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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Enough

Cute pic of Thomas and Robert.
I love their being friends.
2 goofy, adorkable guys.

So here it is...
Saturday morning
I was out late last night
Might have had a drink or two
And thus my head is a bit pissed off at me.
Stupid head.

Is anything going on in Twi-Land?
Not really.
Which is actually good.
We've all debated the whole Paparazzi thing.
We all hate them.
Yet we all look at their pictures.
Double Edged Sword.

Thing is...
I don't NEED to see intrusive pictures of Rob and Kristen.
I'm perfectly happy with red carpet/work related pictures.
And as much as I enjoyed seeing the 
KISS picture...
(And yes, they were kissing... Desperadoes)
I didn't NEED to see it to know that 
Robert and Kristen are together.
Ya know?
Do we really need MORE confirmation of their relationship?
After all this time...
And picture after picture...
Every time they show up TOGETHER...
When is it ever enough?

*Got a thing for Rob/Tom walking today*

When is it ever enough...

On her relationship with Robert: “People always ask me if I’m dating Robert. It’s beyond annoying . . . What I say is, that, why would I want anything that’s private to become entertainment for other people? This is what I wanted to show you on here. People say that if I just tell them everything I’ll be left alone, but God, you think if I tell people they’ll leave me alone? They pick up every little scrap, and that’s much worse.”

On fame: 'What you don't see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction. All you see is an actor or a celebrity lit up by a flash...A lot of the time I can't handle it. It's fucked. I never expected that this would be my life.' 
Then she opens up in a rant about Robert Pattinson when the interviewer sees the photo on the display of Stewart's iPod: "It's a familiar deliciously handsome young man with an arm around Kristen and an arm around Jella, her cat," the reporter's quoted saying. "Without saying a word, [Stewart] quickly shoves the device back into the glove compartment and turns up the volume before I can say anything."
"It's so weird, that you have to be worries about people seeing things," Stewart finally says in response to the iPod image. "You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it's such a different thing. It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up."

*Walk this way*
I'm sick of the Paps.
I'm sick of the preaching.
I'm sick of people thinking Rob and Kristen somehow deserve
to be stalked, harassed and endangered
Just because they are 'famous'.
Or that they brought this on themselves
because they don't wish to publicize their relationship.
Complete Bullshit.
Fuck You.
But that's where I will leave this for now.
Because where before it was just my head that hurt...
My stomach has decided to join the party.
Thanks stomach.

And while I know this is a 'pap' picture...
At least they were on a movie set.
To me...
THIS picture is way more telling than the one where they are kissing.
This picture shows how completely
Robert is for Kristen.
It's my favorite one that came from Montreal.
But that being said...

You gotta love this one.
So yeah...
I would be happy not to see them the whole time
that they are in LA together...
Just knowing they are together is enough.
(Of course they are)
Just knowing they are happy is enough.
(Of course they are)

This post is brought to you by the letters *P*, *D* and *E*

P for Peace and Quiet.
I hope Robert and Kristen have found it.

Get the fuck off his
It was difficult to pull my hand back,
to stop myself from moving closer
to her than I already was.
A thousand different possibilities
ran through my mind in an instant--
a thousand different ways to touch her.
The tip of my finger tracing the shape of her lips.
My palm cupping under her chin.
Pulling the clip from her hair
and letting it spill out across my hand.
My arms winding around her waist,
holding her against the length of my body.

Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun, Chapter 12, p. 252

Bye for now.


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LK said...

Is Tom carrying a black purse in the first pic?LOL

manjen said...


Great post!

Leigh said...

Fabulous Rose! Hope you feel better ;)

khushboo said...

d last lines from MIDNIGHT NIGHT SUN.....totlly blown me away....
i love midnight sun more den ne other book....d lines wer awesum....love EDWARD...love ROBERT....:) love d way he portrays his emotions.....love everythng abt him.....:)
loved d post....:)
i want ROB N KRIS...to alwaz be together n happy n peacefull..:)
n alwaz have der beautiful smiles on der face........:)

love u....:)

love my ROBSTEN....:)

LK said...

I agree about the ENOUGH thing.Things have gone out of control.

SueBee said...

Poor Rob and Kris. They should be allowed to be excited about their relationship instead of feeling hunted down like animals.

I hope they stay out of site and are able to enjoy some down time--just like normal people!

Stacie said...

Ok, I just discovered your blog through a twitter RT...I am so in love with your thoughts and you feel the exact same way as I do...your thoughts and feeling are helping me with the ones I am experiencing too. It is nice to know that there are "others" out there like me....I agree with 100% of what you write. Thank you for helping me out with my feelings and thoughts!!

Patricia said...

Rose: 'Spot on'
Feel better..
I'm happy to see so many new people coming to your blog to post. You're my hero for your thoughts and comments.
Rock on Rose.
Hi to all my friends here.

Carly said...

sometimes it does get too much. the good, the bad, the annoying.

love the pictures of Tom and Rob. their friendship is as special and admirable and sweet as the love Rob and Kris have. it makes me smile. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

@SueBee: amen

keset said...

Great post Rossi.
Enough with Rob&Kris.
Love them and i'm happy they are love to be with each other.

Tom and Rob are adorable :P

Melinda said...

Today was a great post. Well said!

It's time for EVERYONE (supporters and haters alike) to put aside their differences.

Rob and Kristen are together. Some people are HAPPY for them, others not so much.

I have gotten so tired of the trash talk and nasty words coming out of peoples mouths over the state of Rob and Kristen's relationship.

Hope you feel better soon! Take care.

LJ said...

Spot on as usual Rose, we definitely don't need confirmation of their relationship....and lets face it anyone who still does is NEVER going to believe it! Hope your feeling better soon :-)

Just been catching up on the comments from yesterday...looks like you guys were having fun with your ladies night confessionals!....gutted I was sleeping and missed it, damn those different timezones!!

Hey SueBee my new fb friend!

Much love to my 'love Rob...love Kristen' friends on here.


Marie said...

Only one word is fitting after reading your blog today Rose: AMEN!!!

great post as always...feel better soon

Sofia said...

Love every of you words, and you're right in all of them.

Enough with the stalking and harassment.
Let them be excited and happy with their love.
Kristen always surprise me with her words, she's so mature. So perfect for our gentleman Rob.

Hope you feel better soon honey...

Marie said...

@ LK LOL I thought the same thing about Tom and the purse but after my husband took a peek he pointed out the woman standing behind Tom to the left..It's her purse..we think

Tarra said...


You are spot on! I have two thoughts regarding this being Enough. There doesn't seem to be any limits for paps and some fans to think that it's okay to post pics of their rented home, follow them on the road, or for paps to stalk them on commercial flights. At what point did we forget that they are human beings and not clay that can be shaped and molded to your liking. It saddens me to see them live and be treated like animals at the zoo on display with no guaranteed right to privacy. The other Enough comment is reserved for the Nonstens. I know that some Nonstens existed because they wanted proof of a relationship and now they get one its still not Enough. On last night AT board there was a civil dialogue between a Robsten and Nonsten. The Nonsten sees them as a couple but doesn't believe in the validity of their feelings for each other because they are caught in whirlwind that surrounds Twilight. Now if that is not a WTF moment I don't know. So the new spin is oh they are together but their feelings for each other isn't real. When will Enough be Enough?

Angela said...

Hi Everyone, hope you're all having a great weekend, and so are Rob and Kristen:) Another great post Rose, straight to the point as usual lol.

I'm glad that Rob and Kris have a wide group of friends and supportive families they will need them with the amount of idiots out their, never getting off their cases, analysing their every move. It must be so hard for them not being able to do what they feel like without thinking about how it will be perseived by the media.

Thats why I love your blog Rose, and I hope Rob and Kris read it, to realise that not every fan is a vulture, picking them off. Most of the haters are just jelous teenagers who want Rob for themselves (as if!!). We love Rob for who he is, love his personality, his acting, his humbleness,if thats even a word. He's good at what he does, in fact excellent would be a better word, yet he's still looks as if he doesn't know what the fuss is about.

And your right Rose Enough is Enough let them be, give them some time together and they will reveal what they want to about their relationship, where and when they want to !!

I've not commented for a wee while, been holding it all in, rants over lol.

Keep up the good work Rose, and I'll keep reading from bonnie Scotland XXXXX

A Friend said...

Hey Rose-
Love you for this so much. You are the best...but we all know that. Still no real access-snuck onto my buddy's phone for this and email. Hope you feel better and had fun last night...guess I'm not the only degenerate :) take care--

antihypocrite said...

Funny how you mention you don't need to see pap pictures of Rob or Kristen, and how you despise the paparazzi yet every picture in this post was taken by the paps. Hypocritical much?

deb said...

Rose you said it and Rob and Kristen believe it ENOUGH is ENOUGH Im SO glad that they are having some ALONE time I feel like you I hope I dont see them a while and ya LJ we had a good time last night ladies confessionals Rose I do hope you feel better Thank you hun for making me smile DEB.

Rose said...

Oh 'antihypocrite'...
I know the pics I used were 'pap' pics... hence why I called the pics a 'double edged sword'.
I get it.
I said I don't NEED the pap pics... and I don't. I would be perfectly happy without them.
I look at the pics, I never said I didn't. I post some of the pics, I never said I wouldn't.
That doesn't mean I have to like the lengths some of the paparazzi go to get the Money Shot.

Do you comprehend now, hypocrite?
Probably not.

Rose said...

Hey *A* Friend!

I'm glad you like the post... I did it just for you ;)

All is well in Rose's world...
Hope you can say the same.

Peace and Happiness dear friend.

A Friend said...

Hey antihypocrite--fuck off and leave Rose alone! She didn't pay for the paps photos and she never will. She does nothing but try to make sense out of insane fucks like you! She isn't hiding in bushes or flying helicopters into people's homes. She is a normal, respectful fan trying to get people to behave appropriately. She has more integrity than you ever will and is a loyal amazing person so take your snide, inane little comments somewhere else!

jen said...

great post, the hyenas are saying the craziest things now, "over there," they have some poster who pretends she's in PR and worked on Robert's Hot Topic Tour(riiiiight) yet all she offers is crap anyone could google or pull out of their a**.

But she's the only thing they can cling to now, so they listen.lol And did you know the police story is phase two of a PR coup? Yes, everybody we are in phase 2.


phase 2 of delusions!

LJ said...

A Friend..I always love your mysterious posts but that one tops the lot....

'Hey antihypocrite--fuck off'

Ha ha ha ha love it....perfectly expressed what I'm sure most of us on here were thinking! :-D

Much love,


Rose said...

WOW! *A* Friend to the rescue!
Thanks my darling for defending me... I think my crush has taken on a whole new level ;)

Silly, delusional people like the hypocrite really don't bother me... it just shows their desperation and how foolish their delusions are.

Again... thank you my knight in shining armor! <3

A Friend said...

Happy to defend you Rose. You know I'm the one who sent you a picture and owe you another. You didn't just confuse me with the drunken idiot who sends you stupid messages did you?

Leigh said...

A Friend...couldn't have said it better myself! We love Rose!!

My favorite line from Rose's post today "We've all debated the whole Paparazzi thing. We all hate them. Yet we all look at their pictures. Double Edged Sword."

Just because we look at SOME pap pics doesn't mean we condone it. I never looked at the house pics because to me that was WAY over the line. I don't have them on my speed dial to run out and get the money shot for me. I DO NOT buy those stupid tabloid mags that pay for these pictures. So, how can I change it? How can Rose change it?

You are so right Rose. Enough is enough. I don't understand why people can't let go of all of the hate and let these beautiful children just live their life? They ARE happy. They ARE together. Why would anyone wish otherwise?

A Friend said...

I see how it is-lol! I can't email for a few days and I get replaced. Fine, fine really that's cool. I hope you two are very happy together but just remember you were my friend first! :)

SueBee said...

Yeah, what A Friend said!!!!!!

@Antihypocrite--Go get bent

You're only here in an attempt to cause problems. Read what Rose writes more carefully and maybe you'll comprehend her better.

@LJ-Hi my new FB friend!

Rose said...

Well damn! You can't blame me for being confused as to whom I was talking to! But thanks for defending me just the same! It's kind of a reverse on reality!

I've missed our conversations.
Glad to know all is well.


antihypocrite said...

To "A Friend"

First of all, your reply shows your level of maturity exactly. I'm not gonna step down to your level and call you names too. If you have noticed I refrained from it in my previous comment.
Secondly, I'm sure you are exactly the kind of person to judge my integrity. *rolls eyes*
And thirdly, lol when will you understand that just because some people don't like this blog or you, or RoseSee or whomever, doesn't mean they are "hyenas" as you lovingly call them? Being a fan of Rob and Kristen doesn't entitle one to agreeing with everything you say.
And yes, why bother posting my comment here then, right? Well, just thought someone should express an opinion other than "you are so right Rose" so that maybe it would make you reconsider. Obviously didn't work.

Bye for now.
Three hearts.

deb said...

LJ and Leigh I agree with all you said about A FRIEND right on and THANK YOU a friend we to like to stick up for OUR ROSE. Antihypacrite BACK OFF BITCH go cry some where else This is the LOVE SHACK The one and only INTOXICATION of Robert and Kristen. Thanks again guys. DEB.

Rose said...

A Hypocrite.

Get serious. Now this is all about 'don't call me a hyena'? Really?
Poor you.
I've never stopped anyone from voicing their opinions... the only time I've deleted comments is when they were personal attacks on Rob or Kristen.

A hyena isn't someone who doesn't agree with me, silly hypocrite...
A hyena is someone who hates Rob and Kristen for living their life the way they want to live it.

And guess what hypocrite?
You came to me...
I didn't come to you.
As always.

I'm guessing the rabies shots aren't working?

manjen said...

Ditto to Deb @ 2:21!! My feelings EXACTLY!!

I love this site because it is a place Rose has provided for Rob and Kristen's fans to come and discuss them and meet new people who are fans as well!! I hate when people try to bring negitivity to this place!!

Thank you Rose, you are doing an excellent job!!

Leigh said...

Bawahahaha @ Rose...nope don't think they are working ;) Maybe they need another dose.

And it never fails to amaze me. Some people should really open their eyes and just SEE!!

LOL @ Deb...the LOVE SHACK!! Love it!!

A Friend said...

Okay look shit face antihypocrite person...I never used the word hyena but I like it alot. I think you are just one of those idiots from the nonsteners board or wherever else you hide. What you are offended by cursing--FUCK YOU 1000x then. Maybe it'll make you run away and leave Rose alone.

Did Rose ever say "gosh-I can't wait to hear a bunch of hateful responses that attack me?" NOPE! She clearly says she is just writing about being a fan. She didn't invite you to call her names like hypocritical so DON'T! I don't come here everyday but when I do I find a really nice, safe place for people who are sane normal fans. That doesn't include you obviously so go away--now--don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Oh--and yea, FUCK OFF and leave Rose alone.

manjen said...

@ A Friend...


deb said...

YOU GO THERE A friend tell it like it is and HO ya antihypocrite FUCK OFF. LOVE SHACK LOVE SHACK BABY I love that song. DEB

antihypocrite said...

To Rose:

I do "comprehend". And this is the reason your comment is even more hypocritical. I am not preaching "Don't post paparazzi pictures" here. I look at them just like you. However, I don't complain that the paps crossed the line etc. By LOOKING at the pictures and POSTING them here you are agreeing to what they do, can't you see that? They take the pictures in the first place because we all look at them and repost them. So if you do, at least have the decency to admit it.

And lol, no, this isn't about you calling people hyenas (although I could talk about that too and in length). Isn't it an easy way out though to say someone has rabies, is a hyena, etc.? Oh, and if you reread the definition of the word hyena you provided you would notice that I can hardly be classified as one. ;) It is okay though, you can call me whatever you want, whatever makes you feel better, right? :)

To the rest of the group:

Answering your queston - or rather acusation of me not being a fan of them just becasue I happen not to kiss Rose's ass - you are wrong. Need explanation - reread my previous comment.
I will not argue with you though because your maturity is SHINING through your comments. And no, foul speech does not bother me. It bothers me though that the only contrargument you can come up with is:"Fuck off", etc.

So I will do just that and gladly.

Have a nice day, "ladies" and thank you for keeping me entertained for the whole 10 minutes.


LJ said...

He he he he......'Okay look shit face antihypocrite person'

A Friend whoever you are...you are an actual legend!

Yeah Deb! we love the love shack


A Friend said...

And Rose,

For all that you do I will always defend you...I'm kind of loyal that way and not really in the mood for shit right now directed toward me or any of my friends.

Okay, getting the evil eye from my guard dogs and probably will get a lecture about our new reality which apparently is going to suck. Hope to be able to really chat soon. (((HUGS))) to you my friend.

Boogie with Stew said...

Rose..you're the shizzle..here's to the hair of the dog that bit ya..hope you get your head and stomach to shillaxs.. had to catch up..Whow is me..damn paps are friggin everywhere,no rest for the weary,it's a damn shame..I like the comment about the "Rob" police..I think we all come her collectively to discuss positive waves about R & K..you can get all that negitive shit everywhere else..I come here because 90% of the "Rose" bloggers are on the same page..Going back to Friday it's not a hunch there IS something in the cosmos for Rob and Kristen..it's more than a feeling oh shit that's a good 70's tune..the post from Midnight sun bam love it..keep on posting and we'll keep on sharing..
peace love and yes I love your newest creation... twiggles..

Leigh said...

Woot woot!! GO A FRIEND!! You sound so much like a person we all know and LOVE!! And Deb, I know!! That is one of my favorite songs too!

A Friend said...

I'm sorry antihypocritical person but here's a fucking news flash--THE PAPS TAKE PICTURES TO MAKE MONEY! They could give a shit if Rose or any other blog posts them because they don't make money that way. They take the pics and shop them to a bunch of celebrity rags and scum websites. The scum websites buy them so that the rags can't publish them without paying for them. It has NOTHING TO DO with Rose. God--get your fucking facts straight at least you idiot.

If Rose's use of the stupid pap pictures gave one dime to the scum who take them, trust me when I say I would be the LAST person who would ever befriend Rose. She has nothing to do with it. Her use or non-use is not going to stop them ever.

But Rose's posts typically are sane and may make people think twice about buying the scum rag newspapers or trying to interfere with personal lives. Pics from movie sets or public events are fine and expected. But Rose gets that climbing through bushes to get a picture of people in their homes is too far. That's what alot of the nice people here believe too and that's why they all support her.

Now just go away....and...

(wait for it)....


manjen said...

@ A Friend...

(wait for it)... FUCK OFF!

Oh my god..too funny!!


Boogie with Stew said...

AFriend..you make great sense to all of us...your wisdom is to the point but I don't think they want to take it.."Anti" is here to stir the shit pot..like some others have done..WE are here to support both K & R..with the good and the bad that comes with fame..True the pics were snapped by the paps but to reiterate..we look
"not buy" and it has been expressed that "WE" as a group aren't happy about how they are obtained! WE enjoy the fact "THEY" are together and happy..so let her take a long walk off a short pier..

twiggles to all

Leigh said...

So....I have a question for antihypocritical. If you don't mind answering. Are you a fan of Rob or Kristen? I am serious. How do you think this benefits them?

Opytaylor said...

Its Saturday. I just now start my weekend. I had to work a rare Saturday 7 a.m. to 3, but I posted on this pap stuff today too. If we, me included, are creating a market for those pictures, then we deserve the middle finger from Kristen. And I have been saying for weeks, we did not need anything beyond what they did publicly. The Eclipse premiere pictures were more than enough for reasonable to people to not only enjoy, but know that they are couple.

keset said...

A Friend , PLS don't Curse :\

Louisa said...

Hey Rose...brilliant post as usual....Hope you passed any messages on to those who need to be told ....once again,and again....Does it ever end......No sir re...
Ya missed our little party here last night...Bloody Olivia came late as usual...although I acknowledge her "fess up"...Hi Olivia.....
Olivia you know the invite specifically said starts @ 11pm....Where in the HELL were you!!!!!!LOL
Hi MAF’s how we are this fine Sunday morn ...Hope we didn’t rise with sore heads......Enjoyed yesterday immensely....
Rose than you Hun ...I couldn’t remember ELLE UK mag for my ramble yesterday....You so eloquently quoted the precise paragraph in today’s post......
Like the...’Walk this way.....talk this way...walk this way...talk this way’....
Yet another bloody song embedded in my head...

dowlingnana said...

Hey fellow believers,

I just want to know how many times Rose has to explain what a hyena is? It's ridiculous!! Almost every blog she has to explain it when she has always made it so perfectly clear!!

I was just on my FB Robsten site and there is a Gossip Cop news alert of how when R&K hit LA and in their vehicle, they noticed the papz following them while weaving in and out of traffic to try and keep up. They, R&K, ended up going to a police station and low and behold they got help this time.

ENOUGH IS enuff!! As GC states, what will it be next time? An injury, a death of a star or innocent family in a van!!

Later lovely ladies, Donna

Louisa said...

As you can see I obviously havent yet read all others daily ramble...

@A (wait for it)....
6 Hail Mary's & 12 Our Fathers.....
Gawd you'd think ya woulda learned after yesterdays episode.....lol

I could'nt have said it better myself....Although you are earning yourself a reputation.....One for your lovely way of putting things.....and
Two.... you seemed to be "the 'LADIES MAN' around here.....WHAT WITH ALL THESE COMPLEMENTS,,,,I'd watch that other Friend of yours......from what I've heard .....she's the jealous type...and dosent handle her anger to nicley......LOL

katy said...

Great Post Rose...after I read your posts I always fell great, you always have the right words.

I also don't need more pictures to confirme their relationship...I never did...though I enjoyed seeing the
KISS and the nuzzling pics...but

'Just knowing they are together is enough.
(Of course they are)
Just knowing they are happy is enough.
(Of course they are)'

Happy that Rob and Kristen have been able to stay low key since they got to LA.


Yeah...What A friend Said

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I am sorry you are feeling bad today, and I hope it gets better. I hope you had fun last night. I loved the blog today, and you are so right. I do feel badly for Kris, she is only 20 years old, and she can't show the normal excitement over her relationship, and that must be so hard. I love Kris and Rob, they are actors, it is a job, they deserve peace and quiet in the normal life, just like anybody else. As for Antihypocrite, they is a place for people who love Robsten. You do not have to agree with us, but no name calling, in other words, leave Rose alone. She is our hero, and we will always defend her. Have a great weekend Rose, I will look forward to your blog tomorrow. Wherever Rob and Kris are, I hope that are happy, safe, and enjoying every moment of their time together. They deserve every happiness.

antihypocrite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
antihypocrite said...


I said I'd go away but this is like a trainwreck - you just can't look away.

I'll explain it one more time.

To the smart and all-knowing Friend and his/her supporters:

How shall I explain it so that you "comprehend"? Paparazzi take pictures in order to sell them to agencies that later sell them to magazines and other websites. Magazines print these pictures and get their money from the people who purchase the pictures. You got it right up to this point.However, celebrities websites such as popsugar, celebuzz etc. post these pictures in order to get HITS. The more hits they get, the more hits the advertisement placed on the page gets, the more money the website gets from the advertisement placer. So by looking at the pictures on the website you contribute to the paparazzi chasing them. The higher the demand, the higher the supply, that's simple economics theory for you here. The paps would not put so much effort into chasing them if they knew they didnt get paid. Look at the amount of money paid for the kissing picture. EVERYONE rushed to the site that posted it, and clicked many, many times - and I am sure that the money the site, the paps and everyone involved got more than covered all the trouble and expenses that went into obtaining and posting these pictures. The chase will continue because we fuel it, and as there is no way we can stop it now - no, the ridiculous campaigns and petitions some sites entertain won't help either - the heat needs to die out on its own, eventually , you migh just admit that you do look at the pictures, and that you do post them, and if you do these things then you cannot just hate on some of the pictures and say that others are okay. They are all the sam in Rob and Kristen's book. They are taken agains their will. It does not matter if they are smiling, and it is actually worse when they don't know they are being photographed because that is like spying on them. So that was my initial point. I only ask you to try to think rationally and think about that even thoug I imagine it must be hard for you to see through your blinded with rage vision.

And lol, you are so "funny" with your use of Barney's phrase. So FUNNY.

To Leigh:

If you really were that interested in the answer to your question, you would have read my previous comments in which I not once, or even twice mentioned that I am a fan of them, and their relationship indeed. No, I am not a "nonsten". As for your second question, please do explain. How do I think what benefits them?

deb said...

Donna I read that to so true what well it take? I dont want to say any thing or put harm on ANY ONE but what would it take for them to see we dont WANT ANY ONE HURT what if it was one of there own (papz) do you think they would stop? I dont think so. And YES there are other people out there who can get hurt You would THINK that the LAW should do something about it Im glad that Rob and Kristen got the HELP they needed and that they are safe. DEB.

katy said...

@ A friend

You rock...and I agree with @Leigh...you sound like someone we all love.

I Love your comments and also the coments of @ Afriendofafriend

And speaking of @Afriendofafriend where is he today?

Louisa said...

Shall i leave the 'entertainment' for "A" or should i post a "vid link......?????


dowlingnana said...

It's me again,
I was thinking how Rob said if he had to hide in his hotel again for the next Twilight being made, he'd probably jump from his balcony. I am sure he/they are feeling this even off that set. The poor things!! When will Enough be Enough? Can't even date, altho' we know they tried back in July before Kris had to leave for OTR.
Kristen was right, even tho' it's out now, the papz aren't stopping!! They'll always want to know more and as Rose posted Kris saying, none of us realize what the papz do to them, yelling obscentities at them all the time to get a rise. Where is the integrity our nation USE to have? Good reporters, etc. like Walter Cronkite or David Brinkley. Yes, where are those good old days?

Sry, had to get this off my chest coz' I do so worry about our beloved two!! Donna

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: Yeah, do they remember Princess Diana? Oh yeah, that's right, the papz were acquitted weren't they, so, NO HARM- NO FOUL!! Donna

deb said...

Antihypocrite correct me if Im wrong but I thought you could go look at the pic and the only way the blogs got any money out of it is ONLY WHEN YOU post on there site you can look but dont comment like I said this is what i heard . DEB

Leigh said...

To Antihypocrite,

I guess what I mean is ...all of us here understand the way this works. Pap-to rag-to consumer. And do you think that Rose posting the few pap pics she does makes a difference? She doesn't post scans of the rags...she doesn't linc to the scum sites. She doesn't condone any of it. The words that she uses in her post are SO MUCH more effective than just about any picture. (Notice I said just about any the Eclipse red carpet pics said it all for me!)

"We" all support Rose because she HONESTLY cares about Robert and Kristen. We don't like it when someone comes to HER BLOG and attacks her. You are more than entitled to your opinion. Everyone is. BUT you came here with your big stick so...yeah.

And as for what do I mean...how do you think this helps them? Do you really think coming on a Blog where just about EVERYONE loves and supports Robert and Kristen and stirring with your big stick helps? I don't think they would. I know I don't. That is what I meant.

dowlingnana said...

@Leigh: HEAR HEAR!!

katy said...

Woot woot!!You GO @Leigh

deb said...

So does any one know where Rob and kristen well go first for BD where do they start at I heard it starts in OCT or IS in NOV.Thats not to far away is it.Louisa I didnt understand your video post. And once again didnt we have a good time last night Yep leave it up to our girl Louisa to get the party started we had fun DEB.

Boogie with Stew said...

for the " wisdom of wise ones" cheers to my new blogger friends..
Deb... I think you are right not sure about the legal aspect but I think you have to "hit" that site! for them to get moneis...Leigh...my thoughts exactly ..dowlingnana..we all remember beautiful Princess Diana..how tragic..and sadly the "scum" reporting is the new rage..wish we could protect our couple from such crap..Louisa love your sarcasm..and ANTI TWITT we don't give a shit..


Boogie with Stew said...

November "Breaking Dawn" to begin filming..

katy said...

to Louisa

That's my favorite scene...LOVE it So much and know whenever i see this scene I remember what Slade Said.

katy said...

I mean now...not know

Louisa said...

@LJ "timezones" that's hardly an excuse.....I made it and still got ready to attend a 80's disco with 30of my RL closest friends.....
sleeping?....I dont know ...the hide of some.....LOL

@ Katy....What Slade said about the "chemistry' and they had to be a couple to play the scene like thet did...[my words not his BTW] yes....
..Rose likes how E toucheds B hair and proposes[as per twitter]....So do I Rose ....and thats for you...this vid I mean for this reason......

@ Leigh...You go girl....

dowlingnana said...

I found this interesting reading and hope you all do as well. Will have to post in two seperate blogs though. Donna

Airports, Papparazzi and Kristen

I do not enjoy watching Kristen go through airports. Its not a pleasant experience for her. This is made worse by the people that judge her for not handling it better.

In order to have the right to judge her on this, first you must have taken a long cross country flight and when you get off the plane, you had 20 guys with cameras waiting for you who then follow you on the very long journey to your vehicle, and all along the way they pepper you with questions in hopes of getting a reaction out of you that will make their pictures worth something since you didn't do what they hoped you would (like hold your BFs hand for the world to see) If you have handled that situation gracefully, then speak up. Otherwise STFU.

When you are treated that way, all the negative energy builds up and you have to react. I would probably get aggressive with the photographers and hopefully not end up in jail for assault. Kristen is tiny, the only recourse she has to get rid of some of that negative energy to raise her middle finger. No one should fault her
for that.

Because of the news that occurred the previous day, with the grainy kiss, gossip outlets that pay the photographers are hoping they get some additional PDA, such as hand holding in the airport. I never see anyone holding hands or being affectionate in the airport. Walking through the airport, regardless of who you with, is not fun. All I can think about is getting to the vehicle and getting the hell out of there so I can get home.

It may even be worse that what was happening at the airport. Rob and Kristen might not have had the option of going home because of those same guys may know where they live or they are going to follow you home to find out. Anyone would be angry about this.

Some of the reasons I am drawn to Kristen is I see myself is some of her personality traits. She is the opposite of an attention whore. As matter of fact, excessive attention, for people like me, drains you physically and emotionally.

Rob is not having an easy time with this, either. He is primarily concerned with Kristen but there is nothing he can do to make it better until they get the hell out of there. The guy probably feels helpless because he can't do anything for her.

It probably would have taken me a couple of days to recover from an experience like that because of the negative energy I would have absorbed.

The whole idea that Kristen deserves this because she is famous and gets paid well is just wrong. What Kristen did was spend several months using her god given ability to create a product that people want. They work hard during production. Sixteen hour days are common.

Rob and Kristen did not seek this degree of fame, but its here and they really do go out of their way to show appreciation to their fans by signing autographs and allowing people to get their picture taken with them. They probably do this more than anyone. I have not heard of them refusing fan pictures or autographs, even when they are approached having dinner.

dowlingnana said...

Please pardon me while I go off on a tangent regarding autographs and trying to get close to celebrities. I am not the type to seek autographs and pictures. Its a personality trait that I think I have in common with Kristen. If she were not famous, i cant see her seeking autographs. She would admire at a distance (as i do). That's not being critical of autograph seekers, it's just that i don't see any value in an autograph or quick picture. So I would just stay out of the way. If i were in their shoes, I would not be comfortable with the attention, but i would certainly make an effort to let folks know i appreciate the support (and they do). As a fan i would only travel or go out of my way to see someone I admire if it was to see them perform OR if I knew I could have an actual conversation. If I did spend some time with the admired individual and shared a few laughs, then a picture would be a token of that experience. Otherwise, an autograph or picture isn't worth the trouble. I collected a few autographs when I was younger and the memory I have is of this person doing something they felt obligated to do, despite the smile on their face. end tangent

Robert and Kristen have gone through LAX before and it looked uncomfortable, but this time it was really bad. The pap from Montreal and that bitch Lainey made this 10 times worse by talking and tweeting about while they were in the air.

I won't blame Rob and Kristen's management because I don't know how the timing of all this went down. However, considering the news from the previous day, this would have been a good time to get them on a private plane.

Kristen wasn't raising her middle finger at me or you. But I deserve it if I am providing a market for paparazzi pictures. As I have said, from the Orpah show through the Eclipse premiere, Rob and Kristen did enough that reasonable people should have figured out (if they hadn't already) that these two are more than friends. They joy in their smiles as they looked at each other on the Eclipse Black Carpet was more than enough confirmation. They were working that night, but those smiles kept on and they were truly loving each other. They had to know we could tell what was going on. To me, that is what loving Robsten is all about. That was the modern day Romeo and Juliet on display. And those pictures were no violation of their privacy.

dowlingnana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louisa said...

Donna My Secr Obs IS OPYTALORS THE GUY WHO COMES ON HERE'S BLOG BTW...did ya realise that???
@ deb you did'nt understand my introduction....if this is the case...I was being an idiot....ya know it's not like me.....I apologize...[sarcasm!!] lol

Narmie said...

great post Rose.
well as always

girls PLEASE vote for Rob or Kristen I hate that they are so behind!!!!!!!! PLEASE


oh and Rose so good that finally peace comes.
all of us KNOW that Rob and Kristen are TOGHETHER now enjoying their time
and Rose dont pay your precious and attention to hyenas
if they cant spread their foam on rob and kristen they will find something new such as you posting pap pictures here, though you NEVER denied it
so just ignore.
thats how I live

believe and love.

N from Azerbaijan

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: No I had NO idea, hahaha, well, love it Opy. WEll done!! Now I know. thanx Louisa, Donna

LJ said...

Ha ha Louisa my friend...It was the middle of the night and I had to work today...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it anyway!! I read all your posts though and It sounds like you had fun :-)

Anyway you went to an 80's disco you say? I think you should post some pics on fb of this so we can see!

Thanks for the link btw, that scene makes me ***sigh***

❤ Much love ❤


deb said...

Louisa hun I just cant get to the video you post thats all And you know me and my fix lol Please help me if you can (video) i no i need help in other ways but i dont think even you can help me there BWhahahahah.(being funny)Thanks girl friend. And Louisa was that our opy?hummmmmmm DEB.

A said...

Beautiful, darling, amazing Rose,

I am so terribly sorry I was not here to defend you against the wicked. I would have sweetheart because anyone who offends you deserves to be called out as the liar that he or she is.

I am, mmm, amused that our mutual friend found her way here as her employers were supposed to have a better handle on that type of thing. Her rage at the offender didn't surprise me, however, as I have seen her run to other's defenses in the past and I don't think there has ever been a time when whoever she opposes is not left demoralized, exhausted, and exposed.

Now back to you my sweet. I am sorry that my monikar may have caused confusion but how could you not know, my love, that any post written by me, to you, would not contain at least one statement about your beauty or your wit, or any of your other charms.

Now, as for today's wonderful blog--what wonderful taste you have to publish those pictures of Thomas and his sad, ugly friend Robert. As you can see, from what I have read, Robert spends much of his time following poor Thomas around, trying to learn from him and emulate him. It is sad but true. How nice of you to recognize that without Thomas, Robert would be lost, wandering the streets without a clue or a friend.

Well, it would seem our mutual friend beat me to your defense but in the future I will stand ready to defend you against all enemies. You deserve to never hear anything but sweet adoration and love Rose. I hope you have a wonderful evening and thank you for the kindness and happiness you spread every day.

With my whole heart and soul,
A Friend of A friend

deb said...

Friend of a friend .......?........HUH. DEB.

Leigh said...

Ooooh A...you better watch it ;) You're gonna get in trouble. Wouldn't want another adjustment would you? Bahahaha!!

A said...

To clear up the confusion that my monikar has caused...I was led to this board by "A Friend" who has known Rose for ages. I believe they were school friends or something like that. Old friends, very loyal (obviously given today's exchange) and such.

So, when "A friend" told me about how much she enjoys this place, I was curious and was overcome with Rose's sweet disposition and obvious writing talents. So, I commented as "A friend of a Friend" because that is how I "know" Rose. Except that my name is too long and appears as "A" said...

So there you have it. No great mystery to discover really but two people who love and admire Rose and her talents.

Carry on now.

katy said...

A Friend of A friend

If I didn't knew that you were only beeing sarcastic with that comment about Rob...I would be telling you to F**ck of.

A said...

Darling Leigh,

Please do not remind me as I am still spending most of hours standing. I do feel, however, that I should be permitted to allow at least some of the devotion and admiration that I have for Rose to escape or else I will simply burst into a million pieces of myself.

A friend of a Friend

Leigh said...

A...I do understand ;) We all feel that Rose should know how wonderful she is!! And I'm sure A Friend will allow you a bit of wiggle room...she did defend Rose most vigorously herself earlier. Cheers ;)

LJ said...

Ha ha is it just me or is it soooo funny on here today? A Friend of A Friend I am LOVING the sarcasm....maybe it's just my weird English sense of humour!

Keep it coming :-D


Louisa said...


Thats the link Deb again for you . I hope this helps.

@ LJ I thought it was in fact my Ausse sik,dry & warp sense of humour....but I suppose you are from the motherland of us convicts...LOL [well not me and my desendants I am from terfMalta actually. [fess up time] look I/m now doing it to myself...this is a bit of a worry...lol

Louisa said...

@ Lj not termalta Its MALTA...sorry

keset said...

HOT ROB *very hot*
Now i can go to sleep with a smile ;)


Louisa said...

@lj as for 80's pics...sorry didnt take any....but should have...I did enjoy our get together with real lifers......and we had a Marvelous time....although the music was quite loud and I found myself inserting tissue paper in my ears to control the vloume...lol and I inserted it to deep......well wasnt I in a pickle....lucky for my trusted tweesers to save the day LMAO..i can laugh now ...But not at the time...lol

Louisa said...

keset is from the UK??????

LJ said...

I thought termalta sounded like an interesting place actually!.... Malta is gorgeous, I went to St Julians Bay on holiday a few years ago it was beautiful.

Alas there is nothing so exotic in my heritage...English through and through I'm afraid :-(

Ha ha just laughed out loud at the tissue paper in your ears story!! I really hope that's true because that is FUNNY! shame theres no pics but glad you had a good time anyway!


Louisa said...

@ keset that vid was HAWT thx...
Rose take a look ..its got Rob [ E} walking..lol

Louisa said...

@ LJ its true I'm afraid...im such a dick...lol

beacullen said...

Great post Rose, as always I totally agree. Hope your head and stomach feel better, hangovers suck! lol thanks Rose.

deb said...

Thank You louisa I just love that part of the movie that and the bed one and the one at the end well hell I love all the ones with Rob and kristen in it But the love scenes are the BEST thats when its ROBERT and Kristen to me not Bella and Eward. DEB

Marie said...

I just CANNOT understand why idiots like a hypocrite come on this blog...and spout stupidity! Like A Friend of a Friend (I think that's right...got kinda confusing as to who was who) said Rose doesnt PAY for the pictures...she's 100% honest when she posts a paparazzi picture...so hypocrite go away if you don't like what Rose posts or we say...GO THE HELL AWAY...no one here is bothering you and no one here cares what you think...bye bye bye

deb said...

OK Ladies what well be the Topic on tonights conversation?Louisa,LJ,SueBee,Manjen,Leigh,Donna,OPY,Patty,Tracy,Melanda,You guys have anything?HO YA I FORGOT THE BEST WHAT ABOUT YOU ROSE? DEB.

katy said...

to Keset

Thanks for that vid...HOT Rob

sweet dreams ladies

manjen said...

Hello Everyone!!!

@ Deb..my mind is blank regarding topics!! hmmmmmm???? Is there anything you would like to discuss???

Leigh said...

Deb, I can think of lots of topics ;)I just don't know how appropriate they would be! Bahahaha!!

Best line in these comments today is courtesy of our good friend *A Friend* "wait for it.....fuck you!!" LOVE IT!! That will be my new classic hyena response!! Bahahaha!!

manjen said...

@ Leigh,

You are right, that was an AWESOME comeback that I WILL have to use in the future!!

deb said...

YA now lets see HUmmmmmmm WHY IS THE SKY BLUE BEahahahah I cant think of any thing right now Wheres our louisa when we need her lol Now last night we talk about our age well some of us did we gave out our e-mails talked alot about love and ROB and Kristens love about long term relationships, Our color of our eyes our zodiac sines the songs we like hummmm what can we talk about tonight ? DEB

deb said...


manjen said...

@ Deb,

Why is the sky blue? Hmmmm...

How about this:
Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway???

Just something to ponder....

Louisa said...

Its Sunday Morn for me and I'm cleaning after the boys had friends over last night......
Deb we covered a lot of topics last night.....I'll think it over a bit..... and come back to ya.... on it....meanwhile I like the version of this song and the other version to which we usually hear on the radio over here...I'm sure there too.....hey and the vid aint to bad either...hehe


deb said...

Thank you Louisa I love that video and the song Do you think that Rob and kristen well go see there family before they do BD? Kristen is still doing her movie so you think that since shes in LA that she'll go see them? i think she well and maybe after shes done Rob and her can go see his family What do you all think DEB

Boogie with Stew said...

just wanted to say I'm relatively new, don't want to butt in, you all have been friends for a while,I have enjoyed all the posts..Thanks for sharing the vid links love them.. I've been taking it all in,like a sponge..love the pic of Kristen petting the wolf..I read somewhere she/her parents had some for pets? I did have one question it was stated in the beginning is "Tom" carrying a purse..lol
good nite my intoxicated friends

Twiggles to all
PS I'm a cancer

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: that sounds like a good plan to me!!

I'll keep checking back for the topic of the evening.....Donna

Melinda said...

Oh my gracious I come back from a long day away and it's war of the words on here. I stated before that both supporters and haters need to set aside their differences but I guess the ANTI person just couldn't help herself. Some things will never change. If you don't have something POSITIVE to contribute why even bother?

TO A FRIEND AND A FRIEND OF A FRIEND (AKA "A")- You both have now made a friend for life ha ha! I wonder if we will ever find out your names or are you keeping that a mystery?

To the rest:

Late to the convo from last night so I thought I would let you know my "stats":

32 years old, single, no kids, hazel eyes (more green than brown), and I am a cancer as well (July 5th). Have to say that I love that Cancers "sign" is pervy! Got to love us!!

Headed off to catch up on some stuff so have a great night for all the late nighters.

na_ce said...

I was stunned by the unexpected electricity that flowed through me, amazed that it was possible to be more aware of him than I already was. A crazy impulse to reach over and touch him, to stroke his perfect face just once in the darkness, nearly overwhelmed me.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 11, p.219

deb said...

Melinda and Boggie Im a cancer to we are loving people aren't we.Well be checking back to .Dinner time for me and family.

A said...

Hello Ladies!

I came back to check on my darling Rose and be sure there was nothing to defend. Since you are looking for a topic to discuss I will tell you about a conversation I had today with some friends. One of my friends is writing a play and was doing some backstory important to one of the character's development. He asked us to tell him about our first kiss. Since almost everyone has a memory to share about this important event I thought I would offer it as something to share this evening. From what I see here, you are all very sweet and, I am sure, beautiful women who will have some interesting stories to tell.

If you do tell any of these first kiss stories and you don't mind, I will pass them along to my writer friend. If you would rather they remain private that is fine too, just let me know and you can trust that your secret will be safe with me.

A friend of a friend

deb said...

Boggie Toms not the one with the purse i think it the person thats behind him The pic makes it look like he has one . DEB.

Kai El said...

Nicely written, Rose. :)

Did anyone notice the wrinkled part on "Get Off my D" Tee that Rob wore? It's on the down left side. It's like Kristen's signature which she always ties a knot on her shirt. the tee may belong to Kristen. Haha.
It's just my thought.

deb said...

Kai EL hummmmmm now theres something to think about sure does look like it . DEB.

olivia said...

Evening Rose,
Hope you are feeling very well by now.
I totally agree and love your words where you said:
"I would be happy not to see them
the whole time
that they are in LA together...
Just knowing they are together is enough.
(Of course they are)
Just knowing they are happy is enough.
(Of course they are)"

Hey world.....leave Rob and Kristen in peace and alone during these few days off that they have before having to return to work. We can survive with no news about their home, walk through the airport, or trip to a restaurant, club, or the local market. Let them be a normal couple when they are not "on the clock". Again, there is no magic solution, but one should treat others as one would wish to be treated. With respect please!

Also Rose, you have two very amazing friends. One is a true blue fiery defender, while the other is quite the affable, debonair and entertaining wordsmith.

Thanks Louisa. Now that summer vacay is over I can't stay up as late or else I'm a mess the next day at work. I'll try to join the fun when possible, if not I'll just catch up with an early morning peek and an early afternoon post.

Those of us in the USA, remember....Bad Mother's Handbook DVD will be available on Tuesday. Rob is at his "adorkable" best. This is a very sweet story with an excellent cast. Also, if you haven't read Water for Elephants yet, it is an excellent novel. Well worth the read so that you will be ready once the movie comes out.

Opytaylor has a wonderful blog. Hooray for you Opytaylor! (Love Austin BTW)

Peace, calm, and love for Rob and Kristen.
Happy believer,
Olivia (TX.)

manjen said...

@ A Friend,

I wish I had an awesome story about my first kiss but unfortunately it was awkward....
The guy called me over to him and pulled me forward, kissed me and...I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing, which is where the awkward came in!! Left the situation kinda, well, embarrassed!
Not much there to share, but you do have my permission to do so if you'd like..

A said...

Miss Manjen,

They are ALL awkward so you are in high company! Thank you for telling it.

manjen said...

@ A Friend,

You are quite welcome!

Louisa said...

@ A
...sloppy,wet embarrinsing, young,& unco-orinated and niave....yep that just about covers it......LMAO

A said...

Ha--Louisa, something about you makes me doubt that is true. I am sure you left the young gentleman heartbroken. I am guessing he still thinks of you fondly.

Leigh said...

Hmmm A,

Let's see...I don't think you really want to hear about my first kiss at the age of 12 in the rows of lockers at school! Too funny!! I will always remember how GROSS I thought it was! I mean he put his tongue in my mouth!! I was SHOCKED!! LOL!! Oh the memories ;)

Now, lets talk about my first kiss with my mate and husband of 16 years. We were young you see. I was 16 and he was 19. I had known him since I was a little girl. He was and is my best friend. We were at a party on the beach (for I live on a tiny barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico) and were just sitting talking. I had such complex feelings for him...I was so scared of taking that next step. What if it changed our friendship for the worse? As we sat there in the light of the fire he just took that decision out of my hands. It was the first step in the long and complex journey that we now find ourselves on. Two children and 16 years later...it's not always been easy. But it has ALWAYS been worth it.

I think that's why so many of us love Rob and Kristen. We see the beginnings of our own relationships. You look at them and see the LOVE and commitment that shines through. You want them to have it all. Well, that's the short version of my story. That first kiss made me believe that LOVE was worth it all. Even taking the chance on losing my best friend.

And by the way...I'm 35 and a aries ;) We are quite stubborn you know.

manjen said...

@ Louisa,

Yep. That just about covers it!! I was 12 yrs. old and it was with a guy one of my friends liked...Man was I low down in those days...hehehhe!

A said...

My first kiss was a clear message from the goddess of love foreshadowing how miserable the rest of my love life would be. My buddy and I were at a carnival and we met two young ladies. We were all 13 or 14. We rode rides with the two young beauties and even bought them some treats. The night was going unbelievably well, so, as we exited a ride, I got my courage up and leaned in for a kiss. The poor girl was so overwhelmed with desire she spewed everything she had ever eaten in her entire life all over me, and her, and a good square mile of the carnival too it seemed.

I have no returned to a carnival since.

deb said...

OK heres mine back set in my Dads car with my MOM in the front set And YES it was a LONGGGGG one (the kiss)heheheh DEB

Leigh said...

OMG A...that's way worse than my first kiss!! At least I just thought is was gross!! Yours REALLY was gross!! Poor guy!!

manjen said...

@ A Friend,

Oh my!!! LOL!! I am a sympathy spewer...You spew...I spew!! that would have been a terrible night for me!! I am sure you have been able to well make up for it...

A said...

Deb, what did your mum do?? Mine would have lept over the seat and killed the girl. That is, still, pretty much her reaction to any woman I introduce.

dowlingnana said...

@KaiEl: Yeah that shirt does look a bit wrinkled there doesn't it? Good Eye!!

Let's see, my first kiss was at a sleep over party a bunch of us friends were at and most had bf and some guys came along as well and one hooked up with me, it was quite nice from what I remember and he was very good looking!!

@A: UGH!! You poor thing! Donna

A said...

Leigh that is very sweet and romantic. You live on an island? How wonderful!

deb said...

POOR ..A... I hope things got better as life went on. DEB

A said...

Oh ladies, I am afraid I have to leave a conversation that is both charming and entertaining. My friends here insist I go out with them for further debauchery. I thank you all for a lovely time and wish each of you very sweet dreams!

Leigh said...

Hmmm, it can be wonderful. It can also be hell come hurricane season. It's hit and miss. But it's home. Always has been. And if I haven't left by now...I don't guess I ever will ;)

Enjoy yourself ;) Don't do anything we wouldn't do!! Bahahahha!!

Louisa said...

@ A
You just think about that big ol adjustment...and let me worry about those broken hearts I left behind.....Even if I was 11 y/o LMAO
But come to think of it I will let you know about my hubby and My first kiss...but in a little while....am kinda busy at the moment.....until then my love......hehe

deb said...

MY mom just looked at me and side well was that your first kiss I said YEP and it WONT be my last she thought that was funny and said im sure it wont be. Kissing is like a fine wine it only gets better with time That is what I think. DEB

manjen said...


You are right, especially if you have someone that knows what they are doing!! ;-)

olivia said...

That is it. Rob and Kristen give us faith that the mystery, beauty, genuineness, and honesty of making that connection with your soul mate still exists in this crazy world. Many of us have already had such a wonderful experience. I wish it for everyone. As you said, it is not always an easy ride, but it is oh so worth it. It often takes a leap of faith, but for others it clicks from the very first moment you discover each other.

Believer in soul mates.
Believer in Rob and Kristen.
Believe that Rob knew from the very beginning and believe that Kristen also knew but needed a bit of time to make that leap of faith gracefully and kindly.
Olivia (TX.)

Marie said...

Let's see to join the chorus of first kisses...I was 14 a guy I liked grabbed me pulled me to him then shoved his tongue down my throat...no warning just mouth invasion... (luckily I was much luckier than A was) needless to say he didn't last long as a boyfriend..thankfully my husband of 21 years can kiss much much better!
ps...also a Cancer (July 16th) with hazel eyes that turn JET BLACK when I'm angry

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Just wanted to say hello to you and everyone else on here. Your blog has my support and I am so happy you continue to share your thoughts and opinions with all of us.
I see there is some fun and lovely discussions on here tonight. Wish I could join but I need some sleep!

It's nice knowing Rob and Kristen do have some really great people out there that support them.
I hope they are enjoying their break together before Kristen heads back to work.

deb said...

Olivia and Leigh Thats is why I love them so much they bring back that true love feeling how sweet it is to have it. To know that that someone who loves you as much as you love them and it has nothing to do with sex or money but true love from your soul to know that that someone well be there through the BAD times and GOOD That is what I see when I look at Rob and Kristen .Marie my b-day is on the 18th of July. DEB.

Leigh said...

All right ladies..I'm outta here ;) Got to get some sleep we have church in the morning. Hope everyone has a wonderful night!!

Tracy said...

I see I've missed a lot today! Of course today I actually had time to get my house cleaned and cook a real meal.. So you know what this means, right? Gonna hafta make the hubs do all that now! :)

I can't help but LOL whenever people search out websites with the specific intent of coming on an calling people hypocrites. My suspicion is that the poster today saw the link to this blog somewhere else.. probably in comments left on another board, most likely an entertainment web site's board.... but anyhoo..

I'm still not sold on the "fans want pictures, and that's what drives these paparazzi to invade their privacy" concept. I think that 95% of this fan base is reasonable, and respectful of Rob and Kristen's privacy. It's the other 5% that are the problem. These are the ones camping out at the entrance to their house, who try to get into their personal space. And when you're looking at a fan base in the multiple millions.. even 5% of that is enough to fan the flames of greed.

I am a fan, but I am not one to seek out a celebrity for autographs or pictures. I see my share of celebrities here, but I will never approach one if he/she is out in public just trying to live their lives.

And I agree.. enough is enough. What more proof do people need? I can only pray that things calm down for these two and they're able to live a somewhat peaceful life.

And in a totally unrelated topic... I was outside today, with my dog (she is a jack russell/wired haired terrier mix) I'm talking to my neighbor and her 10 year old son comes up.. looks at my dog and says "I thought she was a girl" I replied "She *is* a girl" To which he answers "Then why is she growing a beard?!"


deb said...

HOW funny Tracy . DEB.

Patricia said...

BOy, I'm really late to the party and by the time I read all the post everyone was leaving and saying good night. I'm sitting for my grandkids tonight and let them stay uo a little later than usual. Sorry I missed all the fun.

Deb :
Breaking Dawn starts October for getting into shape and fight scenes and conditioning. November for filming.

I'm anxious as to whether Rob will go with Kristen to Argentina. She starts filming 8/27. for OTR. I hope he goes.

I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow. You don't want to hear about my first kiss.

kstewrocks said...

I also kind of like how they're not being seen. Privacy together.
They need some amount of privacy together. If paparazzi were by them all the time, their lives would go into a downfall.

keset said...

No. i'm from Israel.
Sorry about all the Grammar mistakes

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

I hope you're feeling a lot better.
You're right.Enough is enough!!
No more intrusive pics!!
Robert and kristen deserve to have a life..

Thank you, lovely Rose for always defending Rob and Kristen

note: i thought i smell bullshit from one antihypocrite!! Rose doesnt pay for pics posted here.
Go away!!

@ Angela: you're so right..

Have a Wonderful Day

LJ said...

Awww missed the party again....I am going to have to stop sleeping! ha ha

Erm.....quick catch up then. I'm 33, no kids, blue eyes, dark brown hair, Pisces........and my first kiss was forgettable I was 12 and on the school field, an older boy grabbed me, kissed me and I pushed him away and ran off! totally unromantic.

Have a great day ladies!


~J~ said...

My beautiful Rose,
I've come to appreciate your words so much more than I think you may ever know.
To anyone that feels they have the right to come over to my beautiful girl's blog and spread your misery and anger, I ask you this. Why would you choose to live in a reality full of bitter resentments and hate? Every day, Rose CHOOSES to see the potential of life, love and friendship and you just cannot let that be. In your misery you must bring others down to your level, only because something isn't the way you desire it to be. That's irrational, petty and extremely childish.
Rose recognized something in these two people, in the way they interact, in the way they look at each other, in the way they protect each other. I want my daugheter to admire and respect people like Rose, so she'll grow up to appreciate love and life and embrace that. I want her to emulate strong women like Rose and Kristen, who always stay true to who they are and never make apologies for it. I want her to surround herself with people who are loyal and supportive. I want her to find someone who looks at her the way Rob looks at Kristen. Someone who just can't NOT have pure love and devotion to her.
I adore that there are so many beautiful and happy souls that appreciate my Rose's words and thoughts. She deserves nothing but happiness and peace for the wonderful things she says and does.

ily Rose

keset said...

I just stop by to ask something
Is this pic real?

robstendaily said...

Yeah, enough...
We don't need more proofs, we knew even without them. They have their own world, so it could be fantastic for them to have some rest in peace and quiet with no paps. They only have few days together. And it's not only about this situation, it's about the whole thing, I mean paps have to realize that they just normal people and can't stalk them all the f*cking time. That's not fair...
Love pics of Tom and Rob, they are so adorable. :)
And I hope you feel better soon.
Take care.

With love,

June said...


The pic you posted has been deleted, it's not possible to see it.

SueBee said...

Went out last night so I missed the nightly confessional!

Hmmm....first kiss....

I was in 8th grade and the boy dove at me with the force of a scud missile. It was awkward, unpleasant, and like being kissed by the jaws of life! LOL

Thankfully, it didn't put me off the whole thing. :o)

deb said...

SueBee lol sorry hun and keset that looks like a manip pic because that the same one with her and mike i think im right but could be wrong i'v seen it befor DEB.

keset said...

@June - really?
starnge. i can see it.

LIZ said...

To June,

I was able to pull up the photo.

To Keset,

WHERE did you find this photo? It's wonderful!!! I'm no expert but this does not look like it was photoshopped.

LJ said...

I can't see Keset's pic either. It says it has been moved or deleted

Good evening my friends, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


LIZ said...


It appears to me that this photo was taken on 8/22/10 (yesterday?).

LIZ said...

I was able to copy and paste the link in the web address and pull it up.


Only thing is .... they are both wearing jackets ... could it be THAT cool in LA right now?

LJ said...

Nope, definitely doesn't work for me.....how annoying!

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boogie with Stew said...

I took a looksee at the link,it worked for me..great pic.. I did google it was 86F in LA yesterday?
thanks for sharing..looks ligit


LIZ said...

Hi all,

Hmmm 86 degrees in LA, don't know why they'd be wearing jackets. IF THIS PHOTO is real, it's a great one. Rob looks like the "cat that swallowed the canary" and she looks a bit put out with whomever is taking the photo, lol This is a FOR REAL hand-holding photo, fingers entwined, the whole deal, don't know how it could be photoshopped.

WHERE ARE YOU KESET? Where did you FIND this?

su said...

It's imposible, because Rob's hair now is more short, and it seems is cold!

Boogie with Stew said...

i also googled the temps in Montreal last week it was in the 60's so could have been there even someone mentioned it was taken yesterday?
Just pondering? ditto.. totally "holding hands" love it..

su said...

However, it's a beautiful photo!!!!

SueBee said...

Sorry, guys--I hate to say it, but that's a photoshopped pic. I remember seeing the original.

It's Kristen and Oregano. (Back in the day) Rob's head was put on there--besides his hair is much shorter than in the photo. Also, Kristen's hair isn't that color right now.

It would have been nice though!!!

LJ said...

Ahh yeah I've seen that one aswell it's definitely Kristen and MA.

Just googled it and here it is:



Boogie with Stew said...

good detective work..Sue Bee.. his hair was short for Water for Elephants.. and for Kristen her hair color changes alot..but I see what you are saying..dang.. "WE" know they are together and happy..I was oooweing and awehing on photobucket seeing them together just makes me happy..and to think he was just here in Georgia about 4 weeks ago..

R & K in love

LIZ said...

What a bummer!!! Wow, I'm not ashamed to say "I'VE BEEN FOOLED", ha ha ha

Someone is having fun with us, I guess.


LJ said...

That we can be sure of LIZ :-)


Boogie with Stew said...

Right..someone's difinitely got skills got this ole bird..thanks LJ for setting us straight!
Cheer's to Rob & Kristen..holing hands,kissing,snuggling and doing what couples do when there in l♥ve....

deb said...

Hey you guys look at the hair its darker then it is now there is a pic out there like this one with Kristen holding Michael hand so take it like you want but i dont think its Rob and Kristen sorry JMO i'll try and find the one with her and mike ok DEB

Boogie with Stew said...

hey Deb.. check out what LJ found and said,


oh well Rob looks 100% better lol

deb said...

Sorry I didnt read the other post first MY BAD But yes we know they are out there holding hands and enjoying each other ABOUT DAMN TIME SHE well be going back to work before lone and I think he well be going with her with all the SHIT the haters are saying I dont think he well letting be by her self for long how is every one doing today? and I hope Rose is enjoying her day also. DEB

Boogie with Stew said...

no worries.. my new friend..good.. and you? I do hope our lovely Rose has recuperated..I hope he sticks to her like "glue" I don't go to any of those sites to see what the
"heynas" say..can't take those negative waves.. R & K so deserve to be happy..I can take it to the bank they had no idea how fame would catapult them into this madness.. I pray for them to be in a protective bubble and be ozzing of affections for one another..

love & twiggles to all ♥

deb said...

YA Boogie thats what i thought when i saw the pic. LIKE I said SORRY we all know they are doing more than holding hands hehehe DEB.

Louisa said...

Hi everyone...If the pic you are all talkin about is the one LJ posted .....Yer I'v seen that a while age...It is manip......that was MA holding K's hand and R placed there.....
When you post links ..for some reason sometime the last letters or . or , or whatever DONT appear ...so I try to make it a habit to post the link on 2 or 3 lines rather than spread over the one line...So nothing is chopped off...and you seem to be able to read the complete link w/o ppl missing out...

I just recieved this new vid......




DreamerKind said...

Happy Day to All!

I'd just like to say that I find you all a very congenial group.

Reading your comments lifts my spirit in such a delightful way.

“If you're respectful by habit,
constantly honoring the worthy,
four things increase: long life, beauty, happiness, strength.” - Buddha

Please keep em' comin'.

And, of course, I visit to honor the extraordinary Robert and Kristen.

manjen said...

@ Louisa,

Great videos...Thanks!

Boogie with Stew said...

deb you know it TWI & Giggles ...thanks Louisa how romantical..the second one is my fav..Dreamerkind that is why I come here..we're all on the same page..loveing the man that loves the women ...I started reading Twilight over..is that abbey normal lol

loris said...

That photo is totally photoshopped. I think it is an old manip. Sure I have seen it before.

Louisa said...

This is an extra on OTR.....talking about Robs visit


deb said...

Louisa I love that VIDEO I like it when Kristen is laying on Rob and THAT QUICK LITTLE kiss they give each other you can really feel the love there well to me you can its the little things they do to each other thats makes me believe they are very much in love I should point it out that it was Bella and Eward but i'v said before I dont see them as Eward and Bella only Rob and Kristen Thanks again Louisa for my fix DEB.

Boogie with Stew said...

Wow Louisa I thought I was full of hot air...dang that girl can ramble but it was good that she shared what we all knew..you got the hook up on the links..

Louisa said...

I have the hook up on the links?????
I'm gettin used to your American twang....But havent come across this one....
Are you asking me if I have a source or something???
if you are...
I only suscribe to the video makers...I get that from the youtube page you view any particular video on and click 'subscription' then I request an email of any new videos made by that particular person.....so when a new one from that video maker comes out I wll be one of the first to be aware of it.....I follow ppl who i like the way they make there videos...thats all....Oh and on FB I am friends with...
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart = Robsten
....They also send links thr FB.....

Boogie with Stew said...

sorry gotta cut out of here and get things ready for tomorrow..I get up when the rooster crows..happy thoughts of R & K doing the wild thing..lol
Twigigles love that new word

Louisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boogie with Stew said...

thanks Louisa, I did subscribe to you tube but not sure how it all works.. I am on FB as well but haven't been on their for while, oh our slang..interesting at best..I grew up further up north in the states my cousin's are Canadian spent many summers there, my Dad worked at the British Embassy in DC when I was a kid, and now live in the deep south, my lingo is jumbled & with my my grown sons at home and their new words, I so try to keep up with them.. Yes I meant the lass who was the Xtra on the OTR..lol I'll hit everyone up tomorrow..

love to all

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louisa said...

ok Manjen....well I feel like an idiot....hey thats fine.....If I wanted to I could start with the OZ slang....then I would really confuse you......lol...coz we always throw that inn in everday use.....when I am on here...I really have to try hard not too.....

KUDOS to you....I think,,,,LOL [im only joking} I now know what that means.....lol

manjen said...

@ Louisa,

I am sorry I deleted the post where I answered "you got the hook up" question because I thought she answered it in her next post...Sorry!!

How are you doing today???
I hope you are having a great day!

Louisa said...

Yer Im fine ....rainy and miserable out....so that always puts a bearing on my mood.....same old same old....and..... How are you going? [slang] how are you?...
There you go lesson #1 is Aussie edicate...hehe

manjen said...

I am doing great..I am from the southeast part of the US, we use alot of slang as well...

deb said...

Hey Louisa I couldnt get to some of the videos they wouldnt come up but I'v seen the one with that girl she kinda went on and on didnt she. DEB

deb said...

Hey I heard that they are going to make BD in 3D what do you think of that? deb.

SueBee said...


How are you going?

See,I'm trying to put what I've learned to use!

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