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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Robsten Jealousy

Since there isn't anything really going on right now
(Where is Robert? LA?)
I'm going to write about why I think there are so many
out there.
It all comes down to one glaring truth


This pisses the haters off.
And I guess I understand why.
It's got to be kinda embarrassing to be jealous
of a 20 year old actress...
for the sole reason of her relationship with
Robert Pattinson.

Oh sure...
They will whine and howl that it's not about being jealous.
But... But
They have a right not to like Kristen Stewart!
And they do... no doubt about it.
But this is more than dislike.
They will throw out the usual bullshit
about not liking her attitude...
or how she dresses...
Or what she says...
You know and I know
that if Kristen weren't WITH Robert...
I wouldn't be writing this post!

Because the fact of the matter is...
It's not really about Kristen at all...
It's ALL about Robert.

What is the definition of Jealousy?

feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages
feeling resentment because of another's success, advantage, etc.

That sounds about right.

Let's take a look at what puts the green
in the monster's eyes.


Jealousy, look at me now
Jealousy, you got me somehow
You gave me no warning
Took me by surprise
Jealousy, you led me on
Jealousy, you tripped me up
Jealousy, you brought me down
You bring me sorrow
You cause me pain
Jealousy, when will you let go


Final thought?
Keep in mind that I wasn't talking about you.
Unless you think I was.
Maybe I was.
If you say so.

This post is brought to you by the letter *J* 
Cause you know it's true!
And by some serious
You will know soon enough.


Bye for now


Honey said...

Kristen doesn't want Rob anymore since shes found Garrett. Believe it. And one more thing. Rob is a terrible singer. He sounds like hes constipated when he sings. He'll never release an album cause no one will want it. LOSER!

Anonymous said...

lovvee your post Rose..

i feel sick, tired of hyena feel jealousy toward kristen...cause Rob so in love to Kristen.. and also they jealous cause Kristen beautiful, talented, intellegent,famous, rich, down to earth, soulfull, fierce,mature beyonf her age...so why not Rob not falling in love for the first time to Kristen..

Savannah Woods said...

@Honey, you have the answer to EVERYTHING! Great job figuring that out, thankyou! None of us would have got that without you!
Garrett and Kristen are desperately in love and will probably be married by the end of OTR shooting and surrounded by many beautiful offspring.

Did I mention my sarcasm hand was raised?
With the singing thing, that's an opinoin I'm afraid so shan't challenge that

Bex said...


hahaha go back and read the post... you fit the description perfectly.

and if Rob were to release an album I'm sure it would sell just fine. Lots of people love his music.. including his #1 fan. KRISTEN.

Anonymous said...

Another great one, Rose. Jealousy and hate are too common among women. If we stopped all the pettiness and banded together, imagine the things we could get done. Sadly, that will never happen. Kristen is a 20 year old actress making millions of dollars, covering magazines, dating a hot guy, and getting great critical reviews. The jealousy was bound to come. It just means she's made it into the circle. There isn't an actress today that doesn't get it. Kristen has stayed true to herself. She has never been the party girl or looked fake in an interview. I want her to stay just the way she is. Some broke, jealous internet hags and gossipers may not like it, but it's not affecting her bottom line. Kristen has options that most people can't even dream of and she continues to make me, as a fan, proud every day.

twilightbabez said...

Hi Rose I think ROB IS NOW IN MONTREAL. @BrendaBest tweeted some hints of him flying out. It's nearer than LA and he has time. Why not go.

This makes sense why Dean did not go to TN with him.

And to you HONEYENA. DREAM ON. As you speak, Rob is in Kristen's trailer at OTR set.

Caroline said...

Oh @Honey...i feel sorry for you...deny...deny...deny...Really?And since you don't like Rob, wtf are you doing here?



Anonymous said...

to honey...

sweet heart have you take your medication, if you forget drink it, and go to bed will you...or would i help to get you to straight Jacket...LOL

Patricia said...


I feel that after TCA and all the hate that will come from Kristen not being there and Rob(in their warped minds)hooking up with some starlet, we will be overwhelmed with the Bullshit. it's always like that when they're filming apart.

I'm getting ready for the Rob/Kristen drought. We've been so spoiled with MTV Awards, 'Eclipse' promo pictures, WFE shots, we will have a dry spell I'm sure.

I guess Rob (went undetected and flew into LA) maybe he came into Burbank airport (more low key)..

I must admit I'm obsessed with Rob/Kristen and what's going on. And am totally INTOXICATED WITH THE DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME YOUNG MAN NAMED ROBERT PATTINSON.


Anonymous said...

Great post today!! Well Said!!

Patricia said...

What a sweet name for someone who has so much hate in their thinking. EMBRACE LOVE NOT HATE. YOU'LL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

Melinda said...

DING, DING, DING! Hit the nail on the head this time!!

I read a comment by a "non" that said they don't talk about Rob's private life but that we (the believers) do. They are trying to make people believe they are the better Rob "fans" b/c they respect his wishes for privacy...foam, foam, foam.

You know what I think? I think the reason they don't talk about his private life (if that is actually true) is b/c Kristen is a part of it and they don't want to discuss anything that she is involved with except to be nasty.

I can't wait till the Twilight stuff is done with. Maybe after then these foamers can move on and just let everyone who is happy in life live in peace.

PS. I am pretty sure who "Honey" is...she isn't trying to hide it...and if you ever saw her twitter page you would understand her obsession...such a sad little girl...and why some people have blocked her.

Bex said...

LOL So i'm guessing since Taysten never took off she switched to GarrettStew? What a pathetic loser. She needs to get a life of her own and stop obssessing/foaming over Kristen and Robs...she'll probably die of a heart attack around 30 from all the stress that hating somebody she'll never meet SO MUCH is putting on her. It's gotta be tiring.

kharma1 said...

Happy Thursday..
Hi Rose.
Yup, that good old word jealousy. It's been around for a very long time, does not discriminate,it
affects the young and old, rich or poor. The sad part is that it
has affected quite a few in this fandom against a young woman that has done nothing wrong but to have fallen in love with someone they all covet.
Jealousy is a very powerful condition and what it does to people is downright scary as we have seen in this fandom.
The bright side is that it does not affect the way Rob feels about Kristen and how Kristen feels about Rob. They will love each other and go on loving each other inspite of it all.
We are the ones that have to put up with their idiotic nonsense and
BS on a daily basis.
But they are the ones that are suffering because jealousy has poisoned their mind and bodies and has made them miserable human beings.
If that's how they want to go through life, I truly feel sorry for them.
Thanks again Rose for another great post.

deb said...

Love it Rose And honey has proven you Right about jealousy and hate go hand in hand. HOW FUNNY To think that one day MR.Robert Pattinson seen a movie who had Miss Kristen Steward in it and NEW he had to meet her. And then HE waited for her. NOW he is with her AND WHY is THAT? WELL people because he seen something he liked and went for it YES FRIENDS FIRST NOW lovers you can even say SOUL MATES.You are right Rose PEOPLE do HATE and get jealousy over things THEY CANT HAVE.GET over it people ROBERT PATTINSON has made his choice and it is Kristen Steward AND I think he made a good one to Thank you Rose for the reminder. DEB.

Anonymous said...

So poster number one gives us a prime example of everything in today's post. Thanks for pretty must proving Rose right. It's nice when other people do that when they're trying to prove her wrong. Funny how that works....

Anywho! I think it's hilarious that nobody seems to know where Rob's went. Is he in LA? Montreal? I dunno, but I know where I'd *like* him to be. I sat and watched message boards last night go crazy with speculation about where he was heading...

One of my faves yesterday was that he was still in Chattanooga riding bikes for fun. That one made me almost spit my drink out. Bike riding.. in 100+ degree weather.. yeah. Then my personal favorite.. "He was all over some girls at Graffiti" says a friend from Chattanooga. Yeah, no. No such place exists in Chattanooga..

It's sad that someone's hate for a 20 yr old girl will drive them to outright lie about a guy they profess to adore, simply to make it seem like he's not with her.

If you take personal offense to something that is written as a generalization here or anywhere else, then you're seeing something in yourself that causes you to go on the defensive.

~ To cure jealousy is to see it for what it is, a dissatisfaction with self ~ Joan Didion

katy said...

Why are you here? You cleary don't like Rob...Why do you feel the need on going into Rob's fan blogs...if you don't like him...Yes..you go...I've seen your name in them, you go there just to bash Rob.
Realy Kristen has found Garret and now she doesn't want Rob anymore....'believe it'...Ohh wait you now have some inside info...you are such close friend with Kristen that you know whats going one with her life or what she feels....Yeah Right...why don't you crawl into the hole that you came...and don't forget to take your medication.
And one more thing, if and when Rob release an album...their will be plenty of people willing to buy his music.

Yes, Rose it all about jealousy.

PS: I guess Honey is jealous to...of Rob

christine said...

You always know what to say Rose...you are awesome.

LK said...

Hey,girls!Honey is just a troll.Probably she has nothing better to do and she wants some stirring the pot.Ignore her and she'll go away.

Jealousy isn't a good feeling,but hate is a disastrous one.Especially towards a person you don't know personally and probably you'll never meet.I don't know what's wrong with those women(haters)minds.Do they think that they can have a chance with Rob(lol)? Do they want a chance with Kristen and they hate her for preffering Rob?(lol).Or they're just a bunch of desperate morons?With no love in their lives?In this case,i feel sorry for them.They must lead a very sad life.

P.S.By the way Garrett has already a girlfriend.And Kristen has a bf.His name is Rob.

SueBee said...

(It's been a while)

Hyena Chronicles

Dear Diary,

Something has to be done about Kristen! I thought that if she went to a different country, he'd finally be free of her but noooooooo. He's still wearing that damned bracelet she forced on him.

Please let her fall for Garrett. (fingers crossed)

I don't know what the big deal is about that Eclipse after party pic. It can't be real. I figure it's one of two things.

It was photo shopped or he was sucking a tick off of her neck.

Yeah, that's it.

Deep breaths. Feeling better now.

Diary, I WILL break them up. Wait, they aren't together. Yeah, it'll be okay. The voices told me so.

Sorry about the foam dripping on the page....(Wiping off mouth)

SueBee said...

Ha ha ha ha

Haters never prosper

deb said...

SueBee your so funny I love your Diary funny thing is its SO TRUE with some people DEB.

keset said...

Great post :)

Patricia said...


You Rock! You had me laughing my ass off. Grazie for that comment. I needed some laughing. Where is
Rob ???????? ??????


keset said...

Honey, your post is Disgusting.

Trish said...

Wow...who left the gate opened?..and i love how the person was the first to comment also *shakes head*..

This Garrett thing is so so laughable...It's funny how they always pair up Kristen with whoever she is working with but while she is doing the twilight movies..they never pair her up with Rob...ANYBODY but Rob..they even bring up Taylor..nonsense!

NOt much news today, but Rose I am happy that you wrote this blog about jealousy because coming to think about it, that's all that it is..complete JEALOUSY..its very sad!

@SueBee..bwahaha! thank you so much for that...

It's definetely A day in the life of a hyena LOL..I'm laughing so hard, my co-workers are staring LOL.

Missing Rob and KRisten...cant wait for a new pic..(waiting patiently)xxx.

Trish said...

Honey was just looking for attention..and I guess she/he succeeded..no one else should write about it..IGNORE!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys.
I doubt Rob is in Montreal. Hopefully because a longer trip there is on the horizon. He was spotted in the Nashville airport around the time of day the only non-stop to LA was. There was also a tweet from someone who saw him on the plane.

Does anyone remember if the Rob cousin sighting said Rob would definitely be going home for his mom's birthday, or was it a maybe? I just think if I were him I would go to London in September to get in a good visit before BD shooting.

Opytaylor said...

What happened to Loiuse from Australia, and Lisa, and SuzyQ?

keset said...

twilightbabez, Who is BrendaBest?

She wrote this - "Okay, let me retweet...Robert Pattinson used his bat wings to fly out of Nashville today ! That's all I'm saying."

Lisa said...

Spot on as usual Rose.. Wasn't it nice of Honey to show up and prove your point? Rob sings terrible? He's a looser? REALLY! LMAO
I don't get the haters.. Take Honey, it would appear she doesn't like Robert because he's with K. But as a fan of K, don't you think it's TERRIBLY disrespectful to her to say things like she'll be with Garret or whoever? Really, to think she falls for every one of her costars? That's just so disrespectful! :(

I hope Rob enjoys his little down time.. Kristen must really be enjoying Montreal. There hasn't been any popz pics at all.. I miss her, but HOW NICE! :)

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Honey can post a comment on a site which she most definitely hates, one based on Rob, who she doesn't seem to be a fan of, get replies back but doesn't have the guts to respond.

Then again she'll probably be only to answer one thing: Fuck you. Which doesn't answer why she's on here, why she's making up shit (because it's shit unless you're there with Garrett and Kristen and have seen the proof), and why she's saying something which is honestly shit about that no one wants an album from Rob.

I guess these people commenting here don't want it...Right. No. If I asked, who here wants Rob to release an album? A lot would say yes I'm guessing. And elsewhere. Therefore some do want him to release an album.

I'm sure too if someone like James Morrison (not a brilliant comparison) that Rob could.

LJ said...

Hey Ladies :-)

SueBee I LOVE the hyena chronicles...you are a legend!

Spot on post as usual Rose, jealousy is not a pretty thing. I had a cocktail once called 'Green Eyed Monster'...funnily enough it's made with a 'dash of Bitters'....me thinks this could be a hyenas drink of choice...!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I don't think she's a fan.

There's nowhere in there that says she is a fan.

Melinda said...

Just wanted to post a cute video since Louisa isn't around to do it (she is on vacay):


How anyone could see this video and not see how happy they are is beyond me! Of course I think they see it and it eats them alive from the inside. I wonder if any of them have ulcers from all the stress of being so negative and bitter all the time?

SUEBEE- thanks for the laughs! You rock!

KSTEW ROCKS- "Honey" is Kristen obsessed so of course Rob isn't good enough for her. Funny how the haters think THEY know what is good for Rob and Kristen.

I can't imagine how unhappy and unfulfilled your life must be to spread so much BS all over the internet.

June said...

Hi Rose. Today it's Jelousy's turn, almost every day is hyena's turn, many days it's Rob&Kristen's love turn and all of them are really interesting. You know how to express your thoughts in a loving an original way, but.. when will it be Fact's turn? Don't get upset, but so many twirls are making me feel sick!

I really appreciate all of your posts, really, but when Rob is MIA and there's so much buzzing, twirls and stuff like this in twitters about the possible location of Rob.. I just would appreciate that someone said, plainly -Yes, Rob is in Montreal, LA or in Alaska! or We have no idea where Rob is-

Am I talking nonsense? I guess so.

Thanks Rose for your daily work!

Anonymous said...

Melinda, how do you know she's Kristen obsessed though? I know there's someone who's a Kristen fan, who goes everywhere, but acts like she hates her. It's weird.
Haters are weird though.

Gonna check that link out...

Donna said...

Love the new photo at the top of the blog Just makes me want to come read your blog even more then ever :)
You are so right about the jealousy most people can only see what other people have or do and never look at themselves and how they are acting. So Sad
You are the best

Anonymous said...

Rose, you nailed it once again..I see it already stirred up some nonsense from a hater. Didn't take long lmao gooo Rose!

Savannah Woods, Bex,Caroline,Ciropeto,Patricia, Katy,LK,SueBee,Keset,Trish,Lisa, Kstewrocks,THANK YOU! lol don't go to a fan site of someone you hate and think the real fans...that arent't jealous, just happy that they're happy arent' gonna say something..Honey! Go back to the hater sites you obviously cling to.

Melinda said...


She has posted many times before. She hates Rob for whatever reason. She has posted on here before and it is always that Kristen is better with any co-star but the one she is with which is Rob.

Rose posted about the jealousy from "obsessed" Rob "fans (using that lightly b/c they aren't real fans)" but there are obsessed Kristen "fans" as well (i.e. Honey).

You just have to learn to ignore them. They can all hang out together and foam all they want.

Me, I prefer to converse with people who love and support both Rob and Kristen in both their professional and personal lives. It's a much happier place to be! :)

deb said...

Opytaylor hey there guy how ya doing Louisa is on a vac with hubby and I think that Lisa has family over they well be back ok DEB.

deb said...

Melinda so true I think she just wants the attention and thats what shes getting she is ONE of many who say shit. Someone once said that they think that THEY the HATERS nonbelievers DO believe they just like the attention TO me they are like babies when other babies get a new toy they are JEALOUS because THEY want it. TO BAD ROBS not a toy. and he is already taken BY KRISTEN now watch them cry like ALL babies do . DEB.

olivia said...

Great post Rose,
So sad that the need exists to remind some people that they need to keep in check that ugly emotion - jealousy. Thank you Rose for bringing it up. Controlling it is a basic social skill and should be part of one's emotional training to look within and quesion, then try to understand why someone is so threatening to oneself and then connect in a civilized manner. Tracy, your quote by J. Didion was perfect!

Just a reminder of Rose's wise words:
it's not if.....but when.

Always a believer,

Rose, I forgot to mention yesterday that the new banner is gorgeous. What a great greeting each day upon visiting your blog spot.

shoegal2547 said...

This vid came out last year, but I think it sums up the feelings expressed here today, and actually all the time...


shoegal2547 said...

I know I should be responding to your post in writing, but in a way I am...someone saw the affection between R/K in 2008...I did too!


Just feels like a Robsten Day to me! Thank you very much for your blog...it's an amazing place to visit.

dowlingnana said...


Patricia: I agree with you there hon!!

SueBee: hahahaha, I have company, well my daughter does while I'm on here, and, I am so laughing and they're like what you laughing at? I love your diaries!!! continue!

Deb: Agree with you all the way there. He had a crush on her, waited for her, etc. etc. That's why I firmly believe with my whole heart that he wrote that song, Falling in love for the last Time. I can soooo see him doing that way back then. Not only that but becoz' he has said he had a very difficult time, like taking mos., to get over things back with the Twilight days!! I love that song and am listening to it now.

Again, Rose, spot on!!! And I agree with wanting to just know where Rob has landed to get it over with. I know, patience, patience!!
Kudos to all of you, Donna

SueBee said...

Thanks guys! I have to give hubby credit for the tick comment.

I showed him the pic and asked what he thought of it. He said "Yeah, he's kissing her neck. What, do they think he's sucking a tick off of her or something?"

Gotta love him. :o)

olivia said...

Forgot to mention:
Another thumbs up!
Love the Dear Diary -Hyena Chronicles!
Tell hubby, his contribution was a three pointer!
: D

Atticus said...

I miss Kristen. I miss Kristen with Rob. Since we're sharing, this is one of my fav videos. Some of you might have seen it already.


Keep pushing & twirling!

Tarra said...


Your blog is such a breath of fresh air for me. It's truly a pleasure to read your blog on a daily basis. Tired of all the hate, anger and jealousy at the AT board. There will always be people that post just to rile the Robsten or R/K fans up and then there is the other segment that truly believe Kristen is horrible and unworthy of Rob. They make the most disgusting comments about her and while claiming to be his fans. With fans like those he truly doesn't need any enemies. Jealousy is such a wasted emotion because we were all given unique talents and gifts. Instead of finding out what makes them unique and cultivate that special quality about themselves, they (haters)just go on and spread hate and lies. I'm a firm believer in karma and what you put out there comes back in spades. Wonder why Rob and Kristen are getting such good and interesting roles its due to talent and karma giving back to them what they have given to others and by all accounts they treat their fans kindly. Go figure a little love goes a long way.

jen said...

yeah, it's really intriguing Rose the blind hatred for Kristen.

Notice that hatred was not there when everyone saw her sitting pretty with Michael Angarano.

All this psychotic hatred came when hookup rumors started heating up in Vancouver during the end of New Moon shooting.

I know people who hate her irrationally. Who fixate on what they don't like about her looks, or her attitude. They make up stories in their head that she is friendless and family-lesss and mean and gay and bitter and trying to ruin robert's career while fixing hers because they actually think she has no rep of her own in the industry.

Complete fanfiction. But it gets them through the day in imagining that Robert isn't really with her.


Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Awesome post! So true. So true.

I find the haters to be really pathetic. They go around spending so much time and energy on hating on Kristen. And then there's all the bullshit they make up and the lies they try to spread -- it's so insane. They get completely unhinged about anything having to do with Rob and Kristen.
I do my best to avoid these people at all cost.

Alexa Cullen said...

Adoré tu blog, realmente lo adoré y tu eres tan simpatica y acertada... jajaja lo amo y me gustaría mucho que nuestros blogs fueran hermanos.


Besos, besos desde Chile y latinoamerica.

Lisa said...

@Opy, I am here.. I missed a few days last week... As Deb said, I had my daughter and her family here most of last week as her downstairs AC went out and they had a hard time finding the part.. I tried to turn over a new leaf. I read what Rose posts, comment and then not read after.. I just can't come here and read the hate.. I read and keep up with twitter & FB. However, I follow no haters or non's at all. Louisa is on vacation.. :)

@KSTEWROCKS I "assumed" she was a KS fan, not just because of her hatred of Rob but her "since shes found Garrett" comment. But I would agree, she's no fan of Stews. But I do think SHE thinks she is!

@SueBee as always, you are TOO FUNNY!


Carly said...

lack of news sometimes brings the best posts :) very well said Rose

I can understand dislike, there are some artist I really dont have the wish to see "ni en pintura" as the Spanish saying goes. and I ignore and try to avoid them. and Im sure the people that dont find Kristen that appealing do the same

but what you get from some of these "people" is pure hatred that has nothing to do with who Kristen is and everythign to d with who she is with

Anonymous said...

So I can't seem to get to sleep for anything, which sucks, but on the other hand, I did realize something tonight.

Today's been a lose/lose day for haters and the jealous zealots. Let's review! (just for reference.. I'm a little loopy from lack of sleep, but carry on)

He's obviously not in TN anymore. Everyone seems to agree on that. BUT! Nobody knows where he's at.. which means.. either he's in Montreal, or LA. I have my guesses, but we'll leave them out of this for now!

If he's in Montreal, the zealots are angry because it means he went straight to her...:) if he's in LA, it means that he managed to get there unseen and unpapp'd. (so far, that we know of) which means that he is *completely* capable of traveling around to wherever he might choose to go without anyone noticing (which is what we've been saying forever).. either way makes the zealots angry.. so lose/lose for them. Happy day for us.

Monica said...


Laughing out loud,
Monica from Asia ^^

deb said...

OK Ladies this is what I read (take it as a grain of salt) BUT they are saying that Rob WELL S T O P acting for a period of time after hes done with BD I my self dont think he well but heres the web site http://www.robertpattinson.org SO what do you think . DEB.

Livstar said...

Hi! This is my first time commenting on your blog Rose - and I just have to say how much I love it. I come everyday for your insightful comments on all things Rob, Kristen and Robsten. And now I am finally taking the plunge and writing myself!
I really enjoy reading all the positive comments that your fellow bloggers share and all the Hyena's, well...I'm not here for their rubbish so I'll just ignore their indecipherable howling and drooling.
I am so happy for Rob that he now has some time off for family and friends either in the U.S, London or a special lady in Canada.
So I might just stick around and enjoy your blog and wonderful followers if you don't mind? It gets a bit lonely over here in Australia!!
Cheers, Olivia

Monica said...

Oh SueBee, yes, it's been a while. I always love your Dear Diary pieces. You make me laugh my ass off everytime~ ^^

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb!
About the break from acting.. meh.. I'd take it with a grain of salt. There's really no telling what he'll do unless we hear it from him. As of right now, the only thing he's said he was going to be working on (that he hasn't already finished) was Unbound Captives, and they're apparently having some scheduling conflicts with multiple people for that one i think. He hasn't said if he's doing anything else after Breaking Dawn yet, but that in and of itself is going to be a 6 month long shoot, yeah? Plenty of time to make a decision about what to do after... But that's purely my guess and speculation based on what I've read and heard.

Couldn't hurt to take a few months off though.. find some time to relax! Maybe somewhere with a beach.. with a gorgeous petite brunette (or strawberry blondish at the moment) with big green eyes sitting beside him........

deb said...

OK CALL ME A ASS I DIDNT GO LOOK AT THE WEB SITE BEFORE I POST I just found this petition going on some one started SO there you go you see how shit starts I should of look before I open my BIG mouth I AM SORRY YOU GUYS I know better to look first :( DEB.

deb said...

Thanks Trish I really feel bad when I say things that i dont know if true or not But like you said grain of salt and it would be nice to take some time to recharge and spend time with the baby girl of his Thank you again Trish you made me feel a little better :) DEB.

Bren said...

I have spent hours surfing the net for info on where Rob could be.

There were two different posts that claim Rob was on board their plane to LA.

There are twit pics of Rob still at Nashville airport, it is mentioned that Rob was in a hurry. Someone claims here that the plane was being held for him, and he was rushed out to board at 5pm, but another person claims the only flight leaving to LA that day was scheduled to leave at 5:45 pm....
so why the rush?

Someone else claims there are no direct flights from Nashville to Montreal, but he could of been rushed out and then had a connecting flight in another city, right?

Rob and Kristen are always snapped at LAX coming and going, don't you think the Paps would of been waiting for him this time, especially after their pursuit of him recently?

I don't know anymore, I'm exhausted...maybe tomorrow we'll get news..

deb said...

Bren here is what I found And yes i did look at the pic this time go to http://twitpic.com/2bzvrl Rob at BNA airport 8-5-10 ok DEB

wig4usc said...

There are more airports in Southern Cal than LAX. There's Burbank, John Wayne, Long Beach, and Ontario for commercial flights. I honestly don't think it would be that difficult to dodge the paps if he time and didn't have to be anywhere by a specific time.

Rose - I'm twirling with you, thanks for helping during the drought!

deb said...

Wig do you think that the BNA mite be one of those flights that go to CAL.? just asking I dont know what BNA stands for do you? DEB.

Anonymous said...

BNA is apparently Nashville
all you have to do folks is go onto google type in for example BNA airport, then enter, and it comes up with results.
What's all this talk about Nashville anyway? Does it mean he's heading back to London? Is it true he's caught a Nashville flight?

Anonymous said...

The pictures are from Wednesday, the 4th. Chick who posted them even said so on her twitter. Don't know why she tagged them as being on the 5th.

She also tweeted that Robert's middle name wasn't Thomas, and that he flew commercial, so make of that what you will.

And while there are no *direct* flights to Montreal from Nashville, it is a city they service, so flights do go there.
And yes, the last nonstop direct flight to LA leaving from Nashville leaves daily at 5:45. So if this twitter chick says he left at 5, then no, he wasn't in a rush. There's also talk about him being in a bar in downtown Nashville, Tootsies, but I don't think he was there either. Somebody would have seen that for sure.. and got a video.. and had that sucker up on youtube already..it's a REALLY popular bar.

As for the other airports.. Nashville doesn't fly to Long Beach, and only has one flight into Burbank at like 2 in the afternoon and it's not a direct flight.

Anonymous said...

How is this relevant information? It doesn't matter where he's flying from, matters where he's flying to more than that.

So all this talk on him going to Nashville, you've all got me clueless.

So what if he goes to Nashville? Nothing important, unless you're saying he's caught a flight to Canada, what's the fuss about?

Anonymous said...

and Nashville uses the 3 letter code BNA because it used to be known as Berry Field, Nashville.. before the name changed when they added international flights. It's an oddity, I know.. but it's home :) and I like it.

Anonymous said...

He flew into and out of Nashville to go to Chattanooga to film WFE.. that's where the Nashville talk is coming into the picture.

deb said...

kstewrocks i dont think so he has the TCA on Sunday to do so hes going to LA OR going to go see Kristen i really dont know BUT we well see come Mon. THE TCA are taped on Sunday we well see them Mon. DEB.

Anonymous said...

But of course he's going to leave Nashville at some point. So there's no worries.

There's no big fuss. But there seems to be a fuss over nothing. I'd be so excited if someone told me where he was heading from Nashville. But it's just comments on "he's in Nashville...he's flown from Nashville".

He's obviously not going to stay where he was filming WFE. He'll move sooner or later.

All I see Tracy, is talk on: he's flown out of Nashville...
See, nothing important there.
Of course he'll fly out of Nashville. He'll fly out of some airport at least.

Anonymous said...

deb, you've misunderstood me. I want to know what the fuss about Nashville is. I'm not saying he's gone to Canada...if that's where Montreal is...Lol. Idk.
All I'm saying is: what's the fuss about? Near enough 74 comments on him being in Nashville airport.
Big fuss, there is none to be made.

Now if people said where he'd flown to from Nashville, I'd understand the whole excitement: even if it was flying to LA or Montreal. But there's no talk on that, just comments saying he's been in Nashville.

deb said...

Thanks tracy I didnt see who post the pic But i was thinking that they (the pic) could be of him going to OR out of Nashville HO well we'll know sooner or later Thank you for the INFO. DEB.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure he flew out of Nashville on Wednesday. It's just that someone's posting pictures and labeling them "At Nashville airport 08-05-10" Which was Thursday.. it's causing some slight confusion. She also claimed he left at 5, but was rushed, and they were holding the plane for him. Which doesn't make sense if he caught a 5:45 flight or later. Just trying to clear that up.

& Bren asked about flights to Montreal from Nashville, and I was just clarifying that there are flights there from here.

Sorry if it got all befuddled and confusing.

The big question mark is where is he now? Multiple tweets have shown up saying that he was on the flight to LA, but no one's seen him, and no pictures have surfaced of him showing up. I'm like everybody else.. just waiting to see.

shoegal2547 said...
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Anonymous said...

If he got into LA, surely he would have been caught by paparazzi. If he's in LA too, he would have been papped by now too. The last pictures I saw of him, were ones from the final day on WFE set.
Since then: no images; no videos.
Suspicious indeed. I seriously do think he would have been papped by now.

shoegal2547 said...

@Atticus: Thanks for the link to the beautiful video...they are absolutely adorable with each other!

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's unusual that he hasn't been photographed. Or if he has, nothing's surfaced yet. So either he's NOT in LA, or he got there and managed to get by without being seen. It's a curious thing.

deb said...

YEP if he is there OR even with kristen All I got to say is DAMN HES GOOD IN HIDING. GOOD FOR HIM ....DEB.

keset said...

Look at these pictuers.
they are so beautiful together.


srividya said...

hey i have recently started reading ur posts........i love the way u write and u r obsessed about rob

i just had one thing to say though dont u think the recent pic released from the afterparty eclipse pics is not real and is photoshopped (the pic where he nuzzles her neck )

olivia said...

Just had time to watch the vid. So beautiful!
Yes, I miss Kristen and Rob too.
The vid reinforces the feeling I have whenever I see them together. Besides the love, similar interests and unbelievable chemistry that they share, Rob and Kristen give each other strength, peace and calmness to face the craziness around them together as a team.
They seem to have been destined to be together. Thank goodness they found each other. What good fortune!

June said...

16hr. Layover in LA was great! Mandy&Ben-Thankyou! Thankyou Lord for Urth cafe, Santa Monica, Pinkberry and good sleep. Now I go home
hace cerca de 14 horas via TwitBird

I met Robert Pattinson on my flight! He was very nice. He is not a real vampire, but his fangs were very sharp to the touch.
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Trish said...

You know what is great to have in a long Robsten drought???

Rose's blog and the bloggers love all the videos that were posted...here's another one..love the beg.


shoegal2547 said...

@Trish: one of my fav videos... HoneyBuzy always makes precious Robsten vids.

Another is CaliNative70 before she passed away in December 2009:



Promise, no more...can't help it, miss them! :)