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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, August 2, 2010

I See Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

I'm a cynic.
Not just a little bit...
I mean
I'm majorly cynical.
All the time.

Maybe this surprises some people.
Maybe it doesn't.

But I don't accept anything at face value.
Especially online.
I always wonder if there is an agenda...
if someone has a motive...
An angle.
And they usually do.

That being said...
I'm not fooled easily.
I don't blindly 'follow' anyone.
I make up my own mind...
based on what I see.
What I hear.
What I think.

So I have cynically looked at Robert and Kristen.
Are they together?
Is it all an act?

Well, even though I believe Rob and Kristen to be good actors...
Nobody is THAT good.
A lot has been said about how Robert smiles so big
whenever Kristen is around.
Well, it's true that Rob smiles a lot... all the time.
But Robert never... NEVER looks at anyone else
the way he looks at Kristen.
Even my cynical eye recognizes that much.
And the way he is drawn to her.
Physically his body always seems turned towards her.
Like he can't help it.
Like it's a magnetic force...
She moves. He moves.

Believe me...
Even though I noticed an attraction way before "Twilight" came out...
I would sometimes sit back and wonder if it was fleeting...
If once they got past the 'honeymoon' phase of getting to know each other
Would they just carry on with their lives?
In the beginning I would see moments where Kristen was
alternately smitten with Rob...
and then looking annoyed.
Where Robert was all about crushing on Kristen...
To hanging out with various female friends.
So what was it?

Well first they had get rid of a major obstacle.
Michael Oregano.
(Please don't give me shit about calling him Oregano...
I don't hate the guy.
I actually think Oregano is kinda cute...
If you like 'em short and spicy.)

Ahh... Oregano.
I'm pretty sure he realized shit was over as soon
as Kristen came home from the Twilight audition
and couldn't stop talking about Rob...
And then he saw Rob...
Tall. Lanky. Charming. Witty. Gorgeous.

And then the Vanity Fair photo shoot happened.

You all watched the video.
You all saw the pictures.
There was no denying it anymore.
I don't care how many people were around them.
I don't care if there were photographers telling them
to do this or do that...
They were in their own little bubble.
The intimacy.
The affection.

We were watching 2 people fall in love.

It didn't just happen all at once.
It built gradually.
Where before...
Oregano was lurking behind Kristen wherever she went...
One day...
He just wasn't there anymore.
(Even though some 'people' would have you believe
that he and Kristen are still secretly dating.
Kinda strange how he hasn't been in her life for over a year...
but they are together... isn't it?
Yet, Rob and Kristen are constantly together...
but not dating.
Yeah... I know.)



It's still happening.
I would be the first to admit if I didn't think it was.
But unlike some hyenas others...
I don't have an agenda when it comes to 
Robert and Kristen being together.
I don't 'ship' them
I don't chase people down and force my opinions
down their throats...
I honestly don't give a shit if you 'believe' or not.
I do.

It's been going on for a long time now.
And nothing has come along to change my mind.
If anything...
I'm more convinced than ever
That Rob and Kristen are indeed together.
I may be cynical by nature...
But I don't need constant reassurance
that they are still in a relationship.
I can see for myself.
And I see 2 people...
who have a lot in common...
who are going through something extraordinary together.
Who have bonded... and gotten close
Who make each other happy
Who manage to find time to be together...
Even when they are working in different parts of the world.
And I still keep seeing it.
Over and over again.
And I don't see Robert with anyone else.
I don't see Kristen with anyone else.
They haven't been without the other in a long time.
That's what I see.
This post has been brought to you by the letter Z
Because it's been kinda sleepy around here lately

Next stop?
The TCA's
and then...

Bye for now
I was out for a drink in a Soho bar
The air was smoked out liked a cheap cigar
She rose out of her seat like a painted ghost
She was the woman that I wanted the most
As she reached for my arm I gave her my hand
I said 'Lay me down easy, let me understand'


BoilerGrl26 said...

Great post Rose! You are SO right! They were made for each other. I really hope that they can see each other soon! TCA's? Montreal? Doesn't matter to me! I just want to know that Robsten is together and happy :-)

Our Family of 5 said...

I think they are obviously together too. Friends just don't behave that way..there has to be more... I just noticed something about the ex boyfriend picture-is the watch he is wearing the one that Kristen wears all the time? I'm sure it's not, but the similarity is odd.

twilightbabez said...

Great once again Rose. I am a cynic too but Rob and Kristen's actions made me believe what they have is real.

I love Robert first after knowing him in Twilight and because he loves Kristen, I love Kristen too. I made an effort to know her more because of Rob and found an extraordinary lady.

Some people on both camps - Rob's fans and Kristen's fans dont care and still dont believe about Robsten being together in TCA telling everyone not to trust the news.

My Robsten heart though would like to believe its true, that we will see Robsten together 6 days from now.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I kind of liked Oregano too. When I didn’t believe Rob and Kristen were a couple, until near the end of filming for New Moon, around end of April, start of May…I used to stick up for him and Kristen’s relationship, especially when it came to some Rob fans who saw it as, Rob had a crush on her, so Kristen should dump Michael and risk her three year relationship just because of Rob. I used to get defensive. I saw love between them and a great friendship (Michael and Kristen). Then I got the hint from his disappearance. And heard an interview from Kristen where I thought she’d got dumped by him. Then I read an interview in the past few months, where apparently Kristen’s never been dumped. So I think the whole who dumped who, I think it was mutual. So lost interest really then, especially with the people he mixes with: Emma Roberts; Nikki Reed.

Anonymous said...

I hope people are sane enough to realise Michael and Kristen are in no secret relationship. She went to the Isle of Wight to spend time with Rob and his friends. There’d be something obviously wrong, and she’d obviously be cheating on Michael if they are still an item.

It amazes me too, when people say he’s with Anna, Nikki, Ashley, Liz, Dakota (if people think he’s really that perverted - she’s about 8 years younger)…I don’t see him hanging out with them anymore. Don’t even think he cares about Nikki anymore. Don’t even know why people throw that sickening thing around anymore, that he was with her. Wanna believe that? OH MY GOD, then Kristen and Rob wouldn’t be together right now. It’s the unthinkable, you don’t go out with your best friends ex. And he’d be a fool to have lied in the Twilight press tour, and a fool to have lied during Eclipse promotion, that NOTHING happened. So I don’t know why that gets rammed down my throat. And the whole Ashley crap, is sick. She kisses a lot of guys, she doesn’t hang out with Rob.

Lisa said...

EXACTLY RIGHT AGAIN Rose!!! Just perfect!!! I saw on twitter (take it for what it's worth) I think it was Delaney that said he was going to London first for a short "family thing" and then believed to be going to Montreal.. But then as always, only time will tell.. :)


Anonymous said...

I believe what they have is real too.

Rose, do you really think he'll go to Montreal? I hope so too.

Really do. I don't care for pictures, just would love to know it's not a one sided relationship.

Although I do believe they both care.

I've seen a relationship where the female was all for catching transport to go see her boyfriend, but he was as annoying as hell. And didn't bother to go and see her, he had her running around. And that ended. It was horrible. I thought, dude, you've got a great girlfriend who's interested in seeing you, do something yourself or stop using her.

But i don't think Rob's using her. So that was kind of pointless to say from me.

She's younger than him too. And i bet her family miss their daughter going off half way across the world. And her cat! :O

But then again I think, well London is going to be more laid back. They can do whatever near enough. That's the UK for you, no scum paparazzi all the time.

I do believe they're together though and hope they last.

I'm not getting my hopes up over the TCA's there has been no confirmation, just tweets, no confirmation on the site. And I think realistically, OTR, the cast are going to be needed probably every day till it gets finished. It's like WFE, that's been kept over schedule. And he was restricted from leaving LA to do one stop even. He had to do everything in LA, because he was needed on set. And I think it might be the same for Kristen.

deb said...

Rose KNOW WORDS have been truly spoken I agree with all that you have to say You only have to OPEN up your EYES and you can see ALL the LOVE THEY HAVE for each other They been doing this song and dance for over a year now And you know by now they know how to see each other they are good in HIDDING Yes I do believe THEY love each other AND have CAME a LONG way to get there I feel that God put them there for a good reason (for them to be together ) ALL IS GOOD WITH ROB AND KRISTEN you well see -----SOON-----YEP SOON thank you Rose DEB.

olivia said...

Yes Rose,
That is exactly what I see and what I believe too!

We have been fortunate to witness bits and pieces over time of 2 exceptional people, Rob and Kristen, falling in love. Their unspoken connection is so visible when they are together that it creates a palpable aura around them.

Their guarded story has touched so many of us and has given us hope that true love with commitment still exists in this crazy cynical world. And yes, it can and has grown strong by being based on the closeness, honesty, and trust that their real friendship together has appeared to have given them.

As you have said many times Rose,
it is not if.... but when.
May they soon have time together and most of all have the space and privacy that they deserve.


June said...


You seem not to trust Rob's feelings for Kristen. You seem so suspicious about Rob, and I think he has showed his love for Kristen in so many ways..

You cannot suspect of Rob's feelings just because he has not yet gone, as far as we know, to visit Kristen in Montreal. He's been working non stop for long months, he hardly has had free time and Kristen has not shot any movie till now. She's been doing promotion, so she's been the one with more time off and the availability to travel.

TCA's. I've got a bad feeling about that, I don't think Kristen can make it.

Rose, I don't know how you do it, your posts get better and better every day. Keep up the good work!

lala said...

lo oregano is a herb we put on pizza no? isnt his surname Angarano? anyway why people are still speculating at this stage i do not know,so i asked my husband about platonic relationships between a man and a woman. according to him it can only exist if one of the parties is gay or bloody ugly lol.

some time ago i read a good comment, i forgot the name, however it makes sense "if its a duck and it quacks we call it a duck no?"and these two have shown us on many many occassions what they are.

anyway reality is what we choose to believe,and in my opinion if someone looks at me the way rob looks at kristen like hell i stay just friends with him.lol

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am a new fan of Rob, Kristen and of course Robsten. I have found this to be the only blog I can come to and read the comments without getting angry. Some of the comments on the other blogs are at times slanderous, they completely cross the line.
I did want to ask a question regarding the other sites...Do you all think its kids, bored and out of school for the summer, who are saying all those crazy and at time disturbing things for shock value? Or, does it tend to get like that when the two are apart working? Like I said I am new to all things Robsten and I just wanted to know what to expect. I have refused to comment on the AT board because of the way they attack anyone for just stating his/her opinion, I guess you have the right to your opinion as long as it's the same as theirs!!! How anyone is not able to see that Robsten exists is beyond me, cause it’s very obvious, all you have to do is open your eyes and look. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. Also, all the crazy junk about “if he doesn’t go see her in Montreal then we will know it was PR or We will know he doesn't care about her and he is a terrible b/f....WHAT??? That is absolutely ridiculous, maybe they are both busy and who says they haven’t seen each other...Look, here I go making myself mad thinking about the junk!! LOL!! I have had to promise myself that I will not go back to the AT board because of all the CRAP.

I hope everyone has an awesome day!

caretwilght said...

I love this blog! I am a huge fan of Robsten! I am getting a bad vibe though ...........I hope I am totally WRONG! Here is the vibe...Rob is really "bothered", cranky, at the paps...and deserevedly so...but then there are "reports" that Kristen is fading away and gaunt looking and exhausted. Now that could be heaven forbid that they broke up - because there were reports before Kristen went to Montreal that he had broken up with her on Reese's advice to have fun as a single man, and there were other comments, etc. and other crap said about the "supposed" break up!

Or maybe they just don't do too well apart! And that is why Rob blew a gasket with the paps (as I said deservedly)! Or they (Kristen & Rob) really don't want the paps to follow him to wherver he goes to meet Kristen!But if he doesn't show with Kristen soon in Montreal or the UK...then I am really gonna worry! Pls prove me wrong...I totally want them to stay together!

loveya said...

To kstewrocks, you may be a robsten fan but I don't understand why people think this may be a one-sided relays just b/c Kristen traveled to visit her bf.

Seriously, the guy was filming a movie(Bel Ami). He is an actor, not the studio or producer. He cannot hold up production, drop everything to visit his gf or loved one. Rob will go months and months without seeing his own parents when he is filming. The guy got so much flack b/c he was unable to attend Kristen's premieres when she was promoting her films. Once again, he was working. As a working mother, there are times I miss functions at my kids' school or games b/c I have to work. That doesn't mean I'm not committed to my kids. It's called life.

So what if she visited him over the holidays. Rob was in the States for a good month and half after NM promos ended. Why, to spend time with Kristen. He is not American. He had no reason to hang out in LA for Thanksgiving til right b4 Xmas.

Worst case scenario, if you don't hear about him going to Montreal does that mean it is a one-sided relays? You ever stop to think that maybe if he doesn't go to Montreal that it is a mutual decision btwn the both of them for professional reasons? (I personally think he will go)

I apologize if this comes off as an attack. It makes no sense when people imply Rob is less into Kristen. If anything, one would argue the reverse. When Rob is in Kristen's presence he ALWAYS has a look of love and complete adoration for her. Not always the case for Kristen. Yes, I believe they are a couple but I'd argue Rob is waaay more into her than the other way around. Rob wears his heart on his sleeve and auditioned for TW when he find out Kristen was cast. She was in a relays and he waited for her. To me, that doesn't sound like a guy who is not into his gf.

rldestef said...

Um. Kristen looks gaunt? There has been one picture of Kristen in Montreal so I'm not sure what you are basing that off of. Rob was upset at the paps? All celebrities get upset at the paps. They are annoying. They were trying to follow him home. He wants his privacy. He doesn't want you, or I, or anyone else to know where he lives. That is his time. His space. Call me rational but don't think that has much to do with his feelings towards Kristen.

I always laugh when people start to freak out. I mean seriously? They've been apart for like two weeks. How was it last summer when it was months? They are actors who are working. Period. Do I think he'll go to Montreal? Yes. Do I think we'll no about it? God I hope not.

I mean is there ever a right answer? Kristen goes to see him and she's clingy. Or clearly she's not talented b/c she's not working. Then they are both working and clearly this is the end of their relationship. But if they are seen together in Montreal or LA or London why then it is all PR.

Whatev. I'd bet anything they are fine and will continue to be fine. Just like the over analyzing and minute by minute freakouts will continue. Great post thoug, Rose. Tks for continuing to fly the sane and rational flag. :)

Patricia said...

Rose: Once again YOU NAILED IT. My feelings exactly.

This bit about if Rob doesn't go to Montreal, he's not into Kristen is TOTAL BULLSHIT...First of all , Kristen has not been bothered by Papps (if Rob goes up to see her it will be hard to avoid those ass holes who never leave them alone and a photo would be worth a fortune.) I know they're getting better at hiding, but that to me would be the only reason we wouldn't hear of him going. It would disrupt the OTR set also. For all we know he already went that Thursday and Friday before the Saturday nightmare with the paps. I think they will see each other soon. They never go over a month without getting together.


I have said this since the filming of 'New Moon' "ROBERT LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROBERT"

Grazie Rose for another awesome post.

Patricia said...

Sorry ( I hope she )

Patricia said...

Our Family of 5 :
The watch Kristen wears has the same COLOR band as Michael's. I heard the watch she wears belonged to her grandfather.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post. It makes me happy to see them together and whether he travels to Montreal or not isn't a huge ass deal to me. If he doesn't, then he doesn't. That will not automatically mean that they aren't together. (but of course dumbasses will take it that way) If he DOES end up there however, it will not stop me from dancing a jig o' glee.

Btw I just had a horrible thought. Wasn't the "tattoo" Rob had on his chest Michael in Remember Me?

Could you IMAGINE the jokes?!?! Oh, gah! lol anyway laters.

keset said...

I saw Twilight saga 3 weeks ago for the first time and i realy liked Rob. So i read about him and read that he is with KS. It was logical to me. I saw pics of then and than movies about them that people create. And than i read that it's not offical that they are dating and i thought...really? i was shocked! and i read that KS had a b/f... What i'm trying to say that i was sure they are daiting. I hope they are still together. I don't know how they manage to remaind their love these weeks. They are so a part from each other for a long period time...hope their love will stay stronger. And BTW, i think KS' b/f looks cute. :)

keset said...

I also think that Rob is much more into Kristin than she is. Just by looking at the pictures of them. I could be wrong of course.

Jane said...

I agree that Rob and Kristen are very much in love and intend to pursue that love. They were made for each other and the way they look at each other, no way to fake that. I hope they make it together.

kristine.hills said...

EACH SINGLE DAY i come here and i think: THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER.

I don't know which one is better, bc each single day your posts become BETTER AND BETTER!

The passion you write your post brings emotions for each reader that comes here every day, it doesn't matter if they are good emotions(for us real fans) or hate(for poor people of spirit), but you ROSE, you have this power.
When i read your posts i get:
happy, sad, ashemed,delighted,excited, emotional, furious,enthusiastic, euphoric...

The good emotions come almost every day, the bad ones when the blindenas are so mean to you, RK.

You know what they say about a good WRITER, if he/she can make you feel the emotions, so this is an excellent book, in you case a wonderful BLOG!


I hope you can understand what i'm trying to say.In other words:

Carol said...

I'm happy if they are happy. I believe as you do that they truly care for each other. Good for them!

jen said...

Great post, Rose!

I'm cynical about things too in general too. During twilight promotion I saw two costars who were attracted to one another but little more than that, a fond attraction and appreciation for one another.

Then vancouver brought some changes. Then the hotel sleepover was strange. I forgot about it though all summer-until comic-con. When Kristen went from his slightly irritated costar, to his number one protector! Remember her yelling at people to stop videotaping him so he could do open mics again? Yelling at people to realize the reason he walks with his head down was due to rude fans?

See, THAT'S when I knew something was up up...not just flingy up, but something more. Cause Kristen was in Joan jett mode and ready to take on every twi-mom in H Hall for messing with Robert.


jen said...

oh and ps, rose: like you, if they break up they break up. They are young, they live crazy lives with crazy lifestyles. Long distance relationships suck. I have NO delusions of them riding off into the sunset. But for now, they seem happy, and that's a great thing for two young kids with a lot on their plate.

LJ said...

I feel the same as kristine.hills. Every day I think 'wow..great post. Not sure how Rose will top that one'!! But you always seems to manage it Rose :-)

I think Robert and Kristen are in a relationship and are totally (and equally!) in love with each other. I'm not saying this was the case in the beginning as they both had very different circumstances. But I think there was an instant attraction when they met....which grew into a deep friendship. Until it got to the stage that they knew they had to be together, no matter what complications it may bring.

They are serious actors and both committed to their craft. So there are always going to be long periods where they are working and don't get to see each other. Even in between filming there are going to be meetings they need to go to etc, so even when it seems like they have free time that may not be the case.

Patricia I love your quote "ROBERT LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROBERT"...sums it up perfectly I think.


Thesabstar1 said...

ditto to your post Rose. ditto.

keset said...

Hi Jen,

What happend in vancouver that brought some changes?

twimom101 said...

you nailed it!!!
great post...great pics!

katy said...

Do people still have doubts that Rob and Kristen are a couple, I thought with Wyck and Slade confirming that they are a couple it would end all doubts. People thinking Kristen has a secret relantionship with Oregano...is beyond ludicrous...we've not seen her with him for over a year...that ship has sail a long time a go.

And why do people think Rob and Kristen broke up...they are apart for work reasons...it's been like 3weeks, the fact that they have not been seeing each other doesn't mean they have broken up...its realy boring...always a drama...if they are together it's PR if they are apart they've broken up...if Kristen goes to London or wherever Rob is...it's because she's clingly...has no friends or whatever...if Rob doesn't go to Montreal is because he doesn't love her the same way (I totally disagree)...but if he goes people are going to say it's PR, there's no win in all of this.

I think Rob will go to Montreal to be with Kristen and then he will go to London...Kristen is working and I remember she once said she prefer to be alone when she was working (not having people that are close to her)she said it in a interview for 'the Yellow Handkerchief'...Rob knows that and will respect her wish.

Blog Mix Mix Turas said...

Sou do Brazil e Estou te seguindo! Siga-me também!
E Bjs!


LJ said...

Couldn't agree more katy :-)


Melinda said...

Another WIN Rose! It is not rocket science. I see two people who are happy together and love, support, and respect each other. I don't need to constantly be reassured of it by anyone else.

Will Rob and Kristen stay together forever? Who knows? I believe that they do have several things going for them to last: 1. they protect their relationship 2. both of them come from very stable, supportive families where both sets of parents are still together 3. it appears that they have an honest relationship (huge factor!)

One of the things I love about them as a couple is that no matter where they are they are always talking to each other. Just simply talking. That's it. We see it all the time. They are inside that cute little protective bubble of theirs and the world just fades away...

As a supportive fan of theirs my hope is that they both are able to focus on what matters most (each other, their family and their work)and truly enjoy the road they are both traveling on right now.

deb said...

OK Im going to ask a question what about ALL the MEN and WOMEN who are in the service they dont see each other for YEARS does that mean that they STOP loving each other NO I dont think so So Rob and Kristen Are WORKING YA FOLKS THERE WORKING and when work is done THEY well be together when I dont KNOW but They well fine TIME they ALWAYS do So lets just set back and GIVE THEM there privacy THEY ask for. thank you all for being good,loving FANS of Rob and Kristen Im sure they are happy to know that they have loving fans who are welling to wait. DEB.

Bren said...

@ Musicadhd,

Funny, you should mention the tattoo on Remember Me. I actually saw an interview with Rob, where he says that his mom saw a picture of him with the tattoo, and she was furious that he had in fact gotten one. He laughed and told her no, it was fake, but if I had gotten one, it certainly wouldn't be with the name Michael. It never occurred to me about MA....I'm sure that's what he meant.

As far as Rob and Kristen are concerned.....Rob was already in love with Kristen, way b4 she knew Rob existed. Once he saw her on "Into The Wild" he was hooked, he did everything to try and meet her, then work with her....

It took Kristen a little longer to come around, but come around she did, and really how many women can resist Rob?

Someone tweeted that Kristen was at a concert Saturday night in Montreal, but didn't take her picture. Has anyone heard anything about this?

Any news out of Chattanooga today??

Rob is looking so sad he needs 2b with his baby.....

SueBee said...

Yeah, what Rose said.


Anonymous said...

Great post as always Rose, people are gonna see what they want to see. All I see is two peole who seem totally enchanted with each other, who seem very happy when they're together. And I totally agree with you about not being seen with other people since last year. With all the speculation about them being together, if there were pics of them with other people we would have seen them...and frikkin Taylor doesn't count. lmao thanks Rose.

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jen said...

keset--when kristen was promoting twilight, she was always very careful how she presented herself in relation to Robert. From all accounts, Robert and Kristen became close friends on the set. But you wouldn't necessarily realize that because Kristen tended to act standoffish with him during promotions, almost uptight. Laineygossip devoted a whole post to this fact-that she thought Kristen protesth too much- just like Rose said! lol

Kristen and Robert were very careful at the beginning of Vancouver to not be photographed together, since rumors were picking up.

By the end of shoots though, they began to be photographed going to concerts alone(w/her brother). Then for his birthday, he left with his parents, and kristen in the middle of both of them. the last party had that crazy limo driver taking them back to rob's place and taking photos of them at 4:00 in the mornign.

I wasn't a believer yet, but I thought that how they were conducting themselves publicly was different indeed. They were always close friends, but they tended not to encourage speculation publicly before, perhaps since she had a bf at the time.

twigirl_world said...

This is so true!! All of it!! Loved all the pics and hearing the journey of Robsten:)

kristine.hills said...

New Teen Choice Award's TV Spot!!! KRISTEN WILL BE THERE!!! http://bit.ly/bUA7RF YAY!


Khristine said...

Hi everyone, is the watch that michael is wearing in the picture same as kristen's? the one she is always wearing? what do you think?

Melinda said...

Kristine Hills-

Just so you know the same tv spot is saying that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are going and the TCA's have already said neither will be there due to other obligations.

Now I am NOT saying Kristen won't be there. Truthfully I think that since she isn't a presenter they might have a pre-taped message from her thanking the fans if she wins in the categories she has been nominated.

We can only wait and see.


about the watch...this is Patty's response to the same question that was asked....

The watch Kristen wears has the same COLOR band as Michael's. I heard the watch she wears belonged to her grandfather.

Hope this answers your question.

Tarra said...

You write the most beautiful heartfelt blogs! I can't remember the poster's name on the AT board but want to at least acknowledge the individual that said Robsten fans always need reassurance. She was right in her assessment.. why is it that many of the questions posed to Ted at Awful Truth is always about whether everything is ok with Robsten. Are some of us Robsten fans secretly beginning to believe the nonsten lies and hype about this couple whenever they are apart. Do we really believe that separation due to work demands or anything else for that matter is equivalent to a breakup. I'm happy that Kristen is in Montreal to film OTR because in a few short months they will spend many months together for BD. In a healthy, emotionally secure relationship a little distance isn't a deal breaker. I agree with the other posters here that R/K are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If Rob visits her in Montreal he's wrong if she visits him wherever she's clingy. I think that the best place for them is the UK paps are different and Rob can regroup. BTW I may be in the minority but I do believe that Rob paid Kristen a visit in Montreal. I think that they see each other a lot more than we fans realize.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

when I saw that vid, Rob's running his middle finger from Kristen's palm to her elbow, I said," awww shit! Good bye Oregano!"

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose!
Everything you wrote in this post -- I feel the exact same way.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

ok. I just wanna repeat what this sensible poster had posted before. Basically, a simple formula to solve all our agonies regarding Robsten. Here it is:

Shoe lace (Rob's wearing it in his paps pic in Chatt.)
CHECKED! So, I think everything is well.

SueBee said...


I tend to look for the bracelet too! I don't know if it has ever been explained by either Kris or Rob, but I take it as a symbol of their relationship.

SueBee said...

Also, does anyone know when the bracelets wearing started?

Carly said...

Im a romantic by nature. with a cynical streak but a romantic first and foremost. and I do ship them. I know the word has a bad reputation in some parts but why not call things by their names just to apease someone?

but I very much agree with your post. there was something from the very beginning. it cold have fizzled out. they could have become best friends who bonded over an intense and unique experience and having a lot in common. but it didnt. it got stronger, harder to hide or deny. and at least since MMAs 2009 I had no doubt about them being more then friends. way more

I like seeing them together. but when I dont it doesnt mean that they arent.and while I wouldnt mind knowing seeing t with my own eyes is enough. more then enough

deb said...

Hey Ladies does any one know if this was the last day for Rob on WFE?And did Kristen start on her movie Just asking And how short is kristens part in this movie?I read it can take up till 3 month is that TRUE OR is it that she well do her part then be done?I know all these Questions. thank you all IM happy Rob found Kristen. DEB.

Monica said...

Awesome post!~ Rose, I can't admire you more. You are such an observant person with clear mind and logical thoughts.

I'm rather new to the fandom. I got a glimpse of R/K history from the timlines created by fans and old vids of interviews & premieres but I feel I've missed a lot. What a pity!~

There are many HW couples but why so many people are drawn to R/K? Like Olivia@2:03 said, they give us hope that true love exists!~ True love is MUTUAL affection folks. If this is one-sided relationship, do you think we will still be touched? However, I can see where the doubts come from. Some posters gave good retorts and I won't repeat here. A simple fact. Love doesn't work like math calculation. To me, R/K loves each other equally and return each other's love in their own ways:

Rob waited so long for Kristen; Kristen gave up another relationship to be with Rob.

Kristen got much hate from some jealous women cuz she's with Rob but at the same time we can tell Rob is very protective of Kristen.

Rob can't help himself and shows his affcetion in public yet Kristen's more guarded; in return, Kristen travelled long flight to visit him.

Melinda@4:52, good analysis. I believe they will last because of so. ^^

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

To June and loveya, hi : )

That's kind of my point. I know he's working. That's why he doesn't go all the way across the world for her.

But now with time off, which is probably Wednesday or Thursday, or maybe an extra week since whatever tweet says a date for the end of his filming, seems to get lost in translation when he stays longer than that date. Anyway with time off, which he'll have, he could go to Montreal. So it'd be strange if he did not. I mean you might all think it's cool he's going to back to London, but then I could think it's cool if Kristen stayed in LA all her time, with her own family. And put them first. For New Years and her Birthday.

So now if he doesn't visit her, I'll be one of the people who think it's odd. Because my thoughts are he should go to Montreal when he's got time off. As she does with him, she makes time for him when she has her time off. What will your reply be then? You're answering why he doesn't visit her now, because of his work. So do you expect him to now go visit her once he has his time off. I think that too, rightfully so.

It's all okay if he just heads back to London. And then there comes the longer what people say, the drought, and comments over here will be: aww I wish Kris comes to London...I'd think it should be the other way round though. Because a) her family probably want to see her b) she's done the visiting him so it could be his turn.

I see the look of love on his face too. But that in no way if everyone pays attention to what kind of person Kristen is, should be overall the win situation on who loves each other the most. It's been said before, she's guarded. He's more open but he isn't going to go out and hold her hand.
The look of love doesn't always win me over. I think there's got to be more than how he looks at her. They've got to both put in effort to see each other. And with his time off, I suspect he should go to Montreal. Because as I've said, now he'd have the time off.

And I think that's exactly what the haters will pick up on. If he doesn't go, he doesn't care, and it's all in everyone's head. I'd slightly agree. Although I do support Rob and Kristen together, I wish them well, and think they're a nice couple.

Carly said...

@SueBee: if Im not mistaken last summer when he went to NY to film RM, I think there are airport pics of him wearing it and set pics fromt eh Runaways of her wearing it

@Deb: Im not sure how long she will film but I think she is only a supportive role so the chances are she wont be needed for the full time of shooting

@Tarra: I really ike your post and I agree that we only get to see glimpses and its more then possible tehy see more of each other then we could dream off

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

_from both pronetworks and boxoffice mojo, Eclipse is now running towards the 700 million mark, worlwide!

Well, congratulations Robsten! Yes, the world is really becoming Robsten!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...
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jessy-19 said...

I want to tell you Rose : you're great!! We see Robsten and feel them too..a Robsten's bubble of love!!!

prajitha said...

hi ..
i liked it...
and i too believe..
love from india

17foreverlisa said...

"But Robert never... NEVER looks at anyone else
the way he looks at Kristen."

Nuff said.

Great post. It's like you read my mind. Scary ;)


Christina said...

I've never posted, but have enjoyed this blog very much.

Today I just can't sit quiet--a couple things have demanded a voice:

@ those who think Kristen isn't as "Into" Rob as much as he is into her

1st: I'm a military spouse (this should support your opinion Deb) who's been thru 4 LONG, lonely deployments, & also a great deal of "time together" is him still gone for military tho NOT deployed!

2nd: I Love my husband with ALL my heart, as he does me. HOWEVER, we express it differently. He's like Rob always looking lovingly at me, always showering compliments etc., I'm like Kristen NOT very open with public displays of affection (tho if U pay enough attention U'll see it!) I express my love by baking for him, sending affectionate texts/e-mails. Searching for the PERFECT GIFT for whatever reason. U know, the one that only I (the one who has his heart) could know. Wearing the necklace he got for me while deployed, to let me know I "hold the key to his heart".

Well in all this babbling I hope that it's is better understood that just because Kristen isn't as outward about her affection, in NO WAY makes it less--ONLY private.

helenistica said...

I'm brazilian girl. I'm very fan of your posts. I agree with everything you wrote.
I always cry and smile the same time when I read your texts.
I always feel great.
Thank you for it!!!

June said...


Girl, I think you're too concerned about Rob and Kristen.. and haters. I don't care a damn on what haters can say. They just hate for the fact of hating. There's no logical in their arguments, they only care on the way they can stir the pot.

I know that Rob and Kristen are living together because they love each other and are happy this way. I know that their jobs, at a times, keep them apart and I also know that they always do try to find time in their busy schedules to visit each other and be together. That's all I care about.

WFE director twitted 3 hours ago that today was the last day... I hope so!

Perhaps Rob goes to Montreal, spend some days with her and then, they come back to LA to tape TCA's. I wish!! But if not, it will happen a bit later, when they both can. End of the drama.


Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. I'd love it!

iena amoi said...

Hey Rose,

I miss Robsten too!! And since I'm all the way on the other side in Malaysia. News about them doesn't come fast.

Thank you very much for this post! Somehow I miss them less and more at the same time. ;)

I love the way you write. Simple and right to the point! Oh..and I share the same point of you as yours. ;)

Kai El said...

You are amazing, Rose.
I also thought that it's not all act. You cannot fake that kind of chemistry Rob and Kristen shows. If they act it, then they deserved all the awards in this world. LOL.
I believe that they fall for each other. People are blind if they can see the love between them. And I can't believe those people who hate them together, or who hate Kristen or Rob as an individual. Show us some LOVE, people. It makes this world much much better to live.

Kellytfp said...

OMG! I have tears in my eyes from your words! So true! Its in their looks and body langauge. Nothing is more telling than that!


Twigirl said...