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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rob and Kristen in Montreal?

Well HOT damn!
I'm not sure where to begin.
I'm not sure I can get through this post
because I'm laughing SO FUCKING HARD.

Oh Hyenas... Give it the fuck up already.

First things first.
I watched the TCA's last night...
Major LameAss Shit.
Robert was there.
Even though he looked bored out of his mind.
And even a bit irritated.
Here I thought he was enjoying parts of the show...
but after watching it...
I see the 'laughy smiley' Robert was only seen
on rare occasion.
Very rare.

Every shot of Rob in the audience looked like someone
had just woke him up.
And say what you will...
But he is NOT the same when Kristen isn't there.
He was somber.
He was probably wondering how many more of
these horrific kid shows he has to endure...
and yes...
Missing Kristen.

As for Miss Ashley?
Hey, I like her...
I really do.
But it was pretty obvious who was trying to make the most
of her opportunity to be next to Robert.
And why shouldn't she?
Ashley knows how to promote herself...
and she knows who to be next to if 
she wants to get in the picture.
Nothing wrong with that.
But she grabbed Rob's arm...
She leaned in for the photo
She made a point to walk next to him.
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
You didn't even notice Nikki Reed was there, did you?
At least not until you saw her sad face on stage.
(Sad or mad... can't make up my mind which)

And that brings us to this.
All kinds of bullshit being spewed about this...
and this...

Well. Well. Well.
What do we have here?
Rob's best friend...
Hanging out with Kristen and Garrett in Montreal.

I had over 200 emails this morning...
And everyone has their 'reasons'

1. Tom has a role in OTR

2. Tom is dating Kristen.
(Amazing how eager they are to jump onto that thought
after a couple of pics together...
But are determined that Rob/Kristen aren't dating
after over a year of pictures together)

3. Tom is there protecting Kristen until Rob
can get there
(um... protect her from what exactly?)

4. Rob will come to Montreal now...
but only to visit Tom... not Kristen.

5. Tom hates Kristen...
wait...now he loves her.

6. Tom is there because it's PR for Summit...
Um... because he's Rob's friend and he's with Kristen
and Summit doesn't want you to forget 
and I guess Tom is working PR for Summit too!

7. This doesn't mean ANYTHING
So what if Tom is hanging out with Kristen?
They're friends!
(Although just the other day I said he hated her)

8. This SO means that Rob and Kristen aren't dating!

9. Just goes to show that Rob and Kristen can't do
anything without their friends around.
They are NEVER alone!
(You sure about that one, chief?
Do you have any idea where they are right now?)

10. So Rob is just hanging out in a hotel room 
while Kristen is out with Tom and Garrett?
(Maybe he was sleeping. He did seem awfully tired)

11. I hope Rob shows up in London!!!

This is some good shit... yes?

The Hyena are in full foam today.

They are acting like this is oh so funny...
*Tee Hee*
Laughing (like Hyenas do) on the outside...
But whining and howling on the inside.
But down deep in their foam filled cavern where their
heart should be?
They are so so so

You know...
You KNOW it fucking KILLS them to see Tom 
hanging out with Kristen.
Because it is just another reminder of how integrated
Kristen is in Robert's world.
That all their fantasies of Tom HATING Kristen have 
been nothing but more delusional dreaming...
So that didn't work...
So now...
Yeah... That's IT!!!!

Rob LOVES his friends.
He is CLOSE to his friends.
He openly admits how much they mean to him...
How important they are to him...
And they obviously love and support Kristen!

We don't know why Tom is there...
Maybe he was visiting Garrett.
Maybe he likes hanging with Miss Stew...
Maybe he knew Rob was there so he 
decided to drop in and say hello...
He knew Rob would be spending a few days
with Kristen before flying off to London for his Mom's birthday...
and they decided to meet up in Montreal and fly to London together.

And ...
Oh yes...
Robert is so there.
Come on.
You know it's true.
Tom and Kristen in one place...
Without Robert?
Yeah... RIGHT.

Rob and Kristen get in and out of airports
without being papped.
They are getting better at hiding...
Private airplanes are a wonderful thing.
Where do you think Rob is anyway?

I guess we shall see... won't we.

Come out, Robert!
Come out ...
Come out...
Wherever you are!

This post is brought to you by the letters *R* and *H*

R for RABIES and how it messes with
rational, logical thought process
and causes excessive FOAMING.

H for...

(You thought I was gonna say Hyena, didn't you?)
I'm happy because I know that Kristen and Robert are happy.
That's a GOOD thing.
Bye for now

* I hope you can see the sarcasm font...
Not everyone can. *


Selito said...

I'm Mexican and I have only one word


Robsten forever and more than ever

P said...

Awww- he soooooo loves his girl!!!

Honey said...

Yeah Robs there. He managed to get to Montreal without being papped despite being papped in Nashville, going out to the movies, everywhere. The guys no ninja. Everyone knows it. So stop telling lies. He isn't there, he never was. LOL and why would Tom, Kristen and Garrett be out without him? Stop making excuses for yourself so you can continue to ignore the signs. Kristen is with Tom now. She has been since after the Eclipse premiere. Tom and the BritPack are no longer friends with him. They cut ties with him after Kristen left Rob for Tom. Live in your fantasy but right now Rob is a lonely man with no friends and no one to love him.

Anonymous said...

i love Tom and Kristen and Rob, but i like to think that maybe Tom went to Montreal because he likes Kristen as a friend (i like to think that Rob's friends like kristen) and not just because she's with Rob...anyway i loved your post (as always) :)

Evelyn said...

Remember Rose...it's when.

Bex said...

If Rob is there I'm guessing that Tom is there so that Rob has somebody to hang out with while she's at work.

I think they will probably leave for London together from Montreal just before Robs moms bday.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts . . . you say it better than anyone can!

Kia said...

You have left me breathless once again Rosie! AMAZING POST! Robsten will never break up and be apart, beleive it bitches!



Bex said...

wait a minute... didn't Honey say last week that Kristen was with Garrett? now she's with Tom and has been for a while??

Kristen must get around.. to anybody EXCEPT Rob :::Sarcasm:::

Mrs. Black und Mrs. Cullen said...


This was a great post.
And I want it so much that Rob is in Montreal.
I want to see pictures, but then I think: No, because I hate it when Paparazzis are behind Rob and Kristen. They should leave it, because that Paparazzi shit sucks...
We can't imganie how bad it is, to be evry time watched. You are never alone, right?

Well, I just want to know, if Rob IS in Monteal.
i don't need pics, because they make me sad.
I know, eveyone here wants to see a Robsten Pic, but can you imagine whta Kris and Rob will think when they'll see it? We probaly will never see any of these pics, so the Paparazzis should leave it.

And - yes - you were so right, when you said, Rob was bored @TCA.
There are many reasons, why he felt so, but the First thing was:
It's a teen thing, and he's a adult - so he wasn#t very interestet in this.
And second - important reason! is:
tadam - you've mentioned it already:
Kristen wasn't there.
Remember @MMA's? The Stage Kiss? The smile?
Kristens Smile
They were so happy...♥
And he was smiled his >>I'm in love<< smile, when kristen got her awards.

And - to be honest - why on earth should Kristen being together with tom?
This is so absurd.
Think normal - whould you want to be together with your friend#s friend? i don't think so.
And I think Rob is the better Man for Kristen♥

At least: Sorry for this story I have written, but I nee that.
And: Sorry for this damn english.
It's hard to write this, when you are german and you just learn english in school ;-)

Love you♥


Mrs. Black und Mrs. Cullen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

This is my first time commenting and I must say that was one funny post. I imagine that some people will be surprised when Rob shows up in Montreal. If there's ever a picture, they will claim it's Photoshop. If they go out together they will say it's for Summit/Eclipse. 'They' don't really matter. All that matters is that Rob/Kristen are happy. The Twilight fandom is full of crazy grown women. It's a sad day when the teenagers on Twitter show more respect and are more rational. I have heard nothing about TomStu being cast in OTR and all the castings have been big news so I doubt that rumor. Good luck on your blog. Keep writing and I'll keep reading it.

Melinda said...

Oh the crazies are out in full force today and Honey is just proving it!!!

Another WIN Rose! People need to loosen up and enjoy life. I know I do.

I don't care about the logistics of their relationship. That's for them to determine and work out.

All I know is I see two people happy and content with each other and where life is taking them TOGETHER. Only R/K can change my thoughts on that.

Let the hyenas say what they will and annoy people on Twitter for info. Who cares about them. They are just a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things.

PS. Love what George Clooney's gf said about R/K in her Vanity Fair interview. Said Kristen shouldn't get death threats because she won the guy that everyone wants.

Marie said...

In response to what Honey said...I have to ask...HUH????? What in the hell are you smoking Honey? "Rob is a lonely man with no friends and no one to love him." Really???? FYI Honey, look up the picture of Tom and Rob in Rob's car, taken about oh...two weeks or less ago, and he was also been with Rob on several occasions since, Eclipse premiered..get your head out of your As*....I uh mean out of the clouds and get your facts straight. Here's the funniest thing of all though after those delusional comments, you had the nerve to say that Rose and everyone who thinks that Rob and Kristen are in a relationship are living in a fantasy world...uh you might want follow the yellow brick road Honey, to find a clue and realize that YOU are the one in a fantasy world! If you want to believe that nonsense you wrote..fine but don't come on this blog and infect the rest of us with your rabies.
Great post Rose!

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of your best post yet!! LOVE IT!!

June said...

Why the hell couldn't Rob appear in that Montreal's pic? It would have made our day! our month!

How hard it is a Robsten fan's life..

Rose I say AMEN too, to your wise words! Thanks!

deb said...

Well you said it *WHEN* and all I can SEE is *NOW * I am glad to see Tom there with kristen To me it means Rob is not to far behind If hes not there now. Yep the HYENA cry babies are going to have a BIG ASS FIT.Do you think we well get a pic of them together I hope so but I doubt it And Im glad that Tom is there so he and Rob can go do things when kristens working WHO THE HELL knows i bet Rob,kristen and TOM does YOU said to wait and I did. YOU see good things do happen to those who wait ...WHEN....NOW. AMEN Rose THANK you Rose YOU GO GIRL. PS HONEY KEEP DREAMING YOU'LL NEVER GET ROB he is TAKEN YEP Kristen has his HART GET OVER IT. DEB.

Selene said...

Dear Rose,

So many people stick up for kristen, b*tch at the Rob fans who ship him with others but can't do the same when Kristen fans talk openly about hoping she bangs Garrett or even Taylor? I mean, They sure as h*ll hate it when fans and media people ship Rob with others, cause they don't want Kristen to be put on the spot as the weak girl that might be cheated on and getting compared to those rumoured chicks. Rob's co-stars are getting hate from them, but they have no problem with their Garretstew heck even TomStew shipping.

The hypocrisy I read in comments about garret/kristen/tom pics is ridiculous. I am getting tired of all these drama. Enough is enough.

It's really sad that there are so many crazy people in the Twiuniverse especially when it comes to R&K.

Anonymous said...

Rose, another great one, funny as hell. I would love to read all the email that you receive, it has to be totally entertaining. I watched the TCA ya it sucked, Rob totally looked bored and I agree he just seems more alive and content when Kristen is with him. I hadn't seen the pics of Kristen and Tom, but I'm not surprised. He seems to be there when Rob can't be, and it sure looks like they're friends. Honey I'm glad you seem to know them all personally (right) and you know Kristen is now with Tom...wasn't it Garrett last week? Get a life and go to another blog that allows people like you stir up shit. You suck!

Lisa said...

Oh Rose I was waiting for today's post! But you didn't mention the tweets! I know ANYONE can tweet ANYTHING but there were a couple of good ones. There was a man who set up a twitter account to keep in contact with his daughter while out of town. He posted Rob was asleep on his flight to MONTREAL! (Monday morning/afternoon) Of course he then got bombarded with people saying he was a liar, yadda yadda.. Then there were two girls in a bar last night tweeting back and forth about R & K being there. One was closer then the other. So the one was going to the other.. It was pretty funny.. People kept telling them to "get a pic" of course.. One said she would try but didn't want them "mad at her" They also wouldn't tweet location, which I thought was nice if it was true. I haven't been on twitter today to see if a pic ever showed up or not.. But you KNOW he's there.. Obviously Tom went first.. I'm glad she's so close with his friends! She's a VERY lucky girl! :)

As for the TCA.. I hated them! I mean, it showed him win one award.. Didn't even mention he & K won however many together.. You're right about Ashley.. She's really good at promoting herself.. The 'her hand in his arm' thing is crazy. It's the polite, proper thing to do. She had on huge heels. If you watch, Nikki grabs Jackson's arm to go up the stair too. Speaking of N.. She looked pissed all night! LOL

Oh well.. It's a great day in the Robsten world, and in Montreal too! ;) Happy Tuesday everyone!


May said...

And ...
Oh yes...
Robert is so there.
Come on.
You know it's true.
Tom and Kristen in one place...
Without Robert?
Yeah... RIGHT.

In other words...Dear Rose,you fucking rock. ;D <3

P.S. Evil never sleeps,does it...Just like hyenas. LMAO

Karen said...

First of all, all I can say about yesterday's pictures is WOW!

I think Rob is in Montreal,too. I think Tom is there to keep Rob company while Kristen works, and because they are going to fly to London together for Clare's birthday.

Rob did look bored at the TCAs. But I loved his smile when he won for RM. Our Rob has a very bright future ahead of him.

jen said...

omg. Garrett is seriously adorable - you can tell Tom wants to get out of the picture, he's not even looking at the camera and looks awkward. But I love that Kristen AND Garrett are holding onto him in the photo with hand grips!


This photo shoots down so much. all the folks hoping kristen would cheat on Robert with Garrett! Well, that picture says a lot - Garrett looks more like a bestie than a lover there!

All the folks swearing Krsiten and Robert are purely PR and that Tom hates her? PHoto shoots that down - she's freaking hanging out with his crew in MOntreal of all places!

Haters keep laughing like you are in on the joke - even though you're the puncline!


LK said...

@Honey,can't you decide between GarrettStew and TomStew?Maybe Kristen is dating both lol.Ignore her,girls,she's harmless,she's just seeking for attention,probably she feels lonely.

I have to admit that seeing this photo today was really weird.At first i thought WTF?Tom is doing there?I still don't have an idea.Some people think that he's working in OTR.I'd like to believe that.If Rob is or not in Montreal,i don't have any idea,except if they make us the honor and pose for some fans pics.

Rose,did you notice Kristen's face?She looks like she knows something that we don't.She probably knew all the crap that the gossip mags and blogs are gonna post about her and Tom.Remember the mysterious guy article from Sam's concert?Now i think is gonna be much more.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Rose. I love those 2 new photos - so cute! I'm not sure what they mean, but everyone looks really happy in them, and that makes me happy.

p.s. I think Rob was probably holed up somewhere with Jella. Why else would he come to Montreal?? There can be no other reason. :)

Patricia said...

Rose Rose Rose
'Spot on'

The TCA were 'like being boiled in acid' with very few pics of Gorgeous face and I was waiting and waiting. Rob was bored, tired, and missing his baby girl. But cordial to Ashley and (SHE) GRABBED HIS ARM AT THE STAIRS. Nikki (on stage) looked like a sour puss.

Now about that pic in Montreal. I think they were drinking coffee at midnight to stay up to visit Rob who was flying in on the 'RED EYE'... (I THINK ROB'S THERE NOW) YEAAHH ! I think Tom's been there since he and Rob flew up the couple of days before the Malibu paps nightmare. I think Tom stayed because Rob was going to Tennessee to film WFE. MAYBE THEY EVEN BROUGHT UP HER JELLA/MAX...

Does that make sense ? What do you think?

I'm sooo happy. They're together, I don't need pics but I WOULD LOVE A FAN ONE...Just one

Grazie Rose, I know you're as happy as me. I love your blog.



michellexoxo said...

Damn, I didn't know hyenas could use computers :) Love your posts. Hope Rob and Kristen are happy, Rob could be jetting off as we speak. Hope we get more fan pics, I miss Kristen :(


SweetDee85 said...

lol @ this "Honey" character. Just the other day you stated Garrett and Kristen were "in love". Now Kristen is with Tom??? *insert eye roll*

*sarcasm* Kristen sure does get around


Make up you mind sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be blunt and crass in this comment, just warning ya..

I've been rolling my eyes and laughing my ass off since last night over the latest. I find it absolutely hilarious. I mean, really?

They see her with Taylor - she's fucking him..

They see her with Garrett - she's fucking him..

They see her with Tom - she's fucking him..

(Mind you, all three guys within weeks/days of each other)

They see her with Rob.. consistently for almost two years now.. Nah.. she's not dating him AT ALL!!

What is it? Haters think their deluded theories are believable?! That's insane.. maybe they're insane.. it makes sense. Only sane people actually question their own sanity.. The ones who are insane believe they're perfectly legit.

Not creating delusions is enlightenment.

Be enlightened :)

Oh, and seriously? Are you sure he's not a ninja? Cause dude sure got his ass back to LA without anybody seeing him..

Rob: I'm a ninja
Haters: No you're not...
Rob: Did you see that?
Haters: What?
Rob: Exactly!

Love love love it.. glad he's in Montreal. I don't need pictures.. would prefer not to have pictures actually.. nice quiet snuggly time :)

LK said...

@Melilulu Well, it look like it's official that Rob is in Montreal...heard it at the radio. When will @alchemission or @PeterFacinelli will come here? about 1 hour ago via Seesmic Retweeted by 9 people

I thought it was 2 weeks ago on the radio that Rob was in Montreal again?Maybe it's the same radio!

FJ_SA said...

please vote for Rob.


Anonymous said...

So, Kristen is dating Tom who hates her while he is there for a role in OTR while she's wearing what looks to be Rob's shirt despite the fact that Rob and Kristen were never dating each other but have broken up but were dating each other for PR. Tom and Kristen are now taking pictuers for PR for Summit's Breaking Dawn release because Tom hates her and is dating her and people seeing Kristen and Tom together will remind us of Robsten and inspire us to buy tickets to Breaking Dawn in a year and half. That Summit is crafty! We're on to their super secret PR signals. Oh, and Ashley is now dating Rob because they sat next to each other. And when Rob sits next to any female or comes with in twenty yards of any girl - they are automatically dating. Except for Kristen who he hates, dated for PR, never dated, is just friends with and can't stand.

Confused? Not me. I'm an excellent hyena translator. I got it all. So let me paraphase it for everyone. Crazy people say delusional shit due to jealousy and the voices they hear in their head. Rob and Kris are fine. Tom is friends with Rob and Kris. And everything is normal and hunky dory. And while nothing is confirmed, it is my personal opinion that Tom would be a good addition to the OTR cast.


30yearoldtwifan said...

LK IMO opinion Kristen is VERY aware of things said about her on a daily basis. She may even lurk here for all we know, Its probably not a good thing to be honest, shes so quiet and sweet probably effects her on some level I'm sure she knows the HATE and BS threats she gets for being with Rob, and still she never denies it, hangs out with his best friend. Where ever he is, we know Rob isnt far behind.

KS is someone I would be proud to call a friend if I ever was in her life, you dont meet to many real honest people like her in the world. Shes special,Rob is special , and they are just so luscious as one.

We know the hyenas will latch onto anything, but the truth that's in there face. Because there jealous, and sick, kind of scary the lengths and soap opera crap they will spew The delusional can have there shit fits but in the end people like HONEY will never get there way, they need to get a real fucken life is what they need. Cant wait for school to start for these fuck nuts, I wonder if HONEY AND HER CO ARTS have any real life friends,I picture a person with NO friends and NO life all, nasty looking probably made fun of in school. Walmart clothes(no offense to Walmart)Just nasty inside and OUT.

On a good note I'm sure Kristen is taking care of ALL of Robs needs right now ladies. :) Lucky Kristen indeed... :)

LK said...

@to SuzyQ


dowlingnana said...

Tracy: I loved your ninja theory with Rob, lol.

Can we just imagine for a second here how much Rob's friends care for Kristen? They HAVE to know how much Rob loves her or they wouldn't even bother. Tom helped her out at the Bradley show back in LA when Rob had to go back to work on WFE, and now he's here in Montreal. I wondered what happened to Tom after seeing Rob and him at that drive thru. Makes some sense now that he stick in Montreal while Rob probably did "ninja" back and forth on occasion. LOL

Sounds like that poor man on the airplane got a dose of what the one guy did when he'd tweeted seeing them at that hotel one night. Geesh!!

Rob did look bored for the most part, not all of it, but seeing some tweets from fans that were there at the taping said he actually was alone on that couch for the most part. And one fan was yelling at Rob, "hey Rob, do you miss Kristen", she said he just smiled!!

Later gals, Donna

Opytaylor / dano328 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Atticus said...

I'm just fucking ecstatic to finally see a fan pic, not a papz pic, of our beautiful gal, even though she's half hidden. Endearing to see Rob's inner circle of friends are close to Kristen. Remember Sam was at the WTTR screening.

Yeah, Rob's GF & BFF in the same city, Rob's not far behind, if not there already.

So Ashley at the TCA's took full advantage of sitting beside Rob, taking pics with Rob, grabbing his arm, etc, etc. Who can blame her...and that's why Rob will never be with her in the biblical sense. Get it hyenas...they're just friends.

What George Clooney's GF said in reference to R&K was just...fist pump!

Thanks Rose for the great post.

Anonymous said...

To everyone here: Here's to sanity!!!

@Suzy Q - That comment is priceless!

@Tracy - Loved your comment as well!

To Rose: Bravo as always!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Oh Rose, I am so happy today. I was on twitter last night and 5 or 6 people were saying Rob was in Montreal, but I didn't know whether or not to believe it, but I hoped. This morning when I say the picture of Kris with Tom, I just knew Rob was there in Montreal.I don't even need to see a picture, I just know he is there. Thank you Rose for the blog, and I know you are as happy as I am. As for Honey, I don't want to be mean, but she definitely has a problem and she needs to find another place to vent. Please don't ever stop, you always make my day.

dowlingnana said...

I meant to mention this last night, but did you notice how Rob gave his two thumbs up? I've only seen Kristen doing that, funny how they seem to mimick each other more and more, hmmmm? Donna

Trish said...

Well, well well..Honey's back..greeat! suupper! *eyeroll*

The TCA's were horrible..no wonder Rob was bored..I had to stop myself from sleeping several times to catch Rob's acceptance speech..wish he didnt have to go the show..the editing was horrible!..barely any Rob time!

As for Nikki, my eyes didnt fail me yesterday..while everyone was smiling she was just there..Ashely is a sweet girl, but you right Rose, she def. knows how to promote herself!

Hyenas say- "Tom and KRisten are together"..this deserves a *doubleface palm* only in the twilight fandom..smh

@Melinda, I read that too if the death threats are true..then its serious and incredibly sad..this is why someone said that Kristen fans' feel like an army at times..the hate is just so disgusting..As Rose says..behind every succesful person is a hyena..

Love the pics! its great to see het..its been awhile..the reactions of the boys who took the pics were so awesome..calling her beautiful and all (that's our girl!)

I am sure some of you have already seen this but here's a Robsten video that put me to tears..cant get enought of Robsten:) :


@ Suzy Q...lmao!! haha

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH Rose this news from which I read before I slept was INCREDIBLY SATISFYING.......
Seeing Tom there was almost confirmation for me.
I wonder if we'll get a 100% confirmation thou.....I wonder if a certain Mr. RP will let his guard down and get photographed....
Man that would be the Icing on that BIG OL CAKE..... Anyway with or without the Icing....that’s enough EXCITEMENT FOR ME TODAY......
EAT THAT NONBELIEVERS....HONEY...IDIOTS...or anything else you can place your “Meaningless Absurdity” under...

@ Suzy Q at any stage did you come up for AIR in your RANT......LOL...Glad to see hon.

Had mysterious problems yesterday with posting links....they kept disappearing.....it didn’t matter, when or the quantity. Just kept vanishing along with the post....

deb said...

Donna how funny i was thinking the same thing. Almost as hes letting her know SOON baby Soon all is good its funny how others can pick up on the same thing and I dont know if it was when but did you see the pic of Rob when he look really sad I thought it was when they showed the pic of kristen in the RA he sure look like he was missing her or wish she was there with him BUT NOW HE IS so you know he has that BIG ASS SMILE on his face YEP kristen Is one beautiful LUCKY GIRL Im so happy for her. Her man and his BBF is there with her. DEB.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Is it me, or is that Rob's black and white shirt that Kristen is wearing? I swear I've seen Rob in that shirt before.
Just sayin.....

♥Robsten 4Ever♥

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Terrific post!

I didn't watch the TCAs but word on the street was that Rob looked bored for most of the show. And I agree with you about Ashley. She wasn't going to let the opportunity pass. It was a chance for some attention. But Rob isn't interested in that (or her) so of couse she had to initiate it. I saw pics of her and Joe Jonas out and about yesterday. Weird couple. But whatever floats their boat.

And I am LMAO at the haters. One minute Kristen is in love with Garrett and now it's Tom! But.. but.. it's never Rob, the man she has been seen with consistantly for how long now?

Tom is Rob's bestest friend in the whole wide world. I can't believe people would actually delude themseleves into thinking that Tom would ever hurt Rob.

And so true Rose -- the haters laugh on the outside while whining and howling on the inside. I think the haters are VERY VERY angry that Tom cares about Kristen. That he likes spending time with her. That he is supportive of her. And I'm gonna say Tom thinks Rob has an amazing girlfriend and he is happy for Rob.

I think it's awesome that Kristen and Tom have obviously forged their own friendship. That two people that mean A LOT to Rob are best buds too! No doubt that that makes Rob very happpy.

And it's actually nice to see Tom and Garrett hanging out. You know Tom would not be spending time with Garrett if there was some affair going on. Seems Garrett is cool and respects Kristen and her relationship with Rob.

I am thinking Rob is there or is on his way there when he is done with whatever business he might have. I am starting to believe that Rob has been to Montreal already, hence, why Tom is there. I am thinking Tom went there when Rob went to TN.

People should just be happy that Rob and Kristen are happy!

deb said...

Trish i like the viedo but it was hard to watch keep going off and on i'll try again later was it just the video? Thanks anyway .Louisa hi hun how you doing today ?did you get my mes. last night. I am a happy camper today. DEB.

soadram said...

Wonderful post, Rose you are fantastic.
Nothing more to say, you say everything 
A wonderful day for you

katy said...

Honey,just last week you were saying how inlove Kristen was for Garret and is Tom and I'm almost convinced that it was you posting here during Eclipse promotion that Kristen was inlove with Tay (you really sound like that person...same shit)...Jesus...What in the Hell are you smoking.

-Rob is alraedy in Montreal...no doubt in my mind.
-People on the net were saying Kristen, broke up with Rob because she fell inlove with Tom during Eclipse promo...ludicrous...do people really think Kristen is going to jump from guy to guy...and DUH...Tom is Rob best FRiend...do they really think Tom would risque is LONG time friendship for a girl and as far as I know Tom has a girlfriend.
The funny thing is heynas see Kristen and Tom hanging out 2 Times...and they say...'Kriten and Tom are dating' but they see Rob and Kristen beeing always together for over a year...and they say is PR or just friends or friends with benefits.
I remember just two month ago Heynas were saying Kristen was with Sam...Yeah...Kristen is with everybody but never with Rob

All this Insanity really makes me sad...this will never end.

Suzy Q loved your comment

Rose You are awesome


Anonymous said...

@ Deb How you goin.....Yes hon I got ya message.I posted nhew pics...did ya see them?....Did ya get my reply???/....Not going to posts links at the moment...I was a bit freaked out yeterday....I really dont know WTF was going on....

@ Opy..Do you have a new mate now joining us?????
You did'nt Brainwash them into KSTEW or ROBSTEN....did ya? Fancy that!!!!Lol

LJ said...

Hey Louisa, glad you seem to be posting ok tonight :-)

SuzyQ that was one of the funniest posts ever...loving the sarcasm...EPIC!!

I love love love the Montreal pics so much...for me that is confirmation enough that Rob will be there. In my opinion Kristen and Rob have been properly together for well over a year now and his friends are now Kristens friends also (which is what happens when you are in a long term relationship!). Which is why Sam was at the WTTR premiere and now Tom has gone to Montreal to hang out with her and Rob (especially with Rob while K is working).

*Sigh* I'm going to watch Eclipse again tomorrow...can't wait!

Amazing post Rose...much love to you all.


dowlingnana said...

@DEB: Well you know what they say about great minds, right? LOL
I am sure he was wishing she was there!!

I would almost bet too that all these guy friends are being very protective of Kristen due to all the death threats. We have seen it happen in the past with crazy fans.......remember John Lennon, Rebecca Schaffer, Selena, etc. Bless those boys that care for Rob's love!! Donna

dowlingnana said...

@Isabella marie Cullen, I was wondering if that was Rob's shirt too!!! hmmmm???? Donna

Lisa said...

Just wanted to clear something up. The pic of Kristen, Tom & Garrett was taken Sunday night per poster. (TCA were taped Sunday) The twitter sightings were Monday on the plane and Monday night at the bar! :)

And another one.. Someone here said that if there was something going on with Kristen & Garrett (as honey and others say. Although honey can't make up her mind WHO shes with) there is NO WAY Tom would be there.. That's exactly right.. Then the Kristen and Tom rumors.. K & T were papped at Bobby's concert while Rob was working. But Tom & Rob were papped in Robs Nova AFTER that. After K left for Montreal.. We all know Rob's a nice guy, but NO ONE is that nice! They would have to be 'sharing' LMAO People are just crazy!

Anonymous said...

@ Sharing is Caring....BUT NOT THAT SORT OF SHARING ....INDEED!!!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG @ Lisa...................... Not @ sharing is Caring.....
I need another coffee.....

Anonymous said...

Im just goind to try....


deb said...

Louisa I did see the new pic looking good girl where they from your vic. And Donna i to think its good that the boys are there to watch Kristen LORD knows she needs it with all the NUTS out there hating on her and to think that they think Rob would love them for it more like hes hates all of the shit they say and do.You seen what happen last time shit was said about kristen ( the rape thing) How Rob got upset about it and said something about it. DEB.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder about when Rob was papped in Malibu and it was said that he went with his agent to the movies, but he had his guitar and laptop with him.

Who takes a guitar and a laptop to the movies though?

Avril said...

I think Rob took the first flight out to Montreal after his obligations with the TCA. Who knows maybe after that shot was taken they may have had to pick up Rob at the airport.

Tom has no work related agenda or ties in Montreal other than R/K. He'll his company when K is at work. Then they'll fly to London.

Why are their still doubters of this relationship. Who was together in Budapest on 9 April 2010??????

Nuff said.

deb said...

THANK YOU Louisa for fixing the video And Trish for posting it. If people cant see it by now over a year they well never see and that my friend is a SAD SAD thing to miss out on something SO beautiful And so REAL. Thank you ladies again. DEB

dowlingnana said...

@Lisa: hahaha, ur right NO ONE is that nice, that was a good one!!

@Annie: I agree and that was noticed back then as well by one of the ladies here. Good eye!!

@Deb: yeah I remember that comment and fully understood what she meant when she said it too. I was reallly glad that Rob stuck up for her as well.

Later gals............Donna

Brenda said...

Some people need therapy for the amount of denial they are in. Good grief. Rob is in Montreal. He is there to be with Kristen. The end.

Opytaylor / dano328 said...
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Opytaylor / dano328 said...
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Lisa said...

@Annie, he went to the movies with his agent THEN they went to a party in Malibu and that's where he had his guitar and his car.. He rode with Steph to the movies.. Well, via the pics anyway! :)

@Louisa.. Sharing IS caring but I don't think think all three of them would be into that! LOL I hope anyway.. ;)

Lisa said...

@Opy.. I could be wrong but I thought Louisa was talking about the "dano328" part???

Anonymous said...

Thanks Donna and Lisa. :}

Is there some more buzz about Rob in Montreal again? Now, I'm hearing that TV in Canada is confirming it and maybe something more.

Anonymous said...

@ dowlingnana

:) I noticed the two thumbs up last night. And I remember a while back, he did the whole "shooter mcgavin" thing that she does too. I have no idea where that picture is though. I think it's SO cute.

su said...

I'm spanish and my english is terrible! But I think Rob went to Montreal two weeks ago, before the problem with the paps. And now he's there with his gf and his best friend.

Thanks for the post, Rose, it's like a "oasis" in the middle of desert.

deb said...

Well I think all this GOOD news well give us something to look forward to this week end we well see what comes up next Just hope they get there alone time and he gets some rest.Like alot of you i would love a pic BUT I do believe in them having there privacy I know i cant have both So as long as i know they are together and having a good time together Im good ...DEB

Anonymous said...

yes Lisa I was talking about the dano part..But then after reading Opy I felt like a twit.....So thanks....I dont think it was just me thinkin opy/dano...may have been two ppl instead of one.....if you know what I mean?????

Jane said...

Why is it so hard to believe that Rob and Tom would hang out while Kristen is shooting OTR and then when she is through, Rob and Kristen will hang out together until it is time for him to go to London. Case closed.

Bren said...

Plz take with a grain of salt...

Word is someone tweeted that he/she saw Rob and Kristen together today..was quoted as saying "Kristen is all lit up, and Rob only has eyes for her"..also this person said he/she would not reveal their location in order to protect their privacy....

Opytaylor / dano328 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
team necklace said...

Rob and Kristen in Montreal !!!! Not a question anymore....let the angels sing!!
Oh Kristen...You are brilliant. You have been working hard and keeping quiet, but low and behold, NOW you let us see you with your BF's best friend in Montreal!! (Especially after the Awards Show where you knew people would stir the pot.) That sly yet gorgeous look on your face says it all!! I think I love you... well...that was always the case. Say hello to Rob..oh and congrats on your awards...but this photo is even better...well, for your devoted fans anyway !!!!
@ a friend....hey there

dowlingnana said...

@Tracy: Absolutely is/was cute!!

@Bren: I like that grain of salt. Sounds just like them!! AMen!!

Bren said...

@ team necklace,

A wave and a shout out, and you were worried..LOL

Everyday is going to get better and better with our cutie-patooties.

olivia said...

I'm also happy, Rose!

I feel you are spot on with -

"Rob LOVES his friends.
He is CLOSE to his friends.
He openly admits how much they mean to him...
How important they are to him...
And they obviously love and support Kristen!

And, I agree with your comment Rootsie where
you say -

"And it's actually nice to see Tom and Garrett hanging out. You know Tom would not be spending time with Garrett if there was some affair going on. Seems Garrett is cool and respects Kristen and her relationship with Rob."

Montreal is so beautiful this time of the year!
Hope Rob and Kristen are having some amazingly happy time together in private.

Lastly, it is so much better flying transatlantic with a friend. Those long flights get so boring. Tom is such a good guy and great friend to both of them.

Speaks so very well of both Rob and Kristen .... their friends are so steadfast and loyal.


Anonymous said...

Come on!!!, i don't think she is dating Tom, why the hell is he in MOntreal?? Yeah, SUPPORTING his pal!Now Stewie is part of the big and incestuous brit-pack (her words, not mine)..So, they supported her, Marcus went to her premieres, Tom is visiting her! The brit-pack are totally "Brother before Hos" so unless Rob was NEVER dating her, they will not be hitting that.Its so sweet, how involved she is in Rob's world..So hyenas, Got Milk? 'cause is gonna be MOOORE sweeettt from now on

kristine.hills said...


It hurts how much i'm laughing right now! (breath-in/out)

Exactly whar I thought

"You KNOW it fucking KILLS them to see Tom hanging out with Kristen."

What amazes me is: Kristen made HER POINT 'Tom should be at the pic', it speaks volumes, bc she knows there are a lot of pathetic/sicko people who claim to be their 'fans' and they would get wild and spread their rage! Urgh

can't stop laughing... ahahahahahahahhahahaha

XOXO from Brazil

And blindenas GET OVER!You wanted to be the ONE to hang out w/R's bestie but it's not you, it's KRISTEN FUCKINGORGEOUS STEWART

Rose, thanks for making my day, again!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...


Just shut the fuck up missy and stop making shits out your hate! When Rob and Kristen was papped around with his Brit friends, is that not after the premier?? There were millions of pics of Rob and Tom in that giant car when they stopped by to pick up some burgers. Is that not after the premier, too??....AND why did you name yourself HONEY for???:))))))!!! Its just ain't right:))))!!!

Melinda said...

just so you know that twitter account was closed soon after Gio (the producer for WTTR and Kristen's friend) went after her b/c she tweeting things she shouldn't have and he called her out on it. I think it was a fake account to get people all worked up. It has happened before in this fandom.

People love to mess with the hardcore shippers/haters all the time.

nbatista2 said...

Rose, I always read your blog and it's the first time I decided to comment. Firstly, I just love your blog! You Rock!! Secondly, I couldn't agree with you more, lol...those hyenas will shut up very soon WHEN the truth comes iut. I'd love to see a picture.

kristine.hills said...

I loved this

"Rob: I'm a ninja
Haters: No you're not...
Rob: Did you see that?
Haters: What?
Rob: Exactly!"

Nice job girl! LMAO

kristine.hills said...



Bren said...

@ Melinda,

Thank you so much for the heads up about the twitter account.

It's unbelievable what people try to get away with.

Just knowing Rob and Kristen are together is all that matters..

Trish said...

I can really feel the excitment on this board...making me excited..especially since there is a great possibility our fav couple is together...

@Bren..do you have the link for the tweet..def. taking it with a grain of salt but it sounds about right..i was betting on him going to London first but i guess he couldnt wait to see Kristen..who wouldnt?

cant wait to see what tommorow brings..it just keeps getting better and better :-)

Trish said...

oops.. never mind Bren..just read what Melinda said on the twitter account..

SueBee said...

Just dropping in (a little late, I guess) to say hello to everyone.

You guys have already said pretty much anything I might have so this is going to be short.

Grain of salt and all, I read Tweets yesterday about Rob being in Montreal. IMHO, if Tom is there, Rob is there or not far behind.

When my hubby was in bootcamp, his friends took me under their wing, and "guarded/hung out" with me in his absence.

If anything, I see it as a "protect her until I can get there" kind of thing.

Just saying... :o)

dowlingnana said...

@SueBee: Exactly!! That's what I'm talking about too, that "take me under their wing" account!!

dowlingnana said...

@isabellamariecullen: I was just watching a youtube video and Rob had on the black&white checkered shirt we we're talking about today, hmmmmm?????? Donna

Kai El said...

Greeting from Indonesia.
I've been waiting for your post last night (Indonesian time), Rose. I was too happy to sleep but really need to go to bed because I have my obligation in the morning.
You are absolutely not only a believer but you have Faith in these two gorgeous couple and what we all expect is true. Rob is in Montreal though no picture yet to confirm. I believe that NinjaRob is somewhere near them.

@Donna: yeah, I saw the two thumbs up too and I think it's their signature. so cute. the way they do it is like looking at a mirror.

So happy to see two people in love reunited after a long time apart. Just remember the feeling when my husband and i met again after being apart too. :)

Carly said...

So spot on, Rose

the foaming doesnt even warrants an answer. its like some people would say anything just so they dont have to admit that Rob loves Kris and Kris loves Rob. they are rabid. and delusional. and jealous. one thing those people are not is consistent. so why pay them any attention: other then when you need a laugh

I heard as well that Rob is in Montreal. maybe he wasnt there that night yet but as far as I know there were no pics of Kris from Montreal airport. so it shouldnt be so hard for Rob to go there unnoticed. its not like the paps live at airports

Happy is the word, indeed

wig4usc said...

Hey, gang!

Had to check Rose's blog before going to sleep. I've read thru just about everyone's comments. And, rather than repeat the common thread here, just a couple thoughts:

1) Some of us are smart enough to connect dots. I learned how on my kid's menus growing up. Its really easy if you practice! K in Montreal, dot.dot.dot., Tom in Montreal, dot.dot.dot, WFE done and TCA's done, dot.dot.dot, Rob off the radar, dot.dot.dot.

2) Honey is a sad, sad, little person. Whether its delusion or antagonism, I don't know, but it makes me actually feel sorry for her. I had all kinds of insults ready, but its too easy of a target!

3) I feel happy for R&K, if I didn't, I wouldn't take the time to say Crazy Town stuff about them. There is seriously something really, really wrong. Crazy Town is evolving into Psychopath Village.

4) Last one, I think it looks like K is either partially hiding or knowingly, like "Oh, Hell, this is going to cause a Shit Storm, but I'm OK with it!"

I had no doubt we'd here something about Montreal, sooner or later. I'm happy its sooner! I'm twirling and humming a happy tune!

Thanks, Rose!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Tom's now working for Summit. Lol. I also heard he's working On The Road. That seems strange, he wasn't mentioned in the casting. The hyenas, whoever they are, bullshit so much. I'd be embarrassed if I kept bullshitting so much!

I reckon Rob is in Montreal.

And the whole Tom is now dating Kristen, can they not realise how ridiculous they sound? First he hates her, now he's in love with her...Yeah which one is it? Or maybe they're just friends.

They're pissy because Tom was there only hope for a long time (why they kept saying he hated her), in having someone on their side that could possibly hate Kristen. Proves he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Honey, what next? If Kristen ever meets Obama, you'll say he's got the power to keep both Rob and Tom out of LA. And it's true love for sure.

You're so desperate. It's hilarious. You must be about 12 years old, making up bullshit. I'd worry if you're older. I'd suggest calling for paramedics, to get you locked up. Your behaviour is indeed mental.

Laura said...

Rose was so right about Ashley Geene; she is such a fake ! It made me sick to see how she grabbed Rob's arm, it was so pathetic.

Elle Bee said...

Hi Rose

I've been on the net for the last few hours reading all the buzz about Montreal...so what will happen when it's confirmed that Rob is there??

All the Robsten believers will be dancing on the ceiling and singing "Happy Days".

All the Nonstens/Hyenas will be spewing for the normal PR crap!!

And Rob & Kristen will be holding hands, sharing cuddles & giggles & loving each other...woo hoo!!!

amy said...

Honey,Rob & Kristen were seen together WITH Tom after the Eclipse premiere!! Check out the pics..Tom is in the front seat..the night Rob & Kristen left that nightclub!!

I can't wait for Rob's mom's B-day...He will for sure be in London and I'm sure while he's there he will be seen with Tom...so then what? Tom & Rob will still be BF's even though Tom is with Kristen now? I can't wait! Tom has been Rob's friend FOREVER! I can't believe people believe he would do that! I don't think Kristen would either...she always talks about honesty...If they break up I don't think she would be with his Best Friend like he never mattered...and talk about awkward on the set of Breaking Dawn! Last month Rob was making moves on Reese and Kristen and Garrett were going to hook up..I've never seen soo many made up stories before...this is crazy!! So just sit back and wait..to all those who really think Kristen is with Tom!!!

Miaaa said...

When is Clare Pattinson*s Birthday?

katy said...


Clare's birthday is August 16th

Miaaa said...

Katy, thank you very much))

shiri said...

you go girl (or boy - )who ever wrote this suff is the best.

keset said...

Love your post today.

tse.l said...

Omg, I dont really have a blog or anything but I read every post of yours. It's like you get inside my mind or something. You write down my thoughts perfectly. Anwyay, so there are some sighting of Robert in a night flight to Montreal ( http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2010/08/rob-spotted-last-night-going-to-canada.html) and ALSO Tom is there because he is Kristen's co-star !! (http://www.gossipcop.com/tom-sturridge-on-the-road-movie-kristen-stewart-confirmed/) and also a great friend. I don't really wonna see many photos of Robsten in Montreal hunted by paparazzi. A fan pic on the airplane or whatever would ne fine. WELL I DONT CARE. as long as I somehow know that he is there and he is HAPPY and in love with one of the most important persons of his life.. I will be fine :)
Go Robsten <3 Kristen makes Robert feel alive, happy and in love. Ppl should deal with it eventually.
P.S. Keep saying your opinion and don't give a F*** :D

xo, Catherine.

tse.l said...

Omg, I dont really have a blog or anything but I read every post of yours. It's like you get inside my mind or something. You write down my thoughts perfectly. Anwyay, so there are some sighting of Robert in a night flight to Montreal ( http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2010/08/rob-spotted-last-night-going-to-canada.html) and ALSO Tom is there because he is Kristen's co-star !! (http://www.gossipcop.com/tom-sturridge-on-the-road-movie-kristen-stewart-confirmed/) and also a great friend. I don't really wonna see many photos of Robsten in Montreal hunted by paparazzi. A fan pic on the airplane or whatever would ne fine. WELL I DONT CARE. as long as I somehow know that he is there and he is HAPPY and in love with one of the most important persons of his life.. I will be fine :)
Go Robsten <3 Kristen makes Robert feel alive, happy and in love. Ppl should deal with it eventually.
P.S. Keep saying your opinion and don't give a F*** :D

xo, Catherine.

b.cruz21 said...

Hi Rose, big fan of your blog. Read it everyday to get my daily dose of Rob<3
I was wondering if the last picture of Rob and Kristen was an outtake or something from Eclipse because I don't remember them two laughing like that And it just looks natural and Real

Thanks, Brandi Rose (Actual middle name)

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