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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, August 23, 2010

RobSten, KrisBert... What's in a Word?


Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup,
They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe
Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind,
Possessing and caressing me.
Jai guru de va om
Nothing's gonna change my world,
Nothing's gonna change my world.

(John Lennon)

I've been thinking about words lately.
I love words.
So naturally my thoughts turned to the magical terms
used daily in the Twilight fandom.

So most of them are pretty damn lame...
as it usually is when you smash two words together
to try and come up with one cutesy name.
You know what I'm talking about...
Like Brangelina

Smushing Robert with Kristen.
Kristen is getting the raw end of this deal...
And although I'm not a fan of this type of name
(I usually type Rob/Kristen)
I use it on occasion because that's the word everyone goes to.

Of course...
There are other names in the fandom...

Here Kristen gets the lead... but barely.
It's kinda cute in a way...
You know...
Kristen Pattinson and all...
But don't get me started on all the marriage rumors out there.
They aren't married... COME ON.
Why do they have to be?

"Is it not enough, just to have a long and happy life with me?" 
Promises... Promises.

There is Krisbians...
Which I guess is Kristen/Lesbians?
Not sure...
It could mean that Krisbians are hot for Kristen.
They love her a lot.
I'm guessing here.

Well... that one never caught on...

Shippers is a popular term used all the time.
I never heard of the word until I became intoxicated with Robert.

People involved in shipping (or shippers) assert that the relationship does exist,
will exist, or simply that they would like it to exist.

I have no horse in the shipper race.
I don't get anything from Robert and Kristen being together.
I just think they are.
I don't substitute Edward/Bella for Robert/Kristen.
I think Rob and Kristen's chemistry is way hotter OFF screen.
So yeah...
I assert that the relationship DOES exist.
I don't NEED or WANT it...
That would be Robert and Kristen doing that.

Fine... let's talk about NON sten
(last time... I promise)
NONsense is what I like to call it...
But... Look at the word.
NON + Kristen
Which is what they are all about.
Hating Kristen Stewart.
They would like to pretend Kristen doesn't exist.
That Robert and Kristen aren't together.
That Robert and Kristen aren't somewhere
right the fuck NOW in each other's arms.
 I think it's more like...


But like I said long ago (and was reminded of recently)
If a hyena whines in the woods and no one hears it... does it make a sound?
They are lost in those woods.
Never to be seen or heard from again...

I only used the 'word' to make a point.
It is now erased from my vocabulary...
from Existence.
(Why am I reminded of Marty McFly?)

Robert and Kristen.
Whatever will be... Will be.
The future's not ours to see...

I know I harp on them finding 

Everyone deserves to find those things.
I think they have those moments.

I love that we haven't seen them since they got back to LA.
Love it.
I'm happy they have found peace.
And there you have it.
Love, Peace and Happiness.

And so it goes.

This post was brought to you by the letters *R* and *T*

R for Robsten
I don't like the word...
But I like what it implies.

Can't help myself.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Great job! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face!!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog since I found it. Thanks again for your POV.de

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for an amazing post. You did great job.

With love,

imloco2 said...

good thoughts Rose. almost reminded me of PapaPattz the way it started out. lol I don't ever remember being this happy to have no word at all about R&K. I so want them to have a little normalcy that I'd be happy with nothing till Breaking Dawn starts. Don't think I could take much longer than that. hehe

monika said...

Krisbians as in KStew fans who are lesbians. Well you kinda have to be to be when talking about jizzing over her photos, wanting to fuck her etc

Melinda said...

Cute post today!

I for one have never liked "Robsten" simply b/c it makes them like every other couple in HW and they are not.

Totally happy that we haven't heard anything since they got back in LA. They need time to just chill and let the hoopla fade into the background.

Enjoy you day everyone! Don't let the NONSENSE get you bothered. It's just background noise now.

PS. Random thoughts- I am reading the fan fic "Wide Awake" and the author used the term hyenas when talking about the girls in school hating Bella b/c she is with Edward and they are not!! It made me LOL.

Opytaylor said...

Rose... I just barely want to diagree with you. It's minor

"I have no horse in the shipper race.
I don't get anything from Robert and Kristen being together.
I just think they are."

You love it that they ARE together, just like I do. It makes you smile. No? Come on.

Rose said...

Opey... Yes. You are right. I do love that they are together!
I was kinda referring to having a agenda to wanting them to be together... You know what I mean?
I am happy that they are happy.

Opytaylor said...

Yeah. No agenda. Just enjoying what is.

June said...

Drought is back, so it's so nice to read your blog and watch the pics Rose, thanks!

In a way I'm happy for the drought. I know Rob and Kristen are not shooting, so this means that they're somewhere together and God knows they need this time alone and out of the spotlight.

From october on, we'll have plenty of Rob and Kristen, so let's them enjoy this time of love and peace!

Rose said...

Looks like Kristen has turned up in Argentina with cast of OTR!!

SueBee said...

Krisbian sounds like some kind of donut to me! LOL

I don't mind the term "Robsten." It works in a pinch. I know they are 2 separate people so I have no issue with it.

I don't like the hate or outright denial that comes with nonstens. It's okay not to like someone but making it into a cause is mean and pathetic.

I guess I am a shipper because seeing Rob and Kris together makes my little ol' heart flutter.

Even so, I don't confuse them with Edward and Bella. I mean, we've seen those 2 characters (played by R and K) kiss a dozen times.

Seeing them kiss as themselves was completely different. It was like they did it for the first time.

Their happiness is a little contagious. I'm a hopeless(ful) romantic and I do a big sigh when I see something sweet.

Not sure what my point was but there you have it.

Anonymous said...

"Words--so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become, in the hands of one who knows how to combine them!"
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Robsten, Nonsten, and all those others aren't quite what Hawthorne meant, but the intention is still there. The implications behind some of these words can be good, and they can be bad. I personally don't like to use these words.. but that's just me.

And I don't consider myself a 'shipper' either. I don't NEED Rob and Kristen to be together. I just like that they are. :) Two very beautiful people who apparently enjoy each other and enjoy being together. Let's just say, I am an admirer.

What I could use, however, is a word to describe the discussion I am currently having via email with a school superintendent.. Why my daughter's clear plastic spacer for her nose piercing is distracting enough to violate the school's dress code.. (she doesn't wear the actual jewelry) and gauges and industrials are not.. nor is the 16 yr old chick who carries around a pacifier on a necklace and USES said pacifier during class... Yeah.. stupid doesn't begin to cover it.. *sigh*

Marie said...

Every couple eventually becomes one name...my husband and I are KaminHeith (Kami being my first name...Marie my middle) so I say why not just call them "RobnKris"? Or "KrisnRob"? I mean think of every couple you know...eventually their friends and family seem to always link together their two names making two into one...Have to admit though Robsten doesn't bother me...Bennifer..now that one made me want to gag.

Anyone else wondering if Rob is hiding out somewhere in Argentina? I seriously doubt that they would go through another airport paparazzi feeding frenzy like they did in L.A. So I doubt they would show up together.

Robin said...

I agree, Rose. I have never liked those cutesy-wootsey name combos for couples. It seems so kid-like. R & K are young, but they are also intelligent and mature beyond their years.

I have to admit to loving them as a couple -- although I also love them individually. I like the way they manage their relationship in a way that's clearly not for public consumption.

June said...

Rose, thanks for Kristen's update in Argentina!!!!

Here is the link to the information,


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Glad you are feeling better ;) You do have a way with words don't ya? Fabulous as always!

Woot woot!! Go Ninja Stew!! Love it! Let's hope Rob can go ninja too! The thought of them together MIA just makes me smile...and when they can do it without everyone knowing how they got there....that's even better ;)

And by the way...LOVE the Twiggles <3

Trish said...

Don't really like the shipper term and i dont consider myself one (SOME of the shippers can get out of hand NEEDING to see R/K every together everytime and if they are not rumors begin) I am fan of their relationship and KNOW they are together...but not necessarily NEED them to be together...but that DOES NOT MEAN SEEING THEM TOGETHER DOESNT MAKE ME SMILE VERY WIDE AND HAPPY...since they ARE together its an advantage then..i also see them very far away from being Edward and BElla..although they are close, I read the books way before the movies came out.

I am also very excited we havent heard from them since..PEACE AND QUIET..just how i like it.

As for the word KRISBIAN, nothing annoys me more than that name next to that Non word. They are all very delusional if you ask me..correct me if i am wrong folks but i think that word implies that Kristen is a lesbian..instead of it being that they like/love her...its all very creepy to me.

Anyway, Kristen is going to Argentina or is there...hmmm Rob is not working as far as i know (with the exception of maybe business meetings) wonder where he will go next.."where Kristen goes he will follow"...but again we are all just speculating so we'll see as we have learned before good things happen to those who wait.

Keep up the fantastic work Rose!

evangeline said...

i am happy rob is not with her because all the focus will be on them they could always go argentina for themselves if they choose, some day i wrote about OTR because i notice someone add more marylou and i just mention why is it because it's kristen and the pappz was not interested before rob came was i wrong? and i have a rob avi because i am a member of robsessed but not the ones that obsessed over rob,to me it gets annoying at times,they insulting and said i was a kristen hater they hurt me because i like kristen love her moves love the cakeater however lets hope rob turns up in LONDON i will love that let madam get on with her work

Selene said...


ahhh tell me about it.

I'm a Rob fan who supports Rob and Kristen as a couple and I once made the bad mistake of actually jokingly posting a pic of Rob and his ex Nina on twitter. I ended up getting bashed by Kristen fans. They said I hated Kristen and I was a nonsten. It made me very upset because I have always supported Rob and Kristen. I will support whoever Rob goes out with. Sometimes, I really can't stand their double standard. Kristen fans with their tomstew, oreganostew, garretstew etc. and I support them because I have no problem with it. But you can't do that with Rob cause then you're a hater.

Anyway. Kristen in Argentina! So glad they're filming there.
Bariloche is beautiful.

LK said...

I think Rob and Tom are in London already.

Jam said...

It’s annoying to read negative, demeaning comments. So, it’s nice to come here to read your words of wisdom. Thanks for pointing out that no matter what is spewed, it will not change the fact that R/K has something very special together.

The word ‘shipper’ has always been a fun term in fanfiction. It’s too bad it’s now considered derogatory. I’ve read some R/K real person fiction that date back to May 2008. Yes, I’m going to a special kind of hell for reading rpf, but there are some awesome writers in the fandom, and I love angst with a happy ending (sound familiar?). These writers were some of the original shippers. It’s interesting to read why they wrote the fiction. Just like Rose, they didn’t write them as an extension of E/B, they saw the sexual tension between R/K emanating from the plethora of videos and pictures before Twilight opened. They must feel a sense of validation since they've been on board the ship for over 2 years. Cheers to them.

MissH said...

Great blog :)
Please read my blog too http://pattystew.blogspot.com/

June said...


Why do you think Rob is already in London? Have you figure it out? intuition? Just curiosity!

Sofia said...

Love isn't about words, love is about gestures. I read something like this somewhere and automaticaly think about Rob and Kristen.
They dont need to say they're in love, we've already seen it.

Love your words one more time Rose

ps: very happy that Kristen made her way out of LA without getting caught and harassed. And Rob, where are you??

Anonymous said...

Good morning Rose....I enjoyed your mix of word usages this fine Tuesday morning.....The weathers changed back to Winter again her for us....I wish it would make up it comfused mind.....Does'nt it know Spring is less than a 2 weeks away!!!!!! lol

"Is it not enough, just to have a long and happy life with me?"

This has to be one of the most romantic lines that I can possible remember……..Although it is written in the Twilight context …We all know something had to change…to even consider life time happiness…..I don’t think Edward thought about that one thoroughly enough…….lol

The first time I heard the term “shipper” was here on the bog…..and it’s not the last, first thing I’ve leant from being on here…
I myself don’t get SHIPPER…I actually thought it was an American term and just overlooked it…..but from today, obviously NOT…Shipper what does that mean exactly….you preach them being together??????…..
Ok I’ve got a word I’d like to share….and to me it’s quite a funny one…..FUKWIT……..we, from down here like to use it when someone’s being stupid…..Not sure if you use it up there….well if you don’t …then consider this Aussie educate lesson #2 ….hehe
Maybe I should put it in a sentence for you….to get the true definition……lol
I think those who use the terms krisbians, DenySten, JealousSten, BitterSten, HATESTEN…… just to name a few are a bunch of FUKWITS ……There you go …hope I’ve made it clearer now…..LMAO

Anonymous said...



LJ said...

Loved todays post Rose...spot on as usual.

Hey Louisa my friend!

Well its high summer here and it's cold and hasn't stopped raining all day!...and soon we will be into autumn and I will be scraping the ice off my car every morning...oh the joys of living in England....

Ahhhhhhhhhhh fukwit, yeah we use that word also...great word! ha ha

Just been catching up on your links from yesterday....lovely :-)


Anonymous said...


While I'm not Australian, I am familiar with the term Fukwit. As I often times use it to describe my neighbors.. example of *why* I call them fukwits.. Their 10 yr old was learning how to operate a lawn mower, and they were hiding behind a fence trying to "spook" him. 0_o


ElizabethMC said...

Hi Rose, I am indifferent to the Robsten term. It is used with great affection from their fans so I can't dislike it. I tend to use R&K myself. Am I a shipper? I guess I am simply for the fact that I love them together & hope they stay together.

Selene said...

Could someone PLEASE explain to me OTR is a porn movie or something? Some people acting like It's all about nudity and sex!
All i see is 'oh my! kristen and garret naked together, oh my their sex scenes' talk...

I'm sure On The Road is more than just a few sex scenes... js.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! I am not a big fan of combined names. I am a weirdo and I'm not even a big fan of when people combine Rob and Kristen's names with their movie characters. Don't know why but it's not my thing.

And the 's' word -- I really don't like it. I am just a fan of two people. I saw something special happening between them way back when. Then I witnessed enough moments and things to lead me to believe that they're dating. I am pretty logical and rational about it.

I'm glad Kristen made it safely to Argentina. Seems she will only be there a few days and then make her way to New Orleans. I am not surprised that Rob didn't go with her given all the craziness that occured in the last week. I really hope that plans weren't changed because of that but the shooting in Argentina is short -- so maybe he never planned to go there.

I know Rob's very supportive and respectful of Kristen and her career. And no doubt he also respects Sam and Garrett and their hard work on the film -- so, I am sure he doesn't want the OTR set to become a circus. Still hoping he might show up in New Orleans but if he doesn't, it's understandable. I am thinking Rob is still in LA or maybe will go to London for a bit while Kristen wraps up OTR. One would think she doesn't have that much longer to film. She could always meet Rob in London.
So many possibilities with these two on what their plans are. Whatever the case may be -- they always seem to work it out to be together and not have too long of a separation.

And in regards to Tom. I think he still has filming to do so I am not sure if he would travel to London for such a short visit. But who knows.

Still happy Rob and Kristen got a little break together.

evangeline said...

@selena i want to know if kristen will really be naked suddenly it is alright for her to naked with garret so it is aright tobe naked at 20 but she is underage to drink alcohol double standard USA

dowlingnana said...

Hello fellow believers,

I did see that Kristen is in Argentina, the Robsten site on FB had some girl from there that saw Kris at the airport waiting for city flight. No Rob!! Some were saying he has meetings in LA, so who knows and if Tom is done with OTR then he could be with Rob altho' nothing was said about him leaving Montreal, so, again who knows!! With meetings maybe he can't get to London right now?????
But, it was also stated that Kris will only be there til the 28th so that's not so bad!! Remember Rob's theory.....absence makes the heart more fonder!!!!
I agree with SueBee: the name doesn't bother me either coz' I certainly know what it means.
Will keep watching the blog here and until then......later, Donna

dowlingnana said...

RT @dont_getmewrong: "Kristen is here, my friend works in the airport and took a picture with her"
RT @Floopi: "Yes, she said hi to me! Was in front of me looking at some magazines in the VIP section...and Rob is not with her"
RT @Floopi: "[flight] leaves in 30 min and [she] returns on the 28"
RT @dont_getmewrong: "Kristen is waiting for the flight to Bariloche..."

From FB..............Donna

Anonymous said...

Rose, what more can I say...perfect post as always!
Thanks for sharing

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

I hope you have a good day. Love the terms. Sometimes i dont even understand the terms that came about but yo sure mad me laugh w/ you post.

Love the post. I'm not really into terms.
Rob and Kristen's name goes very well together, no matter how you mix and match it.

Love those 2.

@ JUne: I'd prefer the drough that see pics that intrude on their privacy. I'm sure we'' see them soon. Cant wait for DB to start..

Have a Wonderful day!!

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boogie with Stew said...

Good evening all..."Love♥ always finds a way" thanks ROSE for the DL on all the compound i.e. words put together..not a big on it but I understand the "fan" admiration of it.. Louise thanks for the daily Aussie lessons they crack me up..keep them coming.. & the links..I support the man that loves the woman who loves the man..anybody that's a hater well their a bunch of FUKWITs!
I read OTR is based on the book from the author Jack Kerouac with a ton of lude behavior so nudity yeah...so I'm a "hunch" person so with that is it.. possible Mr.Pattinson will show up in Bariloche..stay tuned...I was hoping for a little more mattress dancing for our favorite couple.. it relieves stress..
love to all

jen said...

great post rose.

The bleepstens are psycho. I went onto their site and here's what I gathered just from their last thread, according to their leader who swears she's in "PR" and knows the inside sceoop about "PRSTEN"(I know, delusional:):

1) Kristen is having an affair with Scout Compton, but Summit broke them up and made her do montreal so no one knew....and then taylor tweets all her longings for kristen to prove she's her true love...


2) She thinks Robert is a child who isn't connected to reality and is being coerced by Kristen's "people" and Summit

3) She thinks Robert was "blindsided" by the paps in montreal(cause yeah, paps always suprise him!) and all he was doing during the kiss shot was hugging his gay friend who was crying cause she loves Scout...


I know...it's amazing to realize what people will believe when they are desperate. But they hold onto their PR leader and show faith even MOses would be impressed with!

SueBee said...

If anyone gets an e-mail from me--do NOT open it. I did NOT send it. Do NOT click on the link in the e-mail.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the warning, I did get an email from you titled No Subject, I didn't open it.

dowlingnana said...

@Jen: omg, hahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahA, WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL from that "hyena" group!!

Boogie with Stew said...

oh musical Rose,,forgot to say
"Que Sera Sera"...or to add "limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns...jai guru deva ommmm. or for a updated version from the "features" Let's stick together
Let's follow our hearts
Not even lions, can tear us apart..

love to all

Anonymous said...

@ bOOGIEWITHSTEW.....i have no idea whay you mention above but.... Come on come on lets stick together....Bryan Ferry....aw aw awooooooooooo......love that oldy but a goody....lol

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
katy said...

Great Rose like always, you always put a smile in my face even wen I'm sad.

So, Kristen is in Argentina, wonder where Rob is?? do you think he stayed in LA? Kristen is going to be 4 or 5 days in Argentina and then she will go to New Orleans...I think

-New/old Pictures of Rob’s Shining Photoshoot in HQ! ««««this is from last year...Rob looks Hot...Gorgeous like always

Boogie with Stew said...

Louisa..Rose posted,Robert and Kristen.
Whatever will be... Will be.
The future's not ours to see...This is from Doris Day song Que Sera Sera, and the 2nd comes from the "The Beatles" in the song nothing's going to change my world..she quoted one verse and I another, and the 3rd are lines out of current band I like.. and I luv Brain Ferry..good one..

Boogie with Stew said...

sweet twidreams

dowlingnana said...

Hello again,
Don't know if any of you have ever seen The Prince & Me II, but I'm watching it now, and, it kind of reminds me of R&K's life a bit. Paige, the girl in the movie has to figure out a way to marry the prince w/ a loop hole, anyway, she can't (for now) and so, this other girl wants to marry the prince and she's been devious all along. The point is when Paige sees they're going to marry, so he can stay king, she sees a picture of him with the other girl and knows right away HE was NOT happy. The smile wasn't the same as when he was with her, so, I see the resemblance with K&S. When Rob looks at Kristen there isn't another smile he does with anyone else that is the same!! Rose knows it and all of us agree!! Just had to tell you of my epiphany, don't think I spelled that right, but hopefully you know what I mean!! thanx, Donna

Monica said...

Cute post today Rose.

Glad that R/K are enjoying some peaceful time. Hope Kristen is doing all great in Argentina~~

@SueBee, it warms my romantic heart as well whenever I see R/K together. I like "Robsten" cuz the term always make me think of them being together, standing side by side, walking, talking, smiling to each other......

@Evangeline & @Selene, you know sometimes fans of Kristen are just a bit over protective of her. I can understand that cuz they often need to defend Kristen against those haters. So I guess fans tend to take things seriously and thus may misundertsand your jokes. Hope you won't mind and do not have bad impression about Kristen's fans.

Monica from Asia

Atticus said...

I don't mind the term Robsten but I prefer to refer to them as Rob & Kristen. Now Nonstens, (the ones that hate Kristen), and Krisbians, (I think they all hate Rob), are scum of the earth. They spread hate. IMO, Krisbians were borne from Nonstens, so Nonstens, you have no one to blame but yourselves for the Krisbians. In the beginning, if there wasn't so much hate for Kristen, I don't think we would have Krisbians running amok. Either one are a waste of cyber space.

Yeah, Rob & Kristen have waaaay better chemistry off screen. Warms the ol' ticker the way they look at each other, especially the way Rob eyes Kristen...mmm, mmm good!

So Kristen got out of LAX undetected. You know, Rob & Kristen can navigate thru airports undetected. It's been proven. I hope Rob can join her soon and if he is in London, I hope Kristen can join him as soon as she is done filming.

Like you said Rose, Que sera sera!

Melinda said...

Those BLIND beings who shall remain unnamed can't stand that this wonderful, young, and yes HOT man is completely smitten with one young, beautiful, talented woman whom he protects, calms, supports, loves and defends.

It truly is sad that they are that unhappy and unfulfilled with their own lives.

They know they are together so now the only thing they can cling to is that Kristen is gay. More sad that they make that sound derogatory for their own messed up agenda.

dowlingnana said...

@Atticus: Yeah, Rob & Kristen have waaaay better chemistry off screen. Warms the ol' ticker the way they look at each other, especially the way Rob eyes Kristen...mmm, mmm good!
YOU GOT THIS RIGHT!!! Couldn't have said it better myself!!Donna

Carly said...

I dont like the R word. while I find some of the mashed names cute (like Zanessa and Brangelina) the R word is not cute. I like KPattz but mostly I just write RK

as for shippers. I dont mind the term. and while RL shipping is frown upon I coulndt care less. them being happy together makes me happy. end of story. as for teh need for a couple to be togehter, the term innitialy and mostly refers to fictional couples and in that context it makes perfect sense :)

love, peace and happiness. yeah, thats a good thing to wish them. to wish everyone

Anonymous said...

"NON + Kristen
Which is what they are all about.
Hating Kristen Stewart."

Yes! A "Nonsten" is someone who is a fan of Rob for sure, but doesn't like Kristen whatsoever.

You know what I find funny, they say "we'll give it till the last movie" or something like that. From what I heard, even if Rob and Kristen were confirmed through pda or words, they'd continue to be a nonsten. So saying "we'll give it till the last movie" is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Atticus thank you for your thoughts on the nonsten and Krisbian stuff. I didn't know that about Krisbian's. I thought they were fans who had it bad for Kristen. But if they're the different side to nonstens, who hate Rob, then gosh. I didn't know that. "if there wasn't so much hate for Kristen, I don't think we would have Krisbians running amok." True. It's like if I see hate for her, I defend her then and there or through a video.
If the hate wasn't there, there wouldn't be such defense put up.

Anyway I think Rob and Kristen have way better chemistry too outside than in the movie.
I only watch the movies because of those two too. :]
Yup, Kristen's in Argentina, does that mean Rob isn't? Oh well. I guess he'll be somewhere at least. Whether that's LA, London, or in Argentina too. Because hey, wasn't that Argentina pic, a fan pic? Yup. So maybe they didn't get Rob, because they weren't interested, if he was there. Possibility. I mean in London Rob fans got pictures of him, even when Kristen was present, but no pictures of her.

I don't need them to be together. I like them together. I wish them all the best, I hope they stay together too. Why wish them to break up? To be together you have to love each other, and want something out of that person. So I hope it lasts. And there's a possibility to, since their parents have lasted from young ages of being together.

Anonymous said...

Hearts the post.

KrisBert sounds like a character on Seasme Street.

Rob&Kris. Hearts.

Robsten. meh. Its okay. Its easy to say and use.

As always, Rose, You Rock!