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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Twirling with Robert and Kristen

What do I say today?
I could jump right in and start giggling
at the reactions to yesterdays pictures.
I could point out the absurdity of their desperate attempts
to cling onto their delusions...
But why bother?
It's all been said before.
And it doesn't matter.

Because nothing is ever GOOD enough...
You know?

People scream for proof...
They whine for pictures...
And then when they get them
Well... DUH
They don't prove anything!

It's a never ending bullshit drama.
And yeah...
I'm guilty as hell of sticking my paddle in 
and giving it a good stirring...
But sometimes you don't need to stir
Sometimes you just need to let it simmer...

Yesterdays pictures were awesome.
They were...
Get off my dick spectacular.
But it's not like we haven't seen Rob and Kristen
get all up and personal with each other before.
It's happened a lot.
And it keeps happening.

First it's all about
"Rob won't show up in Montreal"
"How could Rob leave LA and magically show up in 
Montreal without ANYONE getting a picture?
No way. Pics or it didn't happen!"

So then Rob shows up in Montreal.

"Well... it's just to see Tom"
"He's just stopped to see some friends"

Then there are pics of Rob and Kristen
getting all cute and cozy with each other.

"They are surrounded by a ton of people"
"it's just one picture"
Rob could have been kissing Kristen
and it would have been...

"I kiss my friends like that all the time!'
"It's not a real kiss unless I see his tongue in her mouth!"
"Rob kisses all his friends like that!"

You see what I mean?
There will always be excuses.

It will always be something.

And you know what else?
Let them.
People can believe whatever the hell they want.
I'm totally fine with that.
But it never ends there...
Some see those pictures and get so angry!
So they attack Kristen.
Or they attack Rob...
That's what annoys me.


There's talk that Rob won't be going to London...
That he will be going back to LA for meetings.
I thought he might jet over for his Mom's birthday...
But I guess his parents and sisters
were just over here for an extended amount of time
during the Eclipse junket...
So maybe he's got other things going during his off time.
Or maybe he will just go at a later time.
Or maybe he will just take care of business...
and get back to Montreal.
Looks like Rob and Kris can get around pretty well there...

Oh and another thing...
(Yeah... I do that a lot don't I?)

So much bullshit chatter about how Rob
didn't go to Montreal UNTIL Tom got there.
Rob was working... and then did the TCAs
so he pretty much got there when he could.
And how does anyone know when Tom got there?
Because there was a picture of him and Kristen?
Kristen has been able to get around without getting papped
(Until the set pics...heh)
I'm guessing Tom can move around just as easily.

And that brings us to the biggest clings.
Of course whenever there is a picture
of Robert and Kristen getting close.
Getting personal.

I mean... I can't even repeat the complete and utter bullshit
that was spewed on the pictures from yesterday.
(And I won't go into the whole PR! PR! shit)
For example...
It was really a picture from Remember Me
when Rob was talking to EDR
and they took EDR out... put in Kristen
and changed Rob's clothes...
and his hair...
and ...
(and I'm not making this shit up,
That's the scary part)


And last but not least.
I was sent this photo from the MTV Movie Awards.
Someone was screaming at me 
telling me that Rob is smiling the EXACT SAME WAY
at Anna in this picture
as he is smiling at Kristen...

Rob is a smiley kinda guy, isn't he?
And I never said he doesn't smile at anyone else.
I just said it's different with Kristen.
And I stand by that.
It's something in his eyes...
Anna is saying something to Robert...
They are on stage...
See... this is what someone looks like
when they are trying to hear what someone is saying.
And I love Anna Kendrick...
I think she fucking rocks...

But cling as much as you want...
The fact remains...

1. Rob is forehead to forehead with Kristen in the picture.
It looks like he is going in for the kiss...
(And tell me... is there a picture of that...
somewhere... out there?)
Anna and Rob?
Side by side.
(And did you notice whose shoulder
is touching Rob?

But seriously...
Keep digging through the 1000's of pictures 
and maybe you can find another one
where Rob is smiling at someone
and has his head close to theirs
as he listens to what they are saying.

2. Rob has a lot of friends.
It seems that everyone who knows him
only has wonderful glowing things to say about him.
I dare say that quite a few of those friends are females.
Does Rob smile at these female friends?
Of course he does.
Like I said... he is a smiley laughy kinda guy.
When Anna or anyone else for that matter...
Shows up with Rob in Budapest...
All over LA
and now...
and we get that smile?

THEN I will believe he is with Anna.
Or anyone else.
But so far?
It's only been Kristen Stewart.
Our beloved beautiful Kristen.
It's always Kristen.

Think about it.
Or make up excuses and cling.

This post is brought to you by the letters *D* and *K*

D is for 

And K is for
Because she is obviously what Robert wants.
Because you know it happens...
All the fucking time.

 *Twirling with Kristen*

She's pretty fucking good at it, too.

Bye for now


twilightbabez said...

I am just too happy now that I am just laughing off at the comments of the haters desperately wanting to hang on to their delusions or maybe just not giving up because of their PRIDE. LMAO.

Anonymous said...


wolffia said...

i think this is my first time commenting here in your blog, and ever since the first day i visited it (can't remember it though) I always enjoy & love reading your thoughts, especially your opinions regarding rob & kris. totally love your banner as well! keep on twirling, and, and stirring! or... yeah, sometimes it's just good to let it *simmer* 'till your next post! cheers!

Rb said...

I read some of the haters' posts last night, out of curiosity. I stay away from those who are not R/K supporters because it's just feeding into the drama they're trying to create. Those who give them attention, give them what they want. I don't participate in that kind of thing, what a waste of life. I couldn't understand how some could be so blind. As I've said before, too young to know what they're seeing or too filled with hate to be able to see real love. I was surprised at what I read.

Like the comments about how indifferent Kristen seemed to be with Rob's attention. She was working. Her concentration had to be on her character. Rob is on vacation, enjoying his one great pleasure - watching Kristen. So he could play. Seeing her sweet smiles, soaking up his adoration. I don't know how the haters miss the obvious but somehow they do. Rob belongs to Kristen, heart and soul. As she too belongs to him.

Honey said...

Kristen isn't even reacting to Rob in those pics. She looks sad! It won't last.

Rb said...

I think the back of his t-shirt, "get off my dick," was a message to the pappz due to the photo that was recently circulating; one called it "robpeen."

Robsten24 said...

WOW just after three comments LOL
i love your blog Rose it's fucking awesome like Rob and Kris!
yeterday was Epic that's all thanks <3

loveya said...


I have been a follower of yours for a while and I love so many of your posts. However, I would like for us Rob fans to get to the point where we do not have to constantly address the delusions of the hyenas. The back and forth with them and the I told you so's only adds to the toxic environment.

Like you said, there are so many pictures and proof that R/K are very much in love and in a committed relationship. Addressing the same subject over and over again begins to feel like a brick wall.

You are a huge supporter of Rob and Kristen and so am I. We need to move forward and concentrate on the good things that lie ahead for these amazing individuals.

As always, thank you.

sollee said...

i agree with you rose..i see the difference as well..i read this r/k timeline blog, an amazing blog about robsten as well and just like you and a lot of romantic peeps out there..they see the difference coz there is really a difference actually^_~..so i guess let's just wish our couple the best and be happy for them:)

LK said...

Great post,Rose.Yesterday's ridiculousness was out of control.I've read so much shit all over internet.People out there have serious issues.I don't know if the problem is in their eyes,their mind or their heart.

So,what excuses some idiots made:1)Rob was there to see Tom(he was with him 2 weeks ago),2)he wanted to prove that Kristen is not gay,3)the photos are photoshopped,4)they look like they're very close friends(yeah,really REALLY close),Rob is like that with a lot of people(posting the pic with Anna,but they never mentioned that Rob was laughing with all Peter's fuck talk,fans were screaming like hell and he was trying to listen to Anna),5)Summit told him to go there to celebrate Edward and Bella's wedding anniversary(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF?)6)Rob went there to make some buzz around the movie OTR(that's one of my favorite lame excuses),7)to up Kristen's image(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!),8)nuzzling is something all people do with their friends(i don't).

Rose,i really thought that after those photos some people would calm the fuck down and accept the OBVIOUS,but i guess i was wrong.Some people won't ever accept,not because they can't,but because they don't want to.They're stubborn,mental,delusional or just stupid?

P.S.The photos were cute and sweet and loving.We all enjoyed them very much.BUT,they're pap photos and this is a stolen intimate moment.When i first saw the pics yesterday,to be totally honest,i felt kinda of embarrassed,like i was a pippin Tom.I'm sure that both Rob and Kristen aren't happy with this.And i'm sure that the director and the producer of the film don't want their set to become a pap circus.I think Rob is leaving in the weekend,for LA or London,who knows?

And something that i know i'm gonna be bashed for.3 weeks ago the majority of people all over internet were yelling about how paps are scums and how they have to respect Rob and not haunting him around.These pics are intrusive,but nobody said anything,just because the pics had what they wanted to see.

LK said...

@Honey,GTFO!Stupidity runs in your veins.What,are you a fortune-teller now?Or just a bitter idiot?If you like Garrett or Tom so much,why don't you ship them as a couple?Leave Kristen to Rob!Moron!

twatty said...

Hi Rose I love your blog but I agree to the one who said we should not pay much attention to the haters. It only encourages them to fight back.

Tell you what, internet is full of attention seeking people using web wide world to have that.

I dont think all of the hate posts in news blogs and forum really cares for Rob or Kristen. I bet a few are attention deficient kid or event adult wanting to be noticed.

Cheers to all Rob Sten fans around the globe. Happy weekend.

Karen said...

I'm still grinning from ear to ear and doing the Alice Cullen happy dance after yesterday's pics!

Great post, Rose. You are right. There is a difference in the way he smiles around Kristen. It's the "I am home where I belong" look.

Kristen always seems softer and happier when he's near her (who wouldn't).As someone said yesterday she has that "wait until we're alone" smile when she looks at him.

They definitely own one another heart, body, and soul. And I, for one, am so happy for them.

sollee said...

and ms. rose i also love what ms. loveya had commented..she has a good point as well:)

khushboo said...

rose...nice post....
i like d way u shut d mouth of haters....

newaz...i am jus sooo happy 4 ROB n KRISTEN st dis moment i dnt care a dammn wat ne1 of dem say...
i jus alwaz wan ROBSTEN to be together n happy...wich dey alwaz r together....love dem smiling....:)
i kn dey will alwaz be together....:)

love every lil thngs dey do to make each other happy....:)
jus to see smiles one each others face....love it...
bless dem alwaz....:)

love u...
love ROBSTEN....:)

deb said...

SO true Rose GOD him self could tell them the truth and they well still NOT BELIEVE WHO THE FU*K cares I know THEY don't .I loved the pic. of them but I always do. Is there a pic. of them KISSING I do know and DON'T care if there is All I do know Is Rob went to see his baby and is spending time with her nothing I'v haven't seen before and well see again AND YES Kristen looks so happy to be with him I'm sure she was missing her man.Things are ONLY going to get BETTER. Where well Rob go next I don't know BUT I do know at the end he well be with his baby girl the ONE WHO he wants to be with Thank you Rose for another grate day,week,year.Rob loves Kristen loves ROB and we love you Rose. DEB.

Lisa said...

haha love it Rose.. I'm always amazed at the things you write that nons believe.. No one can be that unobservant! I guess I can kinda understand(not really but I get it) the delusional ones. You know, they think if R & K aren't together, they may have a shot at which ever one it is their heart desires.. LOL But WHY they want them with anyone other then each other? I don't get! They're both young, beautiful, rich, talented, GROUNDED, down to earth, no at all Hollywood, etc... They're very much alike, have lots in common, perfect for each other!!!

Silly people..

Patricia said...

Rose: I forget that you get hundreds of e-mails and that's the (eye-roll) messages of denial you're receiving. Well you know MOST OF US ON THIS BOARD AGREE WITH WHAT YOU POST AND YOUR OPINION OF OUR FAVORITE COUPLE.


He ADORES her, and anyone who can't see that is BLIND or just doesn't WANT TOO....

I never read the bullshit anymore, because it's a waste of time. I love your blog and the many friends that come here to comment. I love the true fans of Rob and Kristen.

I can't wait for the next sighting. I still have a smile on my face and my heart is full.
Grazie Rose
Rock on !

jen said...

Preach it Rose! lol

SO agree about trying to say anna and robert look alike. He's smiling and laughing, yes. In her personal space and vice versa, yes.

I think his expression is different with Kristen, but that's subjective I guess.

What is silly though is that hyenas always take one example and say, "see, he's like this all the time!"

Well, if you add up all these little examples,it's not hard to understand Kristen and him are different from Anna.

This isn't rocket science, people. It's not hard to understand what is truly the differences between a single picture, and a whole trail of dating breadcrumbs FOR OVER A YEAR NOW!

SEriously, like they will never admit defeat, because as you say, they are on auto-pilot at this point, they simply deny no matter what proof they are shown. And they are good at it at this point, since they've been given proof FOR OVER A YEAR NOW!


jen said...

ps: and I agree with patricia that we won't get any more PDA on set like yesterday anymore.

And that's because kristen and robert are not going to turn the OTR set into a circus with paps and robsten hysteria.

That's okay, they got their off hours to make out at bowling alleys.


Laura said...

AMEN!! I seriously almost teared up at the Robsten love and unity we all have!
That sounds cheesy but its just so cute to watch them together and then we all bond over their love!


LK said...

By the way,all the morons who ship him with Anna,do they know that she has a bf,Edgar Wright?I guess for them is anyone but Kristen.

kristine.hills said...

The more attention she gets the more important she thinks she is and SHE IS NOTHING!


"Yesterdays pictures were awesome.
They were...
Get off my dick spectacular.
But it's not like we haven't seen Rob and Kristen
get all up and personal with each other before.
It's happened a lot.
And it keeps happening."

And this is what WE SEE, can you imagine how COZY they are when they are not being observed/watched?They really can show their love and admiration to one another!

Kristen Kisses Rob Kisses Kris all the f. time and there's nothing the losers can do about it.

I always had a feeling Rob wouldn't go to LA.Maybe their Parents and sisters can come to LA and they can celebrate his mom bday later! Or maybe ROB IS WAITING his gorgeous girl to finish filming her movie and they can go to LONDON TOGETHER! :)

D is for Dear Rose THANKS!

And his T-shirt was fanFUCKINGtastic (maybe for the papps but for some lunatics who spend the most of heir time analizing his d.ck! LOL

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Rose!Rose! and OMG!

How many OMGs have been spewed today? Millions I think. From twitter, facebook, blogsites to numerous tabloids in different languages are in complete frenzy over Robsten. Twitter and facebook are full of "OMGs, I can't fuckingly work now, I'm nuts, I'm swooning, I'm grinning from ear to ear, I'm going crazy, I'm fuckingly in love, I'm so happy, you lucky girl, kristen, share Rob's****,please, i can die now...OMG! So its true!, i hope that pap will get rashes if thats an ivy bush..and many, many more.. Hopefully, these latest pics can make some converts out of the doubters.

Have you seen Rob's shirt? That message is for you!!:))))

LJ said...

Great post Rose, I despair at the crap you have to put up with from some people.

Jeeeeese....if you don't agree with what the majority of the people on this blog think then fine....everyones entitled to their own opinion....but don't give Rose shit just because she speaks her (our) mind. THIS IS HER BLOG SHE CAN SAY WHATEVER SHE LIKES!!!!

I love this blog and I love the people who drop in here.....my 'love Rob..love Kristen' friends :-)


katy said...

Great post Rose. What an Epic day yestarday. I'm with LK, I thought with these pics hatters would shut up but NO...they are still making up all sorte of BS...they just don't want to accept the fact that Rob and Kristen are in a relantionship.
Hatters can hate the fact that Rob and Kristen are Together. but one thing is certain theres nothing that they can do about it because is up to Rob and Kristen to decide who they want to be with and what to do with their lives...IT'S THEIR LIVES.

So, Hatters can keep on beeing delusional , miserables and stupid...I'm pretty sure Rob and Kristen are HAPPY and don't give a shit what hatters think.

Honey, shoo...why don't you stay in your delusional twitter account Tomstewgarret or whatever that is...well even there you should just shut up...you are Insane.

Anonymous said...

Another great post Rose! Love your comments and so loved all those photos from yesterday. Although I must admit to feeling a bit guilty about enjoying something stolen by a pap, I will justify to myself that it's alright to continue to enjoy them because it's not like they will go away if I stop looking at them, right? Anyway, if this doesn't convince the delusionals in denial (hello Honey), nothing will. Maybe it's time they moved on and found some other celebrity to obsess over.

Anonymous said...

What do you haters mean it won't last ? They been liking each other and hanging out since 2007.
It's already last a long time. It's fine have an opinion but don't be this jealous crazy person. It's obvious this will last and well Twilight doesn't end for another two years so there you go.
Their in love and their happy let's leave it at that. And being a HUGE KRISTEN STEWART fan I know she feels the same way so stop making up crap.

Alejandra said...

The only thing I have to say is, people that don't see they're in love it's just because they don't wanna see it, I mean I have lots of friends and I don't travel all over the world to spend my birthday with "just a good friend" I mean she went all the way to Budapest!! and I don't think if you're a guy who has been working non stop all year long and you finally have some time off you would fly over to Montreal just to spend time with your "good friends" when he could go to London and have some rest!!! C'mon people don't let jealousy make you blind they ARE together, they ARE in love and they ARE happy, and if you are fans should be happy too and if you're not STOP paying attention to them and let them be!

Brenda said...

D and K also stand for Door Knobs who think this is all fake! Stop reading the haters, Rose. They're the ones that are delusional.

Rb said...

I can't believe the they-are, they-aren't argument is still ongoing. What a bunch of drama seekers. I'd hate to know you IRL. Well, I wouldn't beyond the first conversation :x

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

anna kendrick is a lame excuse. What about that picture of Rob with Katy Perry? What happen to Ashley Greene? Oh they stop it, bec Greene was recently papped dating one of the Jonases, just after the TCA. Why don't they include Betty White? Rob obviously wants her for BD.. Lame excuses. All lame excuses. Is truth so difficult to swallow? Instead of wallowing in grief over the lost of Rob's sexy hair to Kristen, why can't they just accept the truth?

@honey, I pity you....

Patricia said...

I know I must sound like a crazy lady, but isn't Rob getting better everyday ? Robert is looking mighty fine lately (face and body 'buff' Rob) and of course Kristen is Gorgeous, I love her with light hair.

Anonymous said...

Great post and so true!! They are always screaming pics or it didn't happen...Then they get pics and go crazy with excuses to disprove the pics. I think there are more pics of the two of them "up close and personal" than I have of me and my husband and we have been married almost 20 yrs.
It is soooo obvious they are together, why some people refuse to see it...I have no idea. The way they look at each other is honestly one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!! I hope they continue on and ignore the jealous people...
Continue the awesome job Rose..your blog is BY FAR the BEST!!

Opytaylor said...

LK - My first reaction was that "this is wrong" Click on my name to see what I mean. It was a very bittersweet day. It's guilty pleasure that everyone needs to think about. The next time we go on a paparazzi witch hunt, then we need to look back at our behavior on 8/13

Carly said...

most of my friends are RK shippers/believers. or dont give a damn about them. I have a one friend (that I know of) who doesnt believe. and I like her. we have a lot in common. she is sensible. and she gets annoyed with a lot of things RK. Im trying to be understandable but sometimes is a bit too much and its hard for me to believe people are that are really out there

I can understand that people get annoyed with the shippers. we all get a bit crazy sometimes. and lets face it, people get overboard in every corner of this fandom. but there is one thing I simply cannot accept by this time and with all that was said and done. I cant take seriously anyone who states with a straight face they dont see anything beyond friendship going on. I can understand if you dont *see* it in pictures and videos and on screen, whatever. but it is a simple matter of putting 2 and 2 together. and you get 2 people who are in a relationship that goes beyond friendship. you may not like it, you may prefer to ignore it, you may get fed up with people constantly talking about it but if you dont want me to think of you as a delusional wishful thinker unable to accept facts for what they are, then please dont act like one

sorry for the rant, I usualy stay away from anything RK unfriendly but I was curious what she had to say about it. and I coulndt go past the third sentence. I guess Im less tolerant then I thought. and I really cant stand hypocrisy

as for your post, Rose, spot on as always.

some people will never believe. they will not see because they dont want to see. and even though sometimes its amusing to read their poor excuses Im way happier just ignoring them. because as Rochefoucald said:

"True love can not be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does"

*twirl you later*

keset said...

Where Rob buy this shirt?

And E! talks about RobSten

rpatz_girl said...

i can't believe tht people are still clinging onto these stupid ideas bout the robsten pics. seriously get over it, their together, their happy, its who he wants. just want the haters to stop being idiots bout this, cos we all know, as much as you want, can't have rob. oh and did u here the latest rumours goin round? yeh apparently kristen is bisexual or a lesbian and hiding behind rob. thts utter shit! anything crappy rumour gets started to try and 'explain' their relationship. but anyway besides thee ranting i'm doing, jus thought i'd say i love this blog and glad tht i stumbled upon it ages ago. so honest and real, love it!!

Kai El said...

Dearest Rose,

I know how you must feel dealing with those haters delusional excuses everyday especially something hype like this happening. In fact, I feel so very sorry for them since it's proved that they never feel how to love and to be loved. It's so sad to know that some people are so hateful because of it. But, we should embrace them with Love. Hey, I'm a Lover and I like to stay like that.;) Isn't it Life is wonderful with so much Love around us? Look at Rob and Kristen. People should look up for them, should learn from them, not attack them with lame excuses.

And Rose, keep spreading your loving words to us. We all love you.

Trish said...

Opy is right...while on one hand we LOVE to see them happy and in love on the other it feels wrong..viewing the pics today i felt sort of embarassed looking at them...sort of like walking in on a couple..in addition to that i can sort of imagine how they will feel about this..not very happy i am sure...

I knew the entertainment news would have a field day with this one yesterday...E! being the WORST of them all..while Ted seemed like he was saying told you so (which isnt bad at all)...the main news itself was saying “they can deny deny deny, but its obvious”...that made me upset because...for a year now they havent denied or said no..they just dont want to answer the question..with their intention of keeping it private..that Nightline interview with Rob saying he doesnt want to sell it which is why they refuse to speak of it..the media just doesnt get it!! watching E! News last night i observed that all they report on are on peoples relationship...asking details and such for the whole world to know...so they are really not used to seeing a relationship like R/K...a closed private one in hw..which proves its genuine and has shown that those two have a strong bond...

As for the haters, they just dont want to ACCEPT that they are together...even if they come out to say it..they will never accept and come up with more bs...it wont end so let them keep denying...until oneday they grow tired of it and move on...

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Rose, so R/K do have effect on people, don't they?~ Nonstens really went nuts. I read from another blog that a R/K supporter said even Rob and Kristen totally make out in Time Squre, nonstens will always be nonstens. It's funny and so true!~ Quote Jessica in the movie (aka Anna), "Don't waste your time!" Yes, let's just ignore those shitty people.

Well, and Ronsten effect on me? Shit, I couldn't concentrate on my work for a whole day~ It's counterproductive I know~ :P

Monica from Asia

midnightmunster said...

I just find it HILARIOUS how honey wouldnt stop trolling about how they WERENT dating and how rob would die alone blaa blaa
and now she's saying they're going out and it wont last.
I find it soo funny,what crack pipe has she been smoking seriously??
don't worry honey your getting there slowly, at least you've accepted they are going out...woow shes loony @_@
anyways great post rose as always =) seriously yesterday I had never felt so smug in all my life =P

LIZ said...

TO KAREN: I was the one yesterday that mentioned about Kristen looking at Rob with a look that says "wait until we're alone" and after looking at all the photos again and again, I still agree. We all know she's shy and she appears shy towards him (at least when others are around).

NONSTENS: They should just stay away but ..... let's all keep in mind that after how many years now, there are some tabloids still trying to Brad and Jennifer back together!!!!!! Rather than accept he's with Angelina.

TO OPYTAYLOR: You are so right about all of us buying into the paps .... we should be ashamed.

TO ALL ROBSTEN FANS: We've had our fun at their expense (I'm sure they are really angry about all of this) now we should hope they'll have some privacy for awhile. We don't have that long to wait until they start filming BD.

TO ROSE: Thank you SO MUCH for a great blog, always my first website everyday.

olivia said...

Truthful post today Rose.
Some people! *shakes head to self*
So pessimistic, argumentative and negative. So sad! I try hard to steer clear of those sorts. Bad energy!
Just let it be, let it be.
There are plenty of us who are positive, mature, and respectful in the Rob and Kristen fandom.

I am still doing the happy dance and am so delighted that Rob and Kristen have been able to fit in some together time while she is still working on OTR. Here's hoping that they may have some more private time together and also get together with friends before Rob has to jet out to wherever he will be traveling next.

Love them both and especially as a couple!
Olivia (TX.)

LIZ said...

I failed to mention earlier how I'm STILL doing the Alice Cullen Happy Dance, AND TWIRLING!!!

I really, really, love both Rob & Kristen and especially together. Let's let them get on with their lives!!!! We still have at least 2 more years of Twilight insanity, perhaps they'll be ready for marriage and a family when all of that is over with, we can only dream!!!!

keset said...

Why Robert and Kristin don't want to talk about their Relationship?

(go to 3:40)
all the interview is great BTW.

Kathy said...

Seriously, the way Rob and Kristen look at each other is nothing but PURE LOVE. 100%. People that I know that don't even know a thing about them or have even seen any of the movies have said that they look so in love. Especially during the MTV awards when Kristen was on stage and Rob was just beaming at her....my friends said "that man is SO in love with her, it's obvious". THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. TRUELY. MADLY. DEEPLY. END OF STORY !!!!

SueBee said...

Hyena Chronicles Continue

Dear Diary,

After talking to the voices, I mean thinking about it, I think I've come up with a logical explanation for those damned pics.

Ok, so this is what I'm thinking. Rob flew to Montreal to get back the cigarette lighter that Kristen must have borrowed (stolen) from him.

Yeah, that's it.

They found him next to her trailer because he was searching for it!! Hey, wait, this is sounding good!

He was smoking and she wasn't, so he must have found it.

The poor guy was sick of bumming a light off other people.

He must have traded his belt for the lighter!

He doesn't love her, Diary! He doesn't! (Foot stomp)

Rob was smiling because he was whispering that--

he can finally be fee of her!

he liked the smell of her shampoo and wanted to know what brand it was

he tripped into her while telling a joke

or he was gloating because he finally got his lighter back!!!!

Yeah, I'm satisfied with that. Makes sense--thanks for agreeing with me voices! No, I won't take my meds!

SueBee said...

Sorry, I'll be good now. (mostly)

30yearoldtwifan said...

Like I stated yesterday the pic's were bitter sweet for me. Kind of like your on a diet but cant stay away from sweets.LOL Then again who knows how many times in between they have seen each other and we and the paps weren't aware. So I guess they have to be grateful for those moments, its bound to happen at times. They are going to be pap together being Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and there a couple,for nowm means money for the paps. My main issue with the paps is when they yell and scream. Call R and K names, run them off the road. That scares me. That is as bad as a hyena.

Here's my thing, I hope and pray for R and K sake that the fans (US) will eventually get bored or just so use to them being a couple we wont care with the relationship issue, its not are business. Its not are place. When we do, the pics wont be so golden to the paps. That will take time, and I hope R and K are slowly taking there steps to come out as a committed couple, that doesn't mean we are entitled to every or any details but it might diffuse the are they arent they need for a pic.

I agree with the above few who stated we need to ignore the fuck nuts. I am barely on twitter but I dont follow any one who is drama and/or a hateful person either. I dont go to sites I know will make me so fucken angry I will want to give a virtual bitch slap. I use to and got so pissed, for what? Sickos who want my attention. Nope. What we have to understand is it will NEVER be enough for the nonstens. Never . They don't want R and K a couple and they don't want to have to say they were wrong. For me, I honestly don't even want that, I just want them to stop spreading hate and threats. IMO If they hate these two as couple then stop being there "fan" or stalker I should say. Like Rob said GET OFF MY DICK. :)

Lots of love and happiness to R and K ♥

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Love the post.

The excuses just make me laugh. And the more they use them and the new ones they make up--- it just makes these people look more foolish than they already do.
The E/B Anniversary one was a personal fav. No one with a sound mind would ever write that! It's ridiculous.

And I always love that whenever pics of Rob and Kristen come out (there have been a lot) showing them all close and cuddly -- they go to the same bag of tricks in pulling out old photos of Rob interacting with other females.
Except it never dawns on them that Rob is NOT seen all over the world with these women. On personal downtime. For well OVER a year now. LOL.

So, how does Rob leaning down listening to a co-star while on a loud stage in front of thousands of people while at an event -- have anything to do with him visiting his girlfriend, Kristen, on set of her new movie and snuggling with her, while he's on personal downtime? NOTHING.

And not that it matters but I remember that part and Anna ran on stage last minute. She said something to Alex Meraz excitedly and then repeated the same thing to Rob.
And the thing is -- Rob and Kristen have opposite sex friends and co-stars and will interact with them -- smile, laugh and stand close. But how does any of that take away from them being in a relationship? Sorry for the people that cling to this but it doesn't.
Anna has a boyfriend so her talking close to Alex and Rob means what in regards to her relationship? Uh, notta thing.

Certain people just cling for...
anything. Like they always do. As Rose said.
And, really, like Rose also said --- let them. People can think/believe what they want. But it doesn't mean I won't laugh at their insanity with some of the crap they come up with.

Also, I don't like the paps. I agree the pics were bittersweet. But at least the pics yesterday were taken at a movie set instead of them somewhere very personal. Not justifying anything -- just saying I would rather them get seen by paps there than being stalked elsewhere. It's the elsewhere that disturbs me the most.

Hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying their time together!!

LJ said...

SueBee....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..I LOVE it.

'He must have traded his belt for the lighter!'

He he...please don't be good you crack me up! :-D


30yearoldtwifan said...

Hay! Rose one more thing! I wonder if Miss Scientist from the other day is choking on her words right about now! LMFAO Seems YOUR formula was correct. :)

She is one I think DOES owe you an apology.

kristine.hills said...

For us RK believers




deb said...

OK go with me here Not that I want to invade there privacy Because LORD knows they deserve it BUT why cant a FAN get the KISSING pic ?that way the paps wont get the money shot and it well be out there and done with. I know I know why even have one but can you see my point? once its out there and the PAPS DIDN'T GET IT maybe ( and thats a small maybe) they well give them a little peace I hope you understand what I'm trying to say NO I don't want to see them upset about all this thats going on But we all know that the ASSHOLES wont stop until they get that shot. I'm sorry if I have upset anyone I didn't mean to thank you all.AND LONG LIVE ROB AND KRISTEN

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose I have nothing much to add to the rest of us commentators.....

Great POV thou all round....

Have a Great Weekend ALL


LJ said...

Hi Louisa!

Thanks for sharing the link, just gorgeous :-)


Anonymous said...

Rose your the best! Your absolutely right, they are delusional. How could you look at any of those pictures of Rob and Kristen and not just feel the love. I think the people that have so much doubt and spew so much hate at them are hopeing that in some alternative universe that Rob will fall in love with them. bwwahahahaha not gonna happen, he only has eyes for Kristen....twirl. thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...
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June said...

Bittersweet pics? Not at all! They were sweet, even sweeter than I expected.

Nobody has got an ideal and perfect job. There's always a negative part, something you dislike, even thouhg you can love your job.

Papz hunting is the negative part of being a succesful and charismatic actor, but on the other hand, you can choose the projects you want to work in, you get millions of $ for your work, you can go on holydays if you feel like it.. I mean, there's always a price to pay for the goodness you get.

And what about us? Papz go after them because we want to know about them, otherwise, why should we come over Rose's blog every day?

I don't see any bitterness in these pics. Papz weren't stalking R&k. They were relaxed, smiling, talking. It really made my day seeing these pics, because seeing them happy, makes me happy too.

Rose for being a honest and genuine person, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Anonymous said...


this might be more visible...

June said...


I read somewhere that TomStu should take the Kiss pic, then sell it for a lot of $ and donate the money to an ONG. Wouldn't it be great?

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, thank you for today's blog, it was great. I don't think the haters and nonstens will ever change their minds no matter what evidence we produce to try and convince them. It is their loss, and I feel sorry for them. The part I hate and could never forgive are the threats, the name calling and actually wishing for one or the other to die...there could never be an excuse for this kind of behavior. Thank you Rose for your words...I look forward to them every day. Try and ignore all the hateful and nasty emails you receive, because they are not worth your time. I am still so happy from yesterday's pictures, I can't stop smiling which probably looks a little odd, but who cares. I hope R and K don't get upset over these pics because they made so many people happy. R and K are in love with each other, it has lasted a long time and they have put up with a lot of crap, and they are still going strong. All anybody has to do is look at them and the love is all there for all of us to see. The people who don't see it are blind or just dumb, and we shouldn't waste our time on them.

Wildhart007 said...

Rose I totally agree that it is in his eyes, when he looks at Kristen.

Sue Bee the Hyena Chronicles are hilarious!

Louisa I always enjoy the videos

Thx everyone!

Amy said...

Rob was there to see Tom, that is the real couple. That is one of the excuses of hyenas. it is the insane, jealous, unstable, angry losers who better see him gay that admit he is with kristen,I'm tired of the hyenas.

Tara said...

I'm sure Rob and Kris fans would enjoy seeing a kiss pics it would only be further confirmation of what has been so obvious for so long. At this point with the doubters they'd just say that Summit has ordered them to practice kissing scenes for Breaking Dawn and that's why they're doing it. Whatever. I love and support Rob and Kris's relationship. It's a beautiful thing!

dowlingnana said...

Greetings from Colorado Fellow Believers: (well except for a certain nonsten/hyena) Anyway, I so agree with so many of you on here.
I also just watched the video from the awards and I am sorry for some but, Rob WAS laughing before bending to see what Anna was saying just like LK also said. I saw the pic of Rob with Jessica Alba after the awards and there is nada of a crack of a smile anywhere on his face. Rob IS a gentleman and will always be kind when speaking to others and WTH, is he not allowed to even smile at a possibly joke or something??? This is soooo ridiculous it really isn't funny at all....not one little bit!! I had a feeling when I saw Tom had a role in OTR that the talk would be the only reason Rob was there, BUT, hahahaha, unfortunately the pics are worth a thousand words.
Was there really a kissing pic? I ask becoz' even tho' it looks as if both eyes are shut on them, but, he is smiling as well as them attempting that where it is visibly clear two others are in that pic as well. Just seems a bit weird to me with others that close to them, but hey, you never know do ya'? lol Well, that's it for now besides another smiley day.
Kudos to you all............Donna

SueBee said...


I agree about the kiss. Well, at least I'm questioning the when and where.

They seem pretty snuggly, even within a group of people. If there were a kiss here, it would more than likely have been a peck.

There was a rumor of a pic of a kiss. They never said if it was a smoking hot one.

If it were a serious lip lock, I think it would have been at a different location--say, coming out of the trailer. (Just my imagination)

Melinda said...

Late 2 the party....

Still smiling at the sweetness of Rob's and Kristen's smiles.

How I wish that it was a fan photo instead although you wouldn't have gotten the same type of picture.

I hate it for Rob and Kristen to have private moments taken of them. I hope that the frenzy of getting the money shot will die down over the next year. I can't believe how much money those shots go for. R/K are aware of it I'm sure and they are going to do everything to make sure the paps/media don't profit.

Saw a few minutes ago on twitter two different "paps" say they have pics of Rob and Kristen together. One even said they had "to work hard" for that pic. I can only guess what they did for that photo.

Also saw a tweet that said a girl spotted them at a restaurant eating and said that Rob kissed Kristen and it was very sweet.

I hope any other pics of them come from fans and not the paps but I am sure we will see paps ones as well.

Our reaction to them should be interesting depending on what kind of pic it is....

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog and following you on twitter for a while now. I really love reading your opinion on Robsten. Yesterday was so EPIC. I have only been following them since around January. I am now hooked. It was so clear for me from that point that they were together since last May. It is really not that difficult to see. I love the twitter crew. The ladies are great! Keep on twirling! I love the conga line as well!

Petegirlsmom (Nekol)

SueBee said...

Taking these kissing at a restaurant rumors with a grain of salt...

but just speculating...

they know by now about the leaked pics. If he kissed her in public, at a restaurant, they must want to be caught.

Do you think they would do this?

dowlingnana said...

@SueBee: I have to agree there about the restaurant kiss, but, they did have some pecks in London when that one politician tweeted. But, as you said with the ones from yesterday it would be iffy. I am just glad he's still there and they're together!!! I'm thinking too they have to know by now that the question has been answered, even if not orally!!

SueBee said...


I know they know by now that they've been outed BUT they were caught holding hands in Paris and remained quiet about the relationship.

They were filmed leaving Hungary together and NADA.

Maybe since this is the first overt PDA (although holding hands would do it for me) they might relax a bit more.

They know they aren't hiding anything.

I know they deserve privacy but Rob is hiding nothing with the way he looks at her.

That boy is in deep smit. Totally smitten.

So sweet

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late to the party today, but my girls were on my laptop most of the day doing a school project!

Yesterday was interesting, that's for sure. I enjoyed looking at the pictures, it was nice to see Rob and Kristen together. They obviously knew they were in a public place, most likely knew that there was a chance they'd get their picture taken (even if it's by the paparazzi.. wouldn't be the first time either of them got pap'd on set) and really just didn't seem to mind.

And then the crazy stuff started. The excuses, the rationalizations, the anger, the hate.. some of it was totally LOL worthy, while other stuff was just as rude as ever.

I pity the ones who can't seem to wrap their brains around the fact that these two people are in a relationship. I'm feel sorry for them that they react with such anger..

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

And that's all they get out of it.. really.. it doesn't hurt either Rob or Kristen for people to doubt them, and it doesn't hurt any of us on here that DO believe they're together.

Those who hate and express their anger aren't going to give it up any time soon either. If they accept the truth, then they lose their reason to not to look at themselves as the source of the anger.

So we do what we're doing. Keep believing.. keep dancing.. keep smiling :) and keep loving!

dowlingnana said...

@SueBee: Hahaha, I love the he's in deep smit!! And, you are so RIGHT, his looks have given it away since wayyyyy back, hasn't it? And, again your'e right about the other places and I can't help but think about the Eclipse premiere/after party where they seemed to "let go" a bit as well!!
As the Monkees once sang: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'M A BELIEVER!!!

iena amoi said...

I am still smiling from yesterday's pic. :)

And the MTV pic, rob smile was more of like something funny was said but in Montreal, he was smiling with much adoration and love.

I think this HATERS never been in love before. Oh wait! rite...they are HATERS, how can they love or know what love is? hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Neither Ashley, Anna, Nikki, Emilie are in Montreal, Kristen is. Neither of those four girls went to Budapest when Rob was filming Bel Ami. So if either of those four were dating Rob, I'd be worried. Because Rob is using them. :)

And erm, yeah the whole Kristen dating Tom thing, which you didn't mention. She didn't go to where Tom was for her Birthday.

katy said...

I'm very Late to the party...So Rob, Tom and Sam's Bradley wife - Alexandria, went out to dinner last night while Kristen and the rest of the cast were working...it's like a big happy family :)
And I heard on twitter...by the other fan who took a pic with Rob that Kristen joind them later.

why did they cut Tom of the pics where we see Rob and Sam's wife???
And some Rob Fans sites where saying that Rob was with a mystery blond girl...I guess people just want to sirt the pot

katy said...

hoops...I mean...Sam Riley's wife...not Bradley

Anonymous said...

Seriously? How far down the throat would his tongue have to be because to shut the crazy people up it might be worth it. Kidding, of course. Take care Rose--good job!

Anonymous said...

Will not comment on the BS stories. WILL NOT COMMENT ON THE BS STORIES.

Rob is in Montreal with Kristen. :) I get great pleasure from the mere fact that some people's panties and some briefs on Twitter especially and elsewhere are in a seemingly permanent knotted state over that!

Anonymous said...

To A friend...

I think they could do the nasty in the middle of Time Square and it would never be enough! So, they should just live the life that makes them happy ;) That is all a TRUE fan of Robert and Kristen wants!