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Friday, August 20, 2010

Rob + Kristen = Together

Life is good... yes?
I've been *Twiggling* non stop since Robert got to Montreal.
(For those of you wondering...
Twirl + Giggle = Twiggle)

Rob going to Kristen as soon as he was able to...
Rob snuggling and smiling with Kristen on the OTR set.
Rob and Kristen kissing in the dark...
Rob and Kristen showing up all over the place
Rob and Kristen leaving Montreal 
Rob and Kristen coming to LA

It's all kinds of Twiggly goodness.

Robert could wear this shirt
(This was sent to me... it's a manip... or is it?)
And it would get as much shit as this one...


There has been TONS of chatter about the 
"love shack" that Rob and Kristen supposedly have.
Pictures all over the fucking place.
I'm not inclined to post them here...
Although you can find them anywhere you look.
There has to be a line in the sand... you know?
There has to some things that are just off limits.
But that being said...
I completely believe that Rob and Kristen have a house together.
Who knows... maybe even more than one.
Think about it...
It is logical.
I know Robert has been quoted as saying that he
has stayed in '6 different hotels'

1. Hey, I'm sure he did stay in hotels during filming
of WFE... probably convenient at times.

2. The man has a pretty big guitar collection.
Do you think he wouldn't want to have a place
to hang his hat and strum his guitars?
I'm thinking... yes.

3. Rob talked about buying a house on Ellen
(Which I'm sure he regretted immediately)
Kristen was seen looking at houses while Rob was 
out of the country.

4. Do you really... REALLY think that Robert
would allude to going to his 'house' in interviews?
Don't you think he would rather people think he just was
living in hotels rooms?
And the night in Malibu...
When the fucking paps wouldn't leave the boy alone...
He was adamant about NOT being followed.
If he was living in a hotel...
Would it have been that big a deal?
Or was he protecting something...

Rob's car.
Pretty unique.
Just like him.
How cute are Rob and Tom?

The pics of Rob's and Kristen's house...
There was a couple pics of the driveway
(and I will talk about it... but not post the pics)
And in this driveway...
Was a Mini... much like the one Kristen drives.
And in the garage...
What looks like an old... 60s Nova type car.
A unique car.
But just another part of the equation.

Now, I'm not saying this house is indeed
Robert and Kristen's house at the moment.
Who knows.
Even if it was... I doubt it would be much good to them now.
But we would be foolish to think that 
Rob is laying his head on a hotel pillow while he is back in LA...
And that the pillow next to him doesn't have
the beautiful Kristen Stewart laying on it.

He went to Montreal to get her, after all...
I mean... seriously.
As soon as he could get to her
He did.
And he hasn't left her side since.
Rob didn't have to go to Montreal
If Kristen was coming to LA in a few days anyway...
Why not just wait to see her until then?
Oh yeah...
Because he WANTS to be with her.

Robert wants Kristen.
I guess that is hard to accept for some people.

I suppose they think that Rob should do what they want...
not what he wants.
He OWES them that much... right?
I mean... he's famous. 
Being told how to live your life is part of the deal.
They are ENTITLED to criticize and crucify Rob's private life...
Because they know what's best for Rob.
They know what he really wants.
They know how he should handle his career...
His relationships...
His life.

Totally love this picture.
Rob is obviously a softy when it comes to animals.
I appreciate that quality in people...
Especially deliciously handsome guys like Robert.

Where is Robert now?
Where is Kristen?
Pretty sure wherever they are...
They are together.
You know it's true.
They didn't go through all the airport bullshit
to just part ways once they got to LA.
And where does Kristen go next?
I've heard lots of different stories about OTR filming schedule...
So I guess we shall just have to see what comes.
My thoughts?
Montreal won't be the last time we see Rob hanging
with Kristen on the set of OTR.
And if he has major free time...
Where Kristen goes...
So will Robert.

This post was brought to you by the letters *A* and *E*

You will find peace.

Seriously some sad scary shit spewed.
(how's that for alliteration?)


Bye for now


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LK said...

This "house pics" thing is totally disgusting.I mean there has to be a limit in all the intrusion and the craziness.This level of curiosity of some people is not healthy,at all.And,i'm sorry,but i don't blame completely the paps,we're all equally responsible for this,one way or another.

Anonymous said...


You've done it yet again...awesome post!!

@ LK..I agree with you 100%.

twilightbabez said...

Rose I wish you are right that he will still go despite some articles blaming these two lovey doveys eclipsing the beauty of On The Road movie.

My best wishes and prayers go to happiness of these two.

Carly said...

twiggle is my new favorite word. Im totally stealing it :D

love teh manip. I wouldnt put it past his friends to get him a shirt like that LOL

not commenting on the house pics. havent seen them. and you are right about teh line. this is so far from the line those people cant even see it from where they are standing

I do believe they have a place where they can hang the beanie and strum the guitar and snuggle with Jella and Im also sure their pillows are pretty close next to each ohter. as in same bed. whether it is that house, or other house or not a house but an apartment is irrelevant

and you are right, New Orleans, Mexico, Argentina...wherever Kris will go, Rob will follow :D

*twiggle you later*

Kristy said...

Kristen fans, this is an open letter to all of you;
I don't like stirring shit but
There is a VERY LARGE double standard going on in the fandom...
Yeah, we know some Rob fans hate kristen and is beyond sick but you guys seem to barely even recognize the hate that Rob gets at the hands of the Kristen fans.
Have you guys been on twitter? Have you been on kristen's IMDB, (esp. on garret thread) Kristen's LJ's? oh and AT board of course, there's been nothing but Rob bashing there for the last few months.
You dont have to like Rob but wishing him death, making up all kinds of lies about him is highly unacceptable.

http://twitter.com/Stewridge <---- please follow her tweets. She is a psycho but no one cares! she has over 60 followers!

some sick kristen fans spend lots of times bashing about Rob in every way, there are A LOT of hateful comments towards Rob but no ones cares. Why?... It's that double standard as well that is a turn off...
Another thing. I love how some kristen fans act now like Garret is the best thing in the world.. actually not just garret pretty much all of Kristen's costars except for Rob. Its too bad they don't show as much respect for Kristen's boyfriend Rob. just like crazy Rob fans. No better.

No. I am not trying to start a competition.
I am just sick to death of pretending the hate in the fandom is all onesided. The Rob hate is real too.
There is hate on BOTH sides. Neither is better than the other one.. That's the whole freaking truth.

Gaga said...

to LK
I agree. TBH I think if fans and the media wouldn't demand so much of Rob and Kristen it would easier for them. For me I don't need pics as proof that they're living together. Even though I miss Rob and Kristen sometimes I've learned its best not to moan about not getting pics cause then thats where the paps come in.

Trish said...

haha I LOVE the tiggle word!!! so awesome! you always blow me away with your wise words..

Thank you for not posting those pics Rose!!! i love how you know when to draw the line...ppl like Ted C. say that they support R/K but then those post those pics! hypocrites! thank you again.

Wherever they are i hope they are happy! LOVE that shirt with the I love Kristen! just as great as the Get off my Dick one! Rock on Rob! show them that she is yours...

I agree with LK some of these ppl call themselves fans?? what a shame! they should be ashamed of themselves... so digusting! great now R/K are going to have to add STALKERS to their resume..fans my ass!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

I'm a twiggler!!!!!

SueBee said...

Seriously, though---going to a celebrity's home and casing the joint is just wrong on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

and sorry!! Obviously my previous post was directed @ Kristy.

By the way, Rose...awesome post. You rock!!

Rose said...


You're not telling anyone anything that they don't already know.
We know that there is both Rob and Kristen hate.
Why would you ask people to follow that lunatic who spews hatred for Robert?
I love both Robert and Kristen...
And I don't condone the bitter hatred that is out there.
But you don't find that here...
Why not take your anger to the sites that DO hate on Rob and/or Kristen?

Again... I'm not the Robsten Police Chief. Although if I were... there would be a number of people who would be locked up (in a padded cell) and the key mysteriously lost.

Alehtse said...

Awesome post as always <3

LK said...

I think the weirdest thing is that there are people,who steal photos from FB of R/K's friends and then post them all over internet or others,who are tweeting every single move they make and where they're.And then, when intrusive pap pics come out,they're bashing the paps and organise "Respect" campaigns.Are we serious here?How hypocritical this is?I read somewhere that many "fans" have gone outside that house,wanting to see R/K(how disturbed this is?).

Paps visit the fan blogs,know what fans want and they're trying to give it to them.They know there's a big market on R/K.Paps are doing it for the money.Fans,who are stalkering them at hotels or restaurants or sets or on twitter,why the h*ll are doing it?

Trish said...

did you just say padded cell? with keys mysteriously lost? hell yes!!!!! thats my kind of police...they shouldve all been locked up by now !! too many nut jobs out there!!

@kristy...you dont need to remind us about all the bs that goes on!! thats why i dont go on the AT board or follow ppl like that..as for the hate..trust, its there but the best is to NOT associate yourself with it...trying to stop it will make one go completly mad..the best is to ignore! simple!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marie said...

Rose I can't applaud you enough for NOT posting the pictures of what is rumored to be their house, and I agree with you 100% that some things have to be off limits...where a celebrity lives should be #1 on the list...I remind everyone of Rebecca Schaeffer and the fan who found her home and then killed her...because he 'loved' her and in his delusional state thought killing her was the way to express that, or the most famous of all the celebrity stalkings leading to the murder of an icon...JOHN LENNON.., David Chapman stalked found, got an autograph from, then later in the day killed John Lennon. The sites that posted the pictues with the captions of "Don't give us shit about posting these" should be ashamed of themselves...we're not talking anymore about a celebrity in an airport, on the street or at a movie location getting their pictures taken...as sick as that is and as much as it disgusts me, I'll admit to looking gleefully at the pictures of Rob and Kristen cuddling up to each other on the OTR set and being extremely happy when the kissing pictures came out...I'm guilty...but to invade a person's privacy to the point of giving out where they live so that any nut job can find them, is beyond what should be legal. There was a lot made of Kristen saying she was afraid of being killed by a fan, those sites now posting those house pictures laughed at her, but if you think about it in the context of what has happened to other famous people that have been stalked...doesn't seem so funny anymore now does it? So once again...GOOD FOR YOU ROSE!!! And as for the Rob vs Kris fans, please come on...let's stop trying to divide one another and just be happy that two people that we, for whatever reason, care for have found each other! Their true fans just want them to be happy, healthy and safe...the others are just screaming hyenas of every kind.

June said...


I agree, we can be, indirectly, responsible for the harrassment on Rob and Kristen, but then again, what are we suppossed to do? What should we do?

They are actors, we are some of the thousands and thousands of their fans all over the world and this large number of fans makes papz go after them.

Should we stop being fans? Should Rose stop posting pics? Should it really make any difference? I don't think so.

Rob and Kristen have got better at hidind, but they still have to learn how to handle the papz issue, they have to learn from experience. I really don't think this is something that we, as a fans, can control.

Kristy said...

What is this?
Thats what I don't about the robsten fandom.
We know some people hate kristen and we can talk about this on here endlessly day after day after day after day but when someone dares mention Rob hate all h e l l breaks loose.

Sorry, it won't happen again.

believe me Rose I am a fan of both Rob and Kris, and I defend them always...

wig4usc said...

I love "Twiggle", Rose, love it! I've been twiggling too!

For the record, I consider myself one of the Robsten posse, if I see hateful comments on boards, I report them. Enough - I'm not tolerating psycho crazy comments at all anymore. I think more reasonable people need to stop turning a blind eye. I'm not saying to get into it, I'm saying ot make it clear its not OK.

I don't troll Twitter for Robsten news for the reasons I read here. I honestly wasn't aware the extent to which people hate, and its frankly a little scary. So, I stick to the good stuff, and I'm focusing on the good stuff. I went I see really obscene comments, I say "enough".

Love Rob, Love Kristen, Love Rob and Kristen, and I hope they're twiggling with the rest of us!

Pattee said...

This is just tooo much. Everyone, just let them live their lives!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Kristy,

I don't think anyone argues the point that there is hate on both sides...but what good will it do to dwell on it? Crazy is as crazy does and you and I can't change that. You can't fix crazy!! Don't ever argue with a idiot..they only bring you down to their level. And no, I am not calling you a idiot. I am trying to make a point.

I myself feel the best thing I can do is support Rob and Kristen. Together or separately. Which ever the situation calls for. Haters will always hate. Best not to worry about them because it will only stress you out ;)

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Yup!Yup! Rosie, you're sooo right! They are sooo together__AND the nonstens or the nonsense, fuckingwhatever..can all go to hell. They just don't exist anymore. They just wasted their time for nothing and that I think is not easy to swallow.

@kristy well, I'm lost bec in this site we all love Rob except of course for that lunatic petulant child Honey.. She thinks that she could have Rob if not for Kristen and viceversa. LOL :))))!!

__Regarding the rumored house of Robsten, well, I like its contemporary design. Specially the roof. At first glance, all I thought it was a giant solar panel:):) but all in all its beautiful, secluded and the yard is spacious enough for gamboling wolves. Have you seen that loquat tree?:):)

Patricia said...

I believe that Rob and Kristen have been living together since they started filming 'Eclipse' and when he's in the country. I think they have a place together and that one (that's all over the internet) was rented while filming WFE and they are no longer there, after all the pictures came out in rag. mags.

I can't believe how they have stalked and hunted them down for pictures of where they live. THAT'S CROSSING THE LINE. THAT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW. Grazie for not posting them (I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T)

Rose: You have a wonderful blog here with many good people that love Rob and Kristen and our TRUE FANS OF BOTH OF THEM. BECAUSE THEY ARE A COUPLE AND IF YOU LOVE ONE, IT'S HARD NOT TO LOVE THE OTHER.



ElizabethMC said...

@Rose, Oh yes I will twiggle along with you too!

@LK, yes I totally agree that I am also responsible for what is happening to R&K's life under a microscope.

twilightbabez said...

@Kristy, it is normal in all celebrity couples there are fans from both sides who wont like it. You have 2 options, either defend Rob or Kris OR totally ignore them. These haters are only few but they are just LOUD.

Depends on my mood, I do both options but most of the times, I totally ignore haters and wont read their posts.

Sofia said...

Love the way you expose tour thoughts, and love the way you just wonder about things they will do next. Cause it makes me wonder too...
I was told Kristen was on "vacation" until Aug27 so we just have to wait and see what happens then.
About the house pictures, i saw one where the mini in front of the house has the same "madhtr" of Kristen's. But I'm not sure about all that...
What I'm really sure is they do have a house of their own. Cause you know, they simply disappear when they are in LA, there are Max and the dog Rob got when he was filming WFE, his guitar collection and above all many days and nights to spend together.

I really hope they are in a loving and hide place, far from the world but close to each other.


Anonymous said...

Darling Rose,

Another beautiful post to brighten all of our days. Your writing is poetic and the word "twiggle" is brilliant. I plan to use it often and I will attribute it to you, the amazing, creative, and talented Rose.

As for Rob and Kristen, I would imagine they have found another spot to roost that has not, yet, been discovered. There would probably be enormous security involved for them also as some delinquents have crossed far over the line into their personal lives. It would probably mean they don't have their laptops or phones since they would be in the hands of a security team that is rewiring to provide enhanced protection. Once Rob was informed about the actual legitimate death threats I imagine he would go a bit crazy trying to protect his Kris. Maybe they'll go on vacation somewhere for a bit and get out of LaLa land--a good surfing spot maybe--although Rob surfing is laughable. The thing is they probably wouldn't want anyone worrying about them--they are fine and safe and together, which, is really all they need.

I imagine this picture of them-away from the business people who heap far too much pressure on them and away from the paps and crazy fans who hunt them and stalk them, and far, far away from the idiot who tried to physically attack Kris. Just those two (and a few bodyguards), finally able to take a deep breath and just relax.

I hope you have a wonderful day Rose full of life and love and sunshine. You deserve it for all the good you put out into the world.

With fond regards and undying admiration,

anon said...

Thank you for comment Kristy,

It is important for hate to called out on both sides. There is a double standard in this fandom and its unfortunate.

Kristen hate is pointed out over and over again on this blog, which is fine. But I would like fans to acknowledge the hate Rob gets. Lot of Kristen fans feel Rob is not good enough and wish him death.

Rose, we know you are not the Robsten police. You bring over hateful comments about Kristen all the time. Why not the same for Rob more often, especially since your blog is titled RP Intoxication? Why not dissect what's wrong with the Rob haters as you dissect the Kristen and Robsten haters??

deb said...

Rose love your comments today and I to think that where ever they are they are together like you said Rob went to get his girl and came HOME with her LK and Trish I believe you are RIGHT Some fan put pic out there FOR ALL to SEE then set back and BITCH about NO ONE GIVING ROB AND KRISTEN there PRIVACY why is that can you please tell me I am a TRUE FAN OF ROB AND KRISTEN and want to please them why would any FAN OUT THERE want to HURT the FAN they say they love I THANK THE GOOD LORD that Rob and Kristen DO HAVE REAL TRUE FANS who want the best for them and are welling to wait to see what they give us.As for the house PIC Im with Rose whos to know how many places they my have just as long as they are together all is good Thank you all and to you Rose i just love ya girl. DEB.

anon said...

Reading more posts and it's amazing how readers tell Kristy to ignore the hate without even condemning it. If it were Kristen many of you would at least come to her defense and call them out for their stupidity. Yet, no similar response for Rob hate.

Seems there's a double standard this fandom doesn't want to admit.

Kinda sad imo.

Calling it like I see it.

Carly said...

@Marie: I agree with every word you said. thank you

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@twilightbabez you're right. Ignore the ignorant__ BUT its also sooo sweet to just poke at their injured pride, ocassionally. Its just like, "hey guys! payback time, again:))))!!"

Karen said...

Great post, Rose. So well done. I hope Rob and Kristen are able to lay low for the next few weeks. Hopefully there will be lots of security around to keep them safe from all of the lunatics and paps out there.

I love to twiggle!

Honey said...

You do realise shes not going to stay with that loser forever right? Enjoy it while it lasts.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Kristy, NO.Hate is NOT ok on anyone end Period. There just fuck nuts. PLEASE don't give the satisfaction of even following anyone who is that type of trash, because anyone who acts like an animal, IS an animal, and I'm sure they live like trash to.

If you see threats etc.. report it. That's what I do. Its sad.. I get a migraine reading it if I come across it, but I do report it. How anyone can trash talk Rob is beyond me, he is the most honest, funny handsome guy from what I have seen in interviews. Again its all jealousy, and people trying to tell a celebrity how to live there lives, how fucken comical is that. Like these two care what we want. People need to chill out. Be FANS not stalkers!

Anyway :)

I hope Rob and KS are ok, I am SURE they were devastated there home pics were posted all over the internet. DISGUSTING. Poor babies, I just want to protect them, like a mom, and I'm sure there own mothers are worried about there safety to. Yes people they have moms and family's and fans who love them, lets ALL respect them. Please.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Oh yes Honey, Cause YOU can see the future right?

Give me a break.

You are exactly the TRASH I was referring to. Get the fuck over YOURSELF little girl.

Kristy said...

@ 1:59 anon

Let's ignore the Rob hate, but we can talk about kristen hate, evil Rob fans etc. because that's really fair.
Double standards never cease to amaze me.

I hate the Rob hate. I hate the Kristen hate and right now I'm so tired of both sides.

Kristy said...

one more thing..

I want both of them to be loved/ respected.
That is all.

Anonymous said...

Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; Unbelief, in denying them. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think the case with most isn't that they don't believe, it's that they don't want to believe it.. so they deny it. But hopefully, gradually, the majority of them will start to accept the reality, because somewhere deep down, they already know it's true.

The house pictures that were taken when people/cars were actually there was a total invasion of privacy. And I don't like hearing people blame the fans by inferring that we've somehow fostered this by wanting pictures of them together. Yes, there are some people (I won't dare call them fans, because they are not)who take things WAY too far. And yes, there are paparazzi who take it upon themselves (because they perceive it to be worth more) to get these photos. There IS a line, and unfortunately, some companies and paps choose to cross it regardless. There are journalists, and photogs out there who are respectful, and stay inside the lines of decency.. are we to praise ourselves for that when we don't demand the more intrusive photos? It's hard to place blame, or even praise, for something that we ourselves don't do directly. I think it comes down to whoever has the photos' personal choice.. and unfortunately, human beings have a wide range of what they believe to be right vs wrong. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that photos like these get published. I remember back when Jennifer Aniston had photos of her taken while she was in her home, sunbathing topless.. someone got above her privacy fence just to get photos. At the time, she wasn't even anywhere close on the popularity scale as Rob and Kristen are now.. Fans weren't clamoring to see pictures of her.. but a photographer thought it was a good idea and took the pictures. Nobody blamed her fans either, they blamed the photographer for getting the pictures in the first place.

I hope wherever Rob and Kristen are, they're able to feel safe and secure. I know they are at least together, so there is comfort in that. I DO believe there's a shift coming, a change in direction.. a slow turning of the tide..

And the hate? Yeah.. it runs both ways. There aren't many on here that would deny that. We just choose not to focus on the hate from either faction and just concentrate on loving both Rob and Kristen. :)

Peace out.. (you guessed it.. *more* soccer stuff!)

Anonymous said...

@LK First I want to say that I totally agree with you. I mean come on, there has to be some limit for some people. Or no, those are not normal people, they're stalkers. That's just crazy!

And about the post, it's amazing, as always.

With love,

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, your blog was wonderful as usual. Rob and Kris's house should be private from the pappz and the fans...I even saw a map directing people to the house. Disgraceful! Hopefully they have moved or have another place where they can be safe...I do worry about their safety. I really don't understand how these people could consider themselves fans of either Rob or Kris. If you are a true fan you accept whatever makes that person happy. You want the person you admire to be happy, and you are happy with whatever makes them happy. ROBERT LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROBERT, and they make each other happy, and that should be enough. I hope this makes sense. Please continue with your blog, I look forward to it every day.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the house pics. =O Didn't see Rob's supposed car though. Just the mini and a truck.

I've also heard dramatic news today. Over twitter. Apparently shit went down at Isle of Wight. You know that time? Well something to do with Matilda (Tom's sister is it), apparently doesn't like Kristen...Shit apparently went down. Goodness knows what though!

Lisa said...

Nice blog Rose..

As for the house pics.. Well, I don't like them, but then I looked didn't I? :( However, I do not buy any mags with any pops pics! Again, it's bittersweet! The picture that US had in their magazine a month or two ago showed a mini cooper in the drive. Just like the one Kristen drives.. Was it hers? At the time I thought 'maybe not' they're not uncommon. In fact, one of the paps that follows K around LA has one exactly like hers. (there was a big article about it around the time she was house hunting. She thought his was hers)
But the pictures that came out yesterday showed a car exactly like Rob's nova in the carport. Not many like that around. I would bet anything that's it. Now if they have more then one house, etc.. Who knows. I do know one popular site showed this huge estate. The house that was shown earlier, the house that had the mini cooper in the drive, the house that the Nova was under the car port is the GUEST HOUSE. It's just my opinion but I find it hard to believe Rob rented the whole estate but they stay in the guest house?? I think he just rented the guest house.. Rob who talks about living in tiny apts. That the apt in RM was "very nice" rented a 25 mil estate. That's just me though.. Maybe he did.. Maybe he lets his friends and parents stay in the 5 bedroom main house with the pool while he & Kris stay in the private guest house. LOL But I find it hard to believe..

Anyway, it will be fun to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Kristy, and whoever else has commented. So it's fine for Rob fans to do the same? You want to address the fans who bring up the hate Kristen gets and pass it off. Well why don't you mention that hate too? No. Because you do not care.

And if it's the whole truth, why did you bother to post that comment? You just did set up a competiton. You didn't mention the hate Kristen gets. I'll tell you what it is, death wishes, death threats, and a lot of other stuff.

All over the place.

Why, if you find it's on both sides, did you not mention the hate for Kristen? Pinpointing what comments are said over Rob, and just saying "I know Kristen gets hate but"...Sorry that to me, is you saying "I don't care, stop hating on Rob, he gets so much more hate". Well Kristen gets the same but worse comments. All the time.

Anonymous said...

I think Kristy, if you see hate for both, you comment on both. Whether the hate for Kristen is commented on the most, still comment on it, as well as hate for Rob. Because then you're more believable in acknowledging the hate is near enough the same for both, that Rob is not the only one who gets death threats. Because as you put it, you seem to find he is the only one who has those comments. Both do. Rob AND Kristen do. Okay. Don't forget to mention that.

If you want them both to be respected, loved. And mention hate comments again, don't just comment on the Rob hate. Comment on both. You'll be believed then, by me. If you just mention Rob hate, and give examples of the comments I see too when involving a Kristen Stewart article/post...Then you don't respect both to me.

+ there's a site if you're interested in checking livejournals. rpattzdaily :]
If you're going to source Rob hate sites, then you won't mind me doing the same for Kristen, that's a lovely Rob community, where everyone wishes he broke up with her. That she's nowhere near good enough for him, and most likely dare to leave death wishes. It's where the worst Rob fans on livejournal go.

^ I typed that paragraph just so in future, if you comment on what sites are for Rob, you'll know also what sites are for Kristen hate. Iwitter, lionandlamb, rpattzdaily, Perez Hilton, youtube, look everywhere.
You'll find it.

Source each hate links, source each comments over Rob and Kristen. That's all I'm asking if you're going to comment on who gets hate and what kind of hate. You'll find it's for both. Not just for Rob.

I don't know much about Rob hate, 'cept on x17online.
So I don't comment on it. Or source it. But since you know hate is out there for Kristen, you're able to source it as well as Rob hate.

Anonymous said...

I do think though, I'll try and stay in agreement, not to comment and source such hate sites.

It leads to silly comments, and we should all learn hate is for both.

Anonymous said...

I'm twiggling.

Rob and Kristen = Together.



I thought that with acceptance comes peace. But apparently with acceptance just comes more spew. (IE HONEY)

Oh Well..... *Twiggles some more*

Lisa said...

I just wanted to clear something up. I don't like the house pictures. But then, I don't really like ANY pops pics! Do I look at them? Sadly yes! Because I love them and want to see them. :( But chasing them through the airport, following them while driving, is really no different then flying a chopper over the house! In fact, to me, the kissing picture was just, if not more, intrusive as the house pics. It's all an invasion of privacy! It would be different if the pops kept a distance while snapping them at airports, restaurants, etc... But they don't, they get in their faces, yell at them, etc... It's ALL an invasion! But as long as this fandom is so damn crazy, they'll keep doing it. As long as people are buying, they'll keep doing it. But the so called "fans" sneaking on the property? Just outrageous! That's not a fan, that's a lunatic!

And as much as I adore R & K.. At some point, they'll have to just suck it up. Many celebs have, or have had, to deal with the same thing. Brad Pitt was papped naked in his back yard years ago. He & Angie have to deal with the paps following them with their kids. This stuff goes on for ALL the big stars. Sadly, it's the price of fame these days. Is it right? NO.. But as Rob has said many times when asked if he'd like to go back to before his life Twilight, he's said "No, it was boring" :)

Off my soapbox..

kristine.hills said...



I don't mind what they think, i'm done, there's nothing they can do or say it will shadow my big smile whenever i see RK TOGETHER. What gets on my nerves is the losers attacking RK verbally.I can't put up with it.I get mad! They don't deserve it.

I can just picture K making her delicious pies and food for R. You know she loves cooking and he loves trying them!!! :)
Sometimes i almost believe they are married, but then i think 'it really matters if they are or arent married?'. What it's fascinating is "they truly love each other", and it's not an official papper that is going to make it more/less important. Their feelings for one another is what makes it worth!

BEAUTIFUL post dear! but it's not news either!

XO from Brazil

Lets RK be!

Kristy said...


Are you for real?!!
Sorry but you are acting like another crazy kristen fan!

Do you have reading comprehension problems?
I am an equal fan of Rob and Kristen and I have seen both sides be fairly ridiculous in their opinions of BOTH!
I'm just saying people ALWAYS talking about the kristen hate here,twitter,blogs etc.
So many people stick up for Kristen hate but not batting an eyelid when somone bashes Rob.

Seriously...enough with the hypocrisy already. I can't deal with it anymore.

From reading the comments, people aren't allowed to have an opinion about the hate unless its kristen hate.

Whatever, I'm out...

deb said...

AS far as I know Rob and kristen could of flown to London on a privet plain and are setting up home there who the hell knows And they my even know about all this SHIT going on around the house "IF" it "IS" THERE HOUSE they mite be moving into another one as we speak this my be something to throw every one off IF SO GOOD FOR THEM.ROB "IS" "NOT" "GOING" "TO" "LET" "ANYTHING" "HAPPEN" TO" "KRISTEN" bottom line and like it or not Keistens not going to let anything happen to Rob they are in this together ALL THE WAY for the LONG HALL. DEB.

Anonymous said...

"I appreciate that quality in people"...
Even if this was coincidental or subconsciously said.....I will take this as the upmost compliment...... ;)

I was thinking...ya know that interview Kristen did [sorry can’t recall name of 'mag] with the iPod & the "deliciously handsome....... [is there need to go on!!!!!Hehehe]

Well when Kristen said along these lines [please don’t quote me but the gist of]
She wants to share the highlights and or the exciting parts of her life...But cant show her happiness coz she wants to keep her private affairs private, of a certain minority perhaps or the public or for whatever reason.... {Like I said the gist off and this is my interpretation BTW]

Welllllllll this to me after a little thought..... As I tousled and twirled trying to fall asleep thinking of life’s

Means her and Robs been in a
relays’ now for some time [although how long is debatable and a whole new conspiracy]
But the highlights of One in a relays’…The things that make you overwhelmed and jump for joy….. are ...well to me they are....
1 First date
2 Acknowledging there is something and you are bf/gf
3 Proposal to be NOW Engaged
4 Marriage and or live together
[Although the later these days seems the’ norm and all the above Not necessary in that order...btw]
5 Perhaps pregnancies down the line…. [Apparently 10....and might I add 10 of the most BEAUTIFUL BABIES/CHILDREN YOU WILL EVER LAY your eyes on]
Conclusion we all know that they are sooooo well and truly passed steps 1 & 2 So therefore steps 3,4,5 could be the Exciting things that Kristen would love to share…BUT CAN”T ...Just like anybody her age and in that time of her life....When you just want to shout from the roof tops.....'My BF proposed'....or... 'I am engaged ‘we are going to get married’.....
Do you all get my point....? Or am I rambling?

Good day ALL

Melinda said...

It seems some people like to continually bring up the "who gets hated on more" topic. I don't know why this is still an issue.

Bottom line- they both get hate. Yes Kristen haters have a made a website to hate on her etc. Yes there are people like Honey (stewridge) and her friend Olivia (can't remember her twitter name)that continually make hateful nasty comments about Rob. I am sure there are many more. IT IS WRONG FOR BOTH SIDES TO HATE EITHER ONE OF THEM. CRAZY KRISTEN FANS ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THE CRAZY ROB FANS.

Okay moving on....

I think I have found a solution to the pap problem for R/K. I have noticed that paps keep their distance when celebs have their children with them.

So here is the solution...R/K need to have a baby! Simple as that. Ha, Ha!!!

One more thing- hate is everywhere...Ashley Greene was seen at a baseball game that Joe Jonas was playing in and so people think they are dating now. Below are a couple of true "tweets" that I read within the JoBro fandom:

"Joe you can do better."
"F U Ashley Greene, I hate you."

Does this sound familiar???????

I would also like to point out that at the game Ashley put her hand on Joe's shoulder EXACTLY like Rob did in the hotel lobby with Kristen.

People saw Ashley do that and now they are dating.

Rob does that to Kristen and it means nothing.

Funny how delusions make ppl behave.

Anonymous said...




Rose said...

My dearest *A* Friend,
How good it is to hear from you!
Seeing your words never ceases to bring a smile to my face...
I'm so so sorry that Rob and Kris are having to deal with the hyenas and other scavengers out there that want nothing more than to rip and bite at them.
But just knowing that they are together (where else would they be?) and that they are happy (what else would they be?) brings some peace of mind.
And of course, I was worrying greatly about our mutual friend.
But knowing she has you on her side lessens that dramatically.
Please give her my best...
Tell her I am thinking about her...
Love and Sunshine my friend.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

"Do you have reading comprehension problems?"
No. I can read quite well.

Equal fan? You think that. I see it differently okay. Just because you read something and interpret it different, dos not mean you have reading comprehension problems by the way. If you say that to everyone, then I wouldn't be surprised if you got looked at like you're a strange odd, mental person.
An equal fan to me, would comment on both the hateful comments and the hateful sources.
Not just the comments for Rob.
So to me your not equal.

I admit I have commented on the Kristen hate, because I don't see the Rob hate really. Except x17online, for sure. And I always think those are random ex Rob fans, or passers by.

dowlingnana said...

Hello to only fellow believers,

@Rose: I'll be a deputy for ya' hun!! I'd be glad to help round up all and any losers!!

@kstewrocks: Matilda?? Why after eight mos. is this coming out now? As far as twits, most are so unbelievable!!

@A: what physical attack on Kris?

@Lisa: Yep, Rob certainly said that

@Marie: You're abslolutely totally right. I remember when both those things happened and I think of Selena too where the "fan" club president was right by her side. This world tells us to beware of teens esp. that we suspect may be suicidal, but what about these fan attacks. Words are words, but some today WILL take it to that level such as in those cases listed, John L., R. Schaffer, Selena, etc. It's a very scary world we live in!!

@SueBee: casing a joint is like getting ready to rob it and this is so totally the same. Stealing a persons home life is the same thing as well. I do worry about both of them!!

@Patricia & LK: well said!!

I thought I'd read before that Kristen's place was in a gated area. This sounds like what they would need. Some place with lots of security. And, for Rob willing to sleep in his car that night but it seems the papz already knew where he was staying, seems strange IMO.
All the shortened words I'm picking up on here my family is laughing at me when I use them. For now, Bye, Donna

deb said...

Louisa There you go again reading my mine I really believe your right on this one.Time well tell what number it well be 3-4-or 5. DEB.

keset said...

Kristy, i agree with you.
in every word you wrote.

Anonymous said...


'I don't see the Rob hate really. Except x17online, for sure. And I always think those are random ex Rob fans, or passers by.'

Oh come on... Any proof?
Please so many kristen fans hating on Rob too on twitter,LJ's and many many blogs.
Jeez, I know them.
Why it's so hard to accept the Rob hate?

The fandom on both sides have nutballs. Period.

Patricia said...

To all the people on this blog that LOVE Rob and Kristen:

We kinda ALL feel the same. We hate the stalking, threats, paps in their faces for pictures and sites that HATE one or the other. So it seems (WE ALL AGREE) Good !

STAY away from the ugly sites. Don't READ the BULLSHIT and report crazies if you happen to read about them.

Let's ENJOY our favorite couple.

Hi to my pals that comment on Rose's blog.

Anonymous said...


Well said!!

LJ said...

Hi Patty! couldn't agree more.

Love Rob....love Kristen.

Much love to all those on here who feel the same.


Kristy said...


Believe whatever you want.

Yes! kristen get hate thrown at them on twitter (and on other sites) I always defended her and we can talk about all this endlessly..
but like i said when someone dares mention the Rob hate all h e l l breaks loose.
This fandom is ridiculous...
'no i dont see the Rob hate, go check out Rob sites they are hating on kristen, no they are not kristen fans, they're pretending to be kristen fan' blah blah blah

I am not blind. I am not stupid.
You can believe whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

Just on another note.....To those few who come here and are from 'Down Under'...we have a woman Prme Minister just filling in for now.....Due to our National Eletions today....
I myself would personally like to keep it that way....A woman ALWAYS HAS A DIFFERENT PROSPECTIVE THAN A MAN..... [sorry Opy No offence]...
so I say GO GO GO JULIA ...Hope to see you celebrate your win later tonight.....go Labour.....

sorry PPL I just had to get that 'offa'! my chest!!!!lol

deb said...

PATTY A MEN sister love ya DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love the Kristen shirt...that is sooo funny. I kinda wish he would wear somethin like that, but just imagine the foam. lmao. I haven't seen the house pics, but I think it's wrong for them to even take those type of pics. Just because your an actor doesn't give the world the right to you private life, and where you live is your private life. I agree with you, I can't see them not living somewhere together and I know they are immensly happy wherever they are...together! I'll be over here twiggleing now.lol thanks Rose.

keset said...

How Rob and Kristen lives with that Pressure and these insane fans???

I hope some good people helped them and guide them.

My heart goes for them .

Marie said...

@dowlingnana Thank You so much for reminding me about Yolanda Saldívar, the fan club president who killed Selena..I've been trying all day to which celebrity I forgot..and being from Texas I'm kinda ashamed that I forgot about Selena...

@all the drama over defending Rob over Kristen or Kristen over Rob due to crazy hate filled posts...how can a Rob fan look at the pictures of him staring at Kristen and not love her simply because she makes him happy...and how can a Kristen fan look at the way Rob looks at her and not love him because he seems to love her so much...and she seems to care as much for him...so let's stop the he said she said crap and agree that here on Rose's blog..you can truly be a fan of one without being a fan of the other...Like Rose I didn't start off being a Kristen fan, hell truth be told I didn't start off being a Rob fan...this is a new experience for me, actually caring about a celebrities life...but I think all will agree that once you get to see these two you become fans

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is what brings a smile to my face.
Rob and Kristen returned to LA (amid all the paparazzi crazines) on August 17th and so far not one sighting of them. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Rose,

What a lot of craziness you endure to defend Rob and Kris. I worry for you because you seem like a very sweet, sensitive person. Why would anyone come here to spoil such a lovely place? It does seem that there are more good people here who obviously adore you--and rightfully so--and I encourage you to focus on them. You should only be surrounded with accolades and appreciation.

I did talk briefly to our friend's mom who said she would convey your message. That led to an interesting conversation I will share with you another time. The last she heard our friend was asleep for 12 hours! She's been running on pure adrenalin for the last week, so sleep and peace have to be beneficial.

Donna, I apologize for my error. I only meant those who threaten Kristen Stewart, not that anyone had actually hurt her.

Rose--until we can chat again I will be sending you positive and loving energy since you magnify that type of thing out into the world so well. Thank you for being a sane voice in a very insane world.

Anonymous said...

@ A
You are so, so dangling bait from a line......please stop keeping us in suspenders.....hehhe
SPIT IT OUT BOY..... and stop the TEASE...... my curiosity is enormous.....and you know what that [curiosity] did to that poor ol pussy cat!!!!!!![ it killed it!!!!!] lol not lol coz the pussy died coz of the SHIT i am saying lmao....

Anonymous said...


Your pussy is safe! (lord forgive me) There is no mystery and I don't mean to tease.
Rose and I share an old friend who got me hooked on coming here to read Rose's beautiful words. There is nothing more to the story aside from the fact that I like to tease and flirt with Rose. It makes us both laugh although it is entirely innocent and completely pointless. That is what makes it such fun. Please don't let your imagination get out of hand dear but thank you for your interest in our boring little masquerade.

na_ce said...

Thank you Rose for once again being the voice of reason.

...I just hope that R/K are lost in their own little world..safe,happy and together.. :)

Right on!

Anonymous said...


SueBee said...

@A and Louisa

Things you don't read too often

The pussy died and your pussy is safe!!!!

I'm immature enough to giggle at that!

Anonymous said...

@ A
and another thing .....when visiting the weekly confessional...I no doubt you will be summond with 2 Hail Mary's and 4 Our Fathers......

Kat said...

About the Rob hate, I'll say something. How come Rob fans like TOR got hate because they said they said didn't care about the kissing pics but Kristen fans like KStewTwins and DakotaStew didn't for saying the same thing? No its always different for Rob fans. RT @KStewTwins Just in case you don't want to open the link, those are pics of Rob and Kristen kissing... not that I care

katy said...

Rose wonderful post like always.

I'm twiggling because Rob and Kristen = Together.

I read about the house pics...I didn't look, it's like you said 'There has to be some things that are just off limits.'

Rob and Kristen 'far away from the business people who heap far too much pressure on them and away from the paps and crazy fans who hunt them and stalk them'...is a wonderful thought...them beeing Happy, safe and together....just marvelous...and Rob surfing...I would love to see that.

What do mean 'far away from the idiot who tried to physically attack Kris'...do mean the pen incident...thought it was an accident.


I also have seen people hatting on Rob so much...I have read dead treath, wishing he was dead and people making up all kind of BS about Rob...and I think the hate towards Rob isn't pointed out and it makes me feel very sad.
I'm very aware that Rob gets hate...and I don't ignore.
I condemn the hate on both Rob and Kristen...and I wish that people would respect both of them...and leave them alone

LIZ said...

Hi All,

Rose, thanks for a great blog today, as always. I believe they are TOGETHER somewhere today.

-- Regarding their house, I heard last week that it was back on the market so they probably moved out awhile ago. My guess is that they are somewhere temporary for only a couple of months because they'll be filming BD for 6 months.

-- Someone mentioned yesterday that maybe they are already married. I don't believe they would do that before all the Twi madness is finished. They are both from very stable families (with long-term marriages) and I believe they would heed advice from their families and if I were their parent or grandparent, I would suggest they wait. OMG, what a field-day the haters would have about a marriage, PR PR PR for Breaking Dawn, good grief!!! Only time will tell if they are strong enough to withstand all of this ... they certainly seem happy.

-- Security -- I still "cringe" at the thought of Rob running around LA by himself last month with the paps following him.... where were his BG's? If Kris EVER gets angry with Rob, I would imagine that would be one of the reasons. Can you imagine HIS reaction at HER running around without protection?

I'm just saying ....

I know some of you will remember I was so SAD the other day after they were hounded .... well, I'm over the sadness but I have to admit that I miss them!!!!! Am I crazy??? I don't want them followed and one part of me wants to see photos and another part of me is saying no photos, they'll be back in the open soon enough.

Did I hear they might be going to New Orleans next?

Sorry for the lengthy text ... regarding EVERYONE saying they've been together for TWO years ... I saw a "together" photo of Kris and MA taken in April of 2009, so did her and Rob get together in May of 2009? I'm new at this, only about 3 months. Help with the timeline, please???

Take care to all!!!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post.
I believe that same as you in regards to Rob and Kristen having a home. And I did think about his guitar collection and him having a place to store them -- maybe have a little music room set up. I can't seem him keeping those in a hotel room, especially when he travels, like he did to Montreal.

I do think he will continue to say he lives out of a suitcase and yada yada to protect his privacy. He probably did and will stay at a hotel when it's convenient to his work and scheduling.

The house in the pics, if Rob and Kristen were/are staying there -- I absolutely hate that it was made public. But I am thinking Rob and Kristen are gone from that place and it was just a temporary place while he was shooting WFE. Might have been convenient to his shoot locations or maybe was a getaway place for them. Who knows. But I think they are somewhere else by now because US Weekly published photos of that house a while ago.

And, yes, I love that Rob went to Montreal as soon as he could. He knew long before we did that Kristen was going to have a break but he still went to Montreal. He wanted to be with her and he couldn't wait to see her.

Yeah, in regards to OTR, different things are being reported. So, I am not taking every little thing as fact until it is set in motion, ya know? People seem to think they know all the correct info but then things don't go exactly like they thought.
I will just wait to see where production shows up next and if/when Kristen will be there. She will only be on location when she's needed, her part is not as large as Sam and Garrett's.

I do hope Rob goes with her (pending he doesn't have any work obligations). I would hate to think he and Kristen alter their plans because they think things are too crazy. Rob clearly wants to be there for her and Kristen wants him to be there.
Whatever they choose, they are together now and I am sure wouldn't have a long separation anyway. I'm thinking Rob might go to London for a bit because I bet his parents want to see him before he starts the journey that will be BD!

Well, hope Rob and Kristen are relaxing and enjoying their time together. And having some peace and quiet!

Trish said...

fun video from NM tour


Trish said...


this is for all you Kristen fans...especially Opy!

deb said...

So this is what I think I would do if I had some ass hole nuts running around my house I would put up PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRUST PASSING signs and get 3 or 4 guard dogs and a sign that saids SHOOT FIRST ask QUESTION later That way I would be covering my ass . DEB

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Deb...are you from the South by chance? Sounds like my neighbor ;) And I about as far South as you can get.

Marie said...
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Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

How is your day so far? I hope you're having a great day..

THANK YOU SO MUCH, for always respecting Rob and Kristen's privacy, (unlike the AT board, who claims to loves and support Robsten and then post the "house pic" just to get hits on their site--hypocrites)

People are already aware of how Ted C manipulates the fans by leaving threads to try to get some reactions from fans-again, another hypocrite!!I believe in karma and i know he's going to get what he deserves( that's why i dont go there anymore-so much hate on boht sides

To all who love Rob and Kristen, let's keep protectng them.

@ LK & Trish: i totally agree with you.

Let's keep this siteoverflowing w/ Rob and Kristen Love.

Love Rob and Kristen!!

Lovely Rose, my compliments to you, for being the voice of reason and for your enduring patience-this is the only site that trully cares about Robert and Kristen..

Have A Lovely Weekend and I look forward to your future post..

Marie said...

@Deb and Leigh LOL

olivia said...

Thank you Rose for the lovely post.

One's home should be their sanctuary.
To have one's privacy invaded, as described by those who have seen the pictures, is unconscionable. On top of that, if in addition to the razzi, there were "fans" who trespassed onto the property, they should be arrested. The sad thing is that the enforcement aspect is probably impossible.

Here is hoping that Rob and Kristen have found another hideaway and that it stays secret, safe and peaceful.

Loved the pic with Rob and Rosie on the set of WFE. I agree with you Rose, he is such a gentle soul and it shows when he is around animals. I remember reading that he would have loved to have taken home the sweet pup that played Queenie. Unfortunately, at this point in his life, a pet is difficult to take care of and it would have to stay much of the time at his folks, or at the home of a friend.

Peace, calm, rest and relaxation filled with love - these wishes are being sent to Rob and Kristen while they have some down time.

Starting to think about all the awesome scenes that will need to be filmed in BD.
Oct./Nov. are creeping this way quickly and before we know it we will be hearing about on the set news. I would love to see Johnny Depp as one of the visiting vampire witness "friends". Just a tiny, tiny spot, where you would really have to look twice to tell that is is him, but IMO it would be hilarious to see him be part of the support for Bella, Edward, Renesme, and the Cullens.

Have a great evening.
Love Rob and Kristen, especially together!
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...

THIS IS PROOF TO ME .....it is debatable thou and my opinion after all....take note at 3.14min mark...this to me says a hell of a lot...I have mentioned this before and still feel the same ....Comic con 08 looked pretty steamy to me....try to read K lips and see her after actions...



dowlingnana said...

@A: thanx for clearing that up!!

@Deb: another good one is: Forget the dog, Beware of the owner.

@Marie: NP atleast you remembered her name.

@Liz:I think it's kind of an exaggeration or stretch to say two years. They've known ea. other natch since Twilight but yes MA disappeared around April/May of 2009 and then exactly when R&K's relationship formerly started, I guess we won't know that for sure!

I believe also that they got another place. They're too smart to stay in one place for too long the way they are stalked. I know in the past Rob has said he'd switch hotels so noone could keep track. Donna

Anonymous said...

new fave word "twiggle" thanks rose for that new word. i do believe that wherever kristen goes, rob will follow and protect her, especially now that they are more open and a lot of fans got angry for that openess, fans who are not really fans because they are not supportive. i just wish for these two protection wherever they are, love overflowing because we can clearly see that they have lots of it, happiness. i find the gestures of rob very endearing and sweet. i can clearly see that they are matching their schedules, if one is working the other one is not, or if they overlap it is just a matter of weeks so they can be together again. i noticed a change in their relationship nowadays. they're more serious, the way they connect like in the LA convention, jimmy kimmel show. they are acting like a real couple now. love rob and kristen. thanks again rose for giving us another blog. Godbless you and your family. i may not know you personally or have seen your picture but i know your also a good wife and mom.

dowlingnana said...


deb said...

Leigh sorry Im not from the South Im from Oregon And Donna I seen that one before I like yours better HO HELL YA BE-Ware like i said yesterday YOU DONT WANT TO GET THIS MOMMA BEAR MAD.. DEB.

Monica said...

Rose, great post today. Totally love this:

But we would be foolish to think that Rob is laying his head on a hotel pillow while he is back in LA...
And that the pillow next to him doesn't have the beautiful Kristen Stewart laying on it.

Rose, you are really good at PUSHING, huh?~

@MArie 5:39, wise words. People who keep on bringing up the hate competition thing is beyond annoying. Rose's blog is full of love and most readers only say nice things about R/K. For those who cann't stand the hate, please go to those nasty sites to post your complaint. Leave us in peace. Free us from drama.

@Trish 8:12, yeah, I found the vid on Robstenation. LOVE the song written for Kristen. It's one the of sweetest thing I've seen from the fandom.

Monica from Asia

deb said...

Louisa WE are on the same page again i to always thought they mite have something STARTING in 2008 Yep the looks on BOTH of there FACES TOLD me something like Rob said there own bubble. DEB

Anonymous said...

@ Deb & Donna....I'm certainly not a lip reader expert......But this to me is what it is...Kristan verbally saying to Rob that: "she wants it"! this could just be an inside joke or flirting or even a real statement.....That my friends we'll never know.....but her action confirmed my suspicious lip reading skills and Robs almighty burst of laughter continued to confirm my thoughts.....JS

Trish said...

haha..funniest thing ever! "Is Jashely the new twilight power couple?" too funny for words..who came up with this name by the way..it was Robsten..is Robsten..and always will be Robsten.

Ashley loves to play the field a lot! first Crawford now this?

And its sooo funny how as soon as people see a small sighting with "Jashley" they immediately accept them as a couple even if its true or not..but with Robsten it takes years! heck, even some still dont believe or dont want to...

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: I have a deaf friend and if she stops by to see me again, coz' she lives in Chicago I will ask her to do the lip reading for me. I have other friends as well that are interpreters that might be able to do it for me as well.
I know MA left the picture some time in april/may 20009 but I have a feeling they, R&K got together just a bit before he left the pic.
I know too that when I watch the Rome interviews, etc. where CH is with them and MA tagged along, Rob does not look very happy most of the time!! What do you think?

Wildhart007 said...

Rose I am so glad you chose to draw the line on showing the house pictures.
It is just RUDE to go to someone's home, TRESPASS, and take PHOTOS without being invited. Those type of actions are DANGEROUS for both party's involved.

Louisa especially enjoyed the Soul Sister video! Also, agree you have the steps down, we just don't know the order.

LK and Manjen I agree, and feel responsibility, also. I haven't seen the house pictures fans have taken, but question how they can do such a thing and not feel like a stalker.

Dowlingnana from looking at the videos of Robert and Kristen the looks they gave each other were smoldering.

@A your comments reassure me about you and Rose, however, some of your comments about a friend seem much deeper than you are leading on. But none of my business, just reading between the lines.

Christina said...

Hey all! :o)

1) Chemistry between Rob & Kristen since 1st meeting--as it grew other "affections" (past loves) faded

2) Hate Wars! ENOUGH!! PLEASE!! Yes the Blog began w/Robert, but respect & Love grew to ROBSTEN! So when viewing hate it is ROBSTEN HATE, because to say neg. about 1 is showing hate for the other by the lack of respect!

3) Kristy & KStewrocks please remember that the emotions R NOT always conveyed in the WRITTEN word. Truly U Both care & love RobSten together & as individuals! If U look CAREFULLY you'll see we ALL say the same things!

4) Kstewrocks--I KNOW U felt targetted awhile back & it has made U defensive, but U R causing yourself so much stress!! U do not need to defend yourself all the time. In doing so the other person does the same & words appear snappish & feelings get hurt. (Often it seems U R the one hurt/saddened)

5) Intoxication--like I said, it began with Rob then flowed to RobSten. Now it's ALL of us!! Many cultures/countries, Ages, Experiences etc...These differences have given strength to ourselves. We support Robsten & like they do each other we too support one another!! That is what has made Rose' Blog so wonderful!!

6) So do NOT allow the negatives of others become a victory here by dividing us! Let's stay strong & look to each other to bring out the positives!

**houses: info is "leaked" months after they left.

**too young: Rob & Kristen R NOT too young unless THEY think so. Both R amazingly grounded & mature. So whatever/whenever they do/don't get married they R NEVER "too young" (Got a 46yr old neighbor who could use maturity lessons from them! LOL)

SueBee said...

I'm thinking SOMETHING was going on very early. I think she was fighting her feelings for him and finally gave in to the inevitable!

Wildhart007 said...

SueBee I believe you are right.

SueBee said...

I'm not so sure about the married theory. I believe they are deeply commited to each other (possibly even engaged) but not married. (Although that would solve the whole citizenship problem)

It's not due to their ages either. I was 19 when I got married and have been for almost 18 years.(married not 19!) Hubby was in Navy and we both finished college while he was in.

My point is--they just came out as a couple. One step at a time.

Anonymous said...



Wildhart007 said...

To me they act like they are in the honeymoon phase, eyes for no one but each other (their bubble)!

I only knew my husband for 9 months and we got married,(22 years now).
I commend your relationship for getting through his time in the service, that could not have been easy for either of you, and to get thru school also!
I graduated college also, but hubby was a high school drop out till I encouraged him to get his GED.

SueBee said...


I agree about maturity. It depends on the person.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right here to a large degree.
I do want to bring up one point.
Almost all of Rob's best friends are touring right now.
They are on the road. Bobby, Marcus and Johnny.
Europe, Ireland and the UK. Of course, Tom is fliming. I guess. Unless he is finished.
So, yes, Rob is with Stewie. Well, we guess, unless he snuck out of town. I wonder if some of those guys were home in the UK, would Rob be visiting?
Just speculating here...I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I can feel these 'fess up' coming thru again......told ya so did'nt I......LOL

SueBee said...



I'm just proof that if you are willing to work for it, you can overcome many obstacles in a relationship.

My husband used to go on 6 month cruises. We endured the separation because we knew we WOULD be together again.

That's why I scoff at the "OMG, they haven't seen each other in 4 weeks!"

When you are truly in love, anything is worth the wait.

Wildhart007 said...

Louisa got the maturity part right.
Both R/K seem very mature for their ages. They are handling projects that are worth millions, dealing with fans and paparazzi.

dowlingnana said...

@Christine: I agree with your #1 The main reason I agree is I find it interesting about Nina. I nvr really knew about her and one day I was listening to the commentary of Twilight again and found where they were talking about Kristen having a garden burger at the restaurant with "Charlie" and CH asked Rob if Nina liked garden burgers. I thought then, who is Nina and then I found out. Rob answer was very low and uninteresting with a "IDK". So, yeah, those past loves esp. for him it seems died out quickly but for Kristen.......hmmmm, wonder how she handled MA. I can't help but surmise too becoz' MA was CH and Nikki's friend if they didn't do some warnings to MA? JMO though

@Louisa & SueBee: I was married at 19 too, lol, 29 yrs. for us. And your'e right Louisa, maturity is different for everyone and we so know that Rob and Kristen rate right at the top of that level, so, nothing would surprise me with what they could do!! Donna

dowlingnana said...


Christina said...

@SueBee--total agreement there! :) We R Army & his "short" deployment was 9+months! LOL (we shock over the--4 wks in a row together instead! LMAO)

SueBee said...


If MA didn't know what was going on then he was living under a rock.

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee...I applaud your patience and attitude.....I havent experience what you have mentioned....but have experience some other things on the same level which required patience and commitment.....once you've succeed in overcoming such pitfalls or hurdles......It sure makes one a stronger person with appreciation to boot......
If everything in life was easy you would'nt appreciate them as much as if you had to work or suffer to acquire them...I hope I am making sense and that I am not to much D & M.....


Wildhart007 said...

SueBee I have done without my husband for months at a time also. Never easy, but like you said, if you work at it, it is possible.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
deb said...

Louisa you sure did there is only 19 years between my oldest so yes you are right age has nothing to do with knowing you want to spend your life with that one person marriage is a give and take situation and you work on it through out your hole life to make it work to take the bad with the good so yes I do believe that Rob and Kristen can make it even if they are young . DEB

Wildhart007 said...

Louisa the way you put it sounded great to me!

Anonymous said...


I agree with you about the age thing, I was 19 as well when I got married, it's now 18 years and 2 kids later. You are right, it is about maturity.

SueBee said...

Kristen: No Oregano, I don't find Rob attractive at all! I was only acting, yeah, that's it!

Anonymous said...

Whats with the LOUISA said......[as my name appears as a comment made I mean]
and all the 'FESSING UP' you all bloody crack me up....

And I'm still laughing about 'A" s comments earlier...he/she is a crack up.....lol

SueBee said...

Okay, not to overdo it too much with the mushiness but I told my mom I was going to marry my hubby as soon as I came in from our first date.

Sometimes you just know.

Wildhart007 said...

I kinda feel sorry for Oregano, you know he must have seen it and knew he couldn't stop it.

dowlingnana said...

@SueBee: Yeah your'e right, lol, and I think Rose posted it mos. ago that "you know he knew", haha.

And, yes, the patience for waiting for a loved one who is gone does make the relationship stronger. I often said when my husband was in Viet Nam was my greatest test of strength and learning MUCH patience. Love to all you ladies, Donna

SueBee said...

Fessing up---

I'm a gemini, like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain...


Anonymous said...

In other words from the above comment I made ....Do I bring some truths to the mix...it just seems when I state s/thing or "fess UP' about myself.....it brings those of you 'out of the wood work' its really amusing...But I enjoy it immensly.....

Wildhart007 said...

A is an excellent writer. Very witty!
Louisa you are getting us all to confess everything lol!

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee well I'm a bloody Librian I lovvvve balance....this should have been obvious in the comments I made when I first started writting here.....

P.S you know I like "pure Blondes" But Tia maria & milk is my all time 'fav......and BTW I love that song too...

'do ya love making love at midnight.....or being caught out in the rain'........hehehehe

SueBee said...


Being a gemini--I'm basically bipolar! LOL

Now I'm humming that song and it's all my fault!

Wildhart007 said...

Dowlingnana I had 3 uncles who were in Vietnam. That time affected their entire lives. I deliver packages to a VA hospital every day and have met some very wonderful people there.

Wildhart007 said...

Sue Bee and Louisa Rum and Coke on occasion, Sagitarius, and I listen to Octane on Sirius XM(my son's influence)

Anonymous said...

@ suebee Iknow you are bipoar my sister is a gemini....she can be a bitch one minute and a sweetie the next [ no offence].....so I totally understand ya....
With me just keep me balanced and I wont piss ya off...hehe

Anonymous said...

@ wildhart007 that was quite a mouth full .....very funny lol

Wildhart007 said...

yeah I get on a roll and don't know when to shut up!

Anonymous said...


I am a Gemini as well..as far as being bi-polar, it just depends on which one of my many personalities you are talking to...LOL!

And now I too am singing that song and it's all your fault... ;-)

SueBee said...


I'm mostly sweet (sort of)to everyone. I keep (most) of the bitchy thoughts to myself. But let me tell ya, if some people could read my mind--yikes!

Oh-and my drink of choice is an amaretto sour most of the time

SueBee said...


Are you singing the same line over and over like me? Sorry!

dowlingnana said...

Well dog gone it, I'm a Gemini too and now you've all let me know why I am the way I am, LOL.

Wildhart007: that is cool, you visiting the vets. My uncle was in VN too but he didn't get out as lucky as my hubby, he has PTSD really bad right now. Donna

Anonymous said...

@ manjen & suebee

well ya know geminis get along with Librians like a house on fire...don't ya...as for Sagitarius...I have friend who are so you aint to bad either lol

deb said...

Louisa i see it as love can CONQUER ALL THINGS when you work at it its nice to read other ladies and how they work for the marriage THANK YOU LOUISA. DEB

Anonymous said...


Yes...I'm gettin caught in the rain...over and over and over!!

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee iv followed your comments since ya started so I know you are not 100% bitch...hey and if you where a bitch to me in particular I would let you know....Librians dont like conflict but they dont like gettin shit thrown at them either.....
SO rest assured I like ya even when there is a misunderstanding in my Aussie chatter...I will always try to make myself clear to all. fro the next time.....

SueBee said...

I guess this explains why we are hopeless (hopeful) romantics when in comes to R and K!

Anonymous said...

@Deb hi hun I sent you a FB message...hope you have read it already.....Deb are going to Fess up anything too......what star sign are ya again? ....Im not going to ask ya age...coz I know that.....

deb said...

HOW ABOUT the song LOVE WELL KEEP US TOGETHER i cant remember who song it.. DEB

Wildhart007 said...

Are all you Gemini's singing the same line of that song now?
@Dowlingnana 2 of my uncles got cancer. I'm glad to hear your husband is okay.

Wildhart007 said...

Deb Captain and Tenille

SueBee said...

@Louisa and Deb

I'm om FB too!

New song:

If you're sitting comfortably then let me begin.....

Anonymous said...


I think it was Captain and Tennille

Anonymous said...

Im friggin trying to look up that song on YT and do ya think I can remember what it is called....

Anonymous said...

well this is my email address...so if any of ya want to be my FB friend email me and I will pass on my name.....
I have about 6 ppl from here who know what I look like....Its a bit daunting...lol


Wildhart007 said...

Sue Bee the song we think Rob wrote but his friend sings...Lee maybe...I forgot

deb said...

IM a CANCER I to wear my hart on my sleeve IM IN LOVE WITH LOVE . And NO i havent gone there yet but i well before i go to bed THANK YOU my friend YOU ALL are like family to me and I dont even know you BUT WE ALL DO LOVE 2 THINGS ROBERT AND KRISTEN and lets dont forget MRS>ROSE DEB.

Wildhart007 said...

I'm on facebook but haven't posted any pics. Long story, just will say you are braver than me.

dowlingnana said...

@SueBee: yeah that's the song, Falling in love for the last time.

And it was the Captain and Tennile who have been happily married for a very long time too!! Donna

Anonymous said...

@ suebee

She's got these big green eyes and there the size of the moon
they can take ya to bed without even leaving the room....

I love those lines....Me & You have green eyes too dont we GF....

dowlingnana said...

lets continue: I would kill just to be her man,
she's too cool to give a damn.
I'm falling in love for the last time...........

SueBee said...

Here's my e-mail address


if anyone wants to friend me on FB

if you want to stalk me, man are you going to be bored

@Loisa--yep-green eyes!

Wildhart007 said...

Ya'll have got me singing now lol
And my eyes are green also.

Anonymous said...


I sent you an email re: facebook

Anonymous said...


I sent you and email re: facebook as well..

Anonymous said...

for the love of Gawd....still frigginn fessing up...WTF is happening here lol...now wilhart007 telling us her eye color.....lol

Wildhart007 said...

Enjoy it Louisa I haven't told anyone this much about myself in years, just following your lead!

deb said...

thank you YOU GUYS I NEW IT WAS CAPTAIN but didnt remember the girls name DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ suebee how beautiful are you....Oh F..k i always feel funny when I have revealed my appearance...

SueBee said...

Yeah! New friends! (I know! I'm a dork!) LOL

Anonymous said...


Oh my....our birthday is on the same day!!

dowlingnana said...

Falling in love for the last time by Lee McDougall if you need this info, there's a couple different videos made w/this song that are really good. Donna

SueBee said...


*blush* Thanks, that's sweet.
You are very pretty, yourself


definitely geminis!

Anonymous said...

since you asked nicely, my proof is in their comments: "he's ugly, so over this guy" implying they were a fan over him and "don't see what the big deal over him is" implying they're someone who hears he's hot or a good actor, but they don't think so...a passer by.

Christina :) believe me, I'm not hurt or saddened. I've stuck to commenting on the posts lately. xD But when I see comments from people such as Kristy, I'm allowed and shall comment back. I mean to speak about being an equal fan, it should show in your comment. Link sources for both hate sites, and both hate comments if you're to talk and acknowledge there is hate on both sides. There's a lot of logic, I wish people would use it for once.
If saying you have reading comprehensions is an insult, well it didn't work. :):) I can read really well. I use my brain too, to realise some people misinterpret your comment or see it a different way. She found she was being equal, I didn't. *shrugs* Doesn't mean you have reading problems does it. I find those are immature, especially when they try and say "I am not blind", never called you blind :D See, most of the time I laugh over the repies. I'm never ever hurt.

deb said...

ARE we having a LADIES night to night HO HELL YA keep the songs coming i love it and by the way ...MY...EYES...ARE.....BROWN bwhehehehe. DEB.and yes there is a song out there about BROWN EYES brown eye girl

Anonymous said...

I feel left out...my eyes are hazel and there are, unfortunately, no songs about hazel eyes... :(

Wildhart007 said...

Deb isn't that by Van Morrison the singer Rob and Kristen like so much?
music fan here lol

Wildhart007 said...

manjen hazel is very close to green?

SueBee said...


Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson :o)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that some of the usually overrun message boards have been eerily quieter today? It's odd.. yet refreshing. I'm gonna enjoy the reprieve while I can. :)

I love the love on this blog. It's palpable.

And my email is listed on my blogger profile page.. just click on my name.feel free to facebook stalk.. :) But if my daughter asks, yes.. we know each other! (It's a prerequisite I've given her before approving a friend request... and yet, sadly, she knows over 500 people)

Anonymous said...


I guess that's right...it just depends, sometimes mine look closer to brown...depends on what color I am wearing..

deb said...

YEP he mine to got alot of his songs I love his voice and his music. ..DEB

Anonymous said...


Ahhh...thank you so much, now I feel better!!

Wildhart007 said...

Sue Bee so love that song,in fact the entire CD

SueBee said...

As for FB, I don't want anyone to feel pressured to friend me or anyone. It's all up to your descretion.

I'm not a crazy person! No really! LOL

Wildhart007 said...

An easy one
As she reached for my arm I gave her my hand
I said lay me down easy Let me understand

SueBee said...

Watching Twilight again (yeah so? LOL) and I'm at the part after the kiss and Bella is cuddled up on Edward's chest.

Am I retarded for thinking how sweet it is that they get to do it in real life now?

deb said...

Manjen dont you know that hazel are both green and brown My dads eyes ARE HAZEL my moms brown my hubby brown mine are brown BUT GET THIS my grandfather are blue so MY oldest daughter are BLUE the other 2 are brown and before you say it YES SHE IS HIS daughter. DEB.

SueBee said...

By "do it" I meant cuddle!

Anonymous said...


Thats funny cause my husband has brown eyes, mine hazel and my oldest son has blue eyes, my youngest are hazel like mine but his look more brown than mine do...

deb said...

OK ya want mine bigbrowneyes1855@yahoo.com Louisa has it im a nut BUT A GOOD one ASK Louisa .DEB

Anonymous said...

:) I have hazel eyes. My dad has blue, my mom's are brown. My husband's are blue, but my daughter's are hazel..

She and I both like having hazel, depending on what color we're wearing, the hazel can look really brown, really green, and sometimes even grey or blue. They were doing a genetics unit in Biology and she was the only hazel eyed one there.. had to show everybody in the class what it looked like!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, not alot of people with hazel eyes..

One of my uncles had 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye...he always freaked me out!! LOL!!

BTW, I sent you an email re: facebook

khushboo said...

awwwwwwww...dis was such a lovely post.....love it totallyyy....
wow wow wow.....i jus love wat u write abt ROBSTEN being totally together...jus akes ma day.....wen we have no news abt dem..
bt im happ....dey r havin a pap free time....peacefullyy...dey surely deserve it.......:)

n yeah i too beleive dey have a beatiful house 4 dem...awwww dats sooo adorable....:)
n its so wise ofu to pick every thng rob says...;)

n i to agree dat d montral sightin was nt d last...:)
i knw n i want dem to be alwaaz be together like dis n happy.....dey deserve all d happiness in dis world.....
bless ROBSTEN...
love to see smiles on der face....:)

love u for alwaz givin a new view n new reason to love ma ROBSTEN...:)

love ma ROBSTEN..:)

Anonymous said...


I sent an email to you as well re: facebook

Anonymous said...


I love making new friends :)

*happy clapping*

Anonymous said...

David Bowie had a hazel and a blue/green eye

I have green and havegot that from my mother who was 1 out of 10 kids.....9 have either blue or green and only 1 from the 10 sibblings had brown....so there go figure...brown is suppose to be more dominate...
I have 3 sons 1 with hazel.one with green [ like mummy] and the other blue/green/grey...just like rob[ although unfortunatley he is not his daddy]...lol

Anonymous said...


He's not?? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

no manjen he's not......have you all noticed how many comment tally there is since out cono started poor Rose its nearly up to 200.....how desperate do we look to onlookers reading out confessions lol

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