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Monday, August 9, 2010

Where Have You Gone, Robert Pattinson?

Well. I was right.
Rob was smiley and laughy
(and it's still not a real word)
He was scruffy.
Wonderfully, beautifully... Scruffy.

So the TCA's taped last night
Twitter was all atwitter about the blue carpet...
which I only caught the last 20 minutes or so...
It was horrendous and Robert didn't do it.
Robert is wise.
You could actually feel brain cells dying
listening to the 'hosts'.

The first few pictures of Rob (with Ashley and Taylor)
Rob looked kinda... bored.
Not that I blame him...
Can you imagine?

But then smiley laughy Rob showed up 

I'm guessing it's pretty hard NOT to laugh at Jimmy Fallon
Especially when he is talking about you and giving you an award.
And oh yes...
Ashley is patting him on the back.
I like Ashley.
A lot.
I think she's gorgeous and sweet...
Please don't get all bent out of shape over these pictures.
I got emails and tweets asking me 
if Rob and Kristen broke up because Rob
and Ashley walked up the stairs together!

Good fucking Grief People.

Everyone loves Robert...
People are allowed to have human contact with him...
Are allowed to laugh and talk with him...
Are allowed to sit next to him...

Did you really expect Rob to curl up in the fetal position
and growl at anyone who came near him?


Robert was Robert.
Just like we knew he would be.

So no...

Rob wasn't wearing all black because Kristen wasn't there.
He wasn't sulking and crying...
And no...
Rob wasn't 'hanging' all over his co-stars
and they weren't hanging all over him.

And yes...
Rob does LOOK at other people
(no fucking shit)
And he smiles at other people...
No one ever said that he didn't.
It's just different with Kristen.
And that's *MY* opinion.

This was one of the best pictures of the night!

And so was this one...

Oh yes... 
I love smiley, laughy, scruffy Robert.

And so now begins the spinning wheel...

Where Will Rob Go?

Take a spin... 
Will it be 




It's happened before...

It might be DAYS before he shows up anywhere.
So will we ever really know?

We might not get a shot of him until he leaves for London...
Via Montreal airport.

And my FAVE picture of the night?

Robert walking.

What have we learned?


Haters glom onto the pics of Ashley and Rob
(Get back to me when he starts hanging out with her on his own time
and please don't bring up 2 year old pictures)
Haters hating on Ashley because she was next to Rob
(Ashley was a lucky girl last night)
Haters hating on Rob because he wasn't in mourning
and had the audacity to smile and laugh
(He wasn't sad, but a few people who were there said he looked Bored)

@TSandraTeenT: haha it's so boring here.. Rob looks like he tries to sleep xD

@taryder: Rob's looking like we all feel: bored. Shows that aren't taped live are looong

Haters hoping against hope that Rob doesn't go to Montreal.
What happens if he does show up there?
Yes. Again.

This post is brought to you by the letter *S*

and by a massive
*Twirl Fest*

Spin that wheel!

Bye for now


jen said...

bwahahah...this fandom needs some serious lithium sometimes.

I get tweens girls acting weird about Robert and girls around him - they are too young to understand what it's like to be in a relationship and to be an adult.

But I'm sorry, a large segment of the crazy is coming from grown women - totally bizarre.

These two kids are so together, Robert ACTED like he was completely taken last night - he was very aware how pictures could look like and was overly proper in all of them if you act me.

BUT, they aren't married and they aren't 65. I wish people remembered how young they are and that their lives are not lived for us fans like some SIMS character.

People are crazy.....

katy said...

Great Post Rose

I think...I can guess where he went :)

Trish said...

Oh boy..cant wait to see this award show..happy, smiling, walking Rob...*sighs and almost faints*

I love how Ashley was there to support him...im sure she's a good friend..as for the boredom of course he would be and I am glad Kristen did not miss work for this crap...

so happy he won for RM yay!!!..so glad he is leaving the teens in the dust so he can do many credible roles in the future..
haha love the wheel pic..that's exactly what it is...we might never know, we just have to sit and wait..but my bet is on London first.. since Kristen is busy filming..
I love the black thing you said Rose...do they really expect him to be sad and i mourning (who died? lol) just because kris isnt there?..NONsense..apperantly some of these ppl have never been in relationships before..life happens and sometimes we cant ALWAYS be with ones we love 24/7...

haters are pathetic and I have no energy to listen to pathetic ppl today..

great pics..thanks Rose..i was missing him..now all we need are pics of Kristen..miss her too xxx

Anna said...

"Again"? What does this mean? I'm lost...

Great post. It's always good to see several photos of smiling Rob... *sigh*

Gaga said...

I agree. I think its ridculous that people made such a big deal about Rob looking happy and sitting next to Ashley. The guy should be allowed to interact with other people. I'm sure he misses Kristen a lot. Just because he was all smiley last night doesn't mean he doesn't care. The guy should be allowed to have fun. I love Rob, Kristen and Ashley too so I find this really silly.

Anonymous said...

good post Rose....

love Rob last night he is kind boring, but also giddy too...the fandom,haters so blah fucking blah...hope rob now could rest and relax whenever he goes he always want to see his baby around LoL...

Trish said...

I really dont want bring up..NR..but that face she is giving makes it hard to ignore in that pic..jmo

khushboo said...

lovely post again...:)
imssed kristen here...:)
bt like alwaz ROB stole my heart again wid his sooo magical smiles...:)

n really i cnt evn believe dat u gt msgs sayin rob n ashley r together dat laughable..
she thnks of him as brother....:)
i like dem as dat...:)

its ROBSTEN foreverrr 4 me...:)
let ne1 say nethng...:)

love u..
love ROBSTEN...:)

LK said...

Spot on again,Rose.The only good thing from this crappy show,was the amazing Rob's photos.He looked great in blue.*sigh*

About Asley.I've said before that i think the girl is very pretty,but only that and nothing more.I don't get why some crazies are making up stories about her and Rob.According to gossip blogs,she's into one of the Jonas brothers,at least for this week*enters sarcasm*

I'm glad Rob won so many awards and i'm sure he was happy to win an award for RM.Tay winning the hottie award was at least laughable,as much as i think he's a great kid.

You know,Rose,one of the things that apreciate to you,that's why i come here,is that you're a sane person.You love Rob and Kristen,but you're not blindly obsessed with them.I mean it blows my mind,how some people out there,all this twilight fandom is full of psychos.People who want Rob mourning,because Kristen wasn't there,not to smile or talk with ANY girl than her,bashing Kristen for not being there(me thinks they don't have any idea how important her film is)and other lame stuff like that.

I've read some reports from last night and it seems that some hardcore Robsten shippers(i'm guessing teens)were asking Rob if he was missing Kristen!!!!!!!!WTF?Are tey serious?I mean this is intrusive and shows no respect.At all.

I have no idea about where Rob will go,London or Montreal,but i'm guessing London first,his mom's birthday is on Monday.And i'm reading stuff about Kristen,that has shootings in Argentina,too?And Mexico?So,e don't know if she's gonna be in Montreal as well.I'm glad Walter Salles is very strict with the film and protects the actors from the media circus.That's why we don't have a single photo for over a month now.I'm sure Kristen is thrilled and happy.She'll be with Rob for 6 months,shooting BD.We'll have a great fall and winter in front.

I hope Rob gets some serious rest now,because he was working non stop for a year now.

Anonymous said...

Love your post´s ;-) you always say whats on my mind & you always make med laugh...
big hug from me ♥

twilightbabez said...

Nice post again Rose.

First, I am so happy for Rob to win in Remember Me he deserves it . I am sad though that Kristen did not win in The Runaways. I love Twilight but I wish Rob and Kristen will do good in their careers after the saga ends.

I agree that some Robsten fans have gone over the edge hating Ashley and Nonstens took advantage of this. Come on guys, me and my bf sometimes did not see each other a month or two because of work. It's how real relationships are. You can't be glued to each other's side all the time as you have to earn a living. Rob acted like a true gentleman last night. It's also cute that he wore the shoelace bracelet noticeably. I guess he may be aware that fans may relate that to Kristen but probably its his way of telling us Kristen's with him always in his heart and thoughts <3

As to where he will go I think London first. Its his mom's birthday soon. Maybe ninjastew can have freetime next week and can go to London who knows.

Selene said...

I'm sick of fans pretending the hate in the fandom is all onesided, All I Kept hearing in the past were many complains of Rob's fans hating KKristen but for what I'm reading is quite the opposite!

Poor guy can't even go to an awards show and just sit next to somebody and smile. I guess he is not allowed to have fun when Kristen isn't there.


Rob can do no right in some Kristen fans’ eyes and vice versa. It is an endless cycle.
I love Rob and Kristen. I want both of them to be respected. I hate the Rob hate. I hate the Kristen hate.

Anonymous said...

i loved your post :)

June said...

Rob looked gorgeous last night, as usual. Well, that's nothing new, but he seemed a bit bored o maybe his mind, at a times, was flying away...

I like Ashley too, she's sweet and lovely.

Hmm No idea where Rob is right now, I know where I'd like Rob was. We've been waiting for just a little pic of him at some airport, maybe it will surface one of these days.

Rose I love the way you talk about Rob..and Kristen. I miss them together. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I know, right? I was just wondering if anyone else noticed that Nikki wasn't exactly looking thrilled last night.. in what few pictures there are of her that is. I'm not trying to start any drama about her, I'm just noticing.

And while I'd like to say I can't believe people have jumped on those pictures of Rob and Ashley, I'm not surprised. The haters are getting desperate and want to throw anything out there that'll prove he's not with Kristen.

“Hate is a thing, a feeling, that can only exist where there is no understanding.” - Tennessee Williams

Guess if you've never been in an honest, mature, committed relationship, you're not going to understand.

And I'm just as curious to see where he goes.. or should I say, if anyone gets pictures, cause I have a pretty good guess to where he's gonna be. ;) Kinda hoping nobody finds out.. some quiet time would be nice.

SueBee said...

*eye roll* and *face palm*

I am staying away from any posts about Rob and Ashley. It's just retarded. Seriously.

These fidiots are grasping for just about anything.

I think it would have been like this if any female sat next to him.


Trish said...

@Tracy, i know you are not trying to start anything..and for the record, neither am I..i thought i was the only one who saw that good to know.

But it just really stood out..especially with that cast pic Rose posted with Rob in front speaking..EVERYONE else is smiling and there is her..guess some things never change..smh

Anonymous said...

Aww...come on, they're siblings! They gotta have some sort of brotherly-sisterly bonding time :D, it was nice to see the cast though since most of them have been MIA. But yes, we miss Kristen, but I guess it is nice that she's staying away from the paps. Other than that, I suppose we'll be seeing Rob soon enough(?) in another country.

deb said...

Great Post Rose I was one of those dumbass who watch the red(blue) carpet last night what a waste of time I love ALL the pic of Rob Yep thats Rob being himself Im glad he look like he was having some fun and im wondering if he took the awards of Kristens home or if they still have them? Love the spinning wheel where it stops know one knows. Place your bets we have 2 on London and as for me I'll say Montreal who knows he just mite stay in La. ho heres a good one what about the moon he can go to the moon as far as we know I kinda think he can go see Kristen and stay in hotel and rest while she works but im like a BILLION of others who well have to wait Im also glad that Rob got a award for RM it shows that he can act out side of Twilight and im happy for him. Hes been working hard to show others that he can. I miss my Kristen and im sure he does to And Rose there was a lot of talk about the necklace he had on WE all know about the black shoestring he always has a part of her with him . Thanks again Rose LOVE your POST . DEB.

Anonymous said...


Some people were so sensitive to us talking about Nikki the other day! I'll never understand why people come to blogs or boards that make no attempts to hide where their allegiances are, and then get offended.

But yeah, I noticed her. It was such a stark difference from how she acted last year.

And I've been humming the song "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" by Rockapella all day so far ;) Except I'm substituting some names..

Gaga said...

Just want to add that I get by what Tracy said - that fans sometimes react to pics of Rob with other women because the haters say Rob is with Ashley, Nikki, whoever *scoff*

But that doesn't mean fans should take what they say to heart. They should really just ignore them. Its ridculous cause they're just giving them what they want and not being fair to Rob. The man should be allowed to smile. It still boggles my mind that a HappyRob made fans go crazy.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I knew that there would be some fantasy drama today lol. Ashley just seems like a really nice person, just cause she was sitting next to Rob now what? They're havin a baby? lmao seriously people, he does have female friends. I am so glad they all had so many wins, they did good! Thanks again twirling Rose, I hope Rob is finally with his baby, and he's not bored anymore lol.

dowlingnana said...

@Trish & Tracy: I saw what you both saw as well, guess that anamosity between Rob & her is still there, maybe?????

Rob in blue........OH YEAH!!! WOW!!

And, Rob IS a gentleman, what did hatestens, etc. want anyway, Ashley to fall down the steps. Those shoes them gals wear are almost like lethal weapons, lol.
Just too bad he can't show that support with Kristen. And, we know why!!
Rob, to me, did laugh and seem a bit bored, but I also didn't think he looked that happy in certain pics anyway and IMO I think it was coz' Kristen wasn't there, but again, IJMO. Can't wait to see the show tonight. Have already seen pics from Robsessed and they're awesome. OH yeah, like I said that BLUE. And it's not just becoz' blue has always been my favorite color either. Later Ladies, Donna

Barbara Fenwick said...

Enjoyed your blog as usual Rose. I have only seen pictures from the internet today, so can't offer much. It seemed to me Rob went out of his way to avoid contact with Ashley.probably hoping to stop the gossip. I do not think there is anything between Rob and Ashley, they have known each other a long time, they are friends, and Rob is allowed to have fun while Kris is away. I miss Kristen and would love to see a picture of her (I know, this is the way they like it) because I really miss her. Last night would have been much better with her there. I am glad Rob won for RM, but I do feel sad that Kris did not win for Runaways, she did an awesome job, but they could not both win. Thank you for your blog, and I intend to ignore any stupid rumors about Rob and Ashely. I look forward to tomorrow's blog.

Patricia said...

Rose: That last picture of Rob walking...OMG...That's my favorite also. He is sooo damn GORGEOUS...
BTW When did he get SO BUFF ???? Jesus that man will be the death of me.

Ashley and Rob ???? Come on. Did you see Rob's body language ? He was all folded up inside himself. His arms together (no touching) She's the one that touched him sweetly when he won. Jesus..The guy can't win with these ass hole fans that think he has to live his life according to their rules. I DON'T THINK SO.

He was TIRED, BORED AND LONELY FOR KRISTEN A perfect GENTLEMAN WITH ALL THE WOMAN THAT FUSSED OVER HIM. Then he came alive (when he got up to collect his award from Jimmy Fallon) I love JF. and he loves Rob (said some really great things about him after Rob did his show.) Then he was his old self, smiling and laughing and JUST ROB ... I was so happy he won for 'Remember Me' I know that meant a lot to him. At first I was pissed Taylor won 'Hottie' over Rob then I thought Taylor is 18 and it is a teen award show. So then I was okay, even though we all know who 'THE REAL HOTTIE' IS.

I think Rob will go to London to be with his family and friends and unwind without the paps and crazies here in LA. His Mums birthday and then get back to where ever Kristen is filming. She should be done in Montreal by then. Plus he's already been to Montreal to see her.....

Trish and Tracy and Donna:

I noticed Nikki sitting beside Ashley and Rob never paying any attention to her and also when they were up on the stage it was like she wasn't there.

Grazie Rose for another great post and pictures. I'm afraid the drought of Robert and Kristen is starting now. As long as they get to see each other soon I'm okay with that. MAYBE A FAN PICTURE SOON...

koolerdrumm said...

The picture with them all on stage, everyone looks happy except Nikki. Why?

30yearoldtwifan said...

Hi ladies!

I am SO glad I learned my lesson from last year and NOT put myself threw any type of "teen award show" Hell. I literally was tortured last year watching the carpet (that RP never walked, he doesn't walk carpets we all should know that by now LOL)then the show, just complete crap. Maybe because Im def NOT a teen, but dam its pretty lame. Ill take the SCREAM awards any day! MTV awards arent bad either.

Robert looked yummy as usual. Good enough to eat, and I'm sure Kristen will be doing that for him very soon :) Lucky Kristen indeed.

Rob is always his best around Kristen, so even though I didn't watch the "cough" crap Teen Awards, I'm sure it wasn't the same without her, shes so fun and beautiful to watch and them together a plus. I'm not even going to say my opinion on his Ashely NONSENSE. Because that's what it is, nonsense. The delusional spewing there crap. Oh and I'm with ya all, NR did not look happy, but then again that was 1 pic, its hard to really tell from a pic anyone's demeanor.
Where ever Rob is off to next, I hope he gets some much needed rest/food and loving. :)

LJ said...

Good evening ladies,

*Swoon*!! Rob looks sooooo handsome...and it's so effortless. Don't get me wrong I love him in a suit, but to be honest scruffy Rob does it every time for me...just makes me want to ruffle him up even more ;-)

I've never seen the TCA's but looked like a crappy awards show to me from the clips I've seen...I suppose it's one for the kids though!

Love Rob...Love Kristen...hope they are happy and having fun wherever they are!


Anonymous said...

@ Trish I too wanted to bring up Miss N...but like you said her Face......Does'nt say 1000 words.....

Lisa said...

He's just so cute I can hardly stand it! Can't wait to watch it late tonight. I'll DVR it and then FF though the BS! LOL
Wherever he goes I hope he takes a break and has some fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Rose I have posted twice now the same comment...But its dissappeared OUT OF SIGHT X2 WTF????

Melinda said...

Rob was looking all kinds of yummy last night! It was the color and the scruff. LOVE the scruff.

Missed Kristen... it really wasn't the same. As Stephanie Myers once said "they just look at each other right!"

The immaturity and lunacy that runs rampant in this fandom is truly getting worse and worse.

I am just learning not to feed into it and sometimes you just have to LAUGH at them and thank your lucky stars you are sane one.

Where will Rob turn up next...who knows...just glad that wherever it is he will have time to relax and enjoy some downtime.

Anonymous said...


Top of the morning to ya Rose…On this bleak, wet Tuesday morn……
Oh Boy
Walking Rob pic ...spectacular......
Smiling Rob Pic.... overwhelming
Enjoying a joke with Ashley pic and him laughing.......incredible.....
Are you getting my point.....I am bypassing all the shit I may have read during yesterdays taping and …..Acknowledging the Most important.....
Seeing Mr. Stud Muffin.......
Whether his scruffy, casual, bored or not amused...he is....Mr. Robert Pattinson and that’s the only reason why I took the time to catch up on a senseless award show....JS

LJ said...

Ha ha...Louisa where does your post keep disappearing to?!

Just about had time to check out your links before they vanished...phew!

Katy, I totally agree...I suppose the title of 'teen hottie' does kind of suit Taylor though, he is cute. Whereas Rob is HOT but more a 'best actor in a leading role' candidate me thinks...one day :-D


deb said...

Hey there louisa how ya doing and Patty I agree with what you said You can really tell rob has been working out Yummmmmy I bet kristen love that to all in all it was not to bad of a night last night WE got to get some pic of Rob Would of love to see or hear Kristen say thank you but we didnt so do you think Rob took kristens awards to her or just left them at their house.i would think he left them but who knows I know she is working hard now but do you think they get off on the week ends? We well see im just going to have a wait for the WHEN to happen its cool im good at waiting as long as their happy and hes resting .And mommy pattinsons B-Day is next Mon. isnt it?(the 16th)We well see soon . DEB.

Nicole said...

There is talk on twitter that Rob is in Montreal with Kristen. It has been reported that they were having lunch together.

Jane said...

Loved seeing Rob hanging out with his castmates. Rob and Taylor seem to have a special friendship and Ashley looked so sweet with him and being the gentleman he is, lent her his arm to go up the steps. But people, realize, he had his black shoestring on for Kristen letting her know that he was thinking of her. Loved Rob getting recognized for RM. He certainly deserved it. Going to be a long dry spell until BD sharts shooting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for being a voice of reason! It is insane that people think that rob and kris broke up because rob helped Ashley onto the stage. I mean, seriously!?!? He was being a gentleman. Heels are a bitch to walk in. People need to relax and have some faith. Sorry for my rant! Thanks again for your sane voice in this insane fandom!

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
I'm happy with the results of the TCA. The awards did get spread around fairly evenly among the TWI family. The award for RM for Rob was the best followed by kiss and chemistry for Rob and Kristen. I'm OK with the awards for Taylor, he is a really nice young man, and such a good friend to both Rob and Kristen; and also so respectful and supportive of Rob and Kristen as a couple.

Sorry that Kristen missed out on TR. It is good however that she stayed in Montreal to work hard on the OTR project that she is so excited about. Besides, she avoided the craziness of the TCA's.

I agree with several posters that Rob is moving on in category and audience. He is maturing in film subject matter and will soon be out of the TCA movie demographic for the majority of his future projects. (I can however picture him doing voice for animated films.) It was not the most exciting event to have to have attended, but Rob was a gentlemen, met his obligations, and seemed to have some fun and laughs. The pictures with Katy Perry are hilarious, and of course, Jimmy Fallon is a sweetheart who truly admires and appreciates both Rob and Kristen. I am glad that he was the one to give Rob his award for RM.

I am wishing Rob complete seclusion with his dear loved ones. May he rest, refresh, and have the time and privacy to do what he wishes to do. When Kristen finishes her commitment with OTR, hopefully they will have some quality time together uninterrupted before BD.

October will be here before we know it and the madness will begin anew. One plus, that possible trip to Brazil for some Isle Esme loving ( minus the rest of the cast ........only crew. : D )
It's so nice to believe.
Love to all,

dowlingnana said...

yeah it's me again, I have been looking at pics and posts on Robstenation and one twit said a robsten fan kept yelling at Rob, hey do you miss Kristen and that he smiled!! Just thought I'd share that. Most of the posts also believed Rob didn't look AS happy as he normally is w/KS around. Later, Donna

deb said...

So I just seen the interview of Rob the 60 sec.one. I loved it when they ask him about music (jazz or rap) he said jazz what a old soul for such a young man I forget that hes only 24 you know a lot of guys that age and around that age like rap. Just one more thing that I love about Robert and I think kristen said she and rob like the same music. What down to earth these to are they both love music. Maybe Rob well take some time now and write some songs would be nice to hear him sing. Deb.

olivia said...

One more comment,

Something about Rob that I find so lovely is that inside of that beautiful man we can constantly see little peek outs of a sweet person who is still filled with wonderment and curiosity. He flashes us a goofy grin, a smile that reaches up to his eyes, and gives us body language that affirms the self effacing words , joking, and hearty, genuine laughter. You see it in some of the photos from the TCA's. A great example is from the last day of shooting on WFE when he leaves the set for the last time and he is in the back seat of the car, looking out at the fans over the window that is half rolled down. He has the sweetest most genuine expression of happiness, wonder and appreciation. Such a gorgeous man with a little boy inside beaming a huge smile out at everyone.

Kristen is such a fortunate young woman!
The Pattinson's have such a lovely young man as son and brother!

Have a great evening,

Anonymous said...

@ Olivia How beautifully expressed and so precise...I completly understand and agree with what you've pointed out.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

you know what? Sure, I saw all the pictures of Rob at the TCAs, but this time I thought of YOU a lot - even if I dont't know you in real - but there are so many pictures of "Walking Rob" I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun you will have with them - funny enough, I know, I know :)

Finally, it was great to see him again, I missed Kristen of course, it's allways a pleasure to see her. But I have time to wait for pictures of them together again, 'cause I'm sure as hell it will happen ;)

Nothing more to say. Thank you for your great post and the nice pictures *sigh*

katy said...

@Olivia...I completly agree with :)

olivia said...

Thanks Louisa and Katy.

Elle Bee said...

Good morning Rose

Love the photos of Rob at the TCA's...he looks absolutely divine but there is a spark missing...the smile isn't quite as big as when his partner is with him...I missed seeing Kristen beside him );

HI Louisa...it's raining and bleak here where I live too...but seeing our gorgeous, scruffy man in the blue shirt has started my day off perfectly (:

Can't wait to see what the next few days bring...<3 Robsten

Atticus said...

Seeing pics of last night's TCA's has made me miss Kristen more and more. At least she's not being papzzed.

@dowlingnana...agree about Rob being a gentleman with the ladies. Aside from the MMA's this year, (Rob & Kristen really opened up at this award show), Rob has never helped Kristen up or down any stairs at award shows, (it's always Taylor), but he always looks for her.

Some of you believe Rob's been to "Moan"treal already. I dunno but would be ecstatic if it were true. I believe he'll reunite with Kristen eventually and way before BD starts production.

Congrats to Rob for winning for RM, even though it's a crappy award with no merit.

deb said...

Hi you guys I mite be wrong but I think I have seen Rob help Kristen up the stairs he has had he hand on her back and I think once he held her hand we know hes always looking back at her I seen them in old videos and there has been times hes has his hand out for her so I do think he has help her maybe not as much as Taylor but I think he has we know he also walks next to her. He is truly a gentleman. DEB.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dowlingnana said...

Just got done watching TCA and so so, didn't really see Rob much on it and had to look at bottom of screen to see what Kristen won. Rob only won for RM and Taylor won 3, hmmmm. Anyway, what I was looking for, just for my knowledge, was that Ashley grabbed Rob's arm to go up the steps,so, naturally he wouldn't deny her.
@Deb: Ur right, he has always looked back for Kristen and has had his hand on her back. Didn't mean to say he didn't care about her or to imply it, if anyone thought that, coz' I so know that's not true at all. He didn't have that sparkle, I agree whole heartedly!!! Donna

Jam said...

Just saw TCA. It looked like Ashley grabbed Rob's arm from behind to walk up the stairs. I'm not saying that Rob's not a gentleman, but it looked more like Ashley wanting help to go up the stairs, and Rob was the closest person.
Loved Rob and Taylor interactions in the audience. R/K/T are the best trio.

Jam said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that too!

deb said...

Donna its all good i didnt think you was saying he never help I was just saying that I did see videos of him helping thats all ok. im sorry if i made it look like i took it wrong. I was going to watch the TCA but after what Iv heard and seen on youtube I dont know if i want to now they say Robs not on that much and when he is it looks like he cant wait to get off the stage and I seen the pic already so you think i should watch?? Thank you Donna. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: NP, I just don't want to sound like I'm doing or saying the wrong thing, it's so hard to write sometimes. IDK about watching the show, I was kind of upset that there wasn't more of Rob. They only showed him twice in the audience and then when he accepted his award from JF it was very quick and then the very last moment was the TWilight cast accepting and you saw him again. Like I said......a bit disappointing to say the least. I was also on my FB site about Robsten and hit a link that took me to the AT which I shy away from now, but atleast Ted admitted that to him Rob looked a tad bored maybe due to the fact that Kristen wasn't there. About time TC got it right!! lol, thanx, Donna

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post!

I didn't watch the TCAs. I honestly completely forgot about it being on tonight! Oh, well.

Rob looked great from the pics. I still cannot believe how RIDICULOUS and INSANE people are. Rob sitting next to Ashley and interacting with her is a big deal for some people? Really? Good grief is right. She is a fellow co-star of Rob and Kristen's. Jeez. I saw nothing noteworthy in Rob's interactions with Ashley.

Oh, and he wasn't allowed to smile and laugh according to some people? WTF? If something was funny onstage, why couldn't the man laugh?
So Kristen should have shown up to the Oscars looking miserable and not interact/smile with Taylor? I was happy she had Taylor there with her and that they sat together.
Some people (fans and haters alike) are seriously off their rocker. Crazy.

I miss Kristen. Rob's face just lights up so differently when she's around him.

Anonymous said...

So.. watching the actual TCA's show was... well.. yeah.. I can't even come up with a proper word right now. It just wasn't good. It was odd.

Rob was handsome and schmexy, as usual.. and his acceptance speech.. rambling, but cute. :)

And it dawned on me that the Twilight cast as a whole probably won't have to be there next year? Awards were given out for both Eclipse *and* New Moon, and the next installment won't be out til after next year's TCA's, right? So unless they're nominated for a non-Twilight movie....

J said...
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deb said...

OK here is what I have found out take it with a grain of salt ok I was on or looking at kstewsshoes AND they HAVE A PIC OF KRISTEN .. W I T H ...TOM and Garett and another guy NO its not ROB B U T why is TOM there???? they say that ROB is around but not in the pic HUMMmmmmI down loade the pic so i can have it and its from today SO go look your self and see what you come up with IS ROB THERE I think he is DEB.

deb said...

I forgot to say i think Tom is there so when Rob gos to London he well have tom with him to fly home with...DEB

Bren said...

Hi Deb,

I got that link off the AT board...it certainly is Kristen, Tom, Garrett and someone else...

Everyone seems to think a reunion is brewing..I think so too. Rob's probably on his way or at least will be there soon...

Here's the link for whomever wants to take a peek...


deb said...

Bren I just read that some one saw him on a plan and he was sleeping SO what you think ? I think hes there already maybe he was the one who took the pic ? THANKS now ill sleep better cant wait to see what Rose well say tomorrow I feel like dancing .YEP he need his sleep hes got a BIG reunion TO MAKE UP.lucky girl. DEB.

Bren said...


I was just in the website Robsten Love, I went to see if there was an update on the guy in the plane this morning.

Evidently this man tweeted that the guy from twilight was asleep in his plane that was headed to Montreal, but everyone thought it was the haters pulling a fast one...but then later another tweet from someone said Rob was having lunch with Kristen.

No one believes these because they say both of these accounts were opened just to post this info, so they figure these are the nonstens doing this.

Now on that same website there is a post from this guy who took the pictures we just saw (there are two), I think Kristen is smiling in one, but Tom is definitely there.....

The guy who took the pictures claims it was around midnight in Montreal and Kristen and friends were having coffee, and he asked K if he could take a picture and she said yes....he says he didn't know Tom was Rob's best friend till someone told him later....

If Tom is there, he's waiting for Rob, I'm sure. He's taking care of her, till he gets there.

deb said...

Bren Thats what I think im sure Rob is there or on his way I know people well talk BUT when you see Tom you know Rob is not far behind Who knows how long Tom has been there and like Rose has said we dont know if Rob has been there before and left to go to the TCA now hes going back Hummm I dont give a rats ass Im just glade hes going or is there Thanks girl keep me posted ok DEB.

Christina said...

This is NOT a neg. dig at anyone.

I know everyone here has good hearts but in all the comments U forgot the most obvious!! :)


She deserves our respect!
(1) She's pretty (I wouldn't be able to think she was unless she was a good person)
(2) She's sweet/kind/nice (IN OTHER WORDS--she would NEVER try for a cast members guy!)

So feel free to shove that down all the nons, haters & hyenas! LOL

Anonymous said...

Not gonna check the comments yet...I need to keep focused and remember what to tell you Rose.
Tom Stu? Is in MONTREAL. Fan pictures of him with Kristen.
So if Tom's there, guessing Rob will shortly be over there. ^^
Well I don't hate Ashley, there's some things I don't like. She does seem to want a bit more fame than she's worth: demanding a higher sum of money for Breaking Dawn (she's hardly in the movies); and kissing a lot of guys; and her photo shoots...I think she probably wishes she was under the spotlight more so took the chance when Kristen doesn't show. She's nice though.
And Rob didn't look too bored, sometimes he did. His smile, I think I see the difference. Is it much bigger when he is with Kristen?

Bren said...


I totally agree with everything you said. You never see Tom, without Rob.......I forgot to mention, in the first picture you can only see Garrett's hand on Tom's shoulder, but in the second pic, you can see Garrett's hand and Kristen's hand around Tom as well, you can even see her red nailpolish.

I say tomorrow (oops, today)can only get better...

I'm bushed, I'm hitting the sack..later

Anonymous said...

And the whole NR thing, I don't really care about.
I think she was just lonely because her best bud, Liz wasn't there. Then she should include people into her circle more instead of trying to be an outcast.
Another thing which annoys me about her: MTV Movie Awards - sure Kristen was stood by Rob because they're closer than ever, but where was Nikki? The other side of the stage with Liz. If she cared so much about Kristen, include her more into your group, instead of keeping far away. I know she seems to pick friends, brag they're best friends, ditch them for some reason, then find someone else to be all over. But then to just knock that former person you cared about so much, back...Yeh. Won't do any favors.

Carly said...

the things over which people are willing to get their panties in twist nver fail to surprise me. on both sides of fandom.

he looked super extra yummy. and Im glad he got the surfboard for RM. and from Jimmy F nonetheless. cant wait to have a chance to watch that video

its nice he had a good time and I lvoe the pics with Katy. I was wondering whether he would be invited to her wedding. but if Katy & Russell are indeed getting married "later this year" Rob & Kris will be probably already shooting BD. but it got me dreaming still LOL

well, I just saw 2 new fotos of Kris in Montreal. with TomStu and Garrett. Im staying away from all nonsense as much as I can but I cant wait for your take on it. I really liked the idea that Tom is there to wait for Rob so they can fly back to the UK togehter

well, it was too calm arounf these parts these last few days *insert eye roll* so something was bout to "happen". I rathr just live inblissful ignorance and enjoy the beauty that was Rob and TCAs and the cuteness that is Kris hiding behind Toms shoulder :)

*twirl you later*

su said...

Thank you for your post, Rose. I think Rob is in Montreal, I'm sure!

wig4usc said...

A few thoughts:

1) Rob was damned if he did, damned if he didn't. He shows any contact, smiles, anything with anyone else, whoops...there it is. If he's sullen, doesn't smile, he's a jerk, etc.
2) I absoluted noticed NR's sourpuss face in all the pictures.
3) I'm glad he had some moments that made him laugh. Most of that show, and I didn't sit thru the whole thing, was almost unwatchable.
4) I thought Rob was a complete gentleman, appropriate, and completey aware of everything being documented. And, I agree, the way he looks at Kristen is just...different! Adorable!

keset said...

He is so kind and sweet and nice and... i just love him :)

I don't care who he's dating with.
I just want him to be happy and to make more movies for many years so i (and we) can watch him :)

katy said...

God...wake up for some drama in My timeline...people are saying Tom and Kristen are dating...NO they aren't...funny you see Tom and Kristen hanging out 2 times and their dating...you see Rob and Kristen together for more that one year everywhere and they are just fiends or are doing it for PR...can people be more ludicrous
I think that Tom beeing there, just proof that Rob is going to be there or is alraedy there.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I'm often interested in your opinion.

So would you ever do a post addressing the whole would Rob and Kristen ever be friends with benefits, compared to as a real couple?

I read that sometimes, when people speculate and won't believe that they're a couple: since neither confirm. So they opt for friends with benefits.

I myself, don't think Rob would settle for that. Nor Kristen considering she was in a serious relationship before. I have to bite my tongue not to say something, because I disagree with such a comment. What do you think? Do you think it could ever turn out they'd be friends with benefits? Why do you think people think such a thing too?

Anonymous said...

Could someone please find Rose and wake her up? I want her to see the pics so fing badly. There were 3 groups of people who took pics and at least one is on google (or twatter probably). Dating Tom-um, no, seriously? I have to work soon so get your butt up Rose!

Hi Team Necklace--how r u today? :)

mujhiko_mujhiko said...


If Tomstu is in Montreal, therefore Rob must be there, too, now. Remember that the TCA was taped 24 hrs before it was released on Fox.

Anonymous said...

Re: Pics of Kristen and Tom

Does anyone remember the post, I can't remember where I read it, but it said someting about 2 Englishmen delivering a cat, it didn't use the word cat, it used purr or something, to a certain girl in Montreal, 1 guy left the other stayed? (my words, I can't remember how it was worded)

June said...


Yes, everybody think that Rob should be there, in Montreal, but there's no evidence and I don't want to trust twitters accounts just created to write about Rob's sighting.

Sooner or later Rob will show up somewhere.. At least we've got to see Kristen.

June said...


No idea what you're talking about. I've never heard of this. Is it a joke? It sounds like it..

Anonymous said...


I read it on a blog somewhere, but I can't remember. It may have been in the comment of the VILE AT board, not sure, but I did read it.

Patricia said...

Manjen and June

Here's what I think. Remember when Rob was papped at the movies in Malibu with his agent (Stephanie) and they kept following him all day, I think he went up to Montreal with Tom (Thursday and Friday) and maybe brought her cat Jella/Max and Tom stayed to look out for her and Rob after being papped left for Tennessee to finish work on WFE. So maybe after Sunday's TCA taping he had some loose ends to tie up in LA before he can join them
What do you think??? Make sense .

Anonymous said...


Makes sense to me!

June said...


It does makes sense. Besides on that thursday and friday, there were no pics, no twitters of Rob in WFE set. It was odd because almost every day we've had information from WFE set, so you theory could be right!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Ok, let's go for it. The picture appeared to be legit and its also true that it was taken in Montreal, which was proven by the presence of GH. BUT the big Q is, when was this picture taken? Was it only yesterday, or was it taken weeks ago, and was chosen to be released at a latter date. Just like many others, I don't trust twits, too. What's the purpose of releasing that picture amids the circus of the TCA(Rob n Ashley)? I saw the picture, and there's nothing to speculate about it, but for the haters, expect for a four dimensional, because that's where their limited understanding is leaning on. JUST IGNORE THE IGNORANT!

Anonymous said...

Re: my earlier post about 2 Englishmen that I couldn't remember where I read it

I found this on robstenlove.com under
Comments/Tweets/Blogs: WEEK of July 26th

iron and wine Tue, Jul 27, 2010, 7:25 PM

@clever- what about this? is this getting warmer? repost: 317. methinks Tue, Jul 27, 2010, 7:02 PM Me thinks 2 really beautiful Englishmen traveled to the North to bring something very special to Kristen. Something she really wanted to have with her. Something that purs. I also think 1 of those Englishmen stayed behind and one came back. JMO of course.

Sorry to post something from another site but it was bothering me because I knew I read it somewhere, whether it's the truth or not.....Who knows!!

Lisa said...

maybe tom ended up cat-sitting???;D

Anonymous said...

Cat sitting....Who knows, he could be..LOL!!

FJ_SA said...

please vote for Rob:


keset said...

Tom dosen't have a life ?lol
i mean, he stay to keep on Kristin when Rob is gone???
Sound weird to me.

keset said...

You can fins K pics in here