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Friday, August 6, 2010

Missing Robert and Kristen

Rob at Nashville airport or something.
So much angst over where he is flying.
London, Montreal or LA??

It's pretty obvious he isn't flying to London considering
he has to be back in LA for the TCA's.
So scratch that one.
That would be sweet.
So very very sweet...
Taping for the TCA's is Sunday.
But who knows.

My thoughts?
While it would be fuckawesome for Rob to show up
in Montreal BEFORE the TCA's...
It seems a bit rushed to me.
And even though everyone is pinning their hopes on this...
I wouldn't.
Don't pin your hopes on anything when it comes
to what will happen ...
"Who Knows" should be the words of the moment.

Who knows.
Maybe Rob will fly to Montreal after the TCA's...
BEFORE heading off to London for bit.
Or maybe he will hit Montreal on his way back from London.
Who knows.

Sooner or later... Rob will be in Montreal
Not if... WHEN

A lot of chatter about Rob wearing the same shirt as Kristen.
So tell me...
Who is worse?

The people who continuously point out similarities of some t-shirts...
or black bracelets
(like... OMG!)
or whatthefuckever...
the people who scour the internet
blow up every picture
trying to disprove that they are the same?

From where I sit?
Looks about even.

OK, maybe getting jacked about the possibility
of shared clothing is a bit much
(or a lot much)
But please...
PLEASE don't sit on your high hyena
and act all better when you go scrambling to prove them wrong.
Same Difference.

My thoughts?
Who the fuck cares.
I don't spend a lot of time studying Rob's clothes...
Oh yeah...
I guess I'm too busy looking at his face.
And although I find it all very amusing
(and yeah, I think Kristen has worn his shirts...
but COME ON, Rob doesn't wear hers!!!)
You don't need matching bracelets
or t-shirt swaps to 'prove' a thing.

Thing that make you go... HMMMMM

1. People who cry "Respect Rob" and then turn around
and analyze and discuss Rob's crotch and 'peen'.
You can do one or the other, To Each Their Own...
but I'm pretty sure you can't do both.

2. Haters who have a website pretty much dedicated
to hating on Kristen Stewart
Actually think Rob would not only READ their rants
but would love them so much he would join!
IF Robert knew you existed
I'm guessing he would be repulsed and disgusted with your 
constant bitter anger directed at someone
he obviously cares VERY deeply for...
Why would you think otherwise?

3. People who generalize.
"EVERYONE who believes in Robsten are stupid idiots!"
"EVERYONE who doesn't believe in Robsten are stupid idiots!"

I really kinda hate that to be honest.
I know I talk about 'hyenas'...
But again...
Let me make myself perfectly clear...
Being a Nonst*n doesn't automatically make you a Hyena.
Nope... not at all.
Not all Nonst*ens think the same.
Act the same.
No need to lump people together...
I know and love a lot of people who don't particularly care for Kristen
and Rob being together.
But they are still sane... rational people.
(which is one of the reasons I love them)
Hyenas = Hate.
They HATE Kristen... or Robert 
They constantly attack, insult and trash them
They are full of bitter, venomous anger
We all get it.
You don't want Robert to be with Kristen.
Then leave it at that.
No need to dedicate a good part of your day hating on them.
Hyenas = Hate.

It's equally as bad when just because you believe 
Robert and Kristen are together...
You are automatically a 'sheep' who has no mind of their own.
Suddenly you need someone to tell you what to think...
and what to believe.
Um... NO
I don't drink anyone's kool-aid
I don't have an undying need for constant confirmation
that Robert and Kristen are together.
We are all not the same.
We all don't behave and react the same way.
We don't always agree.
I make up my own mind...
I 'follow' no one.
Isn't that the way it should be?

Man, I miss Rob and Kristen.
It's kinda strange.
But when is the last time we saw Kristen?
I'm all kinds of happy for her that she can work 
on this movie without cameras shoved in her face...
And maybe that is one of the reasons Robert hasn't been to Montreal yet...
Because you know it would get all crazy and shit.
Or would it?
I'm starting to think that Rob and Kristen could hang out 
in Montreal without much fuss...
That they would be kinda left alone...
Like they are in Europe.
So maybe after Robert goes to London for his mothers birthday...
He can hang out in Montreal for a bit...
and stay out of the public eye...
and stop missing Kristen.
Because if *I* miss Kristen...
Can you imagine how Robert feels?

This post is brought to you by the letter *M*
Missing Rob and Kristen

Can't wait to see Rob at the TCA's!!

*TipToe Twirl*

Bye for now


Honey said...

Well thats too bad cause Kristen doesn't miss him. So Rob can forget about visting her. Shes having lots of fun without him :)

Anonymous said...

Well Montreal isn't 500 miles away from LA, so why not be in Montreal?
After TCA's he'll be on a plane to London till October, BD filming.
His family and friends there will take away the thought of Kristen, and occupy how he hangs out. So once on a plane to London, I really doubt he'll go to Montreal or head back to be with Kristen until Breaking Dawn filming. Which to me, I find a shame.
Because what's he offering her. She has her own life, another opportunity to spend her time with her family, instead of flying to London, which is what if he doesn't go to Montreal, everyone here will expect of her.
They have gone without seeing each other for months, so sure it wouldn't bother him to see her. + once he's there, who knows what will happen: his family and friends could keep him there, not by trapping him, lol. But they'll keep him company.

Then okay Rose, why pin your hopes he'll head back to Montreal? I seriously doubt he will, for reasons up above.
His family and friends.
I don't think too just believing it, makes it real for everyone. Not that they're together: but if he goes to Montreal, believing it without speculation on him disappearing for days and not being seen at an airport, but with a picture and some actual good interesting fan story, doesn't make everyone believe. It's just speculation.
You can say: oh he's in Montreal. Proof though. Proof, solid proof. Not just an opinion and belief.
It's the like whole thing about him visiting Kristen twice when she was filming The Runaways. If you ask me, a New York flight to LA, although short...He'd be tired the next day, for filming. I don't think he got a break until Comic Con

Anonymous said...

It is weird haters have a site for Kristen. I mean, it's kind of sick. I'd puke every second I'm on there, if I had to find information about the person I hate.

Indeed. He would be angry, disgusted, disappointed in his fans. It's like, hey, I'm going to make a site for his family, a hate one, (I am joking: I don't hate them since I don't know them;and I'd be sick making a site for someone I hate)...he wouldn't approve.

I disagree, I think a hyena is a nonsten. I've seen all nonstens on the nonsten site and elsewhere, who downright act the way you've pinned the hyenas act like. Nonstens hate Kristen, yet they try and pass it off as: they just don't see the relationship between Rob and Kristen. They hate on Kristen, and call Rob a bitch if he hangs out with her.

I mean nonstens do this: they spend their days going on the nonsten site, agreeing with people who they agree with...Who don't like the idea of Rob and Kristen or don't see it. Create such bs about the two: how they each are in it for PR, and insult each, mainly Kristen.

There is no rational nonsten.

keset said...

Maybe he is with Kristen right now.

RPaddict said...

Well said Rose.
It's amazing I can come here and read my own mind.

You truely are a voice of reason. I love how you define Hyena's and nonstens not being one and the same and how the differing factor is HATE.
I'm a believer, I believe in Kristen. I believe in Rob. Seperate or together.

I do believe they are together.I love twirling right along with you.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I'm in such a gripy mood, sorry. :)

Relating to this whole TCA's shit. NR and Rob. Lovely. Not. It's sick. He'll be down in the losing respect, if he even thinks about being on with her. He's so on and off with her. It is too confusing. You either show no interest, or you show interest in her. Then expecting this Ashley and Rob footage, where the fans will go crazy.

And stuff about how Rob's going to show in Montreal, yet people expect you to believe it without seeing a picture or even a fan account. Like today, going on about how he's been in Nashville airport. So? Point is?

And how he'll head back to London. Or see Kristen in Montreal afterwards. That's rubbish. He never visits her.

She visits him, and people are fine with it at the end of the day.

Rose said...


1. What makes you think Rob will be staying in London until BD starts filming? London isn't his home anymore... he lives and works out of LA now. I doubt he will be gone for very long.

2. And yes, I'm sure family and friends are very important to Rob... but I'm thinking Kristen is, too.

3. You are wrong about some Nonst*ns. I know a lot of people who don't 'believe' or who just don't care... and they aren't haters. Some people just want to be a fan of Rob without having to deal with Kristen. Doesn't make them irrational.

welcome to egypt said...

hope all well

LK said...

Spot on again,Rose!I understand the necklase and the ring thing,but the shoelace gate......just don't get it.The majority of people R/K's age wear shoelaces,so what?Does it mean something?I don't think so.

Why so many people are freaking up over Rob not visiting Montreal yet?The guy has TCA's,probably he has discussions about future films,his mom's birthday.Kristen just started shooting.And no pic at all.Maybe the production is too tight and too strict.Can you imagine what is gonna happen if someone tweets that Rob is in Montreal?Frenzy.

@to the first poster.Haven't you something better to do with your life than posting crap?

Anonymous said...

Because his friends and family are there Rose. Neither is LA is his home. I'm sure there are hotels are in London or other family, and I'm sure his friends have places to stay so he could crash there.

You can say "Oh I'll book a flight in a few weeks to come see you," to someone you love, and be delayed because you enjoy being with friends and family.

But I bet those fans still, go on a nonsten site or somewhere and make their point valid. And agree with the ones who hate Kristen in some comments, even without the intention. If you're talking about ones who tend to steer clear of Kristen and Robert joint news, then I wouldn't class them as nonstens as such. I think nonstens invest their time into putting their point across that Rob and Kristen aren't right for one another, and there's nothing going on. They invest their time though in that, saying something is PR, or call Rob a bitch if he hangs out with Kristen. Most I see on the nonsten site, don't believe. Very obviously. But take it too far and hate, or take it too far, to invest, even when they might not care. I think if someone doesn't care, then they'll steer clear of any news, and just avoid every article/picture referring to Rob and Kristen. But a nonsten, on the site, doesn't do that.

That's what I see, from going on the official (?) nonsten site.

If there are different ones, cool. But I think there's too many on the nonsten site, who blur the lines.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the shoelace, you go into a nice accessories store here...There's plain black bracelets you can buy.

Apparently though, Rob did an interview once, during Twilight promotion I think it was. He said a romantic thing he did, was give his girlfriend (Nina?) a shoelace...

Which if it came out ever that Rob gave Kristen the same one, or with the same sentiment, I'd be freaked out by, lol.

Robin said...

Given the pic of Rob at the airport and given the facts that his mum's birthday is August 16th and that he is committed to appearing at the TCA's before that, I'd say it's likely he's going to Montreal. Even if it's just for a few days, it's probable that he'll go to London right after that. He may also return to Montreal after his mum's birthday. I hope all of that happens so that Rob can maximize the time he spends with loved ones.

Kristen must be taking a big breath of fresh air in pap-free Montreal. I wish them both happiness and privacy.

Thanks for another thoughtful and pithy post, Rose. You're the best. . . literally, the best.

Patricia said...

Rose: When I first came to your blog I was really excited about what you wrote and how you spoke about Rob. You are fair in your posts and like me 'YOU LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON'
That's why I come here everyday to comment.

I can't UNDERSTAND THE HATE OF SOME PEOPLE THAT COMMENT ABOUT ROB AND KRISTEN. I just have to feel sorry for how sad their lives much be to hate someone you don't even know.

This blog is about our 'INTOXICATION WITH ROBERT PATTINSON' and that's why I'm here commenting.

Now here's what I think:
Robert loves Kristen loves Rob. Kristen is WORKING. Rob just finished non stop filming two movies. LA is his new home base and they are a couple and have been since 'New Moon'..Rob will be at the TCA Sunday to film. ( I hope he picks up lots of awards and maybe even Kristen's for her) (THAT WOULD BE A STATEMENT WOULDN'T IT) I can dream.....
I think he will go to London for awhile and then hook up with Kristen at the end of her filming, go back to LA together, stay there together until leaving for Breaking Dawn.

I also think he leaves the private exits at LAX so he doesn't get papped as often as he use to. Kristen does sometimes also.

Grazie Rose for giving all of Rob's fans and Kristen's a place to post that's fair and honest.

We love you

Robin said...

One more thing. . . Haven't we all gotten past the point of needing to dwell on tiny, insignificant tidbits to prove that R&K exist? It's been a long time since I obsessed over the are-they-or-aren't-there stuff. I believe that are together 100%. I just want them to be safe and happy, together or apart.

@Honey, please get a life and enjoy your summer before school starts. I'm thinking positively when I say that being our resident troll is beneath you.

Trish said...

*Deep sighs*..Honey, just go away already! geeeezzz...by the way I saw your yesterday's post on the AT..It's GREAT to know that you are spreading your foam everywhere! (dripping with sarcasm)

I too, miss Rob and Kristen very very much..this is def. a long drought!

Can't wait to see Rob at the Teen Choice Awards on Monday..

@Kstewrocks...dont worry too much about them..i am sure they have got it figured out..relax.. :-)

I am so so happy for Kristen that she has been able to stay out of the public eye..because i know how she HATES the papz..she must be happy right now..but missing Rob :-(

We will just have to see what happens..meanwhile, we wait..even if he goes to London, I agree with Rose, he most likely wont stay there till October! of course he will be in and out! Again..its not IF its When..When is the problem, until then we just wait and see :-)

Caroline said...

@Kstewrocks...I thin, R never cared about NR; she was always obsessed with him and i actually believe they didn't have a thing..I thought she fall for him but it was never reciprocal...He always thought about K.But they have to do their things and sometimes they have to go do the same places, for a show, movie and for BD shoot...And you know he can have any women..but he chooses Kristen.And i think this is enough!



Trish said...

and I agree with you Robin..we are WAY past the are they or are they not stage..

We know they are, its just that we prob. want to see a pic..but in time I am sure we will see something..but for now we know they are together and strong :-)

Anonymous said...

kstewrocks, you confuse me.. We know that Rob was at the airport in Nashville. There's picture proof. But that's not the point and never really has been. The point is, he left here, to go somewhere else, and as of this moment, no one knows WHERE he's at for sure because nobody's gotten a picture of him. So are we to believe he's *poofed* into thin air because there are no pictures? Could he have gotten into LA without being photographed. Yes. It's possible. Which means, if he wants to, he can also fly out to any destination of his choice without being seen. And spend time there without being seen. He's flown places before without being photographed. So logically, if he chooses to go to Montreal, or London, he could do it without it being known.

Given that Rob's a grown man, in a serious, committed relationship, I doubt he's going to spend ALL of his free time away from Kristen. He's got a life of his own, and she's a big part of that life at the moment. It's inevitable that you leave your family to start your own life. And I'm not saying he won't ever see his family again, but priorities shift, and as a parent, you understand that of your child. My family and most of my childhood friends are 200 miles away from me.. I see them when I can, I call and talk to them, but my life is here, with my husband and daughter.

And it is possible to be a "nonsten" and be rational and calm about it. Just as it's possible to believe they're together and be calm. The problem comes in when someone, anyone, hates just for the sheer purpose of hating.

loveya said...

To kstewrocks, why do you even post here? It's obvious you do not believe R/K are in a real relaysh and Rob is just a manwhore. Sorry, I don't get people like you. Isn't there a hatesten site for you to post on.

Loved your post today Rose.

Ray said...

Take a look:


LJ said...

Hello lovely Rose.....loved the post as per usual! As PRaddict said it always seems like you have entered my brain and stolen my thoughts as I always agree with every sentence!

Weird that we can all have such similar thoughts and opinions when we are spread out all over the world.....I love it :-)

This is the only blog I read and I'm not on twitter so I only have what I read on here to base my opinion on the haters/hyenas....and I just don't understand all the hate and energy it seems like people waste on it. I am not of the same opinion of them so I would not want to read their blogs......similarly I dont understand why they want to come on here and post comments.

Personally I think they like the attention it gets them so I am ignoring...............

Anyway...can't wait to hear more of all your thoughts!

Much love ladies....


deb said...

Robin I agree with you WE are all way past it I just want Rob and Kristen to happy and I do believe THEY are together Ans Rose i love the way you think Always spot on Dont forget LADIES not IF but WHEN.....SOON.....Or maybe.... NOW..... DEB

Anonymous said...

loveya, I come here because I'm a fan of Rob, and it's nice here.

I shall continue to come here too.
So if you have a problem, well I suggest you just avoid searching through my comments.

I don't think Rob's a manwhore at all, so don't make your own thoughts and set them as mine.

Anonymous said...

@kstewrocks I have never known Rob to talk about his girlfriends and never heard him say anything about him giving a shoelace bracelet to hsi EX girlfriend. I never saw pics of him wearing one until kristen started wearing one. And I don't think that he will be in london until October. He is based out of LA now. For all we know he might have meetings in LA. And I don't think he could last until October until he sees Kristen. He might go visit her like she did in budapest around her birthday. And Rob could go to montreal withour getting photographed even if it's on twitter because Kristen sightings have been reported on twitter but papatazzi pics have been taken.

katy said...

I believe Rob will go to Montreal to see Kristen before going to London...I also believe Rob will not stay until October In London...his home is in LA now...sure he has is family and friends there, who he loves, not to mention his Love for London, but he was in London, from December until almost end of April and he was with his family recently...and he said this time when he left London it wasn't has hard, maybe because he has a reason to come back to...he is with Kristen now....he has a HOME...don't care if people don't believe it...where do you think he keeps his guitars...I definetly don't believe Rob lives only in hotels rooms...I'm not seeing Rob carring all his guitar from hotel to Hotel and where do he keep his new car...I don't believe Rob asked stephanie to keep another car in her garage...So YES I believe Rob will go to London but not stay long...he will come back HOME and to Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Oh and loveya, I'm no hatesten. I'm a fan of both Kris and Rob, as a couple. Just speculate a lil too much on them as a couple, and I'm in a gripy mood as of late, because there's nothing to say he will go to Montreal, in my eyes. And I consider the amount of hatesten + nonsten, people here, will hear about because Rose usually mentions what the hatesten + nonsten talk about. Which when the TCA's is over, will be about Rob & NIkki (it has already begun) and Ashley and Nikki.

Anonymous said...

robstenisempire, well now you know. Because someone on this other Rob site, directed me to a link of where Rob's interview was, from a long time ago. And how he'd given his ex ( who was his girlfriend at the time ) a shoelace or something like that.
So believe it or not, he said that. I can't remember the link, but it was a real interview. So I have not just made it up.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, well I don't agree. Twice I've implied I don't agree nonstens can be rational. Can we leave it at that? You believe they can be, I don't believe they can.
I'm not going to change my mind just because you say they're rational. We have different opinions obviously.

Anonymous said...

Caroline, I don't think anything happened either. Because it'd be sick and twisted if it did.
And I'd wonder who I'm a fan of when looking at Rob. Not the person I thought he was.
But I don't believe it. Just some out there, and here, do.
And the rumors have begun.
+ I wonder why he's on and off with her. Off most of the time, but Jimmy Kimmell, they seemed there oldselves.

katy said...

@kstewrocks...I'm sorry I've been reading your comments for the pat few days and you seem a little doubtful about Rob feelings for Kristen...it sounds like you think if Rob doesn't go to Montreal that will show that he doesn't put as much as Kristen into their relantionship

'he never visites her'...what do you mean by that...Rob is pretty much working non stop...when kristen visited Rob in Budapest she had free time...Rob only now has free time...but first he has TCA...are you going to be upset if Rob doesn't go to Montreal right after the TCA? if he goes first to London...it seem to me that you will...I'm sorry but this is what I'm taken by your comments the past few days.
You are a Kirsten fan (I am too)...so you should know that Kristen likes to be alone when she's working (not having people that are close to her around her)...yes because she likes to focus one work and she will be thinking only about the work she has to do.
you can see in this vid towards the end

I' sorry if I'm seeing what you trying to say wrong.

Lisa said...

Great as always Rose.. Always amazed the haters are first to post!

And I am so tired of the "pictures or no proof" shit.. That's why I don't read all the posts anymore. *I* don't NEED proof. Seeing them when they're together is all the proof I need. I hope Rob does go to Montreal. Not just for the obvious reasons. But as Rose pointed out, seems they could actually have some privacy there! We've only seen the pic of KS at the bowling alley with fans. SO YEA FOR HER! And for Montreal! Not that I don't want to see them, I do! I miss them! But I am sick to death of them being stalked!

Of course I don't know but I would bet Rob went back to LA considering he has to be there for the awards on Sunday. (and kstewrocks, you confuse me as well. The whole NR thing. Most of the cast will be at the awards, minus KS. I doubt you'll see Rob be rude to her. I don't like NR but I don't blame her for being hooked on Rob! LOL I would not be surprised to see her try to cozy up to him while K is not around) And if she does, and he seems polite to her, doesn't mean anything!

Then, if I had to bet, I would guess he would go to London for a while. Technically, he could go to Montreal from Sunday night til what?? Thursday? Because of the long travel time and time difference, to be there for Sunday.. Usually they film all week, and off some weekends. Anyone think maybe KS will fly to London for Mama Pattz b-day as well? It's a long flight for a very short time but she's done it before.. Anyway, it doesn't really matter because none of us KNOW.. :) Lets just all believe what we are happy believing and leave it at that, shall we? Enjoy the weekend all..


Anonymous said...

kstewrocks - Meh, no skin off my back to agree to disagree. It's all good..

I'm sure we'll probably disagree about something again, and even agree on some things..

I believe he'll end up with Kristen during his break. I believe she makes him happy. I believe he makes her happy. And that makes me happy. :)

In life, we must not look to make ourselves happy, but instead, we must strive to love others and our own happiness will come of their satisfaction. - Paul Acquasanta

Anonymous said...

Yup Katy I do think that. If I say anymore people start to think I'm not a fan. I'm a fan. But imagine if your boyfriend and never once took a plane over to see you, when he was free. But it was fine the other way round. I look it at like that.

Really I'm a fan of both. And I like that they have each other.

It's basically me and when my friends discuss where Rob and Kris are, that we think when Rob has time off, which will be very soon and is now even, that he should visit her. No harm is meant. We just think that he should visit her.

You've got it right Katy, but you have it wrong if you think I mean harm by my comments. Like the stupid idiot who called me a hatesten. I'm nowhere near a hatesten. I've shown my dislike for them.

My opinion seems very different to everyone's else's though. So people pick faults with my comments, because I won't agree with them. I mean it's like:

okay think months later. If Rob hasn't visited Kristen. And everyone's feeling the drought. People will suspect Kristen should go to London and see him.
I'll think the opposite. She's took chances to visit him: Budapest. She was free. Now Rob is. So he'd be most likely in my eyes the one who should go to LA.
Like lift the weight?

I'm not gonna say they're over if he doesn't bother to visit her.
But I won't be so enthusiastic, and praising him or the pair like everyone else, for whatever reasons. I'll be like, meh.

Anonymous said...

Lol lise. I know, but if we're to support Rob and Kris. Why support that some girls going to cozy up to Rob and he'll settle for that? You'd rather see his discomfort, not him being pleased or polite.

Anonymous said...

Then Tracy be okay with my thoughts that I don't think nonstens are rational. And we'll get along in future.

You've probably met the rational ones. I haven't though. If I had, then I'd agree with Rose. But I haven't, so I comment and say that I don't think there are rational ones out there.

You just disagree with me.

Should be no problems.

keset said...

Lisa, I agree with you.
Great post :)

Anonymous said...

kstewrocks - Yeah, already said I respect your right to disagree with me.. just as you should respect my right to disagree with you.. and if I disagree, it's not me trying to start an argument with you, or imply that you're wrong.

I get where you're coming from in that you feel like he should make an effort as well..

By your measure, if he visits, then he's doing what he should do. Being a good and faithful partner by splitting the responsibilities of traveling to visit. Because so far, she's been the one to do all the "going to" to visit him.

By my measure, it won't imply anything if he doesn't get an opportunity to visit her while she's in Montreal. Can they schedule it around her filming? Dunno.. Will he have meetings and business to attend to while he's on break? Dunno.. Will he visit his mother for her birthday? Dunno. I don't know because I don't know his or her schedule and what works for them. Only they know that really.

And I'm not telling you you're wrong, and I'm not saying I'm right. We just see it differently.

What we CAN agree on though, is that it would most certainly be nice if he DID go visit her while she was in Montreal. :)

June said...

I'm missing Rob and Kristen too..
16hr. Layover in LA was great! Mandy&Ben-Thankyou! Thankyou Lord for Urth cafe, Santa Monica, Pinkberry and good sleep. Now I go home
hace cerca de 14 horas via TwitBird

I met Robert Pattinson on my flight! He was very nice. He is not a real vampire, but his fangs were very sharp to the touch.
hace cerca de 17 horas via TwitBird


Long drought ahead, I'm afraid.

Rose thanks for your daily input, it is one of the best remedies to endure this drought!

katy said...

@kstewrocks...I believe Rob will go to Montreal...but if didn't go, wich I doubt, I wouldn't be disapointed, like I wouldn't be if Kristen hadn't gone to Budapest...because whenever they are apart it work related it's not like they have a lot of free time to spend with each other.
I know that they are together, that's enought to me...I said once that when Rob goes to Montreal that I wanted a pic but I said that just because the heynas were again screaming PR PR...it realy upsets me when they say that.
You, know why I think Rob and Kristen will last than some hollywood couples...it's because they know how to give space to one another...they respect each other...they understand each other...I strongly believe they have everything plan out.
And don't worry Rob will go to Montreal :)...but don't hold your breath on having proof.
Remember they are better on Hidding...Kristen has been there for 1 month now...and we had only on Pic of her.

I am first a Rob fan...I also love Kristen and I always try to see both sides...you will never see me beeing upset with Kristen with something I think she must do or not do.

Trish said...

Here's a video about Rob acting with two Chattanooga boys and what his mom has to say about Rob!..this is why we love him :-)


loveya said...

Yeah right, if you are a Rob fan, then I am the pope. Claim whatever.

The basis of your argument is just juvenile. What are you, 12? You don't even know these people. We may never know if he visits her or not. There were rumors he visited her last yr while she was filming the Runaways and he was filming RM. Just b/c you don't get photos somehow this is a one-sided relaysh? Had it not been for that little girl in the UK, there would have been no proof Kristen even went to the UK.(Some people would still be on the are they or aren't they nonsense had it not been for the little girl).

Rob is not going to verify his travel plans with you prior to visiting anyone, let alone Kristen.

And I will post as I please. I call it like I see it. You are a hyena b/c your venom makes you irrational, as evidence by your posts. Rob and Kristen owe us nothing. Maybe one day you will learn that.

dowlingnana said...

Okay, I'll say it again today....
Honey........only the bears like honey so go find one coz' WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!!!
I soooo agree with you ROBIN and was gonna point it out too, it is ridiculous. Their relationship has been quite confirmed already!!
And, NR????? Come on, I read on a time line made about R/K that NR really pissed Rob off after KS broke up with MA. Apparently NR was good friends with MA, had worked on a film with him b4 Twilight and so NR started talking a lot of crappe, and thus Rob was not even civil to her anymore, or recognized her being around. As for national tv, we shall see. Rob chose Kristen and I don't blame him coz' they are sooo much alike and he likes her "balls", ha ha, coz' in an interview he said he didn't have any, lol. She is very strong as well as independent and he loves that in her!!
And, as far as the shoelace bracelet, it is only a cute sentiment to think they gave them to ea. other maybe....who cares!!
I really hope he makes it to Montreal as well, but, we DK their schedules AT ALL. I don't believe we could even comprehend the types of meetings, etc. they have to do. Rob is in hot demand today so I am sure he is very busy but does need this time off right now. It's not healthy to work like he has been doing at all!! I also believe they have both seen ea. other more than any of us know. And as far as him not going to see her, ummm, I have been catching up on old posts of Roses' here and I saw posts when Rob was filming RM in NY he went twice to see Kris in LA, so, he has done some of the traveling as well Kstewrocks!! If you look at the pics from his filming RM there in NY, he didn't look happy at all on some days. I remember the couple of pics where he had his head down from frustration. Made me want to cry!! Well, I think I'm done now, haha. Take care ladies, luv to you sane one anyway, Donna

Bren said...

I don't profess to know where Rob is, but it's true what someone posted he didn't disappear into thin air....

If the only proof we have is that tweet from that guy with the moronic comment, count me out I need something more reliable.

ok maybe he wasn't at LAX, and we'll give him the benefit of the doubt, that he went to another airport (which in itself has many contradictions), but for the sake of argument---you mean to tell me no one, not one soul saw him in California, just this person claiming he was on the same flight...makes no sense, even in Budapest where they said they were paps free, everyone was taking pics of R/K with their cell phones, at the airport.

If in fact he left Nashville at 5pm, he would of gotten to LA early

There's no sense worrying over this. All we can say is the guy is good, nothing he does surprises me, even playing the part of a ghost.LOL

Melinda said...

Great post to start the weekend.

Thanks to all the people who have commented that Rob and Kristen are in a mature stable relationship. They make time for each other. When and where is to be determined. If we get pictures great, if not that's okay to. I respect their desire for privacy. Like they have said their life is not for the public's entertainment.

Those of us who have been in a mature adult stable relationship don't need constant proof of Rob and Kristen's relationship. As someone said before Kristen is Rob's love (and home) right now so I am pretty positive he will want to be with her as much as possible.

Those who say "pics or no proof" need to re-evaluate their own lives. Those people feel the need to control R/K and their relationship. Well, too bad Rob and Kristen won't do it. Get over it and move on!

To end my comment I just want to say...I CAN'T WAIT TILL SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION!


Happy Friday everyone!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Katy and Tracy I'll try and see it your way. Meaning, I'll see if it's enough to go by.

But it would be nice, I'd find if they switched it up. I guess there'd be no interest if it just kept being Kristen who used her free time to visit him. I'll wait and see :)

keset said...

@Loveya:"The basis of your argument is just juvenile. What are you, 12? You don't even know these people. We may never know if he visits her or not. There were rumors he visited her last yr while she was filming the Runaways and he was filming RM. Just b/c you don't get photos somehow this is a one-sided relaysh? Had it not been for that little girl in the UK, there would have been no proof Kristen even went to the UK.(Some people would still be on the are they or aren't they nonsense had it not been for the little girl).

Rob is not going to verify his travel plans with you prior to visiting anyone, let alone Kristen. "


Anonymous said...

Lol whatever loveya, :) A lot of the others who aren't idiotic like you, understand I'm a fan of both.

And in no way a hyena.

You can call whoever you want a hyena. You're pathetic, making shit accusaitons. "let alone"...Leave her alone, you'll find out you meant to say. We're not in the olden days. "let her alone" is something you hear and read from a book based on war times. People who use proper English, and speak in the times now, say "leave her alone".

But I don't think you're too old, otherwise you'd shut the fuck up: and stop accusing people and making yourself in the long run, look ridiculous. Because I am not a hyena, however many times you wish I was. xD

But that's okay, keep on thinking it you pathetic moron.

Anonymous said...

And you pathetic moron loveya, lol, what a username. I mean it's ironic, you don't love anyone but yourself. :)

If I wasn't a fan, that's why I make support videos for both Rob and Kristen. You want proof, of course you don't, but if you do, ask me for my friends youtube account: she'll fill you in on how much of a fan I am of both Rob and Kristen.

Ohmygod though, I've just announced it already twice before, I'm no hyena. And now just dug your stupidity hole even further. :]

+ do you really think I'd contradict myself? If I hated Rob and Kristen so much, I wouldn't be on here. I don't go on sites where I dislike a person or couple. In fact if I don't like a couple, usuauly I'm uninterested in that couple, and don't even know their names or what roles they're working on. It's pretty plain and simple I'm no hyena.

But once again, dug the stupidity hole for you. Bye though you moron. Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

And keset,
my comment: "It is weird haters have a site for Kristen. I mean, it's kind of sick. I'd puke every second I'm on there, if I had to find information about the person I hate.", now do you really think I'm one?

That basically denies any fact I'm a hyena. I find it horrible and weird to want to go on a site or create a site for someone you hate.

My username is a give away I'm a fan too.

So don't start siding with that moron otherwise you know what you are too.

team necklace said...

Rose...Why on earth are you letting "cuckoo kstewrocks" dominate YOUR blog??? Too bad...I just keep scrolling down past most of the lame remarks.
Rob is with Kristen...end of story. Rob left TN on wednesday and has not been seen since. Hope they are having a wonderful time!!!

keset said...

"And keset,
my comment: "It is weird haters have a site for Kristen. I mean, it's kind of sick. I'd puke every second I'm on there, if I had to find information about the person I hate.", now do you really think I'm one? "

1. Don't go to this site! simple as that :)
2. I think you really like Kresten and Robsten and you're afraid that Rob isn't give to their Relationship as much as Kresten.

I disagree.
I think we don't know nothing. We can't know when they met and where and thanks god for that.
Rob and Kristin need to be left alone. It's their privet life after all.

deb said...

Love your post melinda right on All I know Is that MR.Robert Pattinson loves and WAITED for Miss.Kristen Stewart IF he can wait why in the hell cant we YES WE MISS SEEING THEM but MY GOD dont you think they miss each other to. SHES WORKING hes NOT well at lest not making a movie AND YES HE dose need TIME TO rest They ALWAYS fine TIME for each other THEY call each other so yes they are talking to each other they ONLY know whats going on IM sure they have a game plan to what they'll be doing next and WHEN they well be seeing each other like some one has said WHO KNOWS if HE hasnt already seen her or is with her now. If he left WED.night he has 4 nights to be with her before he has to be back in LA Or hes in LA now REASTING WHO KNOW ..ROB DOSE ..Life gos on we get up every day and go to bed every night WE well get through this. DEB.

Anonymous said...

keset your a moron then :) well done

and team necklace, if people stopped commenting me and making ridiculous accusations about me, when i'm trying to state a point and a different opinion: i wouldn't be so "cuckoo" to you.

be respectful, yet another moron.

i love rose's blog, so i'll keep on visiting it.
why don't you tell the others to quit commenting me then I wouldn't have to comment those morons back, team necklace? of course you only bother to view one side. i'm sick to death of you lot.
then again, there are nice people here. katy, tracy and i think deb too.

Anonymous said...

“I’m back!!!!”
Again after a short break…..My hubby and I went up north to The Great Barrier Reef. We stayed on one of the 74 islands that make the Whitsundays. Hamilton Island is where I have been hiding the last 6 days….’Oh my’! People there’s one tick of mine and hubbys bucket list…..
I don’t have any association with any tourism company but please take my advise if you ever get the chance in your LIFE….Believe me and go up to the Whitsunday Islands north east of the Queensland coast and visit the reef….I’ve never snorkeled before. But found myself immensely intrigued with the enormous color of the reef and tropical fish…It was a truly magnificent experience…..

LJ there where so many Poms there, hubby and I couldn’t get over the fact ever second person came from the UK….Families and couples….
Well I have a lot to catch up on…..although I kept reading that Rose had Not much today folks…..But you lot seemed to put a spin on things……I hope no ones stepped in my shoes and been posting “The Entertainment”…but if ya felt the need I understand…hehehe…… IT’S NOT IF BUT WHEN……WE ARE STILL WAITING FROM WHAT I CAN GATHER….ALTHOUGH IF I READ CORRECTLY ROB SNUCK INTO LA?????IS THIS RIGHT????

Here are some things I picked up last night…..whilst you lot were sleeping….no doubt









Anonymous said...

+ keset i've called you a moron, because you misinterpreted my comment. And are so into yourself, that you don't listen to a word someone says. Take it from me, I am not a hyena. Your friend, accused me. I've said I'm not one.
Yet you refuse to bother to listen to me. Ignorance that's called.
I think if anyone resembles hyenas, it's you and loveya, for that: ignorance - and only believing yourself when you have the truth in front of you, is a sign of what the hyenas seem to have. So there, I accuse you both of being hyenas.
Yet you'll say, "no we're not". Do I have to listen? No, because you aren't listening to something I've cleared myself over. But you want drama, so stay ignorant, and believe only what you want to believe. Which is a lie: I'm not a hyena.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who are so fucking hateful, so bored with your own lives or whatever need to get some serious help. Rose is a really good writer and she seems like a good kind person--stop all the hate because she is right about most things. All your fucking hatred is not going to change anything other than bring down your own life. You have no fucking clue what you are talking about--at least she gets it right most of the time. Wish I hadn't seen the comments and only the blog -- back to ignorance being bliss now.

deb said...

HEY GIRL FRIEND YOUR BACK WELCOME HOME Hope you had a good time Now to go back and see what you wrote and look at my fix(videos) Thank you LOUISA DEB.

krobmik said...

i have seen in facebook compte that"kristen and michael were like making out all over the place!!" compte (cameron stewart) ... I DON'T NO WHAT FINK ABOUT

keset said...

" kstewrocks said...
+ keset i've called you a moron, because you misinterpreted my comment. And are so into yourself, that you don't listen to a word someone says. Take it from me, I am not a hyena"

You said your not a hyena?
OK then...fine by me.

Melinda said...


I feel like I need to say something after coming online and seeing all the comments you have made.

I believe you are young. Your words you have said on here today prove this. With age comes maturity usually. Most of us that comment here have it.

Your comments scream "desperate for attention". Now I can't tell you how many comments you can post daily nor can I delete your comments. ONLY ROSE CAN.

When comments shout desperation people tend to think the person is a little off balance or very immature.

If you want to be treated as someone who has thoughtful and rational comments you need act like you do and not call people names,etc.

That actually applies to everyone not just you.

For the record- I don't think you are are a hynea, nonst*n, or a hatest*n.

Personally I think you like Kristen more than Rob and that's okay. You seem to think that Kristen has given more to their relationship than Rob.

I think that none of us know the dynamics of their relationship and it isn't our business. Rob and Kristen have a relationship that works for them. It is all about compromise. One day when you are in a mature relationship you will learn all about it.

We should all be happy that they are happy.

And please don't think I hate you b/c I am telling you this. I have no room for hate in my life. It just makes people all nasty inside and I don't want any part of it.

olivia said...

Thank you Rose.
Love the pictures. The photo shoot of Rob in the gray hoodie is one of my all time favorites. ( The previous banner was most fantastic! Those eyes of his, oh my!) And Kristin, she never ceases to amaze me with her natural beauty. Such a beautiful and well matched couple.

Calm, peace, relax. It is their life. They call the shots. It is their business. Let it be.
As Rose says, it is not if......but when.
Rob and Kristen will surface together when they wish or decide to allow it.
They are not so young and immature that they will do things on the spur of the moment without thinking ahead of the consequences. They are working professionals who must make life fit around work and commitments that are on the calendar.

Welcome back Louisa. Sure did miss you! Sounds like the vacay with your hubby was wonderful. So excited you got to snorkel, and in such a fantastic, wonderous and famous place. It will take a bit to work through the vid selections you have provided today but I will do it this evening.

Hugs to all... but especially hope that Rob and Kristen will be able to give each other their own hugs and kisses as soon as possible.

Always a believer,

katy said...

@A Friend Don't get us wrong...we are protective of Rob and Kristen and sometimes people disagree...well they are sometimes, people who come in here and post hatefull comments...Like Honey...but this is most about LOVE

Samantha said...

I think the best thing to do is to ignore the hyenas. They like pissing off people because they do not have a life such as the hyena HONEY. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Let them have it. If we all did that, then they would really get angry. They are just like bullies in school. They feel bad about themselves and want other people to feel the same way.

katy said...

@krobmik...Please, do you realy belive in that account...don't you know that there are fake Facebook accounts under Kristen brother name....do you think if it was his brother he would post that??? No

LJ said...

Hey Louisa!!! so pleased to have you back...sounds like you had an amazing time. Yeah us Poms (ha ha Poms....love it!) love Oz.....one of my friends did their PADI diving cert on the Whitsundays last year and said it was beautiful.

Anyway it's all going a bit wierd on here tonight and it makes me a bit :-( I think most of us are on the same love Rob/love Kristen page...and those who aren't (like the first post) aren't really worth acknowledging.

Let's get back to feeling the love again :-)....I think Louisa's links are a good place to start!


June said...


Thanks for your wise words. I was missing common sense in many of today's comments and you brought it over.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sorry for the deletes...take care Rose and thanks again!

Anonymous said...


"I believe you are young. Your words you have said on here today prove this. With age comes maturity usually. Most of us that comment here have it."
you're right I am young.

"If you want to be treated as someone who has thoughtful and rational comments you need act like you do and not call people names,etc.
For the record- I don't think you are are a hynea, nonst*n, or a hatest*n." good, because that's the reason why I called some here, morons. Because some were accusing me of being a hyena. And when I said I wasn't, and there's proof before I even have to deny I am one; they act ignorant and choose to believe themselves.

So it's what I find funny why you're not commenting the ones too who have commented me making accusations, then turning ignorant when the person is defending themselves.

Thank you for your comment anyway. I know you don't want an argument.

I probably do comment too much on here. First too much to type an opinion which no one will agree on here, because in a space of about five comments, none could really understand me even then. if you've talked to me for ages, like a friend over the internet has, about this Rob/Kris thing. You'd probably understand my points more.

Anyway then it goes onto me commenting, replying to people who dislike my opinion. It carries on like that.

Tracy? And Katy? I think have made a good point for me to remember in future. I'll wait and see.

Mhm I do think that. But unless you want an email on why, and to talk to me more about it, I can't explain here. People don't want me to explain. Yes none of us know the dynamics. But we can see certain things. And comment on where he'll next be. That's kind of insinuating we know some dynamics.

katy said...

@A Friend...so True.

For me and for the large grupe of people that post in where it's all about Rob and Kristen happiness.

'It doesn't matter who goes to who--it just matters that there is time to see each other and keep what is a very special and precious thing alive'...SO True...It doesn't matter, this is what people should keep in mind.

Anonymous said...

And also, if ever Rob finds my comments too much. I don't mind if she ever deletes them, even if it's all. Just to keep peace.

Trish said...

Just went through the comments amen Melinda @ 4:56 PM and @ Team Necklace! very true!

And welcome back Louisa!!! glad you had a great vacay and I missed your videos!...

but seriously @Kstewrock you need to chill..you've posted so many times..I dont want to upset you just saying..and please take what Melinda said @ 4:56 PM into consideration she's right:-)

Rose said...

Look... I don't like to police the comments. It's one of the reasons I got rid of Anonymous comments.
But can you just give your opinion and move along? Why does everyone always have to have the last word?
I don't want to have to delete comments... but if I believe someone is deliberately making trouble... I will block you.
So... relax. smile. And remember that we get to see Rob on TV Monday night!

-Doesn't want to be Police Chief Rose

Anonymous said...

Trish, then stop leaving comments directed to me. Geez. It's alright to say, "chill, stop commenting". Then I would if you stopped commenting me. Now that, to me makes a lot of sense. And this goes for anyone who says "stop commenting", then leave it, stop directing comments to me, or bringing me into comments.
I've had people disagreeing with me. Accusing me. Blaming me for everything on this post. Yet they comment again and again, expecting me to shut up. I'll shut up if people stopped dragging me into a new convo. If you comment me, then I'll reply. Simple as.
It'll annoy people, but then don't annoy me.

Anonymous said...

Okay Rose. Yeah had my last say before seeing your comment. Sorry.
I stop talking when people stop talking to me. Best way to shut me up :P
Anyway, night then, I'm off.
Look forward to your next post. (Y)

katy said...

HEY...why...What about some Rob hotness...100% Robert Pattinson


30yearoldtwifan said...

Its kind of sad reading certain comments here. Its like... Some think they know, and are OWED EVERY detail of Rob and Kristen's plans, life, and if there not informed on a daily basis, Rob is a bad guy.. or KS is a bitch. "rolls eyes"

Excuse me if Rob has to still work people. He has the Teen shit to do, he cant just hop on a flight not even 24 hours after filming to go see Kristen, common sense. He will be there and guess what, its NOT your business, my business or anyone's business when, who, how when he does. People need to get a life a REAL LIFE and stop already. Its not healthy to have this obsession on a daily basis. Obsess over pics, obsess over tweets, obsess over a bracelet. Not normal people!

Anonymous said...

Settle a debate for me...I was talking to a good friend and what would it take to stop all this craziness and speculation? If a statement was issued saying "yes, its all true" would that do it or only fan the flames? Because really, it seems obvious-its not exactly a fucking secret in the industry but it seems like the privacy sought has made it worse. I don't see it stopping...ever really which is so fucking scary. You guys seem like a good group of fans (mostly--haters can ignore this) but what would you have to see or know? Is there a saturation point when you say okay enough? Sitting and waiting for work and wondering and texting and trying to stay out of trouble but what the fuck--its been a weird day looking at all these sites and comments --probably should just stop but I'm curious --what would it take? Not just for you but for other fans?

LJ said...

Thanks for that link Katy...just gorgeous!....especially the first 20 seconds ;-)


Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose and it seems like you stirred up a hornet's nest. I love Kristen and I love Robert, and I firmly believe they are together and very happy with each other. I know women probably throw themselves at Rob all the time, but it doesn't matter, he loves Kris and nobody else seems to make an impression on him, no matter what they do. He usually has his manager or someone along with him, probably to keep these women off him. I have no idea where Rob is, I have no idea of his plans or whether he intends to visit Kris or not, and it really doesn't matter. Their lives are their's, and I think we can trust them to handle their lives. I do believe you can be a nonsten without all the hate, which I do not understand at all...how can you hate somebody you do not know, simply because they love someone. It is just not rational. Thank you for the blog, Rose, I always look forward to them every day. Please do not stop.

30yearoldtwifan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

I've got to say its so depressing that by the time you've read throguh all those arguing comments, you completely forget what the whole blog was talking about today!! Phewwww..
So i scrolled back up :D those photos are just completely lush :D Some of my favourite now actually :)

Personally, i dont see the discussion any more, people who trust what their eyes see, know what the deal is.. soo if i were you guys, i wouldnt worry all the time about people that dont believe it, it's thier perogative at the end of the day, and if they wanna be like that, then just please, do keep your stupid ideas to the nonsten pages, they're there for a reason, i dont go there, so i dont have to read all your crap and fight my case.. theres no need at all, so just for once have a bit of respect for the people who read this and for Rose, i cant imagine she enjoys reading all the rubbish..

In keeping it real, I hope Kristin has pre recorded a message for any awards she might win :D It'll be nice to see your face, in a positive kinda way(no crazy pap-ness)
Take care guys, Sarah xxxx

katy said...

and some Rob and Kristen Love






katy said...

Your Welcome @LJ :)

Rose said...

Dear Friend,
I'm not sure coming out and saying "Yes we are together" would end the crazy. While a lot of us would get some sort of smug satisfaction knowing we were right all along, it wouldn't stop the haters from... hating.
Rob and Kristen don't owe us anything... maybe if they admitted it and then said 'but we won't discuss our private lives beyond this' it might make the paps need for a 'together' picture less urgent... and it might make the fandom calm down a bit...
Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Louisa :) Welcome back from your vacay! It sounded lovely!

We all bring our own personal experiences into how we look at Rob and Kristen's relationship. Some of us are older, have been in a solid relationship.. some people posting here are younger, and haven't experienced that yet. It's going to make for different opinions. What should set us aside from others is how we respond to different opinions. Don't rush to judgment, don't take it personally, and don't feel the need to be so defensive.

And wherever Mr Handsome Man is right now, I hope he's getting a chance to relax :)

Peace out! Gotta go watch soccer! (It's the story of my life in the fall season)

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughts--and Rose CYE--and again THANK YOU! I hope you don't mind if I continue to drop in here. Its interesting to see how people talk and what they are thinking. Finally done so headed out-keep twirling (love that!)

olivia said...

@Tracy (6:37)
Wise words; so agree with you!
Lovely and very appropriate quotes too!

shoegal2547 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mujhiko_mujhiko said...

good morning everyone! Again, Rose, thank you sooo much:)

Here's something to cheer you up or make you soapy at the same time:)


If this gig was done in January in London, so I think Kristen was there, too, in the audience.

For the haters, :)))))))))))))))!!!! YOU WISH!!:)))))))))!!!! Oh, I forgot, wishing is free, anyway.. Just keep on wishing then.. Because wether you like it or not Robsten is here to stay!

shoegal2547 said...

Thanks for the post Rose...it's always a pleasure, as I've stated many times before, to visit your site and blog with the rest of the Rob lovers! ;-0

I'm sure the TCAs will be like last year, have all the awards announced at the same time, and have all cast members present to receive them!

Who is this 'Honey' person, and why is she or he continuing to post to this blog? Clearly, this is a very demonstrative Rob blog! **just thinking aloud to myself**

Have a fabulous Rob and Kristen weekend! Check out the new Petitbiel video:


mujhiko_mujhiko said...

a tight hug and chocolate(no,.. definitely without nuts..I hate nuts) kisses for you!:))

Love and Peace for everyone! Except for bitter Honey, of course!!!:))))!!!

katy said...

@A friend

I don't need constant validation that Rob and Kristen are a couple or do I need them to come out and say that they are.

with this said

what would take?
Rob and Kristen don't owe anybody a thing but sometimes I wish they would say 'it's all true'...because maybe just maybe the hate would go way (the hate is what bother me the most)
Unfortunaly I don't know if it would be enough.

deb said...

I think people are ALWAYS going to talk NO MATTER WHAT. Rob and Kristen BOTH said THEY'll never say any thing about there PERSONAL LIFE SO why do we think they should? Do you think they owe us NO we owe them they are the ones who are working there ASSES off to make movies for us Yes they love there jobs BUT THEY DO IT FOR US TO. Will Rob go see kristen Will I win the lottery WHO THE HELL KNOWS I DONT All I do see is that there are 2 people who care and love each other and that my friends is enough for me SO lets get back to looking at those beautiful pic and talking about all the good things Rob and kristen has done maybe it well help us not to miss them so much. DEB.

J said...

Thing that make you go... HMMMMM....

2. Haters who have a website pretty much dedicated
to hating on Kristen Stewart
Actually think Rob would not only READ their rants
but would love them so much he would join!

IKR?! Here's another for the list: People that hate on La Stewie like its a job but get all butt hurt when you call them haters. idgi.
UR A PLAYERHATER. Why not own it?

30yearoldtwifan said...

To A friend,

At this point I would say, 90% of the fan base knows these 2 are a couple, Some care, some don't, some care to much ,some literally foam with jealously,then there are people like me who have a line. I love them together or apart, I don't obsess constantly over rumors, bracelets etc.. I have a life outside RP and KS LOL

BUT IMO At this point (and this is just my opinion) I think its time for these two to feel comfortable enough to just come out as a couple,It will IMo help with the pap craziness them trying to get the "it" pic, now does that mean they answer questions on there personal life together NO, does that mean they owe us, or the media any details on there relationship? NO. but this fan base has been ripped apart by hate at some points over this crap and that would end the are they or arent they argument.I think it even hurts there careers to a point. KS most of all. Of course new rumors would start but at least these two wouldn't have to hide as much, it must be so tiring. At least the constant back and forth/fighting might let up between fans. Once the Twilight Saga is over they will need these fans to go on in this business, real fans supportive fans.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...


If Kristen will win, who will recieve the award on her behalf? If Rob will, then prepare yourselves for some foam surfing, because the froathers are gearing up for more excuses if things like that will happen..

Anonymous said...

Rose, I agree so much with this post I can't even tell you. Apparently the people that hate don't see themselves that way, they think everyone else are the bad ones. Hate is bad. It makes people say stupid crap about people they don't even know. (Honey) It makes them go to sites that they don't agree with just to post stupid crap. But whatever, I just hope that since we haven't seen any photo's of Rob or Kristen that they are together and they are relaxing and enjoying each others company, cause like it or not they reallly seem to like to be together. Thanks Rose.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...


I agree. Reading Kristen's answer in Elle about her choice of not talking about her relationship with Robert, or her reluctance to talk about it, makes sense. Yes, people always talk no matter what. If they said yes someone would always say no. So what's the use of talking about it? Their lives were made into books, and an everyday staple in the Internet and in the tabloids. Now, do we still fault them if they want to keep what's most precious into themselves, for a while?

Melinda said...

I don't understand why the public thinks celebs have to talk about their personal lives.

You should be able to see with your own eyes whether or not a couple is together.

Whether R/K admit they are in a relationship is moot at this point in my opinion. It is kinda like when Ricky Martin "came out". Was anyone really surprised?

I agree there are many different kinds of "fans". Some obsess/worry/need constant reassurance about every little thing.

Some foam (although I loath calling them a fan).

I tend to believe that I am a normal fan. I see that the black bracelets have some meaning to them. I don't care what the meaning is behind it. That's their business. I just think it is cute.

Oh and welcome back Louisa!!!

Aeden27 said...

dear rose
Good day to you. Love your post. Believing in Robert and Kristen means accepting they're togeter w/o waiting for proof or picture or looking for signs. It doesnt matter if they admit it or not. Just beleive.

By the way, i noticed it's becoming like a hater's post here. It's getting out of hand. We're here to support Robsten and not speculate about them. We all have our own opinions and accept each other'' w/o judgement.

I would hate for this site to be like the AT board, so much hate. (that's why i dont go to that site anymore)

Ray said...


«I love how they're protecting their movie!
about 6 hours ago via mobile web

K, off to work!!!
about 6 hours ago via web

I honestly wouldn't have bought a bus pass if I wasn't sure she was spending a month here. The don't want lurkers, that's it!
about 6 hours ago via web

They don't want lurkers on the set which is why everything is so hushed. Can you blame them?
about 6 hours ago via web

@KJStewFan She's very nice. Got a pic with her and she signed both times.
about 6 hours ago via web in reply to KJStewFan»

SueBee said...


Hello my friends. I was going to write a Dear Diary entry but the emotion level is a wee bit too high even for a joke.

It's like this--we are spectators, NOT participants. We have absolutely no control in their lives.

We can speculate, guess, cross reference, make up formulas, etc. but it is what it is.

When it comes down to it, ONLY they know what they are going to do and why they are doing it.

Why spend so much energy getting angry and calling names? What does that solve?

I'm a moron, you're a moron, wouldn't you like to be a moron too?

Who cares?

No one on here is going to bed with Rob or Kris. No one here is getting a phone call from either of them asking for relationship advice.

Why? We don't know them!!!! Not Really.

We can appreciate them and root for their relationship (or not) but when it starts getting personal, it's time to back up and rethink things a bit.

Opinions are just opinions. If you agree with mine, GREAT! If you don't, scroll past me until you get to someone you agree with.

MY OPINION--They are together and have been for quite a while. I have my reasons for believing this. I won't laundry list them because I don't have to.

If you have a differnet opinion--good for you. I won't try to change what you think.

Even so, it is common knowledge that this blog and comment section is for those who appreciate the pretty. We like the actors and go "Awwwww" when we see them together.

Stop trying to swim against the tide if it just upsets you.

SueBee said...

Sorry for getting on my soap box!

Opytaylor said...

KstewRocks. PLEASE. I don't think you are a hater. But you worry So much and constant, endless, repetitive posts are so annoying. Please. Please. Please. Stop posting so much. This board had gotten so peaceful after Rose got rid of anons. It's no longer peaceful because of your constant worrying/posting. Would you consider dropping down to about 3-5 post? Please?


SueBee said...

Ooops, forgot to mention---

Welcome back, Louise! Glad you had a good time!

deb said...

ITS all good SueBee I enjoy it I guess we all have one of those days we just miss Rob and kristen Cant wait to see what our Miss Rose has for us tomorrow maybe a peek maybe not.I'll be waiting for the" when"Thank you DEB.

Anonymous said...


rockchic said...

hmm rose you know what i was actually thinking? that maybe since kristen obviously cant go to london with rob since shes working, maybe his family will go to montreal to spend his moms birthday??? i mean i know that might sound kinda weird, but she has come to the states many times before and it could happen.
@honey and how would YOU know that? are you kristen? cuz i sure as heck know i would INDEED miss MY boyfriend if i was away from him for that long. just saying. :p

Anonymous said...

So while I'm at soccer tonight with my daughter and her friend, I overhear them talking about an assignment for school that the friend has to do for her English class. She has to write a letter to her teacher, explaining who she is as a writer, a reader, and a person. I told her she should be able to do that in one or two sentences. My hubs scoffed at me and laughed, but I told him that some of the most profound things that have been said are just short sentences or a few words, and it expresses SO much.

So it got me thinking.. and it's kind of like this relationship that that has affected us so deeply. So little is said or shown in public, but when there is something, however brief, it speaks volumes. A look, a touch, a smile. It's amazing. Explanations aren't needed. Asking for clarification isn't necessary. If we speak the language, we hear and see enough to know.

Deep thoughts while watching soccer ;) But since I'm pretty much at soccer every day for the next 4 months, it's bound to happen. In the spring, we'll talk track and field!

Oh, and I *love* hugs and especially chocolate (minus the nuts) kisses :)

*hugs* & *kisses* back atcha

Monica said...

Melinda@4:56, wise words and thank you.

Kstewrocks, I am a big fan of Kristen just like you are. In front of all the ladies here, I don't dare to claim I'm a fan of Rob. All I want is Kristen be happy. Come on~ Kristen is a mature and smart woman and she chooses the best for herself. Just give our beloved girl some credit. I know all of us, Kristen's fans, are very protective of Kristen but sometimes I think we do not need to worry too much~~

Also, I notice whenever there is news mentioning Kristen's fans, they always go like "...fan base of teens". Shit. I feel uncomfortable. Is it implying wise and mature people won't be drawn to Kristen? It seems outsiders are biased towards this fandom. So, I think we have to talk and communicate with people on blogs and websites with courtesy and class. Don't give others any excuse to badmouth us fans as well as Kristen. You know, haters always go like "Oh, Kristen is rude, so are her fans".

Monica from Asia

Patricia said...

I think why we are so obsessed with their happiness is from reading the books and seeing the movies and seeing Rob and Kristen fall in love in front of our eyes. You root for them and hope they make it, because they aren't like the usual plastic young stars in Hollywood. They both have substance and we're in love with their love for each other. When you look at the world it's wonderful to 'EMBRACE LOVE NOT HATE' And they have love for each other. Seeing is believing.

Hi to Louisa (Welcome back) and to all the regulars who love Rob and Kristen ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) and to the new people that post also and of course Rose. She's The LINCH PIN behind us.


Monica said...

Tracy@11:20, yeah, so true~
Love doesn't necesaary go like yelling "I love you" in front of millions of people. But a look, a smile, a glance, a touch...already shout the 3 words loud and clear~ ^^

Monica from Asia

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great, great post. I agree with everything you said. I feel exactly the same way.

No one tells me what to think. No one tells me what to believe. I make up my own mind. Always.

Personally, I have no idea what Rob and Kristen's schedules are like. But they do. They know what their schedules are and when the best time to see each other is. They also know how to deal with separation as they have dealt with it several times since they began dating.
They always have a plan in place to spend time together. And they don't announce it to us!

So, I have no clue where Rob will go after the TCAs as I don't know what he has on his plate. I have no clue when his Mom's b-day is and whether he will see her. The only thing I know about Aug 16th is that Weeds is starting it's 6th Season. I love Mary-Louise Parker so I am excited for it to start!
(I soooo want her to work with Kristen).

But I do think somewhere down the line, Rob will be with Kristen. When and where? Only they know.
If people want to start doubting or buying into the bullshit rumors that others are trying to start... I can't help you there. Use common sense is my best advice.

I miss Kristen very much. I am a big fan of hers. She is so beautiful in those photos you posted, Rose. Gorgeous! I also miss Rob and Kristen together.

deb said...

Patty SO TRUE Rose Is our LINCH PIN isnt she And Yes Tracy and monica You can say I LOVE YOU by saying NOTHING at all. A touch and a smile or just a look could say it all Im so proud to be a part of a BEAUTIFUL LOVE that Rob and Kristen have Thank you ladies. DEB.

srividya said...

Hey Rose!!!!!!!!!
I miss robsten too........
And i am sure that they will be together soon.........
And btw i love how you write...its like i read my own thoughts........Hope all goes well with them.

Carly said...

generalizations are bad. I dont like when people make fun of me just because I believe in something they dont. so I try not to make fun of them if its the other way round. as long as they are respectful. you dont see what I see? cool, I think you are blind but cool. just dont call me names. to be perfectly honest, I prefer not to discuss the topic with people that dont share my opinions, Im happier that way. I mean, its not like its the only thinkg to talk about tehre is

I miss them as well. but I also try to remember that not being fotographed means they have the piece and comfort needed to do their job to the best of their abilities

I think Rob will head to London and then to Kris. but as you said, Rose, who knows. but Im staring to think they see way more of each other then we would ever guess or find out

Im looking forward to the TCAs. I hope they sweep as big as last year. and I hope we get some outtakes as the pretty EW ones of Kris you posted to tie us over till the next time we get to see this 2 lovely people

oh, and about teh airport pics - I think in the next fotoshoot Rob should be barefoot. even the fuzzy fotos gave me the chills. the good kind

and as for teh shared clothes? its all in good fun. I dont believe all her shirt are his but I think she has some. and the bracelets? them wearing it just put a smile on my face

keset said...

I can't wait to see ROB life on TCA.
Only 2 days to go :DDDDD

keset said...

" I think in the next fotoshoot Rob should be barefoot"

Kristen like is feet, she know what she talking about ;)

keset said...

I've never seen this interview...

OK, that's it for now :P

su said...

Me encanta este blog, es como un oasis entre tanta mentira y mediocridad. Gracias Rose.

Vane (: said...

You know whats sick?!!
Watching all this comments! OMG! >.<
Nonstens eat this -- > .l..
Robstens :
FOllow me on Twitter: @RobstenLoveFans