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Monday, August 16, 2010

Robert and Kristen- K I S S I N G

I'm overwhelmed at the moment.
I'm trying to focus but 

"Everybody's talkin' at me...
Can't hear a word they're saying...
Only the echos in my mind."

I have lots to read.
And I'm going to try really really hard
not to respond to the NONsense.
There is no point anymore.
NONsense.com is Obsolete.
I will post more later.
When I get through everything.

 Bye for now.


JWink22 said...

simple, yet satisfying! Flove you ROSE!!!!!!

Today was Epic :-) :-) :-)

LK said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,Rose!I wish the world to you and your family!Love,health and luck for you,your hubby and yor kids.This must be a great for you personally.

I understand that probably i'm the only one who refuges to see the pics,because some jerk just became rich with someone else's intimate moment.But i'm happy that i remember Rose saying that she was more than sure that a kiss pic must be out there.Once again,Rose,you're right.

Anonymous said...


I have no words.

Freakin' EPIC.


I'm grinning so hard my cheeks hurt.

Lisa said...

Sigh, it's bittersweet!


Happy, happy anniversary Rose! Hope you're doing something special!

prajitha said...

ok i will wait...epic day

30yearoldtwifan said...

Hang in there my Robsten defender! You Rock Rose! Ignore them... block them.. fuck them! Like you said they are obsolete. :)

I REALLY hope R and K can forgive us all right about now. Regardless we are wrong for looking at these pics. I hope after this we ALL (including me) can back off some. There together, in love, the hyenas are all dead and having seizures. All is good and right in the world :p

msmixalot said...

Holy fuck to those pictures!!! Wasn't expecting that when I clicked to read your blog post for today, but I must say I LOVE them, and thank you Rose for your awesome as always blog!!

Anonymous said...

I know ROSE... Words can hardly describe the overwhelming happy feelings now ;) This is our day!! As I read somewhere in another site... for Nonstens who still don't/can't believe, immediately report to a mental institution ;)

kharma1 said...

And HAPPY Anniversary ROSE....

What a week, with all the goodies and now this, unbelievable.
Isn't today Rob's mom's birthday...
I bet this is their birthday gift to her..lol.
She's probably been bugging him, get it over with Rob, just do it..
A gift to her and an anniversary gift to you Rose, you are one of their biggest supporters.

Break out the bubbly and raise your glasses, alot to celebrate about.

Pattee said...


Ecstatically happy for my favorite lovelies!!

Rb said...

Hmmm... Rose? Did you see Tinsel Corey's comment? I wonder what is planned? Could R/K wed during E/B's wedding? Naw, that would be way too cool :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok. My brain has restarted. It simply shut down at the first peek at the pics.

Rob's hand is so big on Kristen. It makes you realize how tiny she is.

Still mostly shocked.


I am upset that their private moments were intruded upon, though. :-/ Pap pics are such a duel thing. Love seeing Rob and Kris yet I hate that their harassed that way. But I don't rule the world & if I did I would definitely give up seeing the pics if the paparazzi could be stopped. But since I do NOT rule the world, and me looking at the pics on Rose's blog will not encourage OR stop the paps. I will grin at the pics. F*ING GRIN!

June said...

Happy anniversary Rose!!

I'm still speechless.. since last wednesday we're getting surprise after surprise.

I've been waiting so long for a Robsten PDA.. The papzz got what they wanted, the million $ robsten pic!

I didn't want it this way. I'd rather liked some PDA in a public event, in a premiere, it doesn't matter. At least no one papzz would have got a lot of money for this pic. All of them would have got pics.

The positive part. Rob and Kristen are not afraid of showing their feelings in what it seems the Hall of the hotel. It's so evident that they love each other. I'm glad they feel relaxed enough and don't stop themselves carressing or kissing.

sigh... what will it be next?

Nat said...

Rose, it was all a matter of time. I hope all the Nonstens...SHUT THE HELL UP NOW :):). The proof is in the pudding.

I'm so happy for both of them and I raise my champagne glass with the rest of you.

katy said...

I will wait for you post later one...epic day...LOVE ROB AND KRISTEN

to Rb I read what that tinsel corey said...for the the ones wondering what she said here it is:

No, no. I can not say. It will all be revealed 2 u in the fall...maybe...winter...possibly spring...summer at the latest.
29 minutes ago via web

Reply Retweet . Oh. Ok. Well I know something you don't know :P
35 minutes ago via web

Reply Retweet . No one give me energy drinks! I must go now & create dance music. Robsten? What the heck are y'all on about?!? Go to bed. The End.

LK said...

1)This pic is photoshopped.
2)This isn't Kristen or Rob.
3)It's PR(you know it was coming lol).Summit sent Rob there to reherse some scenes for BD and Tom ;s(as he's also a Summit PR person)is watching if they're doing their scenes correctly.
4)It won't last.
5)I kiss my friends all the time like that.
6)They know they were watched,so they kissed for PR.

Can anyone else come up with more nonsten excuses?And where's Honey?Probably she has fainted as many nonstens,doubters and other morons.

Sydney said...

I usually don't feel embarrassment for viewing papped pics. But in this instance I do feel bad that this moment was captured. They have worked so hard to protect it, to protect their relationship and each other and to keep it close to them. I respect how private they like to keep their lives. And this moment seemed kinda sweet and tender, so for viewing that I do feel badly.

At least the pics aren't in HQ and up in their business. And of course, my need to respect their wishes is warring with my excitement at seeing these. None of us here ever needed to actually see it to know it. But it is nice to add another piece of evidence to the heap.

I don't understand how nonsten functions whatsoever without having any "proof" that they AREN'T together. I've seen most on-the-fencers go full belief mode now as they simply feel stupid trying to refute it now. But you know there are still some out there that won't ever admit it, no matter what. And whatever. In regards to nonsten.com, at this point, to quote Mad Men from last night "I never thought I'd see as many retards in one building."

Happy Anniversary Rose!

katy said...

this is my favorite pic...hand on sholder


Trish said...

First off, Happy Anniversary sweetie! Love your blog and YES to day is just a wow day..epic doesnt even qualify! What a great anniversary gift.

THe look so into the moment..and although i am happy to see them i guess because it was an intimate moment it doesnt feel right..but still you were right all along when you said something big was happening.

YOu are right..everything realting to Nonsten or Hyena should DISSAPEAR from the face of this earth!

Shortest post yet! i am speechless and i am sure you must be too!

Have a great day everyone hugs to all you Robsten fans out there..today is a great day indeed...August 16th 2010...unforgettable!

We love you Robsten...their love is sooo strong i know they will make it through..my Robsten heart just believes they will..they will have obstacle to overcome but I KNOW they will make it and come out as strong has ever...

Has twitter shut down yet? LOL. Have a good day folks :-)

LK said...

Nonstens/hynas why R is ALLOWING K to kiss him:

- she needs help to practice for OTR love scenes
- this is their only chance to try-out BD kissing scenes
- R is bored & is just TOLERATING K´s advances
- R is so "wasted" K has to propped him up the wall to keep him standing
- R needs mouth-to-mouth resucitation because he is about to pass-out

More nonsten excuses on the pics.

Anonymous said...


Robsten kissing pic=TwitterFailWhale.


June said...


Today is a day to enjoy an celebrate Robsten love! forget about Nonstens, you'll be a lot happier!

Megan said...

This is about people who hate Robert/Kristen: Haters only hate the things that they can't get and the people they can't be.

Trish said...

LOL Suzy Q I knew it!!

Is that peace and quiet I hear????...*sigh* we havent heard this much peace in a while! but I am sure its the calm before the storm

Ladies, we must celebrate..i Know its too early for champagne but we need a celebration. be back soon :-)

LK said...

@June,i'm happy,i'm just having fun with the idiots and their excuses!It's sadistic for them,i know,but i really don't care!lol

C.Ella said...

This photo made my life. I just fear that they will crack with all the pressure if they don't admit or if they do.

Keep up the work Rose.

Fuck the haters - its right in front of their eyes...

I feel sorry for Robsten and I just hope they just brush off whatever comes their way - like they always do!

SueBee said...

I know these are pap pictures but they sure as hell make me happy.

I don't like when paps get up in celebrities' faces, chase them down, keep them from entering buildings, their cars, or impede them from walking down the street.

This pic wasn't taken through the blinds of their hotel room, nor through a peep hole in the bathroom wall.

They kissed in the middle of the street. I don't believe it's too invasive.

I honestly think that they don't care about keeping it a secret anymore.

Hate me if you want but that's my opinion.

SueBee said...

By the way,

*Snoopy Dance!!!!!*

deb said...

First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Rose What a nice present to get from Rob and Kristen I am happy but sad at the same time Yes I LOVE THE KISSING pic but I didnt need to see what I have known already. NOW the Nuts and HATERS are going to go BATTY they wont know what to do THEY ASK for THE TRUTH THEY GOT IT I hope you have a beautiful day my friend THANK YOU ROBERT AND KRISTEN AND IM SORRY. and happy B-DAY to Mrs.Pattinson . DEB.

thawra said...

as robsten fans we all agree that paps should give them little privacy, but at the same time it's been more than a year now that we're in the middle of this ridiculous drama of are they or not, so i think that we needed these photos. now that it's settled: THEY ARE, every body should chill and let them be. and a last thing: nonstens u should really give up cause at this stage u'r just beeing ridiculous and childish. thx

June said...


I agree with you!! I'm already wondering what will it be next?

May I join your snoopy dance?!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there anymore to say........
I would say NOT!!!!!

kristine.hills said...

Am I hypocritical? I mean i bash the papps pics when they bother RK and i'm on cloud nine when i see PDA between them!!! I'm so confused! Ok since i'm going to hell 'I'M SOOOO HAPPY' I'M EXPLODING WITH HAPPINESS!!!

SORRY RK, I know this disrespectful but i love seeing you 2gether!!!




I know that papp son of the 'beach' said he was chasing RK for more than year and a half! Ugh!

Psyche263 said...

Well these pics don't prove anything that those of us with even one functional brain cell,didn't know all along anyway.How anyone can fail to smile at seeing their obvious delight in each other,is beyond me but then I'm lucky enough to have someone at home who makes me smile like that so I guess I just like to spread the happiness - since like tends to beget like,if you wish happiness on others,you tend to get it back yourself, something the hyenas might like to bear in mind. As for the ridiculous so called Rob "fansites" who are throwing their toys out of th pram in a show of petulance, he doesn't give a damn what you think, he never did and never will and anyone who is pathetic enough to cancel holidays or any other real life event to post on a celeb blog, someone who you don't actually know and who has no idea you even exist, well you deserve whatever you get,frankly.

Anonymous said...

When I see pictures of them close, and even closer. I always tend to get distracted from what I'm supposed to be doing or talking about. Just like ten mins ago with my friend. :D

I finished an email almost with OMG. :):)

There's still denials, creeps. ^_^

kharma1, I like what you think. :D

All the haters will deny, and even if they wished for a picture of Rob and Kris tongueing, and got it, pretty sure they'd still deny, and still be nonstens. It's been confirmed from a nonsten even if there was proof or a confirmation, they'd still be a nonsten. I find that quite ridiculous, but whatever :D

Anonymous said...

@ Trish "pure Blonde' for me ....Ask Suebee she ordered me one yesterday...My shout Next.....lol

kristine.hills said...

More PR blindenas excuses

KRISTEN TRIPPED AND ROB WAS HELPING HER(Everyone knows she is clumsy)




shoegal2547 said...

I trust papz will leave them alone now! You got your shot, now lay off these young people, so they can continue to make beautiful movies for us! ;-)

Looking forward to your later post Rose...

Jam said...

This is what the guy who took the shots said:

"around (Boulevard) St. Laurent ... They left their hotel around 8:15, and they hopped in a van taxi and they kind of just got out ... and during that 25 seconds, they were just making out and Tom Sturridge was standing there just looking ... I've been chasing Twilight for the last year-and-a-half. I've been waiting for this shot for a long time."

I cannot believe he chased them for 1.5 years, but I guess the payout was worth it - some say $300K. They were/are really hunted.
It's always the same, after the high, I feel guilty for enjoying them.

SueBee said...


Sure! Join my snoopy dance!!!

LJ said...

I've had a weird weekend so not been on here much......just catching up now and woooooooooo I've missed so much!

I'm just so please Rob and Kristen look soooo happy. In the most recent fan pic with the little girls Kristen looks beautiful...just glowing...and Rob looks so handsome. I really hope they are having the time of their lives.

Love Rob....love Kristen.

Much love to you all.


SueBee said...


Drinks are still on me!!! Aussie beers for you and drinks of choice for everyone else.

Celebration! Woo Hoo!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary,Rose! For the record, you made my day..no,wait...my week! Whatever could be next??? Looking forward to your next post.

kristine.hills said...



"Thinking "Why does this happen to me?Why does every moment have to be so hard?"Hard to believe that"

keset said...

Sydney said:"I usually don't feel embarrassment for viewing papped pics. But in this instance I do feel bad that this moment was captured. They have worked so hard to protect it, to protect their relationship and each other and to keep it close to them. I respect how private they like to keep their lives. And this moment seemed kinda sweet and tender, so for viewing that I do feel badly."

I feel the same :(

U really thought i will be happy if i see a pic with them kissing but i don't.
Love you RobSten! Be strong!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Aussie 'beer/s' Im a cheap drunk.... Dont need more than 1 I'm afraid...lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry @ Suebee Im just so F..ken over whelmed....

shoegal2547 said...

It's sad that ppl go to such lengths to get a pic...always knew there was something special between these two, but did it take hunting them down, causing unbelievable stress and undue pressure on their part, to gather proof? IT'S NOBODY'S BUSINESS!

I pray things simmer down for them soon...

keset said...

Maybe Brangelina will called Robsten for some Advice :P

Anonymous said...

How do ya say this....


Anonymous said...

Rose once again I have no words! Wow don't remember seeing that in any movie they are working on lol! Ah Love...awesome isn't it! Love RobandKristen! :-)

Anonymous said...



Tara said...

@Sue Bee - I completely agree. I've been thinking about this over the past few days since we first started getting epic pics out of Montreal. They've been together well over a year now - we're they going to spend their entire relationship not holding hands,or kissing in public, resorting to
sneaking touches while at public events. It's the worst kept secret in the world and I think they've just said Screw it -we love each other. Yeah Rob & Kris!!!!!!!! - so happy for you both.

SueBee said...

Just a theory, but I think Rob and Kris outed themselves.

Here is a couple who wouldn't even allow themselves to be caught holding hands, much less nuzzling.

Now we have a full blown kiss in the middle of the street!

I'm sure they are aware of the pics being posted of them since Friday.

They know they are being watched. It would be assumed that they would be more careful about touching or being caught together.

Kris has her arms thrown around her man and is kissing him in PUBLIC!

I guess there goes the argument about Kris being reticent about showing her feelings for Rob, huh?

I think the hiding is over.

Anonymous said...

Drama... drama... drama..

Can't we focus on the good? No. Of course not.
Rob fans is this,rob fans is that..

Sorry, but I want to share this.

'I can't believe she went from michael angarano's fine ass to him.

gurl, downgrade.'

zalasbcn (mod of teamkbitch)

You wanna see more Rob hate, Go OTND and read many many Kstew's fans lovely comments about Rob.

and they say Rob hate doesn't exist? Once again I am disgusted at this ignorance.


But yeah, epic day for every Robsten lover. I'm still so happy.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
katy said...

I'M WITH SueBee...I also think Rob and Kristen don't want to hide it anymore...I couldn't be more Happy for them.

Love Rob and Kristen

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee, I agree. I think they knew exactly what was going to happen when they kissed in the middle of the street. I mean you are talking about a couple that has had to hide every little affectionate gesture for the last year or more. I would think that would get old after a while and you would just want to be able to be yourself. Who would want to live like that? More power to them.

What I really wonder about is why now? I mean there was so much written about them when they first got together...about schmuckit and contracts...I hope that is at a end for them. Maybe that is why we are finally seeing this now :)

I have to say, I got zero work done today after I saw those pics! Hopefully people will let go of all the hate now. I know there will always be those few...haters will always hate but maybe the majority can move on now :)

Christina said...

I'm going to repeat MY ROBSTEN BUBBLE from yesterday--it seemed to work! ;o)

I imagine that in Budapest for Kristen's B-Day 2 things:

1) Rob proposed
2) They got married

They do live together!

And ALL the TERRIBLE mean haters/hyenas will choke on their foam when the truth is revealed after the 2nd half of Breaking Dawn is released! I picture Rob & Kristen laughing & commenting on how the papps "got private info/picts" but missed the REAL PICTURE (so to speak).

So the kiss is the "private", wonder how true to fact my "Bubble" really is?!

Best wishes to them & to us who have & will always support them in ALL their decisions, whether they stay together or separate! (I voting on their strength & staying power!)

Great job Rose! Joy to all my super friends here! :)

Lexi C. said...

this is my first time commenting here...i love to see r and k happy, and what i'm most suprised is that k is actually the one all over him, which is nice for a change. rob always looks at her very lovingly and since she is so shy she doesn't show affection to him very easily.

i hope this ends the stalking and the haunting for them, nice to see that they're not giving a shit about the pappz and just are acting like a normal couple!

Anonymous said...

kralyche ?

Since you had a problem with me yesterday. I'm guessing you're directing that comment to me, again. Because where else are the supposed comments but mine directed towards what haters have begun to say?

I haven't seen any really today on this post. So you must be trying to have a dig at my comment again.

"downgrade", sure not a pleasant thing, but wishing someone should die is so far away from downgrade. Wishing someone should die is worse than someone saying he's a downgrade. You want a competition, of course you do. Go to rpattzdaily, you'll love it there. :):) Hate for Kristen, if you want to keep getting me started on more sites.
If you don't want a competition, then stop starting one.

My comment was in no way starting a Rob fan vs Kristen fan war.

You started it though by misunderstanding my comment.
So whatever.

And to give you some handy tips: ontd, is a site for people to bitch about everyone and everything. If you want, go check the ontd link for r/k recent pictures. You'll see most comments calling Kristen a lesbian. Lovely.
But ontd is for everyone to bitch about every person in the media. Just so you're wary before you try and start some sick competition between Rob and Kristen hate.

What really annoys me about you though, you're like "oh but look at this site, some person called Rob a downgrade", that wasn't even on team_kbitch ontd sure. But anyway you say it like that, and ignore the link that I posted, which had comments from a sick Rob fan saying how they wish Kristen would die. Lovely person, you just ignore that, and try and act like being called a downgrade, and a death wish is no where near hurtful and more hateful.

Anonymous said...

So once again, too, I'm disgusted by kralyche, for trying to start a competition, and by being so ignorant to death wishes, and thinks it's much worse to be called a downgrade.

Oh well. :)

^_^ Wasn't the KOL images around August time? I wonder what next August will bring. Forgot to say that in my first post. :D

Anonymous said...

There are people commenting on another blog that they are no longer fans of Robs because of these pics....that is absolutely ridiculous!! They really were TRUE FANS!! It seems if you are a fan of someone, you would just want them to be happy.
Obviously SHE makes him happy!!
Oh well, though I hate that a pap followed them to get the pic, I still have to say...I LOVE THE PIC!! It just proves what Rose has said, and been attacked for, all along is true!! She has always been respectful of the two of them and she has BY FAR the BEST BLOG!!

With that said....
Happy Anniversary, Rose!!!
I know it's been an AWESOME day for you!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Oh Rose, after an horrible day dealing with a screaming baby, these 2 pictures have totally erased the bad memories. This is so wonderful, but I am crying so hard I cannot think straight. It is simply fantastic. I love you, Rose, this is more than I ever expected to see. Thank you.

30yearoldtwifan said...


I saw that disgusting FB site when someone re tweeted it on twitter. I left my opinion of them on there gross board, they should be reported. Death threats. I hope people are held accountable.

There is hate on BOTH sides, this is not a competition, but lets not feed there hate either. This fandom has enough drama.

Anonymous said...

To you Rose: Happy wedding Anniversary.

To Rob and Kristen: Enjoy your romance and much happiness to you! It has been so very obvious for such a long time now.

Personally speaking I didn't need to see the latest pic to believe. :)

SueBee said...

It was a pretty poorly kept secret. At least now she won't be called his "alleged" girlfriend.

No more are they or aren't they?

They are--they most certainly ARE!!!

They fell off the "no touching" wagon.

This sounds weird and I'm not thinking they are Edward and Bella in real life, but it reminds me of a part in Twilight.

They are in biology together and sitting rigidly next to each other, balling their fists in an effort not to touch each other. The tension is palpably electric.

Imagine feeling that way day after day in real life. They had to theoretically ball up their fists so as not to touch each other.

They walked a certain space away from each other. Someone usually sat between them. They had to hide it.

But they couldn't really pull it off, could they? The looks, the whispers, the casual "oops I touched you" moments.

I think they reached the point of "Why hide it? Everyone knows!!"

It must be like exhaling after holding your breath too long.

I sincerely hope they can enjoy all aspects of their relationship now.

Anonymous said...


glad it didn't get ignored. There was actually news the other day, over here, about this teenager who had been bullied there, and a memorial site because he killed himself =[ these people were still leaving nasty comments there.

Well I only mentioned the competition thing in my latest post, because of one user here. Who I had a run in on a post for yesterday. About who gets the most hate. My comment with the link wasn't supposed to be about who gets the most hate, but she started it all once again, by directing that comment obviously towards the comment I posted with that link.
It's a shame she couldn't look at my first comment. :)

There is hate on both sides. I know that. The hate is more vocal and vile, I'd think, considering what the user picked out "downgrade" towards the Rob hate, and death wishes to Kristen.

But there shouldn't have been a competition started on this post in the first place due to that user. So quite annoyed.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Oh Rose, I wanted to wish you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, and in all the excitement I forgot. R/K gave you a wonderful gift. Enjoy your day.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

Wow. I am very happy for Rob and Kristen. They are a gorgeous couple and a genuine couple.

I agree with others that Rob and Kristen seem more at ease about the public knowing about their relationship. Rob being in Montreal was a big clue to most logical people that he was there to see his girlfriend, Kristen.
But I don't think they are going to start PDA'ing all over the place.
I think they'll continue to not talk about their relationship -- they will still try to protect it. Because I see them going a route like Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz did -- they won't talk about it, they will just continue to be seen together.

I always hope they ignore the bullshit and just continue being happy in their lives together. Another thing I hope for -- is that they know they have MANY more supporters than haters. So many people are just happy for them!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Good morn everyone!

Rose, what can I say, thank you very much again and again! Its payback time rose. I know that this is low, but I think its your time to GLOAT!

Its a fucking sweet victory lap for everybody!!

Would you like to join our TOE TWIRLING??:))))) I'm gloating..what can I say...

Boogie with Stew said...

Cheers..My very first post..Thanks again Twirling Rose..What anniversary are we celebrating? Have a Happy..It's a double edged sword, yes I wish them privacy but on the other hand so glad we have the "kiss" that has made my week..I know it was fate that brought me here to be among folks that are on the same page as I..I've been reading all the post so sad some folks have to waste all that energy on negativity..This is a positive thing 2 young people in love..keep up the good work .. R & K so happy in love....♥
twirling and doing cartwheels
Boogie with Stew

Katherine said...

Happy Anniversary Rose! Today was beyond EPIC! Hope it's been filled with twirls, kisses and zero foam. My gift to you--> http://twitpic.com/2ffjgz

Boogie with Stew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I wonder what A Friend thinks about all of this? Any ideas Rose? And btw...Happy Anniversary :)

Nat said...

@ Tish
It's never too early for a champagne celebration..lol

deb said...

OK this is how I see it Didnt Kristen say she WONT TALK about her relationship that IT well come OUT NATURAL people well see Well I cant see how any more natural that it CAN BE when you see them KISSING on the street SO ya THEY DIDNT HAVE TO SAY A WORD ALL we had to do is watch and look at what they have shown us THE TRUTH There is NOTHING NEW HERE PEOPLE they have been doing (showing)us this for OVER a YEAR And YES SueBee you are right I think they just think WHAT THE FU*K WHY NOT WHO CARES And you know that ROB waited for Kristen to be ready And THANK THE GOOD LORD SHE IS I cant be any happier then I am RIGHT NOW BEST OF LUCK ROB and Kristen WE YOUR FANS have YOUR BACK WE LOVE and WANT THE BEST FOR YOU . DEB.

katy said...

to Leigh

I was also wondering what A friend thought about this...would like to hear his/hers thoughts.

A friend is kinda mysterious

Anonymous said...

Rose. I forgot to tell you....Happy Anniversary! You got the best present yet. Thanks for all the great posts

Anonymous said...

God Bless Robert and Kristen.... Now and in the Future......May they have many, many forfillment in there lives TOGETHER.....


Anonymous said...


Thank you Rose. Short and succinct. Nuff said. I thought Friday couldn't be topped. Whoa. Was I wrong.

Happy anniversary. Celebrate with your family.

Wildhart007 said...

Just got in from work, and I'M IN SHOCK! R/K are beautiful! I hope their love lasts forever!

dowlingnana said...


Gigi said...

First Rose I do hope you are having a fabulous anniversary day so congratulations to you and your husband ...love is what make our world go round ..
I was not really going to say anything tonight but heck ...I really didn't need confirmation of anything , I know what I know , what my very good eyes and my 41 yrs of living life as taught me but it is great to get to see the epic moment ....not so much for me but for all the 13 yrs olds ( honey does come to mind ) that think that they have a chance in hell with Robert ..I feel torn b/c they have protected this so much ,so I do hope that now that it is somewhat out in the open ppl would leave them along ..I get the fact that they were in the street , so in a way I don't think that they wanted to hide it any more I mean come on with all the heat that they have had , to kiss in the street ?? so now we all know for sure , it is a done deal and a reality , let us then leave them along so that they can hold hands and go out and date in peace and enjoy , B/c there is nothing better than to be in love and to love ...
As far as the haters ...there are always going to be ppl in this world who will not add to life but to subtract this was my grand mothers saying and it is also true today as it has always been ...
Well that is all for today ...chao ..

Opytaylor said...

Since last week's pics did not drive them into seclusion, I am starting to think they don't care anymore. So I am backing off the position I took last week. I don't want Kristen upset (I knew Rob didn't care) and now I don't think she is. They will continue to not discuss it publicly, and this shows how real it is. I have been confident that it was real for awhile. Just how they acted during Eclipse Black Carpet (public event) showed how real it was. Hopefully this cuts down on the constant attention drawn to the topic and gives them a bit more peace. On IMDB boards some were saying Rob's MTV speech (thanking Katherine Hardwick and Kristen) had less to do with Twilight than it did his being grateful for Kristen in his life. Wouldn't be surprised if they now schedule their work so that one is not working and thus supporting the other. No more long separations. This is a scaled down version of the story about them leaving Hollywood.

dowlingnana said...



On Monday 16th August 2010, @victoria1985 said:

Earlier today, photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing sent thousands of Twilight fans scrambling when Celebuzz exclusively posted them (Missed 'em? See Them Here!). Quicker than you could say "Robsten," the photos overtook Twitter, Facebook and celebrity sites around the world. But, just how did they come about? Celebuzz spoke directly to the photographer who snapped the pics seen 'round the Web to find out how he got the elusive rumored couple kissing on film.

The photographer (his first name is Randy) tells Celebuzz that this is the shot he's spent months working day and night for. "I've been chasing Twilight for the last year and a half. I've been waiting for this shot for a long time ... I knew they were a couple, but you never see many candid sets of them together," Randy tells Celebuzz.

The photos came about when Randy trailed Stewart, Pattinson and Rob's pal (and Kristen's On the Road co-star) Tom Sturridge to a party near Boulevard St. Laurent in Montreal over the weekend.

"They left their hotel around 8:15, and they hopped in a van taxi and they kind of just got out ... and during that 25 seconds, they were just making out and Tom Sturridge was standing there just looking."
The photog says Pattinson's recent penchant for hanging out around Stewart was a clear indicator to him that the two were a couple.

"You get that feeling like, 'How could they not be a couple? If I was a couple and my friend was just working on a movie, would I go and sit outside of her trailer for 16 hours? If it was just a friend, I'd go back to London to see my parents or go to Las Vegas with my boys," Randy said.

Still, even with the new photos, the photographer thinks the couple will do "the Beyonce-Jay-z thing... 'Well, they caught us ... but we're going to keep doing our thing and not talk about it.' They'll just be more cautious. The nice thing is they genuinely like each other. They're a legitimate couple. It's not like someone said 'You guys should date so you can be a power couple.' They actually like each other."

Short: http://tl.gd/363hln
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dowlingnana said...
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Trish said...

Sorry had to go to work..on-call...missed all the fun but lets bring out the bottles...
a toast..to all the believers, from day one..since that very first Twilight Mtv interview with these two...for all the tolerance...in other words, for putting up with all the bullshit from the nonstens/hyenas/haters...!!!

Its been a long two years but cheers!!!!!!!!!...Louisa i'll have some of that..never tried it..we dont have that here in D.C....

p.s. where is that continuation Rose promised?? lol

Trish said...

@DowlingNana..this Randy guy..i have mixed feelings towards him..i dont know whether to strangle him or hug him lol...i did like how he said they are a legit couple and THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO BE TOGETHER!!!! isnt that what we have been telling the nostens/hyenas/haters for over A YEAR now!!!!!! how's twitter now..has it recovered!??! lol

Patricia said...

Happy Anniversary Rose to you and your lucky husband.
This is EPIC....They don't have to confirm SHIT....Actions speak louder than words.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

OMG!! As much as i've been waiting to see this, i feel like i'm intruding on their privacy..
But still, i just cant keep the grin off my face..
I just hope they're careful next time so the paps dont catch another pic

What Rob and Kristen have is so special and it should only be shared between them, no pics

I would rather not see a picture of them and have this splashed all over and people will be saying nasty things about it.

How i wish all those haters wold just vanish from the face of the earth..

There's going to be an uproar, i assure you, knowing the hyenas!!

I just hope Rob and Kristen have a great time in Montreal. They're lucky to have found each other. Must be destiny...

Love Rob and Kristen...

olivia said...

Happy Anniversary to our wonderful Rose and her husband!

Dear Rose, sometimes words cannot do justice to the emotion of the happening that has taken place.
So to everyone, here is a huge smile, hand on heart, and a positive nod of the head. Deep down inside we all knew it without having to see it. It is a stolen moment, please forgive us Rob and Kristen. I too, however, believe that they were ready to let us, their supportive fandom, have a peek.

Happy Birthday to Rob's lovely mum.

Love to Rob and Kristen.
Life is good!
Still doing the happy dance for the beautiful couple.

Believer in Rob and Kristen as true soul mates!
Olivia (Tx.)

Anonymous said...


I agree. I think she's becoming more comfortable with their relationship in public, but I don't think she's going to talk about it if asked. And I think that's the best decision. They shouldn't HAVE to talk about their PRIVATE lives. They can talk about their jobs, their movies, and anything related to their careers. It's like Heath Ledger said in an interview.. "I'm not here to talk about my private life, I'm here to talk about my movie" Good for them.

And Happy Anniversary Rose :) I hope you were treated like a queen today.

And btw.. I don't know if anyone else notices the "labels" that each post has, but I do.. :) Today's were great. Rob and Kristen like to kiss...


dowlingnana said...

Guess I'm a bit surprised, but maybe not, lol, that Rob didn't go to his mum's birthday bash! But,
@LK: Love the comment about honey!

@Louisa: Ur right and I'm in shock that I can't speak much today but have figured out my shaking. It's coz' I've been twirling too much!!
I think KS is right that nothing will stop. Next it'll be so when you getting married, etc, etc.

@Psyche263: love the toys out of the pram, that was so funny!!

@SueBee: No kidding! It must've been sooo difficult to not be able to touch each other or be so afraid to even speak w/so many watching. I remember with MTV how the camera was on them in the audience so much that night. And, I know exactly how you feel about the Twilight resemblance, I have thought that myself in more than one ways! This is why fate had to have played a hand!!

@Christina: I am still with you on today and yesterdays post you wrote!!

@Trish: On Randy, yeah I hear ya!

And finally to all those death threats and I know they won't see it on here, but, a saying my mom use to say was: PAY BACKS ARE HELL BABY!!! So, watch out and BEWARE!!
Toodles, Donna

DreamerKind said...

To quote "Something So Right" by Paul Simon:

"You've got the cool water
When the fever runs high
You've got the look of lovelight in your eyes
And I was in crazy motion
'til you calmed me down
It took a little time
But you calmed me down."

Your voice is a voice of reason, Rose, one that I prefer over so many others, for it echoes mine. Thanks so much for that.

True love is possible and real, for I have had it and know the truth of it.

So happy for these epic Kristen and Robert moments (for them and us) and thought I'd say so, here, with my fellow intoxicated Ones.

Happy Day!

Marie said...

Happy Anniversay Rose!! Hopefully this has been a good anniversary gift for you...and I have to say..you were right when you said that something "bigger" was coming after the pictures the other day..great call!!

BoilerGrl26 said...

I said this earlier this week when Rob showed up in Montreal....but it's official now...


Ahhhhhh!! My heart is literally erupting with happiness for them!!!!!!!!

Atticus said...

Hi all R/K lovers. I'm late to the party. Someone, please pour me a glass.

Sue Bee...loved everything you posted. I just love the fact it's Kristen kissin' her man and he certainly isn't complaining.

Wow, Rob spent 16 hours by Kristen's trailer. That's what I call commitment. I'm hoping they don't revert back to hiding, but whatev, I'm behind them. Kristen has mentioned that she doesn't want her relaysh to be anyone's entertainment, but I'm sorry, it is for some people but for me, it just simply isn't. I just love these 2 kids. Love is grand!

Happy Anniversary Rose!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Rose-

First, let me be the 100th or so person to wish you a very happy anniversary. I will refrain (for just tonight) from mentioning anything about that lucky sot of a husband you have and, instead, wish you a very lovely evening full of love and romance.

As for THE pictures, everyone is missing the true story. If you will notice, Thomas is, in fact, in the background of the most intimate images. This provides an important clue into Robert Pattinson that I believe you would find rather enlightening.

You see, Robert is a terrible lover. The man lacks the sophistication and knowledge to properly pull off even a delicate kiss, much less more advanced maneuvers. So, Robert asked his mentor, confidante, and hero, Thomas, to sneak a glance of Robert trying to woo Miss Stewart, in the hopes that Thomas could, somehow, pull him from the ranks of the incompetent.

Of course, Thomas refused because it would be impolite but Miss Stewart caught wind of the issue and she too, begged, pleaded in fact, for Thomas to help Robert overcome this shortcoming. Unable to deny the beautiful Miss Stewart the chance at being kissed properly, Thomas tried to advise Robert but, Robert was so far gone that even the expert guidance of, perhaps, one of the world's best lovers, could not help him. Finally, Miss Stewart could not stand the insufficient skills of Robert another moment and so, she took matters into her own hands by kissing poor Robert in front of Thomas. Thomas, sensing her dire and desperate need for a real man, glanced over, and immediately took in the entire situation.

Our tale ends happily for all involved as Thomas has, once again, mentored Robert through another crisis of confidence and skill, Robert, after spending a day of intense review and learning with Thomas, now feels assured that he can, in fact, properly woo his woman, and Miss Stewart, she too is happy as she can now look forward to a lifetime of kisses that will be will be passionate and skillful. It is, in fact, a happily ever after for all involved.

And, with that I bid you a wonderful, romantic night and a lifetime full of your own happily ever afters.

Best to you always,
A friend of a friend

deb said...

Dowlingnana Thank you my nephew is doing fine hes out of the hosp. today and even got to go to camp he was happy we all were happy he got to go I love to have a drink to but I dont need one Im already drunk over the news about Rob and our girl Kristen Im so proud of her she must really love Rob to come out like this Shes so shy but the way that girl is kissing her man you can tell SHE DONT GIVE A SHIT RIGHT ON KRIS YOU GO GIRL And I to hope now some of the bullshit well stop LIKE THE SONG GOS...LET IT BE, LET IT BE, LOVE WILL BE THE ANSWER LET IT BE HO HELL YA LET IT BE My kids think Im nuts they say mom YOUR SOooooo HAPPY and they love to see mom happy .Opy. I feel ya You new all the time didnt ya YOUR A GOOD MAN OPY. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: Can we believe this? This is the same site that said Rob did a hit and run when the papz were stalking him that one night in BH. And, the pic has a guy w/child in bedroom scene. Well, if it's true, it's very nice but I'm thinking I'd buy one before spending that much a month!

s-firth said...

I'll burst out laughing if I hear any of these NONsense comments one more time: "I kiss my friends like that ALL THE TIME" OR "Until they admit they are a couple, it's not true" OR "It's PR for the next movie" OR "Summmit made them do it" OR "their lips weren't even touching" OR "they knew they were there were papzz there and did it just to mess with us" OR "Rob is Montreal just to see Tom" OR "That doesn't even look like Kristen" OR "That was 'the little spice' she was kissing."

Point made...I'm as happy as a clam right now to know that what my eyes and my intuition have told me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll this time is FOR REAL!!!

Word and cheers to all!

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: oh I'm so happy he got to go, there's nothing like church camp!!

deb said...

I forgot to say the pic of Rob and Kristen well the way she is holding on to him and looking at US as to say YEP this man is mine now get off MY DICK LOOK at THAT girls face and tell me IM wrong(banner)And hes saying HOLD on Kristen Ill NEVER LET YOU FALL what a pic NOW all THE PUZZLE comes together .One BIG BEAUTIFUL PIC. DEB

Carly said...

this is the best thing to wake up to. Im strangely calm. I feel like dancing around the room but I also just want to sit donw with a smile and just be delighted

I absolutely adore the second foto you posted

and I cant wait for your thoughts

come to think of it? didnt we get the KoL pics of the 16th as well?

Anonymous said...

Rob sat outside for 16 hours?...That for sure shows he's committed. And him being there shows he's committed.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog! i've been reading all your posts yesterday. not enough people defend kristen stewart. love em together. the pics from celebuzz made my day but at the same time i feel guilty coz that's an intimate moment. Like what kristen said, we treat it as entertainment. i feel giddy with joy but at the same time i feel sad for them coz it's all over the net. :)

FCUKRob said...

Been lurking here for months, but never commented, Felt so bad bout the photos, but OMG, i cant stop looking at them, and the devil side of me wants to see more pics like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not torn about the kissing pic (grainy as it is) It was bound to be captured sooner or later. As grainy as that pic is, you can still see the look of complete happiness on Rob's face.

I am laughing at the excuses that some are using for not posting the pic, calling it invasive. My reaction to that
excuse is .........REALLY? Those places have absolutely no problem on other occasions when it doesn't involve Kristen Stewart! Really strange how that works.

I hope that Rob and Kris can read that the majority of people are ecstatic for them.

Monica said...

Honestly, I was not surprised at all. I was kinda expecting this coming.

Seeing these pics make me feel guilty. I know they're both private people. But I'm really really happy seeing them SO in love. Though the kissing pic is blurred, you can see Rob's BIG smile. You can tell they were in their bubble at that moment and fogot the rest of the world.

Compared with the kissing pic, I like the pic which Rob's hand on Kristen's shoulder more. The love, tenderness and care are all there.

It's heartwarming to know that they're in a serious and committed relationship. It'll be hard and there's a long way to go, but I truly believe they will last long. Wish them all the best.

Monica from Asia

LK said...

Well,according to some boards and tweets Rob is going to LA for business.Don't know if this is legit,just wanted to share.Kristen is going to Ottawa.

Marie said...

OK!!!! I have offically had it!!!! Why is it that people are incapable of accepting the truth? Why is it that people deny what is in front of their very eyes in order to rationalize things to fit their fantasy?? I just read the ultimate in hater denial reporting...that Kristen arranged to have a pap... follow her and Rob around all night long in order to have the photographer snap pictures of her and Rob kissing...oh and it gets better...so that when the pictures hit the news it would send a message to Christina Ricci that Rob belongs to Kristen...OMFG!!!!! CAN YOU BE ANY DUMBER? To all those hyenas...please pull your heads out of your asses and look around at the real world..PLEASE accept that these two people are in everyway, except for what they do for a living, normal human beings who are young and by all appearances in love, how bout if they just got caught up in the moment and kissed? Let's just accept that whether or not they are going to get married and live happily ever after..that for the moment they are together and crazy for each other, so give up on your fantasies that Rob is being held hostage by Summit or he feels sorry for Kristen because she has no friends...GROW THE HELL UP!!! No one can look at pictures of how he looks at her AND how she looks at him and say that this is a relationship based on pity or that they are being forced to be together to promote a movie that is going to be a hit regardless...once again GROW THE HELL UP AND GET A CLUE!!

Keep up the good work Rose!

Christina said...

@Marie--Do Not let the haters get to U!!

Remember W/out HATE we wouldn't understand the importance/meaning of LOVE!

So while the FEW hate--the rest of us LOVE!! :)

Yes I did say "FEW" when mentioning haters--like all BULLIES, they yell lies loudly to cover their weaknesses!

Like RobSten, those of us that KNOW love & RESPECT/EMBRACE it will forever remain strong--together OR alone!!

So here's to your strength (LOVE)!!

keset said...

There is so much sexual tension between them

Kristen answer how is it kissing Rob