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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Promises, Promises!

I don't have a lot to say today.
I was busy all morning...
I'm kinda tired.
And then... you know...
You come online...
And sometimes you just don't want to deal with 
all the bullshit anymore...
You know what I mean?

It's just the same inane, delusional horseshit.
Day after day.

Kristen won't be attending the TCA's.
You're not really surprised, are you?
She just started filming OTR this week...
And to leave for the Teen Choice Awards?
Yeah... OK.
Just goes to show you how much of a HOLD
Summit has on her, right kiddies?

Hyena's version of Summit- "Kristen get your ass to 
California and do PR for us! It's all about PR!!!
We own you! Breaking Dawn needs PR!
Go to the Teen Choice Awards and do your job!"

Kristen- "Fuck You, I'm busy."

So now we get this...
1. Rob and Kristen broke up!
2. Kristen hates Rob, she loves Garrett!
3. I'm SO glad we don't have to look at ugly 'Stewl'
5. Kristen is two-timing Rob!

Everytime Robert or Kristen are working...
and their jobs keep them apart
we get the same tired bullshit.
Like whether or not Kristen going to some irrelevant 
teen awards show is what makes or breaks her
relationship with Robert.

Whatever floats your boat.

So will we see Robert in Montreal?

All signs point to YES.

But when is the real question.
It's his Mum's birthday on August 16th.
It's been said he will go back to London for that occasion.
Do I think he will?
Hell yes.
Robert most definitely loves his Mama.
And now is a good time to get back there for a little while.
Rob needs to rest. Relax.
I don't think he will stay there for long.
I know he loves London...
And it will be good for him to be back...
But for the time being...
His work
His life
His love
are all back here.

That would be Kristen.
I don't care how many old pictures are found of
Rob with other people
(Guess what, he had a life before he met Kristen!)
Or how many pictures of Oregano and Kristen smiling
you pull out of your ass.
Oregano is history.
Shorty Spice is no more.
It still amazes me that Haters can say with all seriousness
that Kristen and Oregano are in a secret relationship.
That he has been in 'hiding' all this time.
Good fucking Grief.

Tell me...
When Rob turns up in Montreal
WHEN being the key fucking word...
What will the Hyenas say then?
What will be the excuse?
What will be the rationalization?

You would think that after months of pictures
showing Robert and Kristen all over the world
again... and again... and yet again...
When after months and months of 
Robert and Kristen being with each other
That people could just ACCEPT that they are 
Don't believe it.
Do whatever you have to do.
Make excuses for when (WHEN) Rob shows up in Montreal.
It's cool.
Just quit HATING on them for not living their lives
the way YOU want them to.
Be happy that they are happy.
And prepare yourself...
Robert and Kristen will be together
It might have to wait until after his Mother's birthday...
(or will he make a quick stop before he goes?)
but they have been separated for longer periods of time
and they always manage to get through it.
You have to know they are still in touch all the time...
Just because they aren't in the same place...
Doesn't mean they don't talk 

Don't worry.
They have it all worked out.
And just think...

Just think how fucking EPIC their reunion will be...
It's been 'promised'


This post has been brought to you by the letters *B* and *F*
for all the 
we constantly have to wade through on a daily basis.
Give it a rest already.


Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Awww Rose, what bullshit? Haters? I know they're difficult to ignore. Or you mean personal stuff away from the computer.

There's much to say anyway really. No info on Rob really.

jen said...

Hi Rose!

Rob himself just said that it was easy to leave London the last time he did-that it surprised him that he wasn't as emotional about it like he was just a year back.

What Rob needs right now is to get away from the glare of the spotlight. His little meltdown Malibu made that clear.

I think he'll definitely hang a lot in London, probably spend some time in Los Angeles too(he's got a schedule to fill post-BD), and yes spend some time in Montreal and maybe some other set locations too.

Montreal has been good to kristen, she's been virtually invisible up there. When Rob visits he'll probably enjoy the discretion too.

Anonymous said...

:] Well Summit has no hold over her, since it's really the actual company or whatever Summit is, who probably has the say along with her on whether she skips out so suddenly on filming to go to some teen event. She's just begun filming, an important role too, as I said, the kind of role Rob had: WFE when he couldn't go gallivanting off to do promo across Europe. He stuck to LA, where he was situated. Unless On The Road was filmed in LA, didn't see it happening.

Promotion already for Breaking Dawn? They start a year early! It hasn't even been filmed yet :D

I'm a fan of Kristen, and hate it when someone gets called ugly. But as a fan anyway, that's horrible to read people still call her ugly. It won't make her feel good to hear such comments about her image, not like she'll care, but it'll hurt a bit anyway right.

Well can't wait till the TCA's Rose. You'll kill yourself after that round of haters. The haters will comment about how perfect Ash and Rob are. + how Nikki and Rob are so hot and so obv together. I'm gonna be sickened. I think I'll pass on it.

Anonymous said...

Rose, really, how can you be so sure he'll go to Montreal? I'd love it if were true. But no one can be so sure until they see the images themselves, of him in Montreal. And I do believe it's his chance to go. But how can you be so sure? I don't think if he goes to London, he'll head back to the other side of the world so soon. They are all back in LA, but I do think if he goes to London, that'll be it. No going back until filming for BD.

I mean the Brit pack are in London, his family are.
So if he heads to London, that's it to me. He won't think to go back to LA. If anything, Kristen will be the one to move her bags all the way from her home to London.

Anonymous said...

"It's been promised."

That has such a nice ring to it, doesn't it? ;)

I've heard tiptoe twirling is good for headaches-feel better!

Anonymous said...

He did indeed have a life before Kristen. :) Are you implying the whole he had a life thing revolving around Nikki Reed?

Because usually people say he had a life before Kristen, when they're saying, he was free to date Nikki. I don't believe any of that. Otherwise Kristen wouldn't be with Rob now.

You don't date the girl you like's best friend: NR. For whatever. And his portrayal of love and how he is, would be complete crap from out of his mouth. He's said he's a one woman man. And it's not good to date the girls best friend. + he learnt how to focus on one. It'd be sickening if he did have a thing with Nikki. Because they'd be both liars, and I want no part of being a fan of someone who lies.

Anonymous said...

You'd also think they'd stop with the "she hates him" or the "he hates her".

Why spend time with someone you hate? Or dislike if they want to go back a step? Why? I'd be throwing up if I had to spend time, where I'm not being forced to with someone I hate. (Budapest, Isle of Wight, her parents house for the barbecue)

deb said...

RIGHT ON ROSE you tell them YES,YES and YES to ALL that you said THEY Well be together IN there TIME not ours Yep Rose same OLD shit they dont have any thing else to say.I think Rob well see Kristen to and we mite NEVER KNOW. Thank you Rose Ill miss Kristen but am glade shes doing HER thing. She'll take care of her man when they see each other IF she HASNT already. DEB.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* i love coming on here to read what fuckery the world of loses has posted up all over the place. It gives me a keen sense of peace knowing the foaming and whinning does little but allow some of us to chuckle into ourselves the lengths yes the lengths people will go to prove that Rob and Kristen are as pure PR as the Heidi and Spencer Pratt snow...
Did anyone really think Kristen was going to the TCA's? i certainly didn't c'mon people she has just started her movie why the heck would she simply drop everything for an award show? Even Rob couldn't make every single commitment during the 'Eclipse promotional tour' Kristen is focused on shooting her movie and anyone who thinks less of her should go and suck a lemon. Rob going to Montreal, well huns that is a given they tend to make sure they keep the home fires burning by getting as much time in together as possible - see that's what a real relationship is all about - commitment, togetherness, spicing each others life up if and when and where they can.

PR is the only thing the hyenas can cry because they don't know what a real love is if it jumped up and bit them on their wide berth asses. Oh yeah that's right many are still hoping that Jessica and Nick Lachey will get back together you know because that relationship was so not PR to them (YAWN)

real relationships happen without the need of a camera shoved in their faces 24/7 real begins with two people who are in love.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,

I love you and I love your blog. That is all.


Sydney said...

I know, you know, everybody knows he will go to Montreal (or wherever she happens to be filming) at some point. Will he go to London for his mother's birthday? It's been said he will. Why would he not?

The thing is, when he meets up with Kristen, I don't know if we'll get photographic proof of it. She's been up there for weeks and we have one measly pic of her and it's from a fan. They're obviously getting better at hiding, Kristen especially, so we shall see. So I wouldn't necessarily count on photographic proof. But we'll know.

The times I enjoy most are when the hyena's are at their worst. Because just as the snarling and foaming hits a crescendo is when we get pics of Rob and Kristen together. You could set your watch by it. It happens every time. So howl away hyena's...everyone knows that just means some R/K goodness cometh!!!

katy said...

Rose...you said everything that is on my mind...I try to say but can't...because my english suck.


Anonymous said...

i always felt like when we saw kristen & oregano or whatever the hell his name is , it looked like he knew he was goin to loose kristen to rob he tried to copy rob . i mean the plaid shirts , the sunglasses rob ALWAYS wore ; i mean come on people even he knew kristen was falling for rob ; HARD . & thanks god :))

Patricia said...


I agree about Rob visiting Kristen, it's not if it's WHEN. BUT THE CRAZINESS ALWAYS FOLLOWS HIM (I think that's why he'll go first to London) She needs peace away from paps, like she's been getting. Sorry to say, when he gets there, that might change. Everyone's waiting for this, including the paps.

It's his Mum's Birthday and I think he needs London to relax around family and friends who love him and will keep their mouths shut about him (unlike here in LA)......But his 'LOVE' IS IN MONTREAL SO I THINK HE'LL JOIN HER TOWARDS THE END OF HER SHOOT.

After TCA get ready for the Rob drought. We already have the Kristen drought. HOW WILL WE
COPE ?????? I NEED THERAPY !!!!!

Grazie Rose for another meaningful post. You rock Rose!!!!


keset said...

"Just quit HATING on them for not living their lives
the way YOU want them to.
Be happy that they are happy."

Love it!

LK said...

Rob needs some serious rest.The guy has been working non stop for a year now.I don't know if he'll go at London first or at Montreal.He'll go wherever he wants.Kristen is MIA for over a month now and i;m glad for her.She has peace and not all this stalkers(fans and paps)around her.I think she needed a break,too form all this scrutiny.Did you know that some lunatics(probably haters) put her face on some pornographic material and made a site with htis?I read it on twitter and i wanted to scream.What kinda of psychos are those people?Why don't they leave her alone?

LK said...

@angelsslave,i've read that you have great material on R/K.Can i email you for it?I'd love that!

team necklace said...

Perhaps Rob flew off to Montreal last nite after leaving Tennessee?? Any sightings of him landing in LA??
NO WAY will he wait till Kristen is ending her movie shoot...that is tooooooo long...like September.
If he is not there now...then right after awards show and BEFORE his mums birthday. Sounds logical...okay I am just hoping...

olivia said...

Dear Rose,
I love it! ( Hugs to you! )
"It's been promised."

Yes I agree with karmichameleon, it has a beautiful "ring" to it! : D

I hope Rob and Kristen have the most amazing reunion as soon as they can arrange it and have privacy to enjoy each other as they share and grow their love.

Also, much respect to both of them for being such consummate professionals and taking such pride in their craft.

Happy believer,

June said...

Well, Rob is already MIA. He wrapped WFE last night and no one has seen him yet. Usually when he gets to LAX, he gets papped by Pop sugar or agencies like this one, but this time he's MIA..is he so good at hiding that he's already in LA? or Has he got lost somewhere in Canada? It could be.

If his mum's birthday is on august, 16, he should go to London after TCA's, so where the hell is Rob right now? million $ question.

I just hope that if there's some sighting, there's evidence as well, I don't want to go nuts reading contradictory twitters again.

Rose you're spot on, it's not IF it's WHEN and it's also, shall we get to see it? Selfishly I say, I wish!

Thanks Rose!

kristine.hills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LJ said...

Good evening ladies,

Ooh gorgeous banner...hello hammock!

Love Rob...love Kristen...love them separately but love the fact they are together and in love even more...and hope they are happy wherever they are :-)


kristine.hills said...

Well you always do it! You always touch my heart!That's why i come here every day! I can't leave comments daily, but you can bet i read your post with a huge smile on my face, so huge, it somtimes hurts!Or sometimes they bring tears to my eyes!Yeah you do that to me:touch my heart and my emotions!Thanks dear rose!

I have to say i'm a dreamer and i believed until the last second K could go to TCA, but...as i said i'm a dreamer!

Nice weekend dear faithful and lovely readers! And for you too Rose!

And lets remember Rose's mantra
It's not if, IT'S WHEN!

Love Comic con and the motorcycle pics...Rob's smile is contagious, you can't look at those pics and don't smile too.He seems a high school boy in love!

XO from Brazil

Melinda said...

WHEN the reunion happens it will be sweet for them no doubt!

Part of me would love to see a pic and the other part just wants them to have some peace.

Someone mentioned the pornographic material wit Kristen's image. The nonstens have the link on their site of course.

I believe several people are trying to find a way to make Kristen's camp aware of it as well as the host site of nonsten to get it stopped.

I have to keep reminding myself that I can't control the hate and ugliness out there. If I keep worrying about it I will go crazy.

Once again thankful that Rose's blog has been hate free for the most part (we have the occasional hater)over the last month or so.

FOAM happens....just keep the rain gear handy!

Patricia said...

I heard Rob's still in Tennessee bike riding. That's what 'The Trek Shop' in Tennessee says. Hey I'm just the messenger...

Nar said...

thank you Rose.
I mean I dont know why but its like my safe place here.from all the hate and anger. I finally found people who think as I do. who are apart of foaming and going against THE FACTS , just because they dont like THEM.
I always get so EXCITED when I see you posting something new :D
about Rob and Kristen
well I THINK after TCA's there will be a huge and harmful drought. :( good that I will be on vacation at those times!! (that will hopefully distract me)
I HOPE and I FEEL that Rob and Kristen will reunite soon.maybe they even ARE reunited now , just we dont know (and haters too).
part of me sooo wants to see haters' reaction if they see Rob and Kristen together! oh my....
I will probably choke of laughing :D
eagerly waiting for your post tomorrow.hope we'll have GOOD news by that time INSHALLAH! :)

and believe...

(oh that reminds me of RobSten reunion :D )
still all of the above are to for you AWESOME and POSITIVE blogger.

I want Kristen and Rob visit your blog once and see that there are real fans who love them and wish them only happiness!! i think they would be proud ;)


June said...


Where did you read that? Can you post a link? Thanks!

Opytaylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
June said...

I did some research.

So that twilight guy, robert pattinson just stopped by. Last seen heading to greenlife
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Greenlife is a grocery..


So Rob is still in Chattanooga?

Patricia said...

I see you found it. I was gone for awhile , sorry. This may be all Bull shit. I almost didn't post it. But it was on a couple of twitter sites. I'm starting to wonder about Twitter ??????

June said...

Ok Patty, we'll take it with a grain of salt.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great blog as usual. I don't understand how the haters (whether they hate Rob or Kris) could hate so deeply, someone they don't even know, someone who obviously makes the other so happy....they can't deny this because it is written on both their faces when they are together. They have been apart before and survived, and I belive they will survive this separation. We just need to ignore these haters, they must be miserable people, nobody else could hate so deeply. I love Rob and Kristen, I know they are very happy with each other, and I know they will be together soon. Keep up the good work Rose, you keep me sane.

Trish said...

Hyena's version of Summit- "Kristen get your ass to
California and do PR for us! It's all about PR!!!
We own you! Breaking Dawn needs PR!
Go to the Teen Choice Awards and do your job!"

Kristen- "Fuck You, I'm busy."

bwahaha OMG..Rose, i fucking love you..you made my day with that!

@MElinda..this is why I was asking Rose yesterday what we can do to shut nonsten down..because that person went way too far..but I will take her advice and not fret over it...because all of them are PSYCHOS..and need treatment. IT's one thing NOT liking a person but hating and doing something such as that crosses the line..meaning they need help and fast!

Hoping that person gets reported..

This is why I am ever greatful Rose started a blog..its very peaceful here and it isnt infested with rabies. love this blog :-)

Trish said...

@Nar...i agree..I really wish they would stumble across this blog and see that they are so many who support them and want them to be happy
:-)..and most of all see what Rose writes.

Patricia said...

and everyone that read my comment about Rob biking in Tennessee. It's like 110 degrees. NFW he's biking there. I'm not posting this bullshit anymore from Twitter sites. I THOUGHT THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT. IT LOOKS LIKE (I'm the IDIOT)......I figured 3 or 4 sites said the same thing, it was somewhat true. Live and learn ( I guess that's how all the bullshit gets started)..... Sorry, I thought I was sharing not screwing up...

deb said...

First I want to tell Rose I love the new banner. And to Sydney I agree with what you said SO TRUE. .Olivia yes on the promise and it dose have a nice "ring" to it .June I do know WHEN Rob is with Kristen THEY both well be MIA hehehehe. .Melinda WHAT A REUNION (ROB and Kris please come UP for AIR) Nar nice to see you here THE SAFE PLACE in deed. .barbara Isnt it nice to see REAL LOVE in todays world. .Trish lol I can hear Kristen now saying that YEP thats my girl lol. .AND PATTY YOU GO GET THEM I'll help ya.Thank you Ladies WE DO BELIEVE AND thats all I need. DEB..

Bren said...

No way Rob is still in Chattanooga. Did you guys read that interview with the director?...he said the fans were sleeping in the halls , and the lobby of Rob's hotel. Then when the crew and cast went out to dinner all the fans pressed their faces on the windows of the restaurants. Sorry, if I were Rob, I would never go back.

The point I guess is with this kind of fan do you really believe he would be riding a bike there? and live to tell about it? I think not....LOL

It's true if he had gone to LA the paps would of picked him up immediately, so that leaves two possibilities...Montreal or London.
If he went to London, word would be out that he was there, too many people make contact with him when he visits there, and we would of heard something....ok if he went to Montreal he could of gone in unnoticed. He could of taken the red eye, and when he arrived no one really cared with the exception of Kristen, of course. The paps don't really bother anyone there,(or so we hear) so would we even know for sure? nope. But Montreal has a lot of twi hards that will start looking for him...and it may take a couple of days, but someone will know something soon. Meanwhile we wait.

deb said...

Brean I'll be sitting right next to ya WAITING DO ya want to play a hand of cards while we wait hehehehe Dose any one else want in we have a BIG table and LOTS of Coffee.lol DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rose you are so right on all of this. I think it's so desperate that they keep bringing up pics of R and K with other people from like over a year ago. If they are indeed dateing other people then where are the pictures to prove it? Oh wow looks like there are alooott of pics of them together though hmmmmm what would a sane normal non hyena type person think? Uhh they're together, very happily obviously, and soon to be reunited. lol thanks for the great post Rose.

ElizabethMC said...

Thank you Rose for your daily anecdotes.

Melinda said...

I see everyone is speculating on where Rob is since filming wrapped. Adding my two cents.

1. I doubt he went to London b/c he has to be here on Sunday for the TCA's. That's a long trip for just a couple of days.

2. Truthfully I would be surprised if he was in Montreal right now. Not impossible but since it is K's first week of filming he might just want to give her some space to work, etc.

3. I can see him in TN still. He might have changed hotels or rented a house for a few days just to purely veg maybe mess around with his music.

4. It is also quite possible he made it back to LA w/out being spotted. He has done it before.

We shall see....

Lisa said...

haha so funny Rose.. I think he will go to London for his Mum's bday.. And a little fun.. ;)

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Awesome post. I am so over all of the bullshit. Try my best to ignore the ridiculous crap that people come up with.

I didn't think Kristen was going to go to the TCAs. Just hoping she would. I most likely am going to skip it. I adore Rob, but really, the show was awful last year and without Kristen there as well, I am going to pass.

dowlingnana said...

@Patricia: I am late today but I also read Wed. first and thank you, if you think of the site just let me know and I may have seen that pic too at one time, I believe he took a red eye then. And, I don't want to sound stupid here, but what's the red eye good for?
@Trish: ohhhh, thanx for agreeing with me, I feel better now. That's why I love coming here...for good sound advice and sensible people with great minds!! Donna

Carly said...

sometimes it really gets annoying how some people (both hyenas and shippers) make a storm in a glass of water over the stupidiest things

I hope she would attend. but I didnt really believe it. because making movies is her work. attending an award show? not so much

and speaking about work, I read that Viggo Mortensen and Amy Adams will be in OtR as well. awesome news cause I like both and it would be great to see Kris work with either of them. or both

after last summer I think its pretty clear that Rob & Kris can handle separation. and I also think with time they will get better at being in touch while being apart. there are so many opportunities, after all :)

as for all the foam being spitted? I dont care about it. I dont read it. I dont think of it. whatever floats their boat. I know what I see. and what I see is a couple in love

I too believe Rob will not miss his mothers b-day. maybe he will go to London via Montreal. maybe he will catch Kris somewhere on the road. but as Rose keeps saying, its not if, its when :)

love the new header

wig4usc said...

I can't read the haters and the hyenas comments...for my own sanity. For those of you who think no way Rob's in LA or the paps would have caught him? Do you know there are several airports in the LA area? Kristen has managed to get in and out. You can go through Burbank, Ontario, Long Beach, or John Wayne. No way they have them all staked out 24x7!

shoegal2547 said...

Don't get too upset Rose, the Haters are not worth it. Besides, it's much more enjoyable looking at pics and reading about R/K.

BTW: Like any pic of Rob, but the previous banner was oh-la-la...those eyes hypnotized me each time I opened your site.

Saphire1231 said...

Great post Rose... this last 24hrs has been so full of poison on twitter is was nice to come home to your blog and put the world back into perspective!

Thank you sweetie.

I'm sorry you get so much drivel on your feed and emails from all those frustrated moronic haters... some days it must feel like the world is made up of nutters!

I have had my fill of the preschoolers who tag themselves as nonstens and Stew lovers but Rob haters today, and unlike yourself I only get them occasionally!

I wonder if their Mommies know they are on the computer whilst their parents are absent?

Can't wait for the eventual reunion.. I so want to see the rugrats tantrums when it does happen LOL.

Here's hoping tomorrow is wonderful for you... keep twirling hon.
Cheers Chrissie

notwihardbutloverk said...

Thank you sooo much for starting this blog. I am relatively new to Twilight (I know I have been hiding under a rock, had a baby and all) but I have already taken to this absolutely beautiful couple. I think even a blind man can see they are so much in love. They are a true inspiration to us all and I detest how the horrid haters and media slander them for their own selfish reasons. Seriously, there's got to be something we can do about these idiots!!!!!!