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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Working For The Weekend

I'm bored... and kinda bitchy...
So read at your own risk.

Random Thoughts.

1. Rob's last day with WFE.
Some people are all sad and stuff...
The boy needs some time off
You know what I mean?
All work...
No Kristen...
Makes Robert a sad boy.

We all know that Rob is going to be at the TCA's
this coming weekend.
Still no confirmation about Kristen...
Then what?
Will Rob go to London for his Mum's birthday?
Will Rob go to Montreal?
Well... I think he might do both.
First Montreal... then London?
London then Montreal?
It's no secret that Rob needs London.
He can relax there...
He can do 'normal' things without being hounded
relentlessly by the paps.
Will he spend an extended amount of time there
before BD starts production?
Will Kristen join him?

I have no doubt that no matter where they end up...
It will be

2. Denials.
Yeah, I've talked about this before...
No doubt it will come up again.
And while it might not be very nice of me to poke
fun at rabies infected scavengers...
Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

"Why don't the *sheep* just take Rob and Kristen at their own word?
They keep saying they are 'just friends' but they don't want to listen"

Rob and Kristen have described the other as
Good Friend.
Best Friend.
Close Friend.
But you have to go back to Twilight promotion
to come up with 'JUST' friends.
They haven't said JUST friends in well over a year...
when they were, in fact...
JUST friends.
Kristen was dating Oregano at the time.
But since then?
There is no JUST
And what a difference that one word makes... yes?
"We are friends"
"We are JUST friends."

Rob and Kristen admit they are close friends.
They won't give you any more than that.
But they aren't giving you any less either...

JUST Bullshit.

3. Kristen started filming "On The Road" this week.
It makes the whole TCA thing 'iffy'

I would love for her to show up in California this weekend.
I would love to be able to see
Robert and Kristen

But needless to say...
She IS working.
So I guess we shall wait and see.

It doesn't really matter if she gets to the TCA's though...
Because she will be with Robert sooner or later.
Hopefully sooner.

4. The Hyenas are already chasing their tails.
They are trying like hell to rationalize why
Robert would go to Montreal.

"Summit is worried that Rob/Kristen haven't been seen 
together in a while, so they are probably making Rob
go to get their picture taken together-

"Big deal if he goes to Montreal!
I go to Montreal ALL THE TIME!!
It doesn't mean anything!"

"I will lose all respect for Rob if he shows up
in Montreal. Just go home to London!"

Not IF... WHEN.
Because sometime in the next couple of weeks...
Rob and Kristen will have a reunion.
And it won't have anything to do with 'PR'

A part of me hopes that they keep it from the public...
(Let's face it, Kristen knows how to hide...
and she's better at it than Robert)
But I will be honest and say...
I hope that a picture of Rob in a Montreal airport
or Kristen on a London street...
DOES show up.

Because the FOAM SHOW will be phenomenal.

Is that wrong?
But they are.


If you're sitting comfortably then let me begin.
I want to tell you a tale about the mess that I'm in.
And it all starts with a girl.
And shes breaking up my whole world.

Shes got these big green eyes, and they're as wide as the moon.
They can take you to bed without you leavin' the room.
I would kill just to be her man,
but she's too cool to give a damn.

I'm falling in love for the last time
I'm falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain't mine
I'm falling in love for the last time.

This post was brought to you by the letters *P* and *R*

And a little


*TipToe Twirling*

Bye for now
P.S. Yes... this post was all about YOU!
*wink wink nudge nudge*


babbles said...

I'm excited to see some Rob & Kristen reunion too... and I'm way happy he has some time off...

Love You Rose!!!!

RobandKrisChick said...

So true I can't wait for a Robsten reunion. I do hope that Rob gets a chance to go home and relax for a while he deserves it.

Trish said...

love love the song at that....

Things are pretty quiet in Robstenland but can't wait for a reunion!!

as for the tcas i am doubting as of now..but hey..she can change her mind..i hope she comes..really missing them.

Nice post..and you are right Rose..it will be great to see a picture to watch the hyenas foaming...

Anonymous said...

Awesome post...I love the picture of Kristen by herself with longer blond hair...She is absolutely beautiful!! Can't wait to see them together again. Although I FIRMLY believe they have seen each other in the past few weeks and were able to not get photographed...

mike@elena said...

Hi Rose, truer words were never spoken. I haven't commented in awhile. I usually don't get to read your blog till later after all the sillys come on.
I must say I am glad Robert is done filming soon. The "just fans" made me sick to my stomach. Maybe it's just me, but grown ass women who chase very young men around a fricken city is kind of pathetic and rude, not only to him but to his girlfriend Kristen, and to his family. Fans just sit around and watch quietly then leave. Stalkers plot out their plans to catch and trap their prey. Just my opinion.

Oh yeah, I watched The Runaways this weekend 6 times with my daughter. Kristen did a superb job,what a fantastic actress she is.She inspired my 16 year old to pick up her electric guitar again, and she is writing songs again.
I love Kristen and Robert, they love each other and that is good enough for me. Thanks Rose for keeping it very real. MelenaS

Nar said...

oh Rose.
I read your posts EVERY SINGLE DAY and eagrly wait for them.
about Robsten - huh its obvious. we should even proove this fact or tell about it to someone already.
Hyenas? well well its their business.
for every good thing there are always bad things appearing so we just have to deal with it. its THEIR problem if they dont want to believe in what they see and KNOW ;)
my advice - dont spend your precious time to so low lives (as Edward says ) they never worthed it ;)
haters - huh theyre EVERYWHERE.
for example today one of them was posting 5483904573898 links to my wall (fake links) trying to proove that Robs abs are fake and photoshopped (OH PLEASE :D ) , I was just saying its your opinion? its okay. just dont make my wall into trash , I have my own opinion and I know what I see and what I know.I dont find any need to proove u something
well at last I calmed him down , and all his foam and anger
again Rose thank you for your awesome blog, which is full of sarcasm ( I so love it ) , logic , love , and kindness , and FACTS ;)
i dont comment every time , but I read all the time
again thank you Rose.
and believe

from Azerbaijan


Nar said...

we SHOULD NOT even proove this fact or tell about it to someone already.*
sorry for mistakeee :)

olivia said...

Hugs to you Rose!
Mighty wise words! You are always spot on!
(What a gorgeous pic of Kristen as a blond.)

Hooray! The WFE wrap today will finally give Rob time for some important R&R.

Hopefully filming for the TCA will go quickly and as calmly as possible. I would love to see both Rob and Kristen together at the event, but honestly, as someone mentioned days earlier, Kristen does not like interruptions during her filming; she prefers to remain focused and stay in character. So if she is a no show, more power to her, she puts her acting first as she should.

The most I wish for both Rob and Kristen is that they can carry out their plans and wishes privately and easily for getting together and enjoying their time together where, when, and how they wish.

Mature relationships survive distance and time.
(Thank you Christina, your comment at 9:25 this morning on yesterday's blog comments was so well stated. Thank you also for the sacrifices and commitment your husband and you have given us through your service in the military.)
Rob and Kristen, as professional actors, have unique obstacles to navigate in their public life and relationships, with each other, friends and family.
They are doing an amazing job and I have faith that they will continue to figure out low key, private ways to continue living as sanely, and normally as their situation permits.

I love Rose's chant:
it's not if ....but when!
And it is Rob and Kristen's business to decide all the particulars and call the shots.

We will enjoy peeks here and there as they allow plus photos that filter out from when they are working.
I'm happy with that!

Respect Rob and Kristen,

deb said...

There you go again Rose saying it like IT IS THANK YOU YES not IF BUT WHEN WE cant forget that these 2 are doing movies for US.They Well fine time like you said they always do.You know that they talk all the time to each other they know the game plan they know whats going on and when they well see each other again.But right now Kristen is the ONE who IS WORKING and Rob knows that They know each other SO much more then we do. THEY are in a STRONG relationship and have each others back She knows he well be there waiting and so does he. So like i'v said before I well wait do I like it HELL no but for them I well. You see I TO MISS THEM TO.Thank you Rose for the reminder I havent forgotten where it ALL started. DEB.

katy said...

Like i said yesterday, I'm sure Rob will go to Montreal and then to London for a while, I also hope to see pics of Rob in Montreal airport or somewhere in MOntreal with Kristen...not gonna lie...I want a pic to rub on heynas faces..is this a bad thing...yes, it is, Rob and Kristen should be allowed to walk freely without nobody bothering them, but still I can't help myself of wanting pics...I apologize to the people that don't agree with me...but I'm tired of people that keep saying that Rob and Kristen are in it for PR...so...the more proof the better...heynas didn't believe when Wyck abd Salde said Rob and Kristen are couple...so maybe if more and more pics surface they will start believing it and stop screaming PR...because it's getting realy boring.

Great Post Rose like always.

PS:I apologize for Bad english

Patricia said...

Rose: Rob has been working non stop for awhile now. he needs a vaca........ ASAP

I think Rob already went to Montreal a couple of weeks ago(Thursday and Friday( before he had the run in with PAPS on that Saturday while at the movie with Stephanie. My hunch.

I'm hoping like you all that Kristen's at the TCA. Then we can get our fill of them for awhile before the drought (between now and October and filming of Breaking Dawn.)

I think Rob will visit London after TCA because (HIS MUM'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION) and the long stay in USA for Breaking Dawn. Kristen will be working on OTR. But I think they will get together during all this time and hopefully we'll get a picture or a true sighting. Remember they always find time for each other. Last summer we didn't know till after the fact that Rob flew to LA two week ends to see Kristen. he was filming 'Remember Me' and came to see a rough cut of 'The Runaways' THEY ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO SEE EACH OTHER. THEY'RE IN LOVE.

I'm getting worse with this obsession with this couple. I need therapy. Antone else this crazy ???
Grazie Rose for another insight to our favorite couple.

Patricia said...


BoilerGrl26 said...

I miss Robsten too! I would LOVE to hear that Kristen is in London or that Rob is in Montreal (sigh) I would love love love love it!

I'm not even sure why someone would say this though: "I will lose all respect for Rob if he shows up in Montreal. Just go home to London!" People need to learn to be happy for Robert just because he IS HAPPY WITH KRISTEN! I am SO over the jealousy and hate towards Kristen just because people are jealous of her. YOU are NOT going to marry Robert Pattinson people(I know...I had to come to that realization too!)....let it go...move on with your life and let him live his. Oh, and P.S. I'm sure Rob could care less if you respected him or not. So give it up! He's going to do what HE WANTS to do!

June said...

Everybody is expecting to see Rob in Montreal, Kristen in TCA's..me too, but I will not go nuts if there's no evidence of R in Montreal or if K doesn't go to TCA's, although I'll be a bit sad. This drought is becaming unbearable!

R&K should have mercy on us and show up form time to time. That would be enough to make us happy!

Thanks for today's post Rose.

SueBee said...

I can feel this strange tension in the air.

Nonsten/Hatesten are waiting for Rob to pass/fail these "tests" in order to refute the relationship.

If he doesn't go to Montreal or if there is no photographic proof of the visit, then they will say they aren't together.

If Kristen is too busy working to attend the TCA's they'll call it proof that they don't want to be together.

If Rob goes to London immediately after the TCA's they'll say that he can't stand Kristen and wants to get as far away as humanly possible.

They will laugh and point like the immature idiots they are.

Where as if he goes to Montreal, It's PR.

If Kristen shows up in London , they'll say she is there because she is dating one of his friends.

If she shows up at the TCS's they'll say that Summit forced her to do it.

It's ironic, where we would just shrug if it doesn't happen, they go rabid.

If it does happen, we smile and twirl while they're still going rabid!

Makes no sense to me. It's only a matter of time before something happens.

At any rate, I see us doing a lot of smiling.

SueBee said...

BTW, I meant TCA's on that last on, not TCS. Oops!

SueBee said...

Okay and that was SUPPOSED to be last one, not last on. Geez, I should just quit while I'm ahead.

Bren said...

@ Patricia,

I am just as crazy as you! I can't speak for everyone else, but I would guess we are all on the same playing field.LOL

Hooray for wrap!!Did you check out the smile on Rob's face when he was leaving the set? (last night) The first thing I thought of was---he just got off the phone with Kristen, and he can already taste her...Whoa!

I'm still leery about the TCA's, I would love to see her with him, but down deep inside, I feel they won't allow her to be there....although Taylor is filming "Abduction", and he'll be there..I know different movie, different director, but Taylor is the main star, and Kristen is a supporting role. I'll keep hoping she'll surprise us all.

The excitement starts for all of us tomorrow, where will Rob head? He deserves to rest, while we shutter with anticipation.

Anonymous said...

They always lose respect if he hangs out with Kristen. Geez, you'd think they'd have none left. But it's just all talk. Lose respect, stop being a fan of him then. Because being with her for her Birthday, is a big thing. The respect would have gone up in the air then. Or is it just their minds think as long as Kristen does the running around, it's alright to call her clingy and all that crap. But if Rob does it, then they lose respect. They have none for Kristen. So if Rob starts to do that, then their respect will go. Like he cares if you respect his dating choices? He'd most likely tell us all to shut up whether we support or not.

The haters are plain weird.

Makes no sense whatsoever. I even talked to a nonsten. I think I made her question things. There's apparently hatestens and nonstens. But the lines get blurred on who poses as a nonsten, which is nearly everyone who doesn't like the idea of Rob and Kristen as even friends. I'll get to that in a minute. But yeah, the lines are blurred. You would think if a nonsten didn't believe Rob and Kristen, they'd post everyday on their site or wherever they go to convince people, that Rob and Kristen are friends. But no, they take it to the level that Rob and Kristen aren't together or friends. So a nonsten to me, is someone who hates the idea of them as friends and a couple. Otherwise they'd support the friendship but wouldn't agree they're an item.

What confuses me too, why the hate for Kristen? They love Emilie. They love Nikki. They love Megan Fox. They love Ashley. They love Liz. They love his agent or whoever she's named.

But hate Kristen anywhere near him. They are freaks.

Anonymous said...

They always lose respect if he hangs out with Kristen. Geez, you'd think they'd have none left. But it's just all talk. Lose respect, stop being a fan of him then. Because being with her for her Birthday, is a big thing. The respect would have gone up in the air then. Or is it just their minds think as long as Kristen does the running around, it's alright to call her clingy and all that crap. But if Rob does it, then they lose respect. They have none for Kristen. So if Rob starts to do that, then their respect will go. Like he cares if you respect his dating choices? He'd most likely tell us all to shut up whether we support or not.

The haters are plain weird.

Makes no sense whatsoever. I even talked to a nonsten. I think I made her question things. There's apparently hatestens and nonstens. But the lines get blurred on who poses as a nonsten, which is nearly everyone who doesn't like the idea of Rob and Kristen as even friends. I'll get to that in a minute. But yeah, the lines are blurred. You would think if a nonsten didn't believe Rob and Kristen, they'd post everyday on their site or wherever they go to convince people, that Rob and Kristen are friends. But no, they take it to the level that Rob and Kristen aren't together or friends. So a nonsten to me, is someone who hates the idea of them as friends and a couple. Otherwise they'd support the friendship but wouldn't agree they're an item.

What confuses me too, why the hate for Kristen? They love Emilie. They love Nikki. They love Megan Fox. They love Ashley. They love Liz. They love his agent or whoever she's named.

But hate Kristen anywhere near him. They are freaks.

Anonymous said...

I hope he either goes to Montreal or goes to LA, when she's in LA next. :)

And even + that, London. Because I do believe even though it's not Kristen's home, it's probably more quiet.

But I hope Rob visits her. It's his chance now.

Anonymous said...

olivia, IA more power to her. As a fan of hers, I'm kind of torn between seeing pictures of her and seeing footage of her accepting her award then her concentrating on OTR. It's going to be an amazing movie. it's like the WFE for Rob, that's going to be amazing. And he had to concentrate instead of catching flights to do promotion for the saga.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Rose you kill me! Love you on a bitchy day lol. I hope the people that are saying all the crap about PR and Summitt (apparently they have first hand knowledge ugh!) get it shoved in their face when Rob and Kristen are together...and eventually they will be. Thanks again Rose.
PS did you see the clip about the TCA's in spanish that did announce Kristen? just wondering.

team necklace said...

Just saw the announcement of Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be released November 2012 !!! So they are waiting yet another year after part one. Seems like a long time.
Speaking of long time...how long is a flight to Montreal from Tenn or CA...not like he has to travel to China for heavens sake. Thank goodness WFE is over today...so done with that...so that would give him 4 days to hang out somewhere...why not Montreal in a hotel room and rest, ETC...HA HA until Kristen comes home from a long day on set. Just thinking....

J said...

Denials. Ugh. that's the thing about nonstens/hatestens. It's fine if you you think they're just friends, but don't call me a "sheep" because i see things differently. I'm not delusional for looking at R and K and seeing a couple. There has been plenty of "evidence" revealed over the last year or so to support that assumption and WE'VE ALL SEEN IT. We've argued about it! The difference is that one camp decided what they were seeing of R and K pointed to a romance, while the other camp decided it was PR. You say they're liars. We say they're probably in love (in lust, at least).

Barbara Fenwick said...

Enjoyed you blog as usual, Rose, it almost seems like you can read my mind. I have no idea what Rob and Kris' plans are but I am convinced they have a plan, we just have to trust them. I too long to see a picture of them together, all the while knowing it is not what they want. I try to ignore all the talk from the haters, but it gets harder the longer the wait. I love them very much and I believe they are together and they love each other with all their hearts and that is what I am putting my faith into. Thank you Rose, I don't know you but somehow you keep me sane and on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Rose, everyone else who wants to know about the TCA's. Apparently Gossip Cop, well I've seen it just. They said a rep has said "She is away shooting On The Road".

I thought as much. It's an important role I think, like WFE for Rob. When he was restricted to doing LA promotion. I'm sure it's the same.

I'm already dreading the haters then. Whoever Rob takes the stage with, he's going to be dating them. -_- Haters are difficult to ignore since they pop out over everything.

J said...

Good for Kristen! Filming OTR is way more important than attending the TCA's. And her absence gives the haters less material to work with cuz they are especially vicious to her after a sighting. It's their sick way of "punishing" her for daring to be seen with Rob. Crazy heifers.

keset said...

"somewhere...why not Montreal in a hotel room and rest, ETC...HA HA until Kristen comes home from a long day on set. Just thinking...."

Maybe that what they will do :)

June said...


Why do you care so much about haters?

All the people like me, who love Rob and Kristen would have loved to see them together in the TCA's. We are missing them.

I know it's more important for Kristen to be focused in OTR and I back her, but it would have been nice to see them, have some more Robsten pics, whatever thing that helps to endure this draught.

Anyone trying to understand the mind of a nonsten, hater, hyena, will go inevitably crazy, so it's better to skip them.

shoegal2547 said...

Enjoyed the post, but disagree that Kristen knows how to hide better than Rob...paps hound Rob more than the others; therefore, he's a bigger target!

Looking forward to the TCA (Twilight Cullen Awards) show this weekend! :)

J said...

June...They're not in a relationship for my entertainment. So while I'm always happy to see them together, I'm not sad or anything when I DON'T get to see them. I don't think there's any need to be. I can appreciate that you're disappointed, though.

And while I thank you for your concern for my sanity, I assure your worries are unfounded. I was simply responding to points that Rose addressed in her posts about that haters.

J said...


I hear you on that, but I kinda get a kick out of the hyena's desperate hi-jinks. They pair RP with anyone woman that comes within 2 ft of the man, any woman EXCEPT for the one he has chosen for himself!

June said...


Of course they are not in a relationship for my entertainment, but it's entertaining to see them together, how they interact, the way they look at each other, their smiles, you know.. I'm a romantic.

OK, I won't worry about your mental sanity. I trust you!

Trish said...

Just found out Kristen wont be attending..

sad to know but i guess she is really dedicated to what she does and is serious for her craft...I respect her for that...

plus we all know Stewie..she and award shows dont mix too well LOL..

Haters to the left! they will always spew and spew till they enter their graves.. i am not worried at all.. ignoring is the key! no one go to Nonsten.com..i repeat no one go to nonsten.com..sure they are having fun with this one..but as the Robsten fans know everything is just fine and I for one dont reassurance...

I think R and K are just fine..and will see each other when time is right (prob. have already seen each other)..will we get pics soon?..maybe not..but in time we will..i have a calm happy feeling that they are just fine..dont worry too much ladies:-)

Trish said...

@ June..you are right it is entertaining to see them together..how they react and smile and all...

but may I also add..that it gives us hope..that there is true love out there and one can find someone that just makes them so happy and nothing else matters...Rob's facial expressions say it all!! to me its true love..and I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff..I am not saying they will be together forever (no one knows this for sure) because lets face it, this is reality and not a fairytale (and most of all, not twilight LOL)..but for NOW they look happy with each other.

Rob and Kristen/Robsten allows me to see that love conqueors all..(even foaming HYENAS and other HATERS :p)

J said...

June, I'm a romantic myself. It is a real treat to see R and K together, but that's how i try to look at it, as a treat, a pleasantly unexpected squee in an otherwise slow news day. I try not to put any expectations of what I'll see of them and when. Sometimes I think they must feel pressured and it makes them even more protective, less inclined to open up. I'm not judging anyone. I'm just saying that I enjoy whatever they choose to share with the world, and try not to look for anything more than that.

Opytaylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Opytaylor said...

I'll never understand why people they make it their mission to see these two as with anyone but each other. As if they have something to gain. And their insistence on verbal confirmation is absurd. Kristen especially just does not conform to hwood norms. And she is the Alpha of the couple. Rob, IMO, willingly does as she wishes. Not concerned with them being seen together in the near future. Would not be surprised if they are using private air travel these days. What I have witnessed shows deep commitment. If ones hasnt experienced that themselves, then less likely to see it in the eyes of others. 

btw. Rose. A cruiser of this blog clicked my name in here and my previously unknown, unpromoted, amateurish blog got some heavy exposure on Twitter yesterday.

Wildhart007 said...

Have ya'll seen the Biel you tube video of Rob. I think it is the 7th one. These are great video's of Rob check them out.


mujhiko_mujhiko said...

thank you Rose...


Why they hate Kristen, but love the others who have been involved with Rob? Its because of Robert Pattinson. Rose was right when she said that all their slimy froath was because of Robert Pattinson. Why? Because they never seen Rob this way before. They never seen:
....an obsessed
....a sooo jealous
....a soooo posessive
....a sooooooo in love Robert before. No, never been into a woman in that intensity, before. They never seen Robert sooo frustrated that he went off in a full steam, piss off some papps in his way, and all because he misses Kristen a lot. Ok, let's admit it, we all know that only Kristen can sooth him when he has this kind of mood swings.
The FROATHERS can froath some more, because more and more things are coming that can produce a decent ocean of froath...:))) they can even party at the beach..drinking froathy beers and eat froath glazed barbecue ewwww:P!!:))))))...because no matter what they do, they can't blast off the fact that Robert is soo in love with Kristen, and Kristen is sooo in love with Robert....and that they are TOGETHER...living..(its kinda corny if I'm going to finish it):)))..

Melinda said...

I am going to have to agree with "J" who said that Rob and Kristen probably feel pressured within their relationship b/c of some fans who maybe are a little too wrapped up in the whole thing. As private as they are they will retreat.

We all think they are a super cute couple! We have to give them some space and not put to many expectations on providing us with entertainment. They are a real couple who happen to be famous.

They aren't a PR couple. PR couples DO entertain the masses with their life. THEN they crash and burn and the public turns on them.

We need to enjoy the little glimpses they do give us. Remember we aren't living their life, we are only spectators.

On another note...will miss K at the awards but such is life. Maybe we will get a thank you speech (and I can see what her hair looks like cause I am a little curious).

Glad WFE wrapped- Rob needs a break. Don't care where he goes or who he sees first. Don't doubt he will see Kristen at some point.

Try, try, try to ignore the negativity! It boggles my mind that people act the way they do. I can't control it so I finally decided I wasn't going to let it control me.

I don't understand the fighting b/w people about Rob and Kristen. What is the point?
Personally I feel that it really discredits both of them in HW by other people in the biz. Both of them may have to work extra hard to be taken seriously b/c their "fans" act like complete lunatics. NOT ANYONE ON HERE MIND YOU.

I feel sad for them as a normal fan who isn't crazy and obsessed with them.

Tarra said...

Rob has been working nonstop and he seriously needs to take a break. I hope that after the TCA's he heads straight to London hang out with family, celebrate his mother's bday, spend time with friends and regroup. He needs to be in a place where he can feel slightly at ease without worrying about being papped where he can be in super stealth mode. I especially hope that he writes more music (especially songs about Kristen) and chill until BD in October. Kristen should keep her focus on OTR she should be having so much fun filming this movie and deserves to be in character and give it her all with no distractions. I think Rob and Kristen understand the importance of the work and they respect each other to do their jobs first and have playtime second. They are no different than the rest of us as much as we may want to hang out with husbands or boyfriends all day long that doesn't pay the bills for us why should it for them. Besides I feel that he already visited her in Montreal. They are mature for their ages and they handle separation a helluva lot better than some of their fans do. I also believe that they have already planned how their reunions will go down. Do you really think they've not spoken about the best time to connect. So a reunion will come for them whether we get a pic or eyewitness account now that is a different story. Just adding my two cents.

Trish said...

Rose or anyone else,

Is there a way to put nonsten.com down..they need to be reported immediately...they have gone too far this time...someone help..this site needs to immediately reported!

Rose said...

Babbles- I love you, too!!

OpyTaylor - Congrats on your blog! Some friends of mine were tweeting quotes from it! It's nice having sane rational opinions that also happen to be male!

Trish- Please don't fret over Nonsense.com. They aren't a threat to anyone... or anything. They make people laugh... unfortunately everyone is laughing at them... not with them. :)

Atticus said...

Ignorance is bliss...especially when it comes to nonstens/hatestens/hyenas. Don't wanna know what they're saying, doing, spewing but I do like it when their buttons are pushed.

Sorry Rose, know you put up with their crap and like you said, it's not a question of if but when.

Keep pushin' and twirlin' everyone!

Rob loves Kristen loves Rob loves Jella loves Kristen loves Rob.

dowlingnana said...

Another good one today Rose, as always.........Loved many, well probably all of the comments today. I esp.
@Patty: I agreed with your theory the last time too and I still do today.
I have been observing as many videos of previous press conferences, etc. of R/K the last couple of days and I took the time to read the comments and if nonsteads, or whatever, would see the accounts of esp. observers that were actually at these events, they would see the same accounts as us. The comments tell how cute they are or how they couldn't keep their eyes off each other. One of the press conf. even looked like they were passing a note to each other the comments said, and it looked like that to me as well. Then, I came again, across the one videos where they visited the theatre not long ago in HW there and the videos are all fan accounts of how they were together. That there with actual fan accounts should make some aware of what is truly going on. Anyway, I was glad to see someone new on here today that was finally convinced: Kudos to her!!
And shoegal: That is why she is the one better at hiding, you said it yourself, becoz' Rob does get bothered more and she doesn't, it makes it easier for HER. jmo
Yes, Rob needs a good rest not only physically but mentally as well which can be so much more important.
I too have heard she is suppose to be there at TCA but ????? One of the press conf. and then fan interactions from NM she had left the Runaway set and came to do those. She had arrived at 1:30 am to get to these events and she was still in JJ mode. So, who knows, we will just have to wait and see. Well, I'm off to observe more videos. Love to all, Donna

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great, great post today! As usual.

I try to ignore the haters as best I can...mainly because-- at the end of the day-- I really don't give a rat's ass about what they say/believe. They are irrelevant in my world and in being a fan of Rob and Kristen. As others have said -- 'Ignorance is bliss' when it comes to the crazy haters and their immature, hateful bullshit. These people's lives are definitely lacking something.

I miss Kristen. So, of course, I wanted to see her at TCAs. But she is working hard and that's understandable. Just like how Rob had to miss events and promotion during filming of both BA and WFE.

Rosa María said...

Amo este blog, lo primero que veo son esos ojos tan bellos de Rob!!!
Gracias Rose

wig4usc said...

I heard a new one, and maybe its not new cuz I don't pay too much attention to haters. But since it was confirmed Kristen won't be at the TCA's, commenters were saying - and I'm paraphrasing - good, he's a loser, he's been cheating on her for a few months now. Huh?? And to call him names, again, huh??? Whatev! Really, where do people come up with this stuff??

deb said...

Hey Ladies this is how i see it JUST another year We all remember what happen with RM last year and look what happen NOTHING just made them stronger as a couple Like I have said before THEY are WAY a head in this game they know each other better then any of us do well he go home after the TCA who in the hell knows. I bet Kristen dose and that all good with me would I like to see them HELL yes I wouldnt be a fan if I didnt BUT I well wait again like last year when they both were working so Rob not working now And none of us know what he well be doing after the TCA But what ever it is I know in time I well get to see Rob and Kristen together ( ON THERE TIME NOT MINE)They well make the time. .......NOT -IF- BUT -WHEN . let the haters talk THATS ALL THEY HAVE JUST talk and NOTHING else( to bad so sad) I know IM happy Thank you Rose for being a #1 fan of Rob and Kristen DEb.

keset said...

This is a great artical about all of the Robsten story!

Carly said...

I have a friend with whom I have a lot in common but she is one of those who dont believe Rob & Kris are together. so I try not to talk about them with her. she knows where I stand and I know where she stands and thats that. but while talking about something on LJ a friend of hers kinda butted in (I didnt mind) and I was submitted to nonsense for the first time in a long while. I seriously didnt believe that people can say that stuff with a straight face. but they obviously can. I mean I can laugh the fact that people dont believe RK are together off, whatever. but when someone says that Puppy and Kris (and/or Rob/Emilie) have actual chemistry while RK are awkward (on and off screen)then I really cant take anything they say seriously

awesome post, Rose

I kinda think that maybe Kris will do a taped message for the fans, so in a way she will "attend" the TCAs.

also, if Clares b-day is on the 16th I think it will be London first and then wherever Kris will be at the moment. maybe they meet in LA. or maybe someplace very different for a well deserved vacation

I hope they are left alone but part of me hopes for a sighting or a foto or something. to squee. and maybe to see the foam too :)

dowlingnana said...

@ patty: I meant to ask you earlier but forgot. You mentioned above about how Rob went two weekends to LA to visit Kristen and saw a cut of the Runaways but didn't find out til afterwards. Since I have only been following for few mos. now, can you tell me how you found out and/or how it was verified. I am always interested...thanx, Donna

rldestef said...

IMO people really need to stop concerning themselves with what "haters" think. If these peoples' opinions mattered so much to Rob or Kristen they would probably answer the dating question out right. If they cared people were calling them PR or just friends or saying he's hooking up with his costars or she is doing the same. They'd answer.

What they care about is privacy. They want to work, hang with their friends & family, and date each other. Period. They don't care what you, I, or the haters think about them. People will believe whatever they want to believe. But the people who matter know them and know what they are about.

IMO Rob will go to Montreal and London. Doubt he'll stay in London as he really doesn't live there anymore. Plus just like Kristen used her down time to do interviews/take meetings. One would assume Rob will do the same. He will probably get a small break, but if he wants to line up work for after BD, now is his time to do it b/c as of Oct he's owned for 6 months.

dowlingnana said...

ROSE, keset recommended the site of Zimbio with a good K/R saga report. Plz plz plz let me know what you think!! I didn't really like it at all. Firstly the stupid olivia got the MTV kiss awards all wrong and then nvr mentions many other things that would confirm their relationship. As far as I was concerned she made too much of a pr thing that will make the hyena's go mad with desire. So plz and anyone else that reads this plz let me know your comments as well. I almost left oliva some comments but then decided not to. If I knew I'd be this upset by it, and only did with recommendation as I said, I nvr would have went to it!! This could even be a new blog for ya'
Rose, lol.
Will sooo appreciate any and all comments, even if you all liked it.
thanx again, Donna p/s I had never heard of zimbio before this anyway.

olivia said...

Good morning Rose and all,
Just want to make it clear, I am NOT the Olivia who wrote the article that keset mentioned.
I'm Olivia from Texas who comments here on Rose's blog and most often includes
-respect Rob and Kristen
at the end of my comments.
Please don't confuse me with her.

_Becca25_ said...

I love your post. They make me giggle. I too cant wait to see the foam show... I will make the popcorn. "Teehee"
& no doubt "when" not "if".
Although I would love to see them together at TCA's, I for one love that Kristen can actually stay in character & not have to pop in out for the it. We all know she likes to throw her whole self into her roles. Have a great day everyone!

Trish said...

Okay I just read Keset's link to the Robsten commentary..

I agree with you dowlingnana..its seems like she was aiming at the PR angle...almost implying that the RObsten relationship is what is making the franchise..or what is also allowing the franchise to be succesful

Twilight was/is already succesful..and was very succesful before even the movies came out (100 million copies sold worldwide!.if that's not succesful i dont know what is)...personally, RObsten has nothing to do with E/B for me...and i dont think of them as Edward and Bella..it just happened that they fell for each other while playing these astounding characters...

I'll be back with more...what do you guys think??

Patricia said...

I'm so bad at remembering where I read ( I go to so many twitter sites, because they usually have info about Rob and Kristen) It was only a couple of days ago that I read that he went twice and someone had a picture of him with airline pilots (blacked out faces) but you could see their uniforms, coming back from LA. Next time I'll post the site when I read something 'new'... it was posted because of everyone trying to figure out if he's going to Montreal (this was brought up) let me know if you got this on Wednesdays comment section.

deb said...

Patty i just read that the other day and seen the pic but I to dont remember where.this is how I see it theres not much going on with Rob and Kristen kind of dead right now SO we have people WHO wait for days like this to just open there mouth and say SHIT There relationship is a STRONG and TRUSTING relationship with time HAS grown Im proud of them for keeping there heads up and standing by one another in all this CRAP that is thrown in there face thats what shows me how much they love and need each other All IS GOOD WITH ROB AND KRISTEN. DEB.