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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Does Robert Miss Kristen?

Always loved these pictures.

There is so much chatter about the TCA's.
A silly teen award show that really means nothing.
But the big talk is all about Robert
'getting on' with Ashley, Nikki, Anna or any other female
who isn't Kristen.
Yeah. OK.

1. I love Ashley and Anna... 
Beautiful girls.
But do you really see them hanging all over Rob?
When was the last time THAT happened?
During the filming of Twilight... 2 years ago?
PUL-LEASE people.
Rob doesn't HANG all over anyone.
I'm sure he enjoys their company...
and why wouldn't he...
They are gorgeous and they are his friends.
But again...
They aren't the ones who keep showing up in his company
All over the world.
That would be Kristen.

2. Nikki Reed.
I don't hate Nikki.
I even think she is quite pretty.
 But "I'm not particularly fond of her" either.
And it's not because of her supposed relationship with Rob.
Not at all.
If anyone would HANG all over Rob...
It would be Nikki.
Not because she even likes him anymore
(It's obvious there is mutual dislike between them)
But because she will be NOTICED if she is near him.
She's all about the attention.
And everyone knows it.
And that's what always annoyed me about her.
I get asked a lot...
(why I never know)
If I think Nikki and Rob were in a relationship.
I think they were friends who hung out.
Kristen was with Oregano...
Rob was seen hanging with a few different girls
But Kristen and Nikki were close at one time
and there's no way Kristen just moves on to Robert
if they had been in a real relationship.
No fucking way.
I do think Nikki wanted more.
I think Rob wanted... Kristen.
And guess what?
He got what he wanted!


This picture minus Kellen...
Is the wallpaper on my phone.
It is one of my all time fave pictures of Rob.
All. Time.

Where was I?
I feel a bit dizzy and disoriented all of a sudden.
*deep breath*

I wanted to talk about something else that bugs me
(The list is long, my friends... the list is long!)

Why do some hyenas people insist that if someone believes
Robert and Kristen are together...
It's because they want to make Edward/Bella real?
My thoughts on Rob and Kristen have nothing to do
with how they portrayed those characters on screen.
My feelings about their relationship is all about 
what happens OFF screen.
I don't have this dazzling dream of Robward and Krisella
Give me a break.
It just so happens that the Twilight movies did give us
Robert and Kristen...
It was where they met.
It was where they became friends.
It was where they bonded...
It was where they...
Fell in love.
But it's because Kristen is never seen with anyone but Robert.
It's because Robert is never seen with anyone but Kristen.
Month after month.
Over a year now...
And it's only been Robert and Kristen.
All over the world.
That's why I think they are together.
Because they ARE.

I'm looking forward to the TCA's...
(I'll be honest, I DVR them and fast forward to Rob)
Only because I want to see Robert again.
Walking. Talking. Smiling. Robert.
Yeah, it's too bad that Kristen couldn't be there, too...
But shit happens.
Rob couldn't do a lot of Eclipse promo because of work...
Now it's Kristen's turn.

Maybe they won't be together physically
(at least not yet...
Remember not if... WHEN)
But you know where Rob's heart is...
That would be...
With Kristen.

This post is brought to you by the letter *H*
Hopeful Hyenas
Good luck with all that ;)

And I feel like
a lot.
Like major *TWIRLING*
Hell, Robert already makes me dizzy...
what's a little more?

Bye for now


小隆 said...

I love your post. I miss both of them.

Honey said...

Kristen's heart is with Garrett. The End.

andii cullen pattinson said...

Oh SO great
freaking AWESOME what u say
&yeah I dont like nikki
well not THAT much
:( im just sad that Kristen&her
arent BFF like they used to be
im sad fot the friendship
they were GREAT friends

Anonymous said...

yeah..i miss rob and kris show up together, we miss both of them
and if we miss them so much..just imagine how they miss each other right now ???

Anonymous said...

loved it (as always) :D

Rose said...

Awww how sad that Honey didn't get the first comment. She must sit and watch my twitter to try and be the first one! Did I say sad?


RobstenFascination said...

I love love love your posts. You read my mind every single time. I really don't know what the Nonstens get from denying Rob and Krisen's relationship anyway.

Patricia said...

Rose: I miss Robert and Kristen together and I'm hoping they see each other soon. I know besides business here in LA without her and his Brit friends he's lonely. ( like I know ) but that's what I THINK !

I also believe they are a couple, and I think people confuse his sweet, caring, thoughtful way around woman to be 'FLIRTING'. He's ALWAYS A GENTLEMAN IN EVERY PICTURE OR VIDEO I'VE SEEN, WITH HIM AND CAST MEMBERS.

It's always 'A SHIT STORM' when they are apart because (all the crazies come out with their bullshit)..

The one thing I would love to see at TCA is: " ROB PICKING UP KRISTEN'S AWARD," THAT WOULD SPEAK VOLUMES !!!!


Melinda said...

Truer words have never been spoken.

Rob is Kristen's HEART and Kristen is Rob's HEART for now. End of story. People just need to let it go and move on if they don't agree.

It is becoming pointless to argue with NONSENSICAL and immature people.

I am with you Rose on DVRing the TCA's. Quite frankly b/c I am an adult it is a little to juvenile for me to sit through. Only want to see Rob and hopefully a thank you speech from Kristen if she wins.

Enjoy your day everyone!

PS. Absolutely love Kristen's boots in the first pic. Some pictures from that photo shoot have Rob with glasses on. Wonder if he was looking at Kristen from the side? Ha,ha!

Global said...

You know what's sad...is that people like Honey don't even know or care a thing about Garrett. He's just "co-star of the moment" to them. It doesn't matter who it is. If she was filming with Will Smith they'd say "Kristen's heart is with Will. He's leaving Jada tomorrow." It's beyond ridiculous I can't believe I'm even responding.

Great post though, Rose! As always!

LK said...

@to stupid Honey.Are you on crack or something? What's this stupidity with the GarrettStew thing?Is it your fetish thing,or you're just a moronic troll who comes here every single day stalking Roseso when she'll post you want to be the first to comment about crap?Go take your meds,darling or go and lick your Garrett's poster.

As for Nikki.I think too that she's a pretty girl and she seemed very close with Rob back in 2008.She was everywhere with him.To dinners with his family or the Brit pack,helping him with those boxes,touching him like he was her bf so the paps will get their picture and made stories,she spoke about Rob like he was a god or something.And suddenly.....she speaks very low about him,Rob seems to dislike her,she's not so close with Kristen anymore.And we don't have an idea what happened there.Personally,i never was fond of the girl,either.I don't know why,it's just the vibe she gives.

Rob sitting with Asley.Prepare yourselves for a week of crappy gossip stories about how he looked at her,or she him,that they hooked up,Kristen is devastated(lol)and hyenas spewing that she's the love of his life(after EDR,of course,lol).I don't think Rob was ever friends with her,with Anna maybe,but with Asley no.She's a very pretty girl,but.....she likes playing the field too much.Every week she's spotted making out with different guys.

Tca's for me is a crappy show,the only interesting thing will be Rob's photos,nothing else.

Melinda said...

Before I go for the day....

Rose your comment about Honey was flipping fantastic!

I know you are flattered by the fact that she sits and waits anxiously for your post for the day! LOL.

Once again- can't wait till school is back in session...

SueBee said...

Honey is slipping. Missed the first post by a whole 3 minutes.

I feel bad for the actors who are being shipped with Rob and Kristen just by being in their presence. Rob and Kristen are extraordinarily attractive but it is insulting to the actor and his/her other relationship (gf/bf) to have their lives summarily dismissed and inserted as the lover of the day.

Actors ACT...it's what they do.

How tiring it would be to sleep with every person you come in contact with. I don't see how they would have the energy to memorize their lines. (Insert sarcasm)

Trish said...

Rose, thanks for clearing up the E/B situation..we love R/K as themselves not because we want a real life couple..its quite childish if you ask me...it just so happens they fell in love while making these movies!!

love that you said where Rob is..that's where kristen is...it was so sweet of you to say and you are right!!...as for the hookups and whatever its all bs and the hyenas will always look for something foolish to say!!

Can understand that you fastforward to Rob...i would never watch the show if Rob nor Kristen weren't there..afterall, it IS the TEEN choice Awards so the other stuff don't hold my interest..cant wait to see him..and awesome post and pics..xxx

Anonymous said...

hi rose...

like your post, and your opinion....

i miss Rob and Kristen so much, specially kristen since it's been month we no see her except in bowling arena with fans...

i feel glad and miss kristen al the time cause she had free zone papz in montreal...hope rob had a chance to go to Montreal i dunno when, only rob and Kristen when they could reunite...and it's advantage to rob cause he need rest and relax by his bb girl and breath atmosphire free papz zone...and i wondering to maybe rob would back to london just wait...and couldn't wait to see Rob in TCA , i don't care other cast twi since i just love Rob and Kristen...the foam during tca and pasca is hyeana desperate much to spread hate...since Rob and Kristen separeted by work...i don't care what hyena said..i just not came to community hate much like AT, trully rose your blog is full peace, love and happines...

LJ said...

Ha ha spot on Rose!

Clearly just not quick enough to post first....you snooze you lose!

I won't be watching the TCA's either...I've never seen them and I don't even know if they get shown over here.

No doubt I will be able to see here on Rose's wonderful blog if theres any Rob bits worth catching on you tube!


katy said...

Great post Rose.

I don't care what hapenned between Rob and Nikki...that's was a long time ago...it's past...don't even know why people still bring up that subject.

People thinking Rob will hook up with Ashley...is Ludicrous.

'Why do some hyenas people insist that if someone believes
Robert and Kristen are together...
It's because they want to make Edward/Bella real?'
I love Edward and Bella...but NO...it's not because of these caracther...I MUCH MORE prefer Rob and Kristen and it's not a question of wanting them together...the thing is...we have eyes and can see that Rob and Kristen are Together.

Anonymous said...

Awww.. Honey.. gotta be quicker on that refresh button! Dedicate yourself! Don't eat! Don't sleep! DON'T BLINK! Ya might miss the tweet that the new post got put up.

Great post today. Don't have much else to say that hasn't already been said in the post!
But as I brave the tax free shopping weekend we're having here, I leave you with this:

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
- ee cummings

khushboo said...

wow...ur jus awesum writer...:)
i love all ur post reallly dey r awesum...:)
n d way u beleive dat rob n kris r together i jus loveeeeeeeeeeee it..
me to i truelyy believe dat dey r....:)
love u..
love ROBSTEN....:)

keset said...

Sorry, i'm new to all these Twilight things.
Ammm...who is Nikki ?

deb said...

Tracy that was SO beautiful. I never see Edward or Bella I only see Robert and Kristen even in the movies. There love for one another is one of a kind So deep so loving and caring They are a perfect picture of WHAT LOVE is and looks like .Rob said HIMSELF that he is a ONE WOMEN MAN And who is this ONE women that has Robs hart It would be Kristen It has been her from day one way before Twilight he said it himself Yes I miss them Im sure he talks to her They know whats going on Like our Rose has said NOT IF but WHEN Shit well be said even Rob and Kristen know that but like some one said it only PUSH them together more I well wait for the WHEN and that well be SOON thank you Rose for tell it like it see seeing IS really BELIEVING. DEB.

Yeo Hui Ting said...

Absence make the heart grow fonder! :)

Lisa said...

Loved it as always Rose.. Especially about the E/B & R/K.. I don't want or need R/K to be E/B.. HUGE difference! :)

I was glad to see (2 diff ppl on twitter posted) Rob got to go out Thursday to his favorite LA spot for some fun.. Pap free it would seem! :)

Happy Saturday (or Sunday depending on where you are) all..


imloco2 said...

You know, when I first got into this whole hot mess that is twilight I was a fan of the movie. Then a fan of the books. The kids looked good of course, but I was more worried that they be a good Edward and Bella then anything about them personally.

Then I watched an interview. My downfall really because one Rob interview is like a potato chip, you can't watch just one. And there were sooo many interviews to watch. I think I hit them all... And that was when I started loving Rob. Trying to find out what he was up to, his next movie etc.

At first there was a lot of speculation about him and Kris that just rolled off my back. I didn't care who he was with. If it was Kris, fine, if not, equally fine. As long as they were happy. Notice I didn't want either one to be unhappy. I didn't follow Kris at first, but then I noticed that somehow she was always there with Rob. I think whether they were together could be argued either way up until the mtvma and the Charlie. It was pretty clear then, but still, if you were determined you could make a case against.

After Rob filmed Remember Me though it's been one reaffirming thing after another. After the Eclipse premiere and after-party there's really no way to doubt them.

But I don't really think many doubt anymore. The ones who keep repeating over and over that R hates K, K hates R, R is humping every girl in sight, K is dumping R and is madly in love with...anyone she sees, it's all just baiting. We got some psychos out there who find it endlessly amusing to mess with the 'shippers' aka sane people. No one can seriously think Rob will hook up with Ashley. Even the haters. It's just another way to stand back and laugh at how we respond to their nonsense.

Of course there are a small few out there, the truly crazy, who it's best not to even mess with lest they infect you with whatever madness they are selling. Those few need some serious medical help.

I just need Roseland to come to and read and relax

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose, I love how you address the stupid drama and cut through the bullshit.lol I am with you on Nikki, I don't understand at all the need some people have to match Rob up with whoever happens to be attending something with him. The same for Kristen, just because she's in a movie with someone doesn't mean she's dating them, and doesn't Garrett have a girlfriend? Waaa Honey, school starts soon thank goodness. Oh and thanks for the pics you posted, I love that shoot. Thanks again Rose

Anonymous said...

@ Honey

Yeah! I love that pic of GarretStew in Budapest together. And in London. And I loved it when Garrett was all like "Kristen makes the best Loquat pies." And Kristen was so adorable with Garrett's family at the after party for that movie that he was in but she wasn't. And then when Kristen showed up all over LA at concerts with Garrett and on dates with Garrett. I JUST KNEW THAT GARRETSTEW was real and that Garrett had Kris's heart after all that happened. It made it all so OBVIOUS!!

What really cinched that deal for me was when in an interview Garrett was asked if kissing his friend was awkward and his response was "no we do it all the time."

OH WAIT.... That wasn't Garrett. That was Rob. Kristen is WORKING with Garrett and DATING Rob. *FACEPALM*

Reality is divine. Have a heaping dose.


Carly said...

I like Anna a lot. lately I have been getting a very "meh" kinda vibe from Ashley but since Im not particulary interested in her that means very little. as for Nikki, I just dont believe her. she comes across fake and attention seeker. if there are 2 people of the whole lot I really really like it would be Jackson and Peter. and also Billy. but thats beside the point

I really like and agree with all the things you brought up in todays post. and I love the fotos as well. Im looking forward to Rob and some others at the TCAs. as I said, I hope they sweep it yet again

*twirl you later*

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

first time commenting...but there is a first time for everything, right? Anyway I so love your blog. ALl the quotes and photos fit always so perfectly. But today you've spoken out of my heart. Robert and Kristen are not Edward and Bella. E/B are fictional characters played by R/K. I don't get as well why some people think that the "shippers" or "believers" think of them as E/B or want them together because of E/B. It's true Twilight brought us R/K. And I've been with them through the promo. And it was there. Always. Those 2 connected. They bonded like you've said. And they fell in love. I have to admit that it was a great time to see them going from friends to lovers. I for one believe that R/K are together. Quite some time now. And I think it's great. But my world wouldn't end if one day down the road they weren't together anymore. Cos I like them both together or not. This is just a bonus for me. But seeing Rob so happy makes me smile. He wanted her, he waited and he got her. And Kristen is so beautiful from the in- and outside. Those 2 want to be normal even with their crazy job.
Keep up the great work here.
Greetings from Germany.


dowlingnana said...

Awwww Honey, you've wandered into unwanted territory again. Time for you to go now, Yogi, BooBoo and Smokey are looking for you!!

kset: Nikki plays Rosalie in Twilight movies.

Tracy: beautiful poem, thanx for sharing. You spell your name the same as my daughter!!

beacullen: I heard Garrett had gf too.


Louisa: Glad ur back, don't forget to post all those videos for me on my FB since I seem to be able to get them off here! Thanx!

Agreeing, of course, with Rose again and not to sound like a repeat offender from yesterday. But, as I said I read from Louia's timeline she posted back in May that NR was good friends with MA and talked a huge amount of trash when KS broke up with him and that's what done it to the relationships. Kind of makes sense to me but also agree whole heartedly with Rose that NR wanted more with Rob. Too bad Nikki!!
Kristen is so much better fitted with Rob it ain't even funny anymore, lol, sorry for the ain't! Take care ladies............Donna

dowlingnana said...

Me again.............
Louisa: I meant since I can't get them anymore.

But, I wanted to tell you all about a youtube video I saw on FB. It is hilarious but the only way I know how to post it is to telll you all to go to Youtube and put in: Shallow Day- Twilight (what have you done to my wife). OMG, I was rofl and I showed everyone here and they were laughing too. My daughter was not in very good mood and didn't want to watch it, but, she did and said thanx Mom it really helped. ENJOY!!

kristine.hills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristine.hills said...

So lovely...BEAUTIFUL!

YOUR words MY words(101%)

"2. Nikki Reed.
I don't hate Nikki.
I even think she is quite pretty.
But "I'm not particularly fond of her" either.
And it's not because of her supposed relationship with Rob.
Not at all.
If anyone would HANG all over Rob...
It would be Nikki.
Not because she even likes him anymore
(It's obvious there is mutual dislike between them)
But because she will be NOTICED if she is near him.
She's all about the attention.
And everyone knows it.
And that's what always annoyed me about her.
I get asked a lot...
(why I never know)
If I think Nikki and Rob were in a relationship.
I think they were friends who hung out.
Kristen was with Oregano...
Rob was seen hanging with a few different girls
But Kristen and Nikki were close at one time
and there's no way Kristen just moves on to Robert
if they had been in a real relationship.
No fucking way.
I do think Nikki wanted more.
I think Rob wanted... Kristen.
And guess what?
He got what he wanted!"

There is no way K would date R if he had hooked up w/NR. K is the kind of girl that takes everything TOO SERIOUS and if she WANTED a serious relaysh w/R for sure it WOULDN'T start with R+K+N. No way! How would she trust him then if he had done it? That's why i believe there was NOT R n NR.
You can see how much RK believe and trust each other and this part of their relationship enchants me!

And YES Rose, Twilight brought RK TOGETHER it was the beginning of a beautiful love story, what brings this:


Rob was thinking about giving up his career(actor) and suddenly everything changed, he got interested in this role bc of KS and he watched her movies, he got a big crush on her, he crossed the ocean and went to the audition (Just to know and be with her) and KS chose him "it must be him" she said.

Do you know why i believe they are together? Because it was written in the stars!

MY Video(it's not a good one but it's how i see RK since the beginning)


RKsoulmates913(my nickname)





soadram said...

Rosa )
Beautiful post, beautiful photos, real words.
As I said sometimes I ignore stupid people who do not want to see and only says stupid things, still not clear why so much anger and hatred ... ..
I saw and I think since the day I saw Twilight first.
Your blog is wonderful, keep 
A good day for you Rosa

June said...

Rob misses Kristen and I miss both of them..sigh.

I don't see the day that we can see them together again. Rob and Kristen are getting so good at hiding. Rob was not even papped when he got at LAX. That's very telling!

I'm sure that Rob won't pick up Kristen's award at TCA's. It just doesn't fit with them, not yet. Kristen is too private, she would get crazy at poor Rob hahahha

Rose thanks for your delightful words and pics!

Ray said...

Sighting - KS


«Jackie just wrote to let me know her office is freaking out, because none other than Kristen Stewart was just spotted in their building in Montreal.

Janice Wong elaborates via text message: "KRISTEN STEWART WAS IN MY BUILDING! MY CO WORKERS SHARED AN ELEVATOR WITH HER. i was going to run out looking for her but she left in a van. omg."»

Jane said...

That picture of Rob and Kellan walking together, Rob w/his shades and tight jeans is my favorite picture of Rob. Talk about sex on two long legs, wow, does that picture every do it for me. Whew....

June said...

It seems the sighting of Rob in LA, last thursday night, it was fake. The twitter said Justin Bieber was there too, but actually, Justin was performing in Florida, so..

Patricia said...


It sounded like that post was from someone that worked there. I would think they have rules about tweeting or talking about clients who come in (that Soho is a private club)..The other tweet was from the gal that works with Howard Sterns.
But I agree Bieber couldn't have been there. I thought he was in Vegas or Florida not LA. That's why I know now not to post this bull shit from twitter because a lot of times they're full of shit.

katy said...

@june...I thought that tweet wasn't true...unfortunatly, people are always trying to have their 15 minutes of fame...by mentioning Rob name.
I found it strange Biebier beeing there...his 16 years old...I don't think he is allowed to enter there.

But then again even if Rob was there...I don't see nothing wrong...the Soho House is not a cheap bar on the street...this is a private member club and Rob is allowed to have fun and relax.

deb said...

Well if Robs not in LA hes got all night to get there.who knows where he is mite be resting some where mite be at a meeting mite be singing,dancing,playing ball driving he car,eating,sitting down standing up talking on the phone WHO THE HELL KNOWS .....HE DOES THATS WHO...Im still waiting for the WHEN hehehehe . DEB.

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning to ya Rose....
I gotta to agree with you about Nikki R sorry she sends a negative vibe in my head...and it has nothing to do with her being once perhaps with Mr. Stud Muffin....She just doesn’t send the same vibes as others......

TCA...I'm the same with others comments...just only looking for Rob and F/FWD THE REST..... Sad but true...

The 1st pic Kristen looks super hot in those knee high boots…Rob never looks bad in any pic….but he looks particularly comfy sitting there…Also I’m a fan of that decor so that also does it for me….

Love the 3rd pic of Rob also…I can see why you’ve chopped of Kellan...Iv actually got the banner pic on my iphone.....It's funny as hubby thought i was going to remove that pic and add a recent vacay pic of him and or us....[What is he thinking!!!!]...Rob is still there and i dont think it will be updated ant time soon ;].....He’s doing his sexy strut their Rose and we all know what you think of that …Don’t we Rose? ;]…. He looks enticingly handsome in those sunnies...Well it’s the whole package really…..

4th Pic for the simple reason on how Rob is just touching Kristen wrist….He’s the only one that can make sneaky more sexy…..and the sneakier he is the more…….

Well here you go …….I know you just bypass my rambling for the Use of my “fav videos"…….it’s quite clear….
Because I’m not going “there” with all the “jumping on ya high horse shit” and defending what is logical…I let you all do that…I’m just a spectator looking inn…..

@honey she’s getting what she came here for…….A REACTION!!!!!

Have a great weekend Ladies…..& Opy….





@Deb What an attractive women you are......thanks for FB messages...

Anonymous said...

I love this video...whenever I hear the song on the radio....it seems to always replays this video in my head....


June said...

Thanks Patty and Katy for the information.

Twitter can be so good, and also so evil when it's used to tell lies. Fortunately truth comes out to light from time to time.

Off to bed.

Bren said...

Ashley will sit on one side of Rob, and Stephanie will be on the other. She won't let Nikki get through that barricade.LOL

Actually I think Nikki did want Rob pretty bad. Seems they were always a foursome R/N/K/M.

I had heard that Nikki said something really mean to Kristen during New Moon, anyway she made Kristen cry. Rob tore into Nikki and since that day they loathe each other, but they act civil in public. I think I heard Mike was a good friend of Nikki's, they made a movie together as well.

Someone asked Ted once why Nikki and Rob never got together....and he said...."because Rob could never take his eyes off Kristen".awwww

There's a video on you tube, where the cast of New Moon is at a mall in Chicago. They give Rob a list of the cast to bring out..He says like Peter, then Ashley, then he hands the paper to Kristen and she introduces Nikki, then she hands him back the paper and he continues...I remember when it happened everyone was saying he couldn't stand to even say her name.....and that's what it looked like.

I'm sure Rob will be totally faithful to Kristen at the TCA's, but I'm sure many girls will think it's a field day, with Kristen not there.

First one up to bat...Jennifer Love Hewitt, I used to like her...now she's pathetic...says she's in love with Rob, and no one will introduce them.

I wonder what Rob will say if they win best kiss---should be interesting.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, thank you for the wonderful blog...I swear you must read my thoughts, because you always write exactly what I am thinking. I too miss Rob and Kris, especially Kris because we haven't seen but one pic of her in a month--seems impossible. It will probably be a long time before we see any pics of either one since Rob will be leaving LA soon for London I expect. I know Rob loves Kris and Kris loves Rob...if they weren't involved you would see them out with other people, after all they are young, but you NEVER see either one out with anyone but each other. I cannot stand Nikki, I do think she is pretty, but she looks hard, uncaring, or caring only for herself. I doubt Rob was anything but a friend to her because she was Kris' friend at the time, and he has always been interested in Kris, right from the start. As for Honey, I am not sure why she comes to this site, which is plainly for Rob and Kris, and why is she so hung up on Garrett. Thank you Rose, please continue your excellent blog...you usually make my day.

Tarra said...

I've many thoughts regarding this post. Point 1. it doesn't matter who sits next to Rob b/c his heart belongs to Kristen. I think that Rob has learned how this game gets played & is much more careful about how and with whom he is papped. Point 2. I seriously doubt that Kristen is losing any sleep over who is sitting next to Rob at the TCA's he's her man and she trust him so we fans should not get so crazy about seating arrangements.Point 3. I agree with Rose and other posters who don't believe anything happened btwn Rob and Nikki. Friendship and loyalty means a lot to Rob and Kristen. I can't believe that Kristen would knowingly get involved with Rob if there was anything of a romantic/ sexual nature that took place with Nikki as she and Nikki were once friends. have always believed that Rob trusted Nikki as she was probably one of the few "friends" he had at the time being new to this country.Rob couldn't very well hang out with Kristen (as she had Michael as a BF) now could he? If the stories about Nikki notifying the paps about Rob's(when he was with her) location is true you can see why their "friendship" crashed because she violated the friendship rule. She probably saw nothing wrong with contacting the paps b/c this is what HW types do. R/K are a different breed and she didn't understand that privacy means the world to them and how upsetting it would be for Rob to learn of her actions. I'm nearly 40 years old and don't live in a glass bubble when it comes to R/K. I don't believe that either R/K are perfect(who is) but it always struck me as wrong the whole N/R situation. R/K are private so you'll never get the 411 on them much less Nikki, plus to go down the Nikki road will only open up doors to their relationship the details that Kristen said would most definitely be asked.

olivia said...

Good evening Rose,
The Instyle photos are phenomenal. Lush, rich, exotic.

Twilight was my wake-up introduction to Rob and Kristen. My interest made me go back and take a look at their previous work. Once the interviews and photo shoots poured in, oh my goodness, I was entranced by their off screen chemistry and interactions. To me, it is all about Rob and Kristen.

I have a genuine wish for them to succeed in the arena of acting and in all of its facets. Even more strongly, I wish that they may be happy whether together or apart. However, I must confess, I really, really see them as a couple that is meant to be together. They seem to have their own special connection and understand each other without having to speak. This type of connection occurs when soul mates are fortunate enough to meet. Of course this is just my observation and I do hope that my assumption is correct. : )

Rose, I too will only watch the Rob, Kristen, and Twi parts of the TCA's. The rest is not my idea of entertainment for the evening.

Keep the faith, for it's not if, but when.

I believe that Bad Mother's Handbook will be on sale at the end of this month here in the USA. I love this sweet little film and Rob is at his adorkable best. Holly G. is also in it; she is in Bel Ami too!

beammeup00 said...

I want to make it clear that I agree with you on all K/R points. The issue I have with you is your constantly referring to Michael Angarano as Oregano. You beat the drum loudly about respect for Robert and Kristen. What has Michael done that deserves this disrespect?

deb said...

Thank you louisa for my fix (videos) I really loved the second ones song These videos are SO Rob and kristen I just go to them when I'm missing them and It helps Thank you for that I'm not going to listen to all the crap thats being said about Rob and Kristen I'm only going to Believe in what I feel and see I know that that is what they would want me to do To me they have shown and told us how they feel about each other what more does it take NOTHING I take it the way they give it Once again I'm waiting......SOON......DEB ps Thank you on the pic.

sollee said...

i guess rob and kristen did have feelings or attraction for each other the moment they met at the twilight audition...so until now they are together...it must have been hard for both of them at first bec. kristen had a boyfriend at that time yet they cannot deny that theirs is true love:)..yup robert misses kristen as kristen misses robert as well..i heart these two and may they always love each other:)

btw hope both rob and kris win at the TCA!!!!

deb said...

Beamme I think Oregano is just a little pet name Rose has for Micheal she has said that she likes him just not into him And I feel she does have respect for him We all know Rose and this little name she has for him Please dont take it wrong. DEB

Anonymous said...

I survived a tax free shopping day! w00t!

I'm with the majority here.. I don't *hate* Nikki, I just don't like her. She fails to impress me. And I also believe that nothing happened between her and Rob. Kristen and Nikki were friends. If something had happened, then I don't think Kristen would have gotten involved with him. It goes against "girl code" to do that to a friend. Something obviously happened that caused a rift between them, but I don't think it was directly related to Rob..

I will watch the TCA's, I just like looking at the pretty. :) Who cares who's sitting beside him & he doesn't seem do the whole random posing for pictures with every person he walks by either.

As long as Miley Cyrus doesn't try pole dancing again, I think it'll be okay.. because even in fast forward, that was oh so wrong.

Bren said...

We can assume from now till doomsday what did or didn't go on between Rob, Kristen and Nikki...but in tne end who's right? Only they know for sure.

When someone expresses an opinion, that's all it is an opinion, and everyone is entitled to one. No matter how much you disagree it does not make you right and someone else wrong.

team necklace said...

Bren...you crack me up...I love what you said...so true!!
I am going to look for that mall footage...never heard that story before.

Where is "A Friend" today?? She was here yesterday and said some telling things...even Rose responded to her...a rare thing...and then "Friend" deleted her comment @5:22. I reread them on my iphone email because what she said made me wonder....oh well, "A Friend" I hope you come back.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post. I am right there with ya in regards to Rob and Kristen. I hate when people make the E/B comparison. Those characters have nothing to do with Rob and Kristen and why I think they are together.

As far as the TCAs go -- I won't be watching. Sorry, but not even Rob can make me. LOL. I am sure I will get info as to how it went and what he won!

No surprise to see there is drama already. Whatever. Anna, Ashley and NR are co-stars. I think it's amusing that people have to hook Rob and Kristen up with every opposite sex co-star they have ever worked with. Especially, like in this case, when it's people that Rob does not even hang around outside of work (filming, promoting and events).
Of course, he's going to be nice and social at an event but he's not going out of his way to have close friendships with every single person he works with. Use common sense. As far as the Twilight cast goes, Kristen is the only one I believe Rob is TRULY close to. She's someone he truly cares about. Someone who is apart of his life outside of work.

Going to an awards show that other co-stars are attending shouldn't be a call for drama because there's nothing wrong with it. But look at what fandom I am talking about.

I wish I would be seeing pics of Kristen tomorrow. I do miss her. I know I say that a lot. But I do! Hope she is doing well and OTR is going great for her. I miss her and Rob together. I believe they are the happiest when together and hopefully they will be soon.

Christina said...

Glad Honey didn't get 1st post. The feel on here was so neg. the last couple days :(

Well I found this video last night that all will love.

They titled it "Proof Rob & Kristen together"


Hopefully this helps everyone survive the possible "Slanders" that arise from TCA's! (^_^)

Keep in mind that although Rob saw others in the beginning he had INTENTIONALLY SOUGHT OUT Kristen. Since she split with her BF he's remained loyal. If they (Kris & Rob) are NOT worried about tabloid type thinking, then neither should we worry!

They like to keep it private/personnal & that is what is driving the negatives--It is hoped that enough "Neg" imagery will cause Rob & Kristen to "fess up"!

Hmmm.....so since "just friends" wasn't the truth to them I guess they want to hear what WE ALREADY KNEW! hehe

keset said...

Can someone PLS write who is Nikki ?
Is she his ex-girlfriend?


Christina said...

Nikki Reed plays Rosalie in Twilight. She was a good friend of Michael's(Kristens ex.) & of Kristen. She hung around Rob & Kristen alot during the 1st year of twighlight, but she offended Rob by saying some awful things when Kristen & Mike split up. (so the story goes)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Ashley and Anna to be honest. They don't seem like...bitchy people, bitchy friends to have. Whenever Nikki's in the picture, from my experience she looks and sounds like someone who could be a horrible friend. So when I was a fan of their friendship, I still thought that. But I thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. But from a lot of interviews, she seems to land herself in it: she's not doing K11 anymore; she apparently was doing a surprise party for Kristen then turned round and said how she hadn't seen Kristen for a while. She lands herself in it. She said she wasn't close to Rob compared to the rest of the cast. Well I'm comparing! she hasn't hung out with Ashley so much or Ashley's family...Or anyone's, except Kristen's maybe. So why lie?
And she's the type of person who brags and brags and brags about your best friends personal life as well as who your best friend is. Months or a year later, she's onto someone new. Like Liz. She was all over her MTV Movie Awards. Does she have no regard to include Kristen into that, who is also on the stage?

I did think too that Rob and Nikki hated each other, or something like that. But Jimmy Kimmel, he seemed fine with her. I wish he'd stick to ignoring her. xD

Anonymous said...


To people who think something happened, the answer from them both is towards the end.

Anonymous said...

Good Rose! I thought before you did think something had happened. He has a past indeed. He had a life before Kristen but I'm sure it would have stopped at that. a) it's an unthinkable thing to be dating your (ex) best friend's ex. It would have been horrible on Kristen's part. She'd be really ridiculous, regardless of "I'm in love with him" excuses, he would have used Nikki if it had happened. And what would it all say about Rob? That he's fooling everyone into thinking he focuses on one girl, and is a complete and utter mess, by taking the girl who is (ex) best friends with the girl you like. It's not the way to treat females. And Nikki, just annoying. She said once how she’d had her heartbroken, people thought it was Rob. Then Nikki? Don’t set yourself up for a guy who’s not even in love with you, but loves your (ex) best friend.
Both denied it though: Rob and Nikki. I guess sometimes you may deny things, but yeh. They denied it,so I'd rather believe nothing happened. I don't want to see at the TCA's though, Nikki all over him, and him not doing anything about it.

Anonymous said...

I also don't get the whole people who say fans of Rob and Kristen, who like them together, base it on Edward/Bella. I know some confuse Rob and Kristen's names, and there might be a few who want them together because they play two characters in a saga...But those are about 13 years old I'm sure, and some even at 13, don't want them together because they play Edward and Bella. Pretty sure Rob and Kristen, are very different from Edward and Bella.

Anonymous said...


exactly. She wouldn't trust Rob's feelings or the type of guy he'd claimed to be in front of millions, if he'd hooked up with Nikki. She'd take one good look: and be like - no - waste of space.
And we're fans of him, but that's no way to treat females. The one you supposedly love, you wait for. Whether it's years and years, or months, or weeks. You don't do the damage way to get her, through using the best friend of that girl. It's cruel.

I mean if it did turn out something happened. I'd quit being a fan of Rob, relating to his personal choices. Because let's face it, if we were fans of just his acting, it'd be talk on his acting over here, and nothing else. Nothing to do with his friends, supposed friendships/relationships.

And I'd look at Kristen and think, oh...Okay. I'd stop being a fan of her too really. Because I'd think she's a damn fool. Whether Rob did a lot to get her: using the best friend because you can't have the actual girl you want for very good reasons, is not the way to go. I'd be quite sickened. And there'd be a decent word for both Rob and Nikki: LIAR. They both denied it, so it's their funeral if they've lied.

And if anyone thinks a guy who loves a girl, but can't have her because she was already in a commited relationship to a guy (for about two or three years), is right to go and use the girls best friend...I worry. It's a horrible thing to do. There's no way Rob would be a gentleman.

Anyway, :) but to be honest, I really do not believe, and do not want to believe that anything happened. It would stink of Rob/Nikki YES THOSE TOO, not just Kristen- being completely fucked up people. "Oh I can't have you, so I'll sleep or start something with your best friend...Poor me. Oh wait, your free! Dump this girl and get the one I want"...classy! Lol But yeh don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh Bren?! Is that true?

I do think Nikki could be capable of hurting Kristen with words, or just her attitude towards Kristen, or her actions. For whatever reason: something to do with Michael; Rob; or Kristen.
And I can imagine Rob not taking that too lightly, he wouldn't want Kristen hurt. I'm sure over anything, and anyone, especially Nikki: he'd rather take Kristen's side and look out for her, because he probably views Kristen before and now as the most important one out of that cast.

LK said...

"Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated." ~George Bernard Shaw

This quote is dedicated to all the haters.

Anonymous said...

@kstewrocks......You made those videos right?
I saw the last pic with R & N...I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of R so annoyed as I saw on that video....I got to agree with the crouch grab pic...I’ve seen before .....It may just N particular pose….coz a guy would usually have a smile if he did enjoy her pose for real. As in... For really actually touching him there.
As for B/E being confused with R/K
This is a view I think experienced like you said ...by 13 y/o.....if you base your suspicion or your belief on the behavior they posses when together the looks, touches, visits & mannerisms ETC. That in itself from us afar is enough for me to suspect what I absolutely do....that they are indeed a couple that want there relays’ private...But that’s the problem ....to many ppl hound them coz they don’t confirm.....but they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t....so leaving things as they are.....keeping private helps there sanity....so be it..... They have every right to treat their own their own…

Anonymous said...

Louisa, it's a youtube account where there's speculation videos: which are directed to haters. Yup, that picture was released ages ago. I've never seen a picture where they've looked so pissed off. Especially Rob. Well okay I have recently, but with Nikki: hint he doesn't like her. Of course the haters thought that's where all the sexual tension was...Yup, I see more hate than anything.
And yeah. At first I thought it was Nikki being all over Rob. Of course leaning on Rob like that, it does seem to be a past Nikki thing. There was even a video, a paparazzi video, where they were hanging out (Tom stu too and some other people). She patted him, or touched him on the back or shoulder. And had this look of horror when the paparazzi she noticed were filming it. He didn't look happy even then.
But Rob doesn't look happy, you'd think he would, if he wanted some girl he likes touching him by his crotch, or just leaning like that. You'd think he'd be okay if he liked her. Her ex was apparently in that picture too.

Anonymous said...

@kstewrocks....Just as i assumed and was mentioned earlier....N seems to be an attention seeker....and these pics...her actions just prove this.....See that even way back then Rob didnt appreciate the unasked for attention in public...[ie the touching him on the back etc]and he being annoyed.....so he actually is not a pappz mole just like K and unlike N.....

katy said...

@KstewRocks...In Jimmy Kimmel I didn't get that Rob seemed fine with Nikki...Rob seemed indiferent...he didn't have a conversation with her.

I think, people should stop talking about what happend or didn't happened between Rob and Nikki, this was SO So long time ago...look they hang out as friends...I DON'T believe they Hook up...why don't just forget about it.

Anonymous said...

@ Katy I have absolutely no thoughts to make this a Nikki bitch fest. But we are just expressing a POV....

@KstewRocks...Take notice at the comic con 09... where K is pointing out to Rob that he is wearing her cap....Nikki is standing right beside Kstew...and Rob doesn’t acknowledge her in any shape or form....
But Kristen, back then seemed still chummy with Nicki....so with the earlier comment of N being nasty with K may have happened [if it did] after comic con 09. They finished filming NM by this stage....right???? This still doesn’t prove that the reason for Robs hate towards N is from this so called nastiness of N whilst filming NM.Because she seemed friends at this particular stage......Again and again Presumption seems to be what I can see from these comments today .....

Anonymous said...

katy, people who were there, and there were pictures of them talking and being friendly. I'm just saying what I saw from pictures and what I heard from people who were at that Jimmy Kimmel thing. This one person over livejournal experienced it, and answered questions to whoever wanted to know if Kris/Nikki/Rob got along. It was said they did. But most of the time he does not acknowledge Nikki :) so it's good.

Thank you Louisa. We are just expressing an opinion. Katy, from my previous comments on posts. This is just expressing an opinion. I never thought someone would comment me again over it. A lot have left their opinion and got away with it. So I should too. So can you please stop picking every comment I type, and replying having a problem with it? It's annoying me. Whatever I say, you have to have a say in. It is seriously frustrating.
And Louisa, mhm. Well I hear from kristine.hills, how apparently she'd heard that Nikki had said something horrible. I think it was she who mentioned that. So I didn't mention that first.

katy said...

@Kstewrocks...I'm sorry my english suck...and I it's hard to me to express my self in english :)

I wasn't picking on you or anybody else...I was just saying my opinion...that People should stop talking about something that happened a long time ago and know nothing about it...please don't take it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well addressing me in your comment is selecting me. You probably didn't mean to annoy me, but I find every post now, when I post a harmless few comments: because let's face it: not everyone loves Nikki, and doesn't believe anything happened...So it is kind of harmless. I get replied to, addressed. I admit posts before this one, my comments have been overboard, but today. Nope, no overboard ones. Yet people still are replying to me, and expect me to shut up: when others have posted the same comment way earlier. I find it a bit rude that people keep picking my comments. So please can you stop?

Nikki didn't just get randomly brought up, she was mentioned in the post. And something relating to her past and Rob, Rose mentioned in the post. So people will stick to what's said in the post. We share our opinions on whether we believe something happened or didn't, and some probably me even, suggested what could have gone on to make them stop being so friendly. There's no harm in it.

But anyway, shall we move on? :]
I didn't get to view this post until a day later after Rose had posted this, I've left my comments. My opinion, like every other person did yesterday.

It's a brand new day, filming for TCA should be tonight.

Let's look forward to that.

iena amoi said...

who is garret?? hmmm

Hey! I love this post! I miss Rosbten too. Sigh....and I don;t get to watch TCA either. We don;t have it here. Maybe a bit later. I can just watch via youtube! (Thank God for Youtube!)

Last nite, I have been watching fanmade robsten vid on youtube and I love those from Eclipse Premier in LA. They look so happy to be reunited. I mean....poor Taylor was like....was just there (as always)...LOL

Well, I hope the two of them will reunite soon. :). OH....they must be missing each other very much!

one more thing, yes! we are not bringing edward and bella into real life. It's just so happens we saw the love between Rosbten bloom from it. Just like brangelina from Mr & Mrs Smith. :D

LK said...

I'm trying,but i really don't understand all this discussion about Nikki.I think you give her too much attention.I'm sure she'd be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Truer words have never been spoken LK. She's very good at self-promoting and using people. The best thing to do is to ignore.

For honey--do you know Garrett is in a relationship--not that it would matter really but are you fing delusional?

Waving hello to team necklace-love the name. Sorry I deleted--I just got paranoid. Love the comments here--its great.

June said...


I completely agree with you, and also in your statement I'd inlude hyenas.

The lack of news on Rob and Kristen makes us talk about people who don't deserve it.

A friend,

I had time to read one of the comments that you deleted. Did I read that R&K had met twice last month? Did I read it corretly? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to quote Kristen here:
"I don't lie. I would rather be hated than to be fake and fool people.

The above quote says a whole lot about the character of the young lady we are talking about and some people are hating on so flippantly.

It shows to why Robert Pattinson is so head over heels in love with her. It's so very obvious that he is!

J said...

I really enjoy your blog but i gotta say that all the shade you're throwing at Nikki in this post is a real let down.

The "hyenas" INSIST on assuming the very worst about Kristen's intentions and her character. It's not fair to Kristen.

And it's not fair when we fans do it to Nikki, either.

Anonymous said...

June- sorry about deleting but I got paranoid. Yea- twice in the last 4 weeks about either ga or montreal. Never more than 10 days- it's a rule.

Honey you are exactly why nobody wants to disclose anything. Garrett is in a relationship so unless you are fing delusional you need to stop.

Robin said...

I don't pretend to know much about Nikki's relationship with Rob, but I do know a few things. Early in the Twilight game, Nikki was quoted gushing at length about how wonderful Rob was, how talented, etc. She said something to the effect that girls were mad about him because he was Edward but that if they knew the real Rob there was even more to love.

Now, if there's one thing I know, it's women. A woman who gushes like that about a man is trying to draw his attention because she's crazy about him herself.

Then, Nikki became Kristen's BFF. She was always hugging and kissing Kristen. Kristen's nobody's fool, but she fell for Nikki's wooing of her as a friend. I think Nikki wanted to be close to Kristen to capitalize on Kristen's fame and the fact that Rob was so obviously attracted to Kristen.

Then, I remember another quote of Nikki's where she was saying that young girls like feminine-looking guys and that young girls were attracted to Rob because he was feminine.

When I read that last one I remember thinking that if Rob didn't hate her before he would now.

June said...

A friend,

Thanks a lot for your answer! These kids are getting too good at hiding hehe I don't want them to get papped but it's so nice to know this bit of information.

I hope Rose is spending a nice weekend, I'm missing today's post though.