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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rob and Kristen Love To Twirl (Part 2)

I didn't get a chance to post again yesterday...
I wanted to...
I have a lot to say
(Yeah, I know... shut up)
But let me be honest...
My husband intoxication trumps Robert intoxication.
So our anniversary was lovely and romantic.
Believe me... I know how lucky I am.
And thank you...
for all the kind words and well wishes on our behalf.
You are a wonderful bunch of people.

Now that I got all the mushy lovey stuff out of the way...

Let's get to it.

These pictures have been analyzed to death.
(The death of NONsense)

I can admit that even though I loved seeing 
Kristen and Robert kissing...
They are somewhat bittersweet.
I love pictures of Rob and Kristen together.
It never fails to make me smile.
But then again...
To read the photographers account of how he got the pics...

"The photographer (his first name is Randy) tells Celebuzz that this is the shot he's spent months working day and night for. "I've been chasing Twilight for the last year and a half. I've been waiting for this shot for a long time ... I knew they were a couple, but you never see many candid sets of them together," Randy tells Celebuzz.
The photos came about when Randy trailed Stewart, Pattinson and Rob's pal (and Kristen's On the Road co-star) Tom Sturridge to a party near Boulevard St. Laurent in Montreal over the weekend.
"They left their hotel around 8:15, and they hopped in a van taxi and they kind of just got out ... and during that 25 seconds, they were just making out and Tom Sturridge was standing there just looking." The photog says Pattinson's recent penchant for hanging out around Stewart was a clear indicator to him that the two were a couple.
"You get that feeling like, 'How could they not be a couple? If I was a couple and my friend was just working on a movie, would I go and sit outside of her trailer for 16 hours? If it was just a friend, I'd go back to London to see my parents or go to Las Vegas with my boys," Randy said."

The man has spent the last year and a half
chasing after Robert and Kristen...
Just to get these pictures.
That is all kinds of sad.
And people wonder why they have shown nothing in public...
"How can they not show affection if they are together?"
That's why.
This is what happens when they do.

But that being said...

A big part of me is thinking that Rob has wanted to do 
this for quite some time.
I think he's ready for the big 'reveal'
and he's done a helluva job up there in Montreal.
He hanging around Kristen like the smitten boy he is...
All goofy smiles and nuzzling and kissing...
Yeah... pretty obvious.

Oh yeah...
I've read all the excuses.
The 3 D's...
And of course they were out in full force...
But does it matter anymore?
Did it ever really matter?
Not even.
You want to believe the pics were photoshopped?
Go for it.
Maybe Rob isn't really there at all!
Are we sure that is even Kristen in the pictures?
Or wait...
They aren't kissing... it's a hug and a kiss on the cheek!
Kristen is drunk and Rob was just bringing her home.
Kristen hangs on everyone like that...
It means NOTHING.
It's all staged for PR!
but then again...
My best friends sisters husbands brother is a photo expert
and he said these pictures looked doctored!!!
And you know we don't actually care at all!
IF they are together... we can all enjoy when they break up
(Yeah... that's not insane)
I'm not bothered by this, I have a life!
(cue maniacal laughter)
Rob has been lying to us!
How dare he live his life without asking us
who he can date and who he can kiss!!
Who does he think he is???

I only wish I had made any of those up.
That's how fucked up some reactions to these pictures has been.

I have a lot of thoughts about these pictures.

1. I'm not sure of the sequence of the pics...
In the outside "Kiss" pictures...
Rob doesn't have a hat on...
and he's carrying a bag.

In the inside pics...
Hat... no bag.

Not that it makes a difference in the grand scheme of things...
A kiss is a kiss.

But haters keep saying that Rob just dropped Kristen off 
at her hotel
(You don't honestly believe that they aren't staying
in the same room... do you?)
That he looked miserable or some such shit...

I don't know what the hell you are looking at...
But wherever Kristen is going?
Robert is following right behind her.

The fact of the matter is simple.
Robert IS in Montreal.
Robert IS with Kristen in Montreal.
Robert was seen laughing and nuzzling with her in Montreal.
Robert and Kristen were KISSING in Montreal.

All the excuses and denials in the world
won't change a thing.



Just stop.
It's out of our control what happens
between these two people.
We don't have a say.
We don't get to vote on whether or not
it's good for his career...
We don't have a right to get angry if they 
don't want to discuss their relationship
or share intimate details of their lives with us.
Why do some people feel Rob and Kristen
OWE anyone anything?
They are living their lives...
They're not lying to us...
They're not fooling us
They are just 2 people who want to be together.

Just accept it.


Wouldn't peace and quiet be nice right now?
Wouldn't it be great to just enjoy
whatever Rob and Kristen want to share with us?
Robert and Kristen make me smile
(Tom does, too)
I'm happy for them.
I'm happy that they are happy.
That's all it is.
That's all we will ever get.

This post is brought to you by the letters *P* and *D*

 D for 

You know...and I know...
You can spew all the bitter foam you want...
But Rob and Kristen are

And although I didn't get to do any major twirling yesterday...
I'm all about the Twirl today.

Rob and Kristen are joining us today...

Oh yeah...
They Twirl so good!

Remember to smile.
Life is oh so fucking good.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! I adore you and your posts...good job :)
I adore Rob & Kris and Mtl :)
I have never been so happy to live in MTL than this week :)

Carly said...

Im glad to hear you and your hubby had a good time on your anniversary

I missed most of the frenzy yesterday but I did wake up to these sweet blurry pics and even after 11 hours I cant stop smiling whenever I see them. my personal favorite is actually the one with his hand on her shoulder <3

the account from the paparazzi made me sad as well. he talked really nicely about them and its nice to see that even someone who must have pretty thick skin to be able to do the work he is doing, is helpless in face of the beauty that is RK but on the other hand its a bit scary

you said it best Rose, them being happy makes me happy. its as simple as that

and Im staying away from all the nonsense. I dont care what those "people" say. if it helps them sleep at night, their loss. I will be here, being happy. and twirling :D

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for both of them. Don't really care what the denial thinks. Oh, wait, they never think. Anyway, I love the pictures. It's just that I hope the paparazzi would leave them alone. Rob and Kristen treasure their privacy. I don't want them to feel bad about this circus.

Caroline said...

Oh Rose just love you and wth you write...
well i think, now, K and R don't try to hide the relationship, they just don't wanna talk about it.They are leaving and leaves mean do whatever you want to do, and not worry about wht people are gonna say, agree or disagree...it's their lives!

katy said...

Great post Rose...

ROB LOVES KRISTEN AND KRISTEN LOVES ROB...deal with hatters and be happy for them

Jude said...

That motorcycle pic in your banner is SO hot, but it always makes me laugh too, because you KNOW that if Rob even tried to turn on that engine and go two feet, he'd kill them both. His lack of driving skills is both cute and worrisome.

Anyway! I'm torn about the pics too. I hate the fact that some scumbag paparazzi finally got the "money shot" by trailing and stalking Rob and Kristen forever. But on the other hand, it made so many fans so happy that I guess I wish K&R would take that into account and know that from the fans' perspective, the feelings are mostly positive and supportive toward them as a couple. Sure, there are the UDI's (Usual Delusional Idiots) who will twist themselves into a quadruple helix trying to deny the evidence right in front of their silly faces, but I do think they're in the minority, thank goodness.

I almost have more of a problem with the ones who get all superior and snotty with their "I'm 'I Don't Give a Damnsten!'" crap. Yeah, okay. I believe that about as much as I believe the whole relationship is for PR and/or bearding.

PR this, you jealous cows.

Jane said...

Hun I love your blog always look at it and agree. It makes no difference to my life either way I just love to see pips happy. The kiss I think was as they were going to the house party (hence bag) and cap etc were coming back but who cares good for them I love them both as actors and good luck to them is what i say. Well Done on the Blog

LK said...

I'm glad you had a helluva anniversary,Rose.

About nutstens and their stupidity,i'm now convinced that they NEVER gonna believe.They have spent so much time believing this,they've invested in this hate(did you read that two of the admins of a Rob blog decided to quit,because they were anti-robsten and they were saying that they invested their personal life on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How sick is that?)You know to accept the truth and admit that you were wrong is a very difficult thing.It needs balls to admit that you made a mistake and apologize.Nonstens don't have the balls to do such a thing.They're coward ,grown-up women,who are cyber-bulling on a 20 year old girl,who don't know personally and never will meet.They're hiding under fake monikers and post hate to no end and death threats.Do those people seem to be brave and accept their mistake?No way!

About the pics,i posted my opinion yesterday.I felt embarrassed,because some idiot won tons of money haunting two kids in love and stealing a very intimate moment from them.That's hideous,but it's not only his fault.We're all to blame.Many of us,as fans,we don't have limits.We take everything,i'm sure that many of use would watch a R/K sex tape if was ever released.I'm saying it,because i read many comments about this.It's soooo sad!

By the way,the best pic for me(yeah,i saw them eventually)is the one with Rob's arm on Kristen.It's much more intimate than the kiss and it speaks volunes to me.Rob is very protective of his woman.I guess he has many commons with Edward after all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose! Wonderful post as usual!
This all hate is just ridiculous and makes me soo sad. How can some people call themself fan?! I don´t get it...
But anyway... I LOVE and ADORE Kristen and Rob!! Just LOVE them so much and I am happy that Robsten is happy :)) AND IN LOVE!!

I just hope these two wonderful people can have a bit peace now and enjoy their privacy and love!!


Patricia said...

AMEN....Rose on everything you said.
I'm glad you had a great celebration of 'YOUR LOVE.' That also makes me happy.

I have never understood all the denials, but some people can't face reality. That said, I'm over the moon about our favorite couple.

Robert loves Kristen loves Robert

Can't wait to see what happens next.

Hi to all the friends here who also love R/K

Lisa said...

Bravo Rose!!! And then SIGHHHHHHHHHHH


Opytaylor said...

Wonder how much he got paid for these? Interesting how he says they got in the van, then got out before it went anywhere. Then Kristen seemed to be the one initiating the kiss. Did they know he was there? Can't rule that out. I was upset last week about the celebrations. I was thinking about Kristen specifically and how she would be upset. But if she was upset about last week, then why so careless Sunday night?

Carly said...

I too was wondering whether they really was caught or they simply let him catch them. maybe the truth is somewhere in between

@Jude: I really like your post. especially the UDIs LOL

LK said...

Opy,Carly,that makes three of us.I've been thinking the same.Opy,i've read that the pap took 300,000$ or something like that.

jen said...

Preaccch it, Rose!

For serious, Robert is so making a statement.

This is not a pr setup, but he's donig things very differently right now than in the past.

We saw a glimmer of this at the premiere--when he held on tight to kristen for pictures at the afterparty, she's almost squirming, but he's practically shoving her face into his chest as if to say,"come kristen, loosen up, it's time." Her little smile in those pictures are hilarious.

And MOntreal-uh dude has been swaggering the whole time. He's wearing his get off my dick shirt, he's nuzzling, and kissing and keeping her close.

Robert, not KRisten is making the statement here. He's like 25, he's not some kid who wants to play hide and seek forever.


You go on with your bad self, Robert!

katy said...

someone on twitter is saying Rob and Kristen left Montreal together and that's documented...this person don't want to say herself where they went...don't know if it's true.

jen said...

ps: I DON"T think these were set up.

The key here is that Robert and kristen are just doing their thing now, and they knew someone would document it.

They knew it would happen if they chose to behave like a couple in public up there.

Someone got the documentation.

They knew someone would.

They knew they were going to make an nonverbal statement by being seen in public.

And they still did it.

So, no it's not a pr setup, if it was, they would have gone for a more attractive moment instead of kristen in hobo clothes and tom watching like a creeper! lol

But they were also aware of by acting like this in public, someone would get the money shot.

Carly said...

I dont think it was a set up as in they called the dude. they would never ever do such thing. but I do think they decided they dont givew a damn. whether just for that moment or in general remains to be seen but I do think they are becoming gradualy less cautious about acting like a couple in public at least since January

team necklace said...

@jen YOU are right on. Rob made a BIG statement in Montreal!!! He knows his girl is a major star and that this movie will be IMPORTANT to her career. He is proud of her and wants the world to know that Kristen is HIS and only HIS !!!
Thank you Rob....
OH ...and no Garrett sightings since Rob arrived...not even with Tom baby. I thought the two of them would hang out to give Rob/Kristen extra private time...HA HA!!

Trish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trish said...

Sue Bee had a theroy yesterday about them outing themselves...I kinda have to believe it thinking it through yesterday...they were outside afterall if you think about it..its not like they were in their hotels doing this...either that or they really dont care anymore! thats what i think..

It nice to finally see that ‘the girl’ is no more here..what a relief!

But i am sure they are relieved that they no longer have to keep this a secret...they wont talk about it but now i guess they dont have to "hide" anymore...
The thing is, MOST know they are a couple and have accepted it and dont even care..even the NON-Twilight fans or those who dont give about R/K..even they have accepted and KNOW they are a couple..and these ppl dont even call themselves fans..so those who choose not to be happy for both of them together and claim they are fans of them ARE NO FANS...
August 16th seems to be a specialy day when it comes to Robsten..I wonder if its their anniversary of some sort..hmmmm
I think that Kristen is also making a statement...people say that Rob shows most of the affection but in these pics kristen is really owning her man with the hands thrown around him and all.
p.s. Rose, glad you had a nice anniversary and dont stop I love your blog!!!!

Bren said...

First of all, we only see what Rob and Kristen want us to see. They said it themselves, they are just too good at hiding, and for someone to catch them like this---sorry, I'm not biting...

I know Rob would of told everyone a looong time ago, but he did it for Kristen, till she was ready....

I say "Hats off to you, Kristen"...this was way better than the 2 finger salute. You told everyone he is your man, and this I'm sure made Rob extremely happy.

Now, can we all move on and forget about all the people who got derailed over this?

deb said...

Rose I'm glad you and hubby had a nice time on your anniversary yesterday.You are SO right about people are still going to talk they don't have any thing else to do poor souls What a sad life just think if ONLY they would OPEN there EYES and see THE TRUTH they can be happy like us I still don't think Rob and Kristen are going to talk about their relationship WHY should they if people don't want to believe so be it I for one DON'T need any proof I see what I feel and I feel what I see THEY JUST ADORE EACH OTHER very much in love with each other And that my friend makes ME VERY HAPPY Thanks Rose for all your love and support and standing by Rob and Kristen. DEB.

Tiffany said...

Well said and couldn't have said it any better myself. Congrats on the Anniversary!

Opytaylor said...

I wasn't suggesting anything fake at all. I also think they have reached a point in which the are done concealing the nature of their relationship. "Don't ask us. But if you see something, oh well."

mahaska said...

Hello! I am new to this site. I LOVE what you wrote - couldn't agree more & I am truly happy that Kristen and Rob are together. I look forward to reading all the posts.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Rose,
I am dropping my usual blather to say KICK ASS and RIGHT ON! If the entire world were, as some imagine, made up of Roses, these two would have no trouble just living their lives and enjoying themselves. Instead they deal with the insanity as best they can--which is not, I can only imagine, very good right now, sorry to say. I would suppose Kristen is making herself ill with fright and concern and catching some major shit from too many people. And, from what I have seen, she presents a very tough face but takes all of that very seriously and may be feeling overwhelmed, scared, and upset right now. I would highly doubt that Robert will be going anywhere very soon--or if he does-not for long. The boy is so far in love with her he will not leave her side until he knows she is feeling stronger and dealing better, and, most importantly, he will not leave until she is safe.

I will resume my shameless and sadly, pointless, flirting with you at a later date my sweet Rose...and I am happy to hear you enjoyed your anniversary. What a lucky, lucky man to have won your heart. But until then stay well and keep preaching the truth. Never have these two needed it more than today...I imagine.

With much sincere respect and gratitude,

dowlingnana said...

Great words today Rose, you are always so right!!

I agree that R&K would never set this up..no, no way!!
I believe too, and have for a long time that Rob wants to shout it from the rooftop, but, he did it for her. I think also that like Opy said, you see...........just don't ask. I really hope we can see them together more though, like, at premieres, etc. Until later............Donna

Kristy said...

Delusional nonstens are the most pathetic bunch. and now they're hating on Rob too because of Robsten. lol lol lol...
So much hate is not healthy I feel sorry or them, i really do.

and some of the Kristen fans are such hypocrites, they are NO BETTER than nonstens. They just can't admit it, so they act like they're innocent, no they are the same...
poor poor oreganostew shippers lol. oh and poor teamgaystew. 'I would absolutely rather Kristen be gay than w/ Rob'.

haha You LOST!

Whatever... I'm just glad R/K happy and I want to be happy with them.. fvck the haters!

dowlingnana said...

Oh, and Jude, I love the motorcycle comment on Rob trying to drive it......LMBO.
I do love that pic tho' and how he is turned looking at her, it is so sexy to me!!! Donna

Global said...

Some people think Rob dropped her off because it looks like he's waving goodbye. He's not, he's just reaching out to grab onto the railing. There are other pictures that show him grabbing the railing.

jen said...

opytaylor-just wanted to say my post wasn't directed at you, there's a lot of people saying this was some great photo op setup, when clearly if they would go through that much trouble, maybe kristen would have gotten her hair did and tom wasn't hanging out watching...ha ;)

jen said...

re: him looking like he's saying good-bye in the hotel. It looks to me like he's just hanging out while she went to the lobby desk or the restroom or something to me.

Gigi said...

Rose like always right on ...I agree with you 110 %
I really think that Robert going to Montreal ( and been seen there where we all knew she was ) was a statement of sort , and yes I do think they are now in the who -cares- who -knows- about- us mode ..I just hope that they are left along .. if they show up some where pls pls pls dont tweet the location or give them up ..let them have lunch or diner along let them have space after all they are human like us....
@Jen ...I don't think it was a set up I just think it was more or less ok so here we are who cares!!!
And pls they were at the same hotel , come one does any one really think that they were not in the same room ?? how delutional can some ppl be ? RETORICAL question ok ?

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I was so happy to hear you had a romantic anniversary. Good for you. Yesterday was quite a day, and I have to admit the pictures made me very happy, but quite sad to read the photographer's account. That has to be an awful way for Rob and Kris to live, feeling like they have to hide their true feelings. I know they love each other very deeply, and that makes me very happy. I am determined to ignore all the haters and nonbelievers, because all that hate upsets me, and I cannot imagine what it does to them. Please keep up the blogs, I look forward to them every day. Love you Rose.

keset said...

Great quality for Rob and kristin kiss pics

SueBee said...

I'm not reading the negative stuff.
At this point, the haters are just pathetic.

SueBee said...


Thanks for the link!

See how Rob doesn't even try to jump out of the way now? There he is, doing his thing in the background.

They definitely outed themselves and they did it on their terms.

June said...



@Katy, you're right. R and K left Montreal, where did they go to? Million $ question hahhaa. People is saying that Kristen got some days off, but I don't know if it's reliable.

Rose you're happy and we're happy if they're happy! Thanks for your nice words!

Marie said...

Hmmm if you go to the link that Keset provided...you can see a picture of a guy holding a bag out towards Rob..while Kristen has her picture taken with a fan...that bag looks an awful lot like the bag Rob was holding in the kissing picture...hmmm...

Marie said...

Oh and there is a story that the studio has supposedly confirmed that shooting for OTR has left Montreal and has moved to Hull...the studio will not give out the names of those stars who will be there shooting but they will confirm that shooting for the picture will be going on until later this week...there is even a list of road closures due to filming

Kelly said...

Happy belated Anniversary Rose!

xoxo Kelly

Melinda said...

Hey Rose- didn't have a chance to say Happy Anniversary yesterday. Glad you had a sweet time with that hubby of yours!

Kristen alluded in the ElleUK interview about wanting to be able to express how happy she is right now etc.

I think she did that finally by just kissing her man in public and just enjoying the moment free of worry.

They make each other happy and I truly don't understand why people snarl and fuss over it.

I love the pic of him with his hand on her shoulder. That suggests a deeper intimacy than the kiss. Their connection goes beyond just a physical relationship. We all saw it from the start.

Heard via twitter that they have both left Canada and everyone will soon see where they went apparently.

Here is the crazy part- a PAP supposedly bought a ticket on their flight so he can take pics, etc. I am hoping that R/K found out before takeoff and had him removed or something.

If this is true then I bet they will be resorting to private air travel (as does Angie and Brad for that reason) soon.

Scary the lengths a pap will go to for a pic.

I truly hope that all these SILLY people who hate either R/K will soon give up and move on.

Anonymous said...

Hey, How is it going....Hon.....?I always go to write that word.....but then remember who or what also uses it...So I'm using ‘Gorgeous’ instead...

Hope you enjoyed the company of your soul mate yesterday.....I recently celebrated my 21sy w/aniv.......
Gawd time travels all so quickly.....And just when you think you can’t love that special somebody anymore.....something dredges inside you…. and out of nowhere you feel there is even more love for that one and only…that you never anticipated...
Really got no more to say on Rob & Kris...except I'm enormously happy they're not hiding anymore [if that’s the case????]That they have come to some sort of comfort within themselves….
I think Rob…..like you said Rose….Really doesn’t give a Rats Arse what he shows in public….AND Kristen differs a little….But your got to applaud a man with PATIENCE don’t ya …..{No offence OPYTALOR you may be the minority}…..He most certainly has that trait on so many levels……
I also hope that they will be more comfortable as A Couple whilst at red carpets, awards shows,
TV shows ETC]...Coz that always upsets me greatly.....when they aren’t

Remember to smile.
Life is oh so fucking good.
It sure fucking is!!!!!

deb said...

Donna and Jude I love that pic of them to she looks like shes tell every one HES mine dill with it and he looks like hes telling her hold on baby girl. So I want to know how long is Rob going to let his beard grow this time and his hair is growing back fast I like the short hair WELL I LIKE any thing when it comes to Rob And if it being said that they are gone well do you think the were checking out of the hotel?Where every they are I hope they have fun in the sun or car,hotel,street,plane.And I do think Rob waited for kristen to be ready to come out and by the looks of the pic SHES ready I'm so proud of her I don't think shes going to be laying all over Rob from now on but I do think she well be A LITTLE more open ( by showing us)Rob is ONE lucky MAN and she is ONE LUCKY girl GOOD LUCK TO THEM BOTH. DEB

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm agreeing with the masses. This wasn't them setting anything up. If it were, the pictures would have been SO much cleaner and closer. I think they knew the paparazzi were in the area, they had to have known about the pics that came out on Friday. So knowing there were paps in the area, they still chose to be out in the open and kissing. I think they're just to a point to where they're just going to be themselves wherever they're at, and just still not talk about it when they're doing interviews for their movies.

And while I'm not uber thrilled that the paparazzi guy got the pictures, at least he wasn't right up in their faces screaming at them and asking them if they're fucking each other. And now I wish they'd just leave them alone.. but I know that won't happen either.

Now this guy.. the one rumored to have a ticket on the same plane.. THAT'S too much. Let's hope that it's just a rumor, or if he did manage to get on the plane, someone stopped him from taking pictures. That's just creeper stalkerish.

If this is indeed Rob and Kristen finally just saying that they're going to live their lives the way they want, then kudos! to them. They deserve it.

“This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy.” -Susan Polis Schutz

30yearoldtwifan said...

To A Friend.

I really hope Kristen understands there is MUCH love and support for her and Rob. She has a good heart, I see that and many others do also.

Its not all about hate for her. They are out there and loud but most of us have nothing but love for these two. I hope she keeps her head up and maybe in the end.. this will be a good thing for them, a stepping stone.It May not feel that way now but I believe and feel things happen the way they are meant to be, in life's way not always are way or what we want. The way R and K met, That was fate. They look so in love from day one, and I pray that love will do nothing but prosper for them.

Opytaylor said...

I don't think K is a frazzled as "A" is fearing. If she is, I would hope she realizes that more people love her than not. But she has done absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. And she has a solid support structure to lean on. If it's the Kristen Hate Machine she is worried about, she should know there isn't a stable person in that bunch. Somehow I think she is at peace at the moment. Or will be soon.

Anonymous said...

:) Don't have much to say. What can we think and what can we know? I don't think they staged it. I don't think they thought they were being caught on camera. They probably just were in need of a kiss, and forgot every other matter. Let their guard down.

To be honest, I'm still going with, Rob didn't want people to know. That comment on your blog Rose, about how he'd do something if he wanted to sell it. I think he'd stick to that. I don't think he'd aim to let everyone know with getting caught on camera. Why do people think that rather than his words, saying he doesn't want to sell it, that he does? I'm confused.

If he wants to sell it, then he'd be all for coming out with Kristen, waiting for her. And he wouldn't have made that comment on how he doesn't want to sell it. Selling it is kissing knowingly where a paparazzi will see, and selling is saying you're together.

They both want it private.

If it's believed they don't, then shouldn't that comment be removed, on the blog? Because it's the complete opposite to the Rob everyone is speaking about. How he was waiting for Kristen to come out. So she's the only one who wants it secret right? Rob's always wanted it out there, and he coaxed her out, so they can sell it with a kiss.

Anonymous said...

This subject on hate again. I think she does have one strong head on her shoulders. The haters will never stop. Anything she does, and I'm not starting some competition thing again. But anyway anything she does, it's called upon. How she speaks, what she says. She must say sorry for everything. She's called out for everything she says or does, when she's in the public eye.

The haters never miss a beat.
But I'm sure she does have one strong head on her shoulders. I mean to put up with those crazy ass Rob fans who say they'll kill her or close enough, if they see her. You've gotta be strong with that. I remember once, a post on kstew411 imagining if Kristen ever broke up with Rob. And why. His fans, never stopping, making her feel so insecure and not at all good enough. And let's face it is she reads comments on the internet, she could easily be made to feel insecure. I felt so bad. So I hope his crazy fans, the ones who go on about killing her if they see her, are too afraid to come out of hiding.

I think he also fears for her. You know how protective he is. I think one of the reasons, not just their privacy, but for her safety from his fans, would stop them from sharing anything.

Imagine though, if Rob never ever had a chance with Kristen: if the hate was so clear to Kristen. It could have been seen as a risk, a danger, but he's won her. So yeah. :) He'll keep her safe I'm sure, especially with those bodyguards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wasn’t sure if you lot where OD'eed enuff of late …..So I wanted you ALL to sober up before giving more “viewing pleasure" {If I’m not making myself clear...please advise} What I am talkin about is….
WE have seen R & K in abundance in R/Life of late, so I'm not sure if the "Vid are going to 'CUT IT"....

I love this song on this particular one and wanted to share with my ‘Silent Friends’....YOU LOT!…
[MEANING WE CONVERSE HERE ON SO MANY LEVELS AND YET MAKE NO SOUND.....except 'chick. chick' of the keyboard keys hehehe}



@1.23 is such a beautiful pic of Rob playing piano…

Anonymous said...

SORRY , SORRY @ .20 MIN MARK...NOT @1.23

deb said...

You got to remember It was all about Rob and Kristen Way before Twilight And thats been OVER 2 years All I can see is this relationship only getting stronger Like some one wants said the LORD put them together in the same place for a reason And look at them now GOD BLISS THEM AND Rob has always look after his baby girl even when hes not with her dont forget that Kristen helps Rob to he has said so himself they have EACH OTHERS BACKS and thats the way it should be SOUL MATES. .DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rob, Kristen and John leaving Montreal:

Anonymous said...

There is no telling what Kristen is having to endure from people because of these pics....she is probably getting death threats, etc. from fans who actually think they have a chance with him...CRAZY!! I hope she is able to keep her head up and know that this too shall pass!!
She can always come to this blog and read the positive comments and know that there are SANE fans out there that genuinely care for her and her well being... From the way A friend of a friend posted, they must not have known they were being photographed. As fans I think we were all just happy because it proved that they were together and a happy couple, I personally didn't even think about all the chaos it would cause them...Sorry!!
Again, I hope they can just keep their heads up and know they have TRUE FANS out there.
Tracy...I love your quote by
Susan Polis Schutz, it really rings true in this situation!!

Karen said...

I know it's not very likely,but a part of me hopes that Rob and Kristen will read this blog and see how much their fans love them, and how happy we all are for them.

Now that the "money shot" has been taken, I hope the paps will leave them the hell alone. I know, I know,that's not bloody likely to happen either.They deserve to have the same privacy the rest of us enjoy. At the same time, I can't help smiling at those pics. Makes me feel a little guilty. Am I making any sense here?

Jude, you cracked me up with the bit about the motorcycle!

deb said...

thank you louisa DEB.

LJ said...

Hello all!

I'm just loving the Rob/Kris love fest at the moment....on a selfish note it's come at just the right time for me, can't help but smile when I see everything that's happened over the past few days.

But mainly I'm so happy for them and it makes my heart full to see them bursting with love for each other :-)

Loved todays post Rose...can't wait to see what's next!

Kstewrocks I totally agree Rob will keep Kristen safe, I think he is always thinking of her....his backward glances to make sure she is ok when she is behind him and the concern on his face whenever they are in a pap situation....he is always looking for her/at her making sure she is fine.

Thanks Louisa my friend for my link fix....just what I need :-)

♥ Much love to you all ♥


keset said...

This pap lady! So rude!!! :/

Jam said...

"My husband intoxication trumps Robert intoxication."
Aww, that is romantic Rose. Also, that is why I follow you. You know where to draw the line between RL and fantasy fun.
Happy Anniversary and may R/K be as lucky as you and your husband!

sollee said...

though it's late happy happy anniversary to you and your hubby:)...yay and happy times as well for rob and kristen and wish them the best in everything!!!

Rose said...

To my dear A Friend of a Friend,

It makes me so so happy knowing that Kristen has Robert taking care of her and that they are riding this roller-coaster together.

I appreciate all your kind words about my blog... and all your shameless flirting. What girl wouldn't? Every word makes me smile.
Thank you for sharing them with me.

Always your dearest Rose.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose

Good Day to you..I hope it was better than good, Fantastic even.
No matter what we say, pictures that come out and even Rob and Kristen admitting it, people will always think that it's PR.

I for one, DONT CARE..
All that matters is Rob and Kristen are together.
They're happy..i'am happy

We dont need to see pics like these to know that because we can feel the love between them

Let me Twirl with you.. and w/ all those who love Robsten..and a toast to something so special that very few people ever find..(seems like you did ,Rose..good for you..)

If we love robsten as much as we say, be happy for them

** the only ones who are sad rae the delusional-you know who you are**

I will keep on saying this..Celebrate the Robsten love..
and you are right dear Rose, w/ acceptance comes peace..

by the way, i hope you had a good anniversary..( sorry for the late greeting)


Kellytfp said...

EPIC post once again!
Brilliantly said! I concur! LOL!

I HOPE TO GOD R and K read your post just so they know how we all support them!

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

may i add something?

I know it's not right to wish somebody anything bad so forgive me if i do.. if it's true that there was a pap that got on board the same plane as Robsten,, i hope they get thrown off the plane...

I believe in karma and people will get what they deserve ( did you see the video where Rob and Kris left the airport, the woman was so rude, shame on her and if that was someone i know, i'd disown her)

on a lighter note: Thank you, dear Rose for expressing what most of us feel..LOve for Rob and Kristen..
I wish i'dfound your site sooner. I feel so much peace and love since coming here..

Have a nice day

Bren said...

@ Annie,

Thank you so much for the link, it's sad they have to spend their time running through airports.

I had heard filming would move to Ottawa today, but cast members who would actually be filming were not disclosed. I almost wish the rumor that K may be off a few days is true. She needs this time to recuperate and of course be alone with Rob.

@ team necklace,

I know, whatever happened to Garrett?

The night Kristen met up with Rob (when she was wearing the hoodie), someone posted on another board that they were working as an extra in the movie, and that night Garrett and Kristen were filming the dance scene. Something about New Year's Eve, I have not read the book so I have no clue.

wig4usc said...

I get my daily fix now on your blog. I feel the same as you, I think a lot of us are a little older, more mature, and happen to like R and K, and like them together.

Good for them, I hope they enjoy finding each other. They certainly seem to have something special and there are a lot of us cheering them on! After showing us very little, you see this eroding in the past few months. Remember the New Moon premiere? No pics together. That premier vs. Eclipse, way different. I suspect the kissing pic, they finally said, hey, if it happens, it happens!

kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday..
Hi Rose, and I'm so glad you had a wonderful day with your hubby.

Keeping it short tonight.

No matter how much money or fame you have, none of it matters unless you have someone to share it with.
I think most of us on here get that, that's why we are happy for these two.
Happy that they have each other going through the highs and lows of life.
Having each other makes them stronger then standing alone.

Thanks Rose, always look forward to your post. Good Night.

dowlingnana said...




dowlingnana said...


Anonymous said...


Not sure of all the age groups here....But I know I'm not a NANA and alot of you are..I consider 41 the new 30 IMO.hehehe
Rose is in denial and thinks she' 21{sarcasim and only, only joking} Just thought I'd throw that one in...heheheh
Perhaps that's why we ALL normally agree with each ohers thoughts....
Us/you Intoxicated Wise Old [only some?] goupies you....

Good day & or evening...

Melinda said...

Okay I saw the video of Rob and Kristen leaving Canada and I have only one thing to say...

I am impressed with Kristen's ability to slip like that and get right back up so quickly!

If that had been me I would have been all crazy looking. :)

DONNA- about NM premiere and press tour...some people speculate that R/K had some kind of deal with Summit to keep their relationship on the down low for a year (May 09-May 10).

Those two when they get together let the world fade away. It is obvious from Twilight press, to New Moon press, to the Eclipse Twi-con.

What was funny to me about the NM press cons was that even though they had people in between them they constantly would glance at each other, smiling at each other, sometimes outright staring at each other.

Hope this answers the question.

As for the "kissing" video, I haven't watched it so I don't have an answer.

Opytaylor said...

I watched it a few times and I didn't see Kristen "running" I saw her slip AND almost fall ( so Bella she is ) and two of the body guards waited for her and they moved on, at a fast walk but not running. Then Rob was behind with a BG and they were trying catch up. The only running I saw was the BG trying to block that pap woman from getting a pic of Rob. Two BGs with K, then Rob and one BG. They might have been late for the flight. I dont think that pic Sunday will alter their behavior. Hopefully headed to Cali for some rest away from the spotlight. But they are sticking together. May not see any type of separation for awhile. If I was Rob, I would coordinate with her as to who is working and who isn't. It's not as if they have to take any job they can get.

Cote de Texas said...


olivia said...

Evening Rose,
Happy that you had a lovely anniversary with your hubby.

It would be wonderful if the world would now "move on" and leave Rob and Kristen alone, in peace, to have their private time together.
( So nice to wish.......always been a dreamer! : ) )

It seems like each official event may now afford us an appearance by them as a more visible couple.

Off the clock, may they begin experiencing a path towards normalcy and privacy.

As they loosen the reins a bit on what they are comfortable showing the public of their relationship, the true respectful fandom will take more steps backwards in order to give them needed space.

They work so seriously and with such commitment on their films in order to deliver stellar performances to the public. How nice, therefore, to give back to them by showing as much restraint and respect as possible when one is fortunate enough to be in the same location as they are. Rob and Kristen seem to have always been beyond gracious with their fans. The WFE set soldiers are an excellent example of fans whose patience and manners paid off big time. (The razzi of course are a whole different story. It seems that legislation will be the only way to put a muzzle on them.)

Well, I did sort of ramble there. Sorry!

Love your comments:
"No matter how much money or fame you have, none of it matters unless you have someone to share it with.
I think most of us on here get that, that's why we are happy for these two.
Happy that they have each other going through the highs and lows of life.
Having each other makes them stronger then standing alone." Once again karma1....right on!

Still doing happy dancing.
Love Rob and Kristen.
Hugs to all,
Olivia (TX.)

dowlingnana said...

You're right she wasn't running, guess when I first saw it I remembered it that way!!

Thanx Melinda, guess that makes sense to me. Wish Summit hadn't got involved if they truly were!! And, you're right, they did do a lot of smiling, staring, etc. And when in their bubble, yeah, the rest of the world is lost. The other premiere went a whole lot better that's for sure!!

thanx again, Donna

Bren said...

Hi Guys,

Just a quickie so to speak---this is a video of R/K at party same night of kiss.....more than one pap there that night, I'd say...


ElizabethMC said...

Melinda and Donna: I also think Summit wanted to protect the reputations of their 2 leads. K had a boyfriend and did not want her to look like a cheater. Also did not want R to seem like the source of K's break-up. Bottomline is boxoffice money. It had to be believable for Bella to fall for Jacob in NM and E. As Melinda stated R&K's relationship would have overshadowed the movie's marketing and plotline. The bubble. What a bubble it is. It is so natural and seems unbreakable. K is a very lucky girl.
She obviously makes R very happy.

Trish said...

This blog is really awesome..its great to come on here after along day off work..to read the comments and such..love how eveyone here is very mature..

I do WISH and HOPE R & K stumble on here..they need to see your posts especially today's post Rose..they need to know that there are many sane fans who love them and support them and also speak good things about them.

I completely agree with the reason for why R/K may have been a little less open during NM and Twilight..Me thinks that now that the third installment has been completed, I guess they are more free to show such as sit together (MTV MOVIE awards 2010 this year) It is very true that because of the Jacob thing i guess it wouldve been hard for the audiences (which is stupid because we all know who Bella ended up with)..its a great theory..now that only BD is left i guess if summit played a part in it its over..imo

Awww...Kristen is so clummsy..lol..very cute. only she can fall and get up so quickly like that and be forgiven...like nothing even happend..too cute!even though she puts on a tough outward appearance i think deep inside this girl is just very vunerable...

Trish said...

OMG that fat bitch (sorry for that) that jumped in front of Rob's face..ugh! If i were John I wouldve smacked her with the camera myself! soooo intrusive..Dear God, please keep these two. smh.

Wildhart007 said...

Like all of you, I hope that this is a new era of Robert and Kristen being able to be comfortable expressing their feelings for one another, without worrying about everyone watching them.

@tracy 3:22, I loved the quote, it is very inspirational.

@Louisa, your videos are fantastic!

@Rose, you put in words what I am feeling every day. You are a very talented writer, who can evoke my emotions effortlessly it seems.

To everyone, your posts of hope and wanting what's right for R/K
are uplifting and the reason I keep coming back. Not everyone has the happy relationships but you all give hope that it is possible.
Thank you all.

SueBee said...

Maybe Kristen was accidentally channeling Bella when she tripped.

I fall like that all the time!

I guess it just goes to show that these people are HUMAN. She got up pretty quickly though didn't she?

This video shows the kind of paparazzi that I HATE!!!!! These are the invasive kind that don't even care if Rob was trying to catch a plane--let's just jump out and start snapping shots.

It's rude if you do that to a regular person why the hell would you want to do that to a celebrity?

keset said...

pics of Rob and kris at the airport

Wildhart007 said...

Sue Bee
Lol I fall like that too but I usually lay there a minute sprawled out, Kristen was so graceful about it.
And you are absolutely right, that woman with the camera was rude and obnoxious. Would have been funny if she had fell.

Wildhart007 said...

Kristen is actually smiling in a few of the photos

Anonymous said...

all i can say is I LOVE ROBERT ND KRISTEN, will continue to support each moviethey will make and every endeavor, be it music or whatever. they make a lot of people happy. and am glad that slowly they are starting to loosen up. thank you rose for always defending them and supporting them. Godbless. mwah, mwah. love, love, love...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose-

Wanted to say hello and thank you for a beautiful blog today. Your words are perfect--now if you and the other nice, sane people could just convince the rest of the world.

The flirting is seriously out of control--dude you really should not encourage him. :)

Lots of "just think of Rose" moments today-not sure if that is good or bad but it makes me laugh every time.


Anonymous said...

Forgot--great song my buddy found ...Jimmy Cliff "Shelter of My Love"-you have to listen to it. Played it about 100 times in the last two days. Grab your husband and twirl to that one.

Kai El said...

Rose, just want to say Happy Anniversary. Wish you have a long happy loving life with your husband and family. The same wish goes to our beloved couple, Rob and Kristen.

Atticus said...

With all the R/K love, I'm just feeling maudlin. Can I just say I love all you eloquent, sane cyber R&K lovin' posters.

With what I can glean from interviews about our beloved couple, there's no way in hell they would ever stage a PR stunt...ever! That was Kristen spontaneously showing her man some love and he's lovin' it.

I think showing their love for one another and talking about it are two different things. They, both, have refused to talk about it and in the past, have shown us little glimmers of how they feel (Robsten bubble, anyone?) All the best laid plans aren't set in stone. Who knows what they'll do next but it's up to them and no one else.

Hip Hip Hooray to ASB for blocking the pap pic of Rob! He also did that back in Vancouver during Eclipse filming. Wonderful recovery, Kristen.

Beaucoup d'amour Rose!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I am happy to hear you had a wonderful Anniversary!

Gonna be short and sweet today and just say -- I adore Rob and Kristen.

I saw that they landed safe and sound in LA together. I hope they have a lovely evening! And I hope Kristen has some time off and her and Rob have some downtime together before she continues filming.

dowlingnana said...

I also wanted to say that after looking at all the pics that it looked like Rob was just waiting there for Kristen to maybe check out at the desk or something. No way is he dropping her off or saying goodbye!!! Donna

Anonymous said...

Yeeahhh Rose! Glad you had a great anniversary. I agree I think Rob was just ready to just be with Kristen. I can't imagine the control those two have had to have the last year, I bet they are relieved that they can actually hold hands now without everyone freaking out. That photographer creeped me out, who would spend that much time just following someone? That is all shades of wrong. Hopefully some of the haters fade into the background now, Rob's officially off the market wenches! LMAO with a twirl!

LK said...

Nobody here suggests that the kiss photo was staged.K/R would never do such a thing.Maybe they thought that "oh,what the hell,let's do it,since everybody knows by now,there's no reason to hide"?

Opytaylor said...

Brutal travel. Even if you are in first class, it's a long day, lugging your shit through large airports. Their mood was light in MTL but as they deplane @LAX paps on the long freaking walk all the way to their vehicle. Kristen had enough. I would flip those guys off too. But Rob and Kristen are going home together. Now they can relax. I making a pledge to not view ANY airport photos again. I didn't need to see those. If no one wants those pictures, then they don't get taken.

deb said...

I LIKE THE WAY THEY ARE WALKING NEXT TO EACH OTHER WITH THEIR HEADS UP HIGH even though you can see that they don't like it. ALL THEM FUC* HEADS out there. I AM SOOOOOOO PROUD of THEM. SO do you think they went home in LA they say they have a home so why not. They can stay in all the time there and know one would know. DEB

deb said...

OK I want to ask something why cant we as a fan when we do or if we see ROB and Kristen And the paps are there WHY cant we take there pic ( the paps) I mean get right up in there face when they are trying to take a pic of them (ROB AND KRIS)I mean run right up to them and start taking pic so they cant get any of Rob and kris I dont know if we could do that CAN WE by law can we do that DEB.

Psyche263 said...

Something has changed in Rob's demeanour lately,his body language around her seems more openly protective, I get the feeling he's had enough of standing back waching Kristen try to deal with the crap,I know she's a strong girl and I'm sure she likes to feel she can handle things on her own,I'm the same way myself :)
That in itself is a huge slap in the face to the hyenas,the more they foam, the more our twosome pull together. Another point the haters might like to consider - couples who are together for PR tend not to flip off the paps, kinda defeats the object! (Kristen you are awesome, a HUGE hug for you). Lets hope they get a bit of downtime now,it really upset me to see how tired she looked yesterday but I know Rob will look after her.

LK said...

Out of topic.I was listening Metric;s song"i'm yours"from the eclipse soundrack.I always felt that this song was more about R/K and less for E/B.Just read the lyrics and i think you'll agree with me.

LK said...


Naughty Rob is checking the robust but AGAIN!Poor guy can't help it!Who can blame him?

Anonymous said...

I would rather Kristen flip the bird to the disgusting paparazzi and Rob to express his disgust with them via his T-Shirts or flipping them off as well (which he has also done) rather than get into a physical or verbal swearfest with them as other celebrities do.

There is power in flipping the bird! :)

Anonymous said...

Darling Rose,

Do not be put off by the warning from our friend about our loving flirtations. Nothing can keep me from you my love because I am intoxicated by YOU! Your words and wisdom stir my soul and I look forward to every day hearing more. The sun can rise, the birds can sing, but without a display of your talent what does any of that matter.

My admiration and fondness for you my lovely Rose cannot be understood by our friend who lives a loveless, sad life. Perhaps if she someday experiences the level of love that I feel for you, she will realize her admonishments for us to part are misdirected. This will require her to attract a true man into her life for that is what she lacks at the moment. For now she is stuck with a man child who hasn't a clue about love.

Until we chat again dear Rose, I will be thinking of you and with every breath I pray that my next breath, will somehow contain air that you too have breathed my love.

A Friend of a friend

Wildhart007 said...

I had to comment. Your posts are so seductive. I can relate to your description of a friend

LK said...

Rose,there's buzz out there that R/K went to LA for the Eclipse commentary.Do you know anything about it?

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@annie agreed! I'll even provide a steel support for her elbows if she decided to use both middle fingers!

Rose, Thanks once again.

BTW, our man has brought his woman home! Robsten are back in LA!

Anonymous said...

bawahahaha...@ A!!

For now she is stuck with a man child who hasn't a clue about love.

Lol!! Every woman feels that way sometimes ;) 16 years of marriage and my hubby still plays video games! Hehehe!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

fuck off A! Rose is already married! ;(

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

whose been inside a Trojan horse?