

Anonymous said...

hey ladies …Still dark …with the most aluminums Full moon outside…There’s the other VIEW we share again and again Ladies….and you don’t even have to sit in front of a keyboard to enjoy it!!!
It doesn’t cost anything OR hurt anybody…To take a step back and ENJOY this Absolutely , Wondrous phenomenon that is the Rise and setting of the Full moon….JS

Anonymous said...


this is why we are here???

deb said...

Louisa you did it again that song unforgettable love ho my it is sooo Rob and kristen i love the videos thank you.It still hurts me to think that Rob COULD end up like (DI)if nothing can be done or I should say WONT be done and yes he needs his baby girl to hold on to.im sure he called her to let her know he was fine. thanks again louisa DEB.

Melinda said...

I hate seeing Rob so mad and upset. People need to take a stand and stop feeding the hand that makes a living harassing R and K. We all need to step back and decide at what cost is a picture of either one of them.

Fan pics are one thing to see. Pap pics are entirely different.

Please I implore you DON'T go to gossip sites that post pap pics. You are only feeding into the hysteria. I used to think nothing of it. Then I realized that as a fan of R/K I am contributing to their harassment. I won't do that anymore.

I applaud Rob for keeping his head in this crap hole of a situation. Had he reacted different it would have been MUCH worse.

I am also sickened by the fact that in this fandom people are GIDDY over these pics b/c it proves he wasn't in Canada. How nasty are these people.

RUBY- I wouldn't worry about Leighton at all. She is involved with someone else. Another thing I don't think there is a woman in HW that can compare to Kristen from Rob's perspective. He is head over heels for that woman!

FANN- can understand where you are coming from. The problem with most gossip sites that post these pics is that they buy them as well as write false information and total BS. Those are the places I won't go. Rose makes it well known that she hates these pics and only uses a couple that are least offensive when making a point. If I ever felt that Rose was being disrespectful of R or K I wouldn't come here anymore. She is very supportive of both unlike many "fan" blogs out there.

Until next time...keep calm and carry on!

Anonymous said...

You know and believe me if you wish...and if you don’t...Well then DON"T....
....At the end of the day I’m always truthful and honest to myself..JS
I hope I'm WRONG!!!!!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I just got online and missed some drama.
As I said in my post yesterday -- if this weekend was a moment where Rob and Kristen had some free time and one was able to travel to the other -- great! If not, I think they will be seeing each other pretty soon anyway.

We have to remember that we speculate as to Rob and Kristen's schedule and obligations. We might think they have free time but in actuality, they don't. Definitely not enough time to make a trip from LA to Montreal or Montreal to LA.
They have always been good about working out time to spend together. I don't worry about them with this.
But I also am not someone who has seperation anxiety. I live in NYC but I've been down in Florida for almost a month due to a family crisis. I haven't seen my boyfriend at all because he is stuck up in New Jersey. But it's okay! I am here temporarily and we will see each other soon.

Rob and Kristen are working hard and no doubt that they still make time for each other even when apart. And they always have a plan in place to see each other at some point. The know what their schedules/obligations are and when is the best time for them to be together.

About the pap pics of Rob. I have no words. Really. I feel sad for Rob. And some of his fans think he wanted that? He was stalked and harassed. It's awful. He was protecting not only his privacy but Kristen's as well as to where he's living. Good for Rob. Sucks that he had to vocalize that to the paps. They should have never followed him like that in the 1st place. And people still wonder why Rob and Kristen lay super duper low most of the time?!?!

I am so busy with real life stuff and I like to come on here to get away from the stuff I am dealing with right now. But when it's like this, I have to stay away.

Rose, I believe you watch True Blood. I am a huge fan! Looking forward to tonight. I am lusting after the new guy -- Alcide (Joe Manganiello). He is very sexy!
Him being added to the rest of the men on that show -- I want Anna Paquin's job. LOL.

kaylafryer said...

Aww I Hate That Rob Has To Deal With That, How He Cant Jus Go Somewhere With Out Being Paped
Im With You Rose, I Would Love To See Just One Picture Of Them, But Not If Their Being Harassed Like That, Robs Angry Look Is Sexy As Hell, But I Dont Want Them To Be Unhappy, And Clearly They Hate Getting Paped. I Cant Believe They Tried To Follow Him To His House,,

imloco2 said...

Louisa - I hear ya. I don't dwell on it, but for a while there's been a little niggling feeling in the pit of my stomach. I push it aside, no need to ask for trouble. But when I see the mass hysteria of the paps it really reminds me of those days back then and I can't help but say a prayer that it doesn't happen again.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I feel horrible seeing those pictures where he looked so sad and upset, just broke my heart. He deserves to be able to do normal things without being harrassed, and I wish there was something we could do to help him and Kris. I was upset to learn he was not with Kris, but at least he is wearing the bracelet, which must mean a lot to he and Kris, since they both wear one. I know they will be together as soon as they possibly can and until then we wait. I don't think I will ever wish for a picture of them again, not after seeing the expression on his face. Please keep up the blog, I love it and it keeps me sane.

The Rob and Kristen Conspiracy said...

Alot of websites are taking this story off thier sites out of respect for Rob!! I 100% agree with them! So glad Rob stuck up to those hounds!!!! Kinda makes me sad because Rob is invaded in Hollywood which is my hometown. He's gonna live somewhere else because of it and I dont blame him... just sucks!!!

SueBee said...

Poor guy, can't even see a movie!

Wouldn't be surprised if he went straight to London after WFE wraps up.

Saphire1231 said...

Thank you Rose for the perspective!

I was filled with anger about the debacle surrounding a simple outing for Rob & the blasted Paparazzi prior to reading your blog, but after reading it the light of reason contained in your prose broke through my anger.

I will always champion the underdog and in that situation yesterday, Rob was the underdog... caught like a deer in the headlights! (Never mind the fact that when it comes to Rob I will always champion him lol).

I could say more about the disgusting side of human nature but what would be the use... Paparazzi follow their god... MONEY! and anyone who worships money more than they love & respect an individuals rights belongs (in my opinion) in the category of the - "Disgusting side of human nature"!

Again Rose... thank you... I'll be back tomorrow for more pearls of wisdom. Cheers Chrissie

team necklace said...

Louisa ...please stop negative thoughts about dying @ 30. He is NOT going to follow in the path of Lady Di...This negativity is just as bad as gossip on other sites. LIFT him and Kristen up in prayer and have faith that each day will continue to bring the best that life can offer. They are both abundantly blessed at such a young age and have so much to be grateful for !!! I pray that God will continue to guide their paths and keep them protected indeed.

sollee said...

i just hope the papz won't be too demanding and would immediately leave when someone is begging not to be followed..even celebrities or even all of us we needed some privacy at times..the papz should know their limitations..they should be taught about this!

deb said...

HEY has any one heard if RoB is going to Tenn.I dont know but after yesterday i hope he does just to get away from the shit then he can go see his baby girl OR is he done tomorrow with WFE IF so good maybe he'll sneak off and see her I dont care how he dose it (plain,boat,bike,car,or WALK hhehehe)OR he could just stay at home ITs all good as long as hes safe. DEB.

Patricia said...

I kinda feel after all this shit with the paps and how he can't go very many places without being papped he's going to want to go back to London when he finishes WFE and business. I know he'll find time to see Kristen ( I wonder if the paps will SCREW THAT UP) This is bullshit, but he has handled it with class. He is a gentleman and has shown that with all the shit that went down yesterday, THAT HE IS A CLASS ACT. NO WONDER WE LOVE THIS DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME YOUNG MAN.


May said...

Words fail me atm.

THE END. ://////////

olivia said...

"This is bullshit, but he has handled it with class. He is a gentleman and has shown that with all the shit that went down yesterday, THAT HE IS A CLASS ACT. NO WONDER WE LOVE THIS DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME YOUNG MAN."

Hear! Hear! I agree 110% with your wonderful comments.

@ May
Yes, the razzi are scum... slimy, grimy, grubby, money hungry bottom feeders. Sorry all, I am still disheartened and revolted by what happened to Rob yesterday.

Respect Rob and Kristen,

Jam said...

I totally agree with Melinda. I stay off the gossip sites. People are mentioning more pics/vid out there, but I’m not going there and giving them hits. There’s enough people posting details that I don’t need to go and look. Even though I want to see him more, I know it will upset me to see him in distress. I used to look up Rob news through Google, but only crappy lying articles about R/K appeared. I quickly learned to get my news from fansites, as they filter out the BS.

beaculen said...

I can't tell you how irritated I am reading this. I get it that as a celebrity you expect the paparazzi to try to get a picture of you now and then. But to follow someone around and wait for 45 mins twice...while your hopeing to find out where they live is just wrong. It's also stalkerish, and amost harassment. I don't understand why the police would not help Rob out, it's not like he makes a habit out of asking them for help. I hope he gets the hell out of LA and spends some quality time with his honey. That had to be a really sucky day for him. Thanks for the info Rose.

Anonymous said...

No need to say how much it bothers me too to see these pictures. It hurts. Doesn't matter if it's Robert Pattinson or anybody else. It's disgusting.

I'm not worried about that they are not together this weekend, cause they will be together at least. I just feel sorry for them - especially when something like this happend, a shitty day, then it helps to have the person you love around you after all. I hope they will get the chance soon.

deb said...

Patty i hear ya amen to tha.tMay.Olivia and Jam I know how you feel I to go see the pic because i love to see Rob but today i'll stay away from all that crap it hurts to bad to see him like that I do wish that a fan can get a HAPPY pic of him and Kristen when he does see her (SOON) DEB.

LIZ said...

I hate what happened to Rob. But WHERE WERE HIS BODYGUARDS? I know he wants to be independent sometimes but it's just not safe for him to be out running around LA alone, too many weirdos out there ALONG with the paps. I hope they'll back off but I'm not optimistic.

deb said...

All I got to say now is I pray to GOD that the LAPD s family is safe and that the paps family is safe because KARMA is a BITCH and some day some where there going to get theres.AND WHO is going to HELP them when it comes.BE strong Rob.

Patricia said...

Hey Guys;
I live in CA> by the LA airport. This afternoon I ran into a couple of LA Policeman and asked them about Rob's run in with Paps. They said that it's the first amendmesnt and unless they (Policeman) see with their own eyes paps endangering lives while driving they can't do anything about it. The law that was recently made was that paps can't take pictures of stars coming or going into their homes. That's it. The law needs to be changed that's for sure. Rob was right by where I was sitting for my Grandchildren last night in Venice. So I was that close to the deliciously handsome young man.

Anonymous said...

@ Team necklace.....thank you for those inspirational words....perhaps I DO over analyze than most...it was pessimistic of me...a thought that’s what I had stirring in my mind...and told on here...I hope I have not spread negativity...B/c seeing Rob and Kris HAPPY is my Ultimate happy place...sorry once again if I have given any of you lovely ppl unconstructive thoughts…

Anonymous said...


I thought these pic where nice enuff to share....

katy said...

I've just seen these pics, I'm on vacation in France...so I'm always out.
How awful, poor Rob, I watched the vid and feel guilty know because if we didn't look at pappaz pics and vid maybe they would stop harrasing celebreties.
Rob stood there in the street because he was affraid pappz would follow him and find out where he lives...it made me sad seeing him there in the street asking them to leave him alone...and they just kept on beeing disrespectufl.
And the police didn't do nothing, how could they? he was asking for help, he wanted to leave without beeing followed by 5 cars,...and they said they couldn't do nothing...Really SAD.

Trish said...
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Trish said...
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Trish said...

oh no...Rose dear, usually your posts make my day but today was a sad morning seeing your post...i was very upset and angry seeing those pics of Rob looking helpless and frusturated that i saw your post in the morning but it took me awhile to comeback and comment...

Something must be done because these paps take it too far..i have to say that this really makes me feel ashamed to be an American..seeing how the papz here are like vicious dogs that dont go away..and it is very embarassing..this RIGHT here will give him a more reason to stay in the UK.

I wish something could be done becuase no one deserves to be treated that way...i dont care how much money he gets payed for these movies..he still doesnt deserve this (they all dont!)

The thing about Rob is that he is diff..so is Kristen..they are much more into the craft of their job and are very professional, all this fame and stuff i can tell means nothing to them which is why i am such a huge fan of theirs..

Its really sad to know this is what he went through and i cant believe they went as far to wanting to follow him to his house...human beings?? i think not! they are just greedy..looking for money and i am sure as hell it IS NOT an excuse to say this is their job (really? upon all the jobs in the world?) and it is also not an excuse to say that Rob is a celeb so he has to deal with it..he didnt sign up for this, he signed to do what he wants to do and i guess what he loves doing (especially Kristen)

See, this is why i love his girlfriend (shouldnt we be using this term by now folks??..i think yes). If it was Kristen she wouldve probably given them the finger (both of them!) sometimes these papz deserve just that because they dont behave like humans...

Anyway i can go on and on because when i am upset i just ramble but dont want to take up all the space lol..I do wish them the best however and something inside of me says they are strong or that Rob has a strong woman by his side and they will get through it..which is another reason out of a 100 why they are great for each other..hoping for a reunion soon..

Thanks Rose, keep up your good work love your blog!

P.S. there was a certain petition on youtube by the fans i wonder how far along it is because it is a good one to try to stop this madness..its the first step!



Anonymous said...

I get the police not being able to do anything like arrest the paparazzi, because technically, yeah.. they more than likely weren't doing anything illegal. But that shouldn't stop them from doing something like talking to the paparazzi and warning them, or asking them to stop. A person felt the need to stop and ask for help. That should have been addressed.

When my daughter's soccer team was having a car wash, and they were out in bikini tops and shorts, some lady called the police. They couldn't arrest the girls of course, because they weren't doing anything wrong, but they came and talked to them. Told them someone was complaining.

So why couldn't these two police officers at least take the time to talk to the paps and say "Hey, you're upsetting him, back off" and then if they continued to stalk him, the police would have seen it and could have done something about it.

Jennifer said...

its terrible! poor Rob!
hope Rob back to UK with his family and then reuion to Kristen at Montreal!
Jennifer (Hong Kong)

SueBee said...


I don't think you were being negative. I think you were being concerned. You said the same thing I did. No one wants to see any of these things and with the paps out of control, anything can happen.

I get where you're coming from.

Hopefully he'll be able to avoid them or maybe he'll have to bring his body guard with him EVERYWHERE.

Whichever the case, I know that all of us wish to see a happy Rob instead of an angry, frustrated Rob.

dowlingnana said...

Hello again ladies,
Well, I went to FB first on the one fan site of R&K's and altho' she didn't post the site to see the video she did tell us where we could go to view it and let me tell you I am like what May said: WORDS FAIL ME!! All I could think was UGH!! I want to cry!!
Mujhiko: I was thinking the same thing about Arnie, lol, he himself should understand about the papz and get on the ball.
The reading before the video claims that Rob hit the car behind him and I couldn't make that out at all. Actually there would've been no reason for him to back up at all coz' noone was parked in front of him. Poor Rob even had a difficult time getting the car started!! You know too if he had retaliated like some stars have done then he would've been the one in trouble. But, oh no, the papz can do whateva'!! Something is sooooooo wrong with this picture! Must've had a "hard" day, well after meeting up w/the papz I would say so. Geesh!! Too bad someone couldn't just follow these papz around just one day clicking and snapping away w/every single movement and I do mean EVERY movement. Not to be crude, but like I told my daughter, I'm surprise they can go to the bathroom w/o being photo snapped!!
As for what happened to Diana, thank God Rob kept his cool and didn't speed away like what happened to her, atleast this time anyway.......;o(
I read somewhere too that Rob ended up staying at SoHo instead of driving home. Bless his heart! I, like some of you, think he just may go to London for a bit, but since we don't know scheduling we can only speculate. Let's pray for this young man and Kris too that nothing bad happens. I only hope Rob doesn't regret that he "almost gave up acting". ooxx Donna

Aeden27 said...

At least here are still sane people who knows when enough is enough. And I'm really glad that there are people who understand his situation> i have been going thru other sites and OMG!!! Everything is insane. People are making up stories about Rob and Kristen not being together anymore just because he didnt go to Montreal. And that he ia man whoring.. They dont have the right to accuse him of anything. Such stupid people. It makes me so angry!!! I still beleive that Rob and Kristen are doing great. Trust

lilgigi6011 said...

i love your post rose and i have been begging for a pic of rob but not this way!!!i hate seeing him unhappy he still looks hot but anway...miss robsten
ps:o yea i think thats his mom clare hes with

deb said...

Rob has gone through this before remember NY with all the paps in his face NO he DOES NOT like it matter of fact he HATES it but he also knows it comes with being a actor YES IM MAD I'v been mad all damn day I want to hurt them for what they did but then I have stop and think ROB LOVES ACTING this is his life right now.NOW what I'm really worried about is HOW LONG WELL ROB want to go through all this?I hope for my sake it well be a long time I dont think this well be the last time they get up in his face They want him to LOSE it so they can get that money shot well look what he did HE WAS NICE to them tried to talk to them HE wasnt a asshole or mean yes he was up set he wanted to go home but he was KIND HE WAS ROBERT the man we all care about IM PROUD OF him Im sure it take alot to go through that SO THANK YOU ROBERT PATTINSON for being that actor who makes movies for ME to love OK im done for the day sorry you guys but i just needed to say this THANK YOU DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ suebee..thanks for your understand in me....sometimes when you are not seeing ppl's facial expressions and only reading ones thoughts and tecniques of writting...stuff gets lost in translation very easily...just thought I should clarify that...

here is s/thing I just found:




dowlingnana said...

By the way, Rob was more defeated than angry ladies. In fact, that actually makes it more sad I think!

Melinda said...

I am going to say this again. I am not judging people as we all have the right to do what we want. I have no control over what any person does only myself.

I am not sure where this pap video is being shown on the internet. Please don't link it if you have seen it. If it is on a gossip site and you have watched it you have just helped the paparazzi and the gossip site make money off of Rob and their harassment of him.

Until people stop clicking and watching/viewing these things it will continue.

If you respect Rob and Kristen as a fan please don't view these things. Rob and Kristen have made it known several times how much they hate it. As fans why would we help these nasty paps make $ off of them?

Please, please, please don't help the paparazzi harass Rob and Kristen.

Also please don't think I am calling out certain people on here. I am not upset with anyone for watching the video. I just want people to understand that we are helping create this harassment every time we watch/view pap videos/photos.

(okay deep breath, getting down from my soap box)

Anonymous said...

@ melinde 'pap videos'....do you consider my "FAN vdeos"[the ones I'm always sending links of] as one, in your generalisation? or not?
I myself dont consider them as invasion of privacy as such...just a little window of ones 'expression of interest' a fan love expressed thru film...

Anonymous said...

Most of the fan made videos are made up of pictures and pieces of video of Robert and Kristen in public settings, ie at work, at premieres, places where they KNOW they're on video and are okay with being recorded.

What's NOT okay is the repeated viewing of these pap videos where they're chasing these guys down, harassing them while recording. I remember one going around before of Kristen at a gas station. It was horrible. She even said in an interview that they blocked her in at one point while trying to get a video of her. These sites go unregulated, and will post anything as long as it gets them hits. The more people that visit, the more they make off of this stuff. So if people stop going to the sites, and stop buying these rag mags that buy the photos, then the paps will have to find another money maker.

deb said...

OK Tracy what if you dont know what the video has on it I myself love the videos that Louisa gives they seem to be good loving ones what im asking how do you know what is on that video I haven't DL any videos myself And yes I have seen the one you are talking about like the one with them running to the elevator am i right.I have NOT seen the video of Rob but i heard how bad it was.Im a mother and it breaks my hart to see him so up set Thank you Tracy. DEB

Anonymous said...


When I see the words "x17online" or any of the usual suspects in the http link that people send, I won't go to it. It takes me directly to the gossip web site. And that's how they make the money. The advertisers give them money based on how many "hits" (people looking at their web page) they have on their sites. If their "hit" count goes down, they won't get paid as much, and they won't be nearly as interested in getting these videos.

I try to only go to the places I find on places like this blog. It's respectful here, and the links are almost always of the videos that fans have made that only use the pictures and videos that aren't intrusive. The majority of youtube videos, it seems, are fan made.

Hope that helped!

dowlingnana said...

Can I just say how much I love you ladies??? You keep me, and I'm sure others, really grounded. Not only with what goes on with R & K but help with certain knowledge. I am learning a lot from all of you and want to say Thanx!! Love!! Hugs!! Maybe even some kisses!! lol I have been reading some of Roses' older blogs esp. when the hyena's were more on and you ladies have always searched for the right answers to their ridiculous rants and give me such peace. I don't like to see those opionions and thankfully Rose has diminished most of their availability to her blog, but before that, their opionions would leave me w/a bad taste in my mouth until I got to your replies. Hope I'm making sense here!! Sometimes writing feelings are not my best quality!! But, you all squashed their s_ _ t immediately and I am eternally grateful for that!! I am learning as well, which sites to stay away from. I don't know all of them, like today, but you all are my teachers and again, Thanx. Now, for hopefully a better note, just wanted you all to know or maybe all that is interested, but you can order The Bad Mothers Handbook dvd on Amazon for distribution on Aug. 24, 2010. Got mine ordered the other day! I am now smothering myself with youtube videos of R&K's love!! Peace, Donna

Anonymous said...

Hey you lot have you taken my advise from earlier and had a chance to look at the Full Moon we SHARE....Its sure to have risen in your part of the world by now...

deb said...

Louisa I saw one the night before I think it was full it look like it was And Tracy love your name its my daughters name And thank you for letting me know about that i think I may have gone into one of those before so thank you for the heads up Louisa THE video YOU ARE MY HEAVEN IT mad me cry such a good one THANK YOU HUN. DEB.

deb said...

OK louisa your right What a beautiful big full moon thank you DEB.

Laura said...

If he just went to Montreal that thing with the paparazzi wouldn't have happened :)

Carly said...

seeing pictures like this and especially hearing the stories is why I get so angry when I hear the bullshit excuse of people saying that if you dont like teh attention you should quit acting. lately I have felt like slapping those people

its also why I think there should be laws against paps. you obvioulsy cant make them stop but I think there should be a minimum distant they should keep from the person they are taking the picture of, and maybe following should be forbidden as well though Im not sure how that one would work. and isnt it against law to take pics of people in front of their residence?

Im kinda glad I missed the drama. and even though Kris is not there to hug him after a shitty day I hope talking to her helped

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

good aftie everyone!

Its just a wild idea of mine. Instead of surfing the Internet, why don't we all dedicate this week to Eclipse. Let's all go back to watch Eclipse in protest of what Rob had gone through in the hands of those fucking animals! I have a reservation for a 9:40 screening tonight.

@jennifer, n @monica, we are team Rob fr HK!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...
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mujhiko_mujhiko said...
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olivia said...

Good morning Rose and all,
I am glad Rob has such a loving and supportive family, group of friends, fellow actors and especially Kristen. Again, this too shall pass. As we said earlier, he will "keep calm and carry on."
Yes, I will go see Eclipse at the theatre again this week, in honor of Rob.
Great idea mujhiko_mujhiko.

@Dowlingnana - Thank you for the info on Bad Mother's Handbook. I will order it, and am so excited that it will be available in August here in the USA. This is such a great little movie with "adorkable" Rob at his best. His co-star, forgive me for not remembering her name at the moment, is also in Bel Ami. She plays the daughter of one of the socialites that G. Dubois seduces in the film.
( Dowlingnana, you mentioned earlier that you are a michigander, what part? I grew up in the far western suburbs of the Detroit area. Such a beautiful state!)

Love to all
May this be a much better day, week, year : )

Melinda said...

Some of you expressed not knowing which sites are profiting off of "pap photos/videos".

Here are the ones to stay away from. Feel free to add others that I may have left off.

OK, In Touch, Life and Style, US Weekly, TMZ, Radar Online, Celeb buzz, Socialite Life, Pop Sugar, Pop Eater, X 17 online, anything with the word Hollywood in it pretty much, and there are many others.

If you want to keep these sites from profiting don't go on them.

LOUISA- as Tracy said the fan videos are fine. Please keep them coming!

Екатерина said...
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MCarmen said...
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Aeden27 said...

hey guys, i hope everyone's okay.
it's really great coming to this site where there's no haters, unlike the AT board where people make up storie. I've never seen so much hate. How can people be happy @ the expense of otherpeople's misery?! How i wish it would just rain and wash away all the bad people!!I just wish they would just leave Rob and Kristen Alone.
Somebody has got to do something with those paps. There should be a law against them. Ideas anyone???

dowlingnana said...

Olivia: hopefully you'll see this since I just read what you wrote. I will however leave a message on tomorrow's, Tuesday's blog for you as well.
I am in a little town called Gobles, which is about 20 mi. from Kalamazoo and Paw Paw as well as Allegan. If we go the other way we are about 30-35 miles from South Haven where Lake MI. is located. I grew up mainly in Kalamazoo tho'. Not a bad state at all considering the job problem right now, but re-election of a new governor is right around the corner so we shall see...........

Vangie said...


khani said...

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