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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rambling Rose and Robsten

I was going to type that I don't have a lot to say today...
But it seems every time I do that
I say a lot.

So I will just be Rambling Rose today...
I'm good at that.

Ramble #1

Every time I post about Oregano or Nikki Reed
I get shit.
This is me shrugging my shoulders.
I don't hate on either of them.
Mostly because I don't hate them.
Oregano is just a bland spice whose time is over...
And he's been relegated back to the rack.
As for Ms. Reed?
I gave my opinion about her.
It's my blog...
It's what I do.
I think she's a bit of an attention wh seeker...
So what?
And even though both of them are probably
sitting on a couch somewhere....
crying on each other's shoulders about missing Kristen...
I wish them no ill will.
May they both live long and prosper
(Far away from Rob and Kristen)

Ramble #2

I really don't know why there is such a huge deal 
about the TCA's.
Why, Chuck... Why?
(inside joke)
What do you really expect to happen?
Oh sure...
Rob will laugh and smile...
It's what he does
He's a laughy (shut up, I know it's not a word)
smiley kinda guy.
But it will be a different kinda laughy smiley...
Because it's always different with Kristen
And she won't be there.
But it will still be good to see Robert... yes?
Looking all handsome and gorgeous...
Hopefully scruffy now that he's not working.
I think I've really missed the scruff, you know?
So it will be good to see Robert.
It's always good to see Robert.

Yes... scruffy.

Ramble #3

I also get some NONsense about being SO obsessed
with Robert.
"Oh man, I've never seen ANYONE so obsessed... and she's married!"
If you haven't seen anyone more obsessed than me?
You are fucking blind.
I admit to loving Robert Pattinson...
But seriously... I'm not IN love with the man.
I love his charm
I love his sense of humor
I love watching him walk
I love his movies
I love the way he sings
I love when he plays his guitar
I love how absolutely gorgeous he is
and that he still doesn't believe it.
Yeah... I love a lot of things about Robert Pattinson.
I'm intoxicated.
If I were truly obsessed with Rob...
I wouldn't be so happy for him that he has found Kristen.
I would deny they were together.
I would probably hate Kristen and spew foam 
and vile bitterness about her
I would probably have a NONsense site solely dedicated
to hating on her and endless threads and posts
hating on people who didn't agree with me.
As for being married?
Really? Is that all you got?
I know, I know...
I'm fat, old and have no life.
All because I write a blog where
I defend Robert and Kristen.
Does this mean I will get my very own thread, too?

Ramble #4
(4... right?)

Why is it people think Robert is going to go
DIRECTLY to London after the TCA's
No passing GO... No collecting $200
but not only that...
Now they KNOW he is staying there until BD starts up.
You do realize that there are days and days that you don't see Robert.
Days and days.
He can be anywhere in a matter of hours.
He can be back to anywhere in a matter of hours.
It's the wonder of air travel.
Just because you don't SEE Robert or Kristen
doesn't mean they aren't... there.
No one saw Robert get back to LA
But miraculously... he was there!
 No one saw Kristen get into Budapest...
But guess what?
While in my oh so humble opinion
(and that is what this blog is, after all)
I do think Robert will go back to London for a little bit...
Stay until October?
Fat chance.
Do you ever wonder how many times he's been to Montreal?

This post has been brought to you by the letter *A*
Give me a ticket for an aeroplane
Ain't got time to take a fast train
Lonely days are gone, I'ma goin' home
My baby just wrote me a letter
I don't care how much money I gotta spend
Got to get back to my baby again
Lonely days are gone, I'ma goin' home
My baby just wrote me a letter
Well she wrote me a letter
Told me she couldn't live without me no more
Listen mister can't you see
I gotta get back to my baby once more, anyway

Bye for now


imloco2 said...

Lovely post Rose. I too love the scruff. I love him clean shaven too of course. With nothing in the way of the jawporn and the kissy lips. LOL But scruff is just so Rob and Rob is who I love. ;)

I love airplanes!

Erin said...

A wonderful post as always!

Thanks Rose. :)

Anonymous said...

I love you and your ramblings. SFM.

I saw this on my Twitter feed and thought of you (while simultaneously snorting coffee from my nose):

@OMGFacts: FEMALE spotted hyenas have penises! (Sort of!) Details + pic --> http://bit.ly/bm10Xo.



Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, thank you for keeping me sane. It seems like all the crazy rumors find their way to me, and I promise I am NOT looking. The last one was yesterday which said Lizzy Pattinson stated Rob and Kris are definitely NOT dating. I don't believe this because if Lizzy had made this statement, it would be all over the internet, and I have only found it in one email. But anyway, I too love Rob and I am not in love with him, I don't know him, but I do love him. I love Kris also, and I miss them, but I know they are out there living their life, happy with each other. I believe they have seen each other since Kris left LA, but I have no proof, it is only my feeling. Whatever happens I believe they will still be together whether we see them or not. I know it is selfish of us to want to see pictures when they hate the publicity, so I am trying to just wish them well without any proof. Please never stop, we need someone like you to fight against all the people who hate our couple. Thank you.

Tarra said...

Rose what a lovely way to spend a Sunday reading your blog. I love your wit and how you take the haters head on and call them out each and every time. It's your blog and if someone doesn't like what you have to say I'm sure there are plenty of other blogs they can find to their liking. BTW I do like airplanes such what a wonderful invention. They are just so useful in getting one from place to place in a matter of hours. The military calls some of their best jet planes stealth why because they can go into any airspace undetected. They fly, hover without a decimal being raised. I love to attribute the word stealth to R/K. They have truly become very good at it and good for them. As much as I like pics and all I value their privacy more. Rose, I'm Twirling right with you. All this talk of airplanes and flying reminds me that I need to book my flight and hotel for my upcoming vacation.

deb said...

HO MY Rose You said it all SOooo true who knows hoe many times Rob went to Montreal hummmm and yes you can get in and out before any one see you they both have done that HUMMMM how many times now I cant wait to see OUR ROB wurh that BIG smile but not the same one he has for HIS GIRL Kristen I MISS KRISTEN I would really love to just see a pic of her Im sure she well be talking to her man and letting him know how proud she is of him winning some of the awards and maybe asking him to get hers and take it home who knows we'll see tomorrow Thanks again Rose for keeping ME sane lolol DEB.

Trish said...

"May they both live long and prosper
(Far away from Rob and Kristen)"

haha loved that one Rose..rotfl

So much TCA chatter...over just a stupid TEEN award show..if it wasnt Rob I would never waste my time watching it..

And of course he is going to smile you are right...thats just the kind of guy he is..very sweet and respectful!..but the haters will always find some sort of shit to say to explain why he is all friendly..

I def. agree on the obsession thing...at least you with him well with Kristen and are happy for him..just like me, love him but I know Kristen is just right for him and I am happy he finally got the chance to be with her! case closed..you're always spot on hun!

katy said...

Thanks, Rose great post.

I want to see TCA only because of Rob...I'm always up to see anything with Rob...the Deliciously Handsome Robert Pattinson...But i'm going to miss Kristen is not going to be the same. Rob always have a big smile whenever Kristen is around Him...I'm going to miss that and also because I miss her beautiful face.

PS: thank god for airplanes

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose, do people actually talk that shit about you? I mean ,I am not surprised to be honest. The delusional do have mental issues. One day with out there medication and there heads must have many voices. Fuck nuts out in force. I picture them all over there computer, dirty fingers, fucked up hair. "That Rose she is a bitch err... he he he he ...gotta debunk the KS pics..THAT bitch KS.. SHE took my boyfriend! That Rose she must be part of there PR campaign! Foam all spewing from there mouth.

Just ewww .Gross people, inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Awesome post like usual. I also love Rob. And Kristen. And airplanes. And scruff. And your blog! Thanks for all the wonderful photos and thoughts.


Patricia said...

Thank God for AIRPLANES. I love you Rose. You rock. I always love everything you say and for me that's something, because I am a (BITCH) about a lot of things when it comes to Robert and Kristen. I love Robert also and sometimes I'm obsessed with what's going on with them as a couple. But all I want is him to be happy and I'm not 'IN LOVE' with him either. AND I'M NOT EVEN MARRIED !!!


I'm going to watch TCA just to see the deliciously handsome young man smile and be shy and adorable, but it won't be the same without 'THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE' WITH HIM.

Grazie for another great post Rose and as you know "YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY, IT'S YOUR BLOG." ROCK ON ROSE !!!



kaylafryer said...

:) You Make Me Smile Reading Your Posts As Always Rose
I Love Those Pictures Too!!
I Dont Know Why But That Shoot Was One Of My Favorites, Its Just Something About It..

P.S. It Was Ramble #3 Not 4 Lol


Carly said...

awesome post :)

while I do respect Oregano for not babling about his relationship with Kris to the media it doesnt mean I have to like him. I dont give a damn about him. as for Nikki? I dont even have the respecte for her. but the truth of the mattr is I couldnt care less for either of them

I seriously dont get why it is such a big deal who he sits with during the TCAs. I mean, for him it must be mostly a boring show so if he gets to sit next to people he has at least something to talk about, then good for him. we shoudl really more focus on getting some pretty then on who he will be fotographed with.

I do belive Rob will go to London. maybe via Montreal. maybe not.but I can hardly believe he will stay there until BD starts. he has no reason for it. and I very much agree Rose. just because we dont know about it, doesnt mean it didnt happen

Melinda said...

Laughing several times today reading your blog!!

Can't wait to see where he pops up next after the TCA's....

If I had a chance to talk to him I would tell him to make sure he is with Kristen wherever she will be filming in Sept as a couple of crazy hyenas will be visiting London at that time.

We all need to PUSH and TWIRL together!!

Anonymous said...

awsome post as always, you're great :)

Anonymous said...








katy said...

'couple of crazy hyenas will be visiting London at that time.'...poor Rob...they will chase him down..run Rob run.

Just kidding, I have a feeling Rob will not be there by the time they get there.

LJ said...

Hello ladies, Sunday evening greetings from England!

Loving the R and K 'love' on here tonight so far...makes me smile.

*Sigh* Rose, those first two pics of Rob are sooo gorgeous...it took me ages to read your post tonight as I had to keep on scrolling back up to have another look!...and look at the way he's holding that pen in the next one *double sigh*...! ha ha

I hope Louisa posts a link or two on here tonight so I can have my fix before bedtime :-))))


June said...

Yeah, airplanes, great invention!

When there's Robsten drought and everyone want to see a sighting or a pic, we never get to see anything. They're quite unpredictable.. because when you, finally gives them up, then we get the big surprise!

I have no idea when they'll meet again, but let's keep a bit of hope. Meanwhile, let's enjoy Rob in at the TCA's.

Thanks Rose for another great post!

LJ said...

Awww Louisa...you posted while I was typing, you must have read my mind :-D

Much love,


sollee said...

i feel so glad just reading posts and comments about robsten and how people admire our lovely couple..btw great post as always:)

olivia said...

Love the post today Rose!
Love being intoxicated by Rob!
Love Rob and Kristen, together and individually!
Love the pics!
And most definitely love the Box Tops and their Letter!
I do go way back. : D
Yes Rose, getting from A to B and returning is so much quicker by air. How convenient!

Hugs to all,
Always been a believer,

Anonymous said...

Great post as always!!

Anonymous said...

@ LJ sweet dreams Hon...and i dont mean "honey" I mean Hon for obvious reasons.......hehe

LJ said...

Ha ha thanks Louisa...glad you made that clear ;-D

I'm gonna check the links out now anyway.....

Oh and to all you R & K ladies...as I've mentioned before I'm not on Twitter but I am on Facebook so if any of you are then add me....would be nice to put a face to some names (my name so you can find me is Liza Joy Goodier).

Love to you all...


J said...

ur right, rose. it is ur blog. i've been visiting regularly for a while now, like 6. months. i've always appreciated the way you called out nonsten hater types. so it's a shame that you can't see that, when it comes to nikki reed and m. angarano, you (and a lot of the commenters here)are starting to sound a lot like the hyenas. maybe ya'll don't spew foam, but ya'll definitely bare your fangs. ya'll even use the same excuses:

"i'm not hating on her, i'm just stating my opinion!"
"i just don't like/care about her,ok?!"
"it has nothing to do with Rob!"


anyway, it's been fun following your blog. but since i'm obviously not comfortable here anymore, i'mma show myself out.

take care and stay blessed.

Anonymous said...

come and email me too and i will pass on FB details on

email: lulu2210@optusnet.com.au

@ J In life you are not going to agree with everybody....some days you enjoy conversations with some and other days not.....Dont take this blog so bloody serious...It for entertainment and FIX [hehe] purposes only.....

Rose said...

Sorry you feel that way, J... but like the saying goes...you can't please everyone (so you got to please yourself)
Honestly, the things I say about Nikki are pretty damn mild if you ask me. It's just my thoughts.
And I hardly make a habit of talking about her.
But to each their own.
Live long and prosper.

Anonymous said...

@ Rose.....are we just a wee bit showing our AGE....[like I know how old you are?}

Rose said...

Louisa, I have a mind like a steel trap... hahahaha!
Oh the NONsense have already said that I'm old enough to have a 40 something kid. I must have gotten pregnant when I was just a glimmer in my parents eyes... not sure how that works...

Desperation does weird things to people.

LJ said...

Ha ha Rose and Louisa, loving the wisdom! and I definitely agree...some people take things wayyy too seriously.

Anyway....I seriously need to go to bed. I think I'm getting Rosesessed never mind Robsessed!


Anonymous said...

Indeed it does...old lady...or should I call you Super Intendant Rose.....[police ...yesterday....get it>>....dont worry.....Im just being a dick....

Becky said...

love it as always. and i love him for all the same reasons you do. and my husband doesn't care. he's pro-rob himself (and pro robsten like me!) cause K makes R happy and R makes K happy and really. and they are precious to watch together. can't wait to see (or not see) them together soon.

Anonymous said...

@ LJ 6 hours till?????goodnight!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, great post, I am amazed again that you have to state the obvious...it's your blog and your opinion. That's part of what's so fun about it, the other part is that your never downright mean and hateful. You have a right to state how you feel about Niki and MA, and you were not mean about it at all. If people don't like it then find another blog that gives you only sunshine and rainbows and be happy. Rose makes me happy everyday, I love this blog.

LJ said...

Ha ha I know Louisa...6 hours until I'm getting up for work.

I'm going now.......good night all!



Anonymous said...

Jane-I answered you but on yesterday's comments-the answer is yes, twice in about the last 4 weeks-never more than 10 days.

As for Nikki-Rose is way kinder than she deserves.

And this is a blog right? As in Rose shares her thoughts and opinions--not a f-ing newspaper account but her opinions. If you don't like it that's cool-she doesn't care but stop insulting her with crazy accusations. She's a good writer and a positive person--the world needs more people like her.

Patricia said...

OMG I must be intoxicated with Robert Pattinson to watch 1 hour and 30 minutes of that shit and not see Rob. I CAN'T WAIT TILL TOMORROW

Ray said...

I agree with you Patricia! lol

Karen said...

Oh,my! Those pictures! (Sigh) I love the way that man struts!

deb said...

Well hello there Miss Louisa and how are we Today???? Cant wait for tomorrow the TCA Only to see Rob I'v been out glad to see ya all here so watz up lolol same ol same ol Like I'v said before im a DUMBASS I set through the red carpet TCA just to see if I could see Rob well I dont know BUT I think I did see him there well the back of his head I know I know what can i say I NEED MY ROB FIX so I'll go to my HAPPY place LOUISAS videos hehehe Rob loves Kristen and thats all thats counts RIGHT -----Right DEB

deb said...

HAHAHA Patty I hear ya MEEEE to what we well do for that man. to funny But i though I saw he head. DEB.

Patricia said...

Taylor won 'hottie' over Rob,,,That is a 'shit' show.

katy said...

A Friend

How wonderfull they can have time to each other...Realy happy.

to J

this is Rose blog she can right whatever she wants...and we never made it a secret our dislike for Nikki in here.

Elle Bee said...

Hi Rose...I am from Australia and only found your BLOG about 7 weeks ago. It has now become part of my daily routine but I decided today to finally leave a comment.
I agree with everything you write, love your wit, your honesty and your respect for our favourite couple.
I miss ROBSTEN at the moment and can't wait to see Rob's gorgeous face the TCA's...I will watch his bits on You Tube!!
I can't wait for October when they start work on BD...the drought will be over and we will all be in ROBSTEN heaven...Rob & Kris too!!
Keep up the awesome work!!

Anonymous said...

@ElleBee Finaly another fellow Aussie.....

team necklace said...

"A Friend" ..waving back at you!!
Yes...my "name" obviously shows my allegiance to Kristen...first and foremost.
Glad you are here and trusting what "a friend" says is true... because it makes sense that this is what a special couple would do for each other.
A is for Airplane...yes indeed.
Rose...I love the colorful and insightful things you say...a born writer. The photos are a beautiful addition but your words tell the story alone each day. Thanks...Oh and waiting to see if Kristen is at the Teen Awards via tape or skype...anything to see her!!

Anonymous said...

The Nikki debate: I don't think saying "I don't like her" or calling Angarano Oregano is nearly as bad as calling people "You fat ugly whore" just because you don't agree or like them.

My hubs saw a comment where someone was called a fat whore, he turns to me and says "Is it always a fat whore? Can't it be a skinny one?" me: Nope..they always call you a fat one.. sometimes a fat ugly one. Him: So no skinny one? How about just a homely slut? Would that work?

He cracks me up sometimes.

It all comes down to maturity. You can disagree with people, but it's how you go about it.

“Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations.” - Samuel Ullman

And airplanes! Marvelous things.

katy said...

@taryder from E news...tweed

@taryder Rob's looking like we all feel: bored. Shows that aren't taped live are looong
14 minutes ago via UberTwitter

and I bet he miss Kristen

this is a shity awards...Taylor and Bibier are winning...now doubt... this is a teen awards

Anonymous said...

the only pic I can find so far???

katy said...

Rob won Best drama actor for Remember Me...happy he was reconized for something outside Twilight...still I wish it was an Oscar

Patricia said...


katy said...

Rob doesn't look Happy :(
Poor baby...is bored

Anonymous said...

@KATY no not a happy chappy.....this is not how we want to see our Fav Man.....

deb said...

I think in a way it mite be good that Rob is getting out of the TEEN stage Now people can see him as the MAN he is and not some teen hes doing more adult movies now so I see Taylor is winning best what ever award this is a Teen Choice Award. Not that i think Taylor Is better then Rob BUT HE IS A TEEN Know by doing KID movies So please let the Teens have him and leave poor Rob alone We all know hes better anyway Rob can pick up the awards in the adult awards I hope you can understand me I dont know if i understand myself lol DEB.

Patricia said...

BTW Rob also is wearing a silver necklace. I wonder where that came from ????

Anonymous said...

@Deb hi GF ...yer you make sense...

Anonymous said...

Patricia you sound like you are on “Jewelry Patrol”...you are crackin me up…. lol.....he has worn that necklace before..I've seen it in past pics of him.

deb said...

Louisa thank you for the links i did see all the pic of Rob and YES you can see hes doesnt want to be there He looks Bored Like hes saying i gave up seeing or being with my girl for THIS WTF .....DEB

Anonymous said...

thats better [smile]


deb said...

Louisa I like that one and the one that he with Katie Perry i think thats her a funny one but Rob has a big smile and WTF look on his face lol lol DEB.

deb said...

Sorry girls there is NO smile on Robs face in that pic just a WTF look DEB

Patricia said...

Sorry that necklace that Rob is wearing is gold. Maybe it's his Saint Joseph medal from WFE.

Patricia said...


I'm always on jewelry patrol with Rob and Kristen both. I meant Saint Francis, (my catholic school days are catching up with me) from WFE.

Anonymous said...

Well here's the summary:


rockchic said...

ahh im glad the TCA'S are over now because that means we will get to see where Robert is headed next :)
*cough* montreal *cough*
thanks rose for this wonderful post! you just made my sunday :D

deb said...

OK does any one know IF KRISTEN won any thing? just asking i didnt see anything about her yet And ya lit him get his lovely ass back to his girl ASAP He needs a smile on that beautiful face Get some rest Rob. DEB

Anonymous said...

Deb yep


deb said...

Thank you louisa did they say any thing about her saying thank you and do you know WHO took the awards for her?????? thank you DEB

Anonymous said...


Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Just wanted to say that I heart you. I always seem to be on the same page as you!

From the little that I have read in regards to the TCAs tonight -- it sounds like Rob was bored off his ass. Can't say I blame him. Wish he could have skipped it altogether. He did look great though.

Really wish Kristen's beautiful face was there. Don't get me wrong, I am glad she skipped it but it would have been great to see her tonight, especially with Rob.

Anonymous said...

They went up as a group and accepted all the ones that weren't individually handed out. They did the same thing last year.

taryder from the E! network tweeted:
New moon and eclipse won a LOT of awards that weren't aired, entire cast went up at the end to say thanks

and I noticed Rob didn't get his picture taken with every girl there that people were trying to hook him up with. :)

(And while we're talking about those girlies.. good heavens.. someone needs to talk to Leighton Meester about her footwear choices! I'm all for a good pair of Louboutin's, but the poof's gotta go!)

And now the deep breath before the plunge.. haters didn't get what they wanted tonight, so how bad are they going to react tomorrow.....

wig4usc said...

Had fun reading tonight's post as always! As one of the ancient ones who is married and still wishes good things for R & K, some thoughts:

*Your blog, your opinions. No apolgies, that's what it is.
*I'm glad to finally find others who aren't loving Nikki.
*I can't sit through the TCA's, not even for Rob, I'll stick to the highlights!

deb said...

Thanks Louisa I'v been reading alot of what people have been saying about Rob And im glad that they are NOW seeing him as NOT a teen ideal hes not one of the Twilight kids and that he is doing other movies that people are now see him as a good actor I know that thats what he really wants so good for him And believe it or not there are alot of people out there WHO believe that Rob and kristen are together That makes me happy Thanks again . DEB.

A said...

I just discovered your site and I'm hooked. I also happen to be a girl in a happy long term relationship but I totally LOVE Rob. And I think he belongs with Kris. They are so awesome together. There's just something in the air when they look at each other. It's palpable. Rob doesn't get that look around anyone else. Btw, did you see how depressed he looked at the TCAs today? Guess coz someone wasn't there ;)

khushboo said...

again d post was beatiful..i love d way u never ever forget to mention d ROBSTEN magic n ofcoarse,....ROB S charm...:)
i jus love...
i too..love his style persona charm...smile evry bit of him...
n yeah so cute na...his smiles r alwaz special wid kristen der.....:)
i jus loveeee ROBSTENN...:)
couple made in heaven...:)
i knw we all so belive dey r together n dey r...:)

love u...
love ROBSTEN...:)

Anonymous said...

I think we'll probably get pictures of him in london. Probably airport pictures.

So if he doesn't head there straight away, i doubt he'll be in LA for good reasons, or for anyone. Like he'd care to hang out with the Twilight cast? They are just co-stars.

I've seen images already from the TCA's. I haven't seen him smile all the time at an Awards Show in every picture. But I did think he looked kind of bored with it.

Anonymous said...

I do think though that he does have a reason to stay in London. You know he loves his family, and his close friends who don't live in America or Canada. They are reasons.

I think it's fine too Rose if you mention Nikki. She's part of the cast. And we still have to see images/videos of her sometimes.
I don't think we're hyenas. a) she's not a loveable person b) we don't obsess over her in every post c) none of us have hate sites for Nikki. So I don't see the problem. When she's mentioned, I feel like I can at last get some of my opinion across about her.
I think all Nikki fans get uncomfortable even though we're saying basically she doesn't have our respect, we see that she's out for attention, and see her bad points to her personality and actions. But her fans are the ones too who hate on Kristen and Rob then feel its fine.

Then I'll have my opinion without calling her a bitch and going on hate sites, over Nikki Reed's actions and personality. Which I honestly do not like.

I find too many people are so easy on her. And think she's some wonderful shining light. No. She's not. She makes up too much stuff and jumps from one friend to the next, lapping them up, then leaving the former friend out of the circle. Then told all about her childhood involving drugs and underage sex. Those are a couple reasons for why I don't have to love her and why I won't stay quiet.

I think if people are going to form their opinions on the cast at least: like Ashley seems to go from kissing one guy to the next, and does a lot of photo shoots with hardly clothes on since she was a former model (but she seems nice personality wise)...Then we should be allowed to share opinions on Nikki too. Good and bad ones. Nikki fans just want to see good opinions. Tough.