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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Robert Pattinson- Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone

And so it begins.
Complete fuckery yesterday.
Fuck Er Y

Where in the world is Robert Pattinson?
Does anyone know?
Well, besides Rob and Kristen that is...

Some say he went down to Argentina to pick up Kristen
(to take her where... we have no idea)
Some say he is still in LA... doing his thing.
Some say he's in London with Tom.

Where oh where can he be?

I guess I can picture him in LA...
Moping around the empty house
taking care of Jella...
Yes... I can see it now.
Rob pulls out one of his vintage guitars
(You know, one that Kris gave him)
And starts playing...

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
It's not warm when she's away.
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long anytime she goes away. 
Yes, I can almost hear him singing...

And where is Kristen?
We saw her leave yesterday...
Was she meeting someone?
Is she really going to NOLA?
Did someone whisk her away to some unknown location?

So many unanswered questions.

There were a lot of 'Rob' sightings yesterday...
None of them were proven by pictures
But there was a 'fake Rob' video
that showed someone wearing a hoodie/sunglasses
who at first glance you might mistake for Robert...
But if you really looked at it (which I did)
You realize there is no chance in HELL that was Rob.
We all know what Robert looks like.
How he walks
The clothes he wears...
How he moves...
(Yeah, OK, so I know this shit... shut up)
I'm not sure what was accomplished by someone kinda
looking like Robert in an airport where Kristen was...
And guess what?
Some people blamed Kristen for it!
You know the drill...
Kristen wants attention!
Kristen wants publicity!

Yeah. Right.
That's almost as believable as two people
pretending to be together for 5 years
for $$money and promotion.
Man... I can't even type that shit without 
Thing is...
No one is sure where Robert Pattinson is right now.
He hasn't been seen in days.
Did he go get Kristen?
So many people asked why he would go down there
just to turn around and go back to LA.
Why does everyone assume they would go back to LA?
They both have time off...
Why not spend it together?
And is it possible for Robert to have been there...
Waiting for her...
Without being seen?

Who knows.

A lot of people do say Kristen is heading to NOLA 
That very well might be...
I mean... she does have to film there
Although it wasn't until Sept 7th...
So I'm not sure why she would go there so soon
She must have other things she can do
before she has to be on set?

Will Robert make another set appearance?
Well... since the last one singed the hair on the Hyena's asses...
Hyena... Ass
Same difference?

Where was I?
Hairy Hyena's Ass...
Since Rob's last trip to Montreal was such a complete success
I look forward to his showing his beautiful face
nuzzling next to Kristen's...

I kinda like the intrigue.
No one will know where Rob or Kristen are...
or if they are together...
Until a picture shows up.

It might be days... you know?
It might be a 1/2 hour from now.

I'm thinking days...
I don't know why.
I like to think that Rob and Kristen connected somehow yesterday...
And Rob whisked her off for some alone time...
So if in a few days...
Rob and Kristen magically appear in some airport...
We will have to wonder where they were...

Rob is home in LA
Kristen is in NOLA
And Rob will get his butt down there as soon as he can.


Rob really IS in London
with his bestest friend in the whole wide world

Damn... I was going to post a pic of Tom smiling
(it is an endearing smile, after all)
But this picture is just so Beatlesque, isn't it?
And I love the Beatles.
And I'm beginning a whole new love affair with Tom...
People say I only like Tom because he's Rob's friend.
And I will admit that Rob is who led me to Tom...
Look at that face.
You gotta love him.
And where is Tom Sturridge these days?
We haven't seen him either since the 
(This kiss this kiss... it's criminal!)

Lucky Tom...
He can fly under the radar unless he's with Rob and/or Kristen.
And what a place to be.
Which leads us back to my original question...

Where in the world is Robert Pattinson?

And why am I completely happy NOT knowing?
We can speculate all day long...
But no one knows.
(Well, OK, some people know)
And that's GOOD.
No pictures.
No intrusions.
No screaming.
No chasing.
No shoving.
No stalking.

No Rob and Kristen.

This Kiss This Kiss

I hope wherever Robert and Kristen are...
They are finding BLISS in each others arms.

That's a nice thought.

This post was brought to you by the letters *W* and *K*

W for Who the fuck knows where Rob and Kris really are.
(and won't it be interesting when a picture does show up?)

K for KISS
Because Rob and Kristen are absolutely kissing in that picture.
In fact...
They might be kissing RIGHT now!
Bye for now


Honey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

sorry... I can't let Honey be the first comment today.
So sad.
Too Bad.

Bye bye Honey.


SueBee said...

Jumping in quickly to be the first anti hyena!

Honey said...

Fine then. I'll be the fourth comment. Rob WASN'T at the airport. It was a stupid rumour started by idiotic shippers. I'm glad you have finally seen Tom for the gem that he is but don't expect that he's going to tag alongside Rob forever. Tom only stayed friends with Rob because he has a lot of money. But once On The Road becomes huge at the box office and Tom gets his huge paycheck, he will ditch Rob cause he's better than him.

SueBee said...


hairy hyena ass--what a visual, Rose! LOL

Next time I drop something on my foot, I'm going to yell that epithet loudly!

Here's my question.

Why, why, why, why do people think that if Rob and Kris aren't together (geographically) then they aren't together (romantically) ?

Is there a distance clause? LOL

Nouchka said...

i miss them sooo much ! Rose, I love your blog, totally agree with you about everything ! a french intoxicated woman... and Honey, you taste like vinegar, to continue with the Beatles !

Rose said...

Honey. Don't push your luck...

I love the Delete button.

Anonymous said...

"They might be kissing RIGHT now!"
hehe probably ! :D

--> No pictures.
No intrusions.
No screaming.
No chasing.
No shoving.
No stalking. <--

That's all we want, I think.
When we can see them is great, but i prefer them like that.. no picS, no intrusions...

Love the post! <3

Trish said...

Hahaha Rose...so glad you deleted that.....hyenas/haters/honeys ARE pathetic, desperate, and most of all delusional...ignore everybody!
So happy no pics no sightings yet..peace and quiet! love ninjastew & ninjaRob...but there WILL for sure be a reunion can't wait and i am still fastened in tightly for the ride!

smooches to all...xxx


SueBee said...

Dear Diary,

Need your help. I'm running out of things to be snarky about! I'm really trying here.

(stamping foot and huffing)

So, anyway, Diary--now that they (not gonna write their names!) are together now (FOR NOW) I've been trying to come up with a new angle.

I know! (Thank you voices) I can use Tom. Yeah, that's it. I'm so mad at you know who.

Tom can be my new boyfriend! I can almost hear him whispering in my ear. (Yeah, baby, I know you're better)

Shoo! Glad I filled up THAT empty space in my life.

Ooops, Diary, I have to go--they found me again!

keset said...

Honey, you are always thinking negative?

Here something that will Cheers you up

Kai El said...

Wow, Ms. Honey is the first one to comment??? And back again as the fourth?
Rose, I can't laugh hard enough. She must 'love' your blog so very much. May I say your biggest fan. :P

Btw, it's anpther great blog, Rose.
I personally think you're a bit of a psychic, all about these two young lovers. and Yesterday I just put this song on my playlist. OMG. :)

Carly said...

that is one fuckhot picture of Tom. I think I might have drooled a little. and as much as I love him smiling, his lips are so appealing, it dooesnt matter what he is doing with them, its hot

love the image you painted, Rose. Rob waiting for Kris in their home while taking care of Jella, singing slightly depressed songs *le sigh*

I have been somewhat expecting him to turn up in NOLA ever since they announced filming locations. but my hunches are usually way off.

they will surface sooner or later. and as much as I love to see their happy smiling faces, not seeing them knowing they are happy and smiling and togehter is even better

lovely lovely post, Rose

*twilr you later*

Nat said...

Awesome post Rose! I absolutely agree with you. I hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying their peace, which makes me happy. However even though we don't need to see intrusive pictures (and really don't want that for our favorite couple). I still like to see fan pictures of them.

@Honey...get yourself a life! If you don't like what you see ...TOO BAD FOR YOU....SUCK IT UP. No one here care what you think. You have to be the most miserable/hateful person in the world. You write as if you know Tom personally or what you think the future holds for him. You don't know him! True friends such as Rob and Tom would never do that to each other...But oh yeah, you don't have any friends ...so how would you know what that's about. YOUR SUCH A LOOSER!

Carly said...

@SueBee: you are hilarious. your diary entries always make me smile :D

Anonymous said...

@ Honey

Hmmm..am I mistaken or wasn't Tom friends with Rob BEFORE he became famous??? So that kinda shoots your "friend because of money" theory out the window...Oh well!!

Hello SueBee..How was your daughters birthday..I hope you had a great time with friends and family.

Patricia said...


Yesterday wore me out with all the 'FAKE' Rob sightings. I got a headache and whip-lash all day trying to figure it out.

I thought there for awhile they would go to France because of the Deauville American Film festival where they will show Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways (Sept. 3-12) and a quick trip to London to see Rob's parents before the long BD shoot, but who knows. My guess.
Another guess NOLA Rob would love that place (THE MUSIC AND FOOD) A lot for him to do while Kristen's filming. We'll see.
I miss seeing them together.

Hi to all the lovers of Rob and Kristen on this board

Patricia said...

BTW: That is one gorgeous picture of Tom. What a doll baby he is.
Loved 'Pirate Radio'

Anonymous said...


Tom Sturridge comes from a very wealthy and famous acting family in London. His dad is also active politically and Tom has been rumored to have some aspirations in that area as well. He probably grew up with more money than Rob. But they have been friends since they were 10...more like brothers than friends I'd say. Get your facts straight before you make accusations about Rob and Tom.

Trish said...

Yay SueBee..hyena chronicles are back!!!...one specially for our guest hyena :p

just saw a vid on Rstenation on k at the airport...there was one that was playing Rob's song in the background thought that was hilarious..did they think he was going to come if they played his song lmao...the whole sighting thing they mistook Garett or Sam for Rob..every guy in a black hoodie is Rob now...some of these fans are nuts..smh.

LIZ said...

Hi All,

I've been reading this week but no time to post ... been missing them, so glad to see a few pics of Kristen in Argentina with the fans, the snow looked so good!!!!

To Honey: Here's a link for you: http://www.twifans.com/forum/topics/still-dont-believe-in-robsten

HONEY, apparently there are others who live in the "world of denial", so sad for you ... Just Go Away and find another place for your "particular" illness.

I am hoping that R/K are together today (she's probably dead tired) and they are happy.

Rose, thanks for all your great post, keep it up, but also it's nice that you take a day off now and then, hope it was a good one.

SueBee said...

Thanks guys! Sometimes inspiration is just right there, you know? LOL


Thank you! I'm officially the mom of a teenager. *sigh*

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marie said...

I'm laughing so hard today...for several reasons.. @Rose "Hairy Hyena's Ass" OMG how funny...stealing that one for certain...plus deleting Honey...PRICELESS!

@"A" I love your wit, and the whole "Wait for it" then BAM "Fuck you Honey" stealing that one too..

As for you Honey...I first thought you were crazy...then convinced myself I was right...and now I'm certain that you're a bitter, mean, unhappy attention seeker who will push our buttons in order to get a reaction...so from now on Honey for me you've ceased to exsist..I've pushed my own person "Honey Delete Button." Enjoy you're lonely bitter, hateful life.

Finally I loved the whole fake Rob thing yesterday...makes me think that the whole thing was a decoy so that Rob and Kristen could sneak off while the Paparrazi was off on a wild goose chase...hopefully where ever they are I hope they are blissfully happy.

RKsoumates said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RKsoumates said...

Hello sunshine, you are our sunshine, you always brighten our days! :)

Oh Jesus some 'calledfans' are delusional, of course you are TomStu fan because of Rob, we know him bc of Rob, the same way we know and love RK because of SM.Yes, SM, she wrote those books, who led to a movie and brought us Kristen who chose Rob and here we are, loving them and the BritPack.It's the life course/way.One thing leads to another, is so simple!

I can picture the same scene, Rob playing his guitar(especially the one that K gave him) and singing and thinking about her...

And a fan said she was very happy at the airport yesterday, i can just assume why she was that happy, she was going HOMERT!!!

Bye sunshine!

XO from Brazil (Khills)

deb said...

HO HELL YA ROSE I would love to see a pic BUT knowing they mite be together makes me even happier NO PIC means they are together some where holding each other Rob KISSING her sweet lips telling her how much he loves her and that he missed holding her tight in there bed HO HELL YA good thing are coming I MISS MY ROB but i'm glad that hes not being seen its rest time for our man LORD knows hes going to need it Kristen IS ONE LUCKY LADY Thank you Rose. YES there is no SUNSHINE when the curtains are closed. DEB.

keset said...


LIZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
keset said...

@Honey, You want to hear a beutiful soul?
Close your eyes and thing about nothing, just leason.

If this won't help your soul, go Straight to Psychiatrist.

June said...

Jesus I'm still confused for yesterday's crazyness with twitters... I went nuts!

Patty I understand why you got a headache..

Rose today your post fits with yesterday's confusion hahaha I mean, where is Rob, where is Kristen? They can be in LA.. or in London...China?...

Well, it didn't make sense that Rob went to Buenos Aires to pick Kristen up. Argentina is not just at the corner.

Relating Rob and Kristen, no news are great news! I guess they're together relaxing in home. Where can they feel better than in home?

Thanks Rose, you're brilliant!

Rose said...


Absolutely LOVED your last comment! Poor Thomas... he has been with Robert since they were just young lads... and he gets viewed as someone hanging onto Robert's fame.
Some people do not understand true friendship.

Peace and Happiness my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Rose, what a great post, I know wherever they are they are totally kissing each other and probably blisfully happy to be out of the spotlight for a moment. I read a post yesterday that said they spent last weekend at a spa hotel and didn't leave the room the whole weekend. Wonder what they were doing all weekend..behind closed doors....TOGETHER! lmao I hope it's true. Thank you for deleting the heyenaette that insists on spewing her crap here almost daily. It must take alot of effort to hate that much. I can't see any of Rob's friends hanging out with him cause "he has lots of money"...unless you know these people personally, which I can't see them wanting to associate with trash like you, keep your effen nasty mouth shut and get he hell out of here.
Thanks Rose, your awesome as usual.

Kat said...

Can I just say this. Has anyone here checked out gaystewarmy's tumblr? I just checked it out and I am horrified. This person actually believes that Kristen is gay and is in a PR relationship with Rob. I know this is offtopic but it just goes to show that it isn't just Rob fans that think like this. Sadly a lot of people actually seem to agree with her.

LIZ said...

To Marie,

I never thought of the PAPS DECOY angle, you could be right. Seems like we would have heard by now if K arrived in LA, since she was traveling with the rest of the cast from OTR. We'll have to wait an see.

I miss them so badly, I'm watching all the old Robsten videos (her fist holding his suit coat back at the Eclipse LA premiere is my absolute favorite, even better than the kissing photos) AND watching DVD's on TV (Twilight movies of course) while listening to the audio books on CD's. Unfortunately, tomorrow is Monday and real life will get in the way of Twilight!!!!

LJ said...

Oh Rose, loved the post today...and those pics are all just ***sigh*** I especially love the New Moon pic in Italy, Robs cheeky face and Kristens beautiful smile!....
...and Tom Sturridge is just gorgeous, speaking of Tom it may be soapbox time again for me.

Honey (such a pretty name with such a toxic personality) your post is just a total mess of contradictions. How can you say on the one hand 'I'm glad you have finally seen Tom for the gem that he is' and then in your next breath say 'Tom only stayed friends with Rob because he has a lot of money'....you claim to be a fan of his and then make him out to be a disgusting person who is only interested in money and riding on Robs coattails.

I love to read everyones different opinions on here but to me you are no fan of Rob, Kristen or Tom's....just a nasty piece of work (I remember previous comments you have made about Rob especially which were disgraceful to me). I for one will from now on always be glad when Rose deletes your comments. Just my opinion.

Anyway hellooooo and much love to all my friends on here. SueBee my fb friend you are a legend of the diary writing world, another wonderful entry! he he

A Friend of a Friend...I love you even a little bit more now after that post. Will you be my bride Honey?


(wait for it)


Ha ha legendary...Rose is a luckly lady to be the object of your affections :-)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I doubt that KStew is in L.A. She is probably in Louisiana for the next round of filming. I'm glad she got a week in Argentina with Garrett and Sam. It was important that they bond for those scenes and not have distractions.

Robert Pattinson's fans continue to make him look bad. You should do a post about it. They are really hurting his career by making him out to be this pathetic spawn to the studio. If he is mentioned on other sites, people call him names like wuss, sparkletard, and pretty boy. He is not respected at all. I've seen a lot of hate for him this week after he lost the sexy beast on EW and on other sites like Deadline where people compare him to Zefron.

We all know Kristen won't cater to Summit. She still flips the bird, refused to forgo a haircut for an indie film, and generally acts like she always had. Kristen is gaining many new fans because of The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys and Rob is losing fans because he chooses to be happy. It's sad. When he snaps or lashes out it will be on the hyenas and hags.

LIZ said...

To Kat,

I checked out the link, YOU ARE RIGHT, absolute crazy. Don't get me wrong, I'd still love her if she was gay, she's a wonderful actress and I believe she's going to be around for a long, long time. BUT, I don't care how good of an actress she is, there's no way she could keep up the pretense with R for this long, she doesn't love at ANYONE like she looks at him.

These folks have the same illness as Honey, and live in the land of deniability. '''live and let live'''

keset said...

The end of the clip, i love KS's reaction and (PLS don't be angry with me) this is the first time i feel that Kristen loves Rob :)

LK said...

That Honey bitch must have a lot of free time in her hands and gets turned on when everybody gives her attention.Probably that's her thing.I've seen her posting at many sites-especially the Rob ones-and she's always deleted.I think she likes that.It makes her feel important.lol

Anyway,yesterday was a mad day in the twatland.People started all the drama from a chick who wanted her 15 minutes of fame and for that she tweeted that Rob was in Argentina.I don't understand why everybody believed her,since there was zero evidence or tweets that Rob was there the whole week.Some crazies panicked ,because Kristen was at the airport with Garrett and Sam and not with Rob,and in their sick minds that means that they've broken up.

I think we all have to chill big time with this R/K thing.We are overreacting sometimes and i'm sure this is pretty annoying to them and i'm guessing to their co stars,too.I saw some pics from Argentina and people there went wild.WTF was that?They wanted to see Kristen or they thought that they'd seen Kristen and Rob?

keset said...

@Nicole, you are right.
I've seen a lot of hate for him too.
ANd i also feel that he is losing fans :/

LK said...

There's a video from the airport and in the backround you can hear Rob's singing the songs from the room or whatever.Does anybody knows if the fans had it on,because they thought Rob was there?That's creepy and weird.I don't blame Kristen for not coming out.

Melinda said...

I love the song choice that you picked and I can totally hear him singing it. He has "that kind of voice".

Saw the fan/pap videos at the airport. All I can say is that I am speechless. I am sorry but you (the "fans") have no life if you chose to go to an airport and run around screaming at the top of your lungs looking for Kristen. I mean get real people.

I can see where people thought Sam was Rob for a second. As soon as Sam walked away I knew it wasn't Rob. He just has this certain walk.

I wish we could fill up to giant syringes and shoot them all over the internet.

1st syringe would have brain cells inside for all the people who need constant reassurance about Rob and Kristen's status.

2nd syringe would be an antidote for all the venom that is spewed. Maybe it could be powerful enough to paralyze the fingers of such said haters so they can't type anymore. :)

Anyway, saw Eclipse for the last time in the theater. Once again Rob and Kristen were wonderful. Can't wipe the smile off my face at their chemistry on and off screen.

Where will they turn up next? Can't wait to see. Just happy that they are happy.

SueBee- thanks for the diary entry. You should publish a book entitled "Life in a Straight Jacket". I would be the first in line!

A- today's comment was brilliant. Not that your other comments are any less actually. Be careful little Ms. Honey might just take you up on your proposal! Ha, ha.

Kristy said...

to Nicole

Keep you delusions to yourself please.

1- So many people hate Twilight and hate on the stars. Rob is the biggest star of the Saga. So, here's your answer.

2- Some Kristen fans think no one is good enough for Kristen and... (let's not go there..)

3- People are (Pathetic nonstens) mad at Rob because the whole Robsten thing. I really don't understand WTF they want from him. Please, stop saying Rob's fans because they are not his true fans!

Trust me, Rob will be great. His true fans will take care of him.

Melinda said...

Okay I thought I was done commenting for the day but...

I saw pics from the airport (see link below if interested).

I LOVE Sam Riley. He was protecting Kristen the whole time. Gosh I could kiss him! Love those chivalrous British men. Me thinks that he believes men should be protectors.
Garrett on the other hand seems amused by the whole chaos. Keeping my thoughts to myself about that.

Next, some idiot "fan" posted a picture of Kristen's work visa on twitter. I don't know how she got it just know that she posted it. I mean come on where are people's heads? That really crosses the line. Are people that clueless? Just invites more stalking.

Thankfully people got on her case about it and she removed it BUT I wonder how many people saved it already.

I don't understand why the airport allowed people to come there if they weren't "traveling" to see Kristen. That is wrong on so many levels. Security breeches being the highest.

Oh well. I am done ranting. Off to get ready for a "work" dinner.


Vangie said...

@Melinda,another from the brit pack?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I am a Rob fan and later a Kristen fan. I am never a Twilight fan. I was just writing what I see. I want Rob to get good roles and job offers. Twilight won't help you get parts. Kristen is not getting parts because of her role in Twilight. She is getting parts because of her other films. I'm not sure about Taylor. The same has to happen for Rob. You cannot play the heartthrob forever. Someone will take your place. I love Rob and I want his movies to do great and his career to be long. That is why I hate what some of his so-called fans are doing to his career. It is just my observation.

Anonymous said...

Top of the morning Dear Rose...
Great song choice firstly...

NO>>>LA [NOLA} I get it.... heheheheh

Well haven't I came late to da "PARTY".....
A propsal ,
A diary entry,
Some beautiful touching words by our darling "sticky One'
All others telling the Sticky one how "on the Ball" she is and so, so ,so agree with her loving opinons...NOT

Why did'nt I telepathically know what was going on....and rise from my slumber and join in.....What wrong with me....LOL

I hope Rob has indeed whisked Kristen off somewhere....For alone time.....and I don't need to see pics to prove it....

Anonymous said...



koolerdrumm said...

@MiicaaTwilight This is the girl who took the pic of kristens Vista and still has it up.

keset said...

Again....i agree Nicole.
Hope he will have a great and long career.

Louisa, yummi indeed ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies....and of course Darling A ;)

Rose, fabulous as always. I do so LOVE the picture of Darling Thomas. He's hawt ;)) I for one don't really care where they are...I just hope they are together. And if it is in Nola...what a great place to be! I can say...there is so much to see and do. And the food is fab!! So are the hurricanes and hand grenades ;) Today stared out rainy there...a perfect day to laze about in bed and listen to the rain on the roof. How romantic ;)

Much fun was had this weekend and I have the little drummer boys banging away in my head to prove it...but it was SO worth it!! I learned many new words and I have a few for our Honey!! Oh Dear, Honey...you sure are a sad and pathetic tchew. (ass) And saddens me to say that you did have one thing right...there will be many people who know how wonderful Darling Thomas is after On the Road comes out because it is going to be a high profile movie. That's about the only thing you got right. You must be a lonely little person with no friends if you can't understand the bond between Rob and Thomas. I do believe I feel a bit sorry for you!! So why don't you just veck moi tchew!! (bite my ass)

@ A...I LOVE it!! That was my favorite comment the other day when A Friend so eloquently told anti hypocrite to wait for it...fuck off. Bahahah!! You DO have a way with words ;)

Kristy said...

to Nicole

I dont think anyone can compare R/K. Kristen has done a lot of movies before Twilight and a lot of people already knew her.
Rob is still very green in the market.

'Rob's heartthrob status' well, Leo D, Johnny D, Brad P. etc did have the same problem and look where they are now.
Its all about future choices and he is already working with the great people. I think, he will have a successful career after twillight.
Thank God he is a very smart guy.

Vangie said...

@M yest the girl may be take off the shot with kristen PP but i just saw a photo of it on facebook an also they say garret was helping with sam oh no he wasw not garret at the back amused,i am bsorry i have no twitter account to tell these garret shippers he was not helping kristen only sam,so if any of you have a twitter account go to kisangel that hates and killercortez and tweet it

deb said...

Louisa hon I cant get the video you post sorry some time today can you post it so i can see Thank you And ALL this BULLSHIT about Rob LOSING FANS well I don't think THEY where FANS in the first place.GOOD he don't need alot of losers saying they are his fans and then stop because he does what he wants and LOVES WHO HE WANTS. DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ Deb It was only a picture..and It's up on my FB Page....there y'all go.....

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! I don't know what the heck went on yesterday as I was offline for most of the day!

But I always just assumed that if Kristen had a break in filming, she would head back to LA and I figured that's where Rob still is. Unless they had other plans to go elsewhere.

If there's no break and she went on to New Orleans, then maybe Rob will turn up there soon. As far as Tom goes -- no idea where he went after he was done working in Montreal. Maybe London or maybe to LA. If he has more to film in New Orleans then I would imagine that he is there with the other cast (IF that's where Kristen, Sam and Garrett went).

If there is a break, and they were all on the same flight, then they still could have all went to LA. Garrett also lives in LA and maybe Sam would hang there instead of going all the way to Europe.

Anyway, who really knows. And I guess that's the beauty of it. Rob and Kristen can have peace. And if they're not currently in the same city, I don't think it will be long before they are.

Melinda, I have a big crushy crush on Sam Riley. So many people are all about Garrett but I really, really like Sam. Very talented actor. LOVE that Sam looked out for Kristen. And no doubt Rob appreciates it. Sam seems like such a good guy. I bet he and Rob hit it off when they met.

deb said...

THANK YOU You know me and my fix hahahaha DEB.

Kristy said...

To Melinda

I agree with everything you said completley.
I love Sam Riley even MORE after seeing him with Kristen.

Trish said...

@LK...i completely agree with every word you said..yes, i do feel also like the fans need to back off and chill a bit..I mean its okay to smile and be happy when we see fan pics of them together but sometimes they just take it way too far which at times makes me embarassed to be a twilight fan..some just give us such a bad name..and how embarassing for Kristen at the airport..to know just because of her there was so much chaos! As for the music thing i laughed till i couldnt anymore because I though it was just plain ridiculous!!! really....i thought it was just way to stalkerish again, given the fans a bad name..I bet Garrett and Sam think the twilght fans are crazy..

P.S. I did however love where it look like she was playing with the little boy so cute! and who says Kristen wasnt caring and motherly? such a sweet young woman.
But this airport bullshit cant keep happening! the craziness is ridiculous! Will it kill just to see her smile, and get an autograph why the hell do they feel the need to scream on top of their lungs?? maybe because they though Rob was there..that's even more ridiculous! off my soap box now :-)

I agree Nicole @3:49 PM

Boogie with Stew said...

hello my intoxicated friends...beep beep yeah..Tom can drive my car..Bravo..awesome post Rose as always..sorry been out of the loop for a few days, been under the weather..twiggled to think they are holed up somewhere together..anywhere..I'm only focusing on the positive..shame we can't send all those negative comments back like snail mail.."return to sender..lol just a thought.. Maybe you should tell honey to "wait for it"..I love this page..Here's to Rob & Kristen in copious amounts of kissing"
Peace & love B/W Stew

Trish said...

@Kristy I also agree! I am just so tired of these so-called Rob 'fans' who are trying to play matchmaker! He doesnt need their help figuring who the right woman is. THey are being just ridiculous because they feel the need that they know what is best for him...they need to eff off! because they will never meet him and are not in his life...

I also agree that the true Rob fans will take care off him..he def. has me for life and I hope that this craziness will soon end so that he can become just as great or even greater than Johhny Depp or Pitt.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!! I've been out of he loop this weekend...I just had a chance to see the airport pics!! What a bunch of BULLSHIT!!

What is WRONG with people? THINK PEOPLE!! Would you want your child or significant other put in this position?? HELL NO!! They are chasing her down like a dog!! She is NOT the hyena!! She is a human being just like you or me!! And people have the NERVE to give her shit about the fact that she doesn't smile in a airport and flips the fuckwit paps the bird!! It has gotten so bad that I can honestly say...if I were to ever see Kristen or Rob out in public as much as I would LOVE to meet them....I would have to look the other way! NO ONE should have to live like this!! It makes my heart heavy that anyone would be treated this way :(

Well I guess I'm done with my rant...it just pisses me off SO BAD!!

dowlingnana said...

Hello fellow believers,
Wow, what a day at the airport for Kristen!! So glad that Sam was protecting her, he is married after all and I'm sure he was thinking if his wife was in same position he'd have to take care of business. Plus, I think he may have bonded w/Rob in Montreal. Sometimes I think they must really know of the threats out to poor Kristen and so there is always someone there for her!! They are probably very afraid which I can't blame them one bit after reading some of those threats myself!!

True so true, if they were true Rob fans they wouldn't be giving up on him just coz' he's in love w/ Kristen.........geesh!! I am thinking also tho' that becoz' of that he is losing support more and more and that's why he lost in the sexy beast category this time. Whateva'!!! Twilight will soon be done and hopefully Rob will get some different types of true fans to hold his career together. I know we all here will still be!!

I read not too long ago that Kristen would love to be able to see some of the places in reality instead of just her hotel room and that she was planning on doing that during time off, so who knows?
We actually know as well that smile of hers comes upon her whenever Rob is around or is going to be around shortly!!

@Leigh: I feel the same way, if I saw them I'd almost be embarrassed as a fan to ask for anything, so would probably just admire from a far. Wouldn't want them to think I was a crazy!!

Rose: LOL, loved the hyena/ass thing!! Wow, what a woman you are!
And, so funny to delete that first post, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stick it to the sticky!!

@Louisa: thanx for that pic on FB


Have a good one everybody, Donna

deb said...

HERE HERE Leish I'm with ya all the way. As much as I LOVE Twilight I cant wait for it to be over maybe then all some of this BULLSHIT can cool down People well see Rob and Kristen for WHO they are. REAL people just like you and I are. NOT LIKE SOME ANIMAL in a PETTING ZOO.Maybe they should charge ADMISSION to the CRAZY FANS WHO TREAT them like ANIMALS IF THERE SO LONE'LY for a pet then go by one and take all the pic of it and leave Rob and Kristen alone THEY ARE PEOPLE not ANIMALS. DEB.

Boogie with Stew said...

on Beatle mode: since our lovely Rose made reference to yummy TOM...

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right
B/W/Stew ♥

Boogie with Stew said...

hey Deb..I hold my corona high to your post!! just a bunch of darn monkeys those so called fans are..
Mature folks just don't act like that..

Marie said...

I don't think that Rob is losing fans...why say that? Is it because he lost some stupid poll as to who the sexiest vampire of all time was? Because "Remember Me" didn't make hundreds of millions of dollars like Twilight? No...first of all those stupid polls mean nothing...and as for "Remember Me" it earned a lot of money world wide for a Indy film..so from that point of view..it was a huge hit. It had a shocking twist at the end that everyone knew of so most people did not want to see the movie because he was going to die or because of the 9/11 aspect..that proves nothing about fans..he will have a career long past the time that most "Teen Idols" ever did..Rob is going to have a serious career, where he is repected for his ability as an actor and fans will love him because unlike a lot of Holywood stars he is a good, kind, decent, wonderful person and so is Kristen.

Bren said...

Long time reader of Rose's blog but my first time posting a comment.

It's the latest airport pics of Kristen leaving Argentina.....how very sad that this is how your life is going to be:( These just broke my heart like no other pics have. Would you not go insane if you had to live like that? I for one sure would. Not only would I be giving the paps the finger, but some choice words too!

fyi...originally came to Rose's blog to find some humor in my obsession with Rob Pattinson. You probably all know the symptoms: hours spent googling any little tidbit about Rob, watching any movie he's in, when you hear the name Bella you automatically look for Edward, read the twilight books many times over...... So that's why I thought I needed some humor about this robaddiction. Cause on a serious note my other option was that maybe I needed medication because no sane person can be this obsessed over some person.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, loved your blog, as usual. I missed you yesterday, but understand you need time off occasionally. I missed all the pics from the airport, because I wasn't on line but what I have read here is horrible, poor Kris. I hope Rob and Kris are together somewhere having a quiet, loving reunion. I don't need pictures although I am always happy to see them together. As for Rob, I think his career will be just fine; he seems like he is very smart, and he seems to have smart people advising him. These so called fans who call him names and make threats because he dares to chose the person he loves aren't fans. We true fans will always support him, no matter what. I love them both, Robert and Kristen, and I know they will be very succesful in their work, and I know they will be very happy with each other. People like Honey aren't fans and are so full of hate, who would want them to be. Dear Rose, I love you and look forward to your blog every day. I too have a wonderful feeling something good is going to happen this fall, we just need to hold on and wait for it. Soon they will be together 24 hours a day, and I bet they are really looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

@Bren I suggest you take these comments ....
Before food and at least 3 times a day...and when you find the cure of what most of us here are sufering {w/out complaints of course...
suffering in a good way}
by all means please share with us....coz most here including Rose & myself ...I'm sure.....still can't figure why, what and how one a beautiful as Robert Pattinson can have this hold that he has.....and we don't even know the DELICOUSLY HANDSOME FELLOW......

Bren said...

@Louisa excellent advice just what the doctor ordered lol. I know its been said many times over....but never in my life have I been this drawn affected by a person. For god sake my kids are older than this guy!! I believe that every once and awhile a person comes along that just has that karisma that is just mesmerizing...you can't explain it...it's a feeling like no other:)))

Boogie with Stew said...

I don't think there is a cure...but good advice Louisa.. I'm wanting see " Bad mother's handbook" .....,
"Bel Ami" not sure about "Remember Me" and I like the artsy stuff of Salvador Dali so I'll guess I watch "Little Ashes"..what is the intoxicated "critic's" point of view on these movies that our lovely Rob stars in??

happy Rob & Kristen thoughts..♥

Bren said...

@Boogie with Stew Loved the "Bad Mother's Handbook" a must watch....and also watched "Little Ashes" also good but sad too.

Anonymous said...

@ Bren...I know exactly what you mean..I too have had NONE it the interset or curiosity or intoxication...whatever you want to call it...I have no interest in ANYONE as I do with
Mr R. Pattinson
But what I can tell you I think you've come to the right place for some therapy.....coz since I've been visiting this "rehab" i feel a whole lot better...yer ya get some dickheads that visit "H" but tha's just to keep all of us on our toes....hehehe

@ Boogiew/stew....I gave dedicated to you....a song a couple of days ago..... to ponder....did ya get it?... The Kinks, L.O.L.A LOLA....

Boogie with Stew said...

thanks Bren.. I have visions of Rob's sexy smile in my head..aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

katy said...

Rose great post like always

I've been wondering where Rob is...I miss him a LOT...I hope he and Kristen are together somewhere Safe and Happy.


Do you even listen to your insanity, Tom and Rob are friends since they were 12 or 13 years old...long before Rob had 'a lot of money', they are like brothers and do you realise that by saying that you make Tom look bad...stupid stupid girl...go away

Boogie with Stew said...

Louisa forgive me I have been sick with a bug for a few days so I have really been jonsing for a fix ..oh LOLA.. oh shit I can't stop laughing..that song so confused me when I was a kid..good one I so love music..

Anonymous said...

@ Katy

No she doesn't realize that. I'm sure she can't keep a friend as long as Rob and Tom have been friends ;)

I mean...would you want to be friends with someone who was so hateful and jealous?? Sad really, Don't you think? Some people just don't get the concepts of lifelong friendships because they are such fuckwits that no one forms a attachment to them ;)

Anonymous said...


Bren said...

@Boogie with Stew.... ur welcome. Oh yes the smile...thats a mighty fine smile indeed.

Whats with the "H" person who has a very shitty attitude toward all?

olivia said...

Thank you Rose,
Hope Kristen is wrapped up in Rob's arms by now and that they are both in a peaceful, quiet place.

Rob and Kristen have and will continue to have rock solid careers. They are both mature and dedicated and know that with time this insanity will begin to ebb. They have both stated that they wish to be involved in creating quality film that has meaning to them and will be work that they will be proud of. I believe them. Time to give them breathing space and well deserved privacy.

Great pictures Rose. Handsome Rob, gorgeous Kristen, and Tom is definitely easy on the eyes. Have looked to see when Tom's new movie, Waiting for forever, will be out but have not been able to locate the general release date yet.

Yes, Sam and the Brit Pak are wonderful for having circled around Kristen. Yeah for Sam trying to shield her at the airport. Rob is a very fortunate man having such protective and loyal friends.

See that Bobby Long will be playing in Tx. this week. He will be in Austin on Friday; also will be playing in Houston and San Antonio.

Olivia (TX.)

Nat said...

@ Nicole, I disagree with your comment claiming that both Kristen and Rob didn't get their fame from Twilight. Both Rob and Kristen have made other movies during and a few before Twilight. However, Twilight is what made them famous and thanks to that they don't have to go to castings in order to get jobs anymore. Rob has said this in interviews. It's ok if you didn't like any of the Twilight Saga movies, that's your opinion.

I further disagree that it's "the Rob fans" that are saying things against him and that this is going to affect his career and all this controlling supposedly done by Summit (PR business). Which brings me to wonder about where your loyalty stands? You're giving haters a lot of credit; they can't touch Rob or his career. True fans wouldn't do that.

I am a fan of Rob and Kristen and to me as a fan I hope they continue to have a wonderful career for many years to come. I wish them happiness in all that they choose to do.

Anonymous said...

LOL Louisa ;)

I know that there are many things I can learn from you!! Did you see my new cajun swear words? I wish you could have seen the guys in the bar we were in trying to teach us!! Bahahaha!! It was too funny. I have a whole napkin full ;)

And let me tell you...I found myself in a certain...ummm...club of ill repute and there was this performer that could make her ass clap while hanging upside dowm on a pole!!!! I was AMAZED!!! I hope it doesn't make you mad...BUT, I did think of you while I was there ;) I think you would have gotten a kick out of it!! LOL!! I know I did. Bahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

@ She's just the Fukwit who enjoys to stir up trouble and tries to upset....I said TRIES BTW....
But we all know she only comes to visit when they let her out on the weekends...they must feel sorry for her....
Ya know locked in that padded cell all that period of time...In time it’s had to have an effect on her train of thought!...
It MUST!...
As somethings gotta be talking in that little head of hers....Take a read of Suebees @12.37 diaries it’s her interpretation...she may have nailed it a bit clearer for us / you.....

Anonymous said...

@ Bren... above sorry

olivia said...

Oh, just saw the question about movies.
For me, Remember Me, first, and of course Rob as Edward are my favorites. Haunted Airman, then in BMH, and also appearance in HP, then Little Ashes and finally H to B.
From what we have been able to see during production, I feel WFE will be a smash hit and BA will be awesome.
True believer,

Anonymous said...

@ leigh well on Saturday night with my white wine { Not Pure Bonde BTW] intoxicated head....I think I was finding anything funny....As i just could stop myself laughing and this carried thru the whole night..I was with my best GF...whose a Nut...she didn't have to say much but her fascial expressions nearly killed me... also....Glad you thought of me...I'm not mad i'm honoured...coz you thought of me and you've not even met me.....and to boot I'm on the other side of the globe...Honour Indeed....
As I said yesterday...It would be so Magnificent if we all lived closer and caught up in RL..I'm sure we'd have a HOOT....I did BTW see your cajun words.....

Boogie with Stew said...

there are some real funny people on here.. but I am easily entertained.. I missed alot of word "LESSONS" but I use FUKWIT alot!! lovely word I might add.. .what is the new cajun word? Thanks Oliva he was here in GA filming some of WFE I'm sure I will love that one it has animals in it..like big ones and he and Kristen are animal lovers..no pole dancing here got arthritis..lol

Bren said...

@Louisa....well I guess ur right they must let her out of her padded cell to provide entertainment......kinda of like the court jester!!! I wonder does she put on the curly toe shoes and hat with the bells and jumps up and does a little jig...hmmmm

katy said...

to Leigh

Yeah... @Honey must be a very sad and lonely person.

Anonymous said...

@ Bren I'm not sure what she's wearing...but some have said on here....something along the lines of a "straight Jacket"
I just call her the"sticky One' coz she's bloody annoying ..a bit like when you eat...'H' and ya get it all over ya face and fingers....ya know annoying and "sticky"...lol

Anonymous said...

@ Boogie w/ Stew

tchew is ass in cajun. And another fun word is couillon which is pronounced coo-yawn which means idiot or fool...or fuckwit ;) Bahahaha!! I can think of lots of ways to use them in reference to the let's see...how did Rose put it? The "Hairy Hyena's Asses"!! Hehehe!!

deb said...

OK LOUISA can you help me I just was watching Crocodile Dundee WHAT IS A ..WALK ABOUT...hummmm he said it in the movie hope you understand me :) DEB.

katy said...

to olivia

My favorite Rob movies

For me, Remember Me, also Rob as Edward, Littles Ashes, Haunted Airman, How to Be, then in BMH...and I'm dieing to see Bel Ami and Water for Elephants.

I'm realy a Huge supporter of Rob...I Love Him and Adore Him and I can't wait to see what he will do Next....'Breaking Dawn'

Boogie with Stew said...

awesome Leigh..wrote them down ...my brain is full due to menepause..lol

yes, Louisa I have seen you mention the "sticky One" or stuff when chatting with Suebee..good one..

and I think A. said.. gave her a swift kick in the bum earlier..

There's one in every crowd...

Bren said...

the "sticky one" I like that one LOL

Anonymous said...

@ Deb....Lesson # 14
Walk about: Is a term used for Aboriginals [ Indigenous Australians who have lives on this fine piece of dirt for millions of years}
when they go wondering about or take off somewhere.....usually on foot....coz Aboriginals used too or some in the outback probably still do ....Go On foot to hunt for there food....They go "WALK ABOUT"... I hope I've made this cleare for you....

katy said...

Ok...I read this on twitter...and Know Im realy concern about Kristen:

- YES...i'm serious, for those asking. KStew has a REAL stalker, a REAL whackjob who Rob is TERRIFIED for her about. PROTECT her PRIVACY!
about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck
Retweeted by you and 19 others
Reply Retweeted (Undo) .
>something HAPPENED to this beautiful girl? He would DIE. Fuck anyone who would put either of them in danger...
about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

-Reply Retweet . Do u people not realize KStew has a REAL LIFE FUCKING STALKER? What if this was YOUR child? YOUR sister? Think what u would do to R if>
about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

-Reply Retweet . Just FYI to all u fucktards out there that call urself FANS of either, REAL fans want their safety and happiness. In EVERY way

Rose, have you heard about this?

Boogie with Stew said...

I'll be Rob festing this weekend..watching his movies..and I do love the Twilight books & movies but I soooooooooo love the man..like many have stated he oooozes charisma charm & sexuality...oh my turn on the fan..

deb said...

Looks to me that they only let her out on visiting hours we don't see mush of her after 1:00 o'clock. (THE STICKY ONE) DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ Olivia
I've only seen Rob in "How to Be" and of course in the 'Twi Saga.....Although s/one on here commented that BA won't be coming here...I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that one....
I'm a little afraid to purchase them online coz I've had problems with the compatibility of my DVD players. And I've tried playing it on more that one type.....But No playback?
It makes it a little difficult if the films are not distributed in your country...

Anonymous said...

I'm watching Pirate Radio again *sigh* Tomstu is fabulous in this movie!! If you haven't seen it you really should give it a go. Not only will you get to look at Darling Thomas...it's a very good movie ;)

My favorite line..."do you know what a lesbian is?" Bahaha! Love this movie ;~)

Anonymous said...

@ Boogie w/Stew....don't worry about a fan . I'd need a blooy Air Con....set on the coolest setting BTW LMAO

deb said...

Thank You louisa i got it You are a GOOD teacher indeed. DEB

Anonymous said...

@ Deb Yes, YET another piece of useless information to clog up ones head......LOL

Boogie with Stew said...

oh that's right Louisa I forget the plugs and players are different on the other side of the pond.. my daughter had that going on when she was stationed in Germany awhile back..sorry..that stinks..
I'll add How to be to the list.. and I haven't seen but a glimpse of pirate radio ..my grown sons put it in the player but it was late and I missed it..I'll put that one back on the list.. love to all and sweet visions of gorgeous Rob in your heads..nite♥

Boogie with Stew said...

hey Deb hope your daughter is better, and what is a blooy air con?? gotta know before I hit the sheets..lol

deb said...

Boggie thank you for asking my daughter is doing much better I hope your day is going good DEB.

Boogie with Stew said...

that's great Deb..sorry I've gotta jump off here..nite

Anonymous said...

@ Boogiew/stew
Here we go again......
A bloody air con......
Is a Air Coditioner....don't y'all have "air cons"there....
Ya know....Ya turn on that devise that either can Heat up y'all homes or cool it down in summer.....I personally have a combustion wood fire place that I use to heat up my home in winter....Which reminds me...{ i need to empty that bloody ash] lol...
Do y'all understand me or don't y'all?

Good nite BTW

deb said...

Boggie I think shes talking about a air conditioner I hope thats what shes saying DEB

Anonymous said...

My spelling is a little off..of late..
Air Conditioner...or do y'all call it s/thing else?

jen said...

aw, these kids are so stealth and adorable!

I like when we don't know where they are either, it means they are living their lives in private as they should when they can.

Dont' get me wrong, I'll be the first one to click on the new pictures of them somewhere, be it New Orleans or somewhere else(lol), but man, we just got Montreal. I need to space out the robsten goodness so I don't overdose on the pretty!

Anonymous said...

@ Deb thanks Hun...I'm not turning ya into an Aussie by any chance...lol

deb said...

I got ya Louisa But i don't know if our air conditioner can put out heat. DEB

deb said...

No Louisa BUT it is the one place I would love to go see. Its so beautiful and i love the way you talk DEB.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jen said...

ps: re: fans at the airport

They were being crazy, yes. But if you notice, the one upside is at least these fans were all very young fans, so at least their craziness is a little better explained. lol I think those kids were so amped to have a hollywood star in their backyard, they were just worked into a total frenzy.

olivia said...

Absofreakinglutely love Pirate Radio! Tom is great in it but it has a fantastic cast and the best music! The deleted scene called "meaning of life" ( I think that is what it is called} is awesome. Several of us here have mentioned this movie, and one more time for the rest of you....if you love rock and roll from the 60's, this is the movie to see. It is based on a true story about rock and roll being banned in England from the airwaves except for a few hours a day. Because of that, ships off shore began broadcasting rock and roll programs and music 24/7 to circumvent the British government censoring that was taking place. That is also why we had the "British Invasion" here in the USA, they got more air play and time on the radio here.

Another commercial....Remember Me is phenomenal and a must see for all Rob fans. A short while back I gave a link to the Remember Me film site which is beautifully and lovingly done. It is well worth the visit because it has some outstanding commentary and interpretation of the film and critiques of Rob's excellent performance.

Hugs to all,
See y'all tomorrow.
Olivia (TX.)

deb said...

YEP I want one of those. Does your elec'tric bill get high?You would think it would DEB.

olivia said...

This is the Remember Me film site link that I mentioned:


and again, if you haven't checked out the blog written by Kristen's cat Jella, here is that link again. ( I gave it yesterday, and also a week or so ago)


Both of these sites are excellent.
Always a believer,
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...

@ Deb yes they use amples of Electricity..Although I rarley use ours....Only those real hot days/ nights when it reaches 98 deg F ..
I've converted it to F for you..Those unbearable hot summer nights...It a God sent to have one...

Anonymous said...

@ olivia I saw the Jella site yesterday... I thought it was amusing again and cute....Do they blog s/thing on a daily basis?

Vangie said...


Anonymous said...

Hello ladies and our ever so mysterious "A"

There may not be any Sunshine when he's gone.. but that doesn't mean that the sun's not hiding somewhere ;) And ya know what they say..

The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!

When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!

He'll resurface.

Optimism... I has it. :)

I'm kind of glad I was out for most of the weekend. Seems like it was rather crazy. Really enjoyed the Sweat Tea Festival. Was the first one we've had, so hopefully it'll be back next year. Then I had to go shopping for a party dress for my kiddo. It's sweet 16 season for her and her friends. And kids don't do things small here. And today I baked an apple pie with the apples from the tree in my yard! :) It's been a good weekend.

dowlingnana said...

@Katy: Well, if that's true then it explains a lot!! Threats are to be taken seriously...unfortunately they can't be ignored!! I pray she'll be alright and that many are on the alert to take care of her!!

I just watched Remember Me since been missing Rob and I think I may have found something interesting.
In it, he gives his little sister a book called, I think, Mystic Gods, or something like that. Anyway, as soon as I saw it it looked extremely like the one he was holding when he was exiting Bradley's show back in L.A. right after Kristen left for hobo camp. Not sure if I'm right or not but it sure "grabbed" me there for a moment!! I'd have to find the pic again of that show.

Until tomorrow's great blog, Donna

Anonymous said...

@ Olivia

That is a great scene...my favorite deleted scene is the one where they sneak onto the other ship. LOL too funny!! It really is a great movie. I originally rented it and had to go buy it after watching it. I just recently ordered the soundtrack off of amazon. Can't wait for it to get here :)

Well, I'm off to bed...hope everyone has a great Monday :)

wig4usc said...

Rose - I'm perfectly fine with you hitting your "delete" button when it comes to Honey. Those comments are so beyond dumb...reading his/her comments are seconds I will never regain in my life!

Anonymous said...

Lol Rose you should delete all her comments. She'd strop around constantly. "Fine then", that was how she started her comment, so childish. Don't let her succeed, every comment is complete crap.

I agree with Nicole's post. "Rob is losing fans because he chooses to be happy". There may be some on here who lurk about, who could answer a question Rose, if you put one to them. Asking if they'd stay his fan whoever he is with which it looks like he's with Kristen.

It is a weird thing to do. I mean you're a fan of someone's acting firstly, not their personality. You can become a fan of their personal life stuff, if it's shown in the public eye, for you access sites to find out info about that actor/actress, sites that often have information on their current personal life. I don't think he wants fans anyway, who would just be a fan of finding out what's happening in his personal life. So I don't think there's much of a loss.

But people saying they'll stop being his fans, all I can think is oh well. Are they worth keeping? No. So smile if he's losing fans. Because they're very obviously crazy and not at all interested in his movies, only his personal life.

LJ said...

kstewrocks I agree, I don't actually see where Rob is losing fans...to me the 'Robsession' seems bigger than ever. Anyone who is deciding now that they are no longer a fan of him...because he chooses to be happy??!! well they have obviously never been fans in the first place.

Even if someone was just looking at Robs personal life (which would be weird) surely that would be something to be a huge fan of!? He has loads of friends he has had since school days, is popular and well liked by everyone, loves his family and is totally devoted to his girlfriend. Whats not to love?!

Happy bank holiday Monday to you kstewrocks anyway, don't you just love a bank holiday when the suns out :-)


Anonymous said...

LJ, well we know something of his personal life. We know the names of his sisters, his family. His girlfriend. His best friend, some of the Brit Pack.

To find out about that, it's not through being a fan of his acting in movies. Well to start being a fan, I guess to be a fan of his movies, you look on sites dedicated to him to find out about his upcoming roles. Then you get sucked into seeing images of him out with his friends. That's away from his acting. You tread into something personal I'm guessing.

But really if he's losing fans, because he chooses to date someone who they don't approve of, -_- It's a strange thing to just be a fan. You become a fan of their work first I'm sure. Not their personal life. So if they're only interested in his personal life, I can't see how they're fans.

Happy Bank Holiday to you too! ^_^
I'm clueless as to what is open when it's the Bank Holiday. I hope some food stores.

keset said...

Robert Pattinson explains why he doesn't talk about his relationship with Kristen


Poor Rob with all the paparazzi on him :(
Same as Kristen yesterday...

But i loike Tom/Rob they were cute.

Jane said...

Hey, you people are late. Where are the pictures of Rob in West Hollywood last night? The Rob drought is over.

missDI20 said...


any news from your side?????




SueBee said...

Maybe it's the Mom in me, but is Kristen looking a bit extra thin and tired to you?

perfectionseeker said...

Saw this and thought of you guys; in the words of KS it's 'awesome'! x

Marie said...

@Suebee yep she's looking that way to me too...I guess the traveling, being away from those she loves and the paparrazi in her face all the time is getting to her...she basically finished the press for "Eclipse" and jumped head first into shooting OTR so I'm sure she's exhausted...I hope she gets some rest soon.
BTW why is the "media" (I hold my nose as I type the word media in association to what the journalist on the internet today are) all upset and howling about Rob going to Jimmy Fallon's after Emmy's party with Step and Tom? Every site says "OMG Rob seen out with a blonde" one even had the blonde as being Kate Gosslin on their headlines..only to say that she was at the party too...but my point is why does the media and other heynas think that a couple has to constantly spend time together? Aren't couples allowed to have friends and spend time having fun even when their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend are out of town? Why do they automatically assume Rob is cheating or secretly dating another person because of one innocent picture but refuse to believe that he's dating Kris after hundreds? oh well go figure out the mind of a hynea

deb said...

Hey you can see a video to Rob got his drinking on and you can see Tom and other friends with him but no Kriten go to (THEFABLIF) see pic and video there DEB.

deb said...

Marie and SueBee you are right Kristen is looking tired poor thing hope she gets some rest soon And all this shit about our boy Rob you know there going to say any thing to make HIM look bad Im glad to see him out and about with his friends Kristen well be home soon and we all know he'll be with her so let the poor kid go out and enjoy himself. DEB

SueBee said...

Okay, I believe it is beyond stupid that Rob isn't allowed to leave the house with his FRIENDS!!!!

Gah! I already have a headache. This much stupidity is just going to make my head pop off my shoulders!

If Kristen were in town, she would have been there too. If not, I hope the poor thing is catching a much deserved nap! And give that poor baby some food!