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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rob and Kristen- In Their Own Words

"Bella is in love with the DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME Edward Cullen a 104 year old vampire stuck in the body of a teenager played by the also DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME Robert Pattinson."

"She takes the iPOD back, pauses and bites her lip nervously. "This is what I wanted to show you on here". Kristen hands me her iPOD and flashes me a picture. It's a familiar DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME young man with an arm around Kristen and an arm around Jella her cat. Without saying a word, she quickly shoves the device back into her glove compartment and turns up the volume before I can say anything." -From Elle UK

"If Edward had to choose another part of the body to bite on, that’s not the neck, which would that be? Which part?" 

"Ass." -Rob

"I don't know if this is the actual reason why, but we have gotten better at hiding over the last year."-Rob

"That's totally the reason," Stewart concurs. "They just make up a story to go along with the pictures. If they never get the picture, there’s no story. We are just good hiders now." 

"Is it weird to do sexual scenes with such a close friend? Is that a bit odd?"

"No, we do it all the time." -Rob [laughs]

"It’s hard to actually take details from your personal life and apply them to a scene because, as much as you can identify with a feeling, you just get muddled. As soon as you start bringing your own stuff in, it’s like, 'No, that’s not right.' You’re playing a different person. You can relate, but you have to leave that stuff at the door." -Kristen

"I would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them. People say, 'Just say who you're dating. Then people will stop being so ravenous about it. It's like, No they won't! They’ll ask for specifics." -Kristen

"Appreciate what you’ve got and follow your heart and you’re all good. Don’t over complicate things." -Kristen

Kristen said: "I love Rob because he always wants to be the best. He can be very childish. When Rob does something right or wins something he talks with a different, little voice - like a five-year-old.
"Rob is sexy, in a tortured artist way. This might be because he is British. He's tall, looks like he is thinking all the time and is incredibly funny.
"I love the way he sings. It breaks my heart. And don't you think he's just gorgeous? Rob's also a very bad liar, he just can't do it!"

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Rob- "Kristen Stewart"

What did you dream about last night?
Rob- "Kristen"

MTV: What's something each of you have noticed about the other's acting style that really impresses you?
Pattinson: Kristen's the best actress of our generation, and that's why I wanted to do this movie. I don't know why she is. She's just better than everybody else.
Stewart: I think he's really handsome. He can't lie. He's, like, incapable of lying.
Pattinson: What she means is acting. [Laughs.]
Stewart: Nope. That's so not what I mean.


 This post was brought to you by the letters R and K

Because it's all about

Robert and Kristen.

Ain't love grand?

Bye for now


Caroline said...

Ohhh sweet Rose...my daughter just take a nap and i run to the computer just to see wht you have posted...congrats again...beautiful quotes, and since the beginning, they always felt something for each other !Their love is so beautiful and truth!!!

I miss Kristen so much...And i hope R go see K in Montreal before TCA...


Patricia said...

Rose: I love the SAGA of Rob and Kristen. I love reading the honest, loving things they each have said about each other since day one. I love the GORGEOUS pictures of them together and the BEAUTIFUL SMILES on each of their faces. I'm happy for them. They are so in love with each other.


Grazie for this meaningful post. You are AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Rose. Thank you!
It's such a pleasure reading your blog.

May said...

"Appreciate what you’ve got and follow your heart and you’re all good. Don’t over complicate things." -Kristen

NGL,they make me believe in true love. <3

Lisa said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww sigh.. I miss them!

Bren said...

Thanks for this beautiful post, it is refreshing to hear them vocalize their feelings.

I had never seen the pic where they are carrying the backpacks..when was this?

The fact that he said he dreamed of Kristen was epic!

I watched a video interview of Rob last night, where the last question asked was "Are you a jealous person"? "He said, I am very jealous and extremely possessive"...

This filming of WFE is just dragging on and on....we need our fix. He needs to get to Montreal.LOL

RPaddict said...

Don't always get to post on the blog,but have no doubts that I love,and respect you view points.

I admitt that most of the time you write exactly what I'm thinking. I just wish others would respect that viewpoint even if they don't agree.We have a right to our opinion as do they.

I always admire that your take on R/K is honest and based in fact and that your willing to say if an interview or sighting are "hinky".

Thanks again for bringing the honest truth about R/K. I miss them.
Have a wonderful day. Twirling.

Melinda said...

Le Sigh....

What a sentimental post today. NGL, I miss seeing them.

Glad Kristen has been able to have some peace and quiet as she begins to prepare for this role that she has been super excited about for a couple of years now.

Wish Rob had been given the same courtesy from the paps/"fans".

Hopefully as soon as WFE wraps he can either head to Montreal or London for some R & R.

Thanks for the beautiful words/pics from Rob and Kristen. No matter what kind of hate gets thrown at us who believe we can always come back to see the HAPPINESS that is on both their faces when they are together.

That is what makes me happy as a fan.

June said...

I confess that I'm a romantic person, I love Rob and Kristen, and your daily post, Rose, brings so much joy to me, thanks!

I remember that Rob was quite naive in the beginning. Kristen was so right when she said that he could not lie, but it was delicious to see Rob talking so genuineily about his feelings for Kristen. I guess it won't be like this any longer..

Sigh..the WFE shooting is getting so long. It seems Rob is staying in GA till wednesday or thursday, so I'm doubting that he goes to Montreal if he has to tape TCA's on saturday.

After TCA, he's suppossed to go to London, so I'm really doubting that there can be a Rob-Kristen reunion in Montreal.

What do you think girls?

SueBee said...

I was trying to think of something witty or thought provoking to write but all I can think is "Damn, I wish I had an ass like that!"


Opytaylor said...

Nice post, Rose.

Patricia said...

They were on the tar mat leaving Paris (THE famous holding hands picture) That's when they looked back to see if they were being papped.

I'm wondering if last night was the Wrap Party at The Billards Place where there were so many sightings of Rob.
I think he'll wait and Kristen will come to TCA and then he'll go to London after. (Just guessing)

Sue Bee:
I agree

Hello Gorgeous Buff Rob. The fan picture of him at'Robert Pattinson Life' OMG HE'S LIKE FINE WINE HE JUST GETS BETTER WITH AGE. JESUS


Patricia said...

Sorry 'CHATTANOOGA BILLIARDS CLUB' Was where Rob was last night.

That GORGEOUS picture OF ROB I was GAGA over was taken with an exrta from WFE filming.

Cosgrove said...

Great post as usualy Rose. Thanks! I love reading your post each day and run to the computer just like Caroline as soon as I can get a break!

I love the last picture today. Its one of my favorites! Is it just me or can you see a heart shape between their heads and her chest? You can tell by their interactions that they are just ment to be together.

Thanks again Rose...

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks for all the positivity you send out.

June said...


The local news said that WFE shooting would last till wednesday or thursday, so I don't think it was a wrap party last night. Surely it would appear on the news. Also I think the wrap party should be attended by all the lead characters at least, and only Rob is in Chattanoga right now.

I wish Kristen attends TCA's, but it seems we won't know for sure till the very saturday.

froggie59 said...

This is one of your best yet, Rose. You always know what to say and you always do it beautifully, just like Rob and Kristen. This made me smile today. Thanks.

And take that hyenas! Funny story...yesterday I was babysitting my niece and nephew and they were watching Planet Earth. Along came the hyenas and I went into a tizzy. Had to contain myself because they would have thought Auntie Ria (Maria) was insane, lol.

olivia said...

You have topped yourself again. Oh my, what a beautiful post today. Their own guarded words do slip out and are so few and far between yet so very telling.

The 5th photo (out-take from the proposal scene), always seems like it is Rob and Kristen and what it might be like for real,
showing Rob's joy as he sweeps her off the bed and swings her around with such happiness. : D

The 8th one,(taken on the red carpet at Eclipse, where Kristen is looking up at Rob) is my fav from the premiere. She seems so full of love, pride, and admiration.

And the 10th photo ( Rob and Kristen, wearing brown) always makes me feel like they are looking out at the world feeling that together they can handle anything and everything.
She is thinking ...this is my man,
and of course he is thinking.... this is my woman.
They appear to give each other the space and freedom where they can find peace, strength, happiness and sanctuary together and the knowledge that they will be there waiting for each other when they are apart.

Thank you again Rose,

Trish said...

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Rob- "Kristen Stewart"

What did you dream about last night?
Rob- "Kristen"

one word: awwwwwww!!! so sweet! Oh Rob..he is so smitten! so happy for him that he finally got the girl of his dreams! (literally LOL)

i too miss Stewie! they ARE so damn GOOD at hiding from the papz/media..
i swear, Kristen needs to work for the CIA lol

awesome post..anyone have news on whether she is attending please share and dont hesitate!

have a feeling she will be there because twilight is up for so many awards..she just has to be with her..also to keep Rob company because by the looks of his face recently i think Rob misses her.

Have a good sunday everyone :-)

I've chosen my life said...

Le effing Sigh!
I laughed. I "awwwwwww". And loved.
Every single thing they said.
I loved them even more,
Great post Rose.

-Much Love

deb said...

Awww Rose you just know what to say ALL the right things I do BELIEVE in Rob and Kristen. THEY said it them selfs In there own words. I hope they get together soon to They need each other I miss Rob with his Baby Girl Kristen Thank you for the REMINDER I know I haven't forgotten.There true LOVE. DEB.

keset said...

I wonder if K thinks that R isn't a good actor. She didn't reply to the Q. she asked.
I think that Rob is a fantastic actor :))

June said...


Kristen has said, more than once, that Rob is a great actor and can play any character.

It's not very logical what you say, if we recall that Kristen chose Rob to play Edward Cullen. Do you think she'd have picked him if she thought he was not a good actor?

Karen said...

Rose, this post made me feel all mushy inside. The words and pictures were perfect. Rob and Kristen are such a beautiful couple. T miss them being together.

Thank you for a lovely Sunday posting.


Karen said...

Oops!That's supposed to be I miss them being together.

keset said...

She picked him? Rre you sure?

Anyway, she could be nicer and said something about the subject.

I'm a RobSten BTW :))
but i still think she could say something.

Bren said...


Thank you so much for the info on the backpack pic, after you posted I could see where they were.

Was Rob only spotted at the billiard location?

I heard the TCA's are on the 9th of Aug, that would be next Monday. The taping is probably Sunday night. If in fact Rob is still having to hang around till Thursday, he might go pick up Kristen. That's totally if she is able to attend, I read that her director wants the cast in beatnik mode the whole time, that's why they had to attend the camp.

I also read on a blog that Rob's family is giving their mum a big 56th birthday party on August 16th. Was there another reason Rob was going to London?

Jam said...

"If Edward had to choose another part of the body to bite on, that’s not the neck, which would that be? Which part?"

"Ass." –Rob

I don’t mean to be a perv, but why do I get the feeling that he’s already done to someone's robust butt?

Anyways, loved, loved all the quotes and photos you picked!

kaylafryer said...

Love Love Love!
And That Is All :)

Melinda said...


Kristen, Rob and Catherine (the director) have all confirmed at one point or another that Kristen told Catherine after the audition that Rob was the one who had to play the part. Catherine told her that she (C) had to re watch the tapes to make sure but after seeing their (R/K) chemistry she knew it was good.

Also the acting quote Rose used above was from the MTV interviews during Twilight filming.

Kristen said that Rob can't lie. In turn Rob says she is talking about his acting (he can't act instead of he can't lie). She immediately says that is SO NOT what I mean.

Also she has praised his work in RM as well. I have no doubt in my mind that she thinks highly of him as he does her.

JAM- I had the same thought! You know he likes what he sees!

June said...


English is not my first language and perhaps I didn't express myself properly. Sorry.

I think it's not a matter of being sure. Kristen chose Robert in a casting that Catherine Hardwicke (Twiight director) did in her home with several young actors and Kristen. She shot a scene with each one of them and finally, she chose Robert. They have told it in a lot of interviews.

This this an extract of a Kristen's interview when she was asked about Rob's performance in Remember me.

She said (via MTV): "Robert is really strong in the movie. Maybe people don't really expect that - he's quite bold, which is great. I've seen the movie, I'm going to just say - I'm sure people will be like, 'Oh my God, I'm so jealous'. It's hard to talk about your friends - about anybody that's close to you and that you know. It's like, he's everything I know he is. I know he can do any film."

Carly said...

love is awesome :) and they are even awesomer LOL

love the quotes. love the pics. love them. love you

sollee said...

there's really mutual admiration and love between them....great post:)...loveeeee it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww this was a really good post Rose, made my day. I love that he said he'd bite her ass if he could pick somewhere else to bite...that is too funny. That fan pic is awesome, he looks really relaxed, nice change from LA. Thanks Rose.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I loved the post today. You seem to know exactly what I need, and this post actually brought a smile to my face. I believe Rob and Kris truly love each other and have for a long time and I think their love will last a long time because they are perfect for each other. I am hoping Kris shows up at the TCAs, but I am not getting my hopes up too high because Kris is busy. Take care Rose, and keep up the good work.

Eternally Obsessed said...

Hey, I had a question. I know in one of Rose's blogs she had a quote from Kristen talking about Rob or soul mates or something, and I've been trying to find it. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. The quote went something like this: there was this moment where you look at the person (or into their eyes) and there was a moment where everything was clear." I'm paraphrasing but that's sort of the quote.

shoegal2547 said...

Precious...they are so precious together! Brings back memories of my first love...

Would like to know when Kristen made the comments..."celebrity crush...Rob"?

Contentment and enchanting are today's words for looking at pictures of Robsten...whatever makes Rob happy, makes me happy!

Truly enjoy your blog...

Patricia said...

I made a mistake. They're filming TCA Sunday and showing it Monday. That makes a big difference with Kristen going. That would be a long day of flying for her. Shit, maybe she won't go after all.

You're right about wrap party, but they keep calling it that on the tweets from people that got to see Rob at CBC last night. It sounds to me like it was a lot of the crew that just went out for a fun night out.

I bet Rob is sight seeing today. There's so much for him to see in Tennessee, with his love of music.

This is all a guessing game with what we hear and try to figure.
I just want them together soon, I know they're missing each other even though they're both quite busy. They usually don't go more than a month without seeing each other.

kristine.hills said...

do you know what puts a HUGE smile on my face when we have RK drought?

Thanks for this beautiful and incredible post today!

Who better than RK to describe RK???

XOXO from Brazil

For me besides the wonderful letters RK, i brought HS

olivia said...

Just for fun:
(Sorry if this goes too far back in time, however the connection is fun.)
Because so many of us are believers.....
and most of us are excited about WFE.....
Remember Mickey Dolenz? He was a believer too...


and ten years earlier he was also a Circus Boy with his own little Rosie......( from a series on TV in the 50's) So cute and towheaded just like Rob when he was a toddler.


Not a complete 7 degrees but a start. : D


Aeden27 said...

dear rose,

I totally love your post. Ilove Rob and Kristen, perfectly made for each other. Go Robsten!!

Anonymous said...

OK. I fucking loved this post. Now, I always love the posts. But this one was so *super le sigh*

I have no words... they (R&K) said it all. Thanks for putting it together for us. You rock!



Ellie said...

Hi Rose...Thank you for those beautiful quotes, they are awesome!!!. I miss them together, I hope Kristen can make it to the TCA. Their love and chemistry is one of a kind. NEVEN seen anything like it. I hope it last for ever and I wish and pray every day that god gives them the strength they need to get where they want to be in their future. I hope he is able to go to Montreal, I don't know if he will be able to, but I hope they get to see each other. I am looking forward to another of your great day about them.

Bren said...

Here's a link to the picture of Rob, that someone snapped last night at Chattanooga Billiards..


He's wearing his shoelace bracelet!!

rldestef said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deb said...

Bren I seen that to he has it on all the time You can feel the love he has for Kristen. Shes always on HIS mine No matter how far or how long apart they are there still together. I MISS THEM.-----SOON-------Yep -----Soon. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

Shoegal12457: It was a question for Rob not Kristen, they asked Rob what he had dreamt about and his answer was Kristen.

Rose: words fail me!! how in the world you come up with these posts is beyond me. so in depth and so true all the time!! Awesome, wow, great words used all the time but still is not enuff. I know...rufus, lol, what they came up with in Never Been Kissed!! RUFUS, RUFUS, RUFUS!!
WEll, as was posted by I believe Patty now long ago, maybe Rob has already been to Montreal??? As was quoted by R/K themselves, they have gotten better at hiding and I think it also means getting around unnoticed, hahaha. I think they've gotten together more than any of us know!!! Well, maybe Rob knew he'd be there longer since he took a large case with him on airplane???? Night all, Donna

dowlingnana said...

Sorry shoegal, the question was about the celebrity crush not the dream. But, it was still a question for Rob and he said Kristen was his first celebrity crush. Sry, can't remember where I've heard it...but, I have in his own words at the beginning of starting Twilight and auditioning for it. Esp. after he'd seen Into The Wild!!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Nice post. Love reading their quotes.

I am not following any WFE news anymore. I think the stalking of Rob that is going on in TN is horrible and what little free time I have, I don't feel like reading about it.

I miss Kristen.

And I am running to watch True Blood. Love me some Alcide!

Monica said...

Wow~ Sweet post Rose. I always love their quotes. Maybe short and simple but very telling and heartwarming.

With a big smile on my face,
Monica from Asia :)

keset said...

It's sound correct.
Thanks for the explanation.

keset said...

Oh...and thanks June too for you answer.
I saw you post just now. :P

Opytaylor said...

Ha! I feel I have much in common with Rob: we both like women with strong personalities. And we are both Ass men! Face and Ass.

Anonymous said...

So...Kristen's filming On The Road now right? And Rob once he's finished WFE will attend the TCA's, and head back to London. I think that's how it will be.

And if they do reunite before Breaking Dawn, I really do think Rob needs to do the running around and catch a flight to LA.

Opytaylor said...

Why do you say "Rob needs to do the running around?" you are implying that you know who has done more for the other and for any of us to suggest we know what that relationship needs is absurd and arrogant. So even if you are right it's so not our business to make such comments. I would hope that Rob heads to see her as soon as he can and I think he will, but it's not my place to suggest he owes her that.

Anonymous said...

Opytaylor, I have a different opinion to you obviously, so respect mine. And I shall respect yours. :)

We just view their relationship differently. Some think she spends a lot of time visiting him, some think it's equal, and some think he goes to visit her all the time.

I view it as the first. And I'm allowed to make that kind of judgement as you make your judgement. No harm meant.

Opytaylor said...

My problem is with anyone saying what they should and should not do. It's none of our business. It's ok for us to enjoy seeing them together. But I don't respect any opinion that indicates "how" they should conduct their relationship.

Anonymous said...

Opytaylor, I'll comment and say my own thoughts on whatever I choose. I don't have a problem with what i say and think. You do, but hey not my problem. Your own to deal with. Do you think I'm going to stop saying what I want because you have a problem with it? You're a complete stranger, I don't really care whether you have a problem or not.

If I want to say I think Rob should go visit Kristen, because it seems Kristen's done the visiting: going to Budapest, London, Isle of Wight to be with him when she's had time off (and she could have spent new years and her Birthday with her family instead of making the effort to see Rob). Then I will. Because that's what I think.

So deal with it. Or don't. Because it's only your problem.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

good pm everyone!
Rose, as usual you nailed it, again! Actually, I have that issue of Elle(UK), and I would to share some parts of it to everyone.

Excerpts from ELLE(UK)

JUST A GIRL. Her role in the twilight saga-AND RELATIONSHIP TO ROBERT PATTINSON-made Kristen Stewart public property before the age of 20. HANNA HANRA discovers the woman behind the role.

Second paragraph:
_more remarkable is that Bella is in love with the DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME EDWARD CULLEN, a 104-year-old vampire stuck in the body of a teenager played by the also DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME ROBERT PATTINSON.

Fifth paragraph:
_K- "people always ask me if I'm dating Robert. Its beyond annoying."
Concealing a smile, she doesn't exactly warn me off asking wether she's dating her co-star, but a light tension hangs between us amid the cigarette smoke. I slice it into two,
_HH-"well, are you?
_K-"what I say is that, why I want anything that its private to become entertainment to other people?"
She has a point. But its the question millions of people want an answer to. There have been insinuations, grainy photographs, examinations of body language and SEXUAL TENSION. Everyone thinks that they are together, but can't quite rest until the protagonists confirm it. Is this privacy a help or a hindrance in keeping their relationship private?
K-"People say if I just tell them everything, I'll be left alone, but God, you think if I tell people they'll leave me alone? They pick up every little scrap, and that's much worse."

17th pargraph:
"Can you get my iPod out of the glove box?" she says. "Oh s***! She laughs a throaty laugh. "Its so weird, that you have to be worried about people seeing things. You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it such a different thing. It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up." She slides her sunglasses , and adds in a small voice, " Do you want something to put on? If you look on the pictures on there I'll kill you."__Fastforward_ she meant the pics on the iPod.

19th paragraph:
She takes the iPod back, pauses and bites her lips nervously. "This is what I wanted to show you on here." Kristen hands me her iPod and flashes me a picture. ITS A FAMILIAR, DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME YOUNG MAN WITH AN ARM AROUND KRISTEN AND AN ARM AROUND JELLA, HER CAT. Without saying a word , she quickly shoves the device back into the glove compartment and turns up the volume before I can say anything.

_Just a girl. HER RELATIONSHIP WITH ROBERT PATTINSON made Kristen Stewart public property before the age of 20__Hanna Hanra titled her article based on what she saw on Kristen's iPod.

Sorry for the space!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mujhiko_mujhiko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Opytaylor said...

Whatever. I am primarily a fan of Kristen as I can tell you are. I know this. If she read your comment, which states specific opinions about how they conduct their relationship, she would be turned off and creeped out. If you disagree with that then you have not paid close enough attention to what she had said. 99% of this board will agree with me because most of them are mature adults.

babesandchamps said...

Hi Rose. Thanks! I love reading your post each day.

I miss Kristen so much.. I just hoped that Rob will visit her in Montreal. Looking forward to see them both.



Anonymous said...

Opytaylor are you blind? You must be.

Everyone leaves an opinion on their relationship. Just saying how they think Rob might go to Montreal is leaving an opinion, and how sweet it is.

Mine is more of a thorough observation. You just attack an opinion which you don't agree with. And by the way, you're so arrogant. "everybody will agree with me", ugh, no, not everyone. And also quite pathetic. Why are you pathetic? Because you're making assumptions about how old I am. I'm classed as an adult if you didn't know, which you didn't, because you made an assumption that I was a child.

You're a waste of space, so yeah, goodbye. :]

Anonymous said...

Rose, another post I love. :)

Do you know where you got that quote where Rob says something about he'd sell it if such and such?

Anonymous said...

TCA's is aired next Monday btw right? I don't think Kristen will be going to the TCA's. She's only just begun filming On The Road, I think it's an important role, and will probably restrict her from going anywhere else but filming.

But it doesn't stop me from hoping she'll win in all categories.
And I'm sure Rob will win a lot too. The number of his fans are a lot! : )

I really do think it'll be a shame if he doesn't visit her over his break. It really is his time to show he cares about her, and doesn't just settle to see her when she flies to him. It would show that to all the haters, even if they don't want to admit it.

It's like here, in the UK. There are relationships that are horrible to witness and be inside, when the female always wants to see the guy, and goes to his house or invites him around. And he just wants to escape from that and not bother with her. And you think, why does the female honestly stick with him? If he shows no effort to see her, and has her up and down with him.

That's the difference between the whole Oregano. He visited her a lot. He went to her. And she did the same. But I see the difference in that relationship to the Rob and Kristen one. But of course I support them, and obv love these posts.

Opytaylor said...

I know your heart is in the right place. I did not wish to upset you. When I see Rob look at Kristen, I see that she is the only one for him, IMO. So I don't worry about specifics.

Jam said...

@kstewrocks and @optaylor

I get where both of you are coming from.

Kristen has been flying everywhere for Rob that we’ve seen, so it would be nice if Rob can visit her when he has time. Last summer, there was a rumour that he flew to LA to see her on the weekend when he was filming Remember Me, but since there was no concrete evidence, people didn’t believe it. This scenario may be true for Montreal or wherever OTR is filming too.

Many people wish Kristen should say more nice things about Rob. This happened on the comments area here the previous post. Or they think she should act more lovey dovey when she’s around Rob, not so “miserable” looking.

Well, we really don’t know what their lives are like behind closed doors. I chose to believe that they know that they have something very special, and they will do whatever they need to cherish and maintain it and the rest of the world be damned.

Monica said...

@mujhiko_mujhiko, I remember I was super excited and about to scream when I picked up the last copy of EllE UK Jully issue in one local book store (though I was not sure if they had more copies in storage).

@Opytaylor, both you and Rob have good taste~~ ^^

@kstewrocks and @optaylor, sure you guys love Kristen. Move on~ I kinda agree with Jam. All I have to supplement is Rob and Kristen are mature people. If they cherish their relationship, they must find a way to work it out despite all obstacles. Conflicting schedules, outside pressure, media scrutiny...really, they have so much to face. All we need to do is just to support them and have faith.

Monica from Asia

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

do you mean the "he's not selling his off-screen relationship with Kristen" interview? Its his interview with Dateline. Here's the link:

If that's what you're asking...then enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Whatever commitment Rob and Kristen have made to each other, it made Wyck Godfrey, a producer of the Twilight series confident enough to make this comment to Time magazine:

"Do people still report on it? If you look at people who have a stable personal life, the rags get tired of them. I think we're heading to that place where they are together and that's their life and we better find someone new to create drama out of."

It should be noted that Rob nor Kristen, nor their reps have denied anything that Godfrey said in Time magazine nor Catherine Hardwicke's comments to the very same magaine.

Time magazine is a very reputable and established publication.

I admire Rob and Kristen's tenacity in attempting to hold on to privacy in their relationship and I do believe quite strongly that the two are very much in love with each other!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

I got mine at HMV. Here's another thing, Eclipse complete behind the scene coverage. I was floored with how they made that tent scene. That snowstorm was really amazing. It was all done in a set... Hehehe.. I surely don't want to spoil anything for potential buyers... Just get your copy..:)

@kstewrocks and @opytaylor, I think you are both right..and I think Rob and Kris are also enjoying their relationship right now xxx... Have you seen that Cosmo survey about HL couple who are having hot s** base on their body language and such... Well, robsten is third from Heidi and Seal, Katy and Russel.. Zac and Vanessa are in no. 4. Nick and Mariah at no. 5.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

David Slade confirmation on Robsten:
David Slade confirmed the existing relationship of Robsten.

Hollywood and Dine:
Well, according to Rob, Kristen is the best, ever, and that includes her pie...errr her loquat pie.

Kristen on Lopez
Well, Lopez is a loose mouth, but we love it anyway..

Thanks for the owners of these vids.

Gigi said...

ok well I had to so my friend just send me this it is in Spanish but is saying that Kristen is coming to the choice awards here it goes ...
As always Rose love the blog ...Chao

June said...

Hi! There's no sight of Rob in Chanattogaa (don't know if I spell it right)since saturday night in a private party for WFE crew.

Perhaps he's not already there, perhaps he is..I have no idea, but I'm absolutely sure that he'll visit Kristen when he can do it.

I think it's not fair saying that Oregano was always visiting Kristen in her shootings. How can anyone compare Oregano's status or schedule with Robert's?

Concerning TCA's. Don't pay attention to the latin comercial that announces Kristen in the show. Justin Bieber appears in that comercial too but he's not attending. TCA webside reported it last week.

June said...

Sorry.. Rob is in Chatt. today, some twiiters have stated it a couple of hours ago. He wasn't seen yesterday, but today, he's still in Chatt.

What a long shooting my God!

deb said...

Hi you all I do believe that Rob and Kristen do know what they are doing they are really good at it She knows that Rob well see her when he can and that gos for him also dont forget that they talk to each other Yes im sure they do miss each other alot BUT they are doing movies right now Doing what they love to do SO if WE the FANS dont get to see them its ok THEY do fine time for each other they alway have and always well ALL IS GOOD WITH ROB AND KRISTEN thanks you guys DEB

Anonymous said...

I love this post Rose and it made me realize how much I miss them.

Royalwe1 said...

Love Rob & Kristen and love your blog!!!