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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kristen and Robert and Tom, Oh My!

This is what I see...

"I would love for Rob to show up in London right now
and SKIP Montreal!"


"If Rob does show up in Montreal, it's only because of Tom"

They got all the bases covered, don't they?
Well tell me then...

Just WHERE is Robert right now?
He hasn't been seen since Sunday night.
(You know the drill, no pics... no proof)
I wonder.

I guess he doesn't exist because he hasn't been spotted.
It's good to keep wanting him to show up in London...
Because he will be going there.
(The boy does love his Mom, after all)
After he spends some time with Kristen.
In Montreal.

I know people are upset that no pics of Rob have surfaced...
But there aren't pap pics of Kristen either.
She's been photographed by fans every time she's been seen.
And that's been what... Twice?
Will we see Rob in Montreal?
Who knows.
I'm guessing he will be leaving for London by the weekend

So the question remains...
Can Robert get in and out of Montreal
without being seen?
(Not counting FaceBook or Twitter sightings)
He's done it before

But I will be honest and would LOVE to see
a picture of Rob/Kris together... again.
It's been too long.

 *I miss her face*

And while the hyenas whine about people being 'upset' that
Tom is in Montreal with Kristen...
The only people I see that are scrambling for an explanation
have four legs, fleas and are covered in foam.

"Tom and Kristen dating is WAY more believable than Rob and Kristen"


Or does it just bother you that one of Rob's BEST friends
happens to love and accept Kristen has his friend, too?
You have to find SOME excuse for Tom to hang out with Kristen.

And lets not forget the desperate story that Rob is OUT of the Britpack now...
He had a falling out with them because of Kristen.
Or some such bullshit.
But then again...
Rob ONLY cares about Tom in Montreal...
Not Kristen.
See what Rabies does?

Can you spell DESPERATION?
I know it's a big word for a rabies addled brain...
But look it up...
Learn the definition...
They could put a picture of a hyena next to it.
Maybe that would help them to understand.

And for ANYONE to say that Rob looked happy at the TCA's?
He looked somber... and annoyed.
He looked like he didn't want to be there...
Sure he smiled a bit here and there...
But that is the 'happiest' he has been?

If you howl about it enough...
maybe it will make it true.

Well. Well. Well.
News just in as I was about to post this.
Tom IS in the movie ON THE ROAD with Kristen.
Looks like him and Kristen are bonding nicely...
And I'm sure Tom is the ONLY reason Robert would be
going to Montreal.
Keep telling yourself that.

Enough ranting on hyenas.
I'm just in a strange... angsty mood.

Do I believe Rob is in Montreal?
No Doubt in my mind.
Do I believe he went there just for Tom?
No fucking way.
Am I thrilled that Tom is working with Kristen?
I guess we all know where Rob will be when
he comes back from London...
Hanging out with his girl and his best friend...
How nice that they are working together...
makes it all the more easier... yes?

This post was brought to you by the letter *T*

For Trust.
Because it works both ways.
For Tom.
Because I like him and I'm glad he's working with Kristen.
For Tomorrow.
Because it is another day.
And last but not least...
because I'm going to be doing it all damn day.
Bye for now


May said...

As always,PURE PERFECTION,Rose. ♥ You mindreader you! :D

Gigi said...

Rose I love you ...really love you and this blog , I have been following you on tweeter as well and truth be told love that too ...I have a friend that she did not believe that Kristen and Robert were together , in her words , sure it would be nice but she did not believe it ..out of late even her have to admit ( because she is smart woman and can also see what the majority of us see as well ) they do seem really happy when they are in the same room ..and yes Robert was far from happy on that show , on his defense I was bore to tears I can only imagine if one had to be there for work and with out the person that makes you happy; poor him ...anyway lets see what else happens, I have to tell you , I can't wait, I'm having so much fun seen every one else react to what I have already know ...
Have a great one ....Chao for now

Lisa said...

I'm so excited for Tom! Happy for K, that he will be there when Rob isn't.. The girl who works at Air Canada posted she saw him. She's the same girl who posted when Kristen first went. Anyone interested here it is..


Nothing else to say! SO HAPPY! :)

Honey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"Tom and Kristen dating is WAY more believable than Rob and Kristen"


Or does it just bother you that one of Rob's BEST friends
happens to love and accept Kristen has his friend, too?''

Oh please Rose.. We know some people hate her, so pathetic, I know but why don't you talk about Rob hate and her fans shitty "shipping" thing
please, try checking out some LJ accounts of Kristen fans. (and twitter) 'tomstew better' 'rob is loser, who cares about him' etc. blah blah blah
Do you want me to send you some twitter accounts that hate on Rob everyday so you could follow them and then talk about it?
They seriously disgust me attacking almost every Rob sites and then they go hate on Rob in twitter/LJ/blogs.

Sick of this double standard. Thats all I have to say. Sick of it.

deb said...

Rose i am happy to see Tom there in the movie to I know that kristen is to nothing like having your best bud there and having your Baby right next to you is even better Yes Rob well back SOON after his mums B-Day Then its All up hill for him and Kristen I am so happy for the 3 of them. love the song HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN keep smiling Rose I know I am And do I think we well get a pic WHO knows Only if Rob and Kristen wants us to have one If not its All good I know they are together .Thanks Rose KEEP ON TWIRLING . DEB.

Anonymous said...

So according to you Honey, now Kristen is happy with both Garrett AND Tom, when just last week you had that twitter account all about GarrettStew(thanks for the laugh w/that btw).And also Kris was so happy with Tayor during Eclipse promotion, So which is it sweetie? Is Kristen with Tom or Garrett, or is it a threesome w/ a little Rob and Taylor on the side. Rose is right, the Rabies makes the foamers truly delusional. And all this talk of Rob failing, question: what the fuck do you do with your life, besides create pathetic twitter accounts and wish death on someone you don't even know? Because I assure you at the end of the day Robert will be the one remembered. And I'd watch who you call leech there because you are the only one coming to a Rob fan blog to spew your foam.
Anyway, Rose I know you don't know me from Adam but this si a great blog and I love how your point just gets proven when psychos like Honey show up.

Mrs. Black und Mrs. Cullen said...

Oh Honey is there again. You wanna have a stamding ovation? or is it enough when I say: Shut the f*** up!?
Is it so hard to believe that Rob and Kristen are together? Damn it.
This post was great♥
I really want to see some informations, please...
Of course, Rob loves his mom.
But he loves Kristen, too.
So...ROB! Come to Kristen and visit her at the set from OTR. He could say, he only visits Tom. Why not...


Chia from Germany

katy said...

Honey, I have enough of you...you are sick and mean...wishing harm on Rob, all the hate for somoene you don't even know...seriouly you have huge problems, you should seek help...psychological help.

Great Post Rose...all these wonderfull news, made my day

Lisa said...

@honey, you don't even deserve a response..

@kralyche, I can't really speak for Rose, but I don't talk about people bad mouthing Rob unless they come here. I DO NOT READ ANYWHERE that bashes him! That do not believe as I believe. So my advice to you would be... don't follow people on twitter or LJ if you don't like what they are saying! Then you'd never know and have no reason to worry about it.

When we get twats here like honey who bash Rob.. You just gotta consider the source and let it go!

deb said...

Honey YOU ARE NOT A HONEY you are a EVIL and SICK person NO your not even a PERSON maybe a DOG NO not that ether For you to say something like that to want someone to die You are a NUT and do you think kristen would like for you to say such bad About her MAN she in LOVE with GET A LIFE BITCH and LEAVE THEYERS alone

Opytaylor said...

Please delete that hate

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so convinced that Rob is going to London this weekend? That random Facebook cousin sighting didn't sound like a definite.

Mrs. Black und Mrs. Cullen said...

Oh Honey is there again. You wanna have a stamding ovation? or is it enough when I say: Shut the f*** up!?
Is it so hard to believe that Rob and Kristen are together? Damn it.
This post was great♥
I really want to see some informations, please...
Of course, Rob loves his mom.
But he loves Kristen, too.
So...ROB! Come to Kristen and visit her at the set from OTR. He could say, he only visits Tom. Why not...


Chia from Germany

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that Tom got a part in OTR. And if it makes the haters feel better that he's there for a role, so be it. I was never upset about why he was there in the first place. :) Whether for a role in the movie, or as a supporting friend.. makes no difference. But it's a bonus that he'll be in the movie.

Oh, and there's Honey.. doing drive by character assassinations.. I think she hits up EVERY blog, board, or anything that has something to do with Rob and Kristen.. I pity her as much as I like teasing about her. It's sad that someone has so much blind hatred towards someone regardless of who they are. But she can hate, she can scream til her lungs hurt.. because it's like they say.. mind over matter.. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. Rob and Kristen aren't affected by people like Honey.. they're going to do what they're going to do, with or without crazy people's approval.

And they're going to spend time together ;) It's what people in relationships do!

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Twirling right along with y'all ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

SweetDee85 said...


So now you're admitting that they are in fact bf/gf?

Right. Gotcha.

P.S. Bwhahahahahahahahahaha

Gaga said...

I have to agree with kralyche. Have you been on twitter? Have you seen the numerous tweets from Kristen fans going on about how Tom and Kristen should be together - TomStew? and how Tom is a better actor than Rob? I don't like stirring shit but people like kstewbutt has admitted this and no ones cares. And CalliopeBlabs is not funny. I am so happy for Tom but all this talk about Tom and Garrett and Kristen as the three great actors and Rob as the outcast is making it hard. Now I'm left wishing this news hadn't come out with the way some kristen fans are talking now on twitter.

Atticus said...

OMFG!!! Honeypuss...I usually ignore haters, but you have crossed the fucking line. I'm a Kristen fan but I'm fucking embarrassed that you're one too. She sure as hell wouldn't want you as one because even if you don't fucking believe they're together, you have to admit, in that peabrain mind of yours, that they're close friends, very close, as a matter of fact, Kristen has mentioned that Rob's her best friend and I happened to be married to my best friend.

You have Kristen hopping from Garrett to Tom to whomever. That's just fucking wrong and if you were a fucking fan of Kristen's, do you think she would appreciate that?!

Let me answer that for you coz I don't think you know what 2+2 equals. Kristen would say, "Hellfucking NOOO!!!!"

Apologies for my rant to Rose and the sane posters.

Isn't it great that Tom got a part in OTR? I think Kristen had a large part to do with it. She opened the door and Tom just kicked it wide open to get the part, (wonder which role he got).

Rob's in Montreal and sure he gets to see Tom, but he's mainly there to see his beautiful BB. Haters will spin whatever their delusional minds want.

Gaga said...

Another thing. I love how some Kristen fans are so passionate about Tom now this news has come out as they about Eddie, Garrett, Scout, etc - pretty much all of Kristen's costars except for Rob. They act now like Tom is the best thing in the world. I'm sorry - fans like bigcombat and JossMed and their fuckyeah tom stu. Its too bad they don't show as much love for Kristen's boyfriend Rob.

Anonymous said...

Sweeeet! I am happy that Tom is going to be part of the OTR cast. That is an awesome move forward for him. Rob must be feeling like he needs an OTR cameo. LOL. I can NOT wait for OTR to come out. I'm impatient already.

Glad Kris and Rob are getting to spend time together. They always seem to make each other happy.

Geez things are so normal and happy. Rob and Kris in the same town. Their best bud just landed a stellar part and what is likely to be an award winning movie. Rob wrapped WFE and did a great job. All happy. Nothing scandalous.

Which of course means people have to make up stuff up to try and fit what THEY want to happen not what is real.

Just another day, another faux drama. Same old, same old.


keset said...

"I guess he doesn't exist because he hasn't been spotted.


RobSten love :))

Anonymous said...


I'm just so sick of fans pretending the hate in the fandom is all onesided.
Rob DOES get sh*t on kristen's IMDB. twitter/LJ.. ( and AT boards.. jeez, the hate Rob gets on Ted’s blog is unbelievable. You can’t even compare)

Funny when kristen getting bash they're out in full force but when Rob getting bash don't see them defending him.

The whole thing is pushing me farther out of the fandom.

Karen said...

After reading posts like those from Honey, it's no wonder Kristen is afraid of someone harming her. I'm glad the Brit-pack has her back as well as Rob's.

Rose,can't you delete the hateful posts? Some of them are truly disturbing.

LK said...

I'm glad that Tom is part of the movie.Do we know for sure if he'll play the Carlo guy or not?The most important thing is will his character have love scenes with Marylou?That would be weird!!!

Marie said...

OMG Can't we please put this Honey creature down like they do hyenas with rabies in the real world?

LK said...

It is all PR for Breaking Dawn since Tom was cast as Renesmee!!!

This is one of the funniest things i read today!It's from Delaney.

Atticus said...

I'm a huge Kristen Stewart fan and I happen to like and respect Rob as well. I don't appreciate those Kristen fans who ship her with every Tom, Dick and Harry, but I think most of it is in jest. Most of us know whose Kristen's heart belongs to.

Please don't lump us all in the same boat.

Bren said...

Ignore,ignore,ignore--because we will only end up feeding the hate......

On to business, I had heard yesterday that Tom would be playing Carlo. I'm not familiar with the book, but for those who are what kind of character is he portraying?

I bet Rob is thanking his lucky stars that Tom is there for Kristen, I love him for being so protective of her.

LK said...

Ignore that idiot Honey,girls.She's just a nonsten who pretends to be a Kristen fan,just to make Kristen's fans look bad.She's a lifeless bug,who finds meaning in life when posting shit around.

Go and find a hobby,b*tch!

dowlingnana said...

This is my first time ever following a couple on a blog or anything else and I just CAN NOT BELIEVE how it's working. I came to Roses' site to get rid of all the hate/bashing of these two gorgeaus stars that I also saw fall in love since Twilight. THERE IS NO DENYING THAT!!! Anyone on here that is even following that other garbage is only hurting themselves.

@Honey: You are seriously SICK and DANGEROUS to even make a suggestion of Rob dying. I pity whoever you're around as well as any children you will have and hopefully do not have now. What you will or are teaching them is EVIL at its best! SHAME SHAME SHAME on you!! You'd better get it together before you continue on with any kind of life at all. I wasn't going to respond to you anymore, but, when you start bashing on one of the most gentle, young, carefree, handsome, etc, etc. men in this world.........ENUFF IS ENUFF!! As my mother always use to say: PAYBACKS ARE HELL BABY!!! (in this case honey, only you should change your name to satan)!!!!!

My best to all the sane bloggers on here..........later, after I "cool down". Donna

Melinda said...

Oh here we go with the "who gets the most hate" junk again.

Let's see they BOTH get hated on. It's a fact. They deal with it so why can't everyone else.

Haters will always be around. Fact. They have no life. Fact. They are vile. Fact. If you stop giving them attention almost all of the time they will go away. Fact.

My advice (as Lisa already said) IGNORE the stupidity and don't read it. It will make you go as crazy as they already are.

Or LAUGH at the stupidity and be happy that you are a true sane fan that Rob and Kristen would be proud to have.

Do you know what makes me happy....

Rob and Kristen are happy...

Kristen most likely had a hand in getting Tom a part in this movie. That speaks volumes about her relationship with Rob and Tom.

That the Britpak are a force to be reckoned with. They are a loyal group of guys and Kristen is now a part of that.

That good things are happening for Rob and Kristen.

Jackelyn said...

Someone please help that girl "Honey" she's so full of anger and bitterness. She just went crazy!. There are support groups for people who hate other people!. The worst part of this is that you don't even know him.Well I hope you find help somewhere.=D.
BTW HI everyone!This is the first time I post a comment here but I always read this blog .It's just amazing, Im glad the he's there with Kristen. Great post as always. Congratulations Rose!.
PS:. Greetings from Peru haha =P

Trish said...

"Oh, and there's Honey.. doing drive by character assassinations.. I think she hits up EVERY blog, board, or anything that has something to do with Rob and Kristen." lol...haha Tracy..its true, spreading her bullshit everywhere..what a sad thing..

Personally, I think Rob is Montreal..the lady who spotted her also spotted Kristen last month..i strongly believe he is there...and you know what...that makes me sooooo happy..so happy for them. Will we get a pic?..maybe but I hope its a fan one...As you can see there is no room for doubters any more..Robsten lives!! Viva La Robsten!!:-)

hmmm..heard Tom is in OTR...happy about that, really grown fond of him and i even heard Garett-TomStu liplock in the movie...haters will never ever win..Rob and KRisten are together and of story..nothing is going to sway me or change my mind about that..

@kralyche...I understand what you say about the hate in this fandom..but personally i think Rob and Kristen's relationship makes it all better..the love they have is above all this nonsense..that alone makes me smile and makes it worth being in this fandom. jmo

Its kind of sad that this creature is wishing death on someone they dont know...its disgusting...yes, Rose please delete away...and take your meds Honey..please..i think it will do all of us some good..even yourself..xxx

Anonymous said...


'I love how some Kristen fans are so passionate about Tom now this news has come out as they about Eddie, Garrett, Scout, etc - pretty much all of Kristen's costars except for Rob. They act now like Tom is the best thing in the world.'

I know right? They expect Rob fans to show Kristen respect, but they're not showing Rob any respect, such hypocrisy....
They are already making manips/videos of Tom/Garrett/Kristen for shipping. 'omg tomstew,garretstew, their sex scenes,their chemistry' etc. BUT if you talk about Rob's co-stars or if you made a picspam of Rob with them, you would be bashed and called a nonsten.
and people like 'jerseygrl4lfe' attacking robsessed, H20 for Elephants etc but they dont defend Rob against kristen fans who ship her with others on her boards.

This fandom is so sad.

rldestef said...

Why does everything have to be a competition? Rob gets hate. Yes. Kristen gets hate. Yes. Are women harder on other women? You better believe it.

This news is exciting for Tom. And I really think anyone who is trying to make it about anything else needs to check themselves. Rob is probably over the moon for his friend.

Tom, Garrett, & Kristen are good actors, as is Rob. But this is their movie. Just like WFE was Rob's. He is not an outcast b/c his best friend & GF are there, but again this is their movie.

Stop searching out hate. Focus on the positive. They are together. They are doing amazing projects. Do you honestly think they care about this petty stuff?

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Love your post!

Gosh, I was never 'upset' about Tom being in Montreal. I think it's awesome! I love that he and Kristen are close friends. And I think it's awesome that he got a role in OTR and is working with Kristen! So happy for Tom.

Tom is a very talented actor so no doubt that's how he got the role but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Kristen put in a good word for him. Kristen cares very much for Rob's closests friends. And they care very much for her too. It's obvious to me that there is support all around. I think that's so fantastic. So happy for Rob and Kristen.

Of course, the excuses set in. Rob is going to Montreal ONLY for Tom. LOL. Tom is great but Kristen is his SUPER gorgeous and amazing girlfriend.

The same excuses will be around when promotions start... if Rob goes to Cannes or to the premiere -- it will be ONLY for Tom. Aw, I feel so bad for these poor souls. Rob does love his best friends but he also loves Kristen. How AWESOME for him that his girl and his best mate are working together and he will be there to support them both!

Also, I have to say -- I must follow the right people on Twitter because I don't see the crap other people do. And I stay away from imdb, LJ and Ted's board and I am MUCH MUCH happier for it. Don't seek out the bullshit and you'll be better off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose....You should have put "A" for Absofuckinglutely.

Absofuckinglutely Adore Mr. Robert Pattinson.....tick

Absofuckinglutely still intoxicated and don't seemed weaned off my fascination yet....tick

Absofuckinglutely watched Eclipse AGAIN last night....tick [yes I’m a sad person... [sarcasm], I know]

Absofuckinglutely thinks he is there in Montreal....tick …….well just read Lisa's link sooooo tick, tick and double tick....yipppyyyyy!!!!

Absofuckinglutely Love your post today as I usually do.....
Tom playing a part with Kristen.....great news....

Time for a lill ol fashion..... twirl

Anonymous said...

Hey LJ I cant let ya go to sleep without a fix ...can I...hehe!!



Anonymous said...


No. It's not a competition. I am an equal fan of Rob and Kristen. And I have seen both sides be fairly ridiculous in their opinions of both. I'm just saying some people in this fandom bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the hate Rob gets. This is getting ridiculous.

katy said...

to Melinda, I agree with you.

Ignore the hate...just be happy for Rob and Kristen

kristine.hills said...

Can I say one thing?
No offense here:
Please don't let this HONEYHYENA disturb our day, it's not about her pathetic comments, it's about RK, Rose and US, real and sane fans!

She likes to call attention and she is getting it.


I love when i come here and i can read Rose's beautiful posts and your amazing comments girls.So let's forget that piece of ...

So happy that K n T are working together! While R is away his bestie is taking care of her! You can see how much K is a FANTASTIC person, R's friends are always there for her.

IMO we will SEE Rob when he leaves MONTREAL.It makes sense, if he is NOT seen arriving in Canada, he can have a wonderful time with his girl, but when is leaving Montreal i think we have a huge possibility to see pics from papps.Why? Because it's the same thing that happened in Budapest,there were a LOT OF rumors about K was there, but "NO PICS NO PROOF'(urgh)
suddenly we got plenty of pics and vid when they were leaving Budapest.In another words, if we get a photo of R in Canada going to London, one thing is for sure:
Ninja Rob and Ninja Stew are getting BETTER and BETTER arriving and leaving airports without pics!

GIRLS DON'T BE MAD AT ME!But it's true the more attention the HONEYHYENA gets the more she posts.

Good day!

XOXO from Brazil


Rob loves K loves R and RK love Tom!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose, maybe its a good idea to delete Honeys post. WW3 is going to break out and I might be the one to start it LOL

Honey, You are TRASH. The End.

LJ said...

Hello ladies,

First can I just say what the hell is this rob bashing 'LJ' thing everyones talking about!? I've never heard of it but I'm thinking I may have to re think my user name!

Honey...I've really been trying to ignore you but what you have posted is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Awww Rose...great post. I know they are together but I too can't help but hope for a cheeky little fan pic of Rob and Kristen to make all our days!

I've just got back from the cinema, been to see Eclipse again...totally gorgeous and there was a trailer for The Runaways which looks awesome. Can't believe it's not even opened at the cinema here yet!

Much love ladies :-D

LJ (the girl not the Rob bashing blog!)

Olivia said...

Well I would not be counting all those chickens yet ladies he was checked in by someone going to LONDON. So 2 sitings one the girl was not there and the other checked him in. Hmmmmmmmm I am going with the girl that checked him in going to London. Also I gotta feeling he will be papped soon and not in montreal ;)

LJ said...

Awww good morning Louisa my friend...thanks for that I will be checking those links out right now!

Hope you enjoyed seeing Eclipse again...I know I did. ♥sigh♥


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Iknow I shouldn't but Fuck Honey what the hell is your problem? How can you call yourself a Kristen fan when you are shitting allover Rob and hopeing that he dies? You are one sick bitch and even though I don't personally know Kristen she seems like a decent person and would rather walk through broken glass than meet someone like you.

Rose, I think Rob is in Montreal too and I know for a fact if they are together they are happy...even with all the hatefilled dumb bitches out there, nothing they can say will keep them apart.

I thought Rob looked tired and bored at the TCA's, from what I saw it wasn't that exciting. The guy can't be happy all the time, especially when his girlfriend is out of the country lol.

So suck it Honeyass get a life and make your momma proud, stop saying so much hate filled crap about people you don't even know.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I am constantly amazed at the comments some people make.I am a Kristen fan, a big fan, and I am also a Rob fan, a big one, and it makes me so happy to KNOW they are together right now in Montreal, and I have no doubt that Rob is there to see Kristen...Tom being there is just a bonus. I really hate reading Honey's comments, she must be seriously insane, to wish someone to die when they don't know that person is just evil. It is wrong for Rob's fans to wish death on Kris, and it is wrong for Kris's fans to wish death on Rob, it is wrong to wish death on anyone. I wish she would stop posting, but I guess I will just stop reading what she writes. . Thank you Rose, you are my hero, and you are always right. Robsten lives, Robsten is in love, and I am happy for Tom as well--good for him. I will look for you tomorrow Rose, and I am smiling all the time because I am so happy.

keset said...

Ignore the hate...just be happy for Rob and Kristen.

I stoped reading Honey's post at the beginning.
You should all do the same.

Anonymous said...

Ya know what comes to mind...Robs Expressions on his face.....he can't lie alright!!!.....
Look how he obviously was bored shitless and the awards....No attempt at a fake smile in some of those pics, directed at him ...at all...
He aluminates so gracefully when his around Kristen....Ya don’t see any sulky expression when she’s about....Now do ya....{Before you say anything...I meant "sulky expressions" in the most respectable way....No negativity or hate directed to Rob at all}
He truly can’t hide the way he feels....and it’s ALWAYS WRITTEN OVER THAT BEAUTIFUL FACE OF HIS.....
Just stating the obvious ladies…

Moving on to a distasteful note….

At first I thought ……the name Honey= sweet, allot of cultures enjoy it & you can get it in an arrange of colors….TO BAD IT DOSENT COME IN GREEN!
Why would she use such a name…then I thought Honey= when you eat it its….messy, annoyingly goes everywhere….If you eat it incorrectly ITS IN YOUR FACE……
Fact is honey never goes off {true fact] But this one in particular… is stale and long overdue for the rubbish can….Js…

dowlingnana said...

@Olivia: We know the girl that wasn't there was truthful coz' of other posts and she IMO obviously was told by those that work with her, but, do we know about the other girl???? OMG he just has to go to Montreal first, he just has to. Only to let the nonstens know he cares for her and becoz' they stated she does all the traveling to him......that's my only reasoning. Donna

katy said...

Olivia...I don't believe in that second Sighting...I'm going to trust the flight Attendant from Air Canada...she more beliveble and she is the one who saw Kristen last month

Anonymous said...

@ honey like i said....
Distasteful and annoyingly sticky...

PISS OFF!!!! AND FIND SOME OTHER EVIL SITE TO SPREAD YOU NEGATIVE TRASH....Just the fact that you dislike Rob shows your inadequate choice of persona.....GROW UP AND THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK...YOU IMMATURE B..TCH!!!!

LJ said...

Well said Louisa....at first it was mildly irritating now but know I'm thinking this person actually has a screw loose!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Was old by an older wiser person once.....'IT'S THE CRAZIES ON THE OUTSIDE YA NEED TO WORRY ABOUT" coz the ones in the inside are refrained.....see the relevance????......

Anonymous said...

Ok people I know I told myself I wasn't going to respond to this honey again, but the bitch is seriously cracked and in need of a psyche evaluation. Rob could've done OTR? Really?! That's the best you got?! Yeah because Rob/Kristen are gonna work together in a non Twilight project before Breaking Dawn is even filmed. Whatthefuckever go fuck yourself sideways Honey.
So Rob is basically gonna take on another project w/out a break before he has to work on BD. He's not allowed to finally take a break then huh? I don't know whether to laugh at you or shake my head in pity at you because clearly you have lost your goddamned mind and are becoming more and more unhinged as time goes on.
I don't even think the most hardcore Krisbians want you, that's why you're here.

Melinda said...



OLIVIA- I know this isn't the one who posts positive comments here.

That link you provided is from someone who is crazy. So anyone who clicks on that link please know it is photo shopped. She also does disgusting porno manips of Rob and Kristen claiming they are E/B and for "fan fiction".
I find it truly nasty to use R/K's faces on stuff like that.

It is so disrespectful. Just like "shipping" them with other people, wanting them to die, wanting them to cheat on each other or having a website created just to hate on a person.

Once again I believe that the majority of the fandom are sane and happy people. Sadly the small amount of haters out there seem to make the most noise.

With that said, enjoy the rest of the night. I am going back to read a great fan fiction.

Anonymous said...

As TOLD not WAs Old....sorry

Trish said...

Tracy was right..Honey is def. on a rampage..almost like a serial blog attacker..smh..The AT, RP Life, you name it..

Amen Louisa @4:42 PM and Melinda is right...she can come here all she wants (eventhough she is hated by all) just dont pay her any mind..she is yearning attention..

P.S. you are the only bitch I see here :-)

Anonymous said...

Okie dokie.. I'm making a vow.. from after this comment on, I am no longer bringing Honey into anything I comment on. I will laugh my ass off at her in the privacy of my own home, I will say a slew of sailor worthy curse words under my breath so my family doesn't think I've lost it, but I will not respond to anything she says here, or anywhere else if I see her.

She does nothing but come on and post and run. A slam, bam, fuck you ma'am. She doesn't care, she doesn't listen, she just posts her daily vitriol and leaves.

So from this point on, she is nothing more than something for me to laugh at.. deep heartfelt belly laughs and some snorts thrown in because apparently, I've been told I snort when I laugh..


I think it's great that Tom got a part in OTR. I have my suspicions, and I'm sure everyone else here does to, of just how that came about. I've heard he's playing Carlo, but I've also heard he might be playing Ed Dunkel.. we'll see I guess. :)

And I take most twitter sightings with a grain of salt.. someone could tweet "Just saw Rob and spent time with him" and they've just come from Madame Tussaud's.. I'm leaning towards believing the one from the flight attendant though, since she was right about Kristen.. she got it right once, and didn't *just* create an account somewhere to say something about it.. so chances are, she's right again.

Anonymous said...

Taking your advice. :)

dowlingnana said...

YOU'RE all right...........let honey savour in her own sticky mess. I just can't stand Rob being wished dead esp. BUT I AM an adult and therefore will not give her/him/it anymore satisfaction of an emotion. This is my pledge as of today, lol. Donna

A.J. said...

Nobody believes the 'Rob in London' sighting. It was very poorly photoshopped by a very crazy individual who tries to pass photos of her and Rob off as legit even though they are clearly not. The words aren't even aligned in the facebook sighting. Usually you take what she says and the opposite turns out to be true.

As for Honey, she must be ten years old or have a maturity of a ten year old for that matter either that or she's just a sick person.

I agree some Kristen fans have a double standard and are annoying, but I don't seek out anyone who bothers me and I don't follow them on twitter, if you don't like what someone has to say it's your choice to follow them or not.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is this?

@KStewAddiction The only Rob site you all should be following is @RPlife

They unfollowed robpattznew and Spunk Ransom just because of the crazy CK. This is so childish.

most Rob sites are respectful toward Kristen ans i do hate how Rob fans ( and his sites) have been labelled as crazies. All of us on Twitter respect Rob and his life but people jus obsessed with bunch of crazy nonsten. Sad.
They also make me laugh going on about the rob sites. I think they should all take a good long look at yourselves as well.

Robin said...

Ladies, this is the only comment I'm going to make about Honey. Then I will happily overlook her posts.

Honey is a troll. All the crazy, sick things she says about R/K are not necessarily because she feels that way but because trolls are by intent shit disturbers.

Any time we spend responding to Honey's sickness is time not spent loving R/K... and we all do, right?

A.J. said...

Kralyche, If people want to unfollow sites that associate with that psycho, more power to them.

dowlingnana said...

@ROBIN.........Ur Sooooo RIGHT!!

Trish said...

"Any time we spend responding to Honey's sickness is time not spent loving R/K... and we all do, right?"

Love this Robin!! you're very right!

Love the pledges on here..im making my own..but they have to be consistent..because tommorow is another day, with another bs this person is going to pull out of her ass...LOL haha

linzy said...

dear dear Rose,

I've been out of the country and w/o much net access for 2 months... I come back to catch up on your blog and I simply want to hug you & high five you repeatedly :) I see you still attract the crazy but I suppose that's to be expected eh? Glad to know you are still pushing, twirling, and giggling. It never fails to make me smile!

RE: Tom in OTR
Couldn't be happier for him. This is a big deal for him and his career and he gets to hang with his BFF's gf, who happens to be one of his friends as well. How many of us would jump at that kind of work experience? *raises both hands*

I've no doubt Rob got his tush up to Montreal as soon as he could. I'm stoked he's been able to remain hidden while doing so. Kid needs a break, no doubt.

It is a bit of a bummer to see the same old bickering and whining about who gets more hate. *eyeroll* The point is that they both get trashed unfairly and by focusing on it, you are only helping the haters get what they want: attention. I agree with those who are encouraging the higher path of IGNORING the bullshit. Wherever it comes from, whomever its directed at.

Thanks for another twirl-inducing post Rose!

katy said...

Honey, are Still here spting your venom...you are an evil person, I already said and I'm going to say it again...go and seek psychological help...I so you know Kristen loved Remember Me.

to Melinda,

i know your right when you say we should ignore Evil Honey...but it's really hard to ignore when she comes in where and wishes those hideous things to Rob...I can't stand that.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Good morn Rose and everyone!

It was posted @robpattinson.blogspot.com that Rob has taken flight to Montreal via Air Canada. It was twitted by the same person who have seen Kristen before..

mujhiko_mujhiko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Logical Flavor Conundrum:

Why does something labeled Honey sound more like sour grapes?


olivia said...

Hi Rose and all,
Rose, the new banner takes my breath away. Such a gorgeous man and his woman!

I worked late today and again I see that there is another poster with Olivia (posted at 3:51 ) as her name. Sorry, that is not me. I'm Believer Olivia from Tx. I have mentioned before my belief that Rob would be in Montreal. Annoying to have the other person state things I would not say.

I too am glad that Tom has been cast in OTR. Rob and Kristen together have such a wonderful bond with the Brit pack members. As I said yesterday, it speaks so well of them as a couple having such supportive and protective friends.

Love to all,
Believer as always,
Olivia (Tx.)

SueBee said...

Looks like I'm late to the party again.

I haven't seen most of the Honey posts but I take it that she stopped taking her meds again? What a shame.

Misery loves company and she is trying to draw everyone into her insanity.

Not to worry my friends. School starts soon.

Hugs to all (well, most) :o)

deb said...

OK Ladies I was one of the first to post on what Hornet( honey) said But now that i have had time to really think about it she has gotten what she set out to get all of us who LOVE and RESPECT ROB and KRISTEN all up set DO I like what the cunt said HELL NO But what do they say KARMA IS A BITCH So im going to forget that shes even here I dont want any part of her KARMA I want the BEST for ROB and Kristen THEY are HAPPY and INLOVE They well go on with thier lives being happy and loving each other THAT MY FRIENDS makes me happy Dont let the HATERS out there pull our strings Dont let them think they have any power over us BECAUSE THEY DONT Louisa,ridestef,and kristine and others out there YOU ARE RIGHT about what you have said NOW let get back to what makes US ALL HAPPY ..LOVING and RESPECTING ROB and KRISTEN and being happy for MR.TOM THANK YOU GUYS ....DEB

dowlingnana said...

Here is some info on who TomStu will be playing in OTR.---"Carlo is based on Allen Ginsberg, a friend of Kerouac who was openly gay. Carlo isn’t quite so open, but there are some hints that he may be interested in De...an. We always see them on the bed together, and at one point Carlo tries to get under the covers with... Dean and Marylou. Dean does not return these potential advances in any way."

Patricia said...

Rose, Kathy, Louisa,L.J.,Dowlingnana, Melinda, Suzy Q.,Oliva(Tx), Deb and true lovers of Rob and Kristen:

Jesus "What a shit storm".
First forget someone who is NOT AS SWEET AS HONEY"


I'm happy that Tom has a part in OTR..I am sooo looking forward to seeing the film. Can you imagine the Premiere ( Rob, Kristen ,Tom and Brit Pack? (COOL)....... Now if Rob got to do the soundtrack... WOW ! That would blow me away. What do you think?????


Grazie Rose for another great post

To all the new people that are posting on this wonderful blog. WELCOME.. We are lucky to be here and Rose Rocks.


Jane said...

I just want to say that your new banner almost knocked me off my seat when it came up on my screen. Beautiful!!

dowlingnana said...

@Patty: Anytime Rob could do a soundtrack would blow me away, uh huh!!!

notwihardfanbutloveRK said...

Hi everyone, I am relatively new here...Love your blog Rose, its awesome! I am so happy for R/K and Tom, I can't wait for OTR to be released! The scene with Carlo made me laugh, how awkward would it be if Rob watches that scene being filmed? LOL! I'm sure they will make a good joke of it!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how true this is BUT....wait for it>>>>>

Twitter said:
"holy fuck that reported tweeted rob and kris left with 4 friends and body guards"

OMFG hope this isnt bullshit!!!!!

Anonymous said...

they were eating s/where in OM aparantley...squeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Rose you on twitter at the moment...check out ya buddy @cullenizme.....OMFG

and do me a fav and follow me @louisav69r would ya????

deb said...

Patty you must read mines because that it what I'v been thinking about. Would it be sweet if he took some of this time to write a song or 2 And didnt he cowrite a song with his sister Lizz the new one she has out.Yep would love me some Rob music and he can play that piano to love to hear him play,sing,walk,talk,set,stand lie down,YUmmmmy .Kristen gets all that and then some Lucky girl. DEB.

Anonymous said...

this is whats going to happen when they get back to thier hotel room...hehhe


deb said...

Hey Louisa so what do you think???

Anonymous said...

about what....R at Old/M....f..ken estatic!!!!!

lad said...

Hi Rose, I'm new to your blog. Just wanted to let you know I love it and agree with everything you say. I am first and foremost a Kristen fan but then I started to like Robert also. Just thought I would give the "heads up" about a fan that was on Kristen's Imdb and said that she had a relative in Montreal that twitted they have just seen Kristen and Robert in a restaurant there having dinner with friends.

Kai El said...

Why there is so much hatred? Why can't people show some LOVE?

As For Honey Bunny, I think we don't have to put so much effort to hate her. Let her say what she wants to say.But, Just stick to what we believe. There are always some excuses for people who doesn't want to open their eyes to see that there is so much LOVE between our beloved couple.

As for Rob and Kristen, they are getting better and better at hiding. It's good for them. It gives them some spaces to have a peace and loving relationship.

And for Rose, please keep posting us your lovely blogs. You give us so much Positivity in this crazy WORLD. You are the BEST, Dear.

Anonymous said...

heres the translation of the original tweet>>>>>>


Anonymous said...

RoseSee It was never IF... it was always WHEN ;)

deb said...

Thank you Louisa I just read it Im really happy We all new this day was coming Like SO MANY other DAYS and nights thank you Louisa and thanks for my fix(videos) you know how i feel about my videos now maybe they can come out a little more WE ALL NO THEY ARE TOGETHER and VERY MUCH IN LOVE maybe a little peek. DEB.

SueBee said...


Have I told you lately that I love you? :o)

Anonymous said...

No probs Deb...& Suebee no...not latley........squeeeeeeeeeeee...you could probably here mr squelling from where you are.......lol

Anonymous said...

oh shit Me not mr...im sooooo excited

Opytaylor said...

Good evening. Turns out to be a rewarding day for the REAL fans. Tweets from rock solid sources and Kristen hasn't been bothered in Montreal. Must be some polite people in that town.

My quick stop by @lunch when I saw the most offensive post of my life is now deleted. Thanks, Rose. Sometimes I say mental illness in jest, but that girl is truly sick.

Rose, some folks were worried about you yesterday based on one of your tweets. I would cut those negative fuckers out of my inbox so quick. I refuse to listen or read hatred.

If Honey pulls that shit again then tracking skills will be employed. Her IP will be logged and reported to google security. It was no "run of the mill" hate post.

SueBee said...


I did hear the Squeeeeee! That's why I logged on to see what was what!

I know it is awful of me but I do want a pic. A nice noninvasive snapshot.

deb said...

Opy. I agree with you Its nice to see a MANS view on these things thank you I know how you feel about Kristen and that you would like her to be safe and happy So do I . DEB.

Bren said...

Hey guys,

Check out this eyewitness account...


Bren said...

Sorry guys, let's try that again...


Bren said...

sorry to be obsessive, but the whole link won't print---here's the end of the link.....


Anonymous said...

for those who read french: break a leg!!!!!


deb said...

LOL Louisa i dont know French but i think i know what he said. It was sad that that one person told where they were But nice to know that he IS there with Kristen and Tom and Others Thanks Louisa. DEB.

Carly said...

I just read about Tom joining the cast of OtR and I couldnt be happier. while I wasnt particulary impressed with the book, the cast is sounding more intriguing by the minute. I love Tom (I may even have a little crush on him ;) and I hope we will see him in a scene with Kris

as for teh rabid excuses. well, why would Rob fly to Montreal for 5 odd days to visit his friend who is working there only to board a plane across the pond later? I mean, if Tom was flying home with him it would make sense but Tom is working.

Rob going to Montreal to visit Tom makes NO SENSE. Rob going to Montreal to be with his girl and with his BFF who work on a movie together, well, that makes much more sense. but thats just me

awesome post is awesome Rose

*twirl you later*

khushboo said...

nice post...
i too beleive dat ROB has gone to visit KRISTEN sooo cute na...:)
i love dem together.....dey jus mean meant to be together for me...:)
i to srsly wish dat dey r spoteed together....no harm to der privacy bt jus 1 pic i l be happy....n i want dem to njoy a pap free time peacefully.....:)
bt im dyin to c der one pic together....so i knw n i want dat dey r photographed together atleast once....:)
thnkxxx 4 alwaz supportin ROBSTEN....:)

love u...
love ROBSTEN....:)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Kristen fan. I go onto livejournal and communities. Most Kristen fans, if they don't like Rob. Well let's just say it doesn't get said there. It's invisible to me.

Sure, they support her cast. And support who she works with. You have to admit TomStew, Garret, Reese, and even the directors are amazing. None of us are going to stay quiet on that.

It's like Rob fans. They support EDR, Reese Witherspoon, and all his other co-stars. Where's the problem?

People ship Kristen with Dakota. But c'mon do you really think us fans would want her to be lesbian. Okay, in dreams for some fans, they may want her to be a lesbian, but to ship DakotaStew, your shipping FRIENDSHIP, just like with Eddie, EddieStew FRIENDSHIP, TomStew FRIENDSHIP. Robshley? Rob & Ashley: but most say they want them as a couple, not as friends. And Rob and Tom? They want them gay, I'm talking about Rob fans by the way.

Point is, although they probably both do get hate. Yet I don't see the hate for Rob on livejournal communities...I think the one who gets the most hate? Kristen.

So don't start a war between who gets the most hate. Rob fans are the most craziest. And most are horrible, except for here. Although I can point out a few. But they are worst, serious. Why do you think there are bodyguards around them? I don't think it's for Rob's safety. I'm sure it's so Kristen doesn't get murdered. They've said what they'll do (haters) if they see her. And it isn't something to be wishing for.

Anyway, good talk? TomStew working together! That's gonna be weird but awesome. Rob going to Montreal? Awesome! Prepare for the haters to keep spewing how Rob will only be there for Tom, because he can't stand Kristen.

June said...

Rose, beautiful banner and post!!

I'm so happy, Rob and Kristen reunited at last! We have already got an answet to WHEN.. It was yesterday, august, 11th. Great day girls!!

I hope Rob and Kristen can share a nice and peacefully time together.

tse.l said...

Rose once again... wow. But I'm not gonna talk about it. He is there, they spotted having dinner :) http://robstenation.blogspot.com/2010/08/rob-and-kristen-spotted-in-montreal.html.
What do the hyenas don't have anything to say right ? awww yes, he was there to visit his best friend Tom and his girlfriend Kristen. yeah Tom's girlfriend. Right :S.

katy said...

Yeah...Carly... the hatters are saying Rob went to Montreal to visit Tom....yeah Right...whatever helps them sleep at night.

So, Rob was spotted in Montreal...GREAT...well we all knew Rob was there...with Kristen...his girl. I'm extremely happy for them

And Cristhina Ricci talked about Kristen visiting Rob on the set of Bel Ami a FEW TIMES....gotta love that...and that she wants to work with Kristen...hope she does.

PS: I alraedy miss Rob...the drought is going to be unberable

olivia said...

Good morning sweet Rose,
Just a quick note before I'm off to work.
Thank you Melinda (4:46).
@Patty (9:20) - So with you!
I am thrilled to see Tom in OTR. If you have not watched Pirate Radio, please go out and rent or buy it. It is an awesome trip through the world of 60's music, and the ban on rock and roll in England during certain hours of the day. I have recommended it before, and for those of you who love rock and roll, the British Invasion, etc. it's a great flick. Tom is perfect in the part he plays.
Also, Patty, I too can imagine the premiere of OTR - oh my, all those great friends having a blast and we the fandom enjoying their success!
Rob and Kristen, together again!
Big smile and happiness!

Love and hugs to all,
It's off to work.
Olivia ( Tx.)

Saphire1231 said...

Well.. we all now know that Rob is in Montreal. How wonderful! He and Kristen can have some time together! There is also the added benefit of Rob's BFF being there also - so I guess Rob will have to share a little of his time out LOL.

I am thrilled for Tom who got himself a part in OTR and will wait with baited breath for the completion and eventual showing of this movie.

Oh my, the drama I watched unfold over these last few days.. the plain insanity of some of the folk spilling their venomous drivel... it just leaves me shaking my head in disbelief!

I worry for the future of the planet with what I have read amongst the hateful comments (which I might add I do not seek out... they are on twitter for all to see)!

It has been said that "the pen is mightier than the sword", but I am given leave to pause over that statement these days when I reflect upon the heinous garbage out there... Perhaps it is more a case of "there is none so vicious as the women scorned" and those hating on Robert see themselves as scorned by him.

Whatever... in the words of Kristen... "Peace Out Folks".

Oh and Rose... thank you as always for your wonderful wit, your unswerving faith and loyalty and your amazing writing skills.

Cheers Chrissie

keset said...

Oh my! I love your new banner!!!

Brenda said...

You won't see pix of them together because we don't do that here in Canada. No paps, no pix. They will be left alone.

LIZ said...

Rose, I LOVE the new banner, wow, what beautiful children they would have, maybe someday!!!

You were right on ALL accounts, he is there, they are together, and all is right with the world.

deb said...

Liz how funny i was thinking the same thing about thier children the eyes what color would they have hummmm DEB.

LIZ said...

Deb, I guess his eyes are blue and hers are green but they are very similar, would a child have "aqua" eyes? Their hair color (original) is about the same also. I'm just SO GLAD they are together, even for a couple of days. Guess he'll be heading to London soon for his Mom's birthday.

deb said...

Ya I think so to about his mums b-day But I do think he well come back to montreal dont know when but i think he well be back Tom and Kristen well be working but this well give him time to rest OR write songs would be nice DEB

mujhiko_mujhiko said...




Where is honey?? I need help with the chorus!!:)))))))!!!

Cote de Texas said...

yeah!!!! he's there! out to dinner!!! yep. makes me smile becuase he's finally happy. he looked so miserable sitting next to ashely. i would love to know the story behind THAT. he can't stand her judging by his boby language. i wonder why? he's happy now - his two besties. love it.

Arlene said...

This is my first comment in here. I love this blog! I've been reading it everyday fro a while. I love Robsten and very happy for what they have accomplished so far in their personal and professional lives. More power to them and to all who believe!

deb said...

Arlene welcome to the bolg just set back and enjoy the ride Im sure theres more to come with our to lovers cant wait. love them. im so happy they get the time to be together . DEb.

Trish said...

well well well..not suprised at all to see that tweet of the french guy spotting Robsten..as i said yesterday..i strongly believe he was there..more power to them and all the best! hope there is no pap pictures but since its Montreal, i doubt there will be..hoping for a fan one though

Deb and Liz I was thinking the same thing! imagine the kids..super race lol..they truly are fit for one another..two peas in pod..and too me Kristen is the female version of Rob..they just have too much in common

p.s. wonder where Rose is?..cant wait to celebrate with her..

SueBee said...

Welcome, Arlene!!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

good morn everyone!

Wow! The dishing has begun! According from Eonline and Instyle @robpattinson.blogspot.com, Christina Ricci has freely handed out goodies about Robsten. Apparently, kristen has visited Rob several times on the set of BA.