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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Do You Hate Kristen Stewart?

Do you ever wonder why people hate?
Because it takes an incredible amount of energy to do it.
You have to invest a lot of time
Because hating someone so deeply...
Being so immersed in the feeling...
is almost like loving someone
isn't it?

It's always been said there's a fine line
between love and hate...
So why bother to cross it for someone you don't know?
Why bother to hate someone who doesn't know you exist?

Yes... I'm talking about all the hate that Kristen gets.
And don't fucking give me shit about how unfair it is
that I talk about Kristen's hate and not Rob's.
I mean...
Fucking A.
Isn't it motherbitching PATHETIC that there is hate at all?

Why hate Kristen?
I bet you didn't even fucking know who she was until Twilight...
Why go to the bother of hating her?
Just because she is where you want to be.
And don't give me no bullshit about not being jealous.
It's all about the JEALOUS.
She's gorgeous
She's rich
She's famous
and most of all...
She has Robert Pattinson looking at her like she is
not only the most delicious woman on the face of the planet...
("he looks at you like you're something to eat")
But like she is the ONLY woman on the planet.

You don't know her.
You don't know her motivations...
Her thoughts...
Why she does the things she does.
And that goes for Robert as well...

You don't give Rob much credit, do you?
So Rob is this insipid ragdoll
who just goes whichever way he's thrown.

As Fucking If.

Robert might be an extremely nice guy...
He might be charming and sweet...
But to think that Rob is willingly being lead by the nose
by Kristen for her own gains...
While he sits idly by
Really is a fucking insult to Robert.
Rob says he knows what he wants...
He goes after it.
He admits to being a bit of a control freak...
So... he is now letting Kristen control him?

You might not want to admit that Robert and Kristen are together.
And hey... if you want to keep scavenging for scraps...
Fucking go for it.

Wallow deep in your denial.
Dive headfirst into the foam...
But quit trying to drag Kristen into your bullshit.
You don't have to like the girl.
You are allowed...
But when I don't like something
I don't want anything to do with it.
I ignore it. I stay away from it.
What do you do?
You fucking make up shit...
and talk about her and Robert...
Like you have access to their thoughts
And then to fucking hate on her...
For things YOU make up about her
that you have no idea she is feeling...
No clue what it's like to be her...
But use as an excuse to attack and insult her.
It's insane.

Kristen hasn't done anything to you
to deserve such bitter resentment.
Kristen hasn't done anything... to anyone
with the exception of flipping off the paparazzi
(which she has totally earned the right to do)

Is she perfect?
And she admits her flaws.
Embraces them.
She doesn't even ask that you like her...
Just understand her.

She's just trying to live her life...
The best way she knows how.
She will make mistakes...
She is human
And yes...
She has the most deliciously handsome boyfriend in the world...
Robert seems to adore her.
Robert seems to want to be with her.
He's allowed to live his life
and make the choice of who he does or doesn't want to be with.
I'm sure if he didn't want to be with Kristen
He wouldn't be.
Then you could hate on someone else...
Is it so hard to believe that Rob is exactly where he wants to be?
No secret agenda.
No PR.
Not anything but two people who want to be together.
Is it really that hard to comprehend?

We don't know what goes on between them...
We can only speculate by what we see...

You see bitterness and hate

I see sweetness and love.

What I see isn't hurting anyone.
Can you say the same?

This post is brought to you by the letters *S* *T* *F* and *U*

That's right.


Bye for now


Fucking lights, straining my eyes.
No sleep at night. It's just a waste of time.
And LA's burning... NY's painted black .
London's calling, calling me back.
Simple patterns make me crack.
Fucking lights, Hurts my head.
Borrowed youth.
All those wasted years.
And LA's learning. NY too.
London's calling, I'm calling you.
What doesn't matter, Still holds its truth,
That nothing matters, When I'm with you,
Cities only fill the void of people wasting, wasting time on you.
Pretty lies and secret love,
Nothing gets me what I want from you,
From you, All I want,
what I want from you.


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keset said...

I love Kristen.
but i found a killer vid. Robert will kill me one day with his beauty.
This clip is short and perfect

Kristin is lucky She got it all. beauty, talent, cute, smart and she has Rob! :))

Anonymous said...

Wow awesome post. U couldn't be more right, i admire Kristen for all she has, i could never hate her for it. :)

nita said...

Meh? I'll still remind yoiu that you don't talk at all about the hatye that's Rob gets.;Krisbians aren't saint.;Robsessed aren't the only crazies out there.;you should be fair.;They are both hated you should talk about it.That's all..

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't like Kristen...but it stems back from Panic Room and Land of Women where I just didn't think she had the personality that was needed for those roles.

I don't think she's pretty...but that's because she's not my type.

I can give credit and say that recently she has grown into herself. She's dressing more like a woman and workign the body that I know she's been hiding in jeans and flannel. She's got a great ass, I can def say that. She's gotten more personable in interviews and seems to relate more with fans than she has in the past.

That said, I still just don't like her but I'd never say I hate her. That would take too much effort.

More power to her though, for making the money she does and landing the roles she has.

Anonymous said...

I am encouraging everyone who was offended by "Trish Delish's" lovely blog this morning to contact and let them know what they are hosting on their site. This women is not a professional in the industry, she's not even a professional blogger or gossip (i.e. Ted C or Lainey), she is NOBODY. Contact the support at and let them know that they are hosting someone who is printing false information that is slanderous and libellous.

Great post Rose!

twigirl_world said...

BEST POST ABOUT KSTEW EVER!! Love it! People hate on me when I talk about my love for KStew and I'm always so confused! Its like why do you hate her? You don't know a thing about her?!?

Anonymous said...

Word! Absolutely spot on as always Rose, I think Kristen is amazing and I like rob too, they seem really down to earth people and I like them together- or apart, I don't understand how the two of them can generate any hate, they seem like two of the nicest genuine and down to earth people around, karma is a bitch haters! Peace out.

Anonymous said...

I love you Rose. Thanks for this post. I love Kristen and Rob. How can someone hate Kristen or Rob? I realy don't understand. It's easier to love than hate.

tina said...


reddevil said...

Is there some spoken rule that everyone must love her? People are entitled to their own opinion. And often it has nothing to do with jealousy whatsoever. No matter how much you want it to be.
KStew fans call anyone who doesn't worship her a jealous hater. Why is that? There are crazies who hate her big time without any good reason. Of course they are in the wrong. But they are also those who are not fond of her attitude/personality/acting etc They have this right to have an opinion. We are not sheep. We don't have to like everyone, and surely we don't have to like someone by association. Just cause she is his GF doesn't mean we must kiss her ass.

And you know there's lots and lots of people that hate on Rob, even among KStew fans, they want him dead, they say all kinds of vile things about him.....why don't you dedicate a whole post to this matter? You seem more concerned about defending KStew than Rob, funny cause I thought this site was called PATTINSONintoxication.

Anonymous said...

Well said Rose, I have to admit I was not Krisen's biggest fan when Twilight came out. But watching her in interviews, reading interviews, and just following her career more I really do like her now. She makes Rob really happy, and if you can hate her for that then something is seriously wrong with your frikkin brain. I have no problem with you addressing Kristen hate, cause there is so much of it out there and it sure seems like there is more of it than there is Rob hate. I have seen some hate on blogs that I really don't understand, people hopeing they die, all kinds of crap.It really is just sick, if you don't like that person just step away from the computer. No need to spread your hate with the whole freaking world. Anyway Rose, I'm glad to see you goin to the wall for Kristen, cause if you support her you support Rob, they're a package deal. And the sooner all the haters accept that the sooner their crap spew will end. Thanks Rose

Anonymous said...

It's the age old story with women: Jealousy. Kristen gets paid to work with good looking men, fly all over the world, and pose for fashion magazines while most of them are sitting at home with kids getting fatter by the minute.

I feel really bad for Rob because not only are his so called fans making his life a living hell, they are also making him look bad. What if a director researched nonsten? Do you think they would want those kind of people on a movie set? No. Then you have the bloggers who make him seem like such a wimp. If he wants to do an action film or play a man's man, that is not the persona he needs.

I'm glad Kristen is so strong and that her fans are awesome. I'm sure her personal support system keeps her grounded. I'm really sick of Twilight and the fanbase. I'm just ready for it to be done. It's looking crazier and crazier by the day. I have heard that Time is doing an unflattering piece on the Robsessed and Twilight fandom. If they do any google research, a lot of people are going to look like even bigger idiots than 90% of the world already thinks they are.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Post...I agree 100%!!

I so DON'T hate Kristen, I began following her career when I saw her in Panic Room.
When I saw her in the movie Speak, that did it. Great Job!!

I think she is beautiful, intelligent and an AWESOME actress. She has the ability to make you feel every emotion her character is feeling, i.e. the break-up scene in New Moon, she did such an awesome job, I felt the pain, like I had just been broken up with!!

They both deserves all the happiness that life can bring them. People who hate her because of her being with Rob need to just deal with it. It is obvious that he loves and adores HER!! And that she loves and adores HIM..Let them live in peace!! The way they look at each other is so sweet.

Oh yeah
does she not have the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen???

kathryn said...


30yearoldtwifan said...

See this is why I only lurk on twitter, it seems the bullshit drama NEVER ends with these fuck nuts! I am so tired of the same old nonsense, bull shit crazy ass people who think they have a right to make up lies and cross such a line its called "DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER" and Guess what, THAT'S against the law. How I wish one day these haters could be brought down a notch, be sued for the lies, stalking/THREATS against Kristen and Rob BOTH.

Take everything they have even if its there mommies house, because ya know most of them probably sit in the rooms with there Edward poster on there walls, and throwing darts at KS because she has the life they want. Ya never know though do we? One day Rob and Kris just might have enough of this and take the worst of the worst down! I hear it was fans who found/stalked Rob and KS home last week and the cops are looking into this. Does anyone know if that is true?

reddevil said...

Every celeb has fans and haters, most one of them are stalked and harassed on a regular basis, they all have to deal with it, and most do, stop whining so much, oh poor things, pesky paps, people hating bla bla bla
she has everything and more than she could ever dream of, her life is good, no it's great. I think I'd trade a bit of privacy for everything good that comes with this job, it makes up for the bad things.
If you have to feel sorry for anyone feel sorry for poor starving kids in Africa or wherever.

Tina said...

Well said RoseeSee. I wrote a comment on that other blog, and she did not even publish it cause it was pro Kristen. She only publishes comments that are pro her article and hate Kristen. That is really sad on how people can hate a 20 year old who has not done anything to them and who is probably as old as their own children. These cougars/old ladies think that Rob will like them. They should wake up and smell reality they are old and fat and Rob is a 24 year old attractive man who has only eyes for Kristen. I have personally seen Kristen in person and she signed my poster and I was also able to take a pic with her she is just nicest and sweetest person. Even Kelly Ripa said it in Live with Regis & Kelly, she saw Kristen during the Eclipse premiere and Kristen just signed and post with every fan.

Anonymous said...

PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. Every word was completely ON POINT.
"What I see isn't hurting anyone.
Can you say the same?" <---- EXACTLY!

Rose said...

reddevil. I don't give a shit if you like Kristen. You are allowed to like or dislike whomever you wish.
That's not what my post was about.
It was about HATING her.
It doesn't make any sense to me.

People make up shit about her... and then proceed to hate her for it.

And oh yeah... this is my blog...
MY opinion.
Don't come here if you don't like what I have to say.

See? I solved two of your problems for you!

Narmie said...

hey Rose

honestly I dont understand THE HATE in general.
like in Twilight fandom i learned one smart thing - if you dont like something - DON'T HATE IT.
okay you dont like it but WHY oh why you have to spend your feelings , your attention , your precious time (remember we live once) on that??
for example the hate Rob gets from boys.OMG it surrounds me everyday.they KNOW perfectly KNOW that he is normal guy , they just dont like attention he gets and in some cases they are jealous of it .so what? why do they say he is GAY? or he is stupid and stuff? why insult person you dont even know? who doesnt even know you exist somewhere there and insult him? does HE give a shit? a bet he doesnt! then WHY spending your strength on that?
with know before when Twilight just came out I just didnt like her that much.I didnt like her acting skills or how she opens her mouth in movies.but then I understood that this girl is REALLY interesting person with AMAZING acting skills and her own sort of beauty which is FUCKING EXQUISITE! I ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY ADORE her and Rob.
and I am sure if I didnt like them I would just ignore (like I do with Bieber)
so in conclusion I just wanted to say - all the things i said above lead me to fact that they not just dont like, they are jealous , they dont have ANYTHING good to do , and as they find a reason they start spreading foam
what we should do with them? IGNORE.
because we are happy , in peace, we know Rob and Kristen are happy now and TOGETHER , we have business to we just have to ignore.and never stand on their level.

peace and love Rose

N from Azerbaijan


reddevil said...

Bet if they broke up, you'd blame Rob for it eh Rose? And you'd ditch him right away to finally engage in your KStew obsession full time...just admit it already.

Patricia said...

"EMBRACE LOVE NOT HATE" we would all be better off. I don't understand all the hate.I never have.


Every time they're apart we get all the Bullshit... She'll be home this week-end. Thank God

I watched 'The Bad Mother's Handbook' last night. Please buy it and watch it. It is very well done. Rob has a small part, but he is so ADORKABLE, you'll love him in it. I have to say, I've bought everything he has been in and I'm impressed with all his different choices of interesting characters, he has mastered in a very young career. Buy it and enjoy.


Grazie for another great post.
These two are like our kids Rose and no one messes with MY KIDS.

Anonymous said...

Epic post Rose..U took the words right out of my mouth..thank u bb :)

deb said...

Rose you made me cry WHY because what you said is SO true WHY DO THEY HATE KRISTEN its be on me.I think this young lady is SO much more then what people see They dont look at Kristen they only look at the person who IS with Robert This young lady is a very talent,smart and VERY beautiful.YES people are VERY MEAN and HATEFUL.Thank You Rose again for pointing out the TRUTH about our girl Kristen I love this girl and want nothing but the best for her And by the way IM SO HAPPY SHE DOSE HAVE ROB they belong together . DEB.

30yearoldtwifan said...


I agree, and its sad it has come to this. I have been saying the same as you for a year now. These crazies make us sane fans look bad, and worse of all ROB look bad. They hurt his career.Though, there main intention is to make KS look bad, ruin her, they hurt Rob in the process, they are the ones who contacted the blogs when KS made the "rape" comment. It never ends, I honestly cant blame Rob if he stays good bye after Breaking Dawn and does something behind the camera. Who would want to live like this?

Jessica said...

Uh-oh. People are getting angry because you posted a thing about all the haters Kris has and not Rob. They're also angry because they think you're saying they have to like her. But you didn't say that. It's okay to not like her, but hate is such a powerful emotion to feel for a person you don't know. Yes, there are people who hate Rob, but it seems like there is WAY MORE hate for Kristen. And she is a young girl. Imagine having to deal with all this hate and specualtion when you're so young. This is my favorite post so far because your are so right. Rob gets hate, but its not nearly as bad as what Kristen gets.

Gaga said...

I just want to give my two cents. I agree. There is Rob hate but I think the hate Rob gets is mainly from justin bieber fans and basically people who just hate twilight. Maybe a few kstew fans. I dunno. I don't wanna cause drama here. Just my opinion. For twilight haters, I think they tend to pick Rob to hate on because he is Edward Cullen "the sparkly vampire" I know cause I'm a fan and my family and friends all hate twilight and they make fun of him all the time, especially any guys I know. I think guys really hate him the most.

Rose said...

reddevil... now you are trying to tell me how I would react? Why don't you worry about yourself and stop projecting your hatred onto me.

IF Rob and Kristen broke up... it wouldn't change a thing for me.
I might be disappointed because I've enjoyed seeing them together.
But in the long run, I realize it's THEIR LIFE... not mine.
Whatever will be... will be.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose I was checking out Teds board, he put up an interesting article about the crazies, WELL I saw someone here posted YOUR link to this site, be aware. The crazies will be out today, spewing there foam here.

Kristine said...

Totally agree with every word of this. That "article" if you can even call it that is full of biased BS that is nothing more than a firm bid for the man himself. I mean get real. Hate on the man's girlfriend, call him a puppy dog and make it seem as if she's going to ruin him and his career and I think you've got yourself a winner! Sure, yeah I see him going right there and snatching that nice piece of crap up and keeping it forever.

Selene said...

Wow Rose... You bring over hateful comments about Kristen all the time.
We know some people hate her, it's sick,childish etc BUT why don't you talk about Rob hate too? I think you haven't met the psychotic kristen fans.
This is getting old.

No i am no trouble maker!
I am a Rob fan who loves him with Kristen, the guy glows around her and she makes him very happy etc. I know that but i am not stupid or blind... These stupid double standards won't stop and it makes me crazy. Her fans are the biggest hypocrites in this fandom.

Narmie said...

I apologize for answering to her before you Rose
reddevil - if , IF they ever brake up (ohh I dont think soo) its not YOUR or mine or Rose's business
and we can NEVER blame any of them for that.
who are we to blame them for breaking up?
why do you even bring this 'breaking up ' theme here? I am sure after you finally got it,got that Rob and Kristen are TOGETHER despite the fact that you tried so much to deny it , now you are hoping they will break up?
no fucking way
and if they do , its NOT YOUR nor MY business.
only theirs.
remember THAT.

Narmie said...

ohhh Rose you already answered her as I see
good :D
i just dont like how they come HERE on YOUR blog and spread this anger.

Narmie said...

hey Rose

honestly I dont understand THE HATE in general.
like in Twilight fandom i learned one smart thing - if you dont like something - DON'T HATE IT.
okay you dont like it but WHY oh why you have to spend your feelings , your attention , your precious time (remember we live once) on that??
for example the hate Rob gets from boys.OMG it surrounds me everyday.they KNOW perfectly KNOW that he is normal guy , they just dont like attention he gets and in some cases they are jealous of it .so what? why do they say he is GAY? or he is stupid and stuff? why insult person you dont even know? who doesnt even know you exist somewhere there and insult him? does HE give a shit? a bet he doesnt! then WHY spending your strength on that?
with know before when Twilight just came out I just didnt like her that much.I didnt like her acting skills or how she opens her mouth in movies.but then I understood that this girl is REALLY interesting person with AMAZING acting skills and her own sort of beauty which is FUCKING EXQUISITE! I ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY ADORE her and Rob.
and I am sure if I didnt like them I would just ignore (like I do with Bieber)
so in conclusion I just wanted to say - all the things i said above lead me to fact that they not just dont like, they are jealous , they dont have ANYTHING good to do , and as they find a reason they start spreading foam
what we should do with them? IGNORE.
because we are happy , in peace, we know Rob and Kristen are happy now and TOGETHER , we have business to we just have to ignore.and never stand on their level.

peace and love Rose

N from Azerbaijan


Honey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Opsable said...

Amen! Give me a high five hun.

All this crap about her is getting scary.

Narmie said...

and sorry for posting same comment two times its just my laptop is going crazy.(please delete second comment)
and ohh rose look who appeared! 'honey'
luck with what,though I know to deal with HER you dont need any of it.

Selene said...


''feel really bad for Rob because not only are his so called fans making his life a living hell, they are also making him look bad. What if a director researched nonsten? Do you think they would want those kind of people on a movie set?''

Oh please, I'm sick of Rob fans being labelled and namecalled just because of a bunch of crazy nonstens.
Believe me Kstew fans are not that awesome!

and JFC enough about Robsessed bashing!

and once again all Rob fans will be under fire for this..
Good job Rose!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LJ said...

Perfectly said Rose 'It's all about the JEALOUS'

I and I think most people on here genuinely think Rob and Kristen are individually amazing people, they are both gorgeous, talented and above all interesting characters who intrigue us and make us want to know more. I enjoyed seeing Rob in the other films he has done and can't wait to see the ones coming out like Bel Ami and especially WFE. But also I loved Kristen in her other projects and am sooo excited to see The Runaways, WTTR and OTR when they come out here.

I LOVE that they are together, I'm not going to pretend I don't and of course I hope they stay together...but if they don't then I'll still love them individuals.

As Keset said, Kristen has it all...and as you say Rose she has Rob looking at her like shes the only woman on the planet, is that reason to hate her?? erm no. I think it says more about them than it does about Kristen. Personally it fills my heart with joy to see the way they look at each other...because yes I am not blind and I see the way Kristen looks at Rob also.

Anyway....I think I have waffled on enough for now, I shall get off my soap box and just say a big HELLOOOO to all my friends on here who like me,

Love Rob.....Love Kristen!

Much love to you all.


30yearoldtwifan said...

Selene, If you truly think the CRAZY Rob fans are not hurting his reputation/career you are probably one of them. Go look at Teds new post.. enough said.

monika said...

The truth is Kristen's fans are the biggest hypocrites in this fandom, Rob fans might be the biggest haters (generalization) but her fans are mostly guilty of double standards.

1. It is ok to drool over Kristen's co-stars, talk endlessly about JesseStew/EddieStew/RyanStew/GarretStew etc etc

But anyone who dares praise Rob's co-stars (even innocently) or even combine his name with them immediately gets attacked by insecure Robsten/KStew fans

2. It is ok for KStew to hang all over Taylor/her other male co-stars, to talk about them like they're the second coming of Christ, to hang out with so many dudes. No one says a thing against it.

But Rob just by looking in the general direction of a woman, let alone talk to, hang out or God forbid touch one (even for a photo) has people getting worked up. They wish death on him, they insult him, they make up crap about him.
Can you imagine the uproar if Rob kept saying he loved Emilie or Reese or Christina or whichever co-star, how he would kill for them, like what KStew's done with Taylor and others that are not Rob?

3. Kstew fans are squeeing over her fanboys, saying how awesome they are. Famous guys praising KStew get brownie points from them.

Any female celeb that mentions/says somenice things about Rob is called a name dropping famewhore right away.
And fangirls (even those who have nothing against KStew) are being mocked and laughed at.


monika said...

They will deny it, and act so innocent and above it all, truth is they are not. They are on the same level as Rob's fanbase.

Selene said...


Oh please.. I'm just saying there is hate and on BOTH sides! People on BOTH sides are pathetic!
I am so sick to death of peoples daily sermons about Rob fans.
They both get hated on. Enough said.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mary-Cate said...

I adore Kristen Stewart! Her style, personality, & her quirks. She's staying true & I think that's fab :) & I could care less about the debate if they're together or not. xx

Vangie said...

well you see my AVI so you know what i likeand not all robsessed are the same i like kristen love the cakeeater worship no one, i never go over board with the rob story to me that is sick i believe rob loves kristen and that cool to me kristen can act and dresses well,hate is a very strong word,i hope their lives are always filled with and because of kristen rob got a chance i will be honest i hope they do find all the crazies but i belong to robsessed on the thread lots of us like kristen maybe not all but they never say bad things about her that i ever read i visited other thread and they call me hater because of my avi

Anonymous said...

“It is a curious subject of observation and inquiry, whether hatred and love be not the same thing at the bottom. Each, in its utmost development, supposes a high degree of intimacy and heart-knowledge; each renders one individual dependent for the food of his affections and spiritual life upon another; each leaves the passionate lover, or the no less passionate hater, forlorn and desolate by the withdrawal of his object. Philosophically considered, therefore, the two passions seem essentially the same, except that one happens to be seen in a celestial radiance and the other in a dusky and lurid glow.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

So much energy and time learning about something these people profess to hate. I don't think I'll ever understand it.

And for those giving Rose grief about only calling out the Kristen hate today.. you must not be reading this blog on a regular basis. We're ALL aware that the hate comes from both sides. Most of us here won't even begin to deny that. But today is for calling out those who hate on Kristen. Another day, we'll call out those who hate on Robert.

I for one like Kristen Stewart. I like Robert Pattinson. I like them together, and I like them separately. I like them as actors, and I like them as people. I like them as individuals and I like them as a couple. I don't disrespect either of them by belittling their choices, either professionally or personally. I dare say the majority of fans feel the same way. But some feel the need to take things to an extreme.. on BOTH sides. So let's stop arguing about it. It never accomplishes anything.

Selene said...


ITA! Finally a sane comment!

keset said...

Great post monica.
Unfortunately I see a lot of Rob hate too...

RKsoumates said...

I love Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.I think they are the most beautiful people in this world and they are beutiful out and inside.

Life is better when you spread love.

And yeah when i think WHY people don't like KS, what i get is a huge headache, there is no way i can't find a reasonable explanation, they are UNFAIR to that gorgeous and amazing girl named KS!


And please PRETTY please don't start that fuckingbullshit about Rose being unfair with R, YOU KNOW KS gets the worst part of this fandom, YOU KNOW KS haters are thousands more than R's.


XO from Brazil

and the Brazilian LOVE KS TOO!

Robin said...

I almost always agree with your wise words and pithy comments, Rose, and this post is no exception. I'm so glad that most of the people who comment here are sane, mature, intelligent and perceptive.

As to the other faction, I simply don't understand why some people would choose to live lives so mired in hatred and bitterness.

@nita . . . To you I can only say, get an education and some varied life experiences. Your world is the size of a walnut.

30yearoldtwifan said...


YES, we fucken know, we read it all the dam time, there is HATE on BOTH ends! Unfortunately I seem to notice MORE threats/hate for KS. That's the sad real truth! and that's why Rose sticks up for her the way she does, because she doesn't need to stick up for Rob in the same manner. ya know why? Because Rob is a guy, and women in general ARE jealous/petty and hateful! and these haters/girls act like trash, they ARE trash,and that goes for anyone who thinks its ok to belittle/hate spread rumors/ be an online bully against any person, celeb or not!

I love Rob but let me say he needs a break after BD, then maybe the sick, twisted ones will get bored and leave and his real fans can support and enjoy him in what ever he does or chooses to be with.

monika said...

oh I seem to have forgot one more point

4. Rob visits KStew on her set. KStew fans scream clinger, possessive/jealous/paranoid Rob

KStew visits Rob on his set a few times, flies halfway across the globe on her b-day or for NYE. KStew fans say aww so endearing, he must really love her bla bla


You all always talk about Rob's deep feelings for her, how he would do this or that for her, as if you actually knew him lol
But I rarely notice her fans/Robsteners spend any time discussing her feelings for him.
If one didn't know any better one would think it's a one sided thing judging by things fans post on sites/twitter and so on.

Is it cause fans in this fandom are women and they basically like to project their fantasies on the girl? they want a gorgeous guy worship her at her feet so that they could feel it themselves by living vicariously through her? Seems so, way to take things personally.

jen said...

OMG, as if I didn't love you enough, Rose--PREACH IT.

The insanity revolving around hating some stranger of a girl is psychotic.

So dear haters:

Own up to why you REALLY hate her. I know why. I do.

You hate her cause she got the man of your dreams---


That's why they hate her, she doesn't look like she's "working" hard enough for him. She doesn't kiss his butt, she doesn't dress up, she doesn't act like a "lady," and she's independent.

It KILLS them, because she "should" be working hard for his love--and THEIR love, in ways they think is important.

But smell the coffee ladies, Robert himself has made it clear he hates sycophants and flattery.

If they took the time to listen to Robert's OWN WORDS, they'd realize what he likes: girls in shirts and jeans, not high maintenance girls, smart girls, "strong,crazy" girls, girls with mismatching bras and panties, secure girls who don't need to be made up 24/7, independent girls.

Hmmm....that sounds a whole like Kristen---and the exact opposite of bitter, judgemental hyenas!


Jam said...

Well put Rose. I mistakenly stumbled onto a R-lover/K-hater blog. Curiosity got the better of me, so I read some of it. I cannot fathom how someone can worship R, but at the same time be so disgusted by K. How can anyone have such a disconnect? Her rationalizations are so surreal that I thought, she is like an evil old witch in a fairytale, obsessed with one thing, and consumed with jealousy for another.
Well, that saying “karma is a bitch”, certainly applies here. She has a crappy personal life (husband left her for another woman, has been unhealthy) and the real kicker is that she does have a mental disorder.

I feel sorry for anyone who has the ability to hate. It will eat at them emotionally and physically.

Haters (whether it be R’s or K’s), just let it go. You’ll do better in the long run.

MySoCalledLife said...

Hi. So I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster.

Rose - I love your blog and your overall point-of-view. Thanks for entertaining me so over the past few months. I appreciate it :)

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm feeling compelled to post after so many months of reading your blog and all the interesting comments that spawn from each entry. I think it's the subject matter.

Honestly, I absofreakinglutely LOVE Kristen Stewart. Major girl crush. Mind you, she's 10 years my junior, but I find her fascinating and incredibly self-assured. I mostly adore her for that very reason. I only wish I was that self-assured in my 20s and even now, I can't claim to have her "chutzpah" and I admire it so much.

She may seem awkward and unpolished, but she is BRAVE and we need more brave girls in this world, no?

I hate to generalize, but I feel like girls her age (and older, and younger) glamorize fame and the notion that achieving fame, at any cost, will result in happiness. These women are allowing themselves to be objectified, classified, demeaned and it makes me sad, as a fellow girl, to see this happen.

To paraphrase Kristen, she doesn't parade around in a bikini in front of the paparazzi. She's not a Kardashian or a Snooki. She's not even a Taylor Momson (sp?), who intentionally says salacious or controversial things to appear... well... controversial! I guess what I'm saying is, she's not a fake. And I appreciate that about her.

The hate targeting her (and Rob for as well) is just weird. I don't get it. I respect those like @ARenee363 who admit to not liking her, but don't go out of their way to hate. It just doesn't make sense.

I don't like a lot of things. I hate few things. But of the things I hate, I don't go out of my way to obsess over them or create false rumors. You have to question those that take the hate to that extent. They need a good ass whoopin' to be honest.

Sorry for the long rant. I guess I've been bottling this up for a while. I have to keep my Rob/Kristen obsession under wraps because, well... because I'm a grown adult obsessing over a Hollywood relationship I have no part of. As a rational human, I find it weird and so I stay in the closet about it. LOL!

My husband has an inking, but even he doesn't know my full obsession.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents... Cheers to all!

katy said...

Rose, you said it all, GREAT GREAT post.

To A

A+++ to you to

LJ said...

Why does it have to be a competition? they BOTH get shit from all sorts of people, why do we have to have a debate on who gets the most shit??

Todays post is about the shit that Kristen gets....Rose is NOT saying that ONLY Kristen gets it, just that she DOES get it. On other days Rose has talked about (and I'm sure in the future will talk more about about) the shit that Rob gets.

Why the need to make it into a 'who gets the most shit' competition?......

This is Rose's blog where she lays down her thoughts, she is just saying how she feels and what she believes to be true. If you don't like it or think it's a load of rubbish DON'T COME HERE!

Oh dear, got on my soapbox again.....but just one last thing to Keset I've just looked at the clip you posted on your first so beautiful....that man will be the death of me :-)))

Oh and Robin 'Your world is the size of a walnut'...definitely my favourite quote of the week so far!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jen said...

ps: reddevil--that's the most false argument ever.

that somehow wanting people to not be aholes to kristen means it's taking away from the children of africa.


That's the argument people use against folks who do work for animals, saying why don't you help humans first? It's the argument that people use when someone adopts a baby internationally, saying why don't you adopt an american baby first?"

Is that really the side you want to be on?

There's no scarcity in terms of how we approach others in the world--we can feel for Kristen dealing with psycho jealous fans and still care for kids in Africa too.


Anonymous said...

@ A

I agree..Well said!!

keset said...

@30yearoldtwifan ,
I don't think Rob need to take a break after BD so the sick, twisted ones will get bored and leave him alone.

I think he need to do whatever he want to do. The twisted fans will fall eventually.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
monika said...


where I come from the spelling of the name is correct and normal, that's how it should be
thank you for your ignorant remark

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, ILU! LOL Even if you don't like German. :P

deb said...

Rose hon I APPLAUD YOU all these people coming in here telling you how to SHIT what to SHIT AND WHEN TO SHIT WHO do they think they are How funny Rose to think by you just posting something are see and what YOU feel would make some people GO NUTS and ALL pissed OFF YOU NEVER ( you get that you nut cases ) SHE NEVER said YOU HAD to LIKE Kristen "SHE". said she doesn't LIKE ALL THE 'HATE" they are putting out there....AND YES WE ALL KNOW ABOUT THE HATE ROB GETS do we like it any more that Kristens HATE HELL KNOW WE DON'T LIKE THE HATE at all FACE IT PEOPLE ROBERT PATTINSON IS WITH KRISTEN STEWART. sorry Rose for my runt but hey a girl gots to do what a girl has to do DONT FUCK WITH OUR ROSE GOT IT GOOD DEB.

Melinda said...


I love the both of them. Not everyone does. I'm fine with people not liking either one of them (although I can't understand it) as long as you keep it clean(i.e not hating on them).

When it comes down to HATE you really need to stop and look at your own reflection.

DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? My answer is that if you are truly honest with yourself you would say no thus why you project bitterness and hate onto two people you will never meet or even know you even exist.

It is NOT healthy to live a life of anger, bitterness, etc.

People who love both of them who are happy, content, and fulfilled in life can see both Rob and Kristen and be truly happy for them.

That's the kind of fan I am and the majority of the bloggers on here.

Anonymous said...

“Do you ever wonder why people hate?
Because it takes an incredible amount of energy to do it.
You have to invest a lot of time
Exactly Rose. Hating someone does involve that person investing a lot of time and energy into someone they don’t even know. And apparently it’s because she doesn’t have a nice personality, sometimes it is that. Sometimes it is her hair. Then don’t read or look at her.

“Why bother to hate someone who doesn't know you exist?” I don’t understand this either. These things, these key things called logic are pointed out everywhere from Kristen fans. Yet it’s never going to be listened to. Nonstens/hyenas will be the ones who are incredibly ignorant even if you point out clear logic with them. People ask the Kristen fans if you say “why bother hating her when she doesn’t know you”, they’ll say “why bother liking her when she doesn’t know you”. I’m sure she would rather have people who talk about her nicely rather than talking with such hate.

Thank goodness Rose. Yes hate isn’t acceptable. It is pathetic there is hate for either. I’m glad you’ve addressed the Kristen hate, you’re not naming the sources or the comments, just addressing she gets hate. Which is fair. I’m glad Rob fans figure that out.

“You don't give Rob much credit, do you?
So Rob is this insipid ragdoll
who just goes whichever way he's thrown.” Well duh! Lol joke. His fans who say Kristen’s this and that, and say Rob should open his eyes…I think what the fuck. Your insulting the guy right there, whilst being apparently a fan. I’m sure he has his eyes open. I’m sure he has his own mind. They’re talking from their own hearts and mind and don’t look deep enough to realise Rob does have his eyes open, he isn’t stupid.

He’s in control of his own life. He said that recently. So erm, why are there still comments implying he’s blind, he needs to wake up, plus comments…well comments suggesting he isn’t doing anything for himself.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya on your soapbox sweetie! Why does it have to be a competition of who gets more hate, or who has better fans, or worse fans? Both groups need to stop trying to one up each other, and just agree that Rob and Kristen BOTH get crap, and then spend all that energy fighting against the people who are spewing the hate in the first place.

katy said...

to LJ

A+++ to you to...couldn't agree with you more.

PS: I hate the hate that Rob and Kristen gets

Anonymous said...

As beacullen said "cause there is so much of it out there and it sure seems like there is more of it than there is Rob hate" that's why I never have a problem when people address Kristen hate. Yet when people do have a problem with that being addressed and nothing on Rob, I think, yeah just a way to ignore the facts. Kristen gets hate.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But why invest time over and again to leave that same opinion, on silly things like "I hate her because she smokes", "I hate her because she is ugly", "I hate her because she is with Rob", blah blah blah. Is the opinion relevant? No not really, it isn't going to be a major breakthrough to hate about Kristen. Of course you can meet friends on the internet if you share the same topic: but to share your opinion time and time again, which is expressing hate. You must have sad lives to do that.

So I think the whole "everyone's entitled to their opinion" isn't right. It shouldn't be used, because okay people can have opinions, but there's a limit. Express it once, or every few years...But weeks, months, years...Now that's ridiculous.

Kristy said...

to Monika

Thank you! The hypocrisy I read in their comments about Rob is ridiculous as well

Anoher thing about 'DON'T COME HERE! IT'S ROSE'S BLOG' talk..
I think that when you blog, you open yourself up to all kinds of interpretation and comments.
People are allowed to have opinions. Whether it matches yours or not.
I come here to read your thoughts Rose because I think you make interesting arguements.

30yearoldtwifan said...


I really hope you are correct.

Sofia said...

Rose I really love all your posts and come here everyday to read your thoughts because when I read them and the most of the coments here I dont feel so alone in my obsession here in my little country.
But today's post is one of my favs, because you talk about something that really bothers me: hate! someone you dont know,someone like you, Rob and most of all Kristen!

She is so young, gorgeous, sweet and shy and I really cant see why people hate her. Is it because she is sucessful? We all want that. Because she flips papz? I'll do it too if i were in her shoes...
I agree with you, the main reason people hate her is because she is the one Rob has chosen. She is the one that gets those killer looks and smitten faces.
Give up people (hatters)! They know how to live their lives. Be like us, happy for them, or just ignore them, but STFU and let them alone.

Great Job Rose

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great blog as usual. I am so glad you addressed all the hate that is shown our Kristen. I know Rob gets it also, but I do think more is directed Kris's way.I adore Kristen Stewart, she is totally beautiful and sexy, she is rich, and she is very talented. I have watched her in lots of her movies, and she is excellent in every one of them. As for her being with Rob, how could you object. I have never seen two people look at each other with such love on their faces, it is there for everyone to see.We can only hope that someday someone looks at us that way---total love. There have been actors that I say I dislike, but it's their acting style, the roles they play, and I would never say i hated someone that I don't know. If I dislike them, I just avoid them. Why use up so much energy hating when you don't know them, why wish death on them, and why call vicious names, all to people you will never know, it is just a frigging waste of time and energy. Life is too short to hate anybody. ROB LOVES KRIS. KRIS LOVES ROB, SO BE HAPPY FOR THEM, DON'T HATE. Love you Rose, and just ignore all the haters who comment, stick with the others--we totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose your post this cool Gail forced windy early morn are words of such battle.....You seemed so wound up today.....What happened to stay calm, cool and ignorant to such shit that may fall your way.....

@A thank you sweet gentleman ...I took the liberty to see if you responded me...."and you did" Which put a warm smile in my face in return.....
BTW do you know what a Berrocca is?????
I don't think you are going to get an argument with what my husband....may or may not/ has or has not had coming his way!!!!! ;)
[Some might feel the need to now to stick their fingers down their throat at this moment!] That’s ok hehehe

Lesson# 5 { Manjen I snuck in #4, yesterday……’ if you were paying attention Dear you would have noticed’……LMAO

Ok lesson #5 the word ‘DAG’ To which I find extremely appropriate to call those who may upset our SWEET ROSE ….with negative SHIT
[or DAG} that seems to flow naturally from there nasty mouths….

As you can read below the usage of the word DAG is both for crude and funny purposes…But for today’s lesson kiddies…. we will use it with the definition of the shit that dangles of the end of a sheep’s behind and seems to matte up causing the poor ol sheep a lot of problems…..This is due to the fact that the sheep will eventually have allot of stored waste mixed in with its wool and could block the rear passage……{ I am very serious whilst explaining this common event]….
But now on a less serious note….Can you see the relevance between those who hate and go the next step further by speaking shit about one ….whom they may not even have met or for that matter know them at all……And if that is YOU then YOU ARE A DAG….WITH THE TRUE MEANING OF THE WORD……..

adjective:- bits of manure that stick to the long wool around a sheep's bottom forming small dangling balls. Also a term for a funny person, nerd, goof, loser. In this respect it can have either an endearing or disparaging meaning, although is usually used for a likable fellow.

My apologize if I have made some terminally ill this pretty Wednesday morning…this is after all an educational experience…..

Whilst you where sleeping I found these gems:



Cindeeloo said...


This is my very first time posting here. I no longer post comments on blogs for this very reason. I'm tired of all the bullshit. So I visit, surrender to his beauty, maybe view a comment or 2, keep my thoughts to myself and I'm gone.

But today.....after a link to you're site via twitter. I have to rise up and say BRAVO!!!!! YOU have said EVERYTHING I have wanted to say and MORE! I am so SICK SICK SICK of the hate. In my eyes it is disturbing on so many levels, and am relieved to find a blog and blogger who puts it all out there and tells it like it is! So whatever this is worth......thanks!

I just might have found myself a new home :)

@keset...thanks for that link. I remember it well! Except 18 seconds turned into Did anyone ever come forward. I still would love to know who he was talking to?

Anonymous said...


I FLOVE this!! Isn't it funny what crawls out of the dumpster when you want to talk about Kristen and the hate she gets?'s really funny. They want to put words in your mouth. They want to talk about how people hate Rob too. They want to talk about what a rude biatch she is. They want to talk about how her personality sucks... Yep, they want to talk about anything EXCEPT...that wasn't your point.

Not one of these people know her. Not one of these people have walked in her shoes. I imagine if they really thought about it...heh. I may have to do more than tell someone to fuck off and flip them the bird! All you do is give your opinion. If they don't like it...then they DON'T have to read it. Right?? I mean do you hold a gun to their head and force them to come to YOUR BLOG and read your words? If so....I may need some lessons please :)

I love Kristen. I loved Kristen before I ever knew who Rob was. It must be my Mamabear instincts. It makes me violent at times, the hate she gets. It's just WRONG. You don't have to like her. Nobody said you do...but why, WHY, do you have to be so FUGLY?? What is missing in peoples DNA? Where did we go wrong with basic human decency? I hope that Kristen knows that she has MANY people who love her for WHO she is. I am happy to hold her up as a EXAMPLE for my Daughters. I hope they grow up to be strong, courageous, and true to themselves. Just as Ms. Kristen Stewart is!!

Now...Hi, A *waves* ;)

You seem to have a way with words yourself. Doesn't it just piss you off when people come here and bash Rose and Kristen. I know it does me!! I hope you are having a fabulous day. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think everyone has to like her, but the hate can be so ridiculous. I was at an event with a bunch of twilight fans and when Kristen was mentioned, the Rob fans around me just started saying so much garbage I could not believe it. I told them do you mind, I like her. And they were like "really?" like it was against some kind of Twilight rules to like her. The bitterness and petty reasons for their disgust with Kristen were so stupid. "She can't act, she's awkward, she has rabbit teeth." I mean seriously? That's a reason to hate a person?

So ridiculous. I think it all comes down to they are just jealous. I mean I work with lots of awkward people, some of them have rabbit teeth, but I don't start foaming at the mouth talking crap about them because of it.

Most of these fans were younger. Hopefully they will grow up some day and get that bitterness out of their hearts. Maybe they will open their eyes an actually see what a cool person that Kristen is.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I seem to notice MORE threats/hate for KS. That's the sad real truth! and that's why Rose sticks up for her the way she does, because she doesn't need to stick up for Rob in the same manner. ya know why? Because Rob is a guy, and women in general ARE jealous/petty and hateful! and these haters/girls act like trash, they ARE trash,and that goes for anyone who thinks its ok to belittle/hate spread rumors/ be an online bully against any person, celeb or not!

30yearoldtwifan :) exactly.

+ A, your comment on them being a unit and that the other will suffer too. All his fans have to do, is look at those images of him in the car with her, after she was called a bitch. His face was a picture of happiness, no it seriously wasn't. He wasn't impressed. And I loved how he defended her over how the rape comment she made. He defended her over how all the bloggers attacked her. I thought that was something to me that showed his defense to her. So for sure we know they both suffer when one gets hated.

Anonymous said...

It still baffles me that neither Rob nor Kristen haters understand that Rob and Kristen are a TEAM. When you attack one, you hurt the other automatically. WHY do you insist on doing it still? Have you never thought what Rob would think of you were he to read your despicable hate rants against his girlfriend? Do you honestly believe he'd THANK YOU for it? I'm sure he'd do anything but smile at you while writing autographs. He'd need the bodyguards to prevent him from strangling YOU!

Anonymous said...

Seeing so much hate, to do with how someone acts (their shy manners) or hate on someone's image, really cuts me up.
It's a terrible thing.
It can make a person feel so insecure, and even more self conscious. Trust me, I know. I'm sure we all know or would know how it would hurt.

Anonymous said...

@ Monika

I'm not sure which sites you're visiting, but I see the pendulum swing both ways in this fandom. I've seen people make up rumors and lies about Kristen and her co-stars. Every time she stands next to a co-star, someone out there is saying that she's fucking them. Same as is done when Rob stands next to another girl. I've seen people criticize her co-stars, just as people criticize his. And I've seen them both be called 'clingers' because they choose to spend time with each other. And I've been a part of many discussions about just how smitten and in love with Rob she is.

You may think that I am an exception to what you're used to seeing, but there are a lot of people out there who feel the same as I do. And they openly talk about their admiration for BOTH Rob & Kristen, and try desperately to stop BOTH sides from spewing the hate.

Anonymous said...

I am not addressing my remarks to the vast majority of you who post on Rose's blog. For the most part you are mature,rational, genuinely nice people who clearly love and respect both Rob and Kristen,individually and/or together. That said,there are a couple of people commenting here, we all know who they are who, if they could drag their 5 year old heads from up their arses for 10 seconds, might grasp that they prove Rose's point over and over again. We are all well aware that there are crazy fans on both sides and Rose frequently defends Rob against the daily insanity too however, this continuous "my dad's bigger than your dad" attitude to who has the worst fans, as if it's some bizarre Olympic sport is at best embarrassing and at worst utterly pathetic. As our friend 'A' points out so eloquently,although this insanity persists on a daily basis,on this occasion Rose is responding to something very specific and especially vile. To the person who pointed that this blog is called "PATTINSON Intoxication", yes, it is foremost a Rob blog and it would serve you very well to remember that the worst,most hurtful thing you could ever do to Rob is to hurt Kristen in some way. Therefore,Rose, a true fan of Rob's is decent enough to defend on a daily basis, that which matters most TO ROB, despite the continuous shit she gets for it!

Anonymous said...

I havent read the comments this morning.....But from what I can gather...What a friggin WAR ZONE....

I'm staying right ouuta this one....
BTW hello and good day
and thats you to ROSE please dont let this nastyness control your moods.....Just ingnore those who love to stir up others emotions thier fauvourite pass time.....

"Silence is Golden" my friends or shall I say MAF's

~J~ said...

My Dear A,
For sometime now I have observed your comments with amusement and pride. You always manage to make me smile and never fail to amaze me with your unwavering support of my wonderful Rose. She truly is one of the kindest, most giving souls I've ever encountered in this life. Her words, yours and all the other lovely Robert and Kristen supporters here are so refreshing in a fandom that sometimes becomes weary and confused with jealousy and needless viciousness. To say that I wish that there were more people who took Rose's approach to life would be a gross understatement.
Thank you.

Marie said...

AMEN ROSE AMEN!!!!! You hit the nail on the head with your comments about how people feel that it is ok to bash Kristen when they don't know her, have never met her, and only base their opinons on 30 sec sound bites, pictures to make her look like she never smiles, Perez Hilton (gag) and the fact that she has the man they want...facts are they don't know Kristen, granted neither do I, but I choose to believe the good things about people until I'm proven wrong..How can you call someone, who by all outside appearances is a sweet wonderful person, someone who everyone who knows her and has worked with her has only wonderful things to say about her, someone whom ROBERT PATTINSON himself says is one of the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful people he's ever met, a bitch? As for the Rob v Kris fan hater daily bash fest...give it a fucking break already..have you noticed the name of Rose's blog? It's call "Robert Pattinson Intoxication" which means that she loves Rob...she is intoxicated by Rob,he is the reason she started the damn blog so get the fuck off the "Why don't you defend Rob?" button already...same old song we've all heard it...If and when Robert Pattinson needs defending you can bet your ass Rose will be the first in line to do so (I'll be right behind her)...just like she's always first in line to defend Kristen...FYI that makes her a wonderful, good leave her the hell alone already..start your own blog if you don't feel that this one suits you. As for Rob...if he and Kristen ARE in love...then isn't Rose doing what Rob would want her to do? Defending the woman he loves. That's what I'd want someone to do if people were bashing my husband..keep preaching Rose!!!

@A I have no idea who you are or where you're from...but you fucking rock...I love the dignified way that you tell people to go fuck are my new hero!

and Finally: I like Kristen Stewart she's a good actress, I've known that since seeing "Panic Room", she seems sweet, funny, shy and in some cases misjudged..she reminds me of me when I was that age (well with the exception of the acting part), being unsure and shy, two traits that make people mistake them for being snobby or bitchy...I get where she's coming from...I also Like Robert Pattinson..he's a great actor, he's sweet, funny, shy and seemingly in love, and as superficial as it sounds he's probably one of the best looking men I've ever seen in my life! (I'm technically old enough to be his mother...but still, I have eyes) point is...I like these two together, and no I don't have to have them together to fulfill my life, if they aren't together, I will still like them both equally. All I want is for them to be happy...I have no idea why their love story seems to touch me the way it does..but I think it's a beautiful thing that people should appreciate instead of trying to destroy it..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
June said...

Rose I want to congratulate you for your post about the hate that Kristen gets undeservedly.

Maybe I had written about hate in general because both of them, R and K get it, but probably Kristen is getting the worst part.

People who hate Rob or Kristen are wasting an energy that could be used in a much better and positive way. It's a pity that they don't realize it.

LJ said...

Welcome Cindeeloo...I think you will be right at home here!

Thanks for the A+++ Katy, never got one of those when I was at school! I see from yesterdays post you are from Portugal? lucky girl it's a gorgeous country, I've had some lovely holidays there.

kstewrocks? are you English? just wondered...I always enjoy reading what you have to say anyway.

Hey Louisaaaaa!!! Good evening my friend :-) Loving the 'Dag' lesson, heard that before (on Neighbours!) but never knew what it meant so I have learned something today!!


Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

Bloody Hell, how I do love my new Aussie friend!!

How are you going? Still falling a over t over the banner pic?

Dag...definately appropriate! BTW, That was too funny!!

katy said...

to A

Like Rose, your thoughts are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

LJ, I am indeed English. Is it a bad thing? My English sometimes is rather rubbish although indeed I am English.

Anne said...

Ok, I don't normally comment but just have to say this. I am a Rob fan first, but also love Kristen. I have to say that Monika's post jumped out at me. It's soooo true. I only follow a select few on twitter and even with the one's that I follow that do love Rob, I see it. They "joke" about him being paranoid, and basically bowing down to her, being her "lap dog" if you will....and it's funny sometimes, to read the fake texting, fake convos....but honestly, it gets old. Of course none of us know them personally, but it's my own feeling that this isn't how their relaysh is AT ALL. I see them as equals.

I see Kris as a strong, level headed woman and Rob is a smart, good head on his shoulders guy that doesn't take any bullshit. I'm sure there is moments of "power" that shifts, like any relationship, but it really bothers me how Rob is portrayed to be this lovesick fool while Kristen is tightening his leash. I see this sort of portrayal of them a LOT in this fandom and it's played out----get a new joke.

I believe Rob loves Kris....and I believe Kris loves him the same. I think Rob is a bit more extroverted in that area whereas Kris tends to be more hidden with her feelings. But you cannot deny the tender pics we saw on the OTR set and in the streets that night that she's head over heels for her guy.

If I had one thing to complain about to the self-proclaimed "Krisbians" would be to chill on the doormat Rob jokes. Seriously, it's not cute anymore and it's just causing even more unnecessary hate.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SayNoBSplease said...

AAAHHH THE DRAMA! Personally, I ADORE Kristen. I think its a little petty to hate on her for the inevitable - being Rob's GF. Nobody has to like her. But for those of you who are fans of Rob and hate Kristen, don't say shit about her! I mean, seriously? Are we 13 years old? Grow up! That says something about yourself. To me it says, 'bla bla bla your a bitch.' And what if Rob saw your comment about kristen? He would call you a bitch as well and have kristen slap you silly. Now just go back into your fantasy world with you and Rob getting married and leave reality be, with no hate. Silly silly women. I don't think Rob could give a flying fuck about what the haters say; he'll just keep lovin' his Kris. Great post Rose!

Anonymous said...

@Lj Good Evening HUN Im glad i could be of assistance to your Aussie interpretation ..
Neighbours...I been watching this soap for over 20 years....Although the latest episodes have been boring me to tears....I can always go back to it in the future and still have kept up to date.....

H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@A Darling 'A'... I will take the enjoyment the name my dear mother gave me and you obviosly like as a compliment....So does that mean you are at "child bearing ' with your significant other AGE...Does that mean around 20+ or 30+ or maybe 40+.....
Berrocca I use it for an energy boost....But always find it discolouring the water I pass and only lasts for a little while ....I wasnt talking about Viagra....[I hope you call Viagra ...Viagra there....] coz I dont want to go
Good day my sweet friend 'A' ....I hope to hear from you sooner than later....muahhhhhh

H said...

LOVE this....the woman is gorgeous and successful...I hear the word "jealous" when I hear people hating on her. Simply disgusting jealously.

Do I love her? Not really... Do I like her / respect her? Absolutely - for her fire and indivuality, for refusing to give in to paps, media in general and everyone's vision of how she SHOULD be...I think she is gorgeous and very fortunate. But I would never hate on her...that's just immature and ridiculous.

Do I like her as an actress? Uh, not so much. She does not bring the neccessary emotion and depth to a a role - but that is not to say there are not roles out there that are perfect for her either...she was FANTASTIC in "Speak" and "Panic Room", it just depends on the role whether or not she is good in it. I have not seen "Welcome To The Riley's" yet so that remains a mystery on her role in that.

Overall, I see a young woman growing into herself in front of the world, a hippocritical world at that, and for anyone that can be completely overwhelming in so many ways.

People all over the world are evil in so many ways and they use the anonymity of the internet and hiding behind others to spew their vitrolous sad and completely vile. I would like to see these people do it in public and see just how many would actually do it, knowing they are there for the world to see and hear, knowing that they look like complete and utter fools for their ignorance and stupidity.

Selene said...

'Perhaps the best thing is for you to just go away and not come back to Rose's lovely blog again heh?'

Oh i see. Let's attack 'monica'
So when someone dares mention her fans being a hypocrite about Rob... 'go away, shut up, do not come back here' etc etc etc

Ok then.. There’s no possible way to talk with you people. I'm out.

Anonymous said...

OMG A Bahahaha!!!

"My god Monika, were you in Dublin three years ago and if so, have you discovered that with proper electrolysis you can overcome your rather unfortunate condition?"

Louisa, we need you to come up with a new term for how our Darling A just schooled Monika!! Bahahaha!! That takes the piss ;))))

LJ said...

Hello kstewrocks! No it's not a bad thing you are English...I am English! that's why I was asking. I am from Manchester :-)))

Awww Louisa, I grew up on Neighbours and Home & Away...used to rush home from school to watch it! I remember 'dag' though...oh and 'spunk' that used to crack me up when I was a kid(means something TOTALLY different here!).

'A' I bloody love your posts...and your protests that you are totally not mysterious just makes you all the more interesting and mysterious to me :-D


30yearoldtwifan said...

HI kstewrocks :)

We can only hope KS doesn't read the hurtful posts people make, because unfortunately I don't see these hater's changing or leaving any time soon.

Anonymous said...

My Goodness in all the haist today... I thought it was Wednesday morning...its friggin Thursday morning.....I can see you where all paying attention to my written words....It may appear to be a wee bit of a DAG in some of your eyes....Hey but it still fills the space...DOnt it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh!! :) I've heard of Manchester. Not too far then I don't think. I'm currently in the West Midlands. xD

It is a pleasure to be talking to you. I don't think I've met any Rob fans who could live so close. Except for my best friend. But not anyone else over the internet.

keset said...

They love each other. :D

Anonymous said...

30yearoldtwifan, I agree. The hate will never stop. I mean if these haters are over 20-40 something, my gosh it will never stop.

Marie said...

Bye Selene, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...

@ LJ I do indeed what you mean by spunk...
But when I call you know who .....Mr.Spunk Muffin....
Spunk or spunky = cute , good looking, attractive...
Manjen lesson #6....Now pay attention!!!lol
Although I suppose there could be relevance to your definition...that is.. if you think about my definition long enough......oh I'd better shut up...this is sounding trashy LMAO

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

For all the Aussie education you are giving me and for all the videos you post, I thought I would post a video of something that happened in my part of the country, watch the whole thing, it is very funny: Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

@ Marie


Anonymous said...

manjen! LOL!!

They ran this story on our local NBC station. I died!! I mean the subject is NOT FUNNY...but...Antoine was HILARIOUS!! Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo husband!! Bahahaha!!

LJ said...

Yep kstewrocks West Midlands isn't too far away, I actually live in Cheshire so just up the M6... :-) Great to meet you anyway!

Well Louisa it may be Thursday for you but it's still Wednesday for me my friend....very strange when you think about it!

Oh and Tracy, your more than welcome to join me on my soapbox any time....I'm only little so theres more than enough room :-)))


Anonymous said...

@ Leigh,

I agree the subject is TOTALLY not funny, but the brother....too funny!!

Marie said...

Manjen OMG laughing so hard my side hurts...thanks

LJ said...

Ha ha ha Louisa you don't half make me laugh! 'I suppose there could be relevance to your definition...that is.. if you think about my definition long enough......'

I've thought about it and I concur...trashy but true ;-)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Alabama!! I can say this cause I am from there so... Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo husband...LOL!!

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! FANTASTIC, awesome post.

I adore Kristen. I won't bore people and list all the things I love about her and why I think she is an amazing girl. But, for me, she is such a breath of FRESH air in the sea of fake, famewhoring, attention seeking, phoney bologna people in hollywood.

I don't like ANY hate directed at Rob and Kristen. I think they're both good people who don't deserve the hateful, vile things said about them. And the people (aka losers) who sit at their computers ALL DAMN DAY and make up bullshit and lies about either of them disgust me. Not only because I think these people are unbalanced and disturbed but because they spend so much time hating on people they don't know! Why waste so much time and energy on someone you do not like? Never makes sense to me.

In regards to the 'fan competition' discussion that is usually dragged here -- Most of us do know and acknowledge that there is hate on both sides of the fence. I try to stay away from 'the crazy' regardless of who they claim to be a fan of.

I am protective of Rob and Kristen and will defend them both -- although I admit to being more protective of Kristen.

There is a site that started to mainly hate on Kristen. There are blogs started to post Kristen hate. She gets the most crap from the media -- especially female journalists who want to rip her a part for everything, all while thinking anything Rob or Taylor do is 'so cute!' -- I cannot stand that double standard.

So, the Kristen hate is always in front of me more and talked about more than the Rob hate. Why do people think Rob, himself, is so protective of Kristen? Why he is quick to defend her to the media? Rob hates to see her get attacked. It hurts him to see that kind of stuff. You hate on one, you're hurting on the other.

I didn't even want to start on some of the Rob fans who insult him and are so deluded that they would rather think that the man can't think for himself and make his own decisions then to think he's happily in love and in a healthy relationship with Kristen. They think they know what's best for him -- even though they have never had a personal disussion with him let alone even know him. They are crazy if they think they are good fans of Rob's.

Anne -- I see them as equals too. And Kristen is more guarded while Rob isn't as much. But I think they love and support each other equally and are both committed to their relationship.

Anonymous said...

OMG Manjen I was watchin this thinkin is this Bloke{a male person } lesson #7]
Seems to be a larakin{#8 a joker} Is he for was a sensitive subject turned into a joke.....Ok then!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

It was an actual news story that someone turned into a rap I said subject is totally not funny, but you can't help but laught at him...

Anonymous said...

manjen, me too!! I live on the coast....Mobile is the closest city to me...where are you?? Ha, small world!

Anonymous said...

@ Leigh

Near Auburn

Anonymous said...

Woot woot!!

War DAMN Eagle ;) We go up to Auburn a few times a year for football games. Love it!! Just one more week and it will be..."the most wonderful time of the year" ;) Love me some college football!!

Anonymous said...

WDE..Yeah me too!!

deb said...

Louisa Thank you for the new word I'll be using it now thank you And to ..A... How sweet you are Thank You SO much for being a FRIEND OF OUR ROSE YES WE( HER FANS) that come in here LOVE ROSE and have her back as you can see we almost all think alike and agree with what she has to say I love it when she saids ENOUGH or THIS TO WELL PASS Have a good day ..A... and Thank You again DEB.

wig4usc said...

I think this is a funny lesson in human nature. Some of the commenters on the blog must not actually "hear" your words in their head. Or they selectively pay attention:

1) Why even bring up who hates on Rob....Rose talks about hate in general, and the effort that's involved.
2) I think this makes perfect sense for RP Intoxication. If you're into RP, then all you hear lately is bashing for his choice of Kristen.
3) No one, esp Rose, has asked anyone to like Kristen. Nor does Kristen. Did some of you just read the first couple of lines then comment???? Don't be a fan, don't like her, just don't be an ass and spread crap and lies. That is exactly what people do, because they can sit anonymously behind a computer and spew away.

I choose to Twiggle - and be happy for those I like, love and care about. As a cancer survivor, I've learned first hand that none of us know how much time we have, I don't plan on wasting mine hating people...esp people I don't know!

Kathy said...

The Kristen haters are just pissed off because she is with Rob. Oh f'ing well. Get over it. Like they'd have a chance in hell with him. I absolutely adore Kristen. And Rob. And Robsten. Kristen is beautiful, talented, wise beyond her years. She is EVERYTHING that ROB wants. HE LOVES HER. SHE LOVES HIM. Plain and simple. I'm SO happy for them both. They deserve happiness. And if being with each other makes them happy....then so be it. You a-holes need to GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank u Rose for being a sweet supportive voice for Rob and Kris...I am sure they would appreciate A u are brilliant! Marry me? Lolol

wig4usc said...

One last thing...for those who think its their inherient right to say and do whatever they like, whenever, and however. Blogs are somewhat public, true, but Rose could choose to block your comments and she chooses not to. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. Is it so difficult to try to use manners and be civil?? The world doesn't have to agree with you, nor will it. How you deal with it says something about your character.

Elle Bee said...

Hey Rose

Great Blog today...jealousy is such an unnecessary emotion, such a waste of time...people only need to look at Rob & Kristen to see the truth...they are in love and all the other crap just doesn't matter to they even care what anyone else thinks...they are happy just leave them alone...I hope they grow old together...I'm sure Rob will always look at her like she is the only girl in the world for him...RobSten forever <3

deb said...

AMEN WIG GOD BLESS YOU and keep well I do understand you my mom had cancer.My moms favorite song is one day at a time sweet Jesus thats all im asking of you and yes one day at a time.Rob and Kristeh will get through this TOGETHER and so well we my dear friends. DEB.

Anonymous said...

tent scene!!!

Dee said...

Hi Rose,
Once again your post is on point. I just wanted to add that I also adore Kristen. While Rob truly intoxicates me just by talking (that British accent, I tell you),I admire the way Kristen stays true to who she is. She started out very young in this business and I am not going to pretend that I know the runnings of Hollywood, I do see how a lot of young actors just seem not to be able to make it in Hollywood. I have always admired any individual who stays true to who they are and own what they do. Kristen seems to be just this type of person. I am not going to even pretend that I know her or Rob, but from what I can see when the two of them stare at each other you see the love pouring out of these two. I am a romantic at heart, so this is great to me, but if for some reason things didnt work out between the two of them, I would wish that they both could find love with whomever they chose to be with. Lots of people seem to think that people are projecting Bella and Edward onto Kristen and Rob. Nope, not me. I love to see them individually doing individual projects working with whomever, but anyone who has eyes and can see, can see that these two people have more than a friendship.
I think what I like about Kristen the most is that she is shy and doesnt like to do a lot of speaking. So this, of course, means that when she and Rob are out together, she will let him do the talking and that means SIGH I get to hear more of that British accent.

Seriously, it takes so much energy to hate on someone you know, can you imagine how much energy it takes for some of these folks (and they know who they are) to hate on a young girl who is just trying live her life. Can you imagine if you had millions of people picking at, dissecting and trying to involve themselves in your first real love as an adult. I think back on mine and its something that I enjoyed, I wish people would just let Kristen and Rob enjoy theirs. They seem to deserve it. They seem to be real down to earth folks. Damn I wish them the best. Dont hate, appreciate (the talent these two have). Dont envy, try to be friendly(as mother always says, if you dont have anything good to say, dont say anything).

Angela said...

Another great post Rose, you put into words how I felt last night when I read all the crap they were putting on the gossip blogs.

I find it so hard to understand how they can hate someone they have never met so much, calling her the most vile names, she just doesn't deserve it. The worst thing is its not even just jealous teenagers, its adults with kids. How would they feel I it was their daughter being subjected to this???

My 10yr old daughter looks up to Kristen as a role model, and I will not object to this. She's hard working, focused, and seems to be loved and respected by everyone she works with. Fine she swears and flips the finger now and again but thats up to me explain to my daughter thats not right. But I understand why she does it.

Christ, she's only 20 and has been thrown in to a mad media circus, that must take some getting used to!!!

Any ways Rob loves her and so do we, and they just need to accept that Rob and Kris are a package deal, TOUGH SHIT IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT !!!!

Don't let them get you down Rose, Keep up the good work XXXXX

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

How have you been?

I was actually listening to a song by Joe " All that i am" while writing this. I think this fits perfectly with what you said.

I so love your post. Spot on.
It's all about jealousy because Kristen's a whole lot of woman and she's with Rob and people just cant accept it.

as you said before, w/ acceptance comes peace..

Kristen's a wonderful actress and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous.

Everyone has the right to their opinion which is true but for someone to hate another w/o cause is insane.

I'm sure we all hate one person in our life but we dont make up stories about them, do we?

@ reddevil: nobody is asking you to kiss ass but if you have nothing better to say, then dont say anything. you're just adding up to the hate. GO AWAY.

Suggestion again, lovely Rose, kick her out!! compliments to your lovely post, Rose

Have a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

Love this post!!

I fucking love you, Rose. Seriously, you're awesome!!!! LOLLL
Cant wait for your post tomorrow! ;)

Great Post !!

Anonymous said...

BTW Rose I do love that song you posted at the end of todays...
It is sooooo relevant by who supposedly wrote it and who it is supposedly about?????? Kudos to you Rose for bring this into the equation....But I suppose stuff like this ALWAYS GOES OVER THE IGNORANT/S HEAD```````````

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing...
You always wright the right things, you are always... RIGHT, actually (that's what I think) You use words that make that ''people'' look sooo ridiculous and stupid, and we all know that they come here and read what you have to say... so I don't understand WHY they still EXIST ! I would to know how they can go on with all this hate, KNOWING how stupid it is!

Anyway.... like you said : "I see sweetness and love"

Me too. Let they be so unhappy, because OF COURSE all this hate does not brings GOOD things for them.

Anonymous said...

I am just glad I don't read crap about Kristen. Or Rob either for that matter. I have seen as many of each of their films as I can and make up my own mind and my own opinions about their performance. Same with interviews of them. I am happy to say I adore them both.
I look forward to all of their films.
By the way, I have just obtained a copy of The Yellow Handkerchief and hope everyone gets a chance to see it. I loved it, but please see it and make up your own mind.
Happy wishes to all R & K fans.

Anonymous said...

well said Rose...

LOVE you Rose...keep said it..the bottom line is 'HATING'
why bother hate so much, if you don't now some one just because she/he public figure,hmm?
i love Kristen and Rob so much, just to wanna share my opinion...used to be i visit AT board since early 2009 people in that community is love Rob and Kristen, Robsten shipper and so much love and some time haters attack Kristen, but the comm defend her but, and after months the kristen haters so bold like snow ball specially the peak up when kristen cut her hair for joan jett role and rob shoot RM...but the love we got for RK try defend them and make shield from haters,,, and then late 2009 there are so much Rob hate too.. the RK love fans still defend them...
all i got said now in AT is nut jobs so i leave that board months ago, enough dealling the haters, and i become selective too who i become in LJ comm...and dissapointed to ted, cause he just wants some hit...
to be honest rose i found your blog in AT, and i follow you on twitter...and i rarely comment but i see every post you give and comments....this the place full of love, sane, peace people,,,
so peeps you know they are not comparison who more hate Rob or Kristen??? they are both sides get hates, both sides get nasty, wish, death thread...from hyena

so enough is enough...i become selective who i follow in twitter, i just choose Rob and Kristen sane not wanting drama cause i've been there...

i don't get it how Rose could endure to so much hatefull in her email..don't worry rose so much your follower and peeps in blog loves you..such as "A' waves to "A"
or other regular lurker...'waves' to all sanes one

T said...

Hi Rose,

This is my first time ever posting on any site. I just have to say well done. I have been lurking since May and have enjoyed all of your blog entries and previsous blog entries. I like Robert and Kristen. Looking forward to their upcoming films. I think the comments here are intelligent and thought provoking unlike some places. Keep on writing.


Susan said...

Hi Rose,
I wanted to say thanks for your blog today. I check daily for your comments, and I'm always grateful to read them. They are always on target, and true to the point.

It's so sad that there is so much hate in this world. Years ago, people would have admired Kristen for her success at such a young age.

There is no pretense there, what you see is what you get. How refreshing it is to see someone her age being 'herself'. She would make any mother and father proud. I would be extremely proud if she were my daughter.

It makes me ill to think how Kristen and Rob would feel, if they were to read any of the sick garbage, people with little minds imagine.

How wrong people are, for taking their short-comings in life, out on these two extraordinary people. They are actors, performers, talented individuals who love what they do. Why must people spew their venomous opinions as if they are entitled.

Life is so short. There is so much REAL suffering in the world. I will never understand why people intentionally hurt one another for no good reason.


It really hit home when you said that Rob & Kristen are a unit now. When she hurts, he hurts, and vice versa.

I would not be surprised that maybe one, or both, go into seclusion, for a few years, just to go get away from all of the madness. I certainly hope not .... it would be such a loss, for all of us.

Thanks, Rose

Boogie with Stew said...

doing a blog by..Rose love your ideology..& you multi depth connection to music.. I do read and COMPREHEND your blogs.. their deep, you know the world is full of cock roaches they blech up from every are absolutely right about all the energy wasted on "the negative" it's a pity..I have watched these 2 grow up so to speak like our "kids" they are special..This is your blog page you can say whatever you damn well please..enjoyed the pics of Kristen..I love when she first started doing interviews she would have the microphone in her hand, & would be "twiggling' back and forth..Have those cockroaches ever been famous or know how those shoes feel, like a hell to the NO...forget about em..This is your world "ROSE"! I love it here..You have so many good friends to support you..I'm an intelligent mature women I choose who I like, and I choose Rob & Kristen!!!

Louisa missed lessons 3-4-5 & 6 damn it..I do know what a bit of the dag is, good one.. Deb hoping for a speedy recovery for your daughter.. Kristen and Rob are the shizzle and naanneee nannee boo boo if you don't like em don't go away mad just go the fuck away & spew on some other site..

Holy shit batman that used up the last of my energy..long day.. Love to all my new friends in "Intoxication Land"
B/W/Stew ♥

splendid said...

Has anyone here seen Ghostbusters II?

Psychomagnotheric Slime. That's what the haters are.

They multiply and feed off of the negative energy they create and the attention they get. DO NOT FEED THEM people!!

I love and adore this blog and Rose but I would have much rather come here and read a blog about why you/we love Kristen then one that regurgitates hater tirades from people who DON'T MATTER. I would have left here with a smile on my face, basking in the after glow of positive energy, instead of feeling grumpy and slightly annoyed after being reminded of all the bitter people in this world.

Kristen has a lot of haters, 95 percent of them are jealous, bitter betty females. She's got crazy, insane, blatant ones and she has sly, underhanded, passive aggressive ones and everything in between.

Giving them attention hasn't stopped them one bit these past couple of years. In fact, I'd say it's only resulted in them digging their heels in and has given them the false impression that their rants have some kind of value, since we are all spending so much time talking about them.

Can you imagine how much more enjoyable the Rob and Kristen fandom would be if all their supporters stopped RTing and giving hits to negative blogs and articles and stopped giving attention to lunatic haters?

It's easy to spend too much time looking at the back of the tapestry, getting flummoxed over every nasty person or bad article. We need to flip this thing over and start looking at the big picture.

Kristen is beautiful, intelligent, and talented with top critics raving over her and prestigious actors and directors wanting to work with her.
Rob is handsome, intelligent, and talented with people begging to work with him and celebrities praising him left and right.

Their careers are bright, their personal lives are golden ;)
Why do we constantly ignore the good in favor of stroking the egos of the nasties of the world?

You attract more flies with honey so they say. If we all started to ignore the hate and revel in all the great, squee worthy things we get as a result of being Rob/Kristen fans, maybe we'd be drawing more positive people into this fandom instead of having people ready to jump ship from all the negativity.

Just a thought.

Boogie with Stew said...

I'll drink to that..Here's to Rob & Kirsten snuggling soon..good nite and Happy thoughts.. love to all

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Agree with your every word.

As they say misery loves company. Let those hateful people be miserable and hateful in their own company.

Let Rob and Kristen continue to love each other, let them continue to entertain us with critically applauded performances at the movies and occasionally maybe allow us a little peek into the Rob and Kris love bubble! :)
Goodnight all.

Karen said...

Rose,this post ROCKS! I love that not only is Kristen beautiful,
talented,funny,smart,bold, and loved by the most gorgeous man on earth, but she is gutsy and unafraid of standing up for herself
and Rob. I would be proud to have a daughter just like her!

I love that R&K are so happy together. I love that she makes him smile from ear to ear. I love that he protects her. Most of all, I love that they really and truly love each other. If they drift apart, I will still love them both.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that many of the actors in Twilight have been quoted as saying that they auditioned for the movie because of Kristen Stewart's participation. Rob himself has said the same.
Her fellow actors and directors have praised her acting, her dedication and her professionalism. Many have spoken of her as being wise beyond her years. People who actually know her speak of how much fun she is.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jen said...

one thing I gotta say after running over the comments quickly:


Do you fucking people realize that Rob fans are spotlighted for their craziness and rabidness all the time in the media? Online sites, tabloid mags, newspapers-they all talk about Rob's "crazy", "creepy" fans.

That's because they are intrusive, never give him a break, stalk him - and the level of hatred directed towards Kstew is often highlighted.

Rose is a Rob fan first obviously. What she is doing here is saying "come the fuck on, bridgets!" at all of you who are giving Rob's fanbase a bad, crazy name.

She celebrates who Rob is, what he's accomplishing--and YES, even celebrating the fact he seems very happy with Kristen right now.

That's the SANE way to act towards someone you are a fan of. She's acting as a respectful witness to someone we all think is peachy.

The GALL of her, to act normal, instead of writing fucked up blog entries trying to Rob how to conduct his romantic life based on photo assumptions and hearsay. How dare she actually think Robert is a fucking adult who can think on his own without her help!

The nerve....


jen said...

And just for an example of HOW CRAZY ALL ROB FANS ARE PERCEIVED BY THE GENERAL MEDIA, check out this HILARIOUS entry from Gawker mocking Rob's fans for hating on Kristen STewart:



"Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart decided to opt out of going to The Box for their New York New Moon premiere after-party, instead opting to go to Avenue, where they could sit around, drink vodka, drink beer, get trashed, leave, go home, and do it. Robert Pattinson's psychotic, obsessive stalkerfans, are you listening? Tune your teenage to mid-30s adult ears to this: Rather than hang out with Kellan Lutz and the rest of their cast, you know what they're doing? They're going home and doing it. Now, I know, I know, you all think Kristen Stewart is the most evil thing in the universe and that she should die a fiery death while Rob realizes who the real lady of his life needs to be: you. You should probably get used to the fact that (A) this will never happen because you're not movie-star good looking and she is..."

Rose said...

To "A Friend"
I've missed talking to you, too... but your email doesn't seem to work at the moment because my mail comes back undeliverable... believe me, I've tried to write to you.

To "A Friend of a Friend"
Thank you for defending me once again... You seem to know of what you speak. I like that about you... among your many wonderful charms.

Peace and Happiness to both of you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

To A friend-
Last we talked... I think I was pretty worried about you.
I thought you disappeared.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Trish said...

APPLAUSE!! AWESOME POST! couldnt have said it any better myself! keep preaching Rose..keep preaching! you have such a wonderfull gift.

Rose is right you dont have to like each their fucking own..just try to understand her and dont let all your jealousy make you blind..because she is a fantastic actress!!

@reddevil...wonderful name btw..suits you perfectly! :p why are you even here? ...Its Robert Pattinson intoxication...since we are speaking of Rob, Kristen automatically comes in..Kristen is Rob's other half..I think you will have to get used to that one..because there is nothing me, you or anyone else can do about that one! Rose is defending Kristen because she loves Rob and Rob loves Kristen..which means Rose loves Kristen too...its not a complicated thing to understand.

@Nicole..completely agree!

and I am late here..who is this Trish you all are speaking off? confused.

@A your posts are very interesting...keep them coming!

Personally, I am just sick and tired of the constant whining "educating" about the hate from both sides..geez, its so fucking annoying...the more i see it the more annoyed i get..lets just enjoy both of them together..those reminding us about the hate are just draining the positive energy from this blog. Just stop talking about it already it doesnt solve anything.

To all the haters: doesnt it feel so bad to know that Rob loves Kristen and there is nothing you can do about it??? you better start getting some sleep because he is still with KRisten and isnt with you.

@Jen..I fucking loved that article loved this "Rather than hang out with Kellan Lutz and the rest of their cast, you know what they're doing? They're going home and doing it." buahahaha! too awesome and too true!

Rose said...

To "A Friend"
I always worry about you... I can't help it. I feel very protective.

As for our mutual "A" friend... that's exactly how he is acting.
I appreciate him sticking up for me.
It's good to know there are people like him out there.

Anonymous said...
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olivia said...

Thank you Rose for your decency, honesty, and responsibility. You are a champion for what is right and must be said.

The angry, jealous, hateful, hurtful, nasty, vicious people who spread negativity and falsehoods about Rob and Kristen are pathetic, sad and empty lunatics.

I truly do not understand how someone can be hurtful to others and enjoy being blackhearted, malicious, and so malevolent. And, at the same time, act so righteous about their vicious words and actions.

Stay away from the garbage. Going where it is, taking a quick look just seems to encourage the garbage to multiply and spread.
I too believe in karma.

Rob and Kristen have touched a special spot within me through their genuineness, honesty, and love.
I support and respect Rob.
I support and respect Kristen.
I support and respect Rob and Kristen.
I am glad that they have each other, that they are a team, and that they seem to have a deep, loving, and honest relationship.
I wish them peace, calm, happiness, great success and of course, love.
Always a believer,
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...

......YER SHE'S DOING IT..... WITH HIM...AND I'M SURE THEY ARE REALY ENJOYING IT immensly...because when it's done with the one you love it's the MOST NATURAL WAY TO SHOW ONE YOU LOVE THEM.....

Anonymous said...
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Rose said...

Well... we all have 'bad' days. I'm glad you are better now.
I've missed you, too...

And I like having *A* in my corner.
He makes me smile.
Every day.

Anonymous said...

@ Rose he does me too...BTW....


jen said...

bummer, louisa, let me try to link again:

And just in case it didn't work, here's the entire blurb, minus the pretty r/k new moon promo pic included here they totally look like they will be "doing it" later,lol:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart decided to opt out of going to The Box for their New York New Moon premiere after-party, instead opting to go to Avenue, where they could sit around, drink vodka, drink beer, get trashed, leave, go home, and do it. Robert Pattinson's psychotic, obsessive stalkerfans, are you listening? Tune your teenage to mid-30s adult ears to this: Rather than hang out with Kellan Lutz and the rest of their cast, you know what they're doing? They're going home and doing it. Now, I know, I know, you all think Kristen Stewart is the most evil thing in the universe and that she should die a fiery death while Rob realizes who the real lady of his life needs to be: you. You should probably get used to the fact that (A) this will never happen because you're not movie-star good looking and she is, (B) the love you do find will be some kind of settlement, (C) and they will probably work in middle management, and (D) they will not be a blood-sucking vampire, they will just suck at your will to live. So! While Robert Pattinson enjoys ditching his Twilight castmates for getting drunk and doing it with Kristen Stewart, you're getting prepared for life! #NotAfraidToBeServicey. Psychos.

He called them psychos at the

Anonymous said...

@ jen
Psychos...Lunatics...'dags' they're all a bunch of fukwits in my opinion....but you don't have to read my opinion.....this is written by someone who also seems to have the same view and taken the 'mickey' in the process.....

Anonymous said...
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Rose said...

*A friend*- Leaving someone is never easy... I completely understand.
If I were you I would never be able to leave! But you're wrong about one thing... I did miss you.

And I like the whole 'My Rose' thing. Immediately brought a smile to my face. As always.

Tara said...

Rose I really liked the blog today. I mostly like Kristen because she doesn't fake it. I notice a lot of people say she has no personality or is rude and has a bad attitude. I just think she's real and it's refreshing. A lot of the hollywood types do their best acting pretending to be a nice person off screen. Kristen is smart, beautiful and awkward. She really is beautiful. Another important reason I like Kristen is because she's played a major role in why I even know who Rob is. I never caught Potter fever. I probably would have never heard of any of Rob's other movies. She picked him for Twilight. They showed such great chemistry on screen it led me to read the books and that's how I fell in love with the series. I wanted to know more about the actors after reading the books. The more I learned the more I loved Rob - he is so sweet. Because Rob loves Kristen she's cool in my book. Celebrities who annoy me - I tend to avoid seeing, hearing or reading about them. It's much less time consuming and exhausting than devoting energy to hating them or wishing them harm.

Kai El said...

Yes, Rose. You're absolutely right. It's also beyond my comprehension why people can hate such a beautiful girl. Yes, she's awkward, she makes mistakes, she doesn't like to share her private life to the public (it's her right), she likes to flip the pappz (they deserve it).

Why, haters, why???? If you don't
like the girl, go find someone else you like, but don't throw your hate tantrum to her.

She's a very cutely awkward and awkwardly cute girl who wants to give her best to her work. Is it wrong? I don't think so.
If Rob finds her awkwardness cute, then go shut your f****** mouths.
I never say the F word, but there you go. Fyi, I'm not hating you, haters, since it will make me the same as you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

Well... as of right now... there isn't anything in my 'inbox'...


Rose said...

I tried again to send you something... It came back Delivery Failure.
You must have closed the account that I have...

dowlingnana said...

Hello fellow believers only,

gotta say Rose, what a blog today, love it!!
I personally don't care who gets more hate, does it really matter? And, as many of you have said, Rob is a guy so we don't worry as much about guys as we do gals.

I also wonder if our schools are failing or have failed kids today. Seems as if reading comprehension is lacking. You MUST read ALL of what Rose posts before responding, but again, if you're comprehension is OFF, then I guess I understand why some are writing responses before actually knowing what they're talking/writing about!

Keep it up Rose, you're awesome.

And, on most jail/prison walls:


Anonymous said...
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Monica said...

Rose, As a fan of Kristen I must thank you for making such an AWESOME post.

I still cannot get why so many people dislike/hate her. Kristen is a rare thing in Hollywood plasticland. What a pity that some people are incapable of appreciating the beauty of a genuine and real person like Kristen. Don't you think she's super lovable (or at least respectable) when you see her sparking eyes while talking about her movies with so much passion in interviews?

I don't need everyone to worship Kristen. I can stand dislike but definitely NOT the hate. I dislike some celebrities too but I just don't give a shit but what they're doing and never waste my time to talk about them. Letting yourself hate someone so deeply that you don't even know is just morbid.

Rose, I love you said, "You see bitterness and hate. I see sweetness and love". What you see is a reflection on what kind of person you are.

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

I thought you closed it because this is what I get when I send something to you "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)‏"

I don't know what to think... My mail comes back undelivered... and I have received nothing from you.

kaylafryer said...

Yes Rose, Yes!
I Dont See Why So Much Hate Is On Kristen.
I Love Kirsten, She's So Real And Her Self,
"I see sweetness and love."- Love What You Said Here, Because Thats Exactly What I See.
Love Rob & Love Kristen

Tara said...

What is the article about Kristen that some of the commenters have referred to? Who is Trish Delish?

Atticus said...

Thank you Rose for your beautiful, insightful, kickass, in your fucking face blog to the nonstens/hyenas.

"A" is alluding that you were spurred on by something really hateful towards Kristen. I haven't read it, nor will I read such garbage. I guess you don't have that luxury. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to the hatestens, but I've read enough third hand rubbish to get the gist of these stupid delusional nags. Fucking embarrassment to the human race.

In the words of Rose, STFU!!!

Anonymous said...

Trish Delish is some idiot who wrote some completely inappropriate things about Kristen. I am not even going to give the link to her comments cause she is so full of crap!!

Read this, it's from someone who wrote, I guess you could say, a rebuttal to what was said. He did great.

Monica said...

Selene@2:36, WTF???
You're sick of Rob fans being labelled and namecalled, and then you label and namecall us Kristen's fans???

Well, well~ You complain about DOUBLE STANDARD all day and you DO SHOW me what it is.

Sorry Rose, I usually don't call names but I can't stand the shit this time.

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...
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Atticus said...

I've just discovered what "A" is alluding to through Opytaylor. Everyone, please don't supply the link to the fucking psycho. Doesn't deserve any hits.

deb said...

OPY I want to THANK YOU FOR what you said today YOU are TRU'LY A BEAUTIFUL MAN and I hope that kristen knows what a WONDERFUL FAN she has in you And I hope that the BITCH X see's what you have said about her. DEB.

brownamt said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the lessons, though I am often not at my computer to be here for them at the time you post. I guess you can say I'm in "correspondence" school ;)

And now I offer you a word in return, and this one is for Leigh as well.... she requested a word for A's performance today.. and here it is. It's a gaming term. (Yes, I am totally outing myself as a gamer with this one)

Pwn - Pronunciation: (pôn): Perfect ownage. Flawless victory. Schooled. Lesson taught. (a map designer misspelled "Own" as "Pwn". What was originally suppose to be "player has been owned." was "player has been pwned".)

So if I were to use it in a sentence, I would say "A totally pwned that poster today."

brownamt said...

Thanks Rose for being on the same page with me today. I was just commenting on this very subject on another site today. Kristen is such a fresh change from all the fake crap that is Hollywood. I see the same type of qualities in Rob. I am not surprised that he found her irresistible at the beginning and even now.

Opytaylor said...

Dang Rose 192 comments. I take it there must be some hate mixed in. I read earlier but not the comments. You and I pretty much tag teamed the same people today. Just saw all the comments from your regulars on my blog. Thanks ALL. Interesting the hate has shifted from "they are not together" to Kristen manipulated Rob and she is mean to him. Take care, Opey Taylor Sr.

MCvelvetkitten said...

I think people who "hate" should invest their time and energy into something productive... like crocheting or knitting or... crossword puzzles! Do something great with your time for your self and your loved ones! and STFU ... thats all!

su said...

Thanks for your post, Rose, is perfect!
I love Rob, I love Kris, I love RobandKris, I love the love....It's easy, only you have to look them together...

Sorry for my poor english, from Spain, bye!

LK said...

All those people who are hating on Kristen without even knowing her,are pathetic human beings,who have never felt love.They're jealous and completely idiots.I understand if you don't like someone,as an actor or as a personality,it's your right.But when you hate so much,it's not sane and healthy.

Anonymous said...

hey Rose been on vacay and only catching up with all your posts now. It is hard to imagine why some girls simply hate a person they don't know and most likely will never know other than Kristen has something that they will never have and that is intergrity.

She is a simple girl who works her azz off in the industry, keeps her head above water and loves what she does. She is both talented and intelligent and earns money instead of sticking her hand out and begging for it from her parents.

she has a boyfriend that all the neighbourhood girls want and he wants her and not those throwing themselves in his face. Together they make grown people cry because of their love for each other which is evident in their eyes and that is something they don't want to accept - the narrow minded hate filled minds of those who simply can't look at them without thinking it's a showmance.

what like Miley and Liam puurrlease.

Pathetically Ridiculous

It's the only thing they can cry because they can't accept the truth, oh they know it's true but won't accept it.

acceptance is relief
less wrinkles
less indigestion
less worries

find someone else to fixate on because
Rob and Kristen...
are not for moving.


DreamerKind said...

Oh, la, la, I am so getting you all. Thanks for making my "later years of senior life" a kick.

And remember, this too will pass.

Happy Day!

LK said...

@A,oh my God!You rock dude!I laughed so hard with the Dublin incident.LOL

You know,all this "who gets the most hate" story is beyond boring.But some people keep coming here and post the same c*ap on a daily basis."Rob's getting more hate,why don't you say something about it,Kristen's fans bsh Rob" yada yada.Why don't you go and post at their IMDb's and write your complaints there?This is Rose's blog and her opinion.Why do you keep criticize her about her opinion?If you don't agree,just leave!

DreamerKind said...

Enquiring minds, want to know, "who's getting the most love"?

I feel it could be all of us, if we tried.

Chuckle, chuckle, my dear ones.

Love out to you all.

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