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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rob and Kristen- That's Just The Way It Is...

I've been spraying off the foam that is everywhere these days.
And it's so damn thick...

I'm not even going to go into the bullshit.
We all know the truth.
Even people who don't want to know...

Robert and Kristen are together.
That's just the way it is.
They have been for quite some time.
That's just the way it is.

Imagine the above picture...
With any two people in it.
There would be no doubt that they are kissing.

Imagine 2 people walking into a hotel together...
The man tenderly places his hand on the girl's shoulder...
You would think those 2 people are together.
You wouldn't question it.

Imagine a man showing up where his girlfriend is working.
They do this all the time...
Showing up where the other one is.
They are never apart for long.

Imagine a man seeing his girlfriend and smiling
Smiling BIG
You can see how smitten Robert is...
You can see how HAPPY Kristen makes him...

Imagine Rob getting this close
and smiling this big with anyone else.
You would think they were together.
You would think they are intimate.

Just like this...

And this...

And this...

And most definitely this.

This isn't a one time thing.
This has happened...
Again and again and again.

And if it were two other people
who kept turning up together...
kept getting closer and closer
Were shown snuggling and kissing on camera...

You would believe they were together.
You know you would.

Robert and Kristen always end up together.
It doesn't matter where.
It doesn't matter why.
What matters...
Is they always end up together.

And so...
Will we see more of this?

and this?

I've always kinda enjoyed this...

Now you see it
Now you don't.
It's been right in front of our faces the whole time.

That's just the way it is.

This post has been brought to you by the letter *T*

What Robert and Kristen are...
get used to it.

and for TWIRL
with Rob and Kristen..

So Happy Together.

Imagine me and you, i do
I think about you day and night, it's only right
To think about the girl you love and hold her tight
So Happy Together

If I should call you up, invest a dime
And you say you belong to me and ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be, so very fine
So happy together

I can't see me lovin' nobody but you
For all my life
When your with me, baby the skies'll be blue
For all my life

Me and you, and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be
The only one for me is you, and you for me
So happy together

Bye for now


kristine.hills said...

You DO know how to choose the right words and pics!!!

You are so right!
RK they way it is...together ALWAYS!


Gwen Cooper 426 said...


Lisa said...

I just come here everyday to say SIGH!!!! LOL Nothing else to say! :)

Sofia said...

Rose you once take the words out of my mouth... Just exactly what I would say (not well edited of course).
Loved the pictures by the way, and most of all their smiles in most of them.

"What matters...
Is they always end up together."


Melinda said...

Happy sighs all around! That's all for today...hope they are getting a much needed break from all the hoopla.

Before I go I heard this song on the radio and immediately thought of Rob and what he said about seeing Kristen in the movie "Into the Wild"...you'll see what I mean when you hear the song! It's pretty perfect about his feelings. It's an oldie but a goody! Enjoy.


deejon67 said...

They are Happy They Are Together They Are IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~

Becky said...

love them madly. seperately and especially together. they give me the big goofy smiling sighs b/c i think they are just refreshingly precious. it's just always been in their faces, their eyes. my male friends get the side arm or maybe around the waist hugs. only my hubs gets the arms around the neck hugs/snuggles/kisses. to me, that's reserved for someone special. i think their body language doesn't speak, it screams! love at the top of it's lungs.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, thank you for your wonderful words, they actually brought a smile to my face, which I didn't think possible today. I agree with every word. Robert and Kristen have been together for a long time, they seem so happy together, and you never see them looking at anyone else like they look at each other. It is simple, so why can't everybody see it. I try to stay away from all the negative and mean-spirited people. I wish they could see Rob and Kris through our eyes, and I think they would all be as happy as we are right now. My wish for Rob and Kris is for peace in their life so they can continue to be as happy as they have made us. Thank you Rose once again--you are my hero.

Kia said...


Kia said...

I mean amazing! Gosh I suck! lol

Melinda said...

Oh I forgot to say that I love the "ninja" pic from Vanity Fair...every time I see that shot I laugh. It gets me every time!

Fabi said...

Rose beautiful words! I'm from Brazil, recently made a twitter and follow you always hear his wise words!
Makes me very happy! You say all I think clearly!
I'm your fan, continue gracing us with his gift of gab!
kisses ...
sorry my bad english

Jessica said...

All your post are so amazing! I would love it if you checked out my blog. Its about Kristen Stewart but I'll also talk about Rob!

SueBee said...


Amen, sisterfriend!!!!!

People who don't think Rob and Kristen are together probably think that the grass is blue and the sky is green.

They live is some strange alternate universe.

After so much proof after so many sightings, nothing will make them believe.

Too bad for them. Let them choke on their own foam. (Ooops, did I say that out loud?)

It's not about proving anything anymore. If you insert any other actress in Kristen's place in those photos, it would be a done deal.

For the rational people, it's a done deal. Stick a fork in it; the debate is done

Let them be happy.

Anonymous said...

That's always bothered me. The fact that if Robert or Kristen were seen with anyone but each other people would have NO problem believing in something romantic. Why is that? Hate is always frustrating to me. Especially aimed at two such lovely people who are obviously happy with each other.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!

Trish said...

ALWAYS ALWAYS! end up together..not matter where they go..and those of us who have eyes and common sense have know this all along..that they were together.

I hope they can continue to keep to themselves and enjoy their time together...its hard on us not to hear much news about them but its for the best because we know at least they are having their peace of mind somewhere! *sigh* cant stop looking at that kissing pic..

I agree with Sue Bee..the debate is way over! its just a matter of the us the Robsten fans to enjoy seeing them together...there is no room for any doubters..although they wont say anything or talk about it, its obvious!

Anonymous said...

hi guys, take a little time to vote ROBward in http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/08/17/damon-salvatore-vampire-diaries-edward-cullen-twilight/

he losing on the decimals vs Damonian, in the view comment, just ignore the hateful comment.

deb said...

Rose again you said it all THEY ARE TOGETHER always have been alway well like so many has said "THE END" the proof is right there for ALL to SEE.Wish them all the best. Now we can set back and enjoy knowing that thats what they are doing right now just enjoying each other.Thank You again Sweet Rose. DEB.

LK said...

Kristen was seen twicw with Tom and they're a couple.Rob is seen with his agent,or walking with Alexandra Lara and they're his girlfriends.Rob and Kristen have been seen everywhere together and they're very close friends or PR couple *rolls eyes*.Some people out there need some serious therapy.And friendship in their lives.And real love.

deb said...

Melinda so true JUST ONE LOOK I like the part when it said I'll get ya one day and YES HE DID didn't he that song is SO Robert Thank you for the link GOOD JOB girl friend DEB.

keset said...


katy said...

Beautifaul words like always Rose.

I love the way Rob looks always happy whenever is around Kristen, he has this big smile that reach his eyes and this makes SO happy. Right from the start when a began seeing their interview I noticed that they had feelings for each other, time went by and more more I noticed this...for me...I looked at them and thougth that they belong together, that they were meant to be togehter...that they make sense together...so I never understood and never will understand why people still refuse to see that this too are together dispite all the evidences.

wish them all the Happiness...they deserve it.

June said...

Yes, tha's the way it is. Rob and Kristen always end up together, no matter the long separations, no matter the implacable chase of papz, no matter the nonstens of the world.

A relationship has to be very strong to get over so many obstacles. There has to be lots of love.

Rose, once more, you made my day!

Psyche263 said...

You know my husband and I work for the same company,we told our respective bosses we were together but no one else,we didn't want it to interfere with our jobs.One day when several of us were grabbing a coffee during a break in a meeting,he unthinkingly handed me a cup and said "here love".With tht one slip EVERYONE immediately concluded we were together despite there never being a whisper of anything for 5 years before that.My point is,if a large group of people can work out that 2 people are in a relationship from one simple action, how on earth can ANYONE fail to figure it out from the veritable mountain of evidence we've seen over the past couple of years? Like Rose says -Everyone knows,some just don't want to know.

SueBee said...

I think people, in general, hate to be wrong. I think extremists hate it the most. The key word is hate.

Nothing to be done.

We knew the truth and now so does everyone else.

While it's nice to have a belief validated---it really must sting to be proven wrong, dead wrong, no way in hell wrong, in your face wrong, ha ha--choke on it wrong.

I'm just saying....

Pattee said...

I imagine they are just enjoying each other today in their own little world without any papz. Maybe Kristen is baking a pie and Rob is finally reading BD. So cute!!

SueBee said...

Have a nice day (or evening), my friends!!!!

fiskeline said...

Hi Rose.

Just started reading this blog....it's amazing!!!
It will take me a while to get through all of your posts, but I will!
I am 34, from Denmark, mother of 2 boys and I absolutely LOVE and adore Rob!
And I LOVE the way you write about him and so obviously respect him for all that he is and for all his choices.....love it!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. You're right. They always end up together. ;)

Patricia said...

Rose: WE BELIEVE AND HAVE FOR A LONG TIME. I have since they were filming Twilight, their interview with MTV. She (Kristen) just didn't realize it yet.

Ready for it....I also think they are engaged ( gold ring with ROB engraved on it)....I love them.

Robert loves Kristen loves Robert.

Kristen doesn't have to be on set for OTR till Aug. 28. Nice R&R for them.
Grazie Rose for another awesome post and pictures of our favorite couple.

Hi everyone !!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest darling Rose,

As I continue my recovery from yesterday's injuries, I was delighted to see your updated blog. Under the terms of the agreement which was thrust upon me, I am allowed to only say hello and well done without risking further damage to my posteriour so there you have it. Hello and well done!

But never being one to stand on formalities, I heard through tears that you also suffered some of her wrath. I imagine you are wise enough to see she means no harm and sadly she is her own worse victim once the remorse and guilt sets in, which it has, in large quantity. Its a bit like watching a kitten get angry. One tiny silver lining is that we now have a shared experience so that is something we have in common with each other at least. Maybe we will discuss it one day..or at least I can dream. Until then I will be leading the fight for your nomination for the Nobel prize in literature as your words are not only true but beautiful and sweet....just like you!

With best wishes and fond (but harmless and respectful) regard-
A friend of a friend

Christina said...

This song defines Rob & Kristen for me. (Maybe one of U could use it in a video of them)

When U Say Nothin At All
by Allison Krauss

It's amazing how U
Can speak right to my heart.
Without saying a word
U can light up the dark.
Try as I may I could never explain What I hear when U don't say a thing...

The smile on your face,
Let's me know that U need me.
There's a truth in your eyes, Sayin' you'll never leave me.
The touch of you hand
Says you'll catch me,
Whenever I fall.
You say it best
When U say nothin' at all.

All day long I can hear
People talkin' out loud.
But when U hold me near,
U drown out the crowd.
Old Mr. Webster
Could never define,
What's bein' said
Between your heart & mine...

{rEpEaT cHoRuS}

deb said...

SueBee your to funny all you "Wrong" Quoths I don't think you left any out But girl you said it all lol. DEB.

Christina said...

The horrible girl pap, who got in Rob's face at airport is...

Molly from PopSugar.


SueBee said...


I was going to write "suck it-wrong" but that just made me laugh. "o)

katy said...

how stupid these people are...virgin radio says Tom is a twillight Junkie who took the Kiss shot

'Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were caught on Camera for the first time ever kissing and lucky for us..they chose Montreal for the PDA....A Twilight junkie by the name of Tom Sturridge who's been chasing the cast for the last year-and-a-half.....got the shot.... it's a grainy shot...not the best quality....tough to get a couple to hold still when they're smooching.Once Kristen wraps up filming, the movie " On The Road" here, she and Rob will jet off to film part one and part two of the final installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn....here's the big lip lock'

Don't even check there stories...poor Tom...it kinda made me laugh

Anonymous said...

Damn....Tom is good!! He was able to snap a pic of them kissing and be in the picture himself without a the camera showing in his hand and the shot was taken from the other direction!! AWESOME!! He has Super Powers...LOL!!

Thank you for sharing that Katy...that was funny!!

Marie said...

LOL Manjen well put!! Who knew Tom was so talented...LOL once again the stupidity of people who post stories on "Real" news sites kills me

Kat said...

You know what? I am so sick of all these double standards. People are always talking about how all Rob fans are shipping Rob with other people like its a big deal. But I just found a really sick DakotaStew gif. The thing is no one ever makes a big deal out of DakotaStew but there are tons of DakotaStew fans on twitter who are actually pretty sick. They ship Kristen and Dakota as a couple and some have said a few times they hate Robsten and would prefer her to break up with Rob and get with Dakota. And they were moaning when the kissing pic came out. And no one cares. If a Rob fan made a gif like this they'd be attacked. http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/9706/8vq.gif

Patricia said...

Talk about 'NINJA TOM' That's how full of shit most of these reports are.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear Rose Love that song to …..AN Oldie but a Goodie….so Appropriate…..
I wasn’t going to comment today….But started reading the comments……And ,as I always find myself doing…I can’t help myself….I’m sure you’ve all felt that way……The “confirmation” pic seemed to make us a little more somber…It also seemed to make us start showing some personal info ……Our age for instance …which I find very amusing b/c It seem allot of you are “Fessing Up” like this is a “Dear Abbey” or something……Most amusing…So just a summary …..We have 21 y/o {ROSE}……20+ 30+40+a hell of a lot of 50+ who necessary are not Nanas’… with a couple of blokes thrown in the age categories’ just mentioned for a little balance…..Just one Big Chicken soup with the flavors being All our different Origins……And like mentioned yesterday and I so really love …What stems from that….Different Points Of Views…..Who in the end most of all come here for the same reason……And do so on a daily basics ……It great and I never bore of this fact……See I told you I wasn’t going to comment…Now Look what you’ve made me spill…….hehehe

@ Psyche263 What a great example to go by.....That’s why we started coming here in the first place...We are no experts....But we have imbedded or witnessed something as different as it may have been individually that made us think the SAME......A little comment, touch, glance, stare,
Spoken word, a little overseas trip [hehe]....SOMETHING made us think and see things logically.....

@ A The pleasure of your read was all mine… LOL please make it a daily event...I look forward to it..Although you may have to be inconspicuous coz the other Friend may cause permanent injury….hehehe

@ Christine I love that song too....And YESSSSSSSS it is so, so relevant....

He had to become a vampire.....see it was always in front of us ....but we oblivious to the obvious



May said...

As always,you just say the most perfect things,bb. Rose post a day keeps the hyenas away. LOLOL

Robert and Kristen always end up together.
It doesn't matter where.
It doesn't matter why.
What matters...
Is they always end up together.


shoegal2547 said...

Confused...don't understand such vicious behavior? I always delight in a good love story...bring on Rob and Kristen, about time you two relaxed and enjoy your life!

Thanks Rose, wonderful post...enjoyed the Lovin' Spoonful lyrics at the end...so appropriate.

sollee said...

robsten is one of the sweetest couple i've seen..happy for them as well:)

dowlingnana said...

Hello fellow believers:
@Lisa: I love: "I just come here everyday to say SIGH!!!" LOL, so true.

@Psyche23: thanx for that example!!

Patricia: I am still w/you gf as to something else is going on, maybe an engagement or maybe something else more significant, but, there is something else, I have been "feeling" it for some time now!! hmmmmmm

Now, could I ask a favor from some of you that post videos. For some reason I need to have the name of song and person that developed the you tube for me to find it. So, if you could kindly add that I can see them too, much appreciated.

Rob and Kristen's adoration for each other just simply gives me chills. Epic love story, which would make a wonderful movie someday IMO, that we have watched develop for some time now. I love watching the older you tubes where he looks at her and wanting her so bad. I do wish we could know how it transpired into Kris leaving MA and getting w/Rob, awww, wishful thinking I know!!
Rose again and again has spoken for all of us in her unique way. I will say it again, I've not found Rose wrong yet. Keep up that wonderful work Rose. Donna

mahaska said...

You, girl, are AMAZING! Keep on writing - it's your calling. Thanks!!!

Melinda said...


I understand your frustration. Sadly there are people in this world who will never accept that Rob and Kristen are in a real relationship. Trust when I say there isn't a double standard with the shipping of other people with either R/K. It happens to both of them. There are some really nasty vile people who are mental.

My advice is to not seek that stuff out or pay attention to it. You can't control what other people think, say or do. It will only make you more angry, frustrated and crazy. That's how the haters are and who wants to be like them??

TO A FRIEND OF A FRIEND- you are just as much an enigma as "a friend" is, which we haven't seen comment for a few days. Hope all is well with them.

Anonymous said...

@ Dowlingnana I'm not sure what you mean ...But I downloaded a link of the videos I posted here on my FB...You can go there and view my posts that way...

LJ said...

I don't have much to say tonight so will keep it short and sweet!

Awesome post Rose.

Much love to all my 'Love Rob...love Kristen' friends.

Louisa my fb friend thanks for the links, just what I needed....Oh and btw I'm 33....a long way off being half your age!! :-)


twilightbabez said...

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas are now in the headlines and I am happy. This makes our Robsten breathe that they are not the top story today. They dont need the fame they are already superstars. What they should have is peace and alone time away from the craziness of showbiz.

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: I will do that with yours, thanx. I meant that if I try to use the links posted here that I can't get them to come up for me on youtube, so if I have like:
youtube video: Bring me flowers, I can go on youtube and pull it up. If I have the name of who made it, can help as well. Does this make sense now? thanx, Donna

Karen said...

Dowlingnana, I agree with what you said about something more significant.

Here goes, please don't laugh. For some time now I've had the very strong feeling that Rob and Kristen are married. I've only had that feeling once before. Some people very close to me announced their engagement. Looking at the two of them I knew they were already married. I said so to them privately. They looked at me quizzically and said no. Months later, after their wedding, they admitted to me that I had been right, but to please not say anything to their families, which I haven't. They couldn't figure out how I knew. Rob and Kristen are giving me the very same feeling.

Rose you are right, they always find their way back to one another. I for one am thrilled.

Hopefully they will have the next few weeks to themselves to live peacefully. I can picture Rob reading to Kristen, them sitting out under the stars, Kristen cooking, and just living, loving, and enjoying time with their friends and families. No paps in sight!

dowlingnana said...

@Karen: Ah ha, now there's three of us with a suspicion. I know what you mean and if more think the same, we here on this post seem to realize certain assumptions as you gave the example of your friends marriage. It seems as if something "significant" has changed since Budapest. But, who knows for sure???? Anxiously waiting again!! I am also with you on hoping they have a restful time with ea. other, friends and family with Kristen's cooking, lol. Donna

katy said...

This is anoying and sad...people are posting pics of the house that Rob and Kristen supposedly live or lived...with proofs...from what they are saying (I refuse to look a them)....so I don't know what proof it is.

If it's true Rob and Kristen probably wont go back to their home which I find very sad.

dowlingnana said...

@Katy: I have seen two sites now so who knows if they really know!! But I so agree with you and the one they're showing tells about all the windows in the bedroom and bathroom, so I hope to God that papz don't get no ideas to shoot thru those windows. The freakin' freaks!!

P.S. from earlier, the comment about TomStu taking the pics, yeah right!! Love all the intakes on that too!! Donna

Trish said...

@Dowlingnana and @Karen..you are not the only one feeling this way! I have the same gut feeling..now, they dont care and are showing more but wont talk about it which means to us we are thinking its the first step for them but i have a feeling they have already taking a step farther ahead...maybe not marriage per say but something like an engagement..

That Ring Kristen has on with Rob's name on it looks to me more than a promise ring..jmo.

After all in a way they ARE married..some forget that marriage is living with someone, being with them, travelling MILES to see them in R/K's case...its something a bit serious form the way i see it..its all marriage but its just that the paper has not been signed to make it official....

I remember someone named Christina (hope i am right) posted about how in the end it might turn out they were engaged or married all this time..or something else..i have that feeling also...


katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...


Nasty papz...if I was Rob and Kristen I would be furious...It's like stay the hell way of my proprety...what if I want to go around naked in my house...I should be allowed to do this without someone trying to take my photo...it's Sad

The good thing it's I'm prety sure they are no longuer there

Patricia said...

Katy, Trish, Donna

Something has changed since Budapest. I still think Engaged because in June Kristen said "she is not ready right now to get married" but that doesn't mean down the road ...6 months-- --year.

Those Bastards stalking them. This is terrible. I hope they have found some secure gated place to live. I saw that place before. What a shame. He was willing to sleep in his car rather than show the paps where they live ( back at the Malibu nightmare)..He rented this place ( during filming of WFE) so maybe they moved. I hope so.

ScarlettVoice said...

i think this is the best post. I love this post alot. i like how you give insight as well and get these idiots to really think about what they say before they say it. love the posts..always

Susan said...

Hi everyone! I thought it was time that I stepped out of my 'Twi' closet. I'm a new poster, but a long-time lurker.

ROSE, I love your words and your great spirit! Your commitment to R/K is commendable. It is so fitting that these two should be together. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to update us so frequently, with your refreshing sense of humor, and mostly, your wise words!!!!

I totally agree with you about that gold ring. I remember seeing two, separate, casual pictures of R&K together. (They were wearing their own clothing.) Kristin had her (L) hand on Rob's chest, and you could clearly see that plain gold band on her left ring finger. I saw the ring again, on the same finger, in a different picture, sometime later. (I think I saw the pictures on youtube. It's been a while.) I thought it was a little odd, but didn't think anything of it until I saw your post this evening.

When I look at the first picture of Kristin and Rob, right before the kiss, it looks like Rob has a smile on his face, as if to say, "are you sure about this, are you ready to out us?"
I feel there is something in the air. (They may want their fan base to be eased into these changes gently.) First the kiss, and then maybe the announcement of an engagement or marriage?????
Who knows, I'm only surmising.
Sorry, I guess I had a lot on my mind, I won't stay hidden for so long next time.
Thanks for listening . . . . Sue

wig4usc said...

Like most of you, I come the blog to see what words of wisdome Rose has for the like-minded! I, too, felt like something changed in Budapest.

Can anyone tell me, I missed it somehow, what's the buzz about that necklace she was wearing, I think it was suggested Rob gave it to her in Hungary.

I saw something unique with these two in that MTV interview, during Twilight filming. I've been rooting for them to be a real-life couple secretly since then, nice to know I'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

For those who have the "mariage theory" happening..go here and look at the pics ...Even thou manips ..They might bring it a little closer to home...



olivia said...

Perfect post today Rose,
perfect pictures and perfect song!
So true......that's just the way it is....
soul mates are meant to be together!
Love Rob, love Kristen,
and especially love them together.
Sending love, peace, and happiness their way.
Hugs to all,
Olivia (TX.)

Thaís said...

That's the way it is,Rose.And that's the way we like and R&K like.
No matter where,when or how...they're always together.Poor blind people...
Kisses from Brazil

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Fantastic post! Perfectly stated. Seriously.

I agree with others -- the debate is over. If some people want to continue it or continue to make up (even more) silly excuses -- well, they can knock themselves out (literally is fine with me LOL).

About the house topic. I know nothing about it or the pictures of it. And whether Rob and Kristen stayed there or are staying there. Whatever the case may be -- I don't think the house was/is their main residence and they are still safely tucked away somewhere private (this is what I am hoping for, at least).

And I hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying their downtime together, peacefully, before Kristen goes back to work.

Boogie with Stew said...

Here for my daily fix..love those lyrics..The Turtles..very fitting..
I think Rose has a nice "Stew" of intoxicated bloggers and I for one fall in the over 50 category.. so now I have fessed up..I enjoy the comrradery..twirling and spinning on the R & K planet..

Happy thoughts

cel said...

Hi, Rose. I know, long time no comment. Been busy with RL, but have been reading your posts every single day. Cannot start my day or cannot end it without reading your post.
Anyway, I just want to add my voice to the belief that Rob and Kristen have been together since last year.
With what we've witnessed lately, I don't know how anyone can still be an unbeliever.
Thanks for giving us space to shower our love to our fav couple.

Dee said...

I have been reading the blog for approximately the last two months and I luv it. This, however, is the first post that I have made. First, I just want to tell Rose that I luv all of her stuff. I even had to email the link to my sister whom I have made a fan. Its funny how two young people so very obviously in love can bring together a group of people who obviously respect each other and each others' opinions. As for me I am a romantic at heart and the day after the mtv awards in 2009 when I saw clips of the show and for the first time heard that British accent, I knew that Rob and Kristen were an item. Who could resit that accent? His longing stares at her were so obvious, but the accent.....I cant go on.

Seriously, I hope these two stay true to themselves. If they get married and have 10 children and never tell anyone that they are together, I am with them because its their personal business. Probably be the cutest 10 children ever.

Hope to make new friends and be a part of Rose's community.

Blessing to all!

Anonymous said...

OH "SHIT" please don't tell me I now have to find manips of 10 of the most BEAUTIFUL BABIES I could possibly find.....Only joking WELCOME DEE and all the other Newies.....

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Right on Rose and thank you...

Yes, they are always together...As if the heavens design them to be together, always and forever. KISMET!

@everyone Nope. It wasn't Ashley and jonas who dominated the headline today. Its Robsten once again. One screaming headline is that Rob is once again the sexiest man in the planet and the other most intrusive headline is the picture of Robsten rumored "love nest". There's more, Ted is hinting that more Robsten's loveshack are still in the bag...but out of respect for Robert and Kristen he promised to keepit to himself, for the moment, maybe..

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

off topic alert!

Eclipse is set to pass new moon today in domestic boxoffice! Worlwide boxoffice after 50 days of showing is 677 million!

Trish said...


LOVE this one...songs great!

watching them getting hounded makes me really sad! but the good thing to come out of it is that they are in this TOGETHER! stay strong Robsten!

@Patricia..exactly! since Budapest...just like in the beginning we began to notice they were a couple now we are getting this feeling of this..Robsten telapthy lol.

enjoy the video :-)

Anonymous said...


Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

as eloquent as ever, you always say it so well.

So crazy about Rob and Kristen.
I was actually listening to the radio and i heard this song "Love looks good on you" by Usher.
And instantly, i knew it was for the.

It's so peaceful, no wonder i come here almost everyday, except when there's work and i have to wait.

No matter what people say, R & K will always be together. I believe Their LOve Will Endure..(as i keep praying for it each night)..
endure any storm or paps, for that matter



note: to Psyche263: Spot on! they just dont want to accept the truth because they're delusional..

Wildhart007 said...

I also, have had a feeling that there is more going on with Rob and Kristen. Just a feeling, that I thought everyone would think I was crazy for even thinking it.

I loved all the video's and songs today! Ya'll made my night, thank you.

Still laughing about Louisa going to have to find a video with ten beautiful children!

And I'm 49, fixin to hit 50!

Love you all for your positive viewpoints on R/K.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Where are you from? The reason I am asking is you said you were "fixin" to hit 50, I am from Alabama and usually only people in the South say "fixin"...

Wildhart007 said...

I'm from Tennesse lol

Anonymous said...

Allow me to introduce this clip…..It was passed by MAF and she knows who she is…..
It is in relation to a few points I’d like to bring to your attention…
1. Necklace Theory …Put it this way…Your Imagination?????Having trouble are we???? Well let me help you…….If this scene progressed into a normal session …That pretty ol necklace couldn’t stand a chance……
2. The Marriage theory….Check out Edwards eyes….They are so red around the whiteness of his eyes…I have read that is was an emotional scene for Rob to play…Just wondered If the emotion was also RL imitating Art….WELL it was a friggin proposal wasn’t it!!!!!JS


Anonymous said...

@ Wildhart007

Tennessee is a beautiful state...I love the Smoky Mountains in the fall...

Wildhart007 said...

Louisa It says video can't be found Help!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Wildhart007 said...

Manjen beautiful but hot and humid!
Fall is my favorite time of year.

I drove through Alabama last month on my way to Fort Walton.Always have to stop in Clanton and get peach cake at Headleys, where the water tower looks like a peach.

Anonymous said...

@ Wildhart007

Clanton is in the Birmingham area, right? I don't get up that way much, I actually live closer to Atlanta, GA than B'ham.

Wildhart007 said...

Louisa I got the video to work, my favorite part of the movie.

Manjen I have been on the interstate in that area, had a friend that lived in Bremen Ga

Anonymous said...

Rose, again, you are sooo right. No one would question it if it were anyone else but Rob and Kristen. Probably cause most of their fan base are 13yr old, or 20yr olds who act like 13yr olds lol. And they actually think they have a chance with him. Not gonna happen, he's with his baby. Thank you very much!

dowlingnana said...

@wigsforusc: the necklace started showing up on Kristen right after she came back from Budapest and yes, has been speculated that Rob gave it to her. She told her hairdresser it was from someone special and that she really loved it. It is the symbol for infinity which means a whole lot!! We always look for her to be wearing it, but, with doing a movie right now it's probably locked away somewhere safe.

I have seen two different sites with two different homes so far that are supposedly R&K's so hopefully NO BODY knows what they're talking about!! Hopefully!

To Patty, Katy, Trish, Wildhart007 and wigs4usc: IT WAS, IT IS, IT'S WHAT IT WILL BE...........we just have to be patient don't we to see if our "feelings" are right or not. So glad there are you to join with me, now I don't feel so odd about thinking the same thing! Donna

deb said...

Lucy Im home hehehe Just got off work and the first thing I do is get on Roses blog so I see all is good writing about Rob and Kristen. Louisa I well watch the videos later but I want to thank you now for my fix So there are alot of older ladies in here Well that is good. As my mother once told me she knows more about whats going on in life because shes lived it already so if you all say you got that feeling about Rob and Kristen who am I to not believe BECAUSE I TO HAVE THE SAME FEELING there is something there but I feel more like Trish. When I hear you all talking about Marriage it brings be back to Bella When she told Edward ...MARRIAGE IS ONLY A PIECE OF PAPER .you remember that so whos to know they are living like they are I just wish them the best And want to Thank Them for making THIS OLD (young) women HAPPY.And I want to THANK ALL YOU LADIES and OPY for all the LOVE you give ROBERT and KRISTEN I'm sure if his MUM was to read the post SHE would be happy to see so much love for her SON and that gos for Kristens MOM to ROSE YOUR THE BOMB YOU are like a "MOTHER" "SISTER" "DAUGHTER" AND "BEST FRIEND" TO US Thank You SO VERY VERY MUCH OK this is the end of my BOOK buhahahaha. sorry so long. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: hey there, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Rob say in his Today Show interview that he didn't want to settle, if I understood him right, he didn't like the idea of just settling down but preferred marriage? I watched it more than once coz' of the stupid controversy that went on after that day when he also stated he just wanted to be able to go on a date. Guess what I'm saying is I don't think "no paper" would do it for him?????
Thanx, Donna

deb said...

I know Donna it was just her saying something about marriage that caught my eye Not that I dont think they may not be. Just because she said the word Marriage. That made me think that they mite be or thinking about it that was what I was trying to say I hope you can understand me And you are right about what Rob said I seen that to. It had nothing to do with the paper thing just her saying the word marriage ok sorry if I interpret it wrong . Deb.

Opytaylor said...

As for the marriage talk, I am not going to laugh, biut I am going to say no way. The same level of commitment might be there, but I think they feel such a ceremony is unnecessary. Marriage records can be found through the Freedom of Information Act (in the US and UK probably had a similar law). Plus, I don't think Kristen tell lies. And the marriage question came up allot during Exlipse promo.
I think Kristen feels a marriage does not make a relationship more committed (similar to Bella's view on the topic). And she talked about how she is not the girl that dreams of a wedding. Again, a marriage level commitment might be in place, but official: no

jlsentangledweb said...

So happy together...

I love seeing him this happy. His grin is catchy. I see him smile with his eyes and his mouth and his whole face and know that whoever is putting it there means a lot to him.

If he's happy, I'm happy.

Carly said...

if it was anyone else ... I guess thats what it always boils down to. and Im done wondering whats wrong with those people who seemingly made it their mission to persuade the rest of the world they are seeing things that are not there.

as happy as the kissing picture made me Im kinda lookign forward to some calm and peace. but Im still waiting for soem more EW outtakes LOL

and I wouldnt mind one more hand hold in future. but that is just the little romantic me ;)

great post as always Rose, love teh song choice :D

*twirl you later*

deb said...

OPY didn't Kristen say in one of her interviews something like she wasn't into the wedding thing she said something like hey you want to get married then ya lets do it and she said if your at a good place in life then go for it I mite be wrong I hope that you can understand what Im trying to say . DEB.

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: You're right she did say that, in fact, I just heard it tonight on a video I was watching. She said it another time too and then commented, oops, I don't know why I just told you that!!
No worries about writing misunder-
standings, it's difficult enuff trying to put down what we really mean and esp. with emotions. ;o)

khushboo said...

loved d post soooo much...
i so want to read all dis.....i want ROBSTEN to alwaz be together like dis 4 ETERNITY....:)
dey seem like meant to be wid each other...so adorable n happy....:)
love d smiles on their faces wen dey r together.....so innoccent n happy smiles.....:)
alwaz takes ma breath aay..:)
thnkxxx....4 lovin dem...
i love.....ROBSTEN tooo sooooooo mcuhhhhhhhhh........:)

love u...:)
love my ROBSTEN......:)

Monica said...

Wow, ladies, I love you all and your romantic thoughts about marriage. But I don't think so cuz they are still so young.

I guess they'll take it slow. You know, more things you go through together, more strong the relationship will be and greater chance it'll last. I don't know. Maybe we just wait and see and keep wishing them all good.

Monica from Asia

Opytaylor said...

I remember what y'all are saying but I also remember her saying she is not ready to get married.

Anonymous said...

@Dowlingnana, I also think there is something more significant going on with them

Anonymous said...

and I also think it's been since budapest

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

just want to ask where i can send you a personal note?


keset said...

Kristin isn't Comfortble of what Rob said.
Why is that? hehheh...cute
(from min 2:44)

Aeden27 said...

To Katy & Trish

I know what you mean... They have no right to post those picture. Those sites and people who posted them are really bastards!!! I feel so angry @ those people. And i thought only the paps are bastards!! If it's true that those people are twilight fans, they dont deserve to be..

Leave Rob and Kristen alone!!!
Stop your delusions!!

That girl, Molly from pop sugar,
if i ever meet you, i'm going to smack you silly because you deserve it!!
To All ;

please dont support those sites that posted the house pics

I've already commented on those sites, telling them they're wrong
and that they should also stop posting pics hat invade Rob and Kristen's privacy.

I just wish BD is done with so they can live a normal life..

note: sorry if i've used words that are extreme because I'm really angry for Robsten..

They dont deserve this, nor any person, for that matter


LK said...

There are some supposable "insiders"who are hinting that R/K are secretly married.I know there are many hopelessly romantic b people out there,who want to believe that,but:1)the majority of "info" at Ted's block is BS and 2)Kristen has repeated many times that she's too young to get married and IMO,i think she's right.But some people don't want to hear what she says,they prefer to believe some random people who serve them with BS and lies.

LK said...

I truly believe that if they ever decide to get married,they'd do that when all the twilight craziness would faint,after 2-3 years.And i repeat,they're too young and definately they're not Edward and Bella.Personally,i prefer to believe Kristen and not some "insiders",who just speculate ,like all of us,or just write fan fiction.

Melinda said...

I don't think they are married yet. However I believe that they have taken the next step in their relationship, meaning living together. I think they have figured out what they want out of the relationship (deeper)and have set out to accomplish that.

If and when they get married we probably won't know. Janet Jackson was married for years before anyone found out. I kinda see R/K being the same way.
Somewhat spontaneous and totally pap free.

Hope this makes sense.

deb said...

Melinda I agree with you If and When they do married I dont think any one well know Yes they are young but didnt Rob once say he would like to be a young dad so whos to say in 3 to 5 years from now they mite get married. just a thought. I dont know all I do know is that they are together now and very much in love and that makes me happy. DEB.

Trish said...

yes i do remember what Kristen..said. BOTH have parents that are very devoted and have been together for years so i am guessing they want that for their families too..i agree, they are too young but as Melinda said they have certainly taken the next step...even if they were to get married in the future we might not hear it till years after...but for now from witnessing we know they are very close and in love...